Mexican restaurants in winter haven fl

City Of Winter Haven Florida

2015.09.17 17:12 BearcatQB City Of Winter Haven Florida

Winter Haven is home to beautiful lakes, a majestic tower, a world-class collection of vintage aircrafts and the largest LEGOLAND in the world. So, there are plenty of places to play, explore and reflect. Visitors will find a variety of hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts close to all the things you'll enjoy. And whether you are looking for a quick bite, your favorite fast food or gourmet fare, the Winter Haven area is home to a number of delightful restaurants.

2023.06.03 23:05 Darth-Donkey-Donut I really don’t know what to do

I have had hayfever literally my entire life; I remember struggling in primary school to spend time on the field and I remember barely ever leaving my pollen filtered room during the summer pretty much forever. I’ve been taking any kind of antihistamine that works for as long as I can remember.
Unfortunately I have hit a bit of a problem: None of them are working anymore, I’ve tried citirozene, loratadine, benadryl, piroten and even the fancy new allevia stuff.
Over the years I have had to take progressively larger doses and cycle them on a bit of a rota before they lose effectiveness for me, But for the last year or so nothing has worked.
Today alone I have had 3 citirozenes, 1 loratadine, 2 pirotens and an allevia tablet and I am still completely unable to breathe through my nose or close my mouth for more than a few moments for an indomitable fear of drowning in my own constantly dripping snot.
This is no overstatement or joke, I find it terrifying to eat when it’s bad enough as it interrupts my breathing cycle with my mouth, I haven’t had anything yet today. My eyes itch with the fire of a thousand suns before even touching them and my nose, no matter how much i blow it and wipe it and nasal spray it my nasals never clear and I still cannot breathe at all.
I have hayfever year round but it peaks in the summer, I do not think there has been a day in the last few years of my life, winter included where I have not been trying to take something to fix this.
Please, Someone, Anyone; If there is any solution, no matter how hard to attain or difficult to acquire it is just please let me know. I can’t keep living like this.
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2023.06.03 22:56 latent_memories Warmer place to live on the East Coast?

Hi, all! I'm looking for recommendations for cities/areas on the East Coast to consider moving from NYC because NYC is not my vibe anymore.
So far I've been looking at Raleigh, but I wanted to expand my search. Thanks so much in advance, and let me know if you have other Qs!
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2023.06.03 22:36 apersello34 [Unknown cursive -> English] What does this say? I found it on the napkin wrapper at a Mexican restaurant in Virginia

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2023.06.03 22:29 devonm2000 Girlfriend(23F) dumped me(22M) after 4.5 years and I found out details about her male best friend.

I met my girlfriend in college and we dated all throughout. Fast forward to March 2023. She told me she wanted to take a break for mental health reasons, family issues, and that she felt like she needed to find herself. It took me a few days to accept this but I eventually did. We didn’t talk for 2 weeks and I end up sending her a letter telling her that i missed her and want her back, which she agreed to.
When we got back together I asked her if she had gotten with anyone or did anything with anyone else and she promised she didn’t on multiple occasions. In April, about 2 weeks later, I went through her phone and found out she was lying and was texting another man who was sending her explicit pictures and saying how much he misses her and wants to see her. I confronted her and we got into a huge argument where she told me they met on the train on her way home from work and that she never did anything but text and FaceTime him. It took about 2 weeks for me to fully accept this and her promising to be fully devoted to me for me to let this go.
Throughout May, this took a toll on the relationship and I felt myself becoming insecure and untrusting of her, so I began arguing a lot about who she was with or where she was which admittedly made me come off as insecure and weak. Despite this, she kept assuring me she loves me and wants nothing else but to be with me.
Fast forward to Tuesday. She breaks up with me over text message saying that she loves me but cant be my partner and it wouldn’t be fair to me to continue to pursue her if she doesn’t feel the same way. I told her i love her but I accept her decision and I haven’t reached out to her since.
This is where things get interesting.
Last night one of our mutual friends invited a small group over for some drinks and a game night. We were both invited but my ex made a last minute excuse saying that she wasn’t feeling well and was headed home but also turned off her location with our mutual friend. Our mutual friend told me this and asked what was wrong so I filled her in on everything from above.
I ended up asking our mutual friend about her male best friend who my girlfriend always swore never liked her. I find out that in high school, he was obsessed with her and would buy her things and that throughout wintesummer breaks in college, he would drive to her house and spend the night with his family on multiple occasions, something she never told me about.
I asked her multiple times if he was ever interested in her and she always denied it despite my gut feeling.
Even though we are broken up, it now seems like our entire relationship was built off mistrust. I want to confront her about this and tell her I hate her but I don’t want to throw our mutual friend under the bus and I don’t want to appear as weak and even more insecure.
How do I let this go because she is the most beautiful girl in the world, far out of my league, and while things were good between us, she was the most caring, thoughtful, and genuine person I ever met.
What can I do to get this off my mind, and is it worth bringing up the information i now know?
TL;DR girlfriend dumped me after 4.5 years, lied to me about her male best friend throughout the relationship.
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2023.06.03 22:26 heearrt Is my boyfriends mom actually as scary as I feel, or is it just my cptsd?

So basically, my boyfriend (23) and I (21 almost 22) started dating winter 2019, and since then I picked up scary vibes from his mom. I don’t know if it’s my cptsd from growing up with abuse from an ex stepdad, but my fight or flight is on edge around her.
Here are some examples:
This happened at their house: When his now almost 18 year old sister, was around 15, she was having trouble with making her bed and her mom yelled at her that she’s slow. You know hot headed. And then also, she needs to brush her hair outside, because of the hair that sheds. (Mom is a clean freak).
This happened at the beach: Boyfriends now 8 year old brother, was around 6 here. We were sitting at the table, while this kid was just goofing around running around, playing. Then he hides behind something, and as an attempt to prank us he throws a rock, and it accidentally hit me. So I tried to tell him to throw it away from us, but his mom heard me, and MADE him apologize to me. Like straight up yelling “LOOK in her eyes and say sorry!” and when he messed up, “DO IT AGAIN!! CORRECTLY!” then turned him around and, well tried to spank him, but he kept moving so it was more like a brush. I would’ve said “it’s okay it was an accident”, but I’m scared of the mom. Plus, the kid didn’t cry, he laughed which made me laugh, and it become a discussion because the sister remembered when she’d “get it” as a kid. Like I don’t agree with spanking kids at all in general, but especially for something that was an accident. Even if it was a small one, like in this case.
Regardless, my boyfriend told me his mom recently is trying to parent without violence. I haven’t been around her much, because again, I’m scared of her. But they came over a few months ago to visit, my boyfriend and I live with my mom, and our house is fairly big. We were mainly upstairs, when my sister and mom were downstairs, but this same kid from the previous example he was being noisy. So the aunt, she smacked his arm and said “be quiet!!”, the mom saw it and didn’t say anything. I guess it’s normal in their family, that aunts are allowed to parent the kid as well. But again, this aunt acts like a kid sometimes of her disability, so maybe they just act like siblings?? Not sure. That example is kind of hard.
And my question is, is any of this understandable for me to have a bad feeling about, or is it just my trauma?
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2023.06.03 22:24 Fluid-Air7597 Some hard to find knives for sale !

Only trades/knives I would outright buy are
A s45vn user zaan under $460
Kizer drop bear in lc200n and ti scales FOUND
maybe a quiet carry the nine.
Or maybe a brown or blue winter factor.
Would be open to trading down (trade+ $on your side) or up (trade + $ on my side) depending on what you’re interested in.
Next is my tk reblade 20.5 in S90v Steel. This reblade sadly never clicked with me like my bugout reblade did. Crazy since I thought I would never dislike any TK reblade. Tk is only doing a couple more 20.5s in the future but after that he’s basically done with it and won’t make more. So get this before it’ll be really tough to find one. This is a really attractive tk blade with some fat carbon red lava scales. This one wasn’t used much just a couple boxes but the blade has been sharpened and took a super nice edge. The steel on this is S90v in 62-63 hrc 8 thou bte. Tv/SV on this is $530 NOW 500 ON HOLD FOR SOMEONE FOR A WEEK Ad20.5 reblade
Next up is my large slim Pickens I honestly believed this would never be sold but I just don’t carry it anymore. It has a ridiculously thin hollow grind (shown in pictures) that makes this slice super nicely but the thick blade stock is its downfall. The acoustics are so damn nice. I wish I had the equipment to add studs to the blade since I feel like it would help this knife greatly. Has been disassembled and recently sharpened to a hair popping sharp edge and the blade does have a few scratches from use. Now im going to be completely transparent about this the slim pickins did fail the spine wack test and I emailed alliance designs about it and… never got a response. Anyways since it failed the test wayy too easily I said fuck it and decided to try to fix it. I Compared it to my Orion solaris (who knew a knife that’s 90$ could have a button lock better than a $300+ knife) and noticed a difference in the lock are on the blade. Not sure how to describe what it is or what I did since I’m not a knife maker and don’t know the proper terms and I’ll try my best to explain it but I wore down an area in the lock a bit at an angle and tested the knife and noticed it needed more strength to fail the spine wack test so I wore it down a bit more and boom it’s now rock solid. I’ll take a picture of the lock area and add it to the albums for you to see and maybe tell me the proper terms of what I did. And yes I was willing to risk this knifes lock for my experiment but it paid off. Anyways I have no idea where to price this since I haven’t seen a recent large slim pickins for sale so I’m going to try $380 NOW $355 NOW $320Will come with the fancy box and pouch slim pickin pics
Last on the list is the tbc atlas. Came to me basically new and I carried it to work once. Amazing detent and action. Blade is still stupid sharp one snail trail on the scale but otherwise perfect. Amazing knife but not for me SV 490 NOW 470 $449 no box. BUT will come with coa and a vero pouch Pics/vids
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2023.06.03 22:19 CurryLoverThrowRA AITA for not sharing my plans with my best friend, when I knew he wouldn’t want to join anyway?

Backstory: I (M18) have a childhood best friend, Kevin (M18). We were really close, up until junior high when we started to drift apart.
What happened was one day I had a coupon for a curry restaurant that expired that day. Kevin asked me if we were going to hang out like we always do, but I said I had other plans. He doesn’t like spicy food, and especially hates curry.
Anyway, I was running to the restaurant and tripped, but our classmate caught me and asked where I was going. As it turned out, he had the same coupon and also enjoyed spicy curry.
The next day, Kevin was distant, and would ignore me when I tried to talk to him. I decided to give him time to cool down.
Flash forward, I’m now best friends with the classmate, Eric (M18). Event though Kevin and I don’t really talk anymore, I haven’t stopped thinking of him as a friend.
There was this school event to feature all the clubs’ activities, and my club decided to make curry. I was in our clubroom making it, while the rest of the club was outside with our advisor, serving our classmates.
I dropped the ladle and went to pick it up, when all of the sudden, Kevin opened the door and saw me. As it turns out, our clubroom shares a door with Kevin’s clubroom, and he had been smelling the curry the entire time I was making it.
Kevin ended up freaking out and knocked over the curry pot before running outside, and I followed him. He was telling me how I broke our “oath”—when we were little, he wished on a star that we’d be friends forever, and I said we’d always be friends no matter what.
Our club members came to back us both up, and then Kevin saw someone on the school paper was recording him, and he shut down.
We talked things out later, and we’re back to being best friends. (Kevin doesn’t really get along with Eric, Eric is neutral about Kevin, but they put up with each other cause I'm a mutual friend.) Now, even though we’re all good now, I’m still wondering if I’m TA for not sharing my plans with him years ago, since it led to all of this happening?
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2023.06.03 22:04 BigFin55 There was no drink on the order…checked the receipt on the bag as I left the restaurant.

There was no drink on the order…checked the receipt on the bag as I left the restaurant.
Haven’t had someone like this in awhile but these people piss me off lol. He then texted again saying he called the restaurant to report me.
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2023.06.03 22:03 dabonhimgreatly Jalapeños won’t wake up! I Need help or advice on how to save? Thank you

Jalapeños won’t wake up! I Need help or advice on how to save? Thank you
The pepper plant from last year still haven’t had new leaves on it after a month of hot (+80f) weather. I pruned it over the winter, kept it under a grow light, and made sure it still alive (it is) but it’s still not having new growth.
It’s companion, Trinidad, has already tripled in size from the winter. Anyone have advice to wake it up?
Thank you for your help. See the picture for status.
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2023.06.03 21:56 Lexkobed Bird feeder

Bird feeder
I put up a bird feeder about a month ago. I’m using this food but haven’t been able to get a single bird! I was close today, but they never go to the feeder. Located in St. Pete, FL.
Any tips?
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2023.06.03 21:50 Nehanehalate What’s your favorite thing to do with your dog?

I’m bringing home my next foster dog next week. I’m so excited! Haven’t had a dog around for over six months. She’s a youngster and full of it, and I’m looking forward to working with her and training. This is my first time having a dog in Vegas/Henderson. That being said, what’s your favorite thing to do with your dog here? Parks, trails, dog-friendly restaurants? Any dog-walking groups or clubs that host dog sport events? Like Barn Hunt and FastCAT? I’ve heard there’s a dock diving training pool about 1 1/2 hours away in Arizona, anyone aware of one more local than that? Eeeh, so excited!
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2023.06.03 21:48 theChapinator RE8: Shadows of Rose DLC has one of the single greatest horror levels I've ever played

For the past few years I’ve really been enjoying the RE remakes and new entries. They aren’t the scariest, aren’t always the best of the best. But they are solid and generally fun and a fair bit of content for my friends and I to huddle up and enjoy as I shriek once in a while on Discord.
I played RE8 when it came out and completely forgot that real story DLC came out a year and a half later. And I was scraping the metaphorical barrel on my Steam account looking for horror games to stream on a Friday night.
I’m gonna try not to spoil anything, but I finished a set of levels and the entire time I was playing I was tense and shrieking and spooked and startled. Myself and everyone watching kept commenting over and over that it was one of the best horror game levels ever. Almost flawless balance of fun, solid mechanics with a slight challenge and terrifying experience. This was the level in the house where you had the mom with the glowing eyes and were grabbing the fuse. If you’ve seen Dr. Who, very Silent Angels.
I’m posting here cause I feel like it’s a shame it’s buried in a $20 DLC that came out wayyy after its base game to little fan fare and I haven’t ever seen anyone talk about it.
I just can’t get over how much that one sequence of play really got me impressed and hyped for the future of the series again. If you’re on the fence of playing the DLC, definitely go for it. Combat is a little annoying and the story is mostly “eh,” but it’s a fun romp and return to the village.
Has anyone else played through the DLC? How did you feel about that level? Am I just alone in thinking that’s peak horror gaming? From the steam reviews it doesn’t seem like others share this thought.
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2023.06.03 21:31 Zephie29 Trying to find a kind of ring made of synthetic shell.

Trying to find a kind of ring made of synthetic shell.
First one I received as a gift from my mom when she took a trip to FL. It broke and later, on a trip to the Beach, I found another to replace then broken one in NC. I haven’t been able to find more in years though. Does anyone know where these can be found?
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2023.06.03 21:26 jewbacca6974 Best unknown restaurants

I see often on this subreddit people looking for recommendations for restaurants. But it’s always the same places… does, the brewery, pho tahn. Furthermore a lot of chain restaurants have been showing up lately along Walton.
I am looking for places that are not so well known in this community, think mom and pop restaurants that don’t get enough love but are absolutely delicious. I don’t mind a drive out to Rogers but would like to stay in bentonville if possible.
I’ll start! [Taqueria Real Jacona 2] Quite possible one of the most authentic Mexican restaurant I’ve been to in bentonville.
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2023.06.03 21:22 Infinite_Ad7198 Ig: garibaaldii follow me and you’ll get 3 back!🔥

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2023.06.03 21:20 Infinite_Ad7198 Ig: garibaaldii follow me and you’ll get 3 back!🔥

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2023.06.03 21:20 Infinite_Ad7198 Ig: garibaaldii follow me and you’ll get 3 back!🔥

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2023.06.03 21:20 Infinite_Ad7198 Ig: garibaaldii follow me and you’ll get 3 back!🔥

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2023.06.03 21:01 Cultural_Bug_6737 Places to eat in the area?

I’m moving in a few weeks to Harrisburg and love trying new restaurants so I’m wondering if you all will share your favorite places! I’m not super picky (I only don’t eat seafood), but my favorites are Mexican food, Vietnamese food, and breweries. Open to try anything though!!
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2023.06.03 20:45 tman916x [Sell/Trade] Acne, And Wander, Arc'teryx, Arc'teryx Veilance, Byborre, Gramicci, Haven, House of Blanks, John Elliott, Maiden Noir, Mountain Research, Nanamica, New Balance, Nonnative, OAMC, OrSlow, Patagonia, RandT, Sassafras, South2 West8, SISP, Suicoke, Tilak, Undercover, White Mountaineering

Size Fit Brand Name COND. (1-10)
48 M Acne Studios Silas MA-1 Bomber Jacket 9.5
5 34-36 And Wander Climbing Pants 9
M S-M Arc'teryx Alpha FL 7
L 34-35 Arc'teryx Veilance Secant Comp 9
L 33-35 Byborre O2L Pants 10
M M-L Byborre Suit Jacket 10
40 7-7.5 Diemme x Nonnative Dweller Trainer 9
42 9.5-10 Diemme x Nonnative Dweller Trainer 9
OS OS DSPTCH Day Pack v1 9
OS OS Gramicci x F/CE Jet Cap 10
3 L Haven Thermo Crewneck 10
3 S-M Haven Woodland Flannel Shirt 8.5
M M Homespun Knitwear Knitwear Longsleeve Thermal 10
L M-L House of Blanks Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt 7.5
1 S-M John Elliott La Paz Jacket 8.5
34 33-35 Maiden Noir Easy Pants 8.5
L M Mountain Research G.P. 1+1 Ombre Plaid Shirt 8.5
L M Mountain Research Tribe A Tee 7.5
S L-XL Nanamica Garden Shirt 10
10.5 10 New Balance x Hanon CT-300 "Phoenix" 8
3 33-34 Nonnative Postman Pants C/N Oxford 8
3 L Nonnative Dweller Blouson Cotton Sweat 9.5
2 32-33 Nonnative Hunter Cotton Ripstop Cargo Trousers 8.5
10US 10-10.5 Norse Projects ARKTISK Runner 10
S 30-32 OAMC Cropped Troop Pants 9
0 28-30 OrSlow 107W 9.5
M S-M REI New Route Fleece 7.5
L M-L Patagonia Capilene Daily Core Shirt 7.5
L 33-34/M-L RandT Casual Suit 9
L M Sassafras Tie-Dye Pocket Tee 8.5
M 33-34 South2 West8 Convertible 2-way Pant 9.5
34 33-34 Stone Island Chino Pant 7
43 10-10.5 Stone Island Shadow Project STEP-ON SLIP-ON_SUEDE / LEATHER Sneaker 9.5
10 10-10.5 Suicoke ZAB 9.5
M S-M Tilak Trango Hooded Jacket 10
3 S-M Undercover Finger Angel Tee 7.5
2 S-M Undercover UC1B3817 T-Shirt 10
3 L-XL Undercover We Make Noise Not Clothes Tee 10
S M- L Uniqlo x White Mountaineering Fleece Oversized Long-Sleeve Jacket 9.5
OS OS Unused UH0311 9.5
10.5 10-10.5 Vans Vault OG Era LX 8
M M Wings + Horns Officer Shirt (modified) 8
3 32-34 White Mountaineering Easy Shorts 10
3 32-34 White Mountaineering Shearing Cargo Pants 9
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2023.06.03 20:44 tricha122 How to revitalize deck
Hey, I built this deck 5 years ago and haven’t done any maintenance to it since (probably a big mistake). The deckboards are cedar and starting to look a little shitty and they creak when I walk across them.
I was wondering if there are any larger head deck screws that exist to replace my current deck screws - because when I try to drive them down to tighten up the deck they just want to drive through the cedar. I feel I need a larger head on the screws.
Further, how should I treat the surface of the boards, what product works best? Sanding first I presume.
I’m in Canada so we deal with winter.
Thanks for any advice
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2023.06.03 20:44 PlatypusRich3135 Do you consider impossible meat vegan?

I saw someone get downvoted for commenting that they test on animals. I was under the impression this was true and now I’m not sure! Does anyone have the facts surrounding this? I’ve been avoiding it because of this but would love to know if that’s entirely necessary.
This is the form of ‘meat’ substitute at Domino’s and Grill’d (a burger shop) for us and we haven’t gone there because a) when it was announced both of these places were using impossible meat, people were up in arms about it not being vegan and b) These locations stopped listing them under ‘vegan’ and started listing them as plant-based which doesn’t always mean the same thing and they still have vegan items on their menu and these aren’t it!
So, what’s your verdict? What do you think of impossible meat? If it is vegan and ethical, why would people not be aware of this and why wouldn’t restaurants make sure to establish that it IS vegan?
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