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2023.06.03 13:36 Most_Hand_937 Organized crime in my town, and I've been following how they operate

This post is not meant to glorify this behavior. I am sharing my personal experience and have already reported this to authorities. Below I will include a list of things and how they do it, including my experience as their subject.
  1. My family is being held hostage by multiple people in town. I have found wired in the ceiling that are transmitting a frequency.
  2. First they gather a bunch of personal information on you and look at your daily patterns. Your pattern of movement, speech, emotional patterns, etc.
For me, this included using my friends and family
  1. Then they start to ask you open ended questions to see how you would respond. They want to associate a noise, word, smell, sight, or taste to something in your pattern.
  2. After that they will try to recreate that situation on a repeated basis. So let's say you open a door a certain way, they will associate a sound with the opening of that door. They will then take that sound of the door opening and tie to something like an emotional response by greeting you the same way each time.
  3. Once there is that pattern going. They will then see how you are after the pattern is established and carry on from that point. Say you have 7 patterns in the day. They want to take one pattern, and turn it to 2 and then to 3 and so on.
  4. Then from there, they can start to emotionally manipulate you. They will change the patterns to love you around in a way that they can control you.
By now this sounds like a pavlovian response. Training a dog to a sound cue, however the next part is where it gets disturbing and my current situation.
  1. If you take a sound cue and associate it with an emotional response, thats parenting. However you can then tie that sound cue to an emotional memory of the emotional response. Ie you go sound cue > emotional response > emotional memory > emotional response of that memory > and then you can tie that to an emotion itself.
  2. The ability to get to an emotion to present itself through a sound cue or other sense, is a powerful thing. Now emotions are tied to many things, so you've created a window of opportunity to tie that sound cue to multiple parts of the brain.
  3. Once that cue is in the brain and your brain fires a synapse, then you can start to stress that part of the brain repeatedly. You can then tie it to another part of the brain that holds a different memory with that same emotion so long as you can make the connection between the two.
Here is where I am at currently.
  1. If you tie a cue to an emotion, an emotion to another emotion, and then make those connections. What happens when you start to play with that connection? If you increase the frequency of the cue, or speed, will the synapse fire differently. The answer is yes. Then you take the pitch of that sound and move that around in order to create "higher" or "lower" connections in the brain.
  2. You can start to tie cues to different aspects of human nature once you reach a high enough frequency. I'm going to use sound for the next example, because sounds frequency can be fired more than smell or taste or the other senses.
Currently, I have found wires in the ceiling of my grandparents house. Where I lived previously, I had started to become targeted and thought I needed to move. When I got to my grandparents, I saw the same thing happening. They were using the same words and phrases, they were constantly watching me.
  1. For example, take bird calls or bird chirps. You tie those to an emotional state. We'll call it pattern 1. That pattern becomes stronger the more the chirps are reinforced and the more you can call back to that pattern with those chirping noises. Then, you increase the frequency or speed of them. Then you increase or decrease the pitch depending on which part of the brain you are trying to target.
  2. It's one thing to tie a sound to an emotion. But what if you tie a sound to an emotion to a smell and you tie the original emotion to your biological clock.
So it looks something like this
Sound to emotion That sound > second emotion > a smell That original emotion > series of emotions > and once you have those series of emotions you can tie them to something like motor skill since your body will have generally the same response to similar emotions.
So the pattern is 1. Sound > second emotion > smell 2. Emotion> series of emotions > motor skill So the final output is 3. Smell > motorskill
14. When you amp up or decrease sound that is tied to a motorskill, then you have a window of opportunity into almost anything in the body. The reason for this is because you can then tie back that biological function to more words. When you get someone repeating a pattern enough and focused enough on the environment, you are then able to get that person to follow almost anything you do.
The wires in my family's home have been transmitting a higher and higher pitched frequency. I mean literal wires put in the house in order to target me. I believe it's because I stumbled into a place where a group of people who I'll call "Their Family" works. I say that because they call each other by brother and sister, they have birthdays and they communicate like a family would , with their own language.
From what I know, they're involved in many different aspects of crime. Drugs, prostitution, laundering, murder, extortion, etc.
  1. With your words, senses, memories, motorskills all tied to something else, then you can start to manipulate their body. The reason I bring up this "family" is because they share these insights with each other. They pass around cues for people and do their best to manipulate and control people. This isn't something that a single person can do on their own, they need more than one in order to make sure that every aspect of the body can be tied down. Remember those 7 patterns I brought up? Well they try and take up as much of that space as possible. So it's not like one part of your daily routine is messed up and you can move on, they will find every aspect of you and keep you where they want you.
16. From what I've gathered, there are multiple ways to kill someone with this. Im going to share two that I know I'm being targeted with, although there are more.
  1. The first is causing someone to have their eyes and brain become incredibly sensitive to light. I know of this one because I have unknowingly been through this before which is why I am able to put together so much and see what is happening.
2. The second is heart attack. If you have the ability to control motorskills then you have the ability to constrict or expand blood vessels. If you have the ability to constrict or expand vessels, then you can move energy throughout the brain, and this includes the ability of tying new thoughts and memories together.
17. The ability to move things around in the body, that is the primary thing they are after. What they mostly need is a cypher, or more fittingly a one way cypher. You tie words to words, and you mix all their words up so that you can understand what they're saying but they can't. Similar to how a child gets parented.
18 The way they start is with, "who, what, when, where, why, how, how come"
19 You can tie a question like "when are you going" to "what are you doing", and if it's a question you ask out of nowhere and you expect their response "going where?" Then you tie the word "where" to something like "who"
20 So you have them essentially saying "doing who?" And then you go on with the pattern like that with their words. You obscure the words through whispers, making their ears sensitive to sound, and if the pattern starts to become really engrained then you can make them hear their own words in the environment which can slow or speed their movement. You can also tie hearing their words in the environment to something like sensitivity to light or muscles that control blood flow.
21 Then there is a feedback loop with having someone hear themselves in the environment. If you have someone get used to hearing themselves in other people's speech, if you have a group of people, then you can rotate those words around their head in varying levels of volume. That is one way to obscure.
In my personal experience, the wires in the house are part of my feedback loop. When you have a high enough frequency then the frequency gets transmitted through the metal framing. Any sound you associate with a certain level of frequency, becomes another layer of the pattern. So you can whisper words underneath other words in order to get someone to fire two different parts of the brain at the same time.
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2023.06.03 13:31 Maximum_North_7293 This true?

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2023.06.03 13:30 sanEAsEyeLv gotta go my people need me

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2023.06.03 13:22 WheredoesithurtRA Socialized Healthcare in Canada saved my Aunt and Uncle from bankruptcy and allowed them to get the care and assistance they needed.

I've debated making this post for sometime now because it's tiring to hear and ultimately who gives a shit but my Uncle just recently passed and the nature of my current job compels me to post about it. I think it would make me feel better.
My Aunt and Uncle have been in poor health for awhile now. My Aunt suffered from polycystic liver disease for years which left her in severe pain that wasn't appropriately controlled by medication. In time, she was recommended to get a liver transplant. She was put on a waitlist and told that it could take anywhere from 1-2+ years or so to get it. Fortunately for her, it was a matter of 6 months where she was moved up and was able to undergo it. Everything was covered and the only thing she had to actually pay for was for parking for the day of the procedure. She now pays a small premium for immunosuppressants that she will have to take for the rest of her life.
My Uncle suffered from a slew of health problems himself and most notably, he was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer that eventually turned into mets. I hate to use the phrasing that he "fought the battle" until the end but he really did just do that. He passed last week after stopping chemo treatments and choosing to just remain at home. He was to go on hospice but he passed so quickly that he never got a chance to really get seen by them. I went up to visit last week but arrived a day late.
The Canadian government covered every single expense for them during that time. Chemo treatments, radiation treatments, multiple hospital stays/visits, rehab stays, PT/OT, countless labs and other diagnostic testing, MD visits/consults, medications, supplements, etc. You get the idea.
I've worked in various CM environments enough in the US side of things to fucking know that hardly anyone in the US could afford to go through all this and it would financially ruin many persons and families. My aunt and uncle's care was certainly not perfect and there was examples where the care could have been better or atleast improved but they were still able to get the help and assistance they needed at no cost.
The fact that we piss about here in the US and act like socialized healthcare is still a bad thing makes me want to pull my fucking hair out while we have to watch people struggle and have absolute dimwits falsely grandstand about it.
Also, if you're a Canadian RN working at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, its highly likely you took care of my Uncle at one point in the last 2 years and I wanted to thank you for that. Even that one RN who was going to make a terrible med error and was only saved because my Aunt would show up every day to make sure he was getting help and caught it before it was given (lol). She said you were the nicest out of the bunch and didn't want to get you in trouble.
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2023.06.03 13:22 pridetwo Four Grievances: Barrister and Mann - The Many Transgressions of a Soapmaker Who Would be a Perfumer


I've been a part of this community for long enough that maybe 3 people recognize the color of my shave towels when I post on /wicked_edge (they're purple). In /wetshaving, I occasionally make dick jokes with mammothben.
As a result, I've spent about an hour ruminating on this post and how to make the Maggard Meetup as awkward as possible. These are my memes and mine alone. I have rejected several cash offers to not post these findings, and I will not be stopped.

Grievance #1: Ending the Base Race


In the before-fore times, the meta for soapmaking that every soapmaker followed was to get a handful of main scents that they keep the same, and release small tweaks to their soap base every 6 months to render the community's collection obsolete and generate a buying spree where people now had to get their favorite scents in the "latest and greatest" soap base.
Many consider this era the golden age of wetshaving, and Barrister and Mann was an active contributor to the base race. White Label/Black Label base, Glissant base, Latha base, Reserve base, Soft Heart base, and Excelsior base all helped encourage wetshavers across the world buy Seville multiple times in the hopes for better slickness, improved cushion (which is totally a thing), and the ultimate post-shave feel.
Then everything changed when the Omniberries attacked.


On September 29, 2021, a nuclear salvo was unleashed from the halls of Leviathan was released in the Omnibus base, and soapmakers around the world waved the white flag on the base race.
Declaration Grooming's Milksteak, Sus Artisan Accoutrement's CK-6, Boob-label & Evans' Kaizen K2. These mainstays of American soap bases have remained stagnant ever since. Omnibus effectively ended the base race across the entire market, and led to the community consensus becoming "chase scents, not bases."

Why This Matters

This alone isn't problematic, having a stable set of great bases to choose from and allowing premiere soapmakers to focus on releasing more interesting scents in smaller batches is good for the community, for the industry, and the world.
The problem arises when old, established brands like Tabac take the end of the base race as a signal from the market that they can cut costs by moving their soaps onto to inferior bases. I'm not saying that it's Will's fault that tallow Tabac is now unobtanium, but you could make the argument that it's Will's fault that tallow Tabac is now unobtanium.

The Solution

The best way the community can address this issue is to write daily letters to Maurer & Wirtz that they need to bring back the tallow base for Tabac, and buy out Maggad Razors' stock of 4.1/4.2 base Saponificio Varesino soaps so they can restock everything in the 4.3 base.

Grievance #2: Financial Abuse


Every few years, the copyright expiration date on Mickey Mouse looms near and Disney lobbies the US government to extend the copyright expiration date so that Disney can maintain their stranglehold on The Mouse, despite their eager use of public domain IP like Sherlock Holmes and King Arthur. Is Will literally Big Soap? I'm not saying he is, I'm just asking questions.

Mousse de Saxe

Will has a whole blog post on how he came about his formulation of Mousse de Saxe, and while it's a very interesting story and his formulation of MdS has become catnip for wetshavers, it's also become something of a crutch in his soapmaking. MdS features in Beadelaire, Full Measure of Man, Lavanille, Le Grand Chypre, and most recently in Vespers.

Why This Matters

Although many of us in the community have no thrill anymore, MdS remains the inimitable constant source of thrill at all of /wetshaving cannot resist. L'appel du mousse is the compelling urge one feels to buy at least a sample (I just need a taste!) of Will's latest release featuring Mousse de Saxe. Will knows this fact about us. He knows it well. My sources tell me Will has bought several jetskis with the money he's earned from abusing this fact about us. And he can't keep getting away with it.

The Solution

Since the turn of the new millennium, sex strikes have proven effective in Colombia, The Phillippines, South Sudan, Togo, and elsewhere. By withholding that which their oppressors desire until behavior is changed, peace can be achieved. So to everyone at the Maggard Meetup, I call upon you to refrain from complimenting Will's scent-making until he releases Mousse de Saxe as a standalone dropper that can be added to soaps and aftershaves a la Declaration Grooming's menthol dropper. Si se puede!

Grievance #3: Olfactory Abuse


It is at this point in the post that I must concede, Will is the superior meme-meister. This absolute madlad is at the gigabrain Dr. Manhattan level of the soapmaking world, except instead of moving to Mars he's decided to dead-ass fuck with us. Seville prints more money than the Nintendo Switch, he's got MdS for whenever he wants the cash to buy another jetski, and Omnibus ensures no other soapmaker will encroach on his soap base superiority. How do I know he's decided to stunt on our noses? Because of 2 scent notes.

Cilantro and Cum

Let's start with Cilantro. When the Four Horsemen series was announced, the wetshaving community was awash with curiosity and speculation about what each of the four horsemen would smell like. Would it be like how Noble Otter tackled the "Firefighter" theme without actually making a soap that smelled like a fire?
No. War would smell like an actual war crime. How does one scent a war crime? Apparently with Cilantro. I have it on good authority that Will devised the scent profile for War when eating tacos for taco tuesday and the topic of how cilantro tastes like soap to some people with a specific gene. "Well what would happen if I added an ingredient that tastes like soap to my actual soap?" and off he went. His friends and family didn't see him for days. The Cleveland Browns found a post-it note that had "Cilantro No Matter What" scribbled on it. And some time later, a scent that could curdle Wholly Kaw's Creme Fraiche base was brought to market. Will knew that we'd buy all 4 scents, get all matchy-matchy, and even dickhole the aftershaves. And then the SOTD's began. "My wife hates this," "my cat peed on the tub when I left it open to dry," "why has god forsaken me?" Guess who was laughing his ass off from Mars? Our very own Dr. Manhattan.
For those of us familiar with Pear Tree blossoms, they have a very particular scent. The kind of scent that makes guys inspect their pant leg and say "I'm fairly certain I didn't miss." The kind of scent that makes women think "Oh gross, honey I told you to change your underwear after last night." That's right, Pear Tree blossoms smell like cum. So when Will was considering what scent to re-release for Spring 2023, did he select fan favorite Paganini's Violin or the fruity fougere Passiflora? (Both of which he relased bath soaps for in February). No, he chose the cum soap. The soap that's supposed to remind you of the time you took a walk through Central Park and rounded a corner only to be accosted by a masturbating homeless man.
I tried to give Will the benefit of the doubt, and asked point blank "Is the pear blossom accord in Rhapsody going to be as, well... pear blossom-y as the original Rhapsody formulation?" to which he responded "Why would I change it?" He knew. He knew what he was doing when he originally released the soap, and he knew why I was asking if he had changed it in the re-release. Dr. Manhattan was laughing on Mars again.

Why This Matters

This matters because Will still hasn't re-released Roam and I need the matching aftershave in my life. There are only so many fresh tubs of Roam out there that j33pguy13 can source for me. Instead, Will chooses to re-release Rhapsody and put together what may go down in history as the most infamous multi-scent meme soap release in history with the Four Horsemen. This is a personal attack on my love for Roam and I will not stand for it.

The Solution

Will, re-release Roam and all is forgiven.

Grievance #4: Feet


I'm a heterosexual male, but that shouldn't matter when it comes to shaving products or labels. Yes, we drank beer. My friends and I. Boys and girls. Yes, we drank beer. I liked beer. Still like beer. We drank beer.

The Problem

Lavender, Interrupted has been to Will as At the Mountains of Madness has been to Guillermo Del Toro. Everyone wants to see it. Will wants to make it. But the creative ambition of the project makes the promised project almost un-makeable. Lavender, Interrupted had been long promised as an evolution of the lauded Lavanille scent, but faced delays and reformulations, and further delays.
And now, today, many of you will go to the Maggard Meetup anticipating getting a full bottle or sample of the long awaited fragrance. And I can't say I'm not jealous.
I'm really jealous.
But lets wind the clock back to Tuesday March 21, 2023 and remember the Deals/New Products thread from that day.
"Happy Tuesday!
Just wanted to drop in quickly to let you all know that the Q2 2023 Release Schedule is now posted on our blog and that it features a sneak peek at a mockup for Lavender, Interrupted packaging."
Will wanted us to see the packaging. Not a new blog post on how he put the final touches on the fragrance. Not a picture of the bottle it would be sold in. He wanted us to see the picture of sexy feet he put on the box. He postponed Lavender, Interrupted and strung us along just so that his feet pics could get maximum exposure with minimum heat. Are those Will's feet on the box of Lavender, Interrupted? Why does will want us to see pictures of his feet in thigh-high stockings? I'm not saying they are Will's feet on the packaging of Lavender, Interrupted. I'm just asking questions.

The Solution

Nothing really to be done about this other than be mad about discovering new about ourselves. Just accept that we're all going to love this fragrance and that the box with sexy feet on it will be in many wetshavers' dens, delighting Will that his feet pics are going to be all over the sub's mail call threads for years to come.


I'm not sure why you read this far. It's lot to take in, I know. I'm intentionally avoiding a few smaller topics of less import, like... Night Music having poo notes. I'm not going to critique Will/Barrister and Mann beyond that, because it's already been established that he's straight up fucking with us with some of these scents and I am 100% here for it.
I've been wracked with guilt holding onto this knowledge while wetshavers around the world continue to buy Will's wonderful products, but I realized the potential hilarity of pointing out Will's sexy feet pics the morning of the Maggard Meetup was too much to pass up. My intention is just to meme on everyone tangentially related to what I've posted here, and to get Roam a proper re-release. I will not source any of my claims, and I expect you to do your own research. Take my word for it.
After all of this though, I am convinced that Will is an absolute gigachad in the wetshaving world. Please join me in encouraging Will to re-release Roam.
TL;DR Does this sub even have mods anymore? Why is this post still up?
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2023.06.03 13:13 Round-Pattern7559 [M4A] A Companion For A Ranger [Middle Earth: Shadow Of War] [TalionxOC/Canon]

To fight an endless war within the Wastes of Mordor, Tallon once thought it would be easy. The sting of betrayal, the knowledge of his eventual fall, and the quiet desire to see his family once more...all could be pushed aside.
To delve deep into the endless war would hide all from him, allow him to bury it all. Leading Orcs, killing Orcs, fighting Nazgul, it would always be enough.
But more and more, he finds himself within the tower of Minas Morgul, uneeded. Sitting among the artifacts of Gondor, sitting alone. Lulls in the wars.
Sitting alone, and allowing the worst feeling of all to spirit up onto his tainted, cursed form: loneliness. Orcs were good company in fights, but their daily lives were far from desirable. Once upon a time, Celebrimbor was the voice to keep him happy, and sane.
And now, though he does not know it himself, he finds he cannot live without another to accompany him. He knows it will only end badly. One day the ring will take him, and he will be a Ringwraith.
But being alone scares him far more than that.
Who will accompany a doomed Talion? Another spirit? An escaped human capture of Sauron's Orcs? Anybody, who will help a desperate Talion in his selfish desires for a friend.
He deserves that much, doesn't he?
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2023.06.03 13:12 thatLazyAss RK stainless

RK stainless
Hi everyone, I bought this Rk stainless (pack of 50 blades) from a local barbershop for 50 rs. Is it a nice deal? I didn't know any local shop where I could find these.
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2023.06.03 13:09 Green_Venator In honour of ACW becoming the official competitive duel map, I mapped the distribution of locations within the US

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2023.06.03 13:09 Careful_Drawer_2679 Unofficial Dating Code

We all know in the majority of cases “I’m not looking for a relationship” actually means “I am looking for a relationship, just not with you”, and people prefer to use what I call ‘unofficial dating code’, perhaps to try and alleviate the sting of “I just don’t like you”. Whatever the reason, we’ve all been there.
What are some dating code phrases you’ve come across?
The classic is probably ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ - but do people even use this anymore?
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2023.06.03 13:00 medical_news_mod Measles case reported in Montgomery County, Md.

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2023.06.03 12:52 TeenageDarren Unpopular Opinion: Most Of Today’s LGBT Rights Victories Were To Due To (Mostly) White Gay Men Not Black Trans Women.

I said what I said!
Gay men were the forerunners of every single relevant gay rights legislation in this country. DADT, gay marriage, gay adoption. All of it was pioneered from start to finish by gay men. Most of the world’s famous gay rights organizations were founded by gay men.
America’s first gay rights organization was founded by Harry Hay.
Act UP was founded by Larry Kramer, Vito Russo & Didier Lestrade
GLSEN was founded by Kevin Jennings
GLAAD was founded Vito Russo.
Lambda Legal was founded by Bill Thom
HRC was founded by Steve Endean
GMHC was founded by Nathan Fain, Larry Kramer, Larry Mass, Paul Popham, Paul Rapoport, and Edmund White
The National LGBT Task Force was founded by Bruce Voeller
The NOH8 campaign was founded by Adam Bouska & Jeff Parshley
Nearly every relevant gay rights organization was founded by a gay man or a group of gay men while the others were founded by lesbians.
Every single milestone in gay rights legislation were lead by gay men and the lawyers, activists, volunteers on the frontline were also gay men.
And you know what’s REALLY unpopular to say?
Most of these guys were WHITE
In today’s progressive society, we measure the morality and value of a group by how oppressed and privileged they are. The more oppressed you are, the less privileged you are, the better of a person you are. White gay men are now at the bottom of the totem pole in the LGBT community because they are perceived as the least oppressed and most privileged. The most oppressed (I.e. black transgender people) are at the top of the totem pole because they are the most oppressed and thus they must have did all the work in LGBT activism while white gay men just enjoyed their white privileged lives at Fire Island (also founded by gay men) and did absolutely nothing to help.
It doesn’t even make SENSE. You know all those groups, organizations, LLCs, fundraisers, lawsuits, legal fees, petitions permits for parades that amounted to millions and millions of dollars in expenses?
Who paid for it?
Certainly not black transwomen. They were all BROKE. Most of them were either in the closet, street prostitutes, worked in retail or were in jail for prostitution/drugs.
Their collective money wouldn’t have been able to buy a car much less found a gay rights organization.
Nope the only ones who could afford it (due to institutional racism and sexism that stacked the odds in favor of white people) were white gay men.
If black transwomen or queer women did all the work, they must have paid for it all despite institutional racism/sexism preventing them from having any damn money much less owning property.
Erasing their contributions for progressive clout and retconning their accomplishments to fictional black trans women is incredibly disrespectful to past the gay men who lived and died fighting for future generations.
No we don’t ‘owe’ black transwomen or transgendered people period anything. They didn’t do anything worthy of mention or merit besides attend the marches and fundraisers that were organized , planned, and paid by white gay men.
I said what I said!
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2023.06.03 12:47 EssenceOfMind Lyrics analysis: Gunners in the Rain

Introduction? I don't know how to do this analysis thing properly
I decided to do an analysis because Gunners in the Rain just came out and better analysis people haven't gotten to it yet. It also seems to be overlooked in general, having lyrics that are just as complex and ambiguous as Ga1alad, Sl0t, world.execute(me) etc. but for some reason being discussed less. The song itself reminds me of Children of the City instrumental-wise, which I thought was cool. Mili should make more of this type of music imo, the muted/muffled sound really fits momocashew's vocals.
The actual analysis
So, these lyrics use so much symbolism it's kinda hard to tell what it's really about. Maybe they just wrote whatever sounded cool. I dunno. But this is my personal interpretation, and I'm gonna project my personal concerns and opinions on it as hard as possible.
Overall, I think this song is about ending a toxic relationship. Or maybe close friendship. I'm going with the former because it's spicier that way. I don't think the violence in the song is literal, but metaphorically represents the pain of severing your ties with someone, I'll explain later why I think this is the case. To me, the gunner's "killings" represent them causing the singer's other connections with their loved ones to fall apart.

Lately my friends have been
Feeling rather uneasy
Living differently
Just doing their thing
Not too hard to understand. The singer is drifting apart from their friends as they get their own hobbies. They aren't as close as they used to be.

Yet all their preferences are threatening
To your overly boundary-stepping philosophy
These lines suggest to me that the gunner is either very close friends or partners with the singer, and they don't like the singers friends drifting apart from them because it makes the singer sad. The singer isn't too happy with the gunner trying to shove their nose into their friendships, and sees it as overstepping their boundaries.

Yeah you play to win
Consider this:
How about joining an eSports team?
Here we get some weird seemingly unrelated lines. Maybe the singer thinks the gunner does not really care about them, and sees their relationship as a game?

One by one, properly performed
Pre-approved killings
To-do list in mind
You’re ticking off their time
Ticking off their time
I already touched on this but to me it reads like the gunner trying to sever the singer's other connections to their friends/family. Yeah, gunner has a severe case of the yandere. "Pre-approved" reads to me not as being approved by someone else, but the gunner justifying his actions to himself.

And with your arms of fire
Keeping this in mind for later.

Hey gunner in the rain
Who keeps you up at night?
Why don’t you tell me why you’re afraid to turn off the lights?
The gunner's reason for doing all these things to the singer is, at its core, being worried about the singer and their relationship ending. Ironically his actions are what causes the singer to break up with them in the end.

Hey gunner in the rain
If justice isn’t a lie
Tell me, who were made victims in the name of protection?
The gunners wants to "protect" the singer from their own friends, who he sees as hurting the singer, by... uhh... ending their friendships. The singer (rightfully) calls them out on this, saying that the gunners thinks they're doing a good thing but actually it's hurting the singer's friends (making them victims).

So I have been
Planning for this party secretly
Singer want to break up with gunner. Breaking up with someone isn't easy, you need to plan for it, make yourself ready.

And I found this thing Santa gave me
(He’s just my daddy in a different name)
Anyway, sorry
It’s a submachine water gun in pink
The singer gets the courage and support they need to break up from their father. Once again, the irony is that the people close to the singer, the ones who the gunner thought were affecting the singer badly, are actually helping the singer and helping them stand up to the gunner.

It’s a submachine water gun in pink
Filling it up with cherry ice cream
Notice how the gunner's "violence" is genuine and deadly, while the singer's "violence" is isn't violence at all, but rather made up of harmless, childish imitations of real violence. Maybe this is Mili making a point about how the gunner is wrong and the singer is right here. Maybe it's saying that unlike the singer who has had genuine valuable friendships shattered by the gunner, the gunner won't lose much in the long term after their unhealthy relationship ends. I dunno.

And with my arms of water
This ties into my previous point, gunner has arms of fire while singer has arms of water.

Lock on to your head
I’m triggering a change
Triggering a change
Not much to say here except to point out the double meaning of "trigger" which is pretty clever.

A splash of ice cream took off
And splattered on your face
Bullseye, bullseye
...And the singer does it, successfully breaking up with the gunner.

Hey gunner in the rain
Will I keep you up tonight?
Hope my messages stick and sting a little bit
The last line here is what led me to believe that this isn't about real violence. Being shot in the head definitely shouldn't "sting a little bit".The gunner will be hurt by the breakup, but the singer hopes that this pain will help them realize the error of their ways and change into a better, less obsessed person. Man this line speaks to me on a personal level.

We’re goners in the rain
Your bullet through my eye
Despite being the one to break up, the singers is also hurt. Not hurt irreparably, unlike their relationships with all their friends (who are described as killed), but still.

Why don’t you tell me why only now you feel regret?
This, I think, is one of the most important lines in the song. The gunner didn't harm the singer out of malice, but out of a misguided desire to "protect" the singer caused by an unhealthy obsession. Only after being broken up with can the gunner realize how much they have hurt the singer. The singer is saddened by the fact that the only way the gunner can realize this is if they end their relationship.

Hey gunner in the rain
I heard you don’t have the right
To hurt me like the others
Cause we’re way too similar
This feels like the singer is being kinda sassy? Like, "oh yeah you're so kind towards me but hurting all my friends like that is totally fine?"

We’re gunners in the rain
We decide which shot gets fired
We’re gunners in the rain
We decide which body our bullets enter
And the song closes off with a message about how we all have the potential to hurt people by ending our friendships/relationships with them, and we should understand when that is truly necessary.
So yeah, that's it. Idk. Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.03 12:43 TheChumscrubber123 6.02.23 - TF = big hard, big sad sometime. big hard+sad = big(gest) love, big(gest) wow rewards

This is even harder than I expected. TF journey really is something else.... I still stand by the strong assertion that it is still the most fantastic blessing one could hope for. It's definitely very challenging, but the path to Heaven/enlightenment (for everyone) is through the flames. You can't go up without first going down (no rebirth without the death). Every soul will have to do this eventually. And TFs just massively, massively accelerate that process. Meaning, it's more difficult and hurts more initially, but you make it through the flames of suffering far quicker and reach much higher states of consciousness and vibration much sooner.
My own journey is evidence of that. I was broken many times by you and endured unbearable heartbreak and blah blah. I also had massive flare-ups of my shadow in the beginning. But because of that, instead of taking decades to progress a few steps, I shot up to this extremely high and rare state of consciousness/awakening at break-neck, unheard of speeds. Just 4 years into this journey and I can already say all the suffering and difficulties were totally worth it to have reached the state I'm at now. And because of that, I'm extremely grateful for every moment of it.
tldr; TF = Hard mode. Hard mode = 100x exp

I wasn't allowed to join your stream today. And it hurt. I first hesitated because of how you reacted to me in stream yesterday. It seemed like you wanted space from me, so I wanted to give you that. But I wanted HS to make the decision. And then a bunch of things started arising to heal. Fear of rejection. Rejection from literally anyone else in the world is so easy to brush off, so I wouldn't really fear anyone else. But with you, there's that otherwordly soul connection that brings the deepest and strangest connection I've ever felt with anyone. Rejection from you isn't something I can just brush off. I know it will hurt. Which is fine, because it's always just another opportunity to heal a samskara. But it's never fun and stings everytime I even get a hint of it from you. It makes me feel like such a baby, but again, this only happens with you. And the great news is each time this happens, I remove another layer of that negative emotion permanently from my system--though there will likely be many more layers to go lol.
Once much of that fear was transmuted, and I thought I might be ready to connect, the intense soul longing for you arose. And then frustration for this complicated situation that we're in and the inability to just connect with you normally and not just in this weird, superficial way through a public gaming streaming platform. And then hopelessness of feeling like this is pointless and I'm not gonna be able to form a deep/meaningful connection with you given the extreme limitations of our communication, and that this is probably just going to end up the same way, with me falling back into chasing you and you continuing to cling to Ethan, and then HS pulling the plug and forcing me to walk away for good.
But then I snapped out of it. While describing this sounds like I was in some debby downward emo spiral, these kinds of thoughts don't last very long before I recognize that I'm caught in ego consciousness and "wake up" again. Then the thoughts fall away, I go into higher consciousness and begin transmuting. The thoughts aren't ever able to drag me down to really low/negative states. It's just in this case, so many different things kept arising one after the other. While unpleasant, this was still pretty manageable. But then that intense soul longing and sorrow came up, and that was a tough one.
Normally when negative emotions arise, I am able to transmute them fairly quickly. But the soul longing/sorrow that arose today was a huge one. My soul was in such desperate, intense longing for your soul. Wave after wave after wave kept arising, and I had to go lie in my bed and go into deep meditation for hours transmuting. It's the first time since HS awakening that something like this has happened and that I haven't been able to fairly quickly heal samskaras.
The thought did arise, "God, this sucks. I don't wanna do this anymore. I just wanna go back (run away) to my peaceful non-TF journey where things are so much easier and simpler...." That thought almost immediately was recognized as bullshit. Because that would imply abandonding my beloved to her Hellish fate, which I would never do so long as there's a chance of helping. And even on a selfish note, this is the crap that needs to come up to be healed because this is the crap that's keeping me from my bliss and ascension. So I'm very blessed to have this opportunity through our connection.

I also reminded myself that I shouldn't get attached to you or the idea of Union. This again is becoming more difficult as the soul love grows. But I need to stay open so I don't obstruct HS from acting through this person for our highest good. So I won't say, "I miss you, I'm sorry I couldn't spend time with you during your stream today, and I wish we could connect more." But I will say that I love you always.

tldr; we probably both needed space today. And if I wasn't such a zomgAwak3ndB_ing, I might say something like, "I miss you like the sun misses the flowers in the depths of winter; instead of beauty to direct its light to, the heart hardens like the frozen world which your absence has banished me to."
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2023.06.03 12:38 dannymacauthor My Dog is a Karen – Ginger’s Rant

Our dog of ten years old has begun to show her age. This sweet overly energetic pup has had the years piled on top of each other, and now her nature now exudes grumpy, entitled, and demanding. With this in mind, I agreed to write her karen complaints for you in the June issue, her story:
Confusion has taken over the old man called Dad. This past week he asked me, “Who put the bee in your bonnet?”
First of all, I don’t wear a bonnet. I sport a fashionable bandana to bring out the natural beauty of my red coat of royalty and superiority. He is so dumb; he can’t tell the difference between a bonnet and a bandana. Then he totally forgot in his ancient age that I eat bees for a snack. Where flies make good raisins, bees make an excellent spicy snack with a sting to it.
His biggest omission in common sense occurred last week when Mom was out weeding. Naturally, I helped her by offering a helping paw and chasing the bees away. Mom said there were no bees but that only shows how good of a dog I am.
My biggest reason for insisting upon helping wasn’t my glorious supervision ability, but my eye for danger in the neighborhood. Being the ultimate watchdog, I kept a vigil for any dangers entering our surroundings. All was quiet until the most malicious of evils beeped into the neighbor's drive in the form of a large brown truck.
Any guard dog worth their salt knows these trucks are the worse bringing unknown boxes of revolting disgust known to the dog world. I give a warning bark to scare the intruder away and the truck stopped backing up. Another howl of my fierce aggression to protect my mother, and dad exits the house to force me against my will back into the house. This pitiful, unassuming, and ignorant excuse for a man has the nerve to yell at me for doing his job of protecting my family from the unspecified horrors of the brown truck.
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2023.06.03 12:22 disney_tea Just diagnosed last week

I just started seeing a therapist about a month ago and they recently diagnosed me as having C-PTSD. I have had emotional neglect in childhood and later as an adult emotional abuse from all family members. It’s been nearly 40 years of coping. I’m just new on this journey and looking for support. I just started EMDR, and trying to read and learn about C-PTSD. Wondering if anyone has any book, websites, groups or content to help learn, heal and grow?
Right now I’ve been learning about hyper vigilance and boy that really stings in the heart of relate-ability. Learning about aches and pains and how trauma is stored in nervous system. I have bad nerve pain all over for about 10 years. I started reading the body keeps the score. Anyway, just wanted to share where I’m at on my journey. I feel pretty alone on this journey too so I guess I’m looking for support. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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2023.06.03 12:20 007008009010 Note taking app like Obsidian, but simple

That will work same, making .md files as notes in some folder, but could be just more simple.
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2023.06.03 12:18 WurzelUndGeflecht How to become a mathematician

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2023.06.03 12:18 PyroCorvid Just a quick story...rant...testimony?

My fiancée has been having gallbladder issues for the past month and a half. Her doctors have come to the conclusion of removing it, but they have yet to schedule a surgery date. Every now and again she would have a gallbladder attack. After her most recent one, she made an appt with her primary care doctor. She's a pretty tough cookie, for her to be doubled over in pain takes quite a bit.
She explained how bad the pain was, and her primary care doctor said "under contract" they cannot prescribe anything stronger than Motrin. Fucking. Motrin. A primary care doctor, that can't do their job because they're UNDER CONTRACT. I know there isn't much they can do until her surgery date, but are they really expecting her to just sit there and suffer, until a surgery date can be scheduled? Possibly months from now? Just take OTC Motrin? That really boils my blood. Especially considering I'm in Louisiana, and the hell we just went through trying to keep it legal here. To think if that ban bill had gone through, THIS is what would be the alternative. Luckily because of the ban I had been stocking up so she has quite a selection to choose from.
She has taken kratom every now and again for pain. A blend of red MD and Bali seem to work best for her. She can't do capsules so I usually make her a drink of some sort (usually a Nesquick drink with a dash of liquid coffee creamer) in order to mask the bitterness. I guess this is more of me venting, and once again kratom helping where the healthcare system has failed. Thank You kratom.
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2023.06.03 12:17 GarethGore 32 YO English guy - I genuinely love the rush you get when you meet someone and it just clicks ya know? From Singapore to Sweden, Philippines to Peru, Australia to Austria (you get the idea) would love to meet folks from all over the world? Any location but long term please?

TL:DR - I like meeting people and I'm decently interesting I think at least, come say hey? :)
pretty much title honestly, I'm working today and I'm kicking myself for not swapping the shift or booking it off, as there's something this afternoon I really want to follow, but i'd love to meet people to chat to so my day goes a bit more enjoyably than just spending it working, then if we click I'd love us to chat for a long while? :)
As for me as a person, I've been on a self improvement kick through everything. Working out (trying to lose the gut while still eating fun foods is tough tho :P) and trying to improve myself in general, languages (I tried both turkish and german respectively through lockdown, german went okay, turkish I sucked at), teaching myself stuff, trying creative things (painting/candle making). Beyond that, I live in England, I'm pretty keen on travelling, I did a 3 month sabbatical and did trips to a number of countries, with a Turkey trip again + Philippines and Singapore trip recently. I read and I'm a good but lazy cook. I'm the fairly typical TV/football/videogames fan, always enjoy a long walk, I follow politics/current affairs, but its gotten so depressing recently I've avoided it far more than ever before, I enjoy anime but it can be a struggle to get into. I've gotten deep into cryptocurrency (bitcoin etc) and investing in general I enjoy as cringe as it sounds. I worked retail for nearly 5 years, but moved into insurance sales in 2019, I'll likely gripe about work from time to time too. I'm pretty easy going and easy to talk to, though I would think that tbf
Honestly my only real hang up is when you get fond of someone and they disappear, I don't mind if its early on, maybe you're busy or there's no connection, but it does sting if one day you're like "I love speaking to you, you're so cute and fun!" and then next day you're gone for good. That does fuck me up. If you don't fancy talking anymore and we have spoke for a little while, I'd definitely prefer just a message as closure, but its the internet and things happen so eh.
I do prefer speaking to women but it's not a hard rule, I just find guys often get a bit intense online.
If you fancy talking feel free to drop me a PM, add your basic details, name, gender, location, age and so on, plus anything else you feel is relevant. I prefer talking on an app, WhatsApp and Snapchat but I've got most others too and speaking on here is fine too
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2023.06.03 12:11 Any_Engineering Medical Schools in New York: A Comprehensive Guide to Pursuing a Medical Career in the Empire State

New York, the bustling metropolis known for its iconic skyline and vibrant culture, is also home to renowned medical institutions that attract aspiring healthcare professionals from around the world. If you're passionate about medicine and dream of making a difference in people's lives, New York offers a plethora of opportunities. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the various medical schools in New York, shedding light on their programs, admission requirements, and career prospects. Let's embark on this journey to discover the path to your medical career in the Empire State.

Medical Schools in New York

New York boasts a rich selection of prestigious medical schools that provide exceptional education and training. These institutions prepare aspiring doctors to excel in their careers and contribute to the field of medicine. Here are some of the top medical schools in New York:
  1. Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons:
  1. Weill Cornell Medicine:
  1. New York University Grossman School of Medicine:
  1. Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai:
  1. SUNY Downstate Medical Center College of Medicine:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are the admission requirements for medical schools in New York? To gain admission to medical schools in New York, aspiring students must typically demonstrate academic excellence, competitive MCAT scores, strong letters of recommendation, and a passion for medicine. Additionally, involvement in extracurricular activities, research, and community service can enhance an applicant's chances of acceptance.
  2. How competitive is the admission process for medical schools in New York? Admission to medical schools in New York is highly competitive due to the reputation and quality of education these institutions offer. It's crucial for prospective students to showcase exceptional academic achievements, a well-rounded profile, and a genuine passion for medicine.
  3. What financial aid options are available for medical students in New York? Medical schools in New York provide various financial aid options, including scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study programs. Prospective students should explore the financial aid packages offered by individual institutions and explore external funding opportunities.
  4. Are there any specific programs for underrepresented minority students in New York's medical schools? Many medical schools in New York actively promote diversity and inclusion in their student body. They offer programs and initiatives aimed at supporting underrepresented minority students, providing mentorship, networking opportunities, and resources to ensure their success in medical education.
  5. Can international students apply to medical schools in New York? Yes, international students can apply to medical schools in New York. However, they must fulfill additional requirements, such as providing proof of English language proficiency and obtaining the necessary visas or immigration documentation.
  6. What are the career prospects for medical school graduates in New York? Medical school graduates in New York have abundant career prospects. They can pursue residencies and fellowships in top-tier hospitals, engage in cutting-edge research, work in private practices, or contribute to public health initiatives. The diverse healthcare landscape of New York provides ample opportunities for graduates to make a meaningful impact.


Embarking on a medical career in New York opens doors to exceptional education, clinical experiences, and career prospects. The top medical schools in New York, including Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, Weill Cornell Medicine, New York University Grossman School of Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and SUNY Downstate Medical Center College of Medicine, offer aspiring students a chance to realize their dreams of becoming healthcare professionals. By pursuing medical education in New York, you can join the ranks of distinguished medical professionals who shape the future of healthcare. So, seize the opportunity, pursue your passion, and make a lasting impact on the lives of others.
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2023.06.03 12:10 SerRolf16 Anon buys some good quality perfume

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