Driver for western digital my passport


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2023.05.28 14:57 Embarrassedool Hello I am trying to download a driver for my Nvidia card but it keeps getting stuck (Kali linux)

So, yesterday I decided to boot Kali Linux on my old pc. But when I turned it on my monitor said "monitor out of range". I removed the graphics card and I was able to select the desired resolution 1360x768 but when plug the GPU back again it shows monitor out of range.
I used nomodeset to make it work but the resolution now is maximum of 1068x768. And whenever I try to download the Nvidia driver either through the website of Nvidia or through command my pc gets stuck and I have to manually reboot it.
Any help or advice will be appreciated.
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2023.05.28 14:56 Ozon44 [H] 12 Knives & Gloves🔪🧤& 200 Skins🔫 [W] Fair Trades ✅

I will gladly consider downgrades, upgrades, or 1:1 offers. Browse my inventory and choose something interesting for you, keep in mind that every day, new skins arrive. Feel free to send me a reasonable offer or add me to friends I'm trying to answer A$AP! Only quick and safe trading only! ★ Huntsman Damascus Steel (MW) ★ Bloodhound Gloves Snakebite (MW) ★ Ursus Rust Coat (BS) ★ Hydra Gloves Case Hardened (MW) ★ 2x Broken Fang Gloves Needle Point (MW/FT) ★ Survival Knife Boreal Forest (FT) ★ Gut Freehand (WW) ★ Falchion Boreal Forest (FT) ★ Gut Stained (WW) M4A4 HellFire (FN) USP Printstream (FT) ★ Hydra Gloves Rattler (FT) M4A4 Asiimov (BS) AK-47 Asiimov (w/ 4x VP holo) ST Glock Bullet Queen (MW) ★ Gloves Racing Green (WW) ST AWP Hyper Beast (BS) M4A1 Chantico Fire (MW) w/ 2x Tyloo Holo (86$) ST AK-47 Phantom Disruptor (FN) AK-47 Neon Revolution (MW) P250 Digital Architect (WW) AWP Neon Noir (FT) M4A4 Zirka (FN) AK-47 Empress (WW) AK-47 Redline (FT) & Many different Play Skins (0-20$) Trade Link:
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2023.05.28 14:56 Barrythehippo Short Schengen Tourist Visa for Spouse of EU Citizen

I’ve read about this and it seems pretty user friendly per se, and my country of citizenship even waives the fee.
The situation is I’d like to travel to the EU (to my country of citizenship and other countries) with my spouse. I was not born in this country but it’s a second citizenship by descent. We will meet my family coming from country of birth who do not need visas.
My spouse and I live in his country which has a weak passport. We married here and met randomly in person and dated before marrying. We live here by choice and do not intend to immigrate to the EU. We simply want to travel for fun in the EU on a family trip.
What’s the process and how long will it take? I’ve read the official documents on the website about it but I want to hear real stories.
Thank you!
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2023.05.28 14:56 Ok-Sun-509 An idea

Good day!
I know this seems weird because I literally just joined. I couldn't find any rules I'd break with this, but in case I am- sorry.
I've been looking for a discord community for artists (any medium), but finding something that doesn't have 1k+ members or is focused on one specific form of art is pretty hard. I feel like finding a small group of people and just creating something new would be easier.
I'd still have an old abandoned server that needs some refurbishing, and I'd probably need help with that, but it shouldn't be too much.
18+ would be great, ~20 members max, maybe. I personally don't like sharing my art with the public or people in rl around me, maybe someone else would be up for that.
See ya 🫠
(Quick 'about me': I write & create art (digital & traditional, working on a webcomic), sometimes for my stories, sometimes just for fun. "Retired" tattoo artist. I also fuck around with clay occasionally.)
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2023.05.28 14:51 reesespuffspsychpath Booked my first SAG for a digital commercial campaign as a principal. Question about rates and breakdowns.

Was wondering why casting sent me two possible rates?
One was much higher and showed the usage breakdown and payment per spot.
Then they send me a breakdown that was what I would ACTUALLY be paid so my rate after fees, agent commission (I don't have one), and taxes??
Then my contract was a rate/8hrs of the lower net rate... I'm just really confused by all this and why don't they just send me the number I'm being paid that day instead of net and gross.
If I'm working as on a SAG voucher do I still pay fees? Why was this lower rate included? I do have a manager who looked through and said it seemed fine but just feel like I'm being scammed. The shoot went amazing by the way but now I'm like why was the rate the lower net rate instead of the gross rate?
Thank you!!
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2023.05.28 14:50 beardedgandaulf I year into moving to rural Japan and playing tennis, notable difference in tennis culture and play styles.

A little over a year ago, we moved from regional southwest Western Australia to a small tourist town in rural Japan. For the past year, I've been playing at two different clubs here in Japan and thought I would share some notable observations.
Club facilities in Japan don't extend far beyond courts and a small shed to gather between matches. Both clubs I regularly played at in Australia had a tavern attached to the sporting club where players would mingle after a day of social/competitive play. Zero-tolerance drink driving rules in Japan and the lack of such facilities result in less socializing off the tennis court (and more catching up between sets).
All courts in Japan have been Omni-surface over a concrete base. In Australia, I was able to play on a variety of hard, grass, and synthetic courts. Japanese courts are playable in a moderate amount of rain, and play tends to continue even well beyond what I'd usually consider playable (and I thought we had played through some shocking weather in Australia, but... wow).
The quality of tennis I've found in Japan has been remarkably high. The small club I play at, about a 30-minute drive from our house, consists of skilled players who have a highly developed grasp of not only techniques but also the tactics of tennis. Many are former or current coaches, and two regular players have children who compete at a professional level nationally in Japan.
In Australia, the general level was more social and less technical, but there were also a few standout players who would easily compete at the highest levels here in Japan. The range in skill level I was exposed to in Australia was far greater than here in Japan (while the average level is higher).
I have two kids who also play, and I would also rate the technical ability of children playing in this part of Japan as significantly higher than what we saw in Australia outside of interstate tournaments. My middle daughter was able to compete in Australia, regularly reaching semifinals and higher in her age group at the tournament level. In Japan, she has struggled to reach the same level (partly due to the slower courts). I've been impressed with the footwork and technique of kids in Japan.
The lack of political infighting in Japan has been refreshing after years of watching crabby aging Australians bickering over influence and position.
Social sets in Australia were organized by the tennis captain, who decided on pairings. On weekends, these sets were 20 minutes, with play stopping upon the conclusion of the last game after a bell had been rung.
In Japan, pairings are random, and skill level is not considered. Full sets are played. Players draw a playing card and will play in the position according to which card they have drawn (1 and 2 vs 3 and 4, 5 and 6 vs 7 and 8, and so on). Even in cases of heavily loaded matchups, I've yet to see this being overruled or disputed.
Perhaps cultural, but also aided by the fact that Omni court markings are very easy to read, line calling in Japan is refreshingly honest.
Don't expect to get your first serve back if a ball from the next court rolls into yours in Japan. This was a given in Australia.
Men and women play equally in Japan were as in Australia sets were often organised along gender lines. In general I would rank the quality of women’s and mixed tennis in Japan far higher than what I had experienced in Australia.
That’s been my experience so far. I’m curious about other countries and your experiences.
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2023.05.28 14:49 Admonitor_ RS3 8V Sedan trunklip spoiler partnumber

I really love the "OEM+" look of my 8.5V S3 but always felt like the trunk would need a little more of a trunklip spoiler. The S3 already comes with a small one from factory but I've always liked the look of the factory RS3 lip more, since its just a touch higher than the S3 one. Searching through the internet I can't really find any partnumber for the original RS3 8V sedan trunklip spoiler (Don't really want to go with an aftermarket one, since in my eyes those are usually to big for my taste). Since there are a lot of RS3 drivers on this sub, that have aftermarket trunklips on their car, meaning that they removed the factory one, does anybody by any chance have the factory lip still laying around and could give me the part number of that? Many thanks!
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2023.05.28 14:49 Recyart Map of major Toronto highway crossings for cyclists

This map is still in development, so feedback, additions, and corrections are welcome in this thread.
I made an offhand comment in a Facebook thread about how there ought to be a list of better ways to cross the 401, DVP, etc. than doing a trench run through a highway underpass. Since I opened my mouth, apparently that makes me responsible for creating such a list. 😅
The list is not yet complete, but I wanted to throw this out there to get some comments before fleshing out the entire thing. My goal is to show all crossings for highways where bikes are not allowed. That would be all 400-series highways and the Gardiner. I've done most of the 401, 404, DVP, and Gardiner so far.
I wasn't sure how best to classify the crossings at first, but I've since settled on a somewhat subjective 3-star safety rating. The safest routes (3 stars) are crossings that have dedicated bike infrastructure, low or slow traffic, no slip lanes, pass over a highway (instead of through a dark tunnel), etc.
A 2-star route might be an underpass with a painted bike lane (or usually no designated lane at all), or perhaps a sidewalk or some alternative to sharing a traffic lane. Use these crossings at your discretion.
A 1-star crossing is one with high-speed traffic and one or more slip lanes or intersections that connect to the highway on- and off-ramps. Slip lanes are particularly dangerous since they are designed for vehicular speed rather than road user safety. Drivers are accustomed to merging with a slip lane without doing a proper mirror and shoulder check because it feels they are already in the correct lane. Proceed with your head on a swivel.
I will eventually be fleshing out each entry with usage notes. You'll know whether there are stairs or elevators or ramps involved, or if a sidewalk is available, and so on. Stairs, etc. don't affect safety so I don't factor that into the star rating, but they are a big accessibility factor. For example, one can cross over into Liberty Village at the Exhibition GO station, but it isn't as easy is simply riding over a bridge.
The nice thing about doing this in MyMaps is that the crossings can be overlaid on top of your normal Google Maps app display. If you're out riding and suddenly realize you need to cross one of these highways, you don't need a special app to see them.
I would like to occasionally update this map with closures and re-openings (and perhaps even new crossings). I haven't figured out the best way to receive crowdsourced updates yet, but it'll probably be done via a comment on some Reddit or Facebook thread, or perhaps a dedicated e-mail address.
For now, have a look at what I've listed so far. If you're a commuter or otherwise frequently have to cross these highways, I would love to see your list of crossings and your comments/rating for each one. And if you know of a 3-star crossing that's missing on the map, definitely tell me! 🚴‍♂️
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2023.05.28 14:49 Enig_Mind How GPT revolutionized my dissertation and my career path (and please help me)

Hey everyone. Okay, so, this is both a story and a sincere request for help: I have been working on my thesis to get my PharmD for three years now, but it took an unexpected turn 3 months ago. My research is a longitudinal observational study focused on pharmacotherapy of mood disorders and their nosology, the clinical phase phase for which ended 6 months ago. After the difficult clinical part, the even more difficult challenge loomed ahead: statistical analyses and modelling. Now, up until 3 months ago my understanding of statistics barely stretched beyond t-tests and ANOVA, and my coding skills were 'outdated' at best (no coding since my teenage days of C programming). Given the complexity of my research, I desperately needed to identify and execute the right analytical models. You probably are wondering why I didn't have a statistics advisor in the first place. Well, when designing my study I got help from a statistician but the guy wasnt available anymore and getting help assistance from another statistician was a challenge by itself. It seemed that those who could comprehend my data didn't have the time to dedicate to it, and those with time lacked the knowledge.
When I heard about ChatGPT I was mildly intrigued but I didn't think much of it until I opened chat.openai.con. By the grace of any and all gods, I was NOT expecting a deepdive into a wealth of abilities and resourcefulness. I immediately recognized that this tool was on a fast track to revolutionize research and data analysis. Fast-forward three months and I've been using GPT-4 as a sort of digital assistant, one that, despite occasional errors, has proven invaluable in every step of my research, from data cleaning and analysis to statistics tutorship.
The combination of ChatGPT Plus and the GPT-4 API, which work wondergully in BetterGPT (kudos to them), has been exceptional in my self-taught journey through a ton of statistical models, understanding and breaking down theories on mood, and even coding in R, Python, and JavaScript - skills that will ne instrumental to me and my career. GPT has boosted my confidence and my skills, setting me on a path to delve into academia more comfortably and explore mood disorder nosology and treatments. GPT will change the landscape of scientific research forever by eliminating durdgery and allowing researchers to truly focus on what matters/
Now, for the sincere plea. I stand on the precipice of finalizing my work and defending my thesis, and I need access to the code interpreter plugin. Even the alpha version could enable me to finish what GPT started - adding an exciting new facet to my research. If ANYONE has a contact at OpenAI or knows how I can reach them, I please, PLEASE ask you to share. I've attempted to reach them via [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), but to no avail :(
To the future of science, withs the help of AI
Vivu la academialuro!
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2023.05.28 14:47 SoapyWaffles123 !!! How to change pin location !!! No more contacting support!!!

A VERY helpful tip for Amazon drivers!
Have you ever been at a stop that has a long driveway but you’re unable to access it because of a closed gate and can’t reach the point of delivery on your rabbit? Have you been at the correct address but your rabbit pin location has the wrong address? All this requires us to contact support. Fret not my brothers because I’m about to change your life.
Say one of those situations happened. Amazon says we have to contact support, but I found my own way to deal with those situations without contacting support. EVER.
It’s simple. We have to change the pin location manually. How do we do that? Follow these steps.
To change pin location of delivery all you have to do is turn airplane mode on in your rabbit and then turn it off. When you turn airplane mode off and your rabbit reconnects to data/wi-fi you’ll be able to change the pin location. No more contacting support! You’re welcome!
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2023.05.28 14:45 JackPunani WooCommerce E-Mails - Need HELP

I have both physical and digital products in my store. After the order process is completed, I want a mail to be sent informing the customer accordingly. For physical orders, the default template from WooCommerce is sufficient for me. However, for the digital, downloadable products, I would like to add a download button. Can anyone tell me how to send different mails for the same order status depending on the product category (physical, digital) and how to integrate a download button, which then also refers to the corresponding downloadable product?
Thank you very much for your help.
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2023.05.28 14:44 AedynBlayse Gunn boosting ticket sales for The Flash.

Gunn boosting ticket sales for The Flash. submitted by AedynBlayse to DC_Cinematic [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 14:39 Sea-Information8648 Can I hire a hacker to change my grades?

Can I hire a hacker to change my grades?

[email protected] ------------------- How to hire a hacker to change your university grades? Every student wants to get good grades in his/her university. But sometimes some students who want to pass their exams don’t have time to attend classes or study the material. For those students, the option of a grade change is very attractive. The most common way of changing grades is by hacking email accounts and changing official documents, such as transcripts or diplomas, but it takes lots of time and money. If you are looking for a fast and affordable way to change your grades then hire a hacker to change your university grades.
Why do people hire hackers to change grades?
In the modern world, it is necessary to have a good education to find a decent job. However, not everyone has an opportunity to get a university degree. If you want to change your grades and records of academic achievements, but do not know how to do this on your own, then you should search for someone who can help you with the task.
Finding a hacker for hire
How to hire a hacker to change your university grades? Now you know, you can hire hackers for different types of hacking work. But where do you get a hacker to hire? Since hackers offer digital services, the best place to find a reliable hacker is the Internet. And the Internet is mainly divided into two parts; The Dark Web and the mainstream Internet.
Before hacking services became popular, the only place to find hackers was on the Dark Web. The evolution from black hat hacker to white-hat hacker has enabled people to access professional hacking services on the mainstream internet. It was this evolution that pushed hacking services more accessible to most people looking for authorized hackers to hire.
How to hire a genuine hacker; No. One hacker for hire
Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Why be undecided when looking for a professional/ethical hacker? You need to be careful when trying to recruit hackers on the Internet. As much as there are legitimate hackers out there, you also need to be aware that there are some fake and unprofessional hackers out there.
Whether you are endeavoring to conscript a hacker on the Dark Web or the mainstream Internet, your priority should be to find a genuine hacker who guarantees a safe and secure hacking service. So how do you differentiate fake hackers from real ones? How can you find a real hacker to hire on the internet? The best way to hire a real hacker online is through referrals/recommendations.
How to hack a university website
How to hire a hacker to change your university grades? When it comes to hacking it is not an easy task as it shows movies and shows. This is a highly technical method and hackers must be proficient. If you only want to change one grade, that means you need to email your teacher, it’s a simple process but when you need to change multiple grades it means you need a professional hacker to change multiple grades. You need to check the trend, change the grade if it is a grading trend.
How to hack university website
How to hack college and university websites to change grades? You need to do some testing to change the grade. If you do not want any professional help, phishing can be done. Some sites will send a link via email and you will get the password and username.
If you can access passwords and usernames and change grades remotely, even if you don’t use a proxy at midnight or any other time, it’s a good idea to go to school because that would be a bad idea. If you are not very technical and go ahead with less experience then you cannot do this. You need some professional hackers to hack the school system to change the grade of your university.
How to hack blackboard
Some professional hackers may change their grades and in the end, it will enhance your results. Nowadays there are websites of skilled and professional hackers. Hackers are also found on the Dark Web. But hiring them is not safe because they have to hack their email and username and they can bid it later which will be a problem for you. You just have to be more discriminate with the help you affect toward. Changing grades in all other classes is bad but some hackers recommend it to maintain the grading trend. Hacking the school system means you need admin access. You can access the main server after clearance from the admin.
Hire a hacker service to change university grades
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They use the most delinquent technology and software for hacking services. They have a very secure and secure system that the person will never know who hacked the system. They provide customer service for 24 hours and a full week. They provide a live chat where you can ask your questions. They also have a WhatsApp number where you can send your requests. You can test the system to understand the top three hackers to use when you want to hack grades online.
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Hire a hacker service
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How to hack university servers to change grades
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How to change your college/university grade online
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How to hack a school computer without getting caught
If your school uses a Mac computer instead of a Windows computer, you cannot hack into the computer. Remember that if your computer’s BIOS is locked down, you will not be able to hack your school computer. You will not be able to hack your school computer if it is attached to the internet. This means that the policies on the computer are operated remotely.
How to hack school computer server
How do get access your school’s server to download the final exam question with the solutions? Just think of the benefits of your academic record and think of your comfort when you attend school on the final exam days before the final!
The world has changed and it is getting more competitive day by day. People are looking for a better job to give them financial stability in the future. If you want to get a good job, you need good grades and that is what makes many people look for ways to change their university grades with the help of hackers. You can ask for help from a hacker as they have set up tools and techniques to hack into any website and make changes accordingly. I hope now you clearly understand How to hire a hacker to change your university grades. contact mail: [email protected]
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2023.05.28 14:36 Smart_Ad_1240 Overt reaction

Not sure if this is the right subreddit so redirect me if it's not, but I'm trying to find a reason for me overreacting to certain situations.
I don't overreact to things in general, I'm not very emotional person and that is why I really dislike this aspect of my personality as it interferes with my ability to do things.
When I was younger I'd get a very strong physical reaction (shaking, sweating, nausea) to my teachers shouting at me when I wasn't able to do something. As well as when I was doing my driver's license and messed up and the instructor would shout at me then I'd get the same reaction.
I don't think it's about the experience of being yelled at because I can endure that just fine but more about being reprimanded for a lack of skill or capability. Everyone messes up at times but their reaction is not as strong as mine and I would like to hear your opinions on why I have this problem.
Is it because of the fear of being seen as incompetent or some kind of fear of being embarrassed or what is it?
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2023.05.28 14:36 frn Mainstream linux distros are still not ready for gamers, and its not because of Proton compatability or anticheat

Disclaimer: I'm rather dyslexic so I wrote this with the help of ChatGPT
As a dedicated gamer who appreciates the power of Linux-based gaming solutions such as SteamOS (on my Steam Deck), ChimeraOS (on my Console PC), and Proton, I was eager to explore the possibilities of using Ubuntu as my primary operating system. With the impressive advancements made by SteamOS and Proton in recent years, I thought it was worth giving Ubuntu a chance to see if the desktop experience had also improved for gamers. However, my journey with Ubuntu left me feeling disappointed and frustrated.
A Rocky Start:
Equipped with a Razer Blade 14 2021 laptop boasting an RTX 3080, I embarked on installing Ubuntu. While the process itself was relatively straightforward, I encountered a few stumbling blocks. I had to disable secure boot in my BIOS settings and run the installer in 'Safe Graphics' mode to get Ubuntu to work properly. These minor inconveniences were manageable, but little did I know they were just the beginning of my troubles.
Steam and Compatibility Woes:
Upon attempting to install Steam, I discovered that the version available in Ubuntu's software center had lower compatibility with games. Following the advice of another user, I turned to the Flatpak version of Steam. This entailed visiting the Flatpak website, installing the Flatpak runtime, repository, and software center plugin, all via terminal commands, before finally being able to install Steam. Although it was a convoluted process, I remained hopeful.
UI Scaling Nightmare:
Once Steam was installed, my enthusiasm quickly faded when I realized the user interface (UI) was minuscule, rendering it practically unusable. Despite having configured UI scaling settings across the system, Steam refused to adhere to them. Desperate for a solution, I scoured the internet for answers and discovered suggestions to modify the .desktop file for Steam by adding launch arguments to force UI scaling. However, locating the elusive .desktop file proved to be a challenge in itself, thwarting my efforts to launch Steam with a scaled UI.
Big Picture Mode: A Laggy Mess:
Determined to at least play some games, I decided to opt for the Big Picture mode. Sadly, what awaited me was a slow and laggy mess. This experience further dampened my hopes of Ubuntu becoming a gamer's daily driver.
The User Experience Disconnect:
As a user accustomed to using specialized gaming distributions like SteamOS and ChimeraOS on my dedicated gaming machines, I found Ubuntu's user experience jarring and disjointed. It seemed evident that the user journey for gaming had not received the same amount of time and thoughtful consideration as the specialized gaming distributions. Ubuntu felt like a disconnected and siloed experience, requiring a considerable amount of technical skill just to get started.
The Hope for the Future:
Despite my frustrations, I remain optimistic that the user experience for gaming on standard Linux distributions will improve over time. As Linux gains more popularity as a gaming platform, developers and the Linux community will undoubtedly invest efforts into creating more streamlined experiences for gamers. Ubuntu, being one of the most widely used Linux distributions, has the potential to become a solid choice for gaming enthusiasts. However, it will require concerted efforts to address the challenges faced by gamers. The above experience was enough to make me reinstall Windows and shelve Ubuntu for the timebeing.
My foray into using Ubuntu as a gamer's daily driver left me disheartened due to the numerous obstacles encountered while setting up Steam. Despite being partly knowledgeable about Linux, the disjointed user experience and technical difficulties were too significant to overlook. Ubuntu has yet to bridge the gap between a standard distribution and gaming-centric alternatives like SteamOS
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2023.05.28 14:33 derhundi Trackmania performance problems since ~2 months

Hey guys,
Im already playing tm for about 2 years and never had such problems before. No other game in my libary has this kind of problem. I just want to play again and I think my setup isn't the problem: i9 9900K 4.6Ghz 64 Gb DRR4 3200Mhz RTX 3070 ti Windows 11 64 bit Game is installed on m.2

The problem is that I can't play lag/stutter free this game anymore. It doesn't matter if I play the campaign or online. It feels like something in the background is forcing tm to not utilize 100% or sth. I installed the game through steam (controller support and before the steam release opened it with steam too). Vsync and other options with sync deactivated. Tried with Vsync only too but no changes. Tried to play the game in fullscreen and in windowed fullscreen, also no changes. Tried to set everything on low and also on high/Ultra but the stutters are still there... I reinstalled my Gpu drivers, fresh installed tm (deleted the whole folder) and no settings changed. OpenPlanet not installed and it still lags. I get around 100 to 140 fps depends on map but my game stutters so bad its not payable... No other game has this problems... I already tried to find the problem in my hardware, but also no crashes in prime95 and furmark (30 min). I deactivated so much programs/services in my startup...
Does someone know how I can fix this or has someone else this problem too?
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2023.05.28 14:31 No_Championship_6659 Help me feel good about turning down more respected universities.

I am about to accept Lakehead Orillia Geography and environment concurrent education, because I get my teaching and undergrad degree simultaneously in 5 years and I really want to teach. The dorms are private and brand new, and I like the quaint natural location. Is it too quaint as a satellite? Will I miss out on anything here? I hope to play soccer somehow? I applied to many universities because I didn’t know what I wanted in Sept.
I’d be turning turning down offers at:
-Waterloo Environmental studies coop -Western English French for teachers -UofT French/Environment social science -Guelph Geography l/Environment coop -Laurier Geography French/Italian -Trent Environment coop -Ontech: conditional coned Finance or Ed -Nipissing and Windsor Coned, both too far!
Let’s face it people turn their nose up to Lakehead, and that bugs me, but I like it. Should I consider a more prestigious name for my undergrad and do teachers college consecutively rather than concurrent at this school? Input?
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2023.05.28 14:31 BiasMushroom The Exterminators RELOADED! Episode 2

Part 2 of “The Exterminators RELOADED!”
A Fanfic of u/SpacePaladin15’s work “The nature of Predators” Thank you for the story!
Memory transcription subject: Henry, Venlil Primary School Student
Sylvan’s dad gestured for us to get the show set up while he walked into the kitchen. I couldn’t bring myself to sit still as the sound of popcorn in the microwave bounced through the house. Sylvan threw himself next to me as the annoyingly long series of logos started to parade through the screen.
“C’mon Dad! It’s starting!” We both held our arms up and caught a bag of popcorn as Mr. Smith copied Sylvan and threw himself on the couch. As Sylvan started to juggle the burning hot bag I started to mockingly mimic him. “Oh shut up! You and your built-in oven mitts!”
I batted Sylvan in the face who didn’t hesitate to try and hold off my attacks by smooshing me down into the chair. We both stopped when the Deep heavy beat of the Exterminators RELOADED started to play. This time though the beat didn’t stop as the opening sequence ended. Instead it played dully in the background like we were hearing it through a wall.
Friotetzali stepped into the scene and sauntered his way through an alley. He stopped and looked at a poster hanging on the wall. It showed a picture of a carrot and tomato with forward facing eyes and silly little stick arms cowering in fear of a ravenous looking Venlil. Plastered above it was the episode's title! “THE HERBIVOROUS BEASTS FROM BEYOND THE STARS!!!”
Frio let out a light chuckle as his tail curled in delight. “Oh that looks hilarious. Gotta remember to go see that.” He gently shook his head as he continued to walk and drop into an indifferent attitude as he approached a lone Mazic by a door. The two stared at each other for a moment before the Mazic slowly turned and opened the door.
With a slow and droning voice he addressed our head investigator. “He’s waiting for you by the dance floor. Doubt you’ll miss him. Welcome back Frio. Try not to burn the place down.” As the door opened the tune picked back up and was almost deafening. Frio walked down the dark staircase and eventually into a room filled with neon signs decorating the walls, strobe lights, lasers, and dozens of people dancing everywhere.
Our Harchen Hero cut through the crowd and haze like a fish through water before finally sitting down at a table with a rather… sleazy looking Gojid. “FRIO! MY OLD PAL! Have a seat! Let me get ya a drink!” The greased back fur of the Gojid just looked out of place as he waved for the servers to bring colorful beverages with little umbrellas over.
I honestly couldn’t make out any words that came out of the Gojid’s mouth after that. The dude just seemed to talk and not say any words. But eventually Frio took a slow sip from his drink and turned his head to stare down the greasy porcupine who’s quills extended in a little bit of fear.
“Cut the crap Genseng. I want to know why by Inatala’s tits you’d think it's a good idea to smuggle terran animals here!” He slammed a pawfull of photos on the table. Each one showed the greasy Gojid buying and selling small animals like rabbits and chickens.
Genseng sputtered and pouted “COME ON! I haven’t done anything that puts anyone at risk! I just sell human’s xeno-safe pets! A bunny never ate a Dossur! Don’t you want humans to take care of the petting addiction on things that want to be pet?” Despite my body telling me this guy was bad news, I couldn’t help but agree. I’ve been ‘pet’ more times than I would like by strange humans… and a few Venlil… and one Kolshian… and I ran away from the Mazic.
Frio sat back in his chair and huffed. “Then WHY have I found NO civilians with one of your pets?” This time he slapped down a paper list of names and places that clearly documented each and every business he sold animals to.
The scumbag sat there with a look of shock on his face and started to sputter out several noncommittal and contradictory statements. ALl the while Frio stared at his “friend” with more and more disgust. Eventually Genseng just sighed, stood up, and shouted. "GUN! HES GOT A GUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!” and bolted for the back door as screaming began to fill the room
Frio just casually stood up and watched that douchebag flee! He pulled out his badge and announced to the crowd. “FALSE ALARM! FALSE ALARM! OFFICER FRIOTETZALI, HERE ON OFFICIAL BUSINESS OF THE AVALON CITY POLICE! REMAIN CALM YOU ARE IN NO DANGER!”
I couldn’t understand why he was just standing there as the bad guy ran away! The camera cut to Genseng who was sprinting full force down a narrow hall dodging all manner of obstacles like it was an action movie only for it to cut back to Frio slowly taking a sip of his drink!
Again it cut back Genseng huffing and wheezing as he sprinted through his own shipping operation. The only pauses he took were to open up cages causing a small whirlwind of feathers and bunnies to start in the warehouse. Yet Frio started to casually talk to the people in the room. He just slowly went around reassuring everyone that everything was fine and why he was here.
As I sat there in disbelief that he’d just let the bastard run away Genseng rounded a corner to see his getaway truck. Only to step around the corner and get punched squarely in the gut by Iloralia who was hiding there.
“Come on Genseng? Couldn’t you do something original? This is starting to get boring!” Ilo extended a cattle prod and let the end buzz with electricity as an Extermination Officer van pulled up behind her.
The Gojid let out raspy breaths. “Should have- … figured- … he’d send his- … BITCH! To wait in the alley!” The sleazy man sucked that insult back in when Ilo pressed the business end of her cattle prod to his throat.
“Shut the fuck up. You have the right to remain silent, but for your sake… I hope you’re smart enough to use it!” Ilo’s tail waved behind her with delight as Sephon climbed out of the van with a Gojid arrestor vest to cover Genseng’s quills and bind his arms.
I jumped as the video smash-cut to Sephon slamming down piece after piece of evidence on an interrogation room table in front of a nervous Gojid and his exhausted human lawyer. The angelic Tasamine sat on her perch gently drinking some tea as our perturbed Venlil explained each and every paper and photo that he threw on the table.
“Finally we have you on felony tax evasion. You do know you have to declare ALL sources of income right?” Genseng sheepishly looked to his lawyer, who just sat there with a defeated look on his face. “You are looking at forty years behind bars for this Genseng! FORTY!”
Tasamine let her voice coo out over her cup of tea. “We aren’t going to do you any favours over the tax stuff. The IRS is over our jurisdiction on that, BUT we are prepared to drop the rest of the charges.”
Genseng’s lawyer appeared to wake up in an instant and elbowed his client before he could open his filthy mouth. “So what do you want from my client in return for dropping the charges you have against him?”
Tas let out a little smile that set butterflies to flight in my stomach. “We want everyone that Tas sold animals to. And we do mean EVERYONE.”
Sephon started to pace back and forth as the Gojid and lawyer talked amongst themselves. Eventually Genseng relented and turned to our heroes. “Ok… SO I technically never really sold to a person per say… BUT I kept really good papers on all the businesses I did sell to!”
The conversation started to dull out as the camera began to pan back and into the observation room with Frio, Ilo, and a rather small Mazic. Frio stood stoically silent, his paw held gently under his jaw, lost in thought. Ilo was typing away on the computer crosschecking every business Genseng sold out.
The Mazic took a step forward. His badge now clearly showing that he was the Chief of the Avalon City Police. “I know those businesses… Why would he be selling pets to…” The Chief huffed and stormed out of the observation room leaving Frio and Ilo slightly confused only to watch with an ounce of shock as the Police Chief walked into the interrogation room.
Genseng’s lawyer slowly looked to his client with a look of anger and despair plastered on his face. The sleazy man just kinda shrugged. “I didn’t make them buy it!”
“HEY! I’VE GOT A GUY WHO TAKES THEM IN! I MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS HUMANE AND SAFE FOR CONSUMPTION AND ANYTHING UNWANTED GO TO THAT GUY! OK? NO MONEY TRANSACTION! … I think he ships them back to Earth or something. No unethical stuff… except maybe selling Once-live as Cloned… but that isn’t that bad! Humans only just considered Rabbits to be on par with dogs!”
The Chief of Police just stood there menacingly as the ever beautiful Tas asked a question. “Who is this man you give the animals to?”
Genseng slowly walked back to his seat. “I don’t have a name. Just some dude wearing the old face hiding masks and a Pleather trench coat. Kinda creepy and usually lets the fat Venlil do the talking, but they scratch my back I scratch thier’s.”
The screen faded to black before coming back to their conference room and joined by the Chief of Police. “So you think this individual is the same one behind the Sheep Operation?”
Ilo sat up in her chair. “It seems to meet up with his M.O. of undermining food production.”
Tas brought a pair of population maps up on their projector. “Just looking at the before and after, the invasive rabbit population was miniscule at best. We had been doing a great job of catching them faster than they could repopulate. At least until their population unpredictably exploded into the hundreds of thousands.”
She swapped out the maps for a single one that showed several areas circled in red. “DNA testing on the rabbits has shown that they aren’t spreading naturally. One population has no genetic relation to the others even though their areas overlap. It has to be someone introducing rabbits in waves to different locals.”
The Chief slowly shook his head. “Do we have any clues as to where the masked man is?”
Frio’s tail curled in delight. “Why yes! Yes we do! He has a meetup with my good buddy Genseng who desperately doesn’t want to spend the next forty years in jail.”
The small Mazic let out a low and insidious laugh “OH! I think I know where you are going with this. You have my support. Let's get this sting operation set up!”
In an instant the day flew by and night rose over the docks of Avalon City. Genseng drove down the roads and pulled around the corner of a large warehouse situated nearby. The sleazy man looked oddly calm. I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t his first time ratting.
Overlooking the docks from the warehouse was our team of heroes. Tas had set up a network of monitors and was observing the operation. Several disguised vans were parked nearby filled with Extermination Officers all biting to get a hold of their quarry.
Frio walked over and placed a paw on Tasamine’s wing, before speaking into a recorder. “Looking good Gen. Looks like I misplaced the paperwork on those charges. Get through this and I won’t have time to go looking for it!”
Gen let out a small chuckle. “Hey Frio… Do you miss when we were kids? Getting into trouble. Scraping enough money together to buy lunch when our parents couldn’t afford to feed us?”
Frio took a step back from the monitors. “You said that in a really weird way… but yeah. Just the two of us. Sometimes we were delinquents scamming someone out of five credits and sometimes we were the heroes helping people out. Guess we took different paths…”
The greasy Gojid leaned back in the driver seat of his van. “I- … I am kinda tired of living Frio… It’s just… One deal after another with barely enough money to get from one job to the next… Do- … Do you think I could get a job working with you guys?”
It almost looked like Frio was going to cry as his eyes watered up. “Well… we are a man down at the moment, but my team only hires experienced individuals. It would be hard work, but if you joined as an apprentice and applied yourself… I think you could make it.”
Genseng sat and fiddled with his paws for a few moments. “Even with my arrest record?”
“We are the Exterminators not the City Police. I doubt there isn’t a single one of us that hasn't done something that would get us blacklisted by them!”
Gen let out a light laugh. “Ah good point! They hired you! Well I’d- Wait. He's here.”
A long black limousine pulled up around the corner. Slowly and silently stopping beside them. Frio took a step back. “Alright everyone. It's go time. Gen, get ready to duck down if they open fire.”
With almost perfect unison every unmarked van and cruiser lit up with Yellow and Orange lights and started to race towards the Limo. But with a heart stopping ‘BWOOOOOM’ the Limo exploded into an inferno, sending metal flying through the docks at high speeds.
Gen’s voice screamed over the radio for a brief moment before falling silent.
The next sounds we heard were of a heart monitor. Frio sat at the bedside of what I assumed to be Genseng. His body was covered entirely in bandages, with tubes running into his head and arms. Wires tracked his vital signs and, while steady, didn’t look like they broadcasted good news.
Frio looked up to see Ilo leaning in the doorway. “The limo was automated. No one on board. Mask either knew it was a setup or intended to end Genseng one way or the other.” She slowly walked over to Frio and nuzzled the side of his head. “I talked with the Doctors. They think he’ll make it. Might be a few years, and he will have to learn how to do most things, but he will live.”
Ilo forced her way into awkwardly cuddling Frio. After a small moment of resisting he accepted the embrace and leaned back. “How are we on tracking down the leads?”
She somehow managed to wrap herself around Frio as she quietly responded. “The limo was a dead end. Everything was bought from scrap and assembled off-grid. Camera networks were wiped clean enough that even Tas couldn’t scrape something off of the hard drives. DNA results on the rabbits gave us enough to work with Earth and track down the suppliers on that side, but they were using Genseng as a scapegoat and intermediary for all of it. I don’t think he even realized that the man he was ‘giving’ rabbits to was the man that arranged for him to be able to buy them in the first place.”
Frio wrapped his arms around her. “So this whole operation was basically a money laundering scam with rabbits. They scarred him for life just to- to-” Tears ran down his cheeks as the pair embraced each other. The credits started to roll over the sounds of a heart monitor slowly pinging on. Gentle sobbing slowly faded away as the sound of claws on tile echoed through the speakers.
A rather portly Venlil was flanked on both sides by massive looking dogs. Sylvan’s Dad pointed out those where Karelian Bear Dogs. Bred to actually hunt one of Earth’s apex predators. The Fat Venlil, or Chublil as Sylvan said, walked into an immaculate office, where a man with a silvered mask and brown trench coat sat.
“Sir? Operation Clean House is over. The results are one Gojid launderer hospitalized. He is expected to recover in a few years. When the exterminators watching him clear out an agent will enter with an air-filled syringe and fake death by heart-attack. As you expected the last meetup was a sting operation. Police remain slightly aware of your presence.”
A robotic voice came from the man. “Good work Gavreg. Did you enjoy your trip to Earth?”
“Yessir. You were right. Bear meat is simply divine when prepared correctly.”
“Glad to hear it. As for the Gojid, I think he’s gotten the message on what happens to people who cross us. Send him a normal fruit basket when he regains consciousness. Have it say… Sorry you got fired! Take a siesta!”
“Very well sir. Just to be clear, hold off on permanently silencing him?”
“Hrm… Yes. He was always amusing to work with.”
“Very well sir. If there is nothing else, I shall take my leave.”
The Fat Venlil turned and walked out of the room. Ending the episode and leaving the three of us sitting on the couch.
“You know Loural is going to throw a fit if she finds out we let both Sylvan and Henry watch this!”
I wasn’t proud but at least the humans screamed louder than I did.
Special thanks to u/Dinomannick for the prompt
"I got a few ideas for the show. How about a few episodes have them dealing with invasive earth species on alien worlds, brought there for zoos, rich blokes pet, criminals, whatever. They have either catch or kill all of them before their establishing breeding populations and have the cane toad/rabbit problem like down-under. Think it might be interesting enough for future space TV?"
I hope this lived up to your expectations, and the bunny boom won't be relegated to just this episode either.
Links are still broken cause reddit is more like brokeit... Will get around to fixing them soon, real life has been kinda hectic

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2023.05.28 14:30 meraki369 Guide on the uncomfortable aspect of SR - Dealing with the Unresolved emotions

Hello Brothers,
Today I want to share an understanding of the aspect of old unresolved emotions emerging to the awareness again, which makes us feel so uncomfortable during our SR journey.
This aspect is less discussed here, so I would like to shine a light on what is really happening.
So with the right understanding of the process, we could enjoy the 'Torture' it gives, rather than thinking about relapse or making it a 'hard journey' than it actually is.

Why it happens?
First of all, let's understand about our mind.
The mind has only two functions according to the Buddhist perspective.
  1. Clinging (Wanting a certain emotion to be experienced again and again)
  2. Resisting (Not letting a certain emotion to be experienced fully)
Let that settle down for a bit.
We don't allow the reality to unfold as it is. We always want to manipulate the reality in order to feel good (Experiencing the specific 'Clinged' emotion again) and not to feel bad (Avoiding the specific 'Resisted' emotions)
And, when the reality is not going according to our own personal preference, we suffer.
All of our suffering are only due to this two reasons. These two activities of the mind forms the personal preference.
Now, when the mind clings to an emotion, or resists an emotion, the energy of that 'unexperienced' emotion gets locked in the body.
That energy wants to be released and to be experienced by awareness, so that it can finally release itself from the 'Body prison'.
This 'locked' energy creates thoughts of it's own kind, in order for it to be released all the time. These thoughts will not go away till the underlying energy that's driving them is felt and released.
Remember that disturbing thought your mind chatters with all the time? It has an underlying unexperienced emotion to it. The solution is to experience the emotion, not trying to shut down the thought.
Nearly all of our problems are Emotional, not psychological. Working with thoughts is a fool's game, and it leads us nowhere.
If we let go of clinging and resisting, the energy would be felt by consciousness and it is finally free. It doesn't exist anymore.
But here comes the tricky part.
For most of the things, we are not really aware that we have been clinging on or resisting against a particular emotion. It happenes unconsciously, by habit.
To cling on, or to resist an emotion takes effort by the mind. This effort is there 24*7, which is manifested as 'uneasiness' or 'stress' during the day.
Once there is an awareness, it becomes clear that there is an effort involved to hold on something. As a result, the effort naturally dies away. The energy is now free to move to consciousness and get experienced.
As a consequence, the 'uneasiness' or 'stress' drops down proportionally.
This is why meditators, and even retainers feel so calm and composed all the time.
Further, once you let go of clinging, you don't feel the need to experience that emotion again. Once you let go of resisting something, you don't feel the need to avoid that emotion again. As a result, you don't feel the need to do anything, you are contented all the time. This is the state of the enlightened masters.
The solution is to increase awareness somehow, so that the remaining process is automatically taken care.
With Semen Retention, our sexual energy is no longer at the deficit state, so it is now increasing our awareness.
Whether the awareness is increased through Semen Retention, Qi Gong or Meditation - the method doesn't really matter. The same consequences will follow for all the practice that increases the awareness.

Being Aware:

Bodhidharma sat facing the wall.
The Patriarch stood in the snow.
He cut off his arm and presented it to Bodhidharma, crying, “My mind has no peace as yet! I beg you, master, please pacify my mind!”
“Bring your mind here and I will pacify it for you,” replied Bodhidharma.
“I have searched for my mind, and I cannot take hold of it,” said the Patriarch.
“Now your mind is pacified,” said Bodhidharma

The Western approach has invented a lot of psychological tricks to interfere mind and make it bend according to our will. Well, those tricks have yielded result to a very small extent, but it's not the best way to deal with the mind.
The eastern approach to mind is to leave it alone, and just witness it. This approach has worked for thousand of years, wonderfully.
At this point, it's very important to understand that when an old uncomfortable emotion hits, DO NOTHING AND BE AWARE.
Experience those uncomfortable emotions. There comes a point where you have less and less 'locked' emotions in you, the more and more elevated and peaceful you will feel.
The mind will make all sorts of rationalization to justify it's escape from experiencing the emotion.
The point is to keep redirecting our attention from thoughts to emotions.
Don't focus on WHAT DO I THINK? Focus on WHAT DO I FEEL?
Just be aware of the emotions.

Face the dragon. You don't even have to slay it, just face it. The gold will be yours once the dragon realizes that you are still there even after getting fully attacked by it.
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2023.05.28 14:29 Shandriel Free market be like this

Free market be like this
I accidentally stumbled upon an offer for a HTM4S while I was looking for a HTM2N (to go with my 803N)
These days, the 805N and 805S sell for 1800-2500 USD a pair.. that's why I ended up going with the 803N (paid 2400 for the pair)
According to B&W, the HTM4S is identical to the 805S, it just has better shielding and probably goes a bit lower in bass.. but the drivers and the crossover are identical.
You could get a full quadrofonic setup for the price of a single 805S...
Looking forward to see/hear if it really helps with dialogue in movies like so many people claim.
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2023.05.28 14:29 Disastrous_Tart_7031 Gee,If only you can copy a number?xD

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2023.05.28 14:28 milaimzeka Questions for self teaching myself some Electrical stuff

Hello there. I am a Mechatronics student. While studying I have started to like the electrical side of things quite a bit, and I will probably focus more on it later in my career. Currently, on the electrical side I only have circuit theory and Lab, and digital circuits and signals later on. The physics was mainly introductory to the EM stuff, and the course focuses on Mechanics(Statics, Dynamics, thermodynamics, fluids). Since I want to focus on the electrical side, I would want to self-learn a few things that might be important for electrical engineering, but I don't know where to start (other than practicing more math this summer). Any advice?
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