Convert square ft to acres


2019.02.25 01:44 memedealer22 Buceestx

A convince store like no other! With locations that are filled with beef jerky, soda pop, and candy. One location in New Braunfels is over 67,000 sq ft or 18 acres. To give you a reference of just how massive it is thats equivalent to the White House! There are over 33 Buc-ee's locations mainly located in southeast Texas!

2012.06.28 23:16 Mr_Hanekoma The World Ends With You

Welcome to Shibuya. This is a subreddit for fans of the Square Enix JRPG The World Ends With You, its anime adaptation, and its sequel, NEO: The World Ends With You.

2021.06.23 21:12 HumbleandFumeIR HumbleandFume

ONE OF NORTH AMERICA’S LEADING CANNABIS DISTRIBUTION SOLUTIONS PROVIDING CUSTOMER-CENTRIC SERVICES AND CANNABIS ACCESSORIES. A leader in the distribution of quality cannabis and cannabis-related products. Delivering exceptional customer service and educating customers on our evolving industry — we aim to provide the best cannabis experiences and remain the first choice for our customers.

2023.03.20 20:58 armidamix 📣 LAST DAY 🇺🇸: 0% APR + Cutter + free shipping + free gift

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2023.03.20 20:58 etyu104 Lease takeover in May 1/1 for $1560

1 bed / 1 bath lease takeover $1560
1 Bed 1 Bath - Apartment 855 sq ft
Seeking someone to take over our lease from May 1 - Nov 30 with option to renew. Rent is $1560 (compared to current listing price of $1820) and does not include utilities. Renewal rate is $1670
The Edison is a luxury apartment built in 2021. This large 1B/1Bath is located only 10mins from Epic and 20mins from downtown. Includes dishwasher and in unit washer and dryer. Corner unit with large patio that gets great sunlight. 1 garage parking spot with storage and unlimited parking in lot. Community amenities include large dog park, gym, pool, and clubhouse. Pet friendly. Excellent property managers that host monthly events and remove snow within 24hours.
Great property but moving away for school. The size was perfect for my partner and I with our 2 cats.
Please feel free to reach out with any questions! :)
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2023.03.20 20:58 Phantom-knight-44 Help with border on first lace project

Help with border on first lace project
This is the chart for the border on my first lace project. I have no idea how to knit it. The blue squares are no stitches. The O are yarn overs, the triangles are slip 1, k2tog, psso. Help please.
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2023.03.20 20:58 DesnaMaster Holding Mortgage in RRSP

So according to this article:
I can convert my 200k in my RRSP into a 10 year mortgage at a posted rate of 7%.
This results in a payment of $2311.88 giving me a final amount of $277,425 in my RRSP after 10 years.
Completely risk free return of 7% plus no more mortgage. Seems too good to be true?
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2023.03.20 20:58 ScientistThen8966 [Entry] Angel Musician, Melozzo da Forlì - Trefl, 500 pieces

[Entry] Angel Musician, Melozzo da Forlì - Trefl, 500 pieces
Beautiful puzzle, got it second hand.
After a couple puzzles with disappointing loose fit (Jumbo and Yanoman), it was a pleasure to build this one. I must say quality is good, not top of the line, but overall quite a positive experience.
The box was different from the typical, it was square, solid cardboard and it included a poster of the same size as the finished puzzle.
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2023.03.20 20:57 ikeawaffle Converting commercial to home unit

I unkowningly purchased a commercial PGA tour commercial edition. I was bummed out when I plugged it in and went to play.
Is it possible to convert/upgrade to the home edition? I just want the ability to play online.
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2023.03.20 20:56 RDFGENE Platz Kuromorimine Maus 1/35 Model Kit Instructions

I have a few Girls und Panzer themed model kit instructions that I will start posting here. Some are from kits that I own, while others I scoured the web and had to convert from PDF to JPG. So consider me the source.
First up- the Maus!
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2023.03.20 20:56 melonwheel Rose Rosette Disease questions

Rose Rosette Disease questions
Hey there, Gardeners, I have a story and a question. So a client of mine had three bushes infested with Rose Rosette mites, and after several hours of carefully cutting and burning these three bushes so as to dislodge as few mites as possible, the sun was starting to go down. By the time I got to the root stock, it was too late to continue, so I double bagged them and took them home to burn later. My question is this: does anyone have practical experience with attempting to salvage root balls from formerly infected plants? Theoretically, leaving the bags in the sun should kill off the mites, but the root itself should be able to survive. Rosette Disease is a virus, and while that virus might be in the plant forever, without the mites as a transmission vector, it should not theoretically be able to spread to other rose bushes. Given enough time and luck, the roses may even be able to kick the virus, or at least the symptoms. I have the resources to keep them quarantined during a potential recovery process, but this will require significant effort on my part. I just need to know if it's worth the attempt to do so. Normally, I wouldn't toy with a disease like this, but these were seven-year plants, and I feel like if they can continue to have a life after infection, I owe them that chance even if it's just putting them out to pasture. The potential value of the plants, while significant, is not the point. I would not attempt to sell diseased root stock. Their "deathbed" after recovery would be isolated from any other rose by at least three acres for safety's sake, and I like to think I keep a better eye on this sort of thing than a casual suburban rose owner, and I would give no third chances if another group of mites ever happened to find them.
Also, I have already reported the location of the infection to the AG extension but I know that they would be obligated to say that I need to burn the roots regardless, so I'll get no help there. I already plan on touring the neighborhood in question later to make sure no one else has them.
On that note, if anyone knows the average range of these pests, that would be extremely helpful to my efforts to contain and eradicate them. The neighborhood is on a pretty windy mountainside, if that changes those stats. My instinct is to check further downhill than up, but as you might imagine, I can't look in everyone's back yard, so I need some kind of estimated range to start knocking on doors. Once I have affirmative data points (which, incidentally, I hope does not happen). I can start building a containment map.
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2023.03.20 20:55 GingerMonkey88 LF Miraidon FT Koraidon (touch trade only) and Parafin union circle to complete dex and live a happy shiny charm life! Thank youuuuu!

Also can touch trade any scarlet exclusives if people need anything. Or am happy to go and catch if you need keeps!
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2023.03.20 20:55 SadSwordfish2443 What cover to get for this? Or should it be converted to a GFCI since it's by a sink.

It is pretty dirty
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2023.03.20 20:55 Phrasedi [H] Microsoft Windows, Office, Visio, Project, Server Etc [W] Paypal, Cards, Crypto, Amazon, Wire Transfer Etc Instant Delivery From Microsoftsoftwareswap

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2023.03.20 20:54 Johnnysfootball Best place to forage without speargun in Bay Area?

Hey there - have gone free diving a handful of times and was wondering if anyone has recs on places to forage/freedive in the Bay Area? Would love to freedive for crab but also know that uni is really abundant right now. Can't dive too deep, maybe 30 ft max. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks
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2023.03.20 20:53 tc_0206 Can I repair my cd?

I have a CD that had some old VHS tapes converted onto it. However, I used an old laptop to play it. When taking the cd out, the retention mechanism on the cd reader worked a little too well and created a small crack that goes about 40% into the written area on the inside of the cd. The magnetic film seems to have peeled off from the cd but not broken and looks warped in a darker shade of purple. It's actually quite grave ☹️ Might the one of one and I've just lost it. Obviously I know there are ways to recover it but I don't have the money to spend hundreds on it. What can I do? Is there anything to do?
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2023.03.20 20:53 marcandreewolf I asked GPT-4 to compile a timeline on when which human tasks (not jobs) have been/will be replaced by AI or robots, plus one sentence reasoning each - it runs from 1959 to 2033. In a second post it lists which tasks it assumes will NOT be replaced by 2050, and why. (Remember it's cut-off 2021.)

GPT-4 reply:
  1. 1959 - Machine learning: Arthur Samuel developed a self-learning checkers program, demonstrating that AI could learn and improve its performance over time.
  2. 1961 - Assembly line work: The first industrial robot, Unimate, was used in a General Motors factory to perform repetitive tasks, increasing productivity and safety.
  3. 1964 - Optical character recognition (OCR): AI software for converting printed text into digital text was developed, making data entry more efficient.
  4. 1970 - Medical diagnosis assistance: AI programs like MYCIN began aiding doctors in diagnosing bacterial infections, improving accuracy and reducing human errors.
  5. 1976 - Speech recognition: AI systems like Carnegie Mellon's HARPY system understood spoken language, transcribing speech into text more efficiently.
  6. 1981 - Robotic vacuum cleaners: The first robotic vacuum cleaner, the "Fugure 2000," demonstrated that AI could perform household cleaning tasks.
  7. 1997 - Chess playing: IBM's Deep Blue defeated world chess champion Garry Kasparov, showcasing AI's ability to outperform humans in strategy games.
  8. 2002 - Robotic lawn mowing: Robomow introduced automated lawn mowers, enabling efficient and precise lawn maintenance without human intervention.
  9. 2005 - Autonomous driving: DARPA's Grand Challenge showcased self-driving cars, paving the way for AI to revolutionize transportation.
  10. 2010 - Image recognition: AI algorithms like AlexNet excelled at classifying images, surpassing human performance in object recognition tasks.
  11. 2011 - Natural language processing: IBM's Watson defeated Jeopardy! champions, demonstrating AI's capacity for understanding and processing human language.
  12. 2012 - Automatic translation: Google Translate's AI-driven algorithms significantly improved, providing more accurate translations between languages.
  13. 2014 - Facial recognition: DeepFace, developed by Facebook, achieved human-level performance in identifying faces, enabling advanced security and identification applications.
  14. 2015 - Video game playing: AI agents began surpassing human performance in complex games like Dota 2, showcasing their ability to learn and adapt.
  15. 2016 - Voice assistants: AI-powered voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant became widely adopted, offering hands-free assistance in daily tasks.
  16. 2017 - Medical image analysis: AI systems surpassed human performance in diagnosing diseases from medical images, improving accuracy and speed in healthcare.
  17. 2018 - Protein folding prediction: DeepMind's AlphaFold demonstrated significant advancements in predicting protein structures, revolutionizing drug discovery and biology.
  18. 2019 - Text generation: OpenAI's GPT-2 showcased human-like text generation capabilities, automating content creation and summarization tasks.
  19. 2020 - Autonomous drones: AI-powered drones were developed for precise agricultural monitoring, reducing human labor and increasing efficiency in farming.
  20. 2021 - Artificial creativity: AI-generated art and music began achieving human-level quality, pushing the boundaries of creative expression.
  21. 2021 - Robotic surgery: AI-assisted surgical robots like the da Vinci Surgical System achieved human-level precision, enabling minimally invasive procedures with reduced complications.
  22. 2021 - Drug discovery: AI-driven platforms accelerated drug development, predicting molecule behavior and optimizing drug candidates with greater speed and accuracy.
  23. 2021 - Fraud detection: AI algorithms outperformed humans in detecting fraudulent transactions, increasing security and reducing financial losses for businesses.
  24. 2021 - Customer service: AI-powered chatbots provided efficient, 24/7 customer support, resolving inquiries with human-like responsiveness.
  25. 2021 - News summarization: AI systems excelled at summarizing news articles, providing concise, accurate summaries at a fraction of the time required by humans.
  26. 2022 - Stock trading: Algorithmic trading systems outperformed human traders, utilizing vast amounts of data to make more informed decisions and execute trades faster.
  27. 2022 - Robotic exoskeletons: AI-powered exoskeletons enabled disabled individuals to regain mobility, performing movements with human-like precision and responsiveness.
  28. 2022 - Autonomous shipping: AI-controlled cargo ships demonstrated safe, efficient navigation, reducing the need for human crew and the risk of accidents.
  29. 2022 - Content moderation: AI algorithms became more effective at identifying and removing harmful content online, reducing the burden on human moderators.
  30. 2022 - Movie script analysis: AI systems assessed movie scripts for potential success, predicting box office performance with greater accuracy than human experts.
  31. 2022 - Document review: AI tools outperformed humans in reviewing and categorizing legal documents, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of human error.
  32. 2022 - Retail inventory management: AI-powered inventory systems optimized stock levels and predicted demand, enabling more efficient supply chain management.
  33. 2022 - Waste sorting: AI-assisted robots accurately sorted waste materials, increasing recycling rates and reducing the need for manual labor.
  34. 2022 - Weather forecasting: AI-driven models enhanced weather predictions, improving accuracy and providing more detailed forecasts than traditional methods.
  35. 2022 - Human resources: AI-powered tools streamlined recruitment, assessing candidate qualifications and predicting job performance with greater accuracy than human evaluators.
  36. 2023 - Financial planning: AI-driven financial advisors provided personalized, data-driven advice, outperforming human financial planners in generating optimal investment strategies.
  37. 2023 - Elderly care: AI-powered robots assisted in elderly care, monitoring health, providing companionship, and performing basic tasks with human-like compassion and skill.
  38. 2023 - Wildlife monitoring: AI-controlled drones and cameras identified and tracked wildlife populations, enabling more efficient conservation efforts.
  39. 2023 - Predictive maintenance: AI systems accurately predicted equipment failure, optimizing maintenance schedules and reducing downtime in industrial settings.
  40. 2023 - Urban planning: AI-driven simulations modeled complex urban systems, enabling more informed decision-making and better resource allocation than human experts alone.
  41. 2023 - Astrophysics: AI algorithms identified exoplanets and analyzed astronomical data with greater speed and precision than human scientists, advancing our understanding of the universe.
  42. 2023 - Video editing: AI-powered tools streamlined video editing tasks, automatically selecting and combining clips to create polished, professional videos.
  43. 2023 - Agriculture: AI-driven farm management systems optimized crop growth, irrigation, and fertilization, increasing efficiency and reducing human labor requirements.
  44. 2023 - Virtual reality: AI-generated realistic virtual environments provided immersive experiences for training, gaming, and social interaction, surpassing human-created environments in complexity and realism.
  45. 2023 - Cooking: AI-powered robotic chefs demonstrated human-level culinary skills, preparing meals with precision and creativity.
  46. 2023 - Scientific research: AI-driven literature analysis and hypothesis generation accelerated scientific discoveries, identifying patterns and connections beyond human cognitive capabilities.
  47. 2023 - Fashion design: AI-generated fashion designs combined style, function, and trends, creating innovative clothing and accessories at a faster pace than human designers.
  48. 2023 - Material science: AI algorithms accelerated material discovery and optimization, predicting properties and performance with greater accuracy than human scientists.
  49. 2023 - Seismic data interpretation: AI systems outperformed humans in interpreting seismic data, enabling more accurate predictions of oil and gas deposits and reducing exploration risks.
  50. 2023 - Education: AI-driven personalized learning systems adapted to individual students' needs, optimizing educational outcomes and surpassing traditional teaching methods.
  51. 2024 - Mental health assessment: AI-powered tools accurately assessed mental health conditions, providing more timely and personalized support for individuals in need.
  52. 2024 - Industrial design: AI systems generated innovative product designs, optimizing functionality and aesthetics while reducing development time.
  53. 2024 - Cybersecurity: AI-driven threat detection and response systems outperformed human analysts, providing more comprehensive and effective protection against cyberattacks.
  54. 2024 - Architecture: AI-generated architectural designs optimized space usage, sustainability, and aesthetics, outperforming traditional human-driven design processes.
  55. 2024 - Sports coaching: AI-powered analysis of athlete performance provided personalized training programs, enhancing performance and injury prevention beyond human coaching capabilities.
  56. 2024 - 3D modeling: AI-driven tools automated complex 3D modeling tasks, producing high-quality models at a faster pace than human artists.
  57. 2024 - Marketing: AI-generated marketing campaigns analyzed consumer preferences and trends, creating targeted and effective advertisements that outperformed human-driven strategies.
  58. 2024 - Music composition: AI-composed music achieved human-level creativity and complexity, expanding the realm of musical possibilities.
  59. 2024 - Social media management: AI-powered tools optimized content creation, scheduling, and engagement, outperforming human social media managers in efficiency and reach.
  60. 2024 - Technical support: AI-driven systems provided real-time, personalized technical support, resolving issues more quickly and accurately than human agents.
  61. 2024 - Language learning: AI-driven language learning platforms provided personalized, immersive experiences, accelerating language acquisition beyond traditional teaching methods.
  62. 2024 - Transportation management: AI-powered traffic control systems optimized traffic flow and reduced congestion, surpassing human-operated systems in efficiency and effectiveness.
  63. 2024 - Pharmaceutical manufacturing: AI-driven process optimization in pharmaceutical production increased efficiency, quality, and safety, outperforming traditional human-controlled processes.
  64. 2025 - Robotic journalism: AI-generated news articles achieved human-level quality, covering a wider range of topics and providing faster updates than human journalists.
  65. 2025 - E-commerce: AI-powered recommendation engines surpassed human curators in providing personalized product suggestions, increasing customer satisfaction and sales.
  66. 2025 - Hazardous materials handling: AI-controlled robots safely managed hazardous materials, reducing human exposure and risk in dangerous environments.
  67. 2025 - Emergency response: AI-driven systems coordinated emergency response efforts, optimizing resource allocation and decision-making in critical situations.
  68. 2025 - Environmental monitoring: AI-powered systems analyzed environmental data, predicting and mitigating the impact of natural disasters more effectively than human-led efforts.
  69. 2025 - Robotic nursing: AI-assisted robots provided human-like care in hospitals and healthcare facilities, improving patient outcomes and reducing the burden on human nursing staff.
  70. 2025 - Quality control: AI-driven inspection systems surpassed human performance in identifying manufacturing defects, increasing overall product quality and reducing waste.
  71. 2025 - Art restoration: AI-powered tools accurately restored damaged artworks, preserving cultural heritage with greater precision than human restorers.
  72. 2025 - Construction: AI-assisted robots performed construction tasks with human-like precision, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of accidents on job sites.
  73. 2025 - Geospatial analysis: AI-driven tools outperformed humans in processing and interpreting geospatial data, supporting more informed decision-making in various fields.
  74. 2025 - Event planning: AI-powered tools streamlined event management, optimizing logistics and resource allocation more effectively than human planners.
  75. 2025 - Air traffic control: AI-driven systems managed air traffic with greater efficiency and safety, reducing delays and the risk of accidents.
  76. 2026 - Medical research: AI algorithms accelerated the analysis of medical data, identifying correlations and patterns beyond human capabilities, and speeding up medical breakthroughs.
  77. 2026 - Personal fitness coaching: AI-driven fitness apps provided personalized exercise programs and real-time feedback, outperforming human personal trainers in convenience and effectiveness.
  78. 2026 - Robotic bartending: AI-powered robotic bartenders mixed and served drinks with human-level precision, increasing efficiency and consistency in the hospitality industry.
  79. 2026 - Genetic analysis: AI systems outperformed humans in interpreting genetic data, enabling more accurate predictions of disease risk and personalized medicine.
  80. 2026 - Urban farming: AI-driven vertical farming systems optimized crop growth and resource usage, surpassing traditional human-operated farming methods in efficiency and sustainability.
  81. 2026 - Ocean exploration: AI-powered underwater drones mapped and analyzed ocean depths, providing insights into marine ecosystems and geological features beyond human capabilities.
  82. 2026 - Biomedical engineering: AI-driven design and optimization of medical devices and prosthetics achieved superior performance and customization compared to traditional human-led approaches.
  83. 2026 - Public safety: AI-powered surveillance and predictive analytics enhanced public safety efforts, preventing and responding to incidents more effectively than human-led initiatives.
  84. 2026 - Veterinary diagnostics: AI systems accurately diagnosed animal diseases, improving veterinary care and reducing the need for invasive procedures.
  85. 2026 - Water management: AI-driven water treatment and distribution systems optimized resource usage and minimized waste, outperforming traditional human-operated systems.
  86. 2027 - Animation: AI-generated animations achieved human-level quality and expressiveness, reducing the time and labor required for complex animation projects.
  87. 2027 - Space exploration: AI-powered systems and robots performed space exploration tasks with greater autonomy and efficiency, reducing the need for human intervention in harsh environments.
  88. 2027 - Supply chain management: AI-driven tools optimized supply chain logistics, predicting demand fluctuations and reducing costs more effectively than human planners.
  89. 2027 - Forest management: AI-assisted drones and robots monitored and maintained forest health, improving conservation efforts and reducing the need for human labor.
  90. 2027 - Sentiment analysis: AI algorithms accurately assessed human emotions in text and speech, enabling more effective communication and customer service.
  91. 2027 - Intellectual property management: AI-powered tools streamlined the patent application process, identifying prior art and generating patent claims more efficiently than human experts.
  92. 2027 - Archaeological analysis: AI-driven tools deciphered ancient texts and analyzed artifacts with greater speed and accuracy than human archaeologists, uncovering new historical insights.
  93. 2028 - Industrial inspection: AI-powered robotic systems performed comprehensive inspections of infrastructure and machinery, detecting flaws and predicting failures more accurately than humans.
  94. 2028 - Interior design: AI-generated interior designs optimized space usage, aesthetics, and functionality, outperforming human designers in efficiency and personalization.
  95. 2028 - Real estate appraisal: AI-driven tools assessed property values with greater accuracy and speed, reducing the need for manual appraisals.
  96. 2028 - Human pose estimation: AI algorithms accurately analyzed human body movements in real-time, enabling advanced applications in sports, healthcare, and entertainment.
  97. 2028 - Art curation: AI-generated art exhibitions combined aesthetics, historical context, and visitor preferences more effectively than human curators, enhancing the museum experience.
  98. 2028 - Urban sanitation: AI-driven sanitation robots efficiently cleaned and maintained urban environments, reducing the need for human labor and improving public health.
  99. 2028 - Sleep analysis: AI-powered sleep tracking devices provided personalized recommendations for sleep improvement, surpassing human-led sleep assessments in accuracy and convenience.
  100. 2028 - Predictive policing: AI-driven tools analyzed crime data to predict and prevent criminal activity, enhancing public safety and resource allocation more effectively than traditional methods.
  101. 2029 - Astrophotography: AI-driven image processing techniques enhanced astrophotography, achieving higher-quality images and revealing celestial details previously unattainable by human processing methods.
  102. 2029 - Energy management: AI-powered systems optimized energy consumption and distribution in smart grids, improving efficiency and reducing environmental impact more effectively than human-led efforts.
  103. 2029 - Telecommunications: AI-driven tools maintained and optimized telecommunications networks, enhancing reliability, and reducing downtime more efficiently than human technicians.
  104. 2029 - Soil analysis: AI-powered soil sensors and analysis systems provided detailed, real-time information about soil health and composition, surpassing traditional human-operated testing methods.
  105. 2029 - Sports analytics: AI-driven performance analysis tools provided real-time insights into team dynamics and player performance, improving coaching decisions and strategies more effectively than human analysis.
  106. 2029 - Robotic caregiving: AI-assisted robots provided human-like care for children and individuals with special needs, offering personalized support, and reducing the burden on human caregivers.
  107. 2029 - Art valuation: AI-driven systems accurately predicted the value of artworks, streamlining the appraisal process, and reducing subjectivity in the art market.
  108. 2029 - Political analysis: AI-powered tools analyzed political data and public opinion more efficiently than human analysts, providing more accurate predictions of election outcomes and policy impacts.
  109. 2029 - Film editing: AI-driven software streamlined film editing tasks, automatically selecting and combining clips to create engaging narratives more efficiently than human editors.
  110. 2029 - Chemical engineering: AI algorithms accelerated chemical process design and optimization, predicting reaction outcomes and reducing trial-and-error experimentation in comparison to traditional human-led approaches.
  111. 2030 - Gaming: AI-generated game content and characters provided unique, adaptive gaming experiences, surpassing the capabilities of traditional human-driven game development.
  112. 2030 - Pest control: AI-powered pest detection and management systems improved agricultural productivity and reduced environmental impact more effectively than human-operated methods.
  113. 2030 - Speech therapy: AI-driven speech therapy tools provided personalized, real-time feedback and progress tracking, enhancing outcomes more effectively than traditional human-led therapy.
  114. 2030 - Natural language generation: AI systems composed human-like text across various domains, outperforming human writers in speed, accuracy, and adaptability.
  115. 2030 - Job matching: AI-powered platforms accurately matched job seekers with relevant opportunities, optimizing the hiring process and reducing the need for human recruiters.
  116. 2030 - Marine biology: AI-driven analysis of marine ecosystems provided deeper insights into species distribution and behavior, enabling more effective conservation efforts beyond human capabilities.
  117. 2030 - Earthquake prediction: AI algorithms accurately predicted seismic events by analyzing vast amounts of geological data, outperforming traditional human-led methods.
  118. 2030 - Online privacy: AI-driven privacy protection tools detected and mitigated online threats, ensuring user privacy and security more effectively than human-operated methods.
  119. 2030 - DNA synthesis: AI-powered tools optimized DNA synthesis, improving the efficiency and accuracy of gene editing and synthetic biology applications beyond human-led approaches.
  120. 2030 - Travel planning: AI-generated travel itineraries combined personal preferences, local insights, and real-time data to create customized experiences that surpassed traditional human-led planning.
  121. 2031 - Space debris tracking: AI-driven systems accurately tracked and predicted the movement of space debris, improving satellite safety and collision avoidance beyond human capabilities.
  122. 2031 - Wildlife conservation: AI-powered tools analyzed wildlife populations and habitats, enabling more effective conservation efforts and reducing the need for manual monitoring by humans.
  123. 2031 - Molecular modeling: AI algorithms accurately predicted molecular structures and interactions, speeding up drug discovery and materials science research compared to human-led methods.
  124. 2031 - Legal document analysis: AI-driven tools streamlined the review and analysis of legal documents, increasing efficiency and reducing errors compared to traditional human-led approaches.
  125. 2031 - Smart homes: AI-powered systems managed energy consumption, security, and home maintenance more effectively than human-operated methods, improving comfort and sustainability.
  126. 2031 - Disaster recovery: AI-driven robots and drones performed search and rescue operations in hazardous environments, reducing the risk to human responders and improving recovery outcomes.
  127. 2031 - Bioinformatics: AI algorithms analyzed vast amounts of biological data, identifying patterns and correlations beyond human capabilities, leading to new discoveries in genetics and molecular biology.
  128. 2031 - Waste management: AI-powered sorting and recycling systems improved waste management efficiency and reduced environmental impact more effectively than human-operated methods.
  129. 2031 - Climate modeling: AI-driven climate models provided more accurate predictions of climate change impacts, informing policy decisions and mitigation strategies beyond human-led modeling capabilities.
  130. 2031 - Talent scouting: AI-powered tools identified and evaluated prospective talent in sports, entertainment, and various industries, reducing human biases and improving selection processes.
  131. 2032 - Robotic surgery: AI-assisted surgical robots performed complex procedures with greater precision and reduced complications compared to traditional human-led surgeries.
  132. 2032 - Meteorology: AI-driven weather prediction models provided more accurate and localized forecasts, enhancing public safety and informing decision-making beyond human capabilities.
  133. 2032 - Customer behavior analysis: AI-powered tools analyzed customer behavior and preferences more effectively than human analysts, enabling more targeted marketing and sales strategies.
  134. 2032 - Pollution monitoring: AI-driven systems detected and analyzed air and water pollution levels, informing more effective environmental policies and cleanup efforts compared to traditional human-operated methods.
  135. 2032 - Drone traffic management: AI-powered tools optimized drone flight paths and airspace usage, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of collisions beyond human-led management.
  136. 2032 - Public health: AI algorithms analyzed vast amounts of health data, identifying disease outbreaks and predicting public health trends more accurately than human-led methods.
  137. 2032 - Nanotechnology: AI-driven design and synthesis of nanomaterials accelerated advancements in electronics, medicine, and other fields beyond human capabilities.
  138. 2032 - Personal finance management: AI-powered tools optimized budgeting, investment, and tax planning, providing personalized financial advice more effectively than traditional human advisors.
  139. 2032 - Digital art: AI-generated visual art achieved human-level creativity and complexity, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and reducing the time and effort required by human artists.
  140. 2032 - Scientific peer review: AI-driven systems evaluated the quality and validity of scientific research, streamlining the peer review process and reducing human biases and errors.
  141. 2033 - Electronic component design: AI-driven tools optimized the design and manufacturing of electronic components, improving performance and efficiency beyond human-led methods.
  142. 2033 - Aquaculture: AI-powered systems managed fish farming operations, optimizing feeding, water quality, and growth rates more effectively than traditional human-operated methods.
  143. 2033 - Fashion design: AI-generated fashion designs combined creativity, trend analysis, and customer preferences more effectively than human designers, streamlining the fashion industry.
  144. 2033 - Music composition: AI-driven systems composed original music pieces in various genres, achieving human-level creativity and expression while reducing the time and effort required by human composers.
  145. 2033 - Mental health assessment: AI-powered tools accurately assessed and diagnosed mental health conditions, improving access to mental health care and reducing the burden on human professionals.
  146. 2033 - Materials discovery: AI algorithms accelerated the discovery and optimization of new materials for various applications, reducing the time and cost of experimentation compared to human-led approaches.
  147. 2033 - Industrial design: AI-driven tools streamlined product design and prototyping, optimizing functionality, aesthetics, and manufacturability beyond human capabilities.
  148. 2033 - Ecosystem restoration: AI-powered systems analyzed and managed ecosystem restoration projects, improving the efficiency and success rate of efforts to restore degraded environments.
  149. 2033 - Seismology: AI algorithms analyzed seismic data more effectively than human seismologists, improving our understanding of Earth's geology and natural processes.
  150. 2033 - Cognitive training: AI-driven cognitive training tools provided personalized and adaptive exercises, enhancing learning and memory more effectively than traditional human-led methods.
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2023.03.20 20:52 Abrokenhero #GE9 [Southland] Lou speaks to farmers at a farm outside of Queenstown

Lou socializes with farmers before getting up on a platform and begins to speak.
"Auckland elites have been making a tizzy about knowing what's best for the South Island when it comes to climate change. But when you've sat your lazy ass in an office cubicle for your entire career, instead of actually working the land here in the South Island, let me say that your opinion doesn't mean much to me! In fact this backlash against the urban elites is happening worldwide! The farmers' party in the Netherlands recently swept elections there, and I think it's time to copy that movement here! South Island farmers have been under the boot of Auckland and Wellington elites for too long, and instead of looking for solutions by Auckland and Wellington politicians, lets get solutions made by and for South Islanders!"
"We cannot let Auckland and Wellington manage our environment! They'll call us reactionaries and ignorant for not supporting their version of climate change combat. But let me tell them, we recognise that climate change is a problem! We want to combat the polluting industries of Auckland and Wellington to quit pushing their pollutants in the air!"
"As your MP I'll push for reasonable climate change policies which will allow us to fight climate change while allowing farmers in Southland to continue to succeed! As your MP I will support subsidies for farmers to help them convert their farming operations towards more environmentally friendly options, and will work to invest more into research into these options. I'll also push to combat factories and industries which do much more harm than hard working farmers who work to provide for their families and their nation! But I'll also push against Wellington if they aim to strong arm brash and extreme regulations on South Island farmers, crippling their work and leading to bad news. We cannot harm South Island farmers to make some urban elitists who insist on drinking out of paper straws feel good!"
"And of course, the greatest way to defend and fight for South Island farmers is through our own parliament, where South Islanders get to decide how their farms are run, how their environment is managed, and how they want their future to be! We'll work to roll back regulations on our farmers that Wellington blindly set, while also adding regulations where Wellington elites lack! A South Island Parliament is the best way for South Island to fight climate change, and fight for farmers, as only South Islanders can truly understand what we want and what we need. No Aucklander, no foreign businessman will define how we fight against climate change, and how we fight for farmers!"
"This election I want to make sure that farmers finally get the representation and support they deserve! No more ignorance from Wellington, but instead action from Christchurch! This election give your vote for the South Island, and vote for the South Island People's Party!"
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2023.03.20 20:52 ___Reverie___ Benjamin Franklin was bigoted towards French people, Germans, Spaniards, etc. How common was this viewpoint in Revolutionary-era America? How would people from this era reconcile this viewpoint with the support they received from France and Spain?

I was reading a letter Benjamin Franklin wrote in 1751 about what he perceived was the "darkening" of America. He was upset about immigration from European countries outside of Britain.
He states the following: "Which leads me to add one Remark: That the Number of purely white People in the World is proportionably very small. All Africa is black or tawny. Asia chiefly tawny. America (exclusive of the new Comers) wholly so. And in Europe, the Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians and Swedes, are generally of what we call a swarthy Complexion; as are the Germans also, the Saxons only excepted, who with the English, make the principal Body of White People on the Face of the Earth. I could wish their Numbers were increased. And while we are, as I may call it, Scouring our Planet, by clearing America of Woods, and so making this Side of our Globe reflect a brighter Light to the Eyes of Inhabitants in Mars or Venus, why should we in the Sight of Superior Beings, darken its People? why increase the Sons of Africa, by Planting them in America, where we have so fair an Opportunity, by excluding all Blacks and Tawneys, of increasing the lovely White and Red? But perhaps I am partial to the Compexion of my Country, for such Kind of Partiality is natural to Mankind."
How common was this viewpoint in the colonies? How did he and others square this viewpoint with the fact that America received crucial aid from "swarthy" countries like France and Spain? How did they reconcile this viewpoint when many Founding Fathers were of non-English descent (i.e. John Jay, Frederick Muhlenberg, etc.)?
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2023.03.20 20:51 joshbrock240 Merger WSJ Article

Merger WSJ Article submitted by joshbrock240 to CEI_stock [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:49 coolshelbs Converting Traditional IRA to Roth IRA

Hey y’all. I maxed out my IRA contribution for 2023 in my traditional IRA. Shortly after I did this, I realized my income for this year will likely cause most (if not all) of my contribution to be nondeductible. I have not invested this money yet and would not be completing taxes on it until next year.
Because it’s not invested or received any tax benefit, would there be any penalties or fees to convert from traditional to Roth (other than the expected taxes for Roth contributions)? At this point, I am only wanting to convert this year’s contributions until I can weigh out costs to potentially convert it all.
Additionally, would the pro rata rule apply even though I have not yet received any type of tax benefit on this contribution? Still trying to learn the rules of a backdoor Roth, but not sure if that would apply here.
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2023.03.20 20:49 YumaAsamiNYM86 1970 Coca-Cola Raquel Welch advertisement. From the April, 1970 issue of ‘Teen Magazine’.

1970 Coca-Cola Raquel Welch advertisement. From the April, 1970 issue of ‘Teen Magazine’. submitted by YumaAsamiNYM86 to VintageWomenAds [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:48 garbagewhale Using foundry for physical minis help.

PF2E/system agnostic
So I bought the humble bumble and want to try foundry out for in person playing with minis, using a TV. I have everything I need, as I have used a separate map program, bit I can't figure out how to add a grid to the AV module. I've searched Google numerous times and can't find something that's worked. If there is anyone who has or does use foundry in this way, is it possible or is it easier to draw a grid on my piece of plexi glass with 1 inch squares?
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2023.03.20 20:47 bitsplease- I normally hate frugal tips that center around buying something, but buying a freezer chest was the best frugal move I've made in a long time

I snagged a 7cu ft freezer on Offerup for $60 (there were loads, so I'm sure you guys could find similar deals) and it's been an absolute game changer
Before when I saw a screaming deal on meat at the store, I'd maybe grab one pack and move on, now I can buy the limit, toss it in the freezer and be good on that type of meat for months! I recently bought ~10lbs of tritip for 3.29/lb, and now we'll be good on beef for the next couple months!
It also lets me cook in bulk - if I'm making something that freezes well, like a lassagna, I just make two and freeze the other, so that next time my wife and I can't bring ourselves to cook, we've got a dinner we can just pop in the oven and forget about, which saves us from wasting our money on doordash.
Little tip my wife and I came up with for keeping it organized, we laminated 3 inventory sheets and affixed them to the top of the freezer, when we add something or take it out, we use wet areas markers to keep it up to date so that we can just easily walk out and see at a glance what we've got to work with
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2023.03.20 20:47 Nivius Rethinked starter arc build

last time i posted here i had an arc cold build, armor es CI build that feelt pretty decent, it got some rough reviews that i agreed with. so i went back to the drawing board and created this instead.
arc convert cold heatshiver, life based life on hit 25k+ armour.
16m vs standard bosses
it does in this pob have some outrageous items (1x 25 divine jewel), but it can run without them, and just shows how far i can push it with some investment. the rest is 1-4 divine gear, defiantly doable pretty easy
im happy to hear some critic.
my guess with potencial issues: a bit to low physical mitigation, can be solved with focued gear i think, maybe some endu charges (Ralakesh boots for example, can be used to free up a passive point and free charges, but lack hp+resists+other stuff)
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