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2023.06.02 00:29 _slimetalk 23 [M4F] Central PA - Looking for someone who I can spend time with and will actually tolerate me🤣

so a few things about me,
I don’t have a lot of standards when it comes to a partner, but I prefer someone who is open minded and understanding. Ideally i’d like someone who is at least somewhat close to my area, although I don’t have a problem if you’re a couple hours away. Attractiveness is subjective, so if you send me pics I’ll send you pics. Must have a love for dark humor and memes 😂
that’s really all I can think of. I have a lot of love to give just nobody to give it to . you can hmu here on reddit, but try to PM instead of chat cause the chat is broken af for me lol . thanks !
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2023.06.02 00:29 fireflyz99 House increased by £100k since 2020!?

A house in my local area is up for sale for £100k more than the current owners paid in 2020 (paid £300k now listed for £400k). The only work they’ve done is cosmetic like painting the dated kitchen tiles and cabinets. They’ve even reduced the number of bedrooms from 4 to 3 by creating a “walk-in wardrobe” (a room with freestanding wardrobes). It will need a new kitchen and bathroom within the next couple of years.
My question is, have house prices really increased this much since Covid!? It’s a nice house and within budget but the idea of paying £100k more than the previous owners did only a few years ago makes me feel ill! There isn’t anything similar for sale/recently sold so haven’t been able to make any comparisons. I know people made a lot of money from buying just before Covid hit but could it really be this much of a price increase?!
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2023.06.02 00:28 JediDad0 Annoyed and Confused About Possible ITX Build

Lots of cool stuff announced at Computex, but did anyone see anything about updated AM5 or z790 ITX boards? Everything I found seems to be based on ATX only.
I just got the Corsair 2000d, as it’s basically my dream-ish case, the sfc-l PSU from them, but can’t decide on a motherboard. Was hoping to see some refreshes for ITX, but is this normal that ITX is kind of left out of things like that? I’ve been back on a massive case for a couple of years, finally switched back and am disappointed in motherboard for both platforms, though AM5 options seem exceptionally poor. Do I just need to live with it or am I missing something?
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2023.06.02 00:28 Personal_Coast7576 I just need to vent

I'm 50 male, 1 year ago I was diagnosed with T1 high grade bladder cancer. That first surgery was delayed the morning of due to issue with operating room. Ok finally got the surgery.. start of BCG was delayed 2 weeks due to shortage. Finally started BCG, 3 weeks worth then another shortage so we switched to gemcitabine for next 3. 3 weeks after I developed massive pain in testicle and hard lump. Pain left after a week but was put on antibiotics for over a month. No change in lump. So only choice was surgery, had epididymis removed.
Flash to last month, bladder cancer recurrence, 3 small areas. Surgery scheduled for June 2nd at 745 am with mitomycin after surgery
Tonight at 5pm, doc office calls and says they can't find any mitomycin!
I was upset and said we have to continue surgery, 30 mins later they call back and say they found some at another hospital.
I am trying to stay positive, but every step of the way has been such a battle for me. I'm grateful for all the doctors and nurses and the work they have done.
I hope and pray everyone here is healed and lives a happy life... Thanks for reading
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2023.06.02 00:28 shadylocko I put the wrong GPA in my background check and I got an email from them asking for an explanation. I start in about a month. Am I screwed?

I start in about a month from now and I apparently reported the wrong GPA in my background check. I gave them my total GPA that combines both my community college (the units transferred to my transfer college) and 4 year transfer college and they only wanted my GPA from when I was in my 4 year college. I already sent them an email explaining it but I'm worried if this is going to affect my offestart date. I don't want them to think I lied or anything, seeing as though the GPA I reported is slightly higher than the one they want. Is this something I need to worry about?
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2023.06.02 00:28 NeedlePhobic95 I hate myself because I have anxiety. What is WRONG with me?

27 yo, female. Had anxiety pretty much all my life but it was more like to do well in school and get good grades. I guess a perfectionist? I dont have high self esteem but it is getting better which Im liking. But HEALTH ANXIETY is just ruining me. I feel so DUMB and stupid all the time because im always worried about my health. Im young and im not enjoying life at all. I am blessed, dont get me wrong, but my God the things that anxiety has stopped me from is hilarious.
For example, I posted here a couple days ago asking if it's weird to take a note to my doctors appt because im too nervous/embarrassed to speak (weird i know). Then today, i panicked and CANCELLED my doctors appt because im crazy and cant handle fear or embarrassment so I just cancel it like a child. I told my therapist I literally cannot do normal human functions and she said we are going to talk about it next week before my rescheduled doctors appt. I just needed to vent because i hate myself SO much for being this way. Like i feel like im broken or smth.
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2023.06.02 00:28 incognito_40 Electrical circuit for gas water heaters. Batteries to power supply. 1.5V AA, AAA, C, D, batteries.

Hi, does anyone has any experience making battery circuits for power supply? I have 3 gas water heaters that usually run on one D battery each. They are all separate. I am tired of running out of battery, and having to change them frequently. So, I bought a 3V 1Amp power supply. I am thinking of wiring the three water heaters in parallel (giving each water heater 1V). I am not sure if this will work. Will the life of the internal circuit of the spark generator be shortened? Is there any danger in doing this?
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2023.06.02 00:28 AjentSushi Found a pair of used hiking shoes for sale, are these good shoes?

Found a pair of used hiking shoes for sale, are these good shoes?
I am a beginner hiker, and looking for a good hiking shoe, found these used Salomon XA Pro 3D V8’s for $40. Are they good shoes for a good price?
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2023.06.02 00:27 JPizzzle15 Double Xlookup on a Pivot table with Date in column, Unique ID in Row

I am wondering how to perform a nested or double xlookup on a pivot table connected to the data model.
Here's what the data source looks like:
Pivot table connected to data model. I have dates in the column, Unique IDs in the Row.
Goal is to be able to refresh the data model, a new month's volumes comes in, then I would update the Date (in blue text below) and the model will automatically update based on the Xlookup.
This is what the output will show if the xlookup is working as intended.
I am building accruals off this set of data if that helps.

Let me know if you have any further questions - thank you again for the help.
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2023.06.02 00:27 0Chunks endurance help

15 yo here, been lifting for football for 6 ish months and pre practices have started. I've gotten word from coaches and more experienced players that I am surely going to start JV if I dont get put 2nd string varsity. (Currently a freshman.)
My issue is holding my stance. I am planning to stick to right guard on the offensive line, but holding my stance for more than 30 seconds or so is very difficult. I am 6ft 310 lbs. Anything helps.
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2023.06.02 00:27 No_Zone_4666 Just created a community for Students of Alte University

I dont know how many of you are from this university, but i am. And i wanted to create this community specifically for us, so those who are from Alte university can join in.
Here the link : https://www.reddit.com/AlteUniversity/comments/13xv8k9/ralteuniversity_lounge/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button
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2023.06.02 00:27 breska555 LinkedIn Salary Range

Hi all! I have an interview coming up for a job I desperately need, but I’m unsure of what to answer if they ask me for my desired salary range. On their LinkedIn post they provided their range (79-110k). If the interviewer asks me on the video call for my desired salary, should I ask for 110? Or should I go a bit lower to increase my chances as a potential candidate? To be fair I would most likely take the offer if it was 80k but I don’t want to sell myself short.
I don’t have experience working in this exact position, but I work in the same field in an adjacent role so I am sure that the transition will be smooth and I’ll be able to perform the job. I’d appreciate any advice I could get on this!!
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2023.06.02 00:27 GalaxyJoker101 Is there a way to speed up download speeds on Battlenet?

I just bought the pre-release of diablo 4 and am downloading it. However I can't help but notice the painfully slow 1.5MB/s download speed that am I averaging, this is weird because on Speedtest.com it says I have a 100MB/s download speed, is there a way for me to uncap this on battlenet?
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2023.06.02 00:27 felafelwaffle What my flair ups are like.

Hi there. I have been diagnosed for a few years now and this is how my flair ups start. This can start in a matter of a few days before I peak..
Extreme fatigue Brain fog Upper torso begins to go stiff and burn. Migraine like symptoms - light sound, smell sensitivities Dizzy Disoriented
Once the headache comes, so does the nausea and I assume it is related to my degenerative discs in my neck, but then I get.
Diarrhea Sniffles Sneezing Freezing cold like when you get a fever Nerve pain down my appendages. Then i suddenly surge to HOT from the inside out. It’s weird like I feel like I am combusting on the inside. Then I puke.
Peak flair ups make me incapacitated until I start a methyprednosolone pack (ROIDs) and wait a few ours for it to start helping. During which point I am stuck in bed.
The day or two after I start my pack I still have brain fog and moodiness (depression). Which turns back into nausea and irritability from the ROIDs after that until I am done taking them.
I deal with this one to two times per month. I started with hydroxychloroquine then after about 8 months, the rheumatologist added methotrexate (6 tabs/wk).
On my non flair days, I have mild to moderate joint pain, dry eyes and mouth, nausea, & fatigue. Because of the muscle pain and tightness, I take flexeril and meloxicam nightly and that has helped my Non flair (normal) days some.
I am very frustrated and I hate this disease. I am having a hard time knowing when to start the ROIDs before it becomes too bad to function.
What about you all? How does your UCTD affect you?
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2023.06.02 00:27 AutoNewsAdmin [Op-Ed] - I fought for gay rights — but trans activists have destroyed the meaning of Pride

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2023.06.02 00:27 whoha1638 29 [M4F] Eastern Panhandle WV looking for FWB

I'm 29, stressed to the max, really just looking for a good release of some of this tension. I'm 5'10 160lbs 7" and it's a rock hard 7. Looking to pound you out. We don't need to be great friends or anything, just whenever the other feels in the mood and we're available maybe we could service each other's needs. If we click well, great. Must be disease free as I am the same.
I'm really busy so not sure if I really want a relationship or anything, just really looking to get some loads off. Send help! Lol 🤣
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2023.06.02 00:27 RIPNINAFLOWERS Found some old newspaper clippings from the 90s (I think) whilst pulling up floorboards today

Found some old newspaper clippings from the 90s (I think) whilst pulling up floorboards today
For that matter could anyone enlighten me as to why I am finding so much newspaper beneath the floorboards? Surely they not to act as some sort of insulation?!
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2023.06.02 00:27 denise0258 Walk Away from the BIG V

I joined Verizon in June 2022, I've had terrible service, but since I traded in my iphone 8 for a iphone 13 I have tried to stick it out. Then comes the endless resets and theyve even changed my phone from the new phoe to a refurbished phone. I am thinking of just walking away and disputing the collection charges BECAUSE Verizon can not and is not providing me with reliable service. Any other ideas?
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2023.06.02 00:27 jboehm78 My outdoor kitchen journey

My outdoor kitchen journey
I am almost done, we’ll until i decide I want something else added to this. I am waiting for the new Genstone order to arrive so I can finish the stone front on the new island. Any recommendations on what to do next with this. I am welcome to suggestions.
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2023.06.02 00:27 Hollyetravels Am I missing something?

So looking through the cozy game sale this weekend...How do they have games not out yet like Kitori Academy and Spells and Secrets? You can't even pre order these games. Am I missing something?
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2023.06.02 00:27 CLandMan1123 I created a toxic marriage.

My wife and I have been together for 7 years since we met in college. We only got married about 8 months ago. Throughout our relationship I have been emotionally abusive, I have belittled her and I have created an entirely stressful home life for her. The worst of it is at one point, in the middle of an argument where she was about to walk out the door to leave, I grabbed her... I had no idea what love really meant. We have been going to counseling for a few months, and we separated 3 weeks ago while she figures out what she wants to do. Although it's taken this to get me here, I now know exactly the type of monster and terrible person I have been to her. I know I need to shower her unconditional love and I have realized that my anxiety took over many times and brought out the worst in me. We have some incredible chemistry when things are good and I truly think we're perfect for each other, but I really damaged her with my behavior at times. I wish I could take it all back. I love her more than anything and I am absolutely positive that I can completely change for myself and our marriage. I have reflected on how shitty of a husband I was and I know how I need to be moving forward. Unfortunately I'm afraid at this point it is too late. The other day I asked her if she would be open to staying separated while we continue couples therapy. That way it helps take the pressure off of an immediate decision and she can see if I'm really going to change. I also told her that this therapy should be exploratory to see if we even SHOULD be together. She's giving me an answer tomorrow and I'm gut wrenched. Im so upset with myself, sad and hurt for her, worried about the future and most of all I just want her back in my arms to tell her I'm sorry for everything. The way I see it, I want to kill our old marriage and start anew with my new understanding of life and love. I hope she gives me that chance. She's perfect and I can't lose her. Is there anything else I can do to save this marriage and make sure I make a lasting and complete change for her? I'd move the world for this woman and I'm so so upset with myself. I just wish I saw what I was doing earlier.
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2023.06.02 00:27 Far-Librarian-9847 Hyperthyroidism?

Hi. I am having odd symptoms. I’m not unsure if I am sensitive to heat but here I go…I am 33, 3 months post miscarriage and 6 months off birth control. I discovered I have Turner Syndrome and low AMH levels with possible diminished ovarian syndrome. 6 weeks after going off BCP I developed night sweats, as well as underarm sweats during the day. Then it stopped after 2 weeks. I was soon pregnant and no more sweating. 6 weeks post miscarriage it started it again. Nightsweats tend to be more prominent during or around my cycle. However, the under arm sweating is now every day on/off day time only. My new problem is I am sensitive to heat outside and ESPECIALLY when driving. My whole back sweats as well as behind my knees and legs. I also notice now when I rush around the house doing chores, or if the car is too warm, I easily get too warm. When I hop out of my chair in the morning at work, I do feel a little dizzy but it is only in the morning. Does this sound like POTS? I also notice around 5 pm, as I started my second job at a computer, that I have to fight through nodding off for about 30 min. Just tired? Or sleep apnea symptom? Hyperthyroidism? Please share experiences. I am waiting for a bunch of appointments.
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