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2023.06.02 01:28 pikage Seeen on r/TedLasso, Brendan Hunt/Coach Beard's AMA for a dream band lineup 🙌

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2023.06.02 01:25 fadedv1 I know low playrates and it's early into the patch but its preety funny, S tier vs dumpster tier ADC's

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2023.06.02 01:25 EvilBillMurray please help i'm clearly too dumb for lance building

The owner of my LGS and I recently picked up the game and have been trying to figure out lance building. We want to play in the general succession war era pre-clan tech we don't have a specific year picked out. Last time we played I built my list based on the "tech base" line and logos on the mech sheets and ended up fielding something that may have been illegal? the wasp wsp-1s shows on the mech sheet as succession war but the master list shows it as clan invasion

Since I can't trust the mech sheets we went to the masterlist and are using this filter which seems fine http://www.masterunitlist.info/Unit/Filter?Rules=55&Rules=4&Eras=11&Eras=255&Eras=256&Types=18&Technologies=1
But that leads to even more questions. It shows there being 4 wasps available and that they're in Technical Readout: 3039 and Record Sheets: 3039 Unabridged. I have previously picked up the BattleTech: Record Sheets: Succession Wars pdf which supposedly contains 3039 Unabridged but doesn't have any wasp sheets in it.

Can someone explain to me what i'm missing?
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2023.06.02 01:24 urilbedamned Draft feedback, please read my takes

So I just finished a really tough draft that felt like there just was no good solution. I'll point out picks I'm not totally sure about here but the gist of the draft was pack 1 goes great, we have a foundation for a good blue based convoke deck. But then at the start of pack 2 the packs are just atrocious for us, no cards I feel remotely good aobut taking p2p1 or p2p2 and things start going awry from there. We end up getting waffled between UR and UW after some questionable picks and things just never improve.
p1p1 I take spite because it's at least as good as the other options and it's the only red card in the pack so taking it sends a signal that red isn't open to the left.
p2p3 I take squee even tohugh it's not fantastic cause I'm not losing anything noteworthy and I did want to try the card as I've never played with it
p2p8 I end up taking the knight in case we want to pivot to white for whatever reason given there's nothing super ntoeworthy for us in the pack. This will be important later.
After this point pack 1 just kinda dries up for us.
p2p1 I'm very unhappy with, I take aerial boost as it's the best card I can foresee potentially playing. I do think a bit about reyav but don't see a way we'd end up in wr from this point.
p2p2 is a similar story, I end up taking the invasion because it's the only card that seems like a reasonable pick.
p2p5 at this point I know I'm getting waffled, I think about this one a lot but end up taking wingspan over raff because I have no clue whether I'm gonna be in UR or UW and I'm getting a bit concerned about having enough playables ultimately.
The rest of the pack is just a disaster, blue, red and white all feel like they're getting cut and things end up going south, we do get 2 protocol knights which push us more toward the uw direction.
p3p1 this feels like a major crossroads pick, I end up on kari zev because I think it's the best card here.
The rest of pack 3 is, much like a lot of pack 2, a disaster. The signals make no sense, it feels like cards are getting cut at random.
p3p8 I probably should've taken another protocol knight here but I didn't really want another 4 drop and it felt like I was between a rock and a hard place. The rest of pack 3 is just dried up, we get totally waffled and end up with a mess.
This was one of the hardest drafts I've had in a long time. At the end of pack 1 I felt great but things quickly spiraled out of control in pack 2 and 3. I'm curious what others think of this one but to me it felt like kind of a lose lose situation.
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2023.06.02 01:23 Lmt47 MLB SGP Cle vs Minn

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2023.06.02 01:22 joeydeath538 INVALAD EXE VERSION

Hey, Vault Dwellers. So I decided to pick up New Vegas on the Epic Games Store, because, it was free and my Steam copy of the game is borked. I decided to try and download the 4GB patch followed by some other mod prerequisites because, I wanna try the Project Nevada mod. There's just one problem, though...I go on NexusMods, I have Vortex and stuff installed, I run the game at least once before trying to install the 4GB Patcher, but every time I do, it's always "INVALID EXE VERSION" and I can't get my 4 gigs of memory just to play a mod...What should I do?
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2023.06.02 01:22 EntityPendragon Preorder issue for Space Marine 2

So I wanted to preorder the collectors edition today. I did and got confirmation and was given the option to bill early. So I picked the option and did the last 4 numbers of your card stuff to verify and it said it was successful. I refresh the page and it says there was a problem with payment method and to change it before trying again. I try to change it but no matter what would happen it would say my last 4 numbers on card was incorrect. Anyone else have this issue and is there a way to solve it?
This was done on Focus Entertainment Online as there isn't anywhere else you can preorder collectors right now.
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2023.06.02 01:22 Unfair_Produce_2166 Renting a boat (with guide) in bora bora.. what are the "must dos" ?

Hi everyone, so the title pretty much says it all.
I'm renting a boat on my last day there in bora bora for 4 hours. I'm staying in Le Bora Bora Pearl resorts. The boat / guide is picking me up at the hotel and dropping me off at the airport where I'll sadly then be going home. So it's gonna be my last outing on the island
The main things I would like to do is the typical snorkeling spots.. sharks, reefs, mantas, etc as well as just going through the lagoon and seeing that Electric bright Blue water you see in pictures.
But if anyone here know any other spots worth checking out I might be missing please feel free to drop a suggestion ..
I'd also like to visit Matira Beach but I don't imagine 4 hours is enough to really explore the island plus hit all the snorkeling spots considering I have to be at the airport by the end of the 4 hours sharp (which is 3pm, flight leaves at 6pm)
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2023.06.02 01:21 Britified Oh boy, my first one!

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2023.06.02 01:18 Glaurung_Quena The anime miniseries "Uchu no senshi" vs Verhoeven's Starship Troopers vs the Heinlein's novel

There was an anime direct to home video miniseries in 1988 based on Heinlein's "Starship Troopers," called "Uchu no senshi" (Soldiers of the universe). The six episodes were released on laserdisk and tape in Japan, and AFAIK, have never been reissued since. I have seen it only because of rips of the laserdisk with fan-translated subs available from torrent sites.
The anime series is OK but not great. It avoids all the (endless, very grumpy) lectures about politics in the original novel and just sticks to the story of Juan Rico, his romance with Carmencita, and the war against the Bugs. It also only covers the first third to half of the novel (Johnny graduates from boot camp at the start of episode 4 of 6). Naturally, since it's anime, the powered armour of the original novel is featured front and centre.
On watching the series, I noticed some odd parallels between how the Anime departs from the novel and how the Verhoeven Starship Troopers movie departs from the novel. Does it make sense to think that the scriptwriter (Neumeier) consulted the anime series to fill in his very careless and sloppy reading of the actual novel? Verhoeven cut out the powered armour of the novel completely, allegedly for budgetary reasons. Other than that, though:
  1. Novel: Johnny Rico was active in track, swimming, and debate in high school. Anime: Juan Rico plays American football. Movie: Johnny Rico is a football player.
  2. Novel: Rico knows a girl named Carmen but their friendship occupies a couple sentences. She visits him for a date in officer training school, but they aren't in love. Anime: Rico is head over heels for Carmencita, and this is front and centre. Movie: Rico and Carmen's relationship is front and centre.
  3. Novel: Rico's family is rich, unlike his best friend, who is poor. Anime: everyone in his social circle is well to do. Movie: everyone owns all the toys and doesn't need to worry about money, in the usual Hollywood "everyone is upper middle class" way.
  4. Novel: Rico is a Filipino whose native language is Tagalong (revealed on the last page). Anime: Rico is blonde and blue-eyed. His classmates are likewise mostly very white looking. Movie: Despite supposedly being located in Buenos Aires, all these supposed Latino characters look very Anglo, like they came from an upper class LA high school.
In other areas, the movie takes something partially developed in the anime and runs with it to a new, often quite foolish place.
5: Novel: Rico lives somewhere in a former colony of Spain, but not in the Western Hemisphere (if you pay close attention to the subtle clues sprinkled sparsely through the opening chapters). Anime: Rico lives somewhere where American football is popular, there are lots of people with Hispanic names, all the signage is in English, and the sun rises over the ocean. (Florida?, Texas? California in a retrograde version of Earth? Japan but with everyone mysteriously having Spanish names?). Movie: Rico lives in an Americanized, Anglicized, whitewashed version of Buenos Aires, because Neumeier did not actually read the novel with much attention and failed to realize that Rico's mother was travelling away from home when she died in the Bug attack on that city.
  1. Novel: boot camp instructor Staff Sergeant Zim asks the new recruits if any of them can take him in a fight. When he then breaks the wrist of one of the recruits who fights him, he apologizes for it – “I’m sorry, you hurried me a little.” Anime: Zim hurts a recruit’s forearm, possibly on purpose, and says “go to the dispensary, it’s just a simple dislocation, you’ll be better in three hours.” Movie: Zim deliberately and with malice breaks of the arm of an already defeated man (movie Zim = sociopath).
  2. Novel: Zim trains the recruits in knife throwing. A recruit asks why they are doing something so primitive when the enemy has nuclear bombs. Zim replies with two short lectures, one on how there is no such thing as a dangerous weapon, only a dangerous man, and second on how the military’s job is not to obliterate the enemy but to exert as much or as little violence against the enemy as the government desires. Anime: there's a severely condensed version of the first lecture about dangerous men. Movie: Zim doesn’t answer the question at all, he just stabs the recruit in the hand because sociopath.
Finally, there are a few places where the movie follows neither the anime nor the book.
  1. Novel: Zim cares deeply for the welfare of his trainees, and this is explicitly conveyed through a lot of words. Anime: in the three episodes set in boot camp, Zim is harder and more cruel, but we are shown through his expressions that despite the mean exterior, he cares a great deal about the welfare of his trainees. Movie: Zim is a sociopath who goes out of his way to hurt his trainees.
  2. Novel: Zim's cheeks are "shaved blue," so he’s pale skinned. No other description of his appearance is given. Anime: Zim is of African descent, and just about the only character depicted with non pale skin. Movie: Zim is a blond, Aryan looking white guy. (considering Hollywood's racist approach to casting, this is not surprising)
Looking at all of that together, I start wondering: could the script for the movie have been borrowing from the anime? If you've seen the anime yourself, please let me know your thoughts. If you haven't: it's six short episodes, and worth your time if you are a Heinlein completist.
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2023.06.02 01:17 CampCrystalLake1980 I got a CV removed with dashcam footage! I hope your account got deactivated, Shanya!

Tuesday afternoon, near the end of my shift, I stopped by Zaxby's to grab a bite to eat. I ordered, and immediately after, an order pops up on my phone. Zaxby's going 1.5 miles for $5.50. I accepted. Our orders came up at the same time which was VERY quick. The food was fresh and hot. I remember thinking, "This is going to be a super fast delivery, Shanya!"

I get to the apartment, reach in my hot bag, and this food is steaming hot. I set it at the door, go to take a picture and the spiral of death comes up. 20 seconds later, "Something went wrong. Application encountered unknown error" or some bullshit. I don't know about you guys, but when this happens the only option is to select "Handed Order Directly To Customer". I even opened up messages and tried to send a photo that way. "Message could not not be sent" Great. I'm not restarting my phone and I didn't want to call her while standing at her door, so I knocked. Shanya comes to the door. I say, "I'm sorry, the app wasn't working so I couldn't send you a picture." I realize now this is probably what got me in trouble. She picks her food up off the doorstep and says "That's fine." I end my shift and go home.

Later that night, I log in to schedule a shift and there's a Contract Violation. Order Never Arrived. Zaxby's. I only did one Zaxby's order that day so I immediately knew who it was. I thought, "Thaaat biiitch!" Her food had to be on-point. And we even spoke to each other! I immediately submitted details via the app. I included everything in that description that I could think of. Apartment number, customer name, what she looked like, the app glitch, and told them I would be sending video.

That same night, I got my SD card out of my dashcam and used ClipChamp to piece it together. I showed the interior of the car when I pulled the food out of the hot bag. You could clearly see it was Zaxby's. I then switched to the forward facing camera which showed me walking from my car, with the food, up to the second floor where her apartment was. You could see the building number in the video. About a minute later, I come down the stairs empty handed and get in my car. After finishing the video, I called support back to request an email that I could reply to with a reference number. I replied to that email and also sent a separate email to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) with a link to the video and the reference number in that first email from support.

Today around 4:00, the Contract Violation went away. It worked! I tried to include *everything* in this post so you guys can do this yourselves if you get a CV. I recommend getting the video sent the same day you receive the violation. It usually takes 24-48 hours to "Process" the violation, but get it in as soon as you can. Always try to park where your camera can see the address or at least a building number. I probably should have called her, but who knows if she would have answered. I have a suspicion that this person was a dasher, but I'm not sure. Shanya, if you're on this sub, shame on you. If your account isn't deactivated, I hope stray cats piss on all your future orders.

Be safe out there. Don't let the low-lifes win! And may the tips be in your favor.
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2023.06.02 01:16 HctDrags Problem with temperature

As the title says, whenever i play a game like apex my pc will almost blow up. Like it would get really loud for 4 seconds then stop and it repeats, whenever i pick my side panel of its gone and everything stays cool. My airflow is 2in2 out. I have no idea what to do anymore about this. Any tips ?
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2023.06.02 01:14 CokeZ3ro Highlighting Random Falcons until the Season Starts: CB Deji Olatoye

Ayodeji Olatoye was born July 20th, 1991, in Cleveland, Ohio. Olatoye attended Dublin Scioto High School. A three-year letterman in football, Olatoye also earned All-Central District Division II honors. His senior year, Olatoye played 7 games and recorded 49 tackles and 1 pick-six. He also played basketball, soccer, and track and field (in which he set the school record for the high jump, 6ft 4in).
In 2009, Olatoye accepted a football scholarship from the University of Colorado. He redshirted his first season. As a freshman, he recorded 6 special teams tackles and forced one fumble. Sophomore year he produced 10 tackles and defended one pass over 4 games. In his junior year, Olatoye transferred to North Carolina A&T. That season he started 10 games, recorded 10 tackles, 7 passes defended, 3 Interceptions, and 2 fumble recoveries. Senior year he played in 11 games making 39 tackles, two interceptions and 11 passes defensed. That season, NC A&T’s defense allowed 277.9 total yards-per-game, including 187.6 passing, and just 16.8 points-per-game.
Olatoye was signed as an UDFA by the Ravens after the 2014 NFL Draft. He would be waived August 25th and signed to the practice squad, before being released in September.
On October 8th, the Chiefs would sign Olatoye to their practice squad after CB injuries and would be signed to a reserve/futures contract later that season. He would be waived and then cut from the practice squad the following season.
On September 9th, 2015, Olatoye was signed to the Cowboys’ practice squad. He would be promoted to the active roster in November. Olatoye would finally get his first NFL start Week 15 against the Bills to replace an injured Morris Claiborne. He recorded 5 tackles, 1 pass defended, and an interception. Olatoye would struggle the following preseason and was released on September 3rd.
On September 5th, 2016, Olatoye was signed to the Falcons practice squad. He was promoted to the active roster on November 23rd. Olatoye recorded 2 tackles in SB LI. The following preseason he would be waived by the Falcons.
In October 2017, Olatoye was signed by the Bucs before being dropped in December.
December 14th, 2017 would get a 2nd stint on the Falcons’ practice squad to replace C.J. Goodwin, only to be waived on the 29th.
In 2019, Olatoye joined the Orland Apollos of the AAF. He started out on the IR and would be activated in March. The league ceased operations in April 2019.
Olatoye was drafted in the 1st round during phase 4 of the 2020 XFL Draft by the Houston Roughnecks. He played in all 5 games before COVID closures, earning 4 tackles.
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2023.06.02 01:13 Thibson35 Thoughts on My Berkeley Appeal Letter?

I applied for Econ and I just included the financial aid bit because online resources said to. Also, I didn’t reiterate my extracurriculars here because that’s in my application. Here is the letter below:
I have significant new information that changes my academic transcript: there was an error in my CC transcript and my Calculus 1A grade for fall 2022 was entered incorrectly as a C. It is now changed to a B which raises my GPA from a 3.71 to a 3.8. The implications of this correction are crucial because it changes the timeline of my academic performance. My grades dipped after the passing of my mother and appeared to reach their lowest point with my calculus grade, but now that the grade is corrected, my transcript is a lot more consistent and representative of the student that I am.
*My CC does not do grade pluses or minuses
It was difficult for me to display my full capacity for growth and achievement in my application because of how the passing of my mother affected me; I was her primary caretaker for two years while she battled cancer and I poured all of my being into helping her fight while still maintaining a successful academic career. It was only after her passing in October of 2021 that the true gravity of her loss impacted my ability to show who I was on paper. After devoting everything I had to taking care of her, I had nothing once she had passed and my purpose had vanished.
While my peers were undertaking external formative processes, I was waging war strictly with myself. It took time, effort, patience and compassion to piece who I was back together. Although I picked up three B grades in the two semesters subsequent to my mother’s passing, I still managed to absorb the subject matter and gain valuable insights in mathematics and economics. Now that my Calculus grade is a B, my transcript reflects this performance accurately.
I believe I have moved through the immense hardship of my mother’s death by processing my grief and reclaiming my purpose. My experience and her memory have revitalized my passion and desire to fulfill my potential; I branched out, formed connections, began internships, became more involved with my community, prioritized my mental and physical health through exercise and therapy, and truly began to become more than my past.
If my appeal is approved for UC Berkeley I will enroll as I truly believe the university is the perfect place to pursue my academic interests. I will also not be applying for financial aid. I have completed an Associate Degree in Economics and my grades for Spring 2023 are on track to be a 4.0. I also have a recommendation letter from a Berkeley alumni who recognizes my potential to succeed and contribute to the university.
Berkeley believes in challenging the status quo and my experience certainly does. With my unique journey I have been enabled with a distinctive constitution of traits that have proved invaluable to me and my community. I certainly believe they will be invaluable to UC Berkeley.
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2023.06.02 01:13 itsMCA female viewer experience

I was at my mother in law's house today to do my eyelashes. My eyes are twitchy when closed so I had to do something to relax. I told her to pick my phone , press voice search on YouTube and then I wispered ..."Asmongold TV" and blindly clicked close to the top of my phone. We did eyelash extensions listening to Diablo 4 strange updates. I don't play Diablo she doesn't know English.
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2023.06.02 01:12 xXRedmask957Xx Is Shiv rush the play on Akali this patch? It seems really strong for waveclear and burst dmg I tested it pre 3.11 and it was pretty good then too. With buffs to Akali and Shiv could this be main build?

Is Shiv rush the play on Akali this patch? It seems really strong for waveclear and burst dmg I tested it pre 3.11 and it was pretty good then too. With buffs to Akali and Shiv could this be main build? submitted by xXRedmask957Xx to akalimains [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 01:12 Goonies90 New home build - undersized AC

New home build - undersized AC
Just had HVAC equipment installed in our new home. We’re in south Florida. The house is a 2 story, 2900sq/ft home. I was checking equipment specs and it looks like it may be undersized but Im clueless when it comes to HVAC. Is 4 ton big enough for this house?
Appreciate the help!
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2023.06.02 01:12 Tomatoman1124 Long hot dry summer did a number on her...

Long hot dry summer did a number on her...
Basically the title... Half had beautiful flowers, other half is basically dead (a few green leaves)... main trunk to dead side is 4-5"... what would be best way to prune/cutback? Last pick is in all her glory (couple years ago)... May was also very dry this year if that helps (NJ)...
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2023.06.02 01:10 chrisborgphoto Client doesn't want to pay ! HELP!?

So here's the story...
I'm a freelance videographer and photographer and never really had any client issues in the past five years apart from the odd back and forth with revisions once in a while but this is definitely a first !!
Client based in Italy, shot some videos and photos for them in March. Finished the work and sent everything gradually to them with the final link arriving early April, as agreed in the contract that was digitally signed on Dropbox Sign by both of us. I'd like to add that I provided 3x the amount of photos, and provided the work about 3 weeks early than agreed.
Client ghosted me for the past 7 weeks. I tried calling about 30 times. 5 whatsapp messages. 5 emails.
Nothing. Payment date was expired by two weeks so I sent him a final warning said I would take legal action and all of a sudden he sent me a Whatsapp message a day later so it must of scared him.
But he only said he didn't like the first link which was one of the videos so he didn't bother even looking at any of the other videos and photos - he said he gives me his word he is not going to use the media and said he would pay for my transport because "court would not be good for the both of us".
On a separate note, I'm not 100% but I think he is not happy with the outcome because he has a flaky wall and building is not complete next door so obviously this is evident in some of the footage. Again his attitude is completely unprofessional imo because he said he didn't even open the other videos and photos.. which include also interior, some of which are perfect for use + that he just didn't pick up my calls or answer my emails instead of confronting me with the truth. This guy is a business owner in his 50s acting like a 14 yo.
So.. I sent him an email stating this and explaining my position offering a discounted amount seeing that he was "unhappy" and to pay within 5 days. final offer.
4 days gone so far and still no response.
The amount in question is EUR 2,000 - so not a small amount but at this stage I feel this has consumed so much of my time it's more about not letting this guy treat me like this. P.S. Contract states the work to be done and that I should be paid for my services within a set timescale, doesn't say anywhere that he has a get out clause or anything like this.
I've just searched about him online and found that he was also in court a few years ago in a tax evasion case of hundreds of thousands of Euros which it seems they weren't able to close and he got away with so I guess he feels a bit untouchable especially with a nobody like me.
What would you do next / in what order ??? (done some homework already)
  1. Letter from Lawyers in Italy - Cost 200 euro p/letter. No action taken if he rips it up but might scare him more
  2. Debt Collection Agency in Italy - Cost 75 euro and they send letters, calls, emails, and also go to his business. They also then take about 200 euro if they manage to get the money from him.
  3. Small Claims Court in EU - I thought this was straight forward but it's not even that clear whether I need to do it in Italian, online or by post, it's a bit confusing so sent them an email but haven't heard back yet. It's also unclear whether Italy will take any action if I submit without a lawyer. I was thinking this is my best option because I have all his whatsapp messages and emails + the contract which I would imagine is in my favour.
  4. Tribunal in Italy - sent them emails on 3 addresses nothing back yet. They seem useless tbh
  5. Hiring a lawyer in Italy - they told me this wouldn't be worth it so guess it could cost more than the amount in the end.
  6. Go there (3 hour drive) in peak season and ask him for my payment face to face in a non confrontational way but still making a bit of a scene in front of his clients.
  7. Out him on his and my social media, google review etc..
Sorry for the long post but wanted to make sure I didn't miss any important info.
Any advice from anyone who had any situation like this or who have dealt with Small Claims in EU maybe ? or any advice really ! Cheers - Chris
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2023.06.02 01:08 Same-Entrepreneur521 AHHHH EASIEST CHOICE IN THE GAME WHOOP WHOOP

Zoid would have been really nice to have too, but Lana is my favorite character so I was really excited 😂
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2023.06.02 01:08 RemarkableElection86 help non-ideal gpa indian junior for cs

Demographics: indian male, 200k+, no hooks
High school: very competitive public school
Intended major: cs, maybe business side major
GPA: 3.48 (UW) - 3.98 (W), max rigor possible
SAT: 1530 (800 math, 730 english)
- 13 ap's (finished 9, set to take 4 in senior year) (scores mixed between 4s and 5s)
self studied both AP CS's early on in 9th and 10th cuz I wanted to take AP Econ in 11th and got a 4 and 5 respectively, self studied BC cuz i was taking AB
senior courseload: ap stats, ap lit, ap physics c and ap french
- rest were honors or accel (but was the highest level possible)
Awards (just what i have rn, might not include)
- MUN individual national award
- Harvard CS50
- golden pvsa
- ACSL Finalist 3x (american computer science league)
-AP Scholar with Distinction
- USACO Silver
Extracurriculars (vague):
research with peers in a club in a team using ML (professors from local uni helping us), gonna be published by summertime
non profit chapter secretary (biggest chapter), we host a variety of drives, we've raised over 5+ items
nhs vp, chapter is gonna have 800+ members next year (which is crazy)
mun nat team member, ive won a decent amount of awards, one at a national, and the team has won best large (1st) at many nationals
member of the "computer" club at my school, i've learned app dev, ML, and compete in ACSL here (couldn't get board cuz advisor only wanted more underclassmen :( )
Lead SAT math tutor, i make plans for the other tutors as well as myself for tutoring kids in the math portion
got a job where I teach kids how to code and I work for 2-8 hours every week, and it might be even more during the summer
Im also attending a 6 week virtual summer program this summer for programming, supposed to teach college curriculum, pretty competitive to get into (hoping for an internship after cuz they got connections lmao)
Essays and LORs:
LORs: both the teachers I asked already accepted and I'm a really good student in both, so they should v good
Essays: junior year hasn't ended so I haven't started, but i think ill be able to write some very good esays
School List (i have no idea if I have a chance for these, just some I was looking at)
- Cornell (only putting cuz im thinking of EDing)
- Boston Uni
- Purdue
- UT Austin
- Uni of Florida
- Uni of Maryland (College Park)
- Uni of Massachusetts (Amherst)
- Uni of Michigan
- Uni of Wisconsin (Madison)
Do I have a chance at these schools? Also, any tips or advice on my app or what colleges to apply to would be appreciated!
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2023.06.02 01:06 xxxleo11 My boyfriend (m20) has become obsessed with me (f20), not in a good way.

So my boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for about 1.5yrs. We have arguments just about every day. For some context, i’m in full time classes for the summer and he is working full-time. We also both live at home (50min drive apart).Now, lots of our problems in the past have been about his trust issues with me. When I tell him I am having a girls night- immediate fight. He isn’t sympathetic at all and goes straight into an argument. This has been happening for a good couple months, i am so anxious to tell him when I want to hang with my friends as I know it will be a fight. Now when he does ‘let me go out’, he harasses my phone and expects a text every 5 minutes and my location. This is annoying as when I am with people, I avoid my phone for closer connections and to be respectful. He also has issues when I go to school. My day usually starts off with 3-4 phone calls at around 7-8am while I am still sleeping (and he knows I am sleeping), and then a few more around 10am when I leave for school. Most days I am running late and have no time to talk but he routinely gets angry when I don’t answer. I also have told him multiple times I am NOT a morning person, I do not want to be interacted with in the morning. I also have (i like to call it) chronic fatigue so I am completely exhausted even when I wake up- i do not want to talk! Now when I am at school he calls me immediately after my classes are over and once again, gets angry when I don’t answer. For instance after class yesterday I was chatting with classmates and thus didn’t get a chance to answer his call. (Although I did text saying I cannot talk this second). And that was an immediate argument, “why didnt you answer my first call”, “who are you with”, “what are you doing”, “ why cant you call???”, etc. This all is a daily occurrence. I feel like i can’t do my own thing at school as it seems every time i walk into a new building he needs to know. To add on to all of this, his family is quite religious and doesn’t let us do much in terms of relationship things. He has never slept over, never been allowed to go to my cottage with my family, never allowed to spontaneously go out. Now even if we go out alone and his mom/dad calls him, he will cut off my conversation and immediately pick up. Most of the time they request him home so he will drop whatever we were doing go home even if this was the only time seeing each other for a week+. Usually our plans don’t even get fulfilled as his parents change their minds and don’t like it anymore. I also might add he gets angry when I don’t want to come over because his family will twist my words, and not allow us to spend 1-1 time with each other at his house. Normally I drive 50 minutes to sit in his garage with his whole family. I dont get much free time so this is not how I want to spend it EVERY time. I dread going over. I also think this is where a lot of his way of thinking comes from. They must know where he is at all times, they track his phone, constantly call him and expect a pick up on the first call. I am just trying to enjoy life, I am 20 and I am having doubts if this is a normal relationship. He is generous towards me, loves me, cares about me, so I dont want to lose him. But I feel like normal relationship doesn’t go like this. And to clarify, I do not act in the same way. I don’t get mad when he goes out, I dont expect his location, I dont harass him. I dont check his phone. He has checked my messages multiple times when I left the room. Sorry for the long one, please send advice or ask for clarification if needed!!! I am so annoyed and need unbiased point of views. And I have talk to him about all of this but no change.
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