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2023.03.20 21:19 peacefulshaolin The Legal Significance of Audio Recordings

I spoke with a divorce lawyer who told me that the legal significance of audio recordings my upwBPD has on me is very low. She also said that my recordings also have very little legal significance. Unless there are credible threats of violence, self harm, etc. these recordings will matter very little.
I was really glad to hear this as I have made mistakes in saying things that I'm sure were recorded. These were all reactive abuse situations that I'm guessing the initial part of the conversation will be trimmed.
My takeaway from this is:
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2023.03.20 21:18 MarkySharky81 Recent 1 week itinerary - Ask Me Anything

Myself, my wife, brother-in-law and his wife spent a week in Iceland at the beginning of March. I'll put our basic itinerary below. It might be helpful and I'm happy if it helps anyone.
Feel free to ask questions or if you want more specific info about our itinerary and stay etc.
Happy travels 🙂
Iceland Itinerary
Tuesday 7th March
Collect hire car Drive to Reykjavik - 45 minutes Explore reykjavik Coastal walk - sun voyager sculpture Grotta lighthouse - 5km walk along the coast
Wednesday 8th March
8am - Leave Apartments Drive to Blue Lagoon - 50 minutes 9-11 - Blue lagoon 10 min drive - Bryggjan cafe Drive to Vik - 3 hours On the way: Gljufrabui - waterfall Skogarfoss (waterfall) 500 steps + 2 mile trail for extra waterfalls Check in to Vik accommodation between 4pm-11pm Dinner in Vik
Thursday 9th March
6am Run 7:30am - breakfast buffet at Hotel Vik Reynisfjara black sand beach - basalt sea stacks Fjaaoargljufur - waterfal/canyon Fjallsárlón Frost Restaurant Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon/diamond beach 30 minute drive to hotel in Hof
Friday 10th March
8am - breakfast buffet at hotel Drive to Troll expeditions Skaftafell - 5 minutes Ice cave and glacier hike - 4 hours Drive to hotel in Vik - 2hours Stjórnarfoss bílastæði waterfall to stop on way back Check in to Hotel Dinner in Vik
Saturday 11th March
7:30am -8:30 Breakfast at hotel 30 min drive Solheimasandur - DC plane crash site (2 hours walking- 4miles) Sólheimajökull glacier Mia's Country Van - Local Fish & Chips opens at 12-4 Kvernufoss Waterfall Drive to Selfoss - 1hr 15mins Explore selfoss pick up supplies dinner and breakfast Check in to Airbnb) selfoss
Sunday 12th March
Drive from Selfoss to Reykjavik Gullfoss Geysir Laugarvatn Pingvellir 2pm - Check in to Reykjavik Airbnb 6pm - Sky Lagoon
Monday 13th March
Explore Reykjavik Hallgrimskirkja - Tallest church Skolavoroustigur - rainbow shopping street
Tuesday 14th March
Drop off hire car Flight home
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2023.03.20 21:18 0Fants1 Vietnamese copule fucking in hotel -

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2023.03.20 21:17 inspectorPK Zone 6B in Michigan and wondering what to plant here! It only gets mid/late afternoon sun, but I’d like flowering perennials. I’d love any and all advice!

Zone 6B in Michigan and wondering what to plant here! It only gets mid/late afternoon sun, but I’d like flowering perennials. I’d love any and all advice! submitted by inspectorPK to gardening [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 21:16 Kiraawa Femboy in the hotel. What will he do? o.o

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2023.03.20 21:15 Competitive_Walrus_2 is this a hidden camera?

is this a hidden camera?
its a firs sprinkler in my hotel room
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2023.03.20 21:15 UnhappyStrangers Eastside alchemy hashr rosin disposable.

Eastside alchemy hashr rosin disposable.
Stopped by Rush in saline today to check it out and grabbed myself a nice selection of edibles. Chatting with the budtender and he suggested for me to try these hash rosin disposables from Eastside alchemy. I picked out the jungle sherbet on his suggestion. It definitely slaps. 7% terps and I can taste and feel it immediately. Now I'm waiting for the 200mg bag of magic pinneapple gummies to hit.
Hope you all have a lovely week! I am so glad moved out here to Michigan and can enjoy all this fine quality THC!!
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2023.03.20 21:13 TrumpterOFyvie See, projection isn't just for conservatives!

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2023.03.20 21:12 0aass College Party in Michigan

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2023.03.20 21:12 salelouisllc 2/6/2023 youtube video 2 6 23

This is rough video but it is sale louis louis llc talking about what was going on at the time for stuff ... Please watch and learn what was going on .... it is problems on what society was doing in bay city michigan and bay county ...
2/6/2023 youtube video 2 6 23
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2023.03.20 21:11 AnaWolfbay1412 The OFFICIAL NATO phonetic alphabet. Because why use some rando's from the internet?

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2023.03.20 21:11 Demogorgon4Breakfast Hotel Basement glitch?

So I just finished replaying the hotel basement for the 3rd time, and every time, there has not been a bloater. Everyone talks about how difficult the bloater makes this part for them, but for some reason I have not encountered it, only the stalkers.
Does it have something to do with the difficulty? So far, I've only been playing on an Easy+ save, does it depend on that? Or is it easy to evade and I just haven't noticed it?
Could it also be the Playstation I'm on? I've only seen screenshots of the updated bloater model on PS5, and I'm on PS4, did they add it in on PS5 only?
I'm very confused and it would be nice to know what's wrong cause this has boggled me
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2023.03.20 21:10 UniqueSanja Breakdown recovery tips?

TLDR: what helps you come back from a breakdown?
Just to vent: I had the worst combination of circumstances... PMS, job problems, a well meant weekend away at a terrible hotel, not packing the hiking gear needed for the surroundings and missing out on the much needed time in nature, bad nights, bad food, bad accoustics... I felt terrible driving home: just numb and empty and unable to express this in fear of sounding ungrateful. I slaved my way through another overstimulated day to be on the verge of screaming when I was making dinner. And I realized I hadn't been using my custom earplugs the entire find them missing! Spoiler: the hotel found them and is sending them by post. I was beside myself with anger. Just untamed fury at everything. I searched pockets, bags, four times, that weren't even with us for the trip. I finally cried in the arms of my husband... I felt so bad for my behavior. After that it all just feels empty and hopeless and I'm just crying to no end. What helps you take the first step towards regaining yourself again?
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2023.03.20 21:07 jelifr Traveling to Iceland in Early April with a Family - need help with itinerary please!

Hi - first time posting to this group but I am finding a lot of the expertise in this group very helpful. We are planning our first trip to Iceland and getting so much different advice from all our friends who have been there that we are getting very confused. We are traveling with two families, the kids range from 10-13 years old. We originally thought that we would go with a guide but after getting advice from a friend, we have decided to self-drive in a 4x4 vehicle. First, in early April, is self-driving safe - see itinerary below. Second, we have changed our itinerary about 10 times - it’s hard balancing the desires of the different families. But I think we have settled on this:
Day 1 - we arrive middle of the night; sleep until noon and then go to Blue Lagoon. Drive at night to Husafell
Day 2 - Langjokull Ice Tunnel in the morning, drive to Golden Circle Area for hotel
Day 3 - Golden Circle - Thingvellir, Gullfoss and Geysir - maybe the Fridhimar tomato farm? Drive to south coast hotel (near Hella)
Day 4 - South Coast - Vik (maybe Lava Show?), Black Beach (Reynisfjara), Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss waterfalls. Drive to hotel near Kirkjubæjarklaustur.
Day 5 - Glacier Day: Drive to Jökulsárlon, boat tour at Fjallsárlón, then Glacie Ice Cave Tour (Vatnajokull). Sleep again at Kirkjubæjarklaustur.
Day 6 - Drive back to Reykjavik, spend the late afternoon/evening in town
Day 7 - Depart Iceland middle of day
Any feedback is greatly appreciated - thank you!
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2023.03.20 21:06 Electrical_Prune8691 Northern lights in Keweenaw Peninsula Michigan

Hi, Me and my fiance plan a trip this weekend March 24th-26th to Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan.
The KP index looks 24th Friday- 3 25th Saturday- 4 26th Sunday- 5
What are the chances to see the Northern lights?
And I don’t get it: Sunday is index 5th. Is this Saturday night > Sunday morning or Sunday morning > Monday Morning
Maybe some locals can give me some advises. Thank you so much
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2023.03.20 21:04 svdrecbd What are good career options for "fixer" personality types?


I'll try to keep this concise but since I'm not entirely sure how to properly word this, please bear with me. Currently, I'm in construction as a freelance concrete framefinisher and while it's a steady gig, It's not something that I would consider a "dream" scenario to be in. While the money is good I've seen the effects of what this kind of work does to people over time and I'd rather get out sooner than later before something permanent begins to happen to me.

While reflecting on what I would like to do I realized that I've always been the "fixer" for friends, family, coworkers, etc... working on the logistics behind the scenes to make sure everything is running smoothly.
Anytime a group of people are traveling somewhere I'm always the one making arrangements for tickets, hotel, visas/passports, and even plan most of the agenda once we've arrived.
Is a tool broken and the only instructions on how to fix it are in Korean? Sounds like something I would be tasked with resolving.
Need to ship a $250K dollar CNC machine across state lines by the weekend? I have 3 reputable hotshot trucking providers ready to go at the drop of a hat.

It's a position born out of necessity (since most people would rather throw whatever problem they have at me instead of figuring it out themselves) but after a while, I realized that I thrive in these environments and I live for weird out-of-the-box problem-solving.
The purpose of this post isn't to gloat about how much people rely on me or whatever but to display this strange feeling of purpose that I feel when I complete these sorts of tasks and what sort of work I should be looking for if I were to pursue this feeling further.
Before everyone goes and recommends getting a degree, I don't function well in a school environment. I graduated HS at the height of COVID and if it taught me anything was that I am absolutely not cut out for classroom learning.
I can power through a class and I even excelled in STEM-related honors/IB classes but it will cost me mentally and physically far more than any normal person should reasonably go through and I'm willing to admit that. If it's unavoidable I'm open to getting an associate's degree but a full 4-year feels too out of reach for me.

Money isn't a massive concern for me but hopefully, I wouldn't be working for peanuts. Aside from that, I'm open to everything.

Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.20 21:04 roastymctoasty In Michigan, I'm Required to provide a Name and *Title* as the officiant on a marriage certificate. Is there a Title that the ULC bestows? Or is title entirely optional?

Question in the title. Thanks!
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2023.03.20 21:03 Jolarpet Need help finding an episode from a comedy show

Hi everyone. I am trying to find this episode\skit that I watched many years back. It is about a group of Israeli tourists who try to check-in at a Hotel in India. And they start bargaining, breaking things accidentally and end up sleeping in a cow shed. The Skit plays on both India and Israeli tourist stereotypes. Can someone help me find this please?
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2023.03.20 21:03 EudoxiYao Two cute young Filipina fucked in hotel room after shopping

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2023.03.20 21:02 1poiu7 husband sharing wife with the masseur in a hotel (part 1)

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2023.03.20 21:02 yui11a Beautiful amateur girlfriend in a wild hotel fuck

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2023.03.20 21:01 Ok-Pianist-9729 Nparents are upset because I got a job

I’m about to turn 19 and ever since 16 I’ve had to have my parents drive me to and from work because they refuse to teach me how to drive. They constantly used this and gas money against me and my jobs barely paid enough to really live off of. I got a new job that’s a travel job where I get picked up and dropped off by the job and we stay in hotels and then go to work then go straight back to the hotel. It makes a lot of money that I need for school.
My parents are flipping out over my safety which is understandable but I cannot be helicoptered for the rest of my life and I’m a legal adult now. When will I be able to be myself?
I’m going to be picked up and I’m going to the hotel with my older sister who also works there and my nmom always goes crazy constantly asking where I’m going to be when I’m going to be and when I left for work last week and got in the van she cussed me out over text saying I’m going to get kidnapped and stuff. She gets angry quick and intimidates me with the way she asks all these questions. I’m going to be gone for a few days still in the same state and now she’s asking what hotel I’m going to stay in which I don’t know until I get there and that I better tell her before I leave.
I don’t know how to start establishing boundaries without her going to go crazy
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