Lakefront house plans with walkout basement

Exploring the Enchanting Charms of Jodhpur: The Blue City of Rajasthan

2023.06.07 14:33 ancientindia1 Exploring the Enchanting Charms of Jodhpur: The Blue City of Rajasthan

Welcome to Jodhpur, the mesmerizing Blue City of Rajasthan! Nestled in the heart of the Thar Desert, Jodhpur is a city that beautifully combines vibrant colors, rich history, and royal grandeur. Here are many best luxury resorts in Jodhpur. Known for its majestic forts, intricate architecture, and warm hospitality, Jodhpur offers a unique experience that captivates the senses and leaves a lasting impression on every visitor. Join us as we embark on a virtual journey to uncover the hidden gems and cultural delights that make Jodhpur a must-visit destination.
Majestic Mehrangarh Fort:
Our exploration begins with the crown jewel of Jodhpur, the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort. Perched on a hilltop, this colossal structure stands tall as a symbol of the city's glorious past. As you ascend the fort's imposing gates, you'll be greeted by intricate carvings, expansive courtyards, and breathtaking panoramic views of the city below. Explore the museum within the fort, showcasing an impressive collection of artifacts and artifacts that offer a glimpse into Jodhpur's royal heritage.
The Blue Hues of the Old City:
One of Jodhpur's most distinctive features is its old city, painted predominantly in shades of blue. Wander through the narrow, labyrinthine alleys of the Blue City, where every turn reveals a picturesque scene of indigo-washed houses. This unique architectural tradition has both historical and cultural significance, with blue believed to keep homes cool and ward off insects. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, interact with friendly locals, and capture stunning photographs that will transport you back in time.
Umaid Bhawan Palace:
Prepare to be awestruck by the grandeur of Umaid Bhawan Palace, an opulent residence that epitomizes luxury and elegance. Built during the reign of Maharaja Umaid Singh, this magnificent palace is a splendid blend of Indo-Saracenic and Art Deco architectural styles. Today, it houses a part of the palace as a museum, showcasing an exquisite collection of artifacts and preserving the rich history of Jodhpur's royal family. Indulge in the regal experience by staying at the palace hotel, where you can immerse yourself in royal luxury and impeccable hospitality.
Savoring Rajasthani Delicacies:
No visit to Jodhpur is complete without savoring its delectable culinary delights. The city is renowned for its mouthwatering Rajasthani cuisine, which is a delightful fusion of flavors and spices. Indulge in local specialties such as dal baati churma (lentils, baked wheat balls, and sweet crushed bread), gatte ki sabzi (gram flour dumplings in spicy gravy), and mirchi vada (spicy chili fritters). Don't forget to try the famous Makhaniya Lassi, a traditional yogurt-based drink that offers a refreshing respite from the desert heat.
Exploring Local Bazaars:
Experience the vibrant colors and lively ambiance of Jodhpur's bustling bazaars. Ghanta Ghar (Clock Tower) Market and Sardar Market are the heart and soul of the city's shopping scene. Lose yourself in the maze of shops selling handicrafts, textiles, traditional jewelry, spices, and vibrant tie-dye fabrics. Bargain with local vendors to bring home unique souvenirs and keepsakes that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Jodhpur.
Jaswant Thada:
Located near the Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada is a stunning marble cenotaph built in memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. This architectural marvel is adorned with intricate carvings, delicate marble lattice screens, and tranquil gardens. Take a peaceful stroll around the memorial and enjoy the serene ambiance while marveling at the detailed craftsmanship.
Desert Safari and Camel Rides:
Experience the magic of the Thar Desert by embarking on a thrilling desert safari adventure. Hop on a camel and traverse the golden sand dunes as you soak in the awe-inspiring desert landscape. Witness mesmerizing sunsets and enjoy traditional Rajasthani folk performances under the starlit sky. The desert safari is an exhilarating escapade that allows you to connect with nature and immerse yourself in the rustic charm of Rajasthan.
Mandore Gardens:
Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and explore the tranquil oasis of Mandore Gardens. This historical site, once the capital of Marwar, features beautifully landscaped gardens, ancient temples, and grand cenotaphs. Admire the intricate architecture of the cenotaphs dedicated to the brave Rajput warriors and enjoy a serene picnic amidst the lush green surroundings.
Stepwell Excursion to Toorji Ka Jhalra:
Jodhpur is home to a hidden gem known as Toorji Ka Jhalra, a magnificent stepwell that dates back to the 18th century. This architectural marvel was constructed to provide water for the local community. Descend the steps and witness the intricate geometric patterns adorning the walls of the stepwell. The tranquil ambiance and unique design make it a perfect spot for photography enthusiasts and a peaceful retreat from the bustling city.
Marwar Festival:
Plan your visit to coincide with the Marwar Festival, an annual extravaganza that showcases the vibrant culture and traditions of Jodhpur. Held in memory of the valiant heroes of Rajasthan, the festival offers a captivating display of folk music, traditional dance performances, camel races, and exciting competitions like turban tying and mustache contests. Immerse yourself in the lively festivities and witness the vibrant spirit of the locals as they celebrate their rich heritage.
Bishnoi Village Safari:
Embark on a Bishnoi Village Safari to get a glimpse of rural life in Rajasthan and learn about the Bishnoi community, known for its harmonious relationship with nature and wildlife conservation efforts. Interact with friendly villagers, witness traditional pottery making, and observe local artisans at work. Keep an eye out for the region's diverse wildlife, including blackbucks and migratory birds, as you explore the rustic beauty of the Bishnoi villages.
Adventure Activities:
For adrenaline junkies seeking adventure, Jodhpur offers exciting opportunities for ziplining, paragliding, and rock climbing. Indulge in thrilling activities and witness the mesmerizing landscapes of Jodhpur from a different perspective. Challenge yourself and create unforgettable memories as you engage in these adrenaline-pumping adventures.
Jodhpur, with its magnificent forts, vibrant markets, cultural festivals, and warm hospitality, offers a truly immersive experience. Whether you're exploring the architectural wonders, savoring delectable cuisine, or witnessing the vibrant traditions, Jodhpur never fails to captivate visitors with its unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. So, pack your bags and get ready to be enchanted by Blue City's timeless allure.
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2023.06.07 14:27 ef_research Living and working in the EU and neighbouring countries survey

This survey was posted on europe a few days ago. We would really appreciate some more participants from Hungary, so we are posting it also here. Many thanks for hungary mods for having allowed it.

Dear hungary,
What is your life like right now? What are your plans for the future? How do you find your current possibilities for work and access to training? Two EU agencies, Eurofound and the ETF are asking you to complete the Living and Working in the EU and Neighbourhood countries survey as part of their research programme.
The survey is open to everyone aged 16 and over, it is anonymous, and available in 33 languages. Data will be used in a series of research papers, with the first focusing on the life and prospects of young people in the post-pandemic years. Questions are also included on the quality of society, worries about the cost of living and housing in the country you are currently living in. Please complete the survey here.
Thank you for participating!
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2023.06.07 14:24 mantaskleiva Need some advice.

TL;Dr To start off I am not the best person at writing so I apologize for any errors.
I have been married for almost 4 years to the woman who I am still head over heels for. (We married just a few months before the start of the pandemic) This little detail has really affected our marriage as being newlyweds struggling during this time was very difficult on our marriage.
My wife struggled with the pandemic very much as she is a nurse, she had changed over to school nursing just prior to the pandemic and it made her life very challenging as that was an aspect not many people thought of during this time. She has gone through a huge patch of depression, I on the other hand have felt like I’ve been depressed since I can remember. During these past few years in our relationship we have struggled a bit in terms of finances and other disagreements. My wife has always made it quite clear that I haven’t live up to her expectations and she has always hung divorce up in the air since the beginning of our marriage. I have always tried to be better and true fyi do little things to keep her happy even if the involved my mental health suffering. During this time of the pandemic I seemed mental health help, which was going well. Until she changed jobs and we lost our health insurance. During this career change my wife found the job she took on was not for her and she quit without much of a plan. She quit and spent a few months living off of her retirement fund. This time was incredibly difficult for me as I was the one working and making sure we were staying afloat. This point in time was when we also moved into a house, this is where I began to really feel the stress of life. As money started to become a bigger issue, I also began to spiral in terms of my mental health. I had asked my wife to seek help with her mental health or go to couples therapy with me. But to no avail I kind of gave up and figured happy wife happy life. Now after over a year of that conversation my wife is finally seeking help for her mental health and I am the root cause of the problem for these stressors. My wife thinks I am hiding cheating on her or something of that nature. Truthfully the only thing I am hiding from her is how badly our finances are on my end. She has given me an ultimatum. That either I make her happy and not questions things by November or she is leaving me, as that is when our lease is up. What do I do Reddit? I don’t want to lose the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. But I’m so stressed I am not sure what to feel or do. I’ve started therapy yesterday and have a couples session booked, but my wife stated she will not be doing anything during this session as I need to figure it out and fix it on my end.
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2023.06.07 14:21 Rare_Parsley3160 My oldest child (NB22) is currently homeless and I have not invited them to move back home

They live about an hour away. Last week I visited them with plans to help them move into a new apartment. Once there, I found out that they hadn't actually talked to the new landlord (only the other existing tenants) and couldn't move in until they did so. Ended up that there was no way to reach the landlord so we put most of their belongings into storage. I believe they spent one, maybe two, nights in their old apartment before they were evicted. They've spent a few nights couch surfing with friends, and they've visited their local homeless shelter looking for a bed. Last night they called looking for help, but I didn't know what to tell them. They have not asked to move back home, and I have not offered.
The reasons behind that are complicated. They moved out of the house when they were 18 because we were not getting along as a family. They were messy, rude and fought with us continuously. Their little sister spent most of her time at the neighbors to avoid the fights, and we had to put her into therapy. (All of that ended when they moved out.) Looking back I know that they will say I kicked them out, but in my view point they were the one who walked out the door. I remember going out of my way to deliver some personal items to them about a week later and they wouldn't even say "thanks". Them moving out was probably a good thing for the rest of our household.
We continued to support them financially over the past few years. We paid for a semester of college which was a stupid thing to do. I'm not blaming them at all for that, I should've known better but at the time we were desperate to help them find some "structure" in their life. They used a car we owned and maintained until it fell apart. We provided them with money for security deposits for 3 to 4 different apartments over the years. And we helped them with rent money when they needed it.
We've also tried to support them emotionally as well within some limits. They've been home for short (2 to 3 day) visits at holidays. Unfortunately during at least one of those visits they went through things they were specifically told not to touch, and ended up taking an old skillet and some dresses. (They had been caught stealing several personal items from their mom when they lived at home.) They could've asked for those things, but by sneaking them out of the house it brought back all the old feelings of distrust.
They've had similar relationships with their roommates. Most places they have ended up renting a room in a house with strangers. (This last place was an exception in that they knew at least one of them in-person, and the other on-line.) Every roommate experience has ended up with fights, accusations of theft and declarations that the other people are terrible. It just makes me think of the expression that if everyone around you is an asshole, maybe you're the asshole. I saw how they were living when I helped them move out of their last place, and I would not want to live like that.
So, that's it. I can't invite them home because I'm concerned about the safety and stability of my family. I can't give them money because I've been doing that for years and it just never stops. We've tried to help them find housing resources but there just aren't any with how things are going. And if we try to help too much we're afraid that we'll be seen as the primary resource, and we just can't do that.
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2023.06.07 14:21 altiores New houses development plan is purposefully overlapping my parents property.

The landowner is extremely petty, and so I can say with certainty that it is purposeful and targeted.
We had previously hired the landowner (they had a different job at the time) many years back, but we had a falling out. I'll go into details if anyone requests it in the comments, but essentially, they demanded to be paid for work they didn't do. We had known them for a bit before this happened, and they weren't a great person, so really we should have called it quits before this incident...
A few weeks back, they bought the land next to my parents house. They submitted plans for a new road and houses. The design cuts through the lawn of my parents house - all the way past the fence that surrounds the lawn (and it's not even that big) including the gate that we use to get into the garden (it's a little side pathway that goes to the front to the back of the house.)
There was no way it wasn't purposeful. The fence and gate is annotated on the plan, and it showed that they plan to tear it down and make it into the new houses back yard.
My parents are hiring solicitors, but its going to be expensive to contest it and we are not doing great as it is.
I'm really looking for any advice anyone can provide. It would be much appreciated. It seems so incredibly unfair.
[I first posted this in legaladvice, didn't realise there was a UK version - I'm in England]
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2023.06.07 14:16 marwoodconstruction1 Builder Services Offered By Home Building Contractors

Builder Services Offered By Home Building Contractors
Building a house without a design plan is like a ship without a sailor. It is the plan that lays out the design of house building, architectural features and amenities. Without the design plan, building a house can be a mess and mistakes can become the order of the day. It is only a home builder who has the right training to develop construction documents that meets your vision and needs in terms of design, dimensions, style, and size.
Further, most Houston builders create construction documents and design plans with a designer or architect without you having to deal with the entire process. However, it is important to work together with a premier builder during the planning stage so that your requirements and inputs are incorporated into the design plans. A successful custom builder does not become a master builder overnight, for he or she needs professional experience to establish a reputation.
This calls for acquiring the knowledge of construction and related areas such as the building codes, best practices among others, such as the business administrative requirements that come with home contracting. These administrative responsibilities include contracts, insurance, financing, accounting, marketing, estimating, procurement and many more business skills.
Remember, local builders have put in years of hard work to gain expertise in their chosen domain. Moreover, since they are local, builder services include the local requirements such as the permitting, vendors, subcontractors, construction practices and other peculiarities of the area.
Hiring custom builder services for your house building project is going to be beneficial in terms of the quality of construction, managing the job, and meeting the thresholds of time and budget. Read more…
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2023.06.07 14:15 eboven911 Vapor barriers, shower inserts, and century-old plaster

Hi all,
Renovating a small bathroom on the second floor of our 1885 farm-house in Michigan. Pretty much decided on a shower insert for ease of install and cost reasons... going with a direct to stud type mainly for space constraint issues. The shower will be installed on an exterior wall corner, with the third wall of the shower being one that I will build with the plumbing in it. There is a window very close to one of the corners, which is why i decided on a direct to stud insert; once the plaster and lath is removed from the shower area, I should be able to fit the insert with a comfortable gap between it and the window trim.
This brings me to my biggest question on the whole project. I'm obviously going to be removing some lath/plaster from an old wall. I plan to re-insulate the wall as best as I can with Rockwool wherever the existing injected foam isn't still present, but should I also include some type of vapor barrier before installing the insert? I hear that it's sometimes skipped on these old houses when walls are opened up, but that also seems to be mostly for full-house jobs and/or when original wood siding is still present. I'm only doing a 30x48x80 inch section, and the house has replacement vinyl siding with the original wood siding all removed.
Other things to consider: - Home is almost certainly baloon-framed, and this project is on the second floor, so how much good would a vapor barrier actually do here? - The rest of the room is the original horse-hair plaster and wood lath. In this bathroom (and most of the rest of the house), someone has already installed 3/8 drywall over top of the plaster as well - There is angled ceiling above the shower from one of the walls, and this is the original plaster that I wasn't planning on opening up; this will not get the vapor barrier.
I'd love to hear some opinions here, thanks for your time!
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2023.06.07 14:13 hearden Golden Vault Conversion: The Murkmire Malevolence (1st-level)

It's been awhile since I played this so this post is quite delayed, but I'm here now with my deeper dive into setting the Golden Vault adventures in Wildemount.
Anthology Conversion (original post)
I'll be covering the following sections — Location, Lore, Experience, Future, and Resources — for the 1st-level adventure, The Murkmire Malevolence.

“You’ve got to steal the Murkmire Stone and bring it back so I can save the city!”


I like the Varkenbluff Museum of Natural History being in a big city — it makes sense for them to then have the resources available to magic-ward the building in the various ways we see in the adventure. A smaller city could have such a museum, but a large or small town definitely not.
For examples of such cities, I recommend Rexxentrum, Zadash, Nicodranas, Port Damali, Rosohna, or Uthodurn.
My personal preference, as well as where I set this the two times I ran it, is Rexxentrum. I just like how having it in the Empire opens up the possibility of tying Cerberus Assembly stuff into it, including Dr. Dannell's involvement and the museum's arcane traps and workings.


With that in mind, this section isn't necessary, but if you're looking to give some flavor to the adventure to make it feel more immersed in the world, as opposed to just a drop-in module, then there's a lot to work with.
Dr. Cassee Dannell, first of all, could be an archaeologist who works for the Soltryce Academy, Hall of Erudition, or the Marble Tomes Conservatory, both being arcane universities. I would say the Cobalt Soul Archives don't work in this case since they're not as much an arcane-focused organization.
Curator Alda Arkin could just be a freelance fence working independently, but she could also be a Myriad fence, using the museum as her cover.
If you're not using the Golden Vault as your group's patron, mages who're interested in the Murkmire Stone — such as Doolan Tversky, Yussa Errenis, Vess deRogna, or Essek Thelyss — could either be hiring the party to grab the stone for them or could be the ones funding the stone's safekeeping for the gala... and then perhaps Alda sneaks it away after the gala to be delivered directly to them. Who knows!


I ran this adventure twice with two different groups. It was pretty straightforward, hence why this post is on the shorter end compared to my other conversion posts. A lot of the additions I made were simply flavor ones, having the PCs know certain NPCs already or being familiar with the museum using the given hooks or expanding on an NPC's written personality to include a brief backstory that helped make them feel less one-dimensional (especially for an adventure that has so many named NPCs).
The two groups I ran were for a oneshot with 5 players and for an anthology series side campaign with 2 players. Both were set in Rexxentrum with the same NPCs quirks and backstories.
The oneshot group was first, so I learned from all of my mistakes with them. Party was warlock, monk, Draconic sorcerer, artificer, and rogue.
I had had their meeting with Dannell in the morning, as the book said, but since the gala was at night, they took that as an opportunity to go around the museum during business hours (the Gemstone Wing was, of course, closed and cordoned off). That let them get the layout of the museum before the gala, as opposed to having to attend the gala and plan at the same time.
Hilariously, the warlock kept trying to get in with the guards as a new hire but wouldn't back down even when the guards told her that Alda hired guards directly herself, so there was no such "job posting" asking for new hires. This almost busted their recon period since Alda got suspicious when one of the guards came to her office saying that the warlock was claiming to be a family friend, too, but eventually Alda got busy and ignored this after telling the guards to shoo the warlock off.
The party left themselves an escape rope hanging from the skylight (the rogue had climbed the building from the outside during the recon portion) and then hid in the bathrooms or the supply closets after the gala.
I accidentally skipped over the part where the animatronic doesn't attack anyone and just jumps downstairs to wreak havoc. Sureth died in this oneshot because she was standing 5 feet away from the animatronic when the artificer activated it from the other side then quickly backed up. The animatronic crit on her, but she got revived at the end of the story by the Golden Vault cleaning things up.
The warlock also was knocked unconscious because (since I hadn't sent the animatronic downstairs and the party was in hiding watching Maryam and the guards fight it) she fled downstairs to create a distraction, and the guards down there knocked her out. She was arrested but I had their Golden Vault handler come by and talk her free.
On the bright side, the artificer did end up in a relationship with Dr. Dannell, who he came into the adventure having an established crush on, so that was cute.
In the wrap-up, we established that the party convinced Dannell to quit her association with the Soltryce Academy and go do research and similar work for the Golden Vault. The museum was shut down for investigation by the Cerberus Assembly and the Crown, and its future of ever being open again was put into question because of the havoc that'd been caused by the animatronic killing Sureth.
In terms of runtime, that group did 6 hours with 1 hour debrief, 3 hours prep, and 2 hours heist/combat.
The anthology group was second and only had two players, so I extra scaled everything down (removed half HP from everything). Part was Clockwork Soul sorcerer and rogue.
Same thing happened with the "early meeting" and "late gala" prep time — they wanted to go in during business hours to recon because there was still a whole day to kill. I've been recommended that, perhaps, the DM should skip from the meeting to the gala immediately, but I think that players might still say "hey, we had all of those hours to kill, we could've been doing recon then, too". In that case, maybe it'd be for the best that Dannell meets with them shortly before the gala so that there's no time to really do separate recon.
The sorcerer and rogue pretended to be on a date, and since this is an anthology connected to my campaign, we had a lot more stuff to work with. (The players were controlling NPCs-turned-PC-sheets that they've met before and are allies with in the campaign; the anthology is basically "what were these characters doing while y'all were not with them?") My favorite part being that they were both nobles, so I played off the idea that everyone knew them... which then made them have to work around the fact that people knew their faces so they couldn't be too suspicious since it'd be too easy to catch and identify them.
The rogue was the eldest child of Watchmaster Brunda Gleshin (and the black sheep of their family), so I had them know Maryam as a former Watch captain who'd retired to take on private museum security (it pays better than law enforcement). There was a lot of snarky back and forth between the rogue and Maryam because of that once they had gone up to scope out the second floor. This was my favorite interaction:
Micha: We'll leave you alone, but nice to see that you've taken up this... position.
Maryam: Mhm.
Micha: I'm sure my mother is very proud of you.
Maryam: Can't say the same for you.
They also set the skylight up for later, mingle at the gala (Watchmaster Gleshin is there, much to the rogue's chagrin), and then make their leave. But they don't actually leave and go in through the basement, fight the mimic, go into the records room and Alda's office and kill Marigold. Then they leave again and head up to the attic to wait for the museum's closing.
They'd previously tried to talk up some guards to see who they could maybe flip during the heist... but then when it comes time for them to come out of hiding, both of them discover that the guards have all changed positions so now the guard set-up they'd lifted is useless.
(This was fully because they chose to come in early and Maryam saw the rogue walking around during normal business hours, so she went and tipped off Alda right before the gala. I thought it was a nice touch since the rogue was acting real cocky and it further emphasized their bad reputation for being a troublemaker around town, that any Crownsguard who knew them would automatically think they're up to something.)
At the end of the day, both heists were successful, although the oneshot group definitely had more chaos going on, likely due to the number of players and the fact that I'd missed the line about the animatronic not causing real people damage. The oneshot group swapped the stone for the replica while the anthology players swapped the stone for a sack of ten pounds of adventuring gear... because it was "more fun". When I pointed out that that meant they'd probably know that the sorcerer and rogue did it since they were the only adventurers casing the museum earlier in the day, the rogue replied, "Yeah. We want them to know! They can't catch us. With what proof?"
I also found that Cassee was popular to flirt with. I mean, she's a dorky archaeologist, so I guess that was written in the stars already. In the oneshot group, as aforementioned, the artificer ended up dating her, but in the anthology group, the rogue tried to flirt with her and ask her out for dinner... but she declined because they were way too boisterous and high energy for her. (In comparison, the artificer from the other group was also shy and quiet like her, so she appreciated that... and his starting hook was knowing Dannell through academics, so there was that.)


There's already future hooks discussed in this adventure, so I won't repeat those. However, I think because of the huge amount of named NPCs in this adventure, there's a lot of opportunities to reuse them later on, especially if you're running the adventures as connected like I am for my anthology group. Could be a nice callback.
The museum guards, if the museum is shut down, could reappear as guards in a later adventure, showing that they had to find somewhere else to work.
Alda Arkin, if her fencing was never discovered, could rise up to do bigger work and be involved with a later heist, such as Masterpiece Imbroglio.
Even Dr. Dannell herself could reappear in a later adventure that has to do with arcane magic or weird creatures (perhaps Markos Delphi has correspondence with her about eldritch horrors?).
I'm currently playing with the idea that Franceena, who the anthology rogue gave the business card of their dueling academy they run to, could have gone and taken those dueling lessons and become stronger over time, reappearing in a mid tier adventure (Vidorant's Vault?) as part of a rival crew. I haven't implemented it yet since I'm also considering using the Thieves' Gallery from Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves as a rival crew, but who knows! It's fun to think about, regardless.
As a side note, I also love that Dr. Horthnar Stonecrusher shares a name with Torgja Stonecrusher of the prewritten rival crew. It could be that it's just a happenstance of having the same name, especially since they're both dwarves... but I think it could also be fun if they're related — maybe he's her father and he mentions at the gala how his daughter has run off with some 'petty thieves'? And then she appears later as part of the rival crew!
In addition, I didn't get to implement this because I thought of it after I'd run both games, but I had the idea of dropping foreshadowing objects in the displays to hint at later Golden Vault adventures (similar to the museum episode of Black Mirror, iykyk). These obviously can't all be the MacGuffins of the adventures because those MacGuffins have to be somewhere, but maybe they could be allusions to characters the players will encounter or locations they'll go to.


No third-party supplements were used in either of my runs of this adventure.
My Playlists: Gala / Heist / Combat


My rating for this adventure doesn't change from my original conversion post of the book.

8/10 - simple, effective, and meets all of the three pillars. The anthologies usually don't miss with the 1st-level adventures. I docked points simply because the flavor and setting was a bit predictable, but it makes sense to start an anthology with a classic museum heist.

Overall, it's still very fun, and both groups loved it when I ran it for how 'classic heist' it feels. It's got a lot of potential for future hooks
Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading, and happy gaming!
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2023.06.07 14:10 strayerjenn Tingling in hands at night and early morning

I was exposed to mold for about a year due to a leaking basement. I had all sorts if symptoms including a b12 deficiency which I was getting treatment for. I'm now working with a functional nurse practitioner to see if the mold issue is part of the problem.
Since moving our if the house I'm doing way better. However, some nights my hands get tingly and it sometimes lasts until morning. My leg muscles also feel a bit stiff and sore. Once I get up and get moving it gets better. I just wanted to know if this happened to anyone else.
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2023.06.07 14:08 WagonWheel22 Chris Christie Officially Announces 2024 Campaign, Taking Aim at Trump

From CNN:
Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie kicked off his second presidential campaign on Tuesday with a lacerating indictment of former President Donald Trump, calling his ally-turned-rival a “lonely, self-consumed mirror hog” who, by force of personality alone, represents a threat to the republic.
At a town hall event in New Hampshire, Christie – who endorsed Trump after dropping out of the 2016 primary and then became a close adviser to the former president ahead of the 2020 election – described his past support as an error and urged Republicans to join him in rejecting the GOP front-runner.
“Beware of the leader in this country, who you have handed leadership to, who has never made a mistake, who has never done anything wrong, who when something goes wrong it’s always someone else’s fault. And who has never lost,” Christie said of Trump.
“I can’t guarantee you success, but I can guarantee you that at the end of it, you will have no doubt in your mind who I am and what I stand for and whether I deserve it,” he said. “That’s why I came back to New Hampshire to tell all of you that I intend to seek the Republican nomination for President of the United States in 2024.”...
Christie’s announcement on Tuesday, which followed his filing with the Federal Election Commission earlier in the day, came a day after fellow GOP moderate Chris Sununu, the governor of New Hampshire, opted against running and less than 24 hours before former Vice President Mike Pence officially enters the race. Like in 2016, Christie is seeking to appeal to more traditionally conservative, establishment-friendly Republicans – and hope that he can emerge as a foil to Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in a rapidly growing field.
Also similar to that first run: Christie is part of a crowded field that, if history is any guide, could pave the way for a nominee currently running with less than majority support among Republicans. Along with Trump and DeSantis, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson and South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott have all launched bids. Pence, who has already filed paperwork to run, and North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum are expected to join the crowd on Wednesday.
Christie on Tuesday touted his ability to be a pugilist while also making a case for compromise – something he called out DeSantis, a former Freedom Caucus member in the US House who now enjoys unified GOP control of the state legislature, for never succeeding at or even attempting.
He also chided DeSantis and Trump over their murky positions on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and, in what sounded like a jab at DeSantis’ and other primary candidates’ attacks on “woke ideology,” said the field included a bunch of “pretenders” who are “talking about issues that are so small that sometimes it’s hard to even understand them.”
That group, Christie added, treated Trump like the “Harry Potter” villain Voldemort, whose name the books’ protagonists are banned from speaking.
“The person I am talking about who’s obsessed with the mirror, who never admits a mistake, who never admits a fault and who always find someone else and something else to blame for whatever goes wrong, but finds every reason for anything that goes right – is Donald Trump,” Christie said.
As CNN has previously reported, Christie believes he is best-positioned to take on Trump in the primary while also appealing to independents in a potential general election showdown with President Joe Biden. He begins his bid with the support of a new super PAC, called “Tell It Like It Is,” formed by allies in anticipation of his campaign.
Christie offered a less edgy take on Biden, accusing the president of “dividing” voters but also recalling their decades-old relationship. Being “timid,” “quiet” and “not speaking to us regularly” were, as Christie told it, Biden’s foremost sins. Along with his age.
“He’s a nice man. He’s out of his depth because he’s not the guy he used to be,” Christie said. “Father Time always wins.”
Christie’s flirtation with presidential politics began in 2011, when he considered running in a primary to take on then-President Barack Obama a year later. He demurred, then saw his standing with Republicans sag ahead of 2016. His 2016 campaign was short-lived and most memorable for Christie’s mocking evisceration of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio in a February debate.
He helmed Trump’s transition team – though his work was eventually trashed and Christie himself sidelined days after the election – and later on became a close adviser to the former president. He was floated as a potential appointment to a number of administration jobs, though none ever materialized. He even participated in mock debates with Trump in 2020. (Christie has said he believes he contracted Covid-19 from Trump, who did not disclose a positive test result, during one of those sessions.)
Following Trump’s defeat and subsequent attempt to overturn the 2020 election, Christie turned on him and sought to establish himself as one of Trump’s chief Republican critics.
“We keep losing and losing and losing,” Christie said at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual leadership conference late last year. “The reason we’re losing is because Donald Trump has put himself before everybody else.”
He also has said that Trump “incited” the January 6, 2021, insurrection at the US Capitol “in an effort to intimidate Mike Pence and the Congress into doing exactly what he said in his own words last week: overturn the election.”
In an interview with Axios this year, he vowed never to support Trump again.
“I can’t help him,” Christie said. “No way.”
Asked by an audience member on Tuesday whether he had a plan to win over “Trump voters,” Christie disputed the characterization – and insisted that Republicans should not view people who had previously voted for Trump as an impenetrable group.
“There is no such thing as ‘Trump voters.’ He doesn’t own them. He didn’t take title to them. They’re not one of his buildings. They’re not one of his casinos in New Jersey. They’re not that wreck he’s got in Las Vegas,” Christie said. “I voted for him twice. Am I a Trump voter? Hell no, man.”
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2023.06.07 14:07 preserved_killick Best for filtering mold and wood stove air pollution?

I suffer from sinus issues and congestion all winter. As soon as I close up the windows and turn on the heat in the late fall I get a post nasal drip cough which lasts until the spring and I can open the windows again. I've been tested for allergies (none) so my allergist suspects winter mold as an irritant or my wood stove. I've got a very old house with dirt floors in the basement which can be damp.
We'll stop using the wood stove next season to see if it helps, but I also want to add a good air filter. I read the buying guide here and based on that I'm leaning to a unit that focuses on particles only, not VOCs.
I'll also add that I'm hopeful but also skeptical that an air filter will help. 10 years ago I purchased a Rabbit Air unit and ran it in a closed bedroom 24/7 and it made no difference. It may have been not enough with the wood stove running, or just too small/weak. At this point, I don't mind spending $1000 on a unit if it helps some.
The MA-112 Air Purifier looks pretty good. Any others to consider?
And, is there a good way to measure air quality for particulates and even mold spores? I know there are a bunch on air quality devices on Amazon, but what exactly am I looking for when measuring pollution from a wood stove and mold particles? From the little reading I've done measuring PM 2.5 would cover both issues but not necessarily tell me which one?
Can anyone recommend a good air quality sensor?
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2023.06.07 14:04 crustacean4 Homeless in Madison

hello, i have recently found myself in a sticky situation and may be homeless temporarily while I find housing.
i am attending grad school and for the last several months, I've had a lot of difficulties securing a place to live. i have a medium/large dog accompanying me which makes things more challenging. i don't qualify for most of the apartments because of my income, but then I don't qualify for income-restricted apartments because I'm a student. i have an application pending with the grad housing, however, I was told to have a solid plan b bc the spaces fill up quickly.
i have someone willing to take my dog for a bit while I find housing, so I am considering sleeping in my car while I attend school to help secure something and save. where are some safe places to do this without getting bothered by law enforcement/people/etc
tldr: cant find suitable housing for grad school in madison, where can I sleep in my car safely?
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2023.06.07 14:01 TogetherV-com 5 Great Ideas to celebrate Father’s Day

There are many ways to celebrate Father's Day and show appreciation for your father in your life. The day is celebrated every year on 3rd Sunday of June. Here are some creative ideas to celebrate Dad’s Day:

  1. Write a hand-written note: Take out time to write a heartfelt message to your father, expressing your love, gratitude, and appreciation for all that he has done for you. Include quotes and wishes in your Father’s Day note to make him feel special. Let him know how much he means to you.
  2. Spend some time together: You can spend a day or a few hours with your father doing activities he likes. It could be something like going on a walk, picnic, playing sports, watching a movie, or going out for a meal. The key is to create meaningful memories and enjoy each other's company.
  3. Give a thoughtful gift: Give your father a gift that reflects his interests, hobbies, or something he has been wanting. It could be a book, a gadget, clothing, a bouquet, a mug, a pen, a personalized item, or even a handmade card that shows your effort and thoughtfulness. The gift doesn't have to be grand; the most important thing is that it comes from the heart.
  4. Plan a family get-together: Celebrate Father’s Day together by planning a family get-together if you all live apart. Bring your whole family together for the special celebration.
  5. Help him with his chores: Take the initiative to assist your dad with any task of that day. It could be something like cleaning the house, cooking a meal and more. It is a good gesture to show him that you appreciate his hard work.
The most important thing about Father's Day is to show him love, appreciation, and gratitude for your his presence and influence in your life.
View Poll
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2023.06.07 14:00 Thrower__ AITA for cutting my friend off?

Ok so, first of all let me state that yes, I Desk, am underage and the other person involved who we will refer too as Klax (first thing that came to mind) is also underage but I do not know if im doing the right thing. So this story starts 2 years ago when I stayed at Klax's house for the first time from then on I would stay at his house more and more often. And then one night we got a 8th of medical grade weed instead of street weed we started off smoking medical grade so it felt like we were (or however you spell that word) comfortable with weed again and would then at that point have someone buy for us.
Fast forward about half a year into late freshman year Klax's consumption along with my consumption tripled essentially but the weed was making Klax's mental health keep going down and down along with certain family things that wouldntve bothered him before this point. And I am not going to say I didnt have a hand in the weed consumption because I was the stoner friend who knew the people who would let us smoke for free sometimes, I also have a bad history with the law (not with weed but for speeding and other things like unregistered vehicles like quads and bikes and running from cops) so I am definitely a contributing factor as a bad influence.
fast forward a little ways farther we enter sophomore year as basically brothers but now since its summer I dont want Klax to keep smoking and Klax also picked up the habit of vaping (because of me this will play a part as im still thinking what I should do because ive tried everything to try and get him to stop but it seems like ive really just enabled him?). fast forward to now we are like a coal train in a cartoon everytime we smoke and its not healthy for Klax mentally and his parents even though they allow him to smoke theyve been pushing him to stop but Klax keeps brushing it off and saying he's fine.
I definitely think because I am a bad influence think I should distance myself but im planning to grab all of his vape and weed stuff so he doesnt smoke and I do not know whether or not this is a good idea so im turning to you guys in the weed community and the aita community for a little guidance
(I directed to the aita thing as this is my first post ever and im just control+c and control+v to make things easier for me)
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2023.06.07 13:58 k1p1ssk Will this behavior calm down?

Tl;dr - new young cat is obsessed with getting our older cat to play - all day and night - will she grow out of it or can we do some training with her?
Hi all! New here. Some background/context: We are an adult only household in a rural area. We have 2 neutered male dogs that are older (7 and 13) that mostly keep to themselves. My mom had to give up her 7-9yr old female cat last spring due to some housing changes, and so we took her in. She took less than a week to adjust to our house, and easily settled into a routine. She was never a shadow cat, and does like to be where we are, but she is not a cuddler. She is incredibly docile, too - lets me trim her claws without so much as a meow in protest. The sweetest girl. Sleeps on the bed with us on occasion, but mostly does her own thing.
About 3 weeks ago, we noticed a small cat hanging around our yard. After watching her for a week and having her bound up to us and literally jumping into my arms, it seemed suspicious to us that she was around so much. We did our due diligence, contacted all the local vets, the animal control officer, posted pictures on several lost pet sites and FB pages, asked all the neighbors about her, but nobody claimed her and all signs pointed to her having been dumped, so we decided to take her in and quarantine her until we were able to get her vetted. She came back with a clean bill of health, got her vaccines, has a spay appt at the end of the month, and has been such an incredible love. She wants to cuddle, and play, and explore. She is probably around a year old, and as I said, she is intact, but getting spayed at the end of the month.
We had planned on keeping her separate from the other animals when we weren’t home or when asleep, but it was fairly obvious from the get go that this wasn’t necessary - everyone has been getting along great! Our only issue is that she seems OBSESSED with getting the older cat to play with her. All day and night, she follows older cat around, meowing and purring loudly, bounding at her, and otherwise causing a ruckus. This has obviously disturbed our sleep, but we can obviously just shut the cats out. But I am worried about the older cat getting to rest herself and being able to happily do her thing! We also would ideally not like to have the bedroom door shut as this also means keeping the dogs in or out, and raises a whole other host of issues with them (water access, autonomy for sleep spaces, etc.). So, I’m wondering a few things - will younger kitty kinda “get the hint” eventually and stop bothering older kitty? Could this be an “in heat” thing? Is there any training we could do to help deter her from this behavior? Picture of the lovelies in the comments… Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 13:54 Thrower__ AITA (this involves weed too)

Ok so, first of all let me state that yes, I Desk, am underage and the other person involved who we will refer too as Klax (first thing that came to mind) is also underage but I do not know if im doing the right thing. So this story starts 2 years ago when I stayed at Klax's house for the first time from then on I would stay at his house more and more often. And then one night we got a 8th of medical grade weed instead of street weed we started off smoking medical grade so it felt like we were (or however you spell that word) comfortable with weed again and would then at that point have someone buy for us.
Fast forward about half a year into late freshman year Klax's consumption along with my consumption tripled essentially but the weed was making Klax's mental health keep going down and down along with certain family things that wouldntve bothered him before this point. And I am not going to say I didnt have a hand in the weed consumption because I was the stoner friend who knew the people who would let us smoke for free sometimes, I also have a bad history with the law (not with weed but for speeding and other things like unregistered vehicles like quads and bikes and running from cops) so I am definitely a contributing factor as a bad influence.
fast forward a little ways farther we enter sophomore year as basically brothers but now since its summer I dont want Klax to keep smoking and Klax also picked up the habit of vaping (because of me this will play a part as im still thinking what I should do because ive tried everything to try and get him to stop but it seems like ive really just enabled him?). fast forward to now we are like a coal train in a cartoon everytime we smoke and its not healthy for Klax mentally and his parents even though they allow him to smoke theyve been pushing him to stop but Klax keeps brushing it off and saying he's fine.
I definitely think because I am a bad influence think I should distance myself but im planning to grab all of his vape and weed stuff so he doesnt smoke and I do not know whether or not this is a good idea so im turning to you guys in the weed community and the aita community for a little guidance
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2023.06.07 13:54 CaptainBenBlack AITBA for spending a lot of my extra money one my boook. Not sure if allowed but I mentioned in the past I was working on self publishing a book. Here's a sample of the art.

AITBA for spending a lot of my extra money one my boook. Not sure if allowed but I mentioned in the past I was working on self publishing a book. Here's a sample of the art.
Now just a simple update. I have posted a few stories on here before. And in one or two mentioned I was working on a book that I planned to self publish. Well currently I have gotten a friend to help edit. As my grammar isn't to great I can make a coherent story it's just the grammar has been a small issue. I am practicing to better myself in that regard. I also have found an artist to help with the art. And as you can see it is some amazing art and for pretty fair prices with thirty for simpler pictures and 40 for more complicated ones. Now I am also paying my friend that is doing the edits about 950 in payments of one hundred dollars a month. I am looking at doing 40 pictures plus a cover, and some people are saying I'm investing a lot of extra. Money that could be used to buy say a car or say furniture for the new house. Me and my wife moved to now my wife is 100% behind me. And wants this to succeed and a lot of people said they love the story. Even people who aren't into superhero stories like this. I also should add that I have over the last two years had some mental problems which cumulated in me having to be put on a suicide watch early this year. This project has helped me out greatly and I plan to write other books. Maybe make a small brand for my own hero's. But still the people that keep saying I'm sending a lot of money have me thinking. Is it selfish of me to do this, and prioritize it so much and if so does that make me the bad apple?
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2023.06.07 13:47 catlovinmidwestbitch One of six seven-week-old kittens won’t use litter box

In March, I brought in a stray who would hang out around my house. I have two other inside adult cats so I wanted to get her tested for everything before we introduced them. We took her to the vet and her bill of health was clean: no worms, fleas or FIV. However, she was pregnant. We decided we still wanted to keep her and brought her in. She seemed to love it. Relaxed, immediately knew to use the litter box. On April 16, she gave birth. The first four weeks, she took care of them completely and is a really good mom. We kept them separate via a baby gate that mom could still climb over but the kittens couldn’t. About four weeks in, overnight, they seemed to all learn how to pee on their own. Literally everything was soaking wet with pee on the floor except their bedding. I brought in two big shallow pan litter boxes and put them in the place they had peed the most. There are also two adult litter boxes in this room for mom and our other cats. It’s really two big rooms attached to each other with no soft furniture - we just moved in in February. Everyone adapted quickly except one. He seemed to hold it until it was a very large amount of pee and then went under my desk where there was no pan. We assumed he may just like the privacy of down there and put a pan there too. Since this incident, he’s peed multiple times outside of the box. I notice a puddle of pee almost everyday. Normally it’s right next to the litter box on the floor under the desk and sometimes he’ll even pee in the litter scoop next to the big boxes. Like seriously, if he took one step back, he’d be in the box. There’s been times I catch him and put him in the box to associate that feeling with the box. He just stops peeing and returns to playing. Every time I clean it up and disinfect the area. Every other cat and kitten in the house uses the box and I’m sure he sees them do it. I’m confused why he still feels the need to go outside of the box? To clarify, this room is as clean as it can be for having as many litter boxes there are. Everyday I scoop all solids out and every other day I completely clean the shallow pans, sweep, mop the floor, and disinfect around the boxes. There’s an air purifier in there too. The kittens are free range to the entire house now and every other kitten can find the litter box just fine, some even using the litter robot in the basement without even being introduced to it. Yesterday was the first day we discovered a poop outside of the box, in the laundry room in the basement, not close to a litter box at all. Pretty good assumption it’s this kittens. Any advice? Part of me thinks it’s a feeling thing, like he doesn’t like how it feels. The other part of me says he’s lacking instincts and is kind of just dumb? He gets along great with the other kittens. Please help. I can’t have him pooping in my house. My parents planned on adopting him, but they won’t if he doesn’t use the litter box. I honestly don’t know what we’ll end up doing with him and I don’t want him to become a barn cat. I wanted all of the kittens to go to good homes of people I know personally. Other than that, he’s a really sweet boy. Playful, cuddly. They’re seven weeks old now. Please help.
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2023.06.07 13:47 Dslayer33 Lost my Scorpio goddess is there still hope?

I'm a Capricorn sun, Libra Moon and Virgo Rising, also Scorpio in venus as its relevant I think to this situation.
My girlfriend of 8 months was a Scorpio sun Capricorn Moon, Virgo Rising and Libra venus.
We met on tinder after I left an 8 year soul crushing toxic relationship with an Npd (narcissist) and me a Bpd (borderline).
I saw her on the app and immediately felt a warm fuzzy feeling.
It felt like I knew her immediately, as soon as we met I kissed her within 3 seconds, it just felt so right.
We talked in my truck for hours and all of a sudden her eyes changed like they were almost sparkling, and she looked at me like I've never been looked at before. She would just stare while I talked.
Eventually I started caressing her and things escalated from there. I had no plans on sleeping with her initially but I didn't feel in control I just went with the energy.
We later on we hooked up at my cousins place (not a great choice of location I admit) abd spent hours in bed befire we got kicked out and then we stayed the night together at a hotel and had breakfast the next day because we couldn't get enough of eachother. The chemistry was electric. I had never dated a Scorpio woman before and my God they are intoxicating.
In the beginning of the relationship I was a broken person and I relied heavily on her for compassion and support. We told each other everything about each other even if it wasn't pretty. We established a policy of complete honesty from the first night we talked.
We actually didn't have sex again for several weeks as I was so emotionally drained and going through a bout of severe depression. I also struggle with severe retroactive jealousy and her openess about previous relationships and sexual past was hard for me to swallow.
I was married and had only been in 2 long term relationships so my body count was many times lower than hers.
But we continued to go on dates and spend hours talking and cuddling. I had reoccurring episodes due to my untreated borderline personality disorder which I only recently realized I suffer from after being in denial I had a problem most of my life.
She forced me to confront my demons, and made it clear I needed to change. She tried to set firm boundaries and hated when we fought about her past. I would split on her when she left during the week and it became a predictable cycle.
I had become much too used to codependency in my previous relationship and I didn't know how to cope when my partner wasn't around.
She was still patient with me for several months of this.
I told her I'd change but I kept fucking up. I had victories someday but eventually I'd give in to an episode.
In April we had a huge fight where I drank way too much and took our my frustration on her calling her a slut and devaluing her. She stayed by my side but had her fanily come get her dog. She showed them a recording of my rant and it damaged their view of me.
I'm a different person when I'm in a borderline episode...I'm such a loving partner when I'm normal but if the split gets triggered it's catastrophic.
I should've realized she was getting closer to the end of her rope. She warned me, tried to set boundaries, I didn't listen. I thought if she loved me she'd stay no matter what, my previous partner would never follow through on her threats to leave and I was stupid enough to think she wouldn't either. So I delayed starting therapy, although I did start eventually it was too late.
The relationship continued to get more serious, we had a pregnancy scare where we almost hadba kid but unfortunatelythere was a miscarriage, and we also planned on moving in together this June.
We were planning our life together.
She said stuff like "I didn't want a family until I met you." Or, "I didn't care about my future until I met you."
My episodes continued. Until this last Sunday when I was upset she wouldn't tell me something about an ex because she didn't want to talk about it today. Like a fucking idiot I pushed her boundary yet again and demanded to know what she was hiding and why she wouldn't tell me.
I realize now she didn't want to talk about it because we had already discussed it and she was trying to avoid triggering me.
I told her to go back home I was so upset.
She even came back that night to resolve things but then we got into again and she decided to grab her stuff, I freaked out and tried to get her to stay blocking the door and begging her to stay.
She said she loved me but she had to be away from me and that she would talk to me again in a few days.
I didn't sleep the first night she was gone I called her and begged to speak to her I was having a panic attack.
It's very hard for borderline personalities to be separated from their fp (favorite person) especially under bad circumstances.
She said later that day we would talk in a day or two after she had therapy.
The day of her therapy I spent the day hiking to my favorite meditation spot and I had a deep realization about where my insecurities come from.
I never practiced self love, I always felt I had to be all the good things about someone's exes in one. I had to one up them or I wouldn't be worthy of love.
I told myself for the first time that it's ok to just be me and that I love myself despite everything I've been through.
I cried for a couple hours and went and talked to my parents.
I was so excited to tell her about my breakthrough. I wanted to show her I was changing.
This was also the day of her therapy.
She called me after dinner and told me she was breaking up with me and that she just couldn't do it anymore. It's an endless cycle and she can't put her mental health at risk for me.
I couldn't accept the outcome. I was in shock. I said I'd drive to her house and drop off what was left of her stuff but I wanted to talk to her in person.
She said she wouldn't speak to me face to face.
I think it's because she knew she'd give me another chance if she saw my face.
I even knocked on her door and spoke to her grandpa who was kind but explained that she was done and me trying to speak to her was making it worse. I accepted it and drove home.
I called her many times and left voice messages telling her I loved her and that I was so sorry and I took her for granted.
She texted me a long message telling me she loved me but we needed to be apart so I could change so we both could work on ourselves, because I wasn't changing while I was with her. She said she couldn't do it anymore.
After that she didn't say anything but I continued to text her because I couldn't accept the outcome.
I told her I'd be here for her no matter what and that I was open to fixing things, that I just wanted one more chance.
She didn't respond but she continued reading my messages?
She didn't block me on anything just unfriended me on Facebook.
I thought if Scorpios were truly done they erase you completely?
Is there anyway I can salvage this or win her back?
I'm desperate, I love her so much I don't want this to be the end, I'll never take her for granted again...
Please, I need help.
Thank you from a Scorpio obsessed Capricorn.
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2023.06.07 13:46 30AG30MIL Mom looking to sell a house that I own. What's the best strategy to avoid taxes?

So here's the story, about 4 years ago I had helped my mom get a home loan under my name. The reason was that at the time, she was just starting to establish her business and she couldn't get a good interest rate. Luckily, my work moved me in the area and we decided that we purchase the house under my name and we can all live together. After a year, I was asked again by my company to move back to Maryland so I did. I however, kept the house as my primary residence in Virginia beach still and sent most of my mails there. I rented a place for another 1.5 year before purchasing another house which now became my current primary residence. Recently, my mom had asked me that she plans to sell the property and buy a new one (this time she can buy under her own name since her business has been established). What's the best strategy for us so that we won't have to pay capital gains? I understand that for single filers it's $250k and married filing jointly it'll be $500k. Next year if she sells, I will be filing married jointly (granted my soon-to be wife is not in the deed, only me).
Here are the time frames:
8/23/2019 - bought the house virginia beach under my name(loan started)
12/01/2020 - I moved back to maryland due to work and rented however kept virginia beach house as primary residence
12/01/2021 - Bought a house in maryland with my soon to be wife and now claim that as primary residence
Will I be avoiding capital gains if we sell the house since technically it's my primary residence from 8/23/2019 to 12/01/2021? Please advise. Thanks.
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2023.06.07 13:46 thorshine Leaky basement

Hey all,
I bought a house back in August last year from a family friend and overall things are going great! As the projects continue my next one is to fix the leaks in the basement walls. After asking some knowledgeable friends and doing some research the two solutions I'm down to are injectables (epoxy, foam, etc.) and hydraulic cement. Both sound as if they'll get the job done equally well and relatively simply. Do you guys have any preference or suggestions for either?
Additional info: when it rains relatively heavily there are a couple spots water consistently is coming in, luckily nothing too much. A few weekends ago a strangely fast and hard rainstorm blew through and water was coming in from a couple new spots behind some wood paneling. The cracks I can see are smaller. Also, I live in the St Louis Missouri area, in a 40s or 50s era home with a poured concrete foundation. I consider myself fairly competent in DIY-ing.
Let me know if you have any other questions I can clarify.
Thank you all in advance for any suggestions and advice!
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2023.06.07 13:46 BryanKerr7 Edinburgh Marathon first marathon

Race Information


Goal Description Completed?
A Sub 3:10 Yes
B Sub 3 Yes
B London qualification 2024 hopefully


Kilometer Time
1 4:11
2 4:07
3 3:56
4 4:10
5 3:54
6 4:00
7 4:01
8 4:03
9 4:11
10 4:06
11 4:08
12 4:05
13 4:03
14 4:09
15 4:04
16 4:07
17 4:08
18 4:06
19 4:09
20 4:02
21 4:04
22 4:03
23 4:07
24 4:13
25 4:04
26 4:07
27 4:07
28 4:02
29 4:07
30 4:08
31 4:08
32 4:07
33 4:05
34 4:07
35 4:10
36 4:13
37 4:13
38 4:13
39 4:16
40 4:17
41 4:21
42 4:18
43 3.45


First marathon. Began running in lockdown, seen vast improvements in all my distances, managing to get 5k under 19 mins, 10k under 40 mins, and half marathon under 1:40. I joined a running club in Oct 2022 and seen further improvements in all distances, so I set myself a target of completing a half marathon in under 1:30 and a marathon in under 3.30.
My training consisted on speed work on a Monday (track) and Wednesday (usually in a park or quiet area with no traffic).These sessions are provided by the coaches at my running club. Some examples of the sessions are;
Monday: 5k paced session - 20 x 200m at 5Km Pace/100m Same Time Recovery e.g if 5Km pace is 40s for 200m then 100m recovery is covered in 40s
Wednesday: 10k paced session - 6 x 5 Mins @ 10Km Pace with 2.5 Mins Jog Recovery
Monday: 7 x 800m @ 5Km Pace with 100m in 90s Jog Recovery
Wednesday: 5min, 4min, 3min, 2min, 2min, 3min, 4min, 5min @ 10k pace with half jog rec.
Monday: 10 x 3 Mins/90s Jog Recovery (10k pace)
Wednesday: 8 x 4 Mins @ Half Marathon Pace with 3 Mins Reovery at Easy Run Pace (Not a jog)
Outwith these sessions, I tried to do at least 40km over another 4 runs at an easy pace, keeping heart late below 150bpm. Total monthly kilometres always over 200km. Since the new year I have been trying to hit at least 60km per week.
I booked this marathon last summer and had no idea of a plan or targets. I completed a half marathon in 1.19.59 the end of April this year, and this gave me belief that I would be able to post a good time in this race. I would have been disappointed if I did not manage to complete it in 3.10.
The longest run I completed during my training was an easy run of 33km, about 4 weeks before the race. I was confident I would be able to finish but had no idea how my body would do after that distance at a quicker pace.


I done my last long run (~22km) exactly one week before the race. Easy 10km runs Monday & Tuesday, Wednesday I done 3 x 10km at target marathon pace (4.14/km) with 2 mins rest in between. Another easy run on Thursday and then complete rest Friday & Saturday. On the Wednesday I started upping my carb intake significantly, eating a lot more bread, rice, pancakes, crumpets, scones, tortilla wraps, potatoes and chips. I was feeling rather bloated for these few days so cut back a bit on the Saturday in order to be good for Sunday.
Race day: Got up at 5.30am - big bowl of porridge with a scoop of protein powder, 2 slice of toast & strong coffee. Had a cereal bar and a banana at 8am (2 hours before start). Sipped water through the morning - not too much as was wary of toilet breaks during the race.


Weather on the morning was ideal - good temperature, no wind or rain. Had the potential to heat up later on in the afternoon but overall great running conditions.
Race began at 10am. This was an extremely busy race and had some very narrow points over the first 10km where it was impossible to get by anyone.
The first quarter of the race through the city is all downhill. Great scenery all along closed roads, very enjoyable and a good way to start the race and get warmed up. The streets were packed with spectators and an overall good atmosphere.
KMs 10-30 are where you really need to focus on hitting target pace. The crowds thinned out a bit although there was still locals outside their houses cheering, handing out sweets, playing music, and even a though bands/ dance groups along the way. I always race without earphones in order to take all of this in and it is truly a worthwhile experience. Plenty of water stations along this stretch and the weather was still good. Ran with a few groups during this stretch and chatted away, was lucky enough to move in front of most of them onto the next group.
There is a short gravel section around 28kms around Gosford House. Afterwards I heard a lot of people moaning about this - it certainly is a bit different from running on the road. I suppose it depends on what you are used to, I do a fair bit of trail running as well so felt comfortable. Only thing I would say is the terrain is not suited for the Nike Alphafly.
The last section of the race was by far the most difficult. Temperature had heated up to around ~14 degrees (not roasting, but for us Scots who train all through winter it is on the warmer side). Along with a few gradual inclines on the way back made for some tough kilometres. The number of people I passed on the last stretch who were cramping, being sick or simply walking grew the further I got to the finish line. There also seemed to be less water stations on this section, which is not ideal when you are in the final stages of a marathon.
The final couple of hundred metres was a flat, straight run along mats to the finish line. By far the best part - all the hard work is complete, thousands of spectators and knowing your family and friends are at the finish line waiting to congratulate you. Even better knowing when you know you have smashed every target set!

Nutrition & Strategy

When I signed up for the race I put in a target time of 3.45 - meaning I started in a pen with runners a lot slower than me. This was not ideal as it was very busy and I was stuck behind big groups of runners a lot for the first 20-30mins. I definitely could have went quicker at the beginning, maybe a blessing in disguise as I was still under target pace and perhaps allowed me to not come out the traps too quickly. I took 2 salt tablets every water station, which was every 30 mins or so. Took 1 gel at 10km, 20km then 32km. Fortunately was able to get through the whole race without stopping for the toilet. I was really comfortable up until the last 10km, I had never ran more than this so had no idea how my body would react. I had plenty of time in the bank so I dialled it back a bit to make sure I could finish without cramping or pulling a muscle. My plan before the race was to keep every kilometre below 4.15 and hold on for as long as possible.


I am going to take a few days off to let my body recover. I have a few 10k runs booked throughout the summer and hope to achieve some PBs. The time I posted should also qualify me for London next year.
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