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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu, known in English as Re: Starting Life in a Different World from Zero, is a Japanese light novel written by Tappei Nagatsuki, and illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka. The series tells a story of Natsuki Subaru, a young man that lives his normal life in modern Japan. One day, he's summoned to another world. Without knowing the person that summoned him, or the reason for being summoned in the new world, he soon befriends a silver-haired-half-elf girl, Emilia.

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A place to discuss about the novel, Re: Starting life in another world from zero. Submit your own fanart as well!

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This is a subreddit dedicated to various media to appreciate the character, Rem from the series Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Fanart, official promotional media, cosplay, figures, etc. are all welcome here~

2023.03.20 19:04 Beginning_Squirrel80 Giving out Advice

This is gonna be kinda long but I hope you can take the time to read it. This is for anyone currently going through this, anyone who already went through it and is still struggling.
Quick summary of my story: I met this “girl” on an app called wizz, we went over to kik and that’s when I sent the pictures. “She” asked for my instagram which I gave her but my account was private so they didn’t request to follow me. “She” didn’t have any of my followers so “she” couldn’t blackmail me with that. I sent a pic of my you know what and my face. After that is when the threats came. Just like everyone else I freaked out, I sent maybe $100 and then I blocked her.
Some of you might have the exact same story, some of yours might be a little different. Now for the advice.
  1. Block them
  2. the best option is just to block them, they’ll just move on from you if they can’t contact you
  3. Change your usernames, passwords, profile pics, and bios
  4. I would tell you to deactivate your account but if you don’t want to do that, do the things I listed above. This makes your account less recognizable
  5. Don’t pay them
  6. I know everyone here says not to pay. If you pay, it just makes you more of a target. They’re more inclined to keep reaching out to you with separate accounts. If you paid, don’t freak out, it’s ok. Just block them. This doesn’t mean they’re more inclined to leak your photos
  7. Do something you enjoy
  8. when I was going through this, I found that doing something I enjoyed helped me forget about this for a few hours. If you’re constantly thinking about it, it’s gonna drain your mental health. So do something you enjoy. For me, drawing and listening to music helped me tremendously
This happened to me may of 2021. Almost 2 years later I have zero worries and have moved on entirely. I just live my life like I would normally before all this. I know that if you give it time, you’ll be able to do the same.
Rarely do they leak the photos so try not to worry. If they send you a screenshot of them sending it to someone you know, here’s what they do: they send it, take a screenshot, then delete it so 9/10 times they don’t even actually see it.
Do your best to not stress about it and move on. We’re all rooting for you and there’s amazing people here willing to help you. Good luck to all of you!
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2023.03.20 19:01 KhoaFraelich Why Were Diesel Cars a Dud in America?

Why Were Diesel Cars a Dud in America?
If you’re a car buff and have spent some time in Europe, you’ve probably seen something very interesting. Europeans not only have a love affair with efficient compact cars but also seem to be totally cool about driving diesel vehicles. In fact, as of the start of this year, almost 20% of new cars sold in the European Union featured a diesel engine. This has come at a time when the EU is pushing alternative fuel vehicles and just announced that it will ban the sale of new gas and diesel cars starting in 2035. Nevertheless, you are still going to see plenty of Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Peugeot, and Skoda diesel coupes and sedans cruising down the Autobahn, the Autostrade, and the Autoroute.

Once upon a time, automakers thought they could get Americans interested in buying cars equipped with diesel engines. It was during the 1970s when the US was plagued by not one but two oil shocks. The 1973 and 1979 oil crises led to long gas lines, upsetting motorists and driving automakers to seek ways to make their vehicles more fuel efficient. Since gasoline is a byproduct of refining diesel oil, the thought was that you could stretch a barrel of crude further by getting drivers to use diesel instead of gas. While this made perfect sense, the experiment proved to be as big a failure here as it was a success across the Atlantic Ocean. Why did this happen? How could the brands have been so wrong about diesel cars?

My Personal Experience
In 1977, my parents were struggling to put my oldest brother through college during a time of high inflation. In order to cut the cost of gasoline, my dad opted to buy a 1977 Peugeot 504 Diesel. There was a local Subaru-Peugeot dealership near our house, so my dad went in one day with his 1973 Cadillac Sedan DeVille and came home with a brand-new Peugeot.

In order to accommodate his new vehicle, my dad made a few changes to the house. First, he ran an outlet from the garage to the front driveway. This would allow him to plug in the Peugeot’s glow plugs during the winter. You see, this is one drawback of owning a diesel car. During cold weather, the oil can congeal, making it difficult or impossible to start your vehicle. Glow plugs keep the diesel fuel nice and warm, ready to fuel the engine.

Second, he needed a source of diesel oil. The nearest service station that had diesel oil for trucks was a good two miles from the house. After doing some research, my dad discovered that home heating oil was the same as diesel fuel and could be safely used in his Peugeot. The only problem was that our house had always had gas heat. He bought an oil tank, installed it in the garage, and contracted with a home heating oil company to make bi-weekly deliveries to our house.

My dad went a step further over the years. He began doing his own oil changes at home to save money. Then, when the 1979 oil embargo hit, he added a second diesel car, a 1980 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Diesel. While our neighbors contended with long lines at the gas pump and the misery of odd and even rationing, my dad continued to cruise around in his two diesel cars. That’s because the oil embargo did not seem to affect the home heating oil business. A third diesel car would follow two years later, a 1981 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Diesel Coupe. This had a sporty, two-tone paint job of deep blue on the body and a sandstone hood and roof. You have to keep in mind that the early 1980s still had some of the questionable taste of the 1970s. My dad would go on driving these three diesel cars for the first half of the decade, still doing his own oil changes and filling up from his home heating oil tank.
Benefits of Diesel Cars
There are a number of benefits to using a diesel engine in a car. For one thing, they get better fuel economy than gas engines in comparable models. The Peugeot 504 would often get a robust 30 miles to the gallon whenever my dad took it out on long drives to visit my brothers and me in college in Baltimore and Boston. The same held true for the two Oldsmobile diesel cars as well.

Diesel engines are also quite reliable. As long as my dad did his routine maintenance and remembered to plug in the glow plugs, he’d have no problem starting them up, even on the coldest days of winter. This is because diesel engines have fewer working parts than gas engines, which also helps them last longer on average. Diesel fuel burns using pressure to release energy, so there are no spark plugs. Finally, diesel fuel is safer than gasoline. While gasoline can explode, that is not possible with diesel fuel. This is why it is perfectly safe to store diesel fuel and home heating oil inside a house.

What Went Wrong?
The failure of diesel cars in America can actually be seen in the personal experiences of my father. For one thing, most folks are not that handy. Asking them to put a home heating oil tank in their house to keep a diesel car fueled is truly going a bridge too far. If a motorist lives in an apartment building, they won’t have access to a garage to store the diesel fuel nor an outlet to keep their diesel car’s glow plugs plugged in during the winter. Also, the diesel cars that were sold in America were noisy and produced a prodigious amount of noxious fumes. Our neighbors always complained about the noise and the smell produced by our diesel cars.

As for driving, the acceleration on the diesel cars left a lot to be desired. For example, the Peugeot 504 had a 71 hp diesel engine that could propel it from zero to 60 mph in a sluggish 21.7 seconds. I remember my Mom having to turn off the A/C on the Peugeot when she hit the highways during the summer just so she could get it up to speed to merge into traffic. It was truly a white-knuckle experience. The Delta 88 wasn’t much better, with a 5.7-liter V8 that produced 105 hp and 205 lb-ft of torque propelling this full-size beast. This was the same engine in the midsize Cutlass Supreme Diesel Coupe, making the coupe a racecar compared to the Delta 88 and the Peugeot.

It didn’t help that the Oldsmobile diesels were notorious for design defects, like using a bolt pattern designed for a gas engine instead of one that could handle a more powerful diesel engine. In addition, the late 1970s and early 1980s was a time when General Motors was having issues with quality control, which further hurt the reputation of its diesel models. Most Americans didn’t have access to the diesel cars offered by Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and Peugeot. Even if they did, many American motorists couldn’t afford one of these foreign models. Thus, if they wanted a diesel car, they usually opted for one of the models offered by General Motors. As many drivers began to complain, the missteps of a few lemons tainted the entire concept of the diesel car.
Where We Are Today
The great diesel car experiment in America is long since dead. Despite the benefits of greater fuel economy and easier maintenance, most American drivers were put off by the fumes, the noise, and the quality control issues. In addition, gas prices went down throughout the decades following the 1979 oil embargo, so there was no great push to find alternative energy sources. Finally, diesel cars have been surpassed by the success of hybrids and electric vehicles. These alternative energy vehicles provide all of the benefits of diesel with none of the drawbacks.

My dad eventually got rid of his diesel cars too. The last one he owned was the Cutlass Supreme. He sold it to the kid next door, who was a gifted auto mechanic. Eli removed the diesel engine, putting it in a pickup truck and replacing it with a standard gasoline V8 engine.
Today, you can still find diesel engines offered as an option on heavy-duty pickup trucks, off-road models like the Jeep Wrangler, and full-size SUVs like the Cadillac Escalade, GMC Yukon, and Chevy Tahoe. But if you want to ride in a diesel coupe or sedan, you had better book a trip to the European Union before 2035.

Source: Autoinfluence
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Hello, mga suki. 👋🏻 I hope 2023 is going smoothly as it can for you.
Okay, guys. Lately, there has been an uptick in submissions that go against rules of the subreddit. Rules 1, 2, 3, and 4, in particular. Paalala lang po na basahin at intindihin ang rules. If your post is removed, read the AutoModerator's message as to why your post got removed. The details are there. Huwag tayong tamad magbasa at maging suwail, oki? The Moderation Team would like to ensure the quality of the sub and observing the rules is one way to do it.
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Below are examples of concise yet descriptive titles:
I (F22) am talking to this guy (M26) who follows a lot of girls on Instagram, and I don’t know if I should take it as a red flag from now and leave?
I (34m) am from a conservative family and i found out my dad (57m) is having an affair with another man
We're still dating pero I found out from him a couple of days ago na he (m28) met with his ex and I'm trying to invalidate my jealousy kasi nga 'dating' palang kami and I don't think I have the right to be jealous.

Rule #2. Include a detailed description of your situation
Your post should have the ages, gender of everyone involved, how long you’ve been dating/married, and your general areas. Most importantly, we thrive on details so adding as much as you can while getting to the point will help other readers understand your dilemma.

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Salamat sa pag-basa. Humayo ka't mag-payo. Be kind to one another!
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2023.03.20 18:38 CokeSamurai In for a Penny... Chapter 68 a SSBverse story.

Setting by u/Bluefishcake, posting with permission.
Previous Chapters:
Herala was currently trying—and failing—to not panic.
He’d been talking with Pelrinn, and she’d just come out and said what he’d started to suspect himself, deep down.
That the plan to get Morivey—and some semblance of security—wasn’t going to work.
He’d been absentmindedly eating, absorbed in coming to grips with it. Before he knew it, his hands were empty, the only thing that remained of the freshly baked pippiya was the mess it left on his grease-covered fingers.
Herala hadn’t even tasted the Goddess damned thing.
He’d quickly excused himself without thinking to go clean his hands so he could continue his meal without giving everything he touched a thin, oily coating.
That was his first mistake.
He had just left the hall and turned the corner, only to nearly run into a woman.
“What’s the big rush, cutie?” The woman said, the scar running cheek to cheek pulled strangely on her skin as she grinned down at him.
“I’m busy,” Herala replied flatly before trying to skirt around her.
She stepped in front of him, stopping him in his tracks. “Now just hold on a minute. Name’s A—”
“I’m not fucking interested. Get out of my way,” Herala cut her off contemptuously and ducked past her and into the men’s room.
He’d turned down pushy bitches hundreds of times before, and didn’t think anything more of it. His second mistake.
He quickly rinsed the oils and clinging debris off in the sinks using the rather lackluster soap provided. Herala decided that since he was here, he might as well relieve himself too. It didn’t take long, and he was back at the sink rewashing his hands while trying to avoid looking in the mirror.
What do I do now?
Herala was safe from errant transfers, but that would only last as long as the Admiral was still in the fleet guarding the planet. Sooner or later, she’d either leave, or he’d be officially deployed elsewhere and the nightmare could begin again.
He took a deep breath to collect himself. You’re not about to figure it out right here in the restroom.
Herala dried his hands and marched over to the door, stepping out before it had even finished opening and colliding with a solid wall of muscle. He rebounded so suddenly he nearly fell back, but the moment his brain wasn’t preoccupied with remaining upright to take in the cause, he forgot how to breathe.
“Hello again, little cutie.” She said with a smirk.
Scarface was back, and now she had friends.
He scrambled, closing the door between them as his heartbeat pounded sickeningly in his ears.
You can just wait them out, they’ll leave eventua
Muffled through the door, he could clearly hear her taunting tone. “I guess you’re not done in there yet. No problem, we can wait. We’ve got all shel.
Herala fled further inside, jumping into a toilet stall and locking the door with shaking hands. He felt nauseous as he broke out in a cold sweat.
Try to call MPs for help? No, they hadn’t actually done anything to him yet, and they might even side against him. You could call Morivey… A dark thought in the back of his mind whispered temptation, despite the all-consuming dread he felt. It would have been a perfect cliché opportunity, but she probably wasn’t even on base, at least according to Pelri-
That’s not real, you’re both just acting.
He wasn’t even sure if they were even doing that anymore, from their conversation just a few minutes ago...
Knock knock. The rapping of knuckles on the door to the hall echoed in the empty room. “Don’t keep us waiting too long now.” The mocking voice said through the doorway.
Herala’s hands burrowed into his pockets, searching for his small bottle of grinshaw spray. Using it in a confined space like this would inflict nearly as much agony upon himself as it did them, but it would probably stop them.
Or piss them off enough that they’d kill him. Either way, he wasn’t going to go quietly.
Where is it?! He thought as he searched his pockets, coming up empty again and again, and growing more desperate with each pocket found lacking. Where had he seen it last?
The image of the bottle sitting on his nightstand this morning flashed through his mind.
You stupid fucking idiot! Why had he not grabbed it? Herala was religious about keeping it with him, the only times he didn’t bring it in recent memory were when he was with—
THAT’S NOT REAL! It was getting hard to breathe now. Short, panicked gasps came at a steadily quickening pace.
Two more playful sounding knocks on the door sent his stomach into his throat.
Herala screwed his eyes up tight as he neared the point of hyperventilating, and almost dropped his omnipad as he clawed it from his pocket and frantically typed the two words.
Please come pleasecome pleasepleaseplease…
Each second that passed felt like an eternity as he huddled in that toilet stall. He prayed for a reply to his message, something, anything that would tell him help was coming.
If help was coming.
The sudden sound of stifled raised voices caught his ear, and Herala strained to listen. Whatever was said, it was over almost before he could even try to make out the words, and it was back to torturous stillness.
Then he heard the bathroom door open.
Herala choked down a scream, for all the good that would do. There was no other way out and there wasn’t anywhere else he could hide.
“Herala?!” Pelrinn’s voice cut through his fear like a razor.
She came? Herala’s voice escaped him as he unlocked the stall with shaking fingers. He peered out into the larger room to see Pelrinn standing in the open doorway.
“Are you okay?” Pelrinn’s concern was etched on her face as she stared back at him.
Herala meekly nodded.
She held out her hand to him, palm up. “Come on, we’re leaving.”
He darted forward and grabbed her hand, eager for the opportunity to escape. Herala felt like a child as she gently pulled him behind her and out into the hall.
It was filled with onlookers in both directions, most staring at the two of them though some were looking noticeably elsewhere. He followed their gazes to find his lead tormentor climbing to her feet with fury in her eyes, flanked by her two shadows looking equally impotent.
Pelrinn pulled him away from them and through the crowd that parted slightly to let them pass. He could see dozens of eyes on him, and felt dozens more as they made their way through, and he watched more than a few take a good look at him before turning to glare holes into the women behind him as the murmurs all around increased in volume.
When the two of them broke through the ring of bystanders, Herala finally found his voice. “Where are we going?” He asked, hand still engulfed by Pelrinn’s comforting grasp.
“I don’t know, somewhere not here? I didn’t really have a plan…” She trailed off as they kept walking. “Do you want to go back in the mess?”
“I don’t want to deal with any more crowded places right now…” Herala said before his stomach, sensing the danger had passed, decided to gurgle loudly. His face grew hot from the embarrassing noise, though his companion seemed unfazed, not even acknowledging it.
Pelrinn paused for a moment before turning back to look him in the eyes, and he felt the blush worsen.
“Then we'll go somewhere else.”
‘Somewhere else’ turned out to be the bases vehicle pool.
“What’s the big idea here, hmm?” Herala asked with crossed arms as Pelrinn signed out a transport.
“You wanted less crowded. Once you’re off-base, most of the Shil’vati district is a spirit pool, not a living soul in sight.” Pelrinn said as she finished up the signout procedure.
“That’s because there’s nothing out there to do,” Herala groaned.
“Have you been off base before?” Pelrinn’s head and eyebrow were cocked as she looked down at him.
“Well, no…” He awkwardly admitted.
“Then it’s time to go see what’s out there.”
Herala hmmph’d, but followed along after her and climbed up into the assigned transport.
Pelrinn seemed entirely relaxed as she fastened herself in and started the machine up, like she’d done it a thousand times before.
“Do you leave the base often? Like, for fun?” Herala asked to avoid silence settling in uncomfortably.
“Before you came, maybe once or twice a week?” Pelrinn kept her eyes on the road as she answered.
“To do what?”
“Visit Kendrick, and sometimes go into the Human city.”
“We’re not going outside the walls, r-right?” Herala asked with sudden nervousness. They tried to kill Morivey just a few short months ago, and he didn’t fancy his chances unarmed and unarmored with only Pelrinn to protect him.
“No,” Pelrinn’s answer let him breathe a sigh of relief for a moment before she continued. “Not today. Maybe some other time though, if you wanted, and we had a bigger group for security.”
Herala gulped. “If it's so dangerous, why go?”
“It’s not all danger. There’s fun to be had, good food to eat, and good people to meet. Ciltari met her…she met someone she visits for…” Pelrinn cleared her throat. “‘Stress relief’ when Kendrick took us axe throwing.”
Herala didn’t know what an ‘axe’ was or why you would want to throw them, but figuring it out took a distant second place on his list of priorities as Pelrinn took the transport off the main street and into a large building’s parking lot.
He affixed his most indignant visage into place as he turned to scowl at the woman driving. “And what do you think you're doing bringing me to a hotel?” He demanded as he glowered at her.
She seemed unconcerned to his protests, not even looking at him and completely missing his glaring as she shut the vehicle down. “There’s a lounge just inside we can eat at. It’s not free like the mess, but it’s not like we have much we can spend our money on here anyway. Come on, let's go.”
All he could do was gape ineffectually as she climbed down from the driver's seat.
Goddess, why are women so dense? Herala thought before he clamored down after her.
Luckily there was no new snowfall, so the cleared pavement was dry and grippy under his feet as he caught up to her, despite most things still being coated in a layer of snow and ice.
The large double doors opened as they got close, and the temperature around them immediately warmed as the blast of heat escaped the building and mixed with the cold air outside as they stepped inside.
The lobby was a large, beautiful room. The architecture was clean and sleek, with light tones and colors creating a high-class, elegant feeling.
“Wow…” escaped Herala’s lips as he looked around. Off to the left, the lobby opened into another spacious room, the border between the two denoted when the light tones of the lobby met with the darker, richer tones of the other space. Tables dotted the room, and a large bar dominated one side. “How did you know about this place?"
"Kendrick lives here, so we've been here a few times."
"Oh, right." He felt silly not thinking of that.
“That’s the lounge,” Pelrinn confirmed his earlier thought as she pointed. “Let’s take a seat.”
The lighting was dimmer in there, giving a more relaxed atmosphere as they picked whichever placement they wished. Only one other table was even occupied, the two women seated there hardly paid them any mind as the two of them sat down, though Pelrinn gave them a long glance before settling in.
“The uh, the menu is on the pads built into the surface. If you scan your ID, it can be paid for right from your military account.” She said a little awkwardly.
Herala activated his screen and saw the menu. This isn’t your everyday fare. The prices reflected it too, and he realized if the rooms were as nice as the decor and the food, a noble would probably be quite at home staying here. The thought of eating like a noble brought a childish smile to his face.
He noticed there were also some cheaper items he didn’t recognize at all, and he asked without thinking.
“What’s a ‘hamb-urger’?” The unknown word felt strange in his mouth.
“What? Where?” Pelrinn’s eyes narrowed in concentration as she hunched over her screen. It was obvious when she found it as her expression relaxed into something resembling confusion. “That’s a Human food, I think. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it in English before.”
“Why would they be selling Human food at a Shil’vati hotel?” Herala wondered aloud.
“It’s probably way cheaper for them to get food locally. See how cheap it is compared to our food? The shipping costs to bring in food from out of system must be enormous.”
It made sense, but it didn’t solve his other main question.
“It has a picture, but how would we know how any of this tastes? It’s not like there’s a hostess to ask.” He said, sweeping his hand around the mostly empty room.
“We have someone though, Kendrick. Do you want me to ask him?” Pelrinn asked with her head canted.
Herala shook his head quickly. “No no, I know what I want to get.” It wasn’t going to be cheap, but he wasn't going to pass up being able to eat like a high-class gentleman, knowing he might never have the chance again.
“Let’s order.”
“So, that is the man you mentioned before?” Nineveh asked before taking a sip of her drink.
“Yes, that is him,” Grikel answered, picking at the remnants of her own meal.
Nineveh and her daughter had been enjoying lunch together, which had become a more frequent occurrence in the past few weeks. Preparing your house for the next generation took a lot of energy and planning, so taking the time to ready and make decisions now would pay dividends later on. Their visits weren’t all ‘business’ though, and it was a nice opportunity to reengage with her daughter.
“He doesn’t look like anything special. I think you snagged the cuter one.” Nineveh said quietly, her skill set allowing her to observe their topic of conversation discreetly.
“In her case, he seemed to snag her, and we can’t figure out his intent.”
“Sometimes men do things on a whim, they are much more difficult to profile than women, you know.” Nineveh said, giving Grikel’s plate a sidelong glance.”You hardly touched the steak.”
“It smells wrong,” Grikel’s nose wrinkled at the mention of it.
“Ah,” Nineveh straightened up a little and rolled some stiffness out of her shoulders before leaning back in her chair. “When you were still inside me, I couldn’t stand the smell or taste of most meats for months. I craved liver, fish and greens to the point I was driving the house insane wanting it all times of the day.” She smirked at the memories.
"You are swimming in a different current, we were talking about them." Grikel chastised her as she nodded subtly toward PFC Pelrinn and her date.
"Ah yes, of course. Since you are so eager to keep the topic on them, would you tell me why you think there is something more going on, under the surface?" It could be an interesting thought exercise to analyze whatever theory she presented.
"First of all, in our limited interactions, everything he has said or done has seemed inauthentic."
Nineveh almost chuckled. "My girl, you may be pregnant, but you are still very naive about how most men operate. They can adopt a new persona, wear a new mask for every person they meet."
"Even with the person they are purportedly dating?" Grikel countered.
"Especially with them."
Grikel put her utensils down and leaned back too, putting them back at eye level with each other. "If he is trying to please her, he is doing a terrible job. Pelrinn usually looks like she is walking on a knife's edge when they are together."
"Youthful inexperience. The girl's just nervous." Nineveh waved dismissively.
Grikel narrowed her eyes. "His story of when they began dating, the details do not make logical sense."
"Enlighten me."
"The day the rest of us met him, he claimed to have already been dating Pelrinn. From her reaction, that seemed to come as a surprise. When Pelrinn’s sister pressed for more details, he claimed they had met on a night that, while possible, would have been extremely unlikely for a romance to begin, given the circumstances surrounding that time."
"Explain." Nineveh prodded for more information.
"That night, all of us, including Kalari, had been visiting Kendrick. Pelrinn had still been pursuing a romantic relationship with the Human, and they spoke in private briefly before chaos ensued." Grikel replied.
"Chaos?" Now Nineveh was intrigued.
"There was suddenly broken glass, and a tearful, enraged Kendrick screaming for everyone to leave. Pelrinn basically shut down after that. She wouldn't speak or make eye contact, she would only shuffle along when guided back to the transport. Back at the base, I left to bring Kalari home, leaving Pelrinn with the others. She slipped away from them at some point during the winter storm, and only reappeared hours later."
"So they theoretically could have met during that window, as he claimed."
"Technically yes, but given that Pelrinn had been laser-focused on trying to win Kendrick over since the day they met, and she went back soon after to reconcile with him, it seems unlikely. As does the fact that she told no one of his existence until he introduced himself as her boyfriend."
"That does seem unlikely," Nineveh admitted.
"Now he avoids speaking with us, as if to evade further questions that may unravel the lies. That's not all," Grikel continued. "Though the rest is possibly unrelated, just...unusual."
"It may seem unrelated, but it could be the key if new information comes to light. Never choose ignorance willingly."
Grikel nodded and kept going. "It seems that that male, Herala is his name, was actually posted on-base months prior, working with Morivey no less."
"Morivey… that is the supply tech's name, the one the Human is with now, correct."
Grikel nodded. "According to what I've learned from Pelrinn and Kendrick, he was abruptly transferred up to the fleet.”
Nineveh frowned. “Many of my investigations begin with ‘sudden transfers’.”
“Exactly, so why was he transferred back down planetside, to the same base, to the same post, just a few months later?” Grikel poked at the table with each point for emphasis.
That is a very interesting question. Nineveh thought. Nobles and high-ranking officers had a tendency to surround themselves with as many men as they could leverage, and they weren’t like to let them go so easily or so quickly.
“Suppose you are correct, and he’s playing at something. What’s the motive?” Nineveh asked bluntly. “If he had gone after you, or some higher-ranked officer, it would make sense. Your friend is just a commoner and a low-ranking Marine at that, what does he gain?”
Grikel shrugged. “If he had been trying to get closer to me through her, I would think I was the true target. But as I said before, he seems to avoid contact with everyone but Pelrinn.”
“Hmm,” Nineveh nodded, stealing another look at the other table. The two seemed to be getting along well, quite unlike everything she had just heard described. What was the true state of things? There were a lot of unanswered questions.
And now Agent Nineveh wanted to know some answers.
Herala’s head lay on the pillow, and he pulled up his covers even tighter. He couldn’t sleep.
Shel was over, and it was back to the drudgery tomorrow. That he could handle, it was the muddled mess of his feelings that was keeping his mind awake.
He’d had fun—after the bathroom incident, of course—with Pelrinn, going to that hotel. He felt like a prince, eating expensive food in a beautiful place.
And then he found out about the pool! That gave him something to look forward to.
It wasn’t excitement keeping him awake though. What was he going to do about Morivey? Herala would see her again at work tomorrow morning, and he needed to have a plan ready before then. He still needed her if he wanted to have any chance of a secure future.
Little early and bigger than usual. Probably be normal/a little bit longer than usual for the next one.
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2023.03.20 18:38 VesperLynd- Got stood up the third time in a row by my carer

I didnt want to make this post, I really didn’t. I hope someone reads this. I made a post at the end of last year about my carer lecturing me about me being lazy and that I should clean my own stuff (I’m disabled, have chronic pain and currently 3 chronically painful limbs, one broken leg). She was paid to come and clean for me. So after a lot of encouragement (thank you again!) I complained to the boss and got another one. The second carer came once, cleaned with a wet tissue, left HER USED tissues on my table and also she was an anti vaxxer (ofc she was). So I waited til Friday two weeks ago and finally they send me a new carer. She seemed nice enough, drove me to get my brace for my broken leg and tidied up a bit (driving took a long time). She was supposed to come last Monday and then just ghosted me, didn’t answer, didn’t pick up the phone and I stood here with wet laundry. Had to leave it in the machine and wash again two days later bc I had no strenght anymore. She apologized and said she was in hospital to see her grandma. That’s no excuse though bc she could’ve just texted me and all good but she didn’t AND she ignored me for 3 hours before she told me she wouldn’t come. Then last Friday she was supposed to come. She didn’t but at least she texted bc she apparently spilled hot water on her hand (she send me pictures of her red hand and later of the bandage. So today she was supposed to get important prescriptions from two doctors, one of which closes at 4:30pm so we agreed she’d start at 4. At 5 I asked her if she got it all. No reply. At 5:30 I asked where she is. No reply. I called her 5 times. Two of those with my number hidden. No reply. It is currently 6:30pm. I left a voicemail for the boss and asked they call me back. I also told them on the voicemail what happened, that this was the third time in a row and that I’m furious. Last time I asked for a call back only and no one ever called back. I’ll call them tomorrow until they answer me but I feel sick to my stomach. Before you say I should get a new carer company, this can take many months since they’re all full. The person I had before all of this quit bc of school but she did a good job and was nice. Idk what I did that she seems to hate me and be this disrespectful. I just don’t know. The wash is almost done and I have zero strenght to hang it up. I’m in so much pain both physically and mentally. I think about ending things daily but I’m scared. I don’t know what’s so horrible about me that people who get PAID to help me threat me like this. I didn’t do anything to anyone and I just can’t do it anymore. I have no person in my life. On top of that I might not get rent and bills paid coming next month bc the city themselves send me a document that takes up to 6 months to be processed by them a single month in advance. I don’t know why I can’t just go to sleep forever because I can’t take all this anymore. I’m sorry for the wall of text, I think I’m gonna drink until I can fall asleep. Why are people like this? Please help me
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2023.03.20 18:35 marina513920 Is it a bad idea to travel to SE Asia if I have zero tolerance for spicy food?

It’s one of my dreams to see Southeast Asia and the only thing holding me back is fear that I won’t be able to eat anything. I love Asian food, but always order it at a zero spice level because for whatever reason, I have absolutely no tolerance for spicy food. It makes the whole eating experience miserable and painful for me if food is even a little hot. Is it easier than I imagine to get zero-spice food when you’re actually in SE Asia? Are there some countries where this will be easier than others? Or any thoughts/ideas for me?
Thanks in advance and please don’t make fun of me, I know I’m pathetic but I’ve tried fruitlessly for years to improve my tolerance and it just doesn’t happen 😭
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2023.03.20 18:34 ThrowawayENxP ENXP (m) Looking for Dating Advice

Hello INFJs,
I’ll try to be brief because I know we can be draining at times!
I recently learned that I am an ENxP (MB said ENTP but I self-rated ENFP in the questionnaire after, whatever that means). I have been talking to a girl who is absolutely amazing and she is an INFJ.
I feel like I’m normally charismatic and have a certain energy that people like, but with her I feel like a total dork— like I’m unable to be even the least bit smooth. She seems to like it though — I have no idea why. I’m mortified every time I send a text and think surely she will be over it. She always replies in a sweet way that makes me bubble over.
I also struggle a bit because I know that INFJs are a bit more reserved with info they give out… but I’m like a dude in a desert trying to find something to drink. So I end up in this weird spot where I really want to learn more about her, but I don’t want to be too pushy, but I also don’t want to dominate the conversation.
I’ve spent the last few days reading up on INFJs, ENxPs, and their relationships together. I’ve scoured the internet trying to find out how I can make her as happy as possible. I’ve gotten a lot of great info (the best, I think, was the understanding that she will need ample downtime to recharge and that it isn’t something to read in to — which I normally would).
Honestly, reading about her personality and recognizing her in it just makes me feel totally unworthy to talk to her let alone date her. I have zero idea why someone like that would choose “a fun person with hobbies” — as if those two personalities end up being equally cool.
Honestly, a part of me was sort of humorously jealous reading about her — it was like getting a list of all the things I wish were more matured traits of mine… like reading a description of what you’d imagine Jesus (or a similar figure) was like.
I wanted to reach out and respectfully request that you all give me whatever info you’re down to give on how to both make her as happy as possible (can’t explain it, but I find myself compelled to do just that) and also how to set up anything that happens for success.
Any failures from ENxPs you’ve become aware of that I should know. Any INFJ tidbits you wish others were aware of. Honestly, anything really. I’m parched.
I truly appreciate you guys reading this all. I know it’s a lot.
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2023.03.20 18:31 S_Daybroken Improving MK8DX tracks.

I'm doing this again. Though now I have Half-Pipes to work with. I will also be including base 8DX tracks that could use Half-pipes. Unlikely till they inevitably remake 8DX again.
Mario Kart Stadium: I feel the U-Turn before the glider could use Half-Pipes.
Wii U Mario Circuit: I feel half-pipes for the 2 big turns could spice things up.
Twisted Mansion: The turn before the water corridor could use half-pipes.
Mount Wario: The turns in lap 3 could use half-pipes. The last turn before lap 3 could also use them.
Cloudtop Cruise: The Airship could use Half-pipes in the tight corners.
Wii U Bowser's Castle: the section after, the spiked ball, but before Mecha Stone Bowser could use half-pipes. Honestly really feel it should have them.
GBA Mario Circuit: Some of the turns could use half-pipes.
3DS DK Jungle: The tight turn in the Banana Temple needs a half-pipe.
DS Wario Stadium: Half-pipe before the first booster panel, half-pipes for the turn after the first boost panel, half-pipes for the turn after the mud area, this course just needs half-pipes.
N64 Yoshi Valley: Tour has half-pipes for it. So should 8.
DS Tick-Tock Clock: Half-pipe for the final U-Turn (the one with the final clock shortcut.)
GCN Yoshi Circuit: Half-pipe for the turn before the waterfall cut, and a half-pipe for the turn after the piranha plants.
Dragon Driftway: This course just needs half-pipes. Half-pipe after the tunnel, half-pipe after the grass cut (not the gap cut), and a half-pipe after the anti-gravity boosters.
F-Zero Mute City: A half-pipe for the first turn could work, but that's debatable.
SNES Rainbow Road: Not happening till the game gets remade, but change laps 2 and 3 to be the RMX variants.
Ice-Ice Outpost: Some half-pipes after the cave, but before the glider could work.
The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Circuit: Half-pipe for the turn after the first ramp, but before the glider could work, but this is another debatable one.
GCN Baby Park: Add Half-Pipes to the turns, and boom. Done.
GBA Cheese Land: Half-Pipe for the turn after the Cheese Hole Shortcut, as well as for the turn after the ramp leading to anti-gravity.
3DS Neo-Bowser City/Koopa City: Maybe a half-pipe for the anti-gravity section, but I feel very iffy about that one. I put it in case someone likes it, but I personally don't.
GBA Ribbon Road: Another iffy one. A half-pipe could work for the turn before the green ribbon, but I don't know.
F-Zero Big Blue: Half-pipes could work in multiple spots for this track. Most notably lap 3.
3DS Toad Circuit: Half-pipe for the final turn before the lap ends.
N64 Choco Mountain: Anti-gravity for the cave. I know it's relatively flat, but you can't see the outside while in the cave until the turn, and it does have a slight curve. It also has a mystical vibe to it, and Wario's Gold Mine has flat, anti-gravity sections, so I think it could work.
Wii Coconut Mall: Replace the Shy Guys with Miis. Just kidding (though that would be nice). In actuality, the blue road sections need half-pipes.
Tour Tokyo Blur: Some half-pipes for the bridge in lap 3 would be nice.
GBA Sky Garden: Add antigravity after the mushroom until the glider. Also, put a half-pipe for the U-Turn before the glider.
Ninja Hideaway: Another debatable one, but you could put anti-gravity for the roofs.
SNES Mario Circuit 3: Change it so laps 2 and 3 are its RMX Vaiant. Just kidding, it doesn't one. But if it does get one, then change it.
DS Waluigi Pinball: ADD A SPECIAL REMIX FOR IT INSTEAD OF BEING LAZY. HECK JUST IMPORT THE 7 VERSION OR TOUR VERSION. Also, the green area needs to be anti-gravity, and there are a lot of good half-pipe opportunities. Also re-add the game-over effect at the end.
Tour Sydney Sprint: A half-pipe after the first glider would be nice.
GBA Snow Land: The U-turn after the Ice Lake should be Anti-Gravity, and also have a half-pipe.
Wii Mushroom Gorge: Maybe a half-pipe after the first non-shortcut mushroom, and the first turn in the cave. You could also add anti-gravity in the cave, but someone said that could ruin the area, so it's debatable. Also, RE-ADD THE MUSHROOM GORGE BOUNCING SOUND EFFECT. DON'T JUST BE LAZY AND USE THE CLOUDTOP CRUISE ONE.
Tour London Loop: There are multiple turns that could use half-pipes.
GBA Boo Lake: Re-add the gimmick of where hitting the blocks forming the wall makes them disappear. Except for the ones that can be tricked off of. Those can stay.
Wii Maple Treeway: I don't see why you can't have the glider AND the bridge. It's a literal safety net, so it could still be useful.
Tour Berlin Byways: MAKE GETTING INTO THE TRAIN EASIER IT'S RIDICULOUS! Also, there are some possible half-pipe spots.
DS Peach Gardens: I suppose there could be some half-pipes on the castle that could work. I don't know.
3DS Rainbow Road: I don't know why they would not make the last turn anti-gravity at its angle.
Wii DK Summit: The second abyss for the canyon turns has an absurdly long time before Lakitu picks you up. I don't know why.
Yoshi's Island: The cloud section should be anti-gravity. It's high-up, and it's pretty much the same for the anti-gravity section for Sunshine Airport, so what gives?
DS Mario Circuit: Some half-pipes for the turns at the end could work.
GCN Waluigi Stadium: Bring back the dancing signs.
Tour Singapore Speedway: Add Antigravity for the conveyor belt part as well as the rooftop pool part (that one is more debatable.)
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2023.03.20 18:25 ifumor BPA-Free, Scannable Produce Bags

BPA-Free, Scannable Produce Bags
Ready to say goodbye to single-use plastics in your produce shopping? Enjoy convenience and sustainability with iFumor Reusable Produce Bags. 🌱

Made of breathable, light-weight mesh and crafted with BPA-free material, our bags make it easier for you to shop for fresh fruits and veggies - all while making sure you keep your zero-waste lifestyle on track!
Plus, our see-through design lets your grocer easily see what you’re buying, reducing time at the checkout line. What’s not to like? Get yours today!
Amazon Listing:
#photography #fashion #business #ecommerce #nature #instafood #usaus #nyc #amazon #art #photooftheday
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2023.03.20 18:13 Henderwicz A Modest Proposal

What if oldfriends deliberately wrote their reddit posts for an imagined newfriend audience?
My guess is that this would help with recruitment, retention, and fun. As a relative newfriend myself, I always appreciate it when posts on this subreddit help me learn more about the world and its history, or the game and its mechanics. And I find it frustrating when I bump into posts that seem to be indecipherable unless you already know all the jargon and history of the Civ genre.
The basic idea:
Before you hit "submit", imagine that you are a newfriend, visiting the subreddit in order to learn about what's going on in the world you have just joined; or a prospective first-time player, visiting the sub in order to learn more about the Civ genre. Re-read your post from that perspective. Would you find your post engaging? helpful? confusing? alienating? Re-write accordingly.
Some specific suggestions:
1. Try to describe events from an in-world rather than a meta perspective, with a journalistic tone, and as little jargon as possible.
Instead of
RS shitters Gremlin69er and MorlockAficonado showed up in full prot
Gremlin69er and MorlockAficionado, two notorious raiders from the neighbouring Republic of Seniledementia, were spotted crossing the border in heavy armour.
2. Jargon-y terms are of course sometimes unavoidable. But when used, they can also be explained.
KingJingJang and his goons proceeded to "obby-bomb" Yew Nork (covering many builds in layers of stone-reinforced obsidian).
3. CivWiki already has a helpful glossary of jargon terms. Where too many explanatory notes would make a text clunky, posters can simply hyperlink to the relevant section of that CivWiki page.
Avocado Alliance forces attacked with a standard [skybridge](
4. Historical references should also be explained for the benefit of less familiar readers.
Instead of
pigsgristle, still butthurt about the Nickelback Wars,
pigsgristle has borne a grudge against former members of Whatsituya ever since the Nickelback Wars (when a group of Whatsituyan terrorists systematically dismantled pigsgristle's Pigsnot Empire because of his eccentric taste in music).
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2023.03.20 18:05 Bubzoluck [15 min read] The Hunt for Red Corona - The Russian Flu of 1890 was likely a COVID 1.0!

[15 min read] The Hunt for Red Corona - The Russian Flu of 1890 was likely a COVID 1.0!
Hello and welcome back to SAR! Much like the groundhog poking its head out of its burrough, the world is starting to wake up from the dark cloud that was COVID-19. Now this isn’t to say that COVID is gone, SARS and MERS from earlier in this century prove that the Corona Virus is a fact of our lives, but I do think that the worst is over. BUT before people start to click off this post because I dare to say the C-word, today I want to talk about an epidemic that has fallen to the wayside of history: the 1889-1890 Pandemic. Also called the Asiatic Flu or the Russian Flu this was a respiratory viral pandemic that struck the Russian Empire before being transported globally via newly established railroads and steamships. Despite being the first true global pandemic, we don’t really remember this blip of history and the question is: why? Well today we shall explore this forgotten disease and answer the question that wasn’t in your mind at all, there is a COVID-OC43?

Exit, Pursued by a Bear

+2 extra credit points for anyone who knows what this section title references. Before we can talk about the pandemic we have to talk about what was going on in 1890. At this point in time the world was engrossed in what is considered the second Industrial Revolution, also called the Technological Revolution, this period began in 1870 due to the discovery of great synergies. Firstly, the invention of the Blast Furnace by Scottish James Neilson allowed for iron to be heated at higher temps and being tempered with coal in a more efficient manner thus leading to an increased production of Steel. The use and manipulation of Steel cannot be understated—cheap Steel allowed for building larger bridges and skyscrapers, opened up the agricultural sector by providing more robust steam-driven farm equipment to feed the burgeoning industrial working class, built the next standard for war equipment, and most importantly for our story, laid the foundation of rail and steamship transport. The use of rail cannot be understated either: a railway could turn the week long trip from Scotland highlands to London into a day affair (albeit a long one). This ability to transport people or cargo in a day when it would take upwards of a week at times is what changed the idea of distance and made the world much much smaller. Afterall, nowadays if it takes 6 hours to drive somewhere far away we think what a long trip, while in 1810 a 6 hour trip might have been just to get to the next village over.
  • We call this temporal shortening of distance Globalization and the end of the 19th century represented the first hard step in that effort. Looking at the graph we can see that over the 60 years that rail development took off, rail development was the driving force behind Globalization. A quick look at the rail maps of the German Empire in 1840 vs 1880 shows that having a rail line close to your city or port was crucial for the economic (and defense) of the country. Russia…is a different story or rather an even bigger story. Much bigger.
  • If you are unaware the Russian Empire was HUGE; at its peak it covered 22.8 MILLION square miles and is the third largest empire in history (after the British Empire and the Mongol Empire). For much of its history, upwards of 80% of the population of Russia lived west of the Ural Mountains in what is called European Russia. But with that area of Russia being occupied densely for thousands of years, most of the natural resources were extracted from Siberia while farming was extracted from the Chernozem region (modern day Ukraine and Kazakhstan). So in order for food or raw materials to be shipped from the outer edges of the empire into the heartland, it would have to cover upwards of one thousand kilometers. Before rail, this was a 2 week journey and all the while you are racing against the clock so the food doesn’t spoil before it gets to the markets in the middle of St. Petersburg.
    • Up until the creation of the railroad, like most civilizations, trade was done via rivers and luckily the Volga River runs north-south straight through the middle of European Russia. Despite this centrally located river traversing the upper portions of the river were frozen for 6-7 months per year making it basically useless for transferring cargo. Peter the Great built the Vyshnii Volochek System, an extensive canal system, that linked the newly created St. Petersburg with the old capital of Moscow in 1709. Although the canals improved travel it still took 3 months to travel from Moscow and St. Petersburg. To go from Astrakhan on the Black Sea up to St. Petersburg (traversing the entire length of European Russia) was a notable 2 year trip. One way.
    • Well why not roads? Well Russia at the time was known for very wet soils that made roads extremely muddy and dangerous. In fact, the best time to traverse by road was during the winter when the mud was frozen but this added the danger of trying to transport people and animals in the sub-zero temperatures. Alexander I laid the first real roads in 1817 between Moscow and St. Petersburg which was finished in 1834. If weather held, a small cart could make the trip between the two cities in 10 days but the road was small and could only really allow for small non bulky goods to be moved. The true time was closer to 70 days. In response to this Nicholas I founded a committee to study plans for road development in 1833 that would be studied and funded by central, provincial, and local authorities so all roads in Russia were improved slowly but surely. Despite the good intention, the plan failed due to a lack of funds, engineers, and labor.
  • Despite the problems with river and road transport, Russian leaders were hesitant to embrace the railroad. Minister of Finance Count Kankrin and Minister of Ways and Communication Count K F Toll believed that money should be spent improving the agricultural sector rather than building these large and expensive machines and rail systems (completely looking over the fact that there was plenty of food it just couldn’t be transported quick enough). The first railroad would then be privately sponsored for mining and would instantly prove their usefulness over horse and cart. In just 15 years the cost of the railroad would be paid for. In response to this the Russian Government believed that private industry should take the financial risk rather than embracing the technology.
  • On January 6, 1835 Austrian engineer Franz Anton von Gerstner sent a letter to Nicholas I and proposed an extensive Russian railway system. Von Gerstner was probably the most qualified person in Europe due to being the first person to build a railway on continental Europe (Danube-Moldavia line) and he provided statistics about the usefulness of rail. Probably the most important of which was the English’s ability to suppress Irish disorder quickly with easy troop movements. The first line to be completed was between Moscow and Tsarskoe Selo in 1836, with a new St. Petersburg-Moscow line in 1851. With great attribution to the Crimean War (1853-1856), the total amount of rail would increase from 5000km in 1860 to over 53,200km in 1899.
  • Probably most important among these railways was the Trans-Siberian Railway started by Tsar Nicholas II in 1891. Starting in Moscow in the West, this railroad would stretch 9,289km (5,772mi) to its terminus at Vladivostok in the East. To put this in perspective,if you were standing in San Francisco and boarded a train, the final destination would be Spain, yeah you’d go over the Atlantic Ocean. That’s how long this thing is! Despite being the largest province in the country, Siberia represented the least developed part of the country mostly due to its vastness and inability to traverse laterally. Several rivers flow through the region but are untraversable except for 5 months of the year due to freezing over. Walking the distance could take upwards of a year but once the railway was completed it took a mere 7 days. That’s nuts!

Wow you really love trains don't you?

Well… not really i'm pretty indifferent to them but they are fairly important to the beginning of our story! Close your eyes and imagine it is 1889 in the city of Bukhara in modern day Uzbekistan. Bukhara is an ancient city, probably founded sometime in the 6th century BC, the Bukhara region was a regional capital for the Persian Empire when it reigned in this area. Bukhara remained a servant to the dominant empire of the region for the majority of its history and following the invasion of Russia into Iran in 1804, Bukhara once again shifted hands into the Russian Empire. By May 1889 the city was like any other bustling regional power in the late 19th century: merchants hustled their products to passerbys, children played in the street kicking an air filled sheep’s bladder, and doctors made house calls. One doctor, Oskar Heyfelder, was working one warm May day going from house to house when he encountered a sickly old matron of a large family. She was dying—a respiratory influenza had taken hold of her and she was quickly fading. The doctor stood over the old woman with his hat in his hand and recommend opium and a priest. There was nothing more he could do.
  • Little did Heyfelder know but he had just encountered one of the first people to be infected in the 1889 pandemic and the disease would spread quickly via—you guessed it—railroad. See back in 1879 a new Trans-Caspian Railway was built along an old Silk Road corridor which would have bypassed Bukhara entirely. That is if it wasn’t for the last Emir of Bukhara Muhammad Alim Khan (1880-1944) who was unhappy with the nearest station being dozens of miles away in Kagan so he built a private spur to Bukhara itself. With the rail connection established the disease spread quickly up the railway into Russia and then exported to the rest of the world over weeks. I found a great map from a 1892 book published on the Russian Flu that shows the spread of disease by coloring the map. [In case it's hard to read, go to the link and then page 218 of the pdf].

The Butler Weekly Times, Butler MO, Jan 1 1890
  • From the first cases reported in Bukhara, Russian Flu would travel up to Tomks in Western Siberia, Ufa (100 km east of Moscow), Kazan (700 km east of Moscow), Ukraine, and Novgorod (near St. Petersburg) by October of 1889. By November Moscow was hit with 20,000 cases alone which crippled the growing worker’s population and grinded production to a halt. Somewhere between 25-50% of soldiers and students were taken ill which added an extra burden on families. Mid-November saw 180,000 of the one million citizens of St. Petersburg infected. The bread-basket of the Russian Empire was struck next when Kiev and the rest of Ukraine fell to the disease although luckily it hit after the Autumn harvest had already come in.
  • Once established in Russian the disease was able to spread out of the motherland to other regions. Via St. Petersburg the infection hopped aboard Baltic ships and was exported to Finland, Sweden, Germany, and Denmark. In Sweden up to 60% of the population would be infected within 2 months of the Flu landing. As a major trading hub, Posen had an extensive rail network that allowed for the Flu to move throughout Germany infecting half of the 1.5 million residents of Berlin. Vienna and Rome got it by early December; Paris by Christmas; Spain in January where up to 300 people died a day in Madrid alone. London, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Dublin took a punch by Christmas as well.
  • Remember that this is the age of small Earth where globalization has made a trip across the Atlantic as short as 7 days. Russian Flu entered Boston and New York City on December 18th, 1889 before being sent West towards Chicago and San Francisco (who would particularly be hit bad). Once in the United States it would spread north to Montreal and south to Mexico and the rest of South America. By February the disease reached East via the Dutch trading companies and spread liberally among the South East Asian population. Japan, Australia, and New Zealand all caught it in April; China in May.

The Deadly Disease Wasn’t That Deadly

Now if it feels like I’m leaving something important out, that's because I am. Usually when you talk about pandemics we talk about how quickly it spread and then the death toll. All told, the pandemic killed about 1 million people worldwide—now don’t get me wrong this is an enormous loss of life and its unfortunate that these people died but in the grand scheme of things it just wasn’t that deadly. During this same period, a global Cholera pandemic was going on which killed at least 4 million people, Russian Typhus Epidemic in 1919 killed 3 million, and in 1918 the Spanish Flu would devastate the globe with somewhere between 17 and 100 million people dead. That being said, some important people did catch the disease: future King Edward VII of England nearly died before his mother, Queen Victoria, left the throne, although many suspect that his catching this disease ultimately led to his death in 1910. His son Prince Albert Victor, the grandson of Queen Victoria and 2nd in line for the throne, caught it in January of 1892 and died at the age of 28 making way for Queen Elizabeth II to eventually be crowned. Augusta, Queen Empress consort to Emperor Wilhelm I of Germany fell ill in 1890 and died within 4 months. Alexander III of Russia managed to just survive the condition which prompted him to make major public health changes in St. Petersburg. I could go on.
  • So what even happened then? It would start with typical cold symptoms: sweating, fever and chills, sneezing, watery eyes, and dry cough. But contemporary doctors did identify 4 distinct clinical forms of Russian Flu: a simple fever that would increase over 48 hours and then subside within 3 or 4 days; a gastrointestinal form in which people had severe diarrhea, fevers, and stomach aches (which honestly could have been a co-infection with the raging Cholera epidemic at the time); a rarer catarrhal form (profuse mucus production that would fill the sinuses and lungs and progress to pneumonia); and finally the worst one, a “nervous” form that caused intense nerve pain in the hands and feet driving people mad. Regardless of which form someone got the worst symptom, and the most common reason why someone would die outside of catching pneumonia (fluid in the lungs) is developing skin lesions. These bullae (large blisters filled with white fluid) were painful, itchy, and formed in the creases of the feet, hands, and extremities which were prone to popping—once popped they were open sores ripe for infection. If you didn’t manage to die from the skin lesions then kidney failure, digestive inability, or spinal nerve damage that would drive people towards suicide was another common way to die.
    • Here’s the problem with Russian Flu…it doesn’t appear to be a Flu. Nowadays we attribute the word Flu to the Influenza Virus, a small RNA virus from the family Orthomyxoviridae but back in previous centuries the word Influenza meant any disease that affected humans. The word is derived from the Latin influentia meaning “to flow into” and it was believed that the stars gave off an intangible fluid that flowed into humans and caused sickness. Eventually this idea would morph into the Humoral Theory of Disease in which there are 4 fluids in the body that need to be balanced else they cause disease. There are 4 types of Influeza Virus: A and C which infect a variety of different animals (human, pig, bird, horse, bat), B which exclusively infects humans (although seals have been seen with Influenza B), and D which exclusively infects pigs and cows. If you’re older than 10 years old, you’ve almost certainly been infected with Flu at some point—already the 2022-2023 Flu season has 26 million infections in just the US alone.
  • Real quick I want to talk about the names of Influenza Viruses. The Influenza Virus is a sphere shaped particle that has primarily two proteins on its surface: Hemagglutinin (HA or H) and Neuraminidase (NA or N). These proteins are incredibly important for the virulence of the pathogen—the Hemagglutinin helps the virus bind to the target cell and infect its viral genome into the cell while the Neuraminidase helps burst the cell when the baby viruses are ready to be released. So far 18 HA subtypes (called serotypes) and 11 NA serotypes have been isolated in nature allowing for considerable genetic variation. Thus we classify Influenza A viruses based on what version of the H and N proteins they have: H1N1 caused the Spanish Flu of 1918 (killing 20-100 million people) and the Swine Flu of 2009 (killing about 400,000 people); or H3N2 caused Hong Kong Flu in 1968-9 (1 million dead). Even still there are several combinations that only infect animals, such as H5N1 is Avian Flu and is tracked by many governments to prevent a possible transmission from bird to humans. All Flu A viruses are also classified by a standard nomenclature based on where and when they were first discovered. For example, Swine Flu was referred to as A/Brisbane/59/2007 since it was first discovered in Brisbane in 2007.
  • The thing is, Russian Flu may not be an Influenza like we first thought. Traditionally it is believed that the Russian Flu was caused by H3N8 (which primarily infects horses) or H2N2 (which caused the Asian Flu of 157-8). The problem with this is that Russian Flu does not share many of the common Flu symptoms we have seen in other outbreaks—Flu follows a pretty consistent 2-8 day pattern focusing mostly in the lungs. Severe complications of Flu can lead to more severe respiratory distress, meningitis, or encephalitis but other organ involvement is pretty limited. Russian Flu almost always involved other organs. This idea isn’t a contemporary one either, people had suspicions on just what Russian Flu really was.
    • Following the discoveries of Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch in the field of microbiology, the race of finding the causative agents for common diseases was on. In 1891, German Richard Pfeiffer isolated an unknown bacteria from the nose swabs of patients infected with Influenza. On January 4th, 1892 he announced he had found it, the cause of Influenza: Haemophilus influenzae. There was a momentous uproar in the scientific community because if we know what causes a disease it indicates that we can treat the disease. The problem is that Pfeiffer could not replicate the infection of H. influenzae showing definitively that it caused Flu. But as more and more people kept finding H. influenzae in patients affected with Flu, the observations were corroborated and later was accepted as fact—by 1900 it was believed that the cause of Flu (any lung infection) was due to this bacteria. This fact was firmly cemented in the medical psyche as H. influenzae was found over and over again in Flu victims during the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918.

A List of Flu Cures Dancing to Flu
  • But there was some skeptics—one of the big reasons to doubt was that antibiotics at the time did not touch Flu. Now this was before Penicillin but drugs like Salvarsan were the goto agent to kill a multitude of bacteria (you can read more about this arsenic containing ‘medicine’ in my post here!) but it couldn’t touch the Flu. It wouldn’t be until 1931 that the disease Influenza was discovered to be from a virus not a bacteria like once thought. When the development of genome sequencing came about, we were able to sequence Spanish Flu (1918) as H1N1, the same one that caused the Asian Influenza epidemic in 1957 and later Swine Flu in 2009. In 2005 we used samples from graves to ‘revive’ the 1918 virus and found that it was incredibly infectious in primates. When Flu was discovered in 1933, scientists back-dated all epidemics that were called Influenza and claimed it was caused by H1N1. There is additional evidence to support this claim though that Flu may have caused Russian Flu. By looking at serotypes in corpses of adults born between 1863 and 1886, they discovered higher antibodies for the H2 subtype. But when they analyzed samples from corpses from 1910, they had the same levels.

The Hunt for Red Corona
  • Following the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers started to take another look at the Russian Flu and see if it was infact Flu. COVID-19 does resemble Influenza epidemics due to its similar respiratory symptoms but with other organ involvement, a Coronavirus was implicated more than a Influenza one. There are 7 Coronaviruses that are infectious to humans—3 caused deadly epidemics SARS-CoV-1 (9% mortality) usually referred to the SARS outbreak in 2002-2004, MERS-CoV (30% mortality) which popped up in 2012, and SAR-CoV-2 (0.6-2%) which we are in right now. The other 4 Coronaviruses are implicated in 15-30% of common colds and have been in the population for decades (probably centuries), HCoV-229E, HCoV-NL63, HCoV-OC43, and HCoV-HKU1. The milder viruses are seasonal and show up every 3-4 years during the normal Flu season of autumn to early spring.In 2005 Belgian researchers found that HCoV-OC43’s genome was very similar to another coronavirus found in cow, BCoV. The DNA sequence of OC43 was almost identical to that of BCoV isolated from corpses from 1890. Does this mean that a coronavirus was the cause of Russian Flu? Well let’s look at the evidence:
    • Firstly, we know viruses can jump between species, especially when there is big populations of that species in prolonged contact with the second—this is why giant pig or bird farms can be hotbeds for viral transmission. With the development of railways in Russia in the second half of the 19th century, cows started to be transported in mass quantities along the railway. This meant that thousands of cattle were packed into tiny poorly ventilated compartments allowing for easy transmission of disease. From 1870 to 1890, the bacteria Mycoplasma mycoides completely crushed cattle populations due to them being packed in close quarters and herds had to be slaughtered quickly to prevent the spread from going worldwide. What would those workers have been exposed to as they started to slaughter more and more animals? Diseases, specifically cow diseases that could have made the jump. This isn’t as far-fetched as it seems—the 2002 SARS epidemic became much worse following the slaughter of thousands of civets for human consumption. Likewise it was noted in 1889 that the cows showed the same symptoms as humans. So it's possible that HCoV-OC43 is the virus that mutated from cows into humans. So between the similarity in symptoms between COVID-19 and Russian Flu, the industrialization of the railways allowing for viruses to mutate and then for people to spread it quickly and globally, and the use of genomic science, we now believe that Russian Flu was really Russian COVID. Let’s just be glad that HCoV-OC43 is now a mild cold and doesn’t cause painful blisters and horrible nerve pain. Cheers!
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2023.03.20 18:05 Unable_Chocolate_150 15+ Best Ankle Tattoo Designs With Pictures

15+ Best Ankle Tattoo Designs With Pictures

15+ Best Ankle Tattoo Designs With Pictures

Ankle tattoo designs have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their discreet yet charming nature.
A tattoo on your ankle is perfect if you want a tattoo that can be easily concealed or shown off as per your preference.
Not only are they visually appealing, but they can also hold significant meaning to the wearer.
If you’re considering getting an ankle tattoo, there are several factors to consider before making your decision, such as pain level, design options, and placement.
Once you’ve decided to get an ankle tattoo, the next step is to choose a design.
In this article, we will showcase the top 15 best ankle tattoo designs with pictures, along with some other design ideas, to help you choose the perfect tattoo for yourself.

Factors to Consider Before Getting an Ankle Tattoo

Before getting an ankle tattoo, there are a few important factors to consider.

Pain Level

Firstly, the pain level can be higher for ankle tattoos due to the thin skin and proximity to bone.
It is important to be prepared for the discomfort and plan accordingly by choosing a design that can be completed in a shorter amount of time or taking breaks during the tattooing process.

Design options

Secondly, design options can be limited due to the small size of the ankle area.
It is important to choose a design that is appropriate for the area and can be easily scaled to fit the ankle.
Avoid designs that are too detailed or intricate, as they may not translate well on such a small canvas.


Finally, placement is an important consideration for ankle tattoos.
The ankle is a highly visible area, but it can also be easily concealed with socks or pants.
It is important to consider how visible you want the tattoo to be and whether it may affect future job prospects or social situations.
In addition to these factors, it is important to choose a reputable tattoo artist who has experience in ankle tattoos.
Look at their portfolio to ensure they have a style that you like and that they have a history of producing quality work.
Taking these factors into consideration can help you make an informed decision and ensure that your ankle tattoo turns out the way you envision it.

15+ Best Ankle Tattoo Designs With Pictures

Ankle tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs, thanks to their unique location and easy concealment.
To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the 15+ Best Ankle Tattoo Designs With Pictures, focusing on ankle tattoo designs.
1. Floral Ankle Tattoo Design
Floral ankle tattoos are always in style.
Choose a design that suits your personality, like a rose, lotus, or cherry blossom.
You can also add watercolor effects to the design to make it stand out.
In floral ankle tattoos, the rose is a classic tattoo design, symbolizing beauty and love.
An ankle tattoo of a rose can be designed in a variety of colors, making it a versatile option for any individual.
Also in floral ankle tattoos, the lotus flower is a symbol of enlightenment and rebirth.
An ankle tattoo of a lotus can be designed in a variety of colors, making it a versatile option for any individual.
A lot of tattoo lovers prefer floral designs as preferences in hand tattoo designs also.
2. Feather Ankle Tattoo Design
Feather tattoos are a popular design choice for ankle tattoos.
They symbolize freedom, courage, and the desire to soar higher in life.
You can choose from a variety of feather designs, such as a peacock feather, eagle feather, or quill.
Feather tattoos represent freedom and the ability to soar above the clouds.
An ankle tattoo of a feather is an excellent choice for those who want to symbolize their free spirit
3. Butterfly Ankle Tattoo Design
Butterfly tattoos are a timeless choice for ankle tattoos.
They symbolize transformation, growth, and beauty.
You can choose a colorful butterfly design or a minimalist design, depending on your preference.
An ankle tattoo of a butterfly can be designed in a variety of colors, making it a versatile option for any individual.
4. Quote Ankle Tattoo Design
A quote tattoo is a meaningful way to express yourself.
Choose a quote that inspires you, such as a favorite song lyric, book quote, or motivational saying.
You can also add decorative elements to make the design more eye-catching.
  1. Arrow Ankle Tattoo Design
Arrow tattoos are a popular choice for ankle tattoos.
They symbolize direction, focus, and determination.
You can choose a single arrow design or multiple arrows pointing in different directions.
  1. Anchor with Rope
An anchor with a rope tattoo represents the journey through life and the idea of staying grounded through the ups and downs.
An ankle tattoo of an anchor with a rope represents strength, stability, and grounding.
An ankle tattoo of an anchor can be a great choice for individuals who seek these qualities.
Anchor with dad’s name is a popular choice for dad tattoo design lovers.
  1. Music Note Ankle Tattoo Design
A music note tattoo is a great choice for music lovers.
Choose a design that represents your favorite genre of music or a musical instrument that you play.
You can also add other elements like lyrics or sheet music.
  1. Mandala Ankle Tattoo Design
Mandala tattoos are intricate designs that represent balance, harmony, and unity.
Choose a design that is symmetrical and detailed or a simpler mandala design with fewer details.
Mandala tattoos are popular among those who seek spiritual meaning.
The intricate design makes for a stunning ankle tattoo, with its circular shape and elaborate details.
9. Infinity Ankle Tattoo Design
An infinity tattoo represents eternity, continuity, and limitless possibilities.
You can choose a simple infinity symbol or a more elaborate design with additional elements like feathers or flowers.
10. Star Ankle Tattoo Design
Star tattoos represent hope, guidance, and dreams.
You can choose a single-star design or multiple stars in different sizes.
Also, you can prefer an ankle bracelet made of a tattooed star ankle design.
You can also add other elements like constellations or a moon.
11. Sunflower Ankle Tattoo Design
Sunflowers represent happiness, positivity, and growth.
They make a great ankle tattoo design due to their vibrant colors and intricate details.
You can also add other elements like a bee or a butterfly to make the design more unique.
The sunflower is a symbol of optimism.
An ankle tattoo of a sunflower can be designed in a variety of colors, making it a bright and cheerful option.
12. Dragonfly Ankle Tattoo Design
Dragonfly tattoos represent change, adaptability, and the power of transformation.
You can choose a colorful dragonfly design or a more minimalist design with simple lines.
13. Heart Ankle Tattoo Design
A heart tattoo is a classic choice for ankle tattoos.
It represents love, passion, and commitment.
You can choose a simple heart design or a more elaborate design with wings or arrows.
14. Tribal Ankle Tattoo Design
Tribal tattoos are a popular design choice for ankle tattoos.
They represent heritage, culture, and strength.
You can choose a tribal design that represents your own heritage or a design that you find appealing.
Tribal tattoos are popular among those who seek to pay homage to their heritage.
An ankle tattoo of tribal art can be designed in a variety of styles, from bold lines to intricate designs.
15. Zodiac Ankle Tattoo Design
Zodiac ankle tattoo designs are a popular choice among those who believe in astrology and horoscopes.
These tattoos typically feature the symbol or image associated with the individual’s zodiac sign, such as a lion for Leo or a fish for Pisces.
Ankle tattoos are a discreet option for those who want to show off their zodiac sign without it being too noticeable.
The size and placement of the tattoo can vary, with some people opting for a small and simple design while others may choose a larger and more intricate piece.
As with any popular tattoo design, it’s important to do your research and choose a reputable artist who can create a design that you’ll love for years to come.
16. Moon Ankle Tattoo Design
The moon is a symbol of feminine power and intuition.
Simply you can say it is one of the feminine tattoos, which can be incorporated with stars or other images.
An ankle tattoo of the moon can be designed in a variety of styles, from realistic to abstract.
Moon ankle tattoo designs are a popular choice for those who find the moon’s symbolism meaningful.
The design often features the phases of the moon, from crescent to full, or may include other elements such as stars or flowers.
This tattoo design can be put in a different style.
It can be small and subtle or more elaborate, depending on personal preference.


Ankle tattoos are a great way to express yourself through body art.
They offer a discreet yet charming canvas for a variety of designs, from minimalist to intricate.
However, it is important to consider all factors before getting an ankle tattoo, such as pain level, design options, and placement.
Recapping the top 15 ankle tattoo designs with pictures, we have beautiful tattoos – floral, feather, butterfly, quote, arrow, music note, mandala, infinity, star, sunflower, dragonfly, heart, tribal, zodiac, and elephant.
Angel wings also need a smaller canvas. It can be an inspiration to many.
Tiny tattoos or big, each design carries its own symbolism and can be customized to suit your personality and style.
It is important to remember that ankle tattoos are a commitment, and it is crucial to choose a reputable tattoo artist and take proper care of the tattoo during the healing process.
Despite the pain and commitment involved, ankle tattoos continue to be a popular choice due to their appeal and versatility.
Ankle tattoos offer a unique opportunity to express yourself through body art, but it is important to carefully consider all factors before getting one.
By doing so, you can ensure that your ankle tattoo is a true reflection of your personality and style.
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2023.03.20 17:51 RLEsportsMods Flair Up for the RLCS San Diego Major!

The RLCS 22-23 Winter Major is upcoming, so it's time to flair up for the big occasion!
If you want to change your user flair (those team logos beside usernames), here are the emoji codes for the teams competing at this year's Winter Major.

Group A Group B
:FaZe_Clan: :Karmine_Corp:
:G2: :Vitality:
:KRU: :Falcons:
:G1: :Dignitas:
Group C Group D
:TeamSecret: :GenG:
:Team_Liquid: :Oxygen:
:Ground_Zero: :Complexity:
:GaiminGladiators: :Pioneers:

How do I get a user flair(s)?
Well, Taylor, I'm glad you asked. Take a look at our multiple flairs guide. If you just want a single flair, then check out the instructions on our wiki page here!

What if I have custom text?
If you are one of our prediction contest winners, changing your flair by yourself will erase any custom text you have. If you are one of these people, feel free to send us a modmail and we will manually edit it for you.
this also applies to Verified users

Are there more flairs to choose from?
Yes! A lot actually. Every team to get top 16 in an NA or EU regional, top 4 in an OCE, SAM or MENA regional, or top 2 in an APAC or SSA regional has had their flairs added over the course of the season, along with every active organization in the in-game esports shop, plus some legacy flairs from teams of years gone by. You can find a full list here.

I have questions about the flairs/emojis!
Check out our wiki page here to learn everything about flairs/emojis on this subreddit!
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2023.03.20 17:38 badpeaches Why doesn’t he identify with what he was born as?

Long the subject of rhetoric, migrants have now become props in political theater

A long-reliable political playbook of highlighting immigration in election season has been escalated by Govs. Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis.
For five months, Gov. Greg Abbott bused migrants to Democrat-led cities to draw attention to the number of people arriving at the Texas border.
He began with Washington, D.C., then expanded the busing to New York and Chicago. At least 11,000 migrants have been removed from the state, by all accounts voluntarily.

But an attempt by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to deploy the same tactics last week took the issue to another level, when the state flew planes to Texas, allegedly lured migrants onto the flights by promising jobs, housing and services and a free trip to Boston, and then left those migrants in Martha’s Vineyard, an island resort town about 100 miles away. Three of those migrants have now sued DeSantis in federal court.

In one way, Abbott and DeSantis are following a familiar playbook: Find ways to put immigration front and center in election season to take advantage of populist backlash. But some say the transports have brought the country’s political discourse to a new low by using migrants as props in political theater, and not merely subjects of rhetorical attack.

“To me, this is just really crass manipulation of people. It does speak to our values,” said Jim Harrington, the retired founder of the Texas Civil Rights Project who has worked on immigration issues since 1973. “The idea that you could play with people in the way he did.”

Abbott’s office said Texas played no role in the flying of migrants to Massachusetts. But it has caught similar backlash for its recent push to send migrants in buses to Vice President Kamala Harris’ home in Washington — a stunt that Harris is unlikely ever to have seen, given that the vice president’s residence is within an 80-acre scientific and military compound, the Naval Observatory.
“She’s the border czar, and we felt that if she won’t come down to see the border, if President Biden will not come down and see the border, we will make sure they see it firsthand,” Abbott said. “There’s more where that came from.”
In November, Abbott is seeking a third term, and DeSantis a second. Politicians have frequently used immigrants around election time. In 1994, California Gov. Pete Wilson ran ads depicting migrants crossing the border during his reelection campaign. More recently, Donald Trump’s successful presidential run in 2016 began with his denouncing Mexican immigrants as “criminals,” “drug dealers” and “rapists.” Abbott himself ramped up his attacks on “sanctuary cities” in 2017, the year before his first reelection campaign.

But while those efforts depicted and discussed the immigrants, the use of actual migrants themselves has disturbed scholars and observers who see it as just the latest in a series of collapsing norms that are eroding American democracy.

Donald F. Kettl, professor emeritus and former dean at the School of Public Policy at the University of Maryland, said the latest transports represent a “dramatic escalation in the use of immigrants as a political tool and a political symbol.

“One of the things that’s happened for sure is that immigrants as human beings — the notion that they have needs or problems they’re trying to escape and their aspirations to create a new home in the U.S. — has been pushed aside by the idea to create a mega symbol and use them as pawns that are being moved,” Kettl said.

“It’s a truly awful way to treat human beings and it’s an effort for sure to push the needs of human beings aside to try to score political points.”

Jennifer Mercieca, a Texas A&M professor who researches political rhetoric, said the transfer of migrants to a political opponent’s jurisdiction follows a rhetorical tactic called “reification” where people are treated as physical objects whose feelings don’t count.

“There’s no concern in the plan for the migrants and their well-being and their welfare,” she said. “It’s, ‘how can I use these migrants to score a political point against my opponent?’”

Abbott and DeSantis have said that they want to force Democratic officials, starting with President Joe Biden, to take action. But Mercieca said that is belied by the execution of the programs without any proposed solutions.

“These aren’t about policy solutions,

but instead they are about generating political spectacle. They are about creating dramatic events or ‘pseudo events’ that have to be covered,” she said. “They gotta stick it to the other side. They gotta show that they’re tough. They gotta have victory.”

Those “pseudo events” are aimed at controlling the narrative as both governors seek reelection and an opportunity to grow their name recognition, possibly in anticipation of a 2024 presidential run, Kettl said.
The polls show why that might be advantageous for Abbott. Over the summer, much of the political discourse in Texas focused on the school shooting in Uvalde and the overturning of Roe v. Wade. A recent University of Texas/Texas Politics Project poll found that more Texans trust Abbott’s 2022 challenger Beto O’Rourke on abortion issues — and they are evenly split on the issue of gun violence. On border security and immigration, on the other hand, Abbott holds a 12-percentage-point advantage.
But Mercieca also noted a change in how far politicians are willing to go to get their point across and how much the public is willing to tolerate.
“A stunt like what Abbott or DeSantis has done would have made zero sense 10 years ago, 15 years ago and 20 years ago,” she said. “That wouldn’t have resonated with a more general audience. But today’s audience loves that.”
That’s partially because cable news has become hyperpartisan, pressuring politicians to take dramatic and even extreme action to get attention.

“It’s a vicious cycle,” she said. “They’ve radicalized the audience that has in turn radicalized them.”

The movement of migrants has also drawn comparisons to painful parts of U.S. history. As news of the Florida flights spread across Massachusetts, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library published a tweet comparing the effort to the “reverse Freedom Rides” of the 1960s.
“To embarrass Northern liberals and humiliate Black people, southern White Citizens Councils started their so-called ‘Reverse Freedom Rides,’ giving Black people one-way tickets to northern cities with false promises of jobs, housing, and better lives,” the library’s account tweeted.
But those jobs and opportunities did not exist and instead left the Black travelers stranded away from their homes.
This week, PBS broadcast the documentary filmmaker Ken Burns’ latest project, “The U.S. and the Holocaust,” which chronicles America’s refusal to change restrictive immigration quotas to help refugees, even as millions of people fled Europe before and during the Holocaust.
Harrington said the use of migrants to score political points shows a new “callousness” in how Texans view immigrants. Just 21 years ago, a Republican-led Texas Legislature approved a law to allow undocumented youth who grew up in the state to pay in-state tuition at public universities. Following the escalation of the migrant movements this month, no Republican elected official has spoken out, nor have major business or civil leaders.
“A lot of people are sitting around talking about this and bemoaning it, but where is the leadership that helped shape and form our humane response as a democracy? Where is it?” he said. “We are so fractured right now.”
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2023.03.20 17:32 grayt5668 “I can’t be here every second, I have a house to take care of, a dog, a job, legal goings ons, Noah’s recovery, etc.”

Girl let’s be SOOO honest rn. You have a paid caregiver to do allll of those things for you and have been doing for you since Noah dipped off to rehab. I don’t know what job you’re talking about except making onlyfans content with Noah or trying to find sponsorships. Noah’s recovery has actually ZERO to do with going to the NICU. Honestly, I’d say he’s safer in recovery at the NICU than the nightclub you took him to? This is such bullshit and Alex KNOWS it. At least she knows her fans will absolutely eat it up.
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2023.03.20 17:31 JSouthGB U-NAS back in stock

Hopefully this doesn't cross rule 8, it doesn't fit any of homelabsales tags. Just an FYI for anyone looking for a NAS chassis/server, U-NAS has just re-stocked. For those keeping track, it's been almost a year since they've had anything.
I ran the NSC-410 for a while, solid chassis, good for those interested in SFF labs. I'm still running an NS-402 for onsite backups, also solid (and good for those with a 2.5 gigabit network).
I have zero affiliation with them. When I started a lab, space was a concern, so I was drawn to them with the SFF offerings. And until Jonsbo with the N1/N2 relatively recently, U-NAS was the only purpose built SFF I could find.
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2023.03.20 17:30 jdjdjd3848 Is there a correct way to play AA in 6 card PLO from OOP?

Been playing a ton of 200pl 6 card of late, and I struggle with playing AA OOP (say from the blinds) when 100bb deep.
3betting - ofcourse if they’re good aces, I’m 3betting a ton. Obviously nobody folds pre in position, I whiff 80-90% of flops and am forced to check/fold.
Just calling - the mediocre to garbage aces, I just call. Same situation postflop where the in-position player relentlessly fires postflop, and I can’t really continue unless I have top set or some big wrap/NFD.
Basically, the in-position player can have any 6 cards vs my AAxxxx in this game, and pound me to death postflop when I don’t flop huge.
And no, I’m not block cbetting postflop because nobody folds 6 hole cards to 0.33p cbets.
Should I just start folding most of the AAxxxx OOP and 3b only the absolutely premium AA, and have a zero calling range?
P.S. No “don’t play PLO6” please… it’s not bingo and still highly profitable if you table select and nut peddle vs newbies.
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2023.03.20 17:28 beardify My Friends And I Took A Vacation To A Place Called "Death Ridge Lodge..."

My friends weren’t exactly enthusiastic about meeting me at a place called the “Death Ridge Lodge,” even after I told them that “Dethritch” was just the name of the shepherd who used to own the land. Truth was, I was more than a little nervous myself. I’d been out of the country for five years; there had been calls and letters, but my friends and I hadn’t seen each other in all that time…would we still have the connection that we once did?
Some of the changes that time had wrought were surprising; others, less so. We’d all expected my stubborn, brilliant friend Jennifer to be an attorney like her father–but in a story straight out of a cheesy Hallmark movie, she’d married a guy from a tiny town in Kentucky and had two kids. Meanwhile, Ned–a loudmouthed, extroverted redhead–had somehow ended up working from a lonely home office as a computer programmer.
And then there was Zoe.
She’d been my crush since our sophomore year of college. It wasn’t just her auburn hair or piercing green eyes; it was the care and honesty she showed in everything she did. Before her, I’d never met someone who really listened, who really cared about other people without working their own angle. We’d all expected great things for her…but in the end, she’d wound up like me. Back in our hometown. Unsure about the future.
But now that so much time had passed, would we even have anything in common anymore?
As it turned out, I needn’t have worried. Not even the wailing winter storm and unexpected power outages could dampen our good time. Ned, Zoe, Jennifer, and I gathered around a roaring flagstone fireplace, sharing our favorite scary stories and urban legends. It didn’t matter that the howling wind made going outside deadly, or that snow had cut off the forest road to the outside world: we had warmth, food, booze–and our rediscovered friendship. We also had Lee.
When we arrived, Lee explained to us that he was the off-season caretaker of Dethritch Lodge and the surrounding cabins. During tourist season in summer, the place swarmed with hospitality workers, but from fall to spring Lee mostly had the place to himself. When the blizzard hit, he made a point of checking in on us.
“Temperature's goin’ down out there,” he warned us that fateful night. “Visibility Is almost zero. You kids wouldn’t wanna get lost out there tonight…or any other night.”
“Don’t worry,” Zoe smiled. “We have no intention of going outside in that.” She pointed to the wind-driven snow that was rattling against the window panes.
“It can’t be that easy to get lost though, can it?” Ned–always the contrarian–asked. “I mean, we’re on the side of a mountain. To go one way you just go down, and to go the other way you just go back up, right?”
“Not that simple.” Lee grunted, pulling up a stool. “We’re a hundred miles from civilization out here, and if you can’t recognize any landmarks, all them pine trees out there look the same. Even if you think you know where you’re goin,’ this mountain likes to play tricks. The gentle slope you walk down in fall might be dangerously steep in spring; boulders tumble, streams change course, and paths disappear from one season to the next. There’s dozens of trails criss-crossin’ this ol’ mountain: 1800’s logging roads, game trails, other paths so old it’s impossible to tell who made’em. Trust me, you lose your way out there, all you’re gonna get is more an’ more lost..and then you’ll start to panic. An’ at that point, if hypothermia an’ hunger an’ the bears don’t getcha, ol’ man Dethritch and his dogs will.”
“Dethritch?” “Dogs?” Zoe and Jennifer asked at once.
“Just how much do you four know about Dethritch Lodge?”
“Not much,” I admitted. “I was looking for a place where my old friends and I could meet up over the holidays, the place looked cozy, had hiking and skiing and good reviews…besides, back then, the weather forecast said we’d have a clear weekend...”
Lee nodded, as if that was about what he expected. “It’s an odd place…with an odd history. Just after the Revolutionary War, a man named Jebediah Dethritch showed up here and started construction on a cabin. He said that the mountain had called to him, that he’d seen it in a dream, an’ that Patrick Henry had gifted him the entire mountainside in exchange for services rendered during the war. There was plenty of land back then, and grants were being handed out like candy, so no one called him on it. Besides, folks wanted farmland, not the slope of a damn mountain. They all thought Jeb Dethritch was crazy, but he carved a life outta these hills, swearing that he and the land were one flesh. Jeb and his sons felled forests, dragged out the stumps, and planted orchards; they set up secret garden patches back in the woods; raised chickens, cows, and a flock of sheep. For a while, things were good.” The old man stared into the fire. “If you young people get bored with all this history, just say so…”
“Well, it’s not like we’ve got anything better to do, do we?” Ned scoffed.
“No, please go on. It’s interesting.” Zoe reassured Lee; Ned rolled his eyes.
“Well, the years rolled by. Jeb died and passed his land on to his son and grandson, who went on livin’ the same way he had. Meanwhile, towns were buildin’ up around the mountain. The more they expanded, the more folks demanded proof that the mountain really belonged to the Dethritches. By the end of the Civil War–that’s to say, Jeb’s great-grandson’s time–nobody cared about yellowed papers and ancient claims. Folks wanted the mountain developed, and kept suin’ ‘til they found a judge who agreed with’em. Amos Dethritch got a few acres and the rest went to minin’ and loggin’ companies. But takin’ advantage of the Dethritchs’ land was no easy task. See, the Dethritches refused to accept the court’s decision. They kept livin’ in their hidden shacks on the mountainside, and made life hell for the companies who, from their point of view, were trespassing’ on their property. Every day there were downed trees on the road, supplies burnt, animals missin’ went on for decades, all the way into the 1900’s. And while nobody had been hurt in Amos Dethritch’s little guerrilla war, it was costin’ those companies more than the mountain was worth. They had to put a stop to it. The first sign of trouble was when Alice Dethritch–Amos’ wife from back east–stopped comin’ into town to sell her honey an’ fruit preserves.. A few days later, Amos was found in the middle of a dirt loggin’ road, surrounded by his three mastiffs. They’d all been shot to pieces. Ten years later, some trappers found Alice and the kids in a shallow grave. They said it looked like they’d died…badly.”
“So who did it?” Jennifer asked.
“Well, nobody can prove nothin’ about nothin,’ but a group of flashy out-of-towners rode in on the last train from Chicago that night, an’ left in the mornin.’ Folks in town said they saw lantern lights goin’ up the loggin’ road, and gunfire in the hollers…” Lee stared thoughtfully into the fireplace. “In a way, though, I guess you could say the Dethritches won out in the end. The mountain never yielded enough timber or coal to justify the expense. The companies that had fought so hard over the mountain–and even killed to keep it–all went bankrupt a few years later. This place was practically abandoned ‘til the national parks craze took off in the 1950’s. Some clever investors bought it off the bank for pennies…they built the cabins and lodge that we’re sittin’ in today.”
“But what does all that have to do with ‘old man Dethritch’ and his ‘dogs’?”
“Well, the mountain wasn’t completely left alone after all them companies closed down. The local men came up here to hunt, grandmothers collected fruit from the Dethritchs’ woodland orchards, and the teenagers…well, they came up here to do what teenagers do. But over the years, rumors began to trickle down about strange sightings in these woods. Some folks got to thinkin’ that maybe Amos Dethritch wasn’t really dead…or if he was, he was still around somehow.”
“You mean like a ghost?” I ventured.
“You call it what you want!” Lee prodded the dying embers. “I’m just tellin’ it how I heard it–and you wouldn’t believe some’a the tales the folks in town have about this mountain. Like ol’ Bruce Higgins, who came back from deer huntin’ all bitten an’ tore up, with his rifle missin.’ He said he’d been chased down the mountain by three snarlin’ shepherd dogs…just like those huge mastiffs found shot to death beside Amos. Miss Nellie Price said she saw the ol’ man himself, stalkin’ through the trees with a hundred-year-old hunting rifle an’ a sack of dead rabbits slung over his shoulder…” Lee rambled on; Jennifer tried to hide a smile.
“I’m sorry…” she chuckled. “It’s just…my dad was a hunter, and he used to see things in the woods too. Usually after his fifth beer. And my Great-Aunt Mildred was convinced she was hearing whispers in her walls…until my mother got rid of the bird’s nest in her chimney. The birdsong had been echoing in the pipes–it sounded like real human voices. My point is, there’s a snowball effect with stories like these. They live rent-free in the back of people’s minds, and when they see something they can’t explain, they just keep adding to them…”
“I’m not sayin’ you're wrong,” Lee grumbled. “I’ve never seen ol’ man Amos myself, an’ I’ve lived up here all my life. But I will say that there’s somethin’ off about this mountain. Maybe it goes all the way back to Jeb Dethritch, or even before that. Otherwise, how can you account for all the disappearances? Like the four high schoolers who went camping up here on a dare back in the 1970’s. Nothin’ was left of them but a trampled down tent an’ the soggy ashes of their fire…”
“Wasn’t there an investigation?” Zoe asked.
“Oh, sure there was. The police concluded that the girls had run away from home. Then when Terry Bannister an’ his nine-year-old son didn’t come back from their hikin’ trip, they blamed wolves. When a local artist’s car was found along a loggin’ road with spikes in the tires and the driver’s-side door hanging off of its hinges, they called it an ‘abandoned vehicle.’ They jus’ towed it back into town an’ didn’t even look for her. Don’tcha see where I’m goin’ with this? Ever since the loggin’ and minin’ dried up, tourism is the only thing keepin’ those little towns afloat. ‘The Ghost of Amos Dethritch and his Three Hell-Hounds’ makes for a fine local legend, but if the summer crowd ever found out about the real, horrible crimes that happen up on this mountain every year…it’d be the death of the whole industry.”
“I call bullshit!” Ned laughed. “This sounds an awful lot like a scary story that locals use to scare us wide-eyed out-of-towners with, am I right?”
“Call it what you want.” Lee shrugged again. “But I wouldn’t go outside ‘til the storm passes, if I were you.” He pulled on his boots and wrapped himself in his winter gear, so weathered and worn that it was all the same uniform tone of grayish-brown. “You kids got everything you need?” We nodded; he waved to us as he trudged out the door.
“Stay safe out there!” I called out too late. The only response was the rattling of the screen door and the howling of the wind–if it was the wind. I thought of the savage jaws of enormous mastiffs and shuddered.
We all slept beside the fireplace that night. Everyone had their own excuse: Ned claimed the rooms were too cold; Zoe said she wanted to have a slumber party; Jennifer had already fallen asleep in her chair. But I knew our real reason for keeping close to each other was that Lee’s tale had unnerved all of us more than we would have liked to admit. We craved the primal comforts of fire, warmth, and companionship. Before going to sleep, I dared to take a look out the frozen window, but all I could see was blackness. Too cold even for a ghost, I told myself with a chuckle, before stirring the fire and curling up in one of the lodge’s thick blankets. My dreams were haunted by worm-eaten faces in shallow graves and shadowy figures on desolate mountain paths; I woke before anyone else in the morning.
I’d always loved the peace of being awake while others slept; I took my time making my coffee and examining what the storm had done to the mountainside. The trees were bent, icy spikes stabbing into an ominous gray sky; at least a foot of snow covered the lodge patio. Frigid air blasted my face as I heaved open the sliding glass door and stepped out into the winter wonderland. Beautiful as it was, something more than the cold was bothering me; it took me a moment to fully realize what it was:
There were no footprints leading to the cabin where Lee was staying.
True, maybe the snow had filled them in–but no smoke rose from the chimney, either. Where had Lee gone? I was leaning out over the railing for a better view when I heard a low growl behind me.
I wasn’t alone on the patio.
Half-frozen drool hung from the mastiff’s gaping jaws; its hazel eyes burned with fury. Another, identical dog growled behind me–they were trying to cut off my escape! I bolted for the door and slid it shut just before a mouth as large as my face smashed into the glass, cracking it. The enormous dog lunged again, widening the spiderweb pattern on the glass. Barks and howls chilled my blood; my friends were waking, but not fast enough:
"Just a few more minutes…" Zoe mumbled while I shook her.
"Holy shit!" Ned screamed, pointing at the mastiff slamming itself into the glass.
"Get to the kitchen!" Jennifer grabbed the fire poker and waved us through before slamming the kitchen’s heavy wooden door. From outside, barks, snarls, shattering glass–
Heavy canine steps across the hardwood.
A long, mournful howl echoed through the cabin…and three sets of paws began scratching at the door. I wondered if the enormous dogs outside were calling to their master.
"Oh my god, oh my god…what the fuck is going on?!" Ned jabbed his finger at my chest like all this was all my fault.
"Is this some kind of sick joke?" Jennifer demanded.
“How should I know?!” I shouted back at Ned.
“I know what’s going on…” Zoe murmured. “Amos Dethritch. We’re on his mountain…and those are his dogs, just how Lee described them…”
Ghost dogs?!” Ned rolled his eyes, “come on.”
“That mastiff out there just smashed its head against a sliding glass door until it broke! Would you call that ‘normal’ dog behavior?! Listen!” Jennifer put her ear to the wooden door as it shook beneath the dogs’ attack. “They’re not just scratching the door…they’re gnawing on it. Those aren’t ordinary dogs. And speaking of Lee–where is he?”
“I…I don’t think he made it back last night.” I thought of the smokeless chimney and the untrammeled snow. The kindly old caretaker was probably lying beneath it with his throat ripped out. Amos had come for him at last. The door rattled on its hinges.
“We gotta find a way out of here. That door’s not gonna last much longer…” Jennifer whispered, unlatching the small window above the sink.
“Oh, sure! Great plan!” Ned rolled his eyes. “Let’s run through the woods in subzero temperatures in our pajamas! What could possibly go wrong?”
“What do you suggest, then?” Jennifer challenged. As much as I hated to admit it, Ned was right. Last night’s fire was dead, and its warmth was fading fast. If Amos and his dogs didn’t kill us, the cold would. Zoe was already struggling to keep herself from trembling. While the rest of us argued, she had been scrounging for supplies. She’d found a few cobwebby soup cans, three dull kitchen knives, an almost-empty box of matches…and a trapdoor.
It took all our strength to heave it open, and even then the light didn’t reach whatever waited at the bottom. One thing, however, was clear: we were running out of time. The timbers of the kitchen door splintered, treating us to a view of slobbering fangs. The rusty window frame screeched as Jennifer flung it open. I looked down at her bare feet.
“Jen, going out there is suicide!”
“I WILL NOT wait to die in some dark…fucking…HOLE! We gotta make a run for it!” Of course, I suddenly remembered, Jennifer had claustrophobia. That cellar must’ve looked like her worst nightmare.
“I know you’re scared–we all are! But–”
“But NOTHING! I’m going!” Jennifer wiped away her tears with her pajama sleeve and leapt down into the snow. Behind us, the dogs had almost broken through. Ned, Zoe, and I sprinted for the trapdoor and slammed it shut behind us. The mastiffs sniffed around and dug at the floor over our heads–
But only for a moment. A horrifically human whistle split the silent winter air outside, followed by a cruel command–
First came barks, then snarls–and Jennifer began to scream.
Maybe it was a blessing that we couldn’t see what was happening out among the frozen trees, but just hearing it was bad enough. I pressed my fists against my ears and shut my eyes tight against the awful ripping and gnawing, barely audible over Jennifer’s screams. When it was finally over, the chattering of our teeth felt like the only noise left in the world. I had forgotten how much the cold could physically hurt. With trembling fingers, Zoe struck a match.
We were in a low-ceilinged dirt cellar. Decades of cobwebs hung like hideous curtains above us, and generations of junk had been scattered carelessly across the uneven ground. We rummaged through it by matchlight, looking for something, anything, that we could use.
“Paydirt!” Ned shouted. He’d found a canvas sack full of moth-eaten wool blankets, leather boots, and parkas beneath a heap of snowshoes. We bundled up immediately, grateful for the warmth, but there was little else of value in the heaped rubbish around us…and we were running out of matches.
“This is weird…” Zoe nudged me. She’d found an old wooden chest full of century-old dresses, leather bags and belts, and a tiny silver locket. The cellar ceiling groaned with heavy footsteps; Zoe instinctively pocketed the locket and grabbed my arm.
“Now where’d the rest of you run off to…?” The voice above us was the same one that had sicced the mastiffs on Jennifer. There was something antiquated, gravelly, and wild about it–something that made me think of the unsettling tale of the Dethritch clan.
“Amos…” Zoe mouthed, pointing to the far side of the cellar. The crumbling stone wall faded into blackness, but as I crawled silently closer I could see what lay above: a coal chute. An escape. The footsteps overhead left the kitchen–I imagined they were heading upstairs to check the bedrooms. We had shoes and a way of keeping warm–even if they were filthy and fit badly. If we were going to try to slip out through the coal chute, it was now or never. Ned’s hand shot out and grabbed my wrist as I struggled to push open the rusted chute cover.
“Are you crazy?!” he hissed. “Did you not hear what happened to Jen out there?!”
“Jen had a point, too…” I whispered. “Whoever…or whatever…is up there is bound to check down here eventually. Do you wanna be down here when that happens?”
“I’ll take my fucking chances!” Ned had found an ice ax in the heaps of junk, and held it with a white-knuckle grip. I realized that my loud-mouthed childhood friend was even more frightened than Zoe and I. To my surprise, Zoe’s cold hand slid into mine.
“Are you ready?” she asked. I nodded. “Come on, Ned…come with us. There won’t be another chance!”
“No way. I’m staying right here!” Ned shook his head. The last I saw of him was his pale, stunned face watching us scramble out into the winter sun. Zoe and I trudged through the snow, afraid to look back…afraid of what might be following. We kept our eyes away from the red patches in the white where Jennifer had met her end, aiming instead for a suspicious trail of footprints that led from the woods up to Dethritch Lodge: one large human and three dogs.
“Ghosts don’t leave footprints, do they?” Zoe murmured. I shook my head, wondering where this insane day would lead us. Zoe and I had barely entered the silence of the pine forest when we heard the gunshot: the BOOM of a shotgun blast.
Ned had been found.
Zoe grabbed my arm; I could feel her warmth through our improvised blanket-coats. It was what I’d dreamed of when I’d planned this vacation: alone with Zoe, holding her close in the winter woods…but my dream had turned into a nightmare. The triumphant baying of the dogs and a man’s maniac laughter carried to us by the wind confirmed what we already feared: our friend was dead. For a long minute we just held each other, listening to our thundering heartbeats: a reminder that we were still alive.
But for how long? The footprints in the snow seemed to follow a sort of game trail…just like the ones Lee said the Dethritches had used. A small creek ran alongside it. My feet were exhausted from slogging through the high snow, but we had to put more distance between us and pursuit. Right around the time I lost sensation in my feet, we rounded a corner and saw a slumped-over hut up ahead.
The footprints we’d been following seemed to originate there. I swallowed hard and looked back at the boulder-strewn mountainside behind us.
“Hide up there.” I told Zoe. “I’ll see if it’s safe.”
“I’ll come with you, this is no time to be a he–” she began.
“Listen. If it’s not safe, we’re both dead. This way, at least one of us makes it.”
“Are…are you sure?”
“If we don’t find warmth, food, and shelter, we’re dead anyway. I’ve got to see what’s in there, and if you–” Zoe shut me up with a strong hug.
“Let me go instead. I want you to keep watch for me.”
I didn’t like the idea at all, but I could see in Zoe’s eyes that her mind was made up. She left me with an extra blanket and the other supplies she’d dug out of the cellar; I set up a vantage point behind a boulder where I could see without being seen…or so I hoped. Now that the sun was setting and my sweat began to cool, I found myself rethinking what I’d said to Zoe. I’d intentionally exaggerated when I’d told her we’d die without shelter–or at least I’d thought so at the time. But as the pine tree shadows reached out for us like long fingers and the temperature dropped, I wasn’t so sure. I wondered if covering ourselves with dirt would keep us warm enough, or if I’d even be able to light a fire with my shaking hands. I fiddled nervously with the first thing I grabbed out of Zoe’s blanket: that weird silver locket. I realized it had a clasp: it was probably one of those necklaces that held pictures inside…
Down below, Zoe was a tiny black shape on the sagging steps of the hut. She pushed open the creaking door–
I was so concerned about what might come out of it that I’d forgotten to pay attention to the path below. I suddenly sensed a presence just a few feet away.
“You alright, son?” A voice muttered behind me. I nearly jumped out of my skin before I recognized it: Lee! I could have laughed for joy. If anyone knew a safe way off of this mountain, it was him.
“We were attacked!” I gasped. “I know it sounds crazy, but I think Amos and his three dogs–”
“Shhh!” Lee rasped. “I seen’em on my way down here, but don’t you worry. Everythin’s gonna be alright now. Where’s the girl? Is she…?”
“You mean Zoe? She’s down there by the hut.”
“Good.” Lee whistled...and his voice changed. “SIC HER, BOYS!”
Three huge mastiffs bounded down the path toward the hut, barking loudly, and Lee stepped backward. He held an ancient shotgun in his hands. Only then did I look down at the open heart-shaped locket I held in my hands. The black-and-white photo on the right showed a kindly-looking woman named ALICE DETHRITCH, but the photo on the left was captioned AMOS DETHRITCH…and the face it showed was a familiar one indeed. It was staring back at me from behind the barrel of a gun.
“Amos…?” I gasped. The dogs circled the hut below, howling. Any minute now, they’d corner Zoe…
“Don’t tell me you believe in ghosts? I thought you city folk were supposed to be smart. Try this on for size: maybe Alice Dethritch survived the awful things those flashy out-of-towners did to her. Maybe she had a baby a few months later, a feral kid who raised himself after she died from her lingering injuries ten years later. Otherwise, who woulda buried her for those trappers to find? And maybe later, that kid grew up and decided he didn’t want the family name to die with him. Maybe he kidnapped one’a them high school girls who came up here in the 1970’s and used to her get himself an heir. Maybe that heir is standin’ here right now, pointin’ ol’ Amos’ rifle in the face of yet another trespasser…”
I lifted my hands slowly.
“Just…just don’t hurt Zoe…”
“Hurt her? No, I need her. I'm gonna breed myself an heir, the same way my father did, and raise him to carry on the fight 'til this mountain is ours again. After you four go missin,' even the tourism people won't be able to cover it up anymore–"
Lee Dethritch’s speech was cut short by the half rotten log that slammed into the side of his head. Zoe hit him two or three more times, but I doubt the blows were necessary. Lee Dethritch had met the fate of his ancestors, but I could hear his dogs baying below…from inside the hut.
“You alright?” Zoe asked.
“How did you–?” I wondered.
“That hut must be where he’s been living. It was dim…and filthy…but I saw a pile of rope right around the time I heard those dogs charging down the trail. I tied it to the front door knob and left it open just a crack, while I stood by the back door and waited for my moment. When those dogs charged in, I tugged the front door shut and slipped out the back. Dethritch’s dogs are trapped in there…for now.”
I remembered how quickly the three mastiffs had gnawed their way through the lodge’s kitchen door and shuddered. But would they even pursue us without Lee Dethritch urging them on?
We didn’t wait around to find out.
Night had fallen by the time we reached Dethritch Lodge; it felt like years had passed since we had fled the cellar that morning. Too emotionally and physically exhausted to talk much, Zoe and I distracted ourselves with simple tasks of survival: building a fire, heating water, gathering blankets, reinforcing the doors in case the dogs (or anything else) came back. It had been the longest day of my life, and I ended it curled up with Zoe in front of the Dethritch lodge fireplace.
By morning, the snow had melted; the unpaved, switchbacking road off of the Dethritchs’ mountain seemed just barely passable. Once we started driving, I realized just how much danger we were in: the back of my Corolla fishtailed around every turn, and twice the tires stuck in slushy mud and began to slide…toward the cliffs beside us.
When Zoe got out of the car to help me free it, I saw something that I still can’t explain. Maybe it was just a hallucination brought on by stress, but…
I’d swear I saw another Amos Dethritch look-alike watching us from the woods.
Was the mountain really haunted? Even worse, did Lee Dethritch have a brother?
When I looked again, they were gone.
I didn’t have any answer then, and I still don’t.
But I suggest you stay away from Dethritch Lodge.
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2023.03.20 17:28 Strobinator PG42UQ bad burn in issue *after* running manual pixel cleaning

PG42UQ bad burn in issue *after* running manual pixel cleaning
The pop up came up yesterday asking to run manual pixel cleaning. I had never run it, and had zero issues, but the monitor was telling me to do it with a pop up so I did. Man, do I regret it. Immediately after running I had a crazy amount of what appeared to be burn in (see pictures 1-3). What's strange is that the pattern included both some desktop icons I had, but also the pattern of light coming into the room through the mostly closed window shades. The burn in in I turned the computer off overnight with the monitor still powered (so it could run its normal automatic pixel refresh routines), and the next day it is better but still very much there (see pictures 4-5). Oddly enough, you can even see part of the monitor build in menu (an X) showing up as burn in - and that menu has been open for very little time during the monitor's life. I bought this about 25 days ago at Micro Center, and I am likely to just return it - but damn.
Immediately after manual pixel cleaning
Diagonal lines line up with how sun came in window shades - but the image is like that even after it gets dark outside - it's on the monitor, not from the window
Upper left corner is washed out and strange
Much better after leaving monitor powered but monitor and computer off overnight. That said, it is still bad.
Weird thing is you can see the white X from the monitor's internal menu burned in, and that image was barely on screen during the monitor's very short life - it's less than a month old!

The monitor was great. Solid build quality and design, beautiful gaming experience. I was very happy with it. I had experienced zero symptoms of burn in. Then I run the manual pixel refresh once (dumb in hindsight, but the monitor told me to) and now the monitor seems to have scored a horrific own goal on itself by creating its own burn in like issue through manual pixel cleaning.

Planning to return it later, but if anyone has any words of wisdom in the interim, I am all ears. Things I have done:
  1. Run the manual pixel cleaning once (which caused the issue)
  2. Re-updated the firmware - did not solve
  3. Left the monitor with power on and the computer off overnight (improved issue, but it's still bad)
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2023.03.20 17:03 ofotinlondon Big dilemma for me about being a small shop owner in Central London. Feedbacks appreciated.

Hello dear Reddit users.
I briefly would like to explain my background then ask your opinion about my next big career move.
I’m a 28 years old Turkish national and I’ve been residing in The UK, London since 2016. I’ve been running my small business in digital marketing and I survive, pay my tax, rent and bills. Sometimes getting support from my family from Istanbul when needed.(covid and brexit hit me hard sadly). I need to emphasise that I’m not happy with the work I do and I need a change.
Everyone in my big family are business owners. From my uncles to grandparents, aunts to my own parents. I’ve grown up seeing them doing their own works, managing their own shops, showrooms etc. I’ve also done my own work in digital marketing and e commerce services in the Uk but it was more of an obligation for me as I’ve lived in the Uk with Turkish businessperson visa which did not allow me to work for a company. I’ve done my masters in finance in a Russel group university and always educated myself(coding and testing). Have waited this time for years and now I have ILR. Basically free to do any work. No more Home Office or immigration control.
I’ve been applying for entry level jobs. Though, it’s so tough and the situation is desperate for me. For such small amounts -not overlooking the salaries, just based on what I make currently and checking my expenses, and comparing wages to what my dad makes-, companies reject my applications. For example, I can’t pass interviews for a job pays £30k PA before tax. The problem here is possibly me because I’ve never ever had a corporate experience or took an interview before. I always convinced my own customers for projects. And another bad part of me is, having almost zero knowledge about corporate life English. I believe that my English is more than ok, about IELTS 7 level, however, I also believe that the corporate English skills of mine won’t get any better.
This whole situation makes me feel slightly depressed and overwhelmed in the last few months. The reality is, even if everything goes 10/10, within 5-8 years my salary will be £70-90k in fintech, and I’ll be making anywhere between £4-5k per month after tax. Taking account that I live with my sister and we rent two bedrooms in zone 2, the rent including bill is about £3k, this wage seem so low to me. Remember this is the best scenario and I’d be able to reach these figures at least in a few years.
I’ve been thinking of other work alternatives and seriously considering being a small shop owner in central london focusing on selling silver jewelleries. From age 12 to 18, I spent my summer holidays in grand bazaar, old town Istanbul and worked for jewellers sometimes in showrooms and sometimes in ateliers. I don’t say I know the industry well because I was a kid during all those times, but I feel quite close to the idea as I’m familiar with most of the things and dynamics. I believe that I have developed my interpersonal skills exceptionally at those times, and I benefited that quite a lot in the UK. I was told at that I’ve got a charming side and good at convincing people.
As well as all these, my dad, he’s a car dealer and showroom runner with my uncle, has also have a business partnership with an atelier and they import fine jewelleries to few countries in Europe and Middle East. Because of his connection and my good relation with the atelier guy, he’s ok to do any favour for me for the new idea, like supplying for my shop or finding the best suppliers, he says.
Apart from all these, my dad supports me for this idea more than anything I did in my entire life because he always wanted me to be a proper businessman. He always politely judged me wanting to be in corporate life, now when I go to him with the idea, he opens the doors, encourages and supports me either financially or thru his contacts in grand bazaar. However, because of my relationship with my parents, I’ve always hesitated to make a mistake until today and never been a risk taking person. I’ve always been conservative with my life. It’s an issue of a therapy in my opinion and the idea of failing with this business after all those supports(potentially over £100k), makes me feel sick. He and my uncle tell me don’t start doing anything with such pessimistic ideas or you’ll surely fail. They’re probably right. I guess I need to sort out my own mind issues before everything. Though I’m closer to the idea and being brave to move more than a month ago after having hours of conversations with my dad, mum and uncle.
So I kindly would like to ask you what should I do and how should I move.
They tell me if you’re going for it, go for the best one. We’ve got an idiom. If you’ll die, die in the biggest sea. Therefore I’m considering a shop in west end. More particularly Covent Garden, nearby seven dials market. I’d like to focus on modern and trendy looking silver made jewelleries which will make the prices affordable for almost any women either local or tourist.
Some roughly estimated figures about the idea.
-Annual rent of the shop will be at least £50k and could go to anywhere nearby £70-80k. Other costs related to rent? I’ve got no idea. I’ll start talking to agencies this week as I’m abroad at the moment.
-cost of goods... 0.72$ is the price for a gram of silver. Any piece from ear rings to bracelets may vary from 2 gram to 20-30gram. Labour will be about 4$ per gram for me. No idea how much inventory stocks I have to have.
-other small things like interior design including the display, other inventory stocks apart from goods etc. I see these are going to £15-20k. Though I’ve got no real idea and this range is just my guess.
Overall, I can clearly see about £100k going for a business like this very quickly but I can’t estimate the potential sales and turnovers. It’s so difficult to spot this for me. There are 4-5 main competitors in the area, there’s no need to mention their names. This gives me some hopes but again, no proper estimation or forecast…
Looking forward to hearing back from like minded people and open for suggestions. Desperately need feedbacks from people.
Thank you!
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2023.03.20 17:01 laurenorwhateva looking for advice about a professor

so idk what to do from here so i thought i’d ask my peers for advice. i’m an online student thru GSU: Perimeter College and i’m having some problems with a professor. i’m really anxious about this since i’m still fairly new to college so idk how to go about this, especially online.
my US history professor gave me zeroes for 5 chapter quizzes i did, i emailed her asking about it with a screenshot of my grade book on the software we use and it took her several days to respond. when she did respond, she basically told me i’m not earning credit for it because i’m probably not doing it on time. which i am, the screenshot i sent her is of my score from those quizzes, when they were due, and when i finished them by so it’s as if she didn’t even look at it. she also told me she’d double, triple check grades after midterms & finals. but on top of that, i also sent her an extra credit essay for the midterm that i’m not seeing anything for in the grade book. its been about a month of this and two weeks since midterms and she hasn’t responded to my emails. i’ve been giving her the benefit of the doubt and giving her time to catch up but so much time has passed, and now that we’re back from spring break i want this fixed ASAP. i was intending on emailing her again this week, but i’m not very hopeful that it’ll be productive. i’m thinking of going to the department head if this keeps persisting but i’m not sure how to even get in contact with them. like do i contact my academic advisor first? i just don’t know how to go about this and i’ve been SO anxious about my grades in this class for about a month now. i get teachers take their time with grading but it’s disheartening when i can’t even get an actual email back about my grades, but if i have a question about the course work or extra credit i can get a response. i just feel like this is very unprofessional and i’ve never had a professor do something like this. what should i do from here? have i waited long enough to do something about it, or should i just email her and give her more time to put everything in the grade book? sorry for the wall of text, but i appreciate any feedback i can get.
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2023.03.20 17:00 AutoModerator ★OFFICIAL WEEKLY★ Day 1 Monday: Start here! March 20, 2023

Is today is your Day 1?

Welcome to Loseit!
​So you aren’t sure of how to start? Don’t worry! “How do I get started?” is our most asked question. Loseit has helped our users lose over 1,000,000 recorded pounds and these are the steps that we’ve found most useful for getting started.

Why You’re Overweight

Our bodies are amazing (yes, yours too!). In order to survive before supermarkets, we had to be able to store energy to get us through lean times, we store this energy as adipose fat tissue. If you put more energy into your body than it needs, it stores it, for (potential) later use. When you put in less than it needs, it uses the stored energy. The more energy you have stored, the more overweight you are. The trick is to get your body to use the stored energy, which can only be done if you give it less energy than it needs, consistently.

Before You Start

The very first step is calculating your calorie needs. You can do that HERE. This will give you an approximation of your calorie needs for the day. The next step is to figure how quickly you want to lose the fat. One pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories. So to lose 1 pound of fat per week you will need to consume 500 calories less than your TDEE (daily calorie needs from the link above). 750 calories less will result in 1.5 pounds and 1000 calories is an aggressive 2 pounds per week.


Here is where it begins to resemble work. The most efficient way to lose the weight you desire is to track your calorie intake. This has gotten much simpler over the years and today it can be done right from your smartphone or computer. loseit recommends (unaffiliated) apps like MyFitnessPal, Loseit or Cronometer. Create an account and be honest with it about your current stats, activities, and goals. This is your tracker and no one else needs to see it so don’t cheat the numbers. You’ll find large user created databases that make logging and tracking your food and drinks easy with just the tap of the screen or the push of a button. We also highly recommend the use of a digital kitchen scale for accuracy. Knowing how much of what you're eating is more important than what you're eating. Why? This may explain it.

Creating Your Deficit

How do you create a deficit? This is up to you. loseit has a few recommendations but ultimately that decision is yours. There is no perfect diet for everyone. There is a perfect diet for you and you can create it. You can eat less of exactly what you eat now. If you like pizza you can have pizza. Have 2 slices instead of 4. You can try lower calorie replacements for calorie dense foods. Some of the communities favorites are cauliflower rice, zucchini noodles, spaghetti squash in place of their more calorie rich cousins. If it appeals to you an entire dietary change like Keto, Paleo, Vegetarian.
The most important thing to remember is that this selection of foods works for you. Sustainability is the key to long term weight management success. If you hate what you’re eating you won’t stick to it.

Exercise NOT mandatory. You can lose fat and create a deficit through diet alone. There is no requirement of exercise to lose weight.
It has it’s own benefits though. You will burn extra calories. Exercise is shown to be beneficial to mental health and creates an endorphin rush as well. It makes people feel *awesome* and has been linked to higher rates of long term success when physical activity is included in lifestyle changes.

Crawl, Walk, Run

It can seem like one needs to make a 180 degree course correction to find success. That isn’t necessarily true. Many of our users find that creating small initial changes that build a foundation allows them to progress forward in even, sustained, increments.


You will struggle. We have all struggled. This is natural. There is no tip or trick to get through this though. We encourage you to recognize why you are struggling and forgive yourself for whatever reason that may be. If you overindulged at your last meal that is ok. You can resolve to make the next meal better.
Do not let the pursuit of perfect get in the way of progress. We don’t need perfect. We just want better.

Additional resources

Now you’re ready to do this. Here are more details, that may help you refine your plan.

Share your Day 1 story below!

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Don't forget to comment and interact with other posters here, let's keep the good vibes going!
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