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ESp32 Esphome input current sensor

2023.03.20 21:06 rahulvsharma ESp32 Esphome input current sensor

I have a custom module that I want to integrate with esp32 esphome, basically, when it's working, it throws a 1.5v current, and if not, then it simply doesn't throw current.
Is there a way in esp32 using esphome to connect it to a GPIO pin and take the value if the current is drawing? I do not want to measure anything simple on or off.
I really appreciate any help you can provide.
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2023.03.20 21:06 _bell_peppers I FINALLY PASSED THE SERIES 65! Here’s the long story, after an even longer journey, so I can be a cautionary tale to those who don’t use their QBank.

Oh my goodness guys, I’m screaming. I finally slayed the 65 dragon after 3 prior devastating attempts. Here’s what worked for me/what didn’t.
Few things right off the top: I am a 27 year old financial planner with ADHD and HORRIBLE test anxiety. I work for a firm that recently converted to an RIA, and they decided to require this shortly after I started until you got your CFP. I have a masters in personal financial planning and a masters in business administration. Over the past year and a half (yeah I know) I have: gone on vacation, gotten married, honeymooned, got my appendix removed, got Covid, had a bunch of personal deaths AND got a very poorly behaved puppy. So that’s why this is SUCH a stretched out process.
Attempt 1: October 2021. Work bought us Kaplan textbooks and the premium study system. I said to myself, “self, you have a masters in financial planning AND and MBA, this test is nothing”, I skimmed a few guides, walked in, and BOMBED. 52%
Study method? 0/10
Attempt 2: January 2022: okay, last plan didn’t work. I’ll take a week off work, read the Kaplan book and do practice questions. Cool. This is when the ADHD kicked in and said “that books dumb” and I only really got through section 1. I also bought Test Geek’s videos, which I enjoyed, but felt the practice test was way easier than the exam I remembered. I did some Kaplan practice questions, but only the chapter benchmarks, and still didn’t think they were super valuable (despite what literally everyone told me). Had a nervous breakdown the morning of because I knew I wasn’t prepared, and BOMBED. 60%
Study method? 2/10 my heart was in the right place and Test Geek helped me understand a lot of the key concepts I was missing, but not the little dumb details.
Attempt 3: July 2022. okay, now it’s getting personal. Just got married, back from the honeymoon, let’s do it. In fact, I’ll completely reset my Kaplan program so all my stats and such are new. I read the book, take a ton of notes and drew diagrams and all that, still not doing many questions though. I’d do the ones in the textbook, do the occasional qbank on chapters I didn’t understand. However, I also panic purchased Pass Perfect and STC. I ended up barely touching them, so a pure waste of money. Had a smaller but still ugly panic attack that morning, went in, mind go blank, got a 64%.
Study method? 5/10 I call this my first “true attempt”, where I studied but definitely not how I should have. I was thinking my lack of reading was the issue, and it was, but I also was studying to try and understand concepts, rather than studying for the 65.
FINAL ATTEMPT: 3/20/2022 I had my 6 month block, which was what I needed. I purchased the Kaplan Live Video class with an incredible teacher, Mr. David Cavaliere. If anyone is struggling with the 65, don’t wait like I did, find a class. It was 3 hours a night, 2 days a week for 4 weeks in January. After the class was done, I still felt like I couldn’t answer the questions on the test screen. I could get the concepts, but when my eyes hit the screen it was all another language. I decided to try Achievable as well, I went through and read their “textbook” and did a lot of their questions. My brain LOVED this textbook. It was a lot simpler, less daunting, and could be consumed in like 20-30 min sessions. I also realized I SUCKED at reading questions, and typically skipped a lot of the “is not/false/except” words. A week before, I did as many Kaplan questions I could a day. I also found the incredible Mr. Dean Tinney. I watched a lot of his videos, especially the test explications, and that was the kick in the ass I needed. I started a Google doc where I took notes on the question, what was being asked, and why answers were right or wrong. I ended up doing this with my Kaplan Q Bank too, and created a weird little book of more or less “1000 facts found on the series 65”. Instead of trying to connect every dot, I realized once I saw a question and it’s explanation, I typically would recognize it again and get it right. This also help with the ADHD, as it was nuggets of wisdom rather than an 800 page book. So I did as many questions as I could get my hands on (not a worry with the QBank!) and wrote as many like 1-5 sentence tidbits as I could. I bolded key words or concepts so it would be obvious that we were being asked about THAT thing.
Morning of, my wonderful husband made me a protein filled breakfast, I watched the last 30 min of Dean Tinney’s Mutual Fund, read my list of answer explanations, reviewed the 4 info dump sheets from Achievable, and went to the exam. Only cried a little bit this time 😅
During the exam, I read each question 3 times and used one of my note sheets to cover answers so I could stop myself from going too fast. It took me about 2 hrs 45 min, and I took a bathroom break after 70 questions to clear my head as I felt the anxiety coming on.
Study method: 8/10, which I had started Kaplan Q Banks sooner, I was getting 70s which did not spark confidence.
I saw a lot of questions about puts/calls (4-5, especially like “what was the gain/loss”), 2 about solicitors and a few advertising, two about joint in entirety back to back which made me laugh, most registration questions were about IARs, only maybe 3-4 math questions (ROR!), there were just as many point and clicks as there were head scratchers for me, I had 36 flagged for review which seemed like a cruel joke.
-takes stage with my 🏆 to make my acceptance speech- Overall I am so blessed to finally be done! I’d like to thank my husband, my incredibly patient work, Mr. Tinney and Mr. Caviliere, and my pets for snuggling on the couch with me all those late nights. Couldn’t have done it without you!
My boss already asked about the CFP. So I’ll be catching you on that Reddit! Trust me I will read and do practice questions the FIRST time lol, I learned my lesson.
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2023.03.20 21:03 MoTw18 2023 DAT Breakdown (22AA/22TS/17PAT)

2023 DAT Breakdown (22AA/22TS/17PAT)
Biology - 21
General Chemistry - 28
Organic Chemistry - 21
RC - 21
QR - 21
PAT - 17
Nontraditional student, graduated may 2022. Psychology major 3.85 GPA. Previously premed and scored 503 on MCAT (August 2021).
Materials Used:
  1. DATBooster! I truly think it has everything you need and they're always improving and adding new things. It was highly representative and prepares you very well. Biology is VERY representative with some questions similar or same as practice exam. Feralis notes and sheets are great. I personally followed the booster schedule and read feralis notes to get a good base, then focused on cheat sheets and booster quizlet. General chemistry was excellent on Booster. I HIGHLY recommend you read the study notes for each chapter. Orgo is great too, make sure to know reactions, acidity, stability, lab tests and techniques. Booster is ultimately the best resource due to its low price and EXCELLENT study material.
  2. Quizlet - I personally don't like Anki so i used quizlet from booster to memorize information. I think it's important to go be comfortable with your study techniques, so if you don’t like anki don’t be afraid to do something else. I did not rely heavily on quizlet, I used it to initially memorize the information then did practice questions and revisited the topics four to five times. I only used quizlet for biology, everything else I relied on booster practice and notes. If you’re using quizlet, make sure to constantly review material in phase 2 and 3.
  3. Bootcamp Bio Notes - I only used these for a quick refresher on certain topics such as developmental biology and ecology. I only used this in the final 2 weeks. Feralis is great but close to the exam I had to prioritize time so I used those bio notes. They are not too long and tell you what you need.
Study Timeline / How I Studied:
I followed the recommended booster 10 week schedule with minor tweaks of my own. I started light studying in December, then studied 10 weeks. I made my own personal adjustments especially at the end. I targeted my personal weaknesses and drilled information in the last 2 weeks. Do not be afraid to make your own schedule, I just personally like structure and the Booster schedule is easy to follow. During phase 1 of Booster, I began studying at around 10 AM and took breaks and finally stopped studying at around 8 PM. During phase 2, I stopped usually at 5 PM and I never reviewed practice exams the same day I took them. I really recommend doing this as you can take a break, clear your head, and be focused for review and further studying the following day. I made my own quizlet from going over exams, where I’d go over every single question and add terms / concepts I don’t know. I’d make a personal note of topics I need to work on. I printed the organic chemistry reaction packet from Booster and drilled the reactions. Luckily I took organic chemistry II in Fall 2022 so I already knew most reactions. I did the question and reaction banks on orgo and watched videos on reactions I don’t remember like EAS and Radicals. For general chemistry, I relied on the study notes on Booster. I attribute my 28 to the practice exams and notes. I transferred the notes to notability and highlighted and thoroughly went over each topic. For RC, I didn’t study but the method that worked best for me was reading 5-6 paragraphs and answering questions. For QR the practice / formula sheet was enough for me, it’s harder than the real exam but you’ll be prepared.
Day of Exam:
Bio (21): Booster was really representative here with 4-5 questions I’ve seen before. There were a couple questions that threw me off guard and only 1 taxonomy question. I felt the exam mainly focused on genetics, systems, and developmental biology, but every unit was covered. Some questions stumped me but I made an educated guess. The questions are SURFACE LEVEL. There were a few in depth but that’s all. I recommend Feralis, Bootcamp bio notes, and quizlet/anki. I’d make sure to know how to work with dihybrid crosses!
GC (28): I loved this section, it was straightforward with a few harder questions. No math was necessary as it was already set up for me. This question heavily tested concepts such as ideal gas / kinetic molecular theory, the idea that group elements share characteristics, what oxidizing agent really means, etc. They’re testing your knowledge of gen chem with a little math sprinkled in. I did see a question that wanted a classification of a certain element. Tricky because actinides and lanthanides are joined with the rest and my element was in the d block transition metal but also appeared like it was a lanthanide. Be careful! Also, with stoichiometry, if you’re confused you can check with the units cross out / match up.
OC (21): Not a ton of reactions and I can remember them (carboxylic acid + SOCl2, hydroboration of alkene, aldol, what reagent for this reaction). 1 H NMR was tested (1 question), 1 question on IUPAC, 1 question on lab test, specifically bromine test (booster has a sheet, MEMORIZE IT!) Rest were about acidity, stability, hybridization, aromaticity, etc. Booster really helps here pay attention to all hybridization and aromaticity questions on booster. NOTE: my exam had all structures in the format like CH3CH2… make sure you’re comfortable with those.
PAT (17): Don’t ask me anything here I despised PAT. Make sure you’re good on hole punch and cube counting at least. 1 floating cube showed up so know how to do those.
RC (21): I skipped my break after PAT and did this section. I had the adrenaline and mind focus to keep going. Most don’t do this, but I did this for most of my practice.I was really disappointed in this section. I had one really dense passage that was really hard to understand. Recall questions were harder and more critical thinking was needed. I guessed on 10 questions so I’m glad it worked out. All passages were 12-13 paragraphs. My method was reading 5-6 paragraphs and then answering questions. The questions were not chronological for me.
QR (21): Super easy, all questions were straightforward. I was shocked at how simple it was. No geometry, lots of algebra and applied math. Couple really easy probability questions, with 1 coin question really similar to a question I remember on booster. Booster prepares you very well here. I wasn’t sure on 2-3 questions max. Know statistics well and know how to calculate standard deviation / tell set has a greater SD.
Looking at my booster exams, I scored around the same as my highest score. For nearly all sections, I scored about my average. I did not have an increase in every section like many others. I’m extremely happy with my score and I’m glad Booster prepped me very well.
Ending Advice:
I despite standarized testing, feels like torture. Take your time here, have rest days and don’t push too hard. Your hard work will pay off here. You made it this far so you’re extremely capable in acing the DAT. Also if you’re aren't ready, don’t be afraid to push the exam. Better to waste a fee than paying for a retake. You’ll all do great!
DATBooster Exams

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2023.03.20 21:03 Right-Garden466 exposed my sisters relationship to my parents

Two nights ago, my sister told me that her boyfriend will hang out with us and she will let me know the time. I put my alarm at 5pm just in case because that's usually when we meet.
Yesterday morning, still no reply from my sister so I just go on with my day and continue with my classes. After class, I unintentionally fell asleep (around 1pm) and woke up to my alarm at 5pm. I wake up to angry texts from my sister (who still didn't give me a time) yelling at me for not being active on my phone. I told her I slept accidentally and she didn't give me a time so I couldn't put an earlier alarm. She said I should've reminded her but I asked her why would she expect that from me. Then she just keeps repeating herself in a very demeaning way. I really felt like she was attacking me with how much she blamed me. She brings up how she doesn't want to see me anymore like how my dad doesn't want to see me. my dad recently had a leg surgery and i facetimed him and always ask if he's doing better but i didn't visit because that house literally haunts me (im in a foster home bc of that environment + family issues). i had a huge meltdown. i told her that i couldn't believe she would use that against me after all that i confided in her about my trauma. then she disregards that completely, continues to blame me for a "lack of communication" so I block her.
Today morning, my mom asked me about what happened and why my sister didn't come to see me. i told her everything. she basically said its both our faults. later she said shes glad my sister finally has a bf
Today night, i messaged her boyfriend a short message about how yesterday, my sister and i got into a fight and i apologize that i exposed their relationship. he later tells me that i shouldve just said sorry to her and been empathetic to her. that she mustve felt like she was the only one communicating because she was organizing it. and that i took it too far by exposing them because it feels like i just did that to prove a point. then i tell him the following:
  1. I did my best based on the lack of info i had and put an alarm at 5pm
  2. i can't be sorry for something i'm not aware of; i can't be sorry for an expectation i didn't know was put on me (expectation to remind her)
  3. why should i care about not exposing my sister when she was explosively attacking me (not first time either) and emotionally manipulated me (with the dad comment) just to make me feel bad? i don't need to respect her wishes if she doesn't respect my humanity. respect is a two way street.
  4. how am i suppose to be empathetic when she is being so explosive and attacking me with blames? fight is a trauma response and the only thing i did in that moment was defend myself. i could've been empathetic if she communicated better, but she didn't so i communicated accordingly
  5. she took the responsibility of letting me know when he will be available. I did not FORCE her to do that. that does NOT require my input, she did NOT ask for my input, and i am not a mind reader to tell if she WANTS a reminder.
My dad doesn't really have a stance, but he is hoping we forgive each other and make up. my friend validated me and said that its unreasonable for me to always be on my phone and shift my schedule according to her last minute texts. my children's aid worker said how its really toxic of how explosive and verbally aggressive she becomes over smaller issues that can be communicated better. my counsellor is not free to talk yet
i'm just really tired over this situation. but i also feel a lot of hurt and shame. it hurts my sister would bring up my dad's comment for no other reason than to actually hurt me (because the convo had nothing to do with him). and she has been explosive and verbally aggressive in the past fights i had with her and i told her that i'm not ok with her doing that to me, especially when i didn't do anything wrong. i hate how when she acts like this, i feel so small and voiceless like i did when i was a kid. i hate how i feel like im screaming for someone to understand me but no one is hearing me. and i do feel bad that i exposed her relationship but also i don't owe it to myself to cover what happened to my mom when i've been so belittled and disrespected. it's always "well she wouldn't have done that to" but never considering everything else she did to me that lead me to "snitch" on her. yes it is her boyfriend calling me a snitch
im unable to see my mom or receive groceries atm because my sister is the one with a car to help me with all those things. im always grateful for those things she does to me. but i really hate how it feels like shes just flexing her power because whenever we're in a fight, she won't come for a week or two until i apologize, and i wouldn't be able to see my mom or have food. thankfully my cas worker is helping me with getting to a food bank so i dont have to rely on my sister anymore. i will just be very active on facetime for the time being to stay connected with my parents
if it is fine, i am also wondering if this situation makes me the ass-hole because i'm getting very mixed messages
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2023.03.20 21:02 PNS4Sale2222 15k+ Rider ATK, 1.8 Bil+ Might, 1T+ Destroyer

Can fly to 530s. 1392 Ruins (and 34k points to spend). 270 Ulitmate Challenge. Lots of RSS. HQ39 and can easily get to 40 if you want.
100k into it. $7,450. Payment by paypal, crypto, third party attorney escrow account or through PlayerAuctions. Message for more pictures/info
Nanoweapons: Apex (14): Power Fist, Mace of Terror, Phoenix Helm, Ice Katana, Inoculator, Mutated Arm, Ice Axe, Thunder Hammer, Incinerator, Recurve Bow, Tesla Cannon, Desert Magnum, Binding Chains, Laser Pistol. Epic (16): Exclusives for everybody not listed above other than Nataly (rare) and new Lady M (do not have) and then filled out to other heros with no exclusives. Double Red Star +16: 9; Red Star +16: 4; Red Star +15: 21 2400 scrap
Gear: Refinement lvl 30 SMG: 9* lvl 35 (Mods: 5* Rider ATK, Troop ATK, Raid ATK, 4* Exclusive Troop ATK) Helmet: 9* lvl 35 (Mods: 5* Raid ATK, Troop ATK, Rider ATK, 4* Rider DEF) Shield: 9* lvl 35 (Mods: 5* Rider DEF, Troop ATK, Rider ATK, 4* Raid ATK) Ring: 9* lvl 35 (Mods: 5* Rider ATK, Gear Basic Stats, Troop ATK, 4* Rider DEF) Suit: 8* lvl 19 (Mods: 5* Rider HP, Troop ATK, Rider ATK, 4* Raid ATK) Boots: 8* lvl 19 (Mods: 5* Rider DEF, Rider ATK, Exclusive Rider ATK, 4* Raid ATK)
Chips: Rider: all 10* (40, 40, 39, 39, 38, 38)(rider modifiers all maxed); Troop: all 8* (22, 22, 22, 21, 21, 21)(five modifiers at lvl 9, one at lvl 6); Refinement lvl 20
Modules: Rider: Two 10* (with only seven module IIIs to make a third 10*)(40, 37), Three 9* (35, 35, 35) (modifiers lvl 8,8,7,7,7); Refinement lvl 20
Cubes: Refinement lvl 30 Time Cubes: 8* all lvl 29 (Modification lvls: 6,4,4,4) Space Cubes: 8* all lvl 26 (Modification lvls: 6,6,6,5) Energy Cubes: 8* lvls: 26,26,25,25 (Modification lvls: 6,5,5,5)
Troops: 30 Million + Rider: T11: 10.6 Million; T6: 500k; T2: 500k; T1: 1.2 Million Fighter: T11: 1.58 Million; T1: 640k Shooter: T11: 1.44 Million; T1: 5.79 Million Vehicle: T11: 694k; T1: 7.6 Million March: 495,500 without subscription, etc.
Nova: All permanent skins Military: Rider Maxed, Troop Maxed, FighteShooteVehicle all lvls 20-24 Economy: All maxed except for food gathering (lvl 28), wood gathering (lvl 20), and gas gathering (lvl 20)
Bioenhancer: Refinement lvl 20. All apex. 3 Red Star +12: heart, eye. 3 Red Star +11: skelton. 2 Red Star +11: nerve, brain, muscle. 2 Red Star +6: lung, blood vessel
Heroes: +8 (16): Angelo, Hanyu Ichiro, Levina, Ironclaw, Lady M, Scarlett, Phoenix, Obsidian, Mars, McCarty, Requiem, Ulrik, Meyers, Fox, Ephraim, Marlowe +7(11): Wali, Mantis, Lora & Jessie, Agent X, Eve, Zephyr, Lee, Atropos, Samuel, Leah, Tomoyo +6(2): Nam Hayul, Chia-hao +5(2): Nataly, Dara 21 are maxed at lvl 400 and remainder can all be 311+. Hero Speciality Good for Many of the +8. Lots of additional frags (235 Wali for example), plus 60-some perfect frags. Lots of skins
Decorations: 13 perm sanc skins, Lucille perm ambience, 10 perm nameplates, 14 perm marches, including greywolf. Glory: Refinement lvl 17. From left to right: 36, 60, 32, 33, 32, 60, 32, 32, 38, 32, 50, 32, 32, 32, 35.
Most research complete and maxed.
Refiners: 8k+
Message for more info/pictures.
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2023.03.20 21:01 AutoModerator [Share Course] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree

[Share Course] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree
Download Course link: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/dan-koe-digital-economics-masters-degree/
[Share Course] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree
Size: 26.38 GB Delivery: MEGA
Delivery Time : Instantly


What You Get

Phase 0) Digital Economics 101

The Digital Economics 101 module will open 1 week prior to the cohort start date.This is an onboarding module that will get you up to speed so we can get straight into the material.This will be required to finish before the start date.

  • Gain a deep understanding of all of the pieces in the digital economy.
  • Learn about the future of media and code — the front-end and backend of the internet — so you can focus your efforts.
  • Understand digital leverage, distribution, no-code tools, and digital assets so you can take part in the mental & financial wealth transfer.

Phase 1) Creating A Meaningful Niche

Every day I hear people going on and on about trying to find their niche.I also hear people talking about how they don’t know how to combine what they love talking about with what will sell.You already have the answer. You just don’t have the clarity.

  • Develop a long-term strategy to create your own niche — meaning you don’t have to worry about your “competition” playing status games.
  • Discover your life’s work, curiosities, and obsessions. I see too many people that are uncertain about this for years.
  • Cultivate and turn your vision, goals, and values into a brand that attracts an audience you love interacting with (and that will buy from you, and only you).

Phase 2) Content Strategy

There is one thing that separates those who make it in the digital economy and those who don’t.It’s the quality, articulation, and perceived originality of their content.The content you post has to make sense to the people you attract.Everyone has a different voice and tone that they resonate with. That they are congruent with and trust.It has to change their thought patterns or behavior — that’s what makes you memorable.That’s what separates you from the sea of people posting surface-level copy-cat style posts.Example and putting my money where my mouth is:

  • Become an expert-level speaker or writer on the topics you care about.
  • Never run out of content ideas for your posts or promotions (without using content templates — that’s how you stay a commodity).
  • Create posts, blogs, tweets, images, and videos that resonate with other’s on a deep level. People will actually ask you how you got so good at what you do.
  • Separate yourself from the ocean of B-tier creators that struggle to sell their products, services, andhave their ideas stick in the head of their audience.
  • Implement our Epistemic Research Method — which is just a fancy way of saying scientific research method… but it’s for researching your mind to craft brilliant content and product ideas.

Phase 3) Crafting Your Offer

Most people are sitting on a goldmine of skills, experience, and knowledge (that they can use to help people 1-2 steps behind them).That is what people pay for.Considering 95% of the market are beginners… if you are good at something, you can help them get to your level (no matter how “basic” you think the information is).Do you not watch basic content all day anyway? People don’t want new information, they want to be reminded of what works.

  • Use our Minimum Viable Offer strategy to start monetizing immediately (and have something to improve over time, rather than procrastinating until it’s perfect).
  • Have a strategy for reducing the time you spend working over time (as you build leverage and improve your offer).
  • Know how to create your own customers from the audience you are building, instead of “finding” the right customer for your offer.
  • Take the guesswork out of building coaching, consulting, or digital product offers.

Phase 4) Marketing Strategy

You aren’t making money because you aren’t promoting yourself or your offer.That is literally the only way to make money. Have something desirable and consistently put it in front of peoples’ faces.In Phase 4, I will show you how to systemize, automate, and be consistent with simple promotions.You will be able to make money without having the chance of forgetting to do it (or letting fear of failure get in the way).

  • Learn to sell on social media, in your writing, and across different platforms.
  • Have consistent sales coming in while focusing on your meaningful message (no need to sound salesy all the time).
  • Learn advanced automation strategies that you can implement at your own pace, especially once you validate your offer.

Bonus) The Creator Command Center

The Creator Command Center is a Notion template that houses all of the systems.This is how you will manage your brand, content, offer creation, marketing strategy, and systemized promotions for consistent sales.

Bonus) Live Product Build & Launch

In the first Digital Economics Cohort, I built out my course The 2 Hour Writer.I have videos showing how I build it with the strategies in phase 3 and 4.There is a bonus module that shows how I had an $85,000 launch that resulted in my first $100K month.I did this to prove the strategies inside Digital Economics work if you stick to the plan.And, this past Black Friday, I blew my that monthly high out of the water in 4 days.That’s the power of these strategies if you stay consistent with your life’s work.
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2023.03.20 20:59 SavingsSyllabub7788 NOP fanfic: Death of a monster - Part 9

[First] [Prev] [Next]
u/SpacePaladin15 's universe.
First fanart Whoo!!!
[Sad Estala eating Mangos] by AsciiSquid on the discord (Reddit profile SlimyRage )

Memory transcription subject: Estala, Ex-Krakotl to Venlil Extermination training leader.
Date [standardised human time]: January 3rd, 2137
“So what is Earth like?”
Joseph and I lay on our backs, staring up at the clear blue sky above and enjoying such a beautiful day. As I lay nestled in his arm I felt safe, I felt like all the issues in the world didn’t matter right now. Back at home there would be self loathing, hatred, nightmares. But here, right now, they are gone.
“In what way?”
Joseph took a few moments to push a particularly pushy blue flowerbird out of the way as he responded, the avian had been chirping angrily at the audacity of the human who was not currently dispensing food. Based on what Joseph had told me, flowerbirds had actually started to become a problem around the refuge camp. The birds had quickly learned that if you annoyed the “predators” enough, they generally dispensed tasty seeds.
“In any way? It is hot, cold. Marshy, dry? What’s life on Earth like?” I asked.
The nightmares had been getting worse. The self hatred of being a potential predator was nothing compared with the loathing caused by knowing the effect of the choices I had made. Sometimes it was the families of victims I had failed screaming at me, asking why I didn’t save their loved ones. Others I was in Kalsim’s fleet, destroying Earth while Joseph begged for me to stop. All of them left me shaking as I awoke each paw.
“The answer to that is Yes. Based on what I’ve seen, Earth has one of the most varied environments as the Federation tends to homogenise everything. Snow covered vistas, sprawling forests, vast desserts, massive oceans. It’s actually what I was studying, a degree in Ecology [???].”
My translator failed to give meaning to the last word, giving up halfway through an explanation of colonising a new planet to live on. I decided not to ask, as from my experience such questions caused more painful revelations: I had enough of those to deal with as it is.
“This also means the wildlife varies wildly. Each biome has its own specialised species and adaptations to fit into the environment in exciting ways. Species will literally travel thousands miles in order to follow warm weather around the world. Entire forms of life only found and adapted to one single island or section of the world.”
I didn’t get why Joseph seemed to care about my wellbeing. I most definitely didn’t deserve it. I had met him under false pretences, and even now the camera was still recording. I just couldn’t… stop it. Three times I’d attempted to remove the device, being physically unable to do so each time. It was the last desperate connection I had to a world where I wasn’t a monster. A small part of me that wanted so badly to be right, to make everything I did be ok.
Not that it ever would be.
“Human culture and lifestyle are similar. There are over two hundred countries, all of them have their own cultures and way of life. Vast cities that spread up to the sky, small hamlets in the middle of nature. The answer to ‘What is Earth like’ is basically ‘Yes’.”
I had at least found the strength to disable the dead man’s switch. I remembered rushing back as fast I could after falling asleep in the humans calming embrace, only barely triggering the reset in time. I didn’t have to worry about accidentally releasing a video to the world. Now I only had to worry about Joseph finding out about my original intentions.
“What about where you lived, what was that like?” I asked, purposefully pushing my thoughts away, to just enjoy the calm for now. Joseph had suggested meeting here twice as often, every three paws instead of the seven we previously had an unspoken agreement for, an idea I very greatly appreciated. The human had also suggested meeting outside of this clearing, something I wasn’t ready for.
“Well I come from a country called England. It’s an Island, lots of rolling hilly countryside, fields, forests, farmland. Very green. Rather mild as weather on Earth goes, although it does rain a lot. I was studying in London, which is… was. Was a city of old and new, of modern skyscrapers reaching to the sky next to small buildings of wood made half a century ago. Family lives far further north than that though, in the countryside. I’ve got pictures if you want to see.”
Joseph took a moment to fish out his holopad, navigating through the menus before showing me pictures of his life before Venlil prime. Of buildings shining with bright lights, of picturesque countryside that looked like they could come from the Gojid cradle. I felt a bitter sadness that a lot of the places I was being shown didn’t exist anymore because of the federation.
Because of people like you.
Eventually the pictures stopped on an image of a large rolling countryside providing the backdrop to four humans. One of them was clearly a younger Joseph. Not that long ago seeing such an image would have initiated a fear response, of worry from seeing so many forward facing eyes. But now… now I just felt numb to the entire thing.
“Is that your family?” I asked, guessing the answer already.
“Yea. That’s Me, Mom, Dad and my older sister Vanessa. Vanessa would love you, always been into birds, parrots especially. There’s a parrot sanctuary nearby that we’d visit every open day, so meeting someone like you would blow her mind.”
I focused on the last figure, who seemed to be covered in strange braces and holding into what looks like some form of crutch. Clearly an injury of some kind from living on the more dangerous Earth.
“Was this Vanessa injured by a wild predator before this picture? A bear perhaps?”
This caused Joseph to giggle slightly before responding.
“No. England is rather safe, it’s not like bear attacks are a regular risk. No Vanny has a long term condition. Myotonic dystrophy. Basically her muscles aren’t strong enough so need some extra help.” Joseph’s tone seemed to darken as he spoke, sadness replacing the excitement of before “It’s why they stayed on Earth. Stronger gravity here, probably not a good mix. I only came because mom convinced me not to give up the opportunity on their behalf.”
I could see the emotions etched into his face: worry, guilt, fear. These sparked my own similar feelings, knowing that in my own small way I had contributed to why the human who was careful with me was in such a state. I didn’t want to ask the next question, but I knew I had to anyway.
“Have you had any news?”
“I should get some soon. With London and Glasgow getting hit, federation forces running around and just the general clusterfuck that is earth, checking on a shelter that’s out in the countryside hasn’t been a high priority. The things are designed to hold people for years, so anyone who got to a shelter has just been bunkering down while everyone else gets control of the chaos.”
Joseph gave a sigh, before perking back up again in almost a forced motion.
“Anyway, enough about that. What’s Nishtal like?”
Bad memories. Pain. Loneliness. Filled with genocidal assholes who would hurt this human for nothing more than just existing. Still I gathered it wasn’t the answer that Joseph was looking for.
“Warmer than here, a lot warmer. Lower gravity as well which makes flying wonderful, soaring for miles on updrafts. Mostly marsh land apart from near the equator, which is this network of hilly rocky canyons”
Nishtal had become a hot topic on the human FederationColdCases site, after Joseph had uploaded the details of my fathers now presumed murder. It being the only exterminator case from Nishtal had caused a lot of interest in solving the case, although most humans had hit a dead end simply due to the lack of access to information on Nishtal: Communications with Venlil prime had been cut months ago.
“While a few groups live in the marshes and hillsides, most of us live in the giant sky cities that line the sky. Massive chunks of rock suspended through antigravity, atop which giant cities of glass and vines lie.”
I did miss it, at least a little bit. I liked Venlil prime, I liked the Venlil, but there was something about the way the sun hit the horizon just right each morning that created a sight just like no other.
“Sounds awesome!” Joseph's enthusiasm dripped from every word. “I know right now it’s not a possibility, but I’d love to visit, I’d love to just see everything the universe has to offer.”
Did Nishtal even still exist? In between the self-destruction of the federation and the Arxur attacks, was there even a Nishtal to go back to? I decided to ignore that question and just think of a potentially happier future.
“Only if I get to visit earth at some point!”
Joseph gave me a scratch on the neck, still grinning from ear to ear in a weirdly adorable way. It was strange considering a predator slightly adorable, but it was hard not to get sucked into his general enthusiasm for life.
“It’s a deal! Once all this stupidity has died down, you show me Nishtal and I’ll show you Earth!”
Against all odds I didn’t have to lie about my next statement, I said it with all the truth and honesty I could muster.
“I’d like that a lot.”
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2023.03.20 20:51 ItsSnoky 25[M4F] England/Europe - Greetings from a "United" Kingdom, Spolier..it ain't that United

Well hello there! (General Kenobi!). I'm Snoky also known as you'll find out when we get to know eachother
I’m a 25 year old English/Norwegian guy from the U of K! I currently work in the IT Sector within the Local Government and my god I forgot how hectic the public sector was after i left it roughly 4 years ago. I did indeed have quite a shock coming back 😅
I'm on the bigger side but am looking to get that changed with some help due to i'm not very happy with the way thing's are currently. Minus that I'm 6'1/6'2, depends on which doctor you ask! I have short-ish hair dark blonde hair? I think? I'm not very good with colors so you'll have to tell me whenever we decide to exchange pictures.
Which i will be more than happy to exchange later on once we get to know eachother!
Main Intrests/Hobbies
My main interests are either playing games with some friends on the PC, studying for future certifications and mainly what I do after work just kicking back and watching whatever random things I can find on YouTube (I aren’t a big TV person). I used to watch a lot of anime but I tend to drop out of it for a year and then I get back in to it then I lose interest again heh, it’s just a thing that I’ve been doing for years on end.
I am somewhat in to movies but I haven’t really properly watched any within the last year or so but if I was to give a rough genre, I’d say dark-ish movies with a grabbing story i.e. DC films and a here and there Marvel film (IW ftw!) I much more prefer it when the bad guy gets the upper hand and basically wins as close to that of Thanos basically.
My main music choices? Everywhere and everything. If my ears like it, then chances are I’ll most likely like it. I’d write down all the artists I follow right now but trust me it’d take too long to go over so it’d probs better to just share my Spotify playlist lmao. But to give a quick sum up I’d say its more around mixed genre, alt-rock basically.
I do also write my own stuff as well, but again like anime I do it for like 6 months then stop, then start a year later so eh it’s a pretty hit and miss hobby for me 😅
Future Prospects?
As mentioned in my apperance section i'm in the process of trying to get fit with weight loss as I’m not very happy with how I am at the moment especially when it comes to health after a incident a few years ago but that’s neither here nor the future as I’m looking to change it with the help of the NHS and people around me. I'd be more than happy to join forces together with someone who's trying to do the same thing!
I currently own my own company which is currently under going some development but hasn't actually started as of yet (still looking in that area) but it will get there at somepoint!
Alongside my own company I’m also undergoing a project with a close friend of mine that we’re trying to pursue which is actually happening alongside the org itself so it's all looping together slowly but surely.
What am i looking for?
I'm looking for someone who's intrested in getting to know eachother, someone who's got my back and i've got theres, someone i can well essentially "grow" with and get to know, someone who's willing to put the effort in to get to know me and vice versa.I'd like said person to be able to hold a convoersation with me as i've been in too many instances where it's all been one sided convos with me basically putting in more effort than the other person but alas that's neither here nor there and hopfully I'll maybe find the person who would share that equal effort with me. And trust me I've been ghosted loads of times to the point it's like "bruh, just why?" but anyway!
I'm open to long distant's so long as there's a goal to meet eachother in the somewhat near future!
The End?
If you've made it this far after this somewhat long post then i must congradulate you!
I now have a small question for you to send me the answer too when you message me.
On what date and or month was a i born? hint I was born on the month of a certain red birthstone on a international memorial day
p.s, if you don't get it it doesn't matter it's worth a try regardless!
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2023.03.20 20:51 ItsSnoky 25[M4F] England/Europe - Greetings from a "United" Kingdom, Spolier..it ain't that United

Well hello there! (General Kenobi!). I'm Snoky also known as you'll find out when we get to know eachother
I’m a 25 year old English/Norwegian guy from the U of K! I currently work in the IT Sector within the Local Government and my god I forgot how hectic the public sector was after i left it roughly 4 years ago. I did indeed have quite a shock coming back 😅
I'm on the bigger side but am looking to get that changed with some help due to i'm not very happy with the way thing's are currently. Minus that I'm 6'1/6'2, depends on which doctor you ask! I have short-ish hair dark blonde hair? I think? I'm not very good with colors so you'll have to tell me whenever we decide to exchange pictures.
Which i will be more than happy to exchange later on once we get to know eachother!
Main Intrests/Hobbies
My main interests are either playing games with some friends on the PC, studying for future certifications and mainly what I do after work just kicking back and watching whatever random things I can find on YouTube (I aren’t a big TV person). I used to watch a lot of anime but I tend to drop out of it for a year and then I get back in to it then I lose interest again heh, it’s just a thing that I’ve been doing for years on end.
I am somewhat in to movies but I haven’t really properly watched any within the last year or so but if I was to give a rough genre, I’d say dark-ish movies with a grabbing story i.e. DC films and a here and there Marvel film (IW ftw!) I much more prefer it when the bad guy gets the upper hand and basically wins as close to that of Thanos basically.
My main music choices? Everywhere and everything. If my ears like it, then chances are I’ll most likely like it. I’d write down all the artists I follow right now but trust me it’d take too long to go over so it’d probs better to just share my Spotify playlist lmao. But to give a quick sum up I’d say its more around mixed genre, alt-rock basically.
I do also write my own stuff as well, but again like anime I do it for like 6 months then stop, then start a year later so eh it’s a pretty hit and miss hobby for me 😅
Future Prospects?
As mentioned in my apperance section i'm in the process of trying to get fit with weight loss as I’m not very happy with how I am at the moment especially when it comes to health after a incident a few years ago but that’s neither here nor the future as I’m looking to change it with the help of the NHS and people around me. I'd be more than happy to join forces together with someone who's trying to do the same thing!
I currently own my own company which is currently under going some development but hasn't actually started as of yet (still looking in that area) but it will get there at somepoint!
Alongside my own company I’m also undergoing a project with a close friend of mine that we’re trying to pursue which is actually happening alongside the org itself so it's all looping together slowly but surely.
What am i looking for?
I'm looking for someone who's intrested in getting to know eachother, someone who's got my back and i've got theres, someone i can well essentially "grow" with and get to know, someone who's willing to put the effort in to get to know me and vice versa.I'd like said person to be able to hold a convoersation with me as i've been in too many instances where it's all been one sided convos with me basically putting in more effort than the other person but alas that's neither here nor there and hopfully I'll maybe find the person who would share that equal effort with me. And trust me I've been ghosted loads of times to the point it's like "bruh, just why?" but anyway!
I'm open to long distant's so long as there's a goal to meet eachother in the somewhat near future!
The End?
If you've made it this far after this somewhat long post then i must congradulate you!
I now have a small question for you to send me the answer too when you message me.
On what date and or month was a i born? hint I was born on the month of a certain red birthstone on a international memorial day
p.s, if you don't get it it doesn't matter it's worth a try regardless!
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2023.03.20 20:43 terencebogards Question(s) About Grandfather's Service in Engineer Corps in Pacific Theater - 1943-1946

Hey Reddit,

Been diving back into the scant records of my Grandfather's service as part of the 340th Engineers in the Pacific Theater from 1944-1945. I've found some incredible sources but there are some very confusing points that leave my unsatisfied when it comes to finding as close to what really happened as possible. Basically, before I bring some of these stories and photos to my grandmother and/or family in general, there are a few sticking points that leave me scratching my head.
I don't expect any of you to do additional research or help me in unreasonable ways, but I would assume there is some collective knowledge about how units were assembled, named, divided, etc during this time. I've just gotten to the point where I'm looking at literal bridges he might have built and I can't stop thinking I could be on the wrong path.
If you don't want to help or care about my search, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO check out some of the sources below! The Books from the 340th Group are absolutely amazing records.
My grandfather joined the Army Engineers after (I'm assuming) one last hurrah of an Independence Day, signing up for service 7/5/1943 in Syracuse, NY. We have notes and discharge papers, but there are a few discrepancies between the sources I've found, his separation papers, his notes, and general internet records. I'll list some of the great sources I've found before.

I *think* they give me most of the story, but again, raised a few more queries... examples:

1. His notes and discharge papers both say he was part of the 340th Engineers Construction Battalion, *however* his notes also list -
"340th ENGRS to
5251 ENGRS (1944)
596 ENGRS (1944)"
I cannot find any existence of a "5251" or "5251st" unit anywhere in WWII records. There seems to have been a "596" / "596th" Airborne Engineers Company that served in the European Theater which makes 0 sense to me. https://www.ww2-airborne.us/units/596/596.html It's possible these notes are tracking where a friend ended up, because NONE of my Grandfather's notes show any service anywhere except South Pacific. This is a sticking point to me that I cannot make sense of.
His Note - https://imgur.com/a/4jP9Tzq

2. Following the "340th Engineers" path led to my first positive result when I began searching, but just like Bender finding his cigar had burnt down Zoidberg's house - "That just raises further questions!" - Hermes
In the two absolutely incredible sources I have listed below that follow the 340th Engineers through the war, I finally found my grandfather's name listed.
Book one on the 340th (Lower Post or Freeze) follows the 340th Engineers from 1942-1943 in a 16month expedition to Alaska and BC, Canada where they constructed a highway. When this mission was completed and they were called back, they traveled to Camp Sutton, NC in 1943. THIS is where my grandfather undoubtedly joined up with the main unit, makes total sense.
What doesnt make sense is that he is in the FIRST book only, and not mentioned ANYWHERE in the second book...
This omission, coupled with the confusing notes mentioned in Point 1, are my biggest source of doubt when I want to see Book 2 - 340th Engineers In The Pacific as a definitive record of his service in the war.
In BOOK 1, my grandfather is listed under "B Company". Again, he is NOT in BOOK 2, but BOOK 2 has some absolutely breath taking documentation on, not only the 340th as a whole, but of bridges and runways built by B Company.
Take the confusion out of play and I have found a holy grail of documentation on my grandfather's service.
Leave the confusion in and I cannot allow myself to get too excited about what I have found because I just CANT know for sure. His notes include names of some commanding officers and not a single one shows up in BOOK 2.



I'm fully ready to call this search completed, but I would LOVE any sort of additional clarification before I would show this book definitively as a good record. I don't really understand how units, battalions, companies, corps are defined or used in these senses. I believe 340th was his battalion, B Company, but idk any more really.
I know this might seem like an arbitrary distinction and a single error or omission of him in BOOK 2 could explain this all, but that omission coupled with his confusing notes on unit numbers just leaves me very unsatisfied.
Hopefully you can see that I'm earnestly trying to figure this out and not just trying to have someone do the work for me. I believe my mother has tried to get records before but its possible they were lost in the massive fire that destroyed 16 MILLION records some time in the 1970s. I honestly don't know what other records there would be besides his discharge papers and notes. Nothing could possibly be more substantial than BOOK 2.
I've set up an account for my grandfather on Together We Served but obviously finding contemporary vets is not easy, and even children of these vets are beginning to pass from old age.
I lived with my grandfather from age 3 until his death in 2004 when I was around 13/14. He was like a father to me. I'm the most tech savvy person in the family who is this interested in this, so I would really love to have a definitive answer for my family members, but again, I understand that might not be possible.


From his notes, I believe his service went like this -
7/1943 - Enlists in Syracuse NY
8/1943 - ? Camp Claiborne, LA
? - 2/1944 - Camp Sutton, NC (Joined up with 340th and headed to Vancouver, WA)
1944 - Darwin, AUS (Built B29 Base for Bombing Raids)
9/1944 - Milne Bay, New Guinea
9/1944 - 10/1944 - Arrives at Tacloban, Leyte - Set Up ENGR Supply Depot - (Either before or after "largest naval battle in history" in Battle of Leyte Gulf", My Note)
1/1945 - Manila / Luzon
12/1945 - Left Manila/Luzon
1/1946 - Camp Stoneman, CA after Operation Magic Carpet


"BOOK 1" - 340th Engineers - "Lower Post or Freeze: 340th Engineer Regiment onthe Alaska Military Highway, 1942-1943

"BOOK 2" - 340th Engineers - "340th Engineers In The Pacific" - 1943-1945

Air Force Civil Engineers History

Thanks for reading!
This kind of all started when I listened to Dan Carlin's "Supernova In The East" and kept hearing names and places I had seen in our records. Once I started cross referencing my grandfather's records with the actual history my interested skyrocketed. Grandpa never spoke much about the war and I don't intend on reveling in the horror he might have seen, but I would truly love to be able to "know" these stories I'm reading are somewhat accurate to his experience.

EDIT 1: I removed the full discharge papers out of abundance of safety. I will re-upload selective parts ASAP. My grandmother depends on his remaining vet benefits for housing and would never want to jeopardize that.
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2023.03.20 20:38 ironingthecurtains Repost - he took the kids handhold

The saga is ongoing. Lots of updates. Lots of flowery language. Cheerleading.
I'll post the 32 OP posts in comments so save you all going through the whole thread if you're not MN members. Eta - couldn't add as a comment so here's the longest post ever.
The saga is ongoing.
He has run off with the kids, advice needed and handhold 32 replies Iamworthit · 05/03/2023 09:30
Posting for traffic. Apologies, its long.
Some might remember my previous threads. Basically I separated from my controlling ex in February. Things moved really quickly. And I managed to find a house. I moved out on Thursday. Instead of taking the kids out whilst I moved to make it less distressing for them which we had previously agreed, he stayed and made me take all my stuff out in front of them, and put it into the front garden. My friend and her children came over to help load her car up with my stuff. As awful as it was I stayed strong for the kids, they were excited about the new house, their new bedrooms and where choosing which toys to bring as well as playing with their friends in the front garden. Once my stuff was out (not much, he refused i take any furniture), he demanded my keys back, demanded the kids go inside, and literally pulled my 4 year old away from me, she was screaming and crying. He slammed the door in my face and shut the curtains. In hindsight I should have called the police then, believe me I realise that now. However i was trying to cause as least stress as possible. Due to previous advice on here I have recorded him on multiple occasions. I recorded the children Thursday morning whilst they were playing whilst I was moving my stuff out. You can see my stuff in the front garden and the kids happy and playing. When he took my daughter off me and put the other two inside and slammed the door on me, I started recording then too. You can clearly see and hear my daughter screaming behind the door , (part frosted glass door) and him pulling her as she's holding onto the front door handle from the inside. You can also hear him say you will see mummy tomorrow. Him and I had agreed that they would come to my new house on Friday morning whilst he goes to work. He has been using my past mental health against me, (see previous threads, I will try to link,) since I told him I wanted to separate, he wanted me to provide him a letter from a medical professional saying im sane 🙄. My cpn is dicharging me next week, so he will have that on paper - i know i dont have to do that but I will send him a copy because i have nothing to hide. On Thursday afternoon he phones me asking when will I be giving him half the child benefit. I tell him I am arranging mediation and we can discuss it there as he keeps ranting at me down the phone. So, Friday morning comes around. I message to double check what time he is dropping them over. I get back one message saying the kids are safe, I'm not taking any calls. He then ignores my texts and calls. I got round to his house and the car is gone, the curtains are drawn. He has done a runner with the kids! I phoned police and social services. As we have only just separated there is no child arrangements order in place. I'm absoloutely heartbroken. I've never known pain like it. They are 1, 4 and 6. They spend the majority of the time with me. Nearly 4 years ago he built and insulated a shed in the bottom of the garden. He has slept out there 99% of the time since. Leaving me to do all night time childcare since then. The girls who are 4 and 6 sleep in the bedroom next to me, the 4 year old wakes almost every night and comes and spends the rest of the night with me. My one year old has been in my bed since birth, what must my poor babies be thinking? He also works part time where I have the children on my own. The 4 and 6 year old are homeschooled. I take them to all activities and clubs and play dates etc. I know this is 100% about control, that he is using the children to try to break me so that his "she's an unstable mother" claims come true. I am 100% confident in my ability to parent my children. I am 100% confident that there is no issue with me, infact I've never felt stronger, my mh has never been better. That's why I knew I had to leave, because I knew I could be a strong single mother to my beautiful babies and I didn't want them witnessing his toxic behaviour any more. I will not have my children growing up thinking his behaviour is acceptable. I have a solicitors appointment Monday morning at 9am. All services have been informed, mediation is booked for 2 weeks time. I have phoned the police 4 times since Friday, who advise its a civil matter. I have spoken to social services who have said I'm doing everything right and have contacted every one I need to. I have even contacted universal credit. I believe part of the reason he has taken the children is because he won't receive the child element of universal credit anymore. He has Been begging for half the child benefit which thankfully is in my name. I was receiving pip due to my previous mental health issues, and he claimed carers element in universal credit. Obviously now I've moved out, and said he isn't my carer since we split, he doesn't get that anymore. He was only having to work part time because of this, despite claiming to be my carer, I was doing the vast majority of child care and household chores, whilst he slept in the shed so his sleep wasn't disturbed.
I have never felt pain like this. Being away from my children and wondering what they must be thinking, why they aren't seeing me, what he's filled their heads with is breaking my heart. I know and I will be strong and get through this short time until the courts decide on child arrangements. I'm also realistic about the fact that he could keep them until that date, in which case it could be at least a month before I see them again. Even when I had pnd 4 years ago, I went to a mbu with my daughter, they knew it was imperative that she be with me. I did end up being sectioned but my medication was adjusted and I made a rapid recovery. I was allowed to leave early from the section and even then all my children were allowed to visit me in the family room next to the unit as everyone knew how important it was they and I have regular contact. I was never a danger to my children, I just felt that I wasn't good enough to be their mother. However I've worked hard on myself, I am fully recovered. I engaged in all therapy, took the medication properly and came off it under their advice. I look after myself because I know that to be a good mother to my kids I need to be good to myself. I since have had my 1 year old and there's been no issues at all. Infact as 'my carer' he never once phoned any services or teams on me with any concerns regarding my mental health in an extremely long time, years, So there is also evidence of this.
I have my furniture being delivered today, the girls Bunk beds and sofa, tables etc. I will make this house a special and safe home for my babies, where they feel respected and loved.
I'm sorry for the huge post. Please if anyone has any more advice on what I can do, Or any questions for the solicitor appointment tomorrow I would so appreciate it. I need all the support and advice I can get. Thankyou
Iamworthit · 05/03/2023 10:52
NEmama · 05/03/2023 09:46
Stay strong. Are his family involved? Would ex mil speak to him . Awful situation for you op x
Nope, no one is answering or responding. I have absoloutely no idea where they have gone. My guess is he's spoken to a solicitor and they've told him he is legally with in his rights to take the kids as he has parental responsibility and there is no court order in place
Go to post Iamworthit · 05/03/2023 14:48
Dartsplayer · 05/03/2023 14:43
Unfortunately, having gone through the same thing with a family member, this is correct and there is nothing the police can do.
@Iamworthit you need to download a C100 form and submit it to your local family Court for an emergency hearing to have the children returned to your care as soon as possible. This group were invaluable in guiding us through the process from the children being taken to getting a Child Arrangement Order in place. You sound like you are doing everything right
Show quote history I have my solicitor appt Tomorrow. Will she do that?
Go to post Iamworthit · 05/03/2023 23:08
CalamityClam · 05/03/2023 10:19
Hold tight. My ex did the same thing. I had to leave without them. The DCs were safe with him even though I knew he was an absolute controlling TWAT - I knew they’d be upset, but I knew they’d be safe. I did everything you’re doing, determined to have it sorted legally so he couldn’t do it again, even if it meant waiting to see them. Believe me, the novelty will soon wear off for him when he realises he’s stuck with the kids and you’re as free as a bird.
It resolved for me quite quickly- within a couple of weeks. We shared care going forward. The DCs are adults now and have a very distant relationship with their dad.
So reassuring to speak to someone who has been through this and there was a positive outcome. I haven't spoken to them at all or seen them since Thursday morning, this is the longest its been. I'm assuming he has gone to his parents over an hour away. The police managed to get hold of him today and will be doing a welfare check tonight or tomorrow. They can't give me his wareabouts. Im terrified my kids are going to forget me, especially the one year old, other than a handful of nights where he agreed to have him for a night or 2 whilst I visited friends/ family, he's always been with me. And what if he turns them against me. I'm so scared they will think I've abandoned them and hate me or forget me. It could be weeks before a court hearing. Can a 1 year old Remember that long. I don't know.
Go to post Iamworthit · 05/03/2023 23:23
Sunriseinwonderland · 05/03/2023 11:27
Take a deep breath and step back OP. My ex pulled this stunt more than once and the judge awarded me full custody and him none because DS was so traumatised by him. It took a while but it was ok. Well done for recording it. Your solicitor will advise you.
How long did he keep your son away from you for? I'm so scared they will forget me x
Iamworthit · 05/03/2023 23:29
macncheeeesey · 05/03/2023 12:34
He's trying to punish you and unfortunately you have to abide by the system.
He will likely realise how hard it is very soon and won't be able to keep up with the homeschooling and caring for three little ones - especially as you say he sleeps in a shed normally.
Use this time to make the house a home for them. You can apply for an emergency family hearing - I'm sure your solicitor has advised on that.
He's an evil man who is damaging your kids but he won't be able to keep them. You've done everything you need to and informed the right people.
Try to distract yourself and use this time to work on your plan of attack to get them back and get yourself right.
My ex took our DD and wouldn't give her back but did eventually. Police wouldn't get involved after they did one welfare check. I would call them and ask them to do a check and say he is mentally unstable and you're worried about the kids. This will be logged and hopefully will scare him a bit.
I know the feeling, my DD wanted to come back but ex wouldn't let her. When she did some back she was super clingy. She knew what her dad did was wrong.
You've got this and you'll get them back.
I'm sorry you went through this too. How old was your daughter when he did that? How long was she away from you for. I'm scared they will hate me, god knows what he's telling them about why they can't see me
Go to post Iamworthit · 05/03/2023 23:33
liveforsummer · 05/03/2023 12:47
Presumably he was taking care of them while she was sectioned so whilst he may not look after them when she’s gone he clearly can.
He looked after 1 dc then, not 3. He has become increasingly abusive since then
No, he went to work when I was in the mother and baby unit with my 2nd daughter. My mum and mil took it in turns to look after our eldest and he would look after her when not at work. Even when i went away for a couple of kights for my friends wedding my mum came to help him look after the kids
Go to post Iamworthit · 05/03/2023 23:40
Springchicken75 · 05/03/2023 19:36
Op I would also strongly advise you to contact women’s aid after your appointment with the solicitor, they will offer some much needed support and advice.
www.womensaid.org.uk I did this a few weeks ago and I just got an email back with endless other support agencies, solicitors to call.
Go to post Iamworthit · 05/03/2023 23:45
OhmygodDont · 05/03/2023 20:00
Snatches children like some mad man on the street. Or a father having his children for the weekend or maybe even being the resident parent.
With this whole women and men are equal they are aLeo equal parents 🥱. He text saying they were safe and he would not be taking her calls. Police have been called 4! Times and don’t seem to think there is any issue. Op willingly left them on the Thursday.
Im sure op will hear find out more Monday morning but nothing makes her the better or more superior parent in the eyes of the law currently.
The police got back to me today. They are doing a welfare check tonight or tomorrow. I didn't Willingly leave them on Thursday. I left them heartbroken, not wanting to cause any more distress and with a stupid idea he would do the right thing and give them to me the next day as planned.
Go to post Iamworthit · 06/03/2023 05:16
Sami561 · 05/03/2023 20:22
I am so sorry you are going through this OP. The pain is like nothing else.
I have been in the same position as you and, unfortunately, as you have probably found, The Police have no powers if the father has parental rights. They say it is a civil matters for the courts.
All I can say is that this will massively go against him in family court proceedings- it did for my estranged husband. He was banned from having our child overnight for a considerable amount of time until he could prove he was trustworthy again. The courts and professionals also named that he was using our child as a emotional weapon towards me by doing this. Your husband will be viewed in exactly the same way by all involved. He isn't thinking about the children at all, he is thinking about himself and getting one over on you.
Brilliant that you have a solicitors appointment tomorrow, they will give you the advice you need.
Stay strong and get that child arrangements order in place💐
I really hope they do the same. I'm sorry you had to go through this too. It so incredibly cruel and unfair to the children.
Go to post Iamworthit · 06/03/2023 05:46
Kinneddar · 05/03/2023 21:49
Probably because it doesn't meet the criteria. The children are with their Dad, there's nothing to suggest they're at risk. Just because their Mum doesn't know where they are doesn't mean there's anything wrong.
The other thing is the police will look at the history of the family in assessing things. They've been called out before because the OP was threatening self harm. She's still currently under a MH section & despite being told its not a Police matter has phoned numerous times today. Regardless of what anyone here thinks they'll make the assessment based on the information they have, which from the sounds of it possibly doesn't look great for the OP. AND the other thing is, we only know OPs version of events. I'm not saying they're not accurate but we have absolutely no way of knowing
Police don't do a welfare check just because someone wants them to, there has to be grounds.
If for instance they don't turn up at school tomorrow that would have things reassessed.
Even if officers did go out to the house tonight & noone was home they're not going to turn it into a misper enquiry at this stage.
Show quote history The police were never phoned with regards to my mental health. I always went through the proper channels with the perinatal team. Yes I did have the crisis team involved but that was 4 YEARS AGO. I was in a mother and baby unit and the medication they gave me to treat it was to low a dose. I was always with my daughter at the mbu. I got sectioned 4 years ago, and once there, my dd went back to the family home with her dad. My mum and mil also took it turns to stay with them for extra support. My section was supposed to last 28 days. I was released at day 14 due responding so well to the medication. I had been observed with my children by the nurses and Dr's theres (yes I still got to see my kids, and kept breastfeeding her and pumping the whole time) even during that period I have never been away from the kids for this long. Everyone in my care knew I was a brilliant mother, I have documents from being there. I struggling with pnd, and never a harm to my children. We were very much bonded, I just felt absolutely not good enough to be their mother. I have engaged with services at every single point along the way. I since had another baby - the one year old, and I was put under the perinatal mental health team again for precaution, but due to me doing really well during that pregnancy my contact with them was very little and the discharged me a year after birth with a plan to come off my medication, which I have done. Even after all this I'm still strong because I know I have to be there for my kids when I do get them back they will need me more than ever. Yes he was claiming carers allowance. However he hasn't phoned any mental health team in years with any concerns about me. He is trying to gaslight me to say that he has concerns, well than why as he only just raised concerns since I told him I was leaving ? Thankfully this is all fact and documented. My cpn has been phoned by my ex regularly since for the last few weeks since I said I'm leaving. My cpn has received calls from my ex and his family claiming I needed a welfare check. I arranged for my cpn to see me, who agreed that I'm fit and well and will be discharged this week. My cpn told me he said to the mil that they are all wasting his time and to stop calling him. My cpn visited me on Friday when I phoned him to say my ex had taken the children, he came over straight away, and is still satisfied I can be discharged. I've had a traumatic childhood, pnd was almost inevitable I've been told, however I have worked bloody hard on myself and am a credit to my children. Any one else reading this thread in the future who has to go through similar, please do not let posters like this wear you down. I have had PREVIOUS mental health issues. My mental health now is better than its ever been.
Go to post Iamworthit · 06/03/2023 08:55
Thankyou. Omg 8 months your poor baby
Go to post Iamworthit · 06/03/2023 10:28
UPDATE solicitor was great. She will apply for an urgent hearing today. Expensive, but my mum will pay this initial fee. Hopefully be seen by the court today 🙏 With a predicted respond date by Friday from him. I don't know when this means I will get them back, but at least the ball is rolling She will also put in a Prohibited Steps Order to stop him from changing their gp, Registering them for school, or taking them abroad.
Go to post Iamworthit · 06/03/2023 10:38
SchoolTripDrama · 06/03/2023 10:36
Fantastic news, I'm pleased for you.
Also, him doing this, will MASSIVELY negatively affect his chances of getting access in the future, via legal routes. Judges look extremely dimly on parents who pull this stunt
Show quote history Thankyou. I hope this can be resolved ASAP. I think she said she's going to request an urgent live with order too
Go to post Iamworthit · 06/03/2023 13:46
mucky123 · 06/03/2023 13:33
I have no actual knowledge of the Court system in these circumstances or anything helpful to say but I just wanted you to know that I have read the whole thread and I think you are incredibly brave and strong. I think lots of people would have crumpled at this and maybe gone back to him or just broken down. Well done, keep fighting, hope it is all over soon.
Thankyou. Don't get me wrong I've sobbed huge tears of grief this weekend and been full of panic and worry, one thing I will not do is let him break me. My kids need the best version of me right now, and so that's my focus x
Go to post Iamworthit · 06/03/2023 19:25
Another update Not so great. He also did a Prohibited Steps Order. So the judge received them both today. They decided to see us together but the quickest available date is on the 21st of March! I've seen a copy of his order and requests. He wants me to admit I'm unstable. He wants confirmation from mh professionals I'm OK. It looks like he says I can have Supervised contact and calls. So obviously yes I'll take anything I can get, but need solicitor to confirm this. Also made allegations about how "unstable" I am. That I'm a suicide risk, that I've done x,y,z... BUT there's no record of him phoning my gp or cpn or anything, so hopefully that can quash that! He also keeps phoning my cpn telling him he is going for custody or he is giving me the order, or he is hiding away with the kids... So obvious he wants me to crack in front of the cpn. With regards to my cpn he is telling me he is putting my case to the team for discharge tomorrow, there is a chance they won't agree, and with the luck I'm having atm I'm beginning to think that they are going to say they won't discharge me.
Thanks for all the support. I really appreciate everything you ladies have said. I will update tomorrow with any news.
Go to post Iamworthit · 07/03/2023 06:30
Nope not since Thursday morning
Go to post Iamworthit · 07/03/2023 06:46
Scalessayeek · 06/03/2023 22:00
OP I can’t believe how some people are trying to bring you down. I would have completely fallen apart in your situation. You just need someone to see your posts on here to see how centered you are at the moment.
Sending you all the strength and luck in the world!
Thankyou. My kids have never needed more. All his behaviour is doing now is showing me just how controlling he is, and that getting out of that relationship is the best thing for me and the kids long term.
Go to post Iamworthit · 07/03/2023 06:48
P3N · 06/03/2023 19:42
Stay strong OP. You are doing amazing. Have the police got back about the welfare check? Your ex is disgusting trying to use your MH against you.
Yes. They saw the children and reported they aren't in harms way.
Go to post Iamworthit · 07/03/2023 06:54
Iamworthit · 07/03/2023 06:48
Yes. They saw the children and reported they aren't in harms way.
Show quote history Physical harm that Is. I said I'm guessing they are at the grandparents then and his expression told me everything I needed to know. At least they know them. Although they are nearly 80.
Go to post Iamworthit · 08/03/2023 15:57
Whiskeypowers · 08/03/2023 15:47
Hope you are holding up ok @Iamworthit
have you had any updates from the police or your solicitor etc?
No more information from police. He came back last night to his house, was there this morning amd gone this afternoon. I was notified by my friend who lives close by. No idea if the kids are with him. Waiting to hear if I can have Supervised visits before court hearing on 21st. Tonight will be night 7..
Go to post Iamworthit · 08/03/2023 22:08
Hungrycaterpillarsmummy · 08/03/2023 19:19
Just for my own understanding, why do you need supervised visits?
Show quote history I don't. He is claiming I'm mentally unstable and a flight risk because he's a controlling, pathetic excuse of a man. He vanished with the kids and put an application for a Prohibited Steps Order that I can't have the children back until he sees a letter from a medical professional to state otherwise.
Go to post Iamworthit · 08/03/2023 22:10
MaireadMcSweeney · 08/03/2023 19:54
Honestly I would probably do this too, but I don't know how that would impact on the court hearing. Remember now the process has started you can't just pull out and cancel it.
Show quote history This. I can't do anything because it's with solicitors, police and social services.
Go to post Iamworthit · 08/03/2023 22:33
Hi ladies. My cpn came over today. He isn't going to discharge me for another few weeks. This is positive, because it means he can tell the courts/judge that he is having the most recent interactions with me and there for can give an honest and open account of how I am. He phoned My solicitor personally and she agreed this would help my case. He has written a letter for this interim period to say he has no concerns. My solicitor believes if he with holds supervised visits before the court date he will be doing himself no favours at all. My cpn also told me that in his notes he has written that in his professional opinion my ex is mentally unstable (he has been pestering my cpn every few days for the past few weeks, since I told him I wanted to leave, however not once in over 3 years before I wanted to split was he concerned). Also that he is bring coercive, he is controlling, and the fact he sleeps in a shed 🤣🤣!! My cpn has Been brilliant throughout this whole thing. It's a case of playing the long game at the moment, I can't do anything to jeopardise seeing my kids. This is night 7. I last saw them a week ago tomorrow at around 11. I will not let him break me. He is using every tactic he can think of.
Go to post Iamworthit · 09/03/2023 11:33
cpphelp · 09/03/2023 08:03
The update about your CPN is fantastic. You are doing everything right. I think you're amazing, and all of this will be working in your favour. Maybe once all of this is over, they will insist on supervised visits only for him! How's the house coming along? Charity shops and the British heart foundation furniture shops are great for filling up a house xx
Thankyou. Yes my cpn has been great! Every second that goes by is another second without seeing my children, but it's also one second closer to getting them back in My arms.
Today marks a whole week since I last saw, held, played with, cuddled or even talked to my beautiful babies.
Go to post Iamworthit · 13/03/2023 20:34
UPDATE So, I got to see them this weekend!!! Supervised with my mum present at his request, but after 9 long days I finally got to see them, hold them, tell them I love them and they didn't forget me! ❤️ They loved the house, and their new bedroom 🤗 it was magic!
I'm hopeful for more contact this week which solicitor is hoping to negotiate. I'm STILL waiting for my letter from the CPN!. He was told by his manager to go through the NHS solicitors to make the letter water tight so that ex/his solicitors can't pick holes in it, so I'm actually waiting on the NHS solicitors now, its frustrating... They have had a similar case happen before, so want to do as much for me as possible.
However, ex agreed to contact this weekend, both days, due to my CPN speaking on the phone with my solicitor, and informing her I am well, capable, of sound mind, has seen me / spoken to me every few days since ex started with these mind games a month ago.
The kids were very anxious about going back to him, which was heartbreaking, but at the very least they know I'm always here, I have a safe home and I'm going to fight for their right to be with me, their mum.
Thankyou for all your support ladies. The first "urgent" hearing is next week, and then it's dealing with cafcass, social services etc for the next (and hopefully final) hearing in 2 months time where we will find out the child arrangements order.
Still a bloody long way to go till this is sorted, I don't trust that he won't do anything he can to get at me. He is already disputing the kids living with me and now my benefits may be stopped or suspended until this is sorted, which is just another form of him trying to control me.
I will never go back to him. I have lost all respect, faith, trust and any love I had for him is well and truly gone. He was able to hide behind clever words, confuse me, manipulate me and control me for far too long.
I hope the kids will forgive me for this upheaval in their lives, and I hope beyond all hope that they are back with me on a regular basis and that the judge can see him for what he is and that his actions have impacted our children's emotional well being significantly. But, until I have the judges decision, I know I won't take anything for granted. Anything could happen and now I know ex is capable of this, he could be capable of more and throw something else at me.
As always, thanks for checking in on me and your support xxx
Iamworthit · Yesterday 18:44
Hungrycaterpillarsmummy · Yesterday 10:33
@Iamworthit your court case is Tuesday I think? How are you doing? Have you seen your children again?
Hi, nice username, dd2 loves hungry caterpillar!
I saw them once in the week aswell as yesterday and today. All had to be supervised by my mum, despite his solicitor confirming she sent him the letter from my CpN on Tuesday lunchtime, and me also sending him a message to say he now has it. However this letter he so desperately said he needs for me to have unsupervised and overnight visits he hasn't even responded to. I'm presuming he is waiting till court on Tuesday.
Yesterday the girls informed me that daddy left them at a strange woman's house whilst he went to work...
The time has been wonderful and I've really treasured every moment. Yesterday my one year old was in desperate need of a nap, he snuggled up to me in our new king-size bed in our new house and he slept peacefully for well over 2 hours. I feel so blessed to be their mummy and am thrilled at how comfortable they have been when back with me for these times. If anyone reads this in the future going through something similar - they don't forget you. That was my biggest fear, but I have more faith now that the bond between a mother and her children will always be there, no matter what or who stands in the way. Love is love.
So, our new magic house (the girls named it) is empty again for now. I'm just counting down the time until Tuesday afternoon and hoping/praying/wishing/ that the judge sees him for what he is and what he has put the children through. My solicitor is hopeful, but obviously no one knows what's going to happen on the day. I never thought my ex was capable of what he has done, but here we are.
I hope everyone has had a lovely mother's day 💗
Go to post Iamworthit · Today 11:18
Thankyou for all your messages and words of support for tomorrow. The police know everything, they did their welfare check on the children whilst he was staying at his parents house in their old country farm house with the attatched holiday home for them to stay in surrounded by their 40 acres of land. Not in the home where he and I lived with his shed at the bottom of the garden and no doubt chaos in the house where for the first time he is having to do all housework, laundry and cooking. They have been back at his for almost 2 weeks now. I have found a small comfort in them choosing games on their tablets and me getting the notification to approve their choices. The fact that I left with barely anything means they have the majority of their toys there, beds, tv etc and to them it was our home where we all lived together so at least they have familiarity. Cafcass will probably be doing a Section 7 report in which case they will meet with us and the kids in both houses so can make their own assessments from that.
They love our new house and I've explained to them the benefits of two houses, bedrooms, toys, Christmas, birthdays etc. They are being so resilient and brave through it all. I'm hoping for them it's just been a bit of an adventure.
The children filled me in on their day at the 'stranger ladies' house, where there was other children, guinea pigs a cat and a dog. They watched telly and played with the other kids and the animals and they gave dd2 a dress she particularly liked. They were very animated about it. I guess at the very least they had fun, I imagine they've been pretty bored with him. We had to drive past his house and up the road next to ex's house to get to mine yesterday and dd1 proudly pointed out 'that ladies house'. Would you believe it's almost directly behind his house!! For all I know he's been seeing this woman behind my back. She could have been hopping over the fence every night and going into his shed for all I know. I can't believe this is my life right now, you couldn't make it up. But as I've come to learn the hard way I certainly can't trust him, and I won't put anything past him.
Literally just counting down till tomorrow now.
Go to post Iamworthit · Today 13:28
I have no idea who she is. I did however do a Facebook search of the local "Andreas" in the area and the kids pointed to who she was and pointed to the children who they recognised. It took all of about 60 seconds to find her. And the kids named the kids correctly to what she had shared publicly on her fb page. There's even a picture of her 'cheers-ing' her primary aged son both of them holding glasses of red wine. I've taken screenshots. Her name isn't on any registered childminder lists.
Go to post Iamworthit · Today 13:29
ThreeLocusts · Today 12:12
Will light a candle for you tonight. You've kept it together amazingly through all this. Here's hoping your kids will be back with you tomorrow.
Thankyou x
Iamworthit · Today 13:41
Ilovethewild · Today 13:10
Op, stay true to yourself and your children.
don’t get caught up with what ex is doing/seeing/sleeping with. It is irrelevant! You can’t control it and the kids are ok. It will just muddy the waters. As others say it’s another twist from ex to distract you and send you off the rails.
focus on what you can do and what’s in the childrens best interest.
good luck with tomorrow, I hope the kids come home to you asap.
I genuinely don't care what he's up to relationship wise, I've been hoping he'd find someone else for a long time and leave me alone.
What I do care about is him leaving the kids with someone they don't know for whatever reason, when I'm round the corner desperate to see them, and him thinking he can do whatever he likes without any consideration for them, me or my mum who's had to drop everything (shes been brilliant in all this) without question, to supervise time for me to have my own children.
I will definitely be asking for first refusal of child care as some other posters have suggested.
Go to post Iamworthit · Today 13:42
Sunriseinwonderland · Today 13:20
My ex hid him for a month. DS was desperate to see me. My ex is a very wicked man.
Show quote history That's despicable. I'm so sorry x
Go to post Iamworthit · Today 19:19
Tomorrow is an urgent hearing to sort out the interim child arrangements before the first official hearing in May after cafcass have done their reports. It's possible there will be another 2 Hearings after that and this could take anywhere from 6 months up to a year to resolve.
Because he did a runner with the kids first, filed a Prohibited Steps Order to stop them living with me because he is saying I'm mentally unstable.
Best case scenario they return to live with me and the judge sees through his controlling behaviour and that he doesn't have the kids best interests at heart. Worst case scenario it stays as it is.
I suspect he has something else up his sleeve to throw at me tomorrow. Its clear he wants me to suffer as much as possible.
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2023.03.20 20:37 sweetpotatoguy Bootstrapped team of 2 doing manual 1:1 sales for software, is this dumb?

I come from a background of manual labor, door knocking, and mowing lawns. I then went to college where I was a walk-on for the football team...so I'm used to a lifestyle of grinding my teeth & doing things that aren't scalable.
I've become a massive personal finance nerd over the years. I feel tools like 'Mint' have dropped the ball so I've been working to build a new financial data platform where people can do custom tracking based on their live data.
*ahem* introducing Fina: The worlds first financial tracking tool.
Just kidding. But I think what we're building is better...here's why:
  1. It does all the stuff you'd expect with connecting live accounts, setting categories & budgets, auditing transactions, and setting rules so your data is always clean/accurate.
  2. Instead of stale & inflexible dashboards, we take a notion-style approach where you can create as many dashboard pages as you'd like and use blocks to custom track the metrics you actually care about.
  3. We use your live data inside different tracking scenarios so you can plan ahead and get proactive insights. We also allow you to ask our ai questions and get results based on your finances.
So if you're dying to know "how much money have I spent on Starbucks this year?" ...finally you can get a simple answer to that question (and track that if you're so inclined)
Here's a demo: https://www.loom.com/share/f2d15a1e17ac44d1b85e202a1c321e83
Basically, I'm trying to figure out if us doing 1:1 sales (especially while competing with giants in the space) is the right path early on like this. We haven't tested any ads yet.
Okay that's enough from me. If you'd like to try it and give us feedback we just opened early access and I need help from real people testing and giving ideas. (no npcs allowed, ty).
my email is [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.20 20:32 ShallotCertain FT: Swiss under fire for shotgun marriage of Credit Suisse and UBS

Bondholders and international regulators criticise state decision to prioritise shareholders amid threat of legal action
The Swiss government has come under fire from bondholders and international regulators for its handling of the $3.2bn rescue-takeover of Credit Suisse by UBS. The two banks were forced together over the weekend by Swiss officials in a shotgun marriage that stabilised the teetering Credit Suisse but wiped out $17bn of its bonds, upending the normal priority of investors.
The decision to favour shareholders at the expense of bondholders sent a shockwave through already brittle markets on Monday morning, with investors in so-called additional tier 1 bonds fearing that they too could be sacrificed in a similar scenario at another bank. AT1s issued by other European banks fell about 10 points on Monday morning, according to Tradeweb data, with UBS bonds trading at 83 cents on the dollar,
Deutsche Bank’s at 63 cents and BNP Paribas’ at 70 cents. Davide Serra, founder of Algebris Investments, said the move was a “policy mistake” by the Swiss authorities, who had “basically stolen” the bonds while facilitating a SFr3bn ($3.2bn) payment to shareholders. Jérôme Legras, head of research at Axiom Alternative Investments, which holds Credit Suisse AT1s, said the move could undermine trust in financial markets. “It’s more than a pure legal issue — it’s about market confidence and how you treat investors fairly.” US law firm Quinn Emanuel said on Monday it was in discussions with several bondholders “representing a significant percentage of the total notional value of AT1 instruments issued by Credit Suisse” over possible legal action. It added that an investor call to explore “potential avenues of redress” was likely to take place on Wednesday.
AT1s are often called “contingent convertible” bonds and have their roots in the 2008 financial crisis. They are designed to take losses when institutions run into trouble. As global banks’ debt sold off on Monday, other countries’ regulators intervened to say they would not follow the Swiss model in resolving distressed banks. The European Central Bank said “common equity instruments are the first ones to absorb losses” while the Bank of England said AT1 bonds ranked ahead of equity and would face losses “in the order of their positions in this hierarchy”.
The backlash came despite the fact that Credit Suisse’s bond documentation made it clear that Swiss regulators were not “required to follow any order of priority”. In volatile trading, shares in struggling Californian bank First Republic tumbled more than 33 per cent. UBS recovered from a 14 per cent slump shortly after markets opened to close 1.3 per cent higher, though on Monday evening S&P cut the bank’s credit rating outlook to negative, citing “material execution risk in integrating CS”.
Among the beneficiaries of the deal are Credit Suisse staff who hold stock and have also been told they can receive a bonus in the coming weeks. “We will continue to allocate for a 2023 performance bonus for those eligible,” wrote Credit Suisse chair Axel Lehmann and chief executive Ulrich Körner in an internal email. However, the acquisition price is a steep 59 per cent discount to the bank’s closing share price before the deal and some bankers have also been paid in the now worthless AT1 bonds. Many are braced for job cuts, which are expected to number in the thousands. Managers said they would “work diligently and at pace” to inform staff and “aim to continue to provide severance in line with market practice”.
Swiss investors have said they will consider legal action over the government’s use of emergency measures that meant shareholders did not get a vote on the transaction. Ethos Foundation, which speaks on behalf of pension funds and other institutional investors that own up to 5 per cent of both banks, said the takeover was “a huge waste for the shareholders and the Swiss economy”. Swiss politicians are being balloted on an emergency sitting of the country’s parliament to scrutinise and potentially block elements of the takeover by UBS.
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2023.03.20 20:31 wnesceitmx 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





Ugh, cheer practices.
"Okay, ladies, you’re free to go."
Finally. I got up from push-up mode, and head to the showers. I'd had enough of push-ups for a long time. I make my way to one of the showers, and strip myself of my sweaty, disgusting clothes.
"I'm so glad it's Friday," says someone in the shower next to me. Amy.
"I know. I don't think I would have made it another minute doing push-ups."
"Do you think Monday she'll make us do more?"
I let the water on off my skin, and look at myself. I was tired, and exhaust. "I don't know." I say absentmindedly. I run my hand through my hair, and lean against the wall. At 5'7 I was one of the best volleyball players in my school. Though I had to work hard to get it, I got the scholarship I needed to get into Drake University.
"So are you getting together with Kyle afterwards?" I heard the jealousness come out of her voice. Amy was downright the most popular girl in school. I came next, but wasn't a friend of hers. She thought everything revolved around her. Kyle had chosen me, but Amy never got over it.
"Yeah, why?"
"Oh...no reason. So have you...uh..done it yet?"
I yank open the curtain. "No, and it's none of your business what Kyle and I do."
The water in her shower stops, and she steps out. She grabs a towel, and wraps it around herself.
"Jeez..I was just wondering. I mean everyone is. The great "it" couple," She turns around, and heads over to her locker. "I mean it's pretty obvious he won't wait forever you know."
"What are you talking about?" I grab a towel, and start drying off.
"You and Kyle, of course." Pulling on the last of her clothes.
I get dress and think about this. Amy decides to drop it, and leaves with a satisfied grin on her face.
"Don't let her get on your nerves. She's just being, Amy." My friend Danny comes up, and is drying her hair.
"I know. She's just like a parasite." I look at my watch, and swear. "I'm late."
Danny looks at the clock, and she rolls her eyes. "Yeah, let me know how it goes."
I laugh. "I will." Not.
I'm halfway through the door when she grabs my arm. "I'm serious. She's just a jealous bitch." She lets go, and I grab my stuff from the floor, and head out to my car. This date was the only thing I looked forward to, and I had brought special clothes just for it. A black skirt with a flower belt, and a tube tank top I had once gotten a compliment from Kyle on.
I pulled into his house, and noticed his parents weren't home yet. Hmm.. strange. They're usually home by now. Maybe they're just running late. I get out, and head up to his door. Right when I get there the door opens, and Kyle steps out. He's wearing cargo shorts, and a simple button-up blue t-shirt.
"Hey, babe. I thought you might not be coming." He wraps me in a huge hug, and gives me a kiss.
"I know. Practice ran a little later than I thought. Can you forgive me?"
He laughs, and says maybe. He pulls me into the house, and pushes my body up against the wall with his body. He starts kissing me, and starts to undo his shirt. I pull him tighter against me, and finish unbuttoning his shirt. He sheds it, and I let my hands explore his chest. It was warm, and solid. Well, of course, he worked out a lot.
"I have a surprise for you." He murmured against my lips.
"Oh." I laugh, and push him back so I can see his face.
He doesn't say anything, but walks towards the stairs, and beckons me with his finger. He then turns around, and takes off up the stairs. I roll my eyes, and follow him. I get up the stairs, and turn into his room when he comes up behind me. He picks me up, and carries me into his room. I scream, and pretend to fight back. He chuckles, and pins me down on his bed not letting me move.
"Hey gorgeous." He leans down, and starts kissing my neck.
He moves down, moving my shirt out of the way. My heart stops beating . I suddenly knew why Amy had started the conversation.
"Wait, Kyle." I try to push him back, but he thinks I'm just playing.
"Wait." I say.
"Why do you want me to stop?"
I stop myself from telling him I wasn't ready, and that I couldn't have sex with him. I mean this is high school, and if I said that I'd never live it down. Not to mention Kyle would probably dump me, and go be with Amy. I shiver, and he thinks I cold. He pulls the covers back from his bed, and pats the area beside him.
"I know what you’re doing." He says smiling.
"You do?" I ask nervous.
"Yeah. Stalling." He grabs my hand, and pulls me to him. "But you and I both know that it won't work."
He starts kissing my neck again, and I once again push him away. He grins, and once more pins me to the bed. He grabs the end of my shirt, and pulls it up, over my head.
"Damn." He mutters. I groan as he starts at my stomach, and licks me all the way up my chest. Suddenly I want him. I want him bad. I can't stop myself as I sit up, and undo my bra. He leans down, and begins to suck on my breast. Wow! His hands slip down, and I feel him fumbling with something. His zipper!
"Kyle….wait! I think we should...wait..." There I said it. Only I don't think he's too happy about it.
But all he does is laugh. He thinks I'm joking. He unzips his pants, and steps out of them. He grabs me, and pulls me up and goes for my skirt.
"Kyle..wait I'm serious. I think we should wait a little bit longer until..." I let my words fade as he looks at me. Just looks at me. I couldn't read his face, but whatever he was thinking it wasn't good.
"Wait..?" He asks, like it's a foreign language.
"Yeah, I just...I don't know if we should do this. I mean..what if something happens?" Not meeting his eyes. I know what I'll see in them. Disappointment. Regret.
"We've been dating forever, and you don't think we're not ready. Babe, listen. I'm ready, and I know you’re ready. You’re going to lead me on, and not finish what you've started?" His voice. It was getting angry.
"Well..I'm sorry about that, but it was kind of hard not to get turned on with you doing everything that you did. I mean I liked it--" I start.
"If you liked it what's the problem then? I say if you like it why not?" He throws his hands in the air, "Come on, I dressed up nice, and everything for you." He reaches for my skirt, and I knock his hand away. His eyes narrow and his fist clench up.
"Look maybe we need a break..." I blurt out. This seems to only make him madder.
"A break..first you lead me on, when my intentions were clear, and you say no to me. Then you say we need a fucking break?" He says to me. His face growing redder by the minute.
I was getting scared. He was really mad. I knew I shouldn't have said we should wait. I shouldn't have lead him on either. Now his parents were gone, and we were the only ones in the room alone.
"Well, aren't you the greatest." I whisper.
"You know what; I'd like to think that my girlfriend of four-and-a-half years wasn't losing her mind!" He practically yells at me. He should of. It would have meant the same thing to me.
"I'm not losing my mind. I'm just not ready for sex!" I almost yell back at him.
"You’re not ready." He says. "That's the reason. So we can do all this stuff," He gestures to me, "but we can't have sex because you’re not ready. Even though we can get naked, and do this. We can’t have sex."
"Wait, Kyle, that's no--"
"Not what you meant. What did you mean?" He ask folding his arms across his chest.
“I meant I’m not ready to have sex. I don’t know when I will be, or if I ever will, but I know I can’t do it now. I’m just not..” I search for the right words.
“You’re just not into me. Like I am to you.” He says looking at me with a gaze so sad.
“No, Kyle, I never said that.” I say sitting down on the bed.
“You can say what you want, but your right, you might not ever be ready. So I don’t want to pressure you; make you feel like you need to do this.” He grabs his pants, and pulls them on zipping them up.
“Kyle, that’s not fair.” I grab his arm.
But he pulls it away before I can get my hand around it. “No, what your doing isn’t fair.” He slips his shirt on, and grabs his car keys. He looks at me one more time before he turns and heads to his car. I run after him, afraid he would do something he’d regret.
I push his door closed as he opens it. “Kyle, wait. Please just wait. I don't want you to drive while your mad. Please?”
He stares at me, and says, “Like you care.” Then he opens it again, turns his car on, and starts backing up. Then he shoots forward, and leaves me with no ride home.
He didn't just leave me here. I guess this is what people get for telling the truth. Shit. I start to leave, but I grab a sheet a of paper saying I was sorry. This was suppose to be a great night. Now it was just a disapointment.
I walk out of his house, and started the walk to my house. It wasn't long but I was exactly excited about it either. I was thinking about how this day couldn't get any worse when it started to rain. I stopped walking, and just let myself get soaked. I all the sudden didn't care. I took a deep breath, and started to walk again. I might as well go now. The sooner I get home, the better. As I turn the corner I see a blue pick up stopping for the stop sign. I looked to see who the drive was and wow, it was the gothic guy. He saw me too, and it looked like he was deciding on something. I saw his truck start to go, and then it stopped. I heard the door open, and then my name was being called.
"Allissa!" I stop and turn around finding him waving his hands at me.
"Yeah?" I ask.
"You..uh..looks like you could use...need a ride?" He ask. He was now soaked as much as me.
"...Uh..yeah. Thanks." I head towards his card, but then stop. If I get in that truck with him, if anyone sees me there goes my life. Well....screw it. I needed a ride badly, and Kyle left me. I climb in his truck, and we start moving.
"So..um..you go to my school right?"I ask. I knew the answer, but it was kind of ackward sitting in here saying nothing.
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It’s been a long day at school for Daniel. The girl he likes did her best to avoid him at every turn. In the group projects, she was eager to get together with her friends, or anyone else besides Daniel. He couldn't find her in the breaks and at lunchtime, she almost sprinted out of the schoolhouse to get some food in the city nearby.
It was frustrating. Daniel wanted to give her space but there is a conversation she is avoiding and it's time for them to have it. After class, he decided to talk to her. He waited for her in front of the exit, hoping she wouldn't just turn around when she sees him.
She stopped in her motion as she spotted him guarding the entrance but she also knew that she couldn’t avoid him forever so she kept on walking, doing her best to fake a smile.
“Daniel,” she says, “I’m in a hurry, were you waiting for me?” She is nervous. It‘s obvious. He didn’t even have to read her mind to know that.
“Please, can we talk for a minute?”
She looked around. The fact that there are only a few students left didn’t give her much confidence. She didn’t respond but she also didn’t run away again.
"You're scared," Daniel said, stating the obvious.
“You’ve read my mind again?”
“No. I mean Yeah but I didn’t have to, to know this. You've been avoiding me at school, you don't respond to my texts, ever since I told you … eh," He stumbled as he realized that they were still standing in the middle of the school and it's probably a bad idea to mention his abilities here.
Luckily his girlfriend didn’t share these concerns, “You mean when you told me you can read my mind! Ever since then I’ve been avoiding you?”
Daniel tried to signal her to keep it down. Sooner or later people would have noticed them fighting and started to ears drop.
“Don’t shush me! And of course, I’m scared. You’re a freak. It’s not normal!”
Daniel failed to keep her quiet but that’s not what concerned him at the moment, “You’re angry with me?”
"You did it again! Get out of my head. And why would I be angry? Maybe because in every conversation we had you knew exactly what I thought and knew exactly what to say so I'd fall for you? Or maybe because after I told you to stop you still keep doing it? Just stop!"
Daniel was taken aback, “It’s not that simple. You think I can just switch it off? I didn’t choose this. It doesn’t change who I am. I’m still the same guy you went on dates on.”
“You’re wrong, it changes everything.” The girl looked around again. People were starting to watch the two of them. “I can’t do that, leave me alone,” she said and ran away.
Scene 1
Chloe just woke up. For some reason, she can't stop thinking about her dream. Normally, she would have forgotten all about it by now but this time she remembers the whole thing pretty clearly. She still has a bit of a tingling sensation down there.
With her mind running only on half its capacity she finds herself in a room that she’s never seen before. Shit. She is not at home. Of course. They went to Daniel after the party. For a moment Chloe doesn’t know what to do. The room looks pretty neat. It’s a girly bedroom.
The sound of three soft knocks on the doorframe makes her jump a little. Pete is watching her with amusement. "Do you sleepwalk or are you awake?"
Chloe looks like a dear in the headlights. "Eh, good morning Peter," she says.
Chloe quickly realizes that she is only wearing her panties and one of Daniel’s shirts that works more like a dress on her. Still, what she would give to wear pants right now. It makes her pretty self-conscious. The situation has definitely the potential to get awkward real fast.
“Here drink this, it’s good for you.” Peter hands her the glass he is carrying.
Chloe takes it and asks, “What is it?”
Peter grins, “Water, it will help against the hangover.”
“Thanks, but I didn’t drink that much yesterday.”
“So, you’re just not a morning person then?” He asks. Chloe lifts her shoulders. Yeah, probably. She looks around, still trying to figure out what room she is in. There’s an awful lot of pink and a big closet. Only one bed, maybe a guest room?
“It’s my wife’s bedroom if that's what you’re wondering." Chloe seems confused so Pete adds, "We don't sleep in the same room. From experience, I can tell you that it's not that bad of an idea. I often have to work late and she has to rise early.”
“What time is it?” Chloe asks. It feels like it’s still pretty early.
"Eight-thirty. I had a meeting earlier so I had to be awake sooner than normal," he says, "I just wanted to eat breakfast, you wanna join me?"
Chloe drinks up her glass of water and nods. Peter laughs, she’s quite adorable in the morning. The way she is still so sleepy. On their way downstairs he asks, “Daniel is still sleeping?”
Chloe nods again. She is a bit slow but still notices that there is something up with this question. “Is that unusual?” she asks.
“Sharp as a knife even in the early morning hours,” Peter says jokingly, “well, it’s not every day that I’m up before Daniel. He doesn’t sleep that much you know.”
“Yeah, yesterday he only got six hours or so, I heard him leave the room.” She says and looks to Peter. There’s still something, she thinks.
“That’s better than usual. He told me that five is the norm but I guess it could be even less on some days. Never saw him get more, though. I guess you’re good for him.”
How can someone only sleep so little? That’s definitely not healthy, Chloe thinks. And does he really sleep better when she is around? She’d love to think that but the reality is that his body probably just takes back what he needs and it’s just a coincidence that it’s the nights she was sleeping next to him.
Scene 2
“You really wanna go shopping?” Daniel asks. They just entered a pretty big mall and it's even more impressive inside. It has four floors. Going through every shop could take a lifetime or two.
“Why?” Chloe asks a bit disappointed, “You wouldn’t like me trying on some new clothes, maybe to pose a bit for you?”
“I didn’t say that …”
“Too bad, I think we’ll have to settle for the best ice cream in town then.” She smiles. Daniel just walked right into her trap and there is no real way to recover. That mouth of hers, he loves it.
Daniel stops in front of an info-map. The stores are listed and the numbers go up to 150. Well, it won't be just clothing lines but you wanna go shopping here you should bring some time. Better stick to Chloe, if he'd lose her there's a good chance, he won't find her again.
As he thinks that, Chloe tucks at his shirt. “Come on,” she says and pulls him onto the escalator, “the ice cream store is on the third floor.”
There is so much food. The entire floor is filled with restaurants. Daniel sees that there’s a pretty long queue in front of the ice cream store that Chloe is walking to. That’s when he feels something.
“Why don’t you get us some ice and I find a place to sit,” he says.
That came sudden and a bit unnatural, so Chloe asks, “You don’t enjoy my company?”
"Let's just say, you should have taken that shower I offered you earlier."
“Hey! … That’s just mean,” she says but eventually has to laugh about his bluntness. “What do you want?”
"Surprise me", he says, smiles again, and walks away. After a few steps, he looks back to check on something. Chloe quickly sniffs one of her armpits. As she looks around to check if someone saw what she just did she finds Daniels laughing eyes that tell her it’s been his plan all along. Got you, he thinks.
Scene 3
As Chloe comes back with the two ice-creams, she finds Daniel sitting on a bench with a samll girl. Chloe raises an eyebrow.
“She is looking for her mom. Let’s help her real quick,” Daniel says.
“You’ve seen how big this mall is?” Chloe asks a bit sarcastically. There is no way they’ll find her mom ‘real quick’ as Daniel put it.
Daniel gives her a comforting smile, "Just humor me for a minute." He stands up and takes the hand of the girl.
“Are you his girlfriend?” she asks Chloe.
Amused about the question Chloe looks at Daniel, “I don’t know, am I?”
She’s really pulling that on him after only three days? If it’s a test there is only one safe answer. “Of course, you are,” he says. In case he is overstepping there, he could pretend he only wanted to tease her a little bit.
Daniel is leading the way straight to the next escalator, takes it, and from there he tries to find a way through the crowd. He wants to get somewhere specific. Chloe has no idea where he wants to go but stays silent.
At one point the kid rushes forward straight to a woman that’s looking pretty distressed. “Mommy!” The woman turns around and sees her kid running towards her. She goes to her knees and welcomes her with open arms. As she looks up her gaze meets Daniel's eyes.
“Let’s get out of here, I really don’t want to answer too many questions,” Daniel says, “What did you get me anyway?”
“Coconut.” Chloe hands it to him. A drop is running down the waffle right onto her fingers. Daniel takes the ice cream from her, grabs her hand, and licks it clean.
“How does it taste?” she asks with a smile.
“At least top ten material.”
They walk out of the mall, both enjoying their ice creams in silence. As they finished up Daniel says, "I got to go then. Don't wanna be late for my lunch with Dr. Carter."
"Yeah, I know."
A thought hits Chloe. Yesterday after her talk he said something about Dr. Carter helping him with something. She's a scientist that specialized in mind reading. Or the next best thing, traces of thoughts. If for some reason it's true that Daniel can read people’s minds then Karren would be the person she’d go to for answers. It’s plausible but, to say the least, it’s very unlikely.
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The reason for it was simple, the "love" songs were slower and a bit less interesting for the audience. Eye contact, however, got the girls going and that giddy excitement spread to everyone around them. The never-continuously-look-at-a-girl rule helped to save them from the over zealous female admirers, though that couldn't be completely avoided. The male performers who were interested in more than just getting the crowd going would shift back to the same girl, one who looked willing, a few times. It made her feel as special as she needed. Hank liked to make a girl feel special from time to time.
They started on their third song, the first with any edge of romance in it as a waitress weaved her way through bumps of people with a loaded drink tray in hand. Glancing up, shortly – the room too crowded to take her eyes off of where she was going-- she saw that Hank found his first girl within the first couple lines of the song, singing to her over the piano. She had watched enough performers to recognize the trick and how easily girls fell for it. Jasen, however, seemed to be taking longer, scanning over the crowd of tables and people. This was always the case with them. Hank had no problem with the flirtatious looks, but it often made Jasen uncomfortable. There were plenty of girls looking at him, staring and giddy, hoping she would be the one he would choose.
The song had just reached the chorus when the waitress reached the table near the center. As expected, it was filled with the same group of college guys that it always was on Friday nights. She gave them her usual smile as she began setting their drinks down, mostly beer with a couple mixed drinks. “Here you go, boys.” she called over the music, already hating that there wasn't enough room for her to walk around the circular table, meaning she had to lean across to give the guys on the other end their drinks. “Having a good time tonight?” She asked, casually, setting down the last drink to the guy furthest away.
There was a hand on her leg, fingers slightly wrapped around her thigh. “You know we always have a good time.” The one closest to her, Tyler she thought his name was, looked up at her with a buzzed grin. “You should hang out with us, then you could join in the fun.” His fingers tightened, squeezing her leg to emphasize his meaning, before sliding upward.
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She couldn't be sure that he was looking at her, but she knew that he was looking in her direction, a slightly crooked smile on his face as he sang. The way his mouth moved while he sang was mesmerizing. His ease was slightly calming, and she couldn't help but smile because of it. It was more than the friendly smile she gave to customers as she took and delivered their orders, and it was not fake in any way. There was real, relaxed joy behind it, coming from the gentle tune of the piano and the harmony from the boys' voices, as well as Jasen's crooked smile.
For a second, his voice caught a bit, raising the smallest fraction in pitch as his lips raised into a slightly wider grin. Just like that, he caught himself, and the pitch fell back into place as he forced his mouth to settle. Regardless, he heart started beating faster. Hank moved on to the next girl, but even as this one's eyes fell away, Jasen stayed with his first pick.
With as busy as the bar was that night, she couldn't waste more than a second standing there to watch. She tried to clear the thought from my mind that he was looking at her, though she couldn't help but noticing that his gaze did not falter.
There was no time, though, to admire someone who was more than likely looking at some other girl in the vicinity. She turned and moved to the next table, back to her friendly smile and polite, though slightly forced, conversation. Jasen found that, even as the song ended and another began, he was still watching the same girl move about the room, seeing her deliver drinks and chat with different people, always smiling with constantly shining eyes.
Every so often, she would look back to the stage, a flickering glance,admiring the music and thinking about one of the singers looking at her, though feeling she knew he hadn't been. Yet, the more she looked up, the more she noticed that his eyes always seemed to be in her direction.
Jasen couldn't take his eyes off of her. It was something he hadn't experienced before, but he even found himself almost flubbing lyrics whenever she would glance up toward the stage with that smile on her face. Still, she continued to reason that he couldn't be looking at her; she just happened to be in the right area when he shifted his glance.
“Alright everyone, I hope you're all having a good time! We're going to take a short break and then we'll be right back. Don't run off!” Both stood up from the piano as Kairi made her way to the bar counter, carrying a tray of empty glasses, not knowing that a pair of eyes were following her with innocent interest.
“Hey, Kairi,” the bar manager called to her over the recorded filler music that began to play. “What to you think of the music?”
“Great choice, Mark. I think the crowd is really loving it! Where'd you find them?”
“YouTube.” He answered with a satisfied grin. “All of their videos have over a million views, I figured that made them a good choice.” Kairi chuckled as she started emptying her tray into the bus bin, doing what she could to avoid getting any of the alcohol on her hands. “Those girls are going crazy for them too, aren't they, so they much be a great choice?” He chuckled himself, pointing out a table of giggly girls who continually looked up at the vacated stage.
She rolled her eyes at the thought of such shameless and 'girly' behavior. “Some girls have no self-respect. All they know about those guys is that they sing and play well, are mildly attractive and somewhat famous. The last part is more than enough for some of those girls to throw themselves into bed with someone.” Although she was far from the star-struck type, she was still human and still a twenty year old girl who enjoyed looking at and thinking about certain kinds of guys. Catching Jasen's eye the few times that she had, mixed with his great voice and intoxicating smile, was enough to get her thoughts going, but she would never act upon them the way she knew some of those girls had done and would do countless times.
“You can't tell me that those guys aren't insanely hot!” Another waitress came up with her own tray of glasses, entering the conversation.
“Regardless, Julie, 'insanely hot' or 'famous' shouldn't be the only criterion for sleeping with someone.”
“Oh, come on. Why not?”
“Because, Kairi has too much passion inside of her to have meaningless sex like some people,” Mark shot, giving a playful grin. “Do me a favor, hon,” he turned to Kairi, “Since you're not quite as ready as Miss Eager over here to get in those boys' pants, go see if they want anything to drink.” She nodded, always more than willing to do the things that were asked of her. It was only too true, and lately painfully true. When you're broke, you have to work hard or you'll stay broke.
“Oh, Julie! Are you still able to give me a ride home tonight?”
“Of course. Couldn't expect our innocent Kairi to find a guy to take her home, now could we?” Her words held an edge of good humor, showing that she did not mean to be offensive. Kairi responded only by shaking my head at this shameless waitress before going around the bar to the back portion of the stage, hidden behind flats to stay out of the audience's sight.
Both Jasen and Hank sat on wooden chairs, chatting and sipping on water. Hank wiped beads of sweat from his forehead with a gray bar rag, obviously heated from the lights above the stage. Midsentence, Jasen glanced over his friend's shoulder and saw Kairi standing there. His words stuttered to a halt as he forgot what he had even been saying. The girl was smiling.
“Can I get you boys anything to drink?”
Hank drained the rest of his water and handed her the empty glass, “some more water would be great.” His smile was polite and undemanding. “Thanks, hon.”
Picking up the glass with a smile, she turned to the second of the duo. “Anything for you?” Even when he didn't respond right away, her smile did not falter. There was the tiniest pause during which he only stared. “Is that a no?” She asked with a humored laugh.
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