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2014.07.05 18:18 nowthatihavefoundyou MakeupRehab: support group for the makeup obsessed

Welcome! MakeupRehab is a place for those who are on a no-buy, low-buy, or just want to talk makeup and beauty without being bombarded with sales, hauls, and other tempting posts. Let's ramp up the creativity to use your collection to the fullest and curb your spending at the same time!

2023.06.02 00:55 ClearSkinJourney I’m looking for volunteers!

Hello! I’m Kiera. A queer, disabled gamer looking to make our spaces more inclusive.
I'm working on an exciting project called Nerds Who Care, and I'd love to collaborate with some passionate individuals to bring this initiative to life. Here's what we're all about:
At Nerds Who Care, our mission is to enhance the gaming experience by promoting healthier, cleaner gaming spaces. We believe that every gamer deserves to breathe clean air while indulging in their favorite games. Our goal is to provide high-quality air filtration solutions and protective masks to gaming stores and conventions, prioritizing the health and safety of the gaming community.
To make this vision a reality, we're seeking collaboration in various areas:
Define The Brand: Let's brainstorm a catchy tagline that emphasizes our focus on clean air in gaming spaces. We want it to resonate with gamers and communicate our mission effectively.
Logo and Visual Identity: We need a killer logo that captures the spirit of our brand and signifies health and clean air. If you have graphic design skills or know someone who does, let's create something awesome together.
Website and Social Media: We need a sleek website that explains our mission, how we plan to achieve it, and ways for people to support us. Additionally, let's establish a strong presence on social media platforms popular with our target audience.
Fundraising and Partnerships: We'll need to launch a fundraising campaign to support our initiative. Let's brainstorm creative ideas and perks for donors. We can also explore partnerships with game stores and convention organizers, offering sponsorship opportunities in exchange for providing HEPA filtration systems.
Expansion and Legal Considerations: Once we have a successful model in our city, we can discuss expanding to other areas. Let's ensure we have all the legal bases covered by consulting with a lawyer to address any potential liability issues.
Looking forward to working with you!
I plan to do the majority of the work, but help with outreach and managing socials from time to time would be great! I understand most (if not all) of us are stretched thin for time and energy at this point, but I think this could really take off.
My inspiration for this was https://cleanairclub.org/
If anyone would like to help please join our discord
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2023.06.02 00:55 AutoModerator Biaheza - Dropshipping Course (2023 edition)

Contact me on (+44) 7593880762 on Telegram/WhatsApp if you have interest in Biaheza's Dropshipping course.
The course focuses on practical steps that take you from zero to a profitable dropshipping store in no time.
Biaheza's Dropshipping course guarantees real results, not just theories!
Experience the thrill of launching your own store and making over one thousand dollars on day one. Biaheza will guide you through every step, explaining how to scale your business for even greater success.
You will learn how to:
- Dominate with TikTok ads
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.,, and more!
Biaheza's Dropshipping course witll show you how to captivate your audience, drive sales, and maximize your profits effortlessly.
If you are interested in Biaheza's Dropshipping course contact us on:
Reddit DM to u/CourseAccess
WhatApp/Telegram: (+44) 7593880762
Email: silverlakestore/@/yandex.com (remove the brackets).
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2023.06.02 00:55 AutoModerator [Complete] Biaheza's Dropshipping Program

Contact me on (+44) 7593880762 on Telegram/WhatsApp if you have interest in Biaheza's Dropshipping course.
The course focuses on practical steps that take you from zero to a profitable dropshipping store in no time.
Biaheza's Dropshipping course guarantees real results, not just theories!
Experience the thrill of launching your own store and making over one thousand dollars on day one. Biaheza will guide you through every step, explaining how to scale your business for even greater success.
You will learn how to:
- Dominate with TikTok ads
- Create a high-converting website with ease
- Learn to create a simple yet powerful website that achieves world-class conversion rates...
.,, and more!
Biaheza's Dropshipping course witll show you how to captivate your audience, drive sales, and maximize your profits effortlessly.
If you are interested in Biaheza's Dropshipping course contact us on:
Reddit DM to u/CourseAccess
WhatApp/Telegram: (+44) 7593880762
Email: silverlakestore/@/yandex.com (remove the brackets).
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2023.06.02 00:54 PoyuPoyuTetris Significance of certain Hints for lore and supposed secret rooms for Omega Mart?

So fam and I recently went to Omega Mart and loved as ARG and game fans. We completed the resistance path and understand the main story, but we would love for people who were able to try these things and those who plan to go to answer a few things!
Spoiler warning!
We just want to solve the mystery of the supposedly code that fans have yet to answer to find the hidden rooms as said in MEOWWOLF's interviews.

  1. I heard you can ask for more side missions (such as finding all mascots). Is there anything to be found from this lore wise? We didn't have time nor patience to do so due to how crowded it was and how people were pushing us all around.
  2. Does anyone think the purple glowing fridge is important? It is high lighted in so many training videos. It was locked with a literal pad lock and there was a sign on it saying out of order, but I wonder if this is a secret passage? I wonder if you ask an employee about putting a blue cone in front of this and a cuse cone in front of the melted products on the floor (difficult spill) would do anything, as the cones were a big part of the training.
  3. Does calling the number on the missing poster do anything? The line for the telephone booth was too long so we never ended up trying there. We called other numbers and got voice boxes, the most interesting ones being in the office near the source door. Even using the number in the TV ad of the TV in the office leads to a voice mail. However, the space was loud and we were being rushed by the people behind us, so we couldn't hear a lot of the messages nor could explore every phone number...I wish less people were in per session.
  4. Is the photo on the L'Omega drinks supposed to be Mr. Dram, if so, why? Mr. Dram (CEO) was in the source door as part of the ascended. Is this of any importance?
  5. Are the numbers on the factory walls of any importance? Can it be used to log in to the Omega Mart employee log in?
  6. The server farm in the DRAMCORP looks acessable even though a worker told us it is literally for crew only. The other crew only doors are blacked out. Why is the server room decorated if it is crew only? No boop cards work and it is only accessable by Omega Mart staff.
  7. Any significance of the bar in terms of Omega Mart lore?
  8. I read some where that the mascots (products with eyes and that are basically alive) were created to protect the source. Does this mean if there was a secret room/entrance that it could be near the produce and slushee area as there are many mascots there (such as the Ice chest)? I know the idea is there is more behind the source door, but I have no idea what can trigger that opening. I assume this area will open in an expansion, as the resistance route tells you there is more to come. Still, MEOWWOLF said there is a secret fan haven't found, so assuming there is rooms in addition to the source door expansion, where could it be?
  9. Not a question, but check out the gift store! Pretty cool! reading the instruction book in there revealed that most workers need to be robots because any thoughts of what you like can create things (mascots) from the source river. Workers must be thoughtless, as things you desire are made from the source. Explains why the boop profiles are androids.
  10. Not a qesution too, but shout out to Scientist Spore head (really tall scientist guy with long dirt blonde hair) and his assistant (side shaved green hair woman)! They had so much character without talking and even helped us understand the science behind the source and it's use of the human element. They were awesome. Wish we talked to them more to find more about the lore. Please talk to them if you see them!
I can not longer find the interview clip, but I think it was a part of Food Theory's videos (MatPat).
Anyway, please let us know if you found anything interesting even apart of this! We don't live in Nevada and don't visit often, so we would love to know what you find and how your experience was.

Purple freezer
purple freezer
The number?
Purple freezer with padlock
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2023.06.02 00:53 Falitoty How would be he society of a dark era?

I've been thinking and I'm not sure how to approach the problem, here's a bit of context.
In the present of my world, the people is living in a Dark Age of history, a hundred years ago, most of the continent was ruled by a fairly large empire, which had a feudal system. In the Empire, the Emperor was a great mage who had a ring that could store his soul, so when he died, another person could simply put the ring on and the king's soul would take control of the person's body. In this way the king had been ruling, almost a thousand years, and it was not only him, actually this happened with most of the high nobles and high personalities of the Empire, but after a thousand years, a revolution took over the empire and killed The king and the nobility. They are buried, but, not long after that, a war between the gods led to the collapse of the Empire and the begining of the Dark Age.
One hundred years ago after the events of that, the Dark Era keep going on, most of the countrys wich exist, are basically city states, and not a litle part of waht the empire was is basically abandoned ruins. The War between the gods keep going of, but most of it take place out of the continent.
So, how would the society be? How of big, would be the societal trauma? I'm not sure how to tackle the matter and I would thank, any idea with that.
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2023.06.02 00:53 Mr2442 Video to my earlier post because someone asked for it

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2023.06.02 00:50 Tall_Tea4727 Being proud of myself is tough!

My toxic parents(I have two sets, one biological and one adoptive) have always put me down. Both sets. I have never had a moment where they have been proud of me.
I aced every class in elementary school. 100% all the way through on math and in highschool I maintained high 90% for the first 2 years, but then that's when I realized it would never matter.
When I was bullied I had no one to protect me and I did not protect myself despite having actual training on how to do so. I was only protected by my 2nd grade teacher who later became the principal. Then highschool started.
Despite the exile and bullying I still made art that got into competitions and in student galleries. My parents don't even know of it despite me telling them. The teachers that wanted to brag about my excellent scores in math during teacher day only told me because I was the only one to show up.
I got into a highschool program that only 2 students get into from my school. I spent an entire semester making a webcomic that was a social commentary on scholarly pressure. At the end of the semester I had to present a full on professional level presentation to the school board representatives.
My parents didn't even know... They didn't attend.. they had no idea where or what I was doing. At that time they were really terrible to me too.
I know I deserve more. My mother only found out this year's that I draw at a professional level.
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2023.06.02 00:50 hopingtocatchadream Advice for applying for TCs with a 2:2?

I’d like to start this out by saying that I’m absolutely aware my options are severely limited because of this, and I know I’m not in the position to be picky so will happily accept any firm that would have me.
My current plan, as I’m still doing my SQE LLM, is to apply for TCs with 2:2 entry requirements, but also start applying for paralegal roles when it gets to be a couple of months towards the end of my course, as although I do want to qualify through the TC/new SQE TC route, I’m aware that experience as a paralegal would help me immensely.
In regards to current and future applications though, I’m wondering how much context on this is appropriate to give, and how to go about saying it. For context, although I did ultimately end up with a 2:2, it was about as high as it could be without being a 2:1 - I think it was by about 0.6 marks and my university didn’t have as good a rounding policy as others unfortunately. Additionally, this is mostly due to really struggling during second year and doing badly then, I ended third year with a fairly decent 2:1, with high 2:1 marks in some of the areas I wish to practice in.
In terms of now, I took some time off in between my LLB and pursuing the SQE, and managed to mitigate most of the issues I had back then and I’m doing a million times better. I passed SQE1 first time while a good chunk of my cohort who got 1sts at undergrad didn’t, and the pass rate for candidates with a 2:2 was 17%, so I’m probably not your average person who got a 2:2. I obviously wouldn’t go that far in including that with my applications, but was wondering what to include?
Some applications I’ve sent have had a section specifically for this, and have asked for transcripts, so for those this is a non point. But for the applications that are just ‘send us your CV and a covering letter’, how would I best go about addressing it, if at all? Would it be acceptable to pick out my top grades in the practice areas of the firm, I.e. ‘I received a 68 in my family law module as this is one of the practice areas I find most interesting’ etc, and then elaborate more on mitigating circumstances at interview assuming I get to that stage? I’ve seen a lot of firms have a sentence on their website along the lines of ‘while we do look for strong academics we appreciate there may be circumstances in which your results aren’t a true reflection of your potential and we invite these candidates to still apply’, so would it be expected to explain these in a covering letter?
I apologise that this is such a long post, but I would be really grateful for some insight on people who have gone through a similar situation and been successful.
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2023.06.02 00:49 Walking_Pie7 Quicyverse. President Henry Clay's First Term.

Quicyverse. President Henry Clay's First Term.
Secretary of State Henry Clay succeeded President John Quincy Adams to become the 7th President of the United States, along with Major General & Fmr. Senator William Henry Harrison to become 8th Vice President of the United States. Let's see how Henry Clay's First Term was like:

7th U.S. President Henry Clay
Henry Clay expanded the work of President Adams by signing the Infrastructure Act of 1833 and the National Road Act of 1834, bolstering spending on Infrastructure for some of the uncompleted canal projects that President Adams started and Continued Spending for the Construction of the National Road, the Biggest Infrastructure project the United States has ever seen, a Grand Road spanning from Maryland to Illinois, This road is more than 700 miles long and costed the U.S. Government $7 million dollars in construction costs. And Even though spending has been high on this road, The failing strategy was starting to become successful and the Project is expected to end by Late 1836 to early 1837.
**Foreign Policy**
A strict enforcement of the Monroe Doctrine was a big one for President Clay, he supported the Liberation of all American Colonies in The Americas against Spanish rule. He also started to soften Relations with Mexico and advocated strongly for them to be neighbors in peace, this move outraged the growing amount of American settlers in Texas, who dream of one day joining the U.S. in the very near future. But till now, It seems like President Clay won't be looking into that any time soon, as he is still very speculative of Texas joining the union.
**Second Bank of The United States**
President Clay Continued to support and back the second bank, He signed the Renewal Act of 1835 to renew the bank's charter, and refusing to accept the proposals from Democrats to withdraw federal deposits from the bank. And President Clay was not opposed to the idea of Introducing paper money to the second bank, despite the resistance of Democrats in congress to have it outlawed from the second bank of the united states.
**The Economy & Debt**
The Economy has surely been on a steady grow under President Clay due to his continued policy of expanding commerce with other European Nations other than Britain and France, like Austria, The Netherlands and Prussia, and enforcing American participation in the European trade system post-Napoleonic wars. despite that, the U.S. has started to grow more and more debt from the continued excessive spending and funding of Infrastructure projects under President Adams and especially, President Clay, who doubled the amount of money spent of Infrastructure projects. Democrats have constantly proposed bills to lower spending on these projects but President Clay continues to veto them, arguing that these Projects can't reach it's deadline if we lower spending on them. And The issue is still at a stalemate.
View Poll
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2023.06.02 00:47 FullHope3972 Haven Hospice Thrift Store Higher-Up Reselling Clothes

I was talking with someone in town today and they said that one of the higher-ups that runs the Haven Hospice Thrift Store runs their own independent vintage/antique store using the donations that come into the thrift store. Really displeased to hear that, especially coming from a business that claims to be conscious and environmentally friendly. Aside from that, the store honestly sucks now, all of the furniture and clothes are priced extremely high and the higher-ups tell everyone that they priced based on eBay. Patrons like me just want affordable clothes while our rent triples every year and wages stagnate, and it does not sit right with me that Haven Hospice has decided to use people's generosity as a way of converting their store into a resale store, all while screwing over the working class. I have no problem with thrift stores selling clothes for good prices to support their cause, but if the money goes to a reseller's bank account instead, I think that's a bunch of BS. What is everyone else's thoughts?
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2023.06.02 00:47 Vanguard_CK3 [Event] Al Essi appointed as CEO of EDGY Corp.

Restructuring Yemen's State-Owned Companies under One Umbrella: Energy Development & Growth Yemen Corporation

His Majesty King Ageel bin Muhammad al Badr has issued a royal decree for the establishment of the Energy Development & Growth Yemen (EDGY) Corporation. This new company will consolidate and streamline Yemen's state-owned companies under one umbrella.
Yemen's state-owned companies in the energy and utility sectors have faced numerous challenges even before the civil war, including corruption, nepotism, inefficiencies and lack of coordination. To address these issues, the CEO of Energy Development & Growth Yemen Corporation, Mr. Ahmed al Essi has been appointed the responsibility, is accountable on the performance of its' subsidiaries and reports directly to the Minister of Energy, Oil & Gas, and Mining.
Subsidiaries under EDGY Corp.:
1. Yemen Oil & Gas Company: Mission: Yemen Oil & Gas Company aims to explore, produce, and distribute oil and gas resources in Yemen efficiently. Vision: To become a leading player in the oil and gas industry, ensuring long-term sustainability, environmental responsibility, and economic growth.
1.a. Yemen Petrochemical Product Marketing: Mission: Yemen Petrochemical Product Marketing is responsible for marketing and distributing petrochemical products in Yemen. Vision: To be a trusted partner in the petrochemical industry, offering high-quality products, fostering innovation, and contributing to the growth of Yemen's manufacturing sector.
1.b. Yemen Petroleum Development: Mission: Yemen Petroleum Development focuses on the exploration, development, and production of petroleum resources. Its primary goal is to maximize the potential of oil reserves, optimize production processes, and ensure sustainable resource management. Vision: To be a leading player in petroleum development, employing advanced technologies, responsible practices, and strategic partnerships to enhance Yemen's energy independence and economic prosperity.
1.c. Yemen Refineries: Mission: Yemen Refineries aims to refine crude oil into valuable petroleum products for domestic consumption and export. It seeks to improve refining efficiency, enhance product quality, and meet the energy needs of Yemen and beyond. Vision: To be a state-of-the-art refining facility, meeting international standards, minimizing environmental impact, and providing a reliable supply of high-quality petroleum products.
1.d. Yemen Gas: Mission: Yemen Gas focuses on the exploration, production, and distribution of natural gas resources. It aims to optimize gas reserves, develop infrastructure for efficient gas delivery, and promote the use of natural gas as a cleaner energy source. Vision: To be a leader in natural gas development, ensuring reliable and sustainable gas supply, fostering economic growth, and reducing environmental impact.
1.e. Yemen LNG: Mission: Yemen LNG specializes in the liquefaction and export of natural gas. It aims to leverage Yemen's gas resources, establish international partnerships, and contribute to the global liquefied natural gas market. Vision: To be a key player in the LNG industry, delivering high-quality LNG products, enhancing Yemen's energy export capabilities, and generating revenue for the country's development.
1.f. Yemen Tank Terminal Company: Mission: Yemen Tank Terminal Company provides storage and logistics solutions for petroleum and petrochemical products. It aims to enhance storage capacity, optimize product handling processes, and support the efficient flow of energy products. Vision: To be a premier tank terminal facility, ensuring safe and secure storage, efficient operations, and seamless logistics for the energy industry in Yemen.
1.g. Yemen Power Generation Company: Mission: Yemen Power Generation Company focuses on the generation of electricity to meet the country's energy needs. Vision: To be a leading power generation company, utilizing advanced technologies, renewable energy sources, and efficient processes to contribute to Yemen's energy security and economic growth.
1.h. Yemen Hydrogen Development: Mission: Yemen Hydrogen Development explores the potential of hydrogen as an energy source and develops hydrogen production capabilities. It aims to promote the use of clean hydrogen in various sectors, contributing to sustainable development and environmental preservation. Vision: To be at the forefront of hydrogen development, harnessing Yemen's resources, fostering innovation, and playing a key role in the transition towards a hydrogen-based economy.
1.i. Yemen Methanol Company: Mission: Yemen Methanol Company specializes in the production and distribution of methanol, a versatile and widely used chemical. It aims to optimize methanol production, ensure product quality, and contribute to the growth of industries dependent on methanol. Vision: To be a reliable supplier of high-quality methanol, supporting domestic and international markets, and driving innovation in the chemical industry.
1.j. Yemen Fertilizer Company: Mission: Yemen Fertilizer Company focuses on the production and distribution of fertilizers, essential for agricultural productivity and food security. It aims to enhance fertilizer production capacity, ensure product availability, and support Yemen's agricultural sector. Vision: To be a leading provider of fertilizers, promoting sustainable agriculture, enhancing crop yields, and contributing to food self-sufficiency in Yemen.
1.k. Yemen Petroleum Institute: Mission: Yemen Petroleum Institute aims to provide quality education, research, and training in the petroleum and energy sectors. It strives to develop a skilled workforce and contribute to the human capital development of the industry. Vision: To be a renowned educational institution, producing highly skilled professionals, conducting cutting-edge research, and supporting the sustainable development of Yemen's energy sector.
2. Yemen Utilities Holding Company: Mission: Yemen Utilities Holding Company oversees the procurement, transmission, distribution, and management of power and water resources in Yemen. It aims to ensure efficient utility services, promote sustainability, and improve the quality of life for the Yemeni people. Vision: To be a leading utility company, providing reliable, accessible, and sustainable power and water services to all regions of Yemen, driving socio-economic development and improving living standards.
2.a. Yemen Power & Water Procurement Company: Mission: Yemen Power & Water Procurement Company focuses on the procurement and distribution of power and water resources. It aims to ensure a reliable supply of these utilities, optimize procurement processes, and support the efficient management of resources. Vision: To be a key player in power and water procurement, ensuring a sustainable and cost-effective supply of these utilities, and contributing to Yemen's socio-economic development.
2.b. Yemen Electricity Transmission Company: Mission: Yemen Electricity Transmission Company operates and maintains the electricity transmission infrastructure in Yemen. It aims to ensure efficient transmission of electricity, enhance system reliability, and support the integration of renewable energy sources. Vision: To be a reliable and technologically advanced transmission company, facilitating the seamless flow of electricity, promoting renewable energy integration, and supporting Yemen's energy transition.
2.c. Yemen Electricity Distribution Company: Mission: Yemen Electricity Distribution Company is responsible for the distribution of electricity to end consumers across Yemen. It aims to ensure efficient distribution networks, reduce power losses, and provide reliable and affordable electricity services. Vision: To be a customer-centric distribution company, delivering reliable electricity services, promoting energy efficiency, and contributing to the socio-economic development of Yemen.
2.d. Yemen Water & Wastewater Services: Mission: Yemen Water & Wastewater Services focuses on the provision of clean water supply and wastewater management. It aims to ensure safe and accessible water resources, improve sanitation practices, and promote sustainable water management. Vision: To be a leading water and wastewater services provider, delivering reliable, safe, and sustainable water supply and sanitation solutions, and contributing to public health and environmental well-being in Yemen.
2.e. Yemen Renewable Energy Company: Mission: Yemen Renewable Energy Company is dedicated to the development and utilization of renewable energy sources in Yemen. It aims to harness the country's renewable energy potential, reduce dependency on fossil fuels, and contribute to a greener and more sustainable energy mix. Vision: To be a pioneer in renewable energy development, promoting the adoption of clean energy technologies, and supporting Yemen's transition towards a sustainable and low-carbon future.
2.f. National Institute of Competency Development: Mission: The National Institute of Competency Development focuses on enhancing the skills and competencies of the workforce in the energy and utility sectors. It aims to provide quality training programs, promote professional development, and contribute to a skilled and competent workforce. Vision: To be a premier training institute, equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the energy and utility industries, and supporting Yemen's human capital development.
Through consolidation, efficiency improvements, and sustainable practices, these subsidiaries aim to contribute to Yemen's economic growth, energy security, environmental preservation, and human capital development. By engaging stakeholders at all levels, EDGY will promote transparency, accountability, and inclusivity, creating an enabling environment for investments, knowledge sharing, and expertise exchange.
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2023.06.02 00:46 Ultim8_Lifeform Respect Clint Barton, Hawkeye! (Marvel Cinematic Universe)


"Clint. You should not be here."
"Really? I retire for, what, five minutes and it all goes to shit."
Clint Barton worked as one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s top agents for a number of years under the codename Hawkeye, being put on various assignments from keeping an eye on notable items like Mjolnir and the Tesseract to the mysterious Budapest mission where he recruit Natasha Romanov to S.H.I.E.L.D.. These experiences led to him becoming a founding member of the Avengers despite his own claims of just being a regular guy with a bow. Hawkeye worked with the Avengers for several years, from Ultron's attack to the superhero civil war that saw the group falling apart at the seams. However, his life as he knew it was snatched away after the invasion of Thanos, which saw 50% of all life in the universe being erased including Hawkeye's entire family. Hawkeye took up the alias of Ronin, a vigilante that roamed the globe in a vengeful rampage to kill the many criminals that had survived Thanos' snap. He eventually rejoined the Avengers after they discovered a way to bring back everyone that had been erased, but the guilt from what he had done as a result of his grief still weighed on him even after his family had been brought back. It wasn't until he met his future protégé Kate Bishop that Clint's faith in himself and his efforts as a superhero were restored.

Source Key


Av - The Avengers
AoU - The Avengers: Age of Ultron
CW - Captain America: Civil War
End - Avengers: Endgame

Other Sources

AI - The Avengers: The Avengers Initiative
OH - Avengers: Operation HYDRA
SM:HP - Spider-Man: Homecoming Prelude
H - Hawkeye (Disney+)








Fighting/Close Quarters


Trick Arrows
Pym Particles (Size Changing)


"Nice shot."
"Yeah, no shit."
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2023.06.02 00:45 Dramatic_Front_6603 A "friend" of my girlfriend, has been harrasing her multiple times and are mentally draining her at this point.

Just for context: I've been dating this girl for a little over 5 months now. I didn't know her very long before we dated. She was friends with some girls, and a guy in that friend group (Note: this friendgroup existed before I knew her, and she had a boyfriend at that time.). I'll call that guy friend of the group Sam. Sam was no good to me from the second I interacted with him. I didn't really talk much with my girl about him, but I knew he wasn't worth hanging out with. We are in the same school, and so is the entirety of the friendgroup. I was having a bit of struggles with my friends, so I was with her every lunchbreak at school. None of her friends liked me whatsoever, but Sam.. he was the worst. I don't know what I did to him in his eyes, but he couldn't stand me. Constantly insulting me, though I didn't do anything. I am a year older than he is, and I'm 1 foot taller. I am not really offensive physically speaking at all, but I can be pretty tough with my words sometimes if you know what I mean. I eventually asked my girlfriend about her past with both that friendgroup and herself. That was where things got bad. She told me that she was really depressed before she met me. She was getting treated like crap by everyone, but she was just following the group so that she wouldn't get bullied by literally everyone. She was pressured a lot of times to do things fowith the group, and especially by Sam. Sam, partially, made her smoke, vape, and even do drugs. She got an addiction to cannabis because of it. Now, this isn't completely by him, her depression was a factor as well, of course. But the depression came from the loneliness and getting used by everyone she had, which was hardly anyone.. And the group pressure made her do the drugs and smoking. She cried that night when telling me all of this, and I was just taking care of her and cheered her up. As stupid as I am, I didn't do anything about it. Life went on, everything was just normal and I didn't act like it ever happened(I am so mad at myself for that by the way). But that was nothing. I don't know why it was, but I wasn't present at school some day, probably for being sick. And she went to the city center with these fake friends that exact day. They do that more often, just messing around and buying random stuff. But this time, they saw a store with al kinds of scented candles and incenses. One of them contained cannabis. And well, guess what happened.. group pressure, couldn't resist buying it because of the addiction. Then, they put it on, and my girlfriend went right above it and sniffed it all. And Sam, recorded her while being high. She even said; "Who is [My name]?" Those words were one of the most painful ones I've ever heard. When I knew the context of it afterwards, I was furious. But, I didn't do much again, the scared little weakling that I am.. I threatened him, that's all. Didn't do anything else. I am so so mad at myself for this to this day. I hated him so much. On the other hand, I have absolutely no clue why she didn't block him and just hang out with me only, because she knew they were bad for her and I wasn't, because I care about her the most out of everyone. I don't blame her though, you'll get made fun of being a hallway couple. This was a few months back. Skipping to present now, I've got a new friendgroup, and I sit with this every break now. Me and my girl still have a lot of contact, but less in school. Today something happened, I can't even describe my emotions, and this is why I'm out here. So, I was home sick today, and my girlfriend was in school, hanging out with that group. I had a fever so I was really feeling weak and couldn't do much, so I went back to sleep at around 10am. I woke up at 12:30 to get a text, sent 3m before I woke up, saying: "Hey my love, I probably have a concussion. My parents are coming to pick me up from school now We go to the doctor and probably then the hospital. I'll explain later what happened." I was freaking out. I was panicking so much, it felt like my fever was gone entirely. 10 minutes later she cleared things up for me over text. You all thought everything that I just wrote was insane? Read this. She said: "So, with [names of everyone of the friend group, including Sam], I went to McDonald's during my lunchbreak (we have a McDonald's 3 minutes away from our school, so it's actually possible). I hopped on the back of Sam's bike for the way back, because we were in a bit of a hurry. But Sam, Sam smeared the fat he had on his hands on the back of the bike where I was gonna hold my hands on purpose so I was gonna have less grip. He was cycling like an idiot, moving a lot, probably trying to make me fall off. I thought it was a joke at that moment. Then he made a stupidly sharp turn, knocking me off the bike, hitting my head really hard on the ground. I was laying there, with an intense amount of pain, and he just laughed at me and cycled away to school. Despite all my emotions, I walked back to school. Alteast, tried. I saw black on my way back and I puked. We're on our way to the doctor now, I'm not feeling well at all..." That son of a b. What is wrong with him. I was furious, he has done so much shit to her, but this time, I don't think I'll let it slide. I texted him: "What the f is wrong with you? What was the point of that? you're gone tomorrow if you don't stay the f away from us for the rest of your life and apologize to both of us after getting hit in the face." He went way too far. She was in the hospital all day. Luckily no real damage for her at all, nothing to worry about, she is okay now. But still. I don't know what to do. That message might have been a little too tough for what I'll actually do, because I know I'm just some weakling who never had a serious fight before (I still am a million percent sure I can beat him). But this is such a difficult position for me, I don't know what to do. The smearing fat and laughing at her falling is so fucked up. I think that it's enough to go to the police with this, but it wasn't my situation, I wasn't present this day. Tomorrow I'm going to school and probably gonna see him. What do I do? Do I beat him up? Do I tell my gf do report him to the police? Please help. Thank you all for reading this.
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2023.06.02 00:45 ChimeraMiniatures Do you work with the FEMALE?

Hi neckbeardstories!!
I've got one for you today.
This story is from around 3 years ago when I was the store manager at a gas station. It involves 3 people
OP (That's Me, 30ish Male) Sara: a young lady (also 30ish if I recall?) Working the cash register. Potterbeard: The Beard in question.
So this day started out much like any day working at a gas station (that is to say soul sucking and tedious).
Sara was running the register while I was in the office filling out paperwork.
I am vaguely aware that Sara is having a conversation with some guy, but it doesn't seem out of the ordinary so I don't pay much attention.
A few minutes later the store phone rings and I answer. "Thank you for calling Crappy's Corporate Gas Station, this is OP how many I help you today?"
On the other end is Potterbeard...
PB: Is this the (our location) of Crappy's Corporate Gas Station?
OP: Yes it is, how many I help you?
PB: Do you work with the FEMALE?
I shit you not that is exactly what he said. He even put the exact emphasis on the world female that you would expect a neckbeard to.
OP: We have several female employees at this location, can you be more specific?
PB: Oh, I was just in your store a few minutes ago. I'm talking about that redhead girl working the register.
OP: I understand, was there an issue?
PB: Oh, no issue. I just wanted to ask if you could give her my phone number.
This confuses me, if he was just here why didn't he give her his number then? Also I knew Sara was in a committed relationship with a guy named Cory (I asked him if he identified as a Feldman or a Haim. He said Feldman, which is the correct answer lol)
OP: May I ask what this is in regards to?
OP: Ok...sure, what's your number?
PB gives me his number and then adds "Tell her it's the guy who's Harry Potter scarf she complimented."
So I take the number out to Sara and she says she barely spoke to the guy and had no idea why he thought she would have wanted his number. She threw the number in the trash and as far as I know he never came back to the store.
Certainly not the worst story on here, but it was certainly odd in the moment. The fact that he referred to her as "The Female" is what's always stuck with me the most.
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2023.06.02 00:45 mvis_thma Luminar Technologies - TD Cowen 51st Annual Technology, Media & Telecom Conference

Tom Fenimore was interviewed by Josh from TD Cowen today. Here is a synopsis and a bit of my analysis at the bottom.
Josh: Volvo, SAIC, Polestar are ramping nearer term. The push back on LiDAR is that it has always been too expensive. How are the OEMs trying to monetize the cost?
Tom: It all comes down to the value you get. The Luminar sensor is around $1000. There are 2 primary benefits. 1) Volvo said they expect to reduce severe collisions by 20% (Luminar thinks that is a conservative estimate). 2) Luminar is the best long-range LiDAR in the industry. It can see 250M, which provides 7 seconds of reaction time, which is needed to achieve a safe stop or take some other maneuvers. This enables "highway autonomy", which is hands off and eyes off. Luminar believes that full Level 5 (hands off, eyes off everywhere) is a very difficult problem to solve. This may only be achieved at end of decade at best. Highway autonomy, however, is achievable. $1000 is not the cheapest device to put on a vehicle, but in order for highway autonomy to be enabled, the car must have a LiDAR that provides 250M of visibility. This will enable the OEM to upsell the consumer to this capability.
Josh: Is the goal for the OEMs to generate subscription revenue for "highway autonomy".
Tom: SAIC R7 and Volvo are marketing the power of the LiDAR, for better safety and highway autonomy. Today, the auto industry is in a big pivot to EVs. These buyers are tech savvy. The LiDAR is a differentiator in this space. LiDAR and it benefits provides a great marketing message for the OEMs in the crowded EV space.
Josh: Talk about your relationship with the compute players: Nvidia, Qualcomm, and Mobileye.
Tom: Some OEMs have their in-house software arms (for example Volvo has Zenseact). Mercedes Benz is using Nvidia to take the lead on certain parts of the software. Luminar is flexible to work with either model. Luminar is designed to work with the compute players. For example, Luminar is on the reference platform (Hyperion) from Nvidia. It doesn't guarantee the OEM will choose Luminar, but it makes it Luminar's business to lose.
Josh: What is the business model for the software platform. You have made more investments than your peers for example in things like pro-active safety and highway autonomy.
Tom: Yes, safety, highway autonomy, and 3D mapping. Luminar believes there will be big opportunities on the software for the medium and long term. In the near term, it is the perception software which is the object identification and object tracking - this is the output of the perception software. Luminar is developing the right way to integrate the LiDAR (pro-active safety) information into the other sensor modalities (camera, radar). They have built a product (they call pro-active safety) to share with the OEMs to show what the art of the possible is. The OEMs are very good at taking camera-based output and developing the algorithms around that. The LiDAR point cloud is a different sensor modality. Luminar is helping the OEMs to integrate that. Ultimately, they want to demonstrate to the OEM what a LiDAR can do when you put it on a vehicle. They are focused on perception software today. Longer term proactive safety, highway autonomy, and 3D mapping will be separate revenue streams.
Josh: What is the goal and status of the insurance angle? It was surprising to hear this at Luminar Day.
Tom: It facilitates the monetization of the safety improvement. If cars crash less, the cost to insure the vehicle will come down. The legacy insurance companies wanted to see years of data until they would value the LiDAR appropriately. Luminar wanted to move faster than this. This is why Luminar took the lead to develop the insurance business.
Josh: How does the partnership with Swiss Re work?
Tom: Luminar recognizes they are not experts in insurance. Swiss Re plays the expert role. Luminar wants to go through the OEM partners to do this together. Many OEMs are looking to build out their own insurance business. Luminar is willing to give the insurance money to the OEM, but of course the OEM will need the LiDAR to make the insurance product work.
Audience Member: Where does the Luminar LiDAR stand with regard to navigating bad weather?
Tom: Bad weather can mean anything from fog, to blizzard, to rain. Luminar operates at a wavelength of 1550nm. Tom talked about many other LiDAR companies operating at 905nm and how that wavelength is limited by the amount of power that can be applied due to eye safety issues. Luminar can put more power through the 1550nm laser to effectively "power through" fog or a blizzard. However, there will be some limitations to this. The other aspect is how to keep the LiDAR clean. Since the Luminar sensor is designed to be placed "high up" on the vehicle it is easier to keep clean vs. a LiDAR sensor that is placed down lower in the bumper.
Josh: How should we look at the competitive landscape with other LiDAR players and also including imaging radar companies?
Tom: 1) Tom does not know how many LiDAR companies will exist 10 years from now. But there will be less than today. There will be a day of reckoning over the next 12 to 18 months for some of the LiDAR companies. Again, there will be less companies 10 years from now, don't know how many, but Luminar will be one of them. 2) It all comes down to what you want the LiDAR to do. It is not the cheapest thing to put on the car ($1000). If an OEM is only focused on an ADAS system today with only incremental improvements he is not sure if buying a LiDAR for that purpose is worth it. Could an imaging radar system provide that kind of incremental benefit, perhaps yes.
Josh: Luminar issued guidance for doubling revenue this year. This was before Volvo announced a delay in the EX90 rollout. How are you able to maintain revenue guidance for this year.
Tom: We built a conservative model. Despite the Volvo delay, we are still planning for increased sensor sales (vs. last year). Their new factory is up and running. Other programs and other customers (not in the automotive space) will also grow. They have healthy NRE revenue. LSI (Components) subsidiary is growing (however the revenue here will actually be for next year vs. this year).
Josh: What are some of the customer assumptions for the doubling of revenue through 2025 and 2026.
Tom: Phase 1: Over next 12 months, Volvo and Polestar will begin shipping and they will continue with SAIC and some other customers that will build up. Phase 2: Mecedes and Nissan will come along in the middle part of the decade. The plan would be to reach a 100,000+ rate sometime next year (driven by the Volvo launch). The million-unit rate would be achieved in 2026 or 2027. Of the million-unit mark over 75% has already been booked. The remainder will be achieved via existing customers by expanding to additional vehicle lines.
Josh: What does "booked today" mean?
Tom: For those in the automotive industry, it means they have been officially awarded the vehicle program, they have an agreement in place with the customer, they have a rough sense of timing. The risk is how many vehicles will the OEM sell. Example: Volvo - Luminar will be on every EX90. What is unknown is how many EX90s will Volvo sell next year. Luminar uses IHS who does industry forecasting to come up with an estimated number. The only elements considered booked with Volvo is the EX90 and EX90 Excellence. All the other models are not considered booked.
Josh: You have provided some margin targets - gross margin positive exiting this year. 35% in 2025. Longer term 65% gross margin.
Tom: ASP will be $1000 (plus or minus) range. The $1000 includes the BOM, the conversion costs, and then some drib and drab costs (like warranty). They use 3rd party partners like Fabrinet and Celestica to manufacture the sensor. They believe the cost a sensor will be $650 (plus or minus) once they get to scale in late 2024 or 2025 timeframe. Longer term, their next generation product (ready in the 2nd half of the decade) they believe they can get the cost down to $350 by bringing down the BOM cost and the conversion cost (i.e. manufacturing cost).
Josh: You have said you have enough capital to reach cash flow breakeven. What assumptions are baked into that? You did a shelf earlier this year.
Tom: The shelf is based upon them getting a lot of calls about M&A opportunities. Many companies are struggling to raise money right now. This would be for opportunistic M&A. They referenced some recent examples: Seagate LiDAR business, Argo Princeton operation, Velodyne/Ouster India operation, and Simple Map as examples). If an acquiree wants cash, they wanted an ability to act nimbly but then have the ability to backfill that cash by selling equity from the shelf. Tom reiterated they have enough cash to get to profitability. Cash burn will come down meaningfully toward the end of the year due to the one-time launch costs they have now.
My analysis
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2023.06.02 00:45 shekelfiend [WTS] [QC] Fully Built out AEGs and WE GBBR M4

Reason for selling all these guys is due to a move to real steel shooting. All these aegs have been built by me personally. I'm a full time tech and I design internal parts. I'm the mind behind the indestructible Jaeger MK2 AEG piston and many upcoming internal parts. These aren't your run of the mill shitty store built aegs.
Pictures of all guns besides the ICS AK, CZ and MASADA https://imgur.com/gallery/KxSZxRT WE XM177 https://imgur.com/gallery/F5IONBu
First up is my main CQB rifle. PRICE 1100$ https://imgur.com/gallery/CGPQNVE
Built to outperform everything on the field. HPA status trigger response and supreme accuracy in a lightweight tiny package 1.35J at 35rps.
Build List
Includes -1x PTS EPM -1x Olight Odin Mini 1250 lumen flashlight -1x 2200mah 75C 11.1V graphene lipo
Externals: -ICS HERA M4 base -4in Keymod CNC Alu rail -Carbon Fiber Nylon outer barrel -Carbon fiber Nylon battery stock -BCM gunfighter MOD3 Keymod grip
Internals: -ICS Split gearbox design -MAXX M4I hop up unit + SRS flat nub -Begadi MAG5 bucking -Krytac 155mm inner barrel -Jefftron leviathan optical Bluetooth ETU -T238 Brushless motor + CNC spiral pinion -12:1 CNC hardened gears with Prototype CNC chromoly Spiral bevel gear -F.L.T. CNC 7mm tool steel bushings -Jaeger MK2 piston -Prototype CNC Delrin/Stainless piston head -CNC aluminum cylinder head -CNC O-ring Delrin prototype nozzle -Retro Arms CNC POM tappet plate -reinforced tappet spring -reinforved Anti reversal latch spring -Japanese piano wire steel M120 spring -Quick Change Bearing spring guide
Second up is an LCT AK. PRICE 850$
In essentially brand new condition, all internals have less than 2k rounds put through them. Installed them in the gun when it was brand new. ~375fps with .2s at 27-30rps.
Build list
-T238 1.7 optical -SHS 13:1 gears -22TPA motor + CNC hardened steel pinion -FPS softair Carbon fiber piston head -FPS softair full metal rack piston -CNC aluminum cylinder head -Maple leaf MRhop bucking -G&G inner barrel -9mm J caged bearings
Comes with 8 midcaps that feed perfectly
Third up is an PTS MASADA AEG. 700$
The first one, all the good trades. Reasonable build nothing too fancy. Shoots straight as hell with perfect shimming and great range ~375fps with .2s and 24rps. It has some minor scratches and 1 big scratch, but the internals are essentially brand new only put ~4k rounds through it.
Build list.
-G&G basilisk 24TPA neo magnet motor -CNC 13:1 gears with hand selected concentric G&G bevel -Krytac Piston -SLS PA12 custom piston head -CNC steel cylinder -8mm high quality bearings -CNC aluminum dual oring cylinder head -CNC aluminum ACR nozzle -Mancraft CNC aluminum bearing spring guide -G&G green bucking -G&G polished brass inner barrel
Comes with mags in the picture.
Fourth up is a WE xm177 GBBR with a few upgrades. Shoots well, want to keep it but that real steel is just too expensive 😅 PRICE 800$
Build list.
-RA-TECH CNC steel BCG -RA-TECH Steel hammer, trigger and sears.
Comes with 2x spare stock trigger boxes in good condition and 8 mags. All mags have 0 leaks and will come freshly lubed with the proper Oring lubricant.
And last but not least, a CZ SP01 ACCU in silver. Kicks like a beast. In near perfect condition 250$
Comes with 2x CO2 mags and 1x green gas mag. No leaks. The green gas mag needs new feed lips and a base plate. Used the gun once and broke the mag when someone knocked it over at the field 🤦
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2023.06.02 00:44 dinosnores286 Given extra benefits for no reason the same month we are disqualifying?

In Utah, we've been on EBT for almost a year, and my husband just graduated school and took the job we had been waiting on and his new salary will disqualify us. Which we expected. He was working two part time jobs while in school, and one turned into a full time salaried position.
So I reported the change online, which included one job ending and the other becoming salaried. Got the request for the documents we've filled out before, no big deal. Then I get a notice saying our benefits changed and went UP because our countable income changed...
Which makes NO sense. I submit the documents clearly showing that we won't qualify anymore, but the first paycheck that disqualifies us won't hit until June. I get a notification saying our benefits will end this month, but no formal notice attached. And it still says this high amount for the month of June.
So the amount has already been declared for June, and I'm just wondering, if they somehow messed up, can we be penalized for that? Is there a thing where you get extra benefits the month you stop qualifying? Or can they adjust benefits after they've already been declared for a month? Our issue date isn't until the middle of the month. We've got a disabled kiddo, so even with the new salary it would be so helpful, but I'm so scared to trust it and not sure what to think...
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2023.06.02 00:43 carmichael561 How the Fed Will Make Bank Transfers Truly Instant

How the Fed Will Make Bank Transfers Truly Instant
While many countries now offer bank payments in the blink of an eye, moving funds between accounts in the US can still take days. Electronic platforms such as PayPal Holdings Inc.’s Venmo and Block Inc.’s Cash App offer various workarounds to speed up the process, but they are essentially intermediaries that interface with the slow banking system. Now the Federal Reserve has created a high-speed transportation lane that allows for bank transfers within seconds. Here’s what you need to know about the new service, FedNow, which launches in July.
  1. Why are US bank payments so slow? Transfers using the Automated Clearing House — the legacy system invented in the 1970s — can take days to complete, partly because it lumps transactions together and processes them at specific intervals. Newer instant-payment tools like Venmo are fine when you’re doing something like buying a hot dog or sending cash to a friend who uses the same app. But when you want to pull money back off those platforms, the funds grind their way through the legacy banking system before they show up in your account. The same thing happens when you receive a paycheck or pay a utility bill. A survey by American Banker in 2021 found that 21% of consumers had abandoned a financial transaction or account opening because it took too long. The current slow transfers often lead to late fees for missed bill payments or penalties for overdrafts. So for the millions of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck, the delays can be costly.
  2. Why can’t banks solve the problem themselves? All the income from those overdraft and other fees meant banks had little incentive to come up with a faster solution on their own. A bank can also temporarily sweep transfer funds held overnight into short-term securities to earn a yield. US banks have the right to hold your money for as long as 10 days for the purpose of making sure it is not the proceeds of a crime. A group of big US banks did come up with a rapid-settlement platform of their own, known as real-time payments, or RTP, but have marketed it mainly to business customers because they already offer a peer-to-peer system called Zelle for consumers. While this is sold to consumers as a real-time transfer service, in some instances the transfers are settled over the legacy batch system and the banks in effect extend short-term credit until those payments settle.
  3. How will FedNow work? FedNow will offer instantaneous payments from one bank account to another 24/7, all year round. Because payment occurs instantly, customers will know right away if the transfer has completed or failed. The person receiving the funds will be able to use them almost instantly. The flip side is that, unlike a check, you can’t put a hold on a FedNow payment or cancel it. Once you’ve made that payment, the money is gone for good. And unlike a credit card, there are no rewards, points or fraud protection.
  4. What are the fees for using FedNow? Payments will cost a few cents, but it’s not clear who will pick up the tab — the bank or the customer. With ACH, it’s often the bank that pays the fees unless the customer is making a large number of payments.
  5. How can I sign up for FedNow? You can’t, as there won’t be a FedNow consumer app. First your bank will need to sign up to use the system and plug it into the back end of its own banking website or app.
  6. Will this kill providers like Venmo or Cash App? That’s certainly not the goal: The Fed has always said consumers are best served by a competitive payments landscape with multiple players. FedNow will both complement and compete with existing electronic payment systems. Almost 10,000 US banks and credit unions will be able to join and use FedNow, giving the country’s patchwork of regional lenders and credit unions a better chance of vying for payments business against giant banks and financial technology firms.
  7. Is the US leading the way here? Europe’s Single Euro Payments Area already allows instant payments across 36 countries, while the UK introduced instant payments in 2008. One limitation of FedNow is that it doesn’t allow for “pull” transactions in which utilities, phone companies or other service providers can trigger a payment from a customer account on an agreed date, a capability that makes it easier for those businesses to manage their cash flow.
  8. How soon will my bank offer FedNow? Fed officials expect the adoption to be slow and gradual, and it could be many months before FedNow shows up on a bank’s website or app. While there were just over 100 banks in a FedNow pilot program, there’s no obligation to use the service and it’s not known how many will choose to do so.
  9. Will FedNow invade my privacy? Since this will be a bank-operated system, the same privacy infrastructure that exists around other payment systems will apply. Like it or not, your basic information is all over your non-cash payments, from your credit cards to your bank checks, which have a lot of information about you written right on them. If you want more privacy, stick with dollar bills.
  10. Is FedNow a step toward a digital currency? Various commentators on social media have suggested FedNow is a scheme to phase out physical cash or part of a plan to introduce an official, government-backed digital currency to replace the dollar. (Some politicians, including long-shot Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., have seized on some of those talking points, while Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has railed against the idea of a central bank digital currency in the US.) The Fed denies this, saying the new payments service will simply be a faster way to move deposits and that it will continue to provide notes and coins for those who still want to use cash. The people most responsible for the declining use of hard currency are consumers themselves. Commercial payments in cash dropped to about 20% in the pandemic year of 2020 from 30% in 2017.
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2023.06.02 00:42 StabbyMcSwordfish Recent thrift store find. I've kept an eye out for this since I read about it when the Epstein scandal was big news. A Sci-Fi book about sex slaves in space written by Bill Barr's father.

Recent thrift store find. I've kept an eye out for this since I read about it when the Epstein scandal was big news. A Sci-Fi book about sex slaves in space written by Bill Barr's father. submitted by StabbyMcSwordfish to BookCollecting [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 00:42 KnotInKansas "Beau Is Afraid" as a specific allegory of contemporary America.

The prevalent reading of the film as a personal psychological drama is baffling to me, when the bulk of its bizarre directorial, narrative, and acting choices only make sense if you approach it as a societal allegory and satire. I think the core themes and settings of "Beau" being highly specific to contemporary America may be lost on an American audience. Here's my take:
Mona is the USA. Beau is its people. Their abusive dynamic is a metaphor and parody of the American Condition.
Penis dad is monstrous, single-minded capitalism in bed with the government, thanks to which Mona has established an industrial empire built on lies, exploitation, and imprisonment of dissidents like Harry who question her methods. The recorded therapy sessions and the trial at the end is the surveillance state taken to its logical conclusion, and the twisted video evidence is the most prominent counterargument against the "if you have nothing to hide..." dismissal of privacy rights. There's a clear trend of racial exploitation in the skin colors of the help, the lady who "volunteered" her dead body, and the light-skinned "Uncle Tom" therapist.
We start with a panorama of extreme poverty in the inner cities. Then we move on to a different flavor of insidious oppression in suburbia, and then comes the play, which is remarkably similar to the stories Hollywood likes to tell about the American Dream. Rugged individualism and self-reliance by good, salt-of-the-earth folk, the immigrant myth, a farcical obsession with family values and a specific slant of fatherhood, erasure of women, ... This section ends with a mass shooting -- a phenomenon largely unique to the US, and it draws a jarring contrast with the idealized storytelling about America. The irony is palpable.
Beau's infertility is both symbolic and literal. The promises told in the play clearly do not reflect the reality of Beau's or our lives. If people are too tied down by socioeconomic factors to even have children, how can they expect to have full lives themselves? In the play, Beau pursues his children to the bitter end, only to discover that they never could have existed in the first place. The story was always a lie.
The ending credits places us squarely on the other side of the same spectator-sports stadium/courthouse. There's a projector beam shining, and we watch as people stream out of the "theater." The audience who filled that arena are us, and Beau's fate is a warning. His speech, always slurred, stuttered, and indistinct, is barely even audible by the end despite his shouting and screaming. His actions spoke much louder when he was strangling Mona.
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2023.06.02 00:42 Clear-Theory7541 I saw that Elizabeth Holmes began her 11 year federal prison stint yesterday in Texas. Reminded me of the live where Moses & his Queen were eluding he was designing furniture for her but had to sign an NDA as Holmes’ husband is from a multi-billionaire tycoon family. Such an honest humble king.

They must have exquisite taste. They were so fortunate to hire such an exclusive high demand designer like Moses. I hope one of us here can manifest winning the lottery so this brilliant, talented humble designer can make his amazing masterpieces in our living spaces. 🙌🥰
I obviously misheard because Moses would NEVER lie or misspeak. He said the “mystery family” lived in Malibu (where the secret meeting was) but the news said they’ve lived in Houston, Tx for years. The news probably just misspoke I’m sure. I totally like 110% believe Moses and his queen! The live is during that period of time our queen so flawlessly cosplayed Elizabeth Holmes over and over and over and over.
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2023.06.02 00:41 Popular_Ad3074 Anyone heard of the NES godzilla creepypasta game made by Iuri Nery? well...got some news from the Discord

"Hello u/everyone, this is Dargon from the Godzilla Creepypasta team writing in collaboration with Iuri Nery to deliver this message. For those who don't already know about our situation- Iuri is our only programmer and he gave us his time and energy to create this game along with us. Its been great! we've all been working together for upwards of 4 years now to make this happen- and we still love this game. However as we've been growing older, our lives have been taking priority. Working on a game that will be free on the internet forever is a heavy investment, so we've decided to put things on hold for now with a high chance of cancellation. But that's not the end of it! There are new projects that have sprung up in the place of our absence- and I will likely deliver another message in the future to provide more details. But if you snoop around you'll probably find something. Our game of course is still accessible, and it'll hopefully be here forever for NGC fans new and old to enjoy. For what it is, its a big game! I'm thankful that we finished Pathos, and made it an even bigger experience for our players. So thank you everyone for being here with us, and adding to our community. We'll still be around! So please keep making art and growing. -Dargon "
I'm...not really sure how I feel about this news. I mean I respect how they're focusing on their personal lives, but I really hope they continue the project.
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