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2023.06.07 10:37 Plastic_Mulberry1340 Physics 1 with Gilbert

If anyone is on the fence about taking physics with Gilbert this quarter or any upcoming quarter, just go for it. He is literally the best teacher in the world. He’s super chill (and some people think he sounds like John Mulaney minus the coke) and his class is really laid back and actually enjoyable. Never in my life would I have thought “physics is actually kinda fun” under any other circumstances. He’s like if a professor was a girls girl if that makes sense. He also answers piazza questions in 2 minutes- no exaggeration. One time I asked a question at like 3 a.m. and he answered immediately
Your grade is based on 4 multiple choice quizzes with 8 questions each, Kudu homework that you get unlimited tries per question on, and the final (and “extra credit” bonus questions!). Literally as long as you understand the concepts you’re learning and pay attention you’ll do great. Nothing is ever made with the intention to deceive you.
Gilbert if you see this just know that you’ve been a real one this quarter and I hope they give you 1C in the winter next year
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2023.06.07 10:36 Certifiedmidwife Power of Having a Life Coach for Midwives

The term “life coach” refers to someone that will be there to help you in the hard-hitting and challenging moments of your life who is capable of guiding you through the process and leads you to see things in a different way as well as refine your strategy to reach your main goal. The majority of us are stuck in our own ways, unless another individual helps us see things clearly and helps us understand, we are often not aware of the factors that could be hindering us. It’s an enormous task to tackle this on your own. In that regard, here are 5 reasons you need a life coach in case you’re serious about achieving success in whatever you’re striving for.

Reasons Why You Need a Life Coach as a Midwife

  1. You have trouble sticking to the plan in achieving your goals
For many people, reaching targets and sticking to the plan isn’t easy. It’s not only the art of setting goals that they find challenging but actually following through. A life coach can assist you to not only set your goals but also aid you in finding strong sufficient reasons why you need to succeed in the first place. Aside from that. A life coach can give you a fresh view of what you may have missed out, why you’re not capable of achieving the huge objectives you’ve set previously, as well as how you can organize your life in a way that empowers you instead of holding your back. They can also serve as an accountability partner standing by your guideline, step-by-step to help you see things from a different angle.
2. Limiting beliefs stops you
It is often difficult to keep up with our goals in our lives because, in our minds, there are limiting beliefs that keep us behind. Life coaches are crucial in helping you determine the limitations of your beliefs to help you push ahead instead of feeling behind. For instance, if you’ve always been told that you’re a big-boned person and have been telling people the same story for years and years, how can you be sure that you’ll lose some significant weight? That belief that you’ve told yourself over and over will affect your capacity to actually follow through. A life coach can identify this limiting belief and will help you beat it.
3. You don’t know where to start with improving your life
Sometimes we aren’t sure how to start. We get caught up in the idea of success and we know that we’d like to accomplish something but feel overwhelmed and helpless, which is why we don’t know where to begin. Perhaps it’s because it’s not something we believe that we are worthy of or it could be a different reason, but we aren’t sure where or how to start. The sheer magnitude of huge goals can sometimes overwhelm us. It’s difficult to stay focused on the issues when you’re not able to even overcome the feeling of being helpless and being overwhelmed by the idea of where to begin. Life coaches will assess your individual situation and help you to take the first step to pursue your goals.
4. You are often anxious and stressed
Life can get stressful. I’m aware of the times I fell short repeatedly during some courses of my life, I experienced many of the stressful moments of my life. I was devastated beyond imagination. Although, I gained a lot from the experience of failure and having those constant emotional states become a regular feature within your life isn’t a good thing at all. If you take all our obligations that range from family to work and social life, it’s easy to understand why we are overwhelmed. It’s not a pleasant feeling, mostly when you feel like the walls are closing in upon you. Having perspectives and outside assistance of life coaching can help you overcome those depressing feelings.
5. You feel alone and not supported by family and friends
It’s difficult to remain in the present and focus on what you want to achieve in the absence of the backing of those close to you. If your friends and family members don’t support your goals, it’s easy to forget about the larger perspective. If we’re constantly dealing with the negativity that surrounds us, what can we do to advance? Your life coach is there to help with whatever. They serve as your helper. Even if your family and friends don’t support you, they’re there for you. Even though it’s not cheap, it’s well worth it. The knowledge and experience of life coaches can be invaluable tool to help us to achieve our goals.
We sometimes don’t acknowledge these reasons and will just ask ourselves, why am I not doing good? What are the reasons why I constantly fail? Or What should I do to be successful? If you’ve started asking questions like this, a life coach can certainly help you. This is my personal life coach for the last 5yrs, and she is an amazing support for midwives and birth workers. She really understands our challenges and how to balance all the demands of being in the world realm.
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2023.06.07 10:35 Candescent_Cascade Scoring in 10th: A Knightly Perspective

With the Leviathan mission deck fully known now, I decided it’s time to focus on one of the most important issues for us in 10th – how to score. I don’t think we’ll have many issues with scoring Primary so I’m going to focus on the 16 secondary missions… which certainly leave me feeling nervous. A lot of the missions require us to either (i) have units ‘wholly within’, or (ii) have multiple units perform ‘actions’ (although they are no longer called that.) Each of those things are tricky for us, due to our large base sizes and the fact we generally don’t have the units to spare. Perhaps Imperial Agents may help rectify that – although I’m not convinced they are robust enough to rely on in the late game.
I’ve categorized SEVEN of the 16 missions as ‘Hard’ for us – three fixed (Behind Enemy Lines, Engage on All Fronts, Cleanse) and four tactical (Investigate Signals, Area Denial, A Tempting Target, Capture Enemy Outpost). I think that means choosing tactical missions isn’t really an option – there are too many we can’t really score on demand. If that’s the case, it means we’re going to be looking for how to score fixed missions reliably.
Assassination and Bring it Down are both great into the right opponents, but we can’t really rely on either of them. Into any army with 6+ characters we’ll probably be taking assassination though! That leaves Storm Hostile Objective and Deploy Teleport Homers as our two default options. SHO requires us to do what we’ll be trying to do anyway – flip objectives. It caps out at 16, but I can’t see us scoring much higher than that with alternatives. DTH requires us to have a unit within the enemy deployment zone (or board centre, for less points) perform an ‘action’ – it realistically will cap out at 18. It’s a downgrade on Renew the Oaths, as we’ll only score a maximum of 10 from the centre of the battlefield. However, it really does feel like those four Fixed missions are what we have to build for – an aggressive primary game that focuses on SHO and then having DTH as our backup if neither Assassination or Bring it Down look tempting.
Thoughts? Am I overlooking something with this analysis?
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2023.06.07 10:35 No-Expression-399 I’m convinced I must have been cursed..

I believe I was cursed a while back since my life has been a nightmare ever since I found chicken feet/claws in front of my doorstep.
Everything goes wrong; I’m always at the wrong place at the wrong time. Everywhere I go I always have people acting in an aggressive way towards me; I’ve had 12 near death experiences since finding the chicken feet (attempted strangling, almost got shot, robbed twice, beat up severely 2-3 times, stalked, hit by car, ended up in ONLY abusive relationships, 3 car wrecks and the list goes on).
Electronics always die when I touch or interact with them even if they are brand new. My health is in a severely bad state even though I’m only in my 20s and doctors can never figure out why or how to treat it.
I have been bullied or singled out in every situation I’ve been in (whether it be school, work or any other social situation, even though I’ve never done anything to hurt others & have been friendly).
I know that the person who put the chicken feet there absolutely hated me (because of all the bad stuff my mother did to them - she was a cruel woman but I’m afraid that they cursed my family as well which would include me).
I really never believed in the spiritual realm before but I’m starting to wonder.
Is it possible to remove the curse yourself if you are the victim of this curse?
I really need help; I’m really at the end of my rope. 💕
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2023.06.07 10:35 Mr_OttoZ What should I upgrade my CPU and Motherboard too?

My computer runs most games fine but it runs into some issues with newer games e.g Jedi survivor(which I know has issues within itself) also running modded minecraft or other modded games and multitasking watching youtube my cpu struggles a lot. I would like to also say my setup is around 8 years old and has treated me well.
I have recently upgraded some parts mostly the GPU and PSU to help it but I think it might be time to get a new CPU and Mother for my systems.
So my question is what would be good budget CPU and motherboard to get for my system, also don't worry about the size of the motherboard. I'm looking for less than $1000 Aud.
Current Specs:
Intel Core i5-7600K, MSI Z270 GAMING M5 (MS-7A78), Gigabyte RTX 3070 Gaming OC Rev 2.0, VENGEANCE LPX DDR4 SDRAM 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 DRAM, MSI A750GF 80 Gold Plus, Two Monitors G27F(Main) and Dell P2312H
Thanks any feedback would be awesome and happy to answer any queries
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2023.06.07 10:34 thedrunkrealtor Is there anything I can do about this cop situation?

So I was driving home around 3am from work and I had my kid in the car. I noticed there was a car behind me with their brights on. I was having a hard time seeing so I slowed down a bit. Long story short, it ended up being a cop. I was stopped at a red light about to turn and then he turned his lights on. I turn into a parking lot and two cops are now behind me. I roll down the windows and the cop proceeds to ask me if I have been drinking because I was serving and then proceeded to say that it was under the lines for a DUI. I tell him that I don’t drink and haven’t been drinking, but he doesn’t believe that. So I get out of the car and walk around for proof. He then goes “why would you do that? “You’re being suspicious.” “Normally people don’t do that at traffic stops.” He then proceeded to ask about my kid, etc. And then goes on to talk about the car I’m in. He then asks to search my glovebox so I comply because I have nothing to hide and I just want to get home. It’s obvious he was looking for something because he didn’t put anything back. He then goes back to the whole DUI thing and how I was swerving lanes and I proceed to tell him that I was having a hard time seeing because he had his brights on behind me, making it hard to see. He declines and says he doesn’t know what I am talking about and says “oh it must have been the LED’s.) He then calls up whoever for just in case backup and then reads to them my license # etc. After that charade the other officer is just like “yeah I didn’t see anything so idk what he’s talking about”. He seemed pretty cool, but also just like there just to be there. Idk. But the officer who pulled me over came back and said “well you’re obviously not drunk, but I’m gonna let you off with a warning for swerving lanes. My name is …., so you can call the station and make a complaint if you’d like. Have a nice night.”
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2023.06.07 10:34 AccordingMight8069 I, a German firefighter, have competed in Ironman 3 times and hope to become a survival master.

I, a German firefighter, have competed in Ironman 3 times and hope to become a survival master.
My name is Christopher Rauch. I am 34 years old and work as a professional firefighter in Germany.
Since my childhood, I dreamed of becoming a firefighter and was able to fulfill my dream.
Licensed by Christopher

1. Realizing Dream

Once upon a time in Germany, there lived a determined and adventurous soul named Christopher. As a child, he roamed the enchanting forests, constructing imaginative shelters and secret hiding spots. His love for nature and the great outdoors fueled his spirit.
As he grew older, a new passion emerged – cycling. Christopher's days were filled with exhilarating rides, and his skills led him to work in a bike shop, where he honed his expertise in selling and repairing bikes.

Licensed by Christopher

Licensed by Christopher​​
However, Christopher's true calling was yet to be discovered. The turning point came when he embarked on a rigorous journey to become a firefighter.
The demanding training consumed his time, leaving little room for his beloved cycling adventures. Nevertheless, he remained resilient, determined to pursue his dream. After completing the firefighter exam, he found himself yearning for a new passion, a new challenge.

2. Ironman Period

"I started training for triathlons in 2016 and have competed in 3 consecutive triathlons from 2017-2019. By 2020, when I wanted to participate for a fourth time, a new coronavirus outbreak put an end to my plans to compete. I have attended three Ironman events and finished each one.
Here I have to say training is one thing, but you win something like that in your head.
Ironman is something special, you feel good, the next moment bad again, then suddenly good again. This goes on for hours... Constantly up and down.
Here the head is challenged because I can stop and stop - at any time!"
Enter the world of triathlons. Christopher dove headfirst into the realm of swimming, biking, and running, dedicating a staggering 25 hours a week to training for the ultimate goal – IRONMAN.
The Ironman, a triathlon that we are more familiar with, has reached a distance of 3.862 kilometers of swimming, 180.246 kilometers of cycling, and 42.195 kilometers of running. Even elite male athletes need 8 hours or more.

Licensed by Christopher​​
In 2016, Christopher began training for triathlons and completed three consecutive triathlons between 2017 to 2019. In 2020, a coronavirus outbreak forced the cancellation of his plans to compete in a fourth triathlon. Christopher has completed three IRONMAN triathlons, saying that while training is critical, "you win something like that in your head. It's a mindset." The IRONMAN triathlon provides constant ups and downs for hours.
Over three years, he faced countless trials and triumphs, pushing himself to the limits. Yet, the mental toll began to weigh heavily, leaving him feeling burnt out and uninspired.

3. Outdoor Period

"For outside, I first had to get suitable clothes, a sleeping bag, and a large backpack.
Furthermore, fire steel, water filter, and little things like knives and paracord as well as a first aid kit or IFAK.
I deliberately do without a tent because I want to enjoy nature, which I can only do to a limited extent in a tent. I sleep in my sleeping bag, so I have a bivy sack and a sleeping mat."
However, Christopher's unwavering spirit sought solace in the very place where his childhood adventures thrived – the peaceful embrace of the forest. Here, he discovered his sanctuary, where he could sleep beneath the starlit sky, gather around crackling campfires, and build shelters that echoed the wonders of his youth. Equipped with suitable gear like a sleeping bag, backpack, fire steel, water filter, and the essentials of survival, Christopher found solace in nature's embrace.

Licensed by Christopher​​

4. Survival Touch

In his career as a firefighter, Christopher experienced moments that touched his soul. The joy of aiding people in dire situations, particularly when it involved saving babies and children, ignited a flame within him. One event, in particular, left an indelible mark. Guiding a panicked mother over the phone to successfully resuscitate her 8-month-old child, Christopher witnessed the incredible power of life-saving skills and their profound impact.
Driven by his desire to do more for others, Christopher participated in a marathon, donning the weighty gear of a firefighter, symbolizing the burdens carried by burn victims.
The exhaustion paled in comparison to the satisfaction of raising donations for children affected by burns.

Licensed by Christopher​​
Inspired to expand his knowledge and share his expertise, he pondered, "Could others benefit from first aid skills too?"

5. "Survival Academy"&Rhino Rescue

Motivated by this question, Christopher embarked on a new chapter in his life. He founded the "Tactical Combat Survival Academy" to empower individuals with essential survival skills and first aid knowledge. Courses catering to outdoor enthusiasts, beginners, and advanced learners, as well as specialized training for hunters and riflemen, were his way of extending a helping hand to those seeking guidance. The academy's launch was imminent, with Christopher eagerly preparing materials like resuscitation manikins, bandages, tourniquets, and more.

Licensed by Christopher​​
"My company is still quite new. The first course is planned for June. I still have to get some material for the training. resuscitation manikin, bandage material, TQ, and similar."

Licensed by Christopher​​
"This is where I came across Rhino Rescue. I needed material for my IFAK and ordered various items online to view. At Rhino Rescue, I was amazed at the variety and quality and used the products out of conviction. They are also used in my courses and are also very popular with the participants."
During his quest for survival resources, Christopher encountered Rhino Rescue. Their products astounded him with their variety, exceptional quality, and unwavering dedication to preparedness. Filled with conviction, he incorporated Rhino Rescue's equipment into his courses, captivating his participants with their effectiveness and reliability.

Licensed by Christopher​​

6. Survival Synergy

In the present day, Christopher finds himself embracing the perfect synergy between his firefighting profession and his role as a trainer. Through his experiences, he has amassed invaluable knowledge, which he generously imparts to his eager participants. The future holds the promise of additional courses, including Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) and Tactical.

Licensed by Christopher​​
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2023.06.07 10:34 The_clown_king I can’t make sense of myself.

I came out to myself months ago and had a lot of my life come up and hit me almost immediately after. I was so busy I stopped trying to correct people and be true to myself. Now I have a new job under my biological name, everyone I know thinks I’m some 6’ 22 year old cis white guy and it’s fucking me up (pardon my language). Every time I look in the mirror I see some random man who I know isn’t me. I hear the same baritone voice I know isn’t mine when I speak. I wish I could make it go away but then everyone would change on me. My fiancé would go crazy about me being femme in any way, my boss would make the entire crew go through lessons on how to be respectful which will just make them resent me, my friends won’t know how to handle things or what to say. I want both worlds but I can’t have them and it’s breaking me. Sorry. Had to vent somewhere.
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2023.06.07 10:34 Free_Lecture7892 I’m going to knock 3,000 doors in the next 30 days. Realistically speaking, how many leads are likely to convert?

I’m a new realtor, been practicing my script and learning from my mentor for the past month. Here is what I have:
Me: Hello sima’am my name is ___ with ____
Lead: Hi there
Me: Recently this property was sold in your proximity for above asking price… proceed to hand them a flyer And we are just wondering whether you are also interested in pursuing this opportunity?
Lead: (Majority of the times) No… we are not interested
Me: Alright, no worries, and then I leave
If lead says: Yea I’m interest,
Me: I would proceed to talk more as if we are having a conversation using the LMPAPA script if they are looking to upsize, or downsize.
In the end I say: Alright, it was great to meet you, and if you don’t mind, let’s stay in touch because we would love to give you market updates, and send you weekly listings. What would be a good phone number to reach you at?
I keep track of my door knocking, I’ve knocked about 100 doors in the past month and 95% don’t answer. In that case, I would just leave a flyer.
Now I’m changing my strategy to knocking 100 doors in a month to 100 doors a day, so 3,000 a month. Based on what I described above, are there any helpful tips that I could incorporate, and what would be a realistic conversion rate if I knock 3,000 doors in a month?
Thank you!
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2023.06.07 10:34 Future_Khai My issue is, my battery on my rechargeable keychain light is always dead since I’m not good with constantly charging it. Does anyone else have this problem and have you found a solution that works?

I just don’t charge my flashlight enough and it’s not a habit I’m gonna start worrying about. I only use my light a few times a week max and I use a RovyVon light. My flashlight doesn’t need to be bright just better than my cell
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2023.06.07 10:33 eatfortunecookie Social and career issues due to a rare and very embarrassing medical condition

I am really in need of advice, and maybe even a little encouragement or confidence boost. I’ll keep this as short as possible…
Read this and please try to raise awareness if you can: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/man-20-committed-suicide-because-1141230.amp
I have spent my life with a rare, mentally-debilitating condition called idiopathic craniofacial erethyma, which is a nervous system condition that causes chronic blushing and red face for any (- sometimes no- ) reason. There was actually a “House MD” episode on it. I have an extreme version of it where it happens daily almost constantly unless I’m at home alone relaxing on the couch or something.It’s very obvious , incredibly embarrassing , causes my heart to race and makes people uncomfortable . It’s basically my fight or flight response In total overdrive .
As a result of this I got into drinking/drug use to try and take away the anxiety. A decade of my life that ended up being a total waste. Some of it worked, but not for long and then I was going thru withdrawals and the nightmare of getting sober. I’ve tried many psych. Meds including off-label ones typically for blood pressure that make me dizzy and nauseous. None really are effective. I’ve tried therapy. I’ve tried so many things, including many different doctors. I have bad PTSD and childhoood trauma which only adds to its frequency and is probably a main cause of it . It’s not something I can control.
It’s to the point where I’ve limited myself in life tremendously, and spent a decade in and out of rehabs because of the methods I tried to treat it myself. Just imagine: Anytime someone walks up to you, speaks to you, or asks you a question you go bright red. You basically can’t keep any of your private thoughts private. One time I had a Manager confront employees about money being stolen. I turned bright red because I was worried that I would and then they’d think it was me when it wasn’t. My manager saw my reaction and I was almost fired. If they hadn’t found who it was on the cameras after days of going through footage, she might even had gone as far as to attempt to press charges, which she threatened to do. This is what I mean. It’s not some minor thing like every acts it is when I ask for advice they say “who cares don’t care what people think it’s no big deal “ it goes way beyond that.
Right now I work overnights as a front desk at a motel because I don’t interact with people much that way. But if only I didn’t have this condition I know I have the smarts to do more with my life. And I make shit money.
But I do have it. And unless I get a risky surgery that could leave me permanently mentally disabled if it goes wrong, I’m shit out of luck.
I feel like giving up and don’t see a viable solution. I feel cursed. My finances are complete shit, I have no social life, my mom died when I was young and my whole family is fucked up and can’t help me. It just feels like I’m in a dark hole with no way out.
To some it might not seem like a big deal1 until you are living with it. It’s not something I can take deep breaths and make stop. It’s not something I can always just make a joke about or brush off in conversation such as when that manager thought I stole.
I give up. Thx for any input you can provide…so much for “keeping it short”
if you actually read all this thank you so much and I hope someone out there has a good suggestion for me because I’m at my wits end at this point and bracing for having to go live in my car again lol.
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2023.06.07 10:33 UmpireNo5681 Pfizer reaction

My name is Mallory and I’m only 15 years old. It was two years ago when I received my first dose of Pfizer when all of a sudden 30 minutes later I started feeling a burning tingling sensation In my head and felt fatigued and lightheaded. I told my parent I really feel weird and not ok but they said oh it’s nothing and I went to gymnastics the next day but I had difficulty breathing and felt like I was going to pass out so I went home and literally felt like I was going to die right then however I never saw a doctor although I really should have but time passed and my symptoms never completely went away but I guess were not as severe. Fast forward to now I have heart rate issues, extreme difficulty breathing, weird head sensations, as well as those other symptoms I had got after the vaccine. I feel like I’m dying and have gone to the er 8 times literally. I’m going to see a neurologist because of this but I’m curious if anyone out there has had these symptoms or died years later after this? Ps: it was only the 1st dose I had this reaction the second time I felt ok.
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2023.06.07 10:33 finditplz1 I’m trying for the “Walk Like an Egyptian” achievement. I have seemingly satisfied every requirement a couple of times but it won’t pop. Anyone have advice?

Both built on floodplains. Using gathering storm.
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2023.06.07 10:33 cyberlife777 Gained weight and I feel very upset

Over the past 2 weeks or so I gained a little over 1.1kg because of a bad PMS episode and also because I went on holiday where I couldn’t track my calories. I was 72.9kg on 22 May and today (7 June) I’m back at 74.1kg (I started at 74.5kg). I can see very visible weight gain in my face which upsets me.
So not only has my weight loss journey been extremely slow (only lost like 2kg in 3 months), but I’ve now gained half the weight for the first time since I started. To be fair, I haven’t exercised at all and often ate over my sedentary calorie deficit of 1200 a day (though not over my TDEE of 1700). And then not tracking on holiday probably made me gain a lot.
I guess there’s not really much to say… I simply have to keep going. The good thing is my taste has completely changed and it’s easy for me to continue eating healthy. I will also start exercising every day, though it’s harder for me than eating healthy. I was just hoping for a little encouragement :( I was really glad to see my weight dropping due to eating in a calorie deficit, but of course it sucks to see my weight increase.
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2023.06.07 10:32 baconandplants Curious about the red cross; I'm writing scripts and had some majorly (great) experiences yesterday/recently that might influence a script. Is now a good time to complete it/start it, should I wait? Or is it saying something else (POF is 10H Gem Moon also, not shown here)? Thank you!

Curious about the red cross; I'm writing scripts and had some majorly (great) experiences yesterday/recently that might influence a script. Is now a good time to complete it/start it, should I wait? Or is it saying something else (POF is 10H Gem Moon also, not shown here)? Thank you! submitted by baconandplants to astrologyreadings [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 10:32 No_Resident_6823 Australia VS Netherlands

I (an international student) recently got an opportunity to pursue my undergrad in both of these countries and i’m having difficulty in choosing. id like to know what you’d choose if you were me based on standard of living, quality of life, education, future prospects etc,
course details
Australia: bachelor in business administration from a group of eight uni in the national capital. course starts in july.
Netherlands: Bsc business administration from a research uni near Arnhem. course starts in august.
Both have great courses and specializations offered but Australia has more variety and flexibility. Duration is 3 years for both.
I require a study visa for both countries but haven’t applied yet.
Netherlands: thankfully i have housing for the first year. what worries me is if i’ll be able to find accommodation for the next two years and further given the housing crisis.
Australia: haven’t started looking for accommodation yet but im sure i’ll get one on campus.
Future plans
i propose to get work experience in the respective country after bachelors and earn a decent amount of money. i hope to return to my home country in 3-4 years. no plans of settling in a country abroad as of now.
other info
haven’t started learning dutch yet. i propose to learn it during my stay.
the tuition fee for both unis is almost the same. i plan to work part time to cover my living expenses or even tuition fee (if that’s even possible)
i’m a shy person but willing to socialize in order to get by 👍🏻.
PS: being vague with the details so i don’t doxx myself
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2023.06.07 10:32 dybkkvf I don’t know what I am

I’m 21 year old female. I started to think that maybe I am bisexual a couple years ago, but I’m never sure about anything without a proof! I don’t have any experience of dating or even having a crush. This is not just with women. I’ve never had any romantic experience with anyone in my entire life. The idea of dating someone (regardless of gender) seems nice and I fantasize about it sometimes, but it’s just a fantasy. Am I really capable of being attracted to someone? Maybe I haven’t met the right person, or maybe I’m just too shy because even being friends is difficult for me. But I want a proof of my identity! So, I put myself on a dating app, force myself out of my comfort zone. I realized that I’m more aesthetically attracted to women than men, but I don’t know if it’s because I like them or I just want to look like them. I talked to some people on the app and actually went on a date with a woman twice! I think it went well and we both had fun! We went to a cafe and a beach and talked about ourselves. But I don’t feel any different from just taking to my friends. I don’t know how to move forward from here. Now, I’m not sure if we should keep seeing each other or I’m just wasting her time. Can someone just tell what I am and what I should do?
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2023.06.07 10:32 Special_Paint6173 The Tilt Is Real

The Tilt Is Real
Does anyone else ever feel like their brain breaks, and even over the course of a week seems to be unable to play chess anymore.
The excitement I had as I approached 2000 Elo, thinking finally this game just clicked and I was doing it.
Now I can't seem to get through a single game without repeated blunders.
It seems impossible to continue after this....
I'm tired Boss..
/rant over
TL/DR: I've lost 400 ELO in a week, and my brain don't chess no more and that makes me sad.
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2023.06.07 10:32 nuchgirl17 Living with undiagnosed issues

I was diagnosed when I was younger with ADHD (which I very much do you have) and also generalized anxiety disorder, and depression. Im 21 now and I feel like the anxiety and depression is no longer my diagnosis due to how I act and behave. I just want to feel peace. I just want to feel peaceful. I want my mind to stop going 1000 miles a minute. I feel so “good”, then I’m angry, then I’m utter despair to the point of harming myself (cutting). I feel like no one likes me, no one loves me. I act out and lash out and hurt the best people around me. I do things I shouldn’t/ wouldn’t “normally” want to do but I just can’t stop myself. Most of the time I don’t even remember the awful things I do until I come to and realize I fucked up. Validation is my key to happiness but I never feel it. I went to a doctor recently who told me I very likely have BPD but he didn’t want to diagnose me with it due to the way other doctors may treat me with they on my chart and due to it being such a “serious” issue. I need advice/ help on what to do.
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2023.06.07 10:31 dwredbaker Rulers should exemplify temperance~D. W. "Red" Baker

Ecclesiastes 10:16,17~" Woe to thee, O land, when thy king is a child, and thy princes eat in the morning! Blessed art thou, O land, when thy king is the son of nobles, and thy princes eat in due season, for strength, and not for drunkenness!"
"Woe to thee O land"~A woe is pronounced upon a land, for nations depends strength depends upon sober and diligent rulers.
  1. The child here is not of age, but rather childish, foolish leaders sobriety of a mind controls by wisdom.
  2. The conjunctive and indicates the child is compared to excessive luxury by princes, or leaders, if you will.
  3. the next verse indicates the child king is contrasted to a king with nobility and proper training.
  4. What does a childish king/leader do? They play rather than soberly engage themselves for his nation, the people he is serving. He does not rule/guide the government which he is over, to practice temperance.
  5. This world has had a few excellent rulers, but ONLY a few.
  6. King James 1 of England wrote a commentary on revelation at the young age of 18. The issue is not age, but character, self-discipline, and gravity. In my lifetime, I have yet to see one such leader.
  7. A nation is on the brink of destruction when its leaders are foolish and luxurious. Much of what we see in our day!
And they princes eat in the morning~There is no sin in eating breakfast, but the lust of the flesh for luxurious gluttony and drunkenness is sin, which our next verse indicates is the foolish corruption under consideration.
So obsessed with partying that they start early and do it often.
We all have been there: 1st Peter 4:2,3................
"That he no longer should live the rest of his time in the flesh to the lusts of men, but to the will of God. For the time past of our life may suffice us to have wrought the will of the Gentiles, when we walked in lasciviousness, lusts, excess of wine, revellings, banquetings, and abominable idolatries:"
Apart from the grace of God would still be there, enjoying every minute of it. But such a lifestyle of gluttony, drunkenness, are ruinous. Destruction is just right around the corner.
Blessed art thou, O land when they king is the son of nobles~The issue is not birthright, but rather the character and proper training. The primary issue in any leader or ruler is an issue of character! Exodus 18:21; 1st Timothy 3:1-13.
And they princes eat in due season, for strength, and not for drunkenness.
  1. Temperance, contrary to the Temperance Movement, is moderation, not abstinence.
  2. We live in the days of eating, drinking, in an excess, which we must avoid. Moderation in ALL things is the mark we all should aim for and set an examples for our children and their children to follow.
  3. The excess of food and alcohol corrupts one's sensibilities in many ways. Proverbs 30:7-9......
"Two things have I required of thee; deny me them not before I die: Remove far from me vanity and lies: give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with food convenient for me: Lest I be full, and deny thee, and say, Who is the LORD? or lest I be poor, and steal, and take the name of my God in vain."
What did Agur request? He then asked God to give him only convenient and modest success (Pr 30:8). He wanted to avoid both poverty and wealth, knowing that each brought its own set of temptations and trials (Pr 30:9). He did not pray against both for the carnal difficulties each could bring, but rather for their effect on His love of God. Riches could puff up his mind and turn him away from God (Pr 18:11; 28:11; I Tim 6:6-10), and poverty could lead him to steal and disgrace God’s name (Pr 1:10-19; 6:30-31).
These two requests were very wise and noble. Agur did not use prayer to satisfy his lusts, as most men do when they pray (Jas 4:3). He sought the glory of God, the truth, and the spiritual good of his soul, even if it meant sacrificing some success. As in Solomon’s case, obtaining wisdom to please God was more important than riches (I Kgs 3:5-13). As with Moses, reproach with God’s people was better than sinful pleasures (Heb 11:24-26).
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2023.06.07 10:31 IGoRose Nothing in this game or any warrants a death threat

I was teaching a friend of mine GoTD earlier since he hadn’t run it yet due to being busy with other things. We clear the first encounter as a duo then make our way to the first boss. We decide to grab a 3rd, so I hop on the Xbox LFG to grab another player. I make sure to include within the post: KWTD or join the party as I’m willing to teach.
I invite the first guy who’s interested in the post and claims he KWTD so I invite him to the game and send a party invite, which he doesn’t join so I assumed he’d be fine. What followed was this guy continuously banking his vestige of light in the wrong rune and ultimately causing us to wipe 2 times before I decided to just kick him and find someone else. He responded to this by sending my friend and I multiple slurs and death threats for the next 20 minutes. I felt really bad as this was my friend’s 2nd time ever trying out a dungeon and this was what they had to deal with.
As a community we should be helping each other out, not tearing one another down.
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2023.06.07 10:31 warp-factor Match Thread: T20 Blast & Charlotte Edwards Cup - 7th June

2023 T20 Blast & Charlotte Edwards Cup
ECB Match Centre - T20 Blast - Charlotte Edwards Cup - Central Repository of Scorecards and clips of every boundary and wicket.
Full coverage of every ball of County Cricket and selected Women's Regional Matches on BBC Local Radio - T20 Blast - Charlotte Edwards Cup
T20 Matches in the Blast and Charlotte Edwards Cup start at different times which are listed against them below.
Where available, YouTube live streams are linked against each match below. These can also be found on the county and ECB websites. There's no county youtube stream of Kent/Essex as it's on Sky but it is also on Sky's YouTube channel (Geo-locked to UK/Ireland).
BBC Local Radio coverage and County YouTube streams should be accessible worldwide.
Today is the final group games of the Charlotte Edwards Cup. The Blaze have already qualified directly for the final. Vipers and Diamonds are in pole position for the semi final places but Thunder could surplant Diamonds if they beat them by a significant enough margin for a bonus point. Storm have a mathematical chance of surplanting the Vipers if the Vipers loose heavily to Sunrisers and Storm beat The Blaze heavily.
Double Headers
AT STANLEY PARK - Weather Forecast
11:30 - Thunder vs Northern Diamonds - YouTube - Scorecard
17:00 - Lancashire vs Worcestershire - YouTube - Scorecard
14:00 - South East Stars vs Central Sparks - YouTube - Scorecard
18:30 - Kent vs Essex - On Sky Sports and Sky YouTube (Geo-locked to UK/Ire) - Scorecard
AT SOPHIA GARDENS - Weather Forecast
14:30 - Western Storm vs The Blaze - YouTube- Scorecard
18:30 - Glamorgan vs Surrey - YouTube - Scorecard
Other T20 Blast Matches
18:30 - Warwickshire vs Derbyshire at Edgbaston - YouTube - Weather Forecast - Scorecard
19:00 - Hampshire vs Somerset at The Rose Bowl - YouTube - Weather Forecast - Scorecard
Other Charlotte Edwards Cup Matches
19:00 - Southern Vipers vs Sunrisers at Hove - YouTube - Weather Forecast - Scorecard
T20 Blast Standings before today:
North Group
Pos Team Played Won Lost Tied N/R Net RR Points
1 Worcestershire 5 4 1 0 0 +1.027 8
2 Warwickshire 6 4 2 0 0 +0.867 8
3 Durham 6 4 2 0 0 +0.787 8
4 Yorkshire 7 4 3 0 0 +0.046 8
5 Nottinghamshire 7 4 3 0 0 -0.139 8
6 Lancashire 7 3 4 0 0 +0.125 6
7 Northamptonshire 7 3 4 0 0 -0.536 6
8 Derbyshire 6 2 4 0 0 -0.509 4
9 Leicestershire 7 1 6 0 0 -1.198 2
South Group
Pos Team Played Won Lost Tied N/R Net RR Points
1 Somerset 6 6 0 0 0 +2.059 12
2 Surrey 6 4 2 0 0 +0.953 8
3 Hampshire 6 4 2 0 0 +0.807 8
4 Glamorgan 5 4 1 0 0 +0.524 8
5 Gloucestershire 6 3 3 0 0 -0.387 6
6 Essex 5 3 2 0 0 -0.536 6
7 Kent 5 1 4 0 0 -0.255 2
8 Sussex 6 1 5 0 0 -1.323 2
9 Middlesex 7 0 7 0 0 -1.539 0
Points: Teams receive 2 points for a win. 1 point for a Tie or No Result. Each team plays 7 of the 8 other teams in their group and 7 away. Top 4 in each group qualify for the Quarter Finals. Quarter Final winners qualify for Finals Day.
Charlotte Edwards Cup Standings before today:
Pos Team Played Won Lost Tied N/R Net RR Points
1 The Blaze 6 6 0 0 0 +1.956 28
2 Southern Vipers 6 4 2 0 0 +0.769 17
3 Northern Diamonds 6 4 2 0 0 +0.162 17
4 Thunder 6 3 3 0 0 +0.064 13
5 Western Storm 6 3 3 0 0 -0.488 12
6 South East Stars 6 2 4 0 0 -0.162 8
7 Central Sparks 6 2 4 0 0 -0.600 8
8 Sunrisers 6 0 6 0 0 -1.653 0
Points: Teams receive 4 points for a win. A bonus point for a win with a run rate of 1.25x that of the opposition. 2 points for a Tie or No Result. Teams play each other team once, home or away. The top three teams advance to Finals Day. The top team advances straight to the Final, whilst the other two teams play off in a semi-final.
If you've got a team in The Cricket Draft T20 Blast fantasy game, you can join the cricket league here
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