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2023.06.08 00:55 beenyweenies Do you guys think my needs are a good use case for this product?

Sorry, to be clear - I am asking about using Synology Photos on a DS223 or similar (recommendations welcome!)
I recently took on the task of scanning, editing and sharing 100 years worth of family "heirloom" photos. Almost 5,000 in total. My big unresolved component is the sharing of these photos with 10+ family members of varying technological savvy.
I have been using Google Photos as my personal daily driver for photo sharing. But these are usually small albums with a single topic like "Disneyland 2020" or something simple, where there is no need to search or utilize any other advanced features. But for THIS project, there is one quirk that got me looking into other options. Google Photos does NOT let people search by faces in shared albums. This is a vital feature as it's one of the key ways I expect my family will want to navigate such a massive trove of photos.
I have been using Lightroom Classic for editing and output, and using its "faces" features to add keywords for each person in every photo. I thought this would overcome GP's limitation about face searching since it's not leaning on their algos, but they strip out all metadata and, apparently, do not let people search based on metadata keywords. So I looked into a half dozen other solutions (Flickr, Lightroom web albums, etc) and NONE OF THEM let your visitors search face recognition results OR keywords. I truly do not understand this. It's such an obvious missing feature.
So my TL;DR is this - does Synology Photos allow your guest accounts to search through the albums you share with them using people/facial data, or at the very least, using keywords in the metadata? And if it were you, would YOU use a Synology for this project or stick to Google Photos and just use album organization as the primary means of keeping the library manageable and enjoyable for my family?
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2023.06.08 00:54 luciferxf Did you know you only get homeless help if you are pregnant or have children?

Recently dealing with a self help eviction and searching high and low for any support has lead me back to there being only one real agency that will help you. The agency or organization is EOHLC. They will only help you though if you have children or are pregnant. I asked CMHA and got no response over a week. So far it looks like there really is no emergency housing without discrimination. Having disabilities does not help either. This is really messed up. I see everywhere that there are supposedly vouchers for hotels or motels. But again, only if you are pregnant or have children. Or the one place that said they are out of vouchers and they ran out September 30. That would be 3 months if they had any left. That is a long time to get on your feet. Why can I not get any help or emergency housing with my wife? We are still a family. Because we have our children up for adoption means we aren't worth having a roof. Again, this feels very discriminatory. Sorry if I seem a bit upset, it's been over a week trying every agency or organization I can find or are referred to. Does anyone know of any other real resources?
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2023.06.08 00:54 Throwaway765446777 Father’s Day??

Throw away because he follows my main account. My boyfriend has been in my daughters life for half of her life. For reference, she’s 3 years old. He is a father figure to her, she doesn’t call him “daddy”, but when people ask what her dads name is, she says his name. At this point, I let her guide that portion of their relationship. Her bio dad has never been around. He doesn’t pay for her daycare, and if I died, she wouldn’t stay with him. She would go to my parents. In the future that will change and he will be her daddy/stepdad, but it’s a slow process by design. All of this is just for context for my question. I don’t know wether to get him something for Father’s Day?? And if so, what?? It feels weird to get him nothing and not acknowledge his still budding role, but it also feels weird to get him something full “Father’s Day” Does anyone have any experience with this type of thing? All advice welcome PERTAINING TO MY QUESTION. I am totally uninterested in any advice on how to navigate their relationship and out family. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.08 00:54 Dexveloper About me.

I'm 26 years old, a conspiracy theorist from Saudi Arabia, mostly talk about Ancient Egypt, The Universe. I study Masonry and Peganism. I'm a protestent baptist (Christian converted from Islam), I grew up in Saudi, born in Qatar, feel free to DM me about anything, I like to educate people that are open-minded to things, I'm open minded my self, I study popular Conspiracy Theories around the world and determine from my persepective if I think its true or not, I'm still currently investigating the Big Bang theory, as I do not think it really exists in the sense people think it does, I think god created it, but Atheists say it just happend, even though the Universe is perfectly tuned, if it was tuned by a little bit, the starts would be too big, or too small, but yet, everythings just right. Alot of people ask about my wellbeing and yes I'm okay, people ask this because I was in Saudi Arabia for almost all my life because as people know, If your parents were Muslim and you came from a Muslim family in Saudi, you cannot convert or pretty much leave the country, my dad Muslim but my mom was, I was able to leave, and convert to Christianity due to some Vetican stuff that I wont get into, yes I'm OK, and no, no terrorists or the Saudi government is looking for me just because I'm not muslim, it would be worse if I converted in Saudi alone, if I did, I wouldve died, I was forced to be muslim for a while as well as my Mom, we did like it, their practices but it just wasnt right to me. I had to go through alot back in Saudi. God bless you all. I pray for humanity every day.
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2023.06.08 00:54 CringeyScrewdriver I'm not sure how to avoid being desperate when dating if my situation is difficult and my chances are low

I'm in my 20s and moving to a new city. I tend to be reserved and socially anxious around strangers and people outside of my family. This is something I've worked on improving for a couple of years and I'm hoping to use this opportunity to meet people and try dating.
Problem is that 'don't be desperate' advice I seen several times is completely at odds with my situation. My romantic experience is zero - I've never been on a date, held hands, kissed, let alone had sex. I don't think I'm particularly physically attractive, I'm not fit and don't play any sports. I'm also not good at flirting, I never ever flirted with anyone.
The way I see it, for other, closer to average people, I'm not a good candidate for a date let alone a boyfriend.
In case I somehow managed to get a date or two, how do I avoid feeling pressured because this is one a few chances I might get and I shouldn't mess up? It seems that in my age group, with as time goes by, the expectation of experience partner should have to be considered for a relationship increases significantly and I worry I won't be able to catch up with those requirements..
Also, do you think I should try dating apps in addition to meeting people in real life? Would you recommend a specific app?
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2023.06.08 00:54 getawaybitch AITA for hating her? I am depressed, defeated, and suicidal. Am I losing my mind?

My life sucks and i truly don't know what to do anymore. About what two years ago my husband met this girl at work. Went out with her without telling me. They had drinks. Told me the day after. She has always caused issues. In our marriage since the beginning. Mainly because of this instance, I immediately did not like her. Well, fast forward she considers my husband, her best friend. After a ton of drama and my husband constantly coming to her house, even though it makes me uncomfortable. He went with her to go sign her divorce papers. Given, though I begged him not to go. He took her nephews to go move her house and help her. Even though I cried, and begged him not to. I immediately just didn't like her. Because she was known as the whore at his job. And even his niece who works at the same place even told me that they were just super close, and it was weird. She even referred to him as her significant other on the phone while my niece was next to him, and he didn't even correct her. Well, I finally decided to sit down with her and talk to her and have lunch and everything that I told her she immediately ran and told him. We had a little hiccup in our family and since I have no when I turned to her and I had brought things with my husband up again and she ran and told him everything that I said, yet again. I do not like her and I was just now was cleaning one of my bags that has been in his car and I found her health insurance card and it's just like why do you have this. He even brought her to our house Without telling me, I had introduced her to my mother-in-law. And she's completely And she's completely destroyed me. And I don't even know why am still with him because he hit me the other day because we started arguing over this girly yet again. I don't know what to do anymore I don't know if I'm losing my mind. there's so much that I could say about this I just wish I could rent the hotel and be part myself finding that about 20 minutes ago. Because when he hit me, he broke his phone and said that he would never contact her again, but he still has her pinned on his messages. Im losing my mind. He has even had a half naked photo of her saved in a hidden photo. I thought he loved me. Maybe im crazy. I dont know man. He asked me to be her emotional crutch. He took a day off to be with her after ever taking a day off for me. He has been nothing but sweet since the day he broke the phone but i am Broken.
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2023.06.08 00:53 logan2240 By funnyandsad

This is such a fact.
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2023.06.08 00:53 imunderthesea Why send them if you can keep them home

Why send them if you can keep them home
Family friend posted this to their insta. Sorry the ministry has put this rule in place and the daycare doesn’t have any say it in. Also your “triggered” because your kid can’t play outside but there are literally people out there losing their lives and property because of the fires.
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2023.06.08 00:53 JaeF783 [WTS] Holosun HE507C-GR ACSS

Looking to sell a used Holosun HE507C GR ACSS Green Dot sight $230 shipped.
Has some salt, shown in pictures. Works great. Comes with original box, accessories, and paperwork.
Will be shipped via Priority Mail. Can ship via other methods if you cover the difference.
I only accept PayPal Friends and Family. No notes as usual.
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2023.06.08 00:53 InstanceReady403 Alder – any shrub or small tree of the oak family.

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2023.06.08 00:52 Ttevvo_ I’m currently confused with life. . .

I’m a decently tall overweight black male with a lot of undiagnosed issues. Insecurity , horrible binge eating , emotional issues , anxiety , depression, and whatever else. (Not diagnosed just stuff I’ve been learning about myself). I’m 21 (turned 21 yesterday) and my life hasn’t got better for me. Almost every hour of the day I think of mistakes or problems I currently have with myself. Not a day go buy where I don’t think about it at least once.
I lost friends from stupid emotional acts of mines. I’m scared to go places cause how I look. The friends I have I feel like I annoy them so I’ll randomly stop talking to them for a few days or so. It’s a lot. I talk with myself alot talking about how imma get that help and be better but when the time comes I just stop. One moment I’m optimistic and always looking at the brighter things with other people but with myself I always look towards the worse.
It’s like I’m a adult with the mind of a kid still. My attention span is shit lbs. One of my biggest problems is that I look for acceptance in other people. Im a person that wants people to love me cause I can’t find that love in myself and I don’t know if I ever will. I haven’t had a good birthday since 16. All the friends I’ve had in school gone. My family didn’t really care and they still don’t. I can’t even get people acknowledging that I’m alive unless I show them. It’s really hard ya know and I’m taking a heavy fucking beating.
I know that this is all random and extremely out of context but I’m typing what’s in my head. It’s all this mumbling mess lol. I just wanna stop feeling like this. I hate telling myself imma do better but nothing changes. This lack of motivation and not wanting to do anything is scary.
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2023.06.08 00:52 Possible-Roof-5403 PMSing on my birthday and I just want to die

My period is probably gonna come tomorrow (my app said it would come today but it's always a little later). Today is my birthday and I wanna be happy but I'm just in such a bad mood. Crying over everything. My family wanted to go out to dinner but I just couldn't get myself to stop crying for some reason and I didn't wanna go out looking like this. That, and the way I feel has just ruined my appetite, I'm bloated and my stomach hurts. I took a hydroxyzine and I just can't wait til I'm out cold. That stuff knocks me out so good. Sorry just had to vent
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2023.06.08 00:52 KickittoHester I don't know how much I have left. Every time I think I am making some progress life comes along and sweeps my legs again, and I am tired of getting back up.

I don't want to hurt my mom especially with all the things going on right now but everything is starting to drag. I haven't eaten properly in two days, just enough to keep myself going. Video games and books used to be how I chilled out when things got bad but that isnt even helping now. I'm not really supposed to talk about certain things that are happening right now but there is going to be a drastic change in my day to day life starting tomorrow and I hate it. It has to happen this way for now and I really dont want to make any family members involved feel bad but I still hate it. I sometimes wonder if at the age of 35 its even worth trying anymore. I have definitely been lower than this but not by a whole lot and the frequency of the lows has started to go up. I just came off the biggest high of the past few years (may 18-21) and crashed hard
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2023.06.08 00:52 sahsahruh Advice: Running out of options

Seeking advice, guidance, and general support as my family faces some tough decisions.
My parents and I rescued Bueller in October 2020, he turns 3 later this month. We love so much and he brought a lot of joy to our family, but his reactivity has also brought a lot of hurt. He has now bitten my mom 3x. They've had trainer after trainer, sent him to bootcamp, installed an invisible fence, and muzzle trained him, but he's reactivity is escalating.
He's always been anxious. When he was puppy he'd refuse to walk, so started working a with a trainer. It went well, but I definitely picked up the training better than my mom. We eventually stopped working with him because Bueller was pretty well trained (we thought). Plus the training company often worked with reactive dogs and we didn't think Bueller needed that (at the time).
He continued to be hard to walk, laying down just in the middle of the street and only walking where he wanted to walk. At some point they tried clicker training, but that didn't resonate.
Then he started getting very strong (he's a Boxer mix). My parents started to have a harder time controlling him, so they worked with a new trainer. Then my parents moved and they got someone else.
At some point before they moved, Bueller jumped on a neighbor knocking her down. (She was wearing clothes that trigger him and also has a history in the neighborhood of antagonizing dogs). This where is "aggressive" behaviors really starts. Looking back now it was alway there. He'd jump on me bit me, never breaking skin, since he was little. But he was little so it was easier to control.
Anyways, in October 2022 he bit my mom (and broke skin)on a walk after seeing 2 dogs he doesn't like. He saw them lunged, and then turned on my mom. So they looked in to boot camps. Sending him away for 6 weeks, was a very hard (and expensive) decision but we hoped it we were making the right decision. It went well, the trainers liked him, said he was smart but definitely had triggers. When he came home there was strict reintroduction phase and Bueller's life in general had to be more strict. Well, my mom "broke the rules" and Bueller jumped on her. She got reprimanded by the trainer, etc. Then after two weeks my mom "broke the rules" again, and took off the property sooner than she should have. Bueller saw a triggering neighbor, lunged, and turned on my mom biting her for the 2nd time.
The trainer was a little too blunt and was furious with my parents. He heavily suggested getting rid of Bueller and said rehoming would hard. This when my parents decided to get an electric fence and muzzle train him. He's good in the house, aside from annoying barking. Bueller has never reacted at home or on the property, only on leashed walks. He took to the trainings well and has been very good boy the past few months.
This weekend he bit my mom again. This time in the backyard (though on a leash). My parents are done. And I don't blame them. We all love him so much, and he is a very sweet boy 99% of the time but they're retired and he is a lot of work. Not mention how unsafe it obviously is for them to keep him.
We do not want to put him down but recognize this may be the only option as he will be very hard to re-home. My partner and I have talked about taking him ourselves but live across the country and are moving across the country again. Plus, we're renters making it hard to find a place that will accept big dogs, especially ones with so much history. Even if we lived closer and owned a home, I'm not sure we could really give the structure he needs. Or that we would be any better. What if he bites one of us or worse someone else?
We are all so heartbroken. We love him so much, but we don't know what to do anymore. I
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2023.06.08 00:52 Livelaughlingo Thriving on highs: Fake reviews to a shitty podcast

Thriving on highs: Fake reviews to a shitty podcast
I love how she CELEBRATED her crappy vapid podcast climbing the ranks but forgetting to mention she gave out free blankets and mugs to get those ratings.
Imagine having a podcast that is so out of touch that you have to bribe your customers to give you 5-five star reviews, including ppl who will never shop with you again.
Just pathetic. But I guess she’s used it because she pays for everything…help, friends, reviews….
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2023.06.08 00:52 Fan_Ecstatic My (27F) fiancé (26M) slept with someone days before sleeping with me for the first time, and lied about it until after we got engaged

Hi guys, I need some help to get my thoughts and feelings in order. My fiancé and I first met around 5 years ago. There were sparks from the first conversation, and he found me on social media to keep in contact. I had some work to do on myself, so I kept limited contact with him so that I wasn’t leading him on before I was ready to do the right thing by him.
Around a year after that, we saw each other again from across the room at a party. We snuck away from everyone and talked for hours about a lot of deep things, about how we both had been keeping an eye out for one another through that 12 months since meeting and how we both felt a real connection when we first met.
He held my hand the whole night and introduced me to heaps of his friends, drunkenly told people I was his fiancé and took photos with me that he posted to his social media. We slept together that night but didn’t have sex because I didn’t want to rush into things. I made it clear I didn’t want to have sex and he wanted to sleep beside me anyway. In the morning he asked me to go on a date with him.
We went on the date and afterwards he came to my place and again we didn’t have sex but he wanted to sleep beside me anyway. He said he was old fashioned and happy to be taking things slow.
After the first date, he was heading to another town for his sisters birthday with a bunch of friends and family. He was going for a week and wanted to take me on a second date as soon as he got back.
We messaged constantly the entire week, I understood if he wanted to ease back on messaging while he was away but he didn’t want to. He told me everyday how much he wished I was there, how amazing he thought I was, how his parents would love me and how he’d already told his parents about me.
There was never any change in the way we communicated. He got back to town, we spent some more time together and slept together the weekend after he got back. The night we slept together for the first time, I said he should put a condom on and he said “don’t you trust me”. It’s stupid, but I was on contraception and when he said the trust thing I figured he got tested before we had sex, because I had.
We became official after that. 18 months into being official I was having health problems and my doctor said I should have an STD check. He had given me chlamydia. We had a huge argument and I asked him about his sex life before me. He admitted to having unprotected sex with over 10 people, and the most recent was a month before we slept together. A lot was happening at the time and I was really upset but I did forgive him.
2 years on from this, we are engaged and had been doing really well. I felt like we were so strong for getting through things. Then we got into an argument because I found out he had lied to me about something, I told him I needed honesty and trust to marry someone and then he confessed that he had unprotected sex with a stranger in the week between our first and second date, 2 nights before sleeping in my bed again and a little under a week before insisting on having unprotected sex with me.
I feel like this has shattered the view I had of our relationship. I am in love with who he is today and I know that he regrets what he did, but I’m so upset to be finding this out so late in the piece.
I know that we weren’t official but I think I deserved to know that information when he made me sick and definitely before we planned a whole wedding.
Do I suck it up and say ‘we weren’t official, you’re being sensitive’ or am I just a massive loser if I stay?
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2023.06.08 00:52 ZJP31 Lionel Messi’s Career Has Played Out Like a Movie

A humble boy from Argentina blessed with other-worldly football talent committed himself to a Catalan club with his signature written on a napkin. He would eventually debut with the first team and shock the world with his phenomenal ability.
Coached by one of the most genius managers in history and mentored by arguably the greatest midfield duo ever, Leo would go on to shine for his club which he loved so much and deliver numerous trophies and magical moments.
Eventually FC Barca would be overseen by idealists obsessed with star-power similar to the club’s bitter rivals Real Madrid. Over time, this transfer policy would erode the identity of Barca and result in extreme financial mismanagement leading to degrading team performance after expensive transfers that were not effective. Leo and the rest of the aging core would continue to carry the responsibility of leading the club to consecutive league titles in difficult times.
After an embarrassing 2018 CL exit, Leo Messi at the age of 31 would single handedly dismantle a strong Liverpool side in the first leg of their 2019 CL encounter as he promised the Camp Nou he would do everything in his power to bring the trophy home once more. Despite his best efforts, the team collapsed at Anfield and were once again embarrassed out of the competition.
Two years and three managers later, things would only get worse. More embarrassing CL ejections, pandemic financial turmoil, and consecutive defeats for the league title. Leo was frustrated, he was getting older and his body wasn’t what it once was. He tried leaving Barca but the board was ready to take the matter to court. Leo stayed because he loved his club too much to endure a legal battle.
After the appointment of a new board and president, Leo was assured his contract would be renewed and he was committed to staying under new leadership. It wasn’t until the eleventh hour that Leo was informed the club could not afford him and that he could not continue at Barca. Feeling broken and betrayed by the club he gave his life to, Leo would take his family to Paris to begin a new chapter.
Little did the Argentine know what was to come, as the football gods looked down upon him and smiled, writing his destiny of greatness into stone. Leo endured great suffering with the Argentinian national team never having won a trophy with them, and many Argentines questioned his capability and loyalty to them. The appointment of a visionary coach and a team willing to die for their captain would see Argentina to their first international trophy in 3 decades, the Copa America. This victory would set Leo’s soul free and set the stage for the greatest triumph of his career.
During his 2nd season at PSG, Leo Messi would captain Argentina to their first world cup in almost 40 years. Leo played with ice in his veins surrounded by young and energetic players and brilliant tactics which resulted in overcoming the French powerhouse. The economically turmoiled nation was celebrating, because the little boy from Rosario gave them a reason to smile again, and cemented himself as the greatest footballer of all time.
Leo’s contract at PSG ran down and he was excited at the opportunity of re-joining Barca for one last ride. Unfortunately, the club was still recovering from financial turmoil and had to go to extreme lengths to attempt to re-sign him. In the end, Barca could make no guarantees and Leo was still haunted by his previous exit from the club. He chose to join the MLS and move to Miami to ensure consistency for his children, relieving Barca financially, and securing his own financial future.
Lionel Messi has reached immortal status, and is loved endlessly by the Catalan and Argentinian people. He has achieved everything possible with both teams and has nothing left to prove.
In life, closure is never a guarantee - even for the greatest footballer of all time. Let us not dwell on how he left, but celebrate the magical moments he gave us. Nothing is forever, but his name will live on through us. The phenom, the legend, the chosen one - Lionel Andres Messi.
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2023.06.08 00:51 czlcreator Talking about Tamlin

Spoilers for later books, so don't read on.

Reading for a 3rd time and Tamlin just, his crime is that he never learned how to have a relationship. All he knows is to be in charge and protect others by being that barrier and is never in a position to trust anyone because when he does, he suffers for it. I don't think there's any time he doesn't. Everyone lies to him and the guy is straight up upfront and honest with others. I don't even know if the guy ever lied when he could tell the truth.
Everyone else was constantly lying and playing each other regularly. Tamlin was the most upfront and honest characters when he could be which might be part of his problem on top of the fact he has never had a good, wholesome relationship with anyone but Lucian that he could trust.
It's amazing to read how Feyre goes from being eternally grateful for the things he's done to take care of her family, heal her dads leg, finance their rise to wealth to Feyre cutting him down to rags, only for him to, after all of what she and everyone else did to him, give his most hated and untrustworthy in every sense Rhysand a piece of him to live again telling Feyre, "I just want you to be happy." Then leaving it at that.
Tamlin had no reason to trust anyone. He was the one to tell Amarantha off and watch his people rot not just once, but twice during her blight and after Feyre destroyed his peoples trust in him, while he was trying to walk a tightrope between Hybern, his people and getting Feyre back from his view of Rhysand tricking her.
Rhysand could have at so many points in the story helped the man grow and understand what was going on and how to run a court and, it's even comical that he wouldn't Trust Tamlin during the war meetings considering Rhysands powers.

Where I'm coming from and how amazingly well Sara wrote Tamlin.
I think what bothers me the most about Tamlin is that, I see a lot of him as me growing up. I was honest to a fault, didn't understand relationships, liked being upfront about everything and thought lies to any degree helped no one. I was also a Christian boy who, in church, was impression on to being warriors of God to defend the weak and care for others. It took me a long time to learn what a healthy relationship was like or even how to have one.
I was so bad with women and relationships that my parents thought I was gay because I just didn't know how to get a girlfriend or build a relationship if I even had one.
It took constant socializing and work to not just have friends, but even find out what I did wrong and how I could improve in fact, it was nearly impossible to find out most of the time if or how I did upset someone in some way while I was just trying to fit in and socialize.
So I see that, with Tamlin. That struggle. Rhysand had the ability to go into people's mind and learn how they thought, he had access to knowledge and perspective even without his powers thanks to his court and his friends, but with his powers, his wealth, his people, his city, he had everything.
So he doesn't just hit close to home for me, it was my home and it hurt growing up like that. So unaware and alone no matter what you did.
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2023.06.08 00:51 _Raven_Roth Yesterday June 6th, 2023, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, presented the 'Golden Star' military orders to family members of twoAzov Regiment servicemen whom were killed in action - who were awarded the highest state honor - the title of Hero of Ukraine (posthumously).

Yesterday June 6th, 2023, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, presented the 'Golden Star' military orders to family members of twoAzov Regiment servicemen whom were killed in action - who were awarded the highest state honor - the title of Hero of Ukraine (posthumously). submitted by _Raven_Roth to UkraineWarVideoReport [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 00:51 CoolVeterinarian9440 Identification and husbandry help!

Identification and husbandry help!
A lady passed away and her family was rehoming all her animals for free. I took the Dutch rabbit doe and turtles. Since I own a small farm, have rabbits, and used to own red ear sliders and yellow belly sliders.
Being free, and these were her sisters, she didn’t have much info. All she said is they are “silver dollar turtles”, aka red ear sliders. Cool, I’ve owned them before. She also said her sister had them for “almost 15 years”…however these guys are small, way smaller than I expected.
I’m guessing one is a red ear, but the other two are not. Guessing map turtle? Specific type I know😅
They were individually living in unheated, unfiltered, 10gal tanks and would rotate one 13w uvb light every 3 days(1 day each). On glass gravel🤦🏻‍♀️. They were being fed only Tetra ReptoMin Floating Food Sticks, ZooMed Gourmet Aquatic Turtle Food, and Flukers Large Sundried Red Shrimp Treat.
I have a 90 gal tank and 5ft pond for them. But given they are tiny, what else do I need? If they are different species, can they cohabitate?
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2023.06.08 00:51 TraumaResilienceLab Paid Remote Research Study for Veterans and Military Families

Paid Remote Research Study for Veterans and Military Families
Are you a veteran or military family with a child between the ages of 7 and 16?
If so, your family may be eligible to participate in our fully remote 1-week study. Participants will complete an interview, questionnaires, a saliva sample, and a week of sleep monitoring. Your family can receive up to $350 in gift cards for participating.
Your participation may help us improve care for other military families like yours! Interested in participating? Submit an interest form by visiting
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2023.06.08 00:51 hevirr- Dumps out of nowhere

A year ago I had a tough breakup just out of the blue (seemingly). I had some posts in this subreddit of that time. Everything was alright, then she moves somewhere with her family for a week or two so we have no personal contact and our messaging rate drops. Then she comes back and dumps me.
It was hella tough but I healed and moved on. Got in relationships in December 2022 with a great girl, much greater than the last one in my eyes. First ever really good conversations and overall communication thing which I always lacked with other girls. Best relationships of my life, I've said that during them and now after. Beautiful balance between personal life and "us"-time, quality time together etc etc. At some degree they were so good because of lessons I learned from my last tough one.
And same scenario occurs. Everything's kinda great, we're working on ourselves, on "us" together, making plans for a summer. She left for a week with her family on vacation left her cat at my place. No personal contact, much fewer online chatting. Yesterday she returns to take her cat back, meets me much less warm than I expected and leaves to her family's place saying she's tired and wants to sleep after the long road. In the evening I start receiving messages about how bad I am, how many things I've done poorly and how we both need to do our things apart of each other so we should go different ways as well. A day ago I was still getting funny reels in DM and now it's that. Completely same scenario, no differences at all, even the timing - ending of May and May is my worst month bc of allergy, I just sit home with closed windows all time.
I just sort of can't get it. Is it a common behaviour for relatively young girls (I am M24, they were F18 and F19 respectively)? Maybe my lack of activity in blooming season combined with being apart from each other just washes away all the feelings for them?
Feel myself much better than last time (being experienced in being dumped sucks but sure helps) but still not great. Maybe it's just emotional thing and it'll be fixed tommorow when we meet (if we meet), bc she started with "maybe I'm just tired" before bursting out about everything.
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