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I was writing this story and thinking of turning it into a webtoon. Can you tell me what you think.
My mom finally caved in. “Fine, make sure you’re prepared and take the train to school. Make sure you’re careful and follow all instructions!”
“Don’t worry mom,” I grumbled. “It's not like any of us have superpowers anyway.”
I finished my food, grabbed everything I needed and rushed out the door.
Living here is expensive but it sure is amazing if you can succeed.
Even if the world was almost destroyed 250 years ago we sure were able to come a long way in that time. It was great enough that me and Thomas’ parents would try so hard to be able to live here.
At first glance it was beautiful like a dream. Sector 3 was one of the best Districts except 1 and 2.
It buzzed with life with people on their way to work and wherever they needed to go. Cars hovered over the ground at speeds of 20 to 30 miles per hour.They made a sort of buzzing noise that was music to my ears. The smells of food cooking in fancy restaurants attacked my nostrils hoping to draw my attention and buy their food. Good thing I had a hearty breakfast because I don’t think I could afford any of them right now. Teenagers like me hung out with their hoverboards doing all types of tricks that could easily backfire in a nearby park. They had neon colored hair, mohawks along with other choices in fashion that my school and I just don’t agree with. Other businesses such as hospitals, hair salons, movie theaters also seemed to attract crowds like a magnet. I even passed by the hospital my mom worked at. It was a huge dark skyscraper with a spacious parking lot with its name Healing Haven Hospital in bright colored letters at the top.
Sector 3 was a great place to live if you could afford it. Although If you looked hard enough you noticed the people that failed to make ends meet. In the slums people slept in man made houses of trash and boxes. Others smoked and did drugs which was kind of illegal. Either they weren’t caught or the soldiers didn’t care enough to check. Children wearing dirty rags who were so skinny you could count their ribs rummaged through trash and fought over any spoils. It wasn’t fair that this greedy government would place laws and taxes that would force them to suffer this horrible fate. I need money whether or not it's legal as long as it can keep my family fed and happy.
15 minutes after I left the house I finally reached the train station. I got off my hoverboard and got in line and thankfully it wasn’t that long. When I reached the doors, I almost had a heart attack. Guarding the door where two sentinels armed to the teeth carrying large guns and dressed in their signature white bulletproof armor.
“Pay up please,” the one on the right said as he stretched out his hand. He held a device that would collect the money you need to take to ride the train.
“Okay,” I agreed with a nervous voice.
I took out my own phone and paid. I was able to get a seat on the train I was keeping all to myself with no troubles.
After we started moving I finally was able to let myself relax. I thought I was this close to being arrested before I could do anything illegal today.
Sentinels are usually stationed in places such as banks and homes of important people like governors. But this is the first time I’ve seen them deployed at a train station. I remember when I wanted to be one when I was a kid and go to District 2 to make lots of money but my parents made me give up that dream. District 2 specializes in military and security. That was where soldiers trained and lived. Higher Ups also had access to a luxurious life in a fancy mansion and more money than what they actually needed. This is where the hovercrafts that soared the sky providing surveillance were built and maintained. Where Epizon’s forces that would protect our country from its threats could prepare for any possibility. Prepare for what I always ask. Most of the world has been destroyed. Africa has never shown any hostility to us. No, they’re just here to enforce this tyrannical government and eliminate any that may possess abilities.
I grabbed my headphones from my backpack and played my favorite songs. At least I can enjoy the view.
It was like I was flying as the train soared through the sky on a railway that snaked throughout the city. Never actually touching since the train was connected through powerful electromagnets saving both energy and money. The city looked even more impressive when you had a bird’s eye view.
Couples and families enjoyed picnics on tables at the Liberty State Park. People walked in and out of the Interpretive Center where history from about 300 years was taught. It still had memorials dedicated to remembering events like what happened centuries ago at 9/11. Now there’s a huge memorial dedicated to those who fought to save us from the Enhanced. It's still so hard to believe that people with super powers exist. I’ve learned about them in history class but they seem so unreal. I’ve never seen somebody shoot fire or fly so either the military is really good at their job or this is all made up.
District 3 of the great utopia Epizon. Named after the Greek word for survivor. When the continents Australia, Europe, South America, and Asia were destroyed in World War Three. By the Enhanced who gained powers that almost destroyed the world. Thankfully, the remnants of North America were able to stand up and defeat all the Enhanced people and create the amazing paradise we live in.
It sounds so unreal it has to be propaganda to control the Sectors.
We flew over the Hudson River Walkway. It was my favorite view on the train ride because I loved the way sunlight would reflect off the pristine turquoise waters. It's a shame we don’t really get to swim or fish though. That’s probably for the best.
The rest of the train ride went fast and before I knew it I was at my stop. I grabbed my hoverboard and raced to school because the Victor can’t be late.
While this District has its downsides it could really get a lot worse from here. However, District 1 was the real paradise. It was where the most important people with the most standing lived. The President, his wife, and other high ranking government officials lived there. In enormous mansions separated by acres where all the other people who enforced laws and taxes that made it difficult for my parents to live and provide for us.
But District 3 was the best place where people who are more fortunate like me could live. As long as you were skilled enough and worked hard enough. My mom was a somewhat prominent doctor at one of the biggest hospitals in this District. District 3 specializes in a lot of fields but the one it specializes in is medical science. Medicine, prosthetics, you can get the best of them from here. And my dad was vice president at a company that released some of the best virtual reality games. Entertainment is just as important as health in Epizon. Which meant I sometimes received popular games before everyone else. I remember so many times my parents and I would play together exploring outer space, fighting monsters. My parents are so cool, right?
You’d think that our life would be a little more luxurious and it was. Unfortunately, the selfish government increased taxes and fees from school started to pile up. As the victor in sophomore year I was exempt from those rules as long as I remained Victor. But my parents have yet to completely finish paying all those debts.
It's dangerous to get lost in your thoughts when you’re traveling 3 feet off the ground at 15 miles per hour on a hoverboard because you might end up running into a moving car. Thankfully, I managed to stop just in time.
“So, the Victor almost crashes to a fatal stop. It would be sad, you know. I’d hate for my best friend to die like that.”
I knew that voice.
I turned around and noticed that mischievous grin with sharp teeth I was so familiar with. With his strong red eyes and messy black hair he could’ve been a criminal. Well he technically should be but we’re too smart to get caught.
“Thomas, how’re you?” I asked as I got off my hoverboard.
“Oh, nothing, just waiting for you,” he replied. “I knew you’d show up here to catch the levitrain.”
He gave me a hug and somehow managed to pick me up and spin me around like something a kid would ask their parents to do.
“How’re you doing my best friend? Did you actually get a huge extravagant meal because I just did. My mom just got paid and she didn’t save a single epi.”
“Yeah, I actually did and so I can actually keep my breakfast and not throw up let me down.”
“How’re you so strong anyway? I know you work out but are you seriously that strong. Don’t tell me you actually have super strength.”
“I hope I don’t. Life sucks as is but it would get even worse if I suddenly awakened superpowers.”
I feel the same. It’s rough but we can make it better.
We always managed to read each other’s minds.
“Are you ready for these physicals?” I asked.
“I’m so sick of those things,” he replied. “Oh, it’s time for us to cross.”
We both got on our hoverboards and raced towards school.
“Don’t worry about it, you're strong and you’re pretty muscular,” I assured him. “But, I hope you’re not strong enough to throw a car or something.”
“Don’t worry about it, I've already tried. Nah, I’m kidding.”
“So, are we doing that job today,” Thomas asked with a mischievous grin.
“You know it,” I said.
Now you have to admit our school was pretty impressive.
First of all, it was gigantic. It sort of resembled a castle but really high tech in blue, red, and white colors. In the middle FutureTech was printed in red and blue and was highlighted in white. The dorms were on the left side. And the rest of the other facilities and equipment was in the other half. This was FutureTech, a place which was probably the best school a student could ask for. Less than 20% of those who apply here make the cut. And the majority of them were rich kids who could afford to pay the tuition. Me and Thomas barely made it and it was really tough. But we both worked hard and eventually I became the Victor. One of the perks of being a Victor that must’ve been in place for people like us was that the Victor could choose anyone who didn’t have as much money as the others to be their second in command. They would be exempt from the tuition and other crazy rules. Did you know you have to pay a security fee after a year?
But those only applied if the other guy had good grades and a clean track record. But only as long as I’m the Victor and if either of us do anything that breaks the rules we’ll both be kicked out. Talk about pressure.
But this was the best place to learn anything really. Law, business, art, engineering and other sciences. And it could all be done here.
The school had defenses in place to protect the lives of students and staff. An electromagnetic barrier surrounded the entire establishment. Stretching out a few acres across outside the building. If you wanted to get in you had to get through the one gate in the front. At the gate there were security cameras, x-rays, and 10 armed Sentinels just for extra security. The security was just as intense inside making it nearly impossible to do anything that violated the rules. They didn’t waste a single epi.
“Man, the security of this place is unnerving as always,” Thomas complained.
“It never fails to show me just how out of place we are.”
“Of course the security is advanced. The children of really important people receive education here. This helps them make sure they aren’t kidnapped. I do agree it's unnerving but at least it’s secure. Besides you and I both deserve to be here”
We walked through the sliding doors and saw just how beautiful the school was inside.
The place was illuminated by golden lights. Robots made clunky noises while drones wizzed over my head. I could barely hear myself think over the voices of other students. Girls argued over petty things like their hairstyles and whose boyfriend was better. While boys competed to see who’s stronger or more handsome. Rainbow colors flashed from the lab to the right. Future doctors practiced their skills on mannequins in the lab at the left.
“Hey, look, it's the Victor!”
Soon, the whole school had their eyes on me.
Girls and boys waved and applauded. Even the ones on the second floor whooped and jumped around. Not everyone felt the same though. Some students snickered and sneered while others glared with hatred and jealousy. Even when you work hard to be at the top not everyone will appreciate it.
“You’re popular,” Thomas remarked.
“Too bad not everyone is a fan. You still got the ladies cheering for you. You think you could give them a good word about me?” Thomas joked.
“You know that’s not how it is. We’re on different levels in society. I lose my title as Victor and I fade into the background.”
“Besides, you're smart and strong. Try hard enough and you could get a girlfriend. Just don’t let anyone catch on to our extracurricular activities.”
“Look at that smug smile on his face,” a voice rang out.
“It must be nice to be the Victor's lap dog. I could use that so explain why it is getting wasted on that idiot.”
“ He thinks he’s so strong and mighty just because of that stupid pin. Wait till I get my hands on it, fool.”
“He should watch out. It’d be unfortunate if an accident were to happen. No one would miss some commoners who couldn’t support themselves without that Victor title.”
“Who is that?” Thomas demanded.
“If I find out who they are they won’t have to worry about creating any accident.”
“Chill out Thomas. None of them have the guts or smarts to try anything. Besides, together there’s nothing they can do to either of us.”
“You’re right. We have brains and muscles,” he said as he flexed his arms.
I don’t blame some of them though. Kids who weren’t super wealthy but still made it could use the privileges I got from this title. There were also the selfish rich kids who had more money than they really needed. But I couldn't bear to see someone work hard to achieve something they couldn’t. It makes me so sick sometimes. Our parents do our best just to put a roof over our heads and pay taxes. But I became Victor and that’s a problem. I apologize but I’m not giving it up anytime soon.
“ So what’s first on Victor's schedule?”
“First, we have History class. Then, I have to give a report on quantum physics. Then we have lunch right before the physicals.”
“Well, while you’re doing your fancy report on quantum psychics I’m doing one on the state of this Sector. There’s so many children and families without homes. If I simply beg them nothing will happen. I’ll convince them why they should lend money and support to those who really deserve it. They can train adults to help reinforce the Walls. Add them to the military. Children can also be useful for things. Think about all the new medications they could try by using sick children. They could also put extremely smart children to work in engineering. Even the government can’t ignore the potential of children if given the right environment.”
Good old Thomas is always thinking of ways to help those in need. He takes every advantage and tool he can if it means he can improve the lives of his mother’s and others. More reason for me to fight to stay the Victor.
“Thomas, I have a question.”
“What is it?” he asked.
“Let’s say if you can do what you plan. What if some of those who you’re helping have powers?”
Thomas' face darkened as he stopped his stride.
I hate to do this to him but what if some of those he’s trying to help are Enhanced. People who have done nothing wrong superpowers or not don’t deserve to be hurt out of fear and hatred. Especially if it was because my best friend was only trying to genuinely help.
“I’m not sure. I can already imagine what the government would do if they got their hands on Enhanced people. But if I can only help people with no powers who actually need it. Am I wrong to try even if it could hurt others?”
Thomas’ statement really made me think. The government will hunt those with powers without question. But if he can help the others is that really so wrong? If only we could get the power and authority to change Epizon for the better. A place where rich or poor, normal or superpowered don’t matter. The only thing that you’ll be judged on is your character.
But I guess we’ve got to help our families and graduate first.
“Let’s go Thomas. We can both think about that later. But first let’s catch an elevator to the third floor and learn more history. YAY!!”
“Ok! I’ll race you!”
In 5 minutes we made it to History class before we could’ve been marked late. Seriously, why does Mr. Rodrigo’s class has to be all the way at the end of the hallway.
We took our seats in the front with Thomas right behind me and got ready.
Mr. Rodrigo was an intimidating man. He was 6ft 6 inches tall. He had an even more muscular body than Thomas and his platinum blonde hair was as tidy as always. But the most frightening part was his silver right arm prosthetic which I swore could punch through steel. No student turned in work late in this class. We had a Veteran soldier, not some pushover.
“Today, in class we’ll be discussing World War Three and what led to it 250 years ago!” Mr Rodrigo announced.
The projector in front turned on into an educational video to teach us about the history of Epizon.
This is how the story went. Over 250 years the Earth was a beautiful place. All the major continents and countries were still thriving and Epizon was known as North America. It was a place where all races were equal. And people could enjoy nature and the same standards of living. No one went hungry and people could afford anything they could ever want. Yeah right.
However, this peace and prosperity was interrupted when the Chosen rebelled. When the greatest scientists of North America were able to give selected people superpowers to make sure peace could continue to prosper. However, the Chosen got drunk on their new powers. They betrayed our country and killed those who gave them their powers to make sure no one could fight against them. After taking full control of our country they waged war on the rest of the world, Starting World War Three. However, other major world powers also developed their own Chosen. In the next 10 years Asia, South America, Europe, and Australia were completely destroyed.
However, our country’s usurpers had almost destroyed themselves in the war. While they grew complacent with their powers we built up our resources in secret. When they attempted to heal their wounds we launched a counter strike against them. Using whatever tactics it took from air strikes, snipings, and more. A major part was thanks to a specially created poison that could weaken those with powers and even kill them. We finally won over them and took our country back. To celebrate we named our country Epizon and split it into 20 Sectors. The most crucial people in the war effort against the former Chosen were elected to be governors, secretaries with the President on top. With their descendants guiding Epizon to greatness and equality centuries later.
What a load of bull.
This country isn’t fair or equal at all! My parents struggle just to pay stupid bills! I go on these stupid jobs just to make sure me and my best friend's family don’t have to sleep on the streets. The horrible fate of those who couldn’t make it haunts me everytime I go around the city. One doesn’t even have a fair chance of becoming a politician if they aren't related to one.
I got so mad I snapped my pen in half. A waste of a perfectly good pen.
“Mark, are you good?” Thomas whispered.
“Yes, I’m fine. Sorry just lost my temper-”
A metal fist slammed into my table.
“Mr. Mark, is there a reason why you and your friend are interrupting class. Do you perhaps feel that as the Victor you have nothing to learn from this topic.”
The rest of the class snickered and snorted.
“Actually no Thomas and I were comparing the earliest of Epizon to now to highlight just how much our country has grown. I apologize if we interrupted your class.”
“Oh really. Well since you already know this class backwards and forwards you can teach the class. In fact, you can educate them on the Bloody River Incident. Consider this a test. And I do hope you know your facts. After all, I was the only survivor of that horrible massacre ”
The Bloody River Incident was a catastrophe where 1,000 died. I only learned about it last year because whenever the aftermath turned on the news my parents removed it.
“I’d love to educate our class on Epizon’s history, Mr. Rodrigo.”
Three years ago the Sentinels launched an attack on a refugee camp of Enhanced in Sector 4. Unfortunately, the battalion of 1,000 Sentinels was all wiped out. It got its title for the color the Hudson River turned when the blood of fallen soldiers mixed in. The security for schools, banks, and other “important” places increased. Of course they never bothered with things like public transportation until recently.
“Anytime this year,” Mr. Rodrigo complained.
Why did I have to get a pop quiz today?
Chapter 3
“Finally, we get to go to lunch,” Thomas cheered.
“Did you bring anything today?”
“I was super lucky today. My mom made this huge spread so I’ve got some leftover pancakes, bacon and some eggs. What about you?”
“Oh nothing so special. My mom was still at work so I gathered up some things and made lasagna.”
“Your mom’s super awesome lasagna,” I wondered.
“I’ll share some with you if you share with me,” he said.
Thanks to the insulated lunch box Thomas’ food was still warm. The aroma of all the wonderful spices gave me delight.
“Sure. One of the special privileges I get to enjoy is your mom’s lasagna. After all the school lunch is too expensive and while it may be high class food. It still pales in comparison to homemade food made with love.”
“Isn’t that right? So Mark, what do you want to do once you graduate? We can’t be criminals forever.”
“I was thinking about starting a company using our inventions. I’ve been talking to my dad about it and if I can remain the Victor until I graduate. It will be a great sales pitch especially if we can improve our projects. Even Epizon can’t deny geniuses who can make their country even greater.”
“You’re right. How did your Dad like our skeleton key?”
“He wasn’t fond of it at all. He said he didn’t want us to use our intellect to make weapons. Instead, we should work with my mom to find ways we can help people. For example, my mom’s a neurosurgeon. Sentinels who’ve suffered grievous injuries in training exercises will be looking for someone who can really fix them. Paralysis, loss of motor control, even the prosthetics they use sometimes malfunction.”
I took out my laptop and typed a few buttons. In three minutes I pulled a sort of research paper I made in my spare time.
“I’ve heard that some nervous systems are unable to handle the stress of handling new prostheses. And the more prosthesis they implant the more the increase in side effects. Some soldiers sign up for weaponized implants to improve their combat powers. I heard they can even copy some powers like pyrokinesis or super strength.”
“That’s crazy. Anyways I’m hungry. Let's discuss this after lunch.”
We’ll need all the energy we can get.
We split the food both ways and chowed down.
Thomas took out a mini speaker and started playing rock music. Before we knew it we started using the forks and spoons we had as music instruments. We tapped and beat to the music. But we calmed down a little when we received glares. We can’t be looking foolish.
The cafeteria was big enough to carry two hovercrafts. It had gold chandeliers and pristine white walls. Tables ranging for 1, for 2, and 4 were scattered out. Robots taking orders, collecting checks, and bringing food raced around on high tech wheels. The air was packed with aromas from dishes prepared by some of the best chefs in Epizon. However, what I despised the most wasn’t the high cost of food that made me avoid relying on school lunch. But the snot nosed rich kids who went out of their way to bring their own fancy dresses and suits just for the cafeteria. I mean are you serious? And the school allowed them to do it as long as it was just for lunch. I pitied the other kids who stood out because they weren’t in the position to waste the few good clothes they had. I certainly could agree with that. These kids would dance, sing loud and do whatever else that was annoying.
On our table just for two that was far away from the majority we ate our lunch in peace.
“Your mom’s lasagna is just as good as it’s always been Thomas. I could never quite recreate it even when you gave me the recipe.”
“Of course you couldn’t. It’s a secret skill that can only be learned by my bloodline.”
Would it be too much to ask if we could just laugh like this forever.
“I see you’re enjoying yourself Victor.”
Someone just had to ruin the fun.
I heard the tip tapping of shoes from right behind me. One girl, two boys.
“I hate this guy. Why’d he even come to this school? He should have just been homeschooled in his nice mansion in Sector 1.”
“Come on, commoner. You should be grateful to be blessed for me to come to you. Your lap dog should feel grateful too.”
“This guy,” Thomas growled.
He grabbed a chair and sat right in the middle of us. His lackeys stayed right behind him.
The aggressor was the son of the President, the most powerful man in Epizon. He was tall for 15 6ft 3 inches. His white skin had no freckle, zit, or pimple in sight. His red eyes went well with the red highlights in his hair. Usually dying your hair isn’t allowed but when you’re the President’s son you get to break a few rules.
His two lackeys are Merle, daughter of Sector 4’s Governor, and Sector 3’s Secretary Charles.
“Jason. It’s time for us to eat lunch. What would you like to order?” Merle asked.
“Knowing Jason he’s going to order whatever’s the most expensive thing on the menu,” Charles answered.
“That’s right I Jason Powers sit at the top of Epizon. I come from a line of great people like secretaries, governors, generals, and revolutionary scientists. Someone of my standing deserves nothing less than the best.”
“Very well, I shall place your order now.”
Jason pointed at me.
“But what are you eating Victor? What’s on your plate? Pancakes,eggs,lasagna. I won’t allow someone as esteemed as the Victor to eat from such a shabby diet. At this school you’re one of the only people at this school at my level. Maybe I should order the second most expensive thing on this menu.”
“What-” both Thomas and him exclaimed.
“If possible, can I take it to go?”
Look I’m not passing up free high class food even if I don’t like the guy that’s offering.
“Guess I’ll order it then. I’ll take something to get Waiter-bot!”
In response a nearby Waiter-bot rushed over.
“Hey, what are you doing?” Thomas whispered.
“Look, I'm not turning down free food. Maybe I’ll give it to my parents.”
“And what about your third string?”, he addressed Thomas.
Thomas jumped out of his seat and looked like he was about to start a fight. Thankfully, his smart to know that’s a bad idea.
“Considering you’re the lowest person here. Should I buy you the fifth most expensive dish? Or did that restaurant your mom owns mean you don’t need it. It used to be so high-class you know but ever since Father placed those taxes you haven’t been doing so well. You’re still successful, sure but your mom must be struggling to run it.”
Thomas was about to raise his fist but I quickly smacked it down.
“He’ll take it and thanks for your kind consideration.”
“If you need anything, here's my card. I may take pity on you.”
In 20 minutes the Waiterbots brought our food after Jason and his lackeys left.
We had Massaman curry, wagyu beef, Japanese sushi and other delicacies.
“WHY! Why would you accept that he’s mocking us!”
“But he’s giving us free food Thomas,” I leaned in to whisper.
“We literally do all these illegal side jobs that could get us and our families in danger if we’re found out. So we can provide for them. You think I’m passing up free food.”
Thomas' expression finally relaxed.
“You’re right it’s like you said free food is free food.”
The loudspeakers in the cafeteria shouted out loud:
“Will the Victor please come down to the basement prepared for the assessment.”
Voices from the crowd erupted.
“So, the Victor is going first?”
“I’m glad it’s not me.”
“What if he has powers? What if the Sentinels can’t bring him down?” We can’t leave until the assessments are over.”
“I hope he doesn’t come back. Then, I can be the Victor.”
“You think it’s going to be you. It’s going to be me.”
Why did it have to be me first? I wish these kids would shut up, they're making it worse.
“What are these brats talking about? Half of these brats couldn’t hope to be as good as you or me for that matter so they shouldn’t get their hopes up. The only thing stopping Jason from being Victor is you so there’s that.”
Thomas is always there to cheer me up.
“Well, I’ll put this food in our lockers so we can eat them after school. That’s if I actually see you again.”
“Yeah, yeah I hope you can’t shoot fire or fly too because then I’d be in trouble.”
“Don’t do your best Mark, I'll see you later.”
After changing into my gym clothes I was escorted by 4 sentinels to the basement. It was only accessible by a special elevator built for that purpose alone. After what was probably 4 whole minutes with people who were ready to fill me up with lead. We finally arrived at the basement.
The Basement was where the annual assessment to discover if a student possessed super powers.
You see Enhanced have this sort of bioelectric aura that they emit that couldn’t be recognized using the human senses. They can only only be recognized using incredibly advanced technology. if an Enhanced got enough experience with their abilities, they could hide their bioelectric aura from machines too. However, this aura is linked to their powers and are stronger when they are used or the individual is under extreme stress. So the government came up with an idea.
To set up a school system where students can be monitored and powered people can be identified. With Sentinels there to take them down. And that is why every kid in Epizon has to go to some kind of school or get an annual check up. It’s so they can kill powered people when they’re young.
Could this society be more wrong? It saddens me to know that it could.
We finally stopped and the doors opened wide open.
“Keep walking?” the Sentinel to my right demanded.
Guess it’s time to get this over with.
We arrived at the Vault. It looked just like some high tech bank but instead of keeping people out. It was made to make sure they couldn’t escape. With automatic machine guns on the walls, Sentinels, and 12 foot thick walls of high grade steel it wasn’t going to be easy to escape. And in the case of an incident the elevator upstairs would be locked. Leaving you trapped under bedrock unless you could teleport or had some other useful power for that situation.
One Sentinel walked over to the Vault's white doors and demanded entry.
“Open, Sentinel 1706!”
With a click and clank the doors started to open slowly.
It finally sank in just how nervous I was. I was just as nervous as last year. I’ve seen kids that took the physicals never returning. As if they never even existed. My heart started to race and I could feel the sweat crawling down my face.
Please don’t tell me I’m an Enhanced person. I don’t need superpowers. I just need to graduate and start an awesome company. Hanging out with Thomas and helping our families. That's all I want to do! I just want to be normal like everyone else.
“Relax, you’re hyperventilating. You’re the Victor , you should be calm and composed. I mean don’t give us a reason to suspect you before the assessment even starts.”
Crap, I let them see me weak.
“Of course not, I'm just planning this out that’s all.”
However, my focus was ruined by ominous threats.
“Let’s kill those kids.”
“They’ll all pay for what they’ve done.”
“The sins of the parents shall be held accountable by their children.”
“Let the Revolution begin!”
Hey, what are those voices? They just started flooding in my head.
I looked around but I couldn’t find any culprits. I’m sure none of those voices belonged to a Sentinel. No Sentinel would dare to harm a student here without approval. So where was that coming from?
“Hey, who was that? Are you playing some kind of game?” I asked.
“What are you talking about, kid. Don’t try anything, follow the rules, and you’ll be fine.”
The final part of the Vaults wall barely opened before I heard a deafening boom.
The ground started shaking and the ceiling began to collapse.
“Did something happen upstairs,” a Sentinel asked.
“What the hell is going on?”
My question was answered by a ginormous explosion.

Would it be a good idea to start the webtoon with how the world was destroyed. Like it's normal and boom everything's destroyed. Continents have fallen, North America was a wasteland, and 250 years ago Mark and his friend are on the run from gangsters on their way to school.
submitted by Capital-Ant2812 to writers [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 21:45 ValuableImportance Literally unplayable smh

Literally unplayable smh submitted by ValuableImportance to hoi4 [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 21:39 GreatGamer93 very questionable hahahahah. almost to infinite!!!

very questionable hahahahah. almost to infinite!!! submitted by GreatGamer93 to MarvelSnap [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 21:39 Dobo5505 [XB1] H: trade list W: uny +1int armor offers or other offers

Fallout Trade List
AS/E/15FR 50 CAL
B/E 50 CAL
B/E/25 LMG
B/E .45 SMG
EXE/FF90 .45 SMG
F/E 50 CAL
VAMP/E/15C .45 SMG
submitted by Dobo5505 to Market76 [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 21:38 marcslayer Bug or…?

Bug or…?
He had Skrull at 12, I played Shang and it full on did the animation to take him out but he didn’t explode. Bug or am I missing something? I had priority on last turn.
submitted by marcslayer to MarvelSnap [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 21:34 Onedrid Looking to build first pc with $900 budget

Is this good? Anything I should change? How do these parts stack up against others? I'm pretty new so I just started picking stuff based on reviews and price but i am looking to build something that can run most things smoothly and in a high quality.
submitted by Onedrid to PcBuild [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 21:33 z0r9 I KILLED AN ADMIRAL HAHAHAHA (first time on silverhold with a friend, second time on harvest island solo)

I KILLED AN ADMIRAL HAHAHAHA (first time on silverhold with a friend, second time on harvest island solo) submitted by z0r9 to ArcaneOdyssey [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 21:32 Parking_lot_change A newbie looking for help

I’m about to build my first PC and I had a few questions. For starters I just wanna make sure that I can build it with just the parts on PC part picker no extra cables or cards required? Secondly I was hoping to share my build and get some critiques before ordering. The goal is to keep it under 1300 but to maximize performance to play games and do 3D modeling.
submitted by Parking_lot_change to PcBuild [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 21:29 snailfucked I’ve had a lot of fun playing Nimrod this season! Here are some of my favorite moments.

I’ve had a lot of fun playing Nimrod this season! Here are some of my favorite moments.
I ran Nimrod in my Destroy deck and enjoyed a lot of combos with Zola & Destroyer.
submitted by snailfucked to MarvelSnap [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 21:27 mew2sama Happy April's Fools to me. First shiny egg. 🤩

Happy April's Fools to me. First shiny egg. 🤩
Got it wild. Got it hatched. Now I only need it a Shundo. 🤠
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2023.04.01 21:23 newmusicrls Beatport Deep House Top 100 April 2023

  1. Denney – Lies (Gorge & Nick Curly Extended Remix) 06:10 125bpm Am
  2. Oscar Barila – Miles (Original Mix) 05:04 125bpm Cm
  3. The Blessed Madonna, Fred again.. – Marea (we’ve lost dancing) (Original Mix) 04:45 123bpm Fm
  4. Paluma – Rapture (Kevin McKay Extended ViP) 06:07 126bpm Bbm
  5. Mallin – Set Me Free (Extended Mix) 06:04 122bpm G
  6. Hannah Wants, Clementine Douglas – Cure My Desire feat. Clementine Douglas (Extended Mix) 06:38 122bpm Ebm
  7. Audiojack – Begin Again (Original Mix) 05:47 127bpm Abm
  8. Discosteps – What Kind Of Love (Extended Mix) 06:45 124bpm Bbm
  9. Toman – Sunshine & Ravioli (Original Mix) 07:23 126bpm Cm
  10. Job De Jong – Enchanted (Folamour Remix) 05:34 127bpm Am
  11. Boogie Vice, Deep Aztec – Promises (N-You-Up Extended Dub Mix) 07:36 122bpm Bb
  12. Oden & Fatzo – Lauren (I Can’t Stay Forever) (Extended) 06:36 128bpm Em
  13. Capeesh Society – Subculture (Extended Mix) 06:27 126bpm Ebm
  14. Ben Rau – You Got Me Running (Original Mix) 06:07 130bpm Dm
  15. Job De Jong – Do Not Resist (Original Mix) 06:24 130bpm Gbm
  16. Clover Ray, Sam Dexter, Mallin – Thick Of It (Extended Mix) 05:56 124bpm Fm
  17. Redlight, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Regulate (Extended Mix) 04:34 126bpm F
  18. Mo’Cream – I’m Sure (Original Mix) 05:31 124bpm Am
  19. Hayley May, Jess Bays – Colourblind (Extended Mix) 04:33 127bpm Bbm
  20. Maverick Sabre, Jorja Smith – Slow Down (James Cole Remix) 06:58 126bpm A
  21. Jovonn – RAISE UP (Raise Up High) (Original Mix) 05:47 125bpm Em
  22. Yves Murasca, Rosario Galati – Lo Que Siento (Dilby Extended Remix) 06:34 124bpm B
  23. Kevin Yost – Messing With My Soul (T.Markakis Remix Extended) 07:54 123bpm Cm
  24. Mallin – No Love Like Ours (Extended Mix) 05:45 123bpm Cm
  25. Tulshi – Merlin (Original Mix) 05:54 126bpm Cm
  26. Steve Bug – Piano FM (Original Mix) 05:58 125bpm Dm
  27. Dino Lenny – I’ve Learned That (Original Mix) 09:00 122bpm Dbm
  28. Deeplomatik – Bless Vibes (Original Mix) 06:06 123bpm Bm
  29. Shiba San – I Wanna (Tchami Remix) 05:04 127bpm Fm
  30. Audiojack – Liberation (Original Mix) 05:52 128bpm Cm
  31. Saison – Feel This (Original Mix) 06:07 126bpm C
  32. RSquared – Draw The Line (Original Mix) 06:39 126bpm Dbm
  33. Dilby – Remember Me (Extended Mix) 06:19 124bpm Ab
  34. Nima Gorji – Stay Put (Kuzey Remix) 05:50 124bpm Bbm
  35. Will & Batty – All I Want (Original Mix) 06:45 128bpm C
  36. Daphni – Cloudy (Kelbin Remix) 05:36 134bpm Bm
  37. Dilby – Connect the Dots (Oliver Schories & Gorge Remix) 06:43 124bpm Dbm
  38. Maverick Sabre, Jorja Smith – Slow Down (feat. Jorja Smith) (Vintage Culture & Slow Motion Extended Remix) 05:15 124bpm A
  39. Groove Armada – Rescue Me (DJ Island Remix) 05:44 123bpm Abm
  40. Janeret – Spire (Original Mix) 07:10 126bpm Dbm
  41. Dilby – Addicted (Original Mix) 06:35 124bpm Am
  42. Jovonn – WHAT (Original Mix) 05:07 125bpm Dm
  43. Jaden Thompson – Memories (Original Mix) 07:17 127bpm Bbm
  44. Kevin Yost – There It Is (Extended Unreleased Version) 07:14 122bpm Fm
  45. Sam Dexter, Gianmarco Limenta – La Vida (Extended Mix) 06:12 125bpm Dm
  46. Traumer – Frolic (Original Mix) 07:05 127bpm Gbm
  47. Will & Batty – Stay (Original Mix) 06:24 130bpm Am
  48. Dennis Cruz – Poke Bowl (Original Mix) 05:20 126bpm Gb
  49. Steve Bug – Use Me (Original Mix) 05:47 122bpm D
  50. Prunk, RUZE – Incredible (Original Mix) 06:39 126bpm Am
  51. Miguel Migs – Lost Messages (Migs Salty Vault Dub) 05:37 120bpm Dm
  52. Marten Lou – My Love For You (Yebba’s Heartbreak) (Original Mix) 05:47 122bpm Abm
  53. Gruuve – Cloud (Extended Mix) 06:12 126bpm Fm
  54. Chris Stussy – Seeing & Believing (DJOKO, Kolter Extended Remix) 06:01 128bpm Em
  55. Never Dull – Turning You On (Original Mix) 06:45 120bpm Em
  56. Gorge, Markus Homm – Chaska (Max Alzamora & Nuclius Remix) 06:27 124bpm D
  57. Dilby – Soul Vision (Original Mix) 06:28 125bpm Fm
  58. Pornbugs, Leeni, Danilo Kupfernagel – Samtoscha (Leeni / Danilo Kupfernagel Remix) 06:12 125bpm Gm
  59. Noir, Haze – Around (Solomun Vox) 06:59 115bpm Fm
  60. Dilby – Live Free (Original Mix) 06:50 124bpm B
  61. Eddie Fowlkes – Nice (Original Mix) 05:30 128bpm Em
  62. James Cole – Avec Moi (Extended Mix) 06:07 126bpm Am
  63. Dilby – Last Word (Original Mix) 06:50 124bpm G
  64. Chloé Caillet, Mikhail Beltran – NYWTF feat. Mikhail Beltran (Extended) 05:46 126bpm Dm
  65. Zetbee – You Shine (Original Mix) 06:01 124bpm Am
  66. Mihai Popoviciu – Immensity (Original Mix) 07:31 124bpm C
  67. Sonny Fodera, SHELLS, Vintage Culture – Nightjar feat. SHELLS (Extended Mix) 04:25 124bpm Am
  68. Kx9000 – Sit Back Disco (James Curd Remix) 06:01 123bpm Bbm
  69. Pig&Dan – Angel (Deeper Mix) 07:55 122bpm Ebm
  70. Steve Bug – The Moment (Original Mix) 06:05 121bpm Ab
  71. Acid Jerks – Distant Power Plant (Original Mix) 06:14 124bpm Ebm
  72. Black Alien, Gabe, Viot – Como Eu Te Quero (Remix) 06:36 126bpm Abm
  73. Jimpster, Mavhungu – Tribute (feat. Mavhungu) (Original Mix) 07:08 122bpm Cm
  74. Sascha Dive – Digital Voodoo (Original Mix) 10:13 126bpm Fm
  75. Mallin – Off My Mind (Extended Mix) 06:05 122bpm Ebm
  76. Jerro, Lyrah – Give It Up (Extended Mix) 06:38 123bpm Gm
  77. 40 Thieves, Qzen, O-SHiN – Don’t Turn it Off feat. Qzen & O-SHiN (Session Victim Extended Remix) 06:47 124bpm Em
  78. Nico Morano, MeWhy – Justice (Extended Mix) 06:11 120bpm Abm
  79. Dillon Francis, DJ Hanzel – Pull Up (Extended Mix) 02:40 124bpm C
  80. BUNT., Nate Traveller – Clouds (Extended Mix) (Extended Mix) 04:11 130bpm Am
  81. Saison – The Riff (Ross Couch Remix) 06:14 123bpm Abm
  82. SHELLS, HotLap – You & I feat. SHELLS (Extended) 04:10 125bpm G
  83. Prunk – French Toast (Original Mix) 05:40 126bpm Fm
  84. Lost.Act – Poema De La Noche (Calabasa Remix) 08:02 126bpm D
  85. Sek – Whosup (Original Mix) 05:22 126bpm Gm
  86. Coco, MAXI MERAKI – Don’t Get Too Close feat. Coco (Extended Mix) 06:10 120bpm Em
  87. Franco (AR) – Back To The Old School (Original Mix) 04:34 126bpm Gbm
  88. Lello Russo, Sabatino S, Venessa Jackson – Dos and Don’ts (Sebb Junior Extended Remix) 06:08 126bpm Abm
  89. Bicep – Opal (Four Tet Remix) 08:14 127bpm Am
  90. Lazarusman, Fka Mash – Mend It (Stimming Remix) 08:38 114bpm Gbm
  91. Jesse Jacob – Push It (Original Mix) 06:41 130bpm Cm
  92. Louden – Amnesia Juice (Original Mix) 07:05 128bpm Am
  93. Jovonn – Let The World Dance (Original Mix) 05:56 123bpm A
  94. M-High – 12 O.C Riddim (Original Mix) 07:00 129bpm Gbm
  95. Travis Emmons – Redbone (Kevin McKay Extended Remix) 05:54 122bpm Dm
  96. PAWSA – Something Spectacular (Original Mix) 05:25 130bpm Ebm
  97. beatsbyhand, Kali Mija – Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless) (Original Mix) 07:51 119bpm Dm
  98. Route 94, Jess Glynne – My Love (feat. Jess Glynne) (Original Mix) 04:19 120bpm Cm
  99. Gareth Cole – Tipsy (Original Mix) 06:54 125bpm Gm
  100. Sante – Set Me Free (Original Mix) 06:07 128bpm Dm
submitted by newmusicrls to HypeTracks [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 21:19 MegaMikeX143 (Offer) April Universal Rewards, Sony Buff Pass, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Flatliners, Green Knight 4K, Jungle Book 2, Lady and the Tramp, Lone Ranger, Spider-Man No Way Home, The Menu (Request) List and Offers

A Wrinkle In Time 4K iTunes
Big Hero 6 4K iTunes
Black Panther 4K iTunes
Cars 3 4K iTunes
Christopher Robin 4K iTunes
Fifty Shades Darker 4K iTunes
Frozen 4K iTunes
Green Knight 4K Vudu (doesn’t port)
Star Wars The Last Jedi 4K iTunes
Straight Outta Compton 4K iTunes
Toy Story 4 4K MA
Despicable Me 2 HD MA
Dr Seuss The Lorax HD MA
Flatliners HD MA
Paranormal Activity 3 HD iTunes (doesn’t port)
Rock Dog HD iTunes (doesn’t port)
Shang Chi HD MA
Sleeping Beauty HD MA
Spider-Man No Way Home HD MA
Straight Outta Compton Unrated Director’s Cut HD MA
Super 8 HD Vudu (doesn’t port)
The Last Stand HD iTunes (doesn’t port)
The Menu HD MA
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie HD Vudu (doesn’t port)
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water HD itunes (doesn’t port)
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water HD Vudu (doesn’t port)
Thor Love and Thunder HD MA
GP splits
Aladdin Animated GP HD
Ant Man GP HD
Avengers Age Of Ultron GP HD
Avengers End Game GP
Avengers Infinity War GP HD
Beauty and the Beast Animated GP HD
Bedknobs and Broomsticks GP HD
Big Hero 6 GP HD
Brother Bear 2 GP HD
Call Of The Wild GP HD
Captain Marvel GP HD
Cars 3 GP HD
Christopher Robin GP HD
Cinderella Live Action GP HD
Coco GP HD
Cruella GP HD
Doctor Strange GP HD
Finding Dory GP HD
Frozen GP HD
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 GP HD
Hocus Pocus GP HD
Incredibles 2 GP HD
Inside Out GP HD
Jungle Book 2 GP HD
Jungle Book Live Action GP HD
Lady and the Tramp GP HD
Lion King Animated GP HD
Little Mermaid GP HD
Lone Ranger GP HD
Moana GP HD
Oz The Great and Powerful GP HD
Peter Pan GP HD
Queen Of Katwe GP HD
Saving Mr Banks GP HD
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs GP HD
Star Wars The Force Awakens GP HD
Star Wars The Last Jedi GP HD
Thor Ragnarok GP HD
Toy Story GP HD
Season 3 Silicon Valley iTunes
Sony Buff Pass
Choose one title from the below, redeems on MA:
April Universal Rewards
submitted by MegaMikeX143 to uvtrade [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 21:18 sirenify Can someone help me build a better team for offense and defense

Can someone help me build a better team for offense and defense
these are the monster i got right now, runes i can apply might be helpful too
submitted by sirenify to MonsterLegends [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 21:18 TumbleweedDry1254 Can I use this calculator for my act

submitted by TumbleweedDry1254 to ACT [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 21:16 nahbeal Setup for Sim Racing (three 27" 1440p 144hz monitors)

Looks good? Needs to run the three monitors and graphically demanding games like AC, ACC, iRacing, rF2, and BeamNG.drive. Thanks in advance for the help.
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 7 7700X 4.5 GHz 8-Core Processor $337.97 @ Amazon
CPU Cooler EK AIO Basic 240 77 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler -
Motherboard Gigabyte B650I AORUS ULTRA Mini ITX AM5 Motherboard $259.99 @ B&H
Memory Corsair Vengeance 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-5600 CL36 Memory $114.99 @ Amazon
Storage Samsung 980 Pro 2 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive $149.99 @ Amazon
Video Card MSI VENTUS 3X OC GeForce RTX 4070 Ti 12 GB Video Card $829.99 @ Newegg
Case Lian Li A4-H20 X4 Mini ITX Desktop Case $154.99 @ Newegg Sellers
Power Supply Corsair SF750 750 W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully Modular SFX Power Supply $165.90 @ Amazon
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $2013.82
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-04-01 15:14 EDT-0400
submitted by nahbeal to sffpc [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 21:15 Mojammer Boost combinations for more effective soul egg per gold egg rewards

Just tried 3 combinations.
First run, classic setup: EB at start 102 S 50+50 x earnings 500x soul eggs 50+50 x boosts
This setup gave me 276.7q soul eggs 2.94 trillion per gold egg spent on boosts
Second run 106 S eb at start, replace one of the 50x boosts with a 10x boost. 223.2q soul eggs, 3.69 trillion per gold egg spent
Third run 109 S at start 10+10 x earnings 50x soul 2x boost Unlimited hatchery x2, for the 20minutes of the 50x soul egg This setup gave me 26.02q soul eggs, 14.02 trillion per gold egg.
So yeah, the lower level boosts are far and away more cost effective but the time it takes is obv huge, you'd have to do 10 runs of the third combo to match the total of the first which would take over 4 hours if you include the time it takes to fill your habs for the runs. But if you don't want to crack your bank and only have the boosts from gifts and the calendar then it's still useful. The 10/50/2 x boosts I used for the third one were all gifts so in that sense the 26q soul eggs were free.
But the 2nd combo is enough better than the first that I'm just gonna use that one from now on for regular 2x prestige saturdays. 65% of the cost gets you 80% of the soul eggs, very solid return.
submitted by Mojammer to EggsInc [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 21:15 AutoModerator [Get] Marisa Murgatroyd – The Experience Product Masterclass 2023

[Get] Marisa Murgatroyd – The Experience Product Masterclass 2023
Download course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/marisa-murgatroyd-the-experience-product-masterclass-2023/
[Get] Marisa Murgatroyd – The Experience Product Masterclass 2023

What You Get:



Designing a Blockbuster Hit Starts Here
The best products start with the best and most profitable ideas — which don’t happen by chance nor by waiting for lightning to strike.
It takes a proven process to zero in on the idea with the potential to fly off the shelves.
In this module, you’ll discover my Profitable Product Idea. You will:
  • Choose the best product and audience for you to profit from right now
  • Make sure your Idea passes all 7 Criteria of the Profitable Niche Checklist
  • Express your Idea in one simple phrase that attracts your target market in droves
  • Pre-validate there’s demand for your Idea in a way that automatically lines up your future customers
  • Create your Profitable Product Idea Blueprint so you have everything in one place
This process was developed over 7 years and 7,000 students, and can shave months or even years off your journey from idea to profit.
Whether you don’t have any ideas, or you have too many ideas, or you’re not sure whether your idea will work, your Blockbuster Hit Product starts here.


Turning Your Idea Into an Irresistible Offer
In this module, you’ll take your profitable idea and transform it into the kind of thing folks will line up to buy.
We call it your “Offer”, and it’s the scaffolding around your idea that makes it real. Elements such as:
  • Your blockbuster course name, your price point, your guarantee, bonuses and the reasons to buy now
  • The points of credibility that create massive buyer trust — even if you’re just getting started
  • Your uniquely valuable “process” — how you go about getting your students results (a huge selling point)
  • The social proof to start attracting paying customers immediately, even if this is the first time you’re doing this
The right offer can triple or even quadruple your sales, while the wrong offer will turn a great Idea into a ghost town.
By the end of this module, you’ll have the deep confidence that comes from knowing that everything you’re creating is exactly what your audience wants to buy.
Now you’ll be ready for Module 3, where we’ll start building!


Creating Your Minimal Viable Product & Getting to Market Fast
By the end of this module, you’ll create just enough of your new program or course to be able to start making real, actual sales to real actual customers.
So many programs stop short of this critical step, and leave you stranded, wondering how to bridge the gap between theory and practice. That’s a huge mistake, because it’s critical to test the real world response to your offer before you create your whole course or product, while you still have time to make easy changes and pivots.
Some folks hit it out of the park on the first try, while others need to refine and adjust for a few cycles before they land on just the right thing. Either way, this process ensures you never waste months and thousands of dollars creating the wrong thing.
In this Module you’ll:
  • Use the “paint-by-numbers” MVP process to choose the exact pieces of your product and how they fit together
  • Finalize your Launch “Blueprint”, including the exact concrete steps to get to market FAST and start making sales straight away
  • Choose and deploy one of the 3 simple marketing & promotion campaigns to locate and find the people most likely to want to buy from you
  • Copy/paste from our pre-written campaign messaging templates to immediately have people wanting to know more (versus tuning out or scrolling past)
  • Follow the word-for-word sales scripts to confidently sell your MVP and start taking money even before the end of the module!


Reach Even More People & Make Even More Sales
Now that you’ve proven your offer by making some sales, our optional Module 4 is where you can take your marketing even further by stacking 2-3 campaigns together to create a supercharged, multiplier effect.
Whether you stack simple campaigns, requiring little-to-no technology, or more robust campaigns — this is how you realize Goal X. A whole lot more. Whatever that looks like to you.
In this Module, get ready to turn a handful of sales into an avalanche:
  • Get our EIGHT pre-written ready-to-go “Experience Marketing” Campaigns that you can just plug right in
  • Recieve my entire vault of pre-written scripts, emails, web page templates, sales & video scripts that you can take and customize or just use “as is” — they’re yours and they’ve generated literally millions of dollars for my other students
  • Create a Custom Campaign Stack that suits your dominant marketing style — whether you prefer to sell through 1:1 conversations, speaking to groups, or writing — so marketable feels easier than it ever has before
  • Recieve my entire vault of pre-written scripts, emails and web page templates that you can take and customize or just use “as is” — they’re yours and they’ve generated literally millions of dollars for my other students
  • Stand out with your marketing in a powerful, unique, fresh and engaging way that gets the attention of your ideal customers, which is 99% of the battle in today’s noisy marketplace, so you can make some real money
After that, we start to really dial up the “WOW” for your students…


Supercharge Your Results
Now that you’ve proven your product with real sales and you have a plan for reaching even more people and making even more money, this is where we pour fuel on the fire by “experiencifying” your course.
“Experiencification” is the process of stacking the 10 Core Experiences of The Experience Formula™ into every element of your Experience Product, to increase the effectiveness of your product by 10-30 times.
In this Module you’ll:
  • “Experiencify” your program with the 10 Core Experiences of The Experience Formula™ to create an engaging experience that works with (rather than against) the brain to get your customers “hooked” on taking action and getting results
  • Watch as your students spontaneously put down distractions and excuses and become “achievement machines”, focused on taking action, getting results and bringing more customers your way
  • Embed a powerful process for gathering success stories right into your course, so you can quickly have dozens if not hundreds of glowing testimonials (this is how I ended up with 1480 testimonials and counting for EPM!)
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2023.04.01 21:15 JuicyGravitas FT: Aaron, LF: Shundo Research Genesect and Jirachi still in GO for custom OT in a red ball only. No lowballs, I know what I have.

FT: Aaron, LF: Shundo Research Genesect and Jirachi still in GO for custom OT in a red ball only. No lowballs, I know what I have. submitted by JuicyGravitas to PokemonHome [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 21:13 CapnRedB If this is intended... it isn't clear.

If this is intended... it isn't clear.
So I guess Bar with No Name counts negatively toward "total power" in the event of a tie. That's the only thing that makes sense for me to lose here.
submitted by CapnRedB to MarvelSnap [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 21:11 Diabolus414 Marineford

The marineford war was a big war, and big wars in shonen tend to have lots of feats lol. So let’s quantify them.
Immediately kicking off the war is whitebeard creating two tsunamis. He created the tsunamis using seaquakes, or underwater earthquakes, so I’ll quantify them assuming they are real earthquakes.
All of these Magnitudes are defined by a wide variety of factors, however, Tsunami methods have been the easiest to scale, and for Whitebeard, the same applies. Whitebeard’s feats with the Gura Gura No Mi consist of:
1:Creating a tidal wave around marineford, of such size, it towers over the fortress
2:Creating a tsunami,occurring pretty much instantly, two tsunamis I should add.
The first aspect of the feat, the tidal waves are easily dozens of meters here. These tidal waves aren’t at their maximum height like real life tsunamis. Tsunamis have a stage in which they start off small, and start to increase in size over time. Whitebeard's initial wave towered over dozen meter objects, such as Marine Ships. Ships that are consistently to be gigantic (1) (2) (3) (4),yet pale in comparison to the rest of Marineford, which the wave dwarfs moments after rising.
This already blows the capabilities of real-life tsunamis out of the water that was recorded, an instance where Whitebeard’s Quakes were not at their maximum height. The second aspect of the feat leading to the full scale of Whitebeard’s tsunami’s where the aftermath of the Sea-Quake creating the first initial phase of the waves, came back as a full-fledged tsunami, in barely a few minutes.
Of course, there are various factors that play into the Tsunami generation in the first place. Shallow Depths, Earthquakes are assumed to occur at a “fixed depth” where the assumed depth is 10 kilometers, and Whitebeard performed these Earthquakes exactly at that depth, as we know that the water around Marineford’s neighboring Islands (Marineford, Sabaody, Impel Down) all take place in the same oceans, with Sabaody being very close to Marine HQ), is 10,000m deep. Comparing submarine-based earthquakes in the past which also occurred at Shallow Depths (20-30 km), the Tsunamis generated was not nearly as impressive as Whitebeard’s in sheer size despite having an Mw of 8.0-9.5. For example, the 2004 Earthquake released energy capable of decimating a portion of localized areas, hundreds of kilometers worth of intensity between fault lines, and a Tsunami that only reached heights of 30 meters near certain parts of the water, overtime meanwhile Whitebeard casually demonstrated his Devil Fruit power, dwarfs that in generating a tsunami of such size, in a much much smaller timeframe. Only through other means can Waves even get that high, like a meteor or landslide, hence why “Mega tsunamis” are considered above the capabilities of any ordinary tsunami: aka ones that occur through a fault.
By on-panel showings, Whitebeard beyond doubt outperforms any Submarine Earthquake, factoring that Earthquakes of Mag 9 or above can generate teratons level of energy through their total seismic energy. Might I add that this is once again, an Old Whitebeard, who certainly wouldn't output much power from his fruit as he slowly aged, and by showings, this is all consistent, where Old Whitebeard's best feats that require effort, like splitting the ocean, being performed by his Prime version by merely getting angry as a side-effect.
The power behind an earthquake directly can be compared to the size of of tsunami, so if we find the size of the tsunami, we can find the magnitude of the earthquake, and find the energy whitebeard released.
We know the marineford building is taller than 180m, since one of blackbeards commanders was able to hide behind the building, making it well over 180m, but as a lowball let’s assume it’s that tall. That gives us a height of 3157.6943932362m.
1.5667 * Log(3157.6943932362) + 7.0781= magnitude 10.8 earthquake.
The method I’ll be using to quantify the quake is a well-researched, well-documented study, that focuses on the energy, from meteors, or tremor-like events being felt away from its origin, the study can be found here in this thirty-page document. The method provided is scientifically backed up, with various examples, and said document even cites their own sources. This gives validity to the formula provided. So to finally finish this:
10^(1.5x10.8) x10^9.091 = 1.95433945e25 (continental+)
Now, this is one way to quantify the size of the tsunami, there is another. We can see clouds at the bottom of the tsunami, and based on their shape and being low clouds, they appear to be stratocolumbus clouds. They sit at an average height of 1250m.
1.5667 * Log(6425) + 7.0781 = magnitude 13.04389483 earthquake
= 4.53776754e28 (multi continental)
And there is one final way to scale the size of marineford. I’ll be using it and the 180m scale for the rest of the post, so I’ll call the 180m scale a lowball, and the bigger scale a high ball. So let me explain:
We know it would take a marine ship 4 and a half days to sail from Amazon lily to impel down.
It takes something moving at least 2.058 m/s (the general speed for old boats, like pirates ships) to reach that destination in what I’ll lowball to be 4 days, so that’d give us a distance of 319 kilometers. The island of marineford itself would be 62km in diameter, and the main building would be 24.2km in height.
1.5667 * Log(24960m) + 7.0781 = magnitude 14 earthquake
10^(1.5x14) x 10^9.091 = 1.23310483e30 (moon level)
Ice age, the sequel
After whitebeard created the tsunamis, after a short exchange aokiji froze the bay.
So size wise, the bay by comparing it to marineford is about 435.6m, and we know the depth of the freeze thanks to jouz, who ripped out a chunk, which we can see is about 111m deep. That gives us a volume of:
π × 218^2 × 111 = 16572416.468881m^3
Sea water would have an average density of 1050kg/m^3 which gives us a mass of 17401037292.325kg.
Surface temp can vary to different things such as solar activity clouds and pollution but the average we can use would sit right at 20 Degrees C
(17401037292.325) x (20) x (4184) = 1.456118800621800e15 (small city level)
The bay is 32.5km with our earlier measurements.
That gives us a mass of 96687177215822kg.
(96687177215822) x (20) x (4184) = 8.09078298941999918e18 (large mountain level)
Mihawk does something
Soon after, Mihawk uprooted a large part of the tsunami.
The feat in question is weird to calc with the perspective, but there are those funny clouds we can use. Thanks to their shape, they appear to be StratoColumbus clouds, which sit at an average height of 1250m. So using this we can scale the tsunami.
Cloud: 1.00px = 1250m
Height of sliced wave: 1250x4.74=5925m
Diameter: 1250x11.71= 14637.5m
Radius: 7318.75m
Distance cut: 1250x0.98= 1225m
Total height: 1250x7.74= 9675m
We will use the Volume of a cone: 1/3×π×7318.75^2×5925= 332346261230.65m^3
And mass. We could use ice, but it’s lame ~~and I want to wank the feat.~~ Aokiji’s ice was so powerful it could clash with post long ring long land zoro, who arcs earlier could cut steel. So I’ll assume Aokiji’s ice has the density of steel (which is a big lowball). That gives us a mass of:
Mass: 2.6089181506606E+18
Speed stuff. I’ll assume it took the ice chunk 5 seconds to fly into the air for the low-end, 3 seconds for the mid-end, and 1 second for the high-end. That gives us a final result of:
Low-end: KE = 7.8300155996701E+22 J (country level)
Mid-end: KE = 2.1750007822157E+23 J (large country level)
High-end: KE = 1.9575038999175E+24 J (continent level)
Whitebeard makes even more tsunamis
I’m talking about these. There’s not much more to say, you get the jist. Let’s quantify them, shall we?
Tsunami 2: 1.5667 \ Log(66.6) + 7.0781 = 9.93493707*
10^(1.5x10.8)x10^9.091 = 9.68277856261250e23 (large country level)
Tsunami 3: 1.5667 \ Log(131.4) + 7.0781 = 10.39730335*
10^(1.5x9.35)x10^9.091 = 3.47536161443210e24 (continental)
Tsunami 4: 1.5667 \ Log(198) + 7.0781 = 10.67628535*
10^(1.5x10.67)x10^9.091 = 1.24738351424290e25 (continental+)
Tsunami 5: 1.5667 \ Log(39.6) + 7.0781 = 9.58120904*
10^(1.5x9.58)x10^9.091 = 2.89067988236550e23 (large country level)
High ball:
Tsunami 2: 1.5667 \ Log(57305.6) + 7.0781 = 14.53276734*
10^(1.5x14.53)x10^9.091 = 7.6913e30 (small planet level)
Tsunami 3: 1.5667 \ Log(113062.4) + 7.0781 =*
3.8326574e31 (small planet level)
Tsunami 4: 1.5667 \ Log(170368) + 7.0781 =*
10^(1.5x15.274)x10^9.091= 1.00461579e34 (planet level)
High ball:
Tsunami 2: 1.5667 \ Log(57305.6) + 7.0781 = 14.53276734*
10^(1.5x14.53)x10^9.091 = 7.6913e30 (small planet level)
Tsunami 3: 1.5667 \ Log(113062.4) + 7.0781 =*
3.8326574e31 (small planet level)
Tsunami 4: 1.5667 \ Log(170368) + 7.0781 =*
10^(1.5x15.274)x10^9.091= 1.00461579e34 (planet level)
Tsunami 5: 1.5667 \ Log(34073.6) + 7.0781 =*
10^(1.5x14.179)x10^9.091 = 2.28823171e30 (small planet level)
Tsunami 2: 1.5667 \ Log(345.6) + 7.0781 = 11.05528346*
10^(1.5x11.05)x10^9.091 = 4.63446919e25 (multi continental)
Tsunami 3: 1.5667 \ Log(437.4) + 7.0781 = 11.21556478*
10^(1.5x11.215)x10^9.091 = 8.19407623e25 (multi continental)
Tsunami 4: 1.5667 \ Log(185.4) + 7.0781 = 10.63154751*
10^(1.5x10.63)x10^9.091 = 1.08642562e25 (multi continental)
Tsunami 2: 1.5667 \ Log(57305.6) + 7.0781 = 14.53276734*
10^(1.5x14.53)x10^9.091 = 7.6913e30 (small planet level)
Tsunami 3: 1.5667 \ Log(113062.4) + 7.0781 =*
3.8326574e31 (small planet level)
Tsunami 4: 1.5667 \ Log(170368) + 7.0781 =*
10^(1.5x15.274)x10^9.091= 1.00461579e34 (planet level)
Tsunami 5: 1.5667 \ Log(34073.6) + 7.0781 =*
10^(1.5x14.179)x10^9.091 = 2.28823171e30 (small planet level)
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2023.04.01 21:09 NaTrave [Match Thread] Campeonato Italiano: Juventus x Hellas Verona

[00/2T] Juventus 0 x 0 Hellas Verona

Gols Juventus: N/D Gols Hellas Verona: N/D
Campeonato Italiano - Temporada Regular Estádio: Allianz Stadium Data: 1 de Abril de 2023, 15:45 Transmissão: bet365, STAR+ Link para Live Match Thread
Juventus (3-5-2) Hellas Verona (3-4-1-2)
Wojciech Szczesny, Danilo, Bremer, Federico Gatti, Mattia De Sciglio, Nicolò Fagioli, Manuel Locatelli, Enzo Barrenechea (Fabio Miretti), Juan Cuadrado, Moise Kean, Arkadiusz Milik Lorenzo Montipo, Federico Ceccherini, Giangiacomo Magnani, Pawel Dawidowicz, Fabio Depaoli, Miguel Veloso, Adrien Tameze, Marco Davide Faraoni, Ondrej Duda, Adolfo Gaich, Kevin Lasagna
Suplentes: Suplentes:
Angel Di Maria, Samuel Iling, Filip Kostic, Alex Sandro, Mattia Perin, Carlo Pinsoglio, Daniele Rugani, Matías Soulé, Dusan Vlahović Oliver Abildgaard, Jayden Braaf, Juan Cabal, Josh Doig, Yayah Kallon, Cyril Ngonge, Simone Perilli, Manuel Ravasio, Filippo Terracciano, Simone Verdi
Técnico: Massimiliano Allegri Técnico: Marco Zaffaroni
Arbitragem: M. Marchetti (Árbitro Principal)


Começa o Primeiro Tempo! 02/1T Finalização defendida em direção ao centro do gol. Ondrej Duda (Verona) finalização com o pé esquerdo do meio da área. 10/1T Oportunidade perdida Ondrej Duda (Verona), finalização com o pé direito de mais de 30 metros de falta. 11/1T Oportunidade perdida Bremer (Juventus), de cabeça do meio da área. Assistência de Juan Cuadrado com um cruzamento após escanteio. 15/1T Oportunidade perdida Fabio Depaoli (Verona), finalização com o pé direito do lado esquerdo da área. Assistência de Kevin Lasagna. 19/1T Oportunidade perdida Fabio Depaoli (Verona), de cabeça do meio da área. Assistência de Adrien Tameze com um cruzamento. 24/1T Oportunidade perdida Juan Cuadrado (Juventus), finalização com o pé direito de fora da área de falta. 37/1T Finalização bloqueada, Danilo (Juventus) finalização com o pé direito de fora da área. Assistência de Arkadiusz Milik. 39/1T Oportunidade perdida Juan Cuadrado (Juventus), finalização com o pé direito de fora da área. Assistência de Manuel Locatelli. 43/1T Finalização defendida no lado esquerdo do gol. Adolfo Gaich (Verona) finalização com o pé direito de fora da área. Assistência de Kevin Lasagna. 44/1T 🟨 Fabio Depaoli (Verona) recebe cartão amarelo por uma entrada perigosa. 45/1T Oportunidade perdida Manuel Locatelli (Juventus), finalização com o pé direito de fora da área. Assistência de Juan Cuadrado N de bola parada.   [Intervalo] ⏱️ Termina o Primeiro Tempo!   Começa o Segundo Tempo! 00/2T 🔃 Substituição (Juventus): SAIU: Enzo Barrenechea, ENTROU: Fabio Miretti.
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2023.04.01 21:06 SwedishLamp Who should I main?

Hi all!
I just got this game on xbox gamepass after trying it at a friend's house. Characters I think look cool are: 1. Ramlethal (she has two giant swords!) 2. Goldlewis (I like big damage) 3. Baiken (the counter move seems really awesome) 4. Potemkin (I played Jason Voorhees in MkX and really like the grapplesuper armor style)
What's a fun character to get into? My only other fighting game experience is Mortal Kombat, and smash (I'm a dededee main).
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