Hey dudes mens size 16

5.5KG KameyMall Haul (Jordan 4 F&F, FK Dunks, and Hoodie)

2023.06.08 01:07 vegetamane 5.5KG KameyMall Haul (Jordan 4 F&F, FK Dunks, and Hoodie)

5.5KG KameyMall Haul (Jordan 4 F&F, FK Dunks, and Hoodie)
TG Batch Jordan 4 Travis Scott F&F Purple from Top Dreamer
FK Dunk B Grade from GTR (oos)
Hoodie (looks Travis Scott AM1 inspired)
Shipping Cost and Stats Weight: 5.5KG actual // 8KG volumetric Line: American Line Packet Price: ¥578 / $81.28 Delivery Time: 12 Days!!!!
Video Tutorial and Unboxing: using KameyMall as an agent tutorial
Disclaimer and Review: The hoodie was comped by KameyMall in exchange for the Tutorial Video and Unboxing.
Outside of that, KameyMall’s customer service was easy to deal with, as there were no issues ordering the shoes. The regular website and agent website is confusing at first glance.
The thing that stood out was its American Line Packet. It beat sugargoo’s US-Tax Free line in both speed (measurably) and price (somewhat).
Issues to improve upon: better angle QCs. If you refer to my previous posts, the lighting and quality is great but the angles themselves were mid at best. Hopefully this is improved upon.
Overall, it’s like other agents with both good and aspects to improve upon (QCs pics for KameyMall). The haul was packaged perfectly and the boxes and shoes had no issues with them. If you go with them for a similar sized haul, DEFINITELY try American Line Packet.
Here’s my personal signup link; you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to.
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2023.06.08 01:03 Nan0Fighter Guard Duty [F4M] [Fantasy] [Vampire] [Biting] [Playful Speaker]

Summary: King's men finally catch the vampire that has been killing citizens night after night. They put her in a cell and tie her arms and legs. Commander goes to King's palace to report while listener is assigned to guard duty
Usage: You are free to use this script wherever you like as long as you credit me. I would love to listen the finished audio, please don't forget to send a link
(Metal door opens and listener enters the cell. He closes the door and locks it with the key)
So, you are my next companion. Good, the last one wasn't so chatty. I can use a good company.
I seriously wonder, does the king pay you to be silent?
(Listener shakes his head)
Oh my god! You shook your head. I can't believe such a reaction like that.
I think you and I are going to be best friends. The last guard didn't even flinch despite all my efforts. Say, would you like to know me? Would you like to get close to me?
Hey, c'mon now. There's no need to be rude. Didn't your mother teach you any manners? You don't speak to a lady with an attitude like that.
Excuse me! I am not a lady! What am I then?
A blood sucking monster. That's harsh but it's the truth. Yes, I am a monster but I didn't choose to be a monster. I didn't born like this you know. I was once normal, like you. Everything started...
Hey, are you even listening? Don't you want to know what happened to me? How a beautiful woman like me turned into a monster?
Let's make a deal. Let me tell you this story and then I'll shut up. Otherwise I'm going to keep talking and talking and talking...
Really? That's great. Now listen closely and make sure you have a napkin ready because at the end of it I'm sure you are going to cry. I was born and raised in a poor family. We lived on the outskirts. Our lives were worthless. Your precious king didn't even visit the poeple living there once. There were no guards, no protection... If we had trouble we had to handle every situation ourselves.
You are not interested in my childhood. But you promised to listen. Man, you really are not a good listener. Okay, fine. Let me fast forward a bit.
Remember the wedding night of the prince. I guess it was five years ago, I don't exactly remember. King himself made a speech a day before the ceremony and said that everyone was invited. So, I went to see the ceremony, I always wanted to see the inside of the palace. When I arrived there, guards didn't let me in because apparently I wasn't worthy to enter there. I guess king forgot to say everyone who is rich and has social status. I was so furious that I didn't know what to do. I started crying and went to the tavern. I started drinking. Hours passed, lots of people came by, got drunk and left. I was still drinking. At one point a mysterious man came to my table. He was kind. Bought me a drink. He had a great accent and his sense of fashion was top notch. He said he was looking for a companion to spend the rest of the night. I was drunk and couldn't think rationally. He wanted to go. I got up but I was too drunk to walk. He grabbed me and started carrying me. That was the first time someone carried me. Being in the arms of a strong and handsome man was incredible. I didn't want it to end. After arriving at his home, he carried me to his bed. He took off his clothes and came close to me. He grabbed me by my throat and started squeezing. I couldn't breathe, I thought I was going to die. He opened his mouth and I saw his sharp teeth... and then darkness.
I woke up next day laying on top of a garbage pile. My clothes were ripped and I had a bite mark on my neck. He must have thought I died and to get rid of me he threw my body to the garbage. And that's how I turned into a vampire. It's tragic, right? Do you pity me now?
You do? Oh, I wasn't expecting that. Guess, you have a heart afterall. A very powerful heart I have to say. I can hear it from here. It beats healthily. Let's not forget the smell of your blood. It is very intoxicating. I would love to leave my mark on you.
You should have seen your face. I am just joking. You need to relax. Have you ever seen the mark of a vampire before?
No! Do you want to see it? You can come close and look at my neck.
Man, you really have trust issues. I'm trying to develop a bond between us and you downright treat me like an animal. I can't even move, how am I supposed to attack you? Look!
(Vampire struggles and tries to move)
See! If you still don't trust me, you can get behind me. You can still see the bite from there.
Hey, what are you doing?
(Listener pulls his sword out)
You really are hard to convince, huh? Fine, have it your way.
(Listener gets behind the vampire)
Look at the left side of my neck. Do you see it?
Isn't it beautiful? You can touch it if you want.
(Listener goes back to his post and sheaths his sword)
Leaving a mark on your prey, permenantly scarring them is a beautiful feeling. I didn't choose this life but now I am embracing it. There are posters with my face all around the town. Everyone should know me. I lived my whole life as a shadow, right now I literally live in the shadows but I have a reputation now. I would have preferred if everyone loved me but, you know what they say... If you can't make them love you, make them fear you. And after tonight every single living thing will start shaking when the sun goes down.
(Listener starts laughing)
Why are you laughing? You think, the king is going to kill me tonight. No, no, no... he isn't going to kill me you simple minded idiot. He needs me. Why do you think he ordered his guards to capture me alive. Your king, he is getting old and he is afraid. Every king, ruler, emperor wants one thing and one thing only. To rule forever, to be immortal and live like a god. To do that he needs my blood. Just my blood isn't enough of course. I also have to bite him.
You think your king would not let himself turn into a vampire. Oh honey, look how naive you are. he plans to do that. Don't worry though, I won't turn him into a vampire because I'm going to kill him and hang his corpse on the town square.
Your heart rate is increasing. Are you shook up... are you nervous? Do I make you nervous? I tried to kill the king before. I sneaked into the palace but that place is crawling with guards even at night. Nearly every three step there is a guard. I love challenging hunts but that's just suicide. Then I learned that king wants me alive. It was a golden opportunity for me. I let myself captured by you simpletons. And now he's coming right to me. I wonder how will his blood taste like?
Are you afraid?
Yes, be afraid! Be very afraid because you haven't seen anything yet.
(Vampire gathers her strength and destroys the ropes that are holding her captive)
Now, that's much better.
(Listener pulls out his sword)
Do you really think you can stop me with that sword? My fangs aren't the only sharp thing I've got honey. Have you seen my nails?
I can rip your intestines with one single move. Don't trust that rusty and old armor you are wearing. It won't protect you. You kept me company all night so I am offering you a choice. Drop down your sword and let me bite you and I'll let you live or try to fight me and die.
Do you have a family?
Don't you want to go to them? Do you really want to die here?
(Listener drops his sword)
Good. Now get on your knees.
(Listener hesitates)
(Listener gets on his knees. Vampire comes closer and grabs his throat)
I love seeing men like you tremble before me. It makes me feel powerful. Now hold still.
(Vampire bites the listener and he passes out)
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2023.06.08 01:02 ButterFucker240196 Completionist question, no spoilers, please.

Hey, guys! I just started playing the game and I'm loving it. Thing is, there's so much to collect and I'm happy about that, but noticed something.
During the hoarder side quest (on my way to the gate just North East of there), there was a spirit of a man (The Man Who Was Stolen From) sitting on a car. When I finished the quest and left the house, my ADHD activated when I saw the spirits and just started roaming instead of turning in the quest. Coincidentally, I found the first spirit who gives the quest and he floated away. I then accidentally found the other guy on a car and he did the same.
Question: Are there other spirits like this secondary dude on a car who is very missable? And, I'd assume not, do they count towards spirit completion? Other, rather stupid question, during the battles where you're taken to another realm there are spirits outside the barrier. Are these the same spirits spit back out after the battle or is my OCD going to have to activate, too? lmfao
Thanks for the help, guys.
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2023.06.08 01:02 Dramatic_Scar Total drama Contest?

You may or may not know me as Dramatic Scar and that I have a youtube channel were I talk about stuff but mainly from Total Drama.
I've recently made a top 16 characters of this previous season, and at the end of the video I've launched a small contest to see who is the internet's favorite total drama character...

If you want to take part all you have to do is post a comment on that video stating your top 10:

Hope to see you there... Peace
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2023.06.08 00:58 tooptoop9867 NBA Media Markets/Cities Ranked As Prospective NBA Free Agent Destinations

  1. OKC: small market, open plains, anything else? Not really.
  2. SLC: small market, pretty view but the Mormons
  3. Indianapolis: small market, bland generic city
  4. Milwaukee: small cold market
  5. Minneapolis/St. Paul: medium market, way too cold
  6. Memphis: small and dumpy market, poor nightlife, Graceland one of few attractions
  7. Cleveland: Midsize market but let’s face it, nobody wants to live here
  8. Sacramento: TAXES TAXES TAXES that it doesn’t make up for with things to do, unlike the other 2 Cali cities on this list
  9. Detroit: medium-large market, but unfortunately is a “has-been” dump
  10. Portland: small market, taxes taxes taxes, beautiful trees
  11. New Orleans: small market, great food, culture filled melting pot with a great nightlife, a bit dumpy
  12. Charlotte: smaller market, super humid, decent nightlife
  13. Orlando: Disney World, small market, taxes aren’t so bad in Florida
  14. Toronto: MASSIVE market, would be top 3 if it was in the USA but most players can’t get over the fact that it isn’t
  15. DC: medium market, plenty of landmarks and museums to see, not much nightlife
  16. San Antonio: Smaller market, Historic franchise, Wemby, new $500m facility, river walk is nice, La Cantera a great high end area for NBA players, no state income tax
  17. Phoenix: Midsize market, super hot desert but still a better destination than many NBA cities
  18. Denver: Medium sized market, beautiful views, tons of outdoorsy things to do
  19. Houston: Huge market, swampy and dumpy but has its nice features, no income tax, ask James Harden about the clubs
  20. Dallas: Large market, kind of a concrete wasteland without much character, many things to do nonetheless, no income tax
  21. Atlanta: Large market, nightclubs, decent weather
  22. Boston: Prestigious franchise, questionable fans, larger market, cold
  23. Philadelphia: Big market, Philly cheesesteaks, die hard fans, cold
  24. Chicago: Very large city, Cold weather is a con but nonetheless tons to do
  25. San Francisco: Large market, tech hub, national tv coverage, beautiful city, good weather
  26. Miami: Beautiful beaches, nightlife, stuff to do, what more could a rich youngin ask for?
  27. New York: MEGA market, best place to grow the brand, so many things to do, only con is the weather
  28. Los Angeles: HUGE market, Nightlife, Hollywood, Perfect weather, Fame in a can just add water 💦
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2023.06.08 00:58 TheRegular-Throwaway Hey so what was up with conspiracy thing in Season 16?

So like okay. I am not a long time follower of the show. I’ve seen episodes in passing over years but never more than a casual viewer. Did I miss something or did they explain what was the deal with the DOJ conspiracy with the AG and the dude who got his head blown off by the serial killer? They kept using the word gold star, and then it just kind of ends with the serial killer dude hanging out in jail. Did I miss it or did they not explain it yet?
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2023.06.08 00:55 Hb_oh13 Why do you listen?

New to this subreddit and I’m really shocked by all the hate Jared is getting. So I guess my question is; why do you keep listening then?!
My husband and I listen together, both 34, and we both agree with most insight Jared gives. The fact is men can be dirty dogs and Jared is just being honest of what goes in their minds. I always ask my husband if these thoughts from a “normal dude” are accurate and he says “absolutely, we we can’t say it.”
So if you think Jared is an example of toxic masculinity, why are you still listening and writing your complaints on here?
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2023.06.08 00:53 marxisn Blonde Vinyl for sale

hey guys gotta post this listing again bc the original buyer ghosted me lol. hopefully one of you wonderful folks can snag it before its gone! https://www.ebay.com/itm/275883507487?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=Pe33gGpGQ0q&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=Pe33gGpGQ0q&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
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2023.06.08 00:51 Any-Atmosphere6605 intro to biostats help with stata commands ANOVA COMMAND ---HELP I'M A SOCIAL WORKER

Hey friendly folks!
I am taking a biostats class as a part of an MPH/MSW program because someone was a little overachiever and decided they needed TWO masters degrees for the price of TWO masters degrees... I am an older returning student. And I gotta tell you, stata does not make ANY sense in my brain. Specifically commands.
For a homework problem, we were given 3 groups, the sample size, the x bar (the mean?) and the s (standard deviation?) for each group. No raw data. We only have those 3 parameters to work from.
How in the heck do I enter that information in manually for a one way ANOVA (and then later Bonferroni test)?
Is there a way? Or do I have to do it by hand?
Group n xbar s
Group1 37 49.46 15.47
Group2 312 54.76 11.41
Group3 169 53.25 11.08
I'm supposed to be doing an ANOVA test to test the null hypothesis that that the means of the group are identical.
Please help. Not asking anyone to do the work for me, the professor just won't give us the stata commands and I have not been able to find a command that would allow me to input those values.
Please dear gods of the internet and angels of reddit, help me.

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2023.06.08 00:50 PrasadBharadhwaj 🌹 08, JUNE 2023 THURSDAY ALL MESSAGES గురువారం, బృహస్పతి వాసర సందేశాలు 🌹

🌹 08, JUNE 2023 THURSDAY ALL MESSAGES గురువారం, బృహస్పతి వాసర సందేశాలు 🌹
🍀🌹 08, JUNE 2023 THURSDAY ALL MESSAGES గురువారం, బృహస్పతి వాసర సందేశాలు 🌹🍀
1) 🌹 08, JUNE 2023 THURSDAY గురువారం, బృహస్పతి వాసరే - నిత్య పంచాంగము Daily Panchangam🌹
2) 🌹 కపిల గీత - 189 / Kapila Gita - 189🌹
🌴 4. భక్తి యోగ లక్షణములు మరియు సాధనలు - 43 / 4. Features of Bhakti Yoga and Practices - 43 🌴
3) 🌹. విష్ణు సహస్ర నామ తత్వ విచారణ - 781 / Vishnu Sahasranama Contemplation - 781 🌹
🌻781. దురారిహా, दुरारिहा, Durārihā🌻
4) 🌹 . శ్రీ శివ మహా పురాణము - 742 / Sri Siva Maha Purana - 742 🌹
🌻. జలంధర వృత్తాంతములో ఇంద్రుడు ప్రాణములతో బయటపడుట - 1 / Resuscitation of Indra in the context of the destruction of Jalandhara - 1 🌻
5) 🌹. ఓషో రోజువారీ ధ్యానాలు - 361 / Osho Daily Meditations - 361 🌹
🍀 361. నిగూడ రహస్యాలు / 361. THE MYSTERIOLTS 🍀
6) 🌹. శ్రీ లలితా చైతన్య విజ్ఞానము - 459 -2 / Sri Lalitha Chaitanya Vijnanam - 459 - 2 🌹
🌻 459. ‘నళినీ’ - 2 / 459. 'Nalini' - 2 🌻


*🌹 08, జూన్‌, JUNE 2023 పంచాగము - Panchagam 🌹\*
*శుభ గురువారం, బృహస్పతి వాసరే, Thursday\*
*మనందరికి ఈ రోజు కాలము, ప్రకృతి అనుకూలించాలి అని పరమాత్మని స్మరిస్తూ - ప్రసాద్ భరద్వాజ\*

*🌺. పండుగలు మరియు పర్వదినాలు : లేవు 🌺\*

*🍀. శ్రీ దత్తాత్రేయ సహస్రనామ స్తోత్రం - 9 🍀\*

*17. యోగిస్తుతో యోగిచంద్రో యోగివంద్యో యతీశ్వరః \*
*యోగాదిమాన్ యోగరూపో యోగీశో యోగిపూజితః\*
*18. కాష్ఠయోగీ దృఢప్రజ్ఞో లంబికాయోగవాన్ దృఢః \*
*ఖేచరశ్చ ఖగః పూషా రశ్మివాన్భూతభావనః\*

🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻

*🍀. నేటి సూక్తి : అంతస్సంయోగ లక్షణం - భగవంతుడు తనలోవున్నట్లు, విశ్వమందలి ప్రతివస్తువులోనూ ఉన్నట్లు. విశ్వమంతా ఆయనలోనే ఉన్నట్లు, ఆయన విశ్వాతీతుడుగా కూడ ఉన్నట్లు, సాధకుడు తెలుసుకోగలిగే అంతస్సంయోగమే అన్నిటికంటే గొప్పది ఈ అనుభూతి యందు సాధకుడు తన చక్షురాది-ద్వారమున గూడ భగవత్సాక్షాత్కారాన్నే పొందగలుగుతాడు. 🍀\*


విక్రమ: 2080 నల, శఖ: 1945 శోభన
కలియుగాబ్ది : 5124, శోభకృత్‌,
గ్రీష్మ ఋతువు, ఉత్తరాయణం,
జ్యేష్ఠ మాసం
తిథి: కృష్ణ పంచమి 19:00:18
వరకు తదుపరి కృష్ణ షష్టి
నక్షత్రం: శ్రవణ 19:00:50 వరకు
తదుపరి ధనిష్ట
యోగం: ఇంద్ర 18:58:24 వరకు
తదుపరి వైధృతి
కరణం: కౌలవ 08:24:36 వరకు
వర్జ్యం: 00:42:20 - 02:10:04
మరియు 22:40:50 - 24:09:34
దుర్ముహూర్తం: 10:03:40 - 10:56:14
మరియు 15:19:01 - 16:11:35
రాహు కాలం: 13:53:37 - 15:32:10
గుళిక కాలం: 08:57:58 - 10:36:31
యమ గండం: 05:40:52 - 07:19:25
అభిజిత్ ముహూర్తం: 11:49 - 12:41
అమృత కాలం: 09:28:44 - 10:56:28
సూర్యోదయం: 05:40:52
సూర్యాస్తమయం: 18:49:16
చంద్రోదయం: 23:11:09
చంద్రాస్తమయం: 09:44:33
సూర్య సంచార రాశి: వృషభం
చంద్ర సంచార రాశి: మకరం
యోగాలు: ధ్వజ యోగం - కార్యసిధ్ధి
19:00:50 వరకు తదుపరి శ్రీవత్స
యోగం - ధన లాభం , సర్వ సౌఖ్యం
దిశ శూల: దక్షిణం
✍️. శ్రీ వక్కంతం చంద్రమౌళి
🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻

*🍀. నిత్య ప్రార్థన 🍀\*
*వక్రతుండ మహాకాయ సూర్యకోటి సమప్రభ\*
*నిర్విఘ్నంకురుమేదేవ సర్వకార్యేషు సర్వదా\*
*యశివ నామ రూపాభ్యాం యాదేవీ సర్వ మంగళా\*
*తయో సంస్మరణాత్పుంసాం సర్వతో జయ మంగళం\*
*తదేవ లగ్నం సుదినం తదేవ తారాబలం చంద్రబలం తదేవ\*
*విద్యాబలం దైవబలం తదేవ లక్ష్మీపతే తేంఘ్రి యుగం స్మరామి.\*


*🌹. కపిల గీత - 189 / Kapila Gita - 189 🌹\*
*🍀. కపిల దేవహూతి సంవాదం 🍀\*
*📚. ప్రసాద్‌ భరధ్వాజ\*

*🌴 4. భక్తి యోగ లక్షణములు మరియు సాధనలు - 43 🌴\*

*43. స్వయోనిషు యథా జ్యోతిరేకం నానా ప్రతీయతే\*
*యోనీనాం గుణవైషమ్యాత్తథాఽఽత్మా ప్రకృతౌ స్థితః॥\*

*తాత్పర్యము : ఒకే అగ్ని వేర్వేఱు వస్తువులను ఆశ్రయించుటవలన వేర్వేఱు ఆకారములలో గోచరించనట్లు, దేవమనుష్యాది శరీరములలోగల ఆత్మ తాను ఆశ్రయించియున్న ప్రాణుల గుణముల భేదకారణముగా వేర్వేఱుగా భాసించును. విద్యుచ్ఛక్తి బల్బులలో వెలుతురుగను, ఫ్యాన్లలో గాలిగను, రేడియోలలో శబ్దముగను, దూరదర్శనులలో రూపముగను, హీటర్లలో వేడిగను కన్పించుచున్నను వాటిలోగల విద్యుచ్ఛక్తి ఒక్కటే. ఉపాధిభేదమలచే అది వేర్వేఱుగా గోచరించును.\*

*వ్యాఖ్య : శరీరం నియమించ బడిందని అర్థం చేసుకోవాలి. ప్రకృతి అనేది భౌతిక ప్రకృతి యొక్క మూడు రీతుల ద్వారా పరస్పర చర్య, మరియు ఈ రీతుల ప్రకారం, ఎవరైనా చిన్న శరీరాన్ని కలిగి ఉంటారు మరియు ఎవరైనా చాలా పెద్ద శరీరాన్ని కలిగి ఉంటారు. ఉదాహరణకు, ఒక పెద్ద చెక్క ముక్కలో మంట చాలా పెద్దదిగా కనిపిస్తుంది మరియు ఒక కర్రలో అగ్ని చిన్నదిగా కనిపిస్తుంది. వాస్తవానికి, అగ్ని యొక్క నాణ్యత ప్రతిచోటా ఒకేలా ఉంటుంది, కానీ భౌతిక స్వభావం యొక్క అభివ్యక్తి ఇంధనం ప్రకారం, అగ్ని పెద్దదిగా మరియు చిన్నదిగా కనిపిస్తుంది. అదే విధంగా, సార్వత్రిక శరీరంలోని ఆత్మ, అదే గుణాన్ని కలిగి ఉన్నప్పటికీ, చిన్న శరీరంలోని ఆత్మకు భిన్నంగా ఉంటుంది.\*

*ఆత్మ యొక్క చిన్న కణాలు పెద్ద ఆత్మ యొక్క జ్వాలల లాగా ఉంటాయి. పరమాత్మ పెద్దవాడు, కానీ పరమాత్మ చిన్న ఆత్మ కంటే పరిమాణాత్మకంగా భిన్నంగా ఉంటుంది. పరమాత్మ వేద సాహిత్యంలో చిన్న ఆత్మ (నిత్యం నిత్యానం) యొక్క అన్ని అవసరాలకు సరఫరాదారుగా వర్ణించబడింది. పరమాత్మ మరియు వ్యక్తిగత ఆత్మ మధ్య ఈ వ్యత్యాసాన్ని అర్థం చేసుకున్న వ్యక్తి విలాపానికి అతీతుడు మరియు శాంతియుత స్థితిలో ఉంటాడు. చిన్న ఆత్మ పరిమాణాత్మకంగా తనను తాను పెద్ద ఆత్మ వలె పెద్దదిగా భావించినప్పుడు, అతను ఆట యొక్క మాయలో ఉంటాడు, ఎందుకంటే అది అతని రాజ్యాంగ స్థానం కాదు. కేవలం మానసిక ఊహల ద్వారా ఎవరూ గొప్ప ఆత్మ కాలేరు.\*

🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹

*🌹 Kapila Gita - 189 🌹\*
*🍀 Conversation of Kapila and Devahuti 🍀\*
*📚 Prasad Bharadwaj\*

*🌴 4. Features of Bhakti Yoga and Practices - 43 🌴\*

*43. sva-yoniṣu yathā jyotir ekaṁ nānā pratīyate\*
*yonīnāṁ guṇa-vaiṣamyāt tathātmā prakṛtau sthitaḥ\*

*MEANING : As fire is exhibited in different forms of wood, so, under different conditions of the modes of material nature, the pure spirit soul manifests itself in different bodies.\*

*PURPORT : It is to be understood that the body is designated. Prakṛti is an interaction by the three modes of material nature, and according to these modes, someone has a small body, and someone has a very large body. For example, the fire in a big piece of wood appears very big, and in a stick the fire appears small. Actually, the quality of fire is the same everywhere, but the manifestation of material nature is such that according to the fuel, the fire appears bigger and smaller. Similarly, the soul in the universal body, although of the same quality, is different from the soul in the smaller body.\*

*The small particles of soul are just like sparks of the larger soul. The greatest soul is the Supersoul, but the Supersoul is quantitatively different from the small soul. The Supersoul is described in the Vedic literature as the supplier of all necessities of the smaller soul (nityo nityānām). One who understands this distinction between the Supersoul and the individual soul is above lamentation and is in a peaceful position. When the smaller soul thinks himself quantitatively as big as the larger soul, he is under the spell of māyā, for that is not his constitutional position. No one can become the greater soul simply by mental speculation.\*

🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹


*🌹. విష్ణు సహస్ర నామ తత్వ విచారణ - 781 / Vishnu Sahasranama Contemplation - 781🌹\*

*🌻781. దురారిహా, दुरारिहा, Durārihā🌻\*

*ఓం దురారిఘ్నే నమః ॐ दुरारिघ्ने नमः OM Durārighne namaḥ\*

*దురారిణో దానవాదీన్ హన్తీతి పరమేశ్వరః ।\*
*దురారి హేత్యుచ్యతే స పురాణార్థ విశారదైః ॥\*

*చెడుగా వర్తించువారు దురారులు. అట్టి దురారులను అనగా చెడుమార్గమున ప్రవర్తించువారిని సంహరించు పరమేశ్వరుడు దురారిహా.\*

🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹


*🌻781. Durārihā🌻\*

*OM Durārighne namaḥ\*

दुरारिणो दानवादीन् हन्तीति परमेश्वरः ।
दुरारि हेत्युच्यते स पुराणार्थ विशारदैः ॥

*Durāriṇo dānavādīn hantīti parameśvaraḥ,\*
*Durāri hetyucyate sa purāṇārtha viśāradaiḥ.\*

*Since He kills vile enemies like asuras and others, He is called Durārihā.\*

🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻
Source Sloka
समावर्तोऽनिवृत्तात्मा दुर्जयो दुरतिक्रमः ।दुर्लभो दुर्गमो दुर्गो दुरावासो दुरारिहा ॥ ८३ ॥
సమావర్తోఽనివృత్తాత్మా దుర్జయో దురతిక్రమః ।దుర్లభో దుర్గమో దుర్గో దురావాసో దురారిహా ॥ 83 ॥
Samāvarto’nivr‌ttātmā durjayo duratikramaḥ,Durlabho durgamo durgo durāvāso durārihā ॥ 83 ॥

🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹🌹


*🌹 . శ్రీ శివ మహా పురాణము - 742 / Sri Siva Maha Purana - 742 🌹\*
*✍️. స్వామి తత్త్వ విదానంద సరస్వతి 📚. ప్రసాద్ భరద్వాజ\*

*🌴. రుద్రసంహితా-యుద్ద ఖండః - అధ్యాయము - 13 🌴\*
*🌻. జలంధర వృత్తాంతములో ఇంద్రుడు ప్రాణములతో బయటపడుట - 1 🌻\*

వ్యాసుడిట్లు పలికెను -

ఓయీ పూజ్య బ్రాహ్మణా ! బ్రహ్మకుమారా! శంకరప్రభువు జలంధరుడను మహారాక్షసుని సంహరించెనని నేను పూర్వము వినియంటిని (1). ఓ మహాప్రాజ్ఞా! ఆ వృత్తాంతమును నీవు విస్తారముగా చెప్పుము. చంద్రశేఖరుని నిర్మలమగు కీర్తిని వినువాడు ఎవ్వాడు తృప్తిని చెందును? (2)

సూతుడిట్లు పలికెను -

బ్రహ్మ పుత్రుడు, మహర్షి, వాక్యనిపుణుడునగు సనత్కుమారుడు వ్యాసునిచే ఇట్లు ప్రశ్నింపబడినవాడై తొందరపాటు లేని అర్థవంతమైన వాక్యమును ఇట్లు పలికెను (3).

సనత్కుమారుడిట్లు పలికెను -

ఓ మహర్షీ ! ఒకప్పుడు బృహస్పతి, మరియు ఇంద్రుడు పరమభక్తితో ఈశ్వరుని దర్శించగోరి వేగముగా కైలాసమునకు బయలుదేరిరి (4). తన దర్శనమునాకాంక్షించే మనస్సు గల ఇంద్ర బృహస్పతులు బయలు దేరిన సంగతిని ఎరింగిన శంకరప్రభుడు వారి జ్ఞానమును పరీక్షింప గోరి (5), వారి మార్గమునకు అడ్డముగా దిగంబరుడై నిలబడి యుండెను. సత్సురుషులకు శరణ్యుడు అగు శివుడు వెనుకకు కట్టబడిన జటలతో ప్రకాశించు ముఖము గలవాడై నిలబడి యుండెను (6).

అపుడా ఇంద్ర బృహస్పతులు ఆనందముతో పయనిస్తూ, మార్గమధ్యములో అద్భుత భయంకరాకారము గల పురుషుని గాంచిరి (7). అతడు మహాతేజశ్శాలి, శాంతుడు, జటలతో కట్టబడిన శిరస్సు గలవాడు, పెద్ద బాహువులు గలవాడు, విశాలమగు వక్షస్థ్సలము గలవాడు, గౌరవర్ణము గలవాడు, మరియు భయంకరముగు కన్నులు గలవాడు (8). తమ మార్గమునకు అడ్డుగా నున్న ఆ పురుషుడు శంకరుడే నని యెరుంగక, అధికారముచే గర్వితుడై యున్న ఇంద్రుడు అప్పుడు అతనితో నిట్లనెను (9).

🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹

*✍️ J.L. SHASTRI, 📚. Prasad Bharadwaj \*

*🌴 Rudra-saṃhitā (4): Yuddha-khaṇḍa - CHAPTER 13 🌴\*

*🌻 Resuscitation of Indra in the context of the destruction of Jalandhara - 1 🌻\*

Vyāsa said:—
1. O holy lord, son of Brahmā, it has been heard by me before that the lord Śiva killed the great Asura Jalandhara.

2. O intelligent one, please narrate the story of the moon-crested lord in detail. Who can be satiated with listening to the spotless glory of the lord?

Sūta said:—
3. On being requested thus by Vyāsa, the great sage and son of Brahmā of eloquent speech spoke the following significant words without excitement.

Sanatkumāra said:—
4. O sage, once Bṛhaspati and Indra went to Kailāsa with great devotion, to see lord Śiva.

5-6. Coming to know of the arrival of Bṛhaspati and Indra eager to see him, lord Śiva wished to test their knowledge. Accordingly, the lord, the excellent goal of the good, stood blocking their path in the naked form with matted hair and beaming face.

7-9. Bṛhaspati and Indra were walking on gleefully. On their way they saw this wonderful person of huge size. He was quiet and composed and very refulgent with matted hair on his head. He was fair-complexioned with long arms and wide chest. He was terrible to look at. Without realising that the person who stood there blocking their path was Śiva himself, Indra who was proud of his authority said to him.



*🌹. ఓషో రోజువారీ ధ్యానాలు - 361 / Osho Daily Meditations - 361 🌹\*
*✍️. ప్రసాద్ భరద్వాజ\*

*🍀 361. నిగూడ రహస్యాలు 🍀\*

*🕉. రహస్యాన్ని వినండి; దానిని తిరస్కరించవద్దు. అది ఉనికిలో లేదని అభ్యంతరకరంగా చెప్పకండి. రహస్యమైనది ఉనికిలో ఉంది అని భూమిపై స్పృహతో నడిచిన ప్రజలందరూ అంగీకరిస్తున్నారు. 🕉\*

*ప్రపంచం కనిపించే దానితో పూర్తికాదు. అదృశ్యమైనది ఉంది, ఇక అది చాలా లోతుగా ఉన్నందున ఇది చాలా ముఖ్యమైనది. కనిపించేది అదృశ్యంలో ఒక అల మాత్రమే. కనిపించనిది సముద్రం. కాబట్టి ఏదైనా వింత జరిగినప్పుడు, దానిని తిరస్కరించవద్దు మరియు దానితో మిమ్మల్ని మీరు మూసివేయవద్దు. తెరవండి; దానిని లోపలికి రానివ్వండి. మరియు ప్రతి రోజు అనేక, అనేక క్షణాలు ఉన్నాయి, రహస్యo తలుపు తడుతుంది. అకస్మాత్తుగా ఒక పక్షి పిలవడం ప్రారంభిస్తుంది: ఇది వినండి మరియు హృదయం ద్వారా వినండి. దానిని విశ్లేషించడం ప్రారంభించవద్దు. దాని గురించి లోపల మాట్లాడటం ప్రారంభించవద్దు. నిశ్శబ్దంగా ఉండండి.\*

*'అది మీలో వీలైనంత లోతుగా చొచ్చుకుపోనివ్వండి. మీ ఆలోచనలతో దానికి అడ్డుపడకండి. ఇది ఒక సంపూర్ణ ప్రకరణము అనుమతించు. అనుభవించండి -- ఆలోచించకండి. మీరు ఉదయాన్నే గులాబీని చూచినండదుకు మీరు రోజంతా భిన్నంగా ఉండవచ్చు. మీరు ఉదయాన్నే ఉదయిస్తున్న సూర్యుడిని చూసి, దానితో ఉక్కిరిబిక్కిరి అయినట్లయితే, మీరు రోజంతా పూర్తిగా భిన్నంగా అనిపించవచ్చు. మీరు ఎగురుతున్న పక్షులను చూసి, ఒక్క క్షణం వాటితో కలిసి ఉంటే మీరు పూర్తిగా కొత్త వ్యక్తిలా భావిస్తారు. మీ జీవితం మారడం ప్రారంభించింది. ఇది ఒక అన్వేషకుడిగా మారే మార్గం. అస్తిత్వం యొక్క అందాన్ని, దాని యొక్క పరిపూర్ణ ఆనందాన్ని, అఖండమైన ఆశీర్వాదాన్ని గ్రహించాలి.\*

🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹

*🌹 Osho Daily Meditations - 361 🌹\*
*📚. Prasad Bharadwaj\*


*🕉. Listen to the mysterious; don't deny it. Don’t say offhandedly that it doesn't exist. All the people who have walked on the earth in a conscious way agree - that the mysterious exists. 🕉\*

*The world is not finished at the visible. The invisible is there, and it is far more significant because it is far deeper. The visible is only a wave in the invisible. The invisible is the ocean. So when something strange happens, don't deny it and don't close yourself to it. Open up; let it come in. And there are many, many moments every day when the mysterious knocks at the door. Suddenly a bird starts calling: Listen to it, and listen through the heart. Don't start analyzing it. Don't start talking inside about it. Become silent,\*

*'let it penetrate you as deeply as possible. Don't hinder it by your thoughts. Allow it" an absolute passage. Feel it --don't think it. You may feel different the whole day because you encountered a rose in the early morning. You may feel totally different the whole day if you have seen the sun rising in the morning and were overwhelmed by it. You will feel like an utterly new person if you have seen birds on the wing and you have been with them for a moment. Your life has started changing. This is the way one becomes a seeker. One has to absorb the beauty of existence, the sheer joy of it, the overwhelming blessing of it.\*

🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹


*🌹. శ్రీ లలితా చైతన్య విజ్ఞానము - 459 - 2 / Sri Lalitha Chaitanya Vijnanam - 459 - 2 🌹\*
*🌻. లలితా సహస్ర నామముల తత్వ విచారణ 🌻\*
*✍️. సద్గురు శ్రీ కంభంపాటి పార్వతీ కుమార్\*
*సేకరణ : ప్రసాద్ భరద్వాజ\*
*🍁. మూల మంత్రము : ఓం ఐం హ్రీం శ్రీం శ్రీమాత్రే నమః 🍁\*

*🍀 96. సుముఖీ, నళినీ, సుభ్రూః, శోభనా, సురనాయికా ।
కాలకంఠీ, కాంతిమతీ, క్షోభిణీ, సూక్ష్మరూపిణీ ॥ 96 ॥ 🍀\*

*🌻 459. ‘నళినీ’ - 2 🌻\*

*వేదములందు పద్మము నొక విశిష్టమగు చిహ్నముగ పేర్కొందురు. సృష్టిని కూడ ఒక పద్మముగ కీర్తింతురు. సృష్టి కూడ పద్మమువలె గోళము నుండి విచ్చుకొనును. మొగ్గ విచ్చుకొనినట్లు సృష్టి కూడను విచ్చుకొనును. నవావరణములతో విచ్చుకొన్న అద్భుతమగు పద్మముల సృష్టిని ఋషులు దర్శించు చుందురు. సృష్టి కూడ పద్మమువలె కాంతివంతమై యున్నది. నవావరణములు నవ విధమగు వర్ణములు కలిగి యుండును. పద్మనాళమువలె సృష్టినాళము నుండి పద్మ ముద్భవించినది. ఈ నాళము పరతత్వము నుండి కలిగిన ప్రేరణ. అవ్యక్తము నుండి వ్యక్తమునకు గల మార్గము లేక బిలము. ఈ నాళము శ్రీమాతయే. దీనిని నిర్గుణ మందురు.\*

🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹

*🌹 Sri Lalitha Chaitanya Vijnanam - 459 - 2 🌹\*
*Contemplation of 1000 Names of Sri Lalitha Devi\*
*✍️ Prasad Bharadwaj\*

*🌻 96. Sumukhi nalini subhru shobhana suranaeika
Karikanti kantimati kshobhini sukshmarupini ॥ 96 ॥ 🌻\*

*🌻 459. 'Nalini' - 2 🌻\*

*In the Vedas, the lotus is a special symbol. Creation is also glorified as a lotus flower. Creation also breaks forth from the orb like a lotus. Creation also blossoms as a bud blossoms. Sages see the creation and blossoming of the wonderful lotuses that are bursting with new petals in the nine realms. Creation is also bright like a lotus. The nine realms will have nine different colors. Padma originates from the tube just like creation. This vessel is the inspiration from the beyond. This tube is a passage or way from the unmanifest to the manifest. This vessel is Srimata. It is called Nirguna.\*

🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹

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2023.06.08 00:49 prophetovfire Xbox showcase!!!

Hey dudes, a little idea that came while watching YT vids making predictions about what can we expect, but!!
Haven't seen anything about surprise games that will be announced that are available that same day, like "Hi fi Rush".
I'm expecting something smaller like Age of empires II, that we know is coming to consoles. Or maybe other completely unknown game, I'm excited about that possibility.
What you all think!?
Ok ok I've been underground lately, sorry, my fault on AoEII, you all are right about that, but any smaller project or studio with chances of releasing something smaller?
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2023.06.08 00:49 For__tomorrow Balance changes i hope will happen in the near future

X5X - Plasma Monkey Fan Club - Plasma balls attack (Plasma Fan), Pierce Increased - 5p -> 8p
XX4 - Sharpshooter - Price decreased - $2,000 -> $1,800
5XX Glaive Lord - bloons shred effect applies to increased - 1 -> 3
X4X Turbocharge - Targets Camo bloons
X4X Turbocharge - Price increased - $4,350 -> $4,500
XX3 Kylie Boomerang - Price decreased - $1,300 -> $1,000
3XX Really Heavy Bombs - Pierce increased 50p -> 70p
5XX Bloon crush - Gains Camo detection
5XX Bloon crush - Stun duration vs ZOMGS/DDTs decreased - 1.75s -> 1.3s
5XX Boon Crush - Stun only affects a max of 50 blimps (what pierce is currently)
X4X Moab assassin - Now targets Camo bloons (DDTS)
X4X Moab assassin - Damages through Moab layers ( Note : Doesn’t damage ceramics, and Moab Elim has the same effect.)
X5X Moab Eliminator - Price decreased - $25,000 -> $23,000
3XX Ice Shards - Price decreased - $2,000 -> $1,700
4XX Embrittlement - Price decreased - $3,200 -> $3,000
5XX Super Brittle - Price decreased $34,000 -> $30,000
X2X Deep Freeze - Pierce increased - 40p -> 50p
X4X Snowstorm - Duration for Camo/White/MOAB increased - 3s -> 4s
XX3 Cryocannon - Pierce increased 30p -> 35p
Base - Glue duration increased - 11s -> 13s (XX2+ unchanged)
X3X Glue Hose - Can now attack MOAB class without 230 crosspath, Now Gains a 15% slow effect on MOAB class. Lowered to 12.5% on bfbs, and 10% on Zomgs and DDTs.
XX3 Moab Glue - Price decreased - $3,200 -> $3,000
5XX Cripple Moab - Moab Damage increased - 80d -> 300d
5XX Cripple Moab - Cripple Status duration increased on bads - 0.5s -> 0.7s
X4X Supply Drop - Extra shrapnel pierce increased - +1p -> +2p
XX3 Semi-Automatic - Attack speed increased - 33.33%s -> 27.33%s
Monkey Sub
3XX Submerge and Support - Price decreased - $950 -> $800
4XX Bloontonium Reactor - Pierce increased 26p -> 32p
X1X Barbed darts - Price decreased - $450 -> $350
XX3 Triple Guns - Extra MOAB damage increased (Main dart) - +0md -> +1md
XX4 Airburst - Extra Moab Damage increased (Main dart) - +2md -> +3md
3XX Destroyer - Pierce increased 4p -> 6p
4XX Aircraft Carrier - plane turn speed increased
4XX Aircraft Carrier - Forward dart Attack speed increased (the forward guns on the planes) - 1.5s -> 1.3s
4XX Radial Dart - Gains slight homing.
5XX Carrier Flagship - Forward Dart Attack Increased moab damage - +0md -> +1md
5XX Carrier Flagship - Flagship Buff now gives all affected towers normal damage type (Like a M.I.B village)
X3X Cannon Ship - Price decreased - $900 -> $800
X3X Cannon Ship - Cannon attack Attack speed increased - 1.2s -> 1.1s
Ace - Buff
5XX Skyshredder - Price decreased - $40,000 -> $35,000
4XX Operation : Dart Storm - Dart gains extra ceram damage - +0cd -> +1cd
X4X Ground Zero - Bombing-run Damage type changed - Explosive -> Normal
X4X Ground Zero - Ability damage increased - 700d -> 750d
X4X Ground Zero - Price increased - $14,000 -> $15,000
XX4 Spectre - Price decreased - $20,000 -> $16,000
XX4 Spectre - Homing on both dart and bomb increased
XX4 Spectre - Dart moab damage increased - +0md -> +2md
XX4 Spectre - Both Projectiles have normal damage type
XX5 Flying fortress - Both copies of barrage have the same targeting as the first copy
4XX Apache Dartship - Machine gun attack speed increased - 0.05s -> 0.04s
X4X Support chinook - initial cooldown for supplies ability increased - 20s -> 30s
XX3 - Moab Shove - Shove decreased - Moab -33% -> -22%, Bfb 0% -> 20%, Zomg and DDts 33% -> 60%
XX3 Moab Shove - price decreased - $3,500 -> $3,250
XX5 Comanche Commander - Price decreased - $35,000 -> $30,000
Mortar - Buff
Base Mortar - Price decreased - $700 -> $650
1XX Bigger blast price decreased - $350 -> $300
4XX Big One - Bloon stun increased 0.7s -> 0.9s
5XX Biggest One - Has Different Blimp stun times depending on type of Bloon hit
Moab - 0.4s, Bfb - 0.35s, Zomg 0.1s, DDT 0.3s
X3X Heavy Shells - Attack speed increased - 1.08s -> 0.8s (X4X attack speed stays the same)
XX1 Increased accuracy - Price decreased - $200 -> $150
XX3 Signal Flare - Decamo Radius changed to match explosive radius
Dartling - Buff
2XX - Laser shock - Gains lead popping (203 now pops lead)
3XX - Laser Cannon - Pierce increased - 5p (according to popology) -> 15p
3XX - Laser Cannon - Attack speed increased- 0.2s -> 1.8s
X3X - Hydra Rocket pods - Rocket Pierce can no longer be increased (Amount of explosions not the explosions caused by projectiles. Explosions can still have their pierce increased)
X1X Fireball - Damage decreased - 3d -> 2d
X2X Wall of Fire - Wall-of-Fire Pierce increased - 15p -> 30p
X2X Wall of Fire - Wall-of-Fire Tick Rate decreased - .15s -> .30s
X3X Dragon’s Breath - Fireball Damage decreased - 9d -> 5d
X3X Dragon’s Breath - Fireball Attack speed increased - 2.6s -> 1.3s
X3X Dragon’s Breath - Wall-of-Fire tick rate decreased - .1s -> .2s
X3X Dragon’s Breath - Wall-of-Fire Pierce increased - 20p -> 40p
XX3 Shimmer - Price decreased - $1,500 -> $1,200
Ninja - Buff
3XX Double Shot - Pierce increased - 4p -> 5p
4XX Bloon jitsu - Price decreased - $2,750 -> $2,500
5XX Grandmaster Ninja - Price decreased - $35,000 -> $30,000
X4X Bloon sabotage - Affects 2 layers of moab class bloons (Ex : Moab + ceram insides, Bfbs + moab, Zomg + Bfbs, DDts + Ceram insides)
XX3 Flash Bomb - Price Decreased - $2,000 -> $1,800
Alchemist - NERF
3XX Berserker Brew - Price increased - $1,500 -> $1,700
X2X Perishing potions - Fortified moab damage decreased - +15Fmd -> +5fmd (10Fmd)
XX4 Rubber to gold - PRice increased - $2,600 -> $2,800
Druid - Buff
3XX Druid of the storm - Tornado Attack no longer targets moab class bloons.
4XX Ball Lightning - Pierce of Tornado Attack increased - 30p -> 50p
4XX Ball Lightning - Size of Tornado Attack increased
X3X Druid of the Jungle - Pierce of Thorn attack increased - 1p -> 3p
Village - Buff
Base (000) - Price decreased - $1200 -> $900
3XX Primary Training - Now Increased attack speed - 100%s -> 90%s
5XX Primary Expertise - Now gives 1 Extra Damage - +0d -> +1d
XX3 Monkey town - price increased - $5,000 -> $6,000
XX4 Monkey city - Price decreased - $7,000 -> $6,000
Engineer - Buffed
X1X Larger service area - No longer increases range sentries can be deployed
XX4 Bloon Trap - Trap deployment speed can now be affected by attack speed buffs
XX4 Bloon Trap - Can now profit off of player sent bloons
XX4 Bloon Trap - Income reduced $1,200 -> $300 per trap
XX5 XXXL Trap - Can NOT make Money off of moab layers (bloons have to be popped into cerams/insides to make money)
XX5 XXXL Trap - Income reduced - 7,500$ -> 5,000$ per trap
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2023.06.08 00:48 Layeredmetis236 Dumb Dumb Mister

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2023.06.08 00:48 N10sracer Dick's Sporting Goods sale....

I know it's last year's shirt but I was still happy we made it. Not bad for $14
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2023.06.08 00:46 SortCompetitive9814 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Exposure Stocks and Growing Market Size Data

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2023.06.08 00:44 New_Milk_8132 Yeah,,,,,,

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2023.06.08 00:42 HaZalaf Kevin's Last Lie

Author's Note: This story is long. I'm sorry. It really deserves to be told exactly as it happened and therefore, I am forced into murdering brevity. I hope that in time you'll forgive me.
I'm going to tell y'all another stupid story. I should warn you that this one isn't really a comedy, despite being set in a RadioShack.
A few months after Cocaine-Kevin took off for Brazil in pursuit of true love, we got a new transfer employee. We came to call him 'Aikedo-Kevin' (I'm adding the -Kevin because this is a subreddit about Kevins.)
We called him 'Aikedo' because we met him before the final act of the following chain of events took place and afterwards we just didn't have the motivation to attach anything else to him.
When I replay what happened in my head, it astounds me that this took place at all. I mean, we had our fair share of Kevins at RadioShack. There was Cocaine-Kevin, (whom you've previously met.) Crazy-Kevin, 'TP' Kevin, Kevin the Customer, and Kevin the Destroyer. Every one of these people occupy space in my brain for various reasons, but out of all these Kevins, Aikedo-Kevin is the most memorable. And not for the reason you'd most expect.
As if he represented the cosmic opposite to the Kevin he was replacing, this new Kevin came across as competent. He was older and well-kept. He didn't smell at all like sun-dried squirrel and rather than being cartoonishly fat, he was worryingly thin. He looked surprisingly normal for a RadioShack employee; completely trustworthy, certainly like the guy you'd confidently go to to get your Questions Answered.
Looking at him, I would never have believed in a million years that he would be the most profligate serial liar that I've ever had the misfortune to meet.
I know that I should start this tale at the beginning; with the story of how he got his name, but I really don't have the space, so instead we'll just rollercoaster through this cascade of events much like I did originally.
Almost from the moment Kevin showed up, things got real weird, real fast. He lasted for about six months with us, but they were unforgettable. It started with Kevin telling us that he was a 'triple-stripe; dragon-class' black belt in aikedo. Then he told us that he met Kiss back in the 70's and they invited him back to their hotel to party. Then the lies got egregious. He was late because there was a riot at Publix. Someone else ate the food that I had clearly marked and labelled in the back fridge. His dad was in the CIA and helped plan Vietnam with Henry Kissinger. He didn't know why the drawer was short $5.34. He was allergic to fruit. The list was long and got progressively weirder as the weeks went by, but it was generally innocuous; innocent.
But then he fucked up. He told a lie about NASA. Guys, this was a RadioShack. We were all nerds of various stripes, with varying areas of scientific interest and knowledge. There was NO possibility in any universe that one could just traipse into my RadioShack and successfully lie about NASA. Especially this particular lie. There was even less of a possibility that upon hearing such a lie spoken, any of us RadioShack employees would let it go unchallenged.
Ok, now that all the foreshadowing is out of the way, let me get down to the meat. I mean, that's why you're still here, right?
This chain of events spanned three days and it began in the way these things always do; somewhat accidentally.
It was a normal Florida afternoon for everyone who didn't work at my store. As usual, I came in on second (closing) shift. I was taking over from Kevin, who'd just returned from his vacation. The drawer was missing $5.34. Again? Wtf? He 'fixed' it while I was in the back re-counting it. Okay. $5.34? This is so weird. I have to report this shit.
While waiting for his wife to pick him up, Kevin told me that he and his family had had a blast in Cape Canaveral. That he was able to take his son into the 'anti-gravity chamber' at NASA. He went into great detail about how they 'flew around in the tunnel.'
Now, y'all... I'm not an idiot. I very well know how NASA trains their astronauts in Zero-G. Fuck it, I'll bite.
"Uh, Kevin, they use planes to simulate zero-gravity. What are you talking about?"
He shook his head conspiratorially and said, "No, they have secret pods. There's two. One in Huntsville, Alabama, and one at Cape Canaveral. It's top-secret. I have a friend."
I stood there transfixed as Kevin embellished his experiences at NASA a bit more, making sure I knew how cool it was that his kids got to meet all the astronauts and how big the pod really was (almost as big as the Pentagon) until his wife finally showed up and they left.
I think I took a minute before going back inside. I had to call Frank (our store manager) to report the drawer discrepancy. And if I'm being honest, I also wanted to inform him of NASA's Pentagon-sized secret. We were all getting sick of Kevin's fibs, but nobody had really said anything to him yet and I knew Frank was a huge NASA fan. Repeating to him what Kevin had said was tantamount to lighting off firecrackers at a funeral, and at that age, I just wanted to watch the world burn.
Frank answered on the first ring, as I knew he would if the store was calling him.
"Heeeyyyyy, Frank. So. My drawer was short $5.34 again. Kevin somehow fixed it. He also went to the, uh, secret anti-gravity pod at NASA while he was at Cape Canaveral."
Frank laughed. There was a long pause. Then he snarled.
"What? Your drawer was short?! I'm DONE with this!" Frank hung up. I looked down at the phone. Dang. Frank is a terrible force for truth in the universe. I knew this from painful personal experience.
I got a call at 5 am to come in early; that Kevin couldn't open. Whatever. More money for me. I rolled out of bed.
When I got there, Frank was behind the counter pacing and literally purple. I've never seen a human being that color before. He looked like an engorged eggplant preparing for a Kanly duel.
I was putting my stuff away in the back when Frank stomped in behind me. He was hollering about gravity and idiots and I realized immediately that Kevin was in major, major trouble.
A frission tickled its way through my central nervous system. Fear or anticipation? Uncertain. Frank could be terrifying. Alternately, Frank could be compassionate. Frank was a real street-dude; a living tragedy-to-triumph, rags-to-riches kind of guy. He was also a VERY understanding boss. He basically only had three rules: 'Don't fuckin' steal,' 'Don't bring your personal fuckery to the store,' and, most importantly, 'Don't EVER fuckin' LIE to me.'
Those are exact quotes and he lived up to them. I know this. And now you all know this too. Kevin should have known this, but Kevin lived life on the edge.
In the backroom, I squared my shoulders and pretended to be uninterested while watching Frank's face pulse with incandescent rage.
"What's up?" I ventured, trying to hide my curiosity.
Frank exploded like something you shouldn't microwave. His purple face rippled as he tried to roll his eyes and snort simultaneously. He looked for all the world like an indignant water buffalo. Which is funny really. See, big game hunters will tell you that despite looking slow and stupid, the water buffalo is one of the most dangerous animals on Earth. African buffalo will lay traps. They will actually double back to lie in wait to hunt their hunter. And, much like the animal he resembled, Frank too was dangerous and known for his traps.
He smiled at me ferally.
"Kevin called out this morning. Apparently his cousin the St. Petersburg cop got shot last night in a drug raid."
"What does that have to do with NASA?" I said stupidly.
Frank stared at me like I was the only Red Gal in the Blue Man Group.
"I busted Kevin last night for theft." Frank said slowly, with that owlish look he saved for especially thick customers.
Okaaaay "But, what does tha-" I stopped, the light bulb over my head starting to flicker.
"Oh." I said.
Frank was still staring at me, perhaps waiting for my brain to finish its loading sequence. Accurately concluding that I was operating somewhat below dial-up speed, he sighed impatiently and continued.
"My wife called the hospital just now. They don't have anyone by the name of (Kevin's cousin's name) on file there. She called two other hospitals just to be sure."
I just looked at him blankly. "Waaaait. what?!" My mental bulb finally snapped on and flared brightly. Oh shiiit. My brain is furiously connecting dots. Did he lie to get un-caught for thieving? Is that a even a thing? Wtf?
Frank nodded grimly and picked up the phone. He dialed Kevin's number.
Unfortunately for this story, I had a customer walk in right then and therefore didn't hear what was said. Customers can be the most annoying things in the world sometimes. This one probably wasn't, but I don't remember because all I could think about was Kevin's career suicide. It seemed like an eternity passed before I was able to rejoin Frank in his investigation.
In the time I was away, Frank had learned two things: the first thing being that no cops had been shot according to the news, (which Kevin countered by claiming that the news wouldn't report a cop being shot in an on-going investigation,) and the second thing being that no hospital in the tri-county area had admitted anyone matching his cousin's name, (which Kevin dismissed by saying that secrecy was standard operating procedure in a 'Full Blackout' situation and that it's all put in place to protect a wounded cop's identity.
It was a testament to Frank's determination that he was able to do all this so quickly. Especially since this all happened back in the 90's before the sum of human knowledge was only a smartphone click away.
This inanity went on for my entire shift. Frank sending his wife to check out hospitals while he alternately called the local newspapers, TV stations, and Kevin.
Frank was terrifying in his pursuit of truth and I have to admit, it was a thing of beauty to watch him put his case together. Perry Mason be damned; Frank was on an investigative roll. But no matter what he learned, when he called Kevin, Kevin had an answer to it. A detailed answer. He went into specifics about how the bullet (9mm) hit his cousin's vest and richocheted off of a rib. He explained how it was a 'cartel case,' and everything has to be kept hush-hush. It was quite entertaining, if schadenfreude is your thing. It's not mine. I can't really explain how uncomfortable the whole thing made me feel. Like chewing on cotton. There's no way Kevin keeps his job. Kevin has the survival skills of a suicide bomber and the critical thinking skills of a cabbage. It was plain as day that Kevin was a drowning man grasping desperately for an anchor.
Finally, my shift ended and I went home mentally exhausted on Kevin's behalf.
As I left, I could see Frank behind the counter, still on the phone, hyper-focused, and absolutely intent upon some mission objective that I apparently wasn't cleared for. He told me just to be ready to close the next day.
I woke up haunted with the strange certain knowledge that disaster was nigh. Maybe it was the same instinct that allows animals to sense an earthquake before it strikes. I really don't know. I felt both uncomfortable and giddy as I readied myself for work.
When I pulled into the RadioShack, I saw that Frank's Jeep was there. So was Frank's wife's SUV. Kevin's car was nowhere to be seen.
Oh boy... this was not a good sign. I parked and went in. Immediately I could see Frank, his wife, and the employee who had opened huddled furtively together behind the counter. No customers in sight.
Excellent, I thought. Maybe I'll finally get some Answers. This IS a RadioShack, after all, right?
As I counted in my drawer, the preliminary results of Frank's investigation poured out: allegedly Kevin had been taking money from the drawer to get McDonalds for lunch. The amount ($5.34) matched perfectly with the meal Kevin was observed eating each day that he worked. No one knew why he did this. He very obviously brought his lunch in from home every morning.
Frank was a-twitter with anticipatory fury as he spoke. After the conversation he'd had with Frank the previous night, Kevin had slyly switched shifts with another employee to avoid having to open and therefore face Frank. Which, of course, had jacked Frank's temper over from red to plaid. Kevin daring to dodge him like this was simply the last straw, and he had decided he was going to fire Kevin. ...Except, despite trying all morning, he hadn't managed to actually reach Kevin to give him the news.
Frank being Frank, this had in no way deterred him. He had simply looked in Kevin's employee file and called the emergency contact. By the time I walked in, the proverbial shit had hit the fan and was well on its ballistic arc towards us in the form of Kevin's wife.
Yall. It's really important for this story that you have a mental picture of Kevin's wife. Essential, even.
Do y'all remember that 90's song 'All Star' by that band Smashmouth? Remember the lead singer? If you don't, it's okay. Just picture Guy Fieri instead. Now picture Guy Fieri/the Smashmouth dude dressed up as Xena: Warrior Princess. That's what she looked like. She was enormous. Not necessarily fat, but big. I bet she could crush a watermelon with her thighs, easy. (That's really a thing, by the way. You should probably Google it. Fuck it, here ya go )
Anyway, 'Xena' was surprised to hear that Kevin wasn't at work. She was even more stunned by what Frank had to say.
At roughly the same time this phone conversation was taking place at the RadioShack, another, weirder conversation was taking place in person across town. Out of exasperation, and to out-manuever Kevin completely, Frank had finally just sent his wife down to the police station...
...which went something like this: she walked in, and asked if any cops had been shot recently. I imagine there was a pregnant pause at the reception desk while it was hurriedly determined whether or not she was a threat or a crazy person. She asked again and was told that no, no one had been shot recently. She then asked to speak with Officer (Kevin's Cousin's Name) and lo and behold! he happened to be walking by at that exact moment, un-wounded, ambulatory, and utterly confused as to why anybody thought he'd been shot in the first place.
Perched behind the counter in the RadioShack, listening to Frank and his wife list the steps they had taken and the results of taking said steps, I actually felt kind of bad for Kevin. I mean, why would he do this?
Why would anyone make up such a ridiculous lie? What did he have to gain? And most mysteriously, why was he stealing to buy lunch when he brought his own lunch in? The whole thing was steeped in bizarre absurdity and I was beginning to lose perspective of the situation when the door-chime dinged and Kevin walked contritely into the store, followed by his strapping virago of a wife.
Y'all. Holy shit. I don't think that I will be able to properly describe what followed but I will do my best.
When I was a kid, there was a cartoon I saw once. Maybe it was part of a Disney movie, maybe a Bugs Bunny short, I don't really remember. But in it, a ginormous nanny-type woman drags a teensy man into a room by his ear to force him to apologize for something.
That's almost exactly what happened. Xena frog-marched Kevin into the RadioShack and made him apologize for stealing. She literally made him hand over an envelope with $600 in it. (The amount Frank calculated Kevin had stolen over six months.) And then she berated him for breaking the diet she had set for him.
I'm going to say that again. He broke the diet she had set for him. This ... veritable Amazon of a woman had set a caloric limit for this dude who was already so skinny that he could likely crawl through the holes in a chain-link fence. All of a sudden, it all made sense. All of it. Kevin was emasculated, hence the lies. Kevin was desperate and fucking starving, so he stole to feed himself. I was wrestling with my new-found understanding of all things Kevin when she told us the envelope was all of his 'allowance' money. At this point, I was entirely speechless. I could only gape witlessly at her.
Stealing a glance back at Frank, I could tell he was going through the very same emotional turmoil as I was.
In the uncomfortable silence, Kevin handed over his keys and mumbled something about it being great working with us and then they left.
With the possible exception of the first time I saw the cemetary scene in Steel Magnolias, I have never gone from one emotional extreme to the other so quickly. Where I had been affronted by his actions only minutes earlier, now I felt unimaginable regret and I could tell Frank felt the same way. Frank had held back from revealing that he'd had his wife visit the police station and he never even brought it up. He looked deflated; all the energy and momentum of the chase gone, replaced by utter shock and remorse.
Y'all, I bet you thought this story was going to have a happy ending. Or at least a funny one. I'm sorry to disappoint you. No happy ending here, just a cloudy moral lesson.
Kevin was fired and we never saw him again, though I insisted that Frank's wife go back down to the police station and tell Kevin's cousin everything we'd seen and heard. I felt that I owed him that much, being responsible for the initial phone call that had set everything in motion.
Yes, Frank and I learned much and more that day. That experience changed something in me. I'd like to think I'm a better person now.
Oh, I still laugh at Kevins, but I don't assume anything anymore. Oh, no. I've learned that everyone has a truth to tell, even if it comes swaddled in lies.
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2023.06.08 00:39 mustardance007 37F I have a funny revenge story and I want to share it and hopefully find friends who share my sense of humor

Hey! I'm just looking for someone who enjoys my humor, wanna test that with my ridiculous revenge story from last year, done to a dude who fucked with my friend in a major way beyond just playing her. He tried (and failed) to influence her to relapse on hard drugs before ghosting her. It's pretty elaborate and pretty out there. If it makes you laugh, I think we'd be friends. DM if interested.
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2023.06.08 00:36 Big_Cherry4083 Reputable syringe source?

Hey y’all,
I’ve been pinning my test cyp 2x per week in the delts with insulin syringes, also taking HCG 2x per week and I’m going through them at a pretty good clip.
Any recommendations on reputable online sources that I can pick up a good sized box of them to last me a bit?
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2023.06.08 00:35 ssugar_bun insecurity stuff

how come so many men are obsessed with thick girls ?? like that's amazing for those girls and I'm happy for them but every dude I see is like "thick thighs >>>". like okay... but I'm working towards having very thin legs and small everything...???? 😭
am I supposed to appeal to what would make me feel better about myself or to what alot of these guys want and deal with disliking myself ? like I feel like everything I want to be is the opposite of the current teen dude standard.
that said I could just let 30 and 40 year old men hunt me down instead 🤷‍♀️ (i have a problem)
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2023.06.08 00:33 jipto12 Looking for people to join my Minecraft community!

Hey guys! Im looking for dedicated Minecraft players to join our Minecraft community as we start a new world, and I’ve gotten players from teenagers before, so I wanted to invite more of you.

About the server

Everest Minecraft is a Java, vanilla Minecraft server set on hard mode. We have made a few worlds in the past, and we are planning on starting a new world for the release of 1.20 on Saturday June 10th. We have a nice and close community, and a required discord sever to go along with the Minecraft sever. Our previous servers have had a economy based on diamonds, and a basic government. Our worlds do not have any claim plugins, instead we have a whitelisted world with a nice and trusted community.
We have created amazing worlds in the past, and we have even more ambition for this upcoming server. If you are interested in joining the Everest community please PM me. Also as a note, we are only looking for 16+ at this time.
Here are pictures of spawn form our previous sever https://imgur.com/a/kdRA80J
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2023.06.08 00:33 SecondFluid9807 [WTS] Remington 870 Barrel (18"), Crimson Trace Laser Grips for Glocks & M1911, Troy 7" Rail, Troy Iron Sights, Buffer Tubes, Magpul Rear Iron Sights, Magpul Grip, Charging Handles - PRI Combat Latch M84 Gas Buster - BCM Mod 4 - Other, Angled PTK Grip, UTG Mount, M1 Garand Clips

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/ssX71tP

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Prices include shipping.
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I will only accept PayPal Friends & Family, no notes please. I will not accept Goods and Services payments.
Thanks for looking.
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