Otis mi

Flint Ridge Knap-in this weekend. Anyone else going?

2023.05.26 01:52 Long_rifle Flint Ridge Knap-in this weekend. Anyone else going?

It’s this weekend at:
Coshocton County Fairgrounds 707 Kenilworth Ave, Coshocton, OH 43812
I’ve got about a 5 hour drive from Flint MI area…. I wish we had some damn flint here!
Going to be stocking up on some beautiful hard to find rock and some copper rods for more substantial ishi sticks.
I’ll be wandering around Saturday after 10am in a dark green shirt with OTIS on the front breast pocket. It would be cool to see some of you people with my own lookin’ holes!
And maybe get a chance to watch better knappers then myself and learn a thing or two.
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2023.05.21 03:41 Thebisexual_Raccoon My entire cd collection in my new cd rack (bonus. Guess my age base off my music taste)

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2023.05.13 00:14 solution8949 💯신뢰의 바이낸스 차트. 📳간단한 인증 절차. 〽찾아보기 힘든 레버리지 구조. 🇰🇷한국어지원. 💹지금 바로 도전하세요!! ➡ www.bit-sample.com 💜임대/레퍼럴 문의 ➡ 텔레그램💚 : @bns1042

💯신뢰의 바이낸스 차트. 📳간단한 인증 절차. 〽찾아보기 힘든 레버리지 구조. 🇰🇷한국어지원. 💹지금 바로 도전하세요!! ➡ www.bit-sample.com 💜임대/레퍼럴 문의 ➡ 텔레그램💚 : @bns1042 submitted by solution8949 to u/solution8949 [link] [comments]

2023.05.08 19:24 alexhartig [For Sale] Lots of LPs, Jazz Bundles - Sonny Rollins, Thelonious, Ray Barreto, Peter Gabriel, Ramones, Canciones de mi Padre, Oingo Boingo, Sum 41, Tangerine Dream, Bunny Wailer, Burning Spear

Looking to move some nice and clean LPs. All of the records listed are EX to NM, super clean, same with the covers, if they are not, they will be noted. Shipping is $5 flat, minimum $10 order without shipping. Message me for pics or more questions. Open to offers on multiples.
$45 for all three:
Peter Gabriel - Security
Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel - So VG+ record
$15 for both:
REO Speedwagon - Lost In A Dream
R.E.O. Speedwagon* - Ridin' The Storm Out
$30 for both:
Tangerine Dream - Exit
Tangerine Dream - Phaedra VG+ cover
$15 for both:
John Cougar* - John Cougar
John Cougar Mellencamp - Scarecrow
$20 for both:
Johnny Copeland - Texas Twister
Johnny Copeland - Bringing It All Back Home
$50 - Ray Barretto - Acid , VG++ record and VG cover
$75 - Thelonious Monk - Underground - two eye - STRONG VG Cover.
$75 - Sonny Rollins - Way Out West - G+/G+ - ORIGINAL PRESS - Spine split/frayed. Splits on top and bottom openings. Cover art holds up very well. Slight staining. Record is G+, no skips but marks on both sides with some consistent ticks or whooshes in parts. Overall still an enjoyable listening experience.
$75 - Sum 41 - Does This Look Infected? Slight edge war DNAP, VG+ cover
$50 - Ramones - Road To Ruin VG++ Cover
$65 - Linda Ronstadt - Canciones De Mi Padre EX Cover, OIS
$50 - Oingo Boingo - Only A Lad VG+ cover in shrink, QUIEX vinyl
$20 - The Plimsouls - The Plimsouls VG+ Cover
$25 - Opa - Goldenwings VG+ cover
$15 - Doc Watson - Memories VG+ cover
$10 - Eberhard Weber Colours - Silent Feet VG+ cover
$15 - Marty Fine - For God's Sake VG Cover
$15 - Chuck Berry - The Great Twenty-Eight
$15 - Burning Spear - Resistance
$15 - Bunny Wailer - Sings The Wailers
$10 - Ziggy Marley And The Melody Makers - Conscious Party
$15 - Tom Scott And The L.A. Express - Tom Scott And The L.A. Express
$20 - Various - Risky Business UK pressing
$5 - Horslips - The Man Who Built America
$5 - Kirk Whalum - Floppy Disk
$5 - Victor Feldman - Fiesta
$10 - Pat Metheny Group - First Circle
$5 - Pat McLaughlin - Pat McLaughlin
$5 - Dan Seals - Won't Be Blue Anymore
$5 - Robbie Robertson - Robbie Robertson
$5 - Dillard*Hartford*Dillard* - Permanent Wave VG+/VG+
$10 - Elmore JamesJohn Brim - Whose Muddy Shoes VG+ cover
$5 - Son Seals - Bad Axe
$5 - Ry Cooder - Crossroads (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
$5 - The Robert Cray Band - Change Of Heart, Change Of Mind (S.O.F.T.)
$5 - Joe Jackson - Big World
$5 - David Lindley And El Rayo-X - Win This Record!
$5 - Lonnie Mack - Second Sight
$5 - Mr. Mister - Welcome To The Real World EX record
$5 - Cruzados - Cruzados
$10 - John Hartford - Catalogue VG record, VG+ Cover
$5 - Utopia (5) - Adventures In Utopia VG+ cover
$10 - Asia (2) - Asia
$5 - The Long Ryders - State Of Our Union
$5 - Simple Minds - Sparkle In The Rain
$5 - Tommy Tutone - Tommy Tutone
$10 - Ry Cooder - Bop Till You Drop
$5 - Lake (2) - Lake
$5 - Eurogliders - This Island
$5 - Various - Greenpeace Rainbow Warriors VG+/VG+
$5 - Sly And Robbie* - Language Barrier QUIEX vinyl
$10 - Lightnin' Slim* - High And Low Down
$10 - Ralph Shine Blues Band - Ralph Shine Blues Band
$5 - Artists United Against Apartheid - Sun City with insert
$5 - Various - La Bamba ∙Original∙Motion∙Picture∙Soundtrack∙ VG+ cover


SOLD Thelonious bundle - $60 Shipped, records are VG, not pristine but overall a good listen. I would grade Work as a strong VG and Ellington as a lower end VG to G+ with persistent clicks and pops during some passages (no skips on my system). Cover for work is G+, has a water stain on the back but presents well. Ellington is G to G+ with tape along all 3 seams. Chat me for pics. Pressing info below. Both have been cleaned on a VPI RCM and Playgraded.
Will also throw in a VG copy of Mongo Santamaria - Mongo At The Village Gate and a VG+ copy of Sonny Rollins - Tenor Titan
Chet Baker Bundle - $50 Shipped
Both sealed
Chet Baker Trio - Daybreak
Chet Baker, David Friedman, Buster Williams, Joe Chambers - Peace
SOLD Otis Redding Bundle - $55 shipped
Ranging in condition. Grading is record then cover
Otis Redding - Love Man , 1969 ATCO, NM/VG+
Otis Redding - Live In Europe , 1969 ATCO, NM/VG++
Otis Redding - History Of Otis Redding , 1968 UK Volt, Strong VG/ VG
Otis Redding - Otis Blue / Otis Redding Sings Soul , 1965 Volt, G/G+
Sonny Rollins 5xLP Bundle - $75 shipped
Sonny Rollins & Co. - The Standard Sonny Rollins , VG+ record, VG cover
Sonny Rollins - Sonny Rollins And The Big Brass , Strong VG record, VG cover
Sonny Rollins - East Broadway Run Down VG/VG
Sonny Rollins - The Freedom Suite VG+ record VG cover

Three crates of more LPs are here, chat me with questions and pricing:

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2023.05.08 00:48 Minute-City7112 [Alfa Romeo Spider] in california, on Milan plates?? How on Earth?

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2023.04.30 03:20 PortablePorcelain Shijou Booth

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2023.04.25 15:38 Carlos-shady Images of Valencia fans protesting against Lim in the 19th minute at the Elche stadium, just after the first goal against Elche. // @noaasoka

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2023.04.20 13:56 smallcancer is this also it?

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2023.04.19 21:26 Longjumping_Being_43 These just arrived on my front porch.

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2023.04.16 17:27 doctordiesel187 What all do I have here?

What all do I have here?
I’ve had all this for years that I never ended up using, and really know nothing about. Getting my house ready to sell and going through things trying to decide what I really need to keep. It seems fairly old and all there, googling it doesn’t really help much. The red deal I think is for shotgun, and seems it’s missing some stuff? Is this all worth anything? Or do I just keep it? I have a buddy that might want it, but I’m sure he’ll lowball. Lol. Thanks for any help.
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2023.04.15 22:58 PlaneFunction Posibil cea mai mare frauda promovată de showbiz-ul romanesc în ultimii 5 ani

Fiind programator și urmând o facultate de Computer Science, în familia mea am fost mai mereu sa zicem un fel de “tech-support”. Și recent am tot auzit de la ai mei de acest Sebastian Dobrincu care cică este un antreprenor care a urmat cursuri la Stanford și a ajuns sa fie cineva în San Francisco. Ulterior, am început sa citesc și eu despre el. Locuiesc în Olanda de aproximativ 5 ani și nu aș zice ca am fost foarte “la curent” cu personalitățile care mai apar sau dispar prin televiziunea românească, dar sincer acest personaj pot sa zic ca m-a intrigat. Am zis sa verific și eu sa văd ce a făcut, moment în care au început sa apăra iregularitățile, sa zicem.
M-a surprins faptul ca am fost în același liceu cu acest băiat(Liceul Teoretic Internațional de Informatica din București sau ICHB). Căutând un pic prin diverse articole am descoperit ca acest băiat susține ca a fost olimpic la matematica și informatica. “Lucra, iar job-ul nu îi permitea să fie şi prezent întotdeauna la cursuri, chiar dacă era un elev olimpic, pasionat de matematică şi informatică”. S-ar putea ca asta sa fi fost motivul pentru care nu l-am cunoscut pe acest băiat. Structura claselor de olimpici la ICHB e un pic mai aparte. Respectiv cei care fac parte din aceste clase de olimpici de-obicei nu prea frecventează alte cursuri, urmând doar materiile la care participa în olimpiade. Asa ca am stat sa sap după rezultate pe ismb și ibi, site-uri unde se postau de-obicei rezultate în era “pre-gdpr”. Acest băiat susține pe LinkedIn ca a terminat ICHB în anul 2017, iar GDPR-ul a fost instaurat în 2016, deci măcar am putea sa găsim ceva rezultate pana ar fi terminat el clasa a 11-a(în teorie). Dar ce sa vezi, nu exista mai nimic, sau cel putin eu nu am reușit sa găsesc nimic. Conform stiridirecte.ro, numele lui complet este Sebastian Dobrincu, dar singurele rezultate pe care am reușit sa le găsesc au fost ale unui Sebastian Denis Dobrincu din 2015(clasa a 10-a) de la Liceul Teoretic Jean Monet. Si acel rezultat a fost unul de “Respins”.
Continuând in adâncimea acestui iceberg am continuat de-a lungul firului lui profesional și educational, sa văd ce mai găsesc. Am început sa studiez portofoliul lui(https://sebastiandobrincu.com/) care la prima vedere nu e nimic wow, aș zice, dar mna, de-obicei oamenii iei fac singuri portofoliile și le hosteaza direct ca fișiere html/css/js din GitHub cu GitHub pages deci n-am de ce să-l condamn pentru design-ul în sine. Dar apoi am stat sa mă uit un pic peste cod și am observat ca portofoliul lui e făcut cu squarespace. Daca ești un Web Dev care se respecta, eu aș crede ca măcar portofoliul ți-l faci singur, dar se pare ca nu. Urmarind rabbit-hole-ul din portofoliul lui am găsit presupusul lui email de la stanford([[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])), pe care orice verificator de e-mailuri disponibile online raporteaza ca e-mailul este invalid. Am zis sa verific fiindcă e ciudat sa ai fix un email doar cu unul dintre numele tale la o facultate.
Mergand mai departe în LinkedIn-ul lui putem vedea ca el susține ca lucrează din 2009. Dacă consideram ca o varsta medie când ar intra cineva la liceu este de cam 15 ani, și el susține ca a început ICHB-ul în 2014 ar însemna ca el practic lucrează de la varsta de 10 ani, hai sa zicem 11, lucru care coincide cu lucrurile pe care le susține în interviuri și la televizor. Dar interesante mi se par toate vrăjelile pe care le-a pus acolo în descriere. Majoritatea nu pot fi verificate și sincer nu o sa le contest, dar statement-ul pe care îl face "Built open-source software frameworks used by over 10K developers and over 100M users worldwide, including at companies like Facebook, Spotify, TikTok and Apple.” Pe git-ul lui personal are un singur repo care se apropie de numerele astea, respectiv un repo din 2015 care practic iti zice ce device folosești. Pacat ca nu s-a mai ocupat de el, poate ajungea aproape de statisticile pe care le susține.
N-o sa mai vorbesc despre start-up-urile lui fiindcă au fost destui care au debunk-uit deja toată treaba cu firmele lui fictive, investiții pe producthunt și crunchbase care nu pot fi urmărite în nici un fel și alte mizerii de genul(postările pe reddit disponibile mai jos). Doar voiam sa mai adaug peste un alt articol de pe reddit pe care l-am găsit care susținea ca “shop.io" nu are nici un angajat pe LinkedIn. De când a apărut acea postare se pare ca au apărut 3 noi angajați pe LinkedIn dar care eu suspectez(opinie personală, take it with a grain of salt) ca sunt falși din simplul fapt ca singurul lucru care exista pe conturile lor este ca sunt angajați la “shop.io" și au o activitate foarte vagă și rară(s-ar putea sa greșesc dar așa pare la prima vedere).
O sa las mai jos mai multe postări pe care le-am mai găsit pe reddit despre el. Sincer, recomand sa citiți și comentariile:
Also, recorder au scos articolul despre el(https://recorder.ro/supercoders-sebastian-dobrincu-adolescentul-de-un-milion-de-dolari/) deoarece “nu mai corespunde standardelor lor editoriale”. Mna, personal, recorder mi se pare ceva mai de încredere când vine vorba de reportaje în România, deci doar treaba asta ar trebui sa fie un red flag to begin with.
Edit: Ok, update-uri noi, deci cautand in liste, pe site-ul oficial de la ICHB, se pare ca numele lui complet este intradevar Sebastian Denis Dobrincu, deci rezultatele respective la olimpiade erau ale lui. Pe langa ce am găsit înainte se pare ca a fost și la olimpiada de TIC(nu informatica), unde a trecut de faza pe sector în București. Interesant mi se pare ca el a fost în Jean Monet, si s-a transferat la un momentdat la ICHB. Probabil ca aici este sfărâmă de adevăr în legătură cu exmatricularea lui. Speculez, nu sunt sigur, și nu aș vrea ca acest lucru sa fie luat de-a binelea dar se pare ca a fost la Jean Monet după care s-a transferat la ICHB(dacă asta a fost din cauza faptului ca a fost exmatriculat sau nu, nu știu). Am reușit sa fac corelația asta fiindcă pe site-ul ICHB(specificat în surse), spune ca s-a dus la NYIT(la fel ca pe LinkedIn-ul lui).
Presupun ca a reușit sa între la NYIT cu rezultatele de la SAT, un examen alternativ bacului romanesc care este necesar pentru a intra la universități în America. O facultate de 39.760 USD pe an și o medie la examenul de SAT între 1000-1200. Maximul este 1600 și scorul nu este linear, respectiv sa iei cu 160 de puncte(10%) nu e doar cu 10% mai greu, ci urmează o curba în funcție de numărul de studenți care dau examenul și rezultatele lor. Respectiv un scor de 1100 este clasat ca fiind în primii 60%(aproximativ) la nivel global.
Edit2: Nici un mail de suport de la shop.io/storyheaps, nu functioneaza(la data de 18 Aprilie 2023 18:24 GMT+2). In DNS-uri se pare ca sunt toate integrate in google workspace asa ca am specificat data in caz ca isi plateste factura la google dupa 2 ani de inactivitate si ne trezim ca defapt "mergeau tot timpul asta". Also, un coment mi-a atras atentia asupra faptului ca a primit bursa completa la NYIT, dar NYIT nu ofera bursa integrala pentru internationali.(https://www.nyit.edu/admissions/international_student_aid)
De ce am scris asta?
Mi se pare gresit modul în care se mediatizează și explodeaza știrile despre acest băiat. Practic promovează faptul ca educația nu te ajuta cu nimic. Nu e un exemplu bun pentru copii, și mai ales tinerilor care încă nu știu ce vor sa facă în viață. Educatia e un lucru foarte important și deși există cazuri în care oamenii reușesc fără o educație formală, acestea sunt excepții, nu regulă. Este important să încurajăm tinerii să se educe, să învețe și să dezvolte abilități care îi vor ajuta în viață, indiferent de domeniul în care vor să lucreze.
Este important să avem modele pozitive, care îi inspiră pe tineri să se dezvolte și să lucreze pentru a-și atinge obiectivele. În loc să promovăm povești false sau manipulative, ar trebui să ne concentrăm pe a prezenta modele autentice care au realizat succesul prin muncă, educație și perseverență.
Sper ca n-o să-mi iau prea mult hate pentru acest post. Nu pare a fi un om rău, dar măcar dacă minți și nu ești onest despre propria-ți realitate atunci nu mi se pare ok sa dai în tolba despre cum ești tu și ce minuni faci tu. Voi ce credeți? Merita expunerea și mediatizarea pe care o primește? Oare toți reporterii de la ProTv/Antena1/etc. nu văd toate lucrurile astea?
Mentiune: Verificati conturile de reddit inainte sa luati o decizie in legatura cu opinie proprie, au aparut destul de multe conturi noi, si comentarii cu activitate dubioasa(peste 300 de upvote-uri dar un numar restrans de comentarii de la conturi fara o activitate pe o durata mai lunga de timp).

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2023.04.15 10:17 Ok_Discussion7099 otis mi

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2023.04.10 15:08 FlamingoProof The only way to book Baron Corbin

I don't know for what reason but the case of Baron Corbin has been on my mind for quite some time. He's a great wrestler, he can cut a promo, he is safe, yet he has been so underwhelming it just boggles the mind. And I think all he needs is a great story.
And it starts with Chad Gable.
At Backlash, we have Alpha Academy fight MMM. AA loses because Otis turns on Gable to join the Models. This leaves Gable as the Master with no Academy.
The RAW after Backlash, Corbin approaches Gable. Up to this point, Corbin had been down on his luck, squashed every match, cut from interviews, etc. Corbin approaches Gable earnestly and asks the Master to help him, because he needs training.
This coincides with Chad Gable's singles run and face turn, he starts winning a lot of matches, and Corbin is ringside every time to learn from his Master. Eventually, Corbin starts winning matches as well, although not important ones.
Eventually, we arrive at MiTB, where Chad Gable has to face Austin Theory (or the US Champ at that time) for the belt. He loses to Theory, and his spirit is completely crushed. Next night on RAW, Theory is viciously attacked backstage by a hooded figure, and is sent to the hospital.
The belt has to be vacated (this gives Theory a break, after which he could return and maybe chase after a bigger title) and a tournament is held for the US Title. We arrive at the finals, which is Chad Gable versus someone super strong, like a Seth Rollins/Bobby Lashley, etc. No one thinks Gable can pull it off.
Right before the match, Gable's opponent is viciously attacked and he has to forfeit the match, making Gable the US Champ. Next RAW/Smackdown, Corbin reveals to his master that he helped him win the title by attacking Theory and Rollins/Lashley and that he finally payed back his Master for his wisdom and training.
This disappoints Gable and tells Corbin that all the training was for nothing, that he will always be a bad human being and not even the Master can help with that.
This sends Corbin into a frenzy, and sets up a well-built US Title Match at SummerSlam between Gable and Corbin, which Gable wins.
This gives Gable a much needed push, and puts Corbin in a storyline where he can shine.
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2023.04.04 16:34 Triedtoohard123 The joys of city driving 🙃 (yes I know I need to fill up)

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2023.04.04 07:31 syntheticgloom Some of my recent favorites, if you have any recs

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2023.04.03 06:27 Beanz2151 Do they still make these? Mazda Miata is my dream car and I am trying to collect them all. Also are there such things as fake Hotwheels that I should be aware about before buying any of eBay and Amazon?

Do they still make these? Mazda Miata is my dream car and I am trying to collect them all. Also are there such things as fake Hotwheels that I should be aware about before buying any of eBay and Amazon? submitted by Beanz2151 to HotWheels [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 05:52 OneWithA11 Dull - Asake Lyrics - Requesting Nigerian Pidgin Translation

Hello! I love this song and the entire album Mr. Money With The Vibe but to be completely honest I don't understand like 80% of it.
As someone who loves lyrics, can someone who understands this Pidgin translate these lyrics or their meaning line by line? Thank you so much
nOke agba ni mo gun yi o, e ma jen jabo Eyin agba mo be yin o, mi o shako Make I dey chop my life jeje kin de ma shomo Oshomo gbomo omolomo
Chorus I swear I no go dull I swear I no go dull I swear I no go dull Aje, I no go dull I swear I no go dull Wetin mama go chop? I swear I no go dull Aje, I no go dull I swear I no go dull (Shemi) Ah, never to dull (Bami bere si) I swear I no go dull (Make I no fo) Aje, I no go dull (Lai lai no) I swear I no go dull (Aje) Wetin mama go chop? I swear I no go dull Aje I no go dull
Verse 2 See my star shine like a diamond (Diamond) Kini mon sorun, diamond (Diamond) Emi leyan esi, Baddo jekin dayan mo Jibola oti jogor (Jorgor) O lo be si awon stubborn (Stubborn) O de mo kpe werey kpo leko E mu lo keyo
Outro Ah, ah, ah ,ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah Ah, ah, ah ,ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
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2023.04.01 23:25 bluecjj NBA/ABA "dynasty" Rankings, Part 3 (Dynastenders)

Full Series:
I’ve been sitting on this series for a while, but because I don’t want to redo everything after the season, I want to hopefully get both of these last installments in before the end of the regular season. There are two teams on these respective lists (Milwaukee and Golden State) who are still relevant today, which will hopefully pique some interest. I might end up editing longer write-ups for some of these teams later, while still making sure to get the post out in a reasonable amount of time.
A “dynastender”, coined by Bill Simmons, is a team who won a championship, but failed to qualify as a Dynasty proper (which requires three or more titles in six or fewer seasons). While the Bridesmaid list had 15 entries (as it takes more to stand out without a title to your name), this Dynastender list is lengthier (23 teams), as winning a championship will give you enough points to get to 10 most of the tme.
It’s often said in contexts like this that nobody remembers second place, and you’d rather be at the bottom of this list than at the top of the previous one. However, thinking about it I’m not sure I agree. That’s true in one respect, but Bridesmaids do have the advantage of standing out for their lack of hardware; having the marks of a potential dynasty with zero championships is a compelling storyline, but if you do win a championship you might run the risk of getting blurred together with numerous other teams with similar storylines.
There are two slight changes I made to the rules when it comes to displaying players and coaches: [1] if a coach won a championship, they get included (Pat Riley wouldn’t be included on the Heat otherwise); [2] for a player to make the list for 20 Win Shares, only seasons where they’re top 5 on the team in WS count (my memory of the Bridesmaid list is vague, and I might have missed 20-WS players before, but this rule change makes it easier for me to not miss anyone).
Two more notes by way of citation:

Missed the Cut

I actually have to make some cuts to get under 40,000 characters, so this is what I decided to cut (I'll put this section in the comments). Besides, maybe it'll help build suspense for which teams did and didn't make the main list.

23. St. Louis Hawks, 1957-1961

Head Coach: Alex Hannum, Ed Macauley, Paul Seymour
Key Players: Bob Petit, Cliff Hagan, Clyde Lovellette, Ed Macauley
Dynastender Rankings: 9th-16th in Seasons (5), 19th in Points (12.39), 23rd in adjusted Championships (0.52), 8th in adjusted Finals appearances (2.07), 23rd in win% (.597), 20th in playoff win% (.528), 23rd in adjusted Net Rating (+1.3), 23rd in Top 5 aNR (+1.3)
Avg z-score: -1.08
Just like with the Bridesmaid list, we start with a team from the early days of the NBA; accomplishments like making two Finals and winning one are likely to be more impressive today than back when there were a handful of teams in the league. The title the Hawks did win also comes in at #3 on Bill Simmons’ footnote title list, due to a Bill Russell injury which weakened the Celtics. On the other hand, that was the only Finals loss that one of the greatest teams of all time suffered, and the Hawks took them to seven in ‘57 and ‘60. So maybe winning a single title is a “fairer” result than thinking only about Russell’s injury would lead one to believe.

22. Seattle SuperSonics, 1978-1980

Head Coach: Lenny Wilkens
Key Players: Gus Williams, Jack Sikma, Dennis Johnson, Lonnie Shelton, Marvin Webster
Dynastender Rankings: 21st-23rd in Seasons (3), 20th in Points (11.77), 16th in adjusted Championships (0.86), 15th in adjusted Finals appearances (1.71), 20th in win% (.630), 12th-13th in playoff win% (.593), 21st in adjusted Net Rating (+2.7), 22nd in Top 5 aNR (+1.6)
Avg z-score: -0.82
These guys might be the most forgettable post-merger team in this entire series, at least from where I’m sitting. Mike the NBA Guy agrees with me, as he made a YouTube video with basically the same name. It probably doesn’t help that they didn’t have many memorable players, and that they played in the 70s; too late for the nostalgic Wilt/Russell era, but too early for the Bird/Magic era.
In ‘78, Seattle lost a seven-game Finals series to the Bullets, the worst NBA champion of all time (by both win percentage and net rating). The next season, they won an extremely nail-biting conference finals against the Suns, and struck back by beating Washington in five to get the title. 56 wins and a conference final loss in 1980 was enough to qualify for this list, but they weren’t able to sustain success for long enough to be remembered.

21. Miami Heat, 2004-2006

Head Coach: Stan Van Gundy, Pat Riley
Key Players: Dwyane Wade, Udonis Haslem, Shaquille O’Neal, Eddie Jones, Damon Jones, Lamar Odom
Dynastender Rankings: 21st-23rd in Seasons (3), 23rd in Points (10), 8th-13th in adjusted Championships (1), 19th-21st in adjusted Finals appearances (1), 22nd in win% (.622), 5th in playoff win% (.647), 17th in adjusted Net Rating (+3.3), 21st in Top 5 aNR (+2.0)
Avg z-score: -0.76
Shaq’s last real hurrah was in Miami, where his stint alongside Dwyane Wade was so short that despite winning a (footnote) championship, his years alone actually wouldn’t have been enough for his team to be an official Dynastender. The 2004 series between Miami and New Orleans is otherwise rather forgettable, but the Heat qualified for that season- and for the list overall- because they were able to eke that series out in seven.
Relatively speaking, the only real bright spot keeping the Heat ahead of the Sonics is their playoff record; in fact, this is the first of five teams we’ll cover in this series who have a higher win percentage in the playoffs than in the regular season. Two sweeps to start off 2005 help, as well as two close series losses in ‘04 and ‘05, followed by a solid championship run where nobody took Miami to seven.

20. Los Angeles/Utah Stars, 1970-1974

Head Coach: Bill Sharman, LaDell Andersen, Joe Mullaney
Key Players: Zelmo Beaty, Willie Wise, Jimmy Jones, Ron Boone, Mark Calvin
Dynastender Rankings: 9th-16th in Seasons (5), 18th in Points (13.17), 19th-20th in adjusted Championships (0.61), 13th in adjusted Finals appearances (1.79), 19th in win% (.633), 10th in playoff win% (.595), 18th in adjusted Net Rating (+3.15), 18th in Top 5 aNR (+3.15)
Avg z-score: -0.64
If this team doesn’t look familiar, it’s because I decided to include the ABA for this series.
The LA Stars managed to make the ABA Finals after a 43-41 season in 1970, the year before they moved to Utah. The team improved after moving, sporting 57, 60, and 55-win seasons, and squeaking out a championship in ‘71 after seven-game series in both of the final rounds, including the mighty Pacers. Utah would be the 1-seed in the Western division the next three seasons, but lose in the playoffs: twice to the Pacers, and once to a team coming up on this list.

19. Rochester Royals, 1949-1954

Head Coach: Les Harrison
Key Players: Bobby Wanzer, Arnie Risen, Bob Davies, Arnie Johnson, Jack Coleman
Dynastender Rankings: 5th-8th in Seasons (6), 17th-18th in Points (13.17), 19th-20th in adjusted Championships (0.61), 22nd in adjusted Finals appearances (0.61), 14th in win% (.658), 23rd in playoff win% (.500), 14th in adjusted Net Rating (+4.0), 14th in Top 5 aNR (+4.3)
Avg z-score: -0.64
This Royals team is best known as the last time the Kings’ franchise has won a title; when you have to go back this far, it’s probably even more humiliating than simply having never won a title at all.
We have to go all the way back to the BAA for the start of this run; where in ‘48-49, the Royals had the best record in the league but lost the Division Finals to Mikan’s Lakers. Then in 1950, the new NBA had a best-of 3 format before the Finals, where the Royals got swept in two games against the Ft. Wayne Pistons. It was in Rochester’s worst regular season of this run (‘51) that they actually won the championship, in what was also their only Finals appearance. They sustained their run with three more moderately good regular seasons, but petered out in the playoffs against the Lakers (twice) and Pistons (once).

18. Kentucky Colonels, 1970-1975

Head Coach: Gene Rhodes, Joe Mullaney, Babe McCarthy, Hubie Brown
Key Players: Artis Gilmore, Dan Issel, Louie Dampier, Goose Ligon, Darel Carrier, Cincy Powell
Dynastender Rankings: 5th-8th in Seasons (6), 16th in Points (13.76), 21st-22nd in adjusted Championships (0.58), 14th in adjusted Finals appearances (1.76), 18th in win% (.643), 17th in playoff win% (.570), 15th in adjusted Net Rating (+3.7), 13th in Top 5 aNR (+4.5)
Avg z-score: -0.51
We’re back in the ABA, and to a team which somehow had six different head coaches in a six-year period of success.
Like happens occasionally in this list, the seasons where Kentucky saw playoff success aren’t the ones you’d necessarily expect. They had the best regular season in ABA history (68-16, +8 net rating), and lost in the first round of the playoffs. However, that season was sandwizhed between two Finals runs where they went 44-40 and 56-28 in the RS. They lost two Game 7s in those Finals, and even outscored the Pacers in ‘73, meaning this Dynastender run was reasonably close to becoming a Dynasty. However, they didn’t get to the 10-pont threshold until their actual championship season, with an impressive 12-3 playoff run including a convincing 5-game defeat of Indiana.

17. New York Nets, 1974-1976

Head Coach: Kevin Loughery
Key Players: Julius Erving, Brian Taylor, Billy Paultz, Larry Kenon
Dynastender Rankings: 21st-23rd in Seasons (3), 22nd in Points (10.14), 7th in adjusted Championships (1.13), 18th in adjusted Finals appearances (1.13), 13th in win% (.667), 4th in playoff win% (.656), 12th in adjusted Net Rating (+4.4), 20th in Top 5 aNR (+2.65)
Avg z-score: -0.49
Rounding out our ABA section is a short-but-sweet run of two titles in three years from Dr. J and the Nets. They also had a very impressive championship run at the start of their Dynastender, going 12-2 in the ‘74 playoffs. They then rounded out ABA history by beating the Nuggets in a six-game Finals in 1976.

16. Houston Rockets, 1993-1997

Head Coach: Rudy Tomjanovich
Key Players: Hakeem Olajuwon, Kenny Smith, Clyde Drexler, Mario Ellie, Otis Thorpe, Charles Barkley
Dynastender Rankings: 9th-16th in Seasons (5), 12th in Points (17), 3rd in adjusted Championships (1.90), 12th in adjusted Finals appearances (1.90), 16th in win% (.646), 12th-13th in playoff win% (.593), 22nd in adjusted Net Rating (+2.4), 17th in Top 5 aNR (+3.3)
Avg z-score: -0.49
We’ve left the land of historical footnotes, and from this point on these teams will mostly be remembered by hard-core fans.
With Michael Jordan spending his time either playing baseball or losing a memory-holed second-round series to Orlando, the man picked ahead of him in the ‘84 draft took advantage of the power vacuum. He led Houston to two straight titles, including an empathic upset sweep over the aforementioned Magic. Then they tried forming a superteam with Barkley, but John Stockton and the Jazz ended their season, and it turns out their Dynastender.
Hakeem’s Rockets are stuck near ABA-land, with their biggest problem being their weak regular seasons (both in terms of net rating and win percentage, plus missed opportunities for Points). Their second championship, and the Points it gave them, does help, but it can only propel them so far when every other category is lacking.

15. Philadelphia 76ers, 1966-1969

Head Coach: Dolph Schayes, Alex Hannum, Jack Ramsay
Key Players: Wilt Chamberlain, Hal Greer, Chet Walker, Billy Cunningham
Dynastender Rankings: 17th-20th in Seasons (4), 21st in Points (10.67), 21st-22nd in adjusted Championships (0.58), 23rd in adjusted Finals appearances (0.58), 2nd in win% (.738), 21st in playoff win% (.526), 8th in adjusted Net Rating (+5.15), 15th in Top 5 aNR (+4.1)
Avg z-score: -0.41
This franchise enjoyed three full seasons of Wilt’s services, and took advantage; with a stupendous 185-58 regular season record (a 62-win pace), and a ‘67 season which ended the Celtics’ eight-peat of championships emphatically.
That season’s East Finals ended 4-1 in Philly’s favor, with the Sixers outscoring the Celtics by a total of 50 points. Both of those metrics (the three-game and 50-point margin) were franchise records for Celtics losses; the three-game margin wasn’t beaten until 1983, and the 50-point drubbing wouldn’t be topped until 2004. Beating the eight-time defending champs this badly is extremely impressive.
Still, the Sixers didn’t count as a Dynastender quite yet until 1969, when the remnants of the team were able to amass 55 wins with Wilt no longer in town.

14. Boston Celtics, 1972-1977

Head Coach: Tom Heinsohn
Key Players: John Havlicek, Dave Cowens, Jo Jo White, Paul Silas, Don Nelson, Don Chaney
Dynastender Rankings: 5th-8th in Seasons (6), 9th in Points (18.52), 5th in adjusted Championships (1.53), 16th in adjusted Finals appearances (1.53), 9th in win% (.687), 14th in playoff win% (.588), 20th in adjusted Net Rating (+3.1), 16th in Top 5 aNR (+4.05)
Avg z-score: -0.28
After the retirement of Bill Russell, the Celtics were nearly able to continue his Dynasty (spoiler alert!). 1970 was a dud, a sub-.500 season worth (approximately) -3 points. ‘71 was another playoff miss, but they finished over .500 (44-38), for -2 points. Boston finally got into the positive category in ‘72, but only for 2 points (56 wins and a conference finals loss), meaning that the Celtics satisfied criteria 4 for ending a dynasty (as ‘69 and ‘72 both had to be worth at least three points).
But while Russell’s Dynasty was over, a couple of the same players who were around for its twilight were able to put together a Dynastender on its coattails. Two championships and six seasons of success are both impressive, but other numbers are underwhelming. They have some distance between themselves and everyone below them, but their weak net rating and lack of a popping stat to make up for it keep them in the teens.

13. Cleveland Cavaliers, 2015-2018

Head Coach: David Blatt, Tyronn Lue
Key Players: LeBron James, Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson, Kyrie Irving
Dynastender Rankings: 17th-20th in Seasons (4), 10th-11th in Points (18), 8th-13th in adjusted Championships (1), 2nd-3rd in adjusted Finals appearances (4), 17th in win% (.643), 1st in playoff win% (.679), 16th in adjusted Net Rating (+3.45), 19th in Top 5 aNR (+2.8)
Avg z-score: -0.27
Of course, few people would think about this Cavs team in isolation; really, it’s a link in the chain of LeBron’s career, which is why I’ll be discussing him as the only player-centric Dynasty on the next list.
However, going through an exercise like this can help underline how special it is to make four Finals in a row. When we include era adjustments, only one other Dynastender that we’ll talk about beats 4 Finals appearances, and the only other one to match it is when LeBron did it with the Heat in the four previous seasons.
The one major asterisk everyone puts on this team is that the East was weak. That might be true, but it’s also overstated. Out of 133 Dynastender seasons, the Cavs’ strengths of schedule (per Basketball Reference) rank, in chronological order: 72th-75th, 97th-99th, 62nd, and 68th-69th. That’s nothing to particularly write home about (although the Cavs’ own weak point differentials meant they weren’t decreasing their own SOS as much as some other teams). Of 78 teams who lost in the conference finals since the 16-team playoff format started, the net rating of the Cavs’ ECF opponents ranked: 38th, 45th, 70th, 60th. Out of 156 second-round losers, Cleveland’s opponents ranked: 91st-92nd, 74th-77th, 55th-60th, and 9th. To be fair, these numbers would be a bit lower if you took SOS into account; but they’re not totally dismal.
In the big picture, it’s relatively rare for people to criticize the Raptors, or the Bucks, or the Big Three Celtics, or the Shaq-Wade Heat, because of a weak conference; even though all of these teams I mentioned have SOSs comparably bad as the Cavs throughout their Dynastender runs. But it was and is brought up over and over again for LeBron’s teams, because his teams were the only ones who were able to consistently benefit from the weak conference. People were complaining about the lack of competition in the East, because when you’re up against LeBron the standard is so much higher to meaningfully count as “competition”.
With all of that said, the Cavs’ weak regular seasons, combined with the fact that LeBron only stayed for four years, anchors them out of the top 10.

12. Toronto Raptors, 2016-2020

Head Coach: Dwane Casey, Nick Nurse
Key Players: Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan, Jonas Valanciunas, Pascal Siakam, Kawhi Leonard
Dynastender Rankings: 9th-16th in Seasons (5), 13th in Points (16), 8th-13th in adjusted Championships (1), 19th-21st in adjusted Finals appearances (1), 6th in win% (.693), 19th in playoff win% (.547), 6th in adjusted Net Rating (+5.4), 8th in Top 5 aNR (+5.4)
Avg z-score: -0.24
The Raptors are one of the weirdest entries in this series, as their run almost feels like three different ones.
The first chapter came as three consecutive solid regular seasons (56, 51 and 59 wins) that were all ended by the aforementioned Cavs. Then they traded for Kawhi Leonard and won a championship with him (A footnote title? Or not?), for the second, one-season chapter. Then they managed to unexpectedly have a great season in the COVID-interrupted 2019-20 campaign, including a 60-win pace and a narrow second-round loss, for one final, one-season chapter.
Putting all of the pieces together, this run registers as an impressive one as far as regular-season success goes, finishing 6th among Dynatenders for both regular-season win percentage and adjusted net rating. Playoff success was a different story, which the aforementioned LeBron series (two of which were sweeps) are mostly responsible for (plus the fact that many of their series wins were close, including their last three wins in ‘19).
This run is technically not officially over yet, but the Raptors would have to win the championship this season in order to extend it. Needless to say, that’s not very likely.

11. New York Knicks, 1969-1974

Head Coach: Red Holzman
Key Players: Walt Frazier, Willis Reed, Dave DeBusschere, Bill Bradley, Dick Barnett, Jerry Lucas, Earl Monroe
Dynastender Rankings: 5th-8th in Seasons (6), 8th in Points (18.6), 6th in adjusted Championships (1.44), 7th in adjusted Finals appearances (2.19), 15th in win% (.650), 11th in playoff win% (.593), 11th in adjusted Net Rating (+4.5), 11th in Top 5 aNR (+5.0)
Avg z-score: -0.20
The Knicks were terrible for most of the sixties, never even reaching a .400 win percentage from ‘60 to ‘66. New York had never won a championship, so when the late Willis Reed’s famous heroics helped them beat the Lakers in 1970, it was truly a new leaf to turn over for the club. That season was followed up by a third-straight 50-win season, and then two more consecutive Finals appearances, including another win in ‘73.

10. Milwaukee Bucks, 2019-present

Head Coach: Mike Budenholzer
Key Players: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton, Eric Bledsoe
Dynastender Rankings: 17th-20th in Seasons (4), 15th in Points (15), 8th-13th in adjusted Championships (1), 19th-21st in adjusted Finals appearances (1), 7th in win% (.689), 6th in playoff win% (.633), 3rd in adjusted Net Rating (+6.3), 10th in Top 5 aNR (+5.1)
Avg z-score: -0.10
The NBA’s only reigning Dynastender (that we know of) lands just inside the top ten. All of these numbers are only as of the end of last year, although the Bucks’ run is already confirmed as continuing another season (as they’ve gotten to 50 wins).
A pressing question, of course, might be how the Bucks’ ranking might change depending on their playoff results this year. It’s hard to project, because it depends on some specifics (like how their regular- and post-season records will shake out). However, if I change nothing but seasons/points/champs/finals to account for an NBA championship this season, the Bucks go up to #6 on this list (breaking into what’s currently a pretty solid top-6). Adjusting for a conference finals loss (adding one season and three points) would push them up two spots, to #8.
Looking at the profile of Milwaukee’s accomplishments so far, their net rating (3rd when adjusted for strength of schedule) is what sticks out to me the most. In fact, that’s an area where the Bucks will actually take a hit at the end of this season, because they’ve had a relatively underwhelming net rating this time around.

9. Los Angeles Lakers, 1962-1973

Head Coach: Fred Schaus, Butch van Breda Kolff, Joe Mullaney, Bill Sharman
Key Players: Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Wilt Chamberlain, Gail Goodrich, Rudy LaRusso, Happy Hairston, Dick Barnett, Jim McMillian, Archie Clark
Dynastender Rankings: 1st in Seasons (12), 4th in Points (23.19), 17th-18th in adjusted Championships (0.75), 1st in adjusted Finals appearances (5.7), 21st in win% (.626), 18th in playoff win% (.552), 19th in adjusted Net Rating (+3.1), 7th in Top 5 aNR (+5.5)
Avg z-score: -0.04
The Lakers of Jerry West’s time represented a kind of dynasty of second-place finishes. Their nine Finals appearances in the 12-year run is incredible, although it’s adjusted down to 5.7 because of the number of teams in the league when they were accomplished.
These Lakers’ ability to contend for a long period of time is impressive, and if I did these rankings by Points alone, they’d be at #4 among Dynastenders on that strength. Weak regular seasons, though, prevent them from reaching thoe heights in my more complicated system.

8. Boston Celtics, 2008-2012

Head Coach: Doc Rivers
Key Players: Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo
Dynastender Rankings: 9th-16th in Seasons (5), 10th-11th in Points (18), 8th-13th in adjusted Championships (1), 9th-10th in adjusted Finals appearances (2), 5th in win% (.693), 15th in playoff win% (.581), 4th in adjusted Net Rating (+6.0), 3rd in Top 5 aNR (+6.0)
Avg z-score: -0.03
Known as a major step forward into the “superteam” era, the Big Three Celtics hit the ground running, posting their best season by far (67 wins and a title) in their first season together. As such, they’re the only NBA Dynastender to win a title in the first season of their run. Perhaps, that might be what contributes to this squad’s legacy; most teams have to build for a couple of years but the Big Three Celtics hit the ground running and made an immediate impression.
They had a chance to make a Dynasty out of it, but a Garnett injury hampered their chances in ‘09, and they couldn't pull out a Game 7 against the Lakers in ‘10. Great regular seasons propel the team into the top-10 Dynastenders, although the short length of the run and underwhelming playoff results limit how high they could rise.

7. Detroit Pistons, 2002-2008

Head Coach: Rick Carlisle, Larry Brown, Flip Saunders
Key Players: Chauncey Billups, Ben Wallace, Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Rasheed Wallace, Jon Barry
Dynastender Rankings: 4th in Seasons (7), 3rd in Points (25), 14th in adjusted Championships (0.98), 11th in adjusted Finals appearances (1.98), 12th in win% (.669), 16th in playoff win% (.579), 10th in adjusted Net Rating (+4.8), 6th in Top 5 aNR (+5.7)
Avg z-score: 0.00
What really carries this Pistons team is their Point total, which is buoyed both by their longevity (7 seasons is a fairly good length for a run) and the streak of six straight conference finals appearances for which they are somewhat famous. Six straight three-point seasons (in the Dynasty Point system) has only been equalled by the Jazz (six straight), Russell Celtics (eight straight), and the Showtime Lakers (ten straight), so it’s a very impressive feat that’s worthy of putting the ‘00s Pistons in this kind of tier.
Because of how many deep runs the Pistons made, it’s not that hard to imagine a couple years going differently resulting in a Dynasty; like ‘05 (losing in Game 7 of the Finals), or ‘06/’08 (two six-game losses to the eventual champions).
Somewhat surprisingly, they don’t rank very highly in playoff win percentage, due to the fact that they won some surprisingly close series (like TOR ‘02, ORL ‘03, CLE ‘06) and lost a couple of lopsided ones (BOS ‘02, NJ ‘03).

6. Detroit Pistons, 1987-1991

Head Coach: Chuck Daly
Key Players: Bill Laimbeer, Dennis Rodman, Joe Dumars, Isiah Thomas, Adrian Dantley
Dynastender Rankings: 9th-16th in Seasons (5), 5th in Points (21.68), 4th in adjusted Championships (1.86), 6th in adjusted Finals appearances (2.74), 11th in win% (.678), 3rd in playoff win% (.678), 9th in adjusted Net Rating (+4.9), 12th in Top 5 aNR (+4.9)
Avg z-score: 0.13
The second straight Pistons team on the list is the closest Dynastender to being on the Dynasty list. The ‘88 Finals ended with two very close games (that weren’t without controversy either), both of which could have won the Pistons the championship. Had they done so, and still won the next two, they would get the requisite three titles (in six or fewer seasons) for the Dynasty label. However, this team fails to resemble Dynasties in both number of championships and in length; every post-merger Dynasty lasted at least nine seasons by mysystem, where Detroit lasted only five. The Pistons got their two titles, got eclipsed by the Bulls, and disappeared.
Playoff success carries this run, as the Bad Boys nearly had as good of a win percentage in the second season as in the first. Unlike their ‘00s successors, they dominated series, winning 9 series by three games or more in this Dynastender run, losing only once by such a margin.

5. Dallas Mavericks, 2001-2011

Head Coach: Don Nelson, Avery Johnson, Rick Carlisle
Key Players: Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry, Steve Nash, Michael Finley, Erick Dampier, Josh Howard, Jason Kidd, Shawn Bradley, Tyson Chandler, Antawn Jamison
Dynastender Rankings: 2nd in Seasons (11), 2nd in Points (27), 8th-13th in adjusted Championships (1), 9th-10th in adjusted Finals appearances (2), 8th in win% (.687), 22nd in playoff win% (.512), 7th in adjusted Net Rating (+5.4), 2nd in Top 5 aNR (+7.0)
Avg z-score: 0.19
The Mavericks’ relative absence from the later rounds of the playoffs might have made you think that the 2011 team was a one-year wonder. However, that’s not the case. It was a year that topped off what was a very impressive run of success up to that point, at least in the regular season.
Every season in this run, Dallas had a record good enough to earn them points for my system (a 50-win pace). That’s 11 straight seasons, a very impressive feat that’s only been bettered by the Showtime Lakers, the Russell Celtics, and the Duncan Spurs. Dirk and co. were consistently good year in and year out, which is the driving force behind them making the top 5 of the Dynastender list.
Of course, what came between the Mavs and the very top of this list (or even a part of the Dynasty list) is a lack of playoff success. The playoff record (65-62) sticks out like a sore thumb, an atrocious 22nd out of 23 qualifying Dynastenders. The biggest symbol of said disappointment is the infamous series they lost to the 8-seed Warriors in 2007, following a 67-win regular season that featured an MVP from Nowitzki.
A disparity between regular season and playoff success that’s this large is really astounding, and the large sample calls into question the conventional analytic wisdom that the playoffs are basically just a noise-fest. Here are some highlights (or lowlights), as not everyone might know/remember much about Dallas’ playoff journey (I know I didn’t before researching):
Dallas entered 2011 having lost in the first round three times in four years, and this long stretch of playoff failure made their great championship run all the sweeter.

4. Los Angeles Lakers, 2008-2012

Head Coach: Phil Jackson, Mike Brown
Key Players: Pau Gasol, Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum
Dynastender Rankings: 9th-16th in Seasons (5), 6th-7th in Points (21), 1st-2nd in adjusted Championships (2), 5th in adjusted Finals appearances (3), 4th in win% (.703), 8th in playoff win% (.618), 5th in adjusted Net Rating (+5.8), 4th in Top 5 aNR (+5.8)
Avg z-score: 0.21
Fittingly, the Celtics and Lakers had Dynastenders spanning the exact same five seasons. The Lakers’ version gets the nod both because they won the 2010 matchup, and because the Lakers had more consistent postseason success, winning 62% of their playoff games (and making three Finals) to the Celtics’ 58% (and two).
There might be some quibbles about this run not being connected to the Shaqobe era, but the consensus seems to be in separating the two, and my system concurs (the ‘05-07 run of seasons is enough disappointment to put the kibosh on the initial Dynasty).

3. Philadelphia 76ers, 1977-1986

Head Coach: Gene Shue, Billy Cunningham, Matt Guokas
Key Players: Julius Erving, Maurice Cheeks, Bobby Jones, Moses Malone, Andrew Toney, Steve Mix, Charles Barkley, George McGinnis, Doug Collins
Dynastender Rankings: 3rd in Seasons (10), 1st in Points (30), 15th in adjusted Championships (0.88), 4th in adjusted Finals appearances (3.46), 10th in win% (.683), 9th in playoff win% (.603), 13th in adjusted Net Rating (+4.3), 5th in Top 5 aNR (+5.8)
Avg z-score: 0.28
Moses Malone’s “Fo Fo” Sixers only won one championship, but they had an extended period of relevance of which it was a part. In ten seasons, they made it to four NBA Finals and seven conference finals, only losing in the first round once. They also won 50 games in all but one season, the 47-win ‘79. In total, their 560 wins in these ten seasons ranked first in the league, with only two other teams (BOS 539, LAL 552) even getting to 500.
This team might slip through the cracks a bit, because apart from their one title, they’re often remembered in the contexts of their losses; they lost to Bill Walton’s Blazers, they lost to Magic’s iconic Game 6 performance, and they lost the 3-1 lead against the ‘81 Celtics. These Sixers had the definite potential for a Dynasty if a couple of these (or other) losses went the other way.
My Point system loves this team’s longevity and consistency, as can be seen from their top rank in that category. They only end up outside of the top spot on this list because there’s two other teams who were particularly excellent over smaller periods of time.

2. Milwaukee Bucks, 1970-1974

Head Coach: Larry Costello
Key Players: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bob Dandridge, Oscar Robertson, Jon McGlocklin, Lucius Allen, Flynn Robinson
Dynastender Rankings: 9th-16th in Seasons (5), 14th in Points (15.66), 17th-18th in adjusted Championships (0.75), 17th in adjusted Finals appearances (1.51), 1st in win% (.741), 7th in playoff win% (.632), 1st in adjusted Net Rating (+7.6), 1st in Top 5 aNR (+7.6)
Avg z-score: 0.31
Of the teams you were anticipating on this list, the ‘70s Bucks might not have been one of them. They were from the “dark ages” of the ‘70s that everybody forgets about. There’s a chance that you knew they had a great ‘71 season, but not much else.
However, these Bucks had a heck of a run. They hit the ground running their first season without Kareem, immediately winning 56 games, losing in the Division Finals. Then followed one of the greatest seasons of all time, where they posted a net-rating record that wouldn’t be broken for 21 years (and their aNR still hasn’t been beaten by a non-Dynasty), and dominated the postseason to boot. ‘72 was the Lakers’ year, but the Bucks were still nothing to sneeze at; 63 wins and a second-straight double-digit net rating (only the ‘15-17 Warriors and ‘96-97 Bulls can boast the same). Not only that, but they actually outscored the Lakers in their playoff series that year! ‘73 saw a disappointing first-round upset loss to Golden State (in which the Bucks also scored more points), but after a third-straight 60-win season (another feat only Dynasties share). Finally, the Bucks narrowly missed what would have been the NBA’s only four-season streak of 60+ wins (they won 59), and an iconic Kareem shot forced a seventh NBA Finals game which they ended up losing.
I was originally as puzzled by the Bucks’ high ranking as you all might have been, but actually going back and breaking down all of their seasons has sold me on them. 304 regular-season wins over a five-year period is incredible, and they were just a few playoff games away from a Dynasty that would’ve potentially been remembered among the best.

1. Miami Heat, 2011-2014

Head Coach: Erik Spoelstra
Key Players: LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh
Dynastender Rankings: 17th-20th in Seasons (4), 6th-7th in Points (21), 1st-2nd in adjusted Championships (2), 2nd-3rd in adjusted Finals appearances (3.46), 3rd in win% (.718), 2nd in playoff win% (.678), 2nd in adjusted Net Rating (+6.4), 9th in Top 5 aNR (+5.1)
Avg z-score: 0.38
While this team isn’t the closest on this list to being a Dynasty (the Pistons are), in some ways they might be the team that feels like a dynasty the most, or that most had the aura that many dynasties share.
From the moment Miami’s Big 3 was official, everyone knew it was the Heat against the world. LeBron infamously made a tongue-in-cheek allusion to a mega-dynasty, and it was up to everyone else to try to stop it. The fact that this run has an air of disappointment about its final results, despite four Finals and two rings in four tries, is almost the biggest testament there is. Out of 16 playoff series, they only lost twice to two very good teams, but it’s still not quite good enough, precisely because this team was so good that perfection was their standard.
The Heat are a good example of the upside of my final ranking system, and its general favoritism towards short but great runs. Now that I’m looking at the list, it would feel a little wrong for the Heat to be 6th-7th, and not even make the top 5 Dynastenders, as would be the case if I went on Points alone. Yes, they only lasted for four years, but the way they defined the NBA for that stretch goes beyond most other Dynastenders.
We could, perhaps, touch on how much of a footnote 2012 should be, where there could be some arguments back and forth. On the one hand, I don’t really believe in footnotes based on shortened regular-seasons (at least in the NBA’s cases, where we were still left with decent regular seasons that were >half of a normal one), and also history bore out that Derrick Rose getting injured was more of a norm than an exception. On the other hand, the ECF we got was pretty close, which could lead one to wonder whether Chicago with home court could have tipped the balance in the other direction.
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2023.04.01 23:15 drylaw Shuggie Otis - Aht Uh Mi Hed [Psychedelic Soul] (1974)

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2023.03.30 02:42 thegigglepickler I have way too many that I’m not passionate about. Anyone want to trade? Across series and types!

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2023.03.29 10:05 qatibinqodor just a hacked save

here is it:
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2023.03.28 11:21 dragondreamcatcher Who's taking these?

Who's taking these?
This is not an upfront market, so reservation is the only way you'd see the destination. Even for reservations, these are horrible to take unless you are a TLC driver or just heading to NY. The traffic back will be horrendous and New Yorkers NEVER tip coming from NJ. You can't pick up in NY as a non TLC licensed driver.
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