Restaurants in marblehead ma


2014.01.29 19:25 TheSportsGuy23 Wahlburgers

From the site: "Welcome to Wahlburgers – one of the best restaurants in Boston. With unique burger recipes and custom cocktails (wahlcoctions), it’s easy to see why we have an upcoming A&E reality show! If you wanna have a good time at a fun burger restaurant in Boston, MA, make your way to Wahlburgers, where the fun never stops!"

2023.06.03 22:45 etho1004 Can I get career advice for a 22 year old history grad?

Hi, I'm a 22 year old university graduate living in North East England. I have a 2:1 BA (Hons) in history and soon enough, I should also have an MA also in history. Since I was about 16/17 I thought I wanted to be a teacher. Whilst doing my masters I thought I'd give teaching assistance a shot, so I tried it and hated it, I no longer want to be a teacher. Now I'm very lost as I no longer know what I want to do for a career. On top of this, my partner is pregnant and there have been complications with the baby, our nearest hospital doesn't operate on babies so my partner has to deliver at another hospital, which is roughly 65 miles from where we live. Obviously I need to start a career after the baby is born, but I'm just completely lost.
I've researched a multitude of jobs, applied for entry level jobs (to no avail) and I'm just unsure of what I want to do. I've researched what my degree is good for through websites like prospects and I've talked to the national careers service, I'm still rather lost though. I've looked into jobs like marketing, recruitment consultancy, law, and even becoming a detective in the police. Some things which I would be interested in and are somewhat relevant to my degree required different post graduate degrees, but I can't really do a further year of study because of the baby. I've looked into apprenticeships in my area which pay a decent wage, there's a few which look promising but I'm still unsure if I want to pursue them. Is anyone able to give me any advice? How can I feel less lost?
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2023.06.03 22:43 NeverCleanEnough Restaurant business partner leaving us with $20k in credit card debt, what are our options?

My mom and her partners restaurant business suffered greatly during the pandemic and did not bounce back; the past several months they have been in the negative.
Restaurant is closing at the end of this month and my moms partner (her boyfriend of 20 years, never married because he declared bankruptcy in 2010 and needed my mom to maintain her credit score) is leaving her and leaving the restaurant with $20k in credit card debt and $42k in PPE loan from the government. His name was never on the paperwork for the business because they were afraid of things like wage garnishment or whatnot.
His plan is to move and leave all this behind and says he’s not obligated to pay any of the debts. Wondering if there’s any recourse here if his name is not on any paperwork tied to their business name? Not sure if this is important but I think they are incorporated as an S Corp. I think we have other documents that have his name and the restaurants address listed, ie gas bills for the restaurant, food order bills, internet bills, etc. Also many witnesses (patrons who are regulars) that know him by name as the co-owner of the business.
Questions: 1. Can my mom take her boyfriend to small claims court to settle his half of the restaurants bills? 2. Any other options she has legally to get him to cover his share of the remaining debt? 3. Is declaring bankruptcy (herself) something she should pursue if she is 2 years away from retirement age? She’s worried her social security benefits may be garnished if she declares bankruptcy. 4. Anyone out there happen to know anything about the terms of PPE loans from the pandemic era? We are planning to contact the loan officer on Monday but just thought we’d check.
Any advice is appreciated. Based in California.
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2023.06.03 22:43 FirePenguin_29 Vi capita mai di sentirvi i "derisi" del gruppo?

Ci sono due amici con cui ho una relazione (di amicizia) molto profonda. Il problema è che noto che spesso, quando si scherza e ci si prende in giro, si alleano bersagliando prevalentemente me. In passato notavo che accadeva lo stesso ma con uno di loro. Cosa devo cambiare affinchè sia alla pari con loro? Come dovrei prendere queste situazioni?
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2023.06.03 22:43 Key-Comfortable-1538 First Date Between I (26F) and my date (30M)

Hi, I went on a first day a couple of days back. He sent me a message on Instagram, and immediately went straight to the point asking me out on a date, I was reluctant at first but then we went out on a date, the next day. The date was nice and we clearly had some sort of attraction between ourselves. For context- he’s young and well to do, wen to a really expensive restaurant. After the date we went clubbing alongside he’s other friends and while we were at the club about two guys came up to me trying to get my number. He got uncomfortable and we left. He dropped me off at my place, but decided to spend the night with me. We didn’t have sex or anything however we made out and cuddled. And then all of a sudden- he says he wants to be in a relationship with me, but under the same breath goes on about how we could be exclusive sexually, if I’m not ready for a relationship. Goes on about How we should start getting to know ourselves and I should not go on any other dates because he wants to be intentional with me. All this is happening very soon, and I’m confused if he just wants to have sex with me and dip. Even though he says that’s not what he’s on about. He’s a very handsome and successful man, and gets a lot of attention from women. I’m really confused if he just wants me for sex? Because how uncommon is it for a man to let you know he’d want to be in a relationship with you less than 4 hours after meeting you
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2023.06.03 22:42 SistaSaline Am I wrong for making a restaurant employee remake my drink?

The other day I was ordering takeout from a restaurant that sells milkshakes. While I was waiting for my order, I was watching a restaurant employee making a milkshake. It looked like it might have been mine, but I wasn’t sure.
She was pumping flavor syrup (which was in a metal dispenser) into a cup and was having a hard time getting the syrup out. So she goes and takes a short plastic fork to scoop the syrup out. Since the fork is so short and she isn’t wearing gloves, I get a bit uncomfortable, but figure that as long as her actual hand doesn’t touch the syrup inside the dispenser, it’s all good.
But then, she spills syrup on the outside of the dispenser. And instead of just cleaning it up later, she scraped it off and put it into the cup.
I was disgusted and pissed, and I was debating in my head whether I should speak up. I didn’t want to be a Karen, but I felt what she did was unsanitary. Plus, I paid $10 for that shake and would’ve felt some type of way if I didn’t speak up. I have a history of not sticking up for myself.
In the end, I did speak up. I asked her if the shake was the flavor I ordered. When she said yes, I told her I saw her scrape the syrup off the outside of the dispenser and that I needed her to remake my drink because what she did was unsanitary.
She looked like she was about to argue with me, but another employee was there and told her to just make me another. She did, and I watched her like a hawk.
Obviously, she was pissed, and now I feel like I can’t go back there because she could spit in my food for all I know. It sucks because this is one of my favorite places.
Anyway, was I wrong?
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2023.06.03 22:41 Ironsmasha A soul for a soul

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2023.06.03 22:41 mynamiajeff2-0 SAT goes horribly because I am a simp

I guess we can sum up today in one eight letter word, Pathetic. I guess I can say in short to save your time is that the girl I have had feelings for was at the testing center and even in the same room and I basically went full on SpongeBob from that one episode when Squidward opened a fancy restaurant and when he snapped, that represents my test experience.
She was there and all of a sudden I was not thinking of that 1500+ anymore. Moral of the story to all of you T20 hoping A2Cers don't be a simp like me.
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2023.06.03 22:39 EdmontonExplorer Kids eat free restaurant in Richmond

Kids eat free restaurant in Richmond
Today only, name of the restaurant is TWX Chinese & Thai Cuisine , anyone who are interested, have a look. Today only.
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2023.06.03 22:39 offlabe1 I got fired today. Was I inappropriate?

I was fired for being "inappropriate". So I am a 30yr old male server and the accusation was from a 17yr old waitress. We were in the kitchen grabbing our dishes and she made a comment that "its hot in here" then I quickly said "because of you" and we laughed together. I thought it was just funny banter, but she thought differently.
My question is, How is the banter at your restaurant? I've worked at many restaurants and I've heard way worse things. Are sexual innuendos common at your workplace?
I admit I shouldn't have said that to a 17yr old, but she set the alleyoop for that comment. If anyone said "its hot in here" I would've said the same reply regardless of gendeage.
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2023.06.03 22:39 Sorry_Preference_296 AITA for not listening to my spouses if they “know better”

AITA because I don’t listen to the advice of my spouse causing major fights between us? For example, this morning we went to eat at a bagel place and I got an extra dessert for later. I had my thing in the bag it came in, but also inside the brown bag they gave us. He wanted me to take out my dessert so he could fill it with our breakfast trash and for me to carry the little bag it came in. I said no, that I had it in the slighter larger bag and I wanted it that way. That we didn’t need to use it for trash when we could just throw the trash away. He got upset and demanded the bag, so I grabbed all the trash from the table instead and threw it away. I left with my bag.
Hours later for lunch we drive by a restaurant and it looks crowded, so he asks me to get down to go to see the wait time. I didn’t, I instead offered him to go to the other restaurant he wanted to go in the first place. He drove around one more time, said it didn’t look that busy, and asked me to get down again. I said, we’ll than why don’t we all get down. Well he exploded. Said I’m always wanting to do the opposite of whatever he wants. He than said we are going to that other restaurant (the one he wanted to go in 1st place).
On the way there he continued to yell at me how I’m just causing these fights bc I just do things that don’t make sense. He sees the bag and starts yelling about it. How it shouldn’t even be in the car. It should be in the trash- like he said. Why? Bc it just makes sense. It’s common sense apparently and more efficient to carry only the smaller one and not both. Keep in mind this bag is regular brown bag size and has been at MY feet not bothering him in any way. Except it was. It was bothering him that he had the idea to throw it away and I didn’t let him. He says he’s not macho- he just has better common sense than I do.
I admit I think he’s being a jerk but he’s convinced I’m the asshole. He tried apologizing but it was more like- sorry i have more common sense than you- but if you listened to me more we would fight less. I was so mad I stayed in the car while him and the kids went to eat.
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2023.06.03 22:39 breakfastsandwhich2 24 [M4F] Houston - Looking for my person

Hello, this is for you: 🌹
I'm 24 and I live in Houston, TX. I'm a recent college graduate and I'm planning on pursuing a higher degree this fall. Some things about me: I love music, I play a few instruments with my main one being guitar. I enjoy a nice walk/hike and camping, although I haven't been camping in years. I also love to cook, read and play video games. I like going out and doing things like concerts and restaurants, but a nice night in with good food and a good movie is also fun as well! I love coffee and I love trying different coffee shops! I have also recently started learning to code with Python, just so I keep learning something new even though I'm out of school. Currently, I don't have a car, but I absolutely hate this and I'm striving to change that as soon as possible. Despite that, I still get myself where I need to go. I'm right leaning politically and I was raised Catholic but I'm not strongly religious.
Honestly, being single sucks. I want someone to share the excitement of each other's victories with. I want someone that I can lean on and who can lean on me when things are hard. I want someone to fall asleep on calls with, I want to smile like an idiot when I know you texted me. I want someone to share all life's intricacies with. I want my partner, best friend and lover all in one person!
What I'm looking for in a partner: Someone between the ages of 18-30 I'd prefer someone right leaning and either christian, agnostic or jewish. I HEAVILY prefer someone in Houston, the next best thing would be in Texas, if you're not in Houston, you should be willing to relocate if need be. I don't want a long-term LDR, one year at the most, with visits. Someone who's emotionally mature, who values trust and communication. Someone who shows interest and effort (showing a lack of interest/effort is a big turn off for me) Someone who's monogamous, none of this ethical nonmonogamy nonsense I've been seeing lately.
If you made it this far, send me your favorite food if you decide to reach out so I know you read! I look forward to meeting you!
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2023.06.03 22:38 CapeExpeditions 2023 Summer Charter Season, New Lobster Excursions!

Hi! I’m a USCG licensed captain in Chatham, MA. I do charters if you're interested in checking out Chatham Harbor. See Chatham Light from the water. I do lobster charters, where we go out and check some traps, safely in Chatham harbor. Fun for kids, and adults alike. If you have ever wondered how commercial fishing is done, I'll take you out and show you how its done!
Lobster Excursions
Harbor Tours
Tub Trawl Excursions
Black Seabass
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2023.06.03 22:38 Thisisacryforhelp26 AITAH for cutting off my best friend of 12 years cause I caught her lying?

AITA for cutting off my best friend of 12 years just cause I caught her lying?
So my ex bestie, lets call her Katie. Me and katie had movie plans last week, we were to go on Friday, but the show was fully booked, so i said, lets do same time tomorrow. So I booked tickets for Saturday. Non refundable, entirely from my pocket. It was second day of the screening so the tickets were super expensive.
An hour before the show, she calls me and says she has an “emergency” dental appointment for her braces. She said, “dont u remember i told u about the appointment? I told u last week!”. She didn’t, she never told me. She was lying. But I was like its ok, dont stress bout it, ill take my brother to the movie instead.
I have another friend, Ari, who recently moved to another state, she was back in town, i had asked her to hang on Saturday, because it was previously decided that the movie was on Friday, but she had told me she already had plans on Saturday so i was like its ok, we’ll meet next time you’re in town.
Its Sunday morning, i open instagram and just scroll thru stories, and i cone across Ari’s story, of her, katie and a bunch of their other friends (idk them) hanging out at a restaurant probably 5 mins away from the theatre.
Did katie really have to make such pathetic excuses? Couldn’t she have straight up told me before i booked the ticket? Did she not know her schedule? And did she have to go so far as to try n gaslight me into thinking i forgot about her appointment?
This isn’t even the first time she’s lied, she gaslights and lies all the time. She’ll randomly “test” me saying, “you remember i told you about so n so, on so n so day?” And idk if she’s lying or I have bad memory? I can’t even lie n say oh yeah! To make it less awkward cause she always hits me with the “haha i never told u that”
This isn’t even the biggest red flag.
It does feel sad to be throwing away 12 years of friendship just like that tho. Am I overreacting? Did i go too far? Aita?
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2023.06.03 22:36 apersello34 [Unknown cursive -> English] What does this say? I found it on the napkin wrapper at a Mexican restaurant in Virginia

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2023.06.03 22:36 Traditional_Cry4563 Ex Boyfriend

In real life me and my ex broke up because I could not promise I would convert to his religion Last night had this dream: His parents were renting my moms house without knowing she was the owner. I stopped by to drop something to my mom and saw his mom playing outside with his niece. I snuck out of house so that his mom didn’t see me He comes back and wants to talk so we go on a walk. He starts in about me converting. I’m over the conversation which is interrupted when we walk into a festival. At the festival we run into a couple of my male friends who are drunk. I make introductions and everyone is friendly. The conversation continues and we are at dinner. At dinner ex tells me I don’t have to convert. I go to bathroom when I come out he has treats for me and an apology telling me he loves me and I don’t have to convert he’s sorry etc. he hands me a balloon and is holding candies. As we are walking out of restaurant he puts candy on the ground and wants me to step on it. I don’t want to step on candy because it would break the candy. He’s upset and I feel bad and thank him for the kind gesture try to explain I didn’t want to ruin the gift. We continue walking and he says the street is pretty and nice night. We get to my moms house and have to climb up scaffolding. First step is waist high. I’m holding balloon and treats. I think he’s going to turn around and help me. He doesn’t I get up the step and then he asks if I want help. As going up the scaffolding starts slipping back then it slowly starts tipping backward. He says be careful. My right thumb gets caught. I am able to release it. As we’re falling I tell him to watch his head. I put my hands over head and land in fetal position to protect my neck and head. Sharp jolt to the ground. I say his name. In real life woke up. Any thoughts as to meaning?
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2023.06.03 22:35 Stony24K Rate my school list or I'll send you my feet pics

Hi! Please let me know what you think about my school list - it feels a bit top-heavy, but I'm not sure which other schools I should apply to that aren't low-yield, OOS unfriendly, or may yield protect me. Thanks in advance!

Extracurricular Background:
List: 23 total
Michigan, Northwestern, Stanford, NYU, Vanderbilt, UChicago, WashU, Yale, UVA, Cornell, Mt Sinai, Pitt, Kaiser, Ohio St, Cinci, Emory, Western Mich, Wayne, Mich St, Wisconsin, Indiana, Oakland, Central Mich
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2023.06.03 22:35 Rough_Amount_5179 How do i become more secure when im out in Public (19)

Hello Guys, I just came back from a restaurant visit with my Family. We went there to celebrate my graduation.
I always feel very uncomfortable in Public when there are Strangers around. I can't really enjoy myself and be myself in Public Most of the time unless i'm with a good friend I can trust. I've had this problem my whole Life.
I really wan't to make progress and wan't to become a confident Person thats Not afraid to speak when there are other people around.
This was exactly the Problem at the Restaurant. There were people at the table next to us and I was really nervous Most of the time because I felt as If they are listening and judging me for what im saying and how i eat and everything.
It was really awkward Most of the time because everyone was Kind of too shy to say Something and there wasn't really a proper conversation. I felt very uncomfortable and I just wanted to leave to a less crowded place.
I felt like i couldnt Just relax and say what i feel.
I don't have a great relationship to my parents and I have dealt with depression and insecurities.
What can i do to improve my self confidence in Public situations??
PLEASE HELP ME I am really suffering from this insecurity!!
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2023.06.03 22:28 patch-mangoes The Ironic Similarities Between Ai and Kana (Part 2)

Yes! This is a Part Two. There are some few things I had missed in my first post so consider this as a continuation. This post will also further cement Ai and Kana's similarities between each other as I will try to go into much more details than last time.

Warning: REALLY long post ahead

If you haven't read the first part, I highly suggest you do so. It would make much more sense because of the initial contexts I already provided in there.

I'll be once again referencing some lyrics from YOASOBI's song called Idol. And let me just add, that aside from Hoshino Ai and Arima Kana, I will also be mentioning Katayose Yura. (I also have a little theory towards the end of this thread.)

Without further delay, let's start with the new list:

Panda (Kana/Yura)

One refused to be the lesser panda and the other one refused to be a panda who merely attracts customers.

Choice of Style (Kana/Yura)

Berets and hats are pretty much Kana's signature style all throughout the series.
Processing img twv5m9l0gu3b1...
Then Yura was introduced wearing a hat and died beside her hat.

Breakdown During Concert (Ai/Kana)

To the person who pointed this out in my previous post, thank you!

Both Ai and Kana were seen to be having an emotional breakdown as to who they are during their performance. Ai saying she is a person made up of lies whilst Kana struggles to make everyone look at the "current" her and not her past glory. Their negative train of thoughts were both cut off because of the wotageis.

The Sun (Ai/Kana)

Whenever Ai or Kana smile, the people around them are reminded of how bright the Sun is.

It is confirmed that Kana represents the Sun. A bona fide star who illuminates on others when she unleashes her potential.

Ai was initially portrayed as the Sun.

First picture is Ai and the evening star, second picture is the star from the opening song with the lyrics playing, \"Ichibanboshi no umarekawari\" and the last picture is an actual image of the planet Venus.
But Ai ended up becoming Venus instead; a bright planet who fools people into thinking they are a star.

「一番星の生まれ変わり」– A line from Idol by YOASOBI.
TL: You’re the reincarnation of the Evening Star / A reincarnation of Venus (First Star)

I already explained this in my previous post but Ai wanted to be someone who's capable of love and feeling loved. One of her biggest fear is not being certain if she loves her twins or not. Only then to find out that she indeed loved her kids until her dying breath.

In the eastern part of the world, Venus appears first before the Sun.

"The Real Deals" (Ai/Kana/Yura)

Kana was the first one to mention that Ai is the real deal.

Now we get Kaburagi wondering if Kana is the real deal.

Next we got Kamiki Hikaru stating that Katayose Yura is the real deal.

Their Types (Ai/Kana)

This one is a little vague on Ai's part. In Akasaka Aka's short story, 45510, fans kept asking what type of guy does Ai likes.

Ai answered that she can't stand someone who easily gets bothered and mad at her for every little thing because she's someone who messes up a lot and people would get tired of her because of it.

Ai explicitly said that she prefers someone who doesn't mind her. She also stated that affection comes from trust but she unfortunately doesn't know what falling in love feels like.

I'd like to put the focus on Aqua who is Kana's crush. If we analyze his relationship with Kana, he really put up with her and it's evidently undisputable in the manga.

And lastly, putting up with Kana's scandal.
Which he did things behind their backs, never brought the supposedly Kana Scandal up to Kana, never talked about it to Kana, never called her out for it, and never scolded her for it despite what she did being dangerous.

Their Names (Ai/Kana)

I'd like to thank the Japanese comment I've read for explaining this one. This will mostly likely be the one to tie every Ai and Kana's parallels.

I'll try to explain it as clear as I can.

星野アイ (Hoshino Ai)
有馬かな (Arima Kana)

With Ai's name being in Katakana and Kana's name being in Hiragana, both names, if put into Kanji, give us a ton of possible meanings and multiple readings.

Ai's name in Kanji of 'love' is 愛 (Ai). But did you know that 'love' in Japanese can also be read as 愛し (Kanashi)? The character 愛 (Ai) is also read as かな (kana) at times.

Another thing, if we read Ai's name as the Kanji of grief 哀 (Ai) we also get 哀しい (Kanashii) which means sorrowful, although people usually use 悲しい (kanashii) to express sorrow.

Bringing up that particular line again from Idol by YOASOBI.


"I sing and dance around, look at me, I'm Maria" – A line that seemingly refers to Ai because of the Virgin Mary-like representation of hers. But if we oppositely read it in Japanese syllables, Ma-ri-a is read as A-ri-ma (マリア → アリマ)

Basically it's this: Maria Ai → Arima Ai (Kana)

Let's not forget that Aqua and Ruby's dad's name is Kamiki Hikaru. It's worth noting because of Kana's depiction as the light 光 (hikari) in this series.


Akane's Inspirations
Kana and Ai were the people that Akane took inspiration from. It's quite interesting that out of all the celebrities in the world of Oshi no Ko, she picked the two of them. Kana when she was younger and Ai as of currently.

Aqua's Barter

We all know that Aqua sacrificed Ai's secret and reputation to save Kana's. With Ai being the reason for his revenge and Kana being the fuel to drive his revenge.

He was able to:

Role of Ai

Ruby's current mindset won't allow her to properly convey Ai as a person. Her idea of mothers are still very much "immature," in a way that she's still projecting her life as Sarina, who was probably waiting for her mom to come back. Unless she does a 180 and suddenly accepts the fact that not all moms are loving and caring to their child.

Ruby has a perfected image of Ai ever since she was still Sarina. It took her quite awhile to understand that the idol industry is not always sunshine and rainbows. She has idolized Ai long before she was even Ruby and so far, the only flaw she had seen from her mother, Ai, was that she was a liar.

This is honestly just a preference, but I also wanna point it out. If they're also going to be re-enacting a part of Ai's love life, it's highly possible that either of the Hoshino guys (Aqua or Taiki) play Hikaru. And when we end up with either of those, won't it be kind of weird if Ruby plays Ai...?
I mean no offense to those people who are into that genre but these are siblings who treat each other as family canonly.

Not to mention they're also going to have to play their mother and father's roles. Unless they assign the role to Melt or add new additional characters that would play as Hikaru. Although, I seriously doubt the role of Hikaru will be given that easily to someone.
So it's either:

If you do think about it carefully, Ruby taking on the role of the B-Komachi member whose perspective was seen in 45510 or the B-Komachi member who harassed Ai may actually give her a rather different perspective on how she views her mother.

To add, if you take a look at the B-Komachi member who's wearing the Panda pin, she has a fairly but not exactly, similar hairstyle as Ai.

So it may be a bit unlikely and could easily be debunked any time a new chapter drops, but we can't entirely rule out the possibility of Kana playing the role of Ai.

Kana can definitely pull off an "Ai." The differences are going to be her eyes and her "star power."

Long haired Kana by Yokoyari Mengo (Manga Illustrator)

They are about to film the real Ai. Someone who was willing to show, for the first time, her past and her vulnerabilities.

It is a little unfortunate that Gotanda is more on after promoting the image of "Ai." Which Ai didn't want.

Plus, Ai being stabbed by a stalker has the same dynamic as Kana playing the heroine and almost being stabbed by the stalker which was Aqua in the Sweet Today arc. Top that with concerning interview with Kana that includes another stabbing reference.

And Kaburagi wondering about Arima Kana being the real deal in which up until now, we still don't know what he meant.

Moreover, remember when Kaburagi himself contacted the manager of SA Entertainment to cast Katayose Yura?
And Yura's declaration of not just being a Panda who only attracts customers?

Yura was supposed to play the role of Ai if it weren't for Kamiki Hikaru intervening.

Maybe it's just me, but Kana and Ai's looks and personalities are a red herring in itself. The similarities between them are getting more uncanny each and every time we get new information.

Which leaves us with the question... What will happen if Kamiki Hikaru got his hands on an actual star, whose performance shines brightly like the sun itself?

That's all I have for now. Remember, I'm simply here to share some insights about what me and the other fans have noticed between the two.

Please be kind and respectful in the comments. Also, please stay on topic. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this!

What are your thoughts on this?
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2023.06.03 22:27 SecretaryPleasant928 Chance an Asian male mediocre math major for T20s + other questions

Demographics: Asian male, upper middle class, low population Midwest state, large public school (2000+ students)
Hooks: None, at best geographic but idt that counts
Intended Major(s): Mathematics (maybe economics?)
ACT/SAT/SAT II: 35 ACT (10 ACT Writing), 1580 SAT (800 Math)
UW/W GPA and Rank: 4.00 UW/4.42 W, school doesn’t do rank
Schools: These are basically all the extreme reaches I’m applying to (pretty much just shotgunning here and praying something works 💀).
I’d appreciate any target/safety recs or any advice on my reaches (am I even competitive?). I’ve been wondering about the best early strategy and currently am thinking of Princeton REA (my family used to live there, I’m really interested in their math/applied math program, and it seems like past early admit rates were decently higher than other T10/20s). I'd appreciate other thoughts on this or better early strategies. Also, is there anything I can do this summer to boost my portfolio/chances? I know most intern stuff has already likely closed; so far I'm just planning to work on math research, attend summer school (for PE just to get it out of the way), and work on the debate organization. Thanks for any feedback!
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2023.06.03 22:27 jtrain7 Clarification on Gifting a car Registered in NH to resident of MA

Hi folks, wondering if I can get some verification I'm going about this the right way.
I recently moved to MA, and now my dad wants to gift the the car my brother and I used to share. Looks like on my end I have to get new insurance, get the title and a bill of sale from him, then I can go to the RMV for registration, but my question is, does the NH DMV have to be involved at all on his side? I'm having trouble finding resources precisely concerning gifting a car across state lines, let alone NH->MA specifically, so I'm basing my plan off info regarding gifted cars in MA, specifically, the one found here under "gifting or acquired vehicles":
Thanks in advance to anyone who can lend some knowledge here.
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2023.06.03 22:27 Financial-Tap-4973 Please help me I am so close

Please help me I am so close
🎊Click here to get your Reward! Accept my invitation on Temu app! Up to CA$100 credits are waiting for you~!
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2023.06.03 22:26 T_oasty I fucking HATE being rushed. Oh my god.

I just got home from work literally 30 minutes ago, and as soon as I get off, my parents tell me that I have to go to a dinner with my sister for my other sister’s birthday. So I get home and I’m trying to freshen up and change, since I literally just got home from work and I’m all sweaty and gross.
Then my fucking sister walks into my bedroom and tells me to hurry up because my parents are leaving. And not even a minute later, she comes in and tells me to hurry up. I fucking know what I’m doing and how fast I need to be. You don’t need to remind me every 20 seconds that I need to hurry, or else my parents are going to leave without me.
She does this multiple times, and at this point, she just says she’s done. She says I’m taking too long, and they’re leaving. I just got home literally 5 minutes ago. Im trying my best to get ready quickly. I tell her to just stay inside, because I don’t want to be the only one inside while everyone is waiting for me. But she just leaves me alone anyways.
I look in the mirror, and I start crying because I just look like a fucking mess. My hair is all messy, and my face is all sweaty. My makeup is all smeared, and I look so fucking ugly.
Then my dad comes in and tells me to hurry. I break down and I say I’m not going anymore. At this point, I’d rather just stay home. Then he tells me to quit fucking around, and to just get ready. I get really pissed and I just walk out and go into the car without saying anything. They clearly know I’m fucking mad, so my mom asks why I look so upset, and I start having a breakdown.
It’s so fucking embarrassing, but I start crying and I tell them that I absolutely hate being rushed. I’ve never liked being rushed. Even when I was a little girl. They fucking know this.
I know that I have to get ready quickly. I know what I have to do. I’m not fucking stupid. Then they just tell me that I’m fine, and I should just suck it up because it’s my sister’s birthday, and they don’t want my sour attitude to ruin it. I just got so overwhelmed, I couldn’t help it. Maybe I was overreacting, I don’t know. I wanted to just jump out of the car, but here I am. I’m in the car, on my way to the restaurant. I look like shit, and I feel like shit.
Thanks guys! :)
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