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📍 Beaumont, TX

2023.06.07 08:01 GuccixGerm 📍 Beaumont, TX

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2023.06.07 02:32 fernny33757 Moving from Cali to Texas

Hello guys. I am wondering if anyone here has done a trip from Cali to Texas or bise versa? I am on the process to relocate to Houston, probably by the end of the month. I have a 2022 M3LR. I tried to input the location where I am relocating but the map is telling me there is no routes available. I downloaded the supercharger app and I setup the route there but between Tucson AZ and Big Spring TX. There is a huge gap where it doesn’t show a super charger. I don’t even know if I would be able to drive my car to Texas with confidence. Any help or suggestions would be really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.06 23:51 t0tal_Newb Old Apartment

So to make a long story short, I had a very deep background check for work at the end of 2022. During the interview portion of it, the lady asked me if I had any outstanding debt or bills sent to collections. I told her that it was just whatever was on my credit card (I pay it off monthly) and student loans. She asked if I was sure to which I replied "yes." She then informed me that I owed a couple hundred dollars to an apartment complex in Louisiana (currently in TX) that I moved out of in May of 2020.
This complex never informed me that I owed them anything. I called them up and asked if I could speak to a manager to sort this out. I was told the manager was not in that day and to call back in the next couple of days. When I called back, I was told that the bill was for the last 1/2 month of electric, the damage my dog did to the blinds, and not returning my keys/parking pass. The electric bill and repair for the blinds are obviously not the issue, but I am more that 100% certain that I returned my keys and parking pass. I even remember the small manila envelope that I put they keys and pass in when I did my final check out in the office.
The manager told me to send an email explaining my grievance to the complex while till on the phone with me. I sent the email explaining what's above. At the end of the email, I said that I would be more than happy to mail them a check if the issue was resolved. I was then told that they would not accept money from me no matter what and I would have to pay the collections company directly. By my understanding, that would cause my credit score to go down quite a bit and I would like to avoid that happening. I have not been able to get into contact with them since that last phone conversation. No response to emails or voicemails. How can I resolve this without getting screwed?
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2023.06.06 23:50 BeneficialPressure32 Winnsboro, Tx Conspiracy - Proving Boomers Will Try To Destroy Anything New , Including Better Income Possibilities. (Long read, but so worth it)

In June of 2021, a new company, Texas Sigma Partners LLC, moved into the little town of Winnsboro bringing opportunity for growth both physically and financially, as well as high paying jobs for the citizens of Winnsboro and it's surrounding residents. Most positions were filled fairly quickly and production started up.
TSP is a sister plant, subsid if you will, of the south Tx Sigma Agriculture that brings in well over 6+ million in revenue each year while researching , manufacturing and producing the most up to date, highest quality organic fertilizer that's available in North America. At this plant specifically, its comprised of chicken litter (poop) , natural molasses, and a binder ingredient that consists of things like bacteria, carbon, etc. All organic according to their website.
Very shortly after production started, about 27 older, long time citizens of the town started complaining of an "odor" emitting from the building, and having a hard time breathing and or enjoying their homes. Around this time, unfortunately one of the portions of the plant caught fire and caused one of the scrubbers to go out. During the fire, no one including WFD was worried due to their not being any major chemicals in the building that would explode, unlike many other plants located in Winnsboro. The group of boomers though, didn't let the opportunity slide. They managed to call and complain to TCEQ, the environmental QC of Tx, so much so that they were forced to run air , water and other tests. A few of them flooded the City Council meetings with lack luster tantrums filled with misleading or even half truthful information stating that the plant is in so many violations and a nuisance to the town, and even shutting business down. They continued to demand that the City Council shut the plant down or remove it, which is something they have no control over.
TCEQ ran every test they could think of and found that TSP was in fact in violation of a few codes and things but nothing worth an immediate shut down. Stuff like a few extra parts per million over allowed standards. Sigma immediately began the process to remedy those mistakes so that production could continue and no one would lose their jobs. Part of that of course, was getting the equipment replaced that "happened" to catch fire, ironically, the same equipment used to decrease the output of stench associated with the chicken litter. This is where it starts to get wildly interesting.
At this point, the boomers refused to let it go. They ended up hiring an "outside party" to come in and tests ALL SORTS of stuff. Run off water, air quality, you name it. And wouldn't ya know it, the results came back that TSP was in massive amounts of violations. Shortly after, the ring leader of the "sick " boomers, and a few other people, hired a Tyler law firm and proceeded to sue Sigma with the ultimate goal of a complete shut down and financial restitution for their "troubles" and "injuries". They went to court and the judge (Wood County) ordered that TSP operations be temporarily suspended until the remedies were complete and or further testing could be done with clean results.
TSP did just that. Spent well over a million on new equipment, new scrubbers, filters and even went as far as to raise the steam stacks (during processing, the mixture is heated to help combine ingredients. Not burned, just heated which emits mild steam that then leaves the stacks) so that it was high enough not to cause odor for the city. Now , in order to have the final stack test done, the plant has to be operational for 45 days. The judge granted them to do so for that. And the complaints started pouring in again.
I am going to list some facts real quick to help paint a picture.
-TSP is located in the designated industrial complex of Winnsboro in the furthest building from town.
-They are neighbors to multiple fowl smelling plants including a milk/cheese/dairy plant called Keller's Creamery (which sprays rotten/spoiled milk onto its surrounding fields), a twice weekly active Sale Barn that sees thousands of farm animals a week, a stone manufacturer , a feed mill that houses Ammonium Nitrate , the Cities Rodeo Arena and so many other things.
-Winnsboro and its surrounding counties have over 100+ dairy and chicken farms that residents of the area have described smelling for over 20+ years.
- The area is also known for its vast expansion of hay fields that are regularly sprayed with potent manure through the year (fertilizer) to promote growth.
From what I have been able to read on public forums, it seems the complaining group continued to complain about it way past the plants operational hours, and even during the time when they were completely shut down by the injunction. Recently , now that the plant is operating in prep for the test, someone was observed ranting about it on a Sunday morning. The boomers were still convinced that the plant was operating and continuously tried to convince others with zero proof. A resident posted the open/close hours and expressed that it couldn't possibly be the plant because they didn't operate on weekends, and the boomers continued to ignore the facts and attacked the resident. One of them, the above mentioned ring leader, has just recently said she is having to have "major heart surgery because of the fumes from the plant". When questioned by what I believe to be the same resident of the area , they became defensive and argumentative. Over the last few weeks, I have seen several new commenters that are for the plant and its workers show up to discuss it on the forums.
Get this though, the suit was filed on 04/25/2022 claiming Injury/Damages. That was over a year ago and if I have my time line correct, they were barely operational if at all. And no one has complained about it , other than the boomers about the smell. I have TONS of questions.
  1. How can you file a suit for injury/damages when no one had been injured at the time, just "annoyed"?
  2. If the plant and its fumes are truly that toxic, why hasn't any of the staff been affected or sick yet? Should they be questioned or had physical's done for their own safety? Some of the contributors to the forums have worked their for over 6+ months. They are perfectly healthy.
  3. Winnsboro is made up of over 3000 active residents, so why only 27 plaintiff's if its causing quality of life to be essentially non-existent?
  4. Why is this an injury/damage suit instead of TCEQ violations/environmental havoc/EPA suit?
  5. Where even is the Environmental Agencies if this is a toxic plant harming people?
  6. Why would the residents complain about the smell of a chicken litter plant when surrounded by countless chicken and dairy farms already? I have noticed several citizens have mentioned its not worse than those and most hardly even know the difference.
  7. Is it legal to claim that the plant is causing you to have heart surgery without substantial proof of that? To add to that, wouldn't you assume that your medical records would be subpoenaed during an injury trial? What's the consequence for lying?
  8. Has there been an investigation into the where-a-bouts of the complaining citizens the day of the fire? Could they have caused it on purpose?
  9. Why in the world would residents try to run a business out of town that offers growth and financial gain?
  10. Wouldn't you want and welcome outsiders to your town to generate revenue and what not? Do they not know that attacking whoever they don't like with lies and excuses causes the town to have a bad rep? Aside from the fact that there are more churches than stores in the whole town which proves they are set in their ways.
With all this , even as little information that is here, I believe it's safe to say that something isn't adding up here and it needs to catch widespread attention. From the info I have gathered, the plant has not purposely done anything to anyone and they have made overwhelming efforts to fix what little mistakes were made and be in total compliance. Additionally, considering the geographical and agricultural area the town sits in, its possible the "bad odor" residents keep complaining about may not in fact be from that specific plant.

You can find the only (very biased) article on it here :
You can find the case and list of events in the case at the Wood County Records website.
Case# 2022-187.
Unfortunately , nothing but the case parties and list is available on their website. Still actively researching for the case materials. I'm a very intrigued outsider and plan to look into this further and follow it.
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2023.06.06 21:41 Forgotwhoisignedinas DYI bouquet go 1

DYI bouquet go 1
i was NOT expecting to start making my bouquet now. i was not, i swear lol... i was just buying the flowers because they were on sale! and then... and then it's all a spiral and i can't stop looking at this wonderful thing in my kitchen, asking a thousand questions in my head as to how it can be improved, because i know nothing about making bouquets.
i have a LOT of time, and about 7 stems of orchids left. all of the tulips i ordered are there (though there's 10 total and you can't see them all in the pic).

i'm not sure if i was going for a cascade or a round with a falling orchid stem... idk what i was going for i ended up here. FH likes it but idk? is it too out-of-box? open to other fillers (i have white eucalyptus i didn't use) or other flowers (as long as they're not roses.)

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2023.06.06 20:51 TurtleFaceMaGee02 Is TOOL really that disliked by non-fans ?

I scrolled on Instagram and saw Loudwire talking about the new date announcements (no TX dates sadge) and the comments were mostly filled with negative remarks either about TOOL being bad or just bring boring. I'm not new to hearing about it from videos I see or whatnot, but to actually see it happen in real time in the comments had me wondering if they're really that disliked by the metal community. I've grown up with their stuff and I saw them in 2022, and it was amazing, but there's always a negative stigma around them I just don't understand
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2023.06.06 20:44 BrandonDavidTattooer New to the sub, looking for advice on this card

New to the sub, looking for advice on this card
Recently started collecting again and I have started with retail for the price. I know they over print these so it’s very rare to find anything of actual value. But, I just pulled a numbered green holo “winner stays” Larry bird. 094/149 numbered. 2022-23 panini optics. I see plenty of the non numbered ones online but can’t find anything about this numbered card. Any advice on pricing it ?
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2023.06.06 17:01 Seindarforever992 Season pass questions

First time going this year and very excited. First solo adult trip and looking forward to all the “fancy drinks”😂. I have hotel reservations for early September, but my family is also planning on going for a day or two in February of next year. I’m assuming at that point the Season Pass would be a smart move? I saw online Passholders get discounts on HHN tickets? Can anyone confirm or deny if this is a smart move? I was also considering a quick weekend trip down for the Mardi Gras celebrations as well if I went this route. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.06 16:26 Terrible-Net9736 Recipe from a French website. I just can't find the words...

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2023.06.06 16:07 GuyWithCanTheNewbie Looking for Mardi Grad Advice

Well as the title says, I need advice about Mardi Gras in a little bit of a different way.
I plan to visit Disney World from Mobile February the 10th-13th, but I heard on the WaltDisneyWorld subreddit, that A LOT of NOLA and Louisiana as a whole, flock to WDW around those dates and the parks end up CROWDED.
Is that true? Should I plan for a different week? Or will all the people in NOLA be to distracted by the Mardi Gras celebration?
(Yes I know this isn’t a Disney sub-Reddit, but my question is best answered by locals of the area)
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2023.06.06 13:03 126ismyfavenumber Turning Mardi Gras beads into rosaries?

I am in need of a number of inexpensive rosaries, but I don't want to contribute to the production of more cheap plastic stuff.
Mardi gras beads seem to be relatively cheap, extremely disposable, and in abundance. I kind of like the idea of upcycling something associated with debauchery into something used as a tool for prayer. I'd also be saving some plastic from the landfill. Has anybody else seen this done? Any tips?
Their final destination will be in care packages that I periodically hand out to homeless people throughout my travels (undergarments, first aid, hygiene products, local resource guides, a prayer card, and a rosary).
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2023.06.06 12:58 126ismyfavenumber DIY rosary from Mardi Gras beads?

EDIT: Mardi Gras beads are a scourge upon this earth. They can't melt and the beads are fused to the cord. I hate them and I will never ever recommend buying them. Literally the worst plastic I have handled. The ones I have melted smelled foul.
I am in need of a number of inexpensive rosaries, but I don't want to contribute to the production of more cheap plastic stuff.
Mardi gras beads seem to be relatively cheap, extremely disposable, and in abundance. I kind of like the idea of upcycling something associated with debauchery into something used as a tool for prayer. I'd also be saving some plastic from the landfill. Has anybody else seen this done? Any tips?
Their final destination will be in care packages that I periodically hand out to homeless people throughout my travels (undergarments, first aid, hygiene products, local resource guides, a prayer card, and a rosary).
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2023.06.06 12:32 boutell New US CCS chargers report for May 2023

Here are all of the new US CCS (Level 3 fast-charging) stations that rolled out in May 2023, according to the Department of Energy. These chargers are suitable for most new EVs on the market, except for:
  1. Tesla drivers who haven't bought the official CCS adapter yet. Certain older Teslas need additional work done to accept the adapter.
  2. Leaf owners like me, and some owners of older cars that also use CHAdeMO. If you drive a Leaf, or an older CHAdeMO car, see my matching post in leaf.
Some of these chargepoints will be "refreshes," e.g. the provider replaced them with faster chargers etc. Some may be incorrect. This report is only as good as the Alternative Fuels Data Center data.
There were 222 CCS charge points added or refreshed in May 2023, which is up from 171 in April. For comparison, there were only 74 new CCS charge points in May 2022. Things are speeding up.
"What about CCS charging at Tesla superchargers?" Tesla is in the process of rolling out their "magic dock" for non-Tesla cars, but so far in very few locations. If they start doing this at scale and reporting it to the Alternative Fuels Data Center then it will be reflected here.
"What about Ford vehicles with NACS (Tesla) plugs?" They are not on sale yet. Current-generation Ford vehicles have CCS plugs. The next generation will have NACS (Tesla) plugs, but will also support CCS via an adapter.
If you'd like to know about new chargers along your routes right away, or just prefer not to check this list monthly when new openings are rare in your area, I've set up a free service that provides email notifications as soon as they open. You can sign up at Or not! I don't really have a business plan here, I built it to help EV owners like myself.
To streamline this post, multi-chargepoint locations are listed with the number of chargepoints first, so that's why the post is shorter than in previous months.
➡ AR (1) Franklin's Charging Little Rock 724 Woodrow St Little Rock, AR 72205 ➡ AZ (6) 942 E Parma Street (US-CMK-NVL-2A) 942 E Parma Street Gila Bend, AZ 85337 (1) Kroger Frys 62 (Mesa, AZ) 554 W Baseline Rd Mesa, AZ 85210 ➡ CA (1) Fairfield Inn & Suites 8700 Spectrum Pkwy Bakersfield, CA 93308 (1) MOSSY CDJR DC 1 1875 Auto Park Ave Chula Vista, CA 91911 (3) DC CORRIDOR CHEVRON C DC 2 25032 W Dorris Ave Coalinga, CA 93210 (1) South Coast Collection (SoCo) 3303 Hyland Ave Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (1) SCPPA SCPPA CPE200T 1160 Nicole Ct Glendora, CA 91740 (1) Chase Bank - 925 N Hacienda Blvd 925 N Hacienda Blvd La Puente, CA 91744 (1) WOODLANDHILLS ABB 24KW 01 22006 Erwin Street Los Angeles, CA 91367 (1) 7071 - Merced, CA (2020 Childs Ave) 2020 Childs Ave Merced, CA 95341 (1) Mojave Air & Spaceport (Building 1) 16922 Airport Blvd Mojave, CA 93501 (1) BMW MONROVIA OFF NETWORK 01 1425 Mountain Ave Monrovia, CA 91016 (1) Albertsons 1345 (Morro Bay, CA) 730 Quintana Road Morro City, CA 93442 (1) 3333 Fruitvale Ave 3333 Fruitvale Ave Oakland, CA 94602 (1) 7126 - Oakley, CA (5540 Bridgehead Road) 5540 Bridgehead Road Oakley, CA 94561 (1) CircleK - Palm Desert, CA 78005 Country Club Dr Palm Desert, CA 92211 (1) Hilton Garden Inn 20 Advantage Ct Sacramento, CA 95834 (1) BoA Hillcrest CA0-120 (San Diego, CA) 737 UNIVERSITY AVE San Diego, CA 92103 (1) WinCo Foods - Vacaville #60 855 Davis St Vacaville, CA 95687 ➡ CO (1) CITY OF ASPEN RIO GRANDE L3 427 Rio Grande Pl Aspen, CO 81611 (4) CSG EV BOULDER PL4 1500 Pearl St Boulder, CO 80302 (5) 1 Flatiron Crossing (US-ME8-73R-2B) 1 Flatiron Crossing Broomfield, CO 80021 (1) CircleK - Colorado City, CA 8950 S Interstate 25 Colorado City, CO 81004 (2) GPM INVESTMENTS 4590 DC1 8105 N Academy Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80920 (2) KUM & GO CRAIG PL2 700 East Victory Way Craig, CO 81625 (1) DINO WELCOME DINOSAUR PL1 101 Stegosaurus Freeway Dinosaur, CO 81610 (2) PIKES PK CHARGE BA.CA.MI LLC #2 11027 US-24 Divide, CO 80814 (4) ANNEX SITE GEORGETOWN PL4 1120 Argentine Street Georgetown, CO 80444 (4) KUM & GO RIFLE PL4 705 Taugenbaugh Boulevard Rifle, CO 81650 (2) KUM & GO SB SPRINGS PL2 80 Anglers Drive Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 ➡ CT (1) BOA East Hartford CT2-120 (Hartford, CT) 805 E Main Street East Hartford, CT 06108 (1) HARTFORD BMW ABB OUTSIDE 1 Weston Park Rd Hartford, CT 06120 ➡ DE (1) First State Chevrolet 22694 DUPONT BLVD GEORGETOWN, DE 19947 ➡ FL (1) JNKNS JACKSONVI DC FAST 2 11107 Atlantic Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32225 (1) Simon Tampa Premium Outlets (Lutz, FL) 2300 Grand Cypress Dr Lutz, FL 33559 (1) Starbucks 9200 FL-228 Macclenny, FL 32063 (1) Ocean Cadillac 17800 Ipco Road Miami, FL 33162 (1) Sun Plaza 6339 W Colonial Dr Orlando, FL 32818 (1) Simon Orlando Vineland (Orlando, FL) 8200 Vineland Ave Orlando, FL 32821 (1) Simon Tyrone Square (St Petersburg, FL) 6901 22nd Ave N Peterburg, FL 33710 (1) BHY CHARGER 1 9915 E Adamo Dr Tampa, FL 33619 (1) Chase Bank - 5601 Red Bug Lake Rd 5601 Red Bug Lake Rd Winter Springs, FL 32708 ➡ GA (1) GEORGIA POWER EPICENTER DC1 135 riverside parkway SW Austell, GA 30168 (1) JACKSON EMC GAINESVILLE 1000 Dawsonville Highway Gainesville, GA 30501 ➡ IL (1) Castle Chevrolet North 175 N Arlington Heights Rd Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 (1) Sunrise Chevrolet 414 E N Ave Glendale Heights, IL 60139 ➡ IN (1) AVON HYUNDAI SALES 8775 E 36 Avon, IN 46123 (1) SHRM CHRG MERCEDESBENZFW 7227 W Jefferson Blvd Fort Wayne, IN 46804 (1) HOC CHARGERS CHARGER #1 4200 E 96th St Indianapolis, IN 46240 (1) Sullivan Cadillac 4040 SW College Rd Ocala, IN 34474 ➡ KS (1) HATCHETT FRONT_WEST 11200 E Central Ave Wichita, KS 67206 (1) HATCHETT BACK EAST 11330 E Central Ave Wichita, KS 67206 ➡ KY (1) JEFF WYLER FH EXPRESS 250 949 Burlington Pike Florence, KY 41042 ➡ LA (1) All Star Automotive 12730 Airline Highway Baton Rouge, LA 70817 (1) Target T1469 (Monroe, LA) 4103 Pecanland Mall Dr Monroe, LA 71203 ➡ MA (6) MASSPORT TNC 4 226 Porter St Boston, MA 02128 (2) MASSPORT TAXI 4 56 Harborside Dr Boston, MA 02128 (1) Littleton Electric Light & Water Department 39 Ayer Road Littleton, MA 01460 ➡ MD (2) POTOMAC EDISON ROCKY GAP DC1 16701 Lakeview Rd NE Flintstone, MD 21530 ➡ ME (1) DARLINGS HYUNDA SALES CHARGER 2 439 Western Ave Augusta, ME 04330 (2) IRVINGOIL ME-FFLD-L3-0001 206 Center Rd Fairfield, ME 04937 (1) MOBIL ONTHEWAY STATION 1 1930 Lisbon Street Lewiston, ME 04240 (1) MOBIL ONTHEWAY STATION 2 1938 Lisbon St Lewiston, ME 04240 ➡ MI (1) Belle Isle DC Fast Charge 176 Lakeside Dr Detroit, MI 48207 (1) Meijer 254 (Hudsonville, MI) 4075 32nd Ave Hudsonville, MI 49426 (1) Evergetic Charging Spa 330 South Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard Lansing, MI 48915 (1) Genesis Cadillac 19900 E Nine Mile Road St Clair Shores, MI 48080 (1) MBSTL ENTRANCE ABB 1048 Hampton Avenue St. Louis, MI 63139 (1) Range USA Ypsilanti 660 James L Hart Pkwy Ypsilanti, MI 48197 ➡ MN (1) WINNER GAS BROOKDALE DR 1500 Brookdale Dr Minneapolis, MN 55444 ➡ MO (1) GM - Allen Christian Buick GMC Inc 724 W Business US Highway 60, Dexter, MO 63841 (1) Store 290 Joplin - 2101 S. Prigmore &I44 2101 S Prigmore Joplin, MO 64804 ➡ MS (1) 1685 High St 1685 High St Jackson, MS 39202 ➡ NC (1) CAPE HATTERAS AVON PIER DCFC2 41001 North Carolina Hwy 12 Avon, NC 27915 (1) Westcott Buick GMC 2410 S CHURCH ST BURLINGTON, NC 27215 (1) 9960 Poplar Tent Rd 9960 Poplar Tent Rd Concord, NC 28027 (1) AEMC- AEMC HQ FAST 125 Cooperative Way Hertford, NC 27944 (1) Capital Hyundai of Jacksonville 2325 N Marine Blvd Jacksonville, NC 28546 (1) Chestnut Arbor 2925 Weddington Matthews Rd Matthews, NC 28105 ➡ NE (1) ERNST CHARGER 1 EAC CHARGER 615 23rd St E Columbus, NE 68601 ➡ NH (1) Berlin City Chevrolet 545 MAIN STREET GORHAM, NH 03581 (2) Tanger Tilton Under Armour 06-07 120 Laconia Road Tilton, NH 03256 ➡ NJ (1) ShopRite Carteret - Wakefern #511 801 Roosevelt Ave Carteret, NJ 07008 (1) Lester Glenn Freehold 3712 Rte 9 Freehold, NJ 07728 (2) FREEHOLDHYUNDAI VERIZON 1 4075 9 Freehold Township, NJ 07728 (2) CLASS 3 CHARGER HYUNDAI-2 250 Rte 4 Paramus, NJ 07652 (1) CIRCLEAUTOGROUP CH- CPE250 1 641 Shrewsbury Ave Shrewsbury, NJ 07702 (1) ROUTE 1 HYUNDAI CPE-250-02 3905 US 1 South Brunswick Township, NJ 08852 (1) ROUTE 1 HYUNDAI RT1-01 3913 US-1 South Brunswick Township, NJ 08852 (1) Lester Glenn Buick-GMC 230 RTE 37 E TOMS RIVER, NJ 08753 (1) Lester Glenn Chevrolet 398 Rt 37 Toms River, NJ 08753 ➡ NY (1) AAA WESTCENTRAL DC FAST CHARGER 100 International Dr Amherst, NY 14221 (2) KEELER STATION 6 1111 Troy Schenectady Rd Latham, NY 12110 (1) LEXUSMIDDLETOWN STATION 1 3496 US-6 Middletown, NY 10940 (1) Lerner NYC Station Plaza (Port Jefferson Station, NY) 5145 Nesconset Highway Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776 (3) BOB JOHNSON BOB JOHNSON KIA 3817 W Henrietta Rd Rochester, NY 14623 (1) Burr Truck Level 3 DC Fast Charge 2901 Vestal Rd Vestal, NY 13850 ➡ OH (1) Serra Chevrolet 3281 S Arlington Rd Akron, OH 44312 (1) Tim Lally Chevrolet 24999 Miles Rd Bedford Heights, OH 44128 (2) CRESTMONT DRIVECRESTMONT2 2961 Center Rd Brunswick, OH 44212 (1) Lambert Buick GMC 2409 FRONT ST CUYAHOGA FALLS, OH 44221 (1) Hampton Inn - Canton 5256 Broadmoor Cir NW Canton, OH 44709 (1) JEFF WYLER EXPRESS 250 Loop @ Far Hills Centerville, OH 45459 (1) DONWOODAUTO DW CHEVY 2 12916 OH-664 Logan, OH 43138 (2) WAG ABB STATION 1 8457 N Springboro Pike Miamisburg, OH 45342 (1) JEFF WYLER CORP 4- DC FAST 401 Milford Pkwy Milford, OH 45150 (1) Friendship Kitchen 70 3800 E. State Rd. Port Clinton, OH 43452 (1) Friendship Kitchen 83 4024 Hayes Ave. Sandusky, OH 44870 (1) Serpentini Chevrolet of Strongsville 15303 Royalton Rd Strongsville, OH 44136 (1) Don's Automotive Group 720 N SHOOP AVE WAUSEON, OH 43567 (1) Bush Auto Place 1850 Rombach Avenue Wilmington, OH 45177 ➡ OK (1) EDMOND HYUNDAI EDMOND 4 14137 N Broadway Ext Edmond, OK 73013 ➡ OR (6) 12000 SE 82nd Ave (US-H8H-UM5-2A) 12000 SE 82nd Ave Happy Valley, OR 97086 (1) PGE IBEW 48 15937 NE Airport Way Portland, OR 97230 ➡ PA (1) DOYLESTOWN 024B1000008033 4465 W Swamp Rd Doylestown, PA 18902 (2) LIBERTY CHARWASH PL 2 2595 Maryland Road Willow Grove, PA 19090 (1) Bergeys Inc 518 RTE 309 colmar, PA 18915 ➡ PR (2) BMW AUTOGERMANA CPE 250 PKNG 2 106 Calle Acuarela Guaynabo, PR 00969 (2) BMW AUTOGERMANA FTZ120KW-2 1086 Ave. Muñoz Rivera San Juan, PR 00919 ➡ RI (1) Paul Masse Chevrolet 1111 Taunton Ave East Providence, RI 02914 ➡ SC (1) Travelers Rest Municipal Complex 125 Trailblazer Dr Travelers Rest, SC 29690 ➡ TN (4) I24 EXIT11 STATION 1 (LL) 701 Sango Road Clarksville, TN 37043 (2) DISTRICT 2 STATION 1 (L) 28 S Park Ave Hohenwald, TN 38462 (2) LAWRENCEBURG STATION 2 (R) 2347 Hwy 43 N Leoma, TN 38468 (1) MB OF MEMPHIS STATION 1 5401 Poplar Ave Memphis, TN 38119 ➡ TX (1) Friendly Chevrolet 2754 North Stemmons Way Dallas, TX 75207 (1) Plaza de Oro 4450 W Jefferson Blvd Dallas, TX 75211 (1) Shell 3302 S Eastman Rd Longview, TX 75602 (1) 3220 Gulf Fwy 3220 Gulf Fwy Texas City, TX 77591 ➡ UT (2) VOLVO CAR USA SANDY DC 2 56 W 9000 S Sandy, UT 84070 ➡ VA (1) BLACKWELL D1 4874 Riverside Dr Danville, VA 24541 (1) Fleet Management Site (For Testing Purpose Only) 512 Herndon Pkwy Herndon, VA 20170 (6) 2577 Jeb Stuart Highway (US-TDM-SCC-1C) 2577 Jeb Stuart Highway Meadows of Dan, VA 24120 (5) 2203 Franklin Road Southwest (US-TUJ-L2K-2C) 2203 Franklin Road Southwest Roanoke, VA 24014 (6) 437 Tiffany Drive (US-CHT-WF7-2C) 437 Tiffany Drive Waynesboro, VA 22980 (2) KOONS HYUNDAI STATION 1 1880 Opitz Blvd Woodbridge, VA 22191 ➡ VT (1) Cody Chevrolet 364 RIVER ST MONTPELIER, VT 05602 ➡ WA (1) 7112 - Bellevue WA (12903 NE 20th Street) 12903 NE 20th Bellevue, WA 98005 (1) 7060 - Burlington, WA (1790 South Burlington Blvd) 1790 South Burlington Blvd Burlington, WA 98233 (1) 5507 - Everett, WA (901 Casino Road) 901 Casino Road Everett, WA 98204 (1) 7025 - Everett, WA (13131 Bothell Everett Hwy) 13131 Bothell Everett Hwy Everett, WA 98208 (1) 4397 - Kelso, WA (1700 Allen Street) 1700 Allen Street Kelso, WA 98626 (1) 7063 - Olympia, WA (1725 Evergreen Park Drive SW) 1725 Evergreen Park Drive SW Olympia, WA 98502 (2) HANSON MOTORS HM3 QUICKCHARGE 2300 Carriage Loop SW Olympia, WA 98502 (1) 7096 - Sequim, WA (51 Carlsborg Road) 51 Carlsborg Road Sequim, WA 98382 (1) Walmart 2539 - Spokane Valley, WA 15727 E Broadway Ave Spokane Valley, WA 99037 (1) 7054 -Vancouver, WA 98664 (10314 SE Mill Plain Road) 13014 SE Mill Plain Rd Vancouver, WA 98684 (1) 7059 - Woodinville, WA (13023 NE 175th St) 13023 NE 175th St Woodinville, WA 98072 ➡ WI (1) BERG HYUNDAI VLI-L3-PDI-4 2900 N Victory Ln Appleton, WI 54913 (1) Wheelers Chevrolet of Coloma 1978 Charles Way Coloma, WI 54930 (1) Wheelers Chevrolet GMC of Marshfield 2701 S. Maple Ave Marshfield, WI 54449 
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2023.06.06 11:02 Helpful_Vacation_319 [Débutant] Transformation vouée à l'échec ?

[Débutant] Transformation vouée à l'échec ?
Bonjour à tous,
Compte jetable uniquement pour ce post.
Comme vous avez pu le voir dans le titre, je suis débutant en musculation (depuis Septembre) mais je stagne déjà. Je viens d'avoir 26ans et je pense avoir une bonne hygiène de vie, que je vais détailler.
Je fais 1m75 pour 70kg, j'ai toujours eu un physique de skinny fat. J'ai décidé de changer ça et je le suis un peu moins maintenant.
Le problème est que j'avais fait Insanity en 2021 et j'avais atteint un poids de 63kg et un physique qui commençait à me convenir. Je ne sais pas ce que j'ai fait en 2022, mais mon physique s'est dégradé. J'ai donc repris la salle de sport en Septembre mais je n'ai pas de résultat visible et je stagne en termes de performance sur mes séances.
Si vous vous demandez quel est mon objectif, il est cliché.
Je veux prendre du muscle en diminuant le gras ou en en prenant le moins possible. Je veux de meilleures perfs (plus de force) sans avoir un physique grassouillet comme actuellement.
Photo à l'appui, Août 2021 vs Juin 2023 :
Je voulais donc avoir des avis sur ma diète et mes séances pour comprendre où ça coince et pourquoi.
Voici ma diète :
Je mange ça tous les jours sans soucis. Je ne fais aucun restaurant et j’évite presque tous les écarts. En dehors des périodes de fêtes, je ne cheatmeal qu’une à deux fois par mois.
Le but de cette diète était une stagnation pour prendre du muscle et perdre le peu de gras que j’avais.
De Septembre à Décembre, mon poids a augmenté légèrement (+2kg, j’avais déjà pris du poids avant la salle) et je viens de vérifier ce matin, j’ai encore pris ~1kg (0.9kg pour être exact) depuis Mars 2023, donc ~3kg depuis Septembre 2022.
Le problème est donc que mon physique se dégrade alors que je fais attention à tout.
Je vais donc réduire 50g de poulet, 50g de riz, 25g de flocon d’avoine et le chocolat (-300kcal environ) pendant 3 mois afin de voir si je passe en maintenance.
Cependant, je ne suis pas sûr que ce soit la bonne solution. Je suis donc ouvert aux propositions si quelque chose vous semble plus flagrant.
Pour les dates, j’ai commencé cette diète un mois ou deux avant la première photo lorsque je faisais encore insanity.
Niveau séances (avec mes dernières perfs) :
Pareil, c'est une routine à laquelle je me tiens. J’ai décidé de faire un PPL car je trouvais ça plus fun et ciblé qu’un fullbody. Malheureusement, il y a un problème ici aussi.
Mes performances stagnent. Plusieurs semaines/mois que je n'ai pas augmenté le poids au développé couché/ tirage vertical.
J'ai souvent l'impression d'être cramé au bout de deux séries et, même avec un bon départ, je fini par ne pas augmenter ni le nombre de répétitions totales ni le poids sur un exercice.
J'essaie toujours, soit d'aller jusqu'à l'échec (tout du moins, le plus proche) soit d'augmenter le poids/nb de reps.
Je précise que ce problème se pose surtout sur des exos polyarticulaires du haut du corps.
Niveau jambes, je m'en sors plutôt bien et je ne sens pas encore de stagnation, mais ça pourrait arriver car je reviens peut-être de plus loin dessus.
Le principal problème de ce blocage est que ça me démotive et je me retrouve à changer d'exercice ou de passer sur une machine/aux haltères. Si encore j’avais une progression physique, je resterais motivé, mais là, je commence à me dire : À quoi bon faire tout ça ?
Est-ce que je dois faire plus de séances ? Ou ajouter des petites séances pdc les jours où je ne vais pas à la salle.
Rendre la séance abdo obligatoire ?
Rendre le cardio systématique en fin de séance haut du corps ?
Dois-je augmenter le nombre d'exercices ?
Dois-je passer en FullBody ?
Dois-je vraiment réduire les calories ?
Dois-je continuer la stagnation calorique ?
Partir sur une prise de masse pour avoir plus de muscle et une meilleure dépense calorique pour sécher ?
Sécher immédiatement puis revenir en stagnation et répéter le cycle ?
Prendre de la whey pour booster les protéines ? (ça aidera à réduire les calories ?)
En bref, qu'est-ce que je fais mal ?
Comment redresser la barre pour atteindre un physique qui me convient ?
Prendre du poids me fait peur car j’ai vite l’impression, comme ici, d’être trop grassouillet, mais si je sèche, je me trouverais trop maigre avec peu de muscles et de force.
Le pire étant que je n’ai réussi aucun des deux objectifs, mes performances stagnent et j’ai peur de devenir de plus en plus gras.
Merci à ceux qui m'auront lus jusqu'au bout (surtout vu la longueur du post) et à ceux qui me répondront
Résumé : J’ai fais de mon mieux niveaux diète et séances mais mes performances stagnent en plus de prendre du poids non voulu (principalement gras en plus) alors que je voulais juste faire une recomposition en prenant du muscle tout en perdant le petit surplus de gras sur j'avais. Je cherche donc ce que j'ai foiré
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2023.06.06 09:08 BradWurscht Tournoi du Navet d'or CinéSéries Quel est selon vous LE plus gros navet que vous ayez pu voir ?

Tournoi du Navet d'or CinéSéries Quel est selon vous LE plus gros navet que vous ayez pu voir ?

LE navet
Le tournoi Top 2022 vient de s'achever et vous avez élu pour grand vainqueur Everything Everywhere All At Once 121 votes face à Licorice Pizza 31 votes

On enchaîne sur le tournoi du plus gros navet aka. le Navet d'Or

Vous avez donc une semaine pour commenter cette publication avec LE plus gros navet que vous avez eu l'occasion de regarder. Merci de ne citer qu'un seul film, le pire du pire.
Nous prendrons alors les 16 films les plus mentionnés et upvotés.
1er match : Mardi prochain
À vous de jouer !
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2023.06.06 05:43 eminirose My boyfriend 19 M (of almost a year) doesn't want me 19F to get any toys.... What should I do?

(Boyfriend/19 M) and I (19F) started getting sexually intimate ever since we first started dating. This would range from fingering and oral for either party. From early on I was nervous having never been sexually intimate with someone physically before. I had been in previous relationships with online sex (which consisted of sending nude videos and pictures back and forth.) Ever since middle school I have browsed pornography and even played an 18+ online game. This grew to the point where I was addicted and would gain pleasure 3-4 times weekly. I didn’t stop watching porn until freshman or sophomore year. Although I would always feel pleasure I would never act on any thought. I once tried pleasuring myself on request of a past boyfriend over the phone and was completely disappointed and confused. I didn’t understand why my past boyfriends could get off and I’d sit there until any feeling I had deceased. Once I started dating (boyfriend) and became intimate with him I almost craved this new almost satisfying feeling. However I was on prozac and wellbutrin and we had figured it was the medicine making it difficult for me to orgasm. This worry gradually disappeared and we believed I needed penis-in-vagina intercourse. It’s been about 2-3 weeks since I have finally gotten off of my depression medication and our sexual intimacy has not gotten “worse” but it seems less pleasurable. My boyfriend had started to ask if I wanted to try anal and I was terrified. We had tried it the first time and it was weirdly uncomfortable even with lube, the second time it hurt so bad I pushed him away and burst into tears for almost 30 minutes. He promised we would never do it again and he never wanted to hurt me or make me feel uncomfortable. I love him so much and he is the first partner to ever treat me right. He always ask for my consent and of course I go along with it even if I’m unsure. I don’t want to disappoint him and I think this comes from my past relationships. I’ve always felt like I’m not worthy if I can’t please the one I love. I know that I need to tell him when I’m not comfortable and what’s on my mind but I’m scared. Once every 1-2 weeks I get really horny but of course I never am able to orgasm. I recently found an adult themed webcomic and I felt horny. I texted (boyfriend) and told him about it how I am unable to pleasure myself (I’ve mentioned it before this). Using my fingers feels like sticking fingers in my mouth and touching myself clitorially is exhausting and being physically weak doesn’t help. Yet again, I pee and wait for the feeling to go away. This helplessness led me to research different types of sex, pleasuring, and toys. I then starting browsing online for toys with the best reviews and putting them down on a list. I retake the BDSM test as well to see how my interests have changed since around 10 months ago. I send the results to (boyfriend) and he asks about what some of them mean and I explain to him. I like to consider myself a moderately kinky person, my boyfriend not so much. Fast forward a few hours, I’m a little embarrassed to show him what’s on my amazon list. I have a variety of items such as lingerie, bdsm, toys, lube, condoms, etc. He expresses that purchasing vibrators will make me no longer interested and immune to “the real thing.” As well as he’d rather I not use dildos. However, he expresses that he’d like to wait to have intercourse “until I have a ring on my finger” or “until a special occasion like a honeymoon.” This makes me feel absolutly defeated. I feel helpless, hopeless, and trapped. I know he wants to do things traditionally but I would never hold him to that standard. I know he may also be feeling insecure both sexually and because of his past relationships where he was taken advantage of. However, I think it’s unfair that I may not even be able to have a pleasurable orgasm until I’m married and he wants kids, while he can orgasm whenever he chooses. Anytime (boyfriend) and I get sexually intimate I get quiet and start to dissociate, not because I don’t want it of course. We had great sex in my car around Mardi Gras at the fair. I thought I was really close to an orgasm and that’s probably the last time I will be, for years that is. I plan to attend UL for 6 years for a masters in psychology, he hasn’t really got a set plan but he has the idea to go into the marines for 4 or 6 years while I’m in college. Neither of us are thrilled about the idea and we’re both worried our relationship will be impacted. I’m sure he would be disappointed and upset if I did end up getting sex toys for myself. I’m so lost, please help.
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2023.06.06 04:44 bernadette1010 My cat has Mardi Gras beads as her babies?

My 3yr old sweetheart has two of those plastic Mardi Grad bead necklace strands. She carries them to whichever room I’m in. She also sleeps with them. She cries for them so dramatically when they are upstairs and we’re downstairs and vice versa. She also loves to play fetch with them. Does she think they are her kittens or a toy or both?
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2023.06.06 04:17 Venice_Bellamy I feel need to list red flags

It's in order of me thinking about it. I need this off my chest.
  1. The freezer in the back freezes shut, the exit button doesn't work. Sometimes, the door either shocks us or showers us in sparks.
  2. The rotisserie oven "backfires" aka flames shoot out of the heating element and there's a boom. The oven was put in seven years ago, turns out it's thirty years old. No replacement parts allegedly.
  3. There were exposed wires behind the fryers. The manager looked right at it. It was only fixed because corporate needed to time how long we filter the grease.
  4. There's black mold around the deathtrap freezer.
  5. My dept manager refuses to print the schedule that allows us to see who is coming in and when. Ex. I didn't know the cake decorator was on vacation.
  6. The bakery workers leave at four or five. Us deli workers are expected to take cake orders.
  7. The frail woman who works GM was in so much pain this weekend was laying in the floor in the breakroom. She keeps asking for a helper. (We keep losing pricing workers for same reason.)
  8. My coworker had a serious coughing fit in break room, the district manager shushed her.
  9. The deli manager leaves cold food on a cart pushed up against the very hot rotisserie oven and she doesn't want us putting the food back in the cooler. (Cold foods such as salad, cooked Asian food, cooked chicken and macaroni and cheese.
  10. Deli manager leaving bags of mac and cheese or mashed potatoes on top of the not hot oven instead of using the warmer. She'll also leave cooked chicken sitting inside not hot, open oven for hours.
  11. In 2020, co-manager went to Mardi Gras, got sick. He came back and had us all sign papers saying we wouldn't talk about Covid with each other or customers. He also tried to claim workers who tested positive we lying. He also tried to deny their leave because they were tested "in wrong place". Today, he told me he expected me to tell the truth and not lie to him like the other deli workers. We are NOT allies. Period.
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2023.06.06 04:06 GoingCrazy0515 Global EDM Hole Drilling Machine Market Size, Growth Rate, Industry Opportunities 2023-2029

Global Info Research announces the release of the report “Global EDM Hole Drilling Machine Market 2023 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2029” . The report is a detailed and comprehensive analysis presented by region and country, type and application. As the market is constantly changing, the report explores the competition, supply and demand trends, as well as key factors that contribute to its changing demands across many markets. Company profiles and product examples of selected competitors, along with market share estimates of some of the selected leaders for the year 2023, are provided. In addition, the report provides key insights about market drivers, restraints, opportunities, new product launches or approvals, COVID-19 and Russia-Ukraine War Influence.
According to our (Global Info Research) latest study, the global Utility Distribution System(UDS)(UDS) market size was valued at USD million in 2022 and is forecast to a readjusted size of USD million by 2029 with a CAGR of % during review period. The influence of COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine War were considered while estimating market sizes.
Key Features:
Global EDM Hole Drilling Machine market size and forecasts, in consumption value), sales quantity, and average selling prices, 2018-2029
Global EDM Hole Drilling Machine market size and forecasts by region and country, in consumption value, sales quantity, and average selling prices, 2018-2029
Global EDM Hole Drilling Machine market size and forecasts, by Type and by Application, in consumption value, sales quantity, and average selling prices, 2018-2029
Global EDM Hole Drilling Machine market shares of main players, shipments in revenue, sales quantity, and ASP, 2018-2023
The Primary Objectives in This Report Are:
To determine the size of the total market opportunity of global and key countries
To assess the growth potential for EDM Hole Drilling Machine
To forecast future growth in each product and end-use market
To assess competitive factors affecting the marketplace
This report profiles key players in the global EDM Hole Drilling Machine market based on the following parameters - company overview, production, value, price, gross margin, product portfolio, geographical presence, and key developments.
Request Free Sample Copy Or buy this report at:
The EDM Hole Drilling Machine market is segmented as below:
Market segment by Type
Small Hole EDM Drilling Machine Medium Hole EDM Drilling Machine Large Hole EDM Drilling Machine
Market segment by Application
Automotive Medical Electronics Aerospace Other
Major players covered
Makino Mitsubishi Electric GF Machining ONA Electroerosión SA Joemars Novick Knuth DMNC-EDM Excetek Sodick TEK4 Beaumont Machine Current EDM Titan International Sales Yan Yang
The Main Contents of the Report, includes a total of 15 chapters:
Chapter 1, to describe EDM Hole Drilling Machine product scope, market overview, market estimation caveats and base year. Chapter 2, to profile the top manufacturers of EDM Hole Drilling Machine, with price, sales, revenue and global market share of EDM Hole Drilling Machine from 2018 to 2023. Chapter 3, the EDM Hole Drilling Machine competitive situation, sales quantity, revenue and global market share of top manufacturers are analyzed emphatically by landscape contrast. Chapter 4, the EDM Hole Drilling Machine breakdown data are shown at the regional level, to show the sales quantity, consumption value and growth by regions, from 2018 to 2029. Chapter 5 and 6, to segment the sales by Type and application, with sales market share and growth rate by type, application, from 2018 to 2029. Chapter 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, to break the sales data at the country level, with sales quantity, consumption value and market share for key countries in the world, from 2017 to 2022.and EDM Hole Drilling Machine market forecast, by regions, type and application, with sales and revenue, from 2024 to 2029. Chapter 12, market dynamics, drivers, restraints, trends, Porters Five Forces analysis, and Influence of COVID-19 and Russia-Ukraine War. Chapter 13, the key raw materials and key suppliers, and industry chain of EDM Hole Drilling Machine. Chapter 14 and 15, to describe EDM Hole Drilling Machine sales channel, distributors, customers, research findings and conclusion.
The analyst presents a detailed picture of the market by the way of study, synthesis, and summation of data from multiple sources by an analysis of key parameters. Our report on the EDM Hole Drilling Machine market covers the following areas:
Columnar Sediment Sampler market sizing
Columnar Sediment Sampler market forecast
Columnar Sediment Sampler market industry analysis
Analyze the needs of the global EDM Hole Drilling Machinebusiness market
Answer the market level of global EDM Hole Drilling Machine
Statistics the annual growth of the global EDM Hole Drilling Machineproduction market
The main producers of the global EDM Hole Drilling Machineproduction market
Describe the growth factor that promotes market demand
Global Info Research is a company that digs deep into global industry information to support enterprises with market strategies and in-depth market development analysis reports. We provides market information consulting services in the global region to support enterprise strategic planning and official information reporting, and focuses on customized research, management consulting, IPO consulting, industry chain research, database and top industry services. At the same time, Global Info Research is also a report publisher, a customer and an interest-based suppliers, and is trusted by more than 30,000 companies around the world. We will always carry out all aspects of our business with excellent expertise and experience.
Contact Us:
GlobaI Info Research
CN: 0086-176 6505 2062
HK: 00852-5819 7708
US: 001-347 966 1888
Email: [email protected]
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2023.06.06 03:46 amoeba953 Rating cities in my general region

New Orleans, LA: 6/10
My birthplace. The city is teeming with culture and history that spans over 300 years. Most of the touristy parts of the city are pretty walkable, with added street cars. The French Quarter is full of tourists, but fun, and Uptown, and the Marigny is more laid back, truly something for everyone. The food is amazing and having Mardi Gras off is always a bonus. On the flip side, the crime. It’s never been good but since 2020 it’s been really fucking bad. Carjackings and homicide make the nightly news every day. The streets are also always buckled or full of potholes on account of the city being below sea level. Also the city sits in one of the most hurricane vulnerable areas in existence. Katrina displaced us for a year, and every time we’re in the cone for a storm, everyone that remembers Katrina has PTSD flashbacks.
Gulfport/Biloxi, MS: 7.5/10
This is the closest metro area to New Orleans on the gulf. A lot of people from NOLA have beach houses here, especially in Bay St. Louis and Pass Christian. It’s much more laid back than NOLA and everything here revolves around the water: Fishing, boating, sailing, seafood, etc. Biloxi also has the most casinos between Vegas and Atlantic City. Mardi Gras is a thing here too. The beaches on the mainland are alright, (free, parking everywhere). The water is kinda murky, but there are undeveloped barrier islands 10-ish miles offshore that you can get to by ferry or private boat (which most people here have) and the water there rivals Florida’s. Hurricanes are a problem here too. Katrina absolutely fucked this area up, like worse than New Orleans.
Mobile, AL: 4.5/10
Where I go to college. The city is a big port destination. The downtown area is reminiscent of New Orleans but not nearly as cool. They claim to be home to the oldest Mardi Gras Parade, but it’s much more low budget and less fun than NOLA’s. Local cuisine is good. Crime is pretty bad but could be worse. Outside of the downtown core is basic American suburban hell. Terrible traffic, 6 lane roads lined with strip malls, fast food, and storage facilities. The city is not walkable whatsoever. I got hit on my bike here. Pretty good beaches are an hour away in Gulf Shores with a shit ton of touristy things to do.
Jackson, MS 2/10
This city is basically the Detroit of the South. It’s basically New Orleans if you took everything away except crime and rap music. There’s nothing to do here. The city is economically crippled bc all the white flight gravitated investment to the suburbs, which are a world difference from the city itself. You always play Russian roulette when showering, washing dishes, or drinking tap water bc you never know if it’s contaminated. From 2010 to 2020 the city shrunk more than anywhere else in America with a population over 100k. Nothing redeemable about Jackson.
Atlanta, GA: 5/10
I don’t personally like Atlanta as a sports city that much being a Saints fan an everything, but there’s a shit ton of things to do here. Six flags, aquarium, coke world, Stone Mountain, sports games, you name it. The city does not deserve to be called southern though. Nothing about this city is southern. It’s full of northern liberals that know nothing about Georgia outside of their little bubble. There’s also some pretty rough ghettos on the south side of town too. Traffic is abysmal at best, and stuck for days in the snow on the interstate at the worst. It takes 2 hours to cross the city. Atlanta is close to the mountains though, which is pretty nice.
Nashville, TN: 7/10
I haven’t been to Nashville in a while but I can’t remember a bad trip any time I’ve visited. The downtown is pretty hip. If you like country music, this is Mecca for you. The Cumberland River runs right through the heart of the city, which I’ve rowed with my crew team. Nissan Stadium, where the Titans play, is right across the river from Broadway and is connected by a pedestrian bridge. Outside of the city there’s a lot of lakes and low mountains to explore, but it’s being ever encroached by suburban sprawl.
Baton Rouge, LA: 4/10
I lived in BTR for a year after Katrina. The only things to do here revolve around LSU. No disrespect to LSU tho, games in Tiger Stadium are electric. Joe Burrow is basically Jesus here. There’s a crime problem here but not the same level as NOLA. There’s also a lot of chemical plants around, being on the Mississippi River and all. Traffic is really fucking bad since there’s only one bridge crossing the river so it all gets bottlenecked at rush hour. The city is 90 minutes from NOLA if you get too bored, which you will eventually.
I might do more cities outside of the south, idk yet.
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2023.06.06 01:11 matte_purple Uniform Ranker 2022: TCU Horned Frogs

Howdy to the people of CFB! Welcome to my ranking of the 2022 uniforms for TCU Football! Sorry for the lengthy delay. It’s been a very busy few weeks. And even though my Wildcats got horse kicked by TCU in the Big 12 Baseball Tourney, I’m still so hyped to check out the Horned Frogs suits from this last football season. I intend on ranking each Big XII team and new additions (BYU, Houston, UCF, and Cincinnati) soon. If you are interested in my thoughts regarding the Big XII uniform season, check out my 2022 Uniform Awards post and Big XII Uniform Tracker 2022: Season-in-Review post. If you want to see more rankings, I just reviewed WVU a while ago, plus KU and OSU earlier. But for now, let’s see the Frogs uniforms from 2022, featuring some facts, stats, and history.
As always, feel free to disagree with me or tell me if my rankings hit home. I’m interested in hearing what you think, or in seeing how y’all would rearrange the rankings! TCU is a great purple bro, I have some associates that went to TCU, and in general, really respected their program this past year.
Season Gallery Link:
I’m u/matte_purple, and let's 3,2,1 go!
11. Purple/White/White Week 9 @ WVU (W 41-31) and Week 4 @ SMU (W 42-34)
Okay, first things first: I love the color purple. Part of that is my alma mater, of course, but it’s also just a great look. Plus, there’s only about two dozen D-1 schools that use purple as a main color. The perceived rarity makes it a treat to look at on the field. Second, TCU has some of my favorite uniforms from this past year. That means that despite this look and others being lower on the list, I really like most of them. You could make the case that many of these should be full-time.
Anyways, I think the reason why TCU’s icy white look is so beloved is because of the “Black Panther-esque" collar. It not only looks cool but adds more purple than a normal uniform would have. Because of this, the purple helmet (which wasn’t my favorite helmet from this season anyway) kind of throws off the balance. I don’t doubt this will be a controversial take.
10. Black/White/Purple Week 11 @ UT (W 17-10)
Anyone who has kept up with my tracker knows I have a general disdain for tri-color looks. This tends to be more pronounced with warmer colors, but I still just can’t get over it with purple and black. There is a distinct lack of flow and symmetry that I just can’t get past. I love the helmet, which was first announced in Week 5, but I just don’t think it matches up with the rest of the uniform. More about the helmet, they released a helmet identical to this (except for a purple horned frog instead of silver) in 2016 that was worn as recently as Game 11 of 2021. The silver is a FAR better option, and it really pops. I called these “Sooner Slayer” helmets after such a great win, and they worked pretty good on the Longhorns too.
9. Purple/Purple/Black Week 10 vs TTU (W 34-24)
And just like that, we have already made it to some spectacular uniforms. While this is the same helmet worn in spot #11, it is instantly uplifted by those purple shirts. These tops only showed up 3 times this season, which seems like a pretty small number for a very purple-centric school. The fact of the matter is, however, TCU, like Johnny Cash, looks great in black. Plus, the purple helmet is arguably my least favorite helmet the Horned Frogs wore this season. Black was just the better color this season. These are sensational, but the upper echelon is yet to come.
8. Black/White/Black Week 6 @ KU (W 38-31) and CFP vs UGA (L 65-7)
I’ll refrain from talking about the CFP game too much, but TCU should still be very proud of that game, regardless of the score. They should also be proud of those dope-ass “Oreo” uniforms. The purple on the collar, facemask, and font provides a welcome tinge of color to a still very dark look. And honestly, it looks fantastic against that big bold red. I was delighted to see it used against KU when they wore their red uniforms, and was thoroughly excited when I saw it would be used against UGA as well. There are some better away uniforms here, though. Let’s get into it.
7. Purple/White/Purple Week 1 @ CU (W 38-13)
Oh darling, these are a treat. With black being such a staple of this season, the purple is a stunner. It’s still not my favorite mostly purple look on this list, but it was featured on my 2022 Uniform Awards post as one of my top OOC matchups uniform-wise. TCU’s darker shade of purple contrasted CU’s old gold nicely, and similar to the #9 and #11 spots, that helmet is nice. But it’s no coincidence the next few looks (sans one) feature a white or black helmet. We’re about to get to the top!
6. White/Purple/White Week 2 vs Tarleton (W 59-17)
Similar to the last combo, this is a sharp contrast to the darker palette. And while I like the change and idea behind this look, there’s just a few changes that would really make this elite. First, white pants are EXCELLENT. They are professional, slick, and simple. Perfect when combined with the color purple. The reason the black “Sooner Slayer” helmet works so well is because of the silver logo blending with the silver font of most of the uniforms. In this combo, the silver font really confuses the rest of the “feng shui.” It doesn’t help that they also played against another purple team. The purple will lead to some top tier outfits later on, but we have now officially passed into the top half!
5. Purple/Gray/Gray Week 7 vs OK-State (W 43-40)
Link: Everybody has an opinion on these. Me personally, I’ve come around to them. I know this may totally invalidate my rankings, but these are AWESOME! There are 14 (17 in some circles) species of horned lizards that live in desert areas from Central America up through the western US. But eight species (including P. cornutum, the true inspiration for TCU’s mascot) can contract the muscles around their eyes, cutting off blood flow back to the heart. This builds pressure until the blood shoots from the eyes in a wildly metal defensive technique. The red is a wonderful tertiary color to purple. Honestly, if the recruits love them, and the equipment staff has the balls to release something like this, they should be applauded, good or bad. My taste is certainly debatable, but enough people seem to agree that they didn’t make a big fuss over these being my 3rd best alternate in my 2022 Uniform Awards. What do you think? Damn, I want one of those helmets bad.
4. Black/Black/Black Week 8 vs K-State (W 38-28)
Nothing screams power like the blackout game. This was the only true blackout game on TCU’s docket. They even painted the logo at the 50 and the endzones black for this special showdown. I love the continuity of the silver on the helmet flowing through into the font, the special black facemask in lieu of the standard purple, it all leads to a pretty menacing uniform. But it just doesn’t have quite enough purple. I think it would have been pretty rad to try and lean into the lack of color more as well, maybe going with a charcoal and silver collar to really sell the blackout. But hey, I evidently like it enough to put it at just about the halfway mark!
3. White/White/White Week 12 @ BU (W 29-28) and vs Michigan (W 51-45)
Going from a blackout to an icy white look, TCU knows how to get it done. Sheesh, these are gorgeous. As we have clearly discovered from the rest of the Horned Frog’s repertoire, the collar sells it. I went back to the 2019 announcement to get some info on these Nike Vapor Untouchable refresh and discovered that the geometric shapes on the collar actually dates back to the 2000 uniform, when Gary Patterson was coaching the great LaDainian Tomlinson. Neat stuff. There isn’t a ton to say about these besides the fact they were worn in two of TCU’s best games this season and look spectacular. The purple in the numbers, collar, logo, and facemask really accentuate what would be a pretty normal whiteout look.
2. Black/Purple/Purple Week 13 vs ISU (W 62-14)
According to TCU’s main site, students in the late 1890’s chose new school colors: “Purple for royalty, white for a clean game.” And boy howdy, these guys are royal. The mostly purple look is only the third time this season that more than two of the three uniform pieces were purple. That automatically makes these special, but they also flow the best out of the other options. It makes perfect sense that the top spot is the inverse of this.
1. Black/Black/Purple Week 14 vs K-State (L 31-28 OT) and Week 5 vs OU (W 55-24)
Okay okay, I know your first inclination is to say that this uniform was obviously picked by a K-State fan, I can honestly say that this is a top look for a reason. I mean have you seen this thing? I went back to the release video for these bad boy helmets and man, I don’t think anyone had anything bad to say about these. The “Sooner Slayer” lid was released to wide praise, and ended up getting worn in 7 games (with one instance replacing a purple facemask with black). Each piece of the uniform features a small amount of purple, and the silver numbers complement the oversized Horned Frog logo in silver. The black and purple balance well while looking aggressive, punctuated by that sharp silver that shines nice under the lights. It helps that K-State also wore mostly white and silver, making TCU look even better, but the look obviously worked versus OU as well. What else is there to say about these? To end, I thought I’d relay how the horned frog was supposedly chosen as TCU’s mascot.
Older Texas and New Mexico natives will tell you about the days when you would find them everywhere, but the widespread use of pesticides and invasion of the harmful fire ants from South America has depleted their main food source, the harvester ant. The desert lizard species has been endangered since 1977. The reptile became TCU's mascot after its appearance first on the school's yearbook publication. The book was named "The Horned Frog" in 1887 and was selected over the other option "The Cactus." Gradually, the name was accepted into athletics, and sports teams began calling themselves Horned Frogs as well. According to myth, the name was selected by the yearbook because of the plentiful number of lizards that would bask in the sun on the football field. TCU has also had a goat named Samuel and a dog named Blackie as unofficial mascots in the 1930s and 1940s. Let’s just say I like that lizard a little bit more than the past options.
How about a round of applause for Head of Football Equipment Jason Jones? The Decatur, TX native has done an awesome job, and preparing the equipment for the blitzkrieg of Big XII Champ game, then Fiesta bowl, then CFP Champ game all while traveling must be a huge headache. Great job to the whole TCU football staff for a great season, let’s see how the next one goes!
Well, I think that does it! I hope you enjoyed my 2022 season TCU Football uniform rankings. What a year for the Horned Frogs. I’ll be slowly releasing more rankings for each of the Big XII teams as the offseason goes along. Again, feel free to comment or message me with any suggestions or changes to the rankings! What do you think of the “Bloody Threads” TCU wears? Did your favorite look seem properly placed? Let me and all of CFB know! Have yourself a great day, and remember, "Fight 'em until hell freezes over. Then fight 'em on the ice!"
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2023.06.06 00:33 adubs3001 Miracles

Looking for a ticket to Mardi Gras world i know it a few months away but id figure i would start asking. .
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