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2023.06.03 12:28 housepainterr The Lich from Adventure Time is just an evil spirit. An inhuman spirit

The Lich is just a ghost. Sweet P was not the “good” in the Lich, but still pure evil. That’s the point. P is just a body that the Lich still inhabits. After being engulfed with the guardian’s blood, the Sweet P body was practically given to the Lich, which is no different from a demon finally gaining a body. Sweet Pea is a person indeed, but he was still infested by a suppressed Lich.
The Lich is a ghost. A demon. A cosmic entity. All the same thing. Chaos is just a philosophy to him and he is still the “last scholar” of GOLB, who is flat out chaos himself. This demon is just very intelligent and doesn’t care for a body, but to destroy all life. The Lich is a “primordial” monster. His essence was transferred to that comet and after he crash landed to earth he laid dormant until he gained a body during the mushroom war and kept it.
Prismo even said he was a dead guy wearing a suit. A ghost wearing skin. He literally wore Billy’s skin. That was also mockery toward Finn and princess bubblegum already referred to the Lich as “unholy”. The Lich isn’t a zombie, he isn’t a ghoul, he’s definitely not a revenant, he’s not even a person, he’s just a force. An idea. A program. He does not count as a life form which is why he doesn’t care to destroy everything. He’s already dead.
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2023.06.03 12:27 Mad_Creator Gorm's Epic (English Version)

Gorm's Epic (English Version)
Episode 1 The End of the Exodus A great, huge ship, a real Ark of 130 cubits, was sailing on the flat sea of a blue and sunny afternoon.
-…I still wonder why you gave such a name to our ship…-
Krom-Nav said, as he steered the wheel. The two brothers always had something to say about each other: Krom-Nav was the eldest, always dutiful and precise in his duties, while Yughy, the youngest, was the more reckless one, always ready to experiment. The first had long brown hair that stopped at his shoulders, light and large eyes, a smooth beard that started under the hooked nose, surrounded the mouth, and ended by covering the chin with a point. The second had shorter hair, hazel, darker eyes, a veil of beard on the chin, both tall, athletic bodied, Krom leaner and Yughy Sturdier, dressed, like the rest of their people on that great ship, in animal furs decorated with the symbols of their people: Five symbols that indicated the elements, Water, Earth, Plants, Air, Fire, which all revered and respected. The two had very different characters: Yughy was impulsive, skilled at manual labor, a hothead who often acted on feeling rather than reason. Krom, on the other hand, was more methodical, more thoughtful, didn't talk much unless necessary, loved to read, and always kept a watchful eye on his people and crew.
  • Come on brother! It's been years since we set sail! You should have figured it out! He means “Earth”!- -And I repeat that "Terra", for a ship that sails on water, seems to me a name that is not at all suitable, Yughy…- -AH! BUT YOU DON'T REALLY UNDERSTAND ANYTHING! It's called "Earth" as a good omen! That is to FIND the EARTH, after this very long journey at sea! It's a metaphor, a synonym of Hope!- -Maybe…for me the name Gheos, it still seems strange to me…- -You'll see that you'll get used to it sooner or later…- -Okay! You get used to taking the helm!-
Krom said, walking away, while Yughy looked at him in amazement.
And laughing, he made his way to the large stern. Their relationship had always been like this, since they were children. Bound by a brotherly love that occasionally cracked, but never broke. Even in the darkest moment, in fact, they were together.
10 years earlier, on a very distant coast, on a misty island, stood the village of Missa, a village known for its constant mist. The Missians were a peaceful people, dedicated to agriculture, livestock and fishing, and worshiped the elements of Nature: The Earth, on which they could build their houses, The Plants, which gave them shelter and nourishment, The Air , which moved their mills and relieved them from the heat, Water, which gave them its fish and quenched their thirst, and Fire, which protected and warmed them in the dark nights. Some of them were called Old Sages: They were those who mediated between the Elements of Nature and the material world, holders of ancient powers with which they were born and which they then handed down to their successors. They could blend in and disappear in the eyes of others, use their magic to perform miracles, could increase their strength and speed dramatically, and could read minds and move objects with their thoughts. The title of "Old Sage" referred to the first Village Chief, an old man who helped his people to settle in that place, facing dangers and vicissitudes using his magic to create bridges, drive away beasts and make the land fertile. Since then, individuals with similar powers, even young ones, have received this nomea, a noble title for those who would have been the guides, defenders, or scholars of ancient primordial arts.
There Krom-Nav and Yughy were born. Since they were children they showed innate abilities: Krom spoke with plants and animals, perfectly understanding their moods and intentions without his mouth producing sound, and he was able to exploit the air currents to run faster or make the windmills move, while Yughy was able to manipulate the fire, deflect water in the fields with only the laying on of hands and carried heavy rocks making them float with the power of his mind. Both were in total control of the elements of Nature, and were the most talented of those with their powers. The other villagers respected them, and somewhat feared their power. Krom tried to use his powers to improve life in the village, and was always thinking of his fellow citizens, but Yughi was a much more restless spirit: He composed works of art, sculpting the surrounding hills, but often caused disasters such as landslides and mountain slides, when they pissed him off, he controlled torches to set the pants of troublemakers on fire, and played with water, causing it to float in the air, but when he got distracted, the water fell back, often ruining previously irrigated fields. All pranks that Krom-Nav then had to solve, and the bickering between the two brothers was all too frequent. After a few years, the two grew up, and Krom-Nav was elected full-fledged Sage and head of the village of Missa, while Yughy, also elected Sage, became his trusted second. But not even the time to celebrate, that the tragedy struck the village. A neighboring village, made up of a tribe of hunters and vandals, wanted to take possession of the powers of the Sages of Missa. Thus a war broke out which nearly wiped out the Missians, as the enemies burned houses and destroyed crops. In a last desperate attempt, Krom-Nav defended the survivors of his people, together with other Old Sages and the best Missian warriors, while Yughy shaped with his Psychic power, the metal extracted from the earth, and the wood of the last unburnt forests, a large and stately ship where all the Missians boarded. The few left to defend them sacrificed themselves with honor as Krom-Nav mounted Gheos, and set sail, concentrating his powers and controlling the wind to swell the ship's sails. That terrible night, fortunately, most of the Missians survived, including Yughy, Krom-Nav, and his still infant son, little Lehander.
Lehander was now 10 years old, born with one yellow and one black eye, his hair shimmered in the light and turned dull in the shade, he was an enterprising and playful child, also endowed with powers, like his father. While his uncle steered, and Krom, his father, made sure all was well on the ship, Lehander slept peacefully in the hold, where everyone's dormitories resided. As the ship cradled him in the waves, his dreams came alive with strange visions: Before him loomed an ominous mountain, tall, with spiers that seemed to form a thorny crown of pointed rocks, and the front wall carved as if it were an evil visage. From the "mouth" of the mountain, incandescent lava and magma came out, a real river of death, and from it arose monstrous creatures with red and yellow skin. Then the dream became absurd, moved, strange, many different images of strange creatures fighting against fire demons, until everything suddenly stopped. Lehander saw the Volcano, again, but this time from above, and with it a whole island, huge, with blue seas, green forests, steep mountain ranges and all sorts of natural wonders. Then in front of him, a ball of light. When he tried to touch her, he woke up. It was now full night and beside him was his father.
-DAD…DAD WAKE UP!- Krom-Nav opened his eyes lazily, seeing his son shaken.
-Hey…did you have that nightmare again?- -Yes! But this time it was longer! There was the Volcano, the demons, and then other creatures appeared, and they all lived on this huge and beautiful island in the middle of the sea!-
Krom, listened curious, but disturbed. His son not only had both his and his brother's abilities, but he had developed unusual powers: He often saw how the child, in totally random moments, was able to move his own and the shadows of objects hit by the sun, as if they were solid, and he was able to mold them into any shape. In the same way he was able to "take" the rays of the sun or the moon that shone through the cracks in the wood of the ship to illuminate a totally dark place. He also had the unnerving ability to make small predictions: Krom could not get out of his mind how, one day, Lehander said "I'm going to look for a blanket.", and in that instant the climate, which until then had been scorching, suddenly became cloudy and cold, so much so that he had to interrupt the navigation for two days. So those dreams she told him were hard to ignore. They sounded absurd, but what if they were harbingers of something horrific? He couldn't take this lightly, he had learned over the years that chance was nothing more than a way for the mind to justify natural phenomena and destiny. Krom spoke about this a few nights later with his brother Yughy, after Lehander had a similar vision again, but he kept telling him not to worry, while they were at the bow looking at the sea, that probably the child's immature powers made harmless pranks.
-Krom, you get too worked up…do you remember, when we were kids, I had that dream about a red-hot rock that would hit me on the head?- -Yes, I remember…you were so agitated that when you finally sat down under a tree and a pine cone hit you, you passed out for hours from terror.- -You never remember nice things…anyway if you notice I was a child, and while you already had conversations with blackbirds and lizards, I still had to figure out how to avoid setting fire to the grove behind the house…- -So you want to tell me that Lehander is only very young?- -And also that his powers sometimes go to his head! Then he's always been a kid with a wild imagination, you shouldn't take it too seriously!-
The two continued to converse about it, while the night sky was lit only by moonlight. Krom-Nav continued to be worried about his son's visions, while Yughy continued to reassure him. Krom, however, couldn't get over it, since that wasn't the only thing troubling him.
-Sometimes, when he thinks he's alone, I hear him talking as if he were with someone else...often it almost seems like he's "arguing" with himself.- -Maybe just play, don't you think?- -I know my son, and I distinguish well when he plays and when something is wrong. He's had weird attitudes ever since he started walking on this ship. He has powers unlike ours or any other Sage who have come before us, plus it seems as if he is never fully awake…I think this journey has become too long…our people need a place to call home…and this vessel can no longer be. Far too many people were born and died here, and I think that the continuous wandering in the sea for years is doing as much harm to our body as to our psyche.- -I know brother...I know...-
Yughy said, as he placed a hand on her shoulder.
-…But I'm sure we're almost there. I read the stars yesterday, they seemed to be in the right position, and a few days ago I saw some seagulls in the sky! We are certainly close to the earth!- -You say? What if it was just an islet? A tiny strip of land?- -It will mean that we will replenish the supplies, we could take Lehi and the other children for a walk, and then we will leave again! Where there is a strip of land Often there are others not far away, who knows, maybe after that we won't find a bigger island, or an entire continent!- -…Let's hope so…- -Hey, Hey! Don't make that face. Come on, if I can get that frown out of you, as soon as we stop I'll have Lehander go on a little adventure! As soon as he helps me gather wood, he'll forget about his bad dreams! What are you saying, big brother?- -…Thanks Yughy.-
They continued to converse for a while, Krom-Nav felt more and more reassured by the words of his brother, who had always helped him raise his son: While escaping from Missa, little Lehander's mother, Astreg, was killed by an arrow shot straight to the heart. Krom-Nav had not had time to bury her for years, and kept her remains, mummified so as not to lose them, in a remote room of the ship, waiting for a suitable place for her burial. Since then Krom raised his son alone, with the help of Yughy, who often entertained the child, making him do small jobs on the ship, teaching him some magical techniques, and playing the funny uncle. The two spent a lot of time together, often not even Krom knew where Lehander was, only to later find him with his uncle.
As the two brothers continued to talk, a yell from the watchtower made them whirl around.
The two brothers ran to the helm, which was being steered by one of their best men, Hagar.
-What happen?- -We are entering a bank of fog, Krom. Looks pretty thick,- -Fog? But how?-
The ship then plunged into fog. All the Missians exited their cabins and made their way to the deck. Lehander reached his father and hugged him tightly, while Krom kept his arm around him. The fog was thick, white, so much so that everyone could feel the steam touching them like a caress, and the salty smell of the sea almost seemed like a sweet aroma. This penetrating fog reminded everyone of the fog of Missa, and caused a sense of nostalgia, serenity, peace in the souls of each of them. Either because of Hagar's caution, or because of the pearly and compact vapor, the mist looked like an infinite Cloud in which the ship was almost swimming. Abruptly, Hagar stopped. Something in the sea was moving. A rumbling was rising from the depths of the sea, and it seemed to get closer and closer. Everyone felt it, and terrified they stood silent, hugging their loved ones. Krom, he looked around, perceived a great, immense force around them. Yughy instead heard only an indecipherable muttering. Then, suddenly, a gasp. The ship began to rock violently, everyone held on to something, the two brothers barely resisted standing. The ship rocked for minutes, until something popped up from the sea: An enormous head, twice the size of the ship, emerged from the water. A gargantuan creature with a reptilian head, mottled and scaly skin, tinged with a brilliant abyssal blue, opened its mouth, emitting a high-pitched dissonant song and displaying thousands of sharp teeth, arranged in a comb, as large as the trees of the ship. His mouth shut, his oil-black eye opened, and he just stood there staring at the ship. Krom-Nav approached the rail, where the eye of the creature scrutinized the ship, while Yughy and Lehander watched the scene amazed together with the rest of the people.
-KROM! COME BACK HERE!- -Keep calm…- -KROM! FOR THE SAKE OF THE ELEMENTS, IT'S NOT A DOLPHIN!- -I said stay calm, Yughy…I feel it…it's powerful…but it's not hostile…- -…HOW SHOULD YOU SAY THAT YOU FEEL IT?-
Krom got as close as possible. He saw the giant pupil turn towards him, narrow and then widen. He feared neither the ship nor Krom. And he didn't seem to want to attack her. Lehander also approached, as if attracted by that magnificent creature. Krom held his son close, and in the process, tried to use his powers to communicate with us. The only thing he heard were strange words in an incomprehensible language.
-Dad...maybe I can understand you...-
Krom wondered for a moment, how could his son already know a language that he didn't know either? But he could not let fear dominate him.
-...Lehe...be careful...and tell us what the beast wants.-
Lehander approached, under the astonished eyes of all. The mighty animal began to make strange noises, but it seemed that somehow, its roaring gurgle and its high-pitched song, resembled words, sentences, a finished speech he was having with the child. Abruptly, he changed, and Lehander turned to face his people.
-…He said his name was Murena. It lives a little further on, in its great lair at the bottom of the sea, near a southward current, and a ditch beyond it. She says that she is one of the guardians of this sea, and that she has a friend with many tentacles, with whom she sometimes fights over the place where she likes to eat. Near her lair is also a large Island. If we ask them please we can live there! There's plenty of room, lots of wood, enough food and water for everyone! We just have to not fish too much and not catch too much. She says she has many other friends on earth, and she doesn't want some of them to get angry.-
The great Moray eel slowly closed and reopened her eye towards the boat, as if it were a sign of assent. Yughy approached his brother.
Krom was torn: On the one hand there was the risk of a trap by that monster, on the other, his people were tired of travelling, tired of seeing only the sea and having to make do to survive. Krom approached his son.
-Ask her…to show us the way.- -YES!-
Lehander with the most innocent smile he could muster looked at his father and uncle, and turned to the Moray Eel. It remained motionless for an interminable minute, then, its head moved forward, towards the direction of the Gheos ship, its long bluish body began to show itself as it swam towards that direction. It seemed endless, but out of the queue, Krom-Nav realized that his brother was right in his greatness. It was ten times the length of the ship, its serpentine body like a moving mountain range, and the long translucent blue fin that ran along its entire body made it even more imposing to the shocked Missians. The Moray Eel swam ahead of the ship, and began to swim straight ahead to show the way out of the mist. Krom, immediately set to work.
And so they did, everyone took their places, the civilians returned, and Krom stood straight in the bow, followed by his son who watched in ecstasy as the gigantic creature guided them towards the unknown. Mist beat against their faces as the ship went at full speed driven by the wind. The creature accelerated more and more as the clouds cleared, they were coming, the salty smell was slowly disappearing. Then, from the top of the watchtower, Yughy screamed together with the other sailor.
Krom still couldn't see it, then the sunlight blinded him, Lehander, and Hagar. As their eyes adjusted, they saw her: A gigantic island loomed before them, a huge layer of land surrounded by cliffs and a sea so blue it looked like fresh water, so clear that you could see all kinds of sea creatures swimming beside the ship, known and unknown. Two huge mountains welcomed them, towering over endless expanses of lush jungles and forests, and surrounded by towering mountain ranges that crowned the entire island. It was their promised land. Their new home
Yughy, he got off, very excited and joined his brother and nephew.
-…Look…WHAT SPLENDOR...- -…Yes…finally…we are home…- -We absolutely have to find a name for her…- -I already have a name for her…- -And what will it be called?- -…it will be our Life from now on…- -Life…you mean..?- -Exactly…GORM…-
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2023.06.03 12:26 deliriations I have seen giants. They roam among us.

I am a Mythologist. It was a profession passed down from generation to generation and I've always been interested in it. The old tales my dad used to tell me about fairies, cyclops and big giant wolves always had me on edge. There was something he never spoke about however. That was giants. Whenever I brought up the thought of giants he would clearly change from cheerful to stone cold, Even fearful at times. One night my dad came home drunk, I could smell the whisky on his breath from 10 feet away. He was clearly in a state of panic as the only detail i remember vividly, Were his big eyes, They were almost black. When it was time for me to sleep I asked him for some tales and no matter how mad he was he always told me something I never had heard of. I miss those times.
He was telling me a story about an ancient fairy garden that produces dreams when I brought up giants. Without a single word he switched out the lights and left my room, Leaving me to soak in the eeriness of if he was mad or not.
When dad left I was around 16. He one day left for a journey to Ireland because they found evidence of something, I don't know exactly what it was but his notes suggested it was something to do with angels. There were very detailed illustrations of them and how they looked and it was completely different to what i could have expected an angel to look like. It had more then 2 legs, Wings were small like a baby birds but the most striking detail was the eyes. They had the same big black eyes like the night my father had when he was drunk. I crunched out the memory for the trauma it gave me. I felt uncomfortable looking at it.
When I got out of college I had a degree in mythology. I had a few friends who were interested but most either became something else or a partner field like Archaeology. One night i got a call from one of these friends. I'll call him Troy. He was clearly frantic as if he was in a hurry and asked me for help, Apparently on one of the digs they had found evidence of something that needed to be identified. My first and most obvious question was "Why would you need a mythologist for that?" He avoided it and said they could fly me out tomorrow, This was in Afghanistan but it was in a more desolated area. So i wasn't too fearful of potential threats. After some time of thinking i agreed and i was flown out no less then when the sun had fully rose.
When i stepped onto the dry sandy landscape of the country i was shocked. The sun was blazing so hot it felt like i would be reduced to ash. I felt uncomfortable and i moved to the spot where i was meant to be picked up, When the pickup arrived i hopped in and after a few hours of treacherous heat and sandy roads we finally arrived to a very large dig site. There were scientists, Journalists but most confusing of all? There were armed guards.
As i shuffled over Troy greeted me with a tight hug and gestured for me to follow him and so i did. We walked in to one of the many research tents and there were very old illustrations, books and more. But the one thing that caught my eye was a bottle that was waxed shut with a rolled up piece of paper. I looked at it and he caught my gaze and explained.
"We uh, We found this at the site, We think it might be a codex or a dating, If we are right and able to figure out what it says it could change quite a-lot about the history of this place, All the things we wondered could now be proven!"
Then i asked the burning question "Why do you need me then?" A massive lump formed in his throat as he walked out, Me trailing behind. When we arrived to the main attraction i couldn't believe what i was seeing. In this big rectangular like hole stood a skeleton. This skeleton was no less 12 feet tall and was almost 5 feet wide. I almost thought this was a joke or an animal till i saw the very clearly blue oxidized copper spear and massive iron brace in with the skeleton. Then the memories flashed of my fathers avoidance of giants. As a mythologist you don't actually think any of this is possible, It's mostly cultural study. By the time i had looked at this thing long enough it was very dark, Around 11 pm. So we all headed to bed. The only thing i remember thinking was "Is this real, Have we found evidence of giants?" And so i passed out in my own pool of thoughts.
When I awoke i heard lots of scampering chatting and most confusingly the sound of guns being loaded. I sprung out of bed rushing to see that the skeleton had disappeared. But even worse. So had Troy. He was absolutely nowhere to be seen, I heard people talking but i saw a crowd up ahead and so i followed. When I stood to see what they saw I was shocked. There were massive trails of clear drag marks but also. There were footprints, At least 4 feet in length. The drag marks lead into a valley of mounds and so we planned to follow them. Our main thought was that troy had taken the body and planned to sell it. When I went into his tent everything was clearly frantically thrown around as if he had scampered to get out of bed quick. But also, The bottle with the message was gone.
I ran out and I went with the group. Following the trails I started to become anxious, Fearful even. Something about this wasn't right. How could he have moved that massive skeleton out of that pit and not have made any noise, Never the less the weight. The spear and the brace was also gone. How was any of this possible. When the trail started to shift it went up a ramp like slope into the top portions of these mounds, They were around 100 to 500 meters tall. When we followed them we arrived at a cave and without any hesitation the group shuffled in. I stood there in shock, But before I could think my legs did for me and I moved in.
The first thing I noticed was the smell, It was rancid, Worse then death. But the second thing was the darkness, I had a torch with me but before I lit it i felt helpless, If I got lost in here without a torch I would never make it out, I would be forced to die slowly, Constricted by only the boundaries of rocky walls. When I lit the room I saw the group was a bit ahead and so I jogged to catch up, When I hit a loose rock and it bounced into the wall making a loud echo. Then we heard it.
Loud heavy footsteps came from the cave right in front of the group, The first thought was a wild animal and so a lot of us rushed out. When we made it we heard yelling and screaming, Then the noise started to muffle till it all stopped. We heard crunching, Slurping. The sound of a predator feeding on its prey. One of the very many armed guards quickly loaded his rifle and the sounds stopped. The footsteps slow this time came towards us and the guards immediately put there weapons up waiting.
A massive shape of a human formed from the darkness, From even that I could tell it was around 15 feet maybe even more. Then it emerged. From that cave a massive axe swung out striking one of the guards in the body and sending him off the mountain, There were no screams, He was dead instantly. The figure emerged and from what i saw will be engraved in my memory like a message. It stood tall, Its skin was a pale stark grey and its features were strict, It had black deep eyes sunken into its head far more then naturally should, Its nose was slightly cut off and it had horrendous scars on its face, But its mouth is what i remember the most. It had a grin with thousands of tiny razor sharp teeth and there were blood on them, It was primal, A supernatural being that should have not existed.
It wore bones with rags on it and it had a brace. It was wearing the body of what we had extracted, Like a trophy. But the final thing that haunts me was what hung off its body, There were twine ropes with body parts mounted on them like trophies, They were troys. The guards opened fire on the beast as it let out a deep gutteral roar, Almost like the screech of metal. I watched as it grabbed the closest person, One of the guards and without any trouble the beast squeezed, The guard turned to nothing more then a red paste and it dripped out of the things knuckles.
That's when I ran between its feet and into its lair. I ran and ran till i found where it had been hiding. There was a small cavern and there stood a bunch of dead grass, Sticks and other things. I don't know how this thing got grass in the middle of fucking Afghanistan but I didn't care. As I ran up to it i saw the message and I approached it. The bottle was easy to break and I thought in my last moments I would read it. This is what it read.
"To all who finds this. I am dead, I am not the body of the monster that has been found, I am rather the man by the name of Lucas Hitch-Wood. What you have dug up is a giant, A massive beast that resides in all places but is mostly known was fantasy."
Lucas Hitch-Wood was my fathers name. The note was in smeared ink and was clearly written in a hurry. I looked at the bottle and noticed something, It was an old whisky bottle. Everything finally clicked. He never went to Ireland. He went here. He knew they existed. As I said this more gunshots echoed and screams eminated from the pitch dark my torch couldn't luminate, In a hurry i ran to a wall and i saw something shiny. There was a watch, A silver watch which i recognised. It was my fathers. I saw bones scattered and i realized he had died here.
I sobbed like a baby till the shots stopped, I thought it was coming back then i heard my name being called. I rushed out to the see the beast had fallen, Dead. Its eyes lay open to reveal the same dark sunken voids I had seen moments ago.. That was the last i remembered, The black voids of that things eyes, Then i passed out, I awoke in hospital and was told i had suffered from intense stress which caused the fainting. As the nurse walked out 2 men in suits walked in. I had heard of this, The men in black.
"What you saw that day is something that very few have ever seen. We have contacted who you work for and have managed to get you a sum of money in exchange for sworn secrecy. A contract will be provided for this soon." I was payed 300 thousand dollars to be quiet about the horrors i witnessed that day.
Now when i walk around the streets i notice more black eyes staring at me, It's not long before i join my dad, The stress has been to much, I'm considering just taking a shitload of pills and dozing off in peace.
Be warned of the giants. They exist and they walk in plain sight.
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2023.06.03 12:20 Digitallifero1 skin and hair clinic - skin treatment clinic

Melasma & Pigmentation is a common skin disorder. Loosely translated, the word means “black spot.” If you have melasma, you’re probably experiencing light brown, dark brown, and blue-gray patches on your skin. They can appear as flat patches or freckle-like spots. Commonly affected areas include your face, including the cheeks, upper lip, and forehead, as well as the forearms. Melasma & Pigmentation typically darkens and lightens over time, often getting worse in the summer and better in the winter.
Causes Of Melasma & Pigmentation
  1. Sun exposure
  2. Certain birth Control Pills
  3. Genetics
  4. increase in estrogen
  5. Pregnancy
  6. Skin Inflammation
Trentment Of Melasma & Pigmentation
  1. Chemical peels: Chemical peels involve applying a chemical solution to the skin, which exfoliates the outer layers and promotes the growth of new, healthier skin.
  2. Laser therapy: Laser treatments use high-energy light to target and break up the excess pigment in the skin.
  3. Microdermabrasion: This procedure involves exfoliating the outer layer of the skin using a handheld device with a diamond-tipped or crystal-tipped wand. Microdermabrasion can help reduce the appearance of pigmentation by promoting skin cell turnover.
  4. Dermabrasion: Similar to microdermabrasion, dermabrasion involves removing the outer layers of the skin. However, dermabrasion is a more aggressive procedure typically used for deeper pigmentation issues or scars.
  5. Topical antioxidants: Certain topical products containing antioxidants like vitamin C, kojic acid, or azelaic acid can help lighten pigmentation and even out skin tone.
  6. Sun protection: Since sun exposure is a major trigger for melasma and pigmentation, it is crucial to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays.
It's important to note that the effectiveness of these treatments can vary depending on the severity and underlying cause of your melasma or pigmentation.
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2023.06.03 12:18 Ankina06 Am I the toxic one for making a post asking people to hang out with me?

Okay. My situation is this: Me and my long-distance boyfriend just had a trip together, and when he left, and after my dopamine dropped because of the successful trip, I started feeling unmotivated to do anything alone. I told my friend, who checked on me, and it turned into a two hours long phone call, where I discovered that there are a lot of activities around me, but I couldn't go because my only friend has been very occupied lately. And this is when I got the genius idea of asking people through my Instagram story if they are interested in hanging out with me. During these 2 hours, I made the mistake of not replying to my boyfriend, who was very busy driving around all day and being quite absent and nontalkative since morning. After the "ignoring" time, where if I'm being honest, I wasn't replying to his last message immediately, because it had a bit of passive-aggressivity to it, he started being the one not replying, and even saying he's "not feeling like talking to me today". I asked about it, but like always, he didn't want to elaborate. After hours of barely having a normal conversation, he said he feels "used and disrespected by me" and I tried to encourage talking about it, what he immediately shut down, again, like always. I told him that for the hundredth time, please stop saying that there's a problem, and then not try to solve it, because it gives me extreme amounts of anxiety trying to figure out what I did wrong. And to that, this is what I've got: "How would you feel if after a nice vacation and after the fun is gone I would ignore your messages and in the meantime post on Instagram about finding someone to go out with places? Advertising yourself like on Tinder. Should I be ok with you going out dancing with your ex? Or other dudes? Or your lesbian friends? Are you out of your mind? Is this normal around there?" So yeah, that left me flabbergasted. I feel like there's a bit of exposition needed here. We are from different countries, but we talk to each other in English. I wrote the post in my language, which means, he had to translate it, and I feel like there's a lot that gets lost in translation, but I'll try my best to make it understandable. "Hello people of (name of my city), somebody please be my friend, because as it turns out to me there are a lot of events in my vicinity which I would like to visit, but I don't step outside of my flat alone. HELP. /very trustworthy and friendly human/" The main question is DO YOU SEE ANY PROBLEM WITH THIS TEXT? Because I don't. In my eyes, it showcases my humor and my awkwardness with social situations. But that obviously isn't what he saw in it. He's been cheated by his previous partner, which destroyed him, and now he has absolutely zero trust towards anybody, which includes me because I slipped up once by not taking his boundaries seriously enough in the past. So the first thing he does is jump to conclusions because as you see, there was no mention of partying with dudes. On the other hand, I'm bisexual, which he never really got over, because he comes from a very conservative place, and doesn't really understand that no, I don't want to fuck my friends just because they're girls. I still don't really understand what the main problem was, because what he always brought up was this scenario. "What if a guy replies to my story and I start talking to and feel comfortable around him, and he offers to take me out somewhere?" First of all, I explained to him that I wouldn't reply to a guy, because I know that he would see that as disrespectful, and I very hardly feel comfortable around men, so for me to actually make friends with one has to mean that I feel a 100% safe with them not trying anything and last, but most importantly I'm not an NPC! Just because a guy comes and talks to me doesn't mean that I'll act like a magnet, and stuck to them. I can make my own decisions, but because of his issues with trust, he can't seem to trust me with not being mindless. And he had a problem with how I'm advertising myself to the whole city, while I know that I barely have any people added from here and could tell you that exact 50 people who actually watch my stories, and they know as well, that I'm talking to my already existing friends who I might have lost touch with. So after an hour of intense trying to make the other understand, my conclusion was that next time if he feels like I did something wrong, what I CLEARLY can't sense by myself, don't spend the day not talking to me and making me anxious, but communicate the problem to me as soon as he feels wronged by me, because then I might even have a chance of fixing it. Was I right in saying that I'm very rarely a 100% confident in myself, but now I can say that he's acting toxic?
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2023.06.03 12:17 Foreign-Anteater-873 Broke Up

Hey y'all thus is a rant ....:
So i broke up with my boyfriend yesterday. A little backstory ( we've known each other since middle school, he was my best friend he decided to go into the air force. I supported him through everything went to his basic training graduation when his family wouldn't, stuck by his side helping him in tech school, even when he got to his now duty station in Kadena AFB in Japan I tried my hardest stick with him. He started becoming distant and showed lack of effort in our relationship.... I told him he's becoming more cold and distant towards me and he said he doesn't need to talk to me all the time, i'm a bit overbearing to him, he doesn't know hoe to fix the problem. I communicated my feelings with him for 3 months how i've noticed a change and him not having time for me but other leisure activities yet he didn't care... .. he said he's living his life in japan... so i broke up with him and now my whole heart hurts and i just don't know how to cope. I would have never expected someone that i've known for 8 yrs whose been with me through everything to just flat out hurt me like that. Now i just I’m numb… i can’t cry i’m just numb :(
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2023.06.03 12:16 smilefodacamera I finally had fun

I'm an extremely lonely person, I have 0 friends and almost never leave the house. I'm in a massive rut at the moment and I don't know exactly how to dig myself out of it. I'm 17 years old - "homeschooled". I literally interact with nobody, I have no online friends or IRL friends. Anyways I don't want to talk about that here.w
My 19yo brother (Alex) is visiting for the summer, he arrived a few weeks ago and we haven't hung out much, occasionally we might watch a movie or South Park eps but that's really it. Anywho, at 2 AM neither of us could fall asleep and I asked him if he wanted to ride bikes for maybe 20 mins. We ended up riding our bikes with our crappy flat tires through the completely empty streets of our dead town. There were no cars around and it just felt like we were in another realm where we were the only two people. We talked and listened to music just biking around. We were having a great time. We planned to only bike for 20 mins but we were out there for about an hour and a half.
When we got home, we realized we had absolutely no keys. Our other brother was sound asleep, and our mom was sleeping at a diff home (in the process of moving). Alex and I tried climbing the roof to bang on our brothers window but we couldn't get up. We rung the doorbell a trillion times and called him as well, but to no avail. We decided to bike to the fire department which is very close to our home, and I suggested hitting the emergency help button but he didn't want to. We called a non emergency police # and they said we could hit the help button or call a locksmith. He wanted to call a locksmith. Long story short, it didn't work - would've taken way too long and way too pricey. We kind of fucked with the locksmith (in a nice silly way) once we realized it wasn't going to work. It was super funny in the moment. Alex seemed kind of nervous but I was actually having a great time. I never have "adventures" like this and was actually excited to potentially interact with the fire department ppl.
We hit the emergency button and we talked to the operator guy who sent the chief out. At this point it was like 4:15 AM. He said he has to sent the police first to check up then they'd determine if the fire department could handle it. I was really impressed with myself. I was doing the entirety of the talking, while Alex was sorta standing there. I consider myself to be a huge introvert socially awkward creature, but I genuinely felt like a normal neurotypical human being, and I was proud of myself. The chief was sociable and I felt sociable and it was an overall good interaction.
We biked back home (2 min away) and then 10 min later the police arrived. I explained the whole situation to the two officers and suggested maybe a ladder to get on the roof and bang on the window. They were sort of wary but thought it might be a good idea. Out of nowhere, the landlord drove up to the house saying he got a bunch of ring doorbell alerts and his kids woke him up. He was friendly and opened the door for us, we thanked him and the officers and waved them goodbye.

tl;dr - my brother and i got locked out of the house at 2 AM, the police arrived, then our landlord came unexpectedly and opened the door for us. I felt proud of myself for going out of my shell and enjoyed the adventure
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2023.06.03 12:15 Foreign-Anteater-873 Broke up. M(19) F(20)

Hey y’all thus is a rant …. :
So i broke up with my boyfriend yesterday. A little backstory ( we’ve known each other since middle school, he was my best friend) he decided to go into the air force. I supported him through everything went to his basic training graduation when his family wouldn’t, stuck by his side helping him in tech school, even when he got to his now duty station in Kadena AFB in Japan I tried my hardest stick with him. He started becoming distant and showed lack of effort in our relationship…. I told him he’s becoming more cold and distant towards me and he said he doesn’t need to talk to me all the time, i’m a bit overbearing to him, he doesn’t know hoe to fix the problem. I communicated my feelings with him for 3 months how i’ve noticed a change and him not having time for me but other leisure activities yet he didn’t care…. he said he’s living his life in japan… so i broke up with him and now my whole heart hurts and i just don’t know how to cope. I would have never expected someone that i’ve known for 8 yrs whose been with me through everything to just flat out hurt me like that.
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2023.06.03 12:15 Southern_Quail6045 33+6, Constant BH and Baby Hiccups

I've had a cold for the past 9 days. The doctor put me on keflex and when that didn't work and I developed pink eye in both eyes, I was prescribed an ointment and a zpack. My lungs sound clear, but I am coughing SO HARD. For the past two days, I've noticed the baby is hiccuping more often in the womb and I am having Braxton hicks almost constantly. I haven't slept all night for having to pee and feeling the tightening of my uterus. My back is throbbing. While none of this is constant and there is no pattern, it is painful and keeping me from sleeping. This is my first child I've carried this long after two miscarriages, so I know I can overthink. But should I go see the doctor? The cold is getting a lot better. No more pink eye, just a dry nagging cough and slight congestion. Should I wait and see how I feel tomorrow as long as baby is passing kick counts?
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2023.06.03 12:13 Next_Air_9880 https://www.propvestors.in/residential-project/the-royal-ganges-maheshtala/

Propvestors is the best real estate broker consultant in Kolkata, which offers 2BHK, 3BHk & 4BHK flats available in Royal Ganges, Maheshtala, Kolkata. Premium 2BHK, 3BHk & 4BHK flats/apartments in Maheshtala, Kolkata. This spacious apartment is the perfect blend of comfort, Affordable, and Luxury for You. Top Notch Amenities Swimming, Gym, Playgrounds for children, all everything needs for your comfortable & modern comfortable lifestyle.
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2023.06.03 12:12 Next_Air_9880 3bhk ganga facing flat in Maheshtala, Royal Ganges, Kolkata

Propvestors is the best real estate broker consultant in Kolkata, which offers 3BHK flats available in Royal Ganges, Maheshtala, Kolkata. Premium 2BHK, 3BHk & 4BHK flats/apartments in Maheshtala, Kolkata. This spacious apartment is the perfect blend of comfort, Affordable, and Luxury for You. Top Notch Amenities Swimming, Gym, Playgrounds for children, all everything needs for your comfortable & modern comfortable lifestyle.
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2023.06.03 12:12 FarradoN [acne] What are you doing about photosensitivity?

Hi, I noticed that I’m really sensitive to the sun, and whenever I’m out for couple of hours it almost immediately breaks me out.
What should I do? I’m already using sunscreen and avoiding direct sunlight.
To be honest I’m not even sure if using skincare products worth it - it indeed helps my acne when I’m indoors, but the trade off of photosensitivity maybe not worth it.
I have probably combination skin - the T zone is very oily and the rest dry-normal. I have also noticed that the t zone gets less irritated from sunscreen, and breaks out far less.
This is my regime:
Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser Paula’s choice azelaic acid booster La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Repair Matte Moisturizer EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46
Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser Differin (adapalene 0.1 gel) benzoyl peroxide 5%
I would like your help because I’m so lost…
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2023.06.03 12:11 Not_TDS_OG X-Shot Insanity Berzerko Review (Worst X-Shot Blaster?)

So I recently bought the Berzerko from a local mall here in the Philippines. And let's just say I have mixed opinions on it.
Included with the box:
-1X Berzerko (Disassembled) -2X Circle Style Dart holders -1X Rectangle Style Dart Holder -48X Air Pocket Technology Darts
Installing the priming handles are pretty simple, they simply screw on and off.
Starting with the front, there's no N-Strike Barrel Lug. But there is this unremovable barrel, this barrel is relatively wide and most likely won't affect performance, and there's 2 X-Shot rails on the left and right side. Moving on there's the cylinder, it holds 8 darts but it's not like a Strongarm where you can eject it out. But it holds 8 darts and can be easily rotated. On the top is another X-Shot rail and a scope, the scope is pretty hard to see through and you really have to smash your face or hold it like a pistol to see through it.Moving onto the priming handle, this is a side prime blaster, to prime you pull the handle back, and it automatically retracts back, however this handle actually broke on me, and I wasn't even slam-firing, just on normal usage, and so I had to use duct tape to stick it back together, more on this in my opinion. Moving onto the trigger, the trigger pull is slightly harder but other than that it's pretty standard, but this blaster does have slam-fire. Moving onto the grip, even for me as a guy who's 5'8, this grip is probably the worst grip X-Shot has to offer, the thumbhole stock inherently restrict wrist movement but with here it bangs onto my hand a lot, it's way too small, but it's certainly not as bad as some ULTRA, Doomlands, or most Buzz Bee grips, more on that in my opinion (also you may have noticed, yes this is basically a Coop772 review). But below that sits another X-Shot rail, moving onto the stock, it's a fixed in place, non adjustable stock. It's too short for taller people to use, but for me it's good enough. That is an external overview of the blaster itself, now onto the Dart storage. The circle one holds 23 darts, while the rectangle one holds 20. They both have a mechanism where you can detatch this notch that connects to the dart holders, that can then attach to the blaster, this blaster also seems to have picatinny style tails but I'm not sure if this can take Nerf attachments, as I'm on vacation and don't have any attachments. And this blaster also has an attachment that is used to combine the Insanity blasters into one.
Now to the firing demo, yeah I don't really have a chronograph but assuming from other blasters, I'm guessing this has a chrono average of 80 Feet Per Second. But I did have some space to do some range tests, and flat shooting this thing got around 50 feet, and with an angled shot and a little bit of luck, it could reach 90 feet, I did not have any jams or malfunctions while using this blaster apart from the priming handle breaking.
Now onto my opinion, this blaster is probably the worst blaster X-Shot has in shelves, I could defend the grip but despite its cost here (25$), having such a faulty priming handle is unacceptable, and if it weren't such an easy fix, this would be an elite 2.0 blaster, well i mean it already is, this is basically just an Eaglepoint with better internals, more dart storage, and at a cheaper price point. So overall it's definitely not the worst blaster out there, no jams and only one handle broke, and I'm not sure if I got a lemon or not, but berware. And if you're really willing to buy this blaster, make sure to prepare some duct tape, and I hope- no, beg, that the rest of the series isn't like this, I hope that we didn't get fooled to only get a disappointing series, and hopefully the Longshot Pro will redeem this blaster, until next time, and that's about it, cya.
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2023.06.03 12:09 Anlizu2 Any other FTB feeling more and more ripped off as their purchase progresses? Regrets for offering so highly?

As a first time buyer, I had no idea about things like roofs and electrics and the problems with leasehold, and the surveyor said the roof will need to be replaced in the short to medium term (leasehold ex-council flat, so I have no say in when this will be done and how much I'll be charged). Also will have to pay to fix up the electrics and other bits before I move in, and the seller won't renegotiate. We've also found an issue with the lease missing a clause and the seller refuses to pay for indemnity insurance so that payment will again fall to me. All this and another flat on the next Road over went up yesterday for not much more than i'm paying, and it's done up inside and has a longer lease. (If I weren't away for the next ten days I'd probably view it)
I wouldn't have offered as highly as I did if I was aware of these issues but I'm so far into the sale I'm scared to pull out. Not sure what I'm after here but I guess wondering if anyone else feels frustrated by their own naïvety as a FTB and is having regrets about potentially overpaying...
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2023.06.03 12:08 panickedfreak Been trying out all sorts of liner angles in my years of makeup practice, i think this is my favorite. What liner angle do you like most?

Been trying out all sorts of liner angles in my years of makeup practice, i think this is my favorite. What liner angle do you like most?
Liner is the dollar general precise brush tip liquid liner. Blush is from a pink eyeshadow pallet i have, called
Thats really it though, i dont wear foundation and very, very rarely do countour. I hate the texture of foundation so far, i wish i could find a creme foundation that dries to a soft powder much like airspun and has olive tones. Ive only had a foundation i liked one time and it was a gift from my gma in middle school. If you know any good brands for foundation that dry nicely without the sticky feeling or flakey texture and also have an light olive toned color to it, lmk.
Im trying to figure out how to use the precision brush for the liner i use. Its a whole experience and its definitely easy to make a wiggly line or push down too hard and it end up thick and way too saturated with the liner to the point it bleeds out and loses the crisp edge.
Im allergic to adhesive btw so the tape method is agony and rash and peeling skin. If only it were that easy.
But idk i dont know the best way to do liner on hooded eyes. Its especially tricky when youre doing crazy clowny/avante garde styles. Its hard to make big, pointy puppy wings look decent. And plain shaped cat eye wings are not the right shape 9/10 times. If im super lucky, ill end up getting the 1/10 chance that the upturned wings do actually suit my face shape, but thats difficult and less likely.
Sorry to rant about my abilities lol, im just finally learning more and want to get some constructive criticism and other forms of feedback on things that would potentially suit my face, both simplistic and eclectic in nature. So if this post survives the mods and their final choice, please god i need some pointers
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2023.06.03 12:07 Mean-Leg-4068 [F17] Hey y'all! Looking for some people to talk to. I have a lot of interests, so hmu and we'll prob have smth in common, just don't be dry tho!

[F17] Hey y'all! Looking for some people to talk to. I have a lot of interests, so hmu and we'll prob have smth in common, just don't be dry tho! submitted by Mean-Leg-4068 to TeensMeetTeens [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 12:07 Reasonable_Isopod286 Ex beat me up and I felt guilty for it

A little while ago I moved on my own, after my ex decided he had had enough of me We had been together for 5 years, living together the last 3, and our relationship was pretty problematic, now that I think about it afterwards. We both had trouble handling negative feelings, so when we had a fight it was full on yelling and throwing any and all the insults we could at each other, and after we both had calmed down we couldn't talk it through since we both feared a new fight would happen.
I am steuggling with self-harming, and my ex hated it. If he caught me cutting myself, he would beat me up (he said it was easier for him to live with him hurting me than with me doing it myself). After he was done he would start this monologue of how he once again did something bad and how I should be better of without him, and he would want a hug. Me, crying and hurting from his punches, most of the time fled to another room to cry in peace until the pain was gone. He'd left me alone for like, 5-10 minutes, and then ran after me, yelling about how I'm punishing him by leaving him alone and how he can't leave me out of his sight in case I start cutting again.
This had happened pretty much the whole 3 years we lived together. I did cut before that, but he wouldn't see me do it as I had time to be alone in my own flat.
We broke up because he had enough of me making everything his fault and how he couldn't stand me hurting him by not being always there for him when he needed me.
It's so weird living on my own again. I don't feel safe, I fear all my friends forget me if I don't message them daily, and I wake up in the middle of the night crying because I destroyed the relationship with him by being problematic.
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2023.06.03 12:07 ayesha_brown Is it possible to create a photoshop editable mock-up from a poly cam 3d scan?

Hey y’all,
So basically I’ve got a lot of experience across all the Adobe products but never really used 3d modelling software much before. I’m starting to make shoes from scratch and looking to use 3d modelling as a more innovative way of showcasing my ideas for different custom sneakers.
Say for example I were to use polycam to create a 3D model for a pair of shoes, like this. Using cinema 4d would I be able to convert it in to a mock up like this, one where I can use the pieces to apply textures to the flat object in photoshop? Or at least be able to edit it similar to the sneakers in this video here.
Would 3ds max or blender be better for this? I’m aware I can use clo3d for this function for apparel but it’s very difficult to use clo3d for footwear.
Any advice would be much appreciated!
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2023.06.03 12:06 katebell94 Potential first chapter

The violence of the water lashing against the stationary rocks had ceased well before they arrived. The water was now settled, and only silent pools remained. The threatening element was rarely seen in its true form, hiding from the observant eyes of humankind. Building a false sense of security, allowing our minds to assume that the water welcomed us, comforted us when needed. Calling out to us to venture into its depths. Unreliable and unpredictable. Manipulating the environment to gain more power it had over other forms of life.
Utilizing the rocky boulders that protected the shoreline from its violent and ever-changing attributes. Trapping sailors and making them succumb to its malevolent hunger. Puncturing the vessels filled with life and consuming their youth. Its power matured. Communities from the shore commemorated lives taken by erecting plaques and statues in their memory, showcasing the strength and sheer force of the water. Even lives that were spent mostly at sea, learning how to work with and move the element, stood little to no chance when the violence erupted. Unable to use their masterful skills to control the tides. To grasp at life one more time and overcome its ferocity. Lives taken at the very last moment, trapped in a moment where hope and pride once lived.
Marine life that was once thrown into the lively waves of the high tides were pushed onto the bed of the beach. Life that was once free and ever flowing had been left imprisoned in the boulders which resided on the beach. As swollen waters drew back out to sea, life was left deserted. Painfully exposed to daylight, dying a slow and painful death. Willing and waiting for it to be over. For even when the water was at rest, it demanded the lurking sense of death to remain on the North Shields shoreline.
An inky black Raven perched upon a boulder observes its nautical avian equivalent. Scavengers searching for flesh. Life is so desolate here that flesh, rotting or fresh is welcomed. The Seagull desperately trying to consume the rotting flat fish as the Raven overlooks, calling out for its mates, signifying that there was food. The throat protrudes and shifts shape in the hope of digesting the meat. Ejecting the flesh and trying to consume again and again. Restless and consistent in its methods. This scene pieced together from the force, to symbolise its strength, even at rest.
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2023.06.03 12:06 travel-notes-oliver Belfast City Center Beer Bike Tour

Belfast City Center Beer Bike Tour
Belfast is an energetic and bustling city. Its lively culture can be found through music, food and other forms of cultural offerings.

Political murals found throughout the city serve as visual records of its turbulent past. Some serve as memorials while others remind of religious and political divisions in the area.
Tours provide an insider's look into Northern Ireland's past and present. Expert guides relay tales with candor, expertise, and wit.


Self-guided art galleries

Belfast's turbulent history is well-documented, yet today its cityscape offers visitors a vibrant experience. New hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, and attractions keep springing up like mushrooms all over town; its commitment to peace can be seen everywhere you look; while visitors from all corners of the globe come here seeking refuge and optimism from its embracement.
Belfast is a relatively compact city that can easily be navigated on foot or bicycle, and boasts an efficient public transit system. A sightseeing hop-on/hop-off bus tour offers visitors the perfect way to see its highlights at their own pace; buses can be booked online or by phone from Belfast City Hall.

Alternately, you could take a guided walking tour through the city with an experienced local guide. This tour entails exploring street art as well as political murals - and your guide will offer insightful commentary about each one!
The Ulster Museum is another must-visit on any trip to Belfast. Boasting everything from fine art to archaeology and even tropical climate plants in its Palm House conservatory, this museum will delight anyone interested in nature while giving you a great opportunity to socialize.


Doing a walking tour

Walking tours offer a fantastic way to get acquainted with Belfast. There are multiple tours available that feature various sights and activities; these could range from tours that highlight live music venues and historic pubs, to those focused on history (Titanic Museum or Crumlin Road Gaol for example).
As another option, hop-on, hop-off bus tours offer an ideal way to see a city while listening to live commentary onboard. They are especially beneficial when travelling solo as you can hop off at any point to explore any particular sight more thoroughly.

Those interested in TV shows and movies can take a tour that explores filming locations in Belfast. From Line of Duty to Game of Thrones, there will undoubtedly be an experience tailored to meet your interests.
Visit a market to browse for local goods, souvenirs and artisan foods. St George's Market is one of the area's most beloved markets with over 300 stalls offering food and drink - such as Yellowman honeycomb - which makes for an exciting shopping experience!

Joining a Meetup group

Belfast is an ideal city for cycling with its flat paved roads and stunning scenery. Its charming streets and friendly locals make the city the ideal spot for discovering it by bike. Additionally, Belfast provides many guided tours that cover various aspects of culture and history for an engaging learning experience about this unique place.
Join a guided walking tour with a local to gain an overview of the city and its highlights. This tour is ideal for travelers seeking an easy introduction to Hillsborough Castle & Gardens, Crumlin Road Gaol and other major sites. Meet your guide at any centrally-located hotel or cruise ship port and view these major sites together with your guide.

For fans of Game of Thrones series, take an excursion that shows you all of Belfast's filming locations for this famous series. Here, you will visit iconic spots such as Cushendun Caves where Melisandre gave birth and Larrybane where Brienne of Tarth defeated Ser Loras as well as Dark Hedges which appeared in Dragonstone episode.
Take a Belfast and Glens of Antrim tour for a day trip that includes visiting the Giant's Causeway - this unique collection of rock formations was once used as a link between Ireland and Scotland!


Joining a book club

Belfast may have experienced turmoil throughout its history, yet today its city offers numerous attractions that are worth seeing. These include "peace walls" separating Catholic and Protestant neighborhoods; an expansive Titanic Belfast exhibition; St George's Market offering local artisan food products and souvenirs; or taking a walking tour with a local guide for an unforgettable experience.
ToursByLocals provides an intimate Belfast experience when booking a private tour through them. Your friendly guide can tailor it specifically to your interests, making sure not to miss any major sites along the way. In doing so, you will learn more of Belfast's story as well as its cultural aspects behind famous sites.

Start exploring Belfast by bike to see some of its iconic sites like Belfast Waterfront Hall and St Anne's Cathedral - this is an ideal way to familiarise yourself with its history, people, and architecture. Or join a Meetup group dedicated to reading such as Belfast Girly Book Club; reading together is guaranteed over an extended period.
Try something local by enjoying an Irish stew or snacking on some yellowman honeycomb - both are beloved treats of Irish cuisine!
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