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2023.06.07 15:31 Silent-Inspection669 Looking for quality studies

At work, they've recently changed the process for data entry on the computer. We fill out structured forms from information gathered from an image. There are 3 sections of information we have to fill out. At the end of every section, there's a button saying that we reviewed the information we typed. Due to rising number of errors (surprisingly occurring after they increased quota), they have added a second set of check boxes to each section that we have to check in order to affirm that we did review the section before we can continue forward.
I seem to recall reading somewhere that these types of quality control gates are counter productive and will actually cause users to pencil whip the boxes just to move forward. I can't find any of the articles/papers/documents around this.
Does anyone have any resources concerning this type of quality control measure?
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2023.06.07 15:31 mintyzo Government alerts not available

Hello guys. My country experienced an earthquake an hour ago and I found it odd that my old Android alerted me for it but my iPhone didnt. I went to settings, then notifications and scrolled down to check the alerts but I don't even have the option anymore. I am from Bulgaria and we had AMBER alert last year and it worked fine but it is gone now. I know that these alerts are not available in every region but if I had them last year, why didnt I get alerted this time?
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2023.06.07 15:31 matthew91298 Help Wanted: Getting Started

Hey hometheater I'm just another poster interested in upgrading my home theater experience and could use a hand with getting started.

Current Setup:

Ideal Setup

There are two or three more HDMI devices I would like to add to setup that can't fit because of the HDMI restrictions:


What I'm looking to do is add an AVR and use a universal remote for all input switching between consoles. My budget is ~$1000 but that number is definitely flexible depending on the quality of the product and the persuasive reasoning of redditors. My main questions are:
  1. What is a good entry-level AVR that can accommodate 5/6 HDMI inputs.
  2. Will I need to replace my soundbasubwoofer with a real set of speakers? I would prefer not to to save money so any suggestions on how to keep the soundbar would be welcome, but I'm also fine replacing them if I have to.
  3. What's a good universal remote to use with my new setup?
  4. Are there any good guides for setting up a universal remote with all these gaming devices so that I can turn them and the TV on at the same time ?
Thanks in advance for any help! Also mods if this post isn't allowed lmk where I should move it to :)
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2023.06.07 15:31 Pine_Wood_Leaf Prepaid UsSellular phone Jailbreak.

My grandma bought a Prepaid UsSellular phone because she likes having many phones for her app she plays on. However I just learned that you need to pay $25/month just to even add apps. Is there anyway to bypass the payment or maybe jailbreak the phone. She doesnt have much money and $25 for just apps is asking too much. its a TCL phone. If this breakes rule 3 let me know and Ill delete this post.
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2023.06.07 15:31 Skkkjbmldihbdlsvvukb Worthwhile article from Haaretz -- Israeli Reporters Face Wave of Violence

Archive link here :
'Bibi Incites, and It's Reflected on the Ground': Israeli Reporters Face Wave of Violence
According to the Union of Journalists in Israel, the number of documented attacks on journalists this year as of early June is 25. This is up from 14 during the same period last year. The year 2021 saw 39 attacks, mostly during May riots in cities with significant Arab and Jewish populations during a war with Gaza that month.
"The change for the worse is in the rise of attacks by civilians,” says a photojournalist who has worked in the field for two decades. “I put the fault line at Operation Guardian of the Walls [in May 2021], where the incitement against the press reached new heights, and the public turned its anger against us. We visited sites where rockets fell, and they treated the press like total enemies."
Anat Saragusti, press freedom director at the journalists' union since 2020, paints a wider picture of the phenomenon. “I too was beaten in the 1970s because of ‘excessive leftism,’” she says. “Back in the 1950s, they attacked [pro-peace journalist] Uri Avneri several times, including a bomb thrown at [the office of] his newspaper. They tried to stab him to death in 1975.”
Indeed, there was a wave of attacks on reporters and left-wing figures in the late 1980s, launched by extremists calling themselves the Sicarii, after a Second Temple-era extremist splinter group. They set, or at least tried to, set fire to the homes of journalists Dan Margalit and Baruch Meiri, Haaretz editor-in-chief Amos Schocken, and statistician Mina Zemach. The perpetrators were never caught.
“It was sort of these acts of terrorism,” says Saragusti. By contrast, she says, today’s attackers are given legitimacy by elected officials. “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu incites, and this is directly reflected on the ground,” she says.
When we look at the lack of press freedom under the PA and Hamas, the negatives are immediately obvious. For those same reasons, right wing violence directed against the press merits scrutiny.
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2023.06.07 15:30 dangrankeyi Our Skyy 2 x 1000 Stars x Bad Buddy

Our Skyy 2 x 1000 Stars x Bad Buddy
This is the on-air discussion thread for episode 2 of the Bad Buddy-1000 Stars crossover which GMMTV officially calls Our Skyy 2 x 1000 Stars x Bad Buddy (the name of 1000 Stars now comes before Bad Buddy).
Watch it on GMM25 or GMMTV YouTube channel. Here are the links:
  • [Eng Sub] Our Skyy 2 x 1000 Stars x Bad Buddy [1/4]
  • [Eng Sub] Our Skyy 2 x 1000 Stars x Bad Buddy [2/4]
  • [Eng Sub] Our Skyy 2 x 1000 Stars x Bad Buddy [3/4]
  • [Eng Sub] Our Skyy 2 x 1000 Stars x Bad Buddy [4/4]
Our Skyy 2 is the second edition of the anthology that provides extra contents for a number of GMMTV series. This time we see stories of:
  • Nuengdiao (Phuwin) and Palm (Pond) from Never Let Me Go
  • Daonuea (Dunk) and Khabkluen (Joong) from Star In My Mind
  • Akk (First) and Ayan (Khaotung) from The Eclipse
  • Talay (Sea) and Puen (Jimmy) from Vice Versa
  • Gun (Fourth) and Tinn (Gemini) from My School President
  • Cher (Book) and Gun (Force) from A Boss and a Babe
  • Pran (Nanon) and Pat (Ohm) from Bad Buddy
  • Tian (Mix) and Phupha (Earth) from A Tale of Thousand Stars
The following songs are or may be associated with Our Skyy 2:
The songs used in Our Skyy and Our Skyy 2 trailers are covers of this original song:
Related videos
Earlier threads
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2023.06.07 15:30 kingfiasco [Lucky Guess] 6/7

Oh boy, that did not end well last night. Gonna be a tough one against Burnes tonight, no pressure on Kremer to keep the runs off the board until they can get to the Brewers bullpen. Although, the O's have somehow managed to turn the offense into over gear against team aces so who even knows what the bats will do tonight.
No winners from last night :(
Lucky Guess Standings
Rank User Exact '+/- 1 Lost Tiebreaker Points
1 95ludeman 2 1 0 13
2 tehow5 1 6 0 12
3 jaxjag91 1 3 0 9
3 TommyPickles2222222 1 1 1 9
4 kingfiasco 1 2 0 8
4 Chizzleslip 1 2 0 8
5 StevenGlanzberg 1 1 0 7
5 RiesenTiger 1 1 0 7
5 Letsgoos19 1 1 0 7
5 bromanow025 1 1 0 7
5 therealjimothyjimson 1 1 0 7
5 Gumboy52 1 1 0 7
6 TOS1998 1 0 0 6
6 OrangeBuffalo8 0 2 2 6
6 harriswk17 1 0 0 6
6 greenjacket23 1 0 0 6
6 Billdozer2000 1 0 0 6
6 AlexOhanianSr 1 0 0 6
6 hcshock 1 0 0 6
6 malkusm 0 4 1 6
7 zombiereign 0 3 1 5
7 bpopo329 0 5 0 5
7 WillieKeeler96 0 5 0 5
7 King_Clitoris 0 5 0 5
7 GoOrioles7 0 5 0 5
7 DrThorntonMelon 0 5 0 5
7 DrDinglberry 0 5 0 5
8 Ndysmth 0 4 0 4
8 DudeFoSho 0 2 1 4
8 BeinGetz 0 2 1 4
9 samir_katta 0 1 1 3
9 imean 0 1 1 3
9 gnarkilleptic 0 3 0 3
9 ccmckee 0 1 1 3
9 Bmoreorioles1 0 3 0 3
9 Puddenfoot 0 3 0 3
9 DaddyHausen 0 3 0 3
9 Fangscale40K 0 3 0 3
9 bardster1 0 3 0 3
9 RumHamAndPineapple 0 3 0 3
10 zeromoustafa0 0 2 0 2
10 wodandos 0 0 1 2
10 waker94 0 2 0 2
10 OMGisitOVERyet 0 0 1 2
10 Music_Ordinary 0 2 0 2
10 joystick13 0 2 0 2
10 Jormmy-NcKegHook 0 0 1 2
10 jeffreythecat1 0 2 0 2
10 Evanevan22 0 0 1 2
10 BlueHenCountry 0 2 0 2
10 Azzazzyn 0 0 1 2
10 averyorioles 0 2 0 2
10 andrew-ge 0 2 0 2
11 Tardisheart 0 1 0 1
11 Shiderme 0 1 0 1
11 SellTheTeamDan 0 1 0 1
11 Ok-Establishment-240 0 1 0 1
11 MrTallGreg 0 1 0 1
11 LoraxEleven 0 1 0 1
11 jjk2 0 1 0 1
11 gzawaodni 0 1 0 1
11 Entertainmentguru 0 1 0 1
11 ClimAx_D2 0 1 0 1
11 CBennett1497 0 1 0 1
11 bablume 0 1 0 1
11 Affectionate_Tune481 0 1 0 1
11 JAMONLEE 0 1 0 1
Comments must include:
All guesses must be submitted by the posted start time to qualify.
Score will be as follows:
If two users pick the same score with the same tiebreaker, the person who submitted their guess first will be awarded the 6 points. The same rule will apply when two tiebreakers guesses are equally close to the actual result.
Score will be tallied each night and updated in wiki. They will also appear in the "Standings" section of future Lucky Guess posts.

Now let's play ball!

Tiebreaker for today is number of double plays turned by the Orioles.

As always, please do not upvote or downvote any guessing comment until after the game is over and the winner is determined, then upvote the winner.

Matchup Statistics

You can find the lineups here before game time.
Starting Pitcher Throws W-L IP K% BB% GB% BABIP FIP
Dean Kremer R 6-2 65 19.6% 6.9% 35.3% .330 4.59
Starting Pitcher Throws W-L IP K% BB% GB% BABIP FIP
Corbin Burnes R 4-4 69.2 22.8% 9.7% 41.4% .240 4.59

Good luck!

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2023.06.07 15:30 xiezilou Beautiful wallpaper set

Beautiful wallpaper set
Suitable for iPhone, iPad
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2023.06.07 15:30 Aim_Fire_Ready Am I assigning VLANs to switch ports correctly?

So I posted in networking on Monday, but I want to take a step back. I want to confirm that my actions are doing what I think they're doing. So, let me get this straight:
  1. If I have a regular client device in VLAN 10 plugged into a wall jack, then the Access switch port for that wall jack and client device should have VLAN 10 as an "Untagged Port"/"Access Port" right?
  2. If I have a patch cable going from port 48 on an Access Switch to port 48 on the Core Switch, then I should have VLAN 10 as a "Tagged Port"/"Trunk Port" on BOTH switches to allow VLAN10 traffic to pass through from one switch to another. (Pretend that there are VLAN10 devices plugged into both switches, since that's what I have.)
I'm using the following equipment:
An example of the configuration page looks like the second and third images here.
My LAN is just: Router -> Core Switch -> Access Switches with nothing but clients and WAPs plugged into the Access Switches (i.e. no further layer of Switches) This is in the first image of the Imgur link above.
PRESENTING ISSUE Ever since I set up this IDF, my DHCP for Wifi clients has been FUBAR. The DHCP server was offering IPs on the management VLAN (86) and I stopped that by reverting the config on my main Wifi access switch, which I guess undid some unintended change.
Now it's offering IPs in the Wifi VLAN 92, but the clients aren't accepting them (i.e. DHCPREQUEST) and are falling back to 169.254 addresses.
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2023.06.07 15:30 Link2011 How to recover your Account IF you lost it

English First. Spanish translation after:
Hello. This is the Konosuba Service Team.
There are many inquiries for loss of account. So we announce again for less confusion and faster help.
For Safety of your account, an identity verification process is required. Please fill out the checklist as you can and send it to us. We will guide you after the identity verification process.
Essential Information (Need at least one of them) UserNo. Google Order Numbers about the Product of Konosuba: Fantastic Days. For Apple Users!!!: If you only have order numbers, we cannot find your account due to Apple's policy. This is only can be used for identity verification. We apologize for not giving you help.
For identity verification Player Name: Amount of all owned Quartz: Final access date:
If you contact us with a filled checklist, we will reply after checking them. Support from in game will faster then e-mail or official discord. You can also find support button at Menu button on Title screen.
Thank you.
Hola. Este es el equipo de servicio de Konosuba
Hay muchas consultas sobre cuentas perdidas Así que anunciamos nuevamente para menos confusión y una respuesta rápida.
Por seguridad de la cuenta, un proceso de verificación de identidad es requerido. Por favor llena la lista con los datos que se te piden para que puedas enviarnoslo. Te guiaremos durante el proceso posterior a la verificación de indentidad.
Información esencial Número de usuario ** Recibos de compras de Google respecto a compras sobre Konosuba: Días Fantásticos Para usuarios de Apple! Si sólo tienes recibos de compra, no es posible encontrar tu cuenta debido a las políticas de privacidad de Apple. Favor de llenar los demás requisitos Lamentamos el inconveniente de no poder auxiliar más.
Para verificar la identidad del jugador:
Número de cuenta (El número que aparece en tu perfil) Cantidad de cuarzos retenidos Fecha del último inicio de sesión
Si nos contactas por modmail con los requisitos solicitados arriba, procuraremos buscar la cuenta, Soporte** desde el juego es más rápido que por correo electrónico o discord. Puedes encontrar el botón de soporte en el Menú de la pantalla principal
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2023.06.07 15:30 VancityWarrior For New Integra owners with hatch leakage issue: 2022 Civic Hatch Leak TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) issued

For New Integra owners with hatch leakage issue: 2022 Civic Hatch Leak TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) issued submitted by VancityWarrior to Acura [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 15:30 rachnamakeovers Makeup Artist in Lucknow

Makeup Artist in Lucknow
For those seeking exceptional makeup artistry in Lucknow, one name shines brightly: Rachna Makeovers. With her impeccable skills, artistic flair, and passion for enhancing natural beauty, Rachna has established herself as the go-to makeup artist in the city.
Rachna's expertise lies in creating stunning and flawless looks for weddings, special events, and photo shoots. With a deep understanding of makeup techniques, she transforms her clients into their most radiant selves. Her ability to highlight individual features while ensuring a cohesive and harmonious look is truly remarkable.
What sets Rachna apart is her commitment to using high-quality products and staying up-to-date with the latest trends in the beauty industry. She understands that each client has unique preferences and desires, and she takes the time to listen attentively, ensuring that their vision is brought to life. Rachna's attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction are unparalleled.
Whether it's a soft and romantic bridal look, a glamorous red-carpet style, or a natural and radiant everyday makeup, Rachna's versatility and expertise shine through. She meticulously selects products and techniques that enhance her clients' natural features, allowing them to look and feel their absolute best.
In addition to her exceptional makeup skills, Rachna's warm and friendly demeanor creates a comfortable and enjoyable experience for her clients. She understands the importance of feeling confident and relaxed during the makeup process, and her calming presence puts her clients at ease.
Rachna Makeovers takes pride in creating personalized makeup looks that are tailored to each client's unique personality, style, and skin tone. With her attention to detail and dedication to achieving perfection, Rachna ensures that her clients leave her chair feeling beautiful, empowered, and ready to conquer the world.
🌐 Website: 📧 Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) ☎️ Phone: +919628772877 📍 Location: Riz Building, Gokhale Vihar Marg, Gokhle Marg, next to Makkhan Lal Ganeriwala, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001 }
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2023.06.07 15:29 StormPooper42 Good systems for low number of players and short campaigns

Currently I'm playing D&D (5e) with some friends, but sometimes it could happen to not play for 2/3 weeks in a row because some of the players of the group can't play (and we don't like to leave ppl behind). Our group consists of one master, 3 consistent players and one that plays when he gets the chance to not be at work.
This week and the next we will be only 2 players available to play and we will do something just because we feel bad about skipping 3 weeks on a row.
What I'm looking for is an alternative to 5e, suiting 2 players and a master and decent enough for short campaigns (since this would be a backup plan for when we can't play with the full group). I'm totally ignorant about the argument, I just played D&D and I tried Ironsworn (solo) for a couple of hours, so any advice is more than welcome
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2023.06.07 15:29 vagitarianqueen Unsure which watch to choose

I bet you get asked this a lot. But I tried searching the sub and I am still unsure.

I have currently fitbit Versa 2, but since they're now pushing us to use Google accounts, I want to switch. Some of my friends recommended me Polar and Garmin, but I am leaning towards Polar since their apps and products can be set to my native language which is a luxury. I am ok at English but still prefer my own language.
So, I am very broke but my aunt offered to buy the watch for me. I am super grateful, but I don't want to ask for anything super expensive so I first though about Unite because I could find one on sale for 99 €. But after reading this sub many people seem to think it's bad? I am not very sporty, but I do exercise regularly. For me sleep tracking is most important tho, rest of the data I just use for motivation to move. Sports that I do are: weight training 4 times a week, yoga once a week and some form of cardio once a week. On top of that I also walk a bit but I don't really count walking 2 km to the grocery store and back as an exercise.
Would Unity satisfy my needs or should I get a more pricey model? Also how does polar watches fit to smaller wrist? I have tiny wrist (13 cm) and when I was younger I had some polar sensor that came with a watch that was horribly bulky. This was around 10+ years ago tho so I guess all has changed.. :D
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2023.06.07 15:29 lawofmurphy RateMyLeague - Free Detailed League Ranking PDF Reports

Hey there,
RML's free league-ranking PDF reports are up and running. Last year, over 2,500 dynasty leagues ran RML reports. I know there are a number of very cool power ranking tools out there these days, but I think RateMyLeague's offers a unique perspective. They also work for (almost) every league imaginable. They work for MFL, Sleeper, Fleaflicker, and ESPN (and maybe Yahoo but I'm not sure they've opened for 2023 yet). They work for 96-team leagues, IDP leagues, and just about everything in between. Another bonus is that I use the basic league info to do a cool little census report that I post on the sub. I think it's a great barometer of what kind of leagues are out there. So running a report helps give me more reliable data!
RML PDF Reports
Teams are ranked based on the following:
Redraft Consensus Value - Redraft value is broken down into projected starting value and then overall roster value. Within this, league scoring (Standard, HPPR, PPR) will impact the player rankings. The tool automatically detects Superflex/2QB set-ups and adjusts values for that. It also will automatically detect TE Premium scoring systems and adjust player values for it.
Dynasty Consensus Value - Dynasty value is just based on full-roster consensus dynasty value. In the report, players that gain or lose significant dynasty value are marked with the value change in orange (positive dyn change) or blue (negative dyn change).
Future Draft Capital - A team’s draft portfolio will obviously impact the strength of a franchise’s position. RML uses DYNAMIC draft pick valuation. I.E - Picks belonging to STRONG redraft teams are devalued and picks belonging to WEAK redraft teams are boosted. Picks in orange are INCOMING draft picks from weak redraft rosters. Picks in blue are INCOMING draft picks from strong redraft rosters. The biggest change I made this year is that I am dynamically weighting future draft capital depending on the team situation. Meaning, "productive struggle" teams have a higher draft capital weight as part of their team score. It's the aimless, go nowhere teams that should fall to the bottom of the rankings this year.
IDP Redraft Value - Obviously only applies to IDP leagues, but should adjust to Sleeper’s IDP system (DL/LB/DB), MFL’s default system (DT/DE/LB/CB/S), or Fleaflicker’s TruePos (IL/EDLB/CB/S)
All of that gets boiled down into a team-score (out of 10) and that’s how teams are ranked.
Generally, all dollar values are based on a $200 cap, but for SF/2QB leagues, it’s more like $250 and with IDP, it’s more than that. If you have a 48+ team league, the average roster will fall to $150 or so.
From there, I track more stuff that doesn’t impact the rankings but is fun to look at:
Reports are running fairly quickly but I still can only run so many at a time so if the queue builds up, it could result in longer back-ups…but the reports will eventually run. Please let me know if anything looks wrong or doesn’t work with a report.
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2023.06.07 15:29 PlaceOwn9493 Should ai just quit?

Ok, hear me out.
My employer employed a young man from the Middle East (same nationality as the owner). He was muddling through but needed some guidance at times. I was the one he attached himself too when requiring help, understanding etc would come to my store just to feel included I think - the issues started to arise about 2 months ago when he called one of my staff fat, & suggested women should do more cleaning, if you catch where I am going with this. My store is primarily made up of women. We had a tiny verbal argument a few weeks ago over a few things, inclusive of that and HIS safety. He's interfering with things when I'm not there now also. Observing my staff & making them feel scrutinised.
So he came into work a few nights ago, I am working & organising prices and locations with my 2IC on the phone - he starts touching the safe & doesn't think I'm paying attention.
He presses buttons. Beep. Nothing. He starts pressing buttons and plays around with it until.. he backs off and wanders away. I go out to the office, and I hear an incessant beeping. I ask what it is AND THIS GUY PRETENDS HE DOESN'T KNOW. The young man I'm training assumed it was the till & he'd done something to cause it. The other manager starts fiddling with the till, suggesting things it could be.
I go to the safe & I'm like 'OK so why is THIS beeping then', he's trigger the security in the safe, and it's flashing a warning. Ok, so we've all stuffed the code before & usually you can wait 5 min and try again. NOT THIS TIME. I can account for mistakes and general silliness, but somehow, he's triggered the safe to completely lock down. I dont have any way of accessing the safe, the change & and can not do nightly banking. He completely denies it until I say that I saw him, then and only then did he concede. After 11 hours of work, I was pretty aggravated. It causes me more work & I have a way to access the safe without the owner & he lives over an hour away. So I called him an idiot & told him to stop interfering or use his words. Why the hell is he touching it ANYWAY?! I didn't scream or yell, but I did swear.
I get home later & he's sent me text messages that include if you think you're the only one who can raise their voice your miataken(angry texting I assume) & Next don't even think to stand in my way BY any shape or form I can escalate this. You know that
u not going to have a chance to do that again to me
I have this all on camera. I took this as a threat and addressed it with the owner who brushed it off as a bad day for both of us & that he wasn't threatening. Just that he was saying he could be rude, too. Which even on the face of it is a threat to be rude?
Am I overreacting & acting out of anger? Am I being a bully?
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2023.06.07 15:28 ADivineDestiny Will I be blessed again Today from Costco 🤪

Will I be blessed again Today from Costco 🤪
Each day I waited an hour to see these, was the highest I saw 😅
The algorithm knows 👀
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2023.06.07 15:28 Demi_remy__ AITA for getting annoyed that a work manager bailed on my birthday plans to make another event with his own team?

In my office everyone’s really cordial and friendly with each other - we’re the type of office where people go out with each other most Friday nights. Several different ‘teams’ inside the same office, each with a team leader. Team leaders very occasionally organise dinners for their team. I’m personally friends with one of the other team leaders, let’s call him Jack - he is not my team leader but we get on very well in and out of the office.
A month ago, I organised my birthday plans (for this month) because i was going away for several weeks. I invited most colleagues, Jack and a few of the other team leaders. A good number of people RSVP’d as coming, and I booked at a venue for the number of people who confirmed. I then left to enjoy my holiday, very much looking forward to what was awaiting me when I came back.
Returned to work, back in the office, party is on next Friday, I go and say to Jack “are you looking forward to next Friday?” . He replies “ohh…. Ooops, I organised my team dinner for that night :( But I will definitely come around afterwards!” . Sure enough, going around asking some colleagues, Jacks team dinner lead to another three people bailing on my party who also said the “but we will definitely come after!”. Which I just don’t have faith in really.
The next day, I just wasn’t happy and avoided most eye contact with him in the office including refusing to look at him
Jack towards the end of the day came over and said hey are we ok? Look I’m sorry… :(
Like yeah, how i feel is, I’m annoyed that clearly i wasn’t important enough to remember my birthday was on the day you set up your team dinner, not to mention you took three people down with you as well, definitely happy birthday to me! How embarrassing if anyone else asks why isn’t X Y or Z here, well guess what i have to tell them! Then I look bad!
I still think a fun time can be had at my birthday next week with the remainder of people coming but cant help but feel its still going to be a scaled down experience with the several people now missing (or coming late if that) and can’t help but feel sulky and perhaps a bit resentful…
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2023.06.07 15:28 Sati1984 [Better Call Saul] In "Chicanery", Chuck is busted for faking his EHS because of a cellphone battery. Why didn't he try to defend himself by saying that the battery is not in use / not powering anything, thus is not affecting him?

I can imagine Chuck reversing this (brillant) play by Saul, saying (in his usual semi-condescending tone):
"Oh, but Jimmy... All these years, and you never managed to fully understand my condition [shakes head, takes a pause, holds up battery for everyone to see] This battery is not in use, so current is not flowing through it - thus it can't affect me. If you [looks at Jimmy/Saul] somehow planted a cellphone on my person - a cellphone turned on that is - I would be extremely uncomfortable right now, and would have been from the moment the phone came in close contact. But this? This is yet another failed attempt from you to discredit a sick man - your brother, no less. [slowly shakes head] Shame on you. [drops mic battery]
Why didn't Chuck do this? This scene always bothered me for this reason. A battery is - of course - "a source of electricity", but since it was not operational when Huell planted it on him, I always thought he had this exact way out. Deep down inside he should know that his "condition" is psychosomatic in nature, so his self defense mechanisms should have kicked in, bending the rules of his "condition" to his favor in this scenario. It would have been completely in character too.
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2023.06.07 15:28 swpete Devices in HA not responding with z2m

I am using a Zigbee Dongle-E for my z2m on HA. I have the zigbee device connected to my unRaid server and have HA as a VM instance. The server is in my garage and the zigbee dongle is connect via long USB extension to the middle of the upstairs of my house, roughly 15-20 feet away.
I have 57 devices connected to my z2m. Had updates the dongle when I first bought it to allow for the larger number of devices. And until the last few weeks everything was running smooth. Now I am randomly losing connection to specific devices. Specifically my IKEA smart blinds and some basic light bulbs.
I attempt to control them via HA and the devices don't respond. Sometimes if I reboot z2m, they then work. Other times, I have to manually hit the button on them (like the blinds) to get them to respond.
I've got to assume this is a z2m issue rather than a device issue? But I'm not 100% sure. I have read that the Dongle-E was still experimental but that was a while ago.
Should I change to the Dongle-P? Or just reset network? Suggestions?
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2023.06.07 15:28 Puzzled_Rain6610 Booking Vacation Packages thru Chase Partners

Does anyone know if it is at all possible to book vacation packages with any of the travel partners that chase offers?
Southwest offers packages but does not allow to book them with points (I believe United Airlines is the same way?) So you are stuck booking flights and hotels individually which is far more expensive. I know American Airlines offers this but I don’t think there’s any way to transfer points into them.
In my mind it is probably most efficient to book cheaper vacation packages through Spirit Vacations or Vacations to-go, receive 2x pts back and then redeem that for cash, compared to booking the same trip in separate pieces thru airlines and hotels individually.
If anyone has any insight it’d be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.07 15:27 Kinmuan Quick reminder to USAREC folks - you probably won’t have a 4 day for July 4th

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