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2023.06.04 00:08 onestoic First-hand experience Ongoing DCS symptoms ~1 year after last dive

Hi everyone, I wanted to share my personal experience with DCS and ask if anyone knows of similar cases and/or has any kind of advice for me. Before you suggest I go see a medical professional: I’m in constant exchange with several dive doctors; however, given that it’s quite a fragmented field, I thought posting here might be worth a shot. In any case: take care of yourself, especially while diving!
A brief summary of my case: - I was doing my Open Water Diver on the Philippines in May 2022; despite conservative diving within all limits, I experienced Type 1-2 DCS symptoms after the 3rd/last day of diving (numbness of my left arm, strong fatigue, nausea, rash all over my back). I didn't associate these symptoms with DCS and only went to a dive doctor after roughly a week. This is when I underwent 2 consecutive treatments in a hyperbaric chamber for the first time (2.5h each, ~18m). After that, the symptoms were gone, and the doctor advised me to pause diving for a month. - In July 2022, I went for my Advanced Open Water Diver - again adhering to all limits and diving extra conservatively; yet I still experienced mild DCS symptoms after the 3rd/last day of diving (tingling in my left hand, mild rash, light tiredness/confusion). I had already left the dive center by this time, so I went to a hospital the next day and got treated with pure oxygen for 90min. The symptoms went away for a few hours yet reappeared the day after, so I went to a local dive doctor and underwent 1 treatment in the hyperbaric chamber (2.5h, ~18m). As a result, the symptoms disappeared, yet reappeared after ~5-7 days in the form of deep joint pain and increased tiredness all day round. - I was flying back home a week later, consulting a dive doctor right upon arrival. She insisted on me getting my heart checked before I could be treated in the chamber again; as part of this check-up, a PFO was found, likely explaining the DCS symptoms despite the conservative diving. My dive doctor said that the existence of the PFO would increase the risk of a further chamber treatment due to possible emboli, which is why I haven't undergone treatment immediately afterwards. - To tackle the problem, I underwent surgery at the beginning of September 2022 as part of which my PFO was closed. 4 months after the surgery, in January 2023, I took another 10 sessions in the hyperbaric chamber here in Sweden (1.5h each, ~18m). At first, it seemed as if the therapy would help - I felt much better right after each session. However, once I started doing sports again a couple of days after the treatment ended, my symptoms came back at almost the same level.
As of now, I feel increased tiredness frequently throughout the day, as well as joint pain (mostly in my hips and knees) every other hour. I also still experience a feeling of tingling/numbness in my left wrist every now and then, as well as a twitch in my left shouldechest region. During the week, my symptoms are somewhat bearable - my work keeps me very concentrated and I manage not to focus too much on them. However, during the weekends there’s barely a day where I’m not completely worn out or feel stronger pain in the mentioned areas. One of the dive doctors speculated that the second incident of DCS triggered an inflammatory disease where several regions of cells are undergoing hypoxia, similar to arthritis or osteonecrosis, explaining the joint pain. He believes my tiredness would come from the increased energy my immune system would expend to cope with this disease.
I thought I'd reach out to you, share my story and kindly ask you for your advice if anyone ha any. Have you experienced/heard of similar incidents in the past? All input is appreciated.
Thanks a lot & cheers!
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2023.06.04 00:08 Bmarmich Does anyone else have a 578 family?

My parents divorced when I was super young. Growing up and into adulthood, my brother and I had our best times as a trio with our dad. Here’s fam structure:
When I was introduced to the enneagram I was sold right away reading the type descriptions because reading 7 I was like “omg that’s my brother” and then reading 8 I was like “omg that’s my dad”. Im obviously biased but they are both very healthy for their types and great guys. We’ve always been close.
Anyways, I’ve always found our family structure so interesting in terms of the enneagram growth and stress lines. Like as a 5, I take on the better qualities of my dad in growth but the more negative qualities of my brother in stress. While my brother takes on my more positive qualities in growth, my dad takes my more negative qualities in stress.
Obviously I know the enneagram is a model and it’s not saying I take on the *specific qualities of my dad/brother in growth/stress necessarily (or them for me). But I think it’s an interesting dynamic!!! Does anyone else have a 578 non-traditional family or relationship structure like this? Or have general thoughts about family dynamics and the growth and stress lines?
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2023.06.04 00:07 CocoCandiii MW2 in 16.9 on a 21.9 UW

Has anyone figured out yet how to force MW2 2022 to play in a 16.9 aspect ratio while using a 21.9 screen? I’m trying to play with black bars on the sides but not too and bottom (mainly because my hardware is becoming outdated and I’m struggling to run the game at 3440x1440 and I want to run at 1920x1440).
I’ve tried making the native res of my desktop 1920x1440, but this doesn’t work. My only options in the MW2 settings menu are wide aspect ratios.
If anyone has figured this out, please let me know. Thnx
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2023.06.04 00:06 brainpain14 I don’t think therapy is benefiting me and I don’t know how to tell me therapist

Hi 31 F here.
I’m back in therapy after an almost year break due to prior therapist quitting. I really liked my old therapist. We had a solid plan for treatment. We worked together over a year before she left the hospital and I had to leave therapy.
Before leaving she had let me know that she was planning to find a new practice and if she was successful she would find a way to take me back on as a patient. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to and she’s retired.
I was out of therapy for over a year and after my depression severely worsened I sought out professional help. I did an initial intake at a new therapy center who placed me my current therapist. We had one session and she drafted up a treatment plan. She sent it to me and I was surprised by the plan because I didn’t feel like it encapsulated any of what I told her.
There was nothing about PTSD treatment, eating disorder history, depression. Instead she’s focused on current problems I’m having and how to treat them. She’s the professional so I thought it best to follow her lead. It’s been four months and I feel like I’m the one leading the sessions. I’ve had to take control and discuss issues. It feels like it has not been useful. I feel like each week it’s a verbal journaling session.
How do I approach her and tell her that therapy has not been useful? That we have not addressed anything? That the one session with my new psychiatrist was more helpful that the four months I’ve been seeing her? Has anyone had to deal with this? Advice?
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2023.06.04 00:06 scarzy19 NASCAR Heat 5 - 2022 Season PC Mod Relased

6/3/2023 -- the NH5 2022 Season PC Mod has been released at Ozzycon Paints. This Mod is similar to the 2021 Mod and includes 2022 updates for Cup, Xfinity, Trucks, and introduces the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series. Please completely read the ReadMe file before installing the Mod to learn about all the included updates and proper installation. All Mod files need to be downloaded from Ozzycon Paints and installed due to the additional editing completed for the 2022 Mod updates.
This Mod does not include the Cup Next-Gen update as this will be released very soon as part of the NH5 2023 Season PC Mod Beta. Cup cars are still on the old body style and the wheels are still the old five lug style. Download the Mod at the link provided below.
The 2022 Mod includes the following and much more. Please check the ReadMe for details about everything included.
Our Mod team has worked many, many hours on the 2022 Season Mod to make it as realistic as possible within the NH5 PC game limitations and we are excited to share with everyone. Unless a significant errobug is found, this is likely the only update for the 2022 Mod as we are looking to release the 2023 Beta very soon that will include the Cup Next-Gen update and 2023 Cup paints. Maybe I should say we will be releasing the 2023 Beta "in days"...haha just kidding & having some fun! The Mod team hopes you enjoy the NH5 2022 Season PC Mod!
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2023.06.04 00:05 woah1k The truth behind Simpson predictions, and predictions of future events in media. They are using your powers against you!

They are not planning and setting up the events to execute them. They are using our power of manifestation against us. Millions of people will watch Simpsons and all of our collective subconscious law of attraction powers will manifest the subliminal messages they leave in the show, I hope this makes sense. Basically, when you saw all those 9/11 predictions in media before 2001. They were not planning it (well, kind of) they were making YOU manifest it, since your are the god and can make anything happen. They are using our powers against us. Then they can execute their long awaited plans with certainty that it will work because we manifested it. Just my theory.
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2023.06.04 00:05 Snoo-54920 I don’t get along w my brother

I never thought I’d come to the point where I’d rant about this on a random forum but honestly it feels like I am the only one that cares about this problem and nobody wants to listen to me talk about it. I am 19(f), my brother is 17. Since we were young we never truly got along. Just for context. My parents had always been a bit emotionally absent, especially my father who is very physically absent altogether. Whenever i talk to my dad about how misbehaved my brother is he simply shrugs and if he cares he will shout at him for a bit to fulfil his yearly parental goal as a dad of being present. All my mum does when there is a problem with ANYONE in the house is shout, so she often shouted at me or my brother (the two oldest children out of four). When we were younger we had terrible fights which usually ended up with us hitting each other, it’s sad to think about now but we didn’t know better and learnt it from our home life. As we got older our fights were only ever verbal and have always been, I had a bad temper at home due to other childhood traumas and so did my brother and whenever we had a disagreement we would just end up fighting and we could never have a civil conversation without anyone raising their voice. After a while I learnt that being angry will get you nowhere in life and taught myself to be better with my emotions (not saying i’m some golden child but ive learnt to talk things out instead of shouting and throwing insults at someone), sadly, my brother has not done any self evaluation and instead has only gotten worse over time. Im not blaming him but rather my parents, who i love very much but as i get older I can only see them as people who shouldn’t have had kids (or at least so many as 4). Now, before i continue, I dont want to wholly blame my brother for his behaviour and I dont want to say that I an perfect and I dont sometimes annoy him because I definitely do, but as someone who lives with him (and since coming back from uni it seems like we can never get along) he really does piss me off. I dont know when it started, but he started calling my younger siblings all sorts of names that were very disrespectful and whenever he talked to them it was all in a disrespectful and demeaning tone. Let’s say for example, there was a time where my youngest brother (X) is playing on a console, my other brother (lets call him Z) will demand he gets off as if he has some form of entitlement. The reason it pisses me off is because Z had his own console but sold it to buy shoes, but for some odd reason feels he can demand X out of using a console that was bought for X???? So let’s say now, X says he wants to stay on his console because he’s still in a game or whatever, Z will start to shout at X and demand him to get off the console. This usually happened when Z would go out with his friends for the whole day then come back and kick anyone who was in the living room out (even my parents sometimes) to play with his friends on the console????????? It doesn’t stop there. My brother is highly inconsiderate. He doesn’t clean in the house but complains about mess and compares it to all of his friends houses that are nice and clean(but he makes the most mess in the house and refuses to clean up after himself half the time). He has forced my mum multiple times to buy expensive things for him (like £500 shoes) and if she ever objected he would get incredibly angry and say he’ll “never talk to her again”. The other day he left his glasses at home before going to work and there were a few people at home but none were answering the phone, he started to get sooo pissed off that he started sending voice notes to the family group chat calling all of useless and that we aren’t doing anything (this was on a Saturday morning) and was shouting in the voice note calling everyone ‘fucking useless’. It was so agitating because he was getting pissed off at everybody except himself fir a problem/ mistake that he made..?? He doesn’t listen AT ALL! There have been multiple instances where I have tried to talk to him about his behaviour or to simply listen to me when i speak and he wont even look at me when i talk to him about things (unless its about something he wants like money or something). If i tell him off for things in a gentle way he will speak under his breath saying ‘yeah just shut up’ or ‘i dont care’ or ‘whatever i dont care’ and he’ll repetitively mumble those words until i stop talking. He doesn’t just do this to me either, he does it to my mum and i would say he does it to my dad to but rarely because my dad is hardly a parent, rather he is just somebody that we live with and see off to work. Every time i speak to him it feels like i have list all my energy, and whenever i try to talk to my parents about his behaviour all they say is ‘ yes he is very bad’ or ‘ we’ll just have to pray for him’. Today i tried to talk to my mum about it and all she could say is, yeah i dont know what to do about him. It feels like he wants to embody the word disrespectful because thats all hes ever been. He also keeps shouting at my siblings if they don’t do a simple thing for him like getting a glass of water for him he’ll berate them and call them all sorts of names over something as simple as that. His friends enable him too, if he gets into a fight with any of them he’ll make his friends gang up on one and call them all sorts of names. I only know this cause when he calls them he’s really loud even if we ask him to keep quiet (he’d often have these calls late at night), and i remember hearing that one time his friend called out his behaviour and he just cussed that friend and said he was wring for calling hum out like that because his behaviour towards that friend was for a reason… i dont know the full story behind that but anyways.. i digress. Honestly, he does piss me off greatly and sure he could grow out of how he is now because he is only 17 but something happened recently that made me truly worried. When i was still staying on campus, i got a call from my mum ( a few months ago, this year) saying that my brother had threatened a family member (that we live with). He said “I will kill you.”. Do you want to know the reason why he said that? Do you want to know what sparked off his anger? It was because my youngest brother was in the shower… That day my brother (Z) was about to go out with his friends but my youngest brother was in the shower around the time Z planned to get in the shower (in which he didn’t tell anyone about him getting the shower around that time). He started banging on the bathroom door and shouting at my youngest brother who was in the bathroom and in the middle of a shower. Of course its annoying when this happens but it should NEVER aggravate you to that point. To intervene, our older family member, who is like an aunty to us (lets call her Y), told him to wait and that X will come out of the bathroom soon. Eventually it ended up with both raising their voices and Z threatening her violently. My mum tried to hold a meeting and talk to Z about his behaviour towards Y. He was on his phone the whole time my mum tried to talk to him, in which she was talking to him in a gentle manner for the first time ever, and he ignored her completely and left her whilst she was talking to talk to his friends instead. Im worried because he doesnt care at all, i tried to lecture him about it and he wasnt listening at all, he was busy taking a pizza order and then ended the phone call to talk to his friends about an ‘important matter’. The reason why i have started this post is because just now, we nearly fought because i was lecturing my siblings about cleanliness (my house is honestly really messy and my parents are too busy to clean and in not around constantly to help out with cleaning). The question of who made the most mess came up and i told my youngest siblings that they weren’t ‘the number one problem’, Z came out of the living room (that he kicked everyone out of) and heard that and started to ask ‘who’s the number one problem? Cause i know its not me’ and i answered back by saying ‘yes its you’ and giving an example of how he just had a snack and left a mess of it in the living room without cleaning up after himself before he left to go out and and then come back. As i was speaking he just did the same thing he always did, he told me to shut up under his breath until i did. I went to my room and ignored him. I know im not the best sister ever, i also know that how we fought when we were younger contributed to how he is now and his behaviour in school (he was a bit loud and a lot of teachers hated that) turned him into a scapegoat and a black sheep in the family. But i dint know what to do. Do i just ignore him from now on? Should i stop trying to lecture him and communicate things like this to him? Do i just wait for him to move out and cut the whole family off? I honestly could care less about the fact that we dont get along, maybe thats not meant for us, but its the fact that he doesn’t want to be better for himself. Its like he’s getting worse and becoming more selfish and less caring about others around him. Pls share any thoughts you have Sorry for the typos and bad grammar
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2023.06.04 00:05 SkyeArcher 2003 Ford focus Zetec cold start, stalling

This has been a bit of a saga but I'll try to keep it short. My Focus (manual) stalls when cold. Have replaced the pcv valve and hose, idle control valve, plugs and thermostat (because it randomly overheated once in the middle of this saga and not again since replacing). There is no code. It's had a head gasket test and compression test. Cleaned residue off throttle plate. No vacuum leak. First mechanic didn't want to diagnose and said take it elsewhere, second mechanic said 'Just keep driving it and see what happens'. It is now with a retired mechanic who says that the engine itself is in good condition. He checked the leads. Put the scan tool on it and there's nothing. He's slowly and systematically checking bits and pieces on it, head temperature sensor is working, same with MAF sensor. One big issue is that the mechanics in our area have heaps of work on and most I've called don't want to diagnose or it's a long wait. It took 8 weeks of waiting for the last one to look at it and 5 weeks for the one before. Has anyone had this problem and what was the culprit because it would be great to have some things to test/rule out. It's at 150000ish km and the timing was done at 100000. Had a new alternator and starter a year ago. New air filter recently. I have very little mechanical knowledge as you can probably tell. I've gone through various forums and YouTube clips looking for ideas but everything I've found has already been checked. Waiting to hear if the injectors are okay today. Ideas? Retired mechanic has a spine injury and needs lots of breaks + can't do everything which is why this now a slow process and I'm fine with it. I just really love my little car.
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2023.06.04 00:05 ramudascrush Pokemon home does not work.

Hi, something has been happening for a while now and i'm tired of home not working. Whenever i open home, it asks me what language i want, if i accept terms and condition and if i'm using home on my phone, as if i never had it! The problem is, after oak gives the speech for new players, it tries to connect before saying that i'm using Home on another device (Which i'm not.) and that "important operations" are going on. What does that mean? I desperately need help. Thank you! Have a great day!
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2023.06.04 00:05 Ok_Art1589 Antiperspirant

Can anyone confirm this before I go spend $100 on antiperspirants
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2023.06.04 00:05 JackfruitMinimum Can this pc play most games?

I’m trading my Xbox series x and tv (I don’t use both items and I love pc gaming) for a computer with the following specs: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 AMD Ryzen 5 2600 six-core processor 16gb of ram (idk what brand the sticks are) 1TB of space (same as Xbox) He’s also giving me a 240hz monitor as well as a 60hz and a mic.
The pc is a bit dusty but he showed me it works, I just have to clean the dust (which is a lot since he said he just had it sit there)
He’s leaving for the army soon so I guess that’s his reason for the trade.
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2023.06.04 00:05 SilverTigerstripes What "spells" would a DM in game cast?

This is far off the beaten track and careening heavily into homebrew. But I'm running a goofy one shot where some wizards sought to break the limits of magic and broke something fundamental to the world - the DM.
I will roll as the DM to see if I give good descriptions of things or not, give out advantage and disadvantage on different checks, and augment or get rid of class features as we go. Yes it's going to be broken, but it's meant as a goofy break from our main campaign.
The ending battle will have a PC I want to play, the "human" side of the DM as an NPC trying to unite the DM again, and... me. As the DM. In game, casting spells.
What would these spells be? I was thinking of phrases like "are you sure you want to do that", "you can certainly try", and other commonly used phrases as saving throws with different effects. The most destructive of which has to be "rocks fall".
Any others that come to mind?
Oh and lastly, they can only damage the DM enemy by roasting him. Should be a fun night.
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2023.06.04 00:05 jeffreybsu [31] Asian Software Engineer looking for Older Friend/Lover

Hello! 31 years old, 5' 7'' tall and I weigh 160 lbs. Working full time as a software engineer.
Currently working in a 9-to-5 job in a company as a software engineer(boring right?). I like reading a lot and eating good food. I'm an adventurer if I do say so myself(I like thrills!) and I enjoy the outdoors a lot :)
I am extremely loyal, responsible, forthright, constant, considerate, thoughtful, loving, caring, and consistent. However I do not think I am boring. I don't smoke and I am definitely drug and disease free.
If you would choose me and I hope you would, I will promise to love you for the rest of my life, I am extremely loyal and I do fall in love quite easily. This I can assure you. I know that finding true love is hard, I have searched but can't find it, maybe the one I am waiting for is you.
I am very interested in meeting an interesting guy be a friend first, then a BF hopefully, and ultimately becoming a life-partner. I would like for that person to be interested in having a genuine relationship based on mutual respect, love, and caring. I am interested in the goodness of the person and especially the person contained within.
I am bottom if you want to know. Can give my pics upon request
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2023.06.04 00:05 GrapeDetention Sound / minor things not working on eMachines T2642

Installed FreeDOS on the aforementioned machine. I still have CDs and floppies* of old DOS games which was one reason for reprovisioning this machine.
However, sound setup routines all fail when I run them. Apparently the problem is that this machine's sound card is integrated with the BIOS thus needs additonal drivers.
I have seen solutions here:
However is there any reason these would not be compatible with FreeDOS?
I ask because SimCity (floppy version) does work graphically and otherwise, but menus and text are all DOS character gibberish, i.e. tons of lines and menu corner pieces. I have a CD copy of the files, which work fine in DOSBox.
So... 1. If I install the drivers listed on my link, will FreeDOS accept them? This machine has no wireless card so installing drivers means I have to burn them to CD (I have no other floppy-capable machines) and pray. 2. Is my SimCity issue known? If so how do I solve?
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2023.06.04 00:05 Boombox94 Not able to play on PS4, I may know the problem but I'm not sure.

I know the "Unable to find a valid license for Diablo 4" issue is a widespread problem, especially among Playstation users, but for me I share an account with my brother with my system as his primary so I can play games he buys or that we split money on, and he's the one with the PS Plus account. I've tried the trick to start downloading a demo and deleting it to get an email confirming the purchase to renew my licenses but that didn't work for me, but maybe I should let the demo fully download first.
With how we have our accounts set up, could that be a factor in why I'm not able to play early? Could anyone else on PS4 with account setups like mine and my brother's confirm or deny this?
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2023.06.04 00:05 nyav-qs Anyone work at B&N corporate?

I’m interviewing for a position with them but it’s hard to get an idea of what the work culture is like, most reviews are about working on the retail side. Has anyone worked on the corporate side? Currently at a Big 5 and wondering if there’s a huge difference in how things work regarding benefits, work/life balance, expectations. To give more info, I’m interviewing for something on the book publishing side of things, not sales.
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2023.06.04 00:05 Sparky_McDibben Free Adventure Ideas

Hey y'all,
Been brainstorming a while, and I've got a few adventure ideas I thought I'd share with the group. These are free for critique, use, modification, etc., by anyone who wants to. Knock yourselves out, and if you've got ones you want to share, please add them to the comments!
1) Soap Operas of Night City: The PCs get mixed up with a BD soap opera. Since braindances are experiences, that means anyone you meet on the street might be braindance recording. Which means that any interaction you have might not be completely genuine.
Intro: As the PCs are walking down the street one day, they see a couple having a completely histrionic meltdown in public. Others have gathered around and are watching these two folks tear into each other, until the woman steps up and backhands the man, hard. The man raises a hand back...and that's when you ask if the PCs want to intervene. If they don't, they drive on by, no harm, no foul.
Focus: If the PCs intervene, the couple loops the PCs into their drama. The man's name is Pepi, the woman, Marina. It seems Pepi's twin brother Pepe slept with Marina, but she knew it was Pepe and not Pepi. Human Perception checks detect that there's something wrong with this setup - both Marina and Pepi are being way too histrionic.
Strike: After the PCs extricate themselves from the couple (who are sloppily make-up-kissing), a fixer approaches them with NDAs and contracts, and invites them to join the cast of Real Housewives of Night City, a BD soap opera. If the PCs don't join, of course, the show's corporate sponsor (pick one that works best for your campaign) will start harassing them. Not only that, the show keeps "filming" near whatever jobs the PCs take, often trying to loop them into the drama. Of course, if the PCs do join, then this is a great opportunity to pump up their Acting skill and really dive into some drama.
2) SUPER Y: Hyper-intelligent child prodigies are using a pre-Krash AI to rewrite history and culture, trying to remove sources of conflict.
Intro: Overnight, sources of information start changing, often in strange ways. Every digital record of the 4th Corporate War is eliminated in many of Night City's nets. Criminals are labelled as "misunderstood" and then set for release without conditions or bail. Sources of conflict between corporations are removed, lost, or destroyed. Oddly enough, many children's books keep changing, including Goldilocks and the Three Bears (the bears adopt Goldilocks and she learns to be nice), The Boy Who Cried Wolf (the moral is changed to be that everyone should just believe you all the time), and Hansel and Gretel (the moral is changed to not eating other people's houses).
Focus: Netwatch enlists the PCs to help them track down the hackers. There are no tracks, no clues, no trace. In fact, it's suspiciously similar to Rache Bartmoss' MO. Eventually, the PCs find a lead that leads them back to a building owned by Bartmoss. Fighting their way past insane bots, auto-turrets, and Black ICE, they eventually gain root access.
Strike: Turns out, this was all done by a group of child prodigy netrunners led by a kid named Wyatt. They found an old AI down here, created by some guy named Bartmoss to rewrite data. By jacking in to several networks, they discovered that they could effortlessly alter facts in an attempt to stop another Corporate War. Now the PCs have a problem: the kids they can turn over to Netwatch (who will do God knows what with them), but what do they do with a pre-Krash AI programmed by a madman to alter truth? Hell, at this point, are the PCs sure they know what truth is?
3) Librarian-Guerillas: When corporations run shit, it can really put a damper on public services. A group of self-styled librarians are waging a guerilla war against book publishers by stealing content to share with their communities.
Intro: Several trucks are hijacked. All those trucks were carrying "useless" detritus heading to a disposal site. The PCs are enlisted by a corporate fixer to track down the stolen goods and kill whoever took them.
Focus: A look at the manifests for the trucks reveal they were all carrying at least some books, and when the PCs track the actual trucks down, they find that the books, and any salvageable weapons and armor, are gone. While they're doing that, an e-bookseller has their entire catalog copied overnight. Clues lead back to a new gang: the Librarians, who are holed up in the old City Annex on the outskirts of the Hot Zone.
Strike: When the PCs arrive, they find a fairly modern city library - residents are allowed to check out both paper and digital books, a quiet coffee-flavored kibble shop sells underpriced snacks, and there's even a mutated box turtle in little terrarium. The "gang" are all kids of old librarians, and they're focused on restoring services to the community. What do the PCs do?
Hope these are useful!
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2023.06.04 00:04 Chickentrout M80 to M8 Ramp traffic

Hey gang! So in the last few months I've been working at a new job that means I travel on the Ring Road and the Western Fwy to get to and from work. Traffic is always bad on the way home, and sometimes bad on the way to work. Which is fine, because everyone has somewhere to be. But I've been seeing more and more lately that people will just jump out into the emergency lane and flog it past the line of cars to save themselves a few minutes of waiting, not caring that by doing this they're making the hold up worse for everyone else further up the road.
So what I've been doing is sitting 3/4 of the way out of the lane to stop people going past, and boy is it satisfying when people come up behind me and flash their lights and lean on the horn at me. Because honestly, fuck those people. They're not more important than anyone else on the road.
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2023.06.04 00:04 Draconichiaro This Is Getting Scary...

This Is Getting Scary...
This guy let the mask slip big-time
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2023.06.04 00:04 Maleficent_Wheel1519 Morphine at the ER

Hello, I’ve just been to the ER for severe abdominal pain due to a pre existing condition of the colon, and was given 4mg morphine. nubain is my preferred medicine, takes away almost all of the pain completely and usually what i receive and i’ve gotten morphine before and it didn’t help with the pain, however they were out of nubain so morphine was my only option. i felt no effects from the morphine, even after an hour. i didn’t even feel high or tired, and my pain was exactly the same. i asked for more, or a different medication but the doctor said that 4mg was the usual adult dose so it should’ve worked, and denied giving me more morphine or a different medicine. tylenol, ibuprofen, and toradol do nothing at all for the pain, and i had at 3 at home before to ensure they wouldn’t try to give me one of those meds instead of an actual pain medicine. I’m wondering if this is normal for doctors to do, if 4mg really is the max dose, and if others have gone through the same thing. I left in the same exact situation that I was in when I first got there and it’s extremely frustrating since my pain is still at an 8-10. (54.5 kg F) Also does anyone know why it may not work? I don’t normally take any opioids or drugs other than weed or kratom for chronic pain but the last dose of kratom was a day and a half ago so should be well out of my system (I’m a beginner and only took a very low dose)
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2023.06.04 00:04 pacificunlimited Dream a little dream

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2023.06.04 00:04 ForIllumination Is it worth taking out loans to go to a more expensive school for internship opportunities?

I'm going back to college to complete my English degree, which will take 2-3 semesters. I'm planning to supplement this with an online certification in technical writing and apply for those jobs. The local university, Uh Hilo is 25% cheaper and is offering 400% more grant-based aid, but has no internships for English majors, the area also has a much lower COL and I may not need to take on much of any debt at all.
I also applied to a UH Manoa which would require me to move to Honolulu, a very high COL area, where I would certainly have to take out a significantly higher amount of student loans (up to 6k/semester) to attend, but they have better academics and a robust internship program for English majors, as well as a chance to tutor in the on-campus writing center, both of which could bolster my resume which currently has no other recent work. I initially chose Manoa, because Hilo waited until the very last minute (i.e. the past month) to offer me admission and financial aid, but now I'm reconsidering. I currently have 20,775$ in student debt, nearly all of which could be forgiven if the supreme court allows it to. If they don't, I could be nearly doubling my student loan debt. Would that be worth it?
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