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2023.06.06 05:01 Outrageous_Bad_3474 Bent bike frame due to missing spacer for rear axle.

This is a really dumb mistake so please bear with me...
Around 5 years ago, I had to take off my rear wheel of my Supercycle bike due to a leak in the inner tube. My memory's a little hazy but there was a spacer around 1cm thick that came off when I removed the wheel. I couldn't figure out where it went and reattached the wheel without it and everything seemed fine. But much later I started having indexing issues in the rear derailleur and couldn't back drive without the chain skipping. I tried to fix it then but couldn't figure out.
Now I'm taking a 2nd stab at fixing it and I realize that without the spacer I've bent the bike frame so now the rear derailleur isn't straight (see attached pics). I've tried bending the bike frame back straight, but it's been quite difficult. The other options I can think of would be to buy some axle spacers since I lost the original. Or maybe I could bend the rear derailleur hanger. Or is this a lost cause?
TLDR: Reattached rear wheel without spacer that came with bike. Now the bike frame is bent so the rear derailleur is no longer straight.
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2023.06.06 05:01 SammyIsSadSometimes Egg_irl

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2023.06.06 05:01 DisastrousDelivery20 It's been a while

This is a new throwaway I created because I found out that my boss is on reddit.
I have been a degenerate for 13 years. Whenever I could be fucked up, I would be. But I've been doing better recently. I have only been drinking every few weeks. I still smoke a lot of weed, like a lot. I just don't think that's worse than the liter + 1 pint I drank of vodka a night at one point.
I don't know. I've always defined myself as a CA. My dad was as well, this shit killed him. I just, I like being drunk. I like how it feels. I like how I think. I like how my brain slows down for once. I am diagnosed as pretty mentally ill. I think that's a part of it.
I dunno, I'm pretty crossfaded rn and I'm just thinking about how I ended up where I am in life. I'm lucky to not be on jail tbh.
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2023.06.06 05:01 SparkyLexi Advice on sick two week old kitten please!

Hi everyone, I currently have a sick two week old kitten next to me. It has discharge coming out of its nose/around its eyes and has been struggling to breath. It’s two littermates have unfortunately passed, and the mom wants nothing to do with her last kitten.
I’ve been trying to feed it kitten milk replacer with little success. It ate a little earlier, but really not much. Right now, I have it next to me with a blanket over it, trying to keep it warm. I don’t have a heating pad, but I’m hoping the blanket is warm enough because kitten keeps crawling out from under it.
Any advice on keeping this poor baby alive overnight so we can take it to the vet in the AM? I’m going to continue to try feeding every couple of hours. I helped it use the bathroom earlier and it did urinate. Is a 2 week old kitten supposed to poop yet? How often should I be helping it use the bathroom? And is there any way I could help clear kitten’s lungs to help it breath better? Should I have it laying in a certain position? Any general advice for kitten care for me? Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.06 05:01 What_It_Izzy Grocery spending dispute with my boyfriend

Hi Everyone,
I love this sub and read it all the time. First time posting.
My bf (34m) and I (31f) just started living together a couple months ago. It's the healthiest relationship I've ever had, but we do still have occasional fights and tensions. I wanted some feedback on something that has been coming up.
I have always done most of the cooking, in return he does all the dishes, and we are both very content with this arrangement. This also means that I plan the meals and shop for the ingredients. I also pay for almost all the groceries. I have some familial wealth and am very privileged, and I like to help my loved ones when I can.
He had been shoplifting a lot of his staple foods, and I asked him to stop doing so. I don't want to build a life with someone regularly committing petty crime, even if it is in order to eat. I don't judge someone who has to do so, I think the cost of living is insane and I understand, I just don't think we are in a position where it is necessary to take that risk... For instance, he actually inherited 50k from a family member recently, HOWEVER, refuses to use it for groceries or bills. He says he is trying to save it and be responsible. In my mind there's no expense more responsible than buying food for yourself, but he won't budge on this. He says I don't understand what it's like being a person with normal financial stress and it's not my place to judge him. He wants to keep the money for big expenses in the future. So basically I agreed to pay for most of the groceries if he would stop stealing.
It's been a pretty smooth arrangement until the last few weeks. He has a Costco membership that he mostly uses to buy gas, he commutes and spends a lot on gas otherwise. The problem is that he has recently started buying Costco sized snack foods on a regular basis. Protein bars, meat sticks, and other random stuff like crackers or even today he came home with popsicles. And two huge jars of pickles when we literally already have 3 partial jars of pickles in the fridge.
I have mentioned before, and reiterated today, that i think this is a waste of money and not great for our health. We end up snacking more just because it's around in large quantities. He argues that he needs these snacks because he has a busy schedule and needs easy foods to eat between school and work. After about the third time i said something about how we don't need all this stuff, he blew up on me and totally lost his temper. He said that my tone was rude and judgy and he's paying for these things for himself to eat, so that I don't have to pay for them, and i need to stop being controlling about it.
I reminded him that it's pretty ridiculous for him to claim he can't afford groceries and then drop 40 dollars on optional snacks at Costco. He does not feel they are optional due to his demanding schedule and physical labor, and says it was really rude of me to throw the fact that I'm supporting him financially back in his face. I just think there's a middle ground where we could have some healthy snacks in the house, but not so much that were wasting money and over eating. We've both been trying to establish healthier eating patterns and exercise more, and I see these mass quantities of snacks being an impediment to those goals, as well as a waste of his supposedly precious income.
I guess my question is whether I'm actually being as judgemental as he seems to think. I know that i come from a much easier financial background than him, as well as having a much less demanding work/school schedule. He does lots of physical labor and is exhausted during the week. He may have 50k in his savings due to the inheritance, but he has led a very frugal life for a long time, even being homeless at one point, and i think those habits are hard to overcome. He sees a "deal" at the store and just goes for it, even if it's not really something we need, the psychology of "saving" on a large quantity is very ingrained in his mind.
Is this something i need to just drop and be understanding about? I'm not trying to be controlling, or lacking in empathy for his financial concerns. It's really important for me to use my familial wealth for good, and help the people I love. I see it as my duty to not be greedy or selfish with my privilege. But I also think now that we are living together, with the intention of one day hopefully being married, that I am allowed to have an opinion on our shared resources and food.
Sorry this was so long winded for something that may seem somewhat trivial. I struggle with brevity. I hope i can get some good perspective because I'm really struggling to know what's right here.
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2023.06.06 05:01 done_with_life558 It just keeps getting worse

For three years not I have been in the cycle of domestic violence but every time he apologized I thought things would be better. I was wrong, now my lease is up in just a month and he was just diagnosed with bipolar one. It went from him punching me, to him making holes in my door, to him almost killing me and now he's going to make sure I'm homeless... After another one of his rage episodes he called a Crisis line who told him to turn himself into the ER. So he did and for the first time I was left alone, away from him with just me and my animals. He had screamed in my face saying he would make me homeless and there was nothing I could do about it, I quit my job back in February as he had a really good income and for some stupid reason I trusted him, I was attacked by a kid and so I quit. Being a substitute teacher for middle school just wasn't for me, then he was fired from his job, the plan had been to renew the lease in July and I would start college in the spring however because he was in the military and is at 60% disability he's going to be getting housing through them... And I will be left behind. It's been three years of my life I wasted away by loving him. All for him to say recently he never loved me the same way I loved him. We have been broken up for almost a year now but with no job, faimly, friends and with my animals I basically have been forced to live with him. And I wanted to see the good in him. The night he left to go to the hospital I made an actual plan to end everything, I would drive up to Nebraska and just leave everything and everyone behind, but when I looked my dog in his eyes all I could do was cry and apologize to him. I don't qualify for aid as I have no job and I can't be without my dog. My rats and dog are the biggest light in my life and the reason I'm still here, all my family wants me to do is return him back to the shelter let my pet rats go in a forest and be in a homeless shelter. I have no friends to turn to and no faimly that can even afford to help I have tried go fund me I actually attempted to rehome my dog with no luck and as of yesterday I have exactly one month to figure out what to do, as a last resort I can abandon my rats to a rescue, give my dog back to the shelter and just drive to Nebraska like I want. I'm only 20 but I think my life has already been ruined by him. Enough to the point I have already packed all of my stuff and I'm just calling everywhere I possibly can to get help. But if I can't find anyone or do anything by the end of this month I'm just going to put my plan into action and do it no one I know cares and are constantly asking why I won't just stay in a homeless shelter for a few years until I can get a job again but that would mean I don't have my animals, which is the only reason im alive. He's taken my money, he's taken everything from me that he can all while crushing my mental esteem. I think my family has just stopped caring at this point and already knows what's going to happen. I had big dreams to get a physics degree but with me and my animals at risk of homeless all I can think about is getting my animals to a safe place before I go, so I won't have to worry about them.
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2023.06.06 05:01 CazOnReddit The Mavericks Want to Trade the 10th Overall Pick. Here is the Last Decade of 10th Overall Picks & Who Was Drafted.

2022 - Johnny Davis (WAS)
2021 - Ziaire Williams (MEM)
2020 - Jalen Smith (PHX)
2019 - Cam Reddish (ATL)
2018 - Mikal Bridges (The Process - Still Trustin-oh wait they traded it to the Suns)
2017 - Zach Collins (SAC)
2016 - Thon Maker (MIL)
2015 - Justice Winslow (MIA)
2014 - Elfrid Payton (The Process - Trusting It)
2013 - CJ McCollum (POR)
Obviously it's too early to say how Ziaire and Johnny will turn out but even if we include 2011 (Jimmer Fredette) and 2012 (Austin Rivers), historically the 10th overall pick isn't a spot where one will find a lot of draft steals or All-StaAll-NBA players.
Safe to say, them trading the pick vs drafting it is the better move...provided you don't trade a pick that hits like Bridges/can actually find a trade partner for the pick.
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2023.06.06 05:01 movingpx Wanting to buy a dolphin pool cleaner but completely confused

Hey all! I bought a house with a 24 foot round above ground pool and now I’m trying to learn everything I need to know about maintaining a swimming pool. I thought getting a robotic pool cleaner would help save me some time but I didn’t anticipate how much time I’d be spending trying to wrap my head around Maytronic’s massive product line! Every nice I research these things I find another group of cleaners! So I come here, desperate for advice so I can climb out of this rabbit hole I found myself in.
Does anyone know what the most up to date product line is? Im eyeing the dolphin e20 or equivalent. Nautilus cc? Cayman?Basically I want something that has a basket filter, a weekly timer, and can clean the walls. I’m seeing a lot of these cleaners broken out into above-ground and in-ground categories. Does it really matter? Would they all work in an above-ground pool? Thanks for any help and advice you guys can give!
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2023.06.06 05:01 impulsiveminimalist As part of the API changes that will do a lot of damages this subreddit will be temporary going offline on June 12

Click here to read up on the issue and if you happen to moderate anywhere consider joining in on this to try to hopefully get the policy reversed.
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2023.06.06 05:01 Xdaddywastaken How to tackle guys who're not straight when they get touchy?

Hey, 24[M] here, I keep gettin hit on by guys a lot! And thats not an issue, issue is that these mfs keep getting touchy and all, and i try to maintain a very good distance with them and they just being mfs keep gettin more touchy and that mindfucks. So how you guys do tackle this shit? Without being violent! Should i carry pepper spray? Cuz i think its safe but on the same hand if i spray on them and then they claim that they were just being nice to me that'll will backfire on me no? So what should I do?
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2023.06.06 05:00 mila69420 Help?

Hi everyone! I am currently 21 years old and I’m in my second year of university. I am currently in a program that allows me to learn French and Chinese and better my Spanish so basically a language program. I thought I wanted to be a translator but that’s not my passion, honestly it’s not a bad program but I’m not passionate about it by any means. I am however incredibly passionate about animals, ever since I was little I’ve wanted to work with them but I knew I didn’t want to be a vet just because I always thought I wouldn’t be able to put an animal to sleep. Also the thought of going to the same clinic everyday just didn’t sound enjoyable. I would love to have my own animal non profit sanctuary of farm animals but I feel like this is just some fairy tale. How realistic would this be? I would absolutely adore to do this, I love animals so much, I have 8 of my own and I wish I could have more. I am more than aware of the responsibility running the sanctuary will be and how physically and emotionally demanding it’ll be but with that being said, it would definitely have to be my full time job, would I even be able to do that and survive off of that? I am willing to do whatever but I feel like I’m not being realistic. I graduate university in 2 years and I was thinking of doing a masters in wildlife rehabilitation for 2 years to get some experience but then how would I start this dream of mine? I just need some advice, am I being too childish? I want to work with animals hands on and care for them and give them a better life. I would be willing to relocate anywhere, I am in Canada but I was born in the states so anywhere in Canada or the states is fine I just want to do this so badly but I don’t know how successful it’ll or how realistic I’m actually being. Any advice would be so greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.06 05:00 Sush1burrito Any happy parenting story you can share?

I’m having one of those days where my depression is in full swing; I have bad HG and I was throwing up so much blood started coming up yesterday (I’ve talked to my doctor already; got zofran, which did the trick today). I also, feeling sick and alone, started panicking about the fact that I’m going to be a single mother. My ex and I broke up a month or two ago, idk at this point. I just feel broken today.
I know being a parent is going to be hard, and being a single mom is going to be triple that, but does anyone have any happy parenting stories?
I’m trying to focus on the positives. Such as the amount of help I have from family (a lot). And the fact that my ex is going to be involved and he’s finally being amicable.
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2023.06.06 05:00 unfortunatefrog PS5 shut down / rest with Chiaki

This may be a really dumb question, but when I have occasionally remote played my PS5 via Chiaki, I will go to play my PS5 some time later and it will inform be that it was shut down incorrectly. It doesn't seem like it turns off or goes into rest mode after exiting Chiaki unless I manually do it on the PS5 itself. If I log out on the PS5 on Chiaki, it immediately disconnects instead of letting me choose to enter rest mode, shut down etc.
I might be missing something super obvious - I haven't used my PS5 a ton, nor Chiaki a lot either (hoping to change that with both). Any solutions or thoughts?
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2023.06.06 05:00 nyuckajay Viable budget tron

Hey all!
I’m moving next month and very excited to find there’s a store near my new house that has modern nights, so I’d like to get in on the action after a lot of arena and casual commander play, I’d like to do store competitions again.
My simple question for you guys is, is this deck going to be able to function at a store? I tried to build it in a way that will easily transition into a fully optimized meta deck later. Right now it’s kind of half assed since moving is expensive. So i compromised a bit.
Tron seems like such a fun play style to me, I’m a huge Timmy at heart, I love throwing big nasties on the table.
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2023.06.06 05:00 AutoModerator RCAA Season Score Submission Games 11-15

EACH segment is 5 games played. The games 11-15 segment will have 15 played games. Submissions with less than 15 played games WILL NOT be accepted
Submit your scores for games 11-15 to the google form link below. Also submit a screenshot of your roster screen that shows player ages. The deadline dates for submitting GAMES 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, and 16-RB are still in affect.
If you submit games 11-15 by Tuesday at 11pm you will receive a +10pd bonus
If you submit after Wednesday at 11pm you will receive a -10pd pen (IF ACCEPTED)
No scores will be accepted after the deadline at the discretion of the commissioners
RCAA Score Submission Form
Any issues please contact u/Captain_Hampton , u/blueahoula or u/ShakyTheBear
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2023.06.06 05:00 tlt86 Depression and Thyroid disorders

16f, normal height and weight. Currently taking levothyroxine daily, no other medications.
My 16 year old daughter was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder approx 4-5 years ago. She was under the care of a paediatric endocrinology team until 2 years ago when they discharged her to GP care.
We have recently noticed a significant drop in mood and today she has disclosed self harm behaviour to cope with low mood (no suicidal ideation thankfully). I don't particularly want to google and I'm waiting for the GP to call back with a appointment time.
Is there a correlation between low thyroid levels and depression? Her last blood test to check levels was approx 7 months ago and levels registered as normal and the doctors opted not to test this time, just issued a new prescription. Should we push for a more thorough workup or are the two issues likely not related?
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2023.06.06 05:00 ThrowRA-42228meow When people don't update their driver's license and/or car registration/plates to the new state, is this illegal fraud?


I am taking a job in Delaware and am moving from NY, so I would need to get a new driver's license and change my plates, which I don't really have an issue with except the tax issue. When registering my car in DE, I gotta pay 4.5 percent of the car's current value which will be around 1500 since it's only a year old. Really just strikes me as a total money grab as I already paid taxes on it in NY when I bought it... If I had to pay like 100-200 for everything I'd just do it and be done with it.

I was wondering, is there any legal way I could keep my NY plates and keep the car registered in NY? I hear a lot of people register their cars elsewhere and never seem to have issues, so idk if this is "super illegal" or just a gray area nobody really cares about..? I don't mind having to get an inspection done in NY, I will be visiting anyways and can do it sometime then. I just know DE requires newcomers to swap fully to a DE driver's license and plates within 60 days, as do most states I imagine. I'm not sure if DE would actually come after me? Do cops pull people over with out of state plates to try and figure out if I live in the state?

Many of my friends who had to move for like 1-2 years out of NY, and then came back or moved elsewhere, just said they left their cars and license's in their parents address for like a year or two. I was hoping to do the same.

Thank you!
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2023.06.06 05:00 loljkbye Just completed Season: A Letter to the Future

There was a lot of crying involved. Happy crying, sad crying, hopeful crying; I did all the crying. Here is your sign, if you haven't played this beautiful, stress free, mesmerizing walking simulator yet, to get a cup of your favorite tea and get ready for the coziest, most bitter-sweet bike ride of your life.
You play as Estelle, a young woman from a secluded mountain village, who's soothing voice will guide you along a journey through an imminently changing world that you are discovering for the first time. In the hopes of creating a record of the world as it is in this moment, you set out with only a camera, a sound recorder, and a scrapbook journal. As you cycle across the valleys and ruins of a season long forgotten, the landscape reveals what's been lost to the changing of seasons, and what may become lost to the passing of this one.
Mild gameplay and content spoilers in the following segment
The main mechanics of this game were designed in a way that never made them redundant. Taking pictures and recordings will make the story progress by having Estelle provide insight on her thoughts as you capture certain things, and the scrapbook journal was a surprisingly satisfying gameplay element. I found myself dedicating much of my time laying out the history of the valley and its people for the reader who would someday discover my notes and learn about this world. I recorded every birdsong I heard, every waterfall in the distance. And I pet every single goat.
Story spoilers in the following segment
The magic elements do a great job of helping the player connect with Estelle. She is someone who has been confined to her village her entire life, and for whom the history of the world has been somewhat taboo. You realize quickly that you are playing as a character who has a very loose grasp on history and technology, and for whom a vending machine looks completely foreign. As magic and mysticism start poking their heads, you too, the player, start realizing that what you know is only a small part of what's out there, and suddenly, it becomes a lot easier to see the world through Estelle's eyes. And as you hear stories about the war that ended the last season, you start to uncover the many perspectives the people of this world have on loss and hope.
Major spoilers ahead - only read if you have played the game
I could not believe how this game made me feel. Stepping into a graveyard of sleeping soldiers with a young boy while on a tour of the Valley was not something I was expecting; nor was I expecting to cry/laugh at a drawing of a crab shown to me by a purple man who had just gone on a tangent in a language I did not understand. Which brings me to the last thing I want to bring up. Meeting the stranger on the beach has to be the single most perfect thing this game could have done for me after taking me on this bleak roller coaster. I thought the game would end with Estelle's hope for someone to find her book. Instead, I got to share my memories with a new friend, and as he shared his, this character, that I had only known for a few seconds, became the brightest beacon of light in an otherwise very dark night. I thought the villagers of Tieng Valley held all the hope this game had to offer, but just when I thought I had sent that hope on its merry way, I was hit one last time by how beautifully this game portrays community.
I really hope more people get to experience this game. For selfish reasons, because I want to be able to talk to more people about it, but also because I think it's an all around amazing game that anyone can appreciate. The environment is beautiful, and I found it to be a meditative experience. And if the story might feel a bit bleak, there is an overall message of hope, and warmth, and community.
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2023.06.06 05:00 SnooDogs1704 My first love: Burberry London

I have, for some reason, put this off for 7 years. 7 years!!! But I finally re-purchased Burberry London for men. It was the first fragrance I fell in love with when I was 18 (25 now). I just got home from work and yanked it out of the mailbox and its packaging, spraying my wrist immediately.
The warm, comforting scent just as I remember. Memories flood through my head of my late teen years. It was the happiest time of my life. Got my first job, made new friends and kept my old ones, hung out with friends online nightly and on weekends every week. Living under my parents care with all my money to myself.
I wish I had a sharp enough nose to pick out notes I am smelling, but as other reviews have said, it smells just like christmas to me. Like I am walking through rows of christmas trees, but maybe with a sweet tinge in there. I could not get enough of this fragrance then, and I can’t get enough of it now.
I have acquired quite a few fragrances since this one, but upon re-smelling, it easily is in my top 3 favorite fragrances in my collection.
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2023.06.06 05:00 CazOnReddit The Mavericks Want to Trade the 10th Overall Pick. Here is the Last Decade of 10th Overall Picks & Who Was Drafted.

2022 - Johnny Davis (WAS)
2021 - Ziaire Williams (MEM)
2020 - Jalen Smith (PHX)
2019 - Cam Reddish (ATL)
2018 - Mikal Bridges (The Process - Still Trustin-oh wait they traded it to the Suns)
2017 - Zach Collins (SAC)
2016 - Thon Maker (MIL)
2015 - Justice Winslow (MIA)
2014 - Elfrid Payton (The Process - Trusting It)
2013 - CJ McCollum (POR)
Obviously it's too early to say how Ziaire and Johnny will turn out but even if we include 2011 (Jimmer Fredette) and 2012 (Austin Rivers), historically the 10th overall pick isn't a spot where one will find a lot of draft steals or All-StaAll-NBA players.
Safe to say, them trading the pick vs drafting it is the better move...provided you don't trade a pick that hits like Bridges/can actually find a trade partner for the pick.
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2023.06.06 05:00 throwaway_for_r4r_ 28 [M4F] Southern California - Let's fall in love? Looking for a serious relationship.

I'm just looking for someone to spend my life and have a lot of fun with, and I think I'm ready for a serious commitment. I'm a 28 year old guy who is currently working and doesn't get a chance to meet people that often. Tinder and other dating apps are full of fakes honestly so I thought I'd try Reddit to see if I find what I'm looking for.
I'm looking for someone who also wants something serious (and ideally we get to know each other through going on dates and stuff.) While I'm not really a clingy personality, I'd want to hang out quite regularly and spend lots of time with you. I don't have any preferences over how old you are (just don't be so much older than me, and don't be under 18) or what you look like. I just want someone who really wants to commit.
If you're interested, PM me with a bit about you
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2023.06.06 05:00 mom0fthr3 Blue Denim Doodle

The blue denim doodle place clearly knew she had two dogs from same liter & got rid of one prior to them getting a doodle from her. So I don’t think they cared she rehomed one & just wanted the exposure of having her get one of their pups. If you look at the Birdie & Cricket IG page they liked the posts and commented on them from 80 weeks ago when she first posted. So that’s why they are defending them so much.
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