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go nuts oh btw still workin on stuff so dont cry or complain if something isnt finished

2023.05.30 22:56 xbowzerr 2 yr old trade lol

2 yr old trade lol
Both were considered SL
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2023.05.30 22:01 Happy-Idea498 I was not expecting this

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2023.05.30 21:46 Nadeoki Steven has too many L takes in regards to digital piracy

  1. Adblockers just modify what you are seeing on your device, you have a legal and moral right to choose what's displayed on your personal devices. (PC, Phone, Tablet, etc) Even platforms, Browser Developers like the people behind Chromium, and even platforms like youtube admitted as much and there's precedence of Court cases proving my point. I do understand the argument against trying to circumvent anti-adblockers. Legally even has been shown to be illegal.
  2. The problem isn't malware, it's ad trackers, and other very sophisticated utilities that malicious actors can use to exploit your connection. Many websites will blatantly not care what kind of ad partners are going to be on their websites and yeah, maybe I don't want to see Grandma's behind on a 200 x 200 animated gif while browsing Food recipes.
  3. Pirating is not stealing! You're creating a 1:1 copy of a file without loss to the original, if you think revenue is an argument for "loss" YOU'D BE WRONG. The European Commission itself had published a report showcasing very bluntly how piracy doesn't actually affect the market negatively, in fact for all but the most Triple A, big budget projects, exposure due to piracy to potential customers who treat it kind of like playing a Demo version before deciding to purchase is actually a NET gain for the publishers!
  4. 90$ for a broken-at-launch game is too much. I don't care what kind of warped logic one must endure to get to any other conclusion. Especially when they'll charge you around twice that in DLC's after. This is not at all equal to paying for older games because we're talking mainly about PC games here. And those were around 20-30$ not too long ago. If you add to that the inability to play offline because purchasing a game doesn't actually mean you own it anymore. (It just means you're borrowing a license now) it makes even less sense why anyone would want to pay that much to play a Full Game in 2023.
  5. Subscriptions suck for the same reasons I mentioned: - you are borrowing stuff instead of owning it - the paid experience is objectively worse than the pirated one. I think this was a good way to put it. - No! Torrenting shit these days is not as much of a hassle as grandpa here likes to think. buying a few TB and a Lifetime Plex membership sets you back maybe a couple 100 $. That's easily making up for the fact that you can have infinite movies, tv shows, anime, music, games, programs, for free of charge, almost all in bluray 4K if you so desire no bullshit Widevine restrictions or Denuvo r*ping your system... I just don't see the cost/effort analysis of claiming that subscriptions are more "convenient"
Sorry for ranting. I realize my language is not calm and collected, I hope the valid criticism is still readable, coming from a non-native speaker, perhaps there can be some understanding.
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2023.05.30 21:30 rarakoko7 Rara Koko private discord subscribers. I sent an alert directly to your cell phone that ticker a brand new news catalyst just released too big to be ignored. We know it first stamp 2:29 PM, May 30, 2023.

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2023.05.30 21:15 Competitive_Fuel5083 Companies from Hell

O companie poate sa te ajute sau te poate distruge, la propriu. Mai jos e un rant dar și un Warning despre una din companiile din big 4. (Deloitte)
La începutul anului 2022, am dat interviul, l-am luat, am primit oferta, 3400 ron, brut undeva pe la 2200 ron net ca eram programator si scutit de impozit.
Era puțin dar mi s-a zis ca e firma de renume ca da bine în cv ca vor fi măriri și ca e doar ceva de câteva luni și fascinat de ideea de a lucra la o firma gigant am acceptat.
Am întrat în firma, programe de pregătire, prezentări ale companiei, ceva party-uri și multe multe multe promisiuni.
Le iau în ordine:
  1. "certificările ne ajuta ca firma, orice certificare se decontează de firma." Prima a fost decontata intr-adevar, apoi programul s-a suspendat..
  2. am întrat în programe speciale, de măriri periodice la 3-4 luni, am fost informați ca programul tine 2 ani și ca ne va ajuta sa avem salarii competitive. (Nu cred ca mai exista firma de IT care plătea 2200 ron un programator) Am primit si 10% marire la 3 luni, superb desi la 2200 ron abia se simțea (+200 ron), speram noi ca in timp se aduna. Doar ca surpriza după mai puțin de un an programul se încheie. De ce? Răspunsul a fost incredibil: programul în sine a ținut 2 ani cum au promis doar ca ce sa vezi a început înainte sa fim noi angajați.
    1. La fiecare 3-4 luni ne schimbau proiectul, noi ăștia juniori eram un fel de cost reduction, se termina un proiect, scoteau seniorii și ne băgau pe noi. Intr-un an jumătate am trecut prin 5.
    2. Apoi ni s-a zis ca nu mai au proiect dar salesforce e cheia, am fost ademeniți cu ideea de proiect garantat, asta e viitorul în it si bonus 1000 euro pentru oricine întra și finalizează bootcampul de salesforce. Am făcut și asta, la final am aflat ca nu exista proiecte pe salesforce și nu doar atât dar nici bonusurile nu le primim. Mergea perfect un gif aici : "asta se cheamă teapa, ce nu ai mai luat pana acum ?"
    3. Când erau vizite ale directorilor prin oraș eram invitați la restaurante ( invitația făcută pe banii firmei... teoretic ) Practic noi angajații aveam meniu stabilit fix și insuficient, ex: 6 inele de calamar la o masa de oameni sau 3 bucăți de peste la o masa de 4 oameni. Pe de alta parte masa directorilor era plina de platouri comandate de ei extra.( ei aveau card special pentru asta, noi câștigam doar 2200 ron pe luna ). M-am simțit asa de prost încât sincer am plecat, 4 oameni flamanzi cu așteptări de a manca ceva uitandu-se la 3 bucăți de peste și neștiind cum sa le împartă a fost mult prea mult. La următoarele știam deja ce va fi asa ca mâncam de acasă.
    4. Team buildinguri au fost doua: Unul în care dacă doream sa participam trebuia sa plătim noi cazarea și unul la pădure, 2 nopți de stat în pădure cu cort propriu sau cu posibilitatea de a ne închiria unul firma pentru 90 ron. Nu am participat la nici unul.
E prima firma de IT si nu știu dacă asa trebuie sa fie sau daca sunt altele mai rele dar stiu ca pe mine unul compania asta m-a adus intr-un punct mai jos decât eram înainte de angajare: datorii, stres, frustrări, speranțe distruse..
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2023.05.30 21:14 BaronVonSilver91 Joke went so far over my head I thought it was a ufo

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2023.05.30 21:11 TennisFlimsy4527 New DeFi Protocol on PulseChain 💜

New DeFi Protocol on PulseChain 💜
1st Auto-Stake protocol on PulseChain. Offering crazy APYs for the 1st month.
Presale tmrw. Experienced team with big plans for DeFi on PulseChain.
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2023.05.30 19:15 RSLee2 Pink Blood on the Clocktower - Rise of the Leviathan: Preview 1/2 & Sign-Ups

Faraway Town

In the ordinarily quiet small town of Faraway Town, a fierce battle was underway. Although the town was normally a mundane place free from such things, a pair with otherworldly powers had found themselves in fierce combat. Most couldn't see exactly what was going on, but there was one observer on the sidelines watching the battle with a casual calm.
you almost done there, math man?
Don't undervalue me! I can solve this equation on my own.
hey, no problem. if you wanna do the work, that's fine with me.
i'm "counting" on you, heh.
Huff... Huff... You're... not bad.
Shoulda stayed asleep, Yoctogram. You were better off that way.
Why are you even here, anyway? This isn't your world. Why do you even care?
your kind are causing a lotta messes. somebody had to start cleaning after you all.
Normally, I would have a negative value of caring about what you all do. But you're messing with the Multiverse and I live there. So you're gonna have to get subtracted.
I see... But I'm afraid I'm not going to let it be that easy... Isn't that right, guys?
That's right... Goblin...
Right... We'll stop them...
They must die...
For the glory of the Po...
heh. guess she's been busy since she showed up here.
Whatever. She can add as many variables to this equation as she wants. It's not going to stop me.
We'll see. You guys can handle the big guy, right? I'll take the skeleton.
you sure you wanna try that? because if you really insist on picking a fight with me…
you're gonna have a bad time.

Hope’s Peak Academy…

Sheesh. That was a long game.
Yet another game of Blood on the Clocktower had come to an end. After some non-disclosure agreements were signed, the various players had all gone their separate ways. Though one, in particular, had lingered around the halls.
Not sure why they felt the need to trick us into thinking that our lives were in danger. What is up with this school?
Turururu... Hello, Hatsune Miku. Aoi has been waiting.
Eh? Have we met?
Considering how many collabs you do, we probably have. You just wouldn't know it.
But that's a very long, very obscure, and very spoilable story.
Ooookay... Who are you?
Aoi is Aoi. Been waiting for you.
Did you need an autograph or something? It's been a long day but I wouldn't mind. Anything for a fan.
Aoi's not really into Vocaloids. God is a big fan though. But Aoi actually here for other things.
Not here because you're an Idol. Aoi here because you're a Traveller.
A traveller?
Miku's been to a lot of worlds, right? Many, many worlds.
Oh? That kind of traveller. Well, an Idol's work is never done.
It'd be a shame not to spread my music as far as I can, right?
Aoi wants help. The multiverse has been flagged for a bad end. This world in particular is being invaded by very bad things. Very bad things.
Um... bad things? Can you be a bit more specific about it? What do you mean by bad things?
Aoi's not great at exposition. Maybe Miku should just come with. Others can explain it better.
I probably shouldn't but, aw, what the heck? You seem like a weird girl. I can spare the time to see where you're going with this.
Neat. Aoi's set off Miku's flags. Let's go. Aoi's new friends will want to meet Miku.
Just as calculated.
The battle in Faraway Town had come to a decisive end. Five teenagers laid sprawled out unconscious on the ground. Whatever dark force had taken them over had dissipated, leaving only five ordinary and somewhat battered kids i
looks like the goblin girl managed to get away, though.
Well, we'll track her down soon enough. For now, t we better go solve any other problems that her kind left behind here.
C'mon... Let's split...
With that, the pair left. One of the fallen kids began to stir awake.
Where... am I? What happened?
Mari... Where did you go, Mari...?
If you’re interested in playing, please sign-up with the form below. Given the Multiverse-heavy lore of these game, I will be accepting Non-Danganronpa characters in this particular game. As long as they have acceptable sprite sets that you can provide for me.
I do reserve the right to reject characters if necessary. But I will only do so if I have a very good reason to do so, such as if the sprites are too limited, too low quality, or potentially offensive in some way.
Sign-ups will end on June 4th, five days from now. The game will start properly on June 6th. I hope to see as many of you as possible when the game begins.
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2023.05.30 16:56 TayneTheBetaSequence Virtu Tin Foil Deep Dive - Part 2

Virtu Tin Foil Deep Dive - Part 2
DISCLAIMER: Everything from this point on is SPECULATION and a lot of this information is NOT PROVEN. Any accusations I make towards any people are not proven and should not be used to make financial decisions. I am not a financial advisor and any information provided is from resources alleging accusations against certain people/parties that may not be proven in a court of law as of this writing.
Please read my previous post before reading this post:
Please also read:
Panthers owner Viola accused of draining "staggering" $ from public investors (
TLDR - From last post
Through a series of tweets, I believe RC and Pulte are trying to point to Virtue financial based on their interesting responses to Florida Panther Tweets.
  2. BBBY is a high volume stock that has been traded on high volume over the past year and is being manipulated and barcoded for months on end being forced into Chapter 11 quicker than it should have.
  3. BBBY is one of the highest watched stocks on a daily basis
  4. Pulte tweeted about "Virtue Signaling" on 5/22/23. Alluding to a possible tip off of Virtu Financial.
  5. Pulte has already tweeted in the past month that they are going to be revealing major corruption.
  6. On Mothers Day, Cohen tweeted about shareholders and cronyism. Pulte follows up 30ish minutes later with a tweet regarding shareholders as well.
  8. Vincent Viola is accused of stealing money from shareholders and paying friends and family (AKA CRONYISM).
    1. More specifically the lead complaint is from Ohio's Iron Workers Local No. 55 pension fund which suspects it has been cheated.
  9. Could they be the market maker behind manipulating BBBY and GME stock prices?
On to the new developments:
When Pulte tweeted BIG WEEK AHEAD, holy shit, he wasn't kidding.
I worked on my previous post until about 2:30am on 5/23/23 in the morning and posted. Right around the same time as my previous post, Ryan Cohen commented on a Florida Panthers tweet at the same time in the morning. Ryan Cohen very rarely tweets this late in the day, most of his activity is within reasonable hours of the day.

5/23/23 - Ryan Cohen responds with a Fist/Punch emoji to Florida Panthers around 3:30am EST.
The fact that I did a write up about Vincent Viola and Virtu based on the Twitter activity from Pulte and Ryan Cohen, and RC makes a comment at the same time in the morning on the Florida Panthers Twitter account bewildered me.
5/22/23 - Pulte also responds to a Panthers GIF with a fire symbol. Both RC and Pulte are both responding to Panthers on the same day? Interesting.
It get's even more strange from there. Starting the morning of 5/23/23 a string of lawsuits began being filed against Virtu Financial:
I called in a personal dear friend of mine, The Count from Sesame Street, he did his due diligence and reported back to me: 13 lawsuits.
Ryan Cohen tweeted a fist/punch just before this string of lawsuits started very late at night.. I think there may have only been one pending before the tweet. RC tweets a punch.. and the lawsuits start flowing in? Is RC behind this chain of events? Also, later that morning.. Pulte tweets a fire? Maybe.. alluding to the fire has been started?
Legitimately, I post the article early in the morning. I goto bed and wake up, and I see tons of messages for me to check out all the new lawsuits against Virtu Financial. (Crazy timing)
Strange right? Not really, IMO. As in my previous post, I outline the cookie crumb trail that Ryan Cohen and Pulte were dropping over the past month (from what I can gather). The timing was definitely strange though.

5/23/23 - Ryan Cohen tweets about CEO compensation. There is some tinfoild here with the number 351 and 351 mergers.. could be a thing, but not getting into that here.
(Going back in time for this tweet) 5/14/23 - Pulte tweets about CEO Compensation and one scheme that bad CEO's do.
5/23/23 - (Same Day as RC Rocket CEO Tweet) - Pulte tweets about SHAREHOLDERS yet again. The S in shareholders is capitalized, not sure why he has done this in a few tweets (capitalizing letters of things that shouldn't be)
On May 25th, Pulte responds to a photoshopped tweet of both his head and RC's head photoshopped on Panthers players bodies.. \"True. Go cats\"
Pulte had a string of interesting tweets on 5/29/23 (Memorial Day):
5/29/2023 - Notice here, he bolds \"TM\" and \"Who Rigged it?\". Clearly he is setting up a connection for the next tweet. Could he be alluding to the Market Maker Virtu Financial who specializes in HIGH FREQUENCY TRADING?
Also, what does TM stand for? Tomorrow? Trademark? "The Market"? .... "THE MAYO!?!?!"
5/29/2023 - Notice Pulte bolds: \"There is a They\". Also this is the first time I have seen Pulte use bold in tweets in the same day, on the same subject matter. Strange that the \"T\" in They is capitalized. It shouldn't be.
Also, a wise live-streamer... Roaring Kitty? But.. I also kinda remember ABC ranting on the PP Show about something very similar to this. (I'm not combing through 100 hours of PPshow to find that)
5/29/2023 - Pulte is referencing \"They\" multiple times in this tweet. Based on the previous two bolded tweets, it appears to me he is saying: The market is rigged by someone who knows they are lying, the public/apes know it, but they don't give a flying fuck.
There is no hard evidence all three of these tweets are connected but I think the third tweet, he uses the term them "they" SIX times. In the previous tweet, on the same day, he outlines that there is a "they" and its BOLDED. The tweet before, he bolds "Who rigged it?" I see from my line of thinking: They are the ones who rigged the market. And that is the "they" he is referring to in the third tweet.
Detractors will say Pulte is talking about the bad eggs on the PulteHome board/Management or the former employee who was trolling Pulte on random accounts trying to smear his reputation. And they could easily be right, and that lines of thinking makes sense as well.
In my previous post, I mention that Pulte said that they would be revealing major corruption, does Pulte know "who they are"? Both Pulte and RC have been commenting on Florida Panther Tweets ALOT this month.
Based on the string of at least 13 lawsuits from Tuesday (5/23/23) against Virtu Financial, it's not making them look any better.
There is also this interesting article from about a month ago in regard to Virtu Financial Co-President and Co-COO selling stock:
The Co-President & Co-COO of Virtu Financial, Inc. (NASDAQ:VIRT), Brett Fairclough, Just Sold 57% Of Their Holding - Simply Wall St News (link)
Brett Fairclough, the Co-COO just happens to sell 57% before all these lawsuits start piling up? This seems rather sus.
The board of Virtu Financial is filled with non-qualified friends and family of Vincent Viola and Vincent Viola shares a majority stake ownership in the company. This is what is referred to as Cronyism.
Here's some highlights from the article:
"We wouldn't blame Virtu Financial, Inc. (NASDAQ:VIRT) shareholders if they were a little worried about the fact that Brett Fairclough, the Co-President & Co-COO recently netted about US$970k selling shares at an average price of US$19.39. Probably the most concerning element of the whole transaction is that the disposal amounted to 57% of their entire holding.
In the last twelve months, the biggest single sale by an insider was when the Executive VP of Markets & Global Head of Execution Services, Stephen Cavoli, sold US$2.6m worth of shares at a price of US$29.52 per share. While insider selling is a negative, to us, it is more negative if the shares are sold at a lower price. It's of some comfort that this sale was conducted at a price well above the current share price, which is US$19.00. So it may not shed much light on insider confidence at current levels.
In total, Virtu Financial insiders sold more than they bought over the last year. "
Also here is some additional sus information from the original article that started this whole theory:
Panthers owner Viola accused of draining "staggering" $ from public investors (
"According to Forbes, which ranks Viola’s current real time net worth as $3.4 billion, Viola used the money to splurge on real estate – including the $10-million purchase of a pair of beachfront condos in Fort Lauderdale’s Auberge Beach Residences & Spa.
Viola and his wife, Teresa, sold the places in March for $11.3 million. In December 2021 they paid $19.725 million for a six-bedroom, six-bathroom single-family beachfront home on the Gulf of Mexico in Boca Grande, records show. The home is held in the name of a Delaware corporation using the property’s address."
Beach front properties not under their own name? Under the name of a Delware corporation? (for those of you who don't understand the significance of a "Delaware" corporation. Delaware is a tax haven state, many major banks and corporations are based out of DE to get large tax breaks. If you drive into the city of Wilmington, DE... (Don't its actually very dangerous), you will see there is a ton of major banks headquartered there.)
In my previous post I highlight Ryan Cohen referencing Cronyism:
This was tweeted by Ryan Cohen, the same day (Mothers Day) as when the responses to the Florida Panthers tweets started.
In conclusion, you can see in the past one week all the developments above in my crackpot theory that RC/Pulte are targeting Virtu/Vincent Viola.
We have about 13 class action lawsuits being filed, alot of selling from insiders at Virtu Financial over the past year, we have two more interactions from RC and Pulte with the Florida Panthers Twitter account, more mentions of "SHAREHOLDERS", and Pulte ranting about the mysterious THEY... and if you can't figure out who THEY is from this post. God bless your soul and HODL.
I think we are going to see huge developments on Virtu in the coming days/weeks.
AGAIN, none of this is proven to be true, it is just me connecting tweets and news articles. I am a certified idiot, and you should not make any financial decisions based on this information, because I am not a financial advisor nor am I a legal expert.
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2023.05.30 16:55 Not-An-Actual-Hooman So that was a fucking lie

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2023.05.30 16:35 yesgoddessnova GIF creator app

Hello you guys, I am fairly new as a creator even tho I’m a photographer. I am wondering what app you guys would recommend to create gifs, I have tried already ImgPlay but it has a watermark unless you pay. I have a RedGif account and I thought it was for creating gifs but apparently not, only for verification links 🤭 again I’m fairly new creator and I am still navigating through Reddit, I am more a twitter user or ig but I’m not advertising in those social media. I am still building my audience on Reddit and I want to try gifs and later videos. Thank you for your advices :)
Post edit: sorry guys, I forgot to mention that I am a bit sensitive about data (info/images) personal storage on all these apps, it’s a big thing in Germany, where I live.
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2023.05.30 16:10 waterdragon-95 Love short girls

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2023.05.30 16:03 SnooMemesjellies2455 First time making a team

First time making a team
I usually play random battles but after watching pokeaim and blunder I wanted to try making a team. Do you guys have any tips/advice on what I should think about when creating? Here's my first time making so you can probably guess how new I am to it
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2023.05.30 16:02 recordingheart “Female human specimens” bro what

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2023.05.30 14:26 One_Sign9450 my wholesome big chungus Minecraft building 2020

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2023.05.30 14:09 bluehooves ice cream sandwich pusheen and pink big chungus pusheen are both available now at claire's uk!!

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2023.05.30 11:00 RedditGameing235 PLEASE USE FLAIRS CORRECTLY

Funny memes deserve the BIG CHUNGUS flair or the CHUNGUS MEME flair. Tysm
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2023.05.30 07:41 rarakoko7 $COSM something BIG is ready to happen. Consolidation graduation is imminent- stamp 1238 am 5/30/23

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2023.05.30 07:18 Dangerous_Strategy95 Scummy

This is what im talking about. Plus i had to block out the address this pos took after a delivery. And wanted to post it.
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2023.05.30 06:28 donwilson8392 Ass Big Tits Blonde Doggystyle Hotwife Porn Gif by isaiahblackxxx RedGIFs

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2023.05.30 04:04 Proletlariet Zero

"Spirits of the realm of magic, gather into my wings! Burn and consume the evil magic! I am Zero, the Winged Knight!"
One of the five Royal Knights of Lacora, Zero tried to defend his princess when the forces of the Dark Axis attacked, only to be sent away through a portal as he watched her petrify beneath him. This was to fulfill a prophecy, that one day Zero would return with the means to undo the petrification that now covered his homeland. Over a year passed before Zero would find himself in Neotopia, fighting the Dark Axis alongside Captain Gundam. While he would initially be hostile to him and Shute, they soon formed the Gundam Force together in a combined effort to fight against the Dark Axis. Using both his swordplay and magic, Zero fights with both honour and nobility, determined to not lose another princess.






Blunt Force









Zero requires his Buster Sword to use magic, with the seeming exception of those under 'conjuration'.

Lacroa Cresent

Shields / Barriers




Feather Dragon Fusion

While many magical beasts live in Lacroa, there are a few known to be high above the others: The Summoned Beasts, creatures who could be called to whoever they perceive as their master, fusing with them and increasing their abilities. While there was thought to only be four such creatures, there was actually a fifth, lying dormant in a spirit egg until it was collected and awoken by Zero as part of the prophesy to save Lacroa. While initially unassuming, being a cute fluffball that only ever said 'fenn' (leading to his name), he would soon take on his true form as the legendary feathered dragon. Like this, he can fuse with Zero, increasing his abilities.
Zero holds one of Fenn's feathers in his chestpiece, which has been shown to shoot out a beam of energy to call Fenn to him. In this situation, they were in a space between dimensions, but he also had no idea Fenn was nearby after being lost to a crack into said space. Usually, Zero can fuse with Fenn whenever he's nearby, though he's often far away in places unknown

Fenn On His Own




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