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Trigger Warning: Hamplanets

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All about Destiny 2: The epic, online-only looter-shooter MMO from Bungie, which launched in September of 2017.

2023.06.05 16:07 MDog156 Update: Convo Help

Thank you so much for all your comments! There were so many by the time I returned that it felt overwhelming to respond individually. I compiled a few responses together and sent her an email. For a bit of anonymity, the quick version is, “No, I won’t explain my boundaries. This has happened before and it doesn’t go well.”
She initially replied with how she wasn’t asking me to explain my boundaries. And then awhile later another response came in - “You don’t know how much you’ve hurt me and I hope you aren’t doing it purposefully. Funny how when [thisperson] had this happening, you were compassionate but now you’re doing it to me.”
Background: [thisperson]’s daughter has an abusive partner. The partner slowly isolated her from her parents. They don’t talk anymore. Some examples of behaviour are threatening access to grandchildren when [thisperson] doesn’t do exactly what they say (giving money, free childcare) and calling on Mother’s Day and berating [thisperson]. I have been setting boundaries in place for a few years because I was getting overwhelmed with it all and then covid hit which worsened everything. There was lying, fighting our protections, and I felt like an incubator since she can’t hold a conversation with me if any of my children are present. And I have been attempting to keep contact and have her come once a month which she has been saying no to or cancelling.
details have been altered for anonymity
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2023.06.05 16:06 ManoftheHour777 Is everyone on the Stern show bisexual?

Is everyone on the Stern show bisexual?
We know Robin had lesbian tendencies because of how she would get so into the appearances of “hot chicks” who would get naked in studio.
Howard is so obviously bi, at this point I won’t bother listing it all off. Lets just say that Ralph wasn’t shaving his belly.
Richard, Sal and Benjy have done lots of gay stuff live on air. Richard was smiling and getting noticeably excited when Benjy was “chubbing him up”.
Ronnie had stated publicly that he likes to get to know girls and guys. He has talked about having stuff in his butt.
Bababooey is married but has crossdressed in the Miss America photos.
Fred always has his hand up those puppets buttholes but is admittedly the straighest.
All the new people seem pretty non straight.
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2023.06.05 16:06 jr45677 Why my friend is treating me like this?

I have a friend who has ADHD. our friendship started out, when she was in the worst place in her life. I supported her a lot and sacrificed a lot of my time and energy. I helped her to find help pay her rent. I helped her finding a great job. I helped her to overcome her severe depression.
I have also been her constant support in life, calling the pharmacy for her prescription when she asks me to, reminding her of important deadlines and helping her filling up work applications. I do this out my love for her and out of my good heart.
She always had anger bursts and there had been some occasions that she called me stupid over the phone and degraded me so bad (Shouting at me). Sometimes she apologizes but over the past 6 months she had had a very bad attitude and despite me telling her that I don't want to be treated like that sometimes she treats me very badly.
She doesn't even remember my birthday.
This attitude over the past years left me heart broken. the last thing that she did that really shook me was to unfollow me on twitter and sending me a message that she doesn't want me to comment under her posts because she thinks that my opinions regarding that matter is wrong.I told her this is selfish and not a right thing to do and she said that it's her right to stay away from me in twitter because she doesn't like my tweets and my opinions on a certain subject.After we had this conversation, she called me 2 days after and acted like nothing has happened then proceed to ask me to call the pharmacy for her.
She is going to start a new job and has lots of online application filling to do in the upcoming months.
In the past whenever I called her to talk and ask how she is doing, most of the time she would decline and send me a text on how talking on the phone is hard for her and if I have something to say, text it to her.But when she wants me something to do, she calles me the past week she called me and pretended to care but I know that she is preparing the ground to ask for more things that I have to do for her, like filling up that boring application for her job.
If she doesn't have any problems or chores, she stops calling me for weeks. she forgets about me like I don't exist. I only exist for her, when she has a problem, other times I'm dead.Over these years she has done nothing for me. she could not even be a good friend, I liked to call her sometimes and just talk to fill my loneliness with a friend, she could not even be that.I think the fact that I am a lonely person in my 30s, makes me to cling to this selfish, heartless person.
I want to stop doing whatever she askes of me , the next time she calls me for a favor. I want to see if she will stay my friedn or not.
Do you think that her attitude is regarding ADHD?Do you have any advice for me on how to treat her?
How can I set boundaries in a way that she won't get hurt by me sayong No to her.I still love her, but I'm hurt by her mistreatment. I only give and she only takes. I feel like a maid.
Any other advice from all of you would be apprciated. I need this as a neurotypical person.
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2023.06.05 16:06 Illustrious-Nose3100 Inspection?

Putting our first offer in tomorrow. I am currently waiting to hear back from the realtor to see what the other offers will be, but we are currently in a pretty competitive market.
The house we are looking at was a flip - everything was renovated. Brand new appliances/brand new kitchen. So we are trying to decide if this is one of those cases where we could do an information only inspection to make our offer more competitive.
We toured the house twice - nothing serious stood out to me. I think there’s some asbestos in the basement but the basement is more of a crawl space so we won’t be going down there anyway. Thoughts?
The asking price is $500k. I wouldn’t be shocked if it actually gets sold for $550k+ (just to give an idea of how competitive things are..). We’ll ask for all the permits for the work as well..
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2023.06.05 16:06 xoxo1998AJ Delete if not allowed. But I may have had a premonition dream about the plane crash in VA.

Not sure where else to post this but the night before last I was having vivid dreams, and in one of the dreams I was in the cockpit of a plane, but I wasn’t flying or involved in the flight in anyway. It was more a 3rd person view and it was blurry /bright. I saw the ground before the crash. Dirt and grass. I either woke up or blocked the feeling and moved on to a different dream because I felt no pain or fear. Now where it gets interesting for me is this is not my first dream about planes crashing. Through out 2021 I was having reoccurring plane crash dreams (at least 3 different airports and planes) with no proof that they were connected to other actual crashes in any way. This time, I grew up in NoVA around the area where the plane crashed. 95% of my immediate family live in that area. Am I reaching? Or is there a legitimate possibility. I didn’t know the plane had crashed until this morning when I read about it in the news.
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2023.06.05 16:05 Responsible_Move1458 Being unhappy but still loving your partner, 23F & 25M

hello, this is going to be a LONG one so sit tight. I unfortunately have no friends to turn to for this advice and every member in my family are either divorced or have no room to give relationship advice.
I met my husband when i was 19 & he was 21. I was able to meet him through my best friend who is in the military as is he and we just hit it off. I had ended a prior relationship & this was his first one. The first three months of our relationship was long distance as we lived in different states but covid allowed for me to take the chance to move down here with him, after visiting him twice, for good as college classes moved online. Shortly after we tied the knot, & i’d like to think him being in the military had no influence on this decision but i know deep down it was the best thing to do to provide means for us both. The first year of us being together was what many would label the “honeymoon stage”. I’ve always been a hopeless romantic and always considered that every stage of the relationship should always be the honeymoon stage. But i guess that’s just unrealistic. These past two years i’ve noticed a significant change in the way our relationship is. For example, There would be times we would get into arguments and he would immediately go to comfort me if i were to get emotional but now he has no problem with just leaving me alone to cry, heck there have been countless of times where i would be crying alongside the bed beside him while he slept. There have even been times where events, such as my birthday christmas or the military ball, i would be crying because of an argument and he wouldn’t even care to apologize or comfort me. Even when he should apologize & attempts to he turns it into, “well if you didn’t do x then i wouldn’t have done y and you wouldn’t be crying right now.” Or, as juvenile as it may sound, he would buy me chocolates and flowers on my period and now i literally have to beg to even receive flowers. His excuse is that he can’t afford $5 flowers but he has no issue buying $100 worth of pre workout every month. I’ve always been a “if he wanted to he would” type of girl and i know it may seem trivial but how hard is it to get your girl some flowers even if it’s plucked from the side of the road. It’s just the thought that counts, i want him to want to do these things for me and not because he wants something in return. The last flowers i got was because i told him he could do what he wanted with me if he got me some and then what do you know i have flowers now. Stuff like that just genuinely upsets me. I just want him to love me the way i love him. I’ve talked to him about this things multiple times but i feel it falls on deaf ears because it keeps happening. He keeps telling me he’ll change but he never does. I think what made me want to write this was last night. I finally found a group of girlfriends to hang out with and i was at their apartment. It was two girls who were roommates and we all had a fun genuine times together. It kind of made me think of when i was younger how i’d imagine my life to be in my 20s, I’m 23 now my husband 25, and it made me mourn the life i’ve never had. Living on your own with friends having your own space. & how i’d meet someone who will love me the way i deserve. what’s even worse is that i got a text from him asking when i’d be home and it kind of brought me back to reality. I’ll never experience the life i’ve imagined as a young girl, heck i didn’t even experience a proposal or a wedding. we just went to the court house. A part of me feels like a bitch for even complaining because i know he goes through a lot at work and i try to talk to him about it but he doesn’t open up. He always throws it in my face how he has it worse in life so i shouldn’t complain about things i have going on in my life and he’s also thrown in my face how this is “his apartment” since he pays the bills and it’s like really after three years of marriage and it’s yours not ours? I guess i’ve just come to a point where i don’t know if i’m even happy. i like to imagine my life living with roommates experience the life i wanted and meeting the person who my hopeless romantic side likes to believe is still out there, but then the other part of me wants to stay and try to work things out but it’s like an never ending cycle. I really do love him, when i think about leaving it breaks my heart because i can’t imagine him being with anyone else and i think about how much i’ll miss him. But i just don’t think i’m happy anymore, i always picture myself being the one in a sappy romance movie or novel because it’s lacking in my relationship, & it shouldn’t be that way. i don’t even like being intimate with him anymore because i don’t feel loved by him. our kisses feel empty to me. I don’t know if this is something people experience and have worked on, i am only 23 and i don’t want to call it quits on something that is so important. One thing that does constantly play in my mind is the “three loves theory”. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.05 16:05 DetroitFamily Sony STR190 to Yamaha A-S301, I like it

I can imagine that I will get some pushback but this is BUDGET Audiophile and I am on a "budget". I had been using the the Sony STR190 for about 2 years, it was good and I can see why it is so popular, decent features at $200 or less. However, something about the sound was just off for me. I just picked up an A-S 301 and I am very very pleased with the sound. It is so much more balanced and warm to me. The sound stage is wonderful for my space, the vocal and instrument separation is great, I am hearing so much more detail now! My vinyl never sounded so good, I can't believe how much I was missing.
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2023.06.05 16:05 nutellamilkeshake Buying a Car

This probably sounds ridiculous, but I'm in my 30s and have never bought a car before. I had a hand-me-down in high school and college, and then spent all of my post-college years in big cities without the need to drive. About to move to the suburbs and feeling totally lost about how to even approach car-buying. Any advice on where to start, how to not get totally ripped off, and how financing works? TIA!
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2023.06.05 16:04 marshsyl People make mistakes. They get caught up in the heat of a moment and leave their partner without ever looking back. But what would happen if they did look back? 8 Ways How to Make Someone Miss You and Regret Ever Leaving Your Side

People make mistakes. They get caught up in the heat of a moment and leave their partner without ever looking back. But what would happen if they did look back? 8 Ways How to Make Someone Miss You and Regret Ever Leaving Your Side submitted by marshsyl to BeautifulGirls24 [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 16:04 Humble_Novice DeSantis Allows Florida Landlords to Charge Junk Fees Instead of Security Deposits

Article: Here
As the nation dunks on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for not knowing how to pronounce his own last name, it may be distracting from more important things. To wit: Friday DeSantis signed into law a controversial bill that critics say is “ripe for abuse” by bad landlords.
The bill, HB 133, allows landlords in Florida to charge tenants a nonrefundable, limitless, recurring fee in lieu of a security deposit, or what's been dubbed “junk fees.”
Supporters of the bill — including corporate lobbying interests that stand to turn a profit from it — say it offers tenants an alternative to paying lump-sum security deposits that can often cost upward of one or maybe two months’ rent.
In Florida’s hot rental market, that could be thousands of dollars upfront.
Critics of the legislation have another word to describe the so-called security deposit alternative that the legislation permits, however: “predatory.”
Jay Mobley, an attorney for the Orange County Legal Aid Society who encounters many low-income people in his work, told Orlando Weekly the bill “opens the door for a lot of abuse on the part of bad landlords.”
There are no limits to the fees that landlords can charge as part of this alternative security deposit arrangement, so they could theoretically charge $25 per month, or they could charge $200 per month. “There’s no cap on the fees,” said Mobley.
The bill also garnered opposition from social advocacy groups, as well as labor unions like the Service Employees International Union, which represents many workers in low-wage jobs.
“As written, this legislation leaves working-class renters that are experiencing an affordable housing crisis vulnerable to predatory business practices,” a coalition of advocacy groups wrote in a letter urging DeSantis to veto the bill last month.
“The state is facing a housing crisis, and our communities are being exploited for profit.”
The Republican-sponsored bill was backed by the Florida Apartment Association (which sued Orange County for proposing rent control), as well as property tech companies like Rhino and Leaselock.
It’s similar to a bill that lobbyists for Leaselock helped draft leading up to the start of the 2022 legislative session.
It failed last year, but was revived during this year’s session and streamlined by Republican leaders in the House, referred to just two committees instead of the usual three.
LeaseLock, a company that offers so-called security deposit alternatives to landlords and tenants, has lobbied for similar laws on a local and state level elsewhere.
The company last year came under fire in the state of Maryland for concerns that it violated the state's consumer protections law.
Maryland’s State Attorney reached a settlement with the California-based company, which is blocked from offering such “alternatives” to landlords.
“LeaseLock’s program effectively had tenants paying their security deposits monthly, but, at the end of the lease, tenants got nothing back,” Maryland State Attorney General Frosh said in a statement at the time. “Under this settlement, tenants will get their money back from LeaseLock unless the funds were lawfully withheld for past due rent or damage to the property.”
Florida’s HB 133 doesn’t necessarily require landlords to offer this security deposit alternative.
It’s a choice, not a mandate, Florida Rep. Jim Mooney, a Republican who sponsored the bill, had argued.
Still, State Rep. Anna Eskamani, D-Orlando, told the Orlando Sentinel in April that for people who can’t afford a security deposit, it may not end up feeling like much of a choice.
“A never-ending fee compared to paying $2,000 upfront is, for many people, potentially cheaper, but if I don’t have $2,000 and the legislature has offered no caps on security deposits, then of course I’m going to choose a perpetual fee,” she said.
In Florida, there’s no cap on how much a landlord can charge for security deposits, nor how much they can charge for rent. But under this bill there’s also not a cap on this so-called security deposit “alternative.”
“It’s not designed to protect the tenant at all,” Mobley argued. “A security deposit covers a tenant’s liability for damage. This fee does not, unless the property owner decides to purchase an insurance policy which benefits only him, only the landlord, not the tenant.”
So, a company like Rhino or Leaselock could go after a tenant for damages. "You have someone who's paid for an insurance product through a landlord for maybe a couple years, and then at the end of it, it doesn't benefit the tenant at all because they're still responsible for all of the damages."
Prior to its passage, some Democrats — including Eskamani — filed amendments to the bill to try and level the playing field for tenants.
All of them failed, similar to attempts by Democrats this session to water down other controversial bills targeting collective bargaining rights for public employees, LGBTQ rights, and abortion access.
But it wasn’t passed strictly along party lines either.
Several Florida Democrats joined Republicans in voting in favor of the bill, including Orlando-area Sen. Linda Stewart, who’s term-limited from seeking reelection, and Sen. Jason Pizzo, a South Florida Democrat whose family owns a property management company in New Jersey, and who’s been tapped to become the next Florida Senate Democratic leader following the 2024 elections.
Also on Friday, DeSantis signed into law 11 other bills, none quite so controversial as this one, save for a bill cracking down on kratom (an herbal substance that has stimulant and opioid-like effects).
This all comes on the heels of DeSantis approving legislation banning rent control, while another bill that’d wipe out local tenant protection ordinances (including a tenant’s bill of rights in Orange County) has yet to reach his desk.
DeSantis also formally announced his 2024 run for president last week in a botched campaign launch on Twitter. So his record will be subject to a high level of scrutiny in the months to come.
submitted by Humble_Novice to gamefaqs261 [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 16:04 davekevnate Help!! My 9 month old wakes up every hour or two and won’t go back to sleep until he’s in bed with Mommy in Daddy’s spot.

We need so much help I don’t even know where to begin. This is Daddy writing this because Mommy doesn’t have Reddit. Our son is 9 months old and our first child. He’s the best, always happy smiling playful and any time we take him anywhere he’s the best baby ever. And then night time comes. So we wake up at 5 am because of work so he goes down between 7 and 8pm every night. The routine during the day is wake up at 530 takes first nap around 8 for 2 hours then sleeps again around noon for an hour or two. This is where things get tricky. Most of the time he won’t take another nap again so he is up from 2pm until bedtime. He drinks 5 ounces of breast milk mixed with baby cereal every night about an hour before he goes down. It calms him down and fills him up. When he goes down he stays asleep for an hour or two at the most and then all hell breaks lose. He used to take a Binky and get rocked by me and falls back asleep and gets set back in his crib, but lately he wants nothing to do with a Binky, or daddy for that matter. It has to be mommy. And he does not go back to sleep in his crib. He cry’s and crys and crys until he’s asleep with mommy in our bed. He wakes up every hour or two after that, and the only thing that works in mommy boob. Every night it’s the same thing he just wakes up every hour or two and sometimes the nipple doesn’t even help and he crys for hours. We go to the doctor everything is perfect with him. What are we supposed to do to get him to just sleep in his crib all night only waking up once or twice instead of every hour? We have no idea how to get him to sleep. Thanks for your help.
submitted by davekevnate to sleeptrain [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 16:04 unmistakablyme Ready to start my life!

Hi all,
Been lurking a little while now but this is my first post.
I was diagnosed by my local NHS service a couple of weeks ago and started medication today.
Reading people's experiences here had made me realise how lucky I have been. My GP referred me in January 2022, I was told my area had a 6-12 month waiting list. My assessment took place over two sessions in April/May this year, so the overall wait was around 16-17 months. It felt like a long time but compared to many areas it wasn't so bad.
I really like the psychiatrist who did my assessment and prescribed my medication. I felt really listened to and he asked me about all aspects of my life currently and my childhood, it definitely didn't feel like a tick box exercise.
I'm 36 and feel a bit sad that it has taken so long to get myself here but I'm excited now that I know what the problem is and am hopeful the medication will help.
Thanks for being such a great and supportive community, I've learned a lot already from reading the threads here.
submitted by unmistakablyme to ADHDUK [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 16:04 WaLrUsClAn '54 fiesta rear seat latch help

Anyone tried to fix a broken rear seat latch? If so how in the f*@k did you get this pin out?
submitted by WaLrUsClAn to FordFiesta [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 16:04 unavailable4coffee How We Made A Podcast

How We Made A Podcast
Written by Ryan Lewis, Staff Software Engineer, Developer Platform
Hi Reddit 👋
You may have noticed that at the beginning of the year, we started producing a monthly podcast focusing on how Reddit works internally. It’s called Building Reddit! If you haven’t listened yet, check it out on all the podcasting platforms (Apple, Spotify, etc.) and on YouTube.
Today, I wanted to give you some insight into how the podcast came together. No, this isn’t a podcast about a podcast. That would open a wormhole to another dimension. Instead, I’ll walk you through how Building Reddit came to be and what it looks like to put together an episode.

The Road to Building Reddit

Before I started working here, Reddit had experimented with podcasts a few times. These were all produced for employees and only released internally. There has been a lot of interest in an official podcast from Reddit, especially an Engineering one, for some time.
I knew none of this when I started at the company. But as I learned more about how Reddit worked, the idea for an engineering podcast started to form in my brain. The company already had a fantastic engineering blog with many talented employees talking about how they built stuff, so an audio version seemed like a great companion.
So, last fall, for our biannual engineering free-for-all Snoosweek, I put together a proof of concept for an engineering podcast. Thankfully, I work on a very cool project, Developer Platform, so I just interviewed members of my team. What I hadn’t anticipated was having 13 hours of raw audio that needed to be edited down to an hour-long episode… within two days. In the end, it came together and I shared it with the company.

The original cover image. Thanks to Knut!
Enter the Reddit Engineering Branding Team (the kind souls who make this blog run and who organize Snoosweek). Lisa, Chief of Staff to the CTO, contacted me and we started putting together ideas for a regular podcast. The goal: Show the world how Reddit builds things. In addition to Lisa and the Engineering Branding Team, we joined forces with Nick, a Senior Communications Associate, who helped us perfect the messaging and tone for the podcast.
In December, we decided on three episodes to launch with: fixthevideoplayer, [email protected]: Engineering Manager, and Reddit Recap. We drew up outlines for each episode and identified the employees to interview.
While the audio was being put together for those episodes, Nick connected us to OrangeRed, the amazing branding team at Reddit. They worked with us to create the cover image, visual assets, and fancy motion graphics for the podcast visualization videos. OrangeRed even helped pick out the perfect background music!
Producing three episodes at once was a tall order, but all three debuted on Feb. 7th. Since then, we’ve kept up a monthly cadence for the podcast. The first Tuesday of every month is our target to release new episodes.

A Day In The Life of an Episode

So how does an episode of the podcast actually come together? I break it down into five steps: Ideation, Planning, Recording, Editing, Review.
Building Reddit episode calendar
Ideation is where someone has an idea for an episode. This could be based on a new feature, focusing on a person or role for a [email protected] episode, or a technical/cultural topic. Some of these ideas I come up with myself, but more often they come from others on the Reddit Engineering Branding team. As ideas come up, we add them to a list, usually at the end unless there’s some time element to it (for example the Security Incident episode that comes out tomorrow!). As of right now, we have over 30 episode ideas on the list! For ideas higher on the list, we assign a date for when the episode would be published. This helps us make sure we’re balancing the types of episodes too.
A podcast episode outline
When an episode is getting close to publication, usually a month or two in advance, I create an outline document to help me plan the episode. Jameson, a Principal Engineer, developed the template for the outline for the first episode. The things I put in there are who I could talk to, what their job functions are (I try to get a mix of engineering, product, design, comms, marketing, etc), and a high-level description of the episode. From there, I’ll do some research on the topic from external comms or internal documents, and then build a rough outline of the kinds of topics I want to talk about. These will be broken down further into questions for each person I’ll be interviewing. I also try to tell some type of story with each episode, so it makes sense as you listen to it. That’s usually why I interview product managers first on feature episodes (eg. Reddit Recap, Collectible Avatars). They’re usually good about giving some background to the feature and explaining the reasoning behind why Reddit wanted to build it.
The tools of the trade
I reach out to the interviewees over Slack to make sure they want to be interviewed and to provide some prep information. Then I schedule an hour-long meeting for each person to do the interview over Zoom. Recording over Zoom works quite well because you can configure it to record each person’s audio separately. This is essential to being able to mix the audio. Also, it’s very important that each person wears headphones, so their microphone doesn’t pick up the audio from my voice (or try to noise cancel it which reduces the audio quality). The recording sessions are usually pretty straightforward. I run through the questions I’ve prepared and occasionally ask follow-ups or clarifying questions if I’m curious about something. Usually, I can get everything I need from each person in one session, but occasionally I’ll go back and ask more questions.
Editing a podcast in Adobe Audition
Once all the audio is recorded, it’s time to shut my office door and do some editing. First I go through each person’s interview and clean it up, removing any comments or noises around their audio. As I do this, I’ll work on the script for my parts between the interviewee’s audio. Sometimes these are just the questions that I asked the person, but often I’ll try to add something to it so it flows better. Once I’ve finished cleaning up and sequencing the interviewee audio, I work on my script a little more and then record all of my parts.
Two views of my office with all the sound blankets up. Reverb be gone!
As you can see in the photo of my office above, I hang large sound blankets to remove as much reverb as I can. If I don’t put these up, it would sound like I was in an empty room with lots of echo. When I record my parts, I always stand up. This gives my voice a little more energy and somehow just sounds better than sitting. Once my audio is complete, I edit those parts in with the other audio, add the intro/outro music, and do some final level adjustments for each part. It’s important to make sure that everyone’s voices are at about the same level.
Sharing the podcast over Slack
Although I listen to each mixed episode closely, getting feedback and review from others is essential. I try to get the first mix completed a week or two before the publication date to allow for people to review it and for me to incorporate any feedback. I always send it to the interviewees beforehand, so they can hear it before the rest of the world does.

Putting it All Together

Creating the podcast video. *No doges were harmed
So, we have a finished episode. Now what? The next thing I do is to take the audio and render a video file from it. OrangeRed made a wonderful template that I can just plug the audio into (and change the title text). Then the viewer is treated to some meme-y visuals while they listen to the podcast.
I upload the video file to our YouTube channel, and also to our Spotify for Podcasters portal (formerly Spotify for Podcasters handles the podcast distribution, so uploading it to that will also publish it out to all the various podcast platforms (this had to be set up manually in the beginning, but is automatic after that). Some platforms support video podcasts, which is why I use the video file. Spotify extracts the audio and distributes that to platforms that don’t support video.
The last step after uploading and scheduling the episode is to write up and schedule a quick post for this community (example). And then I can sit back and… get ready for next month’s episode! It’s always nice to see an episode out the door, and everyone at Reddit is incredibly supportive of the podcast!
So what do you think? Does it sound cool to build Building Reddit? If so, check out the open positions on our careers page.
And be on the lookout for our new episode tomorrow. Thanks for listening (reading)!
submitted by unavailable4coffee to RedditEng [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 16:04 YeezySeason186 (Possibly?)Fucked up some of my DP1 exams[UPDATE]

Original Post
So I got basically all my DP1 exams back(save for Lang and Lit because I had the IO earlier today). As it turns out, they were not close to as disastrous as I had originally thought. I had feelings that I was going to fail Math and that Psychology and Biology were not going to be too much better. Here are my actual DP1 exam results:
Math AI SL - 5
Biology SL - 5(I got a 6 for the Paper 1 but my 5 in Paper 2 wasn't high enough to push my overall to a 6)
French B SL - 4(Pretty big disappointment ngl, but it could have been worse)
Psychology HL - 5(Could have been higher if I did better on the ERQ)
History HL - 5(I think?, I got a 6 for the Paper 1 and a combined overall of 5 for Paper 2 and 3)
So overall, they weren't actually that bad at all across the board. History was unfortunately quite average compared to my initial thoughts on how I did, but what's done is done I guess. Same thing applies to French(even more honestly lmfao).
Considering I was getting 3s at the beginning of DP1 for Psych and Bio, I think I did pretty alright overall. Any advice for DP2 as to how I can improve before PG's are released?
submitted by YeezySeason186 to IBO [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 16:04 Vosvosvosvosvos I'm so angry

I lost my dad to cancer a month ago, he got diagnosed 5 april and 30 days later he was dead. He was hospitalized the day after diagnosis, got to go back home, pretty much immediately collapsed again, was too sick to talk for 20 days, and that was that. I'm now left with his house to clear out, which includes a bunch of my grandma's stuff (she died a year ago), a hell of an administration, and PTSD and depression from having been his caregiver.
I'm so terribly angry all the time. I'm angry at him for leaving me like this, angry at life for doing this to him, angry that none of my friends get it. I got a bunch of "let me know if I can do anything"s, and I'm angry because I don't have the energy to let anybody know anything, and I'm angry about the fact that these people won't take initiative to help. When someone does do something, it's a miniature relief but I'm still angry, because nothing is helping and I just want out. I'm mostly self-isolating at this point because I have nothing nice to add.
How do you guys deal with this anger? I'm normally not an angry person at all, but add this experience and I only feel bitter. I guess I need to ride out the feeling, but I don't want to, because I'm angry about being this angry. I just want it to pass, I'm exhausted.
submitted by Vosvosvosvosvos to GriefSupport [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 16:04 AddykinsMom 34 + 3 days baby NICU stay feeding

My baby came early at 34 weeks and 3 days via emergency c-section. She’s currently in the NICU and has been here 8 days now. I’m looking for feeding advice.
Her care team is great, and helpful, but wanted to get the opinion of other parents to see what worked for them.
Obviously the goal is discharge as soon as possible. I’m working on breastfeeding and she can handle up to 15 minutes of sucking without tiring. Today she graduated to the gravity feed. I consented to bottle feeds in hopes that getting her nasogastric tube out faster means home sooner.
I’m all she has and can’t be here 24/7 since they won’t let me sleep here and I’m wondering what worked for other parents. Right now I aim for 4 feeds a day, but should I be here for more feeds? I am recovering from a C-section but today feeling better and woke up earlier. I just worry that me not being here all day/night is a detriment to her progression. I pump around the clock so she is now on my milk only.
Also any tips on how to get her to stay on the breast or bottle longer, please share.
submitted by AddykinsMom to NICUParents [link] [comments]

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