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How to get best raw sound out of Shure SM58 for podcasting?

2023.06.07 20:36 Little-Bookkeeper802 How to get best raw sound out of Shure SM58 for podcasting?

I'm starting a business that offers video podcasts and hope to offer a file that's usable right after recording. I'm trying to get everything looking and sounding as good as possible during production and my last hurdle is audio quality.
I know these mics aren't the best for podcasts, but are all I have to work with right now. Hoping to get no hiss/hum which basically sounds only possible with low gain and by speaking right on the mic.
I'd just like to double-check about some other factors/possible improvements to ensure I'm getting as good a sound as I can get from these mics.
Setup: 1-4 Shure SM58s connected via 40' XLR cables to Zoom H6 that's connected to power supply and has a line out to ATEM switcher via 2' 3.5mm audio cable.
(Zoom recorder is also next to computer and ATEM switcher - read this could affect sound quality?)
Mics are pointed at mouth (but unsure of required distance range) 1-3 inches off the mic sounds best, so should I explain this to guests as a requirement?
Room: 12' x 24' w/ 7' ceilings and treated with blackout curtains around the walls. No other sounds from lights/appliances/HVAC
Questions: - Would using phantom power and the +10 db pad help? I know these mics don't use it but read somewhere this could be an option.
  • Is the Zoom H6's compression and limiter worth using if not planning on doing post-production?
  • Are preamps like cloudlifteFethead worth it? Is there a difference in these or even some of the cheaper ones?
  • What is "normalization"? Read that like mics need a sec to calibrate to the input signal? Is this something to consider that will make a difference?
  • Any other changes I should consider in my setup? I know these mics are just limited...
Thank you anyone for any help!
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2023.06.07 20:28 DeliciousLavishness5 [ADVICE] How to get noticed as a sound designer?

Hi everyone, I'm a sound designer and I have just landed on Fiverr. Do you have any advice for getting noticed by buyers? On Fiverr there are a lot of sound designers and I think that if a person looks for a sound designer I'd be at the bottom of the list.
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2023.06.07 20:27 Hjb2850 2002 Lexus LS430 Recommendations Post

  • What is your country of purchase? Leave any finishing thoughts here.
    I am in the US
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2023.06.07 20:24 Jdbro123 [Request] Need help cleaning up an instrumental to play at my wedding.

Hello all,
I'm getting married next month and wanted to use the instrumental track to Paradise by Jeremih during the ceremony. I was unable to find anywhere that this exists so I figured I'd try to make due with what I could.
I used demucs to try and separate the vocals from the instrumental with fairly decent results. When playing the instrumental you can still vaguely hear some remnants of the vocals and I worry when it's played over a real sound system at the wedding it will be very obvious.
I was hoping someone could maybe help me cleanup the instrumental a little.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 20:23 SourceFast6293 27 [M4F] NYC/NE - I really need a new title for this

Hey! I am basically just looking for something that can lead into a relationship if we vibe in such a way
But onto more specific stuff about me.
And I suppose I'll list some stuff that I'd like in a partner.

Not sure what else to say really, but I hope this is a somewhat better post than my prior attempts. If I sound interesting enough, reach out and lets talk! And I'd be open to sharing my face if you are, as well, physical attraction is important!
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2023.06.07 20:22 Trav2974 ISO Empty TP and Paper Towel cardboard tubes

I know it sounds crazy but if you have empty tubes, I'd love to take them off your hands. I ship stuff that has "pointy" ends and the tubes are perfect for protecting these items. I would prefer them to be clean and dry! LOL
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2023.06.07 20:21 SourceFast6293 27 [M4F] NYC/NE - I really need a new title for this

Hey! I am basically just looking for something that can lead into a relationship if we vibe in such a way
But onto more specific stuff about me.
And I suppose I'll list some stuff that I'd like in a partner.

Not sure what else to say really, but I hope this is a somewhat better post than my prior attempts. If I sound interesting enough, reach out and lets talk! And I'd be open to sharing my face if you are, as well, physical attraction is important!
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2023.06.07 20:21 MuteMan1 Variant Encumbrance Rule

This post may be sort of an am I the asshole sort of thing, but it is about DnD.
We are 8 sessions in to a campaign with a total of 7 players. I created a variant human, dex, dual wielding ex-pirate fighter because it sounded like a fun character. His alignment is good as he is trying to make up for the evil pirate acts. He has 10 str, 16 dex, 16 con, 8 wis, 8 int, and 14 cha.
We reached level 3 at the end of last session and the DM wanted everyone to send their character sheet again. He noticed on mine that my armor is 45 pounds, which is close to my encumbrance. I was confused and he explained that he is using a variant rule. He said he mentioned it before, which he may have, but it was never actually used in game. He had my character sheet from level 1 which was encumbered with medium armor, two rapiers, and random misc items. 49 of my 50 pounds with this rule was just my armor and two weapons.
I said if he was steadfast on this rule, I'd like to either change my current character to STR or roll a new character. I already felt less useful than everyone else because my attribute values were less. That's my fault because I used the standard array rather than rolling like everyone else. They all ended with at least one 18 or even 2 18s. I never brought that up before because it was a choice I made on my stats. However, I mentioned that, with enforcing the encumbrance rule, it would make me even weaker. My speed would either be reduced by 10 ft or my AC reduced.
His next email suggested I was overly focused on numbers, I want to get my way every time, that I was trying to not give anything up with my character build, and that I may not be a good fit for the group. I say suggest because he never directly said those things. He said he would never understand the style of play that is entirely focused on numbers, something has to give in a dex build, every player doesn't always get what they want, and that he thinks it won't be a good fit if my response to DM rulings is to roll a new character.
Now this did frustrate me because those remarks are insulting and don't do justice to the thought I put into making my character. A dex based build is giving up plenty. Most skills are cha, int, or wis based. This build isn't breaking the game. I have an AC of 17, 31 hp, and can deal 1d8+3 damage with one action then another with a bonus action with a +5 to hit for each. Nothing crazy about that. It's more of a midway between straight damage or tank, so it gives up some of both.
I never asked to reroll a character before or roll a new character in response to past disagreements. The only past disagreement was about another player pickpocketing mine, but I never said I wanted a new character. I asked if that would continue to be allowed and if I could have some way to combat it if it will be allowed. He just decided it won't be allowed.
This is getting too long. My questions are:
How do people feel about this rule?
Does my character seem like I'm trying to give him everything?
Is it unreasonable for me to at the very least want to make my character str based?
I probably won't be playing with this group anymore since it appears the DM thinks very poorly of me. I've been trying to think if I have been acting like this terrible person he thinks of me and don't think I have been. I'm obviously biased, though. Hoping some more feedback will help me with deciding if more retrospection is required on my part.
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2023.06.07 20:21 Ah_It_Burns People who work loss prevention, is it better than being a sales associate?

I really want to leave my job in apparel retail, because I'm just sick of repeating myself all day and acting like a robot. Loss prevention has always sounded kind of fun, and with the way my brain works I feel like I'd be good at it.
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2023.06.07 20:16 TutonicDrone Learning to 'romance' myself.

A little bit of backstory. Growing up I was told countless times by friends and family what a 'romantic' guy I was. I was going to make some woman very happy. I think I got bombarded with this because I liked and still like to do little acts to show my love for the people in my life. I took up the identity of a 'romantic', because why wouldn't I believe what the people closest to me thought I was like?
When I discovered I was aroace it was both a relief and a letdown. The relief I think most will understand as being that moment when you look back and your whole life suddenly makes sense. You weren't broken. You are the way you are and that is fine.
The letdown might take a little explaining. There are a lot of parts to it but I think the main one is a feeling of this being it. Society pushes the romantic norm so hard. It felt like everyone but me was trying to fill a void that another person or persons fit in. I had been right beside them, trying to fill the void of not having a void. Even after I'd realized I was aroace a part of me didn't want it to be true. Thoughts like, maybe you are demi and haven't met the right person yet, kept coming up unbidden.
I was pretty low at the beginning of this year. Then late February, or early March I realized that I'm still a romantic aromantic asexual. Just because I don't feel passionate love doesn't make me any less of a romantic. And just because I won't ever have a partner in any sense other than platonic doesn't mean I can't express my love. Sometime around this epiphany, someone I knew talked about a selfcare day. I spend so much time with friends and family showing them I love them why don't I ever do that for myself? So I've been prepping meals ahead of time because, while I love to cook, I hate the prep work. I'll pick up snacks I know I love at the store. Then hold onto them, purposefully waiting until later to give them to myself when I'm in a bad mood.
I was going to say I haven't gotten to the point where I'm writing little love notes to put in my lunches but honestly, while love notes to myself sounds weird, writing out a bunch of words of affirmation, mixing them in a hat and taping them onto the lid of my lunches sounds great and I might do that!
I imagine there is a point where this turns from self-care to literal narcissism. I don't think I am there yet. Never in my life have I been as happy and fulfilled as I've been for the past months. I am a pessimist so I imagine this will pass. Life is guaranteed to go to shit eventually but, for the first time in my life, I think I'll be just fine.
I can't really think of a purpose in this post except to share my joy in this moment. But while I'm aroace I am still the same sappy guy so I wanna end with my favorite movie quote. I mean every word of it with all my heart for any and all of you who read through this.
But what I hope most of all is that you understand what I mean when I tell you that even though I do not know you, and even though I may not meet you, laugh with you, cry with you, or kiss you: I love you.
With all my heart.
I love you.
Valerie - V for Vendetta
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2023.06.07 20:15 xvszero Ontario: I have OCT certification for primary / junior with an intermediate computer studies ABQ. What all do I need to get senior certification?

For the record I'm a teacher from America and moved here a few years ago, which is why I don't know stuff that probably most teachers who went through the system here would already know.
I'm trying to figure out how I would get certified to teach at the senior level. My understanding is that you need certification in TWO subject areas, correct?
So my first subject area would obviously be computer studies. I have a computer science degree and completed the intermediate ABQ, so what would more would I have to do there? Do I just take the senior computer studies ABQ? (For my intermediate computer studies ABQ I was actually in a course that had both intermediate and senior students, some assignments were different based on level but a lot were the same so it feels like it'd be a rehash to take this course at the senior level, but whatever, if it needs to be done I'll do it.)
The second subject area is where it gets trickier. First off, is this an extensive list of what my second subject could be?
As for specifics, I just picked a random school:
Which returns this information:
Senior ABQ Courses (initial certification)
Senior ABQ Courses (second or subsequent teachable subjects)
But this school, for science:
Returns this information:
Applicants who do not already hold a "Senior" qualification*, a "B" average (70%) in a minimum of five full year university courses in Science are required. Of the five full Science courses, one full or equivalent course in each of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are required for admission*
Applicants who already hold a senior qualification*, a minimum of two full year university undergraduate courses in Science are required*
Which is a little confusing in the wording, the top one makes it sound like your second subject needs 3 credits, the bottom school makes it sound like if you ALREADY have senior qualifications (2 subjects) your 3rd subject would need 2 credits?
So does the amount of classes you need to take depend on where you take your ABQ?
And is every subject the same amount of classes? I vaguely thought I read somewhere once that, for instance, PE certification is less classes, and I wouldn't mind teaching PE (I did it for a year at a private school in America) but I can't find that again and I might be mistaken there.
Because our system in America is different I haven't actually taken a bunch of classes in a specific 2nd subject at the moment. I'd have to check my transcripts but the two ABQs I think I'd be closest to the requirements for would be math and "science-general".
With that said it's unclear to me what science-general even means, since there are specific ABQs for biology, physics, etc. If you need an ABQ to teach those specific subjects, what can you teach with science-general?!
Also, how the heck do you find out what courses will qualify? Like let's say for instance I already took a half credit of biology in America and want to take another half credit of biology here, how do I know whether my first half credit counts and how do I know which course to take for the next half credit?
So my understanding is that in my situation to get senior certification I'd have to take:
-1 senior level ABQ computer studies course
-Somewhere between 2-5 credits (very confused on this part) of courses in a second subject... minus whatever is already on my transcripts that would count towards this
-1 senior level ABQ course for said second subject
Is this correct? Is there anything I'm missing?
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2023.06.07 20:13 RekitRakkit I need help

There's been a lot of posts recently about adults with ADHD floundering in their jobs. I am really struggling. It's way worse now, or it feels that way. If I'm being honest, it's always been this way--It's just this job has so many intricate, moving pieces. So much brain space. I think the biggest thing is how I need to switch tasks so much.
I'm a medical professional that sees patients in an outpatient setting. I can genuinely say that I'm actually good at this part of the job. Adhd is a tool here. I do get off topic sometimes, bit It's all good info. But, my ability to empathize, to put myself in my patients' shoes, to provide outside the box solutions...I have no doubt that in some aspects, adhd is a part of this.
But, the rest? The rest just sucks. We are a two person department. We don't have a medical assistant and we are expected to: 1. See our patients (back to back with no gaps) 2. Chart (somehow) between this 3. Answer our phones and messages, which doesn't sound like a big deal, but patients have access to direct calls and messaging so we handle reschedules, cancelations, questions, etc 4. Writing our referrals and calling/scheduling patients.
We share our "list". My coworker is absolutely wonderful. I'd be lost without her. She's patient and understanding, and as far as I know neurotypical. She knows I'm struggling because I'm also tackling bipolar and getting back up from that...
She gets things done so fast, and I can't keep up. I take charts home. I don't do half as much in the list. I get distracted, stressed or freeze with anxiety. I had this epiphany that I think it's task switching I'm struggling with.
How do I tackle this? Make it to where my coworker isn't shouldering so much work? I want to prove I'm good at my job. I want to reduce my fuck ups. I want to stop being a hindrance and an albatross. Any ideas?
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2023.06.07 20:08 Howsslifem8 Training AI to detect Elden Ring death screen and add to a counter.

I'm semi new to python, I want to start a new project. I die a lot in Elden Ring so I'd like to have a counter of my own, catch is I want an AI to watch my screen while I play then automatically count & display my deaths via detecting a death screen. In my head it doesn't sound too difficult I'd just like some tips on how to start. Anyone have any articles I can read to better understand how to script AI to do something like this ? Thanks
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2023.06.07 20:08 dblack246 [Spoilers ADWD] Establishing a test for dragonflame in ADWD and applying that test to the end of The Dragontamer

I thought it might be interesting to look at all the dragonflame events in Dance. I theorize George has provided several detailed examples of dragonflame to help readers understand what is--and what is not--the result of a dragon unleashing fire on a target. By applying this collected knowledge to The Dragontamer chapter, I believe we can throw water on the widely held theory that Quentyn's burns are the result of being bathed in dragonflame.
The first witnessed dragonflame event is in Daenerys II, ADWD. Daenerys goes to the pit to look in on Viserion and Rheghal.
When Rhaegal roared, a gout of yellow flame turned darkness into day for half a heartbeat. The fire licked along the walls, and Dany felt the heat upon her face, like the blast from an oven.
And later...
Viserion's claws scrabbled against the stones, and the huge chains rattled as he tried to make his way to her again. When he could not, he gave a roar, twisted his head back as far as he was able, and spat golden flame at the wall behind him. How soon till his fire burns hot enough to crack stone and melt iron?
So early on we are told dragonflame can be accompanied by a roar and a wash of heat. Dany describes the heat as blast from "an oven".
We see the dragon's again when Daenerys takes Quentyn to the pit.
Rhaegal roared in answer, and fire filled the pit, a spear of red and yellow. Viserion replied, his own flames gold and orange. When he flapped his wings, a cloud of grey ash filled the air. Broken chains clanked and clattered about his legs. Quentyn Martell jumped back a foot. Daenerys VIII, ADWD.
Rhaegal's flame is consistent with the last time. We see a roar and we see the yellow color of the fire.
Drogon shows up in Daenerys IX and provides several examples.
Above them all the dragon turned, dark against the sun. His scales were black, his eyes and horns and spinal plates blood red. Ever the largest of her three, in the wild Drogon had grown larger still. His wings stretched twenty feet from tip to tip, black as jet. He flapped them once as he swept back above the sands, and the sound was like a clap of thunder. The boar raised his head, snorting … and flame engulfed him, black fire shot with red. Dany felt the wash of heat thirty feet away. [...]
His spear remained in Drogon's back, wobbling as the dragon beat his wings. Smoke rose from the wound. As the other spears closed in, the dragon spat fire, bathing two men in black flame. [...]
Drogon roared. The sound filled the pit. A furnace wind engulfed her. The dragon's long scaled neck stretched toward her. When his mouth opened, she could see bits of broken bone and charred flesh between his black teeth. His eyes were molten. I am looking into hell, but I dare not look away. She had never been so certain of anything. If I run from him, he will burn me and devour me. In Westeros the septons spoke of seven hells and seven heavens, but the Seven Kingdoms and their gods were far away. If she died here, Dany wondered, would the horse god of the Dothraki part the grass and claim her for his starry khalasar, so she might ride the nightlands beside her sun-and-stars? Or would the angry gods of Ghis send their harpies to seize her soul and drag her down to torment? Drogon roared full in her face, his breath hot enough to blister skin. Off to her right Dany heard Barristan Selmy shouting, "Me! Try me. Over here. Me!"
With a hisssssss, he spat black fire down at her. Dany darted underneath the flames, swinging the whip and shouting, "No, no, no. Get DOWN!" His answering roar was full of fear and fury, full of pain. His wings beat once, twice …
As with Rheagal, Dany sees a consistent black coloring in Drogon's dragonflame. Drogon does not roar.
Quentyn sees several examples.
Rhaegal took it in the air. His head snapped round, and from between his jaws a lance of flame erupted, a swirling storm of orange-and-yellow fire shot through with veins of green. The sheep was burning before it began to fall. Before the smoking carcass could strike the bricks, the dragon's teeth closed round it. A nimbus of flames still flickered about the body. The air stank of burning wool and brimstone. Dragonstink. [...] The Dragontamer, ADWD.
Viserion launched himself from the ceiling, pale leather wings unfolding, spreading wide. The broken chain dangling from his neck swung wildly. His flame lit the pit, pale gold shot through with red and orange, and the stale air exploded in a cloud of hot ash and sulfur as the white wings beat and beat again. [...] Id.
Dany's POV included many auditory clues such as roaring and hissing. Quentyn's POV notices olfactory clues with the smell of brimstone and sulfur. Quentyn also notices hot ash.
The crossbowman was fumbling for another quarrel as the dragon's teeth closed around his neck. The man wore the mask of a Brazen Beast, the fearsome likeness of a tiger. As he dropped his weapon to try and pry apart Viserion's jaws, flame gouted from the tiger's mouth. The man's eyes burst with soft popping sounds, and the brass around them began to run. The dragon tore off a hunk of flesh, most of the sellsword's neck, then gulped it down as the burning corpse collapsed to the floor. Id.
The crossbowman gets a direct hit of dragonflame at point blank range. Instead of a roar or smell, we are instead shown the impact of the heat. A bronze mask runs and eye's burst from the fire.
And we come to this event in the final Daenerys POV.
Soon one horse began to lag behind the others. The dragon descended on him, roaring, and all at once the poor beast was aflame, yet somehow he kept on running, screaming with every step, until Drogon landed on him and broke his back. Dany clutched the dragon's neck with all her strength to keep from sliding off.
The carcass was too heavy for him to bear back to his lair, so Drogon consumed his kill there, tearing at the charred flesh as the grasses burned around them, the air thick with drifting smoke and the smell of burnt horsehair. Daenerys X, ADWD.
While not fire events, it is important to recognize heat escapes the mouth of a dragon even when it does not unleash dragonflame.
Then the dragon opened its mouth, and light and heat washed over them. Behind a fence of sharp black teeth he glimpsed the furnace glow, the shimmer of a sleeping fire a hundred times brighter than his torch. The Dragontamer.
Dany has a similar experience.
Drogon roared. The sound filled the pit. A furnace wind engulfed her. The dragon's long scaled neck stretched toward her. When his mouth opened, she could see bits of broken bone and charred flesh between his black teeth. His eyes were molten. I am looking into hell, but I dare not look away. She had never been so certain of anything. If I run from him, he will burn me and devour me. Daenerys IX, ADWD.
By looking at what the author tells us, we should expect a dragonflame event to include one or more of the following:
Now we take this information, apply it to the end of the Dragontamer chapter, and test Barristan's theory of Quentyn being hit by dragonflame. Based on what Barristan knows, his conclusion is understandable. He enters a room, sees three people, recognizes two of them as the Dornish knights who travel with Quentyn. He can't tell who the other body is because it is too badly burned. He assumes the body is Quentyn and makes guesses about what preceded his arrival.
We readers do not have to make the same assumption Barristan did because we have much more (and better) information at our disposal. We see the end of The Dragontamer chapter and we see each of the dragonflame events. So we need only compare what we see happen to Q against what we know to expect with a dragonflame event.
Quentyn turned and threw his left arm across his face to shield his eyes from the furnace wind. Rhaegal, he reminded himself, the green one is Rhaegal.
When he raised his whip, he saw that the lash was burning. His hand as well. All of him, all of him was burning.
Quentyn is not burning when he turns. He is not burning when his arm is raised to eyes. He is not burning when he see the green scales. So he was not engulfed in flames at this point. So if he was hit by dragonflame, it was not while his back was turned.
He raises his whip and then notices the lash burning, his hand burn and all of him. So, between seeing Rhaegal and raising the whip, he began to burn. If that burn is due to a dragon, then we should have noted one or more of the events we are told accompanies a dragonflame event in that short passage. Did we?

Dragonflame events Quentyn burning after recognizing Rhaegal
A roar No
Dragonflame escaping No
Near instant engulfment No
Melting or running bronze or brass No
Eyes pop and run No because he "saw" the items burning
A wash of intense heat Yes
Ashes and cinders No
Sulfur or Brimstone No
The only element present here is the furnace wind. And as we know, furnace wind alone means either you witnessed dragonflame but you were not hit by it, or the dragon just opened its mouth near you without unleashing dragonflame. The absence of Quentyn seeing dragonflame coming at him (he is looking right at the green scales), and the absence of Q being instantly engulfed in flames, suggests Rhaegal did not unleash on Quentyn. Quentyn sees no ash or cinders. He smells no sulfur or brimstone. Rhaegal is simply breathing near Quentyn when the lash of his whip begins to burn. Rhaegal did not unleash dragonflame on Q.
There likely was a dragonflame event involving Rhaegal, but it did not occur after Quentyn turns to see Rhaegal. It happens while Quentyn's back is turned. Let's now look at the text immediately before Q turns.
And then a hot wind buffeted him and he heard the sound of leathern wings and the air was full of ash and cinders and a monstrous roar went echoing off the scorched and blackened bricks and he could hear his friends shouting wildly. Gerris was calling out his name, over and over, and the big man was bellowing, "Behind you, behind you, behind you!"
Now let's apply the dragonflame test.

Dragonflame events Before Quentyn turns
A roar Yes
Dragonflame escaping Not seen by the POV
Near instant engulfment Not seen by the POV
Melting or running bronze or brass Not seen by the POV
Eyes pop and run Not seen by the POV
A wash of intense heat Yes
Ash and cinders Yes
Sulfur or Brimstone Not noted by the POV
We have three elements known to be present with a dragonflame event: roar, a wash of hot air, ash and cinders.
Now because a roar and heat are present, we need to eliminate a non dragonflame event because we are twice told a roar and a wash of heat can be present when a dragon simply opens its mouth. However, the presence of ashes and ciders in the air strongly suggests a recent fire. The pit is already full of ashes but the cinders tell us something was burning very recently. Cinders are never noted to be present during heat only events. Hence, the text supports Rhaegal unleashed fire while Quentyn wasn't looking at Rhaegal.
As Quentyn wasn't looking, neither he--nor the readers--could see what/who may have been hit by the dragonflame so he also can't tell we readers what happened to the possible target. But if there was another target, then something or someone else in the room was set ablaze prior to Q burning. And that someone else could be who Barristan assumed is Quentyn. Barristan does not know a second person was burned and so he concludes this is Q because he has little else to go on.
Given George has associated none of the established dragonflame rules to Quentyn's burning, readers should be very hesitant to claim a direct hit of dragonflame is responsible for the burning. An alternative theory for the burning is spontaneous combustion which George does reference elsewhere in the story.
"Oh, yes, most certainly . . . but carefully, my lord, ever so carefully. As it ages, the substance grows ever more, hmmmm, fickle, let us say. Any flame will set it afire. Any spark. Too much heat and jars will blaze up of their own accord. It is not wise to let them sit in sunlight, even for a short time. Once the fire begins within, the heat causes the substance to expand violently, and the jars shortly fly to pieces. Tyrion V, ACOK.
And while I think it both unlikely and unwise for Q to carry wildfire on him, there are other substances in the story capable of spontaneous combustion. Oil for example is referenced several times in the story as an accelerant. And we are told several times whips are maintained with oil/grease. The elements of spontaneous combustion (a low ignition point substance, exposure to heat, dry enclosed conditions) are all present in the pit and they far better align with Q's burning than the dragonflame theory. An oil fire would spread starting from the source of the ignition to the adjacent areas (whip, hand, all). Alternatively, dragonflame engulfs a target immediately and entirely (sheep, boar, Barsena, the two men in the pit).
Applying the text as it is presented to us by the author strongly suggest Quentyn was not hit by dragonflame. This scientific model makes sense to me because I believe I am reading a science fiction story. Therefore, I look for a scientific explanation for why a supposed dragonflame events bears none of the established hallmarks of a dragonflame event. Others community members believe they are reading a fantasy story. Therefore, inconsistencies or unexplained events are easily attributed to magic. It could be either or both. At any rate, diversity of thought it a wonderful thing.
I think Quentyn is an important character who will have significant plot importance in the books to (hopefully) come. Perhaps my admiration and hope for this character has clouded my objectivity, which is why I continue to post my thoughts on the subject here for feedback from the knowledgeable, passionate, and unfailingly civil members of the community.
But what say ye, fine redditors? Did George set up all the dragonflame events in ADWD to reward careful and suspicious readers, or is the shocking lack of detail surrounding how Quentyn came to be burning just artistry, magic, and a weariness of hand-holding? If I've missed or misrepresented a relevant dragonflame event in Dance, please let me know. As always, polite disagreement and constructive criticism is welcome.
TL;DR: Quentyn was not hit by dragonflame. His burning bears none of the established hallmarks for a dragonflame event in ADWD.
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2023.06.07 20:05 theloudscreamingsun I think i might still be psychotic or have some symptoms, please read.

Hello fellas. As the title says, it think i might still be psychotic. I had a schizophrenic/psychotic episode for about a year or so (started when i was 12, ended when i was 14). I was on some very strong medications which did cause me a lot of other problems but stopped my hallucinations pretty much completely. I got off those meds a few months ago, in October of last year i think, and i'd say my life has been better since, but im only now realizing that i may have some residual symptoms. No one told me anything about that nor about the side effects of the meds i was on, so it could be both of those, but apart from my cognitive abilities dropping ever so slighlty i've realized i still have some hallucinations. They're mild, of course. It's still mostly me seeing something quickly rush past me, or feeling like i just saw a word on the page that wasn't there, or someone calling my name every now and then. They're never clear or big either, the most id hallucinate is seeing a sillhuette of a cat run past me. All of those would give me a scare for a moment but after a second id realize that they're not real. I wasn't aware that these could be an issue due to my previous condition being much worse and no one else telling me anything(not even my therapist) but i recently learned about Residual Schizophrenia and it does sound a lot like my symptoms, like the disorganized thoughts, speech issues, etc. I also have awful memory problems and some problems with derealazation which im not sure if they're related or not to this. For example, id sometimes feel as if could just no-clip thru other people or as if everything is just flashing before my eyes and i can't latch onto a moment.
I'm scared of bringing this up with my experience with my old meds and therapist was rather traumatizing to say the least, but i would love to hear other peoples advice.
Thank you.
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2023.06.07 20:04 BongoSpank GRID: Smoothest possible retriggering of kick/808 when it cuts off previous note

GRID: Smoothest possible retriggering of kick/808 when it cuts off previous note
Smooth out sound when kick/808 when retrigger cuts off previous note without losing any punch, and with a precisely controlled normalized waveform at all times.
"True" mono mode drops previous waveform instantly to zero causing audible glitch, but since the newly triggered waveform starts from zero, there are no combined peak issues.

True mono mode
"Digital" mono starts the new waveform where the old one left off which avoids the drop-to-zero glitch in "True" mode, but then the combined peaks in the beginning of the cycle clip... which also creates an audible glitch.

Digital mono mode
Neither is optimal. What I'd like to do is merge the two so the waveform starts at its old position, then merges to the new over some short interval. (I think this is essentially what the smoothing modes in Melda's retriggering options do).
Problem I'm truing to think through is: That would require that the old waveform still be readable, but the entire grid instance has to be set to either one of these mono modes or poly, so is there some way to do this?
Or... as usual, I'm open to any alternative approach that achieves a similar end.
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2023.06.07 20:04 blue-green-blue Red Flags I Ignored: Psychological Abuse

Psychological abuse is the most insidious type of abuse, in my opinion. My abuser did awful, traumatising things to me, but he relied on manipulating the situation to make himself the good guy and/or the victim until I was completely blind to how much I was letting slide. He rarely yelled or did anything so explicitly abusive that I could identify that what was happening was wrong. And it worked for him! It put me into a massive fog that completely skewed my reality and blinded me to how terribly I was being treated.
Even though I thought things were fine and healthy (until I finally trusted my own reality enough), I was constantly looking up questions about my relationship to see if [X] was normal, then telling myself I was just being dramatic. Thought this list might be useful for anyone in a similar situation.
Here are some signs I ignored that I was in a psychologically abusive relationship:
There's more, I'm sure, but I really want more people to be aware that there's abuse like this, that just slips under the radar through an abuser's intense gaslighting, self-victimisation, and the ability to twist a situation to always end up being "the good guy". I wish I'd known back then that I wasn't going crazy or being an asshole or ruining our relationship, and I desperately wish I'd known that the feelings I was having and the things I was noticing were signs that someone was messing with my mind.
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2023.06.07 19:56 TheSandersonSisters What would you do if your SS was this chaotic

Hi all, Im not sure where to start but I am really struggling.
So pertinent back info, my ss (9) is diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and OCD and is on Concerta plus therapy 2x/week which has shown a bit of improvement but not much. A lot for a little kid right? He has always been a handful, and tbh I never looked forward to him coming to our (my house actually) for his scheduled visits. Dont get me wrong, I actually loved this child (and I think I still do), but he has caused so much chaos that Im honestly feeling traumatized by him. Like I am repulsed when I see a picture of him at this point because the feeling of anxiety in my stomach just overwhelms me. I know it sounds bad, I love him but I dont like him. From epic meltdowns, aggressive violence towards other children (especially his brother), lying, stealing, his crazy energy that he can't seem to satiate. There is literally always a disaster with him lurking around the corner because he CAN NOT control any impulse he gets. He has gotten suspended multiple times, gotten kicked off the bus etc.
Anyways the most recent thing that happened was that in the middle of the night while everyone was sleeping (around 4-5 am), he woke up searching for candy as we have put a ban on it since he literally will not eat anything but candy, and he is visibly affected by all the sugar. So he went nuts looking for it- I mean every crevice of the house. He went into the basement (where he is not allowed), went into my partners cabinet that had a child safety device on it that is IN THE CEILING (we have barstools that he dragged) and went through his things. Now please try not to judge me, I didnt even know we had these but he had some gummy edibles (legal in my state) in this cabinet and SS stole them. And he ate them with his brother. So obviously chaos ensued and we had to get them to the hospital. CPS was called, they did a surprise check at the house and deemed it safe and stable. That it was an accident, it wasnt wreckless as SS stole it from a cabinet that had a safety device on it. At the hospital, the stepkids mom was there and basically told us that SS is just out of control- that she has fingerprint locks on her bedroom because he is such a cleptomaniac, and he was still able to find the backup key for it that was in the most conspicuous place and she cant trust him. He found a lighter and tried to light the shower curtain on fire in her house. I found a SAW IN HIS BED that he took from the basement workshop. We (especially his dad) keep an eye on him every second of every day but he finds ways (middle of the night, figures out how to get through safety devices, etc.). (Also fyi I now have a fingerprint doorknob on the basement door so that he literally CANT get down there, the backup key is in my office at work so he has absolutely no access).
One of the problems besides this whole mess is that I really don't like this kid anymore (I love him and want whats best for him but if I never had to see him again not one tear would be shed by me and Id be relieved). I know not everything is his fault due to his neurodivergence and age, but I just am at my wits end with him. I am so afraid that he is such a liability at my house, and I have so much anxiety whenever he is around (so every other of my precious weekends) trying to keep him out of trouble or thinking of whats coming next. Also, some people in my family dont want him at their house anymore because they are afraid of him stealing dangerous things (he finds those the most interesting) and being responsible or held accountable for it. It doesnt help that SKs mom is very high conflict and wouldnt hesitate to ruin my life if she had the chance. I have plans to take these kids with my family and bf for an extremely expensive disney trip for my parents 50th, and I am so worried they are going to ruin it. On the other side of the coin, I feel so damn guilty because these kids and their dad ADORE me. I never let on to them how I am feeling, and I never will. I just dont know what to do. I want to stay with their father because I love him and he treats me like gold- he is very aware of how upsetting the situation is and he himself is grieving in a way the life he thought he would have had with his children. I have brought up to my SO that the next time there is a big issue with his kid, they cant be at my house anymore. And the thing is, I know that will most likely end our relationship or at the very least traumatize his children as they will think I dont love them anymore when they are very attached to me. help
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2023.06.07 19:55 FinnDool How to assign a new Apple ID to an older iPhone without screwing up anything on the new iPhone associated with the same Apple ID.

My husband got a new iPhone and gave his old iPhone to my mother. There is a SIM card with my mother’s phone number in the old iPhone, but it’s still signed in to his iCloud account. I understand that in order to keep his data from updating on the iPhone she’s using, a new Apple ID needs to be created for her. This makes perfect sense and sounds easy enough, but I’m afraid I’m going to screw something up with his iPhone, so I’m here to confirm the proper steps to follow.
-On the iPhone being used by my mother, do I want to just sign out of my husband’s iCloud account and then login using a new Apple ID created for her? -Can creating the new Apple ID be done on the iPhone as part of this process, or does it need to be done on the Apple ID website? -Is there anything/something else that should be done? -Also, will her phone number on the SIM card automatically work after the changes are made?
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2023.06.07 19:54 trevinkurgpold Am I wrong for being frustrated with Etsy and this seller?

Long story short: I'm a car enthusiast, but one who of course can't afford to drive everything that I fantasize about getting to enjoy- thus, I decided to put together a little budget simulator setup. One of the ideas I had was to pick up a cheap little shift knob to replace the plastic one that came with my shifter. The idea was to just go for a cheap ebay knob since it wasn't going in a real car and didn't need to be nice, and I planned to use the adapters they put in the box to attach it(basically, the plan was to just hold the adapter down with a washer, then screw the knob onto that).
Now, uh... that's where things immediately become just a little awkward. I was banned from eBay for buying something from eBay. Genuinely(Support refused to tell me why, said they were the expert and that I knew nothing.). Amazon, I do everything I can to avoid supporting. So, I stumbled on someone selling the same thing for the same price on Etsy. That's weird, I thought- but it's the only other place I can find selling this specific knob, so I hold my breath and place an order.
Fast forward a week, and it comes. The knob itself is actually really nice, considering I only paid about $10 for it, but the adapters are... nuts?
No, like, seriously. They went to the hardware store, bought two nuts, and put them in the box. Those are the "adapters" that they say in the listing are included.
Now, I don't know if it's just me being familiar with cars, but I feel like it should be pretty obvious that this wont work. At best, you can screw the nut onto your shifter. That is all you can you do with it. There are no outside threads or any other way to attach it to the knob itself. They're both too big to even sit in the hole on the knob.
I tried contacting them, telling them they put nuts in the box. They tell me that those are the adapters. Back and forth, all they want to do is tell me they're right and I'm wrong. I try to get them to show me a photo of them mounting the knob with one of the adapters, thinking they'll finally notice how dumb this is. Nope. At one point they tell me to take it to an auto expert, and I debate the merits of making a fake e-mail or text from a mechanic to screenshot and show them. It sounded funny, but I didn't bother.
Okay, whatever. I'm only out $10, and by now I've managed to crudely construct my own adapter, which works fine- although that's made it so I've had to spend another $10, which is a little annoying, but whatever. I figure to go ahead and escalate the case to Etsy support, just because this shop seems to be completely based off of hocking cheap car accessories en masse, and they're claiming to be a small business from California who handmakes their stuff, which is.. an odd claim. The address points to a literal door in a back alley in Rowland Heights, and all of the messages from them come in around 1 AM in my time zone(Which, oops, happens to be California)- so in addition to getting them to stop falsely advertising the contents of the box, I'd very much ike to make Etsy aware of someone who seems to be misusing the platform.
Before Etsy support can even reply, the seller jumps in to comment on my ticket- saying twice in their message that they're "sorry i don't know how to use an adapter", while trying to say that one of them is upside down in my photo. They're both nuts from Home Damn Depot(and both sitting right side up in my photo). They attach a return shipping label. Ideally I'm hoping to just get my money back so I'm not out the cost of having to go find my own adapter solution, but I know that's probably not realistic, so whatever- my main goal is just for some action to be taken on this weird, scammy looking shop. Buuuut, Etsy has different ideas- when I get a response from them, they tell me in weird, slightly broken English to send the knob back at my own expense, and totally ignore everything else I've said, the photos I provided, and the descriptions of what the seller is doing.
Man, I don't even know. This is obviously a bit much for a $10 shift knob, but it's the principle of the thing that's driving me up the wall. Should I not even care? I've never bought on Etsy before, is this just normal, by the book behavior?
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2023.06.07 19:53 Strong-Specific2752 Looking to live in THE ONE. Has it gotten better?

So I'm looking to get an apartment at The One but i keep seeing a lot of bad reddit posts about them. From what I've read the main problems are
  1. the shuttles don't work as advertised.
  2. last year or a while ago there was an issue of relocating people due to construction.
  3. people have had large electric bills.
given these issues I'm a little worried about living here but i have my own car so the shuttle service doesn't affect me, it also looks like the construction is over, and there seems to be a lot of differences as to what people find expensive for electric bills so I'm left confused. Has The One improved since last year? Also, they are offering $900 towards rent if you rent one of the 4 or 5 bedrooms as a 3 bedroom with 3 roommates which to me sounds like a pretty good deal. idk i just feel like how nice the place looks and the fact that it's furnished is worth it. Am i wrong to assume that it has gotten better or is it more of a trap? The One seems so enticing but I'd like to know if anyone has had any recent experience that isn't from like a year ago but this past semester.
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2023.06.07 19:53 qualitygoatshit Epic solo trip. Good idea? Bad idea? Suggestions?

So I have a crf300l. I have a week off work coming up in a few weeks and kicking around the idea of going out alone. Take off from Kansas city, and ride down through southern MO and Arkansas. Hit some mild off road along the way and do a big gravel, scenic loop down in Arkansas.
A little apprehensive of this. Main thing, I keep imagining getting a flat tire. Yes, I can bring stuff to change it, and I'm decent at changing tires, but doing it out in the middle of nowhere with no stand, sounds like a nightmare.
Also, I've never ridden this bike (or any street bike) more than 150 miles on the road in a day. So I'm not sure what sort of reasonable milage I could expect to do each day. I'd want to take my time, take back roads the whole way avoid any kind of interstate or big highway.
Thoughts? Suggestions? Wish I had a friend to come with me haha.
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