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2023.06.07 20:01 Breanna9293 Went to a terrible doctor, now I’ve been confused about my due date/GA

Two weeks ago today, i was at work and i started bleeding profusely. I was exactly 8 weeks that day, according to the ultrasound i had gotten with my wonderful first gynecologist at 6w6d, with a due date of 1/3/24. I was bleeding more than i ever had with a period and passed a couple of clots, it was terrifying. They rushed me to the ER and sure enough, baby had a heartbeat and everything looked great. They didn’t really have any answers for me as to why i was bleeding so much. According to this ultrasound, at the ER, i was still exactly just about 8 weeks. Now the original gynecologist i was seeing for my first ultrasound unfortunately doesn’t deliver babies anymore, so she had to refer me out to another OB. For context, i live in Las Vegas for now and the healthcare here is very dismal. I had an appointment set for the day after the ER already with the referral, so i figured i might as well go to double check and maybe get some more answers on why i was bleeding. When i got there they made me pay $300 “towards my deductible” (even though i know now after calling my insurance company that was incorrect, i only should have paid my specialist copay and ultrasound coinsurance), had me wait an HOUR after my appointment time to be seen, and i still had no answers as to why i was bleeding. Doctor came in and did another Pap smear even though i had just had one a week and a half ago, an then extremely quick transvaginal ultrasound, where she just says “everything looks fine, i see the heartbeat, not sure why you’re freaking out. You’re 7 weeks 4 days here.” I was confused because i had just been told the day prior i was 8 weeks. I said okay, what could have caused the bleed? No answers. Just that i should stay off my feet and take it easy. I said well unfortunately I’m a flight attendant it’s going to be hard for me to do that, may i have FMLA paperwork filled out? I then got a long lecture as to how my job should be offering me desk duty, and i told her yeah that would be great if they did but they don’t, my only option is FMLA. She shuffled me out, i was in there for probably less than 10 minutes. She says ok come back in two weeks, we’re going to have to do another transvaginal. I said well I’m a little nervous to do that honestly because what if it’s the constant irritation making me bleed? She said nothing and walked away. This office also wanted blood work but wanted to charge me $20 for it, and when i said okay well i really need FMLA paperwork filled out, it was $65. When they filled it out they put my due date on that paperwork as 12/28. I left feeling thrilled baby was ok but just felt SO upset i was treated the way i was, like what happened to me didn’t even matter, and confused because i got no clear answers on if the baby is progressing the way it should, and how far along i am really. I have an appointment with a new doctor tomorrow who was recommended to me by someone i work with and was born and raised in Vegas, so i think it will be much better. I guess I’m just looking for some reassurance that I’m not crazy for thinking i shouldn’t be following what this doctor said and wonder what ultrasound i should be following! Thanks in advance for reading ❤️
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2023.06.07 20:01 adolfophotographyden Question about the Z13 ACRONYM w/ a mobile gpu

So I picked up a Z13 finally on a lucky restock but one performance question I haven’t seen answered yet is the performance on its own vs. a 3080 or a 6850 XG mobile gpu. Which would be best if I wasn’t able to snag a 4090 right away or is one necessary for gaming natively on the device? I usually only play Destiny 2 but don’t want massive frame drops during raids.
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2023.06.07 20:01 PHNkymonkey Ikari Warriors and "Why do you watch if you hate Bimmy"

So like most people here, I think Cinemassacre sucks. TCT is the light and the way and the new comedy, it's like a controller to a videogame: you need it to complete the experience. That said, TCT's new flavoring of the situation leads to some pretty humorous ree-watches.
This episode (apart from the obvious "where did their hair go" song is filled with lines and moments that are just way funnier once you know The Truth. Kyle's line after being revived from death after being ignored and neglected of "Looks like someone needs a favor" has so much more added meaning now. "You can take the game and shove it up your ass cheeks. I'm not helping you" is also a line that has new context. Matter of fact, if you watch this episode thinking it was filmed in 2023 (not like we can tell the difference between 2006 and 2023 Nerd anyway), it has so much new value added it's delightful. Thank you, Truth. You're like the balls on the dick.
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2023.06.07 20:01 RYCBAR1TW03 My Game Finally Updated..

I hadn't closed ToTK since the update downloaded because I didn't want to lose out on all the amazing glitches. I kept the game running for about 12 days. Unfortunately, while playing, I found the mini game where you have to move a ball as far as possible. So I did it a few times and thought, "you know what would be awesome for this? The auto build cancel slide glitch." I did the glitch, went super far with the ball, then the timer ran out. Once the timer ran out the screen went black. Normally this is where it teleports you to the start so you can try again or leave. This time however it didn't. It just stayed on the black screen with a loading icon spinning forever in the bottom left corner. After trying to let it load for 30 minutes, I accepted defeat and closed the game. At which point the update that has previously downloaded finally installed. When I opened the game up for the next time, my zuggled master sword with frost, fire, and electric attacks all fused at once was no more. It's a shame because the glitch version of the master sword that allows multiple fuses is amazing and feels exactly like what the master sword should feel like. Not this dumb bull that runs out of battery. You're telling me I can't take on the end of the game with the master sword because once I finish fighting all the little monsters the sword will be out of energy for the final boss? It's ridiculous. I hate the recharge mechanic of the master sword. Like make it harder to get and buff it's power immensely please. It's the sword that seals the darkness, not the Purah Pad, it shouldn't run out of power. RIP my favorite Zelda weapon.. my Avatar Sword.. my "this feels right" Master Sword. You will be missed. The movement glitches and zuggle didn't need to be patched. The duping, sure I get it, but the others were fine. Damn you Nintendad.
TLDR: If you downloaded the update but haven't closed the game, don't use the autobuild cancel slide in minigames that teleport you to the start at the end or you will softlock your game forcing you to close it, forcing the update to go through.
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2023.06.07 20:00 ChopsOnDaBlock hello all! Rules

this is a community a place where you can discuss the stories behind video games that you have watched or played in your life.
Be kind to each other. Opinions are welcome, but name calling will not be tolerated.
We also do not tolerate any bigotry or bigoted related comments on characters or members.
Spoilers should be expected and are allowed.
Topics should be about the games specifically, and we do not tolerate explicit sexual conversations about your thoughts on a character or member.
Conspiracy theories are welcome.
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2023.06.07 20:00 Turtle_Beam Looking for someone to play with on PC

My friend told me he was getting red dead online for PC and asked me to play with him. So even though I already owned it for PS4, I bought it on steam to play with him. And then he decided he didn't like the game after like 2 hours. Is there anyone here that wants to play with me? 22 M if that matters.
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2023.06.07 20:00 roseinmybud What are the pros and cons between a medical abortion and a surgical abortion?

I am lucky enough that this is an easy decision for me. I do not wish to be pregnant. I am also in a state where my access is very essy to all options of abortion. I am just trying to consider which type will be best for me. For context, I am not even 3 weeks pregnant yet. I have read about the risk and process for both types I am just looking for perspective or experience on which may be best for me. I'd like to get back to my life and put this behind me asap.
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2023.06.07 19:59 barrelofsulfates Does being around kids give anyone else dysphoria?

Every time I'm around my nieces (5 & 10) they bring up marriage and gendered expectations like playing nurse or doctor based on AGAB. I try to steer things away from those topics/games, but they are very resistant to outside influence.
I know most of this comes from the parents and the kids are just repeating it. They are big on traditional gender roles and very concerned with marriage and babies. They outed themselves as transphobic recently, although I think it's coming from a place of ignorance rather than hatred. They consider themselves liberal and say don't believe in gender stereotypes, but to them it just means AFABs not wearing pink dresses and makeup. I am not out to them.
Marriage is a big dysphoria trigger for me. It's an incredibly gendered and sexualized event, plus an amount of attention that gives me anxiety just thinking about.
It just exhausts me to deal with. I am so much more than a future spouse.
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2023.06.07 19:59 StaneNC About Eric Staal

We have a lot of great centers, so this isn't on us, but I just wanted to point out that this dude made it to the SCF, the league/market said ur washed for a season, then he makes it to the SCf -again-. And he's contributing in both playoffs runs. Iirc he had the overtime game winner that sent the Canadiens to the SCF.
This is the last fanbase that needs to be convinced that Eric Staal is the real deal, but wow.
For anyone that has followed the panthers in their first two series, do you think E. Staal is justified on their roster? The stats would say he's playing solid. You could argue that 4C playoff minutes are extremely valuable to develop a prospect.
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2023.06.07 19:59 Michael_Mags17 meat-head who is not a runner but just signed up for a Marathon that is in 3 months. Need help understanding what my goal pace should be and need general training tips.

I want to try and figure out how to plan my training for an upcoming marathon October 8th. I've been running without aim for about 3 weeks now and figured I would put a purpose behind it by signing up for a marathon. I have been running about 30-35ish miles a week, this week shooting for 40. My easy run (130-145 bpm) has been around 8:45 pace and I just ran a 14 mile long run at 8:32 min/mile pace at 146 bpm average. I don't know if the sharp spike in improvement is just noobie gains, or muscle memory from soccer, but I am trying to figure out what pace I should shoot for in the marathon and need some insight so I can organize my training. I have zero distance running experience but played soccer competitively for my whole life but for the past year have done no cardio and just lift. I'm 5'10", 21yrs old and 185lbs if that's relevant information. My mile last I attempted was 5:40 and when I plugged it into calculators for marathon pacing, it says around 7:30min/mile marathon pace which seems so fast. Any tips will help I just want to learn more about the process.
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2023.06.07 19:59 bishtap Scoring and knowing whose serve it is

Is it possible to know whose serve it is based on the score?
Eg suppose it's singles table tennis I e. Two players on the table, one on each side.
player A starts at 0-0, serving first.
Suppose it's mid game and you can't remember who served last. And can't remember who was winning and who was losing. But you know that Played A served at 0-0.
Is it possible to know whose serve it is based on whether the score is even or odd?.
And how about if you don't remember if it's somebody's first serve or second serve. Can that be determined based on whether the total score is even or odd?
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2023.06.07 19:59 jazhong I probably need therapy but can’t afford it.

How does therapy even work? Start from the beginning… maybe i’ll do this as a series, depending on the feed back i get from this post.
It probably all started when i was 12, when my sister was born. My younger brother and i had to watch my parents struggle to afford her birth (no insurance, since he played poker for work) and struggle with their marriage all our lives since then. My dad would be gone on “business trips” (Vegas) for months on end. That is actually where he was when my mom found out about her pregnancy.
At the same time, my mom was dealing with postpartum, she starting working again, part time - mostly afternoons to closing shifts so my brother and i could come home and take over for her. So here i was 12yo, brother 10 and taking care of an new born after school. We did a good job i think. No one got hurt or died. I learned to cook dinners and i was pretty advanced in my child care skills - changing diapers, feeding, getting her to sleep, playing, bathing.
Things started to fall apart once mom started working FT and staying out all night with 20 year olds she worked with. I started waking up all hours of the night to feed my sister and school work was pretty much pushed to the side. Eventually they ended up getting pregnant again with my youngest brother (again, no insurance). My dad started taking courses for his masters degree and he moved to the east coast to find stable work, leaving us behind. It was a shit show for awhile, full survival mode. Now, i can hardly remember all the fine details as i’m now 27 but it was so hard and I had no one, except my brother, to lean on.
My brother and i would take shifts so we could be a kid and play with friends, but it put a lot of strain on our relationship then. We are fine now, thank god! Bonded forever through this experience. Eventually moved across the US, when i was 16.
Fast forward and my parents would gas light my brother and i, saying that it wasn’t that bad - they didn’t make us do anything other parents didn’t do. I would say things like “it would have fallen apart with our me” and my dad would be like “did you provide for this family? oh, did you work to put food on the table?”
Now, i’m married and they want to go on trip without the kids and asked me to come babysit and it’s making me sick to my stomach.
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2023.06.07 19:59 Hot-You-6238 Just lost

I’m not sure I can make this short enough but I will try. So me (44f) was with my ex (47m) since I was 18. We had two boys together, now adults but both still live with him. 11 years ago I needed replacement disc surgery in my neck an went from able to disabled. We lived in a house with no way of adapting or adding to. Only bathroom was 16 stairs up. So our bedroom was up there (need to pee more than u need a kitchen) the house killed me. We never moved an he always put stuff in the way. Mostly financial when I tried to talk about it. 4 years later it went tits up and I ended up moving out about two years later (more him than me, I didn’t want to leave) so it’s been 5 years since then. He’s always been in my life. On and off we have been intimate. Last time was Jan. My mum died unexpectedly 2 years ago. He was there for me. He was the one who helped with everything. I’ve had no desire to move on an have continually told him I still love him. I have definitely been at fault as I didn’t push someone else’s advances away. This was much more about him using me for money. Hence why it went tits up. So I am definitely at fault. Or I definitely was 7/8 years ago. He forgave me for that. So he said/says. Anyway, a week ago he came to see me to tell me he met someone not long ago an now they are seeing each other. I feel so broken an lost. I know all the stuff I should do to move on. Focus on me, improve myself for myself, go do stuff with friends (this now isn’t easy due to where I live as it’s very isolated and I don’t drive). Keep busy. Do things I want to do. Logically I know what I should do but emotionally I am not coping at all. I know it’s only been a week also. I read post on here an I’m struggling cos after 26 an a half years of only him….I’m guessing that’s taking a long long time to get over an I’ve no patience at all. I already feel frustrated cos I just want to feel better. He’s entitled to move on an I’ve done the whole no contact. I’ve not blocked him but have unfollowed him an have no desire to be in touch with him. It would just make it worse. I also know I can’t change anything but all my heart wants is him and that’s logically ridiculous, I deserve better an I know this but I love him…….
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2023.06.07 19:59 Yorktown_guy551 Songs for Episode 7

I'd like to know what were the songs that were played while the underdogs were tugging the ship. I've tried googling and looking for the artist to no avail. :/
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2023.06.07 19:59 cheetah7985 Need help finding a lender for man-home older than '76.

I'm in the industry, but most of my history has been conv. This is a property I am personally trying to buy, and the company I work for can't (won't) do it.

It's a 15 acre property with a man-home we are pretty sure was built in '71; found some public records that point us that way, but nothing conclusive. Nobody has been able to find a Data Plate, and the owners inherited it through family death, live out of state, don't know anything. The man home is in great condition. We genuinely had no idea it was that old when we viewed it. Well cared for, with some minor updates to things over the years. Permits are good, utilities all function. This would be easy-peasy if it were just five years younger with a Data Plate.

I have been calling lenders all week and so far the only leads I have found are hard-money lenders, wanting 50% down, 12% interest, and payoff/balloon in 2-5 years. I've tried Farm Loans, Lot Loans, Improved/Unimproved, lenders that hold a portoflio... Good lord, how the hell is a non-industry person supposed to navigate this (minus all-cash, of course). The listing agent referred us to one lender "that might" do it, so we subbed an app with all our docs and are waiting on that. I assume it's a manual portfolio UW, because they can't (won't) give us exact loan terms until they qualify us.

Anyone have ideas?
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2023.06.07 19:58 CheesusCrust89 Possible solutions to OOM killed issue and corrupt file crashes

Hi all,
Started playing DIV today and had numerous crashes and issues with the above title. It happened within the range of 2 minutes to 30 minutes after loading up the game, quite consistently.
After reading through a few posts like [this]( and [this]( I wanted to share my process of fixing the OOM crash and the corrupted file issue:
- set the virtual memory paging file size to system assigned (advanced system settings advanced tab performace option advanced tab virtual memory option set to system managed size) - delete or disable the razer cortex and synapse apps if you have them
- reinstall the app and Diablo IV on the os partition
- all drivers up-to-date
Running a 3070 with a KINGSTON SA2000M8500G NVME (so the rumoured Samsung NVME issue still might come into play). Had 0 crashes in the past 4 hours and overall the game is way more stable, so it seems like these did the trick. If I keep running into the same bugs I'll update this post.
Hope this helps.
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2023.06.07 19:58 Thick_Blueberry New to PF2E - Help me understand why my gish Sorcerer AC and to hit numbers are so close to melee class numbers. Thank you!

Ok, completely new to PF2E, not new to RPGs, d20, etc. A lot to take in, but I'm really liking the system and character build so far. I'm using PathBuilder to work through character concepts.
That said, there are a few things I don't quite get as I'm building a character to join an existing 11th level campaign. I'm either playing a gish Sorcerer or a Champion. Champion is easy enough. The sorcerer build looks pretty good but is making me wary about the melee attack bonus and AC he's ending up with. It looks way too close to fighter and other melee combatant stats. Please help me understand why this is and how much a difference of 1 or 2 points matters.
Let me show my stats and then how I got there.HP is definitely a weakness but I couldn't find a way to get CON up higher and still make the requirement for Champion. Dex is higher than I want but I'm hoping to find a way to get one ability improvement from Dex to Con.

Sorcerer / ChampionDragon BloodlineLVL: 11 HP: 105AC: 28Wearing a Chain ShirtMelee to hit: +19 (for elven weapons)Spell to hit: +20
STR: +4 (18)DEX: +4 (18)CON: +2 (14)INT: +1 (12)WIS: 0 (10)CHA: +5 (20) Ability Scores: Lvl 1: Ancestry - Char, Dex, Int, -ConBackground - Strength and CharismaClass - CharismaFree - Str, Con, Dex, ChaLvl 5: Str, Con, Dex, ChaLvl 10: Str, Con, Dex, Cha
Key Feats and Features:Elf - key to making this work for certain featsAncient Elf Heritage - Get Champion Dedication at 1st levelElven Weapon Familiarity - Trained in longswords and rapiers, and they are considered simple weapons!Toughness - Took at level 3 but this is an obvious HP boostArcane Evolution - Not part of the melee build but gives some added flexibility in available spellsMartial Experience - Lvl 5 ancestry feat - Cool, but not sure I need this given Elven Weapon Familiarity above.Divine Ally - boost my sword with a champion featElf Step - At level 9, two 5 foot steps in place of 1? Gold for mobility and placing myself to cast a spell aslo.Fleet - A bit of extra movement.
Spells:HasteStoneskinTrue StrikeShieldMirror ImageBlood VendettaFalse Life (maybe)Fleet Step or Longstrider or Warp Step?Flowing Strike?
Also with Crossblooded Evolution I can have one spell from Divine or Occult as well. Suggestions appreciated.
I'm looking at another archetype as well. I liked Shadowcaster for the flavor but the more I look the more I see that to get anything interesting I'd have to take multiple feats that are only mildly helpful.
Magus seems like it could be helpful but not sure how much so. I'd really like a Shadow Jump or Dimensional Assault ability but not sure it is worth it.
I'm not enamored of the dragon bloodline, but the spells are appropriate and AC bonus is good for a melee caster.
So there we are. Other than HP, it LOOKS to me like this is a viable melee caster. Am I wrong? Why are the to hit and AC numbers so close to dedicated fighters/champions/etc.? Is 1 or 2 less in these areas enough to ensure I can never hit or that I get hit all the time?
Many thanks everyone.
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2023.06.07 19:58 Interesting_Grape798 How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages Unlocking the World of Hackers: Explore the Dark and Mysterious World of Hack-ing How to Monitor WhatsApp for Child Protection How to Recover Your Hacked Facebook Account in 3 Easy Steps

The world has become increasingly reliant on cell phones for communication, work, and entertainment. With this increased reliance comes the need for monitoring and surveillance. Whether you're a parent concerned about your child's online activity or an employer looking to ensure that company phones are used appropriately, the question of how to spy on a cell phone may have crossed your mind.
If you want to contact a reliable profesionals to hire any service you wish, you should contact:
Website: PEXA[.]ME
Telegram: (@pexame)
Many people believe that hiring a hacker is the only way to spy on a cell phone, but this is not necessarily the case. There are many legitimate services and tools available that can help you monitor a cell phone without resorting to illegal activities.
Terms most used by Hackers:
Before we delve deeper into the topic, let's familiarize ourselves with some of the most commonly used terms by hackers:
Phishing - The practice of sending fraudulent emails or messages that appear to be from reputable companies or individuals in order to gain access to personal information. Malware - A type of software that is designed to harm or compromise computer systems or mobile devices. Backdoor - A hidden entrance to a computer system or network that is used to gain unauthorized access. Social engineering - The use of psychological manipulation to trick people into divulging sensitive information or performing certain actions. Exploit - A vulnerability or weakness in a computer system or software that can be used to gain unauthorized access or execute malicious code.
Who hires a hacker ?
While there are many legitimate reasons for monitoring a cell phone, hiring a hacker is generally not the best approach. In fact, it's illegal to hire a hacker to spy on someone's cell phone without their consent. The use of spyware or other monitoring tools may be legal under certain circumstances, such as for parents monitoring their underage children's activities or employers monitoring company-owned devices, but it's always important to check local laws and regulations before attempting to monitor a cell phone.
In most cases, it's best to use legitimate services and tools for cell phone monitoring. There are many reputable companies that offer software and services that can help you monitor a cell phone's calls, texts, and internet activity without resorting to illegal or unethical methods.
In conclusion, it is possible to spy on a cell phone without hiring a hacker. By using legitimate services and tools, you can monitor a cell phone's activity legally and without running afoul of the law. However, it's important to always check local laws and regulations before attempting to monitor a cell phone, and to use such methods only in appropriate and legal circumstances. Thank you for rejoiceing terrific attention! It was a pleasure working with you.
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2023.06.07 19:58 CommercialLychee39 What would you do if you were forced into the Gundam IBO universe with only this build?

Origin: Soldier:
Surprisingly, you’re actually a ‘legitimate’ soldier. That is, you’re a part of Gjallarhorn, with all the potential baggage that entails. A trained pilot, unless you’re actually assigned to a Mobile Suit, you’re more than likely to actually be crewing a ship or piloting a Mobile Worker.
1) Among Rats:
Having lived across this solar system long enough, you are familiar with the patterns and behaviors of the rats who infest it’s every nook and cranny. You have a basic familiarity with combat tactics and the ‘brawling’ style of combat that mercenaries and child soldiers use, so at least you won’t be caught off guard like the rest of Gjallarhorn when they pull them on you.
2) The Wingman x 2:
Capable pilots in their own right, these two pilots are both former child soldiers and have been implanted with the Alaya-Vijnana System to bolster their spacial awareness and information transfer rate. They get 300cp to spend and receive the discounts of either the Human Debris or Willing Combatant origins to spend on anything but companions.
3) Portable Bunker: Oh fucking hell who gave you access to this thing? What you’ve got is a man-portable version of a pile bunker stapled to the end of a rocket launcher. It’s big, and cumbersome, but it’s ordnance capable of breaching Nanolaminate Armor. Comes with only a few shots, but you can easily make more out of glue, rockets and prayers.
4) Man-At-Arms (100 CP):
It’s a tiny bit weird how Mobile Suits are shaped like men and yet fight entirely different to them… yet, they somehow paradoxically retain many mannerisms that make them the same. If the Mobile Suit was truly built to replicate the human body, then you’re going to put that to full use. Any skills that you have outside of the cockpit you find fully applicable inside it. Apply your sword skills perfectly, or judo flip your opponents with a well-timed thruster kick, although I’m not sure if there’s any benefit to doing open-heart surgery from in there.
5) Mobile Armor x 3 (1800 CP).
1) Ish Perhaps one of the most insidious Mobile Armors, the Ish appear to simply be very large Mobile Suits at first glance, although beyond the humanoid form, the armor doesn’t bear much resemblance to modern Mobile Suit armor at all, instead looking like it was lifted straight out of a medieval history textbook. In fact, Ish is almost entirely hollow, with it’s weapons all being mounted externally to the armor, and it’s entire internal structure being taken up by Pluma storage space, allowing it to transport a small army directly into a populated zone without alerting an enemy to it’s true threat.Perk: Unsurprisingly, the Ish tends to always be vastly underestimated by it’s opponents, who will frequently ignore the potential danger it poses in favor of other, more flashy threats.
2) Cherub
It’s thought that the Cherub once supported other Mobile Armors in the field, as in addition to it’s admittedly small force of Plumas, a multitude of tools and arms sprout from it’s main body, which is suspended upon four, skycrane-like legs. With these tools, it is capable of repairing itself and very quickly repairing other Mobile Suits and Armors that date from the Calamity War, with Plumas fetching resources that it can forge into replacement armor, ammunition and weaponry. Perk: In addition to recognizing the systems of most units that date from the Calamity War, the Cherub can recognize technology that is similar, and with time can expand it’s capabilities along those routes, going from Calamity War-era technology to modern technology and cutting edge technology and beyond with time.
3) Erelim
Instead of having legs designed for walking on land, Erelim’s small main body is built into a massive flying wing lifted by dozens of hybrid electrical engines, allowing it to fly indefinitely under reactor power, and exit the atmosphere under it’s own power. The entire body is studded with docks for the Erelim’s specialized Plumas, which are fast, miniaturized version of the Erelim capable of landing in order to harvest resources and bring them back to the Erelim and additionally bearing a double pair of upgraded railguns. Perk: The Erelim is incredibly resilient, and even after suffering heavy damage is able to keep operating and staying in the air until it is forced to make an emergency landing.
1) Children Are Useless [+100CP]
You seem to have forgotten that you live in a world with child soldiers and child slavery. In your mind, anyone below the age of twenty five is an inept and useless person, unfit for any sort of difficult or stressful job. Considering that many of these children are inhumanly enhanced and many are skilled pilots, then you can see how this can often work against you, whether they are your allies or your enemies.
2) Adults Are Useless [+100CP]
Looks like the moral guardians are taking over. It seems like all of the adults in your life are convinced that no matter what sort of aptitude you’ve shown that you’re a stupid child who they need to ‘save’ from themselves, often to everyone’s detriment. Expect this sort of thing to not go away easily, especially with the sort of people who think highly of themselves. If you’re an adult, you’ll find it difficult to take any children seriously here, which happens to include many ace pilots as well as most of, if not all Alaya- Vijnana pilots and Gundam pilots.
3) Stunted Growth [+100CP]
It’s not surprise that with the extreme lack of food outside of Earth, a lot of people would experience stunted growth. You’re considerably shorter than you would normally be for your age and gender, and your development will take a significant hit. Expect your physical ability to be significantly reduced due to this.
4) Man, we’re always getting shit on. [+200CP]:
It seems like no matter what you do, the media will always find a way to twist whatever happened against you, with your opponents always getting the good PR. You could defend a colony against a pirate attack and still manage to be the subject of a smear story about child soldiers. Better be careful, as with that level of justification, your opponents could get away with some shady and illegal tactics against you.
5) Enemy Ace [+200CP]:
Somehow you’ve attracted the attention of a persistent mercenary pilot, who’s decently skilled and frequently finds themselves on the opposite side of conflicts. While they may not exactly hate you per say, they definitely aren’t going easy on you, so expect battle to become a living hell every time they show up.
6) Cycle of Revenge [+200CP]:
In your past, someone close to you was murdered. Perhaps with the right counseling, you could have recovered from the trauma in time, but instead, you’ve become nigh-obsessed with getting revenge for your fallen friend. You’re not completely crazy (yet), but expect it to become unhealthy and interfere with combat when you see one of your ‘targets’. Worse, if you somehow avenge your friend, you’ll simply flip the coin over to the other side, and send someone against your side.
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2023.06.07 19:58 LJTempest Gaming mouse profiles

I use a razar basilisk ultimate gaming mouse. So I can create these things called profiles on it each which has specially customized button layouts and key bindings on it. I wanted to know if anyone knew how I could make it use only certain profiles when I play certain games.
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2023.06.07 19:58 mogless98 How to get cybernetic arm?

I have played quite a lot of SWGEmu in my day, but now I am trying out legends for the first time. I NEVER REALIZED YOU COULD GET A CYBERNETIC ARM OMG. Is there any cheap and easy way to get it? I've seen them go for +150k on the bazaar.
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2023.06.07 19:58 layladarlingg I (F23) snooped through the phone of the guy (m24) I’m dating, and it confirmed my suspicions that he is lying, but I’m confused about what I found and what exactly he’s lying about because it doesn’t make sense. How do I find out the truth? (Long post)

So, I know it's a bad idea to date your ex but that's not why I'm making this post. The relationship is basically dead to me after the lies I’ve found, I am leaving as soon as I confront him. I know that the whole situation is incredibly toxic from both our sides, and that I shouldn't have snooped - please don't comment just to tell me that, I already know. I just want to know how to handle this and find out what actually happened.
Me and my ex broke up 1.5 years ago after being together for 2 years. I was a horrible girlfriend due to very severe untreated mental health issues. I couldn't have asked for a better boyfriend; honest, loving and incredibly patient. He was my rock and got me through very dark times. I broke up with him 4 or 5 times, took his love and support for granted, blamed my problems on him. The last breakup really messed him up and he became colder, bitter and jaded. We continued to talk, however, and he's spent the past two years trying to get back together. The intense connection we have has stopped us letting go.
During this time, there was an incident where I had a gut feeling that he had slept with someone at a party. When I asked him, he lied to my face and gaslighted me despite me saying that I wasn't mad, I just wanted to know. 3 days later he fessed up out of guilt. I know that the way I treated him is what led to him losing some of his best traits and becoming a liar. Because I knew that it was partly my own fault, we weren’t together and I felt guilty for what I had done to him, we stayed in contact. We started dating again at mid May last month as I decided I finally wanted to give our relationship another go, now that I'm getting treatment for my mental health issues and no longer lashing out at him instead. I feel a lot of guilt for what I did and we have discussed everything and decided that we'd go into this with a clean slate.
My trust in his 'honesty' has been destroyed by the previous lies. I had a gut feeling that he wasn't telling me everything and I decided to trust my gut this time instead of his word. So I did a bad thing, and when he was asleep I looked though his phone. Well, my intuition was right. He likes to write messages in his notes app before copying them to send, and he also uses it as a journal it seems. I found these things in his notes, and no evidence of them actually being sent to anyone:
  1. A few, since September: Draft messages to me in his notes app calling me a s***, disgusting and easy. He always denied this when I asked him if he thought badly of me for sleeping with other people while we'd been broken up. We both have slept with 3 other people (as far as he's told me) since being broken up. He has never ever sent me anything like I found in his notes. These looked like alternative answers in response to messages I had sent during an actual conversation we had, to which he had said that he's never think that of me. He has never spoken to me or used insults like those against me to my face so I was really shocked to see this vitriol directed at me. I feel like I don't even know who this person is.
  2. A few different ones, ranging from January: What looks like draft messages/copies of a message to Izzy, who I'd suspected he has been interested in (he denied it vehemently). These messages were clearly flirtatious but didn't seem to indicated that he had slept with her, more like he was trying to. Almost like he was coming up with ideas about messages he could send her? But weirdly, I combed through his phone and there hasn't been a single message sent between them. He only has her on Snapchat, and I would've been able to tell if any messages were ever sent.
  3. 22nd May: A draft message to me, saying that he no longer wanted to see me or speak to me because he had been seeing Izzy and that it had gotten serious enough that he didn't want to mess things up with her by having me in his life. Another draft to me, seemingly in response to an imagined conversation, said " because Izzy doesn't sleep with other people while I'm seeing her". Again, never sent to me.
  4. December time: A draft message to me saying that he sleeps with people behind my back and doesn't tell me about it because it makes him feel better about the fact that I don't want him the way he wants me. Never sent to me - in fact, he's spent this entire time giving me shit about not being focused enough on him. He has also vehemently insisted that he hasn't slept with anyone I don't know about, and that I know everything.
  5. A draft message to some friend I guess saying that it's been 6 months and he hasn't slept with anyone except me. (don't remember when but I think December-ish?).
  6. Maybe 3-4 months ago: a note saying that the only way to get with Izzy is to stop watching porn and masturbating (weird and gross - I guess he means because she's very pretty and has an amazing body)
  7. Mid last month: a copy of a message in his notes, seemingly to one of him and Izzy's mutual friends, saying "is it true that Izzy snores haha" (cringey as hell)
  8. A few months ago (I think?): in his notes, copied text/or drafts of messages seemingly from him to a male friend (with the friend's responses) saying "don't tell anyone, but I slept with Izzy", and the responses "I don't understand it bro but well done haha", praising him for sleeping with her
Since seeing this, I've tried to ask him questions about these things to see if he'd lie or admit it. He has denied everything over and over e.g. have you never been interested in/dated anyone else, like Izzy? "No, I've been 100% focused on you". When I pressed him he insisted that while he found her attractive he never wanted anything more than friendship. I think he was planning to hook up with Izzy behind my back but hasn't gone through with it (yet) and was preparing the messages to me ahead of that. I believe he still loves me but resents me for the way I treated him and hurting his ego. He's embarrassed about being dumped many times and coming back every time. I think he is addicted to me; that as much as he wants to walk away he can't bring himself to, so he's getting revenge instead by hurting me and sneaking around behind my back.
I don't even care if anything happened with Izzy. What's upsetting me is that he lied again with such conviction despite me telling him so many times that honesty and getting all the skeletons out of the closet is the only way to leave the past behind us. He still chose to lie after promising me he wouldn't ever lie again. I can't walk away without telling him I know he's still a liar and trying to get the truth or it will eat me up. I’m confused and heartbroken and I feel like the ground had been ripped out for under me. I just don’t understand what actually happened - the evidence I found doesn’t make sense. Did something happen with him and Izzy or not? If he has indeed been talking to her, I don’t get where/how the messages are hidden. I doubt he’d be able to hide every trace so well.
Since finding this out, I told him today that I was giving him 3 days (next time I’m seeing him) to come clean about anything he’s been withholding from me. I said that I would be willing to leave it in the past, basically begged him to be honest. I explained that if I found out anything later on, it would be the end for us and he would never see me again. I acted normal and didn’t give away that I had proof of his lies. He has carried on insisting that he’s not hiding anything, but says he will think about it.
When he inevitably sticks to his lies, how can I approach this with him without giving him a chance to think of excuses or delete evidence? I am worried he'll flip it back onto my snooping and gaslight me about what I found. What do you all think - did anything actually happened with him and Izzy? Is it just his fantasy? How can I find out what really happened without giving him a chance to cover his tracks?
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