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2023.06.07 04:22 AnOldUsedStick 1,000,000 power level

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2023.06.06 23:01 TheDemandinPath Guys I’m a Dragon Ball fan, meaning I can’t read, what does this say?

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2023.06.05 23:25 Tetrisisbest HD Turles from @DokkanBattle_HD on Twitter. Link in subtext

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2023.06.05 13:41 zor90000 Day 59 of beating a RedZone Stage with every category in the game until the Global Anniversary: Movie Bosses (Also hit 2 years on my account so a mini account showcase)

Day 59 of beating a RedZone Stage with every category in the game until the Global Anniversary: Movie Bosses (Also hit 2 years on my account so a mini account showcase) submitted by zor90000 to DokkanBattleCommunity [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 08:18 Ahmed_Prime Global DDL

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2023.06.04 18:19 tannerkuh Just joined the 1 mill club, will my parents love me again?

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2023.06.04 13:54 EmoSw33ti3 4/6/2023

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2023.06.04 10:06 vampt1c sold 🙏

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2023.05.31 09:55 44thousand Finally reached 1 million power level!

Finally reached 1 million power level!
Happy to have finally hit this goal, took me over a year of on and off link leveling
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2023.05.30 20:17 TheDewgonger Garlic Jr. Dead Zone Celebration Main Units Concept

Hi! I've made a few concepts in the past, one of them being for Garlic Jr in 2021.
A month or so ago I made a whole other concept for an entire Garlic Jr. Dead Zone celebration, but I never shared it.
The Dr Wheelo (and Turles i suppose) reveal really made me hyped tho, so I thought I'd share the Garlic Jr. DFE, the Ginger, Nicky & Sansho Banner Unit, and the Kami Banner unit that I made for a hypothetical celebration. Please let me know what you think!
Long live early Dragon Ball Z Movies! Long live niche characters/villains!

Garlic Jr.
Extreme AGL
Everlasting Reign of Terror
Base stats: HP: 10725 ATK: 11050 DEF: 8975
100% potential: HP: 15325 ATK: 16050 DEF: 14375
Leader Skill: "Minion and Master" or "Movie Bosses" Category Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +170%, plus an additional HP, ATK & DEF +30% for characters who also belong to the "Power of Wishes", “Dragon Ball Seekers” or "Terrifying Conquerors" Category
Super Attack: Demonic Onslaught
Greatly raises ATK & DEF for 1 turn and causes immense damage to enemy
Passive Skill: Immortal Demon
Activates the Entrance Animation (once only) and ATK & DEF +100% for the rest of the battle from start of turn when there is another "Minion and Master" Category ally on the team. ATK & DEF +166%, plus an additional ATK & DEF +66% when performing a Super Attack; reduces damage received by 35%. All allies’ Ki +2, "Minion and Master" Category allies' ATK & DEF +40%. Survives K.O. attacks. Heals 20% HP after surviving a K.O. attack. Immune to negative status effects.
Active Skill: Transforms; Can be activated starting from the 4th turn from start of battle (once only)
Links: Demonic Ways - Metamorphosis - Big Bad Bosses - Brutal Beatdown - Thirst for Conquest - Nightmare - Fierce Battle
Categories: Minion and Master - Movie Bosses - Transformation Boost - Dragon Ball Seekers - Terrifying Conquerors - Revenge - Entrusted Will - Power of Wishes

Super Garlic Jr.
Super Attack: Demonic Rampage
Greatly raises ATK and raises DEF for 1 turn and causes immense damage to enemy
Passive Skill: Ruler of All Demons
Ki +3 and ATK & DEF +250%, plus an additional ATK & DEF +150% when performing a Super Attack; reduces damage received by 35%; "Transformation Boost" Category allies' ATK & DEF +30%; high chance to perform a critical hit. Survives K.O. attacks. Heals 20% HP after surviving a K.O. attack. Immune to negative status effects.
Standby Skill: Switch to standby for 4 turns; Can be activated after receiving 5 or more attacks or after surviving a K.O. attack (once only)
Links: Demonic Ways - Metamorphosis - Big Bad Bosses - Brutal Beatdown - Thirst for Conquest - Nightmare - Fierce Battle

Super Garlic Jr. (Standby)
Super Attack: None
Passive Skill: Preparation for the Dead Zone
Unable to attack except when Finish Effect is activated; all allies' Ki +3 and ATK +66%; "Movie Bosses" and “Minion and Master” Category allies' ATK & DEF +66% (self excluded); revives with 66% HP recovered when the character or an ally attacking in the same turn is KO'd (once only); plus an additional ATK +666% when Finish Effect is activated
Finish Attack: Dead Zone
Counters with super-intense power to all enemies.
Can be activated when Revival Skill is activated (once only)
Links: Demonic Ways - Metamorphosis - Big Bad Bosses - Brutal Beatdown - Thirst for Conquest - Nightmare - Fierce Battle

Ginger, Nicky and Sansho
Extreme PHY
Garlic Jr.’s Loyal Minions
Base stats: HP: 10269 ATK: 8015 DEF: 6398
100% potential: HP: 15669 ATK: 13015 DEF: 10998
Leader Skill: "Minion and Master" or "Dragon Ball Seekers" Category Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +130%
Super Attack: Brutal Rushdown
Raises ATK & DEF for 1 turn and causes immense damage to enemy
Unit Super Attack: Kill Piccolo!
Greatly raises ATK & DEF for 1 turn and causes immense damage to enemy
Can be activated when there is an ally whose name includes “Garlic Jr.” on the team.
Passive Skill: Relentless Assault
Ki +1 and ATK & DEF +100%; "Minion and Master", "Dragon Ball Seekers", "Transformation Boost" and "Terrifying Conquerors" Category allies' ATK & DEF +20%; launches an additional attack, which has a great chance of becoming a Super Attack; launches an additional Super Attack when performing a Unit Super Attack; ATK & DEF +50% when performing a Super Attack; high chance of evading enemy's attack (including Super Attack). Guards all attacks when there is an ally whose name includes “Garlic Jr.” attacking in the same turn.
Links: Demonic Ways - Shocking Speed - Loyalty - Brutal Beatdown - Tough as Nails - Nightmare - Fierce Battle
Categories: Minion and Master - Transformation Boost - Dragon Ball Seekers - Terrifying Conquerors - Revenge - Joined Forces - Accelerated Battle

Super INT
Divine Intervention
Base stats: HP: 9824 ATK: 9432 DEF: 6761
100% potential: HP: 14824 ATK: 14432 DEF: 11761
Leader Skill: "Realm of Gods" or "Movie Heroes" Category Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +130%
Super Attack: Dragon Light Blast
Raises ATK & DEF for 1 turn and causes immense damage to enemy with a high chance to stun.
Passive Skill: Fighting to Stop a 300 Year Old Evil
Ki +1 and ATK & DEF +120%; Great chance of evading enemy's attack (including Super Attack); ATK & DEF +100% when performing a Super Attack; Super Class allies Ki +2 and ATK & DEF +30% and immune to negative status effects; plus an additional Ki +1, ATK & DEF +15% and reduce damage received by 5% for Super Class allies (self excluded) for 3 turns when the character is the 3rd to obtain Ki Spheres in a turn.
Links: Prodigies - Cold Judgment - Strength in Unity - Godly Power - Courage - Solid Support - Fierce Battle
Categories: Realm of Gods - Namekians - Movie Heroes - Gifted Warriors - Earth-Bred Fighters

Some design notes:
The new category, Minion and Master, is, as the name suggests, for characters who either are minions or have minions. This is mostly made to help the poor movie villain minions who aren't on Movie Bosses and thus get left behind. I thought about calling it "Bond of Minion and Master" but I thought that wouldn't fit too great. Anyway; this would count a lot of villains and their minions, and I think it would be a banger team to run.
Garlic Jr. is literally immortal. So he cannot be K.O'd. However, he did really take a beating in the movie, so he will still take damage. He himself won't ever die though. Unless when he needs to in his standby form. His "Survive K.O. Attacks" mechanic is not once only. He literally will not die.
Animations for Garlic Jr.:
Intro: The wish to Shenron where he obtains immortality and proclaims himself to become the demon ruler of earth.
Super attack: The beating he gives Kami.
Transformation: When... he transforms.
Post-Transformation Super: The beatdown he gives Goku and Piccolo right after transforming in the movie.
Standby skill: When he says something along the lines of "You two know you'll never defeat me, right." Very short in the movie, i'm sure the dokkan team would add a few lines.
Revival counter: When he breaks out of the rocks, opening the dead zone, the castle being torn apart, etc.
Returns to Super Garlic Jr. after the revive.
Ginger, Nicky and Sansho's support is additive - like INT Vados'.
They just might be too strong in general. I haven't done calcs, but, uh, they would slap so hard, I just know it.
Animations for Ginger, Nicky and Sansho:
Super Attack: The beatdown they do on Goku, plus the blast that Nicky and Sansho do towards Goku after he downs Ginger, and the blast Ginger does towards Goku's Kamehameha.
Unit Super Attack: The ass-kicking they give Piccolo with Garlic Jr. in the beginning of the movie.
Kami is a lot like Yajirobe. He's on a small number of teams, but would probably be really good on the teams he is on.
SA animation: The shockwave he does against Garlic Jr, followed by his laser-eyes thingy.

Like I mentioned, I haven't done calcs for these boys. I have a feeling they're all generally strong, maybe a bit too strong, but that they would all fit into 2023 as a Dokkan year as a whole. If someone's down to do calcs, that'd be swell. Let me know what you think tho!
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2023.05.30 16:31 CumbersomeMidg Would you be in favour of the developers releasing more units which..

Share links for def % and atk% instead of ki links such that they are designed to be ki sufficient and instead are used in a way to maximise damage output and defense? Imagine a dokkan in which units have mainly non ki links like our almighty carnival kai goku... Being self sufficient in ki would also allow the devs to add new links which open other possibilities, eg links that provide guard etc. Would it be a welcomed change?
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2023.05.30 07:58 GokuBlackRose97 GLB: Super Data Download

GLB: Super Data Download submitted by GokuBlackRose97 to DBZDokkanBattle [link] [comments]

2023.05.27 22:55 waw420 I know many are higher but im proud of my 3 million!

I know many are higher but im proud of my 3 million! submitted by waw420 to DBZDokkanBattle [link] [comments]

2023.05.26 20:45 Fhureeca1 [H] Selling global account [LF] paypal $50

Game Version : Global
OS : Android
Stone Count : 291 Dragon stones
Featured Cards : Psy God goku, LR Vegeta and trunks, both 7th Aniversary LR, etc mor info in the Link
Account Album :
(I know its not an imgur link, so sorry but i couldnt make an imgur account) for some reason it always says server error
Story Progress : Dokkan quest Area 28 stage 8 all difficulty done
Origin of account : Hello there everyone i started this account when i was in highschool right around when the broly movie released probably a year before the broly movie released, now im in college and i dont have time to play so i wanted to sell it rather than just let it dissapear.
Modding History : Never modded nor used any glitch like the infamous airplane glitch
Thanks for reading my post, if anyone is interested you can ask me for more informations ill be taking $100 paypall price is felxible i just dont want the account to be left in the dust
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2023.05.25 23:38 nathanjyun A Beginner's Guide to: Events

A Beginner's Guide to: Events
There are a lot (and I mean A LOT) of events in this game. Now that you know the ins and outs of your characters and have the best teams, where should you take them? That will be be answered in this guide.

First, let's tap "START".

This is the first thing you see after tapping \"START\". There's a lot to take in.
"Quest Dokkan Story" should arguably be done first.
It's a good source of stones, but has a snoozefest of a story and can be kind of a grind.
At the very least, play the quest until you collect 7 Dragon Balls. From there, make a wish to Shenron by going to TEAM Shenron
There is a specific wish to "Grant me help in battle" or something like that. Make that your first wish.
That wish not only allows you to take another support item for a max of four, but also allows you to take two support items in each slot rather than just one. This is crucial for endgame and even midgame content.

We'll get to the other options later. For now, let's check out the "Event" button.

The events page. Half of the screen is taken up by a gigantic image.
Events are divided into four tabs. In my opinion, there should be more.
The four event tabs.
The "Story" tab is further divided into "STORY", "STRIKE", "LIMIT", and "SPECIAL" events.
  • Each of these events contains a "farmable" character for you to collect and upgrade.
    • Different stages of the event and its missions provide you with a character and its necessary Dokkan Awakening medals as drop rewards.
    • Copies of a character can be used to level its super attack level and fill out hidden potential.
      • Hidden potential will be discussed in the future.
    • Some stages also allow for the farming of support memories, which will be discussed in the future.
    • Story information can be checked using the yellow "i" icon to see which stages of the event give which drop rewards.
Stage information for a particular story event, accessed by tapping the yellow \"i\" icon. Notice that a character is dropped on Stage 2, and a Dokkan Awakening medal is dropped on Stage 4.
  • STORY: These events are retellings of moments from Dragon Ball source material (movies, shows, even games).
  • STRIKE: These are known as Super Strike events.
    • The farmable character is dropped as an SR, but can be Dokkan Awakened all the way up to TUR and Extreme-Z Awakened by completing the stage's missions.
      • The addition of TUR rarity and Extreme-Z Awakening is a recent development, and has not been added to some Super Strike stages yet.
  • LIMIT: This is exclusively referring to two events: "Hero Extermination Plan" and "Hero Extermination Plan: Evil Powers Strike Back".
    • These events restrict your team to require a certain composition before attempting the stage.
    • Many older summonable characters can be Dokkan Awakened through these events.
  • SPECIAL: These are shorter stages that are exclusively meant for grinding and upgrading a special character, rather than telling a story.
    • There are two special events that are worth noting: Battle-Smart Brawlers and Ginyu Force Special Training
      • These events allow you to farm 5 SSR characters which are meant to be run as a team.
      • The character changes daily, meaning that each day of the week is reserved for one character.
      • These characters can later be Extreme-Z Awakened.
      • Post-Extreme-Z Awakening, these characters are incredible and can carry you up to the beginnings of some endgame content.
The "Growth" tab is meant for you to gather resources.
  • Some growth events only appear during certain celebrations.
  • Some growth events can only be attempted once per day or week.
    • In particular, Turtle School's Intensive Training is a once-per-day growth event meant for link leveling.
    • Several events only reset 7 days after they are attempted.
      • God-Level Intensive Training gives skill orbs, which are used in the hidden potential system.
      • Type-Specific Hidden Potential Events give hidden potential orbs as a reward. One of each type is available per weekday, and the type changes each day.
      • Pan's Secret Adventure costs ungodly amounts of stamina, but in return gives ungodly amounts of rank XP and allows for a farmable LR. If you're an early player, your stamina cap might not even be high enough to attempt these.
  • Time for an Epic Showdown is an introduction to Awakening.
    • An R-rarity drop reward Goku from this event can Dokkan Awaken all the way to TUR rarity.
The event banner for Time for an Epic Showdown
  • Battle for Awakening Medals allows you to farm various Z-Awakening medals.
  • Training at Korin Tower allows you to farm various training items.
  • Big Bucks Hercule Challenge is not a permanently available event, but helps with farming Zeni.
  • A Trial Towards New Horizons provides skill orbs for the farmable units from Battle-Smart Brawlers and Ginyu Force Special Training.
    • Here, your team is restricted to a certain composition.
The "Challenge" tab is further divided into "DOKKAN", "PRIME BATTLE", and "CHALLENGE" events.
  • DOKKAN: For Dokkan Awakening basically every summonable SSR
    • New Dokkan events/Dokkan event stages are released alongside every new summonable unit.
    • Not every Dokkan event is available at all times; events are available based on the color type of units they awaken.
      • Monday - AGL
      • Tuesday - TEQ
      • Wednesday - INT
      • Thursday - STR
      • Friday - PHY
      • Saturday - Extreme
      • Sunday - Super
      • If a Dokkan event awakens a super INT unit but also a super AGL unit, it is available on Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday.
    • Every Dokkan awakening requires a multiple of 7 Dokkan awakening medals (usually 77 for main banner units, always 35 for side banner units). Completing a Dokkan event on Super difficulty always awards you with 7 medals.
An example Dokkan event; this one is for AGL Captain Ginyu and his two side banner units.
  • PRIME BATTLE: These events give SSRs that can Dokkan Awaken into LRs as drop rewards, as well as their required Dokkan awakening medals.
    • The step to LR Dokkan awakening requires a whopping 777 medals, making these an extremely long grind.
An example Prime Battle event, for LR First Form Cell.
  • CHALLENGE: This is almost exclusively reserved for endgame content, which will be its own entry. However, some events in here are much easier and are not considered endgame content:
    • Extreme-Z Areas: These are meant to Extreme-Z Awaken farmable units. Instead of operating like how Extreme-Z Battles do, these stages consume stamina and require you to pick up medals over a small map.
      • Each stage also has a selection of required and usable characters to attempt this event.
    • Dokkan Event Boss Rush: The many stages of this event is simply a gauntlet of Dokkan event bosses. If you can complete Dokkan events, you can complete this event.
      • The missions associated with this event give TONS of stones.
    • Dokkan Ultimate Speed Battle: This event was utilized for some contest or something I'm not really sure. It gives you no rewards.
The Z-Battle tab is reserved for Extreme-Z Battles.
These are essentially raid bosses, where completing a battle at a certain level causes the enemy to level up and become more powerful.
Every Extreme-Z Battle has an effective category that deals more damage to the boss while also taking less damage from them. Your teams should be structured around this effective category. Completing every Extreme-Z Battle requires a large and diverse box.
Every Extreme-Z Battle gives rewards to Extreme-Z Awaken either a TUR or LR unit.
  • For TURs, you must beat up to level 30.
    • Each level completed rewards one dragon stone, for a max of 30.
  • For LRs, you must beat up to level 10.
    • Each level completed rewards three dragon stones, for a max of 30.
  • You can play levels past 30 (or 10 for LR stages), but they will not reward you with stones. Instead they will reward you with Platinum Hercule Statues, which can be sold for Zeni.
Extreme-Z Awakening makes older irrelevant units relevant again.
  • TURs can reach level 140 rather than 120, increase their super attack level cap by 5, and get revamped passive skill and super attack effects.
    • The same occurs for LRs, but their level cap does not increase.
The Extreme-Z Battle for STR TUR Cooler was one of the best Extreme-Z Awakenings. This unit got insanely buffed.
So what about the rest of the events in this menu?
All we've talked about so far is in the \"Event\" and \"Quest Dokkan Story\" tabs.

"Dragon Ball Story" contains permanently available story events.

These events are direct retellings of moments from Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and various Dragon Ball Movies.
What about Dragon Ball Super?
I'm sure they'll add stuff eventually.
All of these events are story events that have been revamped. They provide farmable characters as well as support memories.

"Portal of Memories" contains events that are currently unavailable.

Rather than using stamina to attempt these, special keys are used instead.
Especially concerning Dokkan events since they are on a weekly rotation, it is best to just wait instead of using keys. However if you have a ton or absolutely need to run an event, there is no harm in using them.
There is a single Portal-of-Memories-only event Supreme Kais' Grand Guidance.
The keys for this event can only be bought with real money.

"Ultimate Clash" is a near-endgame-level boss gauntlet.

  • It consists of three levels, each with more (and tougher) bosses than the last.
  • You are only allowed to bring a pool of 112 TURs and above into this event.
    • From this pool of 112, teams must be formed to defeat the various bosses.
    • This event does not allow friends; instead it utilizes the leader skills of the units in the first two team slots.
  • This will be further discussed in the same entry that discusses endgame content.
  • Suffice it to say, the more stages and missions are completed, the higher your rewards.
    • The reward item exclusive to this event is called the Battlefield Memory, which can be exchanged for exclusive characters, awakening medals, and even Extreme-Z Awakening medals.
Level 1 of the current Ultimate Clash as of writing this post. After beating this first enemy, the boss in the center will be revealed.

"World Tournament" is an occasional temporary event that gives exclusive rewards.

The World Tournament map.
The World Tournament operates slightly differently from regular battles:
  • Stages are divided into Preliminary, Quarterfinal, Semifinal, and Final
    • In the preliminary stage, you face three "other players". These are real players' teams, but are controlled by bots.
      • In the remaining stages, you only face one opponent.
  • Each "player" has their own set of numbers to choose from each turn.
    • The lowest number selected goes first.
  • Landing on a space occupied by another player gives you the option to enter battle with them, where you face their full team of seven characters.
    • This means that all-target super attacks (and more recently all-target active skills) are extremely valuable here.
  • Every stage you complete grants you points. The more points you get, the higher your rank.
    • Every finals stage you complete unlocks a higher point multiplier, which also unlocks a higher difficulty.
      • At higher difficulties, enemies might super you and instantly kill you.
  • The higher your rank and the more matches/missions you complete, the greater your rewards.
    • Rewards Include:
      • World Tournament-exclusive summon tickets
      • Special awakening medals to Dokkan awaken units from the ticket banners
      • Exclusive collectors' SSRs, and some that can Dokkan awaken all the way to LR
      • Training items, awakening medals, Elder Kais, stones, etc.

"Chain Battle" is a controversial co-op event.

This event is confusing and can be painful to grind depending on the situation.
  • This event consists of a singular enemy, to which you must deal as much damage as possible with a single attack.
    • You select an attacker from your box, two sets of supporters (one super and one extreme) from a guest list, and two "connectors" from your box.
      • In order to participate in this event, you must set your own supporters as well.
    • Each boss has its own set of units that are effective against it.
      • These units should be in your supporters, and might be included as your attacker or connector.
    • The more aspects your supporters have in common, and the more aspects your connectors share with your supporters, the more damage you will deal.
      • Damage is ultimately affected by this similarity factor, as well as the stats and super attack levels of your attacker and connectors.
    • Finally, when entering a chain battle, you will have to select three characters to "stall" the boss before your attacker attacks.
      • Select three characters that have a lot in common, otherwise you will deal less damage.
    • Each chain battle, a guide to the best setups and strategies is posted and pinned in this subreddit.
      • It is helpful to use the comment thread to send and receive friend requests from people with a good set of supporters.
  • Higher damage means more missions completed and means a higher ranking, which means greater rewards.
    • The Emblem of Cooperation support item can be used in the Secret Treasure Chest tab of Baba's Shop, giving you skill orbs.
      • The Emblem of Unity is a rarer version that is used for a different secret treasure chest.
    • Other rewards include special stickers, kais, and of course stones.
An example Chain Battle guide. Notice the rankings for best attackers, connectors, and supporters.

"Pettan Battle" is an AFK farming event.

Instead of using characters, this event uses stickers that you collect from various places. First from logging in, then from completing AFK battles themselves as well as missions.
Stickers are divided into sets, and completing sets gives rewards.
You can put stickers into battle against different bosses.
Certain stickers are more effective against certain bosses, and some stickers pair together to give more rewards. These are determined via story events in the source material itself.
For example, an Ultra Instinct Goku sticker is effective against a Jiren sticker since they fought against each other multiple times.
You can AFK farm for awakening medals, Zeni, training items, hidden potential orbs, or stickers from a previous set.
Stones and stickers are granted for completing missions.
This event is stupid and I hate it. I only do it because it gives stones and my perfectionist ass would be so bothered if I had any incomplete sets.
An example Pettan Battle screen.
That's all for the various events in this game! Hopefully you have a better idea of what to prioritize and what events to challenge. Thanks for reading, and good luck!
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2023.05.25 12:54 PeppiestPepper Hit a Power level of 1 million.

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2023.05.25 12:20 DarkFlameofPhoenix I can't believe we don't even get a title for this. What about 2nd Form frieza's 1mio quote?

I can't believe we don't even get a title for this. What about 2nd Form frieza's 1mio quote? submitted by DarkFlameofPhoenix to DBZDokkanBattle [link] [comments]

2023.05.25 07:31 MeeNoiTita I Hit 2 Million Power Level!

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2023.05.25 02:32 nathanjyun A Beginner's Guide to: Supers, Passives, Actives, and Standbys

A Beginner's Guide to: Supers, Passives, Actives, and Standbys
This will be a bit of a longer one, as there is a lot to talk about when it comes to these things. Units can do all sorts of effects, from simple ones like boosting stats to more complicated ones like revives. I aim to cover everything in this entry so you can better understand each unit at a greater depth than just what type and class they are.
Unit skill descriptions are notoriously hard to read.
Dokkan organizes skill effects as just one long paragraph, and it makes it very difficult to properly read and understand them.
I am running a series concurrently with this one that simplifies new unit descriptions.
However, as you continue reading and figuring out what units do, it will get easier. Now, let's get into the skills. But before we begin,

Dokkan has a lot of RNG that is arbitrarily described.

Dokkan describes the "chances" of things happening (debuffs, additional attacks, dodges, etc.) through vague adjectives. The most important of these are:
  • Medium Chance: 30%
  • High Chance: 50%
  • Great Chance: 70%

Super attacks grant huge advantages in battle.

Especially near the end game, super attacks are so valuable that it's the norm to have all units performing them at all times.
Super attacks are launched when a unit's ki meter reaches a certain amount.
  • The vast majority of units launch super attacks at a full ki meter of 12.
  • Some units can launch supers at lower levels of ki, where the meter is not as filled.
  • LRs have two super attacks.
    • One is launched when the unit's ki is between 12 and 17, the other is launched at 18 ki or higher.
      • There is ONE LR that does not follow this pattern.
    • These supers are called the "12 ki" and "18 ki" supers repsectively.
    • 18 ki supers are generally more powerful, but sometimes given the situation it might be better to collect less ki and use a unit's 12 ki super instead.
There are four types of super attacks, assigned based on the nature of the animation itself.
  • Ki Blast: The super attack is entirely composed of beams, energy blasts/waves, etc.
  • Unarmed: The super attack is entirely* composed of unarmed melee attacks (punches, kicks, headbutts, etc.)
  • Armed: The super attack is entirely composed of attacks with weapons (swords, guns, etc.)
  • Other: Anything that does not fall into the other three.
    • This is by far the largest category, as super attacks with both ki blasts and melee attacks fall into this category instead.
    • * I can think of one super attack in particular that has mostly unarmed attacks in the animation, but ends with a beam. Despite that, it is placed in the unarmed category for some reason.
      • Suffice it to say, these assignments are kind of arbitrary.
Super attacks can have a variety of different effects.
The effects will be discussed in a list later on in this entry. However, there are a few things I would like to say here.
Some super attacks damage all enemies.
When facing multiple enemies, all of them will be damaged rather than just the one the unit has targeted.
Many units' super attacks raise their stats for a given number of turns.
Here is an example super attack. Notice that the description begins with \"Raises DEF for 1 turn\".
In the super attack above, once this super attack is performed the unit's defense stat will be raised for 1 turn. This means that for the rest of the turn, the unit will have higher defense. After the turn is over, it goes back down.
What about this one? It doesn't indicate a number of turns.
Notice how this super attack raises the unit's ATK, but for how many turns?
If there is no turn indication, then the unit's stats are raised forever\.*
You read that right, forever\. This is called infinite stacking. If a unit has infinite stacking, the given stats will *permanently increase with each super attack performed.
Infinite stacking is especially valuable when applied to DEF as opposed to ATK, since it can allow a unit to become ridiculously tanky once they perform enough supers.
*"Forever" is actually 99 turns. But there is no battle in this game that will (or should) reach 99 turns.
Dokkan uses arbitrary adverbs to determine how much stats are raised (ex: "Greatly raises ATK for one turn).
These adverbs are:
  • : equates to a 20% - 30% increase.
  • "Greatly": 50% increase.
  • "Massively": 100% increase.
Super attack damage is determined by ATK stat, super attack level, vague adjectives, and a hidden multiplier.
  • Any skills that affect a unit's ATK stat will also affect their super attack damage. Simple enough.
  • The higher a super attack's level, the more damage it will do.
    • Most units' super attacks can reach up to level 10. However, some units can go higher.
      • LRs can reach level 20.
      • Super Strike units can reach level 15 (for a future entry)
      • Extreme Z-Awakened units (again, for a future entry) increase the super attack level of the original unit by 5. 15 for standard units, 20 for Super Strike Units, 25 for LRs.
    • Super attack levels can be gained through training.
      • Exact copies of a character, along with Elder Kais, raise a unit's super attack level by one.
      • Different characters with the same name, along with Dozing Kais, have a chance to raise a unit's super attack level by one.
  • Dokkan uses vague adjectives as a form of multiplier.
    • In the image above, notice again how the damage is described as "colossal damage".
    • Based on the adjective the multiplier is higher.
    • In increasing order, the adjectives are:
      • Low Huge/Destructive Extreme/Mass Supreme Immense Colossal Mega-colossal
  • Lastly, there is a hidden multiplier that increases a unit's ATK based on how much their ki meter is filled.
    • This part is a bit more complex, and not very necessary to know. I'm just finding out about this now as I write it.
    • This hidden multiplier is called the ki multiplier, and each unit generally has 2.
    • Refer to the image above again. See the two green bars? The ki multiplier there is less than 1. In the yellow area it is 1, and above that it is higher than 1.
      • This means if the unit has 1 or 2 ki, their ATK will actually go down. Meanwhile it is unaffected in the yellow region (3 to 11 ki), and goes up at 12 ki and above.
    • Ki multipliers are unit-specific, ranging from 130% to 160% at 12 ki.
      • For LRs, the multiplier goes even higher at each step past 12 ki.
      • Some are more ki-hungry than others and should have spheres prioritized, but we will get to those later.

Passive skills are unique, and activate their effects when a unit appears on a turn.

If you're familiar with gachas, mobas, MMOs, etc. then the concept of a passive skill should be familiar to you. It works no differently for Dokkan.
Some parts of a unit's passive are locked behind certain conditions.
These are always unit-specific.

Active skills can be unlocked once certain conditions are fulfilled.

Once unlocked, they can be activated at your discretion.
Like passive skills, they can have a number of different effects.
Some active skills even cause damage outside the standard "watching" phase. These attacks have their own special super-high multiplier.

Standby skills are temporary transformations that lead to a devastating attack.

Like active skills, standby skills can only unlock when certain conditions are fulfilled.
Once activated, the unit will change, gaining a completely new passive skill and super attack(s). This is called standby mode.
Once in standby mode, fulfill another condition to launch a damaging attack. The unit will then return to their non-standby state.
As of writing this post, there are only two conditions the game supports: Collect enough ki spheres over a certain number of turns, and get KO'd.
Now that an overview of skills is done, let's look at the different effects. There are a lot.

Negative status effects debuff the enemy.

Plain and simple. However, many endgame bosses (almost all, actually) are immune to most of these.
  • Stun: Disables all enemy (or ally) actions after the effect is applied. One of the most valuable debuffs, provided the enemy does not resist it.
The stun icon.
  • If a unit has a stun chance in its passive skill, the stun only lasts until the end of the current turn unless explicitly stated otherwise.
    • If the stun is on its super attack, however, the stun will last for the current turn plus one more.
  • Super Attack Seal: Prevents the enemy (or ally) from performing a super attack.
The super attack seal icon
  • Like stun, this is applied for one turn if it is in a unit's passive skill description and two turns if it is in the super attack description. Unless stated otherwise.
  • Delayed Action: The equivalent of a one-turn stun. Provided by a few active skills and support items.
The delayed action icon.
  • Disabled Action: Not to be confused with delayed action. Removes the first enemy action after the effect is applied.
The DISABLED action icon.
  • Lowered ATK: Simple enough, the enemy's (or ally's) ATK is lowered and they do less damage.
The ATK down icon.
  • Lowered DEF: Again, fairly simple. The enemy's (or ally's) DEF is lowered and they take more damage.
The DEF down icon.
  • Disabled Guard: Even if the enemy has a type advantage over the attacker, damage is dealt as if there was no type advantage at all.
    • This has no official icon.

The remaining skills provide advantages to allies. There are a lot.

  • Ki Raised: The unit increases its own ki meter.
  • Counterattack: Immediately after receiving an attack, the unit strikes back with an attack of its own.
    • Some units counter normal attacks, while others nullify and counter only super attacks.
  • Attack Effectiveness: Regardless of the type advantage/disadvantage between attacker and enemy, the maximum amount of damage will be dealt as if the attacker had full type advantage.
  • Guard: Regardless of the type advantage/disadvantage between defender and enemy, the minimum amount of damage will be received.
    • A very powerful and valuable defensive tool.
  • Damage Reduction: The character reduces the damage they receive by a percentage amount.
    • Another one of the most powerful defensive buffs.
  • Additional Attack: The character attacks again.
    • Some characters perform additional normal attacks, some perform additional super attacks, some perform additional attacks that have a chance to be a super attack.
  • Critical Hit: The character performs a critical hit.
    • A critical hit bypasses the enemy's DEF stat and type advantage, while also being calculated using almost double the attackers ATK stat.
  • Evasion: The character dodges an incoming attack, taking no damage.
    • Some bosses nullify evasion skills, making it impossible to dodge their attacks.
  • Super Attack Nullification: The character receives an incoming super attack, but nullifies it and takes zero damage.
    • This is different from evasion. Bosses that disable allied dodge skills can still have their super attacks nullified.
AGL Gamma 2 can nullify ki blast super attacks.
  • Absorption: A special type of nullification that has healing added to it.
  • Guaranteed Hit: Some bosses can dodge allied attacks. This skill nullifies that.
  • Foresee Super Attack: Allows the location of enemy super attacks to be visible while collecting spheres.
    • One of the most powerful skills in the game, and is often shortened to the "Scouter" effect
  • Recovery: Heals some HP.
    • This is different from the healing received when collecting ki spheres of the same color type as a given unit.
  • Remove Status Effects: Removes any and all debuffs from allies.
  • Survive KO Attack: When receiving an attack that would reduce your HP to zero, reduce it to one instead.
  • Revive: When KO'd, restore some HP and continue to the next turn.
    • This is only available once per battle, and is often locked behind extensive conditions.
    • This is different from surviving KO attacks.
      • One reduces your HP to one and does not advance the turn until the last attack.
      • The other reduces your HP to zero, then heals you, then advances to the next turn immediately.
    • Revives also come with a cool voiced animation.
The revive icon. When this appears over a unit, if that unit is KO'd a revive will occur.

There is one skill unique to bosses.

That skill is coercion, the ability to lock rotations, preventing you from moving certain characters around.
The coercion icon. When this appears over a unit, it cannot be moved.
This status effect can be removed via support items or active skills.
This is one of the most devastating and annoying status effects.

Some units can transform.

These are almost always locked behind certain skills or conditions. When a unit transforms, it gains entirely new skills, an entirely new linkset, and even new art.
A classic moment from Z incorporated into a unit's transformation.
Some units have special transformations:
  • Giant Form: The unit transforms into an invincible giant form for a few turns.
    • During this time, the turn counter freezes.
    • For the next few turns, all attacking units become this giant form unit.
  • Rage: Similar to a giant form transformation in that all attacking units become one invincible unit and the turn count freezes. However, rage forms only last for one turn.
  • Standby: Discussed earlier, this temporary transformation creates an opportunity for another set of conditions to be fulfilled, allowing for a special attack,
  • Other Temporary Transformations: The only one I can think of is an AGL Turles that temporarily boosts when he eats the fruit from the Tree of Might.

Some units can be further divided into a few more, community-made groups.

These units are not officially recognized by the game itself, but are helpful in generally categorizing how to use some units.
  • Buildup Units: Units that increase their stats with each attack received or performed, to a limit.
  • Stackers: Mentioned before, these units have infinite stacking on their super attacks.
  • Nuking Units: Units that increase their stats (ATK in particular) with each ki sphere obtained.
  • Orb Changers: Units that change the ki spheres on the board. Synergize well with nukers.
  • Supports: Units that increase the stats of all allies in the rotation (and most recently, even allies not in the same rotation).
    • Supports are commonly floaters as well.

Different units work better in different events.

This mostly applies to endgame content. If you're not there yet, no worries.
For longer events like the Fighting Legend events, infinite DEF stackers and buildup units are the best.
Longer events more supers more stacks infinite DEF stackers become invincible.
Super Battle Road and Extreme Super Battle Road bosses are susceptible to every status ailment.
Many bosses, if not the rest of them, are immune to almost every status ailment. Units that can stun and/or seal and/or lower ATK excel in these stages.
More recent challenge events simply require "GOATed" units.
This is a controversial point, especially for me. I don't really like how newer content, especially Cell Max, basically required you to roll for the newest units even if I didn't really like the units themselves. It's a bit unfair in my opinion but whatever. I got them all done anyway.

To finish off, let's look at a couple skill examples.

First, a super attack.
An example super attack.
Here we can figure some things out about this super attack.
  • It can only be launched at 18 ki or higher.
  • It raises the unit's ATK and DEF, with no turn restriction. Therefore they are infinite stackers of both ATK and DEF.
  • It causes mega-colossal damage, the highest multiplier.
Next, a passive skill.
An example passive skill; the super attack from earlier is from the same unit.
From this wall of text, we can discern some things:
  • The unit gains 2 ki, 140% ATK and DEF, and launches an additional attack.
    • This additional attack has a medium (30%) chance to be a super attack.
  • When a "Bond of Parent and Child" category ally appears on the same turn as this unit, a few things happen.
    • A special cutscene plays.
    • The unit gains 2 ki and 70% DEF.
    • The unit guards all attacks for 5 turns, starting from the turn in which the cutscene played.
  • The unit gains some things with each attack it receives.
    • It gains 1 ki, up to 5.
    • It gains 15% DEF, up to 75%.
    • It gains 7% critical hit chance, up to 35%.
    • Therefore, it is a buildup unit that requires 5 hits to fully build up.
  • When the unit the first attacker in a turn (i.e. Slot 1), a few things happen.
    • The unit gains 70% ATK and DEF.
    • The unit guards all attacks.
Combining all this information in the unit's passive, notably its DEF buildup and unconditional guard in Slot 1, with the infinite DEF stacking in its 18 ki super, it's clear that this unit is very defense-oriented.
Next, let's look at the unit's active skill.
The same unit's active skill.
Here, we can learn some things about this active skill.
  • The active skill has two conditions that can activate it. Either:
    • All allies in the turn are in the "Future Saga" category and the battle is at Turn 3 or later.
    • Your HP is 50% or less and the battle is at Turn 5 or later.
  • The active skill has some effects:
    • It damages the enemy.
    • All attacks of this unit become critical hits.
    • All allies' DEF is raised by 20% for the turn.
The support to allies' DEF affirms this unit's place as a defensively-oriented unit.
However, the presence of a damaging active skill, guaranteed critical hits, and infinite ATK stacking on the 18 ki super means this unit's offense is not to be taken lightly either. Because of the damage, it might be better to save this active skill for when a boss is in its final phase.
Now, let's look at a different unit that transforms.
This unit transforms via fusion from a Super Saiyan Goku (Angel) & Super Saiyan Vegeta (Angel) to a Super Gogeta.
This transformation condition is in the unit's passive skill, meaning one the condition is met the transformation will automatically happen. Some transformations are in a unit's active skill, meaning you can choose when to transform the unit.
In particular, the condition requires that HP be 50% or less, and the battle be at Turn 6 or later.
Transformations can be viewed in the top right corner of a unit's info. Here you can select transformations to view. New passives, supers, actives, and link skills will be rainbow colored.
This particular unit's info. The transformation information can be accessed via the button circled in red.
Finally, let's look at a standby skill.
This unit is the first standby skill to come to GLB Dokkan.
Here we can see that the unit will transform into standby mode for 4 turns when the standby skill is activated.
The specific condition states that HP must be 59% or less, and the battle must be at Turn 6 or later.
Now, let's look at the passive skill of this unit in standby mode.
The new passive of the unit in standby mode.
Here, several bits of information can be gained:
  • This unit cannot attack, with the exception of the Finish Effect.
  • This unit has NO defensive boosts.
  • The unit supports all allies (not himself) for 3 ki and 59% ATK.
    • For Earth-Bred Fighters and World Tournament allies, a 50% DEF support is added.
  • The unit allows you to see the location of enemy super attacks.
  • When this character or another in the turn is KO'd, a revive is triggered with a heal to 59% HP.
  • A huge ATK boost is applied when the Finish Effect is activated.
  • How do I activate the Finish Effect?
    • Let's check the details of the Standby Skill.
Here, we can see that the Finish Effect occurs when the revive occurs, and damages the enemy who KO'd you.
The unit gives himself NO defensive boosts, while also being able to view enemy super attack locations and setting up a revive over the entire turn. When you revive, massive damage is caused to the enemy.
I don't know about you, but it sounds like when you activate this standby skill, the goal is then to literally die so that you damage the enemy and revive with some HP.
NOTE: In the non-standby mode for this unit, extra buffs are gained when a revive is activated. So yes, the point of the standby mode is literally to die.

That's all!

That is all the general info I could think of as it applies to character skills. Each (usable) unit in this game is extremely unique in a fun way that even remains faithful to the source material. Enjoy exploring your units and figuring out how to make the most of them!
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2023.05.24 02:58 Hanakamuii 700k wooo

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2023.05.24 01:55 nathanjyun A Beginner's Guide to: Battles

A Beginner's Guide to: Battles
So you have some characters and have put them into a decent team. Now it's time to put them into a real battle situation. Here's another guide on actually challenging a stage and its battles.
For new players, play through the Quest if you haven't already.

Most stages cost stamina.

This is a general concept that many gacha games and even some non-gachas have in order to limit playtime. It's a general tactic meant to keep you off your phone 24/7, but the real goal behind it is to stretch out resource gathering so you keep coming back.
If you run out of stamina, generally the best thing to do is just wait.
Stamina recharges at a rate of one tick every 5 minutes, shortened to 3 during some big celebrations. If you run out of stamina, go do something else. Dokkan isn't going anywhere.
However, some stages cost 0 stamina.
These stages are almost exclusively limited to difficult endgame stages. As a new player, you don't have to worry about these yet.
Stamina can be restored.
There are three methods:
  • Ranking Up: Completing stages gives you rank XP. When you reach the max rank XP for your level, you level up and your stamina gets refilled.
  • Aged Meat: An item meant exclusively for restoring stamina. Comes in 3 varieties, each restoring different levels of stamina per item consumed.
  • Dragon Stones: One dragon stone can fully restore your stamina. Don't do this.
The Aged Meat interface.
Ranking up or using a stone not only fully fills your stamina, it adds your stamina capacity to whatever leftover stamina you had at the moment.
As a new player challenging the Quest, this means you can quickly get to over 999 stamina if you keep ranking up.

Before entering a stage, you must select a Friend Leader.

This is simply a seventh character for your team whos leader skill also applies, just like your own leader.
The friend leader selection. Ignore the Level 751 EZA. I'm bored.
These friend leaders represent real players who have completed the stage.
The specific character is their friend supporter, and can be changed in the profile.
After completing a stage, you can send a friend request to the player whose supporter you used. Then, their friend supporter will be permanently available for use in a stage, once per day.
Some stages limit your friend leader to a specified pool.

I've entered a stage. Why am I playing a board game?

That would be the map. You can select to move from a choice of three numbers at the bottom of the screen.
Whichever number you choose will be replaced when you stop, the other two will not change until you use them.
This can be useful when trying to "save" certain numbers to reach desired tiles.
Yep, if you noticed on the map there are a number of different tiles you can land on that will trigger different effects.
A fully zoomed-out map example. Notice all the tiles.
Tiles come in three main colors:
  • Purple tiles are boss battles.
  • Red tiles are ones you generally want to avoid.
    • Enemy attack tiles have a yellow crosshair on them. They will damage you.
    • Battle tiles Enter your team into a battle.
      • Some battle tiles and ALL boss battle tiles will have a stop sign on them. If you land on them, regardless of how many moves you have left, you have to play out the battle.
  • Yellow tiles are a mystery.
    • Question mark tiles can do almost anything the other tiles can do. They can give you items, money, or ki, or it can just damage you.
    • Flying Nimbus tiles fly you to a predetermined destination on the map.
  • Blue tiles always give you something good.
    • Zeni tiles have a silver coin on them, and they give you some money.
    • Ki tiles have a silhouette of a person charging on it, and it gives your character ki. To be discussed later.
    • Baba's Shop tiles have a witch-looking person sitting on top of a crystal ball. If you land there, you can pay some Zeni to receive a support item.
    • Item tiles have different colored capsules on them.
    • Dragon Ball tiles only appear in Quest stages. Gather all seven, and you can make a wish.
Item tiles have three colors of capsules:
  • Pink capsules are awakening medals, used for Z-Awakening and sometimes Dokkan Awakening.
  • Blue capsules are support items, which are meant to give you a boost during a battle. To be discussed in another entry.
  • Red capsules are either training items or training locations.
  • Capsules can also come in rarity varieties.
    • In increasing rarity, the appearances are: White Bronze Silver Gold
    • Generally, the higher the rarity the better the item. However, some lower-rarity awakening medals (actually one in particular) and some lower-rarity support items are better or more valuable than their higher-rarity varieties.

Finally, a battle. What do I do?

Finally is right, now it's time for real gameplay. Every battle works the same way. Here's an example:
An example battle screen.
Let's start with the easy stuff.
The enemy and their HP is on the very top.
You can hold down the enemy icon to see what effects and skills they might have.
In this case, the enemy disables almost every negative status effect against him. Many endgame bosses do this.

Main Gameplay

This is the order that attacks will play out.
In this area, you can see information about when your attackers will attack, as well as the enemy. Each unit's ATK stat is displayed under their icon.
The attack order proceeds from left to right.
In this case you can see the enemy attacks twice, then my first attacker attacks, then the enemy attacks twice again, then my second attacker attacks, etc.
So who does the enemy attack? Does he affect my HP directly?
No, this isn't Yugioh. The enemy attacks whichever attacker is directly to the left of them. This means my second and third attackers only take one attack from the enemy.
So what about the enemy attacks on the furthest left? Who do they attack?
Those attacks are directed towards the first attacker. Therefore, my first attacker is receiving a total of four attacks.
Attacker order is divided into slots.
From left to right, they are numbered Slots 1 to 3.
Slot 1 generally takes the most hits.
Enemy attack placement is largely determined by RNG, but generally because of the situation I discussed earlier, Slot 1 tends to take the most hits.
Your attackers can be rearranged.
This is done mainly to put your most defensive units in Slot 1 and your "floaters" in Slot 3. What's a floater? We will get to that.
Additionally, units that are adjacent to each other will activate any link skills they share. This means Slot 2 generally has the most link skills active, since they can receive them from the characters in both Slots 1 and 3.
What is that dashed ring around each of your units?
That's their ki meter, and it affects their attacks.
Notice my attacker in Slot 2, whose ki meter is not filled yet. A full meter of ki is 12, 24 for LRs.
The main form of Dokkan gameplay is collecting spheres.
Each sphere corresponds to one tick filled on the ki meter. When the ki meter reaches a certain amount, a super attack will be launched instead of a regular one.
Generally, super attacks are launched at a full ki meter. Some units are exceptions.
Collect orbs by tapping one on the bottom row.
Orbs of the same color, connected both horizontally and vertically, will be collected and added to the current character's ki meter. First the Slot 1 unit collects orbs, then the Slot 2 unit, then the Slot 3 unit.
Rainbow orbs act as any color.
This does not mean a green sphere can connect to a red one by having a rainbow in the middle. It only serves to continue groups of a single color.
Orbs with the same color as the unit type fill a ki meter by 2 instead of 1.
Certain unit passives affect the amount of ki per sphere, and can even change sphere colors.
This will be discussed in the future.
You can hold down an orb to preview the path, number of spheres you will collect, and how much a unit's meter will be filled.
A path preview.
You can slide down while holding to cancel, or if you mess up a collection you can reset the app to restart the collection process from Slot 1.
When an active skill is available on a unit, swipe up on their icon to activate it.
Units with their active skill ready will have their icon "burning". In the image above, my Slot 2 unit has an active skill ready.
Only some units have active skills, and each requires certain conditions to be fulfilled.
Active skills have a variety of effects, so it might not be smart to use them all as soon as they are available.
Standby skills work the same way as active skills, but with a downward swipe.
Units with a standby skill ready will have their icon burning blue.
These will be discussed more in the future.
The Dokkan Meter shows progress towards a devastating attack.
The Dokkan meter, which is located just above the turn counter.
The Dokkan meter is filled by collecting spheres, and fills faster when collecting spheres of the same color.
When filled, the next super attacker will perform a Dokkan attack instead.
Dokkan mode first starts with a timing exercise. The more numbers are hit, the higher the damage that will be dealt (Side note: I know this is an older version. The timing exercise has remained the same, though).
Dokkan mode does increased damage and damages all enemies if facing more than one, while also healing based on a percentage of damage dealt.
After a Dokkan attack, the meter empties.

Rotations affect what character shows up and when. This can be controlled.

THIS IS A MORE COMPLEX PART OF THE GAME, AND IS NOT NECESSARY OUTSIDE EXTREMELY DIFFICULT STAGES. However, I will discuss them here anyway if you would like to know.
Characters in Slots 1 and 2 have one turn in between their appearances. Characters in Slot 3 have two turns in between their appearances and are called "Floaters".
On the Turn 1 rotation wheel, the three highlighted units will appear on Turn 1. Moving clockwise, the next three units will first appear on Turn 2. The remaining one will first appear on Turn 3.
This will help you figure out how to rearrange your characters such that you have the optimal rotations.
Let's look at an example of controlling rotations:
An example Turn 1 rotation wheel.
For this team to be optimal, I want Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 (the two gray people) to appear on the same turn. However, the rotation wheel shows that Gamma 2 appears on Turn 1, while Gamma 1 appears on Turn 2.
If I keep both of them in Slots 1 and/or 2 on their respective turns, they will appear on alternate turns and therefore will never appear together.
The solution is to move Gamma 2 into Slot 3 while keeping Gamma 1 in Slots 1 or 2.
Remember, units in Slot 3 have two turns in between appearances. Units in the other two slots have only one turn in between appearances.
The turns will result in this:
  • Turn 1: A turn with Gamma 2 in Slot 3. He will not appear for 2 turns.
  • Turn 2: A turn with Gamma 1 in Slot 1 or 2. He will not appear for one turn.
    • This is the first turn without Gamma 2.
  • Turn 3: A turn without either of the Gammas.
    • This is the second turn without Gamma 2. He will appear next turn.
    • This is the first turn without Gamma 1. He will appear next turn.
  • Turn 4: The Gammas are matched up.

I've collected all my spheres. Now do I just watch?

Yep. Watch cool animations, check out big numbers, and hope the enemy doesn't super.
What? The enemy can perform super attacks too?
Yep. MOST enemies can only perform a max of one super attack per turn. Sometimes they might not perform a super attack at all. Super attacks do a lot more damage and are very dangerous, especially in the endgame.
Can I tell when/where the enemy is going to perform a super attack so I can plan against it?
Generally, no. However, some unit passives and the Scouter support item can reveal enemy super attack locations.

Units with a certain type will deal more damage to, and take less damage from, units they have type advantage over.

At the same time they will deal less damage to, and take more damage from, units they have a type disadvantage against.
For example, if the enemy is PHY, you don't want your INT units to be taking too many hits from them. And if you attack that enemy with an INT unit, your damage won't be that great.
On the flipside, your STR units will deal increased damage to that enemy while also taking less from them.
Damage arrows show you if the attacking unit has advantage or disadvantage.
An example damage number.
See the arrow there? That determines a few things about damage.
The most important arrow directions are straight up and straight down.
  • Arrow straight up: Effectiveness. This is when a unit has both type and class advantage over the other, but is also granted through some unit passives.
    • Means the max amount of damage is being dealt.
  • Arrow straight down: Guard. This is really only obtainable through certain unit passives.
    • Means the least amount of damage is being dealt.
    • Guard in particular is EXTREMELY valuable.
  • The arrow can also point straight to the right, and diagonally in between.
    • Based on the first two descriptions, you might be able to figure out what these other three orientations mean.

Every battle has the same goal: Reduce the enemy's HP to zero.

That's it! In the future I will go more in-depth to unit skills, status effects, and how they might be used in battle. For now, enjoy your battles and good luck!
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2023.05.23 03:26 matt-alex1 Dokkan Battle Helper calculators are now available! Access them through the drop-down menu or left column. Notable features include auto-calculated Ki and SA multipliers, LR units have varying Ki and SA multipliers based on Ki collected, and automatic link calculations.

Dokkan Battle Helper calculators are now available! Access them through the drop-down menu or left column. Notable features include auto-calculated Ki and SA multipliers, LR units have varying Ki and SA multipliers based on Ki collected, and automatic link calculations. submitted by matt-alex1 to DBZDokkanBattle [link] [comments]