How to stop vrchat from crashing


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Post FUNNY scenes from: the workplace (not from your own home) .gifs and pics from safety training videos .gifs and pics from instructional videos Although this subreddit is named /OSHA, submissions do not have to be from the US. Safety violations from all countries are welcome. -Mods may allow or remove any post at their discretion- -No one on this subreddit, nor its moderators have any connection or experience with safety or regulatory issues.-

2015.04.20 05:40 sanfrancisco69er Morbid Questions

The dark questions we all have.

2019.01.06 06:50 DaMeteor You know you're right

A place to satirize AITA where you post things where you obviously did nothing wrong and look for validation.

2023.06.07 10:28 Birthday_Educational Train to the airport

3 of ushave to get the train from Llandaff North Station to the airport at 5 with luggage. How screwed am I with the Coldplay crowds?
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2023.06.07 10:28 SilverEither9002 Undervolting i9 13900k

Is there any noobie guides on how to undervolt/configure the i9 13900k?
What i’m looking for is optimal performance with ok temps.
For my CPU i’m using the Corsair H170i elite (420mm) and also cpu contact frame from thermal grizzly.
If there is any way to explain it as if you were explaining it to a child, i would’ve greatly appreciated it (i’m very-very new to the bios part of PC’s).
I also have the Asus rog maximus Z790 hero motherboard.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.07 10:21 Sonickid_Gaming2001 (LE) some modded Spells have input delay

Basically what's in the title. Everything else seems to work perfectly fine without any input delay. Until I decided to get the entire Elysees pack.
Keep in mind I already had a couple of Elysees spells that I used before and the DBZ/Naruto overhaul from someone else. Maximum Drive, Destruction, Dark Falling Grave, and Whirlwind from Elysees activated perfectly fine without any delay.
The SSJ transformations and the Naruto transformations that only use one button activated instantly. But after I downloaded the entire Elysees pack for a more fun hack and slash experience, things got weird.
Spells that weren't vanilla + modded Spells that use two buttons weren't affected. And the charge attack animations (not spells, the moves you do when you hold the attack button down) from the Elysees pack work as expected.
But everything else has this weird 1-3 second delay to activate after pressing the button.
Some examples:
The Maximum Drive spell might keep going and deal damage while I'm moving around jumping, but with the sword beams shooting out without the animation (I'm not supposed to be able to move while using it.)
As a special case for Whirlwind, the visual effect would show up but the animation starts after it goes away, and I end up not doing any damage at all.
But like I said, everything else in the game don't have any input delay. My game barely lags, so I don't know what's going on or how to fix it.
I don't want to end up removing any mods because right now I found the definitive setup for me in the game. I just want to know how to fix the weird delay issues with these spells.
My mod list have several extra areas, death alternative, alternate start, immersive stuff (ai, patrols, creatures, interactions, world encounters, etc...), TK dodge, DBZ/Naruto Overhaul, Better Vampires, Moonlight Tales, and the Elysees pack along with the Infinity Gauntlet for the laughs.
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2023.06.07 10:21 AutoModerator [HQ] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator

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2023.06.07 10:20 motorcut_UK MotorCut: Unleashing the Unique Power of Car Photo Editing

MotorCut: Unleashing the Unique Power of Car Photo Editing
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Gone are the days of relying solely on expensive software or complicated editing techniques to enhance your car photos. MotorCut is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, offering a user-friendly interface that allows both amateur and professional photographers to effortlessly elevate their images. Whether you're a car enthusiast looking to enhance your personal collection or a professional photographer aiming to impress clients, MotorCut has the tools to help you stand out from the crowd.
One of the standout features of MotorCut is its ability to intelligently remove unwanted objects from your car photos. Say goodbye to that distracting lamppost or that photobombing pedestrian. MotorCut's advanced algorithms detect and seamlessly eliminate these elements, leaving behind a clean and uncluttered image that focuses solely on the car itself. The result? A picture-perfect snapshot that showcases the car in all its glory.
But MotorCut doesn't stop at removing unwanted objects. It also offers a wide range of editing tools specifically tailored for car photography. Adjust the lighting and exposure to bring out the car's vibrant colors or create dramatic shadows for a more dynamic effect. Fine-tune the contrast and saturation to achieve the desired mood and atmosphere. MotorCut's comprehensive set of editing options empowers you to craft your photos exactly the way you envision them.
For those looking to add a touch of artistic flair to their car photos, MotorCut offers a selection of creative filters and effects. Experiment with vintage-inspired filters to give your images a nostalgic feel, or go for a high-contrast black-and-white look for a timeless aesthetic. With MotorCut, the possibilities are endless, and the only limit is your creativity.
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2023.06.07 10:18 Chaostheory-98 It's ok to be an asshole in a videogame

First of all, i have to say that i am not really an expert, because i didn't play many videogames online. But i did play "Red dead online". It is very similar to GTA but it's set during the Old Wild West.
Very soon i noticed how often the word "griefer" was widely used among this game's community and i was curious about it. That's how i discovered that it is meant to be a derogatory word used against those bad nasty evil despicable players who enjoy to... shoot or kill other players .___. ... in a game where shooting other players should be considered the norm.
I mean, i know that being killed again and again or having your missions ruined by someone with a higher level than yours can be frustrating... but can you really complain that much for something like that?
I agree that we can consider some actions wrong when there are community standards forbidding them (for example, in Fortnite you must not kill or damage your teammates - even if it is possible to do it in some situations - because it could make you reported and banned) and that's why I don't justify cheating of course... but what if it's the game itself to promote some kind of "violence" against other players?
It is often the game itself to ask you to attack other players while they are doing a mission (they are marked as targets on your map), stealing or destroying their carriages, and it's still the game to allow you to shoot players with no reason (but they can choose to stay in defensive mode, which would make it more difficult for other players to attack them), or to spawn in their sessions in order to kill them again after they ran away. Moreover, it is also possible to talk with other players (activating your microphone) to try to negotiate, and you can block them too, if they are so annoying to you.
How can you say that there is a difference between the violence that the game allows and the griefing most of the community complains about? I believe that it's not my responsibility to decide what's ok and what is not ok to do in a videogame. It must be the game itself to make the rules. If it allows me to do something, then i can do it and i don't have to feel guilty for it. It's a game, and when you are there to be the loser just accept it.
And anyway I think that all this chaos is the point of such a game (and of many other videogames). If you don't want someone around block him, use defensive mode, befriend higher level players and ask them to protect you, or just go playing offline mode, but stop complaining about black hat players in a Wild West videogame, calling them griefers and trying to make them feel like they did something wrong. If you don't like the Far West, go play with your dolls
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2023.06.07 10:18 AutoModerator [Complete Bundle] Iman Gadzhi Courses

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2023.06.07 10:15 stacked_aces I have wanted to play the game for a year

Heya guys so I have wanted to play Warhammer for a while, I just want to experience the game and really wanna add flair to it and just have a good time, I don't even care if I win I just like the whole asthetic. But everywhere I have moved to there is either no game store, or the person in the game store says they are not a matchmaker so I would have to find someone to play with. The thing is I don't have many friends and the ones I do have are not into minitures, they prefer video games (I stopped playing video games as I came to the realisation that I was using them to escape my childhood life and it just carried into adulthood, I am not in that position anymore and do not need them or I get bored quickly with them) so I don't have any way to start a game. The one time I lived near a game store, the people playing where pretty tight nit, like I was speaking to one of them while waiting outside about his TS army and then when we got in and his friend arrived it was like I didn't exist, I felt kinda forgotten about.
The thing is I feel that I could probably make a game really cool, I can actually do sound effects and love to make a story for everything, like it would be a roll and ok so take that peice off, I like a bit of theatre to my games.
So how do you go about getting a friend at these places or outside of them? Sorry if this seemed like a pity party, it really wasn't meant to be I just do have the issues with feeling like I am wasting peoples time when I approach them or feeling like I don't belong anywhere and I should just go home.
Thanks all
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2023.06.07 10:15 anythingfinder .gujd ransomware

So in october 2021 , my computer got infected by a ransomware with a extension .Gujd . Its a part of DJVU/STOP ransomware group( got this info from the google) . All my files of my computer was encrypted with this extension. There was a readme.txt file in every folder that was left by the attacker . They/he demanded around 850$ for the decryption. Now i didn't had money to pay for that , there was a one time demo decryption test which he mentioned in that . so i avail that by sending one of my file to him through email (proton mail) . I got the original file within 40 minutes( like it was a automated process/or he was online) .
Now its been 2 years . I couldn't find any decryption process from the internet or a software /key that can decrypt my files. i'll be happy to give 500$ if anyone can provide me with the .Gujd decryption software or any thing that could decrypt all my files. I really want to recover my old files and photos that was encrypted 2 years back by some idiot. All the data is still in my computer waiting to get decrypt one day
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2023.06.07 10:14 AfterPerspective8536 I (M20) have recently had a situation with a girl I’m seeing (F20) and need advice on how to handle it?

So recently I started seeing this girl again we used to talk months ago but she said stuff got too intense and ended it.
Recently she popped up to me asking to see eachother again I was hesitant at first but then after talking decided to give her a chance.
We went out on a date and discussed stuff about what we wanted we agreed to take things slower this time and calm down also she lives a bout an hour away from me so it’s a bit of distance between us.
So anyway this date and the rules we set about going slow and talking more have been going really well and we’ve been able to discuss stuff that we didn’t before and understand eachother better in the past few weeks.
I recently took her to meet my grandparents it was nothing big it was just a quick hello but it was still a decently big deal for both of us and I’m glad to have taken that step.
Anyways that night we sorta took things to the next level and done the deed and we both had a great time together after.
The next morning we found out she had accidentally posted a photo of us on her story and a few people seen it before she could take it down.
She has says she didn’t want to many people knowing and I was the same.
In the picture I look really bad I don’t think I do normally I’m decent looking enough but she was getting messages from people kinda making fun of me and saying she can do better and I kinda laughed it off with her but also worried a slight bit.
She reassured me she doesn’t think that and it was just a bad photo.
That same day we decided to go for food and spend more time together while doing this I brought up to her that I don’t think we should really be going with other people in anyway like kissing talking or anything and she kinda got shy and says we should talk about that stuff when she’s my girlfriend and I thought fair enough and that reassured me.
Now last time she was the one who ended things and I worry she’ll leave again and it led to a conversation while I was driving her home.
It went something like me saying I was worried she was just going to do what she done to me before and just leave and she said she’s not going to do that and promised me she wouldn’t this made me feel better and I dropped her off and headed home this was on Sunday night.
On Monday we were talking as normal and I was meant to call her but she took too long and I fell asleep it was no big deal.
Then on Tuesday I made plans to call her earlier and after her shift she finished 8pm and texted me around 9 asking me to call her I didn’t see her message for 30 minutes then called to no answer.
She texted saying her and a work friend (m27) I think we’re going to get food and asked how long I’d be up so she could try call me.
I said I’d be staying up a bit late and she told me she’ll call me when she’s home she then sent a video on Snapchat of her food and her friend in his house on his bed with the food laid out.
Now I do trust her but she has told me she had a casual thing with someone she worked with but wouldn’t say who and then I started suspecting this guy she was with to be him no big deal.
Then I thought back to our conversation about how I wanted us to be more exclusive and not doing stuff like kissing or the deed or going on dates with others and how she avoided that question a bit.
Also she did say to me in the beginning I could text other girls if I wanted but I told her I thought about that and I wouldn’t be doing it and I expect her to do the same she says she was only texting me.
Now that I’ve covered all that you could say it was a mixed feeling I had of whether her and this guy were doing stuff or just hanging out but then at about 2am I woke up and decided to check her snap maps and I seen she was still at this guys house still active on Snapchat recently but never replied to me.
This has sent me spiralling in a way as we aren’t exclusive and haven’t said so but now this has me in a conundrum I don’t know how to go about this situation I still have heard from her since that video from last night on Tuesday and I’m not sure what to do or think.
Has she done something with this guy, does she like him more now, am I overthinking it or can I be upset since we haven’t officially said we’re exclusive I would really appreciate advice on what to do here.
Also if she has done anything with guy what should I do how do I approach it
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2023.06.07 10:13 mrstupid300 Welcome to How to Men: Unleashing the Masculine Potential!

Hey there, fellow men! Welcome to our brand new community, "How to Men." We're thrilled to have you here as we embark on a journey of exploring and celebrating masculinity in all its facets. Whether you're a seasoned gentleman or just starting to discover what it means to be a man, this community is tailor-made for you.
At How to Men, we believe that being a man goes far beyond societal expectations and stereotypes. We aim to create an inclusive space where we can discuss and share valuable insights on everything a man needs to know. Our purpose is to empower each other to become the best versions of ourselves by embracing our authentic masculinity.
In this community, we encourage open discussions on a wide range of topics related to masculinity. From self-improvement and personal development to style and grooming tips, from relationship advice to career guidance, our goal is to provide a supportive platform where we can learn, grow, and exchange knowledge.
Here, you'll find a diverse community of men from all walks of life, each with unique perspectives and experiences. We encourage you to participate actively, ask questions, and contribute your expertise. We believe that together we can create a dynamic and engaging environment that will benefit all members.
As we embark on this journey, let's remember to be respectful, empathetic, and inclusive. We encourage healthy discussions and constructive feedback while maintaining a positive and supportive atmosphere for everyone. Let's strive to uplift and inspire one another on our paths to personal and collective growth.
To get started, feel free to introduce yourself in the comments below. Let us know what brought you to How to Men and what you hope to gain from this community. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our moderation team.
Once again, welcome to How to Men! Let's embark on this exciting adventure together, unlocking the potential of our masculinity and embracing the journey of self-discovery. We're thrilled to have you on board, and we can't wait to see the incredible discussions and friendships that will unfold within our community.
Here's to learning, growing, and thriving as men!
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2023.06.07 10:13 twoeggbreakfast Electric ⚡

I get electrocuted on a daily basis.
These shocks are comparable to building up static electricity on the way down a plastic slide, and when you touch the side to get off you hear a loud pop and you feel like you had a rubber band snap on your skin.
This has happened for years. I don't understand it neither does my husband but he witnesses and experiences it too, so he knows (and I know) I'm not making it up. I think I will keep adding to this post as a way to start documenting it.
It's mostly a nuisance because it's painful. It's crappy to get hurt a little bit everyday, and it sucks even more when it's coming from my lips.


Daily - When I kiss my husband about 75% of the time there is a shock. Sometimes we both feel it, and other times only one of us feels it (but we both still hear it). It hurts and sometimes we try to break up the strength of it by touching our arms or hands or shoulders before our lips touch and it still fucking happens. We have also been hugging, then we lean back from each other--still embracing--and when our lips touch we get shocked. We were already touching!!
Daily - After I turn off my car engine I open the door, step onto the ground and stand up, and when I close my door I get zapped.
6/6/23 - We have a volcano vaporizer. I took off my sweater, threw it on the chair behind me, and touched the plastic button to turn it on. I got zapped, so bad there was an audible POP and it hurt.
6/5/23 - My dog needed to go outside, so I opened the sliding screen door and got a painful shock from touching the metal frame.
Grocery Shopping - Sometimes I take one hand off the shopping cart and when I put it back I get zapped. Every time I go to dairy aisle I touch the handle of the glass door with my elbow, to take the brunt of the shock, and it only sometimes prevents a second shock when I grab the handle with my hand (these ones are always really loud and painful). New lows were reached in the fall of 2022, when I got a static shock from touching a banana. A few weeks later I touched an apple and got a small zap. It was really weird for it to happen with organic matter.
2019(can't recall the date) - Our front door has the traditional wooden door plus a screen door, but the kind of screen door that is completely metal. I came home and I was going to unlock the screen but when my key was 5mm away from the knob there was a flash of light like lightening; connecting my key to the keyhole.
4/13/2023 - I had ironed something in my son's room and when I went to unplug the iron there was a flash of light between the plug in my hands and the outlet. This one was actually caught on Nest camera.

Variables Ruled Out

  1. My hair: I thought maybe my hair swinging back and forth on my back could be doing something. But it doesn't matter how I style it or how short it is.
  2. My shoes: The zaps have happened in every type of shoe; sandals, sneakers, crocs, thongs, boots, socks, bare feet.
  3. Time of year: I thought there might be a difference during the rainy season when we're more likely to have thunder and lightening. Maybe the static charge in the air or something? But no, the season doesn't seem to make a difference.
  4. My clothes: Maybe the type of fabric I'm wearing---nope.
  5. My phone: Having a device on me doesn't affect it.

My Devices All Malfunction in Unexplainable Ways---Is This Related?

(ran out of time)
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2023.06.07 10:11 autotldr How much will the construction of a new hydroelectric power plant in Kherson region cost - Ministry of Economy of Ukraine

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 11%. (I'm a bot)
After the explosion of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant, the cost of building a new one may be about $1 billion, since it is not only about installing new hydraulic units, but also about restoring the integrity of a huge dam.
"Russia has once again proved to the world that it is a terrorist state, because the undermining of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant entails environmental, economic consequences, a great threat to radiation and food safety. The cost of building a new hydroelectric power plant could be around $1 billion. It will take at least five years to restore the dam alone, and the cumulative effect of the humanitarian and environmental consequences of the explosion will only increase," commented Yulia Svyrydenko, Minister of Economy of Ukraine.
She also noted that as a result of the destruction of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station dam by the occupiers, 80 settlements may be flooded, part of the flora and fauna of the Kherson region may be destroyed, several million people may be left without drinking water, food security and other catastrophic consequences may be threatened.
"The international community must act as tough as possible against Russia. Now Ukraine needs the fastest possible assistance in minimizing and eliminating the consequences of the subversion in the interests of all mankind. First and foremost, we are talking about dismantling and rebuilding the entire new hydroelectric power plant complex from scratch. According to preliminary estimates by the Ministry of Environment and the State Environmental Inspectorate, water resources have been damaged by UAH 2 billion. The amount will only increase," emphasized Svyrydenko.
A headquarters for liquidation of the consequences of the Russian explosion of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station has already been established under the chairmanship of Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko.
UAH 1.5 billion has also been allocated for the construction of new water mains to provide Kryvyi Rih, Nikopol and Marhanets with drinking water.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: water#1 hydroelectric#2 power#3 consequences#4 new#5
Post found in /worldnews, /worldnews, /WorldAlerts, /worldnews and /NewsBuzzFeed.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.07 10:10 JobInQueue Valuing existing franchise package w/ yearly loss?

I'm curious if anyone has experience here, since most info online focuses on purchasing a new franchise.
Have the opportunity to purchase five established franchise restaurants for $870k, with a claimed cash flow of $270k. But 75% of that comes from 1 restaurant, which has had several years of 20%+ monthly sales growth year over year.
The remaining 23% of the profits come from 2 other stores with modest single digit growth, while the final 2 restaurants have operated at a $6k and $21k loss over the last year.
In addition, one of the average stores requires $60k in renovations in the next two years under the franchise agreement (and I suspect others do, too, though the owners haven't disclosed that). Each store will also require paying a franchise fee of $7k (so $35k total) above the final purchase price.
4 stores have leases expiring in 2024 or 2025.
Does this price seem too high, given that a buyer is taking on two franchises without profits? And how do you price in the uncertainty around labor and supply chains?
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2023.06.07 10:08 elili6 [chat] come rant and vent to me and keep me company

I prefer to talk on discord so tell me ur discord and I'll add you! I'm not very good at talking or having conversation but I want to get better so please just rant or vent to me! You can talk about anything to me or ask me whatever u want but please be okay with LGBTQ+ and just don't be a creep or a racist/sexist and all that.
I was born in Korea but I'm an American/Canadian. I'm going to uni/college majoring in biology. I'm a pretty huge nerd and pretty sheltered because I have very controlling family so I never had friends. I'm socially awkward and weird so please be okay with that too. I also can't always reply back very quickly because of my family so please don't feel insulted if I suddenly stop replying for a bit I'm probably just hiding from them.
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2023.06.07 10:08 Neon_Dina Question about a friend’s new character traits

Hey! My friend has been having a disorder with psychotic symptoms for the last 3-4 years (I am not sure whether this is pure schizophrenia or smth else, she won’t tell me). After recovering from her 3rd psychotic episode she has changed as a person.
Firstly, the last time we had a phone call she was talking some true nonsense which would be impossible in the past, as she has usually been so logical and generally believed in science. So I wonder if psychotic episodes can mess with your intelligence/cognitive skills. It also seems like she slipped from topic to topic in an odd way, because it was difficult to follow her specific logic.
Secondly, can people with a history of psychosis become cruel? She told me a very brutal personal thing and actually hurt me so much. I was furious and couldn’t understand why and how on earth she could have said that. As if she did not understand that was totally inappropriate and hurt me and now she wants to continue communicating as if nothing extraordinary has happened… Can this also be the disorder aftermath?
Bonus question. I think this is depression or that disorder with psychotic symptoms which mess with the clarity of her mind, but she always wants to wean off of her meds. She believes these meds (neuroleptics and antidepressants) are ‘addictive’ (she doesn’t believe either me or her doctor who tried to explain this is not the case) and of course she hates the metabolic side effects. Unfortunately, every time she stops taking her medication she slides into psychosis, which also means she has to quit her job, abruptly stops any kind of connection with friends/significant other, etc. I have no idea how a person could persuade her not to stop taking her neuroleptic. Have you got any advice/comment on that?
TL;DR: 1. Can psychotic episodes mess with your brain in such a way that after they come to an end your cognitive skills/intelligence become worse?
  1. Can people with a history of psychosis become cruel? Start telling inappropriate things as if not understanding what should and shouldn’t be told to a friend?
  2. Is there a way to persuade this person not to wean off of her neuroleptic in the future?
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2023.06.07 10:08 Difficult-Donkey-479 Not recognizing your true self because of the inconsistency of others.

I had a problem since childhood and it was related to my behavior because of which many of my friends abandoned me and people said that I had no friends. It hurt me and I knew that my eating was not right and I decided to try to be different, to create the perfect image to have a daughter and be an adult because of my childish behavior. I then gave up a lot. And so, now it has come to the point that I began to live not by myself, and criticize myself for wrong behavior, actions in my life when I was with myself and with others, because I did not correspond to the behavior of others.And now, when I am with myself, I reject all sorts of narcissistic ideas and thoughts about getting energy (excessive thinking about the future, fantasies, unnecessary actions, etc.) and try to be just normal, act and behave like a normal person, feel something, myself, emptiness, so that from this conduct I also act with others, in a normal way, I felt others. I was not fixated on myself and self-satisfaction. Because of this, I cannot reveal myself to my loved ones, relatives, because I consider my true self and behavior too childish, inappropriate, not adult, which does not correspond to all mature people, so I use masks, behavior that seems to be better suited to me and the people around me to match with them and seek their friendly relations, communicate, look after and behave like adults. This has a negative impact on family life, I don't care about my relatives, and I just formally communicate with them, because I think it's right, and others do it too. But I realized that no, that my behavior is generally wrong and is based on the fact that I avoid kindness, affection, attention to loved ones, and for others I use masks. Wouldn't it be better to be yourself, with your behavior, which is close to your liking, the way you are, but you don't like it from the point of view of how others will perceive it. That is, I just want to do what I want, be simple, ask for a lot, as it was in childhood. But I understand that people may not like this behavior, and I will seem frivolous in their eyes, and no one will want to communicate and relate to "someone like me." I talked to my mom, and she said that you really need to be happy with life, not to think and not limit yourself, not to gnaw yourself. What is your opinion on this? I will be very grateful for your answer.
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2023.06.07 10:04 AutoModerator [Bundle] All Iman Gadzhi Courses

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2023.06.07 10:00 thefunkiestman I pulled silver wolf on my first pull. This is a recap of my reaction.

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2023.06.07 10:00 rantaccounttt Does it mean anything if a guy asks if you think another guy is cute?

I sat across the room a little tipsy. My crush, J, sat next to my friend’s brother, C.
J smiled and asked, “Do you think he’s cute?” and pointed to C. When I didn’t answer, he asked me again. I do not know how close he and my friend’s brother are, but I assume not that close.
Later on, J looked over when I called a guy on a video cute, but he also could’ve just been bored from watching the movie. He did not look over previously when I called a guy cute when he was next to me in class, but he was also doing something with his friend.
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2023.06.07 10:00 blackbutterfly8 I (23f) met him (23m) the week he was moving across the country

I met this guy last weekend at a summer event in my city. He was working the event as a photographer, he asked to take a picture of me and then we just ended up having a conversation for like 20 minutes about random things. He got my Instagram and later that evening he messaged me saying it was super nice to meet. I said same and suggested that we should definitely hang out. Fast forward to earlier in the week he was basically like, “I’m down to hang out but I am moving across the country this weekend.” Flight was booked and everything. In the moment I didn’t think it was a big deal because our initial interaction was friendly and I didn’t think there were any romantic vibes from him. We hang out one night, mid week and we get food and watch a few movies. By the end of the night, we had kissed and the romantic vibes just sorta came out the blue. The following day, I go back over and we have sex. I’m thinking this will just be a one time thing, he’s moving and I might as well just experience this before he leaves. After we’re done he asks if I want to stay the night. I don’t typically hookup with people so I wasn’t sure if staying the night would just overstay my welcome. But he made me feel really comfortable and left the option open for me to stay so I did. We cuddled all night and I left the next morning. The day before he leaves I go over to his place again. I met his roommates, we had dinner then of course we had sex. Once we’re done he asks if I’m I want to stay the night again. At this point, we’ve learned a lot about one another and I was honestly just wanting to spend as much time with him before he left the next day. So I stayed, we cuddled all night and it was super cute. The next morning I get up to leave and he asks if I’m busy today and if I’d just want to hangout with him until his flight later that night. I say yes because I enjoyed his company and maybe I was starting to like him a bit? We go get breakfast and he pays. Once we head back to his place, shit kind of hits the fan for him. He gets a bit stressed about packing and his roommate situation. I didn’t have the heart to just leave him because I could see that this move was getting chaotic for him. I ended up spending the whole day with him and driving him to the airport. We have a cute airport kiss and we exchange I’ll miss you’s.
We left the potential for the future up in the air. I’m not expecting him to start treating me like we’re dating because we only met the week before he left. I just want to know if I’m being crazy for even having some feelings for him, despite knowing him for such a short time. I feel like in that time we had alot of laughs and good moments and I don’t connect with people that easily that often.
Should I just wait to see how he’ll act once he’s settled in to his new city or just let this one go?
TLDR: I met a guy the week before he moved across the country and started to develop feelings. Things were left in the air when he left because of how short we’ve know eachother. Should I just wait to see how he’ll act once he’s settled in to his new city or just let this one go?
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2023.06.07 10:00 Super-Waltz-5676 Stack Overflow Moderators on Strike Against AI-generated Content

Stack Overflow has seen its moderators announce a strike due to the company's ban on moderating AI-generated content. The platform's new policy allows removal of AI-generated posts only under specific circumstances. This has led to concerns among moderators that the policy could result in an increase of inaccurate content, negatively affecting the platform's trustworthiness.
The complete detailed breakdown will be published here tomorrow morning, but all the key points have been listed below for discussion on Reddit.
Here's a recap:
Moderator Strike Announcement: Moderators of Stack Overflow, a popular Q&A platform for programmers, have declared a strike in response to the company's decision to limit moderation of AI-generated content.
Concerns over AI Content: The moderators claim this new policy will permit potentially incorrect AI content to proliferate on the forum.
Company Response: Philippe Beaudette, VP of Community at Stack Overflow, responded to the moderator strike by reiterating the company's position and explaining that they are looking for alternative solutions.
Impact of AI on Stack Overflow: AI has been significantly influencing Stack Overflow, leading to both positive and negative outcomes.
Source (Gizmodo)
P.S. If you like this kind of analysis, there's more in this free newsletter that recaps the news from more than 40 media everyday thanks to AI and ML. It helps you stay up-to-date in the time it takes to have your morning coffee.
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