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2023.05.28 15:58 Upstairs_Zombie2655 Him playing victim made it so much easier to leave.

TW: SA and physical abuse
I tried leaving on my own several times after 12 years of emotional,verbal,and physical abuse to the point of being strangled and failed.So,him playing victim and acting like I was the abuser,was a blessing in disguise.
He was the one who kicked me out of his house and told me he felt unsafe around me after I told him I do not want him sexually assaulting me in my sleep. Apparently,setting that boundary made me a huge risk to him.
I know he is out there telling everyone he knows that he was the hero and the victim all at the same time and I was the big ol' mean bitch that wanted to end his life but I don't care! I know in my heart that that's not true and unfortunately,all those people are completely blinded to his true self and there's not much I can do about that.
I hate the fact that it ended that way but i realize it was his last ounce of control over me since he had lost everything else in his life.
So far,there's been zero contact for a few weeks and he hasn't attempted to hoover this time around.
I am finally happy, free, and safe.
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2023.05.28 15:57 MrHernXD My ex girlfriend (F19) had drunk sex with someone and I (M19) feel horrible

So the title might throw you off but this is something that affected me way more than I thought. So my ex and I were always on and off, but I guess you can say our feelings never went away. She hurt me a lot through the relationship, couple things being she would post ab her ex using tiktoks, she would ignore me at times and when we got into arguments she would say she didn't care about me but the next day she would. She also has depression and BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), I've always tried to be understanding of that and help her but she didn't make much progress. She would self sabotage and I was usually the only one she would go to. Despite these things, our chemistry was great and if they never happened, we would be together and happy. But flash forward, things would get bad and I would try to separate myself from her because I didn't want to keep getting hurt but each time she would text me wanting me back and saying she'll work on herself. So I said ok, but it kept happening and I kept separating myself. Sometimes a little too often and she finally caved and said she shouldn't chase after someone who doesn't want her. In reality, I always had feelings for her and I told her I cared but she didn't see it that way and swore me off, went party hopping with other guys and went on dates. I did not talk to any other girls. But when she was having panic attacks and needed to go to the hospital for a sickness, I helped her. I never stopped thinking about her despite everything she did to me. My grandmother passed away and while out on vacation from college she would drunk text me after I specifically told her not to because I would be mourning and in a funeral. Saying she didn't need me and didn't care for me. I got back and I thought to myself, she really hurt me with that but I always hurt her from separating so easily, maybe I caused this. One of my biggest mistakes and I was so ignorant. I tried making things right and wanted to stay committed but she didn't make it easy. A lot of times she would say she didn't care and then the next day she did, over and over again. We got into lots of arguments but I stayed calm and wanted to fix things despite she was hurting me. Eventually she regained feelings and we were good for a time. Until we got into another argument about me not answering the phone after she went to Florida with family on spring break. I explained I was with family and couldnt answer because we were all eating, she took her time to answer my texts and so did I. It boiled up to a point where she ignored my texts and calls for the rest of the day, only answering at night when i was out with family again. I left and talked to her asking why and that I was pissed off how she just ignored me, I told her it didn't even seem like she cared. Not surprisingly, she said why would she care about a person who does that, as in her thinking I ignored her. Ig a lot of the past just boiled up and either of us had a hard time letting it go. I did my best to and wanted to make it work so bad, even when I felt like I was wasting my time. I bought her gifts and on valentines day I bought her a gift bag full of stuff and fed her with my money. Despite all this she once again didn't care about me. I flipped out and got super emotional, after everything I did, she's doing that again. I told her I hated how she made me feel and went off, I told her maybe I should just stop because she was a piece of shit and she said fine settle for less and hanged up. Come to find out she went to a club with her cousin and her friends so I texted her asking why didn't you tell me. Another argument occurred and I was breaking down over the phone to her and she said I was ruining her night. I hanged up and she called asking what do I want and I broke it off. Found out from her friend she went twerking on other guys after that and kept saying it was my fault things were the way they were. After that I never got back with her, but that didn't stop us from talking. She apologized a bunch texting me asking for me back but I never caved. But I did help her still when she needed it with her mental issues and we still acted like a couple being in bed together. We still had sex and she broke down when I was leaving college to go home. I guess deep down no matter what happened I still cared about her even when she was suicidal. Everytime over the phone I always comforted her with the issues she had. You might be wondering if she's crazy or just not worth it, well when she was in highschool she was raped and cheated on and dealt with a lot of home problems. She never really recovered from that because she kept it to herself. She always asked for me back but I told her to move on. I couldn't bring myself to block her because it felt lonely and she used to be my best friend. We had a pregnancy scare and I told her to take a test and asked if she had sex with anybody. She kept asking why and dodging the question but I persisted. Well come to find out that night before, she went out got drunk and hooked up with someone she says she barely remembers. She said it was nothing and said she accepted that she had to move on but it just hit me for some reason and we got into an argument. I told her I never want to speak to her again and that she lied about having to be in a relationship to have sex. That same night she was drunk texting me saying she was horny and wanted me. It felt like I got cheated on but I knew I couldn't feel like that. She said what do you expect, I was trying for you but you shut me down. Well I ignored her then drunk texted her saying I hated what she did in the past and we could've been good. She left a hole in my heart and she took my virginity too. She was my first girlfriend I ever really had and she made me feel comfortable around her. I told her I was gonna give up on kindness and she said she always loved me and that i shouldn't because she knew she had problems but that i was a great guy. I just feel like crap still and I blocked her and we are not talking. I know I shouldn't feel like this but I can't help it. I guess what I'm asking is how can I get past this, I went out clubbing and got several girls phone numbers and got drunk but it didn't even help. I felt insecure at the same time. I'm in my room and don't want to get out of bed, I've lost motivation and can't help but think of her. I have zero interest in any other girls right now. I just don't know how I can stop feeling like this or even if my feelings are justified. All I'm asking rn is how can I get past this?
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2023.05.28 15:57 LetsGetThisBread21 Negotiating Leverage?

Background: i’m in a middle to low cost of living area, the market is relatively hot, but with recent interest rates rising certain price points have been less competitive. There’s a single-family home that I put an offer on for 430k. The house was listed for 490k. The selling realtor did not even counter and said try again. A few weeks went by and put another offer on at 440k at this time. The realtor dropped the original listing price to 480k. At this point, the house has been on the market for nearly a month with no other showings or offers. We recently placed another offer at 450k.
In my opinion, this house is clearly over priced as it’s not dry in the attraction that other houses are in the market. There have been similar houses with larger square footage than this one, but the neighborhood in which his house and I believe is what they’re leveraging to drive their price out.
I did some creeping on the owner and they’re working through a divorce.
I’m trying to determine what type of leverage I have considering I’m the only offer an interested buyer at this point. With Summer coming, I also wonder if that will support my leverage as I suspect more house as well pop up on the market.
Curious as to this group starts on my leverage and things I might be able to do to get closer to getting a deal done. My goal and Max price is 462k.
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2023.05.28 15:56 AlertDay5728 What should I do with my plants

Growing has been going pretty well but I'm going on holiday in 2 weeks. It's only gonna be 3 days but my problem is the lights. I turn them on every morning at 530 then I turn them off at 2245 normally. Is it okay if I leave the lights on for 3 days or does anyone know any good automatic switches I can plug my lights into? Also if anyone has any good ideas for watering or should I just over water a bit before I leave?
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2023.05.28 15:56 CaryWhit Good morning. I just found y’all.

Good morning. I just found y’all.
I have a long complicated story. I almost succumbed to ALCL in 2015, did the full chemo then stem cell transplant and due to my shitty luck, MF popped within 8 months of my transplant. It is like those bad T cells found my body mostly inhospitable but the skin was good enough.
My legs are in a very active stage right now but I don’t respond to regular treatment protocols so we just watch me turn spotty and make sure nothing heads “back inside” You should see my legs if exposed to warm/hot water. There is barely an inch not affected. An interesting note is the dark spots show up as hot on a PET scan.
To the other poster today, ignore the colors, they can be hyper or hypo pigmented but the tiny wrinkles are a good telltale sign.
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2023.05.28 15:56 Skareffect RC build challenge.

I don't know a whole lot on RC cars, but I want a challenge build. I want to turn a cheap brand RC that's affordable, but upgradable, at some point im wanting to make it really fast and can take a beating. Any suggestions?
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2023.05.28 15:56 Unfiltered-Zombie Father's Paranoia Getting Worse.

Hello. So, my father has been having a paranoid meltdown for the past week and a half and it's escalating to the point where I'm becoming scared to live under the same roof as him.
It all started when he lost his bank card. We searched everywhere but couldn't find it. Fast forward a day later and he believes that the neighbors have a spare key to our apartment and waltzed in and stole it. Our neighbors were shady and they were drug dealers, but there was nothing indicating that they ever came in here, because our door has a deadbolt lock and I doubt they had a key for it.
This spiraled into him thinking he's being gang stalked due to him "seeing people" he knew from online message boards (like Reddit and Quora) driving near his work. He has changed our wifi, he has added an alarm system, Door Bar, and a makeshift chain to our door to get evidence of someone breaking in. It's almost like he WANTS to have evidence of someone just walking on in here.
Our neighbors actually got evicted and thrown out a few days ago and this SHOULD have put him in a better state of mind, but he just found new excuses to say that we are still in danger. Saying: "It's now too empty and too quiet" as if anyone knows we even live here. I'd add a picture of the door to this post but sadly, I cannot.
My father is also a substance abuser. He's addicted to a drug called Kratom and ingests copious amounts of caffeine. So that doesn't help. I wrote him a note about him needing to get therapy two days ago and he read it at work. Sadly, a drunk hit our car before my mother came to pick him up (the damage was negligible btw) and this just spiraled him further.
He's going to keep adding more and more security meanwhile there's nothing there. He's refusing us to leave the house unless there's someone here to guard the place. It's gotten so bad to the point where he refused to order a new bank card and he's refusing us to buy food. We have been living by eating the bare minimum and this is starting to terrify me.
What do I do? Any advice would be appreciated and I hope the gods put this post somewhere someone can see this. If you need proof about the door, I can send it in DMs and any resources that anyone can provide would help. Thanks.
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2023.05.28 15:56 SeriousEar2971 Yo I don't know I lf anyone noticed this

Yo I don't know I lf anyone noticed this
You won't see it on this image but if you watch the trailer on a bigger screen like the exact millisecond it switches to this shot of the alien attacking you it's around 8:07 you'll see on the left side next to the plant back of the hill a chimney with smoke coming out of it and a few seconds on it pops back out and disappears this may be a settlement of sorts just thought it was worth pointing out
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2023.05.28 15:55 MoonWillow91 Self watering? No need! Just use ice cubes twice a month ❤️

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2023.05.28 15:55 sleepyggukie Types of Magic in my current project [Infographic + Quiz!]

Types of Magic in my current project [Infographic + Quiz!]

In the current project I'm working on (which is for a novel I'm hoping to write in the future), there are twelve different types of magic. Each one is named after a colour and has its own abilities and drawbacks. People who are born with the ability to practice magic are referred to as Weavers and not every Weaver is capable of each type of magic, it's usually limited to a max. of 3-4 compatible types, though most Weavers specialize in only of them. I made an infographic to give a quick overview of each type of magic, and am hoping to write a longer post about it at some point.
There's also a quiz to find out which type of magic one is that I made because a friend of mine and me absolutely love doing quizzes like that, so if anybody else does, you can find it here: https://www.opinionstage.com/page/fb8aeae4-8462-4443-aad4-98864fc187b9. If anybody does the quiz, please let me know in the comments or something which result you got, I'm really curious! I'm also currently making an even more extensive version of the quiz, so if anybody else likes these quizzes as much as my friend and me do, I might include the more extensive version in the more extensive post I plan to make.
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2023.05.28 15:55 davidlis Israeli-Talibani alliance when?

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2023.05.28 15:55 bipolargecko How do I (21F) stop being friends with someone (22F) with BPD?

I met this girl, H, on a video game about 8 years ago. We became best friends pretty quickly. She was misdiagnosed for most of her life, she was diagnosed as bipolar but 2 years ago the diagnosis was switched to borderline personality disorder. She often cuts herself. It was a lot worse when we were teenagers, but she continues to harm herself. She has been to multiple institutions, some voluntarily, and most were around 6 months. We both live on the east coast but a few states away. We had plans to meet for the first time next month, but I cancelled because I cant take the time out of work and I honestly didnt think I could handle being around her constantly for a week straight.
She has had very bad experiences with men. When she was 19 she was in an abusive relationship and almost got married to the guy, I believe he was 25. Currently she is dating her sugar daddy, a 52 year old. This never sat right with me, and I have posted about their relationship before but I was told I'm a jealous cunt because that man probably makes her orgasm a lot more than someone her age could. I am pretty damn certain that man is living a double life and has a wife somewhere, but I wont get into it. Her family is pretty messed up, her mom told her to kill herself many times. The only stability she has in her life is with her twin sister. They are very close, and I am happy she has such a great relationship with her sister.
Our friendship has been on and off, we would play and speak constantly for two years and then something would happen and she would not talk to me for a year. We rekindled in September of last year and have talked often since then. In the time that I wasn't speaking with her, she was with the abusive ex and something changed in her mind. She wasnt the same person I used to play with. Maybe its just her maturing.
The last few months I have been talking to her have been unbearable. She often times corrects me if I mispronounce something, click the wrong card in the game, or say something she doesnt like. If my POV isnt the same as hers then its wrong. If we disagree with something, her opinion is always the better one. The foods I like are "disgusting and repulsive" to her, and she doesnt understand how I can eat them. I am jewish and she often times makes fun of my religion, and likes to point out the extremes in my religion. For example, she sent me an article about a pedophilic rabbi. Literally every religion has their cults and crazies. I dont know if this is her illness coming out or if this is just how she is now. She always thinks she is superior, including the one year age gap we have. She got pretty shitty with me the other day because I told her we could use a portal to get somewhere in the game faster, and she goes "I KNOW" in a rude and condescending voice. I never treat her like that and I always put her on a pedestal because of her mental illness so it was just a shock. Her rudeness and snarky comments lately have been enough for me to call the friendship quits. She was extremely poor growing up until about a year ago when she got a job and then got her millionaire sugar daddy, she lost all her humbleness.
My question is, how do I stop being friends with someone so suicidal and so mentally unstable? If I were to type something out explaining why I was ending the friendship, she would either beg me to stay or cuss me out. If I were to block her on everything she would probably make her sister come after me. I love her so much it really sucks that she has changed so drastically, but I really think I have to end it for my own mental health.
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2023.05.28 15:55 fuckthisnerd101 Questions!

Hello! I’m writing a book, and was wondering a couple of things! in my book there are mermaids some of which are Muslim, they are fully covered (I’m still working on costume design) I’ve never seen Islamic mermaids before so I had the idea to include them!
  1. All of the mermaids are women (but they interact with some males throught the story so they would be fully clothed/covered), I was planning on making them all asexual and reproduce, asexually (I wouldn’t go into detail as it’s not a dirty book) but because asexuality is on the lgbtq spectrum would that be disrespectful?
  2. I also was wondering about wudu, as they would be underwater the whole time, is it safe to assume that they would still do this before praying? And if they are in the ocean is salt water still acceptable for wudu or does it have to be fresh? (I’ve tried to research this but got very mixed answers online)
Thank you!
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2023.05.28 15:55 throwrahihihiagain BF (29M) mother (55F) hates me (24F) because I’m overweight and now he wants to hide our marriage plans in my country.

I met my boyfriend a couple of years ago when I decided to visit another country for the first time ever. Fast forward to now we’re talking about marriage and spending the rest of our lives together. In February I was able to meet his mother (In this culture whenever a son introduces his girlfriend to the parents it’s like a sign that they are going to/ready to get married to this person) and she instantly did not like me. I could feel it and later that night I forced my boyfriend to tell me exactly why she did not like me and it was because of my weight. I honestly think I would’ve been able to understand if it was because of my color but she did not say anything about that. She did not communicate with me at all and I cried whenever we got in the car. I have never had this happen to me (I mean, I’ve been judged before by my looks but never by my significant other family members).
To give more information, I am black ,short, and fat. This country has a low population of Black people especially the area where my boyfriend and his family is from. I am also a foot taller than his mother, so I look like a big tall black giant to her most likely.
Since then, I have been having second thoughts about everything because I don’t know what’s going to happen because of his mother doesn’t already like me…What about the rest of the family? I’ve met a lot of his cousins and friends who live in the area that we live in and I know they like me and we all hang out multiple times a week. I have also met his younger brother and I adore him. We have talked about being able to spend our lives back-and-forth and his country in my country but after the situation with his mother, I don’t see it being a pleasant experience.
I really do love this man and the way he makes me feel a but now we’re having bigger problems.
Before I met his mother, our plan was to get married early next year (February) in his country but ever since then his mother has been crying and being hysterical about the entire situation because I am not what she pictured as a daughter-in-law. She has even gone as far to saying she would sell her house and give him money to not be in a relationship with me. It was so bad for him because his mother and the woman he loves were both upset. He spent three weeks thinking about what to do because he knew there was a possibility that he could lose his family if he decided to marry me against their wishes. He thought it would be best if we got married in my country and then he would come back and explain the situation to all of his family whenever the time felt right. At first I agreed, but now I think this is so stupid. The reason he doesn’t want to get married in his country is because the families will be notified via some app this country has. One of the main reasons I don’t agree with doing this anymore is because we will have to fill out a lot of paperwork just to get a fiancé visa and this process can take up to two years and I don’t want to put my life on hold because his mother cannot accept me as a daughter in law based on my weight but this is also making me think that his family will be more of a priority to him than the family we plan to start together.
I have never had someone that felt so perfect for me and wants the best in the future we will share together but I really need some advice because this particular situation is making me rethink all the plans we talked about.
TL;DR: My boyfriends mother does not want us to be married because I’m fat and boyfriend doesn’t want them to find out about our possible marriage in my country.
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2023.05.28 15:54 kjarkema Portafilter gets increasingly harder to put in the group without leaking. And the still leaks.

So, I have a Bezzera BZ07 PM from 2013. I've bought the machine a couple of months ago, used for €430. I've changed the showerscreen to an IMS one and replaced the group rubber, the big one. I've been advised to put in the pre 2014, conical 9,3mm model, this was also the one that was in there.
There is visible wear on the portafilter and the group from the portafilter not going in easily. You can see the bronze on the portafilter 'wings', and on the group you can see some sort of friction damage.
Now we are at the point where my wife can't lock the portafilter in anymore without here getting a coffee shower. I can, but I'm kinda bending the machine it seems. Also, there are one or two clear water drops going besides the portafilter in the espresso up, so it leaks somewhat.
Also, before changing the ring it was already hard work to get the portafilter in. Do I have the wrong ring?
Without a basket in the portafilter I can go all the way to 3 o clock by the way, I've did this to ensure the ring is in there properly. I've recently descaled the machine, and cleansed every part of the grouphead with cafiza.
Please help.
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2023.05.28 15:54 Trix-1602 Young again/Voldemort Challenge

Start of with an elder Sim, there may or may not be other Sims in your household, but these Sims shouldn't help your elder Sim attain their goal, and the Sim has no intention on making the others young again/keeping the others young. You are also allowed to give your elder some lore, maybe up to 4 skills, and a career they have retired from .... because it would be strange for them to have done absolutely nothing within their life up until this point.
The elder starts out as a typical human Sim. Aging should be turned on (but you choose the lifespan). They should not start out with the Vegetarian trait, but may attain it in game. They also cannot have the unlucky trait, so they can possibly die from various causes.
The goal is to to find and use as many in game ways as is possible to attain youth. But without the use of age freeze, better yet use them all at one point or another. I have not thought of a specific order in which what method should be used, just maybe don't turn your Sim into an occult until after using lots of the other methods aswell.
Who knows maybe they want to be able to experience something they never had the time to experience in their youth (like living in Isla Paradiso, and Windsurfing/snorkeling all the time), maybe they wanted children but never had the chance.
Here is a list of what supposedly resets the age of a Sim (varying from just resetting one day to total reset to the start of adulthood)
-mudbath in a Sauna (reset by one day) -eating life fruit or making nectar from it (reset by one day) -getting a makeover or a tattoo (possibly of resetting the lifespan by one day) -attaining the vegetarian trait (lengthens a sim's life by a few days) -becomming athletic (won't die as soon as non athletic sims) -pleading with death (maybe, I'm not so sure though) -playing guitar against the grim reaper and winning -having a flower of death in one's inventory -drinking the life essence of another Sim that was eaten by the Cowplant (resets the current lifestage) -eating Ambrosia while alive (resets the current lifestage) -young again LTR (resets the age to first day of young adulthood) -useing the chemistry lab from generations to make the young again potion (resets the age back to first day of young adulthood) -making the fountain of Youth Elixir with the Alchemy skill (resets the age back to first day of young adulthood) -drinking from the fountain of youth either in Hidden Springs or by buying it, but it's what I believe to be the most expensive item in the game (resets the age back to first day of young adulthood) -wishing for a long life from a genie lamp (makes the sim live twice as long as they normally would)
And then there obviously are some occults that have an extended lifespan, and if you were to cooperate with another Sim you could also be brought back from the dead in various ways, but I doubt this Voldemort like Sim would do that, maybe they create a clone (using Alchemy) for that purpose, but I don't know.
The rest is pretty much up to you. Will they ever be put down for their actions? (like using the life essence of another Sim to stay young). You decide. And if you can think of more in game ways of resetting age be sure to let me know.
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2023.05.28 15:54 sningsardy Curious to hear people's thoughts on the ending (spoilers obv)

Personally I was a bit disappointed. With how BOTW alluded to some more dimensions to Link's character, and the relationship between Link and Zelda (Zelda's diaries), I was disappointed that those weren't built on. I wanted at least some character interaction moment between Link and Zelda (as I felt the ending of BOTW lacked, since they just stared at each other), but Link didn't react:
a) when he got the final tear memory
b) when she was rescued
and I think that one little reaction from him would have been a good payoff for his stoicism up to that point. I'm fine with the possible suggested romance being sidelined, as that may have been tropey and distracted from other aspects of the story.
But you saw her crying when she turned into a dragon dude! Give that girl a hug! Smile at something that isn't food! Something!
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2023.05.28 15:54 Historical-Photo9646 My theories as to why fanfiction is seen as “cringe” or taboo

I think hobbies that are seen as amateurish or that people are seen as having too much enthusiasm for are often seen as cringe. Examples include anime lovers (“weeboos”) and boy band stans. But I think it’s more than that for fanfiction:
-it’s associated with teenage girls, kinda like boy bands, and as well all know, teenage girls can’t enjoy literally anything without getting hated on. I’m not saying everything teenage girls love is good quality lol, but the point still stands. Actually, anything that has a majority female audience is seen as immature often anyway, like romance novels.
-it’s a combination of often smutty and queer as fuck, both things a lot of people don’t like. Sex is still pretty taboo, and female and/or queer sexuality is especially stigmatized so that’s not surprising. It could also be related to the fact that a lot of men don’t think afab people actively seek out porn/smut.
I think the concept of cringe is pretty stupid tbh and is often just a method of social control, so I say embrace the cringe! Of course, I can imagine that doesn’t help much if people irl track down your ao3 account and judge you for it, but fuck those people.
What are your thoughts? Any other ideas behind this or corrections?
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2023.05.28 15:54 YourStateOfficer Make me look stupid in front of 100k people? I'll return the favor, with interest

Ahh. Student politics! I have been graduated for 4 years at this point, this is quite behind me in time and as something I actually give a fuck about. I wasn't much of a student politician when I did it, many people I met were very surprised by how "not sniffing own farts" I was with student government. My time in student politics could have multiple malicious compliance posts and such, but this one is about pro revenge. I mention the 100k, and I want to say that it's very likely that one of the thousands of witnesses will be on this thread. This all happened under a very large technology organization for students.

The start:

This tale started off a few years previous, before I was a student politician, when I was just a nerd with an engineering project competing. During our state's governance meeting, my state decided they wanted to introduce a bylaw amendment at the national level. That amendment was as follows: People cannot run for office unopposed at a national level. If they are in an unopposed election, the ballot switches to a yes or no on the person. If unopposed candidate doesn't have enough votes to win, they go into a run off election against the loser of every other election for the original spot.
This amendment initially sounds like a good idea. Until you realize that anybody who has a specific candidate they want to win no matter what will always vote no. The no vote would fall victim to political game, where the big states running candidates would always force the run off so that they could win through having way more votes than the other run off candidates. I said this to the people of my state, and was condescendingly spoke down to in response. Bylaw amendment gets voted on, they're taking it to nationals. I continue my opposition because it's vulnerable to political games.
Next year, Nationals comes around and that legislation is up. I stood alone in opposing every other voter in my state, causing issues with majority and such. Eventually, I walked up to the podium and explained to everybody just how stupid this legislation was, why are we doing this over one fucking guy from 3 years ago, really? I get back to the group and everybody is pissed at me. The top people in my state were pissed that I didn't fall in line, because at this point I was a "state officer" and had obligations to voters of my state. Bylaw amendment ends up passing anyways, regardless of my objection. People from my state were assholes to me, and I quickly learned it was because of the family that shan't be named (we'll call them the Snokes cause star wars).

The Revenge:

Skip forward a year to the next national convention. It was my last one, I had graduated high school the may beforehand and had some of my closest friends with me on the trip, we didn't give very many fucks. Shortly after getting there, I receive advance copies of the ballots to show me who's running. The Snoke daughter was running for president, just like her brother and father in their time. Only this time? She was running unopposed, in the first election since their dumbass bylaw had passed. Her and I chatted, and she was way too confident. She genuinely believed that she was so well liked that she wouldn't end up falling to political game, easy one and done election, right? WRONG!
I downloaded the local area shit posting app everybody downloads during nationals and got to looking around. There wasn't much discussion over the election, it was mostly just conference memes, but I wanted to change that. I posted a video of the crab rave with the caption "The Snoke regime is over" and it quickly became one of the most liked and shared posts of the conference. In the comments, plans were brewing away. Voters in the comments were making meetings for state delegations to meet beforehand to discuss voting. Voting no wasn't enough, I wasn't the only person to be harassed by the sith army but was certainly one of the most public cases of it.
The election comes. I go into the voting area and tell the people around me, "Vote how I tell you to if you want to see something REALLY funny". The president election comes up, and she overwhelmingly gets hit with a no vote, she's in the run off pool now. The next election though? A battle for vice president, where her childhood best friend is also running. We all vote for someone else, now Best Friend is in the run off too. Eventually, we get to the presidential run off, and it's my time to shine. Her best friend wins the presidential run in a landslide. The run offs continue until the very last one, where Snoke barely won a spot as an officer.
We leave the conference shortly after, and I see an Instagram post about how they were looking into "election fraud", even directly referencing my Crab Rave meme. No meddling was found, it was all typical student government delegation deals. All of this split up the childhood best friend duo quite hard. She never got the family spot that she has spent pretty much her entire schooling life preparing and campaigning for. A literal decade of her life seemingly being reset into nothing. Wouldn't have even been possible if anybody in that clique had listened to me for the past 3 years.
Tl;dr: Made someone lose a competition that their entire family had won previously and gave it to her best friend. I broke up a lifelong friendship and a decade long goal
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2023.05.28 15:54 GusFawkes How long should deck stain sit before wiping excess?

I’m hoping to stain my deck tomorrow. I’ve power washed it and it’s drying for 48 hours. I’ve purchased this stain- Thompson’s WaterSeal (Signature Series Clear Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer (1-Gallon) https://www.lowes.com/pd/Thompson-s-WaterSeal-Clear-Exterior-Wood-and-Sealer-1-Gallon/5013247129)
My question is how long the stain should sit on the deck before wiping excess? The instructions just say ”let the stain penetrate the wood”, but what does that even mean? I’ve never done this before, how will I know when the stain has penetrated the wood?
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2023.05.28 15:54 Medical-Cell-2147 Lost Phone and Switched-off Brothers

Yesterday, while I was waiting at my bus point near Uppal, a guy approached me and asked me to call a number. It turned out to be his number, but it was switched off. He explained that he had come from Andhra Pradesh to write an exam in Hyderabad, and after the exam, he lost his phone on the bus. He then requested me to call his brother, but even his brother's phone was switched off. At that point, he messaged his brother, informing him about the lost phone and asking him not to inform their mother, since their father recently passed away.

It was evident that he was hesitant to ask for money, as he only had around Rs. 200, which was insufficient for his needs. I gave him Rs. 500. He then messaged his brother again, asking him to UPI transfer Rs. 500 to my number. After that, he asked for Secunderabad route and left

After a few hours, I checked the number he provided for his brother on truecaller, and it matched the name he had mentioned. However, his brother's phone is still switched off and there is no whatsapp for his number, and I'm unsure about what to do next.

What steps can I take in this situation?
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2023.05.28 15:54 ErwtEnEtEr Planning tour around south of Belgium

This summer my girlfriend and I are planning to tour around Belgium on a tandem, counterclockwise from the northwest to the northeast. I have been able to find some good routes for most of the tour, but there is one last part I need your advice on. The general plan is as follows: Start in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen in Breskens Get on the Flanders route, along the coast to the south, WW1 front line, east towards Waterloo. Go on the Napoleon route, from Waterloo to Grandrieu Then the part where we're still undecided, getting to Troisvierges. In Troisvierges, get on the Vennbahn to Aachen, go to Maastricht, and take the train home.
So we still have to figure out what exactly to do between Grandrieu and Troisvierges. I wasn't able to find any routes connecting these two completely (or closely) I currently planned two options, one following a bit of the Meuse, and one going directly.
Meuse: Meuse komoot Direct: Direct komoot
The time we are going to take is still flexible, we will start beginning of August and currently have 10 days for riding, but we probably can extend that pretty easily (both the 900k/1000k are likely too much for 10 days anyway, we are both quite flexible, so taking more days shouldn't be an issue)
Do you have any tips for nice routes connecting those points?
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