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2023.06.08 00:35 blackfyre_94 Issues with apartment complex in North Carolina

Looking for advice on how to handle an issue with my current apartment. A little background, I just renewing my lease which I was hesitant about doing over other issues I've had that have never been probably addressed but with the price of rent in my area I couldn't afford to move elsewhere. Today I woke up to leave work to find a paper in my door for a 5 day late notice in my door for an additional $30 rent fee which also included a $53.50 late fee that was dated for yesterday. I went up to my office today to dispute it but they could not properly explain where the fee was coming from. At first I was told it was because of my pet fee but I was able to counter that with past payment history. Then I was told it was due to renewing my lease and it was from prorated rent but that didn't make since to me. I was also told that at some point there was a $40 credit added to my account at some point and this effected some things but when asking for more clarification as the math didn't add up I was told my the office manager " I don't have time to explain everything" and to get me out of their office they supposedly sent an email to the high up management. I haven't received any sort of update from my complex on the issue as to where the $30 is coming from. From the small amount of research that I have been able to do I've discovered that in the state of NC you are supposed to be provided a 10 day late notice which I was not and when attempting to check the fee through my complex's portal the option to pay the fee is greyed out until the next month's rent is due. I plan to go back to the office tomorrow morning but I feel like it will go about as good as today. What would be my next steps from here as I feel like they are trying to create some fake fee to get a free $80ish out of me.
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2023.06.08 00:35 ssugar_bun insecurity stuff

how come so many men are obsessed with thick girls ?? like that's amazing for those girls and I'm happy for them but every dude I see is like "thick thighs >>>". like okay... but I'm working towards having very thin legs and small everything...???? 😭
am I supposed to appeal to what would make me feel better about myself or to what alot of these guys want and deal with disliking myself ? like I feel like everything I want to be is the opposite of the current teen dude standard.
that said I could just let 30 and 40 year old men hunt me down instead 🤷‍♀️ (i have a problem)
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2023.06.08 00:34 siddisdame Any fencesitters living outside of their home country here? Or anyone parenting without a support network?

Hi everyone :)
I find browsing this sub to be so helpful, but can’t find many posts that relate to a very important piece of my particular dilemma. Hoping to find someone who can relate. I am an American who has been living in Norway for a long time with my Norwegian partner. We aren’t married but we have a house together and I’m basically very settled here. Moving back to the US is not at all in our plans for many reasons. I’m in my 30s now and really considering having a child with my SO, who is older and much more successful than I am. He really wants kids, and I’m undecided. It’s something that I, like many of you, think about a lot. Unlike many of you, me deciding «no» on the kids issue doesn’t just mean a breakup - it also means me leaving my entire life and career I’ve built up here, as my residency here is legally contingent upon our relationship (I am not a citizen and don’t intend to become one.) I feel the pressure and I feel myself leaning more and more «yes» where before I couldn’t even imagine EVER wanting kids. However … I am super worried about becoming a full-time 24/7 mom with no opportunities for breaks like the occasional night working late / going out for drinks / weekend away to remember who I am on my own.
Explanation: As an expat, I don’t have the built-in support network of family or lifelong friends here that so many of my parent friends enjoy and take for granted. My partner isn’t close with his family besides his mom, who would be able to help us a bit, but she’s not exactly young or spry and I wouldn’t want to overburden her. My parents have only visited me one time, five years ago, and my sister in the US has her own family to take care of, so I’m not counting on any real support from my side either. (Also - au pairs/nannies have recently been made illegal here, even for families with two full-time working parents.) To add another layer, my SO is most likely soon going to be in a career position where he is only physically home 2.5 days a week, on most weekends, for a very long period of time (years). I am okay with this concept for now, as I work full time and have a lot of things that keep me occupied otherwise. These things will no longer be relevant to my life if I am essentially becoming a single parent for 75% of the time. I don’t want to stand in the way of his career and asking him not to take this opportunity is not something I would do.
Obviously, there are many positive things about living in Norway and I am not worried about any healthcare or financial aspects of potentially becoming a parent. But I just can’t imagine never being able to have any independence. I hope this doesn’t sound too whiny. All of my friends here have big families and they can always drop their kids off with grandma or grandpa or aunt X or uncle Y and go do anything they’d like to. The women I have discussed my reservations with are like «oh it’ll work out! It always works out for us!». But I want to excel in my career too! I want to have time to do all the things too!
When I last discussed this with my SO he basically agreed that yeah, it would «really suck for me» for a few years while the kid(s) is a baby/toddler and I’m working full time while he’s not there and I don’t have anyone else to rely on. I’m not trying to demonize him, he would be a great dad and I know he would help as much as humanly possible in any way he could. But what I would need is human help and relief. We also have two large and very active dogs that I need to walk for at least an hour every day, kid or no kid. When I think about how my days would actually look, I start despairing. I do not want to be a stay at home mom and giving up the career I’ve worked for and fought so hard for is not ideal, so I can’t simply quit working. My SO wants it all - the prestigious career on the road and the family waiting at home - and although he deserves it, I feel like it would come at my expense. I feel like I would grow to resent him and the kid(s) for erasing my identity fully.
Sorry this is so drawn out but wow that felt good to write. Can anyone in a similar situaiton offer any input?
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2023.06.08 00:34 AutoModerator Watch Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Online Free ReddiT?

11 sec ago -!Streaming Spider Man Across the Spider Verse Movie Spider Man Across the Spider Verse Movie Warner Spider Man Across the Spider Verse Pictures! Are you looking to download or watch the new Spider Man Across the Spider Verse online? Spider Man Across the Spider Verse is available for Free Streaming 123movies & Reddit, including where to watch the Action movie at home. Express
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What is the story of Don't worry darling?
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In ancient Kahndaq, Teth Adam bestowed the almighty powers of the gods. After using these powers for vengeance, he was imprisoned, becoming Spider Man Across the Spider Verse . Nearly 5,000 years have passed, and Spider Man Across the Spider Verse has gone from man to myth to legend. Now free, his unique form of justice, born out of rage, is challenged by modern-day heroes who form the Justice Society: Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone.
Also known as Черния Адам
Production companies : Warner Bros. Pictures.
At San Diego Comic-Con in July, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had other people raising eyebrows when he said that his long-awaited superhero debut in Spider Man Across the Spider Verse would be the beginning of “a new era” for the DC Extended Universe naturally followed: What did he mean? And what would that kind of reset mean for the remainder of DCEU's roster, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the rest of the Justice League, Suicide Squad, Shazam and so on.As
Spider Man Across the Spider Verse neared theaters, though, Johnson clarified that statement in a recent sit-down with Yahoo Entertainment (watch above).
“I feel like this is our opportunity now to expand the DC Universe and what we have in Spider Man Across the Spider Verse , which I think is really cool just as a fan, is we introduce five new superheroes to the world,” Johnson tells us. Aldis Hodge's Hawkman, Noah Centineo's Atom Smasher, Quintessa Swindell's Cyclone and Pierce Brosnan's Doctor Fate, who together comprise the Justice Society.) “One anti-hero.” (That would be DJ's Spider Man Across the Spider Verse .)
“And what an opportunity. The Justice Society pre-dated the Justice League. So opportunity, expand out the universe, in my mind… all these characters interact. That's why you see in Spider Man Across the Spider Verse , we acknowledge everyone: Batman , Superman , Wonder Woman, Flash, we acknowledge everybody.There's also some Easter eggs in there, too.So that's what I meant by the resetting.Maybe 'resetting' wasn't a good term.only
one can claim to be the most powerful superhero .And Johnson, when gently pressed, says it's his indestructible, 5,000-year-old Kahndaqi warrior also known as Teth-Adam, that is the most powerful superhero in any universe, DC, Marvel or otherwise
. "By the way, it's not hyperbole because we made the movie."And we made him this powerful.
There's nothing so wrong with “Spider Man Across the Spider Verse ” that it should be avoided, but nothing—besides the appealing presence of Dwayne Johnson—that makes it worth rushing out to see. spectacles that have more or less taken over studio filmmaking, but it accumulates the genre's—and the business's—bad habits into a single two- hour-plus package, and only hints at the format's occasional pleasures. “Spider Man Across the Spider Verse ” feels like a place-filler for a movie that's remaining to be made, but, in its bare and shrugged-off sufficiency, it does one positive thing that, if nothing else, at least accounts for its success: for all the churning action and elaborately jerry-rigged plot, there's little to distract from the movie's pedestal-like display of Johnson, its real-life superhero.
It's no less numbing to find material meant for children retconned for adults—and, in the process, for most of the naïve delight to be leached out, and for any serious concerns to be shoehorned in and then waved away with dazzle and noise. Spider Man Across the Spider Verse ” offers a moral realm that draws no lines, a personal one of simplistic stakes, a political one that suggests any interpretation, an audiovisual one that rehashes long-familiar tropes and repackages overused devices for a commercial experiment that might as well wear its import as its title. When I was in Paris in 1983, Jerry Lewis—yes, they really did love him there—had a new movie in theaters. You're Crazy, Jerry."Spider Man Across the Spider Verse " could be retitled 'You're a Superhero, Dwayne'—it's the marketing team's PowerPoint presentation extended to feature length.
In addition to being Johnson's DC Universe debut, “Spider Man Across the Spider Verse ” is also notable for marking the return of Henry Cavill's Superman. The cameo is likely to set up future showdowns between the two characters, but Hodge was completely unaware of it until he saw the film.
“They kept that all the way under wraps, and I didn't know until maybe a day or two before the premiere,” he recently said Spider Man Across the Spider Verse Wakanda Forever (2022) FULLMOVIE ONLINE
Spider Man Across the Spider Verse
Is Spider Man Across the Spider Verse Available On Hulu?
Viewers are saying that they want to view the new TV show Spider Man Across the Spider Verse on Hulu. Unfortunately, this is not possible since Hulu currently does not offer any of the free episodes of this series streaming at this time. the MTV channel, which you get by subscribing to cable or satellite TV services. You will not be able to watch it on Hulu or any other free streaming service. #Rank #streamings #Free #FullMovie #Reddit #watch #Online #Free #Reddit
#Rank #streamings #Free #FullMovie #Reddit #watch #Online #Free #Reddit #Spider-Man-Across-the-Spider-Verse
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2023.06.08 00:34 ThanyTony WW: History of Suomus (1200-1400)

WW: History of Suomus (1200-1400)
Suomus strides forward~

By the beginning of the 13th century, the land of Suomus began integrating within European society in a more interactive way, Turku became an extremely important trading spot for ships travelling across the northern seas and goods previously unknown to the Suomi were introduced to their land as well as new people they could interact with, of notice were two groups.
The Knights of Germania who had come back to their homeland from the Rastel Crusades in Palestine and got in contact with the Suomi because of their iron and developed a close relationship which would only grow more fruitful with the years as this small but powerful order of Knights and their Witches were destined to shape the fate of Europa in the future.
The others were The Rus, the forefathers of the Orussians who came from the east of Suomus, initially intending to settle the lands but as that area is filled to the brim with swamps that were not to the liking of the Rus who preferred fertile lands and vast steppes backed down, they did however stablish close commerce with the Suomi, getting along better with them than other Nordic powers in the area, especially the Swedes who were always somewhat antagonistic to the Rus despite their ruling dynasty the Rurikid being of Swedish origin.
Sweden ceased further attempts to colonize the Suomi western lands as they had grown far more powerful and united, still living mostly in cities ruled by chiefs but would all come to unite should the ruling chief on Turku called for it, they also developed a really good navy to improve their trading and for their Witches to hunt Neuroi in the Baltic Sea, they were always interested in looking for the legendary gigantic Neuroi monster living in the Nordic seas called “Iku-Torso”, said to be so big it could swallow an island whole. It became somewhat of a cultural obsession for Suomi Witches to traverse the coasts patrolling their seas and hunting for this mythical Neuroi but thankfully it never appeared…
…Not yet at least.
During the century however came a relevant player that greatly affected the two friendly powers of the Suomi people, The Mongol Horde arrived and conquered the lands of the Rus in 1237 save for the city of Novgorod who submitted to the horde’s power, they also battled the Knights of Germania in 1241 but would later unite forces a year later to defeat the Neuroi ravaging central Europa at the Battle of Legnica, first time in human history where two nations teamed up to fight the Neuroi.
As a result the city of Novgorod became a republic vassal to the Golden Horde and the Knights of Germania were granted a piece of land in the land north of the Holy Karlsland Empire and the Kingdom of Poland near the Danish colonies to settle, this being the territory known as Prussia, now having a proper state they could stablish better relationship with the Suomi and sometimes Witches of the order would go to Suomus to be trained by Suomi Witches. The Mongols also came to visit Suomi lands being impressed with everything they saw and became fascinated with the power of its people and its Witches, especially their Witches as they found them incredibly beautiful, strong and resourceful, which are qualities Mongols value on Witches.
They also openly admitted their desire to conquer Suomi lands launching an attack from Novgorod but it never came to happen, historians debate as to why this invasion never came to happen, some believe that the Mongols saw no benefit in Suomus which would imply they were not aware of its vast amount of iron reserves, but the most likely reason is that they backed down upon seeing the swamps, considering how unsuccessful the Mongols were in Vietnam and Madjapahit…it is reasonable to think they would be terrified of the land, even if they outmatched Suomus and other Nordic countries in numbers.
Thanks to that Suomus kept existing in relative peace through the 13th century, once the 14th century arrived they continued their relationships with the Novgorodians and the Knights of Germania, now known as the Prussians, most noteworthy being the signing of the Treaty of Pähkinäsaaren on the 12 of August 1324 between the Suomi chiefs and the Mongol Empire through the Novgorodians, to establish the boundaries between Novgorod and Suomus, being the first nation in the world to recognize national borders of what constituted “The Land of Suomus” at least from the east, this treaty would continue to be respected by the Novgorod successor states all the way to the Orussian Empire much later and it greatly strengthen the bond between the Rus and the Suomi which began concerning the other Nordic countries, especially Sweden.
This resulted in many skirmishes on the sea between the Swedes and the Novgorodians/the Mongols but they would mostly be resolved at the seas or the Islands across the Baltic Sea and never affected the land of Suomus, although they would often sent their forces to assist the Novgorodians because they obviously disliked the Swedes and wanted to prevent them from gaining more settlements across the Baltic Sea.
More cities began to appear across Suomus marked by fortresses and castles across the shores, Suomi people began transitioning from a tribal society to a more urban society similar to that of its neighbors, although they still managed themselves as a confederation of chiefdoms, only this time they would be selected in elections similar to how the Knights of Germania chose their grand masters every 10 years, little by little it became impossible for the Swedes to conquer Suomus as it had become a nation by this point and eventually renounced to their pretentions on the land, especially because they were facing their own conflicts with the Norwegians and the Danes.
The Mongols began loosing their grip on the Novgorodians and this gave the latter more freedom to become wealthy through commerce, and through them the Suomi also met other Rus people from deep within their lands, The Muscovites from the Principality of Moscow and they also became very friendly with the Suomi, some would even say they clicked better than they did with the Novgorodians despite the distance between their lands, as such little by little the Mongols became less frequent for the Suomi until they would disappear from common culture in the land around the 15th century, they left their impact on the Suomi however as they helped them improve their military and taught them the secrets of their bow making skills, improving the letality of the Suomi raiding parties who could now snipe their foes from bigger distances with the deadly “Silent Arrows” capable of piercing even Neuroi shells.
As the century progressed however, chaos began forming on the area at the time, civil unrest began forming between the three Nordic nations as their royal families were connected through various relatives, a war between the Danes, the Norwegians (In an union with the Danes through a marriage) and the Swedes erupted, the results of this conflict saw the Danish Queen Margrete I of Denmark ascend to the throne of both kingdoms which greatly displeased the Holy Karlsland Empire northern states and the Swedes, from the former was the duchy of Mecklenburg who began hiring German Privateers to sabotage Danish ships, they were known as the “Vitalien Brothers”, but these went rouge and became full fledge pirates taking the Alan Islands from Sweden as their base and began raiding Suomi coasts and ships.
They however would all be exterminated quickly in the year 1395 by a group of 2 Suomi Witches and one Gallian Witch (Named Enora, Orvokki and Vieno) who devised a clever plan that took four months where one would join the pirates and seduce as many of them as she could to create conflict for her attention, the other would begin to sabotage their ships, resources and operations and the other would carry out guerrilla assassinations pretending to be a vengeful spirit or a Neuroi, little by little weakening them until they simply revealed their plans and beat them all into submission and eliminated the threat once and for all.
The winner of the Nordic conflict was none other than Margrete herself, managing to take control of the three countries and their colonies creating the powerful state and precursors of Baltland…The Kalmar Union, and because of their efforts and good relationships, Suomus was invited to join although they were promised far more liberties being more an ally state than properly integrated into the Union, which they accepted as they saw it as beneficial, they were even granted the Alan Islands (Which greatly upset the Swedes as those had been their lands for almost 400 years now).
So came the 15th century and Suomus was now part of the powerful Kalmar Union and had good relationships with its neighbors Prussia and the Rus, things looked pretty good for them…this century however was one of change…as the Middle Ages were about to end and a new era for humanity loomed on the horizon.
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2023.06.08 00:33 hongos_me_gusta first date conversation & chemistry advice.
Q1: what are some good questions &/or topics of conversation beyond that surface level "what do you do for work?," "where did you grow up?," etc.
Q2: besides the coaches advice of going 2+ places, at night, the video above, ... how do you typically plan your first or second date?
Q3: how do you motivate yourself or not get hopeless sometimes when dating is far from successful for you?
I was last in a 'situationship' that I just let end, by not contacting her. It feels terrible, going 'no contact,' but they just were not that into me. too many signs of low interest & little passion . she's Not contacted me.
Now I'm dating again, but have had only one second date in the past 2 - 3 months. I get various signs of mid to low interest or a combo of slow texting (12+ hrs to respond), ghosteing, 'no chemistry,' 'maybe' dates, 'sorry I'm not free x night,' but no offer of a different night she's free, etc.
I'm trying to Not feel very discouraged and remind myself what I've got to offer. What feels discouraging is that family have asked why I'm single in my late 30s. that is, I've a good career, I'm relatively tall, ok looking, & not fat (well, I'm working on losing 5kg). I don't like to talk about myself, but I do like my career & am passionate my one hobby and cooking. I've almost given up on the idea I could be a father someday with a gf or wife.
However, I must be boring, give off bad vibes, etc. because I get rejected by women that are Not that attractive. Maybe that sounds terrible, but basically good looks don't get you far if you're a bore.
ex: I went on a first date last night that I thought was 'ok'' w. a woman I thought was interesting & semi-attractive (not an 8+). Today I noticed she blocked me. she was into the show 'Succession' and a lot of tele. I told her I saw some of that show (a friend has hbo) & thought it was ok, but boring. I don't watch much TV and I was being honest, maybe too honest. whoops.
I try to remember what they're into and/or ask them questions, but I think I bore women on a date. I'm trying to be engaging or ask genuine questions, but it stills seems as if I'm interviewing them & occasionally talking about myself
Anyway, any advice or input is appreciated. Thanks.
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2023.06.08 00:33 Jazzlike-Ad-3732 Wife of PA

Hey everyone,
I (27f) am in a sexless marriage with my husband (34m) and I'm trying to figure out what to do. I'm fairly certain he's addicted to porn (we've talked about it over the years) but he's not doing anything to change the fact that we are in a sexless marriage. It's been so long within the relationship (5 of our 7 years together have been rocky I'm the sex dept with the last 3 being basically none) that I've even suspected he may be asexual (though, reading through this forum has made me lean a little more into the PA angle).
Where we are: I'm at my limit. We opened up our marriage 9 months ago so I could find some sexual and emotional fulfillment while he figures out what he wants in life, but I was truly hoping he would take it as a wake up call to action as we've had some very hard conversations in the past year. Since then i've developed a fulfilling relationship with my other partner who is exclusive with me, but I still love my husband and would honestly like to keep both relationships alive if I can (thats another hurdle to clear that's mostly separate from this though).
Do I go back to pushing him to look into PA? Do I threaten to leave? How do I get through to him? I really wanted him to come to a decision on how he wants to proceed on his own without my nagging, but I'm really just not seeing a way forward at this point without giving him an ultimatum which I really didn't want to do. Am I being ridiculous in hoping that he would take some action?
Would love some feedback.
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2023.06.08 00:33 Pokharelinishan This was Valve's response on equipping both M4s (7 year old but still relevant)

This was Valve's response on equipping both M4s (7 year old but still relevant)
While this was 7 years ago, I think their philosophy of "encouraging players to consider their role on a team" has stayed the same, and shown with the newest update. I have something to say about this.
First of all, this change from a "level playing field" to one where someone is, for example, a "rifle main" (i.e, doesn't have an awp equipped) is going to be bad for soloQ matchmaking. Maybe this update works neatly for pro games where players can coordinate with their loadouts, but for soloQ, getting queued with randoms who might have various combo of weapons, is probably going to be a bad experience.
Imagine 5 randoms who don't have their awp equipped, get queued together. Forget the situation where your teammates are not able to drop you awp because they don't have it equipped. In this example, there won't be an awp in the game.
Imagine getting queued with someone who only wants to play non-meta guns. Well it's their life their choice, but what if he wants to drop meta guns to their teammates? Won't be possible. One could argue "but he should have thought of this beforehand". Yeah, but why limit what he can do. Why can't he do both?

How can a regular soloQ player "consider their role on the team" when the said team is non-existent at the moment of choosing the loadout?

Unless mm matches players of different roles to each other, but then this goes away from the core of cs, which is that every player is given an equal playing field and it's upto their skill and intelligence to win the game.
While this wasn't an issue for CSGO because the choice was just 1 weapon and it didn't impact the game that much, but now it's expanded to the whole weapon system, so it's become a big issue.
What do you guys think?
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2023.06.08 00:33 WaffleJCone [S] [USA-CA] Minolta CLE, Minolta 40mm f2 M-rokkor Kyu-tab, Fujifilm XF 10-24mm f4 (v1), Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 with 5 Instax Mini cartridges (REPOST)

Hello again,
You know what they say, persistence is key. You already know; new timestamps, new photos, and a new addition. Prices will remain the same since they are pretty well below market price (aside from the instax cartridges which are fixed, they will adjusted accordingly with the printer). Again, I'll always pay for shipping.
Older post:

Item Rating and Condition Comes with Price
Minolta CLE with 40mm f2 M-rokkor (LOCAL PENDING) (Yeah still :/ ) Body: 8.5/10. Chipping near the branding. Clean inside. /Lens: 9.0/10. Clean, no fungus, very minimal dust, some signs of use. Case, batteries, and 1 roll Superia 400 (only with camera body) $935 bundled
Fujifilm XF 10-24mm f4 R OIS (v1) 9.5/10. Clean, no fungus, no dust, minimal signs of wear. Filter, caps, and Urth ND1000 filter $375
Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 with 5 Instax Mini cartridges 9.5/10. Clean inside, functions and connects well, some signs of use. Mirco-usb cable $75 /($35 for the printer, $40 for the cartridges)
Found out how to look at the chart on mobile but I'll still include this in case:
Please don't hesitate to ask questions. Also, I am still looking for an X-Pro 2. I won't trade but please let me know if you got one. Thanks for looking.
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2023.06.08 00:32 Sean_Owe How do I get good Mayhem 10 guns to farm lower mayhem levels quickly?

I reached level 72 and I'm ready to farm lower mayhem levels(below 10/11) to do it quickly to get good weapons. The problem is even with my decent mayhem 10 guns minimum 30,000 damage the boss health bars even on mayhem 5 seem to go down so slow. I was using Evil Brick and Mordecai to farm for splatter and I have hard they do have a ton of health. Still I've had people join my game that destroy boss health bars in seconds on like mayhem 4. My question is how do I get these kind of weapons as I've heard only a few are actually viable for mayhem 11. I'd like to farm as high as I can for rewards but im looking for something that can at least destroy bosses on mayhem 4 or higher.
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2023.06.08 00:32 FlyingDadBomb At Risk of Downvotes, Should We Consider a One-Day Boycott?

Please hear me out before you respond. I know a lot of people feel very strongly about this, and a lot of people are tired of complaints and just want to play the dang game, and I get it.
That said, Second Dinner has created numerous issues for players in the past two months that, notably, have left a poor taste in the mouths of the community. Namely:
  1. Flexible Series drops came as an unpleasant surprise, rather than being announced in advance, which lead to people saving fopinning/unpinning cards like Darkhawk and Knull and then not getting them.
  2. After deciding not to drop Darkhawk, they're putting out an incredibly overpriced Darkhawk Bundle, allowing you to buy him directly after arbitrarily refusing to make him easier to acquire freely.
  3. Among the cards that they've decided not to drop are, surprisingly, extremely meta-relevant Season Pass cards (Hit Monkey and Zabu).
  4. This is especially concerning with SD's proven history of nerfing cards only AFTER they become more available.
  5. SD is dropping only undesirable cards (cards that have no meta relevance), and, rather than dropping them directly to series 3 as they suggested was possible, they're dropping them first to series 4, which could make cards like Darkhawk, Knull, Spider-Ham and Spider-Man 2099 more difficult to acquire through collector's reserves.
All of this paints a picture of a card game that is all too eager to tie performance to value, creating the possibility that those who pay more will have an easier time competing, which does not bode well for the future of the game, and is in diametric opposition to Ben Brode's stated goal at the beginning (anyone else keep getting those YouTube ads that start with Brode saying "what if you couldn't just go into a card game, drop hundreds of dollars and immediately have the best cards?").
Thus far, though, SD has been entirely unreceptive to any of these concerns. They were brought up when flexible series drops were announced, and SD pushed forward with this month's series drops as if we said nothing. It's clear they hear us, but they aren't listening. The only response given thus far has been to tell us that there's "more to come," which is not exactly comforting given that what we've already seen is not so great.
What we could consider is a one-day blackout, where a large enough group of us decide collectively to not play the game. Don't even log on to collect your free 50 credits. I would suggest we do so on the day of Silk's release on 6/12. That would certainly get SD's attention. I would also suggest that we have specific asks (rather than just "stop," or "be more transparent"). I think two reasonable requests are as follows:
  1. A transparent series drop schedule for Season Pass cards - that way we know exactly how much early access we're paying for, and they can't keep $10 cards out of the hands of the public in perpetuity. Have all the flexibility you want with newly released cards, but leave $10 monthly cards out of it.
  2. No bundles containing series 4 or series 5 cards. Stop letting people buy their way into higher series.
These two demands alone would help prevent SD from tying value to performance and pushing the game into dicey territory where cash is king.
There is precedent for these types of boycotts. I remember when the Ubisoft game For Honor had released and immediately started putting a heavy emphasis on their premium currency. That led to a proposed boycott, and the community didn't even have to go through with it before Ubisoft enacted meaningful change.
This could be a real chance to let Second Dinner know that the community is unhappy but also that we're willing to do something about it. As they've proven, just being upset is not enough for them to make any meaningful changes. I'm curious to see what you all think. I can see a lot of you are unhappy about these changes.
A note to those who are totally OK with everything Second Dinner has done thus far: consider for a moment that we all want the same thing. We are all here because the core game of Marvel Snap is so freaking fun, and the theme is so on point and relatable to our interests, and we want to see the game succeed because then we get to keep playing it forever and ever. But, if you are someone who doesn't think Second Dinner has done anything wrong, you have to know that their actions have negatively impacted the Marvel Snap community. In no uncertain terms, they're turning people away, which means the game that you and I both love is potentially jeopardized. Just look at the state of the subreddit and content creator community. You have prominent people saying they aren't playing anymore, or aren't spending any money because it's either not worth it, or too predatory. I myself almost quit earlier this year. I stopped playing for two weeks during the Shuri/Thanos meta because SD was slow to balance untenable metas and the card acquisition system made it extremely difficult to compete without the imbalanced cards. And yeah, the thought has crossed my mind to stop again given this new round of card acquisition shenanigans. And, like it or not, I'm not the only one. So even though you might be totally fine with it, and think people who aren't are just entitled whiners, but at the end of the day they're people who play the game and healthy games can't afford to lose players, at least not at the rate of those who are upset. So again, we want the same thing, and SD is the obstacle.
I hope we can have a reasonable discussion about this. Please share your thoughts. Do you think a boycott is a good idea? Would you suggest any changes to what I've outlined (date, demands, other issues)? If you don't think it's a good idea, how do you suggest we better get the attention of Second Dinner in a greater capacity than what they've shown right now?
TL;DR: SD has screwed up in numerous ways, but hasn't shown a willingness to listen to our concerns and adapt. A one-day boycott on 6/12 (the day of Silk's release) could make them listen if enough of us participate, and enact meaningful changes. If you don't agree and think SD has done nothing wrong, know that we both want the same thing - a healthy and vibrant game with lots of players, and SD's actions are harming player retention.
Edit: One last thought: What would Hobie do??
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2023.06.08 00:32 Queencx0 Are very women attractive women intimidating? Discourages men from approaching?

I’m very aware that I’m attractive, and I mean this in the least cocky way. I’m not that kind of person.
I go to the gym 5 times a week, own a house, have a excellent job and degree. I wonder if all of these traits add to intimidation as well?
I have run into so many times guys that ask me out, blatantly tell me they don’t want to “do too much” because they “ know a bunch of guys are on me”. There’s always an assumption I deal with this rotation of men, and that they practically throw themselves at me.
In public I get hit on from time to time, but for the most part I notice stares but they don’t always actually approach.
I’m not trying to come off as a vain self centered POS. Please don’t take it that way. I’m truly trying to see what goes through a guys mind when they see an attractive woman. Is it intimidating? Is it not intimidating? Would like some male perspective here.
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2023.06.08 00:32 VolumeImpressive1109 A bit lost - can loneliness impact attraction? Or was this always deep inside of me?

Hi all,
A bit of a long one so warning. Just hoping for some opinions on what I'm feeling or felt similar? Am I slowly realising I'm Bi or are other things impacting my feelings?
And genuine apologies if the way I phrase anything offends anyone - I'm not really involved in the community so anything I say is innocently said.
A bit about me - man in my mid 30s and had a rough break up over 5 yrs ago. Suffered serious depression and went on a bit off the rails sleeping around etc. It also took much longer to mentally recover from it due to what was later diagnosed as severe hormone deficiencies impacting my mental health.
A line in the sand mentally was crossed about 2 yrs after the breakup when I hooked up with a Trans women. We met at a club, we were drunk, went back to my hotel and she topped me. I'd never done anything anal before but it was amazing. It felt more 'right' for me as I've always been a pleaser in bed, so my body being used for pleasure pushed a button in my brain in a good way.
I've still not had a relationship in 5 yrs and only slept with 2 further women since that experience. I'm still slightly depressed and quite lonely nowdays.
But ever since then my porn habits changed - it started with me watching trans porn, then it slowly transitioned to gay porn. And now I tend to watch them both as regularly as straight porn.
I just thought it was a porn thing but once in a blue moon I get a strange feeling seeing a very attractive muscular male physique. Its only like 3 times - but as an example my friend sent a wrestling clip of a wrestler called MJF - and the first thing I noticed was the hair line from his belly button downwards and I felt only what I can describe as butterflies. Over a damn youtube clip. Like it was the 1st thing I noticed. The only thing I can compare it to was seeing Eva Mendes for the first time as a teen. I felt awe at Brad Pitt in Troy and watching 300 but this was different.
So now Im confused of what I'm feeling and what it means. Like I love women and femininity. I love pleasuring a woman. But I also can't forget how right it felt to play with a penis and be used like I was. But that was a trans woman - not a man. So I'm confused at my attraction to a muscular man. And the fact I'm now feeling something seeing a guy on tv has me a bit shook up.
I guess I'm just a bit lost and trying to understand these feelings. Has anyone ever felt similar? Can loneliness make a person feel like this? Can sexual enjoyment skew your attraction? Or is this me coming to a slow realisation I may be Bi?
I've held this all in and I'm just confused/lost so any thoughts are appreciated.
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2023.06.08 00:32 Beginning_Practice83 Query(ies) to expand a list of parts included in assemblies

I work in manufacturing, so I have a database such that a given assembly contains an arbitrary number of parts. Also, an assembly might reference another assembly as one of its parts. It looks a little like this:
Assy1: qty, part 1, Part1 2, Part2 1, Part3 5, Assy2 5, Assy3 Assy2: 1, Part4 1, Part5 2, Part6 Assy3: 1, Part1 1, Part4 1, Part7 1, Part8 
So, there is obviously a hierarchical relationship between assemblies, sub-assemblies, and parts. Here's my problem:
I want to write a set of queries which, given an assembly number, list all the required parts + quantities in that assembly, as well as all of the parts + quantities of all subassemblies, in a single monolithic list of only parts and quantities. It would look like this:
Input: Assy1 Output: 6, Part1 2, Part2 1, Part3 10, Part4 5, Part5 10, Part6 5, Part7 5, Part8 
Note that this doesn't contain any assemblies per se, it contains the parts lists of each assembly, with quantities multiplied by how many of that sub assembly are included.
What is a natural way to do this in SQL? Or is SQL the wrong tool for the job?
I am using MS Access.
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2023.06.08 00:32 OriginaI2k_ Everyone is a perfect person living in the perfect person lodge. 👌

It’s permanent martial arts chapter 814. >! So basically this is a major spoiler. The whole novel just took a massive dive in my perspective. When he was still in the universe the cultivation system was really cool and they had those massive combat bodies which where their true form and they had life transitions. Turns out when he headed to the chaos he had all this deep foundation but nothing else. He became weak author made him rely on martial arts when he made him quite martial arts early on in the novel. Now he just acts arrogant and overall feels too cliché. Young masters popping up the usual clan that wants mc dead. Author probably ran out of ideas. !<
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2023.06.08 00:32 Admirable-Chest-R8 23M Europe [Chat] An old school, over thinker and at nights insomniac looking to be less lonely together! Voice call?

Hi everyone! I'm looking for a potential friend, one or two. Hint: that's you. (not looking for quantity but quality) I want to make real friendships here. Ones where we could call every so often. Ones where we can talk about how we feel and actually care for the other. I know it is a tall order, but this post is starting point to achieve that kind of friendship. So you probably want to know about me, so here you go. I work full-time as a security advisor, I like video games, reading, cinema and music. At times I like to have solitude and peace in my shell and recharge. A dear friend has described me as loyal, creative, and sympathetic. I am interested in learning new things and discuss most topics in some degree of depth. I enjoy all sorts of humor, especially dark humor but I've got a weird sense of humor that randomly activates when 1 am in the mood. I have learned not to maketooo many jokes at first since some of them seem to misfire. Hobbies & Interests: -I like the weekends where one can Netflix & Chill -I also enjoy reading books and I can be very spontaneous, fun and love doing adventures out of the blue. -I wish I had a really wacky hobby, like collecting taxidermy tails or carvingcustom-madee monopoly houses out of pincones but unfortunately l'm just your average dude next door. I am also interested in sci-fi, science and space. I love talking about the future and what it holds for humanity.
I am looking for people who are empathetic and nerdy. Hopefully close in age, but it's not too big a deal. I usually like to voice chat because being vocal actually gives me a chance to open up more about myself but some days I just don't have the energy for it so I resort to texting. So if it interests you, write to me, basically whatever you're offering l'Il take it, as long as you're good company and don't expect me to move across the world and give you fifteen children. I hope we can become friends. Stay awesome!
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2023.06.08 00:32 Brownie5596 Need help verifying if this is a good deal

Need help verifying if this is a good deal
I am planning to buy a pc to mostly play Rust, Minecraft Java, maybe Valorant, and some other games probably. I might do some video editing on Premier Pro. I know that Rust and Minecraft are usually bottlenecked by CPU. The pc I am planning to buy is off Facebook marketplace and is listed for $600.
The information on the listing is the following “Details Condition Used - Good Used computer selling for 600 OBO main specs are Ryzen [hidden information]ti 16gb ram 256gb ssd 2tb hard drive only thing wrong with the computer is the lights on the aio I can never get them to be the same and they are just sort of random the aio cools great lights are just weird”
I messaged him and got the following information “Ryzen 7 2700x, 3060ti, 16gb gddr 4, 256gb ssd 3tb hardrive, 650w psu, ASUS tuf b450 mobo, Lian li lan cool 2 case”
There will also be images below if you want to try to narrow it down even more.
I think it is a good deal but I have $800 and an additional $70 or $80 in Amazon gift cards. I have a office mouse and an office keyboard. I have no monitor either. It would be nice to get a new mouse and a keyboard. A mouse pad would also be nice because I I got right now is an Amazon basic 10” by 8” inches. I would like to know what opinions you guys have like if I should try to go down to $500 or $550? Should I upgrade something right away? How much should I spend on the monitor and such. Thank you!
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2023.06.08 00:31 BlackDistressed Guy who can tell specific events that are going to happen in the future? (I think he had government organizations after him)

I picked the book up at a Barnes & Noble only getting the chance to read a bit of it.
The character who I presume is the protagonist knows about specific events that are going to happen in the future. It wasn't that he could see entirely into the future whenever he wants. He just knew about 100-200 events that were going to happen (not sure how many). I forgot how he came to know this knowledge but if I remember right in the description of the book it said that people would be after him, but I never got that far. I think at one point they are at New York where one of the events was suppose to happen (I think in Times Square).
One of the events that was suppose to happen was proven true and then a news group is interviewing two guys. One of the guy makes an ominous statement while being interviewed to then later be revealed as the guy who knows of these events.
If I'm remembering correctly the book was white with some sorta black lines all over with something red in the center. I think it was like a red eye or a red spiral in the center. Not too sure.
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2023.06.08 00:31 ThrowRA5939148102 I (27M) cannot tell if I'm sexually compatible with my (33M) husband or if we just have too much bad history.

Hi Reddit,
I've had to make a new throwaway out of paranoia of surveillance. My (27M) husband (33M) has promised to stop looking at my activity, but reading a lot about trauma bonding and abuse has made me paranoid, so here we are.
Long story short, my hubby and I had a lot of unresolved emotional issues and I pulled away, becoming physically distant for most of 2021 and 2022. I was still very affectionate, but struggled with having sex.
During this time, I turned to porn once a week or two weeks. Our sex life had dwindled down to only once every few months.
We've come to recognize a lot of what built up to this-- moving across the world for a year, him handling it poorly, me distancing, family issues upon returning, him starting HRT in transitioning, and not having great guidance or role models to maintain healthy lifestyles.
When he found out about the porn, through a DNS tracker, as I would only do it if he wasn't home, he made me sleep on our couch, packed my clothes away, took my phone away and replaced it with a dumb phone, made me start seeing his counsellor, and made me sit in front of him while he called his mother to tell her all the details of everything I watched. These conditions went on for roughly 5 months.
I'm concerned he's been gaslighting me, as he's told me he didn't pick my counsellor for me, and never told me he needs to pick my friends for me a couple years back.
Recently, I've gotten my phone back. The manner wasn't the greatest-- I had approached him prior, wanting to talk about moving forward as a couple. I believed I was being treated like a child and wanted us to treat each other as adults and as partners. I had (and continue to) done everything to show over those 5 months that I was sorry for the pain I caused him and would make up for it. He wasn't happy, insisting I was putting the phone above him, and slammed it down in front of me. When I said we could compromise and I wouldn't have it at home, he came back to me with "I'm just gonna F off and hopefully die."
After that response, I told him I believed we should part ways, which seemingly flipped a switch for him. He was extremely apologetic, remorseful, but wouldn't let me leave, so I gave him another chance and stayed. Since then he has said he's accepted I'm on a journey (newly taking Zoloft) and he's accepted he needs to bury away his healing process. I wasn't happy with this and have encouraged him we need to talk a lot (which we have been doing) and he should resume counselling (which he refuses to.)
Since then, he's been sweet, but we've disagreed on some fundamental things. I feel porn and masturbation are fine if they don't affect sexlife, but he never wants his partner doing either thing ever, as they're both cheating to him.
I'm at a point where I'm just not sure if I'm physically attracted to him, with the timeline I feel like the conclusions "we had unresolved conflict" and "I grew distant after he started HRT" both have merit. I'm worried I'm just not physically attracted to him.
How do I figure out if it's just emotional or physical incompatibility? Sorry for the rambling.. I just feel so lost here.
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2023.06.08 00:31 estheredna Young readers

Please forgive my ignorance, I hope I can get a quick easy answer here.
My son is turning 13 this month and asked for this series after seeing it recommended over and over on YouTube. I read a couple of these books many years ago (well before this kid was born) but I don't remember much. I do recall that at least the first book is ok for a younger reader, maybe the first few, so I got it for him.
I know the intensity ramps up. I remember something about a grisly mind control collar...I am not going to forbid any book but I definitely think he wouldn't enjoy depictions of torture. He's read Lord of the Rings, but his favorite is the Rangers Apprentice series which is firmly middle grade.
Could you help me know how many of the books are more young-reader friendly. I will suggest he hold off a bit before completing the series.
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2023.06.08 00:31 Accomplished_Okra774 These are the 25 songs Prince played the most. How many do you recognize?

Here’s the proof:
Specify which songs in the comments.
From most to least:
  1. Purple Rain
  2. Kiss
  3. Let’s Go Crazy
  4. 1999
  5. Little Red Corvette
  6. Take Me With U
  7. Controversy
  8. When Doves Cry
  9. Raspberry Beret
  10. Baby I’m a Star
  11. Do Me, Baby
  12. Nothing Compares 2 U
  13. U Got the Look
  14. Delirious
  15. The Beautiful Ones
  16. I Would Die 4 U
  17. Let’s Work
  18. Sign o' the Times
  19. Housequake
  20. Adore
  21. Cream
  22. A Love Bizarre
  23. Alphabet St.
  24. How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?
  25. If I Was Your Girlfriend
View Poll
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2023.06.08 00:31 OwnButterscotch7668 I (21M) am torn between 3 girls (21F/22F/22F) and don't know what to do

Little backstory: It all started 9 months ago with the start of the educational year . So in my uni, my specialisation that has less than 20 people studying first year, along with one other, are separated in a building far away from the main faculty. At first I wasn't really paying attention to any of my colleagues cuz I was kinda sick with a flu, couldn't attend lections, than it was catching up to the material, working to pay my rent as I was behind on payments and overall, well, didn't have the energy to even remember their names, let alone take interest in anyone. After about a month and a half tho I came to my senses.
That's when I noticed V (21F) who was in my specialty, first year like me. True, I noticed her looks but I'm not the type of person who goes for just that so I kept my distance. I caught some snippets of her personality over the next weeks and she caught my interest tho. On the "day of the uni student" (it's a day where we have no lections, clubs are cheaper, essentially just a day for uni students to party) I decided to ask her if she was coming to the thing we had planned, she had other plans tho but invited me to join if I have nowhere to go later in the night, after I did the same. So I pulled up and tbh, she spun my head despite both of us being both on drugs and drunk. Now, few days later I decided to ask her out, we'll, 3 times actually. I have a rule where since I usually ask out on activities 24~36 hours ahead of time, I ask 3 times total. 1st denial is normal cuz uk, maybe she can have made plans already. Sec9nd is a "sh*t happens" type thing and if she says no a 3rd time - I take the L and move on. Well, the first time she had plans, second time she just ignored my invite straight up and 3rd time I was left on delivered for 2 days. Pretty simple, pretty common, I take the L and go. I noticed her being awkward around me so I texted the usual "hey, dw, I got the hint, we good" type thing (cuz I know alot of mfs that don't give up and put the girls in really uncomfortable positions). She immediately swung in with the half-assed excuses, for me not to be mad and whatnot...typical "I'm down for friends cuz I don't have many, but nothing more". Which was fine by me cuz I also had just moved in the town and didn't have much people to hang out. About January she started being more relaxed around me, we started spending more time during lections cuz were both smokers and our breaks are rare and miniscule. And I got to know her better, both the good and the bad side...which although I was well aware of her not being interested in me, spun me in a loop of thinking about her daily, seeing her in my dreams, all that romcom bs jazz. About 3 months ago, after we kept making plans together without any of them coming to fruition for months, be it cuz of her or me, after her sending mixed signals almost every time we saw eachother, I decided during the usual drunk-all-by-myself-and-thinking-about-her state to just give up on any and all hope that she sees something in me and completely erase her from my mind. And I did, or so I thought.
Whats the best way to move on from someone - put urself out there. And so I did - made a Tinder, made a Bumble and started swiping. Was the swiping successful - absolutely. We're the girls looking good - yeah, but their personality would suck. Lame conversations, boring dates, nothing interesting despite going out with a new one almost every day, let alone all those who'd I never go out with for one reason or another.
Then, M (22F). As soon as we matched she hit me up trying to seduce me...which was a record book worthy failure. But I really needed someone to drink with, so I told her I don't have that type of interest in her but we can get wasted if she's down for that. So yeah, I went to her place, fell in love with her baby dog and we started drinking. Honestly she was a vibe. Great drinking buddy, great Co.pany and when she inevitably got hella drunk and I had to pull out my bartender psychology 101 book during her trauma dumping, I realised she is alot like me. We've had similar lives in quite alot of departments and frankly we both could and did understand eachother to the point we could guess the sentence of the other one. Now, I know what ure wondering. No, despite her trying to initiate it for approximately 3 hours, I didn't sleep with her. I stayed till few hours after sunrise, put her to sleep and left. Now, she is a great person and she did caught my interest, but I am not really sure I should do anything in that regard. Maybe I should just leave things like that? Idunno...
Enter F (22F). Last Saturday I went to a concert with a friend, got to meet some folks from his other friend group, got drunk, got high, lost him for about 40 mins and since he would reply just went on with a friend group of on3 of his friends to another place (it's a standart for me, happens almost every time I go to an event, call it being extremely extroverted if u will). Well, she was in that last group and she took interest in me, just as I did in her. She went as far as stealing my lighter so I hang out with her again and she literally asked me if "I'll just stand there or give her a kiss". Cool, right? Someone who knows what they want...Here's the catch - she is the "emotions dictate me" type of person. AKA, has issues...big time. The "wants to be touched but don't touch me" type. The "I feel like shit during the afternoon so my entire day and night are ruined and u can't do anything about it" type. If we count the night we met as a first date, then Sunday was our second one. I invited her, she agreed, then she had a mood swing, then some friend convinced her to go out and she invited me aswell cuz she "really wanted to see me again". OK, that's a Chinese monument red flag but I'm down for that and I went. Spent the whole night trying to cheer her up, I couldn't. Made the mistake of trying to kiss her at one point, which was a mistake aswell but im bot good on defining what type of issues someone has in just 2 days, just that there are some and yeah that made things worse. We did get to talk over text, and she said she is down for trying it again, cuz "maybe the bar wasnt a good idea", which she did say a multiple times on the date, despite denying my numerous followup suggestions to go somewhere else or just end the night. Now she is saying she needs time to trust me again cuz she felt I was somehow aggressive in my approach and so on and yeah, the next time we get to hang out would be soon but is still undefined.
Here is where the plot thickens - We joked about never hanging out with V and she said we should do it in about a week and few days cuz we have a long gap before the last exam. M msged me that we should hang out soon and that thing with F can only happen then or it'll be a really long time and I'm not really willing to waste my shot, while I'm still in town as I'd be traveling abroad for at the start of next month and then I have things to do back home...
Now I have interest in F, M is acting a lil too friendly towards me despite being pretty cold of a person as far as I know (as well as knowing damn well she won't get an ons or fwb from me) and V is somehow enetering my head again despite my months-long attempts to get her out...What should I even do at this point...Its not like my previous relationships have been any good despite always being with women about 3~5 years older than me and they knew what they wanted. Meanwhile I have V sending mixed signals for months, M being weird around me and F with her issues...I am lost beyond the meaning of the word...
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