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2023.06.08 00:24 juzusuzuyo please help me

hey everyone. I have been avoiding this reddit page because it causes me a lot of anxiety but i am here now to beg for help and support. I have an 18 year old brother who i share a bathroom with at home and my mom just came to me and told me that he has been throwing up and having diarrhea all day. this is my worst nightmare (besides being sick myself). i immediately started sobbing and told her i couldn’t go home (i am on a trip and we are going back in two days) i am so grateful that i’m not home right now but i am sitting on the floor sobbing because i would rather hurt myself than catch norovirus. my mom says he thinks he has food poisoning but that gives me no comfort since noro and fp have almost the same symptoms. my brother isn’t the most sanitary either and noro cases are still decently high right now so i am quite sure that’s what it is. i need advice and help please from anyone. i have to go home in two days. i share the bathroom with him and the bathroom is in MY ROOM. he has to walk through my room to get to it. i am crying so hard i can’t think straight and i already have a cluster headache which is making me feel like absolute shit. i don’t know what to do since i have to go home for work on saturday (i’m 16) and i could stay somewhere else for a few days but i know how long it lasts on surfaces and i would eventually have to go home. i am at a complete loss with what to do and i just want to burn the house down. i’m so scared. please help me. i need to know how to avoid catching it and how to disinfect and clean every single thing. please anyone with advice or tips please help me because i can’t even breathe properly right now. please
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2023.06.08 00:24 propiro Help scraping prusalink page for current job information

Could someone help me with making a scraper config for multiscraper ( ) home assistant addon, that'd allow me to scrape page from prusalink?
I'm using this addon described in tutorial:
And every example is nice and easy, "select "p"", and everything works. However, in prusalink page, i have much more comples structure:
And in addition, it requires me to log-in first, so I assume i need to use this:
multiscrape: - resource: '' scan_interval: 30 form_submit: submit_once: True resource: '' select: ".unique-css-selector-for-the-form" input: username: [email protected] password: '12345678' sensor: - select: 'td.mydata:nth-child(1) > a:nth-child(1)' name: scraped-value-after-form-submit
somehow, with form_submit (taken from multiscrape wiki)
I gues im lost at how to get these paths that'll work with scraper, and i know nothing of CSS so i dont even know how to start looking for them. Ive tried copying every path from this menu:
but none worked.
And explanation about how to extract data from the page would be great.
Thanks in advance,
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2023.06.08 00:24 Twitch_creary2 My first time DM'ing and a the bard seduced a dragon

So this happened about 2 weeks ago the day before my 18th.
I was running my first game as dm with my mates from school my younger brothers and the family friend i go to larp with (names changed for obvious reasons) ash- the shifter gunslinger (17,m) Garn the human bloodhunter (17,m) kilrrs the tiefling rouge sorcerer(17,m) Gerard the human fighter (29,m) mido the elf fighter (12,m) harith the kalashter bard cleric (15,m. 8 years old in game) robin the tortle monk rouge (17,m) suit case "the great" the Goliath wizard and finnaly me the DM (17 at the time now 18, m) The main players that cause all of the stupidity were ronin, Harith, and Garn
The game was set in eberron and started in a tavern. The players started talking to the bar keep then ronin instantly went to persuade the bar keep into giving him free booze (failed) then got suitcase to do it and he rolled a Nat 20, free alcohol for the night for everyone, a bit later harith says he is compatible with elfs. To progress the story I send in the messanger that delivers a letter to the part asking them to go to the capital city of the area to meet someone, kilrrs asked to kill him, I obviously said no, the players wait untill morning to start their journey to the capital in which they have to pass through a town on the way.
On the way to the town the players are jumped by bandits, basic combat starts, then at the end Ronin and Harith ask to take 2 of the bandits as slaves. In new cyre Harrith and ronin try to sell their slaves harrith successeds in selling his slave to a farmer but ronin fails so decides to keep him and named him boba fett (because it was a boba fett lego minifig) so in the level up I made a character sheet for boba.
Garn goes to the blacksmith to sell the armour and weapons the had gotten and the blacksmith offered 10gp under the value (350gp) for the armour and weapons from 7 bandits he and the bar keep argue while ronin messes around in the store with boba fett, on the way out (after being kicked out by the blacksmith) ronin successeds a stealth check and steals a rapier from the store, they give it to kilrrs to sell to the blacksmith who offers 3 gold and they can take it or leave it as he wants to close for the night, kilrrs keeps arguing and not leaving and then attempts an attack fails so the black smith throws molten metal at him.
Suitcase left because he didn't feel like playing and dnd wasn't fir him (it was his first time playing and he hadn't done much)
Not much happens until the capital where they meet steadler the guy who asked for them (steadler is a green half orc) the players and him have a friendly chat he gives them their mission and they are off. The mission was to slay a beast in the seven caves and bring him one of its teeth as proof.
Gerard left to go home because he had had a long day that started at 5am and it was about 10pm at this time (5 hours in)
Now the reason you are here
The players get to the seven caves and are meet with another party fleeing after failing to slay the beast, the players enter and standing before them is a white dragon (who I heavily nerfrd to give them an easier time) the dragon bellows out "more challengers or just fast food" (a line I am very proud of) and the battle commences after the dragon leaps off of its throne of bones and courses.
I have ronin and Kilrrs roll to see which way we go (it is easier for me if I have the player closest to me on my left and right roll and then we go in a circle going that players direction as it is easier to keep track of who we are up to) Ronin wins the roll so he is up first he baits the dragon with boba then goes in for an attack, his attack is successful hits then we are onto Harith's turn, he makes himself look like a female white dragon and successeds the deception roll and then seduces the dragon, I flip a coin and ask him what he beats on he beats heads, it lands on tails, he gets topped by the dragon, we are all in hysterics at this point.
My yonger brother mido leaves as he is tiered and normally is in bed 2 hours ago
The battle continues and the dragon is distracted so can do nothing, but I have it separate the party with an ice wall, the players attack the dragon with it being to distracted to do anything, it gets to below half health and flees the gave with harith and is still going at it out side the players chase the dragon and their trapped team mate outside and kill the dragon with Ash doing the final blow with his peperbox blowing up the dragons throat. The players are rewarded with sacks filled with gold and gems from the dragons lair, harrith says because he sacrificed the most for the party so he should get more the whole party was already going up 2 levels so I ask if he wants more gold and gems or an extra level, he goes for more gold and gems.
We finnished off the session on an airship on the way back to steadler with the dragon tooth and the ship crew attacking the party.
But this was some how not the weirdest session of dnd we have had that was with kilrrs harith and I in hariths campaign, that is a story for another time
Tl;Dr bard successfully seduces dragon and gets topped
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2023.06.08 00:23 jazzymoontrails HELP...B2B is so different than DTC.

Hello! I wanted some opinions from fellow EAs. This is fully remote, and my prior job was fully remote.
TLDR at the beginning: started out in DTC ecomm, CEO and directors were angels to work for, stayed up late to solve problems WITH the team, very hands on. Now I am in B2B with 2 finance bro co- founder CEOs who are the opposite from the DTC CEO. They have never ever scaled a business themselves, and are trying to scale one to which I am their EA/operations person. Having a massively difficult time with how out of touch they are with the reality of internal ops, not reading shit I send, not sending me documents I literally NEED to do my job, and an overall weird culture of SALES SALES SALES only with ZERO care about literally providing me with the minimum requirements for internal harmony- example being I have asked for the same thing 4 times with no follow up and I cannot submit something important without it. Is this normal for B2B or nah, and what do I do?
Context is necessary.
My last job was in the DtC ecomm sphere. It was a startup brand with products in a very particular niche. We blew up and began rapidly growing on social media. Eventually we redirected a lot of time into lifestyle content within the niche...the CEO loved marketing and social media stuff, totally excelled at it, and wasn't shy about not jiving much with CX stuff and operations. That is where I came in: I LOVE CX, ops, and internal stuff. Eventually I built out the CX department with another person, helped build out operations procedures, KPIs, SOPs, the whole nine yards, and aided the CEO wherever needed. At that time, CEO was a one person board of directors, no C-Suite team. It was pretty much just him, the warehouse manager, HFinance guy, and myself + one other person in CX. The dynamic was very interesting. I didn't exactly even have a title, but we referred to me as a "CX/operations supervising manager" until my promotion.
By the promotion, we did have a Director of Brand Management, but no C-Suite. We ended up hiring a Director of E-commerce but that person didn't begin until my promotion started.
The promotion was to become our company's "project manager" where I worked specifically right under & with the brand director, mostly focusing on the marketing team and contractors vs working with customers and operations. This wasn't a huge change as far as what I did role before, while in CX, was primarily making sure that all things CX ran smoothly, training the team, developing best practices, doing literally any and every task that was sent my way from the CEO or marketing manager (who became the Director of Brand Management). The only thing that changed was not dealing with customers anymore and having more official responsibilities + a title. I still worked with the same folks, was basically the same as far as hierarchy went (although technically higher up due to the other title changes and no longer being responsible for any basic CX stuff), and my relationships with those in the company only slightly changed due to departing from CX stuff. This is all to say that things were VERY chill, my coworkers and higher ups were freaking amazing, and I will always love them. I sadly had to quit because I needed to find a job that had a certain benefit that this company sadly didn't qualify for, or else I'd still be there. Basically, my work was not EA but everything I did was assisting the CEO and stuff he needed to make the operation run smoothly from everything but marketing, to my best ability.
Now, I have become an EA for a B2B sales startup. HOLY FUCK. HELP. I have nothing actually bad to say about the two co-founders I work for as people, but man it is so so so so different.
In DtC, we stayed up until the sun came up solving operations problems. We literally had no "off" switch which I know was not healthy but like...we didn't let things slide? We ran a tight but chill ship bc we were just...all on the same wavelength? Idk.
The CEO was not your typical businessperson- like I said, very creative minded and into content stuff. Everything was extremely straightforward. I never had to guess what was up, if there as a problem, best believe everyone knew. I feel that this next point is also relative, just to understand the culture of the prior company: CEO and every other major person on the totem pole I mentioned was high functioning autistic/neurodivergent. They've been open about this on public podcasts and shows, so sharing this isn't a problem. But with that, things were about as straight forward and blunt as you could get, but also really keenly aware of how they acted bc of masking. I have ADHD so I kind of get it, but we were open with this fact and idk it was nice I guess. Hard to explain.
Now, my new company is nothing like this. The co-founders are two finance bros who were kind enough to bring me on to help, as I do know them IRL. This job accommodates the thing I couldn't get at my prior job due to location. The first, guy one, is literally like the your typical transactor archetype who is an ultra mega "Chad" frat boy, he is actually very funny and full of life. The other, guy two, is like a lone wolf archetype of salesman with absolutely zero time for humor or BS. Talks big smack on Guy One not having his shit together (receipts, contracts, the whole nine yards) but does the same things, but is not at all self aware that he does the sameeee shit. Thats fine, I know that is part of it and tbh it is my job to take that stuff over now, thank God. I report to Guy Two, but take tasks from both.
So to continue, all that is fine, I get thats how things work especially in the beginning. But where I am struggling is the gravity of how drastically different they are than the prior guy + team I worked for. I do also get that no job is alike, but after years working under literal angels of a CEO + directors who basically never fucked around and you always knew where you stood, this is so different. I think this is because we all scaled the business together and DtC Ecomm is very different than B2B sales.
Guy One and Guy Two both literally have never once had to scale a business on their own so they do not understand the basics of what needs to get done. Zero structure, boom thats where I come in and what they need help with due to my background. When I establish structure, they literally have NO problem telling me they didn't read anything I said but "good job thank you so much". But then, when Guy Two and I meet, he is confused and he doesn't understand why something is the way it is despite me having everything mapped out.
This weeks meeting, Guy Two and I finally met to go over the stuff I had been establishing internally. This was a shit show. I literally had to remind him that everything he was seemingly worried about, he had literally commanded me NOT to touch with no updates or clearance to touch or ask about, lol. It got to the point where I had to just stop saying "well, in my notes I do have it down that I was asked to not touch that, but I am happy to shift gears and take that up now" and just drop the whole reminding him that he told me not to do it and just say "I am happy to take that over". Literally after 45 minutes of meeting, he couldn't handle any more operations and basically had a tantrum and vented to me about how badly he needed a drink and how he had so many meetings today and we would pick back up later next week. WHAT? No!! We needed this done NOW. When is it my authority to manage up? It is very difficult to manage up to your CEO, and not very common...right?
My questions do not get answered, I cannot get ahold of them easily, and they do not do what they say they're going to do. I know I am there to help but I NEED THE DOCUMENTS and other shit to HELP. This is all remote, btw. Like there is serious serious serious money involved here that I am responsible for since I am doing all the reporting right now. Some of the reporting requires a bit more than others, to which I literally need an answer for in order to get us all paid properly. I could go on and on, but it seems like they just have zero capability of thinking of anything but SALESSSS MONEEYYYYY CLIENTS!!! and thats it, but want a good operation, but do not care to review what I am establishing, and then get confused.
Is this normal for sales bros? Am I just a total noob of an EA? What do you do to change this shit so stuff doesn't keep skipping thru the cracks with MY needs in order to perform MY job without pissing them off, bugging all day? I did start a channel specifically for urgent questions but like...I have asked for important documents from Guy Two like 4 times now with no result! Do I bug him daily? That sounds miserable but like, I need these documents to do his accounts. I am so lost dude, SOS. I did not have this problem in my prior role, ever. Yeah, the CEO was overwhelmed, but he always got shit back to me after the 2nd nudge.
I have a digest every day of what I am doing, and a digest weekly of what got done and what needs to get done next week... but like I said, they do not read it. They read NOTHING. If they aren't reading anything, and do not want to do meetings, what are my options?
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2023.06.08 00:23 FitMango2465 PC In Xbox Case

PC In Xbox Case
Hello! My name is Kyle and I recently built a secondary streaming/serveportable gaming PC inside an original Xbox One case!!
I have a YT video explaining the build here:
Specs: i3 10100 Intel Arc A380 (I love AV1) 16GB DDR4 3000 2tb M.2 Flex Atx 600 watt (might explode one day) Noctua 60mm intake 2x notcua 40mm intake
Temps under load Cpu: 94 Gpu: 85
It was a very constrained build and the back mount for the GPU isn't perfect, but I'm so unbelievably happy with how it turned out!
I will try and reply to as many questions as I can! Thanks!!!
Update 6/7/2023
Thermals: I flipped the CPU fan as exhaust, and added a noctua at the end of the PSU by the CPU fan for exhaust as well, so airflow has a more linear path, but gonestly temps didnt improve, still hitting 95 under load after 10 minutes, gpu hits 88 under load, ive tried MULTIPLE fan layouts now that i could think of and they all result in the same high temps under a full load on both, BUT, while streaming it stays right around 50c on both which is awesome.
Price: 700$ all said and done, I could've done this for under 500$ but I had parts from my last streaming PC I wanted to keep (gpu, ram, ssd)
Size: xbox one is 7.2 liters
Psu: I want a HDplex PSU, I'm waiting on them to release a higher wattage variant, but it hasn't come out.. yet.. but has been announced! (Will cut down size significantly) also might have to sleeve my own cables since this psu is proprietary
The back: I know the GPU doesn't look great from the back, the power cable barely presses it up so it looks canted, I plan on adding washers on the standoffs the riser cable is mounted to, which will even it out and is a super simple fix
What I cut: I used a Dremel and cut the back of the xbox and the old hardware standoffs in the xbox.. and that's literally it, the power cable cutout in the back I used side cutters which wasn't great because it looks sloppy, and I borrowed the Dremel which I will clean up with in the future
Future Plans: improve thermals (possibly 92mm slim AIO right above the CPU, would BARELY fit but would drastically help. Upgrade CPU to a 11400 just so I can play more games and do a little more video production, Upgrade GPU to rtx 4050/4060 low profile / blower style (I just want AV1 encoding, and being able to have a to go gaming box would be sick)
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2023.06.08 00:23 seankyleflores The Mawaque Era (2021)

The Mawaque Era (2021)
In 2021, the Friendship Federation faced a significant challenge when it decided to move it's second headquarters to Mawaque Resettlement Center in Sapang Biabas, Mabalacat City, Pampanga due to demolition in Margot, Angeles City. The relocation brought about a series of struggles and hurdles for the organization. The relocation process proved to be more challenging than anticipated for the Friendship Federation. The organization faced several struggles and obstacles during the transition to it's new home. Despite the struggles faced during the relocation, the Friendship Federation persevered and overcame the challenges with resilience and determination. The organization implemented several strategies to ensure a successful transition. #FriendshipFederationAT8 #TogetherHappyAllForever #LongLiveTheFriendshipSpirit #FriendshipFederation
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2023.06.08 00:22 The1WhoKares [H] A lot of games [W] Curse of the Dead Gods/Wishlist/Paypal/TF2 keys/Game Offers

My IGS Profile My Steam Profile My Steamtrades profile My wishlist My Time Zone
I'm looking for: - Paypal - TF2 keys - game offers - CS:GO cases
The list in alphabetical order: - Abandon Ship - Aliens: Fireteam Elite - Amazing American Circus - Amnesia: Rebirth - Anomaly Bundle + soundtrack - Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 - Asterix & Obelix XXL: Romastered - Backbone - Backfirewall_ XBox copy - Batora: Lost Haven - Battlerite All Champions - Between the Stars - Blade Assault - Book of Demons - Breathedge - Call of the Sea - Carnival Games VR - Catch Me early access - Conan Chop Chop - Deadly Days - Dear Esther: Landmark Edition - DEATH STRANDING Director's Cut - Demon Turf - Disciples: Liberation - Standard Edition - Doom Eternal - Draw Slasher - Drawful 2 - Dreamscaper - Driftland: The Magic Revival - Due Process - Eastside Hockey Manager - Edge of Eternity - Endless Space® - Collection - Evan's Remains - Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game - Farming Simulator 17 - First Class Trouble - Five Dates - Fobia - St. Dinfna Hotel - Forged Battalion - Founders' Fortune - FRAMED Collection - Fury Unleashed - GameGuru - Gloria Victis (India lock) - Go Home Dinosaurs! - Going Under - Golden Light - Golf Gang - Graven - GRIP: Combat Racing - Cygon Garage Kit - GRIP: Combat Racing - Nyvoss Garage Kit - GRIP: Combat Racing - Terra Garage Kit - GRIP: Combat Racing - Vintek Garage Kit - Hammerting SEA - Hero's Hour - Hokko Life - Hotline Miami - Iron Danger - Izmir: An Independence Simulator - Jack Move - Jurassic World Evolution 2 - Just Die Already - King and Assassins - King's Bounty: Warriors of the North - Valhalla Edition - Kingdom Classic - Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West - Legend of Keepers - Life Is Strange 2 Complete Edition - Lornsword Winter Chronicle - Lust for Darkness - Maid of Sker - Main Assembly - MirrorMoon EP - Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine - Monster Crown - Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp - Moon Hunters - Mortal Shell - Motorcycle Mechanic Sim - NecroWorm - Neverout - Oh My Godheads - Okhlos - OlliOlli World Rad Edition EU - Operation Tango - Orbital Racer - Othercide - Out of Reach: Treasure Royale - Overlord II - Patchwork - Pathfinder: WotR - Patron - Peaky Blinders: Mastermind - Pixplode - Radio Commander - Railroad Corporation EU - Realpolitiks - Rebel cops - Regular Human Basketball - Revita - Roarr! Jurassic Edition - Rogue Lords - Rollerdrome - RPG Maker VX - ScourgeBringer - Serpent Rogue - Shady Part of Me - Shing! - Siege Survival: Gloria Victis - Slinger VR - Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Season Pass - Sorry, James - Soulblight - Spirit of the Island - StarCrossed - Starsand - Still Life - Super Mag Bot - SurrounDead - Swine HD - Telefrag VR - The Amazing American Circus - The Ball - The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante - The Long Dark: Survival Edition - The USB Stick Found in the Grass - Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales - Treasure Hunter Simulator - Tribes of Midgard - Vertiginous Golf - We are alright - Where the Water Tastes Like Wine - Windjammers 2 - Worms Rumble - Worms Rumble Legends Pack DLC - X-Morph: Defense - X: Beyond the Frontier - X: Tension - XCOM 2 - Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles
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2023.06.08 00:22 baconbeardmemelord Getting job offer teaching in Shanghai, what to expect?

Currently waiting for my references to clear, but both the vice principal and my recruiter seem very sure of it. What all should I be prepared for? I've done this in France before but obviously that's quite different. I speak some Chinese, but less than my French. For instance, where should I look first for housing? Is the visa process difficult? Should I expect a drug test? Tips for getting around the city?
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2023.06.08 00:22 EmmyOfTheState Great dog… sometimes too protective

We rescued a dog from our local humane society about a year and a half ago. His name is Cooper and he’s a large mix breed ( DNA shows the largest percentage is 34% Pyrenees). We got him when he was 8 weeks. He’s very smart, and was receptive to basic training (potty training, sit, stay, etc).
We did great at socializing at first but one afternoon we were at a neighborhood restaurant on the patio during low rush time ( he was 4 months at this time) Coop was asleep under our table and a woman walking her dog on the sidewalk lost control of her dog and the dog got ahold of Cooper’s muzzle, thankfully missing his eye but obviously leaving us shaken up. Our young daughter was present (she was 6 at the time) and she had a big hand afterwards in following vet orders for recovery. I think this is when she and Cooper became close. We continued to bring him to our family’s homes and interact with family members and their dogs (we’re a big dog family haha) but we became hesitant (me mainly) about taking him out elsewhere.
Since then he’s been great… except for when we have guests over. We’ve had two close family friends (both adults) over who brought their large dog. He was GREAT with their dog. No issues whatsoever. But when our friends were near our daughter (now 8) he takes an aggressive stance and will snip at their hands. The two friends finally asserted “dominance” with a firm “No!” And he was completely fine after that, even falling asleep laying across them on the couch.
The biggest issue is when our daughter has her friends over. He’ll snip at the friends hands if they hug our daughter and this cannot happen. We’ve obviously interjected, redirected, separated, everything we know and have read to do.
Cooper is an amazing dog otherwise but he’s 80lbs and this cannot continue. He’s always stopped on a command and will back off but at the one time he may not listen… that’s what scares me. Any advice at all would be so helpful. We’re looking into professional training, but I thought I’d start here first.
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2023.06.08 00:22 Slight-Ad-5442 thinking of combining 2 charcaters, removing plotlines adding 2 more

Recently, after finishing my 2nd draft, I have begun working over it again, adding stuff, information that needs to be known earlier, and adding a couple new characters. I am currently 50/50 between combining two characters and splitting their chapters with someone else, and adding/removing a plotline.
Characters I am thinking of combining
Nora and Winter Shore.
Reason why i am considering combining.
Because although Winter is the sister of Nora and her older sister, she only appears once in the first half of the book, where she suffers a fit and pulls down the family dinner table. Then her POV takes place toward the middle end of the book where she is in the woods with her sister and sister's handmaiden when she suffers a fit/visions, and they proceed to get chased by a group of Bawasi. They get separated, each character going their own way for their conclusion to the book. (another 100 pages or so) She is the reason why the Bawasi are attacking the country, because she is the missing daughter of the Bawasi leader that was kidnapped by the governor. Once the Bawasi have the child, they leave. The invasion, insurrection, is over.
The Bawasi: the more I think about them, the more I think it makes sense for the Bawasi to be a people rather than a tribe. A collection of ethnicities of the south all come together to oppose colonisation. Their leader could still be wanting to get their daughter back.... Possibly.
I could easily combine the two characters of Nora and Winter, split their chapters up between 2 other characters. Fundamentally losing Winter just means a few less words and maybe a minor change to the overall outcome of the story as a whole. (I could easily have another character show up in book 2 to reveal that one of the main characters has been dead since book 1 and the big bad has been impersonating them)
PLOTLINE i am considering removing.
The daughter of a conquered country becoming queen of the conquering country to secure peace.
This girl is not really the daughter, but passes for one, and is selected to marry the king of the invading country so as to secure peace between the two nations, and secure an heir for the king himself. Unknown to the king, the rebel group opposed to both the king and the other group, have trained this girl to be an assassin. She gets to the city, marries the king, then murders him on their wedding night, ultimately becoming the first queen in the history of that country. Though people are pretty much surprisingly accepting of her, it doesn't stop civil war breaking out by book 2 with the king's surviving daughter.
I had in mind to remove this entirely. Or alter it someway. Rather than being a passive woman in a way, she starts off as a warrior. With the removal of Winter she could be the leader or figurehead of the Bawasi people. A warrior of whom people are wanting to get behind, but I'm worried that paired with the other character that would be added in this plotline, that it strays too close to AOM Leo and Stour. The only differences would be. This as yet unnamed character is the brother of another main POV character, has a good relationship with his mother. Got kicked out of the governor's house for trying to pork his daughter. But the same beats are there. Especially the showdown duel between this guy and the woman. After which, she is chosen to become the king's new bride, or something? But the caveat being this whole Bawasi invasion is actually being funded by the actual governor they're fighting against in some scheme to destabilise the power of the country that put him in charge of this one.
Though these two characters follow the same chapter beats perhaps as Leo and Stour, by the end of book 1 they're going off in different directions.
Any thoughts? Any help?
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2023.06.08 00:22 marygotthepower Hip Dysplasia

I need some advice. My dog’s, Rocky O'Bacon, hind legs have suddenly stopped working almost overnight.
He’s 7, and we’ve always known he had some sort of bone deformity in his overall limbs from birth, but were always recommended by the vets to keep him active, healthy diet, and so on, at least until a bigger treatment was needed.
He’s an extremely active, playful and happy dog.
There were a lot of signs that we should’ve been more attentive to.
Sometimes he’d limp from his back leg. Got prescribed anti-inflammatories and pain killers.
Sometimes we’d hear cracking coming from his hind legs.
We always thought he had a funny way of sitting.
Past saturday come around. He was... hopping. Rushed to the vet. X-Ray showed that his hips were in really bad shape. A lot of wear was showned. He was diagnosed with a chronic condition and prescribed medication.
He came home, seemed normal. Until at night he started walking in a funny way, almost like bunny hopping again.
In the morning... He’s hind legs had stopped working. Completely numb. Rushed to the vet again... Talks of possible hip dysplasia, possible spine hernias...
All of which could only be completely confirmed through cat scan (my native language isn’t English, but I think that’s what you call a tomography). Mind you, we’re in a country where it’s not that easy to find a institution with the machine.
He started phisiotherapy right way, as his amazing new vet is trying to restore some feeling to his legs, but no changed as of yet.
I’m so heartbroken. I’ve grown up with this dog. He’s my dad’s Shadows, he’s best friend. And it hurts so much to see how much he wants to walk after us, and follow us, and sleep on our beds, and annoy our cat. But how he’s confined to a kennel, because he needs to be on absolute rest until monday, when the cat scan will happen at a veterinary uni.
We’re prepared to do whatever it takes. We’ve spent a fortune we don’t have this week. The cat scan will take more than half of my pay check. But I don't care... He’s our baby.
What I want to know is... Any other owners in this situation. Did your dog walk again after surgery? Did phisiotherapy help? If they didnt walk again, do you use those doggy wheelchairs? Do they help? Can an active dog still have a happy life without complete mobility?
I'm really lost.
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2023.06.08 00:22 anonymousalligator25 Should I take a job with lower pay but free tuition and healthier work environment?

I am going to grad school with the ultimate eventual goal of a career pivot to being a professor which is a huge risk of course. One that preferably I don’t want to pay for. Right now I’m in a job that is making me miserable but I get paid well.
I just got reached out to by a previous job offer asking if I’m still interested. The offer had fallen through because of a hiring freeze that lifted. It pays 7K less but they’re trying to bump up salary and I’d be unionized. It is within the college system and so tuition would be paid. I would have to move as well (not far—a different part of the large city I live in).
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2023.06.08 00:22 Reuben1316 ‘88 Ekorne Stressless

‘88 Ekorne Stressless
Picked up this Ekorne Stressless recliner from 1988 at a charity shop for £30 - possibly the best purchase ever made. A bit of a clean and good as new. Will be returning tomorrow to check if they have found the matching footstool!
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2023.06.08 00:22 viewtoathrill viewtoathrill #110: Preparations to be Together for an Unknown Period of Time (2020)

2023: #110 Total for this sub: #730
Watched May 24th On the Criterion Channel IMDB Directed by: Lili Horvát Written by: Lili Horvát TSPDT: Unranked
95 minutes. Strong on visuals and pacing but weak on character development and dialogue which is a shame because the movie really needed those latter two.
I would like to start off on the positive because there are parts of this movie I really liked. I think Natasa Stork was the right actor to play the lead. She was believable as a surgeon but also played distracted well. When she was in surgery and drifting off there were moments that reminded me of Jeremy Irons in Dead Ringers. I think she also could pull off pensive, which was very important for this part as there were many scenes of concentrated stares off into deep thought. Also, the framing and shot composition were engaging and part of the reasons I never felt bored despite the slower pace and longer uninterrupted shots.
As we watch Márta try and understand her own feelings and memories with a therapist and friends, we see her as someone who is ultimately obsessed with a moment. This is explored in The Double Life of Veronique as well, among others, and if Director Horvát counts Cronenberg (Dead Ringers) and Kieślowski as influences then I can certainly see them in her work here. She also shows a lot of maturity and patience for this only being her second feature. There are many storylines that carry through the film but are never over-expositioned, and I’m always appreciative of a directowriter who trusts us.
Where this lost me a bit is in the writing, between some of the dialogue and the character development, as well as the ending. János is the love interest of Márta, and is played by Viktor Bodó. Bodó understands the role well, and I think does a fine job. But it’s difficult to judge his performance because I think his character is underwritten. I never felt like he earned the admiration of Márta. She is one of the smartest surgeons in the world, smart, funny, and confident, but loses her sanity over an exchange while getting coffee? I have no problem with exploring a crush, but I’m not sure what Horvát was trying to say with her character. She had a few psychological meltdowns over this obsession but I could never understand why from the way János is written. He sort of exists.
And I have to ask about the ending. So, the entire thing is just about how János was gaslighting her? And then the final scene shows them together and happy? What happened? She should be pissed at him for making her go through all of this memory torture and self-loathing. He was terrible to treat her the way he did, and caring about his daughters is not an excuse to pull the heartstrings of Márta.
So I think this movie is okay, not great, but I do believe Horvát is an exciting director that could do something very powerful with a seasoned writer.
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2023.06.08 00:22 MarvinNloc Lost both of my parents this year, dad to cancer and mom to dementia. We have their interment coming up. Could someone help clean up this picture of them and upscale it to print? Will tip for your assistance. Thanks

Lost both of my parents this year, dad to cancer and mom to dementia. We have their interment coming up. Could someone help clean up this picture of them and upscale it to print? Will tip for your assistance. Thanks submitted by MarvinNloc to PhotoshopRequest [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 00:21 NathanCS741 3 weeks in China itinerary: advice

Hey travelers of China,
My girlfriend and i are planning to visit China this september and would like some advice on the achievability of our planned itinerary. We are open for any kind of advice.
Some background information: -This will be our first travel to China. -Beijing will be both our point of arrival and exit. -Normally we like to get “off the beaten path” but for our first visit to China we decided to limit ourselves to the tourist hotspots with good public transport connections and a higher chance of english signs. The reason for this is that travelling in China is so different than what we’re used to, especially the Chinese language which we’re not familiar with. We’re just not ready to be stranded in a small village without a reliable bus/train connection without a basic comprehension of Mandarin.
So far we have the following day to day itinerary and are planning to visit the following:
-Day 1: Forbidden city and Tiananmen square -Day 2: The great wall and possibly the summer palace -Day 3: day trip from Beijing (possible contenders are Chengde, Old dragons head, the hanging temple and Cangyan shan) -Day 4: day trip from Beijing (same options as the day before) -Day 5: Universal studios Beijing -Day 6: morning train to Xi’an, biking Xi’an’s town wall, evening at the muslim neighborhood Day 7: day trip to Hua shan Day 8: day trip to the Maijishan grottoes, evening train to Chengdu Day 9: Leshan buddha and surroundings Day 10: Another day trip from Chengdu (possible contenders are Qincheng shan and Zigong for its dinosaur museum and tea houses. Emei shan also got our attention but one day just to see the summit would feel way too rushed.) Day 11: train to Zhangjiajie (via Chongqing) Day 12: Zhangjiajie Day 13: to Fenghuang ancient town Day 14: Fenghuang ancient town Day 15: from Zhangjiajie to Guilin Day 16: Li river “cruise” from Guilin to Yangshuo, bike rental in Yangshuo Day 17+18: biking around Yangshuo Day 19: train from Guilin to Changsha+ train from Changsha to Beijing Day 20: Free day in Beijing Day 21: flight back home
We are fully aware that, if we follow this jampacked itinerary, we would spend a considerable amount of time in public transport (in our case: high speed trains).
We also have three possible alternatives: -(1)Skipping Zhangjiajie and Fenghuang ancient town, giving us more time to appreciate the Karst landscapes around Yangshuo (or the other way around: skipping Guilin and Yangshuo giving us more time in Hunan): if, considering the rest of our itinerary, you should skip one of the two, which would it be and why?
-(2)Exploring the western part of Sichuan instead of Guilin/Yangshuo and Zhangjiajiew Western sichuan also seems nice for an introductory trip to China(to get a, albeit small, taste of Tibet) and our itinerary there would be the following: bus
-(2)Exploring the western part of Sichuan instead of Guilin/Yangshuo and Zhangjiajiew Western sichuan also seems nice for an introductory trip to China(to get a, albeit small, taste of Tibet) and our itinerary there would be the following: bus from Chengdu to Kangding, exploring Kanding and spending the night there, the next day the bus to Tagong, where we would spend the next 3-4 nights and return to Chengdu
-(3)Going to Yunnan instead of Guilin/Yangshuo and Zhangjiajie.
Do you think this itinerary makes a good and varied visit for a first time visit to China? Any suggestions or remarks are welcome.
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2023.06.08 00:21 Cookie_Wife Once again, I reflexively changed my feelings and actions to people please

I’m a 36yo mum who strongly suspects autism (definitely have SPD at least) and am diagnosed with ME/CFS and fibromyalgia. I was recently referred to a 6 week chronic pain program at a hospital where it’s a 1 hour talk then 1 hour physio appointment with about 4 or 5 others.
So I went the first week, felt a bit shaky after but actually kind of hopeful when I left. Unfortunately, that week was also when my cleaner was coming and our house was a brothel after several weeks of sickness (I have a 2yo in the midst of a dumping toys stage), so I overdid it with physio plus cleaning plus general 2yo care. Two days after my appointment, I crashed hard. Crying, sensory sensitivity, weakness, significant and sudden depression. The next few days were truly horrible.
But come Monday, I improved slightly and decided to go to physio on Tuesday, psyching myself up to advocate for me needs and say I really struggled. When they asked how we went, I did say horrible, I was totally non-functional from Thurs night to mon morning. But like so many times before with health professionals, they convinced me it would be hard for a bit but we’ll just try a little more today and see how we go and you’ll get used to it. They didn’t even have to try hard to convince me, I’m so bad at people pleasing. Immediate capitulation. And it’s ridiculous, I truly believed them and then willingly did MORE than I did the first week. Again, I left there hopeful and feeling good.
But that afternoon, I almost fainted and since then (9 days ago) I have been completely non-functional. I cry multiple times a day. My daughter is behaving worse because I’m less emotionally and physically available. My CFS is the worst it’s been in years.
I skipped physio this week because I wouldn’t have been able to even drive there. I’m likely not going back. But what makes me mad at myself is that if I do go back, I know they’ll convince me to do stuff I know is too much, that I’ll just immediately give in and listen even though I know my limits.
I know this is a really common issues in masked autistics, the reflexive people pleasing, but I just can’t seem to stop it. I doubt myself so easily. I’m very lucky to have a husband who gets me and my limits so sometimes, I literally have to check with him if I’m able to do something because I’m so bad at judging things myself if I’m worried about letting someone down.
What I struggle with most is that in the moment, I really do feel I’ll be okay to do X, but I think that’s just a reflexive mirroring of what I think the other party wants me to feel. But I actually feel it. Like in high school, I thought I liked parties and clothes and boys, but it wasn’t till much later that I realised none of those things sparked joy for me like they did my friends and that I was completely neglecting the things that sparked joy for ME.
How have you guys dealt with these issues? How do you learn to trust yourself and advocate yourself when you’re so heavily masked that you constantly capitulate to everyone else and don’t even know who truly you are?
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2023.06.08 00:21 Educational-Break814 Who is in the wrong here?

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2023.06.08 00:21 GOGOSPEEDERS So there are actually 2 Omaha teams

So there are actually 2 Omaha teams
This was from ChatGPT
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2023.06.08 00:21 RubbersoulTheMan Monthly security update email include website threats?

Hello, I currently have 2 devices registered, and received the monthly security update email stating 59 threats were detected. However, when I do a full scan of Malwarebytes on my unused windows install, it comes out clean, no prior threats were in the history as well. And the other registered device only has websites blocked in the history.
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2023.06.08 00:21 JunkRemovalNJ Say Goodbye to Clutter Forever - JunkDoctors Can Help!

Are you sick of having shelves full of clutter that just never go away? JunkDoctors can help. We provide affordable junk removal solutions to get rid of the mess for good. Don't believe us? Give us a call and find out how much it costs today! You won't be disappointed.
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2023.06.08 00:21 Captain_Fidget Book of the Raven, help!

After DM'ing the two first Candlekeep stories and having a great time, I blindly committed to running The Book of the Raven as a one-shot, now I've sunk so much into trying to make the plot make sense that I'm gonna fix it, dammit. I'm a BRAND NEW DM, this is only the 5th session I've attempted to run, any advice helps.
I decided to remove Shadowfell from the end and replace it with the lair of a night hag that corrupted Lady Brantifax, who killed her bedridden daughter to get a fresh start before moving back to the city. I changed the raven to be Sylphene's soul and made her very distinguishable. I'm struggling with a few loose ends, though.
Act 1
I love Candlekeep, and I want the characters to begin there, with a clear starting objective.
A white raven with blue eyes (Sylphene) drops off the book, and sits on a PC's shoulder the rest of the journey, she is adorable and I'm hoping they bond with her enough to solve her murder. They are hired by the Avowed to discover the origins and importance of the book and map. I'm not really sure why the Avowed would care very much about this book.
Here's the issue with the book: I don't really know how to include the Vistani more into the story now that I've removed the portal from the story. I included a nice encounter at the end of Act 2 where the PCs have dinner with a Vistani caravan, and the matriarch hints that she is there to destroy evil relics for the wereravens and are meeting them at the top of Wyrm's Mark to perform a ritual and cast them into the volcano. She also gives some context about the raven that delivered the book that is now traveling with them. Maybe the hag is trying to open a portal and they are trying to stop her? Maybe they can come save the PCs if they insist on fighting the hag? Maybe I nix them altogether, but I have to replace the book with something else, hopefully more relevant.
On their journey, they stop in Baldur's Gate at the Wide where they are either unwittingly sold the hag's heartstone (if they don't buy it, a Scarlet Sash snatches it from the vendor's hands). Foreshadowing for Act 3, the hag has secretly corrupted the wereraven, and wants to create a coven with her and Sylphene (she has reanimated Sylphene's body and wants to reunite her soul as the third member in the final act). They also encounter Lady Brantifax destitute and begging in Baldur's Gate, they get her physical description from a family portrait at the estate.
Act 2
This is a lot of travel, opportunities for a chase and encounters. There's also opportunity to refine their objective, but I'm not sure how to do it.
They finish the day camping with the Vistani, who give them some clues about the white raven being a restless soul.
I'm thinking maybe having the hag approach them in their dreams that night to strike a bargain, but for what, idk.
Act 3
As they start traveling, they meet the hag in-person, but she is in the form of a beautiful woman. If they have her heartstone, she will try to bargain for it, if not, she offers to give directions and gives them a coin to summon her whenever they're in trouble.
If they end up trying to fight the wyrm or troll, she'll show up and offer to help. Now they owe her.
A wolf appears and the spectre of Brorn shows up and chases it away. When they arrive at the manor, he is guarding it, but allows the PC's to pass after interacting with the Sylphene raven.
In the Brantifax mansion, I'd like to make it clearer that they need to reunite items around the mansion with the graves.
In a family portrait in the den, they see that Baron and Lady Brantifax are both blonde with blue eyes, Sylphene had albinism, but the youngest Heleuth had red curly hair and green eyes. The hag's coins are found inside the quarters of the gardener, who has red hair. Another coin is in Lady Brantifax' desk along with journal entries that mention a dirty old neighbor peddler woman that she once confided in.
For the final reveal, I feel like it's shaky at best. I think I'm leaving the Scarlet Sash encounter and objective pretty much the same, aside from the revelation that one wereraven has been corrupted when the characters spot her holding a coin. Just saying their founder made a map to find the place seems like a really weak resolution to the main objective. Depending on who has the hag's heartstone, she will either have delivered it to the hag's secret lair, try to steal it from the PC's, either way revealing the main conspiracy (which I think is that the hag has made a coven to open a portal to Shadowfell???).
Sylphene's grave is now a staircase down to the hag's lair, she has reanimated Sylphene's body and turned Baron Brantifax's into an undead dog minion. They need to negotiate with the hag, but if they don't care about Sylphene, then idk if it'll be worth it. I was thinking about introducing a risky game if they don't want to dialogue. I don't even know if they'll be willing to ascend into the lair, tbh, not sure how to handle that one. Final untangling of the plotlines here has also been challenging.
Resolving the Candlekeep objective: There's still no concrete explanation for the Vistani book, its importance, or who drew the map.
Resolving the murder mystery objective: If they explore the estate enough, there will be a lot of clues about the sequence of events that corrupted the Brantifax family. I need to think of a way to get them interested in reuniting the items to let the souls rest. If they don't care, then I think the final objective won't be as big of a deal.
Resolving the BBEG objective: They can fight and kill the hag, negotiate a deal, or steal the heartstone back and ask the Vistani matriarch to destroy it.
I've invested so much into this already, it's ridiculous. Thanks for any help!
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