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2023.03.20 21:19 dj_sexyface Covid Myocarditis

31 YO male I had Covid in April 2022 and vaccines late 2021. I had a cardiac arrest in September of 2022. My heart was stopped for 15 minutes and right before they pronounced me dead my heart started beating again. I was rushed to the ER where my heart failed 5 more times. I miraculously made it out alive starting with 14% EF and the week after 49% EF. I now live with an AICD in my chest. I have since had two V-Tach episodes where my device delivered therapy. I received an ablation in December of 2022. I was fine for a month or two after my ablation but I found myself back in sustained V-Tach multiple times. Doctors adjusted medications and I was sent home with the possibility of another ablation. Two days after discharge I got into another sustained V-Tach after eating. I Was admitted to the hospital where I had multiple V storm episodes after eating. They performed another ablation and right after the ablation I had sustained v storm and multiple shocks from my AICD. The doctors have been puzzled by my case for a while. They did 1 nerve block which was unsuccessful and they did another nerve block that was successful for a couple of days. They finally came to the conclusion of a sympathectomy where they removed 5 inches of my sympathetic nerve. A month has passed and so far no V-Tach. Only remnants so far is annoying PVC’s which my electro physiologist and cardiologist were not concerned with. Has anyone else had a similar experience with Covid? Also how have you coped with everything?
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2023.03.20 21:19 Total-Manufacturer63 My (27M) boyfriend broke up with me on the phone last night (22F) I am in so much pain, what are the chances we will get back together?

I am going to give context:
we have been together for almost a year now. We both would tell each other and feel like we were each others soul mates. we rarely fought, and if we did we would resolve it instantly. we are very touchy people and most of our love language is being in person. However, 3 months ago, my bf (27M) went on a work trip and will be gone until middle of April. We decided at first to stay together, and we talked everyday. Until about a month ago, he started getting really busy.
I have bipolar disorder, which he knows. And as he started getting busy, I fell into a bad bad episode. It was too much for him to handle, because he wanted to be with me but couldn't because of work. We decided to take a break until he gets back home and we can talk.
But since my mental health has been so so bad, (not an excuse) I basically pushed him completely away. He said he's worried about me and that I am putting a lot of stress on him.
Last night, he was very angry on the phone (and he never gets angry) and he said he is working, and that we are officially over. We are no longer dating. I asked if we could talk when he gets back, and he just said "no. I don't know."
He was angry because I was not respecting his space, and would constantly be blowing up his phone for reassurance. Which is NOT who I am. I am struggling mentally, and I want to be better for him.
This is all my fault. I am in the deepest depression of my life. I have destroyed such a beautiful connection.
Please, give me advice. Is it over?
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2023.03.20 21:19 bexyrex Great with everything except dogs barking behind fences

So I have a 2yr old staffie mix that I've had since he was 12 weeks. He's very very well socialized. I took him to puppy classes, dog park etc his whole life basically. He does great off leash. He couldn't tolerate daycare bc he's a Velcro dog and I work from home. He's fine being left alone for hours tho so I know he doesn't have separation anxiety and he did great during the two weeks we left town last year and had a friend watch the house.
we're still working on a few issues on our walk mainly pulling excessively. All around he's a good dog. The only issue is that he's been having considerable anxiety lately around dogs barking at him thru fences. Especially a couple of bully dogs in the neighborhood who rush at us at the fence. One of whom is like 20 damn lbs but acts like a madman and lives right around the corner and the other who is 65+ a few blocks down the road named Blutho who I consider his mortal enemy. Otter responds with whining now at the sound of dogs barking and he gets lungy and barky around dogs who lunge and bark.
I have decided that Bluthos street is off limits bc any time he's out it sets Otter back.
He's not reactive in any other ways. He's a mildly frustrated greeter but even as I'm sitting here at the coffee shop he's watched two dogs go by and just kinda leaned in for a sniff and stayed where he is. But walking oh my God walking is just starting to feel stressful bc of how many dogs in this neighborhood are just left in their front yards to yell at people and other dogs.
I have been clicker training and rewarding for looking but not reacting. For looking at dogs then looking away but depending on the day sometimes it's just too much right of the bat and he's gets lungy and barky. Other times he'll go the whole walk chill and only a little whiny until we get a block from home and there's some random dog and he gets all frustrated and reactive. This is driving me nuts and I'm doing my best with him but sometimes I'd like to just walk and not be thinking about other dogs 24/7. Other days I just don't bother with a walk and just go to the dog park.
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2023.03.20 21:18 matthewlewis777 Chicken farm, with a side of burn. Help us please

Colombia city landlord/ tenant help
Signed a two year lease in a home just over a year ago. Great spot, in the upstairs of a two story home while our landlord builds a mother in law unit downstairs. To be rented out at a later date. He owns 3 homes in king county to at least 6 tenants.
Well, here comes the trouble. Landlord got divorced suddenly and moved in downstairs without notice. This is feb of lat year (two months after our move in) fine, I felt bad for the guy & had given us no reason to distrust him yet. Units are separated and really wasn’t worried. (But was not what we signed up for in the lease. We did not want to live in the same home as our landlord and likely wouldn’t have signed initially if that was the case.) but I digress.
Fast forward a couple months and we have noticed a distinct smell coming from downstairs. Like a farm smell. Followed by chirps and eventually clucks and full on cockadoodle doos. Come to find out, This man is raising 12-18 chickens downstairs and just letting them poo and pee wherever. (I realize the solution is not potty training the chickens.) addressed it directly with no solution. Except that they will be gone eventually ( took him 6 months to slowly eat through his roommates)
Animal control and the department of construction and inspections both told us that this wasn’t their problem.
Beginning shortly after that we noticed the fire alarms were going off at least weekly and he would burn things on the stove and get distracted, gardening outside, he has even left to run errands, leaving our upstairs unit smelling like burnt chicken shit for days.
We began problem solving with compassion but frankly, at this stage there is a lot of unpleasantness in our household. Tenants (us) have been very vocal about stopping all of these nuisances and it has resorted to landlord name calling, ignoring, doing 10pm construction, all sorts of childish retaliation.
Spring has sprung and burning has increased to daily. I think he has removed his fire alarms as they are no longer going off daily. And on top of that it smells and sounds like he has some fresh chicks down there.
My spouse and I have been saving to buy a home. We’re almost there and know that this is at very least a “break your lease for free card.” But, at this stage I want some childish games of my own.
Anyone had similar experiences with landlords?
How do I stick it to this asshole?
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2023.03.20 21:18 ketchupblackberry Helly Hansen Jackets Sale UK

You may check the link for Helly Hansen Jackets Sale UK. Almost always, latest coupons and promo codes can be found there. Also, current discount deals are available at the link.
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2023.03.20 21:18 dont_drop_dat_phone When tap fails.... "You didn't charge me twice, did ya?"

When boomers tap to pay and it double beeps (tap didn't work) but they're already halfway across the store.
I yell over at them "Tap didn't work, you gotta insert!"
They come back all pissed off. "What?"
Me: "Tap failed, it wants you to insert."
Them: "....I have to pay again?"
Me: "You haven't payed yet, it didn't go through at all the first time. Just gotta insert"
(They insert, and put their PIN in. Of course, on the third try because the other two times they took too long and it timed out and I had to re-initialize the card machine.)
The receipt comes out, I hand them their receipt.
Them: "You better not charge me twice, I'll be keeping an eye on my credit card statements."
This has happened soooo many times in the past 5 years.
Credit cards have been around for 70 years now. Why don't people STILL understand how they work? This is basic stuff. They also act like I personally receive their money. I don't make commission. I make minimum wage, boomers. I'll never step foot into a home that I own because of what they did to the world & economy. Also Google "how do credit cards work". Fuckers.
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2023.03.20 21:18 EeveeonE- I'm curious to know what people think of that episode of Futurama - The Problem With Popplers

I'm rewatching the Futurama series because as a kid I never understood a lot of the jokes or story, now I do and I realize it's genius, for a comedy sci-fi. I'm up to Season 2, Episode 15, which is called "The Problem With Popplers."
I've of course been vegan for 3 years, and a lot of what's here doesn't really hold up, and won't ever hold a candle to the episode "Lisa the Vegetarian" in The Simpsons.

The story of the episode: The Planet Express crew discover some plants on an uninhabited planet that taste so good they couldn't stop eating them, and bought some home. They ended up managing to make a franchise out of it. The food was named "Popplers". A organisation called M.E.A.T (Who defends animals) protested to them directly saying what they're doing is murder. After denial, they all went back in, and some time later Leela discovered Fry left some out Popplers in Planet Express HQ, where Leela then discovered them growing, one of them was alive and looked at her, and I think spoke? This causes her to express concern, as well as the Poppler themself. Everyone was convinced after the Poppler expressed their own concern, which prompted the crew to begin advocating against cooking and eating them. M.E.A.T. did nothing essentially until a debate in the episode, and much later on, and the crew's own protests weren't doing anything either. Though for some reason they didn't work together. Eventually it's discovered the Popplers are young from the alien planet, Omicron Perci I8, who were nursing on an empty planet. And their uh, alien-people selves, threaten to eat the humans if a punishment can't be decided, and the rest of the episode is kinda tame from that point, where they agree to eat Leela who was the first to discover and eat their young. At the end, the Poppler who first spoke to Leela saved her, and made some comments about why we eat, saying revenge shouldn't be one of them which is good actually.

However, the sour note of the episode really is how joking it was, I know Futurama isn't always trying to be serious, but it somehow makes it frustrating rather than funny, except the Hippie at the end, that was a good gag. But damn, the irony in the end was interesting, but I don't feel right about this episode. Maybe I'm overreacting and hyperfixating. I'm curious to know what others think about this episode. It's rare to see shows tackle this topic. In my experience anyway. I generally don't like the message or humour in this. Also M.E.A.T seemed like a parody of PETA or something, painted in the bad light everyone else paints them as.
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2023.03.20 21:18 HightopsTreaty Hi, looking for help on completing Dex for Let’s go Eevee. I’ve got Shinies that I can trade through home for assistance. Thanks.

Let me know! :)
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2023.03.20 21:18 JMav12 Will the 6a go even cheaper when 7a goes on sale?

My 4a is getting closer to being replaced by a newer phone. I'll miss the smaller form factor of the 4a and the rear fingerprint sensor, but I'm a pretty low frills user and the 6a should be fine as daily for me. The 6a has been on sale again for $299 as of late. Will it go even lower if there's sufficient inventory once the 7a goes on sale later this year?
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2023.03.20 21:18 MarkySharky81 Recent 1 week itinerary - Ask Me Anything

My wife, brother-in-law and his wife spent a week in Iceland at the beginning of March. I'll put our basic itinerary below. It might be helpful and I'm happy if it helps anyone.
Feel free to ask questions or if you want more specific info about our itinerary and stay etc.
Happy travels 🙂
Iceland Itinerary
Tuesday 7th March
Collect hire car Drive to Reykjavik - 45 minutes Explore reykjavik Coastal walk - sun voyager sculpture Grotta lighthouse - 5km walk along the coast
Wednesday 8th March
8am - Leave Apartments Drive to Blue Lagoon - 50 minutes 9-11 - Blue lagoon 10 min drive - Bryggjan cafe Drive to Vik - 3 hours On the way: Gljufrabui - waterfall Skogarfoss (waterfall) 500 steps + 2 mile trail for extra waterfalls Check in to Vik accommodation between 4pm-11pm Dinner in Vik
Thursday 9th March
6am Run 7:30am - breakfast buffet at Hotel Vik Reynisfjara black sand beach - basalt sea stacks Fjaaoargljufur - waterfal/canyon Fjallsárlón Frost Restaurant Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon/diamond beach 30 minute drive to hotel in Hof
Friday 10th March
8am - breakfast buffet at hotel Drive to Troll expeditions Skaftafell - 5 minutes Ice cave and glacier hike - 4 hours Drive to hotel in Vik - 2hours Stjórnarfoss bílastæði waterfall to stop on way back Check in to Hotel Dinner in Vik
Saturday 11th March
7:30am -8:30 Breakfast at hotel 30 min drive Solheimasandur - DC plane crash site (2 hours walking- 4miles) Sólheimajökull glacier Mia's Country Van - Local Fish & Chips opens at 12-4 Kvernufoss Waterfall Drive to Selfoss - 1hr 15mins Explore selfoss pick up supplies dinner and breakfast Check in to Airbnb) selfoss
Sunday 12th March
Drive from Selfoss to Reykjavik Gullfoss Geysir Laugarvatn Pingvellir 2pm - Check in to Reykjavik Airbnb 6pm - Sky Lagoon
Monday 13th March
Explore Reykjavik Hallgrimskirkja - Tallest church Skolavoroustigur - rainbow shopping street
Tuesday 14th March
Drop off hire car Flight home
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2023.03.20 21:18 obiwanjacobyx7x Failed interview due to reasonable accomodation request

Hello all, I just started thinking about this. Over a year ago I had an interview with Lowe's Hardware, to do their customer service remote help. I would be working from home at a desk for the shift. During the phone call interview, the woman mentioned sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day. We moved to reasonable accomodations, and asked if I needed anything in particular. I said that I have severe back pain, and sometimes might have to stand up while working, and mentioned that I already own a standing desk for that reason (I mix music on a computer) She was adamant that I had to remain sitting the entire shift, that me even using a standing desk did not fit into their reasonable accomodations. The interview ended right there.
This doesn't seem right, legal, or like it fits their accomodations.
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2023.03.20 21:18 GettrPAY The textbook example of CCP’s infiltrating and controlling the United States The ‘trio that fight against the CCP’ was successively framed by the DOJ#nfsc #gforever #gdesign #nft #gclub #MilesGuo

The textbook example of CCP’s infiltrating and controlling the United States The ‘trio that fight against the CCP’ was successively framed by the DOJ#nfsc #gforever #gdesign #nft #gclub #MilesGuo submitted by GettrPAY to FreeMilesGuo [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 21:18 dairydisaster 20[R4R] GA, USA looking for non traditional relationship

Please be US based. I turn 21 in May however please do not contact me if you are older than 26.
Greetings everyone, I am non-binary (AFAB). I never really thought I fit in, and I am autistic, ADHD, and have a disability. However for the most part I am independent and have a stable job. I have 4 cats and like most animals but I'm not big on dogs. I don't hate them by any means, I just don't wish to own one. I've been single for a few years now so I want to try and put myself out there again.
I want to make my expectations clear because I don't have lots of romantic success and I have such a specific idea of what I would actually want due to these weird dreams I have. I don't like to put hard expectations on others and I don't wish to change people or force them to fit into my standards because I believe that's a very unhealthy mindset to have. I work from home so I usually have plenty of time to respond to DMs
As far as interests go, I really like listening to different genres of metal. I make my way over to venues to see local bands play all the time. I do listen to other genres as well such as emo, Pop punk, and other forms of alternative music.
I do identify as a goth, but I don't wear the clothes every day. I love alternative outfits and venture into other types of styles. Most of my pieces are thrifted or bought from specialty stores.
I would like to say I am nerdy, but most of the anime I know are from the 90s-00's. I go to conventions but I'm starting to burn out of them due to my disability and the high cost of attending cons nowadays. I have really become a JRPG nerd (Fire emblem, persona, xenoblade, valkiryia chronicles, tales of, etc) and also a big DND nerd. I have a wizard character I am really dedicated to and I even am working on a "cosplay" of him.
LGBTQ culture is important to me, and I like to attend drag shows and hang out in LGBTQ spaces. I am a Leftist.
I'm aware that I was not necessarily designed to be normal, so I never wanted a traditional life, a white picket fence, or any of the things people tell you should strive to be. I wish to carve my own path.
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2023.03.20 21:18 gc1 Crazy data usage - any ideas?

My wife and I are both on VZW postpaid plans (The new Verizon Plan Large 8gb). Most months, we stay within this data allocation, but on some months, we get hit with data overages multiple times. Whenever I look at the usage on the account, I'm at a loss to pin it down precisely, but it seems like my wife uses a lot more data than me. Like, a lot. Last month, it was extreme - like 7.5gb for here and .5gb for me.
Since we both work from home on the same wifi network, this is surprising. Yes, she goes on instagram a lot and that's a data-rich application. But most of the time she is at home. Every time I check her phone to make sure the wifi is on and she's on the network, both are on.
There are multiple 1gb+ days which just seems like a lot even if you're scrolling instagram.
Could there be some kind of hardware or settings issue behind this, or any other ideas here?
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2023.03.20 21:18 Exact_Bank CD 14, Premom App w/[email protected] OPK. 4th cycle, first time tracking w/ BBT, had a CP last cycle. Does anyone else have such odd daily BBT up & down temps daily? Mine seem so inconsistent. See comment below for more.

CD 14, Premom App w/Easy@home OPK. 4th cycle, first time tracking w/ BBT, had a CP last cycle. Does anyone else have such odd daily BBT up & down temps daily? Mine seem so inconsistent. See comment below for more. submitted by Exact_Bank to TFABLinePorn [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 21:18 ketchupblackberry Helly Hansen Sale Kinder

Get Helly Hansen Sale Kinder from this link and save money on your next purchase. First, visit the link for Helly Hansen Sale Kinder. Then, on that page pick the best promo code, or deals, you interested and click the 'View Coupon' button. Enjoy the discount!
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2023.03.20 21:18 Redskull9099 By comparison Speciality coffee is cheaper than you think

Hello, fellow coffee snobs,
I calculated the price of our daily caffeine (200mg minimum, 2 cups per day) via different methods
  1. Caffeine pills :- 5 rs/day (1 pill 1/2, 2 time a day) This one
  2. Instant coffee:- This one
A. With milk :- 40 or 52 rs/day (2 cups)
200ml low fat milk ( amul taza) + 3 gm or 5 gm coffee + sugar (10.5 + 8.5 or 14.5 + 1 = 20 or 26 )
B. With water :- 17 or 29 rs/day ( 2 cups)
  1. Speciality coffee
Now first thing about accessories that need to make it...
==>> Now Most praised and used equipments in this sub (imo) are :-
  1. V60 with 1 year worth paper filters ( hario white v2 ) :- 467 + 1512 (420 x 3.6) = 1979
  2. Aeropress :- 3200
  3. KaldiPress / Desi aeropress :- 1500
4.French press :- from 500 to 2000 ( above one is example)
  1. South Indian filter coffee maker :- from 300 to 1400 ( not mentioning aramse one)
  2. Moka pot :- from 600 to 8000
Not going to talk about espresso machine cause don't know much about it and don't care to research about it right now.
===>> Now weight scale :-
A. Hoffen :- 1400
B. Instacuppa :- 2000
C. Hario :- 11000 ( price has some drip man..)
===>> Now gooseneck kettle :-
A. Instacuppa :- 2500
B. Agaro :- 3600
===>>> Coffee Grinders :-
A. Timemore chestnut c2 :- 4300
You can use blade grinder ( normal spice grinder at home) if you can't afford above one watch James Hoffman video about it
===>>> For temprature control freaks :-
buy electric Kettle with inbuilt thermometer
buy kitchen Thermometer
Or just eyeball it
===>>> Now all equipment considered
We are going to see from most cheap to most expensive methods (combination of minimum price equipments in each one)
  1. If you are a broke (student mostly) snob just chew goddam caffeine pills and study to gain money for later methods
  2. Instant coffee with water
  3. South Indian filter coffee with milk ( cause sif coffee powder is cheap than instant one)
  4. Instant coffee with milk
  5. V60 x french press with muslin cloth + weight scale :- 467 + 150 + 1400 = 2000
  6. French press + WS :- 1100 + 1400 = 2500
  7. Kaldipress + ws :- 1500 + 1400 = 2900
  8. Moka pot + ws :- 2000 + 1400 = 3400
  9. Aeropress + ws :- 3200 + 1400 = 4600
  10. V60 + filter paper (1 year) + ws + gooseneck kettle :- 467 + 1512 + 1400 + 2500 = 5880
  11. Espresso :- starts from 10k ( wonderchef) to go beyond 1 lac ( don't know much about it)
Now this all prices are with pre ground coffee , So add another 4.2 k in all above if you want to add a basic good reliable grinder ( according to this sub) for freshly ground coffee
===>>> Now come to the main point of all above :-
If you drink 2 cups a black coffee per day ( morning and evening) with 14 GM coffee each time so 28 GM per day.
Now you buy speciality coffee by 1 kg at a time So 1000/28 = 35.71 ~36 days
So it will run for 1 month ( for who concern about storage buy beans and vaccum them in small quantities and put in freezer) Here
So if you buy coffee by
A. 1200 per kg :- 33.6 rs per day (for 2 cups ) B. 1300 per kg :- 36.4 " C. 1400 per kg :- 39.2 " D. 1500 per kg :- 42 E. 1600 per kg :- 44.8 F. 1700 per kg :- 47.6 G. 1800 per kg:- 50.4
So you got the point,
Now if you go out to your local shop ( tapri ) they might sell you instant coffee for 25 to 30 rs ( I am guessing here)
Or go to tea post they might sell 40 to 60 RS per cup ( price may very from location to location)
So let's say you drink twice from outside ( tea post let's say 50 rs for 1) it will cost you 100 rs per day for that and it's nowhere near to speciality one which is 50 rs per day
===>>> So who want to enter this hobby or whatever this is
A. Go for SIF if you want milk based coffee
B. For not caring about ethics go with kaldipress + hoffen scale ( under 3 k budget) with pre ground coffee ( try quater First method from u/NotRealHyde)
C.for ethical ones go for aeropress + hoffen scale + timemore c2
D. For kothibangala walas go for espresso...
Now it's my opinion and some minor puns and jokes so don't take it seriously,
any respectful criticism is welcome.
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2023.03.20 21:17 ketchupblackberry Helly Hansen Sale Ski Jacket

You may check the link for Helly Hansen Sale Ski Jacket. Almost always, latest coupons and promo codes can be found there. Also, current discount deals are available at the link.
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2023.03.20 21:17 gargamels_right_boot 4.5g Golden Teachers trip

Hello all! Wanted to share some info on the trip I had Friday night. This was not my first psilocybin trip but was my first time with Golden Teachers. Prior to this I had only tripped with Blue Meanies.
This was my first trip since April of 2022 as I had a couple pretty heavy trips and in discussing with my wife I decided to take some time off.
My shrooms were nice and cracker dry so I broke them into small pieces and mixed them into some Banana Greek Yogurt, with an extra banana cut added in as well to help with digestion and I ate this at ~9 pm.
Started getting light visuals by around 9:45 while I was watching a movie. These visuals increased in strength until I was unable to really see the screen very well as the colors were so bright. I wandered around my house a bit, enjoying how my house looked. I did go back to the movies for a bit but by 11 my attention span was gone and I could not stay on anything for more than a few minutes. My curtains were dancing, the walls were breathing and my spirits were high.
I did get short of breath as I approached the peak, and felt a bit scared by this so I reached out to The Fireside Project and they were very helpful. I worked on my breathing and watched the world dance.
On my last really heavy trip I had smoked some weed just before the peak to help with anxiety and it sent me off to see the machine elves, with these Teachers however no weed was needed.
I lay on my couch with my eyes closed, the visuals were so bright and so strong, and very much the cliche 'psychedelic trip', I was on a vast flat surface, what looked like pyramids in the distance, sudden movement to my right and as I looked I saw a line expand and zip off to infinity. The sounds I was hearing mixed perfectly in with the music, looping around and together with the visuals moving and changing along with the sounds. What I found most interesting was I was hearing the extra sounds being created by my trip, but I was able to hear my own thoughts over them. I felt like I was there for a long time but when it kind of cleared up I realized it was only 2.5 songs.
About 10 minutes later a second peak wave came and I was closed eyed again, only this time with no music. That's when the faces appeared in the shapes. I can still see them but not describe what they looked like, and the did not speak to me. It was during this that there were absolutely times where I felt like I was floating and that I had a silent mind, I was still hearing the music being created but no thoughts over top of it, I was just...there. I think it is the closest I have come to ego death.
After about another half hour I made my way back up to bed, feeling more like I was 'home' if that makes sense. I put on some pro wrestling (which I love don't judge me lmao) and the visuals were still strong. It looked like the ring was made of pure light that they were dancing on. The manager on the outside of the ring when I looked at him it seemed to be zipping back and forth really fast.

All in all it was a good night and a great trip, those Teachers do not mess around!
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2023.03.20 21:17 prolific1997 Did I wait too long to test myself?

I had a mild sore throat about a week ago then last Wednesday I started getting a bad headache, runny nose, and cough (all minor). Thursday I tested myself and I was positive for covid so I went home from work.
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2023.03.20 21:17 Snacksmith Fossils and gyroids on my beach

To the right of the airport, there are fossils to grab, and gyroids farther down the beach. Feel free to bring fossils you don’t need, and drop them for others! There’s also some free stuff on the ground around the airport, if you’re interested in any of it. Dodo: K554Q
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2023.03.20 21:17 positive_plainjane Brands that people sleep on?

What is a brand offered at Sephora that you think people sleep on? I recently tried Lys Beauty and was incredibly impressed with their foundation and cream blushes. And in comparison, the prices are pretty reasonable - $24.00 for the foundation and $18.00 for cream blush. I don't hear them hyped often, so what brand and/or product do you like that's not widely talked about?
I'm going to try the Lys bronzer in the upcoming sale.
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