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Your weekly /r/Chiptunes roundup for the week of November 22 - November 28

2022.11.29 17:04 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/Chiptunes roundup for the week of November 22 - November 28

Tuesday, November 22 - Monday, November 28

Top Music

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50 11 comments [MUSIC] Home away from home, my first ever original song, I have chosen the NES to have my first ever song haha
29 7 comments [MUSIC] My new Song "Sophisticated Miner" is out now
25 3 comments [MUSIC] "Potential for Anything" from VVVVVV in famitracker
17 2 comments [MUSIC] Aldynes - Stage 5 (Hively tracker)
14 2 comments [MUSIC] Sonic - Scrap Brain - Mega Drive/Genesis Recreation (Furnace)
12 2 comments [MUSIC] We made all our digital original albums 20 dollars because fuck Black Friday. If you do want to spend money, everything purchased this weekend will be donated to charity.
11 2 comments [MUSIC] short loop i made in famitracker
10 2 comments [MUSIC] [Atari 8-bit] chiptune made with old native Atari Music ProTracker.
10 2 comments [MUSIC] Aldynes - Stage 4 (Hively tracker)
10 6 comments [MUSIC] A good chill n00bstar music over (I hope) neat visuals

Top Remaining Posts

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13 15 comments [QUESTION] Looking for composer for pixel art fantasy RPG (paid commission)
13 3 comments [SHOW] GwEm visiting the north of England.
9 9 comments [QUESTION] why does the NES and Gameboy pulse channels have different timbres?
9 2 comments [MUSIC] Brand new for 2022 - Commodore 64 crack intro Chiptune!!
8 4 comments [MUSIC] "Night Stroll" - Jarvis9999
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