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2023.06.08 00:41 tingranger2 30 m uk. Looking for a short term chat to cheer me up and have a laugh. F preferred as I need some advice

30 m uk. Looking for a one time conversation to cheer me up this evening. Nothing to serious just a laugh and a casual chat. Will chat with anyone but if any mid twenties females are about I could use some advise.
My hobbies are motorbikes, the gym, running. I also love festivals of any kinda of music, I'll listen to anything from country to rap.
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2023.06.08 00:40 m3xg3n54 With Open Eyes episode ending: Kendall Roy will launch the Rumbling

With Open Eyes episode ending: Kendall Roy will launch the Rumbling
With Open Eyes take: Kendall will start the Rumbling after the show ends and reclaim Waystar-Royco
I know a lot of fan theories have been floating around recently about the ending, speculating who (if anyone) really won. Did Tom really win if he is nothing besides a puppet for a (pardon my language here) Swede? Is Roman really better off, or will he be broken worse than the Western Empire in 476? Did Shiv really make the right choice by selling out? Most of all, what is Kendall’s fate following the disastrous final episode for him? It seems like an open-ended ending.
But I promise you, it's not.
Kendall will launch the Rumbling, and will destroy Waystar-Gojo, and reclaim his birthright.

Bold claim, sure, but let's look at the evidence.
It's no secret that Jesse Armstrong is a masterful writer, Shakespeare even, and has put clues about characters' fates into the show far before they happen (Nero-Sporus comes to mind). So, lets take a look at some of the hints he has made about the ending. Keep in mind, just like all true pieces of art, there won't be perfect parallels, but by the end of this, I am positive you will understand how Kendall’s character arc has been building up to this big moment.
Let's start with perhaps the single most important character in the entire show: Karl.
Now tell me, what does Karl say he is going to do with the money from the Waystar deal?"I am halfway in on a Greek island with my brother-in-law". Now, what other Karls do we know who are “in on islands”? Oh, that's right, none other than Attack on Titan’s King KARL Fritz. Seems a little too coincidental for Jesse Armstrong, doesn’t it🤔

King Karl Muller (German, like Fritz???)
As if that wasn’t enough, how did all of this happen? How did Waystar Royco become Waystar-SwedenCo? A betrayal within the family, Shiv’s betrayal of Kendall. She saw the mistakes that Kendall made before in running the company, and believed that he would run it into the ground, and couldn’t handle him winning. So what did she do? She handed the company over to a foreign group (GoJo), and decided that being married to the CEO was enough. Clearly, there's no parallel for the AOT storyline, right?
One Word: Willy Tybur.

Siobhan Tybur
His family was one of the holders of the Nine Eldian Titans (The WaystarRoyco majority shareholders/Waystar Board seat), and when the 145th King KARL Fritz (Karl, the goat) wanted to end war, The Tyburs (Shiv) handed the country over to the Marleyans (The Swedish “people” of Gojo). Karl then fled to an ISLAND (Greek island), leaving the remnants of the Eldian Empire (the Roys) to fend for themselves. Some got out completely (Roman), fleeing for other countries (The bar with Gerri), The Tyburs became royalty (Tom and Shiv), and what remained of the Eldians were worse off than before (Greg Hirsh, bless his soul). Only a few managed to escape to Paradis (Karl’s Greek Island)
This is where Kendall comes in
Everyone questions the final shot of the show, where he stares out into the water, looking like he is forever damaged.

Here is a reference shot
Now, Jesse Armstrong, the genius he is, did NOT put that shot in to allude to his “loss of meaning”. No, he was setting up something far more sinister.
What other famous shot of someone staring out at water is there?

Also looking at a body of water
Eren Jaeger, an ELDIAN who is seeking to restore his HOMELAND.
Sound familiar to a certain CEO-Aspirant who is trying to reestablish his family’s company?
Interesting Jesse Armstrong, Interesting.
Kendall is not staring out at the water contemplating his life. He is staring out at the water and is about to say “....those enemies on the other side of the sea (The Swedes at Gojo).....if we kill them all....does that mean....we'll be free?”
He knows the answer, just like Eren did. That's why he is so distressed. He knows what he will have to do.
Kendall will go to Karl’s Greek island, will meet up with an Eldian of royal blood from Marley (Greg Hirsh, who is still at Waystar-NordCo), and will unleash the Rumbling, and will destroy Waystar-GoPro, leaving only WaystarRoyco on one random greek island with Karl and Greg. Like Eren Jaeger says:
“This world is my birth right”
Kendall says:
“Do you have any idea how it feels, as the eldest son, to be promised something and then just have it taken”.
The hints are all there. We have just been blind to it.
Even the episode title, With Open Eyes, is a reference to the Opening of Ymir’s eyes that start the Rumbling.

With Open Eyes, seem a bit on the nose, Jesse
If there is any doubt to the ending’s true meaning, I think I have once and for all cleared it up. Feel Free to let me know if I missed anything!
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2023.06.08 00:40 echol33t 35 [M4F] #Florida - LOOKING FOR A GIRL TO BREED TO BE A STAY AT HOME MOM

Hi! I am 6’ and 7”, blue eyed with dirty blonde hair. Of Polish and German decent.
I have a stable career that allows me to build things with my hands and use my mind! 😆 I own my own house, and car. And I invest my money. Ideally I’d like to build a family with a exuberant lively female that would be a stay at home mom.
Things I am interested in: sciences, chemistry, astronomy, physics, information technology, programming, CAD drafting, graphic design, music creation, writing, and mathematics. Love being ‘natural’, studying spirituality and being a free thinker. I am also into energy efficiency, gardening, and homesteading.
What I am looking for: 18-30 female. Petite, or curvy with blue or green eyes. Any hit color is fine. Must have intelligence. I would like a partner that will support me and collaborate to create a good home life. And in return I would take care of all the financial things and support you.
If you’re interested: please send a message with some information (eg: age, location, and why you feel you’d be a good fit) and a picture.
Then I’ll get back to you with a response and a picture of myself. 😁
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2023.06.08 00:40 br4in14c Asking for proofing a translation

Asking for proofing a translation
Hello dear people!
I went through some tough times in my life recently and I have decided to have a mark on myself to make me remember that the most important thing is the here and the now, not the past and not the future. I designed a tattoo for myself about this, which I would like to say the following things: past, present, future - where the past is marked by some scars and the future is blurry, but the present is sharp and clear. Could you please help me with checking if the translation is correct? So if it says “past, present, future”?
Huge thanks in advance! :)
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2023.06.08 00:39 maplesyruplvr The key to revenge

Well, I'll skip the boring part. Ex does me wrong, go on a date with a guy who also does me wrong. I'm accountable for putting myself in situations but they also Forced Things and it just never sat right with me. I had a rage, a bloodlust.
I didn't know they had a long history but I found out they knew each other after. They didn't like each other and now, I don't like either of them. I decided I needed revenge that wasn't going to look like the aftermath of a Jazmine Sullivan music video. That was all I could think of for a while though.
Once I calmed down, one of my friends told me about this prank she saw of leaving keys with a person's information on them so they get a bunch of random texts and calls about their lost keys. Okay, good start. I felt bad about taking advantage of well-meaning key returners. Is there a way to modify this to be 100% good? I ended up having 20+ key sets. I have a tendency to rush into things and think of a better idea later so I took my time to allow myself time to evolve the idea.
I had just learned they didn't like each other AT ALL and was mulling over that info. I didn't think a bunch of random calls and texts would bother my ex enough but....a call from the date? Might do it.
I got one of my brother's friends to drive with me past the date's house and dropped a bag of dog shit (unlit) on his porch, and "accidentally" dropped one of the labeled key sets between the porch and the road where the getaway car was. That way, if there was a camera, it would look legit. I had a feeling the date would be incensed at the dog poo and look for any clues and find the keys. Recognize the name, cause a problem for my ex.
That's exactly what happened. I had no communication with either of them (good!) but was able to confirm the date went to the ex's house and caused a problem. Got real loud and they wrestled a little. Went off perfectly in my opinion since I didn't have to do my own dirty work of beating either of them and I'm sure they both had a bad day.
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2023.06.08 00:39 jaspur69 I've embedded the text translations on the movie

My brother requested me to edit the video so he can watch it without having to translate each text message. I've put it on a google drive link and I thought I might share it with you guys as well. I know there are some who haven't watched the movie yet, so here you go guys:
Note: Apologies for some inconsistencies in the editing. I asked my friends to fill up some of the work while I was busy at school. Nonetheless, the translations are all readable.
Speaking of translations, I am not fully confident with the translations that I've made, but they are as close as I can think. If there's a native Japanese redditor here or anyone who can understand Japanese, feel free to correct me. If there are corrections, I'll update the video from time to time :)
The video also has burned subtitles on it. The subtitles aren't mine, I got it from the internet as well, though I made a few edits on it to fix some of the errors that many of you have complained about.
The video is ready to watch from the drive link since it's an mp4 file (it's a fresh upload btw, so you need to wait a bit more time until it's processed). I've also included an uncompressed mov file in case google takes down the mp4 for copyright or if you want a higher quality video.
That's all, enjoy watching :)
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2023.06.08 00:39 eagz88 Losing finches please help

Losing finches please help
Ok so this is my setup for my zebra finches. In the past 2 months I have lost 2 male zebra finches I did not have them at the same time when I lost the first I got another male and I guess I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I am feeding them the bulk seed from my local pet store and both times the feeders have had plenty of food in them same with water could my female possibly be killing them for some reason? She seemed bonded with both males sleeping in the small in the back of the cage together so I though that was unlikely I also know these finches are not babies they came from an old folks home so is there a way to tell if a finch is elderly? Both males had very bright coloring and seemed very lively and both times I came home from work and they were just laying at the bottom of the cage dead I would really like to get another male for my female but I'm worried I might be doing something wrong that is causing them to die. I've had the second male for about a month and the first make I got at the same time as the female. They were together about 3 months. The female is absolutely fine eating and drinking just fine so to me that kind of rules out illness.
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2023.06.08 00:39 Ok-Contest-7885 I lost the sweetest boy I ever meet

There was a boy in my class who was there since I came in 1st grade.I never really talked with him ,we were just simple classmates until 6th grade.I was friends with his cousin that was also in my class,she tells me that he has a huge crush on me since 4th grade.I knew about that because it was obvious that he liked me since he stared at me all day and was being nicer to me than the other people.I also chatched feelings for him because I felt a special conection between us,we also had the same interests.After that his cousin gives me his number where I tell him I liked him and we became a couple.We were talking a lot and he was the sweetes boy ever.He was being nice to me and all the stuff....He had my heart and I loves him so much...even tho I was cold beacuse I was not used to relationships.....Time passes and his cousin stared getting jelous because he gave more attention to me and she stared spreading lies about me wearing a fake bra and telling everyone that im actually flat.I was insecure because I had big chest as a kid and always wore oversized chlotes.He didnt really say anything and ignored her.After that she acussed me for stealing her friend and he also ignored that because he couldnt do anything to stop her ,if he did she would tell his grandma about it and they would have an argument.Time passes and I fell more in love with him ...I dont know why but I had a bad feeling about our relationship...his cousin told me that he is cheating and I belived her but said nothing...The next day he brokes up with me with his texts saying,,Im sorry....We have to break up...Im sorry for everthing...You will find someone better....Im not good enough for you...I hate myself...I hope you will find someone better..." I broke into tears to my best friends house who had a brother and he was his best friend he saw me crying and said nothing ,My best friend calmed me down.Two days later he texted me just becaus he was bored... we talked a bit and he asked me what would I want him to do so I would forgive him,I asked if he wanted to become a couple again,he said yes...I was still sad that day and didnt answer.1 week passes and him and my best friends brother are calling my best friend slurs and very ofenssive stuff.I stod up for her and I called him a slur too because I was angry.He texted me saying ,,Im Glad I broke up with you and you cried.I hope you cry again"Then blocked me on all my sociale.Of corse I was upset but didnt say nothing.At school we were chatting in letters and he said that he doesnt care if I kms.I got sad and just told him something that he found ofenssive and called me all the slurs posibile.Of corse I was shocked and the fact that his cousin and my best friend were laughting at me broke my heart.The next day I come at school and his cousin asks me when I will move out and said that she want me to go and that shes sick of me.My best friend didnt talk to me at all.I was in class then I see a paper in my desk where was written,,Come to school with ur fake bra to make everyone laught"And I look trought the class and see him with his cousin and my best friend with her brother laughting.I broke into tears and my best friends brother trew a ruller at my ches and it hurt so bad but I just ignored it and in the break I called my mom and while I was calling his cousin was yelling ,,Mommys girl,she is calling her mommy crying"While he was yelling at me,,Shut up stupid bith" I went home all crying and after that my best friend texts me ,,its ur fault and ur crying".I didnt go to school all the week.The director called them to her office the next day.One month passes and my best friend apologised to me.One more month and he unblocked me and apologised too blaming what he did on his anger issues.I didn know what happend to that sweet boy I knew....what did he become....To this day we are all friends....His best friend is harasing me for no reason and tells me that I wear a fake bra just beacause he is still mad that I reporter him to the director.He just ignores that and he treats me worst and worst each day.....I dont know what to do....I still love him so much and regret that I lost him due to some stupid reasons...He admitted that he is no longer interested in me and sees me as a friend.I still like him and he still has my heart..I dont know what do do next...
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2023.06.08 00:39 BrittanyByrd [WTS] [USA-CA] [H] Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite, Drop THX 789, GoXLR Full Size, Steamdeck XL, Blue Ember XLR Mic, Elgato Wave DX XLR Mic, Supreme x Shure SM58 XLR mic [W] Paypal

Hi, looking to down size looking to sell the following...
Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite - $220 shipped
Excellent condition used for 2 weeks, Comes with og box all accessories and tips, great for competitive FPS gaming if you watch Fresh Reviews on Youtube this one is highly recommended.
Streamdeck XL - $180 shipped
Excellent condition, no longer streaming so have no use for it anymore. Comes with stand and cable, no box.
GoXLR Full Size - $320 shipped
Great condition, still has protective film on top. Bottom is missing 1 plastic nub so it wobbles and forth if applying pressure.(See pics, you can remove another nub if you want to stop any wobbles.)
Blue Ember XLR Condenser Microphone - $50 shipped
Great condition, was my main driver for a year.
Elgato Wave DX Dynamic Microphone - $50 shipped
Excellent condition, like new.
Supreme x Shure SM58 Microphone - $240 shipped
Great Condition, has one small nick on the bottom(see pic) comes with og box and red cable I think it's like 20-25 Ft.
Massdrop + THX 789 Amplifier - $160 shipped
Great condition very clean sounding amp, was main driver for about 2 years.
Freebies if you buy GoXlr with a Mic/
WORLDS BEST CABLES 3 Foot – Quad Balanced Microphone Cable Custom Made Using Mogami 2534 Wire and Neutrik NC3MXX-B Male & NC3FXX-B Female XLR Plugs.
Amazon Basic's 6 Foot XLR Cable
Shipping to CON US only.
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2023.06.08 00:38 Admirable-Grand-8160 My brother is sad about his math level

So I took my brother out to eat(I’m a college student at home with parents for summer) and he was talking about his summer school. He has an IEP and blurted out in a clearly angry way that he was at a second grade math level(he’s going into seventh grade in August). I told him that even though that was the case, he is smarter than he seems and that everyone is special in their own way. He makes good grades which I’m always proud of as his big sister. I feel sad that he knows he isn’t at the level his friends are at and encourage him a lot when I’m with him because I know that’s what he needs. Any siblings or parent go through this?
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2023.06.08 00:38 A6B7C17 I will kill myself in 4 months.

Living is awful, I hate humanity, I hate myself, you will tell me I am a good person, but if you hear what I have done, without knowing who I'm, you would say this person deserves death, I hardly feel guilt for these things, which makes me hate myself, I still don't hate myself enough, I don't even know why I'm writing this, I'm not getting help because I can't, don't want to and don't deserve to,if i did this when and I'm young what will i do if i get older.I'm going to say what I've done, judge truthfully.
1- sexually abused my brother
2- called my mother a dog
3- masturbated to horrible things like beastiality, incest, minor(drawn) and other horrible stuff
4- had a mental Illness(OCD) I really had it but the anxiety from it lessened over time but I still acted as if It was severe because I wanted to feel as if I'm suffering, have it worse than everyone, that I deserve empathy, special, edgy, have a reason to be depressed, kill myself.
5-i'm racist, transphobic and other bad things, I don't want to feel this way, I just feel this way.
6-i have been always a selfish, evil person who only cared about himself, and secretly hated others, i have never been an empathetic person.
7- seriously what's wrong with me, I'm a snake pretending to be a worm, I want to hate myself more, I want to hate the flesh that I'm trapped in, I want to naturally hate myself without thinking about what I've done, yes I've gone through bad things but that doesn't justify or excuse what I've done to be honest I deserve it, I'm so disgusting.
Yes I hate myself, but I'm still going to kill myself to free myself from the pain, I already know how I'm gonna do it.
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2023.06.08 00:35 BeautifullyInspire My boss took my name off an Emmy award win

I know this is first world issue and people have other problems. But please give me the opportunity to vent.
Bit of background to set the stage
I hold a degree in linguistics and I have been working in the video industry for 10 years. I have some mental issues, but Im considered high functioning. I suffer from extreme low self esteem, depression, and have social anxiety. I am not considered attractive and I am female. I was misdiagnosed with borderline retardation as a child, which delayed my education. Therefore, it’s difficult for me to get people to take me seriously.
Main: actual vent
My boss told me that I was going to win an Emmy for a series I worked on with she and a colleague. It would have been my first ever. Turns out my name got left off the award. It only allows 5. Three names were dedicated to production, two others were sales and accounting.
My colleague who worked on more episodes than me rightfully got credit, but my name was removed and my boss announced to the whole station that it was because of "lack of space." It's frustrating because I worked on the series too. Honestly, if anyone deserved full credit, it was my colleague who did 4 episodes. I did 1 and my boss did just 1.
I wish she could have left both our names off or included mine as well…and deleted the admin people. Plus, she already has two Emmy wins this year, so it would have been nice for me to get some recognition too.
In addition… I was invited to attend the Emmy awards but my boss said they only would send people who were actually in the lineup to receive an award and if I wanted to go I would have to sit out-of-pocket. So I said I think I’d like to go…and then she went and freaking changed her mind saying that “there’s not a lot of hotel space so maybe it’ll be rude of you to go, (my name)”
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2023.06.08 00:35 WyrdBlackCat I don't know how to deal with my mother anymore

English is not my first language, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes.
I've (29F) been a long time lurker, and after seen how helpful and sweet everyone here is, I couldn't stop myself posting. Idk if I'm looking for advice or simply to say things out loud, so bear with me if this sounds all over the place.
My mother is an amazing woman. She's caring, generous, witty and attentive. She remembers little details about everyone. She always gives thoughtful gifts and is always available to help anyone who needs. But she's also incredibly lonely. She doesn't have a lot of friends and she's very closed off, so her relationships are basically me, my brother, her mother and sister. My brother has left home years ago and I was planning to move out this year, but her health issues put a break to that.
She has a lot of conditions and had to have heart surgery last year. A couple years before that she had a stroke. Amidst it all, the emotional labour of her health issues were placed onto me. My brother checked out ever since he was 18yo, so I was her companion, caregiver, therapist, cleaner, cook and anything else she needed. She scheduled her appointments and took her pills, but I had to take her to and from said appointments, fisioterapy treatments, monitor symptoms, make sure the doctors knew said symptoms (she has a bad tendency to hide things up), schedule hospital stays, etc. When she had the stroke, I had to call the hospital and arrange her stay while I worked on site, since no one else would do it. Then I had to change my shifts so I could leave early to feed her (she lost temporary control of her left side, so she couldn't eat by herself).
She had the heart surgery done during covid, and it was incredibly stressful because hospitals weren't accepting anyone. Her health was deteriorating and I had to keep taking her to different hospitals, hoping someone would do the surgery.
All this to say that, at this point, I'm so fucking tired. I've spent the majority of my adult life caring for her. I want to have my own life and my own things and care for myself, but I feel I can't move foward. She spent the entire year so far complaining about health issues that are nonexistent. Doctors did every single test imaginable and she's fine! Her heart is better than mine probably, and I'm more than 30 years younger than her! And yet she complains, and every time she talks to me is to say how she's feeling terrible, how she's afraid of dying, how shw wishes she would just be well again. i can't take this anymore. I feel slowly descending into madness. I know she is lonely and scared of being left alone if me and my brother move out, but she also doesn't take her mental health seriously and asking her to do therapy is a fool's errand. I've started resenting her for it; I've dealt with my problems, be then health related or not, privately, and never involved her in anything. The need for me to "oversight" her life has made me incredibly bitter, to the point where I'm starting to avoid her.
I honestly don't know what to do. I don't know if I'm wrong or not. She needs me, and I'm all that she has. I just wished she didn't need me as much as she does.
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2023.06.08 00:35 Saint_Lucif3r Some man just got done reading the bible and then gave me some food. Little does he know...

Send prayers and blessings for the brother. Let him know the love of life and pray for him to have a better life. He was doing it out of an act of faith and love for Jesus Christ which I can totally empathize with. It fills my heart with love. The funny thing is.. I just got done walking to the salvation army because they give out sandwiches and I told God I don't want to eat ravioli and then the man blessed me with a can of ravioli as I'm eating my sandwich hahaha
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2023.06.08 00:34 witchthatcandraw My Betta is sick and I need advice on treating him

My Betta is sick and I need advice on treating him
I wish I had paid better attention the past few days, but aside from feeding him and checking his water I've not done much else because of working two jobs. I currently have Kenshi in my brothers 2.5 gal tank I had set up a month ago that hasn't been stocked yet and I'm currently in the process of checking the rest of my fish. I can't get to a pet store today and my local Petco doesn't do same day delivery.
Until I can get proper medicine for him, what can I do for him to give him the best chances of surviving? He hasn't eaten anything yesterday and today except for half a bloodworm and a fish flake, he wouldn't even touch his Betta pellets. Are there any over the counter human medicines I can use to treat his water? And what dosage of aquarium salt would y'all recommend for the tank he's in as well as the 20 gal his tank mates are in? I don't have much in the way of money rn for anything expensive aside for better filters and heaters for both of our tanks
I'm not 100% sure what he's sick with and what's wrong with his mouth, but I'm assuming he has cotton disease?
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2023.06.08 00:34 Waste-Cobbler-7567 I just had a dream that some of my old friends had come back....

Over the last few years the sparse amount of friends I had gradually rejected me. My brother is hostile and has malice, but will still occasionally be around me but I can't anymore it's just too painful and makes no sense for me.
I'm well aware how lonely I am, always seem to have at least one or two to spend some time with anyway.....
I slept this afternoon and dreamt that some of my friends came back and then almost immediately woke up. It was pretty sad. I just had to share this with someone. If you read this then thank you for reading it....
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2023.06.08 00:33 psooyt AITA for refusing to do any maintenance around my condo building and refusing to compromise because of an argument?

I (24F) purchased a condo last year. My neighbours are all a few years older and every apartment has at least two kids. From what I can tell at least one parent has a very laid back job and is usually around. I work 10hours a day and spend most of my weekends either studying or doing extreme hiking.
Last year when the building was finished and we all moved in we talked about maintenance around the common places. Everyone agreed to split cleaning, gardening and sweeping the parking between apartments except me. I wanted to hire a company to do that. To accommodate my wishes everyone agreed I would pay 100$ monthly and someone else would take my tasks.
I was more than happy and agreed. Well, since that faithful day all I’ve gotten is comments on how lazy I am, how they all have a bunch of kids to take care of and still manage, how the money I pay is not enough (the amount was proposed by them, not me). Last meeting they finally had enough apparently and told me they now wanted 400$ per month. I said no, tried to negotiate to 200$ but they refused. It got really nasty and childish from there on and one person in particular Alex (SAHM dad 31M) said “maybe if you stop bringing a new guy over every weekend you’d have some time for yard work”.
I have ever brought over two guys (one of which was my brother crashing over for the night). I got really worked up and said I wasn’t paying a dime more and wanted a professional company to handle this.
Well, they read up on the laws surrounding our dilemma and found out that I have no legal obligation to maintain anything. I only have a legal obligation to pay if a company is hired (with over 50% of tenants agreeing that a company should be hired). They tried to talk me into going back to our arrangement (200$ now as I had asked) but I refused until Alex apologies sincerely for what he said. I’ve been bombarded with messages calling me childish and an a-hole. Am I wrong here? Like I can actually find time to do maintenance I just rather do something else with my sparse free time.
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2023.06.08 00:32 roninslaughter How can I find a fat guy with a beard who likes eating pussy?

I wish I could find myself a kind, caring fat guy with a beard who loves dogs. I’m female pogonophile, 5’5”, 175, 38D, with a number of visible tattoos, and has a really good tech industry job and a great credit score. Developing long distance is not a problem, and I like lots of “nerdy” activities. I prefer big guys, and that means fat (not a derogatory term in my eyes) too, but whatever the case, beard is a must. Why is it so hard to find someone who fits this description? It seems like they are all married or gay. :’(
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2023.06.08 00:32 feeltheowl Any clues as to what’s going on with my walking foot?

I have a Brother PRW machine (which I love) that has an aftermarket walking foot. For over a year, it’s worked fine, but lately it’s been doing something a little strange.
It seems like the movement on the feel dogs has just… been reduced? It seems like my stitches are only about half the length they are supposed to be. It doesn’t feed fabric through anywhere near as well as it used to. The only way I can get a full stitch length is if I pull the fabric to help it through the feed dogs, which I don’t want to have to do. It does it with multiple types of stitches and fabrics. As far as I know, none of the settings on my machine have changed at all.
I know, the answer is to get the machine serviced. And I’m going to. Mainly wondering if there is something I can do in between now and then.
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2023.06.08 00:32 Adept_Guide_9667 Getting a shiba

Hello so I’ve wanted a Shiba Inu for a while now and recently I’ve had the chance to get one I’ve found one that has the same birthday as me😅 but my only concern is the fact I have another male dog and 2 female dogs. It has been said that they are territorial so I’m wondering if I buy a puppy that is young and introduce them early then maybe they would get along but I’m not sure. My current dog isn’t very territorial but he’ll want to protect us if needed but he’s sweet. I’ve wanted a Shiba for a long time so I’d there’s anything I can do to combat this problem then let me know. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 00:32 Pink_Alien123 20F, looking for friends (A), and friends who could become something more (M)

Hi, everyone! Right now I’m just looking for friends, but if that friendship were to blossom into something more I’d be thrilled. I’m a heteroromantic female and dating-wise I’m attracted to men, I just don’t want to have sex with them! I’m from the southern United States (we can get more specific as we talk) but am looking for friends all over the world, and relationship-wise I am more than okay with a long-distance relationship, as long as one day we could be together in person. I’m nervous but excited to post this!
About me: - I’m single
If you ever want to talk for hours on end about weird history facts, Disney parks, or cartoon conspiracy theories, I’m your girl!
As for relationships, I’d love for a long-term one. I don’t want to hurry and get married right away, but that is the end goal. Every almost-relationship I’m in, I’m turned down because the potential boyfriend-to-be doesn’t think you can be married to someone without having sex with them and/or biological children. I would love to get married, I just don’t want to have sex. I know there are some aces out there who are willing to have sex as long as it’s with their partner, but I don’t want sex at all and I want to be clear about that before starting any relationships. Hopefully there’s someone else who wants the same. Of course that’s way in the future though! Let’s chat for now! (:
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2023.06.08 00:31 BigFriendlyGhoul Second Skin Removal - Aftercare

Hi folks,
Removed my second skin today in the shower after having it on for three days. Cleaned it it with some Soap and dried with paper towels. I have this tattoo butter stuff (basically just roll on moisturiser) which I them applied which instructs to use twice a day.
How long do you reckon I do this for? The tattoo is in good condition, no itching or anything like that. I've read things about skin peeling, amongst other things but my tattoo isn't very big, nor does it have thick lines. Would a week or so of daily moisturising be sufficient?
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