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2023.05.30 23:05 Matthew_C1314 Soup episodes 2004-2006 $$$$$$$$$

Hello All, I've exhausted all my options to find the soup episodes from 2004 to 2006. There are 2 random episodes on archive, but no more than that. I am now resorting to the lanuguage that everyone speaks, CASH!!! If you have these episodes contact me, and we can discuss a payment so that I can get them from you.
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2023.05.30 23:05 treg_bart Are there any extended versions?

Years ago i watched friends and then discovered there were extra 2-3 minutes per episode in extended version. Is this the case for seinfeld as well? Are there any cut/extended scenes i can watch?
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2023.05.30 23:04 Realistic_Warthog_23 Anyone else listen to the recent Bill Simmons episode about new CBA and freak out?

On the recent Bill Simmons podcast at 1:07:56 in, he goes through his concerns with the new CBA and uses our team as an example of teams that are going to be screwed by how our roster is constructed. Talks about how we did it the right way but getting screwed over and won't be able to keep our young core together (again). What are our thoughts on this?
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2023.05.30 23:03 Annyongman Memorable songs?

Going back randomly through old episodes from the past 2 years, landed on Bubble Feuds with Tom Scharpling and holy shit the fan submission they played, Bubble, a parody of Kendrick Lamar's Humble was sooooo good, I was busting up real nice.
any other GOAT songs I missed that come to mind?
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2023.05.30 23:03 monkeysolo69420 I’m sick of living with my family.

I don’t hate my family. They’re not bad people, and my parents were pretty good parents for the most part, but they are all the worst communicators I’ve ever met. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them enter a personal conflict within the house where it didn’t go straight to yelling. No calmly explaining what the other person did wrong, just 0 to 10 without thinking about it.
My mom doesn’t do this to me as much anymore because I think she knows she crossed a line a few times, but she still does this with my dad. She just takes it personally if you make a mistake or say the wrong thing. Growing up I felt like sometimes I couldn’t talk to her because I would say something to piss her off without meaning to and she would get unreasonably mad at me like I had said something to deliberately offend her even though I was a 12 year old and didn’t know how to communicate. This has caused me great anxiety as an adult and I think it’s prevented me from forming relationships with women because I’m afraid I’m going to say something to offend them.
My dad is more predictable. When he gets mad, it’s easy to see why, but it’s always over stupid little shit that he can’t control. I feel bad for him, because he almost certainly has some undiagnosed anxiety disorder. I’ve wondered sometimes if he has Asperger’s or something, but it’s hard to sympathize when he gets testy over the dumbest shit. Today he got all pissy with me because I didn’t answer the phone because I was taking out the garbage. He was in the other room that also has a phone in it, so idk why he couldn’t answer it his damn self but apparently it’s my job to answer the phone for him even though I have a job and he’s never had a steady source of income for as long as I can remember. Sorry if answering the phone on my lunch break isn’t my top priority.
My sister is generally cooler, and we were actually talking about being room mates and getting a place together, but the other day she went off on me for no reason. She doesn’t do this often, but she’s done it before, and it reminded me a little too much of my mom. She was watching a tv show and I walked in and said “haven’t you seen this before?” She said no, to which I said “I feel like I remember you watching this exact episode.” We went back and forth a few times, with no escalation. I wasn’t accusing her of anything, I wasn’t demanding that she watch something else, I just asked her if she’d seen it before and disagreed when she said no. Then out of nowhere, she turns the tv off and says “fine I won’t watch it if it bothers you,” and storms put of the room in a huff before I can even say anything.
I was probably being annoying, and maybe she wanted to watch the show without being bothered, but she could have said that without taking offense and storming out of the room. I was fuming about it for the rest of the night and the entire day after. I’ve tried to look at it through her point of view, but the more I think about it the more I think I wasn’t in the wrong and she’s just being unreasonable. No one in this house knows how to just ask “hey could you not?” It always goes straight to a yelling match or passively aggressively storming out so they don’t have to be in an argument where they might be proven wrong.
Maybe I have Asperger’s too? I think a common experience with people on the spectrum is they say things that they don’t realize is offensive, but I only ever have had this problem with my mom and sister. I hope I can work this out because I’d be left without a plan to move out and I need to get away but I don’t know if I can live with someone with such deficient communication skills. Mine aren’t great either, but who can blame me when everyone gets mad whenever there’s a conflict? I don’t know how I can get out of this. I’m almost 30 and barely make enough to move out. This apartment is too small for 4 people and I’m sick of living here. Sorry for the novel but this has been getting worse with time.
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2023.05.30 23:03 Geta-Ve Why so emotional?

I just finished episode 4 when Joey lost and everybody was pretty darn upset saying they lost a brother and things wouldn’t be the same, etc.
Isn’t each episode just one day? Are they that attached to each other after a week?!
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2023.05.30 23:02 Spirited-Style-4571 Rotaeno [$2.99 -> FREE] (Rhythm Game)

Rotaeno [$2.99 -> FREE] (Rhythm Game)

Free for its one year anniversary from May 30th to 31st, so I picked it up. I've only played enough to get a basic gist of gameplay, but it's fun enough that I'd like the share.

Rotaeno is a unique rhythm game that utilizes gyroscopic controls. There are 5 basic note types: tap, slide, catch (requires your device to be tilted at a specific angle), rotate (requires you to move your phone clockwise or counterclockwise to the beat), and flick. Later on, you'll encounter notes that fuse catch with other types.
Difficulty ranges from I to IV, showcased below.
Difficulty II
Difficulty IV
It's worth noting that the gyro controls only work when your phone is held at certain angles, meaning that you'll likely be sitting/standing upright to play properly. You'll need both hands and full focus to play, so it's not exactly casual.
Currently, there's an ongoing event where you can earn an event song, some cosmetic profile avatars, and badges. The rules state that the song will be obtainable through other means after the event, so there doesn't seem to be pressure to play regularly if you don't want to.

I've counted roughly 41 free songs, most of which are gated by level, story progression, and badges (currency that's easily obtained through playing).
Paid songs are all $1 each, grouped mainly into packs ranging from $5-$7 (depending on the number of songs), with a handful of songs that are purchased individually. Because the anniversary is ongoing, the packs are up to 50% off until June 13th with individual songs 25% off.

The story structure is called Journey and this is where you spend points accrued through normal gameplay to progress.
Journey (Story) Mode
It has a basic, unvoiced visual novel presentation with minimal animations. Only read 3 episodes so far and they were about five minutes each. I haven't found any grammatical errors with the story.
Story Presentation

All in all, a very fun game with crisp presentation and unique gameplay. I don't see a reason not to pick it up as it's free right now.
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2023.05.30 23:02 europaisches Come Dine With Me (UK)

I know this sub is for Irish TV but uktvland has been banned multiple times and the discords are dead.
I'm looking for the most recent episodes in HD quality if possible.
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2023.05.30 23:01 WilliamW2010 Every Crime Committed In Murder Drones Episode 1

Episode 1: JCJenson commits slavery almost the instant the video begins, I am assuming if it has sentience it has rights, by the way, one of the worker drones commits desecration by knocking over the skeleton, shattering it in the process, since the disassembly drones CAN defect from JCJenson I am giving them the 54000 life sentences for 2nd-degree murder, they also commit genocide and " Any person who enters into a conspiracy with another person to commit an offense specified in sections 101 to 107 shall be subject to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years. The same applies to any person who directly and publicly incites any person to commit such an offense. ", as they are in a criminal conspiracy because they were hired as basically assassins I am giving them illegal use of explosives as we can see them use explosives several times (3 times in the intro alone) which comes with 60 years total in jail just for that, I doubt Uzi's railgun is registered or even legal (due to the nature of it being a LASER I am giving the highest sentence of 10 years (and I do not care about Uzi's age, cry about it)), due to it exploding it is definitely an explosive as well giving Uzi another 20 years in jail, she is also endangering her classmates by not being behind any sort of blast-proof shield giving her 8 charges for her 8 classmates, therefor 8 years, her teacher is also in danger giving her another year, she also tries to kill her classmates using the railgun, which definitely she planned giving her attempted 1st degree murder X8 the amount of malice shown gives Uzi the death penalty in the most likely scenario so that is death X8, the door got destroyed, i am just gonna assume the door was a solid 100KG cube of iron, due to how the door could be repaired i am giving minor vandalism which comes with a fine of whatever got destroyed i am giving half due to the nature of the destruction, so about 5$, in the time magazine we see Khan Doorman say "Doors are my real daughter, he then proceeds to double down by saying "What do you meant that doesn't make sense" i will give him child neglect as we see him read a parenting manual later, in Florida, the crime of Child Neglect without Great Bodily Harm, Permanent Disability, or Permanent Disfigurement is a Third Degree Felony punishable by up to five (5) years in prison, five (5) years of probation, and a $5,000 fine, Uzi steals the door master key, the cost of that would be 24.99$ and that Uzi would have to pay that amount to her dad, Uzi is technically trespassing when she is sneaking out giving her a 25$ fine, Khan commits child neglect AGAIN when he let's Uzi be outside with the "Genocide Robots" alone even, Khan murdered his wife in the second degree and also admits to it, the disassembly drones committed terrorism judging by the buildings being ruins, N tries to kill Uzi who is a minor that makes it A-2 attempted murder because the disassembly drones' saliva is required to cure the nanites, the nanites are probably chemical warfare judging by how they are called "nanite acid" giving the dissambly drone N,J and V 20 years each because they are in a criminal conspiracy, same goes for the previous charge, V commits toture and 2nd degree murder, she also utilizes explosives in that same scene, J commits battery on N, she also plans to kill N giving her conspiracy to murder, the disassembly drones also commit theft by stealing the oil from the worker drones, i am gonna assume each worker drones holds 10L of oil multiply that by 54000 and we get 1080000$ repayment to the worker drone's families,N tries to kill Uzi again, door 1 is probably destroyed by N pushing it open judging by it being electrical i am gonna give them 700$ and be done with it, 1 worker is killed 2nd degree murder, use of explosives, attempted murder X4, 2nd degree murder again, Braxton is killed in the 2nd degree, N is also trespassing, N tries to kill N and Khan, Khan commits child endangerment which comes with a 10000$ fine, J and V are also trespassing, J tries to kill N although it is probably better to call it mutilation i will analogue it to neck down paralysis giving a court settlement of 572418$, J tries to kill 8 people, I will call what Uzi does assault with a deadly weapon as she was not attacked by J this causes J to be blinded in one "eye"with a 875000$ court settlement for mutilation, what J and V does is actually self defense, J is then the victim of battery and judging by the liquid another "eye" was destroyed so 875000$ court settlement, N then tries to kill J, must i mention in the second degree? this is all because N and Uzi felt like it, N then commits sexual assault which comes with a life sentence as well as a 100$ fine, Uzi then commits attempted 2nd-degree murder, must I add that they kidnap V? They literally chain her, they also destroy the ceiling, give them 50$ and be done with it, Uzi then wages war against peace and plans genocide giving them life in prison " ‘Crime against peace’ is related to the planning, preparation, initiation, waging or participation in a common plan or conspiracy related to a war of aggression, which can only apply in relation to international armed conflict. Such a crime would usually be committed by individuals in a high position of authority, representing a State or a State-like entity. It can be noted that in practice this ground is rarely applied. "give them life in prison again and be done with it it's 11 PM right now
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2023.05.30 23:01 xxJul1Axx I don't know how to keep it together living in poverty with no support system

Hi, so I recently celebrated one year of HRT and that part's been great. The changes have been incredible, I never thought I'd like myself this much ever. The problems come up with just about everything else
Basically, despite saying they'd 'support' me my dad has become increasingly uncomfortable with me and has stopped helping me survive poverty I've been living in for years
It used to be that I'd just subsist off of $30 a week for the past few years while my dad would occasionally buy food sometimes for the house but I was so horribly depressed and !TW! suicidal !TW! at pretty much all times that I wasn't able to hold down any work or do anything besides school once the pandemic started to lift
Now I'm living with my girlfriend at her dad's place and I'm barely eating, I have no money for food or medication and my name change is still in progress, the next step taking anywhere from 6-8 weeks before I can even go to social security or the dmv
My entire family has grown uncomfortable with my very presence now, despite me being happier than ever, and I've never been more alone besides the relationship with my girlfriend who I love so so much but I don't know how to not lean too heavily on atm
I'm someone who has been through a lot of abuse before and have lived in poverty or close to it my entire life at 26
I would end up in a pysch ward if I had to apply with my legal name I have 0 affirmation outside of my girlfriend and have been discriminated against so many times, my therapist told me to go to a different therapist for better care and basically I have no money, barely enough food and am scraping by
I'm starting to think about sex work because I just don't have anywhere to turn to and my girlfriend is barely making enough for us to live and I feel awful having to depend on her just to survive since my dad no longer helps me at all
It's so hard to just get through the day and I feel like my entire family wants nothing to do with me when its all said and done
I'm just so fucking tired, my life has been all abuse and hell and poverty and dysphoria and depression and therapy and I just want to get something good going but honestly it just feels impossible
My girlfriend, the best woman I know who I think about marrying all the time is having to pull me along and I just don't know how much longer I can keep doing this shit
It feels like there's something so wrong with me and I don't know where to turn in America where without the place I'm staying at I'd be homeless
It feels impossible to move forward and I just never thought when I finally look so beautiful and am so comfortable in myself that THEN no one would want anything to do with me, it just hurts so fucking bad and I'm alone with it all and flat broke just trying to get through each day at a time
I don't know what the fuck to do at this point, it was supposed to be easier after the first year of HRT but now I'm totally alone with things
This is just the hardest I could imagine my life being without me breaking apart into a million pieces and I even have a home and transition went well for me and I'm white in America
Like it could be so so much worse for me but its still this bad and it literally sends me into dissociative episodes like when I was abused as a child with how stressful life is now, it is practically unmanageable
I just really needed to get this out and I have no idea how to fix where I'm at and it's so fucking hard
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2023.05.30 23:00 KedarBayley012 Complete list of notable Kendall losses.

  1. Vote of no confidence - Logan kills him. (1.06)
  2. Failed bear hug due to his involvement in the waiter’s death - Logan now owns him. (1.10)
  3. Forced to axe his greatest contribution to the company in Vaulter, for nothing more than a move from Logan. (2.02)
  4. Attempted suicide failed due to installed glass windows. (2.04)
  5. Forced by Logan to visit the waiter’s family, as nothing more than a power play. (2.07)
  6. Chosen by the family, largely due to Shiv’s words, to be the human sacrifice for cruises despite his brilliant DC testimony. (2.10)
  7. Emotionally abused by Shiv in an open letter to the public, detailing his private life. (3.03)
  8. Physically assaulted and abused by Roman at his own birthday. After being made aware of their plan to acquire GoJo, which was his own idea. (3.07)
  9. Verbally and emotionally abused by Logan for his role in the waiter’s death, denied an exit from the company and a fresh start. (3.08)
  10. Failed suicide attempt and failure to prevent Logan from selling the company. (3.09)
  11. Zero notable failures throughout Season 4 until the failure.
  12. Blocked by Shivs during the final vote to secure control as CEO and keep control of Waystar. (4.10)
Just a few observations whilst writing this list. Firstly, Kendall’s failures are so extensive. Secondly, his arc during the fourth season is noticeably different, he is an entirely different person. Finally, I’m just not convinced his fate was deserved or even logical, considering the lengths the writers went to in painting him as a vastly different Kendall from that of Season 1, 2 and 3.
Probably the most tragic character in television history. Almost zero positive moments until S4 in a 40 episode series.
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2023.05.30 23:00 HippocampusThrowaway How to not become a coward ?

Info :
21M, Negative drugs, only cigarettes.

Background :
I used to be in a relationships with a person who I loved deeply, though I no longer love her and also accepted this person is no longer in my life, I think the emotional attachment is still there.
I just realized this several weeks ago when I started meditation and gratitude practice.

Example :
When I learn things, I usually recite it back into my head, this person usually comes up into my mind (the episodes would be something like, me talking to her and reciting it all to her, and she usually smiles, but the smiling part doesn't matter).

Problem :
The thing is, that person is gone (not dead). I realized this habits has cumulatively/progressively grown towards a number of things :
- I have a hard time to sleep at night, often, I'm usually a night owl (fun fact I just realized, some 3 - 4 A.M thoughts can be extremely negative thoughts).
- I rarely socialize with people, or none.
- I'm a coward that recedes back into my cocoon often e.g. when things comes too hard, I ran away.
- I usually forget of daily things in my life e.g. putting where my phones at
- I also realized my self-confidence also got slightly lower
- I get skinnier, used to be athletic.
- My face also grew older than it should, this I don't know why.
I just realized this whole time, that I'm fucking around in my life, and this pattern needs to break. It's good for some things (I learnt quicker using this method), but more harm than good, in general.
There's also other patterns in me that needs to be addressed, but I think this is the core issues.

Note :
I am looking for advice, not looking for therapy.

Question :
Why not go to therapy ?
No money, broke. My culture also enforces "going to therapy is mental illness".
If needs/wants to ask, go ahead.

Thanks !
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2023.05.30 23:00 DrKnowNout Decline in Morello’s mental state health between season 2 & 3

So I’ve just been rewatching. Obviously there is a huge difference in how we see Lorna in the first episode and how she is by the end, that’s not news to anyone.
However what I didn’t realise was a sudden dip between season 2 and 3.
She always (or from very early) had some quite eccentric moments. But at the end of Season 2 I see her having a conversation with Piper who is expecting to be transferred, and she’s like ‘normal’. She says she’ll miss her as she’s a good person and she will remember Piper’s words for her bad days. And calling our Vee “may you never have a moment of peace”. As well as looking horrified at the CO playing music after Rosa has just found out she has weeks to live.
In the first episode of season 3 (Mother’s Day) she’s already starting her unnecessary lies. Which we know begin as just lies and are full on delusions by the end. Telling Sophia and Ruiz she has 4 children, including twins.
The only big change in those seasons is her no longer being van driver and being moved to custodial (which she admits). What gives?
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2023.05.30 23:00 copperenthusiast [TW: mention of abuse, suicidal ideation, self harm] Finally opened up to a supportive partner and now horrified that I'm going to ruin his life

My partner and I live together and he's been truly amazing - but I'm terrified. I've definitely noticed that I am MUCH more fucked up than I thought I was in the context of this relationship.
He and I get justifiably angry about something at the same time and suddenly I find myself literally shushing him, repeating "It's fine it's fine it's fine don't worry don't do anything we're okay it's not a big deal" - when seconds ago I was equally pissed off, but no harm was going to happen; nobody was going to behave rashly or spin out of control (what I'm used to in my family dynamic). I struggle with hearing him get angry or even just a bit irritable - I go immediately into damage control mode, trying to make him stop, trying to pretend nothing is wrong even when the anger is totally justified and everybody's safe. I've explained this and apologized to him, and I'm working on it.
I also just am so sensitive - I hear one thing from him that indicates that he's even a little unhappy with something I've done or said (for example, he referred to a bad habit of mine - that I literally call a bad habit - "not his favorite thing" once, and the searing feeling of rejection is still somehow physically painful to me).
If we're out doing something or we're with people and he doesn't appear to be having much fun - even if he's just tired or feeling a bit quieter - I'm possessed with anxiety. I feel like I've done something wrong, misjudged the situation, and now need to either fix it or apologize and run away.
The first year of our relationship was a very healing time for me; my life was less chaotic than usual and I finally had someone I felt pretty safe with around me. I cried, a lot. And he was so supportive and kind - I feel like I was processing a great deal of grief, and he helped me through each episode just by being there and asking questions and holding me. But now my life is a wreck again, and it's impacting me financially, taking up my time, and really fucking me up emotionally all over again. He's been great - too great, financially bearing a great deal of the burden even though I never asked him to; I did not want to accept his help financially but I truly don't really have a choice right now. He's not holding it over my head or anything. I can't express enough how great he has been about all of it. I feel horribly guilty about getting my chaos "on" him, and I don't know how I'll ever feel like I've paid him back.
But the problem more than anything else is my mental health and its effect on him. He was once in a long term abusive relationship where his partner would manipulate him into doing as they wished by threatening self harm or suicide, claiming mental health crisis, etc.; I do not do these things, but I am terrified he's going to feel like he *must* care for me or do as I wish or "fix" my crises, and I'm terrified that's going to ruin our relationship. I completely melted down this weekend - emotional flashback, I think? - and was just not okay in ways I don't think he's seen from me yet. Absolutely inconsolable sobbing, catastrophizing, to nearly catatonic numbness, then back, for hours. That was hard, and I know it was hard for him to see. I eventually asked him to just go to bed without me and I stayed up to freak out some more. The next day was better, until it very suddenly was not, and the same thing happened. But I can see he's frustrated, and I'm worried he's upset with me somehow - I feel like he's trying so hard to say or do the right thing to make me feel better, but there's nothing. There's just nothing to do.
I know what it feels like to love someone who's unpredictable, whose feelings you believe are your responsibility, (hello dysfunctional family!), and it is among the worst feelings in the world. A lovely evening where everything's okay, everyone's having fun, suddenly turning dark and anxious and volatile, is perhaps my least favorite experience on the planet - and I'm doing it to him. I'm the one who is making an evening turn to shit. And I do not mean to, and I do not want to, but I can't seem to contain it? The only thing that I have managed NOT to say around him or to him is the loudest thought I have in these moments of chaos, which is just an unending "I want to die I want to die I want to die". I know, even in crisis, that the feeling will fade, at least enough for me to ignore it. I am not in danger of acting on it - it's just the only words that I can put to the experience and I say them over and over in my head. I will never utter them aloud to another human being, especially not him.
When I was living alone I would just hide from everyone, ignore my phone, stare at the wall, and cry myself to sleep eventually, but I can't hide from him here. And I don't want to - it's like I know he can't help me but I want to know he's still there and still loves me. But I can see that this is painful for him, that he's frustrated and sad and upset, and it makes me want to die of shame. I feel so horrible for doing this to him.
I hate that he fell in love with a better version of me, one that was healing, not one that's circling the drain faster and faster. I wish I could protect him from all of my chaos, but I also don't ever want to lose him; I want to push him away, relearn a poker face, pretend everything's ok, but somehow also want to pull him closer and weep and scream until I physically can't anymore. In those moments/hours/days of crisis, I'm torn between wanting to be alone to spiral into nothing, and wanting to be held and to cry forever.
This turned into such a long post - thanks for reading, if you got this far. If anyone has any idea of what the fuck to do, what to say, what might help in those acute meltdowns... I'm all ears. I'm so lost.
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2023.05.30 23:00 therealfosterforest [Rewatch] Magia Record Season 3 Episode 3 Discussion

Previous Index Next

Welcome to the Magia Record rewatch, season 3 episode 3!

Relevant links

Season 3 did not have any TV end cards, so for a bit of levity here's a featured page from Magia Report instead! This is chapter 88 of season 2. Magia Report is a comedy manga by PAPA that started out as a sort of manual/advertisement for the Magia Record game, but then just kept going with jokes. I'd recommend not reading other pages yet if you're a first time watcher, since it gets spoilery.
Original episode discussion thread
MyAnimeList AniList
Depending on where you are in the world, Magia Record's streaming availability tends to be pretty good. You can watch it on Crunchyroll, HiDive (S1, S2, S3), Wakanim (DE, FR) or Amazon Prime Video (Amazon US seems to be missing the last 5 episodes from what I can see, Amazon DE has all of S1, S2 and S3). The show is also listed on Funimation if you still have an account there. See for their list of streaming options. Lastly, there have been Blu-ray and DVD releases in Japan, North America, Germany, Australia, and probably other places.
Added note: People have pointed out to me that from around the middle of season 1 onwards, you are going to see increasing quality differences between the TV broadcast version and the Blu-Ray version of the show. These differences will increase in number and severity through later seasons, sometimes with entire shots missing. Many streaming sources, notably Crunchyroll, only offer the TV version. If you've enjoyed the show so far and you would like to experience the rest in the most complete version available, it may be worth double-checking if you can get your hands on the Blu-Rays.

Questions of the day

  1. While Ui appears resigned to her fate, Iroha still maintains that Ui, Touka, Nemu, Kuroe (before the end of this episode) and the other magical girls can all still be saved. What do you think of her conviction at this point? Is she a badly needed beacon of hope or a naive child who needs a reality check?
  2. I got nothing. You're invited to tell a joke if you have a good one on hand.
  3. Fanfic/headcanon time: Would Kuroe have had a chance if she'd managed to walk up to the gang in S2E8 or was she lost from the start like she claims?
Please note: As with almost everything else in a rewatch (except the spoiler policy), these questions are an entirely optional thing and you are encouraged to comment whether or not you feel like answering them. Their main purpose is to act as a discussion prompt and a starting point for people who are unsure what to say about the episode.


Character chart
Newly introduced this episode:

Visuals of the day

Here are your VOTD entries for yesterday's episode! Please let me know if I've missed anyone's.

Spoiler policy

As usual, any spoilers for future episodes must be tagged in accordance with the subreddit rules. For the spoiler prefix tag, I recommend using the full [Magia Record] or a shorthand like [MR]. You can include specific episode numbers if you think it's helpful.
Like the show itself, the spoiler policy will assume that you're familiar with the Madoka Magica main series, which means that comparisons with themes and plot points from over there as well as speculation based on knowledge from PMMM are fair game and do not need separate spoiler tags. If you have not seen Madoka Magica, please be aware that the Magia Record rewatch threads will contain untagged PMMM spoilers.
When you're tagging a spoiler, please think about whether its presence is too strong of a hint for first time watchers and consider moving it to the end of your comment or skipping it entirely. Seeing something like "Aw, they're getting along so well! [MR season 2 episode 8] I hope you didn't expect an actual spoiler behind this." is no fun.
If you're posting spoilers for the game or other media (e.g. the manga), make sure your tag makes it obvious.
I intend to report any untagged or wrongly tagged spoilers I see.

Tomorrow's questions of the day

For those who want to prepare their comment in advance:
  1. [MR] While the Magius plan had a self-serving pragmatic goal, Alina Gray's plan was more driven by emotions. What did you think about it?
  2. [MR] When was the last time you felt like one chapter of your life was ending and a new one was starting?
  3. [MR] Fanfic/headcanon time: We see the world go on after Homura vanishes into her time warp. What does that mean for the PMMM multiverse?
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2023.05.30 22:59 RelevantPressure47 My best friend is distancing themselves from me unless I'm sad

I, 16F, have had my best friend, 17F, for a while. I'm not really sure how to explain it but I guess to say it bluntly, she pretends I don't exist unless I'm going through a depressive episode.
She got with her boyfriend maybe 8 (9?) Months ago. And she's...obsessed with him. Like not a, "she's so in love with him and I'm jealous because I don't have her attention". It's more of, I don't exist unless he's busy. And as the months progressed she just stopped talking to me. At school I didn't exist because she's oogling her boyfriend.
And I mean yeah it hurt but I didn't say anything because I want her to be happy and healthy. But I moved foster homes (like 3 months ago) recently which sent me into really big depression episodes. They lasted 3 to 14 days and I suicidal and stuff.
And magically whenever I was sad, she would message me. And it wasn't even asking if I was okay, it was just to...distract me? Talk about her boyfriend and make sure I'm alive and repeatedly tell me, "don't kill yourself, I need you".
I got more and more hurt as the months went on. And I just started avoid talking to her about my depression. And her boyfriend doesn't know. He's an amazing guy and stuff. But I just want to be able to have fun and joke with my best friend again. Not when I'm sad and blah
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2023.05.30 22:59 PurpleHyena01 I think Kimberly doomed the relationship without knowing it.

So, the episode im referring to is the one where she and Tommy go on a date and she has a purse that her mom used on her first date with her dad.
Now that I'm older and know their backstories, I'm thinking: "Didn't her parents end up divorced. And not a pleasant divorce? You really wanna bring an item that led to that outcome?" And now I'm wondering if the purse once again claimed another relationship?
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2023.05.30 22:58 Shtewpidd Apple TV+ isn't working properly

i just subscribed to Apple TV+ to watch the third season of ted lasso, but when i click on the episodes, it just puts me into the info tab, where the only clickable button is a "add to up next" button. i've tried closing the app and turning it on again, and i've tried the same thing for the computer, and on my phone, but nothing seems to work. anyone know how to fix it?
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2023.05.30 22:57 Zazyfyah I can't stop thinking about this photon paradox, help me

This paradox is taken from an episode of StarTalk on YouTube, with guest Neil DGT and even he is visibly confused by the question.
It goes like this: "Sometimes people refer to photons as not experiencing time: from that photon's vantage point, the moment it's emitted from a source and the moment it hits something are simultaneous. Does that mean that the object a photon impacts is deterministic?
Let's say for example I see a photon from a star one million light years away. From my perspective, I just happened to be there when I looked up and the light hit my eye, but from the photon's perspective it hits the lens of my eye at the exact moment it was emitted. Does that mean that I had to be in that spot at that time because I was predestined to be hit by that photon?"
I cannot see why the argument would not hold, it seems perfectly valid to me. But if this is true, doesn't it prove that everything is predetermined? The photon was emitted effectively one million years ago, but from its perspective it hit my eye instantly. Doesn't this mean that whatever happened in the next one million years was all determined at that moment?
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2023.05.30 22:56 marrecar Apple TV + App - can't stream any other episode except the 1st one even though still subscribed

Hey guys!
I am trying to continue watching the See show and now when I try to play the next episode, it doesn't let me at all - no play, nothing. It turns out that I can only stream the 1st episode (1st season) of this and all other shows. I checked my subscription and it is still valid all the way though September.
What is the problem here?
I am watching it through the Apple TV+ App only my Google Chromecast. Got the subscription for free for 6 months through the PS5 promotion.
Thanks for any help!
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2023.05.30 22:56 Bombaidreds My theory of what will h in ep 5

To start let's talk about V:
So as we know V isn't in any of teasers for Ep 5 which is a Gala so I'm thinking that V wasn't supposed to be there that night, she was probably aloud in by Tessa that's why when we saw V in the flashback in ep 2 she was kind of wandering the mansion, and why V came from the same corridor where we saw Tessa afterwards.This ep could actually be V telling Uzi and N more about they're past and revealing a bit of what she knows to gain more confidence from N and Uzi.
Now our boy N:
I think N will make V talk about they're past either threatening her or telling her what he feels for her. In the flashback we will probably see more about N and V's relationship, includind what happens after the flashback from Ep 2 and happened prior. Now why are the teasers in the way of what N sees well we will only probably see that it was V telling everything at the end of the episode.
About the new drone we saw in Ep 2(which is probably Cyn)
I think that she will be the main villain in the ep because she will probably make the Tessa we see a hologram and then she will infect some Worker Drones that were there and help her kill many people in the Gala.
Now J and Tessa:
They will be in the flashback and probably show up at the end of the ep and confirm what V said, they will probably help the team and J will reveal that she cared about N and just didn't want him to remember they're traumatic past. J will be probably angry at Uzi for killing her.
I think Doll will be in the background like in ep 4 but she will hear they're conversation and also join the team or probably go away after she gets more info on what she is looking for.

If there is any mistake I'm sorry English isn't my main language, now goodbye(for now).
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2023.05.30 22:56 PowerfulHistory3 Who else is rewatching Ted Lasso episodes and cast interview, as the finale arrives?

Whats your favorite episodes to rewatch, as we all wait on the finale to arrive?
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