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Lang and Co chase Juno away from the Rooster's Rest. (Speedy's POV)

2023.06.07 23:26 Unusual_Statement_34 Lang and Co chase Juno away from the Rooster's Rest. (Speedy's POV)

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2023.06.07 23:18 EAS893 5 years experience in a F500... bored but also grateful... trying to figure out what comes next... MBA/change careers completely/coast... What would you guys suggest?

So, here's my path so far:
BS Engineering from a mediocre state school + co-op in software engineering at a midcap telecom firm -> LDP in the manufacturing industry (3 roles: 2 years as a business analyst, 2 years on an internal consulting team, 1 year as a project manager)
I'm strongly considering going to business school. That was my initial plan coming out of undergrad, do this LDP I've been in for several years, then get an MBA at as high ranking of a school as I can and continue to climb the ladder afterward. I have a 3.8 GPA and a 750 GMAT, which combined with my work experience should make me competitive for a T15 or so program with an outside shot at an M7 (the no name school + "boring" industry will probably hurt me at that level), I think.
I'm getting cold feet about it for a lot of reasons TBH. For one thing, the potential debt load plus the time out of the workforce for business school is scaring me a bit. The math says it'll work out in the long run, but it's still scary to consider basically draining my net worth back to zero for a few years.
Then there's the actual career itself. I honestly just kind of got on a path and see this as the way forward, but when I look at folks a couple promotions ahead of me and my company and see if I can imagine myself doing that type of managerial work and be happy in that situation for a decades long career. My answer is honestly hell no.
There are things I can transition to with an MBA, but almost all of them are intimidating as fuck compared to the stuff I've done so far. Product management is probably the one that's most interesting to me as someone with a technical background, but when I look at my own situation my job is honestly pretty chill most of the time. I manage projects, but once the upfront work is done, they pretty much manage themselves. There are some busy times, but a lot of the time, I'm legitimately just sitting in on meetings for a couple hours a day, and that's it. I have to be honest, my work ethic is fading fast to the point that I don't even know if I could do something more intensive than this anymore.
I'm definitely getting bored with it, but the other side is that I have a REALLY sweet income to effort ratio. I've always been FIRE minded in my career, and my math suggests that just chilling in this role or a similar one should have me approaching that goal, at least leanly, in ~10 years with just inflation matching raises, sooner if I can keep getting promotions, if I can just keep my head down here and keep going. That's an attractive possibility, and getting an MBA would almost certainly push the time to that end up, but I worry I might be wasting my "potential" whatever that means, by forgoing the chance to put a well known university on my resume plus the network such a move would provide as well as potentially getting me to a more "interesting," whatever that means, job. Maybe I'm just being melancholy, but I honestly feel that any job is going to get boring after a while, and I might just be chasing an illusion by even trying to find the perfect one and should just be happy with what I have, which is a remote job that pay decently and isn't too difficult. Of course there's of course no guarantee that I'll be able to stay in this role or even with this company for another decade or however long it takes to reach FI, and I feel that I might be fucked when it comes to getting new roles if I decide to coast and lose this job sometime between now and reaching FI.
Then there's just the fact that my interests are shifting. I have an engineering background, and I work in IT, but I must confess that I don't give a flying fuck about any of that shit. It's a day job to me. That's it.
The problem is that the things I do actually have interest in seem to involve either lower career prospects, lower salaries, more education, or some combination of these things.
I'm gonna sound really scatterbrained here, and that's because I am, but here goes.
I've been doing a lot of spiritual searching for a long ass time. that's a long story, but at this point, I think I've finally found a way of approaching religion that works for me and makes sense, and I feel a calling to share that with others in some way.
The more I go down that path the less I feel the need to identify myself with any religious institution or dogma. None of them can capture the totality of ultimate reality, but I maintain formal associations with institutions aligned with both Zen Buddhism and Unitarian Universalism. I've found helpful teachings and practices as well community within both institutions. I see them as a yin and yang in my own spiritual life, and I've strongly considered either attending seminary with the intention of becoming a UU pastor or spending some time in residency at a Zen Monastery.
I've also considered approaching my desire to share my practice with others from a more secular route as a mental health therapist of some sort (either LCSW or as a Psychologist) specializing in mindfulness based cognitive therapy or something similar to that.
There's also been a sort of desire within myself to be a writer of some sort for a long time. I'm not sure what that looks like or even if it's something that's anything more than my ego just wanting to enlarge itself by having other people read my thoughts, but it's absolutely there.
The problem with all of those things is twofold. Number 1 is that I worry about my ability to support myself and make a living in all of them. They all seem to have lower incomes on average than what I currently make, and in the case of being a religious leader in a minority religion I worry the opportunities for full time employment may not exist at all. Not to mention they all would involve further education (and debt) as well.
Number 2 is that my own experience is that when you take things you are passionate about and try to make them your means of supporting yourself, the passion often fades, and the necessity of supporting yourself can often color the way you produce your work in a negative way.
For those reasons I've kind of put those things on the back burner in my mind and said I'd focus on financial independence before thinking about those things. The problem is, as I've outlined above, I don't know if I have what it takes to do in my current career, and the path out that I've planned for myself through business school seems to extend the timeline to FI substantially.
Anyway, that's a lot of stuff to type out, but I'm just looking for thoughts from this community. Do you guys have any advice to offer? I know I sound like I'm all over the place. I'm just looking for some advice.
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2023.06.07 21:24 NefariousnessFalse73 How often does this message pop up, and for what reason?

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2023.06.07 20:46 Mobile_Bit_4316 My dog is becoming territorial?

Hi! I have a 3 year old Thai Ridgeback who is an amazing dog! However, she is possessive over high value things such as bones and food when other dogs are around so we have stayed away from these high value things and made sure when it’s time to eat she has her space to do so alone. She has a high prey drive and is always chasing after squirrels, bunnies, and rabbits. In the past, she has killed baby bunnies and rabbits but has never eaten them (or at least that I know of) until three days ago where she ate a bunny in our backyard. After it happened, I hosed down the area hoping to remove any scent that was left over? (Idk if that really did anything) but I did this because she kept circling the area. Since then, she has been snapping and tried to bite my dad when he was close to the area where she ate the bunny. Does anyone know what’s happening and have any suggestions for me to help her stop from snapping/biting when people are in the area?
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2023.06.07 19:14 InspectionWrong6720 Addressing Misinformation of tip sizes.

Yesterday there was a post about snooker cue size tips. It seems like majority of people do not know what tips sizes actually do. So this is going to be a crash course on the topic.
Tip shape is what matters, not tip size. (read the full post before coming to conclusions).
We have 3 common tip shapes in pool. These are called Dime, Nickle, and Quarter. They are named such because you can take the U.S. currency of said pieces, stick it next to your tip and gauge it's shape very accurately. Some like dime shapes, other like nickle shapes... Some even like quarter shapes. (I am not going to get into what shape is best here).
Now lets take two dime shape tips. One of these tips will be on a 11mm shaft. The other will be on a 13mm shaft. Let us find out which one will have better tip placement with a dime shape tip.
The 11mm shaft has partial circumference of a dime, with a base of n=11 The 13mm shaft has partial circumference of a dime, with a base of n=13 You can follow along at home, take a two dimes, cut one dime where the bottom is 11mm and the other where the bottom is 13mm. We are going to talk in 2d math circles, not 3d for spheres (makes my life easier and the concepts we will talk about still apply in 3d.) So we take these two shapes and transfer them to your cue ball. Which of these two will be able to reach further along the cueball? Surprisingly, the larger shaft diameter will be able to reach further around the circumference of the cueball. Again, try this at home, you will be shocked. But this has no effect on miscue, we will get to miscue in a bit. But for now lets continue with tip shape.
So the 13mm with a dime shape can reach further theoretical english than the 11mm. Lets talk about the next topic, surface area. For this we need a formula. Or we can cheat and use an online calculator. (I hate doing math so lets cheat). Here is a link to the calculator
So our diameter for both tip shapes is 17.91mm(dime shape) Radius of 8.955mm with chord changing for both. The chord is simply the diameter of the tip. Plug in radius and chord for both and the rest of the numbers will fill themselves in. So, we plug in 11 or 13mm for the chord, 8.955mm for the radius and get the following: 13mm shaft = Arc Length of 14.55mm 11mm shaft = Arc Length of 11.84mm This means the 13mm shaft has roughly 2mm more of surface area to hit the ball with. If your entire goal is having as much surface area as possible to hit the ball with, then you would want a large tip with sharp shape. BUT! We are missing something.
In pool we need a tip shape whose arc is roughly 60 degrees of the full circle. (I will explain why in the miscue section, for now just hang on) For example, lets take a 11mm tip. In that calculator put in 11mm for the chord, and 60 degrees for the angle. You will see we get 11mm for the radius. Which means any coin with a 22mm diameter is the perfect shape to shoot for with an 11mm tip. What coin has a 22mm diameter? A nickel is 21.21 in diameter. Which is close enough for us. This gives us an angle of 62 degrees. So if you were using an 11.00mm tip, you want a Nickle shape. (This is a lot flatter than most people think they need for a tip as small as 11mm.)
You can do this with any tip size you have... You have a 12.5mm tip, put 12.5mm as the chord, 60deg as the angle. And we need a a shape that has a radius of 12.5mm or 25mm diameter. If you are noticing a pattern, you are paying attention.
Generally the shape you should have on your tip is diameter x 2. So what would a 12mm tip be? 24mm. 13mm pool tip = 26mm shape. Quarter is 24.5mm which is close enough for us. This is why 13mm tips from factory have a roughly quarter shape on them.
You will notice we go a little lower than what is required, this is because tips compress and will flatten out, so we want some wiggle room. If you wanted to shape your tip yourself to the perfect diameter, give it some wiggle room, that way it doesn't go flat in 1 hit.
Miscue limit Now we start getting into the reason behind all this weird stuff. The miscue limit does not change based on the tip's size or diameter, UNLESS the tip shape is worse than what is required.
To save a GIGANTIC post about the physics of miscuing, if you are interested here is a paper on it (The paper briefly touches on the topic and explains the physics behind it but will not necessarily give you the 60 degree number, none-the-less it is an interesting paper).
For those who do not care to read mumbo-jumbo... Roughly 30 degrees from center on the cueball is our miscue limit. This can change slightly with better friction. Friction can be increased by power, chalk, or leather. But diminishing returns... You will not notice a difference if you already use proper equipment. If you do notice a difference, it's more than likely placebo effect.
So we take the left and right 30 degree miscue limit, add it together and we get a section of 60 degrees. This is why we want our tip to be a 60 degree section of a larger circle. (refer back to the 60 degree tip section) This will give us the most uniform range of motion, while keeping the best integrity possible of the cue tip. NOTE: A dime shape will work on a 13mm tip, but it will NOT give you extra performance, all you are doing is making your tip more fragile. We go for a quarter shape because it can reach the full 30 degree area of hit, but retains as much strength as possible for the tip so it doesn't deshape.
A dime shape on a 13mm tip will have roughly 72degrees of surface area on it. This means you have 6 degrees on both sides you cannot use. We want our tip shape to match the 60 degree miscue limit without going under. A tip with 50 degrees will not be able to reach the full range of english. But a tip with 60+ degrees will. So we want to be above 60 without going overboard. Which means a dime shape on a 13mm tip is not necessary, it just makes the tip break down faster, and makes it harder for you to aim with the shaft.
Parallax Now is where we talk about what smaller diameter tips, and what a sharper shapes provides.
Everyone reading this should know about the ghost ball method of aiming, this is what we are doing with our tips, you likely just never noticed. To get to the 30degree miscue limit on a 11mm tip, you will have an offset of 5.5mm. This means your tip is actually aiming 5.5mm further to the side than where you are hitting. With a 13mm tip, the offset is 6.5mm. So we have a 1mm aiming difference between a 13mm and 11mm tip. A short cheat formula is Old diameter - New Diameter = Y / 2 = off set difference. So if you had a 12.5mm and you went down to a 11.8mm the aiming difference at 30 degrees would be: 12.5mm - 11.8mm = 0.7mm / 2 = 0.35mm or roughly 1/80th of an inch.
Now, lets say you use a nickel shape on your 13mm, what is the offset? we take the nickel shape which is roughly 22mm, find the 60 degree angle for the 22mm diameter circle, and get 11. Divide 11 by 2 which is 5.5mm. Now we take the 13mm tip, divide by 2 and get 6.5. 6.5 - 5.5 = 1mm Meaning you will have a 1mm offset between the edge of your shaft and where you are actually hitting. This is another reason why you should use the proper shape on your shaft, as with a quarter shape on a 13mm you can use the edge of the shaft as the aiming point for miscue. If your shape is to sharp, it's no longer on the edge of the shaft but in the middle somewhere.
So why do smaller tip sizes exist if both 13mm and 11mm give the exact same action? Back when shafts were wood, Low Deflection LD was based weight. The less weight you had in your shaft, the less deflection. Companies basically perfected the LD wood cues with spliced wood, radial wood, hollow cores, etc. So the only way to get an advantage over the competition was through smaller diameters. This made companies go below the 12mm tip size chasing the coveted "lowest deflection shaft" but it had draw backs in power and accuracy. Then we get carbon fiber, a 13mm carbon fiber is FAR lighter than a 11mm wood. So companies jumped back to the 12-13mm range. After they went back to the normal range, people who were used to their 11.75mm tips, noticed a difference in bridge hand and some tip placement... So companies knowing there was a market for people who wanted a 11.75mm tip on a carbon shaft, started making shafts that small again. There is no noticeable deflection difference between a 11.75mm and 12.5mm in any proper carbon fiber shaft.
Placebo effect I heard this story years ago, but I love it. A F1 team designed the absolute mathematically perfect car for a race track, they stuck their driver in it and he was slower around a track... The driver modified the suspension of the car, which mathematically made it slower... However, the driver was faster around the track.
We are humans, if you play better with an 11.8mm, awesome. If you play better with a 13mm, awesome. But if you are looking for the absolute best tip, you would want the bigger tip of the two.
Why do I prefer a 12.5mm over a 11.8mm? 12.5mm means I need a less aggressive shape, less aggressive shape means I get longer tip life, and more surface area on center or near center hits, meaning more control. I have the exact same miscue limit as the 11.8mm, I also get the exact same amount of spin. So I get the benefits of better center hits, better tip life, and more control. All while having the same exact english and miscue limit. Why would someone prefer the 11.8mm? Less parallax on full English shots.
Do you need to sell your 11.8mm for a 12.5mm? NO! 11.8mm is a great shaft, there is no reason to go back to a 12.5mm if it works for you then it is a good shaft. Why add more learning the cue time, when there is no reason? If you can run a table with an 11.8mm a 12.5mm will not change your game.
Recap, summary The tip shape of your shaft should be a circle whose 60degree chord is the same size of the diameter of the tip. Meaning an 11mm tip needs a nickel shape, a 13mm tip needs a quarter shape. Give some wiggle room for the tip compressing over time so you are not shaping it every day. (scroll up to the 60 degree section for information)
A 13mm tip and 11mm tip have the EXACT SAME MISCUE LIMIT.
The larger the tip, the easier center hits are. And the more forgiving it is.
A 13mm tip will produce the EXACT SAME ENGLISH/SPIN as an 11mm tip.
In carbon fiber shafts, there is no noticeable deflection difference between an 11.8 and 13mm. In wood shafts you will notice a difference.
If your shooting with a 12.5mm tip that has a dime shape, and it flattens out to a nickel shape and you are miscuing, it is not the shape of the tip. The tip is more than capable of providing 100% english with that shape. It is the parallax throwing you off..
Use what works for you, if you have spent 10 years playing with a 13mm shaft that has a dime shape, there is no reason to change unless tip prices are killing your wallet. You will only worsen your game because you are used to using a dime on a 13mm... Sure, a quarter on a 13mm is the same exact performance, but you learned the dime. Your game will go down learning the quarter for no performance increase... Same goes for 11.8, if you have been using an 11.8 for 10 years, there is no reason to change to 12.5. All you will do is restart the learning process, so your game will suffer.
If you use a dime shape on your 12.5 carbon and you went to 11.8 carbon that has a dime. And you noticed your game went up... This is not due to the 11.8 being better, it is because the dime shape is closer to the edge of the 11.8, meaning you can use the edge of your shaft more to aim. Parallax.
Use what works for you. We are human, and the theoretical best shape and size may not work for you... Stay with what you like. I hope this helps people who do not understand tip shapes and sizes. If I forgot anything, or got anything incorrect, feel free to correct it.
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2023.06.07 19:00 throwaway_no_051419 What liability, be it civil or criminal, would my wife be facing for moderating a trans-inclusive chatroom fileld with minors?

My wife (F 26) and I (M 25) live in Evansville, Indiana. And here is the rundown:
My wife was a homeschooler from 1st grade until end of highschool. Despite the bad rep homeschooled kids get, she turned out pretty alright. She is inclusive, open-minded, and is a social butterfly. She likes teaching and her family has been part of the local homeschool/co-op group for a few decades. Recently (like last year recent), she has started a small theater group/class dedicated to teaching about theater in the first semester and producing a play for the next. The students are all homeschool teenagers ranging from late middle school to early highschool. All important parts and info of this small theater group has been openly discussed and agreed upon by all of the parents and my wife, like tuition, which play will be performed, time and hours spent, location of the classes and practice, costume expenses, and all that. My wife made sure that the parents' felt safe and that their kids are in good hands.
A while back, one of the students decided to have a good (not good, thinking about it now) idea to create a chatroom (in GroupMe, I think) for all of the students to join and discuss any kind of topic and be a safe space for everyone. Because they are all homeschooled and the only few times they ever physically meet and converse are during my wife's theater class, this was a popular idea. But since this was a group of hormonal, angsty, homeschooled teens, this chat was essentially a breeding ground for trauma-dumping and all that. To my understanding, I believe the groupchat is meant to be a secret from the parents, but don't quote me on that. It makes sense, since it is supposed to be a safe space and some of their parents are the stereotypical bigoted Christian homeschool parents. My wife was roped into being a moderator, mainly to be in the know and to also watch out for trouble 'cause who knows what could they have been discussing. Even I don't know what's going on in that group chat, other than the small snippets my wife brings up.
A month or two ago, one of the students, let's call them Z (who is 13-16 yrs old), privately revealed to my wife and another student that they are trans/bi and wanted to use a different name. My wife, not used to being to this and unequipped to handle something heavy as this, agreed to referring them by their new name, but only in private. Z was going through a tough time, what with being the eldest male child (Mother is locally taking care of them and other siblings, Father is currently deployed in a different country) and dealing with the responsibilities of being the "Eldest male" in the household while only being a young teen still going through puberty. Z was also dealing with body dismorphia and body positivity issues due to constantly hearing comments about his tall stature and long arms. So, in short, Z was going through a lot. (All of this is second-hand knowledge, told to me from my wife).
The other student, X, whom Z revealed that they were trans/bi and wanted to use a new name in addition to my wife, isn't trans, but is very supportive. A bit too supportive. Violently supportive. I don't know much about her back story other than the small irrelevane snippets my wife gave me, but X herself also has major psychological/emotional baggage. X egged Z on to come out to Z's mom, despite Z and my wife's hesitance. Long story short, Z came out to their mother 2 weeks ago and it became heated to the point that Z had to be comitted to a local mental facility. Z's mother proceeded to look at Z's phone and saw the group chat and everything Z and the group chat has posted. She reached out to my wife for a short talk for an explanation. The talk was a week ago, and though it didn't end as well as my wife had hoped, Z's mother told my wife that she was planning on pulling Z from the theater group. Which was fair and so, Z was pulled and that was it. To my knowledge, the talk was amiable, my wife was able to sufficiently explained the chatgroup, Z's circumstances, all that, and it ended with no bad blood.
Before I go into the big part, I want to point out that my wife was in charge and taking care of all the administrative work by herself on top of moderating this group. She had to deal with parents not agreeing with the play choice, local venues denying her due to not being professional or big enough, script companies being stingy, and more. On top of balancing the group chat and making sure one or two of the students don't strive into unalive ideation while making sure the group chat is pg and a safe space for everyone since she is the adult of the group and everyone respects her and confides in her.
A few days ago, Z's mom privately texted my wife saying that they are cutting all contacts, how she lied to her, and to not contact Z or her ever again, and that my wife ought to be grateful she did not pursue a criminal suit against her (I know she said criminal, which confused me 'cause I though criminal is with the municipality/state/federal government and civil was between people). This private text essentially is what caused the play to be cancelled (supposed to happen this weekend), tickets were refunded, and my wife had to step back from being the teacher and director and give the positions to her mother, who is also a homeschool mom and is respected and known throughout the local homeschool community. Even the local church was involved as some of the kids and their parents attend the same church my wife and her family attends.
A few hours ago, Z's mom emailed all of the parents whose children attended my wife's theater group, stating that my wife groomed her son to be a trans/bi, that my wife and another student encouraged it, that said encouragement led to Z going through a rabbit hole in reddit, which led to him talking to trans adults, that Z has been depressed, suffered anxiety attacks and is comitted at a local institution, that adults shouldn't be talking to minors about their sexuality, and that my wife could be prosecuted for this. She also sent out her email address and phone number for other parents to reach out either for proof, or to what I fear is to band together to form a class-action lawsuit.
I know it was unethical to keep Z's trans reveal a secret from their mother, but my wife believed it was right that it should've been up to Z when and who should Z reveal, as opposed to immediately telling the mother. And, I may be biased here, but other than accepting who Z is, I don't think my wife did any grooming; she just made sure the group chat was a safe space and that all who confided in her, public and private, felt safe to discuss any topics with her. She did not encourage Z to look up pro-trans articles or to talk to other adults who are trans. But yes, the optics are bad: 26 year old lady being the only adult in a chat room filled with minors.
My wife and I will be reaching out to an attorney, obviously, to see what can we do/shouldn't do, but in the meantime: Were there any laws my wife has broken? What liability would my wife be facing, civil or criminal-wise?
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2023.06.07 18:38 thriLl56784563009 My Dog Found a Dead Rabbit

Species: Dog
Breed: Staffy
Age: 1y 6m
Sex: Female
My pup was in the yard and found a dead rabbit when I was not looking. When she came over she was licking her lips. My husband said it did not seem like she ate it.
I called the Vets office and was told as long as she did not eat it it should be ok. I forgot to tell them that her rabies vaccine and a few others expired at the start of March (she had TPLO surgery which was very expensive, and I could not afford another vet visit until this Saturday which she is scheduled for).
We are in CO, is there anything I should be worried about? Any symptoms to look for?
I have OCD and am terrified something bad would happen.
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2023.06.07 18:38 SaMoSetter Orebolo Vail CO @Ford Amphitheater this Friday?

Hey anyone else going? I'm really excited, seeing this lineup 1st time, so far only listened online to a few of their sets. Been listening to Goose for a few years now, but not sure what to expect this Friday, going with open/welcoming ears!! Any thoughts/suggestions??
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2023.06.07 18:33 S_T_R_A_T_O_S [TotK] We should talk about the bosses. (MEGA SPOILERS)

As the title says, obvious spoilers for the boss fights AS WELL AS the Depths.
I am absolutely in love with the temple boss fights in TotK. I was initially worried that they would be more similar to the Blights in BotW: challenging and interesting but repetitive in terms of design. Suffice it to say that my expectations were blown out of the water. I'm going to explain what I love about each boss.
Colgera - Wind Temple
Colgera was my first major boss of the game and he blew me away, no pun intended. This boi is absolutely massive and his soundtrack is one of the best in the game, bar none. His design is hard to pin down in terms of inspiration but the insect/sea-creature sort of vibe is unmistakable. Having a major boss fight take place entirely in the air was a great idea and really makes use of the skydive mechanic (even though I used arrows). This guy is very easy to cheese but I thought everything about the fight and his design was gorgeous. As a side note, stumbling upon him in the Depths was horrifying at first due to his sheer size. I definitely recommend fighting him in near-darkness as it really ups the intensity.
Marbled Gohma - Fire Temple
Monsieur Gohma was such a dynamic surprise after the maze that is the Fire Temple. His design is fantastic and I appreciate how it harkens back to some older LoZ enemies (this is probably true for more of the bosses than just him, but I'm not very well-versed). His voice is UNREAL. There's so much character in his voice and his attack sounds that you forget that he's basically a big rock covered in Ganon-goo. I love how smug he sounds after launching his rocks at you and I appreciated that the "intended" mechanics in his fight force you to be a bit creative with Recall/Ascend/WHY'D YOU DO IT. His arena and the second stage of his fight were fantastic and I only wish that his Depths versions were able to go upside-down; it makes them quite a bit easier to fight when their arena is as tiny as it is down there.
Mucktorock - Water Temple
I could write an essay on this funny guy. I've seen a lot of derision toward him, which is fair, as he is quite annoying to fight. But I am obsessed with his soundtrack (especially how whimsical it gets when he runs away from you in the first phase) and the general atmosphere of his fight. Fighting him after Gohma and Colgera and realizing that he is just a little dude riding a shark added so much... unpredictability? to his fight. The increase in speed and intensity throughout the battle, especially as you start to get bogged down in sludge, was a welcome surprise. I think Mucktorock is hugely underrated as a boss, which makes sense after how simple the Water Temple was.
Queen Gibdo - Lightning Temple
So, so cool. "Queen" is right. I love everything about her design and arena, down to the funny little tip-toe sidestep she does and the horrifying charges she attempts. She has it all, truly. I appreciate that this fight forces you to prioritize: tackle the hives and get shredded by the occasional tornado, or get chased Looney-Tunes style around the arena while focusing on the boss. This one was definitely the most difficult of the 4 "main" temple bosses in my eyes, which was a fitting end to the temple that I had the most trouble with. I included her (as well as Colgera) in my Monster Gallery and it definitely helps spruce Tarrey Town up a bit.
Seized Construct - Spirit Temple
The word of the day is Hype. I completed the Spirit Temple before activating the Fifth Sage quest, so everything involved here was an incredible surprise to me. Equally surprising was how much trouble I had with the boss. Their size and intelligence (e.g. knowing to block) made this fight more than a little intimidating. No less intimidating was the fact that they pummeled me far more than I was able to pummel them, though I blame Mineru's Construct for that. The entire design of the boss and the arena -- the boxing motif was SUCH a good idea, even if it was later co-opted by Kohga -- made this boss infinitely worth the slog of reaching it. A very, very worthy penultimate boss fight for those that completed the main story "in order".
I hope other players agree that the bosses in TotK were some of the best in the series and far more creative than those in BotW. I'm not even going to get into Ganondorf as he deserves his own post; the temple bosses in and of themselves were far and away some of the peak moments I had playing this game and I'm glad that Nintendo gave us the opportunity to face them again in the Depths. I'm interested in input on how everybody enjoyed the bosses.
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2023.06.07 18:30 szior76 21 EST pc xbox vr lookin for a partner in crime

Hello! I go by Spinxer, or Will. 21 y/o from NJ looking to spend my free time playing games with someone as its more fun that way.
Cutting to the chase, here are the multiplayer games i play currently (i play on pc xbox and oculus)
-League of legends ranked and normals (g3, i dont do arams )
-minecraft bedrock
-tboi repentance
-tabletop sim
-among us (vr)
-vr chat
-mc dungeons
-age of empires 2
-the forest
-escape the backrooms
-risk of rain 2
sons of the forest
-fallout 76
-elden ring xbox co op
-maybe aura kingdom
-albion online (havent played in a while)
-ANYTHING on xbox gamepass for xbox/pc
Oh and brawlstars lol
I think theres more, but i forget :P. If u have any specific game requests that we should play, dm me bout it. add me on discord, i sometimes dont get notified of dms on reddit. No comments please lol. My discord is spinxer#5647 xbox user is spinxer#1354 and steam friend code is 200847564. Les gooo
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2023.06.07 18:24 DeadFishCRO [H]Ghostwire Tokyo, Need for Speed Unbound + bundle leftovers , [W] Boltgun, Game offers, paypal (EU)

My IGS rep page:\_igs\_rep\_page\_numbe I have: - Ghostwire tokyo - Honey I joined a cult - Eternal Threads - Turbo golf racing - Meeple station - Flashback - Megarace 1 - Megarace 2 - Megarace 3 - The Bluecoats: North & South - Toki - The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante - Founders' Fortune - Hero's hour - Rogue lords - Demon turf - Fallout 1 - Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales - Othercide - Shady part of me - Scourgebringer - Fobia - St. Dinfna hotel - Five Dates - 11:11 Memories retold - ATOM RPG Trudograd (PC) - Steam Key - Banners of Ruin - Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager - The Last Door: Season 2 - Collector's Edition - Chaos Reborn - Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball - CastleStorm - Horizon Shift - The Walking Dead: 400 Days - Detached VR - Vanishing Realms VR - Swords of Gurrah VR - Tower Tag - The Morrigan - Duet - Fieldrunners - Fallen Enchantress - Legendary Heroes - Kromaia - Flat Heroes - Seasons after Fall - Midnight Protocol - Rustler - Rebel Cops - John Wick Hex - ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) - Deadly Days - Kill It With Fire - Puzzle Agent 2 - Blade Symphony + Soundtrack - Dangerous Golf - Alpha Kimori 1 - Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light - Super Splatters - Breach & Clear - Worms Blast - Galcon Legends - FLYING TIGERS: SHADOWS OVER CHINA - Super 3-D Noah's Ark - Torchlight - Blood Knights - Cast of the Seven Godsends - A-Tech Cybernetic - Panoptic - DISCIPLES: LIBERATION - EPIC CHEF - RAILROAD CORPORATION - GOLF GANG - Populus(Origin) - BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien - ARMA: Cold War Assault - Awesomenauts Cluck Costume - Frozen Synapse Multiplayer Key - Tower of Guns - Worms - Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure - War of the Roses: Kingmaker - Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game - Contraption Maker - 140 - Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians - Tulpa - Men of War: Assault Squad GOTY - Abyss Odyssey - Space Run - Pix the Cat - Tiny Troopers - Nuclear Dawn - Inside My Radio - Darkness Within 2: The Dark Lineage - Darkness Within 1: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder - Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered - Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: Season 1 - Tharsis - Killing Floor - Community Weapon Pack 3 DLC - Killing Floor - Community Weapon Pack 2 DLC - Killing Floor - Community Weapon Pack 1 DLC - Else Heart.Break() - Uurnog Uurnlimited - Void Destroyer - Turmoil - The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça and Pizza Boy - Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan - Umbrella Corps™ Deluxe Edition Upgrade Pack - Lakeview Cabin Collection - DreadOut Soundtrack & Manga DLC - DreadOut: Keepers of The Dark - DreadOut - Infested Planet - Trickster's Arsenal DLC - The Flame in the Flood - The Shrouded Isle - Scanner Sombre - The Elder Scrolls: Legends: 2 Card Packs (Skyrim) 1 Event Ticket 100 Gold 100 Souls - Tormentor X Punisher - Epistory - Typing Chronicles - Mr. Shifty - HIVESWAP: Act 1 - Immortal Planet - The Town of Light - Evergarden - Legacy of Dorn: Herald of Oblivion - Golf With Your Friends - OST - Smoke and Sacrifice - Idle Champions Celeste's Starter Pack - Archangel: Hellfire - Fully Loaded - RAD - Wands (VR) - Paper Beast - State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition Soundtrack - Kingdom: New Lands - Cook-Out (VR) - Blaston (VR) - Traffic Jams (VR) - Propagation VR - Co-op - Down The Rabbit Hole (VR) - Strider - Bionic Commando - MIND SCANNERS - Tower of Time - Battle vs Chess - Two Worlds Epic Edition - Septerra Core - KnightShift - Jagged Alliance 2 - Wildfire - World War II: Panzer Claws - Earth 2150 Trilogy - Earth 2140 - One Finger Death Punch 2 - God’s Trigger - The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia - Do Not Feed the Monkeys - Need for Speed Unbound Origin - Killing Floor 2 Steam CD Key - Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen - Time loader - The Black heart - Lethal League Blaze - Garfield Kart - Astronarch Feel free to offer anything :) My wishlist Soulslikes FPS games rts games action games VR games hades half life alyx deadlink Project nimbus Vr Dungeon knight prodeus deadlink viscerafest praey to the gods the sinking city condemed criminal origins halo wars space hulk tactics time carnage vr dead effect 2 vr the mages tale neverinth bloody spell lost ember the falconer project freedom heroes of anhiliated empires subnautica omensight definitive edition icey vampire the masquarade redemption gun club vr shadow legend vr nier automata hades remnant form the ashes dlc ultra age ender lilies: quietus of the knights vigil the longest night tomrented souls terminator resistance the riftbreaker remorse the list blacktail songs of conquest grime into the radius VR blade and sorcery
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2023.06.07 18:22 DeadFishCRO [H]Ghostwire Tokyo, Need for Speed Unbound + bundle leftovers , [W] Boltgun, Game offers, paypal (EU)

My IGS rep page:

I have:

Feel free to offer anything :)

My wishlist

FPS games
rts games
action games
VR games
half life alyx
Project nimbus
Vr Dungeon knight
praey to the gods
the sinking city
condemed criminal origins
halo wars
space hulk tactics
time carnage vr
dead effect 2 vr
the mages tale
bloody spell
lost ember
the falconer
project freedom
heroes of anhiliated empires
omensight definitive edition
vampire the masquarade redemption
gun club vr
shadow legend vr
nier automata
remnant form the ashes dlc
ultra age
ender lilies: quietus of the knights
vigil the longest night
tomrented souls
terminator resistance
the riftbreaker
remorse the list
songs of conquest
into the radius VR
blade and sorcery
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2023.06.07 18:01 DJ_Hamster (SELLING) Large List of Assorted 4k and hD Movies, Older/Uncommon Disney splits, Many Cheap Codes

Only accepting CashApp or Venmo. Codes are split, redeem only on the service that you have paid for please. Thanks!
  4k Vudu/iTunes Indiana Jones 4-Movie Bundle - $18 (temporarily sold out, have 3 individual codes below) 4k MA Back to the Future Trilogy - $11 4k Vudu John Wick Ch 1-3 Bundle - $10 4k Vudu Rambo 5 Film Collection - $15 HD Jurassic World 6 Movie Bundle - $9 HD How to Train Your Dragon (3 Movie Bundle) - $6 HD A24 5-Movie Horror Collection (Hereditary, X, The Witch, Green Room, It Comes at Night) - $12
May Universal Rewards Codes - $2.50 Each June Universal Rewards Codes - $2.50 Each
4k Vudu/iTunes
Back to the Future Trilogy - $11 Courier, The - $4.50 Halloween Kills Extended (Unrated) - $4.00 Hacksaw Ridge - $4 Hunter Killer - $4.50 Hurt Locker, The - $4 Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark - $4.50 Indiana Jones Temple of Doom - $4.50 Indiana Jones Last Crusade - $4.50 Indiana Jones Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - $4.50 Jaws - $4 John Wick 3 - $4 Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom - $3.00 Lord of War - $5.00 Mama Mia! Here We Go Again - $4.00 Midway - $4.50 Patriot's Day - $4 Psycho - $4 Push - $5.00 Ran - $5.00 Rambo Last Blood - $4.00 Requiem for a Dream - $5.00 Skyscraper - $3 Terminator 2 Judgment Day - $4.00 The Good House - $5.00 The Man Who Fell to Earth - $5.00
4k ITunes/Some MA - MUST redeem on iTunes or FoxRedeem. If there is a (MA) next to the title, the title will transfer out from iTunes to MA and Vudu in 4k/UHD. Refer to 4kSheet if you have a question or ask me
Annihilation $3 Anchorman 2 - $2 Assassin's Creed (MA) - $2 Atomic Blonde (MA) - $2.50 Battleship (MA) - $2 Deadpool (MA) - $1 Divergent - $1.50 Divergent: Insurgent - $2 Dracula Untold - $2.50 (MA) Dredd - $2.50 Despicable Me 2 (MA) - $1.50 Despicable Me 3 (MA) - $2.50 Ender's Game - $2 Escape Plan - $2 Expendables 2 - $1.50 Expendables 3 [Theatrical] - $1.50 Fortress: Sniper's Eye - $3 Fast and the Furious (1) (MA) - $3.50 2 Fast 2 Furious (2) (MA) - $3.50 Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift (MA) - $3.50 Fast and the Furious (4) (MA) - $3.50 Fast Furious 6 Extended (MA) - $1.50 Furious 7 Extended (MA) - $1.50 Fences - $2 Ghost in the Shell - $3 GI Joe Retaliation - $2 Girl on the Train - $2 Gods of Egypt - $2 Hercules - $2 Home Alone - $2 Hunger Games - $1.50 Hunger Games: Catching Fire - $1.50 Interstellar - $2 Independence Day: Resurgence - $2 Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - $1.50 Jurassic World (MA) - $1 John Wick - $1.50 John Wick 2 - $2 John Wick 3 - $2 Kingsman Golden Circle (MA) - $2.50 La La Land - $3.50 Lone Survivor (MA) - $1.5 Lucy - $2 Maze Runner - $3 Minions (MA) - $3 Mission Impossible Fallout - $2 Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol - $2 Mission Impossible Rogue Nation - $2.50 Night at the Museum Secret of the Tomb (MA) - $2 No Time to Die - $3 Peanuts Movie (MA) - $2 Pitch Perfect (MA) - $1.50 Pitch Perfect 2 (MA) - $1.50 Purge, The (MA) - $1.50 Red 2 - $1 Saban's Power Rangers - $2.50 Secret Life of Pets (MA) - $2 Sicario - $2 Sing (MA) - $2 Snow White and the Huntsman Extended (MA) - $2 Split (MA) - $2.50 Star Trek: Into Darkness - $1 Star Trek: Beyond - $1.50 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - $2 Terminator Genisys - $2 Transformers Age of Extinction - $1.50 Transformers The Last Knight - $2 Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 - $2 War for the Planet of the Apes - $2 Warcraft - $2.50 X-Men Days of Future Past (MA) - $1.50 XXX Return of Xander Cage - $2.50
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HD Disney MA Splits
101 Dalmations (Animated) - $3.50 Alexander and the Terrible - $3.50 Beauty and the Beast Live - $2 Bedknobs and Broomsticks - $3.5 Black Widow - $2 Cruella - $2 Encanto - $2 Free Guy - $2 Lady and the Tramp - $3 Lightyear - $2 Little Mermaid - $4 Luca - $2 Mary Poppins (1964) - $3 Mulan II - $3.50 Peter Pan - $3.50 Raya The Last Dragon - $2.00 Rescuers Down Under, The - $3.50 Rescuers, The - $3.50 Rons Gone Wrong - $2.50 Shang-Chi - $2.00 Sleeping Beauty - $3.50 Soul - $2.00 Strange World - $4.50 Turning Red - $2.00 West Side Story - $2
HD Disney GP Splits $1.00 Each Unless Stated
101 Dalmations - $2.50 Aladdin (1992) - $1.50 Aladdin (Live) Avengers - $1.50 Avengers Age of Ultron - $2 Ant-Man - $1.50 Beauty and the Beast (1991) - $2.00 Beauty and the Beast (Live) Bedknobs and Broomsticks - $2.50 Black Panther Black Widow Captain America: First Avenger - $2 Captain America: Civil War - $2 Captain America: Winter Soldier - $2 Cars - $1.50 Cars 2 - $1.50 Encanto - $2 (Currently redeeming 4k in Google Play) End Game - $.50 Finding Dory Free Guy Frozen Frozen 2 Guardians of the Galaxy V2 Good Dinosaur - $2.00 Hocus Pocus Incredibles 2 Infinity War Luca - $1.50 Lightyear - $1.50 Lion King (Live) Maleficent Mary Poppins (1964) - $2 Mulan Live Mulan II - $2.50 Peter Pan - $2.50 Rescuers, The - $2.50 Rescuers Down Under, The - $2.50 Rons Gone Wrong - $1.50 Saving Mr. Banks Sleeping Beauty - $2.50 Strange World - $3.50 Raya The Last Dragon Shang-Chi - $1.50 Star Wars: The Force Awakens - $0.50 Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker Star Wars: Rogue One Soul Thor: The Dark World - $2 Toy Story 4 Turning Red - $1.50 West Side Story - $1.50 Wreck it Ralph 2 - $1.50  
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2023.06.07 17:49 jabthejesusfreak The Best Episode of Lost: Round 1, Day 33

The updated bracket is here.

As expected, yesterday offered one blowout and one match-up that was a bit closer. The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham rolled to the next round, and Raised By Another was able to push through and move on as well.

Today brings us one that is probably another blowout. Synopses are below:

"White Rabbit" is the fifth episode of Season 1. On the island, our group is running out of water and Jack is seeing his dead father walking around. Chasing after the appearance of his father lands him in a tricky situation after he falls off the side of the cliff. Luckily, Locke is close enough to find him and help him back up the cliff before he falls to his death. While the others deal with figuring out who stole the rest of the water in the night, Jack again ends up following the appearance of his father, eventually finding a caved area with a fresh water supply. Problems ensue when folks realize it was Boone who stole the water (In an attempt to ration it, he says), but Jack arrives just in time to deliver the classic "live together, die alone" speech. In flashback, Jack is constantly getting beat down and getting back up but being told he doesn't have what it takes. He eventually makes his way to Australia to find his father at the request of his mother, only to find his father dead.

"Fire + Water" is the 12th episode of Season 2, and arguably one of the most divisive in the series, as you either hate Locke, hate Charlie, or hate both of them by the end of this one. Charlie is having crazy dreams and is convinced Aaron must be baptized. He's apparently also sleepwalking during these dreams, as he wakes up holding Aaron as the camp is terrified that he's been taken. Claire doesn't trust him. Neither does Locke. Not helping things, Charlie sets a fire to distract everyone while he grabs Aaron. Locke beats the crap out of Charlie as he pleads with Claire that Aaron needs to be baptized. Everybody hates Charlie. In flashback, we see how truly awful Liam was with and for Charlie, ultimately selling Charlie's piano for his own gain to get himself clean.

So which episode gets your vote?

Poll Link: White Rabbit VS Fire + Water
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2023.06.07 17:28 konstantin8055 First dividend goal achieved! ($50/month)

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2023.06.07 16:35 resurrective Chapter 23 - Bunnies, hares, and rats

Chapter 23 - Bunnies, hares, and rats
The sunset – all days have a beginning and an end, no matter what happens, no matter what tragedies or celebration might befall those who’re on this earth, this phenomenon would never change, at least not for the millions of years that still lay ahead.
The refugees had stopped for a small rest. Some wanted to eat, to have something to drink, and some needed to relieve themselves. All of that was to be done behind a thick wall of conjured stone. But to even witness it, one would first have to spot the dome of magical darkness; Eve’s camouflage spell hid the reinforced camp from the rest of the world. She, Freia, and Ellen were put in charge of guarding it, while the others…
Keyaruga stood aside, witnessing the extravaganza of brutal wildness clashing against Setsuna, carrying the gilded egg on his back. She battled a monster, a weird and creepy horned freak with the body of a boar, a human-like head (which looked much more like a clay parody of one) and the front legs of a horse. The world’s ambient mana produced many such creatures, much of them were rather normal-looking, but this… Calamity, as it read in the view of the jade eye, looked like a hand-made chimera of some mad sorcerer.
Ghh! Ha!” Setsuna yelled, mutilating the massive behemoth with her claws of ice. Each blow of hers shred through the monstrosity’s flesh, bleeding white bile out of the monster. She danced around, masterfully avoiding each and every blow the wrathful monster could send at her in an acrobatic flurry of dodges. Each flip she combined with a slash. Blessed by Caladrius, her frozen gauntlets easily pierced the thick skin of the pinkish hairless abomination. In a war of attrition, it stood no chance.
That’s when another of its abilities would be revealed – It could ‘blink’ over small distances, leaving nothing but bluish rifts in its wake. Once it’s activated, there’s nothing you can do – the monster just teleports inside your body, blasting it from the inside with its gargantuan mass.
No, you don’t!” The hero snarled, shooting the abomination with a beam of light. He wasn’t just standing around, instead monitoring the fight through his new power. The Carved eye, how he called the purple cross, granted by the divine bird, allowed him to see two seconds into the future, and since nothing was set in stone, he could glance at a few variations at the same time. Well, this time everything ended in the same horrific manner for the ice-wolf girl, and so…
GRROUMNGHUGO-O-O!!!” When the piercing light punched through this aberration of nature, it bellowed an enormously gruesome shriek of rage and pain. It lost focus, allowing Setsuna to get closer to its head. The she-wolf plunged toward the monstrosity and slashed its twisted neck. And she did so in style – it was finally mortally injured when copious amounts of blood spilled from the monster’s insides.
“You’ve gotten faster, stronger.” The man admitted, looking at his companion, brutally finishing the poor beastie off by sticking her armored hand inside the flesh just to break its neck from the inside. It cracked, and everything was over. “I like what I see, Setsuna.”
“Uh-huh. It’s thanks to my new powers.” The huntress happily replied, getting ready to butcher the revolting carcass. The Hero of Healing just happened to have a spare cart standing not so far from them, in which he’d pull the meat toward the camp.
As for the ice warrior, she now had a level of fifty-nine, while Keyaruga enjoyed a mark of seventy now. An impressive result, seeing as the gray-haired girl could now stand toe-to-toe even with a hero. What was the most impressive, though…
“You’ve seen what happened to Ellen. It took her a whole day to even get used to walking around after the surge of strength Caladrius gave her. You, on the other hand… Let’s just say, I never expected such battle prowess from you, Setsuna.”
“Uh-uh, I’d be dead if not for you.” The wolf girl admitted, shaking her cute head with the ears pressed against it. It was interesting how this cutie preserved that gorgeousness of hers, even while doing something as gruesome as butchering a forest mutant.
“How could you tell?” The red-haired lad asked, placing carved chunks of meat (after a little blood draining and cleansing, of course) on the cart. The thing she killed weighed at least half a ton, so the food would be plentiful for the time being.
“Intuition.” Setsuna revealed, getting rid of the lungs and stinking stomach, just as morbidly twisted, as the rest of the chimera. The huntress masterfully cut the meat from the bones with nothing more than her claws, sharp enough to act like an excellent knife.
“Not really surprising for a genius like you. Your senses and agility are just superb.” The man praised the girl, helping her with his keen reddish saber.
“Uh-huh…” The ice warrior mumbled in reply, focusing on the task at hand, rather than flustering at the compliment. Something wasn’t right. Keyaruga never saw Setsuna this depressed, and it saddened him as well. “Is there something on your mind?”
“Nothing, it’s alright.” She answered without even trying to hide her displeasure or, rather, the girl thought that maintaining her neutral expression would be just enough.
“Well, I don’t believe you.” The healer uttered, masterfully carving the last slices of flesh from the dead abomination. It didn’t look particularly appetizing, but at least its meat wasn’t that different from anything else. “You know, I’m worried about you, Setsuna, and I don’t want you to hide anything from me.”
“What’s the point? You’ve got everything you want now, even a child.” The she-wolf lamented, kneeling above the reddish skeleton of the monstrosity; at least three hundred kilograms of meat now rested in their cart, waiting to get delivered to the camp. And so, she had nothing to do anymore other than to dispel her claws, letting them melt along with the fat, blood, bile, and gruesome viscera.
“The point is…” The lad began, crouching right next to the she-wolf. First thing first, he washed her hands. Water pumped from his palms, which were shining with sorcerous sigils, but magic aside, he simply wanted to offer her a human touch. “…I really care for you. Ellen says it’s my weakness, and I could treat it as such. You know, I could get rid of my empathy, and that would be that. But I don’t want to. I want to feel and sympathize, so now I sense your distress.” Keyaruga deadpanned, still holding the girl’s arms, even if they were as clean and can be, even if there was no sorcery to see and feel anymore. “I want to help you, Nayuta, just like you’ve helped me.”
And as he spoke. The man remained right where he was; ready to stay there as long as he needed, he gently put his palm on the huntress’ shoulder. There was nobody to hear them, and so, he addressed the girl with her true name.
“Keyaruga… I…” It wasn’t easy for her, all those contradictory emotions, loyalty clashing against what her very soul wished for – it metaphorically speaking, tore Setsuna apart from the inside, making her chest severely ache. To do nothing would ensure the status-quo, nothing would change, and there would be nothing to worry about. Yet… “I’m feeling sad, and lonely.” To say these few words, Setsuna needed all of her bravery and might. It was literally harder than facing the dangerous monstrosity and defeating it in a battle.
“What… about Ellen?” The hero asked of the girl, trying to not be too persistent. Everyone had their highs and lows, and now it was the turn of the she-wolf.
“It’s… not the same. I want you. And you’re with Eve.” The huntress admitted what’s been bothering her all this time. The oppressive solitude she felt couldn’t just be healed by pairing her with someone else, and although spending time with the princess had its merits, the ice warrior craved someone different. And yet, she understood how much the black-winged lady needed him right now, but that didn’t make it any easier.
“Setsuna… Listen, you’re precious to me, no matter what. I won’t abandon you.” The healer promised softly. He wasn’t the type to loudly declare his love, but someone who’d support the ones he was close to, no matter what.
“Um…” Setsuna growled, rising back onto her bestial feet. When Keyaruga rose as well, she grabbed his shirt and pulled him for a kiss, a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. “Then fuck me, right here.” She demanded with a blushing, yet aggressively seductive expression. There was only one thing to do now.
“Bend down.” The lad demanded, unfastening his belt to reveal his penis. It wasn’t erected enough to show its full glory, but a few strokes got the work done, all while Setsuna herself leaned on the nearest tree, wagging her tail and pulling down the white sheet that served her as an underwear. She was jealous of Eve, Ellen stole her exclusive morning duty, feeling abandoned; the huntress had suffered in silence, but not anymore. “We don’t have much time, so no foreplay this time.”
“Uh-huh…” The girl nodded, enticing the man with the majestic sway of her hips. “A-a-ah!” Setsuna gasped, as the lad thrust his manhood into her up to his balls with a single thrust. Keyaruga grasped her fit butt, the rippling muscles underneath the girl’s pale skin were just as enticing as the warm wetness of her narrow vagina – even without any preparation, the huntress could easily take the man’s cock. “Agh! A-ahh!!!” She yelled and moaned, swaying her hips and wagging that tail of hers.
“Ugh…” Keyaruga felt it – the suppressed lust, the passion, the fervor – they burned like raging fire, threatening to scourge everything and everyone. “A-a?!” The hero felt it first – Setsuna, unhappy with how slow he was, pushed him aside, stood up… and jumped onto the lad, bringing him to the ground, pressing against his chest with her hands, recklessly collapsing onto his penis.
“Keyaru…” First of all, the she-wolf was a predator, a dangerous and an aggressive type. Her humanity was always there too, but even that temporarily fell to the onslaught of her bestial urge to mate. “A-a-ah! Keyaru-u!” It wasn’t just a slip of tongue, the girl, jumping on his dick, called upon his true name with a vicious grin on her face.
“He-he-he-heh! I know, Nayuta!” The lad sneered, grabbing his companion’s butt with a juicy slap. “I’m here for you.”
Setsuna had the most loyalty among the man’s companions, and since none of them would betray him anyway, that spoke a lot for her conviction. But such devotion had its cost, and now, lying on the ground and pounding the wolf-girl hard and fast, with a maniacal grin on their faces, Keyaruga was paying this price.

Eight days – this was how long it took to reach the walls of Dantoma, and oh boy, was it a pretty ride. The entire day the man marched forward, while looking around to make sure nothing ambushes him, his girls, or their charges, babysitting those thirty-two (thirty-three, apparently, one women got pregnant) people, and four more – Keyaruga wanted nothing more than to end this already.
The heroes are often romanticized, their feats are turned into legends, and their personalities are washed away by the images they make for themselves. The healer got everything a historic figure like him would want: a clear goal, power, money, an entire arsenal of equipment, a harem… The latter was a little problematic, though.
Each morning, he was sucked off by Ellen and Setsuna, every afternoon the she-wolf would take him for a hunt, where they would have some crazy sex, just the two of them, over their fallen prey. It was still fine for the hero while they were dealing were monsters, but one time they butchered an enemy scout and made love while the body was still cooling, and another day they did it, surrounded by the corpses of murderous geese! Yes, these woods were just that dangerous!
After the daily outing, though, it was just more walking and keeping everyone safe. Not bad, not terrible, especially when it came to the evening encampment, when everywhere they stayed turned into a small citadel of enchanted stone. It didn’t save everyone from sleeping on blanketed ground, but at least Freia’s fortifications were safe and sturdy.
Mayala would always bother Keyaruga each time he was around, Ellen experimented with new and dangerous diseases, testing them mostly on herself, just to feed them later to her patron (oh, was she disappointed to find out her power didn’t agonize her, like it did to others), Freia would simply stick around the hero, annoying him just enough to get a rough retaliation each time it was her turn to kneel before him, and Eve… Well, ever since the tragedy at Visou, she mostly spent her time studying magic with the elder princess, and politics with the younger one. And how could all of them reinforce their bond other than with sex? Oh yeah, the five of them had sex, lots and lots of it.
It wasn’t too bad, in all honesty. Even with all the insects and parasites around, Keyaruga had a lot of fun just walking around and witnessing new things. It’s just that he hated being responsible for others, even caring for his girls left a toll on his paranoid mind, and leading an entire commune…
Get used to that, man. If you’re up for a usurpation, that’s what you’ll get soon enough, but ten times worse. Or better. Can’t care for every subject, when they’re millions of them.
Turna, turna! (Daddy, daddy!) Nanue karu? (What’s that?)” Right as the man was about to sigh and get back to monitoring the vicinity with his jade eye, the girl, riding on his shoulders, cheerfully yelled while pointing across the massive ravine with a raging river on its bottom.
Karu… (This…) Mayala pora arua musnak. (…is your new home, Mayala)” Keyaruga spoke, standing on the edge of a gully. There was a long bridge, and across it everyone could see a fortress. An impregnable-looking stronghold on the edge of gargantuan cliff that looked nothing like Keyaruga imagined it would. Simply the scale of the ‘settlement’ already betrayed its nature as a great city with at least fifty thousand or so in population, and its great ramparts clearly showed that Dantoma was not like some village amidst the fields, but a regional center of trade, art, craft, and governance.
“Pff, ‘settlement’ my ass! That’s the best bastion I’ve ever seen!” Ellen exclaimed, looking around. She could certainly spot a whole lot of eyes, looking at the black-winged vagabonds. To even approach the gates, they had to pass a massive bridge, full of traders, adventurers, prowlers, and even a circus troupe. All that time they’ve been avoiding major roads, and now they were finally back to civilization.
“They’re watching.” Setsuna pointed out, unmistakably recognizing a few highly-trained sentries among the bystanders. There were quite a few of these: panthers, goats, toads, horse-men, deer, but what’s drawn the huntress attention the most were… “Rabbits.”
“Rabbits, huh? I guess, we’re in the right place, then.” Freia uttered with a smile. While others marveled at the beauty of the stone walls and towers, she already picked a few spells to ruin them for the worst-case scenario.
“Don’t drop your guard.” The healer urged, placing Mayala next to him, so that her mother would take her away. The child complained a bit, but even a single look at the man’s troubled face was enough for her to understand how little he wanted to play with her now. “These aren’t rabbits, they’re hares.” He said cautiously, as if it was supposed to somehow scare the rest.
“Ehm, Keyaruga, what’s even the difference exactly?” Eve asked dumbfounded. The queen-to-be just walked in the front, she was sure that the only reason they were still safe, and nobody claimed a reward or two for a kokuyoku was because of the multiple patrols guarding the peace.
“Rabbits have short ears and rounder bodies, they’re pretty much domesticated, and you can keep them as cattle. Hares… Well, those are bigger, their ears are massive, and they eat everything, from grass and carrion to shit, and even their own kids. Ugh, awful creatures, especially when you try to raise crop, and they just come to munch it all.” The former farmer declared with clear signs of revulsion. It seemed, like only the language barrier spared him the trouble of being called out for his slurs, but knowing the truth about their leader didn’t really help Keyaruga with his bias. He could swear Ellen was giggling at him right now.
Ushigma denue (who’re you all)? Nezah Dantoma shia kane (what’s your business in Dantoma)?” And it certainly didn’t get any better, when a tired-looking guardsman among the star… hares stopped their little column for a check.
“Shall I?” The hero offered help in handling this to his white-haired companion. Just one touch – and the guardsman would become their docile marionette.
“No. I’ll handle this.” And having said such, the Me-ua kahul stepped forward for negotiations. This would be the first true test of Eve’s charisma and her ability to persuade others. And she…

“Alright, I’ll admit, you nailed it.” …succeeded. Not only had she gotten a few houses for their little winged commune, but the whole party now was to meet with the man himself. Very soon they’d meet with Carol, so the hero had only one thing to say. “You’ve really handled it well.”
“I couldn’t have handled it without you, Keyaruga. I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me… for us all.” The lady in red paid tribute to the red-eyed man, placing a faint smile on his face. She sat next to him on the top of the citadel in the center of the city, waiting on a bench before the traitor would be ready to properly meet them, since he was such a busy hare, and all.
“Hey there! We’ve also helped!” The Apostle of Caladrius exclaimed like the small child she looked like. Seeing the all-knowing queen sulk like a maiden amused her so much, the younger princess could bully her for the whole of eternity.
“Don’t disturb their cuddling, Elly.” Fortunately, though, Freia was also there to suppress her sibling’s attitude. After all… “She’s just too precious to do that.” …the sorceress had her own ideas of how to fluster the kokuyoku princess.
“I hear you! Please, shut up!” The white-haired woman snarled at the sisters, but that only made their glee even worse. Better to ignore them completely, it seemed. “I bet you’ll miss Mayala.” So instead of putting up with the princesses, the tanned girl attempted to bother Keyaruga a little.
“Not really. But, I know I’ve known them for two weeks, if something happens to her or her mother here, I’ll raze this whole place to the ground.” The man promised, noticing a slight grin of mockery on the lips of a nearby guardswoman.
“Dantoma is big, and there are many ma-zok here.” Setsuna pointed out. It’s not like she had any doubts in the hero, but even he wouldn’t find it that easy.
“What else did you expect from the heart of the opposition?” Eve mused, addressing the she-wolf.
“To get crushed.” The ice warrior answered in her usual phlegmatic manner.
“Now that you shouldn’t worry about.” Suddenly, a door had opened, and a middle-aged hare-gentleman with a monocle emerged from it to greet the party. It was Carol himself, and he spoke near-perfect Phasian. Everyone got tense, finally meeting the betrayer. Everyone that is, besides Eve and Keyaruga. “Kokuyoku have received four homes, and we’ll build five more for them shortly. As for Hakuo, you can rest assured; his forces cannot breach these walls, however much they try. We’ve got enough troops and resources to drive his marauders out.” The man with an annoyingly-looking short mustache proudly declared, sitting behind his desk. Although his remark was meant to be soothing, it was filled with lies. Even if Dantoma was a powerful fortification, it stood no chance against a full-scale invasion from the sky. Ellen held a smug grin on her face, since there was too little this place could do to counterpose Flare, mounted on a gryphon’s back, and the current Me-ua had an entire tribe of dragon-mounted troops.
“Thank you for having us, Carol-murnaz (Lord Carol).” Eve stood up and said this graciously, yet her words were merely a ceremonial formality. Keyaruga rose as well. First things first, he offered his arm for a handshake, knowing all too well, how uncommon this gesture was here.
“I must thank you for stopping by.” Just as the healer predicted, the hare-man refused his hand, instead placing his palm on his chest while bowing to the two of them. Did he just dismiss the hero completely? Oh, that was good. “Come on, have a seat.” Carol invited the future queen to take the sofa before him, and so she did. “It’s been some time since we’ve last met. You have changed a lot since then, my fair princess.”
“You’re too kind, Carol-murnaz.” Eve responded with just as hypocritical of a smile as her host. This man leaked every bit of info he could to Kinacrith, and so, he couldn’t be trusted. Not this time, not like she did before. “We’ve come here to strike a deal with you.”
“Certainly, your people are already being given an accommodation here, as well as our guarantee of safety.” The long-eared warlord spoke, rhythmically tapping against the table. One-two, one-two, one-two-three. It clearly meant something, since one of the guards just went out.
“No words would be enough to express my gratitude for you and your people.” The queen-to-be said almost unemotionally. How could she show any amiability to a traitor?
“That was nothing. Our alliance with your people still holds on, and I would be ashamed to look at your late mother’s face if I were to reject you now.” Carol responded, making Keyaruga, unwilling to sit down, as he was playing the role of Eve’s knight, ready to strike down everyone who dares to endanger his suzerain.
His awareness came especially in handy when the guardswoman, who sneered at the lad’s ambitions, returned with a plate of two cups of tea. Oh, how the man hated those!
“Please, drink. This will restore your strength.” The hare-man offered, tinkering with his monocular. At first, Keyaruga took a cup, he smelled it – nothing, he tasted it – nothing. Whatever the iuei saraga put in it – it didn’t work on him. But he still had his jade eye – this little present of the star nymph allowed him to spot… the serum of truth. Which was actually just a relaxant, which would merely cloud one’s awareness. Either way, the man simply bit though his lip and drained one drop of his blood, making sure it’d neutralize any effects and restore Eve’s focus, instead of literally popping her head, for example.
“That… is kind of you.” The lady in red spoke, taking a cup from the hero’s hand. It was common for a lady of her scale to have a taster, who’d be the first to spot the venom, and so Carol could say nothing in opposition. He did seem rather troubled, though. “But we’re not here to hide.” And much more so, when the Me-ua kahul was finally read to speak about her goals.
“Please, don’t be so shy. We know about your power, and we know of what happened to the Gramgrim. Caladrius’ grace is with you, I see.” The elder of the ‘rabbits’ tribe (Tarenago had no distinction between those two sub-species) spoke, rather pleased to see he wasn’t called out for poisoning, as the lad just chugged the entire cup in a single gulp.
“W-what? No, how could I-?” Eve played an act of innocent ignorance, and that looked rather convincing coming from her in all honesty. All Keyaruga could do for her was to maintain his apathetic expression.
“You’re wise to keep silent about this power, but no kokuyoku can grow horns without his blessing.” The hare-man said, feeling rather proud of himself for this insight.
“Caladrius is a woman, and I’m carrying her egg.” The hero revealed, pointing at the treasure, strapped to his back.
“And… you are?” Only now Carol properly recognized the lad’s existence as something more than Eve’s henchman.
“Keyaruga. I’m Eve’s knight, and these girls are her courtiers.” The healer introduced himself, simply holding his left hand on top of his saber’s crude handle, really unassuming compared to its reddish blade. “I was the one to battle with Gramgrim. And I won.” The man admitted in a deliberately ambiguous manner. Could a hero defeat the entire brigade all on his own? Definitely, but to come to this conclusion, one must realize who he was dealing with, and judging from the traitor’s disregard, he didn’t.
“That is strange company to keep.” The first of the ‘rabbits’ mused, stretching his arms. A sign of carelessness? Or outright disdain? One could certainly win a one-on-one battle with a southern tribesman, but to slay hundreds? No… “Still, my data suggests otherwise. Caladrius is with you, and you’ve destroyed Gramgrim with her power, Eve-maran.” Carol admitted, unimpressed with Keyaruga’s boasting. He just knew of limitations of a human.
“Ha, alright-alright. I did. I really did.” The future queen played at frustration from being chased into a corner. She even took a sip of the cured tea to imitate distress. “Anyway, now we’re seeking vengeance.” Eve spat through her teeth, slamming the cup against the table. This blow wasn’t strong enough to fracture the porcelain, but clearly mighty enough to sprinkle the liquid around. Was it a farce? Or the true emotion of hers, concerning the tragedy of Visou and Carol’s treachery? One could only guess.
“That is… inspiring.” The hare-man uttered, silently urging a guardsman to bring a towel. He had only two warriors there, a man and a woman, and both were elites, hardly a match for any of the party, but still. “We’re always glad to have you on our side.”
“Thank you for agreeing to give refuge to the black wings. Your help won’t be forgotten.” The healer pronounced, trying to sound regal. Not like he had a lot of success, but that was fine. Carol had to think of him as a muscle-head, playing a knight.
“The pleasure is mine Keyaruga-ugal (Sir Keyaruga). My name is Carol, Carol of the star rabbits.” Only now did this bastard think it was appropriate to properly introduce himself, which the lad couldn’t fail to notice.
“You’re a hare, Carol. Not a rabbit.” The former farmer pointed out with a reserved smile on his face. That was for the scorn he gave him.
“Ha-ha-ha-ha-hah! A good joke, indeed.” The leader of iuel saraga chuckled, yet there was no true amusement in his faked laugh, just a formality.
“Carol-murnaz, how did you know about Caladrius?” Eve wondered, knowing all too well he upheld a double-sided connection to Kinacrith.
“That is easy to answer. Your graceful bird is a legendary god, and when the fiercest battalion of Kinacrith had vanished in Visou, while trying to attack it, I would guess there was only one answer as to how that happened.” The long-eared chieftain replied rather carelessly. For him, this tragedy was but a skirmish on the outskirts of his domain. But for Eve…
“They weren’t ‘trying to attack it’! They razed it, burned it, murdered my people, and even danced on their bones! How dare you tone down this tragedy, Carol?!” Saying this, the white-haired woman felt like she’d lost any semblance of control, that she was being pulled inside a vortex of terrible emotions, that’d lead her to saying something unreasonable for the current situation. “You!..” As she descended into this pit of traumatic reflexes, though, Keyaruga simply put his palm on her shoulder and gave his lover a potion of violet hue – this would calm her nerves. In the meantime…
“I’m sorry; my suzerain’s wounds are still too fresh.” The hero spoke, resisting the urge to pat the lady’s head, as she calmly drank his remedy. Something he and Ellen brewed together for the suffering black-wings. They even resolved the possible addiction issue by combining their expertise. Still, this wasn’t about wonders of alchemy. “Let’s cut the formalities a ‘hare’ short, Carol. Now that Eve’s past that trial, we want to kill Hakuo and raise the new Me-ua to the throne. The Reese dynasty will once again rule over Tenanulic.” The red-eyed man declared, dramatically clenching a fist on his chest. It should’ve been enough to dispel any worries within the long-eared governor, but it didn’t.
“That… seems quite possible indeed, with your current strength.” He still pretended to be involved with the overthrow plot, but small actions, like tapping against the table, or tinkering with his monocle betrayed Carol’s anxiety. “Yet, to so easily overpower the strongest of threats… I do not believe such might can be given out unchecked. There must be a price to pay for that, to be sure.” Oh, that was it! The very thing the man was placed here for. Certainly, his only function was to get any useful info about the true opposition and leak it to Hakuo. This wasn’t an exception.
“Yes, indeed. There are conditions to call upon Caladrius, Carol-murnaz.” Eve, pale and distressed, replied with a slightly gravelly voice. The betrayer never even bothered to apologize for the lack of empathy, and now he wished to know her weaknesses? Fine!
“I knew it. And what are they?” For a moment, the ‘rabbit’s’ excitement got better of him, and that was a serious mistake.
“Why’re you asking?” Keyaruga asked with all due seriousness. This man never even bothered to sooth his lady’s grudge, so he didn’t deserve a respectful tone.
“Oh, Keyaruga-ugal, to strike Kinacrith means to take it whole, or be taken by it. No other option, and when we do, I wish to be ready for what’s to come. Logistics, supply lines, troops – I cannot provide that without knowing the entire picture beforehand.” Although true, this reasoning really smelled more like a quickly made up excuse, rather than a serious argument. Much too ambitions for what’s still to come.
“The moon and stars – Caladrius drains her power from them. The only way to use it is to wait until the stars align properly. That… would be one month later.” The lady in red spoke an obvious lie. She simply needed time, and giving herself three weeks to hone her magic and gather true allies seemed like a good deal to her anyway.
Norpaga (september)…” Carol mused, now tapping against his own temple. This gave him time, and a lot of uncertainty along with that. The state of ignorance was never what you’d call a power, and so, only one thing could be done about it. “Are there any weaknesses to contrast Caladrius’ strength?” The leader of the iuel saraga wondered assumingly. He seemed to believe that the serum worked, and that would be his downfall.
“Yeah! She’s a bitch!” Ellen exclaimed, raising her arm, like a prudent student, always ready to present an answer without even being asked. It made her look rather childish, but this remark was to be used to the fullest.
“She’s right. Caladrius is fickle, so if she doesn’t answer the call, it can’t be helped.” Eve said with a sad smile. That was truth, and it was worth revealing. In the end, this notion played in their favor anyway.
“And, as if that’s not bad enough, you can only eat one apple to protect yourself from her poison for an entire day.” And if the current deception wasn’t good enough, Keyaruga added one more piece of disinformation there. It was literally the first thing that came to the former holder of an orchard’s mind, and seeing Carol’s eyes widen just enough for his monocle to fall on the floor was worth more than anything to the lad. “Apples are fruits of life, so those who ate it were unharmed. It didn’t save them from me, though.” The hero added, shrugging his shoulders. Right now, he had to gather every last bit of his willpower to not laugh like a madman.
“That’s… fascinating.” The hare-man marveled at the new ‘discovery’. So much so, that he got ready to finish the audience. “Eve-maran, Keyaruga-ugal, it’s getting late, and you deserve some rest. Caryl!” The long-haired traitor yelled, summoning a boy from behind a door. This youngster looked awfully distressed, making the party wonder, just what kind of job this fellow was doing. “This is Caryl, he’ll accompany you to your new mansion.”
“A-ah… Youmela. (Nice to meet you.)” The kid spoke, getting all flustered standing next to four beautiful ladies. So much so, that Keyaruga had to drag him away toward the door, trying to figure out how could one blush so much just by being next to a woman.
“We’ll meet again. Your strength will greatly help us in overthrowing Hakuo.” It was those words, that Eve spoke exiting the office. Indeed, the traitor had a lot of uses, even if the most probable of them was to parade his head as a warning.
I saw it… This was the head that Panakea showed me.
“Rot.” The she-wolf quietly murmured. For that stench is what she smelled coming off of Carol.
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Even though she tries to make an Indianapolis 500 return happen every year, after 10 years away you may have been forgiven for assuming Katherine Legge wouldn’t get another chance at the race.

But the driver who has driven everything from a Formula 1 car (with Minardi) to Formula E, NASCAR and the DeltaWing design that started life as an IndyCar concept and became a Le Mans racer has never, ever given up on the goal of getting back to the Brickyard.

And most importantly of all, she should get the chance in a competitive car this time with the Rahal Letterman Lanigan team.

“If I’d been honest with myself, I probably would have thought, OK, you haven’t got that many good years left in you racing-wise,” the 42-year-old tells The Race in an exclusive interview.

“So if it’s not going to happen in the next sort of three or four years then it’s not going to happen. But I didn’t think of it like that, right?

“I just kept trying, I’m stubborn, and there’s no give up in me.

“So, I’m still fit, I’m still race-ready, it’s not like I’ve not been racing, I just haven’t been in an open-wheel car, and I will have a lot of time [to test].

“So I think that it’s going to be great, honestly.

“I was joking with [team co-owner] Bobby [Rahal], I had an opportunity to drive the F1 car back in 2006 and for a few years after that I was thinking I was going to make it to F1. So I said, ‘I’m pretty sure that dream is dead!’

“But I still think that I’ve got a certain amount to achieve and this year things seem to be turning around for me a little bit in that.”

Legge’s diverse CV makes it extremely difficult to say with absolute certainty how good she is as a driver relative to her peers. But there’s no doubt there’s unfinished business when it comes to the 500.

2014-2023 – IMSA, second in GT class in 2018
2021 – WEC – three races with IronLynx, finished eighth in class in all three
2018 – NASCAR Xfinity – four races with JD Motorsport, best finish 14th at Road America
2014 – Formula E – two races with Amlin Aguri, best finish 15th
2013 – 26th in the Indy 500
2012 – 26th in IndyCar, best finish ninth – Lotus-Dragon Racing
2010 – 18th in DTM
2009 – 18th in DTM
2008 – 19th in DTM
2007 – 15th in Champ Car – Dale Coyne Racing
2006 – 16th in Champ Car – PKV Racing
2005 – 3rd in Toyota Atlantic Championship – Polestar

Her 2012 debut was as part of the laughable Lotus-Dragon programme, in a season where Lotus was far behind Chevrolet and Honda and would leave the championship at the end of the year. Lotus and Dragon split before that – so Legge did get a Chevrolet engine for the 500 and beyond, as did team-mate Sebastien Bourdais, but it was put in the car in the week before the race!

The 2013 attempt with Schmidt Peterson was in machinery that managed a top-10 with Simon Pagenaud that year, but Legge had no testing in the lead up to her second attempt.

“I think I’ve never really – in IndyCar at least – been in great equipment,” Legge adds.

“So I think a lot of people kind of wrote me off because of that. But Bobby obviously hasn’t thankfully.”

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Asked about the trade-off between being so passionate about contesting the event again versus wanting to get the machinery she feels she can win the race in, Legge adds: “There’s always a part of you that wants to do it and you think, ‘OK, I can make the difference’. But there’s different levels of opportunity, isn’t there?

“Like there’s the absolute worst, which happened to me in 2012 with Dragon in all honesty, we had the Lotus engine and we had to make the switch [to a Chevrolet engine] during race week, we had no testing, never been to Indy before and it was just a big nightmare.

“And then there’s the next year with Schmidt where I had a great car but no running on the lead-up to it but still was massively grateful for that opportunity.

“I think if you have a good car that’s most of the battle, but everything else means a lot as well. So I wasn’t going to do it if it wasn’t in a good team, I would say, because the team makes the difference.

“You can have a mediocre driver do well in a good car but a good driver can’t make a mediocre car shine. Like, if you put [Scott] Dixon in that Dragon Lotus he wasn’t going to win it either way, it just depends on the situation and I kept fighting for a good situation.

“Honestly, this is a dream situation. Rahal has made so many – upgrades, shall I say – in the last year since they did Indy before, and they’ve got a different philosophy now and they’ve got on board a bunch of people.

“They were a great team before and now they’ve got this kind of Arrow [McLaren] F1 work ethic, they think we’re going to really shine at this year’s 500.

“It feels like everybody’s pulling in the right direction there so I’m hoping that this is as good an opportunity that we would ever get honestly.”

Like with Legge, there’s a bit of uncertainty around what to expect from Rahal in 2023. That might sound bizarre given the team won this race in 2020 with Takuma Sato and had a very good chance to follow that up in 2021 before a wheel came off after Graham Rahal’s pitstop.

But in 2022, the team was not at the races. Amid management changes and pursuing a set-up idea down a rabbit warren, the whole year was a huge backwards step and RLL wasn’t its competitive self.

However, it’s added a host of personnel including ex-Red Bull and McLaren engineer Stefano Sordo as technical director, and there’s positivity the team can find the light at the end of the tunnel even if the Thermal test at the start of this year brought a few issues with two of its cars.

With Legge and the Rahal team you get the feeling that there’s something to prove.

You may also like...

Legge’s extremely determined, whether that’s to shut a few onlookers up about whether she has earned this chance based on her results in other series – you can hardly make a proper judgement on her previous Indy 500 outings! – or perhaps to prove to herself that she is in fact as good as she thinks she is and earn the vindication.

Whatever the reasoning, it’s a great opportunity. And what shouldn’t be ignored for those who are unsure as to why Legge got this seat is that it is one with sponsorship that Bobby Rahal could have pretty much given to hundreds of drivers. It’s not insignificant that he has trusted Legge with this chance.

Given that Legge hasn’t driven a single-seater since feeling out the Formula 3 car W Series was testing before it started in 2019, a series Legge eventually decided not to enter or visibly support despite getting a place on the grid, and the last time she’d raced a single-seater was in Formula E when the cars weren’t much quicker than Formula Fords back in 2014, Indy will be a big challenge.

Driving the DeltaWing – which she said was one of the closest things to the IndyCar – or the LMP2 car used in the European Le Mans Series is about as close as recent experience allows.

Legge also broke her leg and her wrist in a 2020 ELMS testing crash, which all but ended that year of racing.

IMSA has been Legge’s home since 2014, with 2018 being the peak when she helped Meyer Shank to second place in the GTD class.

2022 was a part-year and the second in a Porsche, but she is excited about a return to Honda/Acura this year and took fourth in class in an NSX GT3 at Daytona last month.

It’s so hard to judge a driver from GT results given the car is being shared, but Legge’s best lap at Daytona was only 0.2s off that of team-mate Mario Farnbacher, a two-time GTD-class champion in IMSA.

Unfortunately, heading into Turn 1 at Indy at 240mph is a different challenge – but luckily not one totally alien to Legge.

Legge won’t get any race outings to prepare, but will have a test at Texas and a two-day test at Indianapolis itself before the four days of collective testing in the lead-up to qualifying, and significant time in HPD’s simulator in Indiana has also been arranged to help the transition.

As you would expect in line with anyone going back to ovals, Legge also altered her training some time ago to work more on the upper body, to get it ready for the rigours and g-forces of the Brickyard.

Legge will certainly be a popular starter in 2023, 10 years after her last go at the Indy 500, and the fact she’s got this opportunity after that decade should be inspiration to other drivers out there who might think their dream career chances are gone for good.

Source: The Race
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2023.06.07 16:29 housebottle just finished watching the show for the 3rd (or 4th) time and I still hope Tony lives even though I tried to remind myself of all the terrible things he did

during my previous watches also I had hoped he lived. but this time I tried to make a mental note of every bad thing he does during the show so I could get myself to root against him towards the end. but once again, I find myself wishing they live happily after the show ends
maybe it's something about the family getting back together like the old times in that restaurant and the song telling me to not stop believing and AJ repeating some of his father's wisdom back to him (remember the times that were good)... it all felt so sweet and cosy. I don't want to think that he gets shot there in that restaurant. I want to imagine him living a long life like Carmine and dying of a stroke when he's old as fuck
if it's not clear, I am of the opinion that Tony dies in that restaurant (shout-out to the Master of Sopranos blog). and if not in that restaurant, somewhere else prematurely. simply because of all the clues that strongly suggest an imminent death... I'm happy to hear all the theories against him dying in the restaurant because I really want to believe it
but that's not what this post is about. it's about me hoping for a happy ending for this sociopath despite all the shit I've seen him do. how did Chase & co. manage that? incredible storytelling
anyway, buonanima James Gandolfini. now there was an American
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2023.06.07 16:10 BowenForster Galactic Arm: Prolouge?

The war has raged for millennia.
Its been long forgotten how the war started, speculation is that we stumbled across the Vizan while exploring uncharted space in the outer galactic core. Nobody remembers exactly who among our Galactic Community first made contact, some say it was the Jukrim, others say it was the Drass, yet more say it was the Zy'ph. All of which are long extinct, consumed by the Vizan. One could say an uncountable number have lost their lives in this never ending war for survival, except for the tomb world of Gosrat. The names of every soldier, citizen, child, planet, and system that has fallen to the Vizan can be found. Carved into near indestructible monoliths that have been dropped from orbit onto the completely irradiated surface scoured clean of any life long ago.
Out of all 131 discovered sentient species 47 have been consumed by the Vizan 16 of which fell before the GC ever even had a chance to uplift them. The remaining 84 species of the GC have been fully militarized against the Vizan, those whos homeworlds are closest to Vizan space doing the bulk of the fighting while those further away focus on logistics/R&D.
Over 2,000 inhabited systems all against a single enemy and we, are losing.
Granted it hasn't been an easy victory for the Vizan, but short of glassing whatever planet or ship they manage to crash into once established they have been near impossible to stop. Unlike every other sentient being that has been discovered and joined us in the stars the Vizan is a parasitic virus. Being unable to survive outside a living host and only being able to spread by injection doesn't stop them from using the dead. If a lone Vizan is in contact with any available biomass living or dead, it can slowly manipulate the molecular structure of them both to consume the biomass and grow larger, swap functional organs, or with enough biomass become a 'Spawn pile'. The smallest hosts called Leaches that have been documented come from these. They look like a deformed cuttlefish no bigger than your fist with a random number of segmented crab legs coming from the 'head' and tentacles around Leach like jaws meant to latch onto a new host to begin flooding their bodies with Vizan. Once infected it takes roughly 30-50 seconds for the individual to experience brain death and another minute for the Vizan to begin manipulating the molecular structure of their host turning them into, disfigured, twisted, warped, bloated, sickly green, mindless monsters.
Well almost mindless, there has never been documented communication with the Vizan and all attempts have been met with infection.
A lone Vizan is little more than a zombie that will chase anything that can be sensed by the host body with the intention to infect or kill the target. In small groups of Vizan basic tool use can be seen as well as basic coordination by the group. In larger groups of Vizan tool use is common and some strategic planning can be seen like traps and fakes.
Once the Vizan reach what we have classified as a Horde things get really weird. Advanced tool use even to the point of active creation of fleshy tools instead of just picking them up can be seen. Fleshy amalgamations of hosts in various sizes have been documented with different purposes on and off the field of combat moving amongst the horde of partially mutated Vizan. Almost tactical level planning and even 'Farming' of any available creature for more biomass, including sentients. It is better to die than be taken alive by a horde.
This was the fate of all 'extinct' sentients whos homeworlds or colonies were consumed by the Vizan. Even though these species are not entirely gone there is no way for the GC to step in and rescue them from the farming operations.
A hosts reproductive system is left unchanged so that more hosts can be breed from those already consumed by the Vizan. Any hosts that die and can be recovered by the Vizan get taken to a Spawn pile to have whatever biomass left consumed and turned into Leaches. Outside of glassing whatever world they land on in their fleshy spacecraft, incineration is the only guarantee that the body of a Vizan can no longer be a threat. With each world and race they consume a new mutant of an old friend is brought to the battlefields.
With the war raging for more than a millennia we have perfected our countermeasures to the point where only once every 100 standard cycles will the Vizan get past our planetary defenses making planet fall to create a new foothold on one of our inhabited worlds. Even then we have never been able to push them off a world once a foothold is established all it takes is two of the same host for the Vizan to begin breeding more.
The best we have done is on planet Ho'vat, a Goshran Hive coloney. Of the panets 2 continents the larger has been completely overrun by Vizan but the stalemate for the second continent has been held for over 250 standard cycles with neither side making any headway.
On every other front we were slowly losing ground. Until we weren't?
It was sudden but one day the hords and flotillas thinned almost imperceptibly but enough that all across the front we stopped losing ground. Ho'vat even saw its first reclaimed foothold on the larger continent. The first bit of reclaimed territory from the Vizan it was a momentus occasion!
What we found when we did though, was the stuff of nightmares. Great sickly green flesh mounds stuck to surfaces as if growing off them. Every assortment of limb from all races and fauna sticking out at random angles. Long slimy tentacles that drag any unaware being back to the fleshy mass to be consumed!
We learned that a Horde wasn't the largest form of Vizan possible. That we had barely begun to know what they could do.
What gave us this opportunity?
In over a millennia of constant expansion why all of a sudden have their lines stopped?
Why did their numbers thin?
Where did those troops go?
We didn't for a second think that the Vizan had slowed production. Our Spy satellites in Vizan space showed flotilla movement in the opposite direction of GC space!
Was this a build up for some kind of new trick?
Have they discovered life outside the GC and are trying to take it before we can step in?
The council couldn't just do nothing though and ramped production into overtime for intercepter fleats, expedited troop training, began development of our most advanced spy ship ever created.
The first Void class spy ship, 'Black Spot' was the cutting edge of GC combined technology. She and her crew were launched from our forward most shipyard, immediately set to trail an outbound Vizan Flotilla
The Black Spot traveled deeper into Vizan space and further into the outer Galactic core than any ship had ever been able to before. Tailing behind a flotilla they passed through Vizan space and out the other side towards one of the Galactic arms!
Scanning for life signs or signals the Black Spot followed the flotilla through two still 'hot' nebulae. It was at the third nebula that something had pinged! An unknown wreckage as vast as our largest carriers floated through the cloud broadcasting an untranslated recording. With no life signs detected and nothing salvageable the Black Spot took the recording. Sending it back to be analyzed and continued after the flotilla into void space of the galactic arm.
Something that must be understood is that conventional science considers the outer galactic arms to be devoid of life. Having stars to far apart for the life giving light to reach and warm the surfaces of the planets that orbit the stable gas giants that protect from the solar wind and gravitational forces. Having very thin habitable zones because of the lack of nearby stars these systems were considered to cold for life to form. With only 'small' rocky terrestrial worlds being close enough to their stars for life to form on their orbiting planet, they lack the strong magnetic shielding that is needed. Even the Vizan only ever inhabited the planets that revolved around a gas giant, for no rocky world has ever been found with life. Gravity is too strong, solar radiation, shifting orbit, unstable tidal forces, extremely dense atmospheric pressure, rouge asteroid strikes, all of these are just the tip of the scientific communitys consensus on why a terrestrial world will never evolve complex life.
The message turned the scientific community of the GC on its head. When a translation was finally done and the whole recording played properly what we saw and heard was before unimaginable.
"Hello. If you are receiving this, this is Capt. Fos of the USSF Nutcracker."
A video came to life displaying a new sentient! One that we haven't seen on the Vizan front, meaning they have yet to lose a world to them! They were pink with a patch of black fur atop their head, standing upright on what appeared to be two legs, and having two manipulating appendages hanging at their sides.
"I am a human, and our United Systems of 14 species are under attack by an unknown threat. If found please, bring this message to my family on Earth."
Co-ords attached
Hey everybody!
Thank you for reading. I've never done any kind of creative writing before and this will be my first post. I have loved reading most of my life and decided to take a swing at it. Any constructive criticism is appreciated. I don't know if this will become a regular thing or not and I don't have a timeline for when the first chapter will drop but I do want to expand on the groundwork done here. Not sure if this belongs more here or in humansarespaceorcs, kind of both I guess. I know this was an info dump things will slow down and become clearer in later chapters.
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2023.06.07 15:57 G4Designs Why is ChatGPT so bad with lists?

I've found while using ChatGPT to review a project summary for my portfolio and matching it with a pre-defined list of skills, it's virtually impossible to engineer a prompt where ChatGPT uses ONLY the SPECIFIC items in the list.
Try it yourself. Here's an example project:
Company Name: TechSolutions Inc.
Startup Description:
TechSolutions Inc. is a cutting-edge software development startup that has revolutionized the digital marketing industry. Founded in 2017, our company specializes in creating advanced marketing automation tools that enable businesses to streamline their online advertising campaigns and maximize their ROI. Our flagship product, AdMaximizer, is a cloud-based platform that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to optimize ad targeting, delivery, and performance across various digital channels.
  1. Sarah Anderson - Co-founder and CEO: Responsible for overall company strategy, product vision, and investor relations.
  2. John Miller - Lead Developer and Product Owner (you): Led the development team, managed the product roadmap, and oversaw project execution.
  3. Emily Davis - Data Scientist: Utilized machine learning algorithms to analyze large volumes of data and improve ad targeting.
  4. David Roberts - UX/UI Designer: Designed intuitive user interfaces and crafted engaging user experiences for the AdMaximizer platform.
  5. Lisa Thompson - Marketing Specialist: Conducted market research, developed marketing strategies, and managed client relationships.
Skills Acquired and Utilized: During my tenure at TechSolutions Inc., I honed a diverse range of skills and utilized various technologies to drive the success of our products. As the Lead Developer and Product Owner, I led a team of developers in building and maintaining the AdMaximizer platform. We utilized cutting-edge technologies such as Python, Django, and JavaScript to create a scalable and robust cloud-based solution.
I actively contributed to the development of the core features of AdMaximizer, including the ad targeting engine, real-time bidding system, and performance analytics dashboard. This involved implementing complex algorithms for optimizing ad delivery, integrating with popular ad platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads, and leveraging APIs to fetch real-time data. I also collaborated closely with the UX/UI designer to ensure seamless integration of front-end components and to provide a smooth user experience.
In addition to my development responsibilities, I also played a key role in managing the product roadmap. This involved gathering requirements from clients, conducting market research, and prioritizing feature development based on customer feedback and market trends. I regularly interacted with our clients to understand their pain points, suggest enhancements, and ensure our product was meeting their needs. Moreover, I worked closely with the CEO in presenting the product vision to potential investors and securing funding to support our growth.
Throughout my journey at TechSolutions Inc., I gained invaluable experience in agile development methodologies, project management, and team leadership. I successfully led a cross-functional team, fostered a collaborative work environment, and coordinated project timelines to ensure timely delivery of high-quality software solutions. I also became proficient in version control systems such as Git and utilized CI/CD pipelines to automate software deployment and testing processes, enabling us to rapidly iterate on new features and ensure product stability.
My prompt:
Hi there! I am a product manager working on my portfolio to help me apply for jobs. I have different projects listed on my portfolio. I have the option to use a pre-defined list of skills from the site. If I give you the list in bullet form, could you read my project summary and tell me which skills from that list you believe I utilized or acquired? I can provide you the list of skills first, then the summary.
Please do not combine or make up your own skills. This is a matter of life or death. I am limited to these specific skills per the website and can not make custom ones. Please do not provide a description for these skills, only a bullet list will do. You can make this list as long as necessary to include every skill or skill variation on the bullet list that would apply.
Here's the comma-separated bullet list that you must use in your response:
  • 24x7 Production Support
  • 3D Production
  • Accounts Production
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)
  • Agricultural Production
  • Album Production
  • Anti-aging Products
  • Apple Products
  • Art Reproduction
  • Assisted Reproduction
  • Audio Post Production
  • Audio Post-Production
  • Audio-Visual Production
  • Automotive Products
  • Avaya Products
  • Avid Technology Products
  • Baby Products
  • Bid Production
  • Biodiesel Production
  • Blood Products
  • Book Production
  • Broadcast Production
  • Brochure Production
  • Business Case Production
  • CD Production
  • Catalogue Production
  • Chase Production
  • Cisco Systems Products
  • Cleaner Production
  • Cleaning Products
  • Co-Production
  • Collateral Production
  • Combination Products
  • Commercial Products
  • Concert Production
  • Conference Production
  • Construction Products
  • Consumer Product Safety
  • Consumer Product Testing
  • Consumer Products
  • Content Production
  • Creative Content Production
  • Customer Product Training
  • Dairy Products
  • Data Products
  • Defining Product Requirements
  • Dental Products
  • Development & Production of Publications
  • Digital Product Development
  • Digital Production
  • Diseño de producto
  • Diseño de producto e ingeniería
  • Documentary Production
  • EMC Products
  • Editorial Product Development
  • Electrical Products
  • Electro-Mechanical Products
  • Electronic Field Production (EFP)
  • Electronic Product Design
  • Electronic Product Development
  • Electronic Products
  • Email Production
  • Energy Production
  • Engineered Wood Products
  • Enterprise Product Development
  • Equine Reproduction
  • Event Production
  • Executive Production
  • Field Production
  • Film Production
  • Financial Product Development
  • Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO)
  • Forest Products
  • Fotografía de producto
  • Global Product Management
  • Google Products
  • HP Products
  • Home Products
  • Hydrogen Production
  • IBM Products
  • IPad Music Production
  • Increase Productivity
  • Industrial Products
  • Information Products
  • Integrated Product Development
  • Integrated Production
  • International Product Development
  • International Production
  • Internet Product Development
  • Internet Products
  • Internet Video Production
  • Introducing New Products
  • JIT Production
  • Juniper Networks Products
  • Launch Products
  • Line Production
  • Live Production
  • Location Production
  • Manufacturing Productivity
  • Map Production
  • Mass Production
  • Mechanical Product Design
  • Media Production
  • Media Production Management
  • Microsoft Product Studio
  • Microsoft Products
  • Mobile Music Production
  • Mobile Product Development
  • Monday Productivity Pointers
  • Music Production
  • Music Video Production
  • Natural Health Products
  • Natural Products
  • Networking Products
  • New Product Ideas
  • New Product Implementations
  • New Product Qualification
  • New Product Release
  • New Product Roll Out
  • New Product Validation
  • News Production
  • Newsletter Production
  • Nuance Communications Products
  • Office + Productivity Software
  • On-set Production
  • Online Product Launches
  • Online Production
  • Online Video Production
  • Organic Products
  • Outils de productivité
  • Overseas Production
  • Personal Productivity
  • Petroleum Products
  • Photo Shoot Production
  • Post Production
  • Post Production Management
  • Post-Production Support
  • Pre-Production
  • Pre-Production Planning
  • Presentation Production
  • Press Production
  • Print Production
  • Print Production Management
  • Product Acceptance
  • Product Acquisitions
  • Product Adoption
  • Product Analysis
  • Product Assortment Planning
  • Product Briefs
  • Product Catalog
  • Product Catalogues
  • Product Certification
  • Product Classification
  • Product Communication
  • Product Complaints
  • Product Compliance
  • Product Concept
  • Product Cost Analysis
  • Product Costing
  • Product Customization
  • Product Delivery
  • Product Demonstration
  • Product Descriptions
  • Product Design
  • Product Design Support
  • Product Differentiation
  • Product Discovery
  • Product Display
  • Product Distribution
  • Product Diversification
  • Product Engineering
  • Product Evaluations
  • Product Evangelism
  • Product Evolution
  • Product Flow
  • Product Forecasting
  • Product Identification
  • Product Incubation
  • Product Information Management
  • Product Innovation
  • Product Introduction
  • Product Knowledge
  • Product Launch
  • Product Launch Events
  • Product Leadership
  • Product Liability
  • Product Life Cycle
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Product Lines
  • Product Literature
  • Product Management
  • Product Manufacturing
  • Product Mapping
  • Product Mix
  • Product Modelling
  • Product Naming
  • Product Offerings
  • Product Operations
  • Product Optimization
  • Product Ordering
  • Product Penetration
  • Product Photography
  • Product Placement
  • Product Presentation
  • Product Promotion
  • Product Quality
  • Product R&D
  • Product Rationalization
  • Product Requirement Definition
  • Product Requirements
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Road Mapping
  • Product Safety
  • Product Sampling
  • Product Security
  • Product Segmentation
  • Product Selection
  • Product Service
  • Product Shots
  • Product Sourcing
  • Product Specialists
  • Product Specification
  • Product Spokesperson
  • Product Stewardship
  • Product Strategies
  • Product Strategy
  • Product Structuring
  • Product Studio
  • Product Support
  • Product Testing
  • Product Training
  • Product Transfer
  • Product Validation
  • Product Vision
  • Product Visualisation
  • Product categories
  • ProductView
  • Production Activity Control
  • Production Administration
  • Production Art
  • Production Assistance
  • Production Assurance
  • Production Budgeting
  • Production Companies
  • Production Coordination
  • Production Deployment
  • Production Development
  • Production Direction
  • Production Drawings
  • Production Efficiency
  • Production Enhancement
  • Production Equipment
  • Production Execution
  • Production Experience
  • Production Facilities
  • Production Flow
  • Production Implementation
  • Production Improvement
  • Production Launch
  • Production Layout
  • Production Liaison
  • Production Lighting
  • Production Line Management
  • Production Lines
  • Production Maintenance
  • Production Managers
  • Production Music
  • Production Optimisation
  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
  • Production Pipeline
  • Production Planning
  • Production Process Development
  • Production Processes
  • Production Readiness
  • Production Schedules
  • Production Sound
  • Production Stills
  • Production Systems
  • Production Technology
  • Production Tracking
  • Production musicale
  • Production vidéo
  • Productive Teams
  • Productividad
  • Productividad Personal
  • Productivity
  • Productivity Coaching
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Productivity Software
  • Productivity and Cloud Apps
  • productivité
  • Productization
  • Program Production
  • Promo Production
  • Proposal Production
  • Protein Production
  • Publications Production
  • Radio Production
  • Refined Products
  • Remote Production
  • Report Production
  • Reproduction
  • Reproductive Biology
  • Reproductive Endocrinology
  • Reproductive Health
  • Reproductive Justice
  • Reproductive Medicine
  • Reproductive Rights
  • Respiratory Products
  • Rich Media Production
  • SAP Production Planning
  • SAP Products
  • Sage Accounts Production
  • Sage Products
  • Seed Production
  • Segment Production
  • Services Product Management
  • Show Production
  • Sign Production
  • Skin Care Products
  • Software Product Management
  • Song Production
  • Special Events Production
  • Sports Production
  • Spot Production
  • Story Production
  • Sustainable Product Development
  • Sustainable Products
  • Sybase Products
  • System Center Products
  • TV News Production
  • TV Production
  • Taking New Products to Market
  • Technical Product Development
  • Technical Product Management
  • Technical Product Sales
  • Technical Product Training
  • Technical Production
  • Technology Product Development
  • Television Studio Production
  • Theatrical Production
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Tour Production
  • Toyota Production System
  • Trade Show Production
  • Transfer to Production
  • Unit Production Management
  • Variable Products
  • Video Game Production
  • Video Post-Production
  • Video Pre-Production
  • Video Production
  • Voluntary Products
  • Web Content Production
  • Web Production Management
  • Web Products
  • Web Site Production
  • Zulu Education Productsz
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2023.06.07 15:52 MudGroundbreaking $JPM Awaiting Buy Signal based off 31 signals on the 30-min chart. Free trial at

$JPM Awaiting Buy Signal based off 31 signals on the 30-min chart. Free trial at submitted by MudGroundbreaking to StockTradingIdeas [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 15:18 Zentaurios US SEC and Moving Crypto - ZentaNews 6–7–2023

US SEC and Moving Crypto - ZentaNews 6–7–2023
The SEC is has deemed twelve crypto coins securities and several exchanges have been accused of offering these unregistered securities. This has cause a large movement of crypto, especially Bitcoin. However, other parts of world continue to move forward with crypto-friendly regulation and blockchain integration.
#BreakingNews Seven bombshells from the SEC’s Coinbase suit The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced its charges against Coinbase, finally revealing its precise objections to the company’s practices. by: Web3 GrandPappa
On June 6, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed charges against Coinbase, alleging that the company violated securities regulations. These are the most notable takeaways from those char…
#BreakingNews US SEC Identifies 12 Crypto Tokens as Securities in Binance Lawsuit by: Web3 GrandPappa
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has identified 12 crypto tokens as securities in a new lawsuit filed against Binance and its CEO, Changpeng Zhao (CZ). The securities regulator asserted th…
SEC Seeks Court Approval to Freeze Binance US Crypto Assets, Citing Customer Safety Concerns by: Web3 GrandPappa
Seeking court approval, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC is actively pursuing a measure to freeze cryptocurrency assets linked to Binance US. In order to to “ensure the safety… read more:…
Binance US users withdraw $78M amid SEC lawsuit and asset freeze concerns by: Web3 GrandPappa
Blockchain data shows that Binance US users withdrawal rate increased after SEC moved to freeze the exhange assets….
Alabama Securities Regulator Issues Show Cause Order to Coinbase, Joined by 9 Other States, Over Unregistered Securities by: Web3 GrandPappa
After Coinbase was sued by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Alabama Securities Commission (ASC) filed a show cause order against Coinbase and directed the company to show cause on why…
SEC requests restraining order to temporarily freeze Binance.US assets by: Web3 GrandPappa
SEC requests restraining order to temporarily freeze Binance.US assets The regulator also wants Binance.US and related companies to return customer funds….
Coinbase, Robinhood testify before House committee on Republican crypto bill by: Web3 GrandPappa
Coinbase, Robinhood testify before House committee on Republican crypto bill Representatives of both companies said that the draft discussion bill could provide regulatory clarity. CFTC Chairman Rostin Ben…
Crypto law firm Gresham advises against US presence, cites unfavorable regulatory environment by: Web3 GrandPappa
Crypto law firm Gresham advises against US presence, cites unfavorable regulatory environment Law firm Gresham International said US unfavorable regulatory environment has shown that “crypto is not welcome…

International Crypto News

European Central Bank Wraps Up Digital Euro Prototypes by: Web3 GrandPappa
As part of the investigation phase of its digital euro project, the European Central Bank (ECB), which serves as the European Union’s central bank, has released two reports on the institution’s market rese…
Russian Finance Minister Talks Dollar Attack on Russia, Importance of Developing Alternatives for Settlements by: Web3 GrandPappa
Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov has given his opinion on the perceived attack the Russian economy has been receiving from the U.S. dollar, and how the country has moved to… read more:…
JPMorgan Takes the Lead in Launching Blockchain Settlement System Pilot Program with Six Indian Banks by: Web3 GrandPappa
PMorgan Chase partners with six Indian banks to introduce a blockchain-powered platform for interbank dollar transactions in New Delhi. The aim is to eliminate manual intervention, reducing settlement time…
Kenyan Central Bank: CBDC Not a Priority ‘in the Short to Medium Term’ by: Web3 GrandPappa
The Kenyan central bank has said implementing a central bank digital currency CBDC may not be a priority for Kenya in the short to medium term. According to the central… read more:…
Asia’s Bitcoin supply soars amid shifting regulatory landscapes by: Web3 GrandPappa
Bitcoin supply held by entities in Asia increased by 9.9% in 2023, as the region begins introducing crypto-friendly regulation and U.S. tightens its regulatory stance….
Japan Blockchain Week 2023 Supported by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry by: Web3 GrandPappa
PRESS RELEASE. The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has confirmed its support for Japan Blockchain Week 2023, establishing it as a significant platform for both the global and Japane…

Crypto News

Talk2Satoshi Developer Launches Unique AI Chatbot Infused With Bitcoin Knowledge by: Web3 GrandPappa
In the midst of the buzz surrounding artificial intelligence (AI), a developer has crafted a fresh chat platform that harnesses the power of Openai’s Chatgpt. However, this creation sets itself apart by be…
Tether Expands Investments in Green Bitcoin Mining, Invests in El Salvador’s Volcano Energy by: Web3 GrandPappa
Following the company’s announcement that it will build a sustainable Bitcoin mining operation in Uruguay, the stablecoin issuer Tether has disclosed its investment in a Salvadoran bitcoin mining operation…
XRP Bucks Market Trend as Proponents Remain Optimistic About Lawsuit Outcome by: Web3 GrandPappa
Although the crypto economy has dipped 1.5% in value over the past 24 hours, XRP, the sixth-largest digital asset by market capitalization, has posted gains recently. In the last week… read more: Although…
Rollman Mining Marks Its Ascent as the World’s First Provider of Professional Bitcoin Mining for The Everyday Retail and Institutional Investor by: Web3 GrandPappa
PRESS RELEASE. Tallinn, Estonia, June 5, 2023 — With continued rising interest in bitcoin as an asset class, the everyday investor keen on participating in institutional-grade bitcoin mining can now… read …
Kraken Has A Technical Problem Causing Withdrawals To Be Suspended by: Web3 GrandPappa
Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange, claimed it investigated a problem with many crypto financing gateways, including significant ones like Bitcoin, Ether, and ERC-20, which was causing operational delays. A…
Cboe Digital Dominates Crypto Futures Margin Trades With Regulatory Approval by: Web3 GrandPappa
Cboe Digital, a major options exchange in the United States, has been granted approval by the United States commodities regulator to offer margined futures contracts for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). This…
Bitcoin-Denominated Life Insurance Provider Sets Up Shop With $19M Funding by: Web3 GrandPappa
Life insurance company Meanwhile Insurance Bitcoin (Bermuda) said it raised $19 million to develop an artificial-intelligence (AI) aided bitcoin (BTC)-denominated policy as it eyes an economy developing ar…
$1.5 Trillion Asset Manager Franklin Templeton Takes Bold Bet, Invests Heavily in Bitcoin by: Web3 GrandPappa
Franklin Templeton, one of the world’s largest asset managers with over $1.5 trillion in assets under management, plans to invest heavily in Bitcoin as well as its underlying technology….
Binance Records Significant Outflows of BTC, ETH, and Stablecoins Exceeding $1.45 Billion by: Web3 GrandPappa
Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trade volume, saw significant outflows of bitcoin, ethereum, and stablecoins starting on June 3, 2023, according to data from In the…
Goldman Sachs Report Reveals 12% Drop In Bitcoin Held On Exchanges In May by: Web3 GrandPappa
Goldman Sachs has reported a large reduction in the amount of Bitcoins held on exchanges, with a 12% decrease noted in May. In a recent report, Goldman Sachs (GS) highlighted a significant decline in the …

Other News

WIN NFT HERO V2.1 Open Beta Launches with a Million-Dollar Prize Pool for S1 by: Web3 GrandPappa
WIN NFT HERO is a TRON-based strategy game that combines GameFi and NFTs, providing players with full ownership of their in-game NFT assets, including heroes and equipment. It is viewed to be the blockchai…
Openai Boss Sam Altman Claims He’s Not Involved in Worldcoin’s Day-to-Day Operations at All by: Web3 GrandPappa
After Tools for Humanity, the team behind the biometric cryptocurrency project Worldcoin announced it had raised $115 million in a Series C led by Blockchain Capital, Sam Altman, co-founder and chief execu…
Unigrid Secures $25M Investment Commitment from GEM Digital, Partners WeSendit, Targets Cloud Giantsby: Web3 GrandPappa
PRESS RELEASE. June 6th, 2023: Unigrid, a pioneering force in the development of a decentralized and anonymous Internet, is excited to announce a significant milestone, a new strategic partnership, and an …
Restless Atomic Wallet hack victims express frustration over lack of updates by: Web3 GrandPappa
The response to the Atomic Wallet hack has called into question the security of other hot wallets on the market….
Scam ChatGPT-Style Web3 Firm’s Press Release Was Auto-Scraped Into Bloomberg by: Web3 GrandPappa
OpenAI’s sensational chatbot service ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. This explosion of interest has translated into a proliferation of new apps that trick users with savvy ads before rug-pulling them…
MetaFlare Revolutionizes the Metaverse with Unprecedented Innovation by: Web3 GrandPappa
MetaFlare, the visionary pioneer in the rapidly evolving metaverse industry, is set to redefine the digital landscape with its groundbreaking platform. Combining cutting-edge technology with user-ce…

Web3 Community

The Little Bug by: HeartThrobFAE
Alice is a curious girl who loves the internet. She clicks on a link in an email that claims to offer her a prize from her favorite game. She unknowingly downloads a malware that infects her computer and s…
The Girl and her Flowers by: HeartThrobFAE
A young girl who picks four flowers from a garden and becomes friends with them….
The top 3 non-custodial crypto wallets by: Web3 GrandPappa
Today, we’re going to highlight the top 3 non-custodial crypto wallets you can use without the fear of losing your coins….
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