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2023.06.03 23:48 0Sandman0 Turning a poem into a tattoo

I will first share the original poem, entitled "Good Timber", by Douglas Malloch. I will then share the same poem, but with some changes I have made. The words that have the line through them are words I changed. Words that are Bold are words I want to change but not sure what word to use. I will be using "Center Alignment" for this tattoo, and the punctuation at the end of each line messes with the alignment. So, I removed the punctuation from the end of each line, and I wanted to know if that is appropriate? Your help would be greatly appreciated.
The tree that never had to fight
For sun and sky and air and light,
But stood out in the open plain
And always got its share of rain,
Never became a forest king
But lived and died a scrubby thing.
The man who never had to toil
To gain and farm his patch of soil,
Who never had to win his share
Of sun and sky and light and air,
Never became a manly man
But lived and died as he began.
Good timber does not grow with ease:
The stronger wind, the stronger trees;
The further sky, the greater length;
The more the storm, the more the strength.
By sun and cold, by rain and snow,
In trees and men good timbers grow.
Where thickest lies the forest growth,
We find the patriarchs of both.
And they hold counsel with the stars
Whose broken branches show the scars
Of many winds and much of strife.
This is the common law of life.
The tree that never had to fight For sun and sky and air and light But stood out in the open plain Always receiving its share of rain Never became a forest king But lived and died a feeble thing The man who never had to toil To gain and farm his patch of soil Who never had to win his share Of sun and sky and light and air Never became a stalwart man But lived and died as he began Good timber does not grow with ease The stronger wind, the stronger trees The further sky, the greater length The more the storm, the more the strength By sun and cold, by rain and snow In trees and men good timbers grow Where thickest lies the forest growth We find the patriarchs of both And they hold counsel with the stars Whose broken branches show the scars Of many winds and much of strife This is the common law of life
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2023.06.03 23:48 Brandroided My best friend/roommate (25F) won’t leave her narcissistic and abusive “boyfriend” (30M). Should I continue to be a supportive friend/shoulder to cry on?

My best friend/roommate recently started seeing her “ex” again. I put the quotes because they have never actually been official, she’s never met anyone in his life or been to his house, but they “dated” for about a year. During this time I was indifferent to him. He wasn’t friendly or unfriendly and always peed all over the toilet seat and floor and left the seat up. She was so obsessed with him that we never talked anymore. They eventually broke it off and she was heartbroken. I felt bad but I was happy to see my friend become herself again.
Since they stopped seeing each other she has spent the last two years convinced that he is her future husband and that God told her they are meant to be. She thinks this man is perfect and excuses all of his bad behavior because he had a complicated childhood. They recently started to talk again over the last two months. At first I was just happy to see her happy again after being so sad without him.
Just take my word for it, this man is a narcissistic abuser. There are too many details to explain, but they fight constantly and as I am also living in the same house I hear the way he speaks to her. He has the “alpha male mentality” and thinks women are below men. They still aren’t official because “there is nothing she can do to benefit him”. She has to prove herself to him. So now she cooks him dinner every night, breakfast in the morning, helps promote his business. They fight because she “hasn’t given him what she can’t give anyone else” (He wants a 3some and she doesn’t). He gave her a two week deadline to get an IUD or he’d leave her so she got one for him. During the appointment he got mad at her for crying because she was nervous about the procedure and they spent the day arguing about that. She always ends up apologizing. He will find any way to ridicule her and she ALWAYS goes back to him!
I am very invested as she is my best friend since we were teens. I care about her so much and worry for her mental health. I feel her hurt and get mad on her behalf. She rarely talks to me anymore, and when she does it’s to vent about him and I see her in a very dark place mentally. Then when they’re fine again she ignores me, sometimes not even saying hi because they are on FaceTime ALL THE TIME. I am not taking it personally but I am worried about the amount of control he has on her. We live together and usually talk about everything!
I thought it was finally over last night. He got mad at her because he found out she slept with one person in the two years they were broken up. She lied and said she didn’t because she was afraid of his reaction. He spent the day calling her a whore anyways and somehow coerced her into sending him $3,000 to prove to him that she didn’t sleep with anyone and promised he’d send it back if she passed one “test”. He searched her phone and caught her in the lie and now refuses to send the money back. He said “it’s me or the money”. Somehow she’s still begging for him to stay with her. I can’t take it at this point. He sent her flowers today and she’s buying right into it.
I am too invested. I need advice on what to do. On one hand she is an adult and is choosing to be with him and it’s not my life. On the other hand I have to witness this all first hand and support her through every heartbreak, while she hasn’t been a great friend to me in return. I as well as everyone in her life is worried and has told her she needs to leave him many times. I know she has to do it on her own terms, but when is enough enough?
Do I continue to be there for her when she needs a shoulder to cry on even tho I feel used? Am I making this about me or is it valid for me to be annoyed with her at this point? Should I call her mom? (So serious, she’s worried too after this $3k bank transfer but she won’t tell her why). I don’t know what to do at this point but I’m very concerned.
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2023.06.03 23:47 transmanwonderland Adjusting my laptop lid shuts down my computer completely.

Hi all, my laptop is baffling me. Some context: I have it set to do nothing when the lid closes whether on charge or not, and I'm not intentionally shutting it down, but my computer has begun fully shutting down when i so much as adjust the laptop lid. The screen casing is also starting to seperate, and the right hinge (behind the power button) is breaking down.
My working theory is that something in the hinge is impacting the sensor of the power button, but I've no clue if that's possible, much less if I'm right as i don't have the technical knowledge of computer hardware to take it apart and look. I'm at my wits end, as my computer is my only source of income, I don't have a car, and there's no computer repair store within an hour drive of my location.
I updated to windows 11 back in january of '22, this has only started in the last few weeks since my last update on 5/10/23.
This is the computer I have:
MSI GF63 Thin Gaming Laptop, 15.6" FHD Display, Intel Core i5-10300H, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 MaxQ, 8GB DDR4, 256GB NVMe SSD, Windows 10
Modifications: I have updated it to windows 11 When i first got the computer, my brother installed a 2tb seagate hdd hard drive. I no longer live with anyone who knows how to take apart a laptop without destroying it.
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2023.06.03 23:46 ThrowRA_marblecake He’s getting therapy after 6 years of my begging but I still might leave. Feeling guilty.

It’s a long story but in a nutshell, he’s treated me with disrespect and condescension the past 6.5 years of our 7 yrs together. Belittling, flirting with others in front of me, controlling, treating me as if his way of doing things, feeling, and thinking is better. I can’t begin to describe it. In short, it’s been 6.5 long years of narcissistic emotional and financial abuse and I finally had enough and got an apartment. Didn’t move in yet.
In the meantime, all these years I’ve begged him to go to therapy with me but he refused bc he felt we were too new for it, and then said it didn’t work with his exes and always signaled the end so I just went on my own since 2018. I went from a compliant headnodder to a stronger person who stands up for herself, which has led to a lot of fights. Because of the apartment, he finally decided to see someone. At first he insisted that we go together, but I said no bc I had begged for years and he denied my truth by not going and left it to be my problem. Now that he was going to lose me, he finally goes. I’m still going on my own and didn’t really want to start back at square one.
The problem is I’m not sure it matters anymore. He came home angry from his first session for some reason but told me the next day he is going to learn abt the things he does that cause me to react the way I do, and the things I do (!) that cause him to react. I’m not perfect AT ALL, but I came into this relationship with sincerity and the desire to grow with someone. I turned into a ghost of my former self when I felt I had no right to claim my space due to his incessant criticism, control, and correcting. Therapy is bringing me back — reviving me.
What made my stomach turn was he said the therapist suggested he read the Love Languages book, and he asked if I'd take the quiz. Problem is, I talked to him abt this in 2016 when i felt he wasn't engaging with me like he was the first few months, and I told him my love languages and did the quiz with him then. For years I've reminded him of my love languages and why X or Y would be nice, while trying to accommodate his. For him to talk about it now like it’s this new idea sickens me a bit bc i feel unheard once again and like this is something I've grown beyond. I feel bad even saying that.
He's been super kind all weekend and I feel guilty because I'm done at this point. I just feel very confused as to why he's not been able to be this way all along and feel invalidated that he only is trying this stuff now that he thinks it’s right. He’s done this temporary kindness thing thru out our time together when he’s done something upsetting, but what if this time he means it? Am I leaving a good thing?
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2023.06.03 23:45 bleak-0utlook Mental health journey as a woman

I don't really know where to start... I've been in this subreddit a while but I've never posted before. For context I'm a 26 year old female in FL and I suppose the purpose of this post is to rant, but I'm also open to any advice.
I have a mental health history, mostly as a younger child dealing with depression, anxiety, abuse and all that comes with that, self harm, etc. There was a while where the issues were tolerable and I didn't feel the need to address and treat them. There's also been times I've self medicated in attempt to numb from the issues. And then we have where I'm at now, which is having panic attacks and crippling anxiety. It's hard to function in every way, sleeping, eating, working, etc.
I'm trying to get help; I went to one ER-terrible idea, I know- but I was desperate and didn't know what to do. I also had very little money and no insurance. I talked to a psychiatrist on a video call and she said she would be prescribing me 2 things, one for anxiety and an anti-depressant. I waited for hours and finally I felt a bit of hope. When it came time to get my discharge papers, the medication we discussed wasn't what they prescribed me. The ER doctor prescribed me something different for anxiety, which was actually a medication I had taken before and never really helped me.
No big deal right? I bring up the discrepancy and apparently the ER was unable to write a script for what the other doctor suggested, and too bad just take what they give me. I ended up leaving very upset. They gave me a name of someone to follow up with. So I try to call the number for them, and it isn't a working number anymore. So I Google that person, and literally like 4 entries showed in my area. I called every number I found and it either didn't work, or the people had no idea who I was looking for. So that resource was nothing. ($800 bill for that btw, just came in the mail)
So out of desperation I went to yet another hospital ER. What other option did I have? None. Long story short, the people at the hospital couldn't/wouldn't help me. I explained everything to them, and let them know I just really needed help because the panic attacks are so debilitating. They said since another doctor prescribed me something they will give me nothing, and I left. They gave me resources to call as well. The first place, which is for low income people, I do not qualify for because my income is too high. (Imagine that, I'm right between being poor enough for help but not stable enough to afford insurance/not need help. Sigh).
There were a few other places I called, several of them were booked out for 2 or 3 months. A couple were just in no way affordable as I needed pretty urgent help. There was one place left. The reviews are all really bad on Google, but I guess I have nothing to lose. They told me it was open 24/7, which of course turned out not to be true. So I was supposed to go Friday but at this point I have to wait until Monday to even call, and cross my little fingers that I can even been seen on such short notice (and that I can afford it, too).
If that doesn't work I don't know what I will do. These hospitals aren't helping, I can't afford anything else, and the resources they give are so outdated the numbers don't even work on half. It's f**king infuriating. I'm desperate for help and all I want is to be able to get up and go to work without dealing with this panic. I went to a pharmacy today to fill the 2 prescriptions I originally got, and I was told I'd have to wait until Monday on one of them because the paper was a bit ripped. And the pharmacist wouldn't call the doctor to confirm until Monday (whatever, the phones work on weekends).
Not only is everything so unaffordable, this entire time every person I've talked to has been so rude and acts like they don't listen to a word I say. I've been as positive as I can through this ordeal and all the mental breakdowns that have come with it, but I'm so frustrated rn and losing all hope. I've lost so much weight because of all this stress, I can't keep going on this way physically OR mentally.
Maybe things will work out when I call the other office Monday, but I really don't know. It seems like every step of the way are a thousand obstacles. But I'm trying to hang in here the best I can.

If anyone has any advice, I'll gladly listen. I'm open to anything, including "alternative healing" or whatever you call it. I have a few crystals, books about ayurveda and similar topics, and two tarot decks. Admittedly, I have not been leaning into my spiritual side for this issue. Typing that out sounds dumb, why wouldn't I? But I guess it's just been hard on me all around.
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2023.06.03 23:45 Voldernnn Mask of Bakris has become worse and Bungie has not written about it anywhere

Previously, this Exotic increased damage from both your Arc Weapons and just slowed enemies.
Light Shift: Replaces your Stasis subclass Dodge ability with a longer range, faster moving Shift that partially cloaks you during use. After Shifting, your Arc weapons deal increased damage to combatants for a short time, and you deal increased damage to all slowed or encased combatants.
Now the work of Mark of Bakris has changed, and not in the way you thought. Instead of additional damage on slowed enemies, it now increases the damage of your Stasis Weapons.
Light Shift : replaces your Stasis subclass Dodge ability with a longer range, faster moving shift that partially cloaks you during use. After shifting, your Stasis and Arc weapons deal increased damage for a short time.
And yes, there was not a word about it in the article about Exotic Armor changes.
Changed to use a tier-4 non-stacking weapon damage bonus (which behaves the same as the non-stacking damage bonuses provided by Surge mods). Damage bonus increased in PvE from 10% to 25%, and now grants a 6% bonus to weapon damage in PvP. No longer stacks with Surge leg armor mods, but provides a larger bonus than can be achieved with 3 such mods equipped.
Given that the beginning of the article literally says "unless otherwise specified, the following changes leave the rest of the Exotic's benefits intact", this raises questions.
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2023.06.03 23:45 aly3030 Returning cat to the shelter?

Hi! I hope you don’t judge me.
I have two cats (both 1 1/2 years old and female), I adopted the first one in October 2022 and the second one in December 2022.
However, my first cat is destructive, bites me, chews on almost everything and doesn’t get along with my other cat. I have been trying to be patient with her since she has been returned to the shelter two times already and has been a single cat her whole life, but I’m starting to feel pretty depressed and miserable because of her. I adopted another cat so she could have a friend but after 6 months, she still attacks the other cat. And my other cat is scared of her and doesn’t want to be in the same room.
I am at my wit’s end. I am thinking of returning her back to the (non-kill) shelter at the end of the year if the situation doesn’t change. It’s a good shelter, but I have been crying every day because of this and been dealing with guilt. I try to play with my cat, so I can tire her out but she isn’t interested in the toys. I don’t know what to do with her anymore. I don’t want to give her up but I sometimes think it’d be the best for everyone. My cat deserves someone who doesn’t get frustrated with her.
I hope you can give me some advice on how to deal with this situation. Thank you.
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2023.06.03 23:44 LeftGeologist6135 Do I think about my ex too much?

throwaway account because he knows my other one.
for context, I (21f) broke up with my very first boyfriend (21m) two years ago. in addition to some communication issues on his end, he was moving out of province for university (permanently, he said). So I thought to myself, I don’t want to carry on a permanently long-distance relationship especially when our virtual communication is not good and we’re both going to be doing in-person university where there’s a lot of attractive young people. He was surprised when I broke up with him and tried to talk me out of it but I wasn’t having it. We tried to maintain a friendship afterwards but it understandably petered out. (He also tried to hit on my best friend after we broke up which I quickly reprimanded him for). We don’t talk at all anymore.
For the next 4-6 months I didn’t think about him at all. Then, gradually I began to think about him more and more, how much I missed him, how compatible we were. There are things we had in common that I don’t have in common with ***any*** of my friends or family. It’s mid 2023 and I think about him probably every day. I really loved him and I sometimes think that I’ll never find someone who is that compatible with me ever again. I try to remind myself of all the reasons I broke up with him but it doesn’t work in the longterm. I watched season 4 of succession weekly and he reminds me so much of Tom it kind of drove me crazy I mean they even look alike. I’m currently talking to a guy, we’ve been on one date so far but I won’t be able to see him again until September.
I’m just kinda concerned for myself, am I not over my ex? Or am I over him, and this is normal for someones first boyfriend …? I'd be grateful for any insight or advice.
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2023.06.03 23:44 Due-Homework3446 Why did God “fumble” his own creation?

Well I hope that title drew you in.
I’ve been doing some thinking. Why the hell did God wait so damn long to reveal himself. According to the Bible God didn’t reveal himself to Abraham until 400+ years after the flood of Noah, and then another 400+ years until he revealed himself to Moses who then wrote the first books of what turned into the Bible. During this time period the decedents of Noah populated the entire world, including the Americas and all the pacific islands. These people made their own cultures, their own religions, basically a whole lot of stuff that will send God’s children on a fast track to eternal suffering. If God is all knowing then why would he let that happen. Why didn’t he start with Noah. If the world was so bad that he had to kill everyone except 8 people why not start his religion there with those 8 people who would then spread the good word to all their decedents. Everyone would praise him and not other gods. Doesn’t seem like a very efficient way rebuild his world after it turned so horrible. If religions outside Christianity are a creation of the devil to confuse people and steer them out of heaven then why didn’t God beat him to the punch? Doesn’t make sense to me. Yes it’s already hard to believe that all people on earth descend from a man 6,000 years ago but it’s even harder to believe that an all knowing God couldn’t let his own creation know about him before they went off and started making “false idols”. I already know what the answer from atheists will be “Because the Bible is a fairy tale” but I want Christians to explain themselves on this one.
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2023.06.03 23:42 acheesedanish [USA-OH] [H] Games and accessories for Nintendo Switch, Gamecube, 3/DS, PS5 controller and charger [W] Games and accessories for Nintendo Switch, Gamecube, 3/DS, Gameboy

All my games are NIB/sealed unless otherwise noted. Always willing to look at lists and am primarily looking for Nintendo items. I ship on Wednesdays.
Here is what I have to offer: HAVE
Switch *A Hat In Time *Aqua Moto Racing (CIB) *Azure Striker Gunvolt *Bad North *Battle World Kronos (CIB) *Ben 10 *Blacksad Under the Skin *Blazblue Cross Tag Battle *Brigandine *Clannad *Close to the Sun *Contra Rogue Corps *The Count Lucanor *Crayola Scoot (CIB) *Darksiders II *Dead by Daylight *Dead Cells *Diablo III Eternal Collection *Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth *Dimension Drive Limited Edition (PA-0149) *Disgaea 5 *DOOM *Dragon Ball Fighterz *Dragons Dogma *Fate/Extella Link *Fault Milestone One *FIFA 18 *FIFA 19 *FIFA 20 *Galak-Z The Void + Skulls of the Shogun *Gigantic Army *God Eater 3 *Hell Warders *Hellmut *Hotline Miami Collector's Edition (SRG-2280) *Hover *Ice Age Scats Nutty Adventure *Indivisible *Instant Sports (CIB) *Instant Sports Summer Games *Kotodama 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa *LA Noire *Layers of Fear Limited Edition LRG *Monster Hunter Generations *Mortal Kombat 11 *Mother Russia Bleeds *Mutant Football League *My Hero One's Justice *NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 *NBA 2K18 *NBA 2K19 *NBA 2K20 *New'n'Tasty Oddworld Abe's Oddysee Limited Edition *Northgard (CIB) *Nurse Love Obsession *Oddworld Stranger's Wrath HD Limited Edition *Oddworld Munch's Oddysee Limited Edition *Our World Is Ended Day One Edition *Payday 2 *Planescape: Torment & Icewind Dale Enhanced Editions *Poi *RBI Baseball 17 US Cover *RBI Baseball 17 CA Cover (CIB) *RBI Baseball 18 US Cover *RBI Baseball 18 CA Cover (CIB) *RBI Baseball 19 US Cover *RBI Baseball 19 CA Cover (CIB) *RBI Baseball 20 US Cover *RBI Baseball 20 CA Cover *Race with Ryan *Remilore: Lost Girl in the Lands of Lore *Reverie Sweet As Edition (PA-0569) *Riot *Risk of Rain 2 *Saints Row the Third *Saints Row IV *Samurai Shodown *Scribblenauts Mega *Scribblenauts Showdown (CIB) *Shantae Half Genie Hero Day One Limited Edition *Shaq Fu *Sid Meier's Civilization VI *Sine Mora EX *Skully *Slain Back From Hell *Sniper Elite III Ultimate Edition *Sniper Elite V2 Remastered *Soccer Tactics *South Park The Fractured Butt Whole *Sports Party (CIB) *Spyro Reignited Trilogy *Star Wars Jedi Knight Collector's Edition *Star Wars Jedi Knight II Collector's Edition *Star Wars Racer Collector's Edition *Star Wars Pinball *Steins Gate Elite Limited Edition (slight corner damage) *Steven Universe Save/ OK K.O.! *Street Outlaws: The List *Streets of Rage 4 Classic Edition *Streets of Red Devil's Dare Edition *Super Blood Hockey Standard Edition *Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission *Super Street: Racer *Tennis World Tour *Tennis World Tour Roland Garros Edition (CIB) *Thea The Awakening *This is the Police *This is the Police 2 *This War of Mine *Tiny Barbarian DX *TT Isle of Man - Ride on the Edge (CIB) *Uglydolls An Imperfect Adventure (CIB) *Umihara Kawase Fresh *V-Rally 4 (CIB) *Vampyr *Warriors Orochi 4 *Wasteland 2 (CIB) *Wild Guns Reloaded *WRC 8 *Xenon Racer *Yomawari: The Long Night Collection *Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist *Zombieland
Wii U *Bowser Wii Remote Plus *007 Legends *Adventure Time Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know *Adventure Time Finn & Jake Investigations *Amazing Spiderman (CIB) *Amazing Spiderman 2 (CIB, Walmart cover) *Amazing Spiderman 2 - CIB bad disc *Assassins Creed III (CIB) *Assassins Creed IV Black Flag (CIB) *Barbie Dreamhouse Party (CIB) *Barbie Puppy Rescue *Batman Arkham City Armored Edition (CIB) *Batman Arkham Origins (CIB) *Ben 10 Omniverse (CIB) *Ben 10 Omniverse 2 (CIB) *Book of Unwritten Tales (CIB) *Cabela's Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts (CIB) *Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 *Call of Duty Black Ops II (CIB) *Call of Duty Ghosts (CIB - missing single insert) *Cars 3 Driven to Win *Croods *Darksiders II (CIB - nordic games cover) *Darksiders Warmastered Edition *Dues Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut *Epic Mickey 2 (CIB) *Ducktales Remastered (CIB - no pin) *ESPN Sports Connection (CIB) *Family Party 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade (CIB) *Fast and Furious Showdown (CIB) *FIFA Soccer 13 (CIB) *Funky Barn (CIB) *Game Party Champions (CIB) *Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams - Director's Cut *Hello Kitty Kruisers *Hot Wheels World's Best Driver (CIB) *How to Train Your Dragon 2 (CIB) *Injustice (CIB) *Jeopardy *Kung Fu Panda *Madden 13 (CIB) *Mario Party 10 Mario amiibo bundle *Marvel The Avengers Battle for Earth *Mass Effect 3 (CIB) *Mighty No. 9 *Monster High 13 Wishes (CIB) *Monster High New Ghoul in School *Monster Hunter 3 (CIB) *NBA 2K13 (CIB) *NBA 2K13 (CIB, bad disc) *Need for Speed Most Wanted U (CIB) *Nickelodeon Spongebob Squarepants Planktos Robotic Revenge (CIB) *Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures *Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 (CIB) *Penguins of Madagascar (CIB) *Phineas and Ferb Quest for Cool Stuff (CIB) *Planes (CIB) *Planes Fire and Rescue *Rabbids Land (CIB) *Rabbids Land (CIB, bad disc) *Rapala Pro Bass Fishing (CIB) *Rayman Legends *Rayman Legends (CIB, bad disc) *Resident Evil Revelations (CIB) *Rise of the Guardians (CIB) *Rodea They Sky Soldier w/Bonus Game *Runbow Deluxe Edition *Scribblenauts Unlimited (CIB) *Scribblenauts Unmasked (CIB) *Scribblenauts Unmasked w/DVD (CIB) *Shantae Half-Genie Hero Risky Beats Edition *Smurfs 2 (CIB) *Sniper Elite V2 *Snoopy's Grand Adventure *Splinter Cell Blacklist (CIB) *SteamWorld Collection (CIB) *Tank!Tank!Tank! *Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (CIB) *Terraria *Transformers Prime (CIB) *Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark *Turbo Super Stunt Squad (CIB) *Walking Dead Survival Instinct (CIB) *Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper (NIB, seal is ripped) *Watch Dogs (CIB) *Wheel of Fortune (CIB) *Wipeout 3 (CIB) *Wipeout Create & Crash (CIB) *Zombi U (CIB)
DS *Game and Watch Collection CIB *Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass CIB
GameCube *Bloodrayne Disc only *Die Hard Vendetta Disc only *Beyblade VForce Disc only *Army Men Sarge's War Disc only *Black Gameboy Player (no disc) *MadCatz Controller
PS5 *DualSense Wireless Controller *DualSense Charing Station
Here is what I'm after: WANT
Switch Games *Advance Wars 1+2 *Bayonetta 3 *Bayonetta Origins *DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power *Kirby and the Forgotten Land *Kirby Return to Dream Land Deluxe *Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom *Lego Brawls *Live A Live *Mario and Rabbids Sparks of Hope *Mario Strikers Battle League *Metroid Dread *Metroid Prime Remastered *Pokemon Legends Arceus *Pokemon Shield + Expansion Pass *Pokemon Sword + Expansion Pass *Splatoon 3 *Tetris Effect: Connected *Triangle Strategy *Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Switch Accessories *Joy-Cons (yellow, mario red) *Joy-Cons Zelda Edition *Themed Switch docks
Gamecube *Mario Party 5 - CIB *Mario Party 6 - Manual only *Purple Gameboy Player (with or without disc) *Component cable *S-Video cable
PSP *Me and My Katamari
Wii *Animal Crossing City Folk with or without microphone
3DS/DS *Arkanoid *Atari Greatest Hits 1 *Atari Greatest Hits 2 *Break 'em All *Centipede Infestation 3DS - Case only *Deal or No Deal DS - Game only *Detective Pikachu 3DS - Case/artwork only *Elf Bowling 1 & 2 *Korg DS *Korg DS Plus *Mario vs Donkey Kong 2 DS - Game only *Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity 3DS - Case and manual only *Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon 3DS - Case and manual only *Space Invaders Extreme *Space Invaders Extreme 2 *Space Invaders Revolution *Tetris DS *Tetris Party Deluxe
GB/GBC/GBA *Gameboy Camera *Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages *Pokemon Pinball *Pokemon Gold *Consoles
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2023.06.03 23:41 Itubaino How to be the one of the dumbest brazilian presidents ever (yet) by Janio Quadros

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2023.06.03 23:40 Mr_No_ON How many characters is that i suck at math

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2023.06.03 23:39 WriterAccomplished63 Secondary Application (Meme)

Why should XXX COM accept you into this year's class?
I am a 6’ 3” handsome specimen of a man. An absolutely CHAD in contemporary terms. Physically, I am unmatched and have beaten the most skilled of warriors using nothing but a spoon and toothpick. I’ve wiped naval fleets with a simple piercing glance that punctured the hulls of battleships, sinking them within minutes. I’ve crumbled nations by merely taking off my shirt, the force of the soft cotton fabric generating Category 7 typhoons and hurricanes. The beautiful sculpture that is my chiseled body, is made by the heavens and blinds all those who behold it, hypnotizing them on the spot.
Mentally, I am indomitable. I once went 431 days without food and water, learning to photosynthesize in the process. I can see thoughts, colors, and things beyond your wildest imagination. Over my many years of life, I have developed the ability to teleport anywhere I focus my mind on, making transportation useless to me.
That’s not all. When I look at the sun, the sun goes blind. My farts have disrupted the very fabric of space time, causing instances of dinosaurs to appear from thin air. I summoned a T-Rex as my personal animal guide for when I’m out in public. I have a disease called being too handsome.
In the wise words of Andrew Tate, “My unmatched perspicacity, coupled with sheer indefatigability, makes me a feared opponent in any realm of human endeavor.”
For these reasons, you should accept me into your medical school. Thank me later.
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2023.06.03 23:39 Queasy-Ad6134 Just Putting My Feelings Out There

-no spoilers in this post- I know everyone’s beginning to form their opinions and trying to figure out what they like and don’t like but I want to make clear that this post is just me GUSHING.
very light non-spoiler context: I just put my Switch into sleep mode. I’m on the final stretch. I haven’t beaten the game yet but I’m maxing everything (by my definition) out before I go in.
This is the greatest game I have ever played. Ever. It is astonishing. The story, as a whole and especially for a Zelda game, is excellent so far. The combat is excellent. The physics are excellent. The graphics are beautiful (artistically). The game holds up a respectable framerate for how impossible it seems. The sense of adventure is real, it’s there. This game is epic. Epic. I think that’s the biggest thing. Regardless of any tiny thing that may be annoying. It is completely drowned out my how incredible this adventure is. There is so much to see, so much to do, so much to experience, so many ways to become stronger and better. The tasks you can set for yourself and tasks being given by others and every single thing is in service of bringing down whatever has pushed that castle into the sky. It is all so incredible. The sprawl, the height, the breadth, and the depth. The game is astonishing. Absolutely fun every single step of the way. The character designs, vistas, music, programming, UI, everything. It’s just such an incredibly well-polished package. I love this game. I’m doing everything I can to stop it from ending.
I have forgotten my life completely in this game. I have never ever felt this before. And I’ve played a LOT of games. I am a go-getter. I love working and going out and being social. And Zelda is keeping me glued to my seat for just another fight, just another seed, just another shrine, just another lightroot, just another day of this incredible world. This meticulously crafted love-letter.
The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is the greatest game I have ever played. Ever. I don’t know if I will ever feel this again. Every single gamer MUST play this game. They just must. There will never be something like this again unless it’s from this team. This Zelda team. It takes real heart to make something like this. Money, yes, to a point. But this game is bursting with heart.
What a time to be alive.
P.S. in 16 gigabytes???
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2023.06.03 23:39 TAO_OF_NEM Jesus performed no miracles, no resurrections, prophesied nothing, no revelations, not even rapture, But he could read and write & the Bible holds the receipts.

I find it odd that our trusted Christian church leaders,both true blue & lipstick varieties, are quick to assert Christ’s illiteracy while attributing all sorts of magical nonsense to his name. How you gonna elevate this guy to god-tier status, yet preach he can’t read? Of course God reads, reads great!writes great too! Jesus according to Christians is the real deal, the whole Enchilda, the Beginning and the End, the Alpha & the Omega, yet also according to them he can’t write Alpha or Omega. That’s crazy thinking, blasphemy even, all the best stuff in the Bible was written by Jesus.
Jesus Christ (Didymus Judas Thomas) authored The Gospel of Thomas.
Read here the opening lines of The Gospel of Thomas (Leloup Translation)…
“These are the words of the Secret. They were revealed by the Living Yeshua. Didymus Judas Thomas wrote them down.”
Note the unusual use of the word “revealed” here in place of common language you’ll find of “said/spoken”.
The unusual doubling of the Twin generic descriptor, sandwiching the common Judas name.
Didymus = Twin (Greek) Judas = Name Thomas = Twin (Aramaic)
Judas, according to the Bible, was a brother & devoted servant of Jesus Christ (Mark 6:3; Matt 13:55; Jude 1). His twin (Acts of Thomas). The spiritual (divine) Christ paired to the physical (human) Judas. Jesus WAS Judas. In the Gospel of Thomas there were no miracles, no resurrections. Jesus predicted no future events, he was no prophet, no revelations or rapture. All prophesy attributed (falsely) to Jesus was culled from the Hebrew OT and retrofitted as Roman propaganda to co-opt, conflate & corrupt Judaism w/ the upstart Jesus’ movement, neatly consolidating control of both under Rome, effectively killing 2 birds with 1 stone.
So how then did Jesus know Judas would betray him? Simple, he (Jesus/Judas) turned himself in & cut a deal with Pilate to fake crucifixion avoiding further unrest in the Jewish population (exactly what you would hope for & expect from a Jesus). The deal was after the crucifix fake-out Jesus would bounce & so he did becoming St.Thomas/St.Jude traveling far & wide, converting about a billion more ppl to Christianity before dying in his 100s.
A few additional odds & ends that support this info above (greatly abridged for time).
  1. NT Jude 1:1 identifying Judas as a brother to James but a “servant” of Jesus.
  2. The apocryphal Gospel of Barnabas (apostle of Jesus), Ch. 216 - Judas takes on appearance of Jesus, later crucified in Jesus’ place.
  3. St. Jude is most often depicted wearing a giant medallion around his neck with the life-sized head of Jesus on it, that’s 2000 yrs before modern rappers made this a thing & fashionable. They literally got Jude walking around, spreading Christ’s word “wearing the face of Jesus”. The truth hidden in plain sight.
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2023.06.03 23:38 OperationResident602 Im thinking I have a pretty controversial top 10 seasons am I wrong. 1 and 2 aren’t controversial I’m talking about the rest lol

  1. Vanuatu- I won’t apologize for this take I’m big on location and characters. Eliza,Amy, twila, Chris, even Julie berry I loved lol
  2. Panama- cirie 1.0 is enough to make a top 10 list but my boy SHANE hell yea. Terry was MY Tom westman I wanted him to win so bad. Danielle dilorenzo is also fun I love her she’s underrated.
  3. Gabon- ultimate circus. Randy and Corrine are the evil duo i frickn love. Still mad Corrine wasn’t able to make it to HvV. Corrine is my confessional queen along with miss courtney Yates.
  4. Samoa- the Russell show. Sorry I love him his tribe was down like 8 to 4 and he got all of his alliance in the top 3. Really loved Laura too she’s a queen. Also Shambo? Danger Dave? Hell yeah
  5. China- Amanda 1.0 I love her. Second fav survivor girl. COURTNEY YATES the queen she needs a spot on every season just like Eliza needs a spot on every jury. Todd,James, just the whole cast almost was fun.
  6. Tie between Cagayan and edge of extinction- y’all gonna be so mad about EoE but that cast was phenomenal I loved the whole season except for the very end obviously. Wentworth and lauren such a good girl power duo. Obviously Cagayan has tony 1.0 Sarah etc etc good gameplay
  7. Philippines- DENISE! I love Denise one of my fav winners. Malcolm was a fav too. Abi Maria etc etc so much going on
  8. David Goliath- didn’t love the winner but this season was a banger. Mike and his wine, Angelina christian sooo good
  9. HvV- best cast ever. Crazy tribals. I’m just mad either Russell or Parvati didn’t win. Russell winning was unrealistic I guess considering the jury then Parvati should have won I’m sorry I can’t get behind Sandra as a player she’s not for me but she’s hella funny..and hey she’s the female survivor queen after all!
  10. Micronesia- I’m sorry I know this season had a lot of quits and med evac but it doesn’t matter. Parvati and amanda are my favorite final two in the shows history. Should have been a final three tho so cirie could get a win. I love this entire cast. Nat Bolton is hot ok bye
Thanks for reading!!!!
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2023.06.03 23:37 AlwaysOpenToLearn HR says they aren't allowed to show the report to the person who is involved in it and said person was given no chance to defend themselves against what was said. Therefore they cannot verify if what was said is true. Employee was fired over the report. Reporter has many worse reports against them.

(Copied from an HR group in case the context is weird)
So a few months ago, a friend of mine got fired for calling another manager an insult (think dick, douche, ass, etc. I can't say, just in case). The situation is a bit complicated. Company A wanted to outsource the work my friend's team did. The outsource company hired whatever members of the initial team wanted to continue there. Manager of Company B's team quits after unknown office politics and Friend eventually takes over position and becomes new manager. Company A hires new employees on their side, one of which, the manager that replaced my friend's position and is now direct liason between A & B, ended up being a complete dickbag who abuses people to the point that nobody wants to work with them. Broke my friend down to tears after screaming at them for not calling them immediately for something "urgent" even though they were on a call with their boss at the time. Friend made mention to boss about the situation, but didn't want to report it in fear of starting office politics. However, they used the word "abusive" which meant the boss was required to report it and did so without my friend's knowledge. Later, friend is talking in a team group chat (unintentionally, another co-worker they are friends with put their message in the wrong chat group. It was meant to be a private conversation). Friend says "[Manager A] is a [insult]" and then quickly realizes it is the wrong group and deletes it. Another (traitorous) team member decides it was a good idea to screenshot the message and send it to Manager A. Manager A reports to HR and friend gets fired the next day, despite there being abuse reports against Manager A. Friend was not contacted by HR or told what was in the report, and therefore was given no chance to defend themselves or to dispute what was potentially said. Friend asked to see the report and was told it was not allowed due to "proprietary information". Friend has no idea what was said. How could they have gotten fired for calling them an insult in a private group chat that was supposed to be a safe space to complain about bosses and managers. Friend, despite being a manager, was still included in the group because they were so close with the other team members (except the traitor who sold them out; traitor was also new and not part of the original team) and had only been promoted a few weeks prior. Actually, friend was promoted twice in a few months and then fired a few weeks later for a comparatively far smaller offense than literal verbal abuse. They were a very VERY hard worker who often worked late into the night to get things done and was often abused by Company A throughout their time there. I don't see how that is a fair practice. Friend wonders if Manager A was told about the initial abuse report and was looking for retaliation, but has no proof. Company A has a track record for not firing employees despite several HR complaints and outsource Company B has a zero tolerance policy. But I don't see how it is fair that my friend was being abused with no consequences but they say one single word in a "safe" chat room and get fired. They wondered if it was related to the other group members being their inferiors.
My friend has not been able to find work since being fired and is now struggling financially. When transferred from Company A they were given a year of severance (which ends in a few weeks) so friend cannot get any help due to technically still having had income. Friend also has a disabled child of college age who struggles with mental illness and is often unable to help with chores and finances. Everyone involved absolutely hates the situation as friend was very good at their job and everyone absolutely hates Manager A. Nobody will take the position to replace friend since nobody wants to work with Manager A.
What can I or my friend do in the way of financial help or legal help (preferably pro bono, it is a large corporation and would be very hard and expensive to sue otherwise). Is there grounds for wrongful termination? Would it be valid if it was in retaliation? How would I prove that? Please help.
Other information: - Friend worked at initial company for over a decade - Friend is about 50 and coworker is about 60 so ageism is a potential motivator. - Information from old co-worker says that no new work has come in so they suspect Company A will not renew another year with Company B, effectively ending that team without technically firing them. - Customers have requested not to work with Manager A and several employees refuse to work with them either.
Note: Any inconsistencies are because I sent this to friend to review and edited accordingly.
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2023.06.03 23:37 Moist-Distribution85 Withdrawl

Hi, thought you guys might be able to help.
I've been taking a low dose of gabapentin for 6 days 300mg average once per day to help kratom withdrawal. Will I be OK just stopping the gabapentin now? I don't want to end up with more withdrawal to deal with. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.03 23:36 Mindshred1 The Jewel of Eoza (Session 16)

The Cast:
Cheer the Boisterous, Tabaxi Monk: Cheer is a small Tabaxi with white fur and mismatched blue and green eyes. She is always seen in the company of her brother, Charles, and together, the two of them haunt the alleys outside the Al Walab Jeweler Guild, keeping other thieves away from their "territory."
Charles the Butcher, Tabaxi Rogue: Charles is a small Tabaxi with smoky black fur and mismatched blue and green eyes. He is always accompanied by his sister, Cheer, and together, the two of them haunt the alleys outside the Al Walab Jeweler Guild, keeping other thieves away from their "territory."
Calina St. Clair, Fire Genasi Wizard: Calina is the third child of the St. Clair merchants, an influential family of wealthy nobles in Al Walab. With her inheritance looking less and less likely with each passing year, she expanded her interests into arcane magic and cartography, hoping to find her own fortune in the world.
Honu Chorba, Tortle Ranger: Honu is a seasoned desert traveler who has spent much of his long life among the dunes. He joined the group to assist them in their journeys out of the belief that they would all get lost and die without him.
Reed Ha'saan, Human (Rashed) Artificer: Reed is a Rashed, nomads who wander the desert wastes. He's a tinker and a jeweler who is loosely affiliated with the Jeweler Guild of Al Walab, serving as a member in the (much looser and less prestigious) offshoot of the Guild among the Rashed. He's accompanied by a mechanical crab machine that he built.
Previous Session

Story: Upon returning to Al Walab, the group found themselves stopped at the gates, as the guards claimed that their previous "exempt from all charges" writ from the Sultan was no longer valid. Fortunately, they were able to intimidate the guards into letting them pass anyways.
Once in the city proper, the group immediately headed to Nafay Sabat's home to speak with Fatima. Once there, they removed her corpse from Reed's bag of holding and handed it over to the undying sorceress, much to her delight. She rewarded them with a box full of high-potency healing potions, as well as a blackened bone dagger that instantly killed and drained the life from anyone it rendered unconscious. Charles quickly claimed the knife, and then he and Cheer also claimed the box that everything had come in.
Fatima caught them up on current events in the city: apparently, her former advisor, Zeera, had found her way into the city and had been trying to seize control of the Thieves' Guild, and the battles between the two factions had spilled out onto the streets. Under the guise of restoring order, the Sultan had moved to seize the property of "collaborators," a thinly-veiled attempt to consolidate his power among the noble houses.
To capitalize upon the discord and unrest in the city, Fatima intended to have the group - under the illusionary guise of the sultan's guards - attack three beloved temples, those of Commerce, Love, and Mercy. While this was happening, Fatima planned to attack the Sultan's advisors, killing his most competent one while framing the second-most, ensuring that the Sultan's only advisor would be an idiot. This, in her opinion, would further destabilize the city and help convince the people that it was time for a new regime.
The group complimented her on the plan, then, once they had left Nafay's home, began to discuss whether or not they were actually on board with attacking three different temples of seemingly friendly priests. The discussion went back and forth, with neither of the Tabaxi particularly caring about the long-term fallout given that they only had about ten years of their short lives left. Honu, staring down a few centuries, was more concerned. Eventually, they decided that the risks of upsetting Fatima were too great to back out at this point, and they decided to visit the marketplace to do some shopping and restock on supplies.
At the market, they discovered that Avani, the Tabaxi they had rescued from the desert many months earlier, had taken Calina's initial investment in his business and turned it into a thriving travel emporium. He had driven many of his competitors out of business and had been cutting most of his rations with catnip, which was really driving product among the city's Tabaxi.
The group swung by the Aydeewa Academy so that Calina could purchase some spell components, only to discover that it now had guards, which were put in place by its new headmistress, Jasmine Musad. They were only allowing current students, faculty, and alumni inside, so Calina headed in alone, with Charles sneaking in alongside her. She was able to obtain from the spell components, but learned that Jasmine Musad had tightened regulations considerably and was running things with severe punishments in place for those who defied her authority.
After getting the components she needed, the group went to Calina's home, where they found a letter waiting for her. It bore the traces of magic, so she gave it to Charles to open outside under the suspicion that it would explode... which it did, raking lightning bolts everywhere. He was fortunately able to avoid them all with his quick reflexes. The group assumed that the letter had been sent by Saleel Arif and once again vowed to make him pay.
Calina then settled in to scribe some new spells into her book while the others scouted out the three temples they would be attacking earlier. The temple of Ishbal, the God of Commerce, was well defended by hired guards and priests wearing armor made from metal coins, while the temples of Hartema, Goddess of Mercy, and Rehema, Goddess of Love, seemed like softer targets, with only a few armored guards at the former and none at the latter.
Finally, Cheer, Charles, and Honu paid a visit to the dive bar in the slums that had serves as a meeting place for the Thieves' Guild to check in on things, only to discover that the crowd seemed to be people they hadn't seen before, all of them shifty and giving suspicious looks at the two Tabaxi. They managed to avoid getting attacked thanks to Honu's large presence and made a hasty retreat.
On their way back to Calina's estate, the three of them were stopped by an old man calling himself Devdan, who wanted to hire them to help investigate the Halls of Aldalla, a long-abandoned arcane school in the western desert. The group was suspicious of him, believing that he could be Saleel Arif in disguise, and set up a meeting with him in three days at a nearby fountain.
They returned to Calina's home to meet up with the others, and Cheer and Charles (the latter of whom was still banned from Calina's estate) spent the night sleeping outside the gate in their newly-acquired box.
In the morning, they paid Fatima another visit to discover her in her original body once more, now evidently restored to life. With her dark skin, long black hair, and green eyes peeking out from behind her black silk mask, she certainly overwhelmed the room with her presence. She cast a spell that cloaked the group in an illusion of the sultan's guards and set them loose to attack the indicated temples while she turned her attention to the sultan's advisors.
At this point, the group decided to split up so that they could quickly cut through the "undefended" temples and then regroup to focus their efforts on the temple of commerce. Calina and Cheer attacked the Temple of Rehema, the love goddess, but were surprised to find their former companion, Rivaan, among their number. Their initial assault killed a few of the unclothed priests, but when one of the worshipers transformed into a large snake with rainbow-colored wings, the battle began to turn against them. Calina ended up caught in the serpent's coils, and with the priests healing more damage than they were dealing, Cheer fled in search of assistance, leaving Calina behind.
Meanwhile, at the temple of mercy, Charles, Reed, and Honu came up with a plan to use poison to render one of the two guards unconscious and blind a second. The plan worked well... at first, until it was revealed that the guards were paladins who were capable of removing poisons from their bodies by laying hands upon themselves. Worse yet, the high priest called out to his goddess, Hartema, and animated four of the statues within the temple, providing additional warriors. With numbers against them, the group retreated to seek help... and soon encountered Cheer, who was doing the same.
Since Calina had been taken prisoner, the group returned to the temple of love, where the priests had healed many of their wounds and clad themselves in clothes and armor. Still in their illusionary disguises, the group fought with the priests, eventually killing them despite the numerous healing spells the priests used to tend to their wounds. Rivaan moved between the group, viciously attacking anyone who threatened his friends with the sunsword and poisoned dagger he had recovered months earlier. Eventually, the priests were killed and Rivaan was knocked unconscious. The winged snake attempted to grab Rivaan and fly to safety, but the group killed him at range with surprising spite for someone who had once been their friend.
The second battle at the temple had not gone unnoticed, however, and as the group frantically searched the temple for Calina's things, a mob of angry townsfolk surged into the temple grounds and pressed against its main gates. Honu held the door shut as Calina's spellbook, wand, and other items were eventually discovered, and they fled through a back window as the crowd pelted them with rocks and stones.
With their resources pushed to the limit and many of them wounded, the group pulled back to Calina's estate to rest and tend to their wounds. Only one of the temples had been slaughtered as Fatima had requested, and the group was torn between their doubts that they could take out the other two temples and their fears about what Fatima wound do to them if they failed her.
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2023.06.03 23:36 wolvrine123 how to make an ISFP girlfriend happy

I cannot believe that i am back to this sub again honestly i had lost hope that she would come back , approximately 3 months ago the girl that i have been talking to for around 8 months had left me and I had posted about here it was long distance relationship,
I was in total mess but in the end I focused on my own mistakes and accepted that it was over but she is back and she cleared many things for me and admitted that she was afraid and told me the reasons ,i apologized for my mistakes and she opened up to me which caught me off guard cz before she just seemed to be very closed off with her emotions like when she is hurt she would say nothing but now and i will quote her she says she wants to understand me and asks me to understand her if i don't mind .
to summarize things I just wanted to ask for the prospective of ISFPs to understand her better ,
I understand that every person is different in the end but i believe there must be some similarities
how can i make her happy like what are the common things that generally make ISFP happy ?
how can i help her with her insecurities and increase her fluctuating confidence ?
she seem to get bored easily and doesn't discover her potential in her own hobbies like i saw her art work and she was really good but she stopped .
i feel she somewhat oversensitive to my words and i try so hard not to hurt her but at the same time i don't wish to just avoid things by not talking about it , I don't know what is the best approach to this one . i am trying to as nice as i can really .
do ISFP really find hard to say there true feelings ?
do ISFPs dislike long conversations and dislike clingy people?
i understand that i can ask her these questions but sometimes she just say nice things to make me feel good which does bother me a lot .
I am trying to improve myself to be a better partner in general reading and watching vlogs about healthy relationships . I really don't know if our relationship will last this time or will it end again , I have low hopes this time but i will try and take things slowly as before i done so many mistakes and i want to have no regrets this time .
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2023.06.03 23:36 FarmWhich4275 An Alien Plays... Factorio

"Great Days And Glorious Victory! My Name is Spifflemonk aaand welcome to my Letsplay! Today we will be celebrating the recent release of many games to the open market by Humans with a game that was recommended to me many times by my work colleague. Hats off to you Jerry! Today we will start with a game called: Factorio. Okay... Apparently it is a resource management and automation game with a simple graphics component. Let's check some of the reviews."
*Spifflemonk looks at some of the reviews for the game and grows disturbed and confused.*
"Erm.. hmm... Is this a human thing? These reviews are all positive but... all of them say the same thing. The last maybe two hundred reviews all say a different iteration of the same thing. Is this a joke or... am I getting into something bad here?"
*Spiffles screen displays a short scroll of the latest reviews. All of them say something along the lines of: THE FACTORY MUST GROW*
"Well, okay then. I know this game does have mods, I looked earlier to test my game settings and recording software. I will be ignoring all of that for now and focusing only on the 'vanilla' experience, is what the humans call it? I think... Okay well lets get started erm... New Game... Sandbox... oh... this looks complicated. Just go default settings and start."
*The game screen loads fast and the introduction sequence plays, starting with the sound of explosions and a bleep noise, explaining how to win the game. Victory is achieved by launching a rocket with either a satellite or the player in it.*
"So... from what I can tell here, the player, that's this little guy here, needs to build a factory to make rockets to get back into space after crash landing. Okay, how hard can that be?"
*The following hour of gameplay takes place with Spifflemonk learning the controls of the game, getting used to the graphics and doing some exploring. Eventually he actually gets to work, placing his first miner down, and putting his first stone smelter next to it. He spends a few minutes clearing boulders and trees in his crash site and slowly accumulates resources enough to add more miners, eventually setting up his first belt line and assembler after the first hour.*
"Right then! That's good uh... According to this I need to do research by making Science Packs? Okay so... I need to automate red science because hand crafting is.... very slow. Very very slow. Okay then uhh... Iron Gears and Copper plates? That's easy! I will just..."
*Another twenty minutes pass by, seemingly a bit too fast as he finishes hand crafting the first fifty Red Science. Depositing a few of them into a science lab and looking at what research is available.*
"Hmmm... Automation. That's going first, I can build assemblers now. After that maybe... Logistics? What's this? Belt Splitters, Underground Belts and Inserters? Oh look, power generation, that will be needed! I will start with...."
*Two hours pass without Spifflemonks notice as he upgrades and improves, adding production lines to automate the construction of Red Science packs. Finally unlocking Green Science packs.*
"Oohhh this gets a LOT more complicated... I need a mix of multiple resources to make these. Iron Gears, Copper Plates, Iron Plates... Green Circuits?! Where do I get those?! Oh... So... this goes here and that can go..."
*A further forty minutes pass when SpiffleMonk begins to panic as a red triangle with an exclamation point appears on his screen, indicating his factory is taking damage.*
"What? WHAT!? What's that red thing, is that some kind of alarm!? Okay uhh... let me just go see what it is then."
*Spifflemonk hastily runs towards the noise to find the games enemies: the Bug Hives of Nauvis attacking his Copper mines.*
"What are those things? AAHH STOP EATING MY MINERS!!! Oh gods oh gods where.. do i have a weapon or... I do have a gun! Okay uhhh... Shoot!"
*Spiffle fumbles but eventually finds the shoot button, and three of the six aliens chewing on his base get killed. He does however run out of ammunition for his simple pistol, and the aliens redirect their attention to his character.*
"What? Why isn't it firi-I'm out of bullets? This needs bullets?! Wait, wait NO-"
*A group of six aliens attack him and kill his character, resulting in a game over screen. The game automatically deletes his save file, as the difficulty is set to hardcore.*
*His channel outro plays.*
"Great Days And Glorious Victory! My Name is Spifflemonk aaand welcome to my Letsplay! Today we are going to try Factorio out again. Last time did not go well. BUT I have a better knowledge about the game and one of the first things I know to do is make ammunition! I know Im not alone here this time so I can prepare for it. Lets play!"
*Game starts with the same settings as the previous time, Spifflemonk wastes no time and clears the local area of trees and rocks and immediately starts automation as quickly as he can. Within two hours, he is roughly close to where he was when he got killed last time.*
"Right! I looked more at the research options and found better gun, better bullets and automated ammo production. As you can see, its green science, red science and as you can see, the first few bits of Military science are just coming off the assembly line. I was told from the last comments... aside from the crazy chanting... I needed to get walls, gun turrets and other things, and try not to pick a fight."
*Spifflemonk continues gameplay for a further hour or so before that all too familiar signal blares, the red triangle with an exclamation mark appears.*
"AHA!!! Now we will see who's the boss in this factory! Have at thee!"
*Spifflemonk heads towards the target and encounters a group of eight enemies, who he easily deals with. After replacing tw destroyed miners, he resumes working and begins to automate oil processing.*
"What is oil in this game? Is it like balm oil or something? Do humans use handwashing agents as industrial machinery? What is oil in this... hold on let me see something..."
*Spifflemonk pauses his gameplay and reads out an article on crude oil and fossil fuel industry, then a follow up article on plastic.*
"Plastic... and petroleum. Well thats... okay. Well we have something similar but we generally used hydrogen and stuff. I don't even know if my homeworld has the same... we never needed it. We mostly use ceramics and stuff as well as silicon based industry so... we don't have plastic in our industry. Wood and a sort of bitumen substance is the closest we have to your human coal and we have no crude oil processing at all so... no plastic. Is that why human circuitry processing is so cheap? Plastics?"
*Spifflemonk makes a note to do some research later on and carries on with automation. Eventually about an hour or so after starting to produce plastic bars, the alert sound rings ut again and Spifflemonk charges out to meet the new enemy.*
"Okay let's go! I'm still making bullets and guns so I should be HOLY CRAP!"
*Spifflemonk arrives and is swarmed by an army of around three dozen or so enemies, and is killed while attempting to run away. Once again, his save is still in hardcore mode, so he dies, a game over screen occurs, and his save is deleted.*
*The gameplay ends and Spiffles outro plays out as normal. However it seems as though the audio wasn't properly edited and a number of seriously bad curse words and slurs can be faintly heard in the background.*
TOP COMMENT: "Hardcore mode? I think you should turn it off in your gameplay settings dude. Hardcore mode is something players of only like maybe 150 hours or more would attempt. In any case, good effort! Build walls, turrets, get secured asap next time. Subbed and liked!"
"Great Days And Glorious Victory! My Name is Spifflemonk aaand welcome to my Letsplay! Today it's going to be Factorio again!"
*The channel intro plays and the screen cuts to a factory that seems already built.*
"On the recommendation of some of my subscribers, thank you all by the way, I have turned hardcore mode off and started building walls and defenses. This game looked so stupidly simple I had no idea just how... intricate it really is. So this time instead of taking you all through the long and boring i have pre buit my base and as you can see I have started producing the first batches of Blue Science, and have here something humans have in real life apparently: Trains!"
*A quick overview of the base is shown, followed by a short montage of the bases construction. A blueprint is outlined for later construction that produces Purple Science and logistics robots, along with a side factory that makes various other things such as belts and assemblers. The factory however, is a mess made of spaghetti, with obvious bottlenecks and mishmashes of belts.*
"I think i'm getting the hang of this game! Okay so, let's go see what we can do. And before you ask, yes I have already died twice while building this place."
*An hour or so of gameplay follows, with Spiffle checking and rechecking his factory, adding bits here and there, putting more belts in, and having a short pseudo aneurysm while figuring out the intricacies of the blueprint upgrader before finally arriving at his newly built train.*
"According to humans and the Factorio guide, trains are a long term, long range logistics solution that replaces belts across long distances. Humans apparently had these things for hundreds of years, in real life. They still operate today apparently, you can find a few of these 'railway networks' on Earth and other colonies. This will be the first time we use one. I had no idea how to automate this so I had to watch a guide so, don't judge me. So... let's go!"
*Spifflemonk enters the train and opens the UI to start the automation sequence. The train spools up then charges round corners at breakneck speeds and arrives at a train stop for a Stone Mine several miles away from his main base. As instructed in the guide, the train loads up on stone and once full, charges back at blistering speed back to his main base. He is a little bit too giddy at the result."
"WHY DON'T WE HAVE THESE!? That was amazing! No seriously, Council of Elders, ask the humans if we can borrow some of their trains. This would have solved SO many problems back in the day! SO many problems! Look how much this thing can carry!"
*Gameplay stops, Spifflemonks Outro plays. The next video he releases is a two and a half hour long video essay entitled: "Why we need to beg humans for trains' and receives nearly half a billion views.*
TOP COMMENT: "Seriously? You guys dont have trains? I'd love to know how that actually worked for you guys to get to space or do mass transit. I can recommend a few games if you want."
"Great Days And Glorious Victory! My Name is Spifflemonk aaand welcome to my Letsplay! Today we are back with: You guessed it, Factorio! Last time was a solid... month I think between that episode and my last upload. That was because I was trying out a train for myself! I went to the human colony of Epsilon Eridani nearby and tried a train. Best thing ever. Why don't we have those? Anyway, today on Factorio it's time for expansion!"
*Spifflemonks intro plays and a further overview of the factory is played, showing a separated train network with multiple railway sections with up to 30 trains running at once. Further advancements have been made, with a series of blueprints laid out and half completed for the production of yellow science.*
"As you can see I did some off camera work here. I do read your comments, I will try to make my videos, especially on these games, slightly shorter. And also, I checked the reviews again. I'm starting to understand where you are coming from. Factory must grow. From players with upwards of two thousand hours. With how short lived humans are you'd expect the to not spend two thousand hours playing a game, now would you."
*Sheepishly displays his own time of one hundred and thirty four hours, before returning to the game*
"So anyway. Today, as far as I can tell from the research queue, is the last day we will play as I am not that far off from-"
*Spifflemonk is interrupted by several attack alerts, noticing on his map that there are several attacks going at once across his frontline. Spiffle assumes all is well and ignores it. A minute later, he starts noticing that Copper production has stopped, and looks up again at his mining outpost to notice there is a truly MASSIVE biter army overwhelming and obliterating everything there. He panics and subsequently dies six times trying to take the biters out.*
*In the ensuing chaos Spifflemonks base is seriously damaged with Green circuits and Blue circuit factories being destroyed, part of his ammo production line is cut and four of his trains destroyed too. The entire north and north east face of his base is completely destroyed. The equivalent of twelve hours of work lost, to the tune of maybe another thirty minutes to an hour of replacing everything the biters destroyed.*
"Thats... thats just plain evil! How am... how am I supposed to beat that!? There were thousands of them! Okay, screw this, I am reloading a save!"
*Spifflemonk reloads the save and tries again. He redirects his attention to strengthening his defenses, doubling the number of turrets and strengthening his defensive line. The biters attack again, and this time Spiffle barely, very barely, makes it out with no major losses.*
"This is insane... absolutely insane! Okay... I get it. I need more guns. The rocket will have to wait I guess. So what do i- Flamethrower turret? What's a flamethrower?"
*Spifflemonk looks up the concept, unfortunately clicking on the wrong link and showing what flamethrowers were used for in the Vietnam war and World War Two. He has a slight panic attack and ends the video there.*
TOP COMMENT: Save Scumming is a legitimate tactic when you are a new guy. No issues dude, fight on. And flamethrowers? Yeah... did you know there's a thing called Incendiary Bombs? That's fun!
"Great Days And Glorious Victory! My Name is Spifflemonk aaand welcome to my Letsplay! Today we are back in Factorio. I have sent a special message to the Council about… Flamethrowers… and yes they scare me too. So today its more Factorio. I have done some off camera work so we can skip straight to the point. Seventeen hours later… I am starting to understand why some people have upwards of a thousand hours in this game. Why does it seem to… Anyway.”
*The channel intro plays and an overview of the factory is shown, with the last shot ending with Spifflemonk standing next to the Launch Silo for the endgame rocket. It isn't ready for launch yet, but it appears all the components are where they need to be.*
“Okay then, uhh… here we go!”
*Spifflemonk connects the last belt line to where it needs to be and resources begin to flow. He follows the connection to a series of a dozen assemblers, oil refineries, chemical processors and explains as he goes to tell the viewer what each machine set does. After a few minutes, the first Rocket Control Components have been made and the progress on the silo goes up.*
“It is a little slow but thats okay, room to expand and grow! In any case, this should be done shortly. OOhhh look at that!”
*Spifflemonk watches with the depression of a kid in a candy store with an unlimited budget as the animation plays of the rocket emerging from its silo.*
“Well… uhh… I assume I enter it just like the train I guess…”
*Spiffle enters and launches the rocket. The endgame scene plays, and Spiffle earns some steam achievements for the game.*
“YES!!! YES BY THE GODS YES!!! Finally! I am finished! OH… how long did it take to finish my first - A HUNDRED AND EIGHTY FOUR HOURS!? How… How is it possible this game took so much of my attention?!Uhh… Wow. So.. I guess mods are next. Any suggestions in the comments? Thanks for watching!”
*The channel outro plays as Spiffle stares blankly at the screen showing his playtime with the game.*
TOP COMMENT: Only a hundred and eighty hours? Dude, rookie numbers. You should try mods next time. Just quality of life stuff like stack sizes or Supersonic Trains. Then, after you've launched a couple more rockets - go for broke and install the Space Exploration modpack. THAT… that modpack is pure agony.
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2023.06.03 23:35 theillusionary7 So ChatGPT is super dumb. I ask to play a game and it suggested Hangman(first pic). It ended with ChatGPT being drunk and needing to go home(2nd pic).

So ChatGPT is super dumb. I ask to play a game and it suggested Hangman(first pic). It ended with ChatGPT being drunk and needing to go home(2nd pic).
Yeah. Idk what happened here. Lol
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