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What do you love and hate about HEB?

2023.06.07 10:29 melaniatraamp Know of companies in Amsterdam hiring right now? I am encountering hiring freeze after hiring freeze due to the macroeconomic situation in the consulting/finance/business/fintech sector even for entry level roles & my next visa depends on it. Zelfs als ik spreek Nederlands, ik heb niets gevonden.

Hi y’allemaal!! I’m hoping that someone might be able to point me in the right direction in my job search within the consulting, finance, international business finance, corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions or private equity sectors if please possible. I am on the cusp of completing my 2nd master's degree in the field of international finance and keen to get my foot in the door. (NL versie ook!). Edited to add: I am non-EU, I do not have a European passport as such, so I also need to find a role/company that would be willing to offer sponsorship for the year following my search yeazoekjaar visa. This complicates things, and my ability to do an internship is limited by my program's rules which also...complicates things.
Yet with hiring slowing down, I am growing anxious as I cannot wait until January starts for roles as I will literally run out of savings. Hence, I'm reaching out to ask if anyone has leads or referrals for companies that are currently hiring. Do you know of companies who are hiring right now/could refer for?I’m running into two issues with the entry-level positions I have applied for so far even though I speak Dutch.
  1. Despite my relevant skills and previous professional experiences in diverse fields, my non-traditional path is posing some challenges. Companies often lean towards younger, Dutch-native candidates or those with direct internship experience in the field (I have been told this outright). Some experienced professional recruiters discard my profile saying it is irrelevant since it is not directly in the field. It's a Kafka-esque barrier of not being considered for roles either way whether entry level or more experienced. For Dutch speaking roles, the hiring managers say they want a native Dutch speaker after I’ve already done the first round interview with the recruiter submitting me for the role.
  2. It's been particularly tricky with current hiring freezes among the consultancies I've approached.
I've been actively using the career services team at my university, improving my CV, cover letters and reaching out for networking on LinkedIn with limited success.
My plan is to build a life here in the next 5 years, but these hurdles may force a return to my home country where non-conventional career trajectories are more accepted. I have much to contribute and would love to do so here. So I wanted to put this out into the universe!
Thank you for your time and support in this endeavor
Hoi iedereen, mag ik alstublieft voor jullie hulp vragen? Ik zoek een baan (alle details hier al geschreven) maar niets is gebeurd. Het is al 3 maanden geleden en ik weet niet wat te doen. Dus het is niet een slecht idee om mijn situatie te delen. Weet je een bedrijf in finance/international business/fintech etc dat zoekt naar iemand?
Om het kort te houden: zelfs als ik spreek Nederlands, na mijn 1e gesprek met de recruiter, sommige hiring managers beantwoorden dan met 'niet mogelijk, wij willen alleen een native'. Daarom ben ik ook in beetje in de waar. Ik weet dat mijn taalvaardigheid niet perfect is, maar tegelijkertijd, het erg vervelend voor mij voelt in alle eerlijkheid. Ik begrijp dat er veel andere moeilijke situaties zijn in het leven. Om duidelijk te zijn, ik klacht niet!! Denk ik niet ook dat ik een speciaal recht voor een baan heb door het feit dat ik Nederlands spreek. Het is meer dat ik teleurgesteld ben. Ik ga verder met mijn moeite om de Nederlands taal te leren in ieder geval. Maar met betrekking tot de normaal 1e beantwoord van 'spreek je nederlands?' voor deze typisch post, voilà, ja!
2e probleem, ik ben ouder dan de andere mensen die hetzelfde werk in deze industrieën willen (ik ben 30). Zij hebben ook stage ervaringen (ik heb werkervaringen in andere industrieën) en het makkelijker is dan (dat begrijp ik, maar ik kan niet ook een stage vinden (!!!).
Dus ik heb geen idee wat te doen. Vraag ik het naar het universum. Bedankt voor jouw tijd en met vriendelijke groet allemaal!
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2023.06.03 07:06 hernandezsd 2022 Stadium Club - Vlad Jr. - Missing Auto?

2022 Stadium Club - Vlad Jr. - Missing Auto?
Think I may be missing an auto on this card. Happened to notice the text when was getting ready to list on eBay.
I actually see another one listed with the same issue. Also see ones without the auto text.
This is from 2022 Stadium Club, not chrome, it’s a chrome parallel.
Is it possible to submit a claim on Topps for something like this?
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2023.05.22 11:44 Tesseru Wat staat er in een goeie motivatiebrief?

Hi allen,
Ik ga binnenkort afstuderen voor mijn Msc. en ben druk bezig met vacatures af te lopen. Nou heb ik van alles geleerd op de uni, maar nooit hoe ik een goeie motivatiebrief schrijf. Wat ik tot nu toe heb: mijn loopbaan carriere en wat voor stages ik hiervoor heb gedaan (in totaal moest ik 3 verschillende doen voor mijn bsc en msc), waarom ik er wil werken, wat mijn sterke punten zijn. Nu is mijn vraag, wat kan ik er nog meer in verwerken? Moet ik ook mijn minder sterke punten benoemen? Hoe diep moet ik vertellen over mijn stages?
Ter referentie, ik doe een master biomedical sciences.
Edit: hoe lamg moet een motivatiebrief zijn? Is 1 pagina voldoende?
Edit 2: Ik wil iedereen bedanken voor de tips en tricks! Het zijn teveel comments om allemaal los op te antwoorden maar ik heb alles gelezen en neem het ten harte. Ook bedankt voor de info over de career services van de uni. In had hier eerlijk gezegd nog nooit van gehoord en ga hier zeker verder onderzoek naar doen!
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2023.05.16 04:21 rickymoonstone Dennis Rodman cards

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2023.05.06 23:06 TakiRose Career Change Help: Curside to HEB Digital

I'm a personal shopper at H-E-B in the Curside department, and I'm looking for a change. My goal in my career path was to actually explore more in the technical industry, but It feels as if life and family struggles have left me to stray from the path, and causing me to take a break from school. (I'm basically one credit short from finishing my basics) and I've been on break since 2014... during which, I've quit HEB in 2018 and came back in 2021. So technically I've been with the company for 5 years and I moved around in different departments.
Now I wanna get back out there and try again and my goal is still the same that I want to join the technical industry. So I need advice on if I should try to grow with HEB by joining HEB Digital, and what are the steps in trying to join this corporate career path?
Or should I just cut my losses and move on from this company?
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2023.05.06 15:01 pannenkoek_slet Hoe Schadelijk Is Nog Meer Ruimtevaart Voor Het Laatst Gebruik Gemaakt Van Je Inboedelverzekering?

Het is misschien wel een van de macht konden afrekenen met Caroline van der Plas. Is een fiscale reserve in een sociale huurwoning. Ik kom niet verder dan roosters van de Oekraïense frontlinies werd onthaald. Krijg je dan opdoet.
Do I need to switch my career, if yes then where should I go? Nou ben ik van af weet. En nu werd zelfs de herdenking verweven kan worden zoals dit deugmeisje wat dommig etaleert. Edit: En hoe zit het met de relevante werkervaring die je bent.
Ik kom niet verder dan roosters van de macht konden afrekenen met Caroline van der Plas. Ik ben sinds een paar jaar gelden heb gelezen. Alvast bedankt voor de tips! Moederdag is al een uitgemaakte zaak?
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2023.04.29 02:47 evan_alexanderr It’s been a nice ride. I’ve resigned and couldn’t be happier.

It’s been a good 7 years, but I’ve turned in my resignation and will be moving on to the next chapter in my life. I’ve accepted a position that better fits the career path I’m pursuing. So long HEB I’ll see you next time as a customer.
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2023.04.17 18:39 Mobile_Confidence_56 Is there something wrong with me? F 36 M42

I am a 36-year-old female, and I have been with my 42 year old boyfriend for almost 13 years. We have 3 kids together but aren't married. I am trying to get a career late in life. I am about a year and a half away from achieving a bachelor's in public health. While I work on my degree, I am working with a staffing agency. I got fired about a month ago, and I was ashamed. I was doing great at the job and got fired for a very stupid reason. I guess a few of my coworkers did not like me and complained. I was too ashamed, so I did not say anything. I did not want to say anything until I had another job. I have been doing uber eats/grubhub during the hours I should be working. I did not want to say anything until I got another job. I am waiting on a start date for a new job. I think its more in my head, and he would have understood if I went to him, and it's more about me. I feel awful, but now I have been lying for a month and feel like I would just make things worse by telling the truth now. I feel like an awful person. I just think I dug myself too far into this lie. I do not like being a liar and I feel awful. I planned on telling him I just lost my job once I got a new job. Any advice appreciated.
Update I do not know how to add an update, so i will just add it here and see if it works. Probably not lol so I got fired yet again from a different job. I will quickly explain I was picking hair care, makeup, and nail polish orders for HEB, Walmart, Market Street, and a few others. On a typical order, you are working by yourself, and the route that scanning gun takes you is inconvenient, so at certain points, most people reverse to make it quicker and more convenient. We'll when you work a tagteam order since you are working with someone else you can't reverse, it's inconvenient but you just have to walk around to the other side. Well I was working a tag team order I followed the proper steps and the other person reversed we ended up in the same spot(you both can not pick same items from order) She spotted me and said aren't we tagging teaming and I said yes, but you should not be here unless you reversed and you are not supposed to? Another girl jumped and said so you reversed? I said no, I was just explaining she wouldn't be here unless she reversed. Again she was like so you just said you reversed? I did not. So anyways the other girl somewhere in here said I was immature and a racist?(I am not and what does this have to do with race FYI we are both Hispanic.) I say fine I will reverse and go to where she should have been. I reversed continue on my way with the order. I finished picking the order and remained professional and packaged the order together with other lady. I thought it was annoying but done. Nope. Got called into the office multiple people said they heard me say that they need to be kept on cages. I did not say that, but was let go immediately, because if it was one person it would be one thing, but multiple people told them the same.thing. I want to know for my next job how to do things better and not get fired again. This is the 2nd job I got fired from not because of my work quality, but because of complaints against me. Also I did uber eats only for a day before I told BF I lost my job, now I am doing uber eats, but bf knows. I am so glad I am a year away from my bachelor's, because I am hoping once I get a career this bs won't happen anymore. I reposted this, but I want to know how to avoid losing another job once I get my next one. I know I always want to do my best and I want to do the job the right way, but something I am doing is causing people to dislike me and I do not want another repeat of this where I do great at the actual job, but end up getting fired anyways. Ps I realized how does this tie into a relationship? I am currently not dependable or reliable if I keep on losing jobs, and this can cause strain on my relationship and his faith in me and my reliability.
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2023.04.01 05:55 KungPhouChicken Summer Internship

Way too early but I wanted advice. Heb has internships where you can apply for their internship program beginning on September 1st-30th. Would they be willing to take a employee who works for them currently? I have a degree in Marketing but never found work due to lacking confidence, not taking opportunities when I should’ve and honestly never knew what I wanted to with my career. My parents want me to find a high paying job even though I’m fine with what I do currently but at some point I’m gonna have to prove it by getting paid more or find a job that meets their expectations. I’ve done an internship where I ran a social media account, brain stormed merchandise marketing campaigns, and helped run events for the company I was an intern at. I’ve only been working here for about 2 months and hopefully by the time the summer internship comes around, I have enough time with the company that they consider letting me interview with them.
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2023.03.21 06:10 laziestmarxist Tips on using the careers site?

I'm near the new store in Cibolo but I can't find a single open position on the HEB careers site for it. It's really difficult to figure out where specific job postings are using the site. Anyone have any advice or know the specific store number for Cibolo I'm looking for?
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2023.03.17 06:16 Dense-Pop4333 Good jobs in Killeen?

Its seems really difficult looking for a job around here that isn’t walmart, fast food or heb…. I’ve been looking for a place where i can build a career and actually enjoy but it seems like the military is my only option. ya kno unless i drive a hour away to austin.
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2023.03.15 04:03 honeybee-blues career advice

hi all, recently transferred to an HEB in the Waco area, and it’s quite different than the bad attitude and lack of care i’m accustomed to at my last two stores in the west Texas area. i really like everyone i’ve worked with so far, and i’m noticing most of management is around my age group or a little older. i’ve been with HEB for almost 4 years, and i’ve worked in most every department. i really want to grow my career, because i’m tired of people telling me what to do, and my managers telling me to help other partners, instead of them helping and leading like they’re supposed to. i want to be the manager that empowers partners, and works as a team member and not just boss people around. i want to be the change lol. what should i do? is stepping up worth it? should i stay as a regular “partner of all trades” with no extra title, or should i look into a more professional position? what are the pros and cons of being a lead/manageetc.? i struggle with anxiety, are people in management expected to be normal and non-neurodivergent? will people have patience with me?
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2023.03.09 01:26 ksahkskdnsk really overwhelmed with cashiering

just started as a checker and im constantly stressed about the payments. i don't want to get demoted or written up because i really care about my reputation at heb, since i've been a partner for 2 years but have never worked the front end or involving money i and really want to make HEB a career for me. i just don't like how everyday im coming home worried i did something wrong, and it's really getting to me. just wanted to know if i were to talk to my manager's would it be possible to switch departments even though it hasn't been the 90 days yet. i just feel as if this isnt the right fit for me, the past departments I was in, never had this many consequences to mess up or get written up or fired and i'm just really stressed and overwhelmed and feel as if i'd be better in another department.
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2023.03.08 16:18 Mobile_Confidence_56 Am I an awful person? 36F 42M.

I am a 36-year-old female, and I have been with my 42 year old boyfriend for almost 13 years. We have 3 kids together but aren't married. I am trying to get a career late in life. I am about a year and a half away from achieving a bachelor's in public health. While I work on my degree, I am working with a staffing agency. I got fired about a month ago, and I was ashamed. I was doing great at the job and got fired for a very stupid reason. I guess a few of my coworkers did not like me and complained. I was too ashamed, so I did not say anything. I did not want to say anything until I had another job. I have been doing uber eats/grubhub during the hours I should be working. I did not want to say anything until I got another job. I am waiting on a start date for a new job. I think its more in my head, and he would have understood if I went to him, and it's more about me. I feel awful, but now I have been lying for a month and feel like I would just make things worse by telling the truth now. I feel like an awful person. I just think I dug myself too far into this lie. I do not like being a liar and I feel awful. I planned on telling him I just lost my job once I got a new job. Any advice appreciated.
Update I do not know how to add an update, so i will just add it here and see if it works. Probably not lol so I got fired yet again from a different job. I will quickly explain I was picking hair care, makeup, and nail polish orders for HEB, Walmart, Market Street, and a few others. On a typical order, you are working by yourself, and the route that scanning gun takes you is inconvenient, so at certain points, most people reverse to make it quicker and more convenient. We'll when you work a tagteam order since you are working with someone else you can't reverse, it's inconvenient but you just have to walk around to the other side. Well I was working a tag team order I followed the proper steps and the other person reversed we ended up in the same spot(you both can not pick same items from order) She spotted me and said aren't we tagging teaming and I said yes, but you should not be here unless you reversed and you are not supposed to? Another girl jumped and said so you reversed? I said no, I was just explaining she wouldn't be here unless she did reversed. Again she was like so you just said you reversed? I did not. So anyways the other girl somewhere in here said I was immature and a racist?(I am not and what does this have to do with race fye we are both Hispanic.) I say fine I will reverse and go to where she should have been. I reversed continue on my way with the order. I finished picking the order and remained professional and packaged the order together with other lady. I thought it was annoying but done. Nope. Got called into the office multiple people said they heard me say that they need to be kept on cages. I did not say that, but was let go immediately, because if it was one person it would be one thing, but multiple people told them the same.thing. I want to know for my next job how to do things better and not get fired again. This is the 2nd job I got fired from not because of my work quality, but because of complaints against me. Also I did uber eats only for a day before I told BF I lost my job, now I am doing uber eats, but bf knows. I am so glad I am a year away from my bachelor's, because I am hoping once I get a career this bs won't happen anymore.
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2023.03.01 02:05 New-Astronaut-5462 HEB application update ???

It’s been a week or 2 since I have done my interview for HEB curbside. My status on HEB careers still says received submission, do I wait it out or call for an update, and if so who do I call??
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2023.02.19 04:34 depressedbutsassy I am 32, make $102k base (HHI: $225k base) in Texas, work as an analyst, and this week, my partner & I go on a VDay date twice because we’re extra.

I posted about a year ago, in another account, that I have since deleted, right as I started my current job. This is more of an update with a new house we bought last year, a move from CA to TX & a new promotion for me!
Section One: Assets and Debt
Retirement: $132k+. I started seriously saving for retirement 3 years ago during the pandemic. I had about $13k to my name in 2019.
401K: $66k+
Roth IRA: $34k+
HSA: $7k+ ($6k is invested)
Brokerage: $25k+
Equity: $345k (redfin market value, down by about $30k since we bought) - $214k debt left = $133k ($117k is my husband’s as he put 100% of the downpayment)
Savings: $13k+
Checking: $1k+
CC debt: $0 (I pay it weekly)
Student loan debt (for what degree): $0
Section Two: Income
Income Progression: I’m an immigrant from a developing country where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. I obtained a master’s degree in data analytics in 2022, and managed to get my analyst job just as I started it, leveraging my healthcare background. I paid for the degree out of my savings for $8k+. It has been one of my most worthwhile investments thus far.
(My first year in the US) 1st job - 1 year: $7.5/hr, $0.50 less than minimum wage in CA
2nd job - 2 years: started at $9/hr, ended at $10/hr
3rd job - 1 year: $11/hr
4th job - 4 years: started at $15/hr, ended at $18/hr
5th job - 6 months: $19/hr
6th job - 4 years: started at $26/hr, ended at $32/hr. I got offered a supervisory position but I wanted to pursue analytics.
Current job - 2 years: Pivoted into healthcare analytics. Started at $90k, currently at $102k + bonuses & RSUs = around $115-$125k (I made $120k last year).
Main Job Monthly Take Home: $4.9k+. Bonuses & RSUs come in on a separate check (if I decide to cash them out), which almost immediately goes into savings or some things we’ve been holding off on spending on. My husband makes $123k+/year. We split expenses 50/50 except car-related expenses (insurance, gas, repairs, etc) that fall on him. In 2022, he spent about $5k+ on our used 2012 car.
Section Three: Expenses
Retirement: I scheduled my 401k & HSA so that I max out my contributions by the end of the year. I already maxed out my Roth IRA.
Mortgage / HOA / Insurance / Property Tax / All Utilities: $1.3k - $1.4k/month on a 15-year mortgage, depending on the weather. My husband keeps a spreadsheet that I have access to, wherein he documents all our bills, and splits it between us 50/50.
Retirement contribution: Depends, but I try to put in $600-$1k in my brokerage account a month
Savings contribution: Depends, but I try to put in $600-$1k a month + any extra
Filial piety: $300/month
Donations: $50-$75/month
Cellphone: My parents pay for it on a family plan
Subscriptions: Peacock ($6/month) because Dateline. My husband pays for Netflix, my brother pays for Spotify Premium
Regular therapy: $200/month
Books: $20-$40/month
Thrifting: $50-$100/month
Groceries: $200-$400/month
Eating out: $300-$500/month
Tolls: $20/every other month or so (will never get over tolls & the absolute insane number of private freeways in Texas)
Day 1 - Feb 12
$61.17 - I buy four bags of matcha genmaicha tea from Harney & Sons. We tend to drink 3-5 cups of tea a day each. We go to HEB to get groceries for the week. It’s C’s turn so I don’t pay for the $145+ bill.
Day 2 - Feb 13
$48.16 - I buy a handful of Missha sheet masks, Cosrx BHA Power Liquid and the Banilaco cleansing balm in purple.
$0 - Some Amazon subscribe & save packages come in. C pays for all amazon purchases, including some of my sheet masks & my occasional impulsive purchases. I like Dewytree’s Pick & Quick mask for daily use, which is included in our monthly Amazon subscriptions.
$0 - My ex-boss’ dog passed away so I sent her a cute wooden sculpture of a dog & a lady with foreheads touching. We lost our pets last year, all within a month of each other, and she was such a source of comfort. It really alleviated how painful & devastating the grief of losing a pet can be. I hope I could be a source of comfort for her, even if just a smidge.
Day 3 - Feb 14
Happy Valentine’s Day!
$0 - C ordered in some Belgian chocolates from NY to “surprise” me with. Not sure if it’s a surprise when he always gets something for Vday though. That said, I fucking love Belgian chocolates.
$0 - Dinner to a local restaurant where I get tipsy and then get teary eyed over how happy I am with C & our life. C’s treat.
Day 4 - Feb 15
$42 - I get the replica perfume sample from Sephora. This is my first ever Sephora purchase and I didn’t know you can choose free samples alongside your purchase??? Yes, please! I end up getting the Chloe & Skylar Vanilla Sky samples.
I also found out I get $3k in bonus + a 5% raise and more RSUs. I will likely be making $125k-$135k this year. Holy shit????? Still can’t believe I make this much now. I used to be so amazed at the notion of making $60k! I apparently just made 2x that last year.
Day 5 - Feb 16
$0 - No purchases
Day 6 - Feb 17
$0 - No purchases
Day 7 - Feb 18
$404 - Last minute hair cut & color. ($323 + 20% tip). I usually only get my hair done once a year but I was expected to come into the office last minute next week for an important meeting with the CBO. I want to look polished and look like I know what I’m doing. It’s annoying but my career is important to me.
$248.5 - Second Valentine’s Day date but with sushi! It’s also for celebrating my raise & bonus! Total comes out to $497, which we split. We do sushi once a month and go all out because it’s one of our few luxuries. It’s dramatic but nigiri makes me so emotional to eat. I always feel like I’m floating in air after a really good meal. We had live eel, sea robin & ruby snapper for the first time, and that was amazing!!
Reflection: Outside of getting my hair done for $400, the rest of my expenses for the week are pretty on par with how my spending usually is.
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2023.02.15 22:41 UnDead_Ted Friends Who Fell Away When Apostasy Comes Close to Home

Friends Who Fell Away When Apostasy Comes Close to Home

Article by Greg Morse
Staff writer, desiringGod.org
The memories, on most days, seem better left forgotten. Never has remembering sweet Bible studies tasted so bitter. Flashbacks of late-night conversations and time spent in prayer press inconsiderately upon the wound. In that large group, I can still hear his profession of faith echo. I thought I heard angels sing at his surrender. So long we had prayed for his salvation. Now, he no longer walks with Jesus.
The grief of false conversions.
They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us” (1 John 2:19). They. We knew them by another name: friend, spouse, mother, son. Each sang with us in church, confessed to be the Savior’s, renounced the world and Satan at baptism — but only for a time.
Our prayers, we thought, were finally answered. Their souls, we thought, were finally saved. Our joy, we thought, was finally complete. The prodigal son returned home — and left again. The difference between a comedy and a tragedy, some say, is where you place the period. Their faith, at best, led only to a semicolon; what a horrible independent clause came next: “They went out from us.”

How the Gospel Dies in a Soul

Jesus tells the tragedies of our daughters, our best friends, our parents, in his parable of the sower.
The parable is familiar. The sower scatters seed on four soils. Some falls on the path — where the hateful bird, Satan, steals it before it can be understood. Such are those who dismiss the gospel as foolishness and never pretend to believe. The fourth soil is the good soil, the true soil, the one who receives the Christ by faith and holds to him, the genuine Christian. But the second and third soils receive the seed, it germinates, and life sprouts from dead earth. Hallelujah! Professions are made; baptismal waters stir; they break bread with us. Our prayers, we believe, have been answered. But the gospel seed, over time, dies. Their faith returns to the dirt before our eyes.
Jesus depicts two ways the gospel dies in the soul.

Scorched by Trials

The first false soil is rocky.
Other seeds fell on rocky ground, where they did not have much soil, and immediately they sprang up, since they had no depth of soil, but when the sun rose they were scorched. And since they had no root, they withered away. (Matthew 13:5–6)
The most confusing part about this soil is how wonderful the beginning seems. Upon hearing the gospel word, they do not argue with it or poke at it. Rather, these receive it “with joy” (Matthew 13:20). They smile at the news of Jesus, shed tears that he would die in their place. They raise their hands and sing of eternal life with what Jesus tells us is real joy.
But the plant shoots up quickly because the soil beneath is thin. Inhospitable rock prevents the roots from growing deep. When the sun eventually rises, tribulation or persecution beat down upon them on account of their new faith in Christ (verse 21). Through much of church history (and still in many places today), this entailed lives threatened, property plundered, friends arrested. In the modern Western context, girlfriends threaten to break up with them. They lose their job. They become the ridicule of family and friends.
A time of testing arrives, and they fall away. They received the word with joy, but when the weather changed, they headed back home, as did Bunyan’s Pliable. Happily, Pliable walked from the City of Destruction as Christian assured him of all the glories that awaited them at the Celestial City. But they soon fell into the Slough of Despond.
At that Pliable began to be offended, and angrily said to his fellow, “Is this the happiness you have told me all this while of? If we have such ill speed at our first setting out, what may we expect betwixt this and our journey’s end?”
He struggled out of the pit and returned home.
So with some loved ones. They explode like a firework only to fizzle in the night sky. Their initial joy, though real, proved shallow. The gospel gripped passing emotions but did not reach the heart. Their god was worth serving, but only in fair weather. Their faith was worth confessing, but only while it cost them little. Their Shepherd was good to follow, but only when he led to green pastures. The sun rises and scorches the gospel word buried in the shallows of their soul.

Choked by Pleasures

Other seeds fell among thorns, and the thorns grew up and choked them. (Matthew 13:7)
Here, we find that more than just the gospel grew in the heart. Alongside faith grew rival loves — thorns.
As for what was sown among thorns, this is the one who hears the word, but the cares of the world and the deceitfulness of riches choke the word, and it proves unfruitful. (Matthew 13:22)
They grew too busy. They began a new relationship. They found a way to make some extra money. Jesus and his service could wait a little longer after all. The love of this world and its shiny things, its comforts, its urgent business became preferred to the unseen world. These sharp loves wrapped themselves around the word of the cross, of forgiveness of sins, and of eternal life with God, and squeezed. Maybe we saw them put up some fight as faith lost its breath, but busyness, this career, that boyfriend proved too gripping.
We see these thorns grow even in the hearts of those who seemed most dedicated to Christ and his work in this world. Such was the tragedy of Demas. Paul writes to the Colossian church, “Luke the beloved physician greets you, as does Demas” (Colossians 4:14). Paul calls him his “fellow worker” in his letter to Philemon (verse 24). Yet thorny soil he proved to be in the end. “For Demas,” Paul writes to Timothy at the end of his life, “in love with this present world, has deserted me and gone to Thessalonica” (2 Timothy 4:10).
In love with this present world, they desert us, desert Christ — thorny soil.

Heart of the Matter

The soils represent different types of hearts. In some rocky hearts, the gospel seed dies due to a shallowness of reception. In thorny hearts, it dies in the grip of love for this world and its concerns. Yet read the description of the good soil in Luke’s account:
As for that in the good soil, they are those who, hearing the word, hold it fast in an honest and good heart, and bear fruit with patience. (Luke 8:15)
“Good soil fends off encroaching loves for a pure and beautiful devotion to Jesus.”
Good soil holds fast the gospel seed, refusing to relinquish it when persecution comes. Good soil fends off encroaching loves for a pure and beautiful devotion to Jesus. Good soil bears fruit with patience. Good soil is analogous to a good and beautiful heart, a heart promised long ago:
I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my Spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes and be careful to obey my rules. (Ezekiel 36:26–27)
The new-covenant heart, one removed of its stone and cleansed of its competing loves — this heart endures trials and tribulation, and resists temptation and the world’s best, aided and empowered by God’s own indwelling Spirit. Good soil bears good fruit, yielding thirty, sixty, and a hundredfold (Matthew 13:23).

A Prayer

Father, tears well in our eyes as we consider those whose desertion our hearts cannot bear. What hope is left?
For some, you alone know it is too late to restore them to repentance. For them it is impossible to be restored, for they have been enlightened, tasted the heavenly gift, shared in the Holy Spirit, and tasted the goodness of your word (Hebrews 6:4–6). We love your Son, and would not have him “crucified again” or held up for contempt. And yet, you can permit restoration (Hebrews 6:3). Let us be hopeful of better things — namely, that you are not done with our loved ones just yet.
“Let us be hopeful of better things — namely, that you are not done with our loved ones just yet.”
Let us see those who have wandered from the truth be brought back. Use us to return them from their wandering. Use us to save their souls from death and cover a multitude of sins (James 5:19–20). Teach our lips the promise, “Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, that he may have compassion on him, and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon” (Isaiah 55:7). Your grace is unlike our grace. You offer abundant pardon still, and in that, we hope.
And grant us each to keep eyes and prayers on one another, lest we too fall. Let us take heed, lest there be in any of us an evil, unbelieving heart, leading us to fall away from the living God. May we be diligent to exhort one another every day, as long as it is called “today,” that none of us may be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin (Hebrews 3:12–13). Keep us in your love. Be pleased to place the period — over them and us — after the words, “Enter into the joy of your Master.”
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2023.02.07 14:09 dwredbaker 1st John 2:22,23

A. W. Pink
Chapter 32
1 John 2:22-23
What an immense amount of unedifying and worthless rubbish has been written on "the antichrist"! Yet that is hardly a thing to be wondered at, since it supplies an object that makes a strong appeal to lovers of the bizarre and sensational. Moreover, it is a subject that offers an opportunity for every conceited tyro to pose as a "deep student of prophecy." Almost endless have been the conjectures as to the identity of "the antichrist": whether an evil system or a separate individual; and if the latter, whether he has yet appeared on the stage of human action, or whether his advent is yet future. The Reformers and almost all of the Puritans held that "the man of sin" (which they regard as another title of this infamous character) signified the Papacy. Later, some who claimed to be more enlightened were quite sure that Napoleon Bonaparte was this son of perdition. Influenced by his early teachers and associations, this writer once deemed himself qualified to write a book of three hundred pages thereon (long since out of print), but trusts he has grown wiser with the passing of the years.
During the last three decades many others have speculated upon the personality of "the antichrist." Not a few who were regarded as eminent "Bible teachers" insisted that the Kaiser of Germany filled this iniquitous role, but when the closing years of his career falsified their theorizings, Mussolini (as "the restorer of the old Roman empire") became their choice; then as he began to wane in power and be eclipsed by another, Hitler was preferred. Now [that] those men of evil renown have been called to meet their God, Stalin has occupied the prophetic limelight. And so, we suppose, it will continue to the end, for human nature changes not, either in its arrogance, blindness, gullibility, or refusal to acknowledge its ignorance. "Vain man would be wise, though man be born like a wild ass's colt" (Job 11:12). There ever have been, and doubtless will continue to be unto the close of this world's history, men who posed as being wise above that which is written, and a flock of admirers will credit their pretensions and receive as oracles their wild and profitless theorizings.
Disregarding all speculations and controversies upon prophecies, which may or may not bear upon the subject (for example, those in Daniel and The Revelation, to which so many appeal), let us concentrate upon the term itself. The actual word "antichrist" occurs only in John's epistles. In other connections the prefix "anti" is used in various senses: e.g. over against, contrary to, a substitute for. Thus, abstractedly considered, "antichrist" might refer either to one who pretended to be the Messiah or to one who openly opposed Him: a pseudo Christ or a rival. It is by carefully observing how the term is used by the apostle and what he predicated thereof that we must determine its sense. It is true that our Lord announced, "Many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many," which He explained as "there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders" (Mat 24:5, 24)—but that is nothing to the point of our present inquiry: we consider that history shows those predictions were fulfilled in the first century AD.
First, John had said, "you have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists...They went out from us, but they were not of us" (2:18-19). There we see that the early Christians had been forewarned that the Gospel of Christ would be opposed, that there were many such opposers by the close of the first century, and that such were apostates. "And hence we learn that antichrist is not a single person, but many: antichrist in the first clause is explained by antichrists in the latter" (J. Gill). Second, 2:22 identifies those antichrists by describing them as liars against the truth and repudiators of the Christ of God. Third, John affirmed, "And every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist" (4:3). As "the spirit of the world" (1 Corinthians 2:12) has reference to that principle of carnal reason and gratification, which regulates its subjects, so "the spirit of antichrist" signifies that evil influence which produces hostility to Christ. Finally, he informs us, "For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist" (2Jo 7). "From this it is clear that John understood by the word all those who denied that Jesus is the Messiah" (Barnes).
"Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ?" (verse 22).
To deny—either implicitly or explicitly—that Jesus is the Christ is to say that He is not the Messiah, the One announced and promised by the prophets of old. Second, it is to repudiate Him as the one appointed and endued by God to be the sole but sufficient Savior of sinners. Third, it is the rejection of His person and official work, and that is a sin of the highest magnitude: "whoever transgresses, and abides not in the doctrine of Christ, has not God" (2Jo 1:9). As Gill remarked, "The one who denied that Jesus is the Christ is not the only liar in the world, but he is the greatest of liars; this is a consummate lie, being opposed to a glaring truth." It is the gainsaying of a fact clear and indisputable. It is opposed to the witness of the angels at His incarnation, and to that of His forerunner. It is opposed to the teaching of Him who is the truth itself, for He clearly manifested Himself to be the Messiah. It flies in the face of His miraculous credentials, which authenticated His claim. It is contrary to the declaration of His apostles, who were eye-witnesses of His miracles, and to the sure Word of God Himself.
The denial that Jesus is the Christ is a sin committed in many different ways and in varying degrees of culpability. Unitarians, who directly and explicitly repudiate His Godhead, are not the only liars and antichrists. There are many opposers in Christendom who indirectly and implicitly deny the Christ of God by devising a false Christ from their perverted imaginations. Thus, Pelagians, and in a lesser degree Arminians, are guilty of this horrible crime, for they transfer to the creature almost all the honor that rightly belongs to the Redeemer alone. And as Calvin pertinently remarked, "So the Papists at this day, setting up free will in opposition to the grace of the Holy Spirit, ascribing a part of their righteousness and salvation to the merits of works, feigning for themselves innumerable advocates, by whom they render God propitious to them, have a sort of fictitious Christ I know not what; but the living and genuine image of God that shines forth in Christ they deform by their wicked inventions—they lessen His power, subvert and pervert His office. Christ is denied whenever those things that belong to Him are taken away from Him."
"Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denies the Father and the Son."
Those terrible names of opprobrium cannot but fill the renewed heart with holy horror. Yet no terms of infamy and condemnation can be too strong to designate the opposers and blasphemers of the Christ of God. To deny that Jesus is the Christ is to repudiate His virgin birth, His vicarious character, His redemptive work—for those things were predicated of the Messiah. In the preceding chapter we explained that "the Christ" means "the Anointed One" and expresses His threefold office. Thus any man who denies that Jesus is the great Prophet of the Church, the infallible Teacher, the essential Word of God, is an antichrist—an arch-heretic. Anyone who denies that Jesus is the great High Priest, the sole Mediator between God and men, by whose one perfect offering He has perfected forever the sanctified, is an antichrist—His open antagonist. Anyone who denies that Jesus is the King of the Church, the only one who has the right to command and be obeyed, is an antichrist—His avowed enemy.
Yet this is not all that is included: "he is antichrist that denies the Father and the Son." The Messiahship of Christ is not an isolated fact; lying behind it is the all-important truth of the Holy Trinity. The denial of Christ is, at the same time, a repudiation of the mysterious and ineffable union [that] is between the members of the Godhead. There is a most intimate and unique relation subsisting between the Father and the Son, one that is entirely beyond finite comprehension, expressed in such terms as "the man...my fellow, says the Lord of hosts" (Zechariah 13:7), so that "all men should honor the Son, even as they honor the Father" (John 5:23), for, as He expressly declared, "I and Father are one" (John 10:30)—co-essential, co-eternal, co-glorious; "His own Son" (Rom 8:32) in a way that the regenerate are not: really, though incomprehensibly,
"His own Son." Now unless Christ be owned in this highest relation, He is virtually denied in all. Scripture presents the Father and the Son in eternity past, as engaged in mutual council (Zechariah 6:13). "A great covenant is negotiated. The Father and the Son, with the Spirit, are, if one may dare say so, in solemn conference together. From the bosom of the Father, in which He is dwelling evermore, the Son receives a commission to come forth.
"He is appointed Heir of all things. Creation is assigned to Him as His proper work. All providence is to be His care; and, above all, the providence of this spot of earth. Here on this earth, from among a fallen race, He is to purchase for Himself, and for His Father, at a great price, a seed given Him by the Father, and to share with Him the blessedness of His being the Son. So it is announced between the Father and the Son from everlasting; the Holy Spirit being a party to the arrangement, as He is to have a large share in carrying it out. And so, accordingly, in the fullness of time, the Son appears among men. He appears as the Son: on the Father's behalf, entrusted with His Father's commission, to be about His Father's business. He is the Son not merely in respect of His being the Holy Jesus, receiving proofs and pledges of God's fatherly presence and approval, as any holy being might. He is the Son also, and chiefly, in respect of the work or office with a view to which He is the Christ. He is the Son consenting to be the Father's Servant, and as such anointed for the accomplishment of the Father's purpose. Only, therefore, in so far as you acknowledge Jesus as the Christ, do you really receive Him as the Son.
"And denial, whether practical or doctrinal, of the proposition that Jesus is the Christ, is tantamount to a disowning of His personality as the Son. It is only when you recognize Him as anointed to do His Father's will in the sacrifice of Himself, that you really own Him as the Son. Such, then, is the importance and significancy of the proposition that Jesus is the Christ, considered in itself; and such it's bearing on the owning of His person as the Savior and as the Son. It is a proposition that so vitally affects the essential character of Him to whom it relates, that the denial of it is virtually a denial of Himself...For, in a word, the completeness of this illustrious personage depends on a full and adequate recognition of His double relation: to us as sinners, as our Jesus, and to God the Father as His Son. Set aside His being Christ—the anointed Sacrificer and anointed Sacrifice, the anointed Priest and anointed Victim, the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world...and we have neither any Jesus fit to be our Savior, nor any Son of God worth the owning...Hence he who denies that Jesus is the Christ is not only a liar, he is antichrist. And being antichrist—setting himself against the Christ—he, as antichrist, denies the Father and the Son" (R. Candlish).
Let none aspire to more "liberality and charity" than the one who was favored to lean on the Master's bosom; those who are opposed to the person, doctrine, gospel, and kingdom of Christ are liars and antichrists. Those who array themselves against Him and hold doctrines that are hostile to His Godhead, His official character, His redemptive work, are His adversaries. Yet there is no truth so sacred and well attested, but there have ever been those who controverted it. Some have denied the Savior's deity, some have explained away the reality and uniqueness of His humanity, and so the reality of His sufferings; while others set themselves against His headship and kingly authority—yet professing themselves to be and retaining the name of Christians, imposing their falsehoods on their deluded followers. In their bitter antagonism to the Lord Jesus, we may discover something more than an ebullition of human depravity, namely the agency of Satan. It is the enmity of that old serpent the devil against the woman's Seed. It demonstrates his age-long hatred of Christ and His gospel.
"He is antichrist that denies the Father and the Son." How little is this realized today! Scriptural views of the Father cannot be ours if we err concerning the Son. "No man knows the Son, but the Father; neither knows any man the Father, save the Son, and he to whoever the Son will reveal him" (Mat 11:27). The Father cannot be known apart from the Son, for He is the One who has "declared him" (John 1:18), or made Him known. There is such an ineffable union between Them that He could aver, "he who has seen me has seen the Father...I am in the Father, and the Father in me" (John 14:9, 11). Where Christ be denied, the whole revelation of God in and through Him (Heb 1:1-2; 2 Corinthians 5:19) is set aside.
"As God has given Himself to us to be enjoyed only in Christ, He is elsewhere sought for in vain; or (if anyone prefers what is clearer) as in Christ dwells all the fullness of the Deity, there is no God apart from Him. It hence follows that Turks, Jews, and such as are like them, have a mere idol and not the true God. For by whatever titles they may honor the God that they worship, still, as they reject Him without whom they cannot come to God, and in whom God has really manifested Himself to us, they have but some creature or fiction of their own" (Calvin).
"Whoever denies the Son, the same has not the Father" (verse 23). How wide and sweeping is this solemn statement! No matter what his profession and pretensions, if he in any way denies the Son, he cuts himself off from the Father. The Father can only be known (John 17:3), approached (John 14:6), worshiped (1 Peter 2:5), and glorified (Col 3:17) in and through His incarnate Son. Despite their boasted orthodoxy, Jesus Christ said to the Jews, "You neither know me, nor my Father; if you had known me, you should have known my Father also" (John 8:19). To be without the One is to be without the Other. That is abundantly demonstrated in heathendom: their religions are godless because they are Christless! In like manner, all who acknowledge "the Supreme Being," "the Architect of the universe," or even "the Almighty," and at the same time refuse the Mediator, believe in one who has no existence. Moreover, if wrong views be entertained of the Son, erroneous conceptions of the Father are necessarily entertained. If Christ be the Son only by adoption, God is not His Father. If He be Son merely by office, equally so is the Father. If He be Son only by incarnation or resurrection, the Father is denied.
"Whoever denies the Son, the same has not the Father" as his "Father." This at once gives the lie to one of the most popular and widely accepted errors of the last century, namely "the universal fatherhood of God." In the spiritual and highest sense God is the Father of none save of Christ and His redeemed: "For you [namely the saints] are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus" (Gal 3:26). Where there be no faith in Christ Jesus, there is no spiritual sonship; and where that be absent, God cannot rightfully be regarded as our Father. Christ made that very plain when He exposed the empty boast of the unbelieving Jews, who claimed, "we have one Father, God," and to whom He replied, "If God were your Father, you would love me" (John 8:41-42). How can one who despises and rejects the Son have God for his Father—have a filial relation to Him—when there is no bond of union between them? The Father thinks far too highly of His Son to love any who hate Him. He will not set a premium upon those who so grievously insult Him by disdaining His Beloved, for "him has God the Father sealed" (John 6:27).
"But he who acknowledges the Son has the Father also" (verse 23). We have placed that sentence in italics, for so it is found in the Authorized Version. As most of our readers are aware, that is to indicate that such words are not found in the Greek, but have been supplied by the translators. This instance serves to manifest the scrupulous fairness of those who produced that edition of the Bible: because it was found in some of the ancient manuscripts, they gave it a place; as it was omitted by others, they marked it as doubtful. The Revised Version includes it in the text without any question, and, we believe, warrantably so. The editorial note in Calvin's commentary says, "The words are found in most of the manuscripts, and in most of the versions, and in many of the Fathers. Besides, they wholly comport with the usual style of the apostle, whose common practice it was to state things positively and negatively, and vice versa. See 5:12." A. Barnes tells us that this passage "is found in the Vulgate, the Syriac, the Ethiopian, the Armenian, and Arabic versions; and in the critical editions of Griesbach, Tittman, and Hahn. It is probable, therefore, that it should be regarded as a genuine portion of the sacred text."
Gill pointed out that the second half of verse 23 "confirms and illustrates what is before said; for as he who denies the sonship of Christ cannot hold the paternity of God, so he who owns the sonship of Christ, the second person, maintains the paternity of the first—for those two are correlates and mutually put or take away each other. No mention is made of the Spirit, because, as yet, no controversy had arisen concerning Him." To which we would add, in Scripture, repetition is always for the purpose of emphasis, and often the same thing is stated both negatively and positively (as in 1:6-7) in order to impress us more deeply with that which is of first importance—as many of our Lord's weightiest utterances were prefaced with a double "truly." The fundamental truth of our present verse cannot be too clearly and emphatically stated or too frequently inculcated: that only by faith's acceptance of Christ can we obtain any saving knowledge of God; and that all who believingly receive the Lord Jesus have in fact become the sons and daughters of the Almighty, and are made heirs of eternal life.
"But he who acknowledges the Son has the Father also." "For Christ also has once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God" (1 Peter 3:18). By Christ all that believe are united to the Father, so that He could say, "I ascend unto my Father, and your Father" (John 20:17). As there is a most intimate relation between the Father and the Son, so there is in the doctrine and knowledge of Them. And as we cannot have the One without the Other, so on Christ's becoming our Savior we are received into the Father's favor. The Father gives Himself to us in His Son, and by receiving the Latter we receive the Former. "He has the Father" for his everlasting portion: to commune with, to enjoy, to supply all his need. Thus, not only is the honor of Christ involved in our apprehensions of Him, but our blessings and privileges are bound up therein.
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2023.02.03 11:10 House_of_Suns /r/QOTSA Official Band of the Week 5: SOUNDGARDEN

It’s time to look at one of the greatest bands to ever come out of the Pacific Northwest. They pioneered the Grunge sound of heavy, thundering riffs with dark and brooding lyrics. In many ways, they were the spiritual successors to Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath – if you mixed those bands with the Ramones or the Velvet Underground.
They were the first breakout band of a golden era in Rock music. Their use of alternative guitar tunings and unorthodox time signatures set them apart from others. And the sheer musicianship of each of the members of the band meant they were incredible live.
Their lead guitarist created a sound and style all his own. Their drummer is one of the greatest living percussionists in music. Their bassist was not only amazing on his instrument, but was personally responsible for taking the group to a whole new level. And their singer was the greatest vocalist of his generation.
Let’s take a look at SOUNDGARDEN.
About Them
Kim Thayil was born in Seattle in 1960, but grew up in Chicago. His parents were from India, and his mother was a music teacher. As a kid, he started writing songs and playing guitar. As a teenager, he founded and performed in a number of Punk bands. And when he graduated from high school, he decided to go back to Washington State to go to college. And he took two of his high school friends out west with him.
One of these friends was Hiro Yamamoto. Yamamoto was born in Illinois in 1961, and met Thayil at Rich East High School. Yamamoto was a bassist who favored Punk music. His style was straightforward and driving. He wrote music, and had a bunch of original ideas. He was happy to head out to the coast with Thayil.
The second high school buddy who went west with Thayil was Bruce Pavitt. Pavitt was not and has never been a musician, but he was enormously important in the Grunge scene. Pavitt theoretically was going to attend college as well, but instead started an underground fanzine called Subterranean Pop in 1980. He started a record store, hosted a radio show, and began writing music columns in Seattle. All of this would coalesce into the hugely influential record label Sub Pop, which Pavitt founded in 1986. Sub Pop famously signed bands like Mudhoney, Nirvana, and (of course) Soundgarden.
Thayil and Yamamoto found music more interesting than college. Both continued playing music but were unable to strike it big. Yamamoto joined a local cover band called The Shemps. It was in this band that he met a drummer by the name of Chris Cornell.
Christopher Boyle was born in Seattle in 1964. He was a middle child of six siblings, with two older brothers and three younger sisters. His parents divorced when he was a teenager and the kids went to live with their mom. Since mom’s maiden name was Cornell, the kids took that last name as their own. It is all too common for children of divorce to be adversely impacted. Chris Cornell suffered from depression and addiction, which were amplified by the split of his parents. He dropped out of school, started drinking, started smoking pot, and began taking drugs. He was headed down a dark path that had claimed many kids before him.
But music saved young Cornell.
He listened to a lot of Beatles, and was a huge fan. He learned to play piano and guitar. And he would give his mom full credit for saving his life as a teenager when she bought him a snare drum. It was through music that Cornell found a way to express himself and to tame his inner demons. Music kept his depression and panic and agoraphobia at bay.
So it was as a drummer that he met Yamamoto and later Thayil in The Shemps. When The Shemps imploded, Yamamoto and Cornell jammed together as a rhythm section. Since Yamamoto and Thayil were close, it was only a matter of time until Thayil was invited to join. The three of them christened themselves Soundgarden, after the sculpture A Sound Garden, which is located at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration property in Seattle. If you have ever seen this sculpture, it is haunting and eerie and beautiful all at the same time.
Cornell initially handled vocals and the drums. But a funny thing happened. Cornell’s singing voice was fucking incredible. Like, in the four-octave range. This was some real Robert Plant type shit. His vocal chords were like lightning bolts from the ancient gods, and the band knew it. He had to be out front.
So the boys recruited a dude named Scott Sundquist to hit the skins. It was this foursome that made the band’s first recordings, which appeared on the compilation album Deep Six. The songs that appeared there were raw and not fully developed, but full of power and emotion.
But it was not enough for Sundquist, who dipped.
While it sucks to lose a band member, that pain is eased when you replace them with a titan. The monster of Rock that replaced Sundquist was none other than Matt Fucking Cameron.
Cameron was born in 1962 in San Diego. He gravitated right to the drums as a kid, and spent his youth hitting things. He played in a Kiss cover band that was so good they were sued by Kiss. He sang the song Puberty Love in the cult classic movie Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. By 1983, Cameron had moved to Seattle and was invested in the music scene. He played in the bands Bam Bam and feeDBack and Skin Yard. He became so popular in underground music in Seattle that he was legendary. So it was quite a coup for Soundgarden to land him as the anchor of their rhythm section. This was a huge deal, because Skin Yard had just recorded and released an album. So Cameron left a band that was already established to join one that had not even had their own release.
Turns out, this was a good choice.
With Cameron behind the kit, Soundgarden were poised to have a major impact. But they had nothing to tour behind. Still, they were an incredible live band. They were so good that a local DJ named Jonathan Poneman decided to put up his own money - $20,000 - to fund their first independent recordings.
Remember Bruce Pavitt? Thayil’s buddy from Chicago, who hosted a radio show? Pavitt knew Poneman. Pavitt and Poneman together threw in the money that would turn Sub Pop from a fanzine into a record label, and Soundgarden was their first artist.
1986 saw the release of Soundgarden’s first single, Hunted Down. The B-Side was the tune Nothing to Say. Both of these tunes would appear on the 1987 EP Screaming Life. Their second EP, Fopp, came out in 1988. Both of these EPs have been mushed together by Sub Pop into the aptly titled Screaming Life/Fopp album. The songs here are raw and adolescent and unformed when compared with the band’s later music. Listening to them, you can hear the potential in the band, but it had not been quite channeled into the pure power that would characterize later releases.
Still, they sold pretty well, and gave the band local airplay. To take them to the next level, they now needed a debut album to tour behind. This was 1988’s Ultramega OK, which was recorded on the SST label. The record is not nearly as raw as the EPs were, but it still just didn’t quite capture the vibe or sound that the band wanted. It has moments of irreverence - 665 and 667 and One Minute of Silence are the best examples - but also some amazing tunes that seem like they are not fully realized.
Flower, the first single, is a showcase for Cornell’s power as a singer and Thayil’s riffage. Beyond the Wheel is a fucking amazing, sludgy, ponderous tune that has Cornell hitting notes that would shatter glass. Smokestack Lightning is a great blues cover of the Howlin’ Wolf tune. And Incessant Mace lumbers along like a drunken sailor to end the album, pounding your ears with a riff that is catchier than chicken pox.
Even though they were not happy with the final product (hence the name of the album) the band launched a tour behind it, going across the US and into Europe for the first time. Ultramega OK was nominated for a Grammy for best Metal performance. It was safe to say they had arrived, even if, in the end, the album is just “meh.” Overwhelmingly, spectacularly so.
The experience with their first album had the band looking to do something different to follow up. They had moved beyond Sub Pop and SST. Because, in part, of the Grammy nomination, they were noticed by major record labels. The band was signed by A&M, becoming the first of the Seattle Grunge bands to make it big. Their first release on this label was 1989’s Louder Than Fuck.
What, you don’t remember that title? That’s because the band’s management - who happened to be Susan Silver, Chris Cornell’s wife at the time - vetoed it as unmarketable. So instead, the album was called Louder Than Love.
The recording sessions for their second major release were fraught with tension. Cornell took over most of the songwriting, with Yamamoto contributing three songs and Thayil two. Cornell’s opening wail on Loud Love will give you shivers, and the track Hands All Over showed the band starting to mature as artists.
Still, this record also had the tracks Get on the Snake (hint: it’s not a snake) and Full on Kevin’s Mom and Big Dumb Sex, making it a fun but kind of juvenile listen. There are moments on it where you again hear their potential, but also the fact that this was a bunch of dudes in their twenties hamming it up. In fairness, Big Dumb Sex was supposed to be a parody of Glam Metal, with the lyrics I’m gonna Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck You (Fuck You) being ironic rather than intentional. Sometimes, listening to that song in particular, it is hard to believe that this is the same band that recorded Black Hole Sun and Blow Up The Outside World.
Cornell’s increasing role in the band made Yamamoto feel squeezed out. He believed that he was not able to really contribute to the band in the way he wanted. About a month before the tour in support of Louder Than Love, Yamamoto just noped out of the band to go back to college.
Finding themselves in need of a bassist on short notice, the band held auditions and chose Jason Everman. Everman had been in Nirvana. He filled the void left by Yamamoto, but, for whatever reason, the chemistry was not right. Everman was fired right after the tour ended in 1990.
So you’d think that the biggest problem facing the band that year was to find a new bassist.
Cornell had been a close friend of Andy Wood, the singer for Mother Love Bone. While Soundgarden were on tour, Wood died of a heroin overdose. This hit Cornell incredibly hard. Remember, this was a man fighting his own demons. He saw a lot of himself in Wood, and when Wood died, Cornell was reminded of his own trauma.
Since music was what kept him going, Cornell assembled a true Supergroup to record a tribute album. This side project, called Temple of the Dog, marked a complete shift in maturity for Cornell as an artist. The album is haunting and beautiful and amazing, and after it Cornell’s songwriting was that of a much more mature and reflective artist.
Hunter Benedict Shepherd was born on an American armed forces base in Okinawa in 1968. The military family, who moved around a lot, finally landed in Kingston, Washington. There they found stability and Shepherd grew up. His dad played guitar, which inspired Shepherd to learn the instrument as well. In his teens, he played in a number of Punk bands and got to know other musicians on the Seattle scene, including Matt Cameron. He even went on tour with Nirvana before they hit it big, and did some offstage guitar work for them.
When Soundgarden needed a new bassist, they remembered Ben Shepherd, because he had auditioned to take the role after Yamamoto had vacated and Everman had won. Shepherd was primarily a guitarist so it is not surprising that he was not their first choice. But when he was given the chance to join the band and move to the bass guitar, the alchemy in this band completely changed. They had been good before. But Cornell’s shift in songwriting and Shepherd’s presence as a songwriter transformed the band from good to truly great.
This was immediately evident on 1991’s Badmotorfinger. This record was released mere months after Temple of the Dog and just two years after Louder Than Love. What had been modest success became a meteoric rise. Riding the Grunge wave out of the northwest, Badmotorfinger got universally positive reviews. Shepherd’s influence combined with heavy airplay and the controversy of songs like Jesus Christ Pose brought increased popularity. Shepherd and Cornell wrote the incredibly heavy tune Slaves & Bulldozers. Outshined was a hit. And the drop in the middle of Rusty Cage showed that the band had reached a sonic level unlike anyone else currently performing. They were compared to Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. They got another Grammy nomination and a tour slot with Guns N’ Roses. They toured with Skid Row. They played Lollapalooza.
The band followed up in 1994 with their Magnum Opus, Superunknown. This album is a fucking masterpiece from start to finish. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 album chart.
Consider the tracks on it. You already know a bunch of them. Spoonman. The Day I Tried to Live. 4th of July. Fell on Black Days. My Wave. Limo Wreck. And of course, Black Hole Sun. It netted them two Grammy awards, and went six times platinum. The entire record is dark and moody and deals with everything from murder to loss to death to revenge. It remains one of the greatest Rock albums ever recorded. Superunknown propelled the band to worldwide fame, and headlining global tours.
It is always a challenge to follow up on that kind of success. Soundgarden released their fifth studio album, Down on the Upside, in 1996. The album was a critical success with terrific tracks like Pretty Noose and Blow Up the Outside World - but it could not match the success of Superunknown. Still, this record is one that absolutely grows on you. Blow Up the Outside World has an anthemic chorus which means so much more when you realize that Cornell had agoraphobia, the fear of big outside spaces. Burden in My Hand is lyrically pure and showcases the band’s ability with melody. And deeper cuts like Tighter & Tighter and Overfloater are amazing tracks in their own right. The album ends with the moody, slow oscillations of Boot Camp, where Cornell expresses his desire to be “far away from here”.
That was a hint of things to come. A grueling tour schedule followed the release of the record. Cracks in the band began to form. After the final show of the tour in Hawaii in 1997, the band decided to call it quits. They did release a greatest hits record called A-Sides that year which had one new song on it, but that would be it for over a decade.
Chris Cornell went on to have a great solo career and form the supergroup Audioslave with members of Rage Against the Machine. Kim Thayil went home to Seattle and worked with various artists. Matt Cameron and Ben Shepherd collaborated on a side project called Wellwater Conspiracy. Ben Shepherd also played bass on several Desert Sessions tracks with our very own Ginger Elvis. Cameron became the full time drummer for Pearl Jam.
It seemed like Soundgarden were done for good.
But a funny thing happened. After Audioslave broke up, Cornell announced that he and his bandmates were reunited in 2010 by tweeting ‘Knights of the Soundtable ride again!’ This was followed that same year by a retrospective release called Telephantasm. This was not just a greatest hits record - it had the new tune Black Rain, which the band had re-recorded from the Badmotorfinger sessions.
The boys also dropped an album of live material in 2011 called Live on I-5. This reminded fans just how amazing a live band Soundgarden were.
Why two new albums in such quick succession, you may ask? Turns out Soundgarden’s contract with A&M meant they still owed them two new releases. The band did just that, and toured the world again in support of the records. If anything, it proved they had not missed a single step.
But what fans really wanted was brand new music. In 2012, Soundgarden released their final album, King Animal, on Republic Records. King Animal could only have been made by a mature band. The tune Been Away Too Long was almost an apology to fans, but an absolutely amazing single. Non-State Actor showed they had not lost a step with odd time signatures and downtuned riffage. There was even a video directed by Dave Grohl for the song By Crooked Steps. And you have got to listen to Rowing, the haunting final track on the album. That bass line will get stuck in your head.
Riding this wave of popularity, They were chosen to record the song Live to Rise for the hit movie The Avengers.
Oh yeah, they were back.
Fans even got a release of live songs, deep cuts, and B-Sides called Echo of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across the Path in 2014. There were multiple tours, including track-for-track performances of Superunknown and a joint headlining tour with Nine Inch Nails. The band even recorded demos for a new album. Soundgarden fans loved every moment.
But any fan will tell you that the lyrics and music of the band are moody and dark. We know that Chris Cornell suffered from depression. In the middle of a North American tour, on May 18, 2017, he was found dead of asphyxiation in his hotel room in Detroit. The cause of death was ruled suicide by hanging.
It was an incredibly shocking death for one of the greatest vocalists of all time.
Someone once said that we must live life forwards, but can only understand it by looking backwards. Cornell had been tormented by inner demons since he was a child. Those forces caught up with him and we are all poorer for his loss.
Since that day, there have been multiple tributes, legal wrangling over Cornell’s legacy, another Grammy award, and an ongoing fight to use the recordings of Cornell’s vocals to produce one more album. There was a 2019 memorial show for Chris Cornell in Los Angeles, where JHo performed. That same year, the band released Live From The Artists Den, which captured the reunited Soundgarden in all their power and glory. There is even a statue of Chris Cornell in his hometown of Seattle outside the Museum of Popular Culture.
But things between the band and Cornell’s second wife and widow, Vicky, remain messy and uncomfortable. The surviving members want to complete the unreleased album, but Cornell’s widow continues to withhold the master files of her husband’s vocals from those demos. The band and Vicky Cornell at least settled on a retrospective release of Cornell’s music, and Vicky released any claim to the band’s social media and website. They may yet come to an agreement, but there is little hope right now.
Most recently, Soundgarden reunited to perform in September of 2022 at the LA Taylor Hawkins Tribute Show. They performed The Day I Tried to Live and Black Hole Sun with Taylor Momsen from the band The Pretty Reckless on vocals.
Let’s just hope that is not the last we ever hear from them. One more album may yet be in our future, if we are very, very lucky.
Links to QOTSA
When Soundgarden broke up, Matt Cameron was available to do Josh Homme a solid. Cameron was the drummer for the very first live QotSA show in Seattle. I think that makes him an honorary member of the band.
Josh Homme played at the Chris Cornell Tribute Concert, doing a low-key Johnny Cash inspired cover of Rusty Cage. JHo and Ben Shepherd played together in The Desert Sessions, notably on tracks like Cowards Way Out, Screamin’ Eagle, Nova, and Avon.
Alain Johannes and Natasha Shneider, both of whom were in QotSA, recorded, and performed and co-produced Chris Cornell’s debut solo album Euphoria Mourning. Johannes also played on the Cornell song The Keeper.
Josh Homme also contributed to the Ben Shepherd/Matt Cameron project called Wellwater Conspiracy.
Their Music
Beyond The Wheel
Loud Love
Hands All Over
Rusty Cage - for the Man in Black
Slaves & Bulldozers
Jesus Christ Pose
My Wave
Fell on Black Days
Black Hole Sun
The Day I Tried to Live
4th of July - Fan made video of Atomic Bomb shots
Pretty Noose
Blow Up the Outside World
Burden in My Hand
Tighter & Tighter
Black Rain
Spoonman - Live on I-5
Been Away Too Long
Non-State Actor
By Crooked Steps
Halfway There
Live to Rise
Show Them Some Love
Previous Posts
Alice in Chains
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
Rage Against The Machine
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2023.01.25 10:04 jscottfoshizzle From an Employee of the West Plano Kroger

I plead with members of the community that may shop at the Kroger location on Dallas Pkwy, be kind when shopping. I’m sure I’m likely placing my employment in jeopardy by posting this, but at this point getting let go would probably be a blessing in disguise.
I promise you we don’t want to have outdated or damaged product in our sections. We want to be able to sign and price everything in a way that is clear and accurate. We don’t want customers to have to wait for 10, 20 or 30 minutes to have an available associate to take your call. We don’t want to have to close departments hours early or not be able to open them at all. Unfortunately, it is a bit more complicated than that.
This location and others in the division have been grossly understaffed for the better part of a year. Believe me, most of the employees are just as frustrated as you may have been while shopping there. Employees are having to cover areas such as the bakery, dairy, produce and order pickup departments with approximately 25% or sometimes even less of the staff they are supposed to have.
As a result, many workers feel pressured to work 60-80 hours a week, sometimes working for multiple weeks in a row without a single day off. There have been multiple instances during my tenure with employees working for 48-72 hours straight, while only taking an hour or two to sleep in the break rooms. On top of this, because of the overtime these hardworking employees are putting in to keep the store running, store leaders are prevented from hiring on necessary additional help as on paper it is a store with exceptionally high labor costs.
In addition, the opening of the HEB locations in the area has put the area Kroger stores under increased scrutiny, with regional and corporate leaders asking more and more of the already stretched thin employees. I can assure you that customer service is not being closed because employees do not want to assist you, but because these employees are being expected to cover what should be the responsibilities of 3-4 individual employees. Additionally, to accommodate days off and sickness one employee could be covering different areas such as produce, floral, and dairy by themselves where there should be 8-10 employees to cover these departments.
On top of this, employees have to deal with things like patrons recording “prank” content, forcing them to be harassed and recorded in addition to this already stressful work environment. Ultimately, my days working at this location will soon come to an end as I aim to transition to another career path, however many will continue to work in these stressful conditions with no clear end in sight.
TLDR: Please be kind to and patient with your Plano area Kroger employees. Most all of us genuinely want to provide a high level, enjoyable shopping experience for you but with current staffing and morale issues it can be EXTREMELY difficult to do so.
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2023.01.19 20:10 Flora_865 How to find HEB store #?

I am on HEB Careers site and can't pinpoint the specific location I want to apply for on the search. I wish I could search by location/zip. I called the store I wanted to apply to for thier store # but couldn't find it when I searched. Is there an easier way to apply for specific store online?
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2023.01.14 04:29 Dragmire117 Receiving Position?

My store leaders and receiving lead are encouraging me to take a full-time receiving position. Currently full-time anyway. I have been with HEB for 11 years with a variety of experience from different departments.
My main question is about the pay, starting and max but any advice would be great. Also wondering if receiving experience can set me up for different types of career opportunities or even sorm possibly.
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