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2017.11.05 19:43 jbaskin Swap UV Libraries to grow your MA collection!

Swap UV Libraries to grow your MA collection!

2023.06.03 13:16 Gullible-Cook-8829 Selling paypal account

Dm me your best price. Thanks
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2023.06.03 13:14 UnemployableCEO No routes in major city since i signed up and my account became active!

Why haven’t I seen any routes since I signed up? I am in a larger metro city suburb. Something doesn’t seem right. Is the app that unpopular for a city with a million people to not have any routes?
I live in one of the largest cities in America and you’re telling me there hasn’t been 1 single route since I started?
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2023.06.03 13:13 its_bread3 making preparations

im 15, and i've been planning my death for years but now, im 100% set on doing it
im glad i found this sub tbh, it made things a bit more bearable seeing that there are others like me. its not a good thing of course, but whatever
for the next 2 weeks, im going to prepare by keeping track of my internet accounts (either ill delete them all or just give my steam account to a friend), my possessions, and my notes.
ill just write notes to whoever deserves a little bit of closure, because of course they'll be inevitably hurting.
i'll update you all on my progress. if you're willing to read yeah
i hope all of you find the peaceful escape you're looking for.
rest well friends.
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2023.06.03 13:13 Photon120 Account gone after break?

So I am an user since January. I bought the pro before the sexting was changed so badly. I didn’t use the app since beginning of May. Now it asked me to create an account with Apple. It seems like the app „forgot“ my account.
Anyone experienced this? Any advice how to solve this? Thanks folks!
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2023.06.03 13:13 ProfessionalWitty866 I want to purchase items using silver coins on My Nintendo Store and it doesn't allow it?

For a while I have wanted to get the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet notebook on my Nintendo store and when ever I go to buy it and or any other item it comes up with a message saying "The account you are logged in with is not allowed to place orders. Please contact Customer Service for more details." And I have contacted them but it still didn't help so I thought I could get some help here instead.
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2023.06.03 13:12 MousyCSGO Stuck in 'quick security check' loop

Trying to link my paypal to my coinbase account where it then asks me to confirm my identity via code through text. Identity gets confirmed and then in instantly refreshes to the exact same page asking to to confirm via code through text again and I'm stuck in an endless loop of this. I've tried using different devices, browsers, resetting cookies/cache and nothing has worked plus paypal support haven't been very helpful. Any suggestions/fixes?
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2023.06.03 13:12 AI0 reddit performed action `removelink`

Target User: u/Grammar_Natsee_
URL: /Twittecomments/13z9l2w/my_twitter_feed_is_full_of_proputinantiukraine/
Title: My Twitter feed is full of pro-Putin/anti-Ukraine fake news and AI doctored vids from accounts I do NOT follow (which is mostly suspicious), so that the site now resembles a Russian propaganda outlet
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2023.06.03 13:11 OwMyThumbz Day two Of My account any tips

Day two Of My account any tips
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2023.06.03 13:11 LieAlternative7349 WizzAir

Hello. I tried to book some tickets using WizzAir and they told me that I needed to make a bank transfer to complete the booking. So I made the bank transfer, the money left from my bank account but the booking was never made! I called them 3 times. The first time they told me that the money need 5 days to arrive. The second time, after 5 days, they told me that it's 5 business days so two more business days. The third time, after 2 more business days, they told me to submit a claim, since I didn't get any confirmation yet. I submitted the claim and they said they would respond within 30 days. I contacted my bank and I am still trying to resolve this problem. Did anyone else had to go through this? What else did you do? Did you get your money back?
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2023.06.03 13:11 Admirable-Ad6334 Debt resolution account

Hi all, I signed on with a debt resolution program to help settle some of my accounts. I was told that these accounts would be settled by the new program in roughly six months but so far only one of my accounts has been settled and another is in risk of defaulting. Is there anything I can do to avoid this? I’m worried that I’ve been tricked by this resolution company and not sure what to do. Thank you!
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2023.06.03 13:11 Noaradic Dark arts pack DLC

So I purchased HL standard version digitally on ps4 and I was wondering if I buy dark arts DLC pack on PlayStation do all accounts on my playstation get the additional pack or just the account where I purchased DLC
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2023.06.03 13:10 Lil_Pipi_Italy Sharing

I have the PS Plus on one account and I share it with my friend, now I can't play Minecraft from that account so I share the plus on my second account and play from that, I just can't find my friend online on Minecraft. There is a solution?
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2023.06.03 13:10 PM_ME_UR_HAIRYGOOCH do phone carriers such as 2degrees have any obligation to refund me a topup that occured under an error on their website?

I topped up $20, got an error SIM not activated. Despite this error, my bank account was charged but the credit was not applied to my account.
I contacted them literally within 2 minutes of this happening via email support channel on their website, then topped up $20 again (as I thought I needed it) and it worked (total of $40). they responded a day later saying that they cannot give me a refund for the original $20, but as a "goodwill" they have added $20 to my number (so I now have my plan, +$20 excess credit that is unnecessary).
I complained that I wanted a refund for the original $20 due to the aforementioned error, and three hours later they said they had an inability to issue a refund on the basis that I had purportedly "used the credit" that they had put on my account as a "goodwill" three hours earlier.
I strongly refute their claim that I had used this "goodwill" $20 credit with 2degrees implying that I had exceeded the existing data allocation (2gb) from the plan that I had purchased already, which is an implausible assertion considering the phone remained inactive (completely turned off) throughout this three-hour period. I turned it back on just now and it still has 2GB, I have used none of the plan's data (same for calls/txts) since paying originally thereby negating the veracity of their claim that I had consumed this credit.
The reason this pisses me off is that I find their website is deceptively set so that this can happen, as I've made this mistake multiple times. I emailed them 8 days ago about this same issue asking for a refund and never received a response.
I wouldn't take legal action over $40 (two seperate occasions within 8 days) but I'm broke and I'm really annoyed that I've been double charged twice, and with their support I have received a response from a different person every time. Sorry if this is convoluted.
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2023.06.03 13:10 anon11119234 kind of random & possibly not really meant for this group but my followers and following is not working properly on pinterest...

when i go to look at who my followers are and who i am following, not many people show up. e.g. i follow like 35 people but around 10 show up. i have tried on many different devices. does anyone know what happened? is it some new update?
btw i havent been on pinterest for a while so if it is something to do with account inactivity or a new update, pls lmk.
thanks :)
p.s. sorry if this is not relevant to this group
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2023.06.03 13:09 dropdeadgorgon On a Self-Improvement Mission! Suggestions Welcome

Hello all!
My wonderful boyfriend is currently deployed until November with no communication. I’m also pregnant and due in December. Rather than wallowing in how sad it is that he’s not here, I’ve decided to use this time to supercharge my life and prepare to be the best mother and future wife I can possibly be. I’m sharing here for possible inspiration, as well as to hold myself accountable.
Here’s a list of some of the things I’m doing!
Health and Beauty: -Getting serious about skincare -Monthly professional facials -Investing in regular Olaplex treatments -Joining a rock climbing gym for exercise and socialization -Upgrading my shoes for higher quality and comfort -Discarding old, worn out, and ill-fitting clothing -Prenatal yoga -Exercise focusing on legs (trying to prevent too much swelling flabbiness) -Drinking a full water bottle first thing in the morning
Spirit and Mindset: -Daily journaling -Preventative therapy to prepare for this life change -Joining a small group at church (finally!) -Using a digital planner to structure my day -Setting screen time limits on my phone -Re-reading Laura Doyle’s books (I also ordered Fascinating Womanhood!) -Watching videos on parenting and maintaining the relationship as a priority with a new child
Home: -Eliminating clutter and all unnecessary items in the house -Hiring a professional organizer to optimize the kitchen -Perfecting bread, rolls, pizza dough, etc recipes
Fun and Social: -Learning as much as I can about my boyfriend’s hobbies while he’s gone! -Being proactive about spending time with friends -Committing to answering texts quickly (I’ve been terrible at this in the past) -Reading books every day before reaching for the remote
Focusing on these things has me feeling excited about this opportunity for improvement. If anyone has suggestions for things to add, please share!
The one thing I’m missing that I’d like to add is finding more RP-conscious women to connect with. Have any of you had success with this? Most of the women’s support groups I’ve found are anti-men or explicitly feminist in nature.
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2023.06.03 13:09 RattyFusion [WTS] USED CASUAL SHOES SIZE 12



Paypal Invoice only

wasnt sure where to list these since fees eat up the profit so trying my luck here. Priced to sell fast hopefully since I need to make space. Selling some of my runners I don’t wear anymore. Prices are + shipping

Alphabounce *motion* $50
Alpha bounce *black and grey* $30
Alpha bounce * no insoles/ right lace missing* $15
Nike pegasus $25
Nike flyknit racer $45 *no insole*
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2023.06.03 13:08 Alvar_x3 Something about SCP-049

Something about SCP-049
(Don‘t mind my username, it‘s a name that I went by, but now I can‘t change my username, nor I‘m able to make a new name‘s Xian now) (also I‘m not quite sure if I‘m breaking any rule rn. If so, I apologize.)
I have no idea which flair I was supposed to give this post uhm. I was kinda doing search onto what bird type (well, better said crow type) SCP-049 could be with these following explanations. I apologize if this all doesn’t make sense or is just total bullcrap what I wrote there, I just came back 2-3 weeks ago to my SCP interest from about 2 years completely leaving this interest behind.
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2023.06.03 13:07 Arnav218 Help please!!!

My aunt runs a box business on Instagram and she recently received a call for an order of a few boxes. The person told her that they will use an "Army Account" for the payment. The person then sent her a link through which she had to pay 12k to him and this happened twice. After that, the person sent her another link for a payment of 38k, which said that she would get a refund of all of the previous payments. But for the refund, it was asking for a upi pin and she was aware of the fact that you don't need to enter a upi pin to receive any sort of payment. So she refused to do so and the person got v angry and told her that she won't get her payment back now and if she wants it, she has to use the link. She even tried calling the helpline but it was of no use. We are currently in Ahmedabad, but she stays in Delhi. Can anyone please help us out we lost more than 24k.
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2023.06.03 13:07 mermadzz Screw Netflix!!!

With the recent changes we have to pay $8 extra just to share the same account with another household and you can only use ONE profile per household!
Just thought I’d vent my frustration here with this first world problem 🙃 F NETFLIX
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2023.06.03 13:02 -TerrificTerror- Would banning certain content from my home be considered imposing my personal views on my children and in doing so being a bad parent?

I (F30) have multiple children but this "issue" centers around my 9yr old daughter.
She has been watching youtube videos (supervised, obviously) for a little over a year now. This started off with slime and challenge videos and now has evolved in to a more family-vloggers orientated preference.
I wasn't happy about that as I personally feel like people vlogging and very publicly sharing every second of every day of their kids personal lifes are dispicable and taking advantage of their child(ren). Obviously i'm talking about the content that goes way beyond sharing a cute photo or video with friends and family.
Now, despite the fact that I wasn't happy about it I didn't stop her from watching this. It isn't violent or sexual in nature and I figured I could take this opportunity to provide some education towards the repercussions of what you share online and how to responsibly analyse and consume content.
This has gone decently well, obviously she's only 9 so she can't quite grasp everything involved fully yet.
Now, over the last couple of months she has been pretending to be a vlogger, walking around with an old phone, talking to an audience she doesn't have and sharing her day to day life. As this was "pretend" I kept half an eye on it as it was happening but mostly just let her play.
Now, she has learned that one of her classmates (also F9) was allowed an account on tiktok and has been allowed to make content of her own (mostly dance-videos and copying make up tutorials from what i've gathered) and she has decided she also wants to have a tiktok-account.
I said no, explained why and she had an absolute meltdown. In typical preteen fashion she accused me of "not understanding", "ruining her life" and "holding her back because i'm too old to understand that's how things are now." I, again, told her that until she was old enough to fully understand tge possible repercussions of what you put online and grasp the variety of dangers the internet hosts she would not be allowed on any social media.
She stated that "other parents make content of their kids" and that it's obviously fine if other people do so, as those kids are okay and safe so why wouldn't she be.
I always try to have conversations and try to explain my reasoning in stead of being the "because I said so" type of parent and in doing so the discussion escalated to the point where i'm wondering if I, for now at least, should be barring family and childvlogging from my home, until she has the capacity to be more critical and look at this with the appropriate context.
I am also aware that this is my personal opinion and that many people will disagree with me, including my daughter. I encourage them to form their own opinions and obviously we're bound to disagree on some things, and that's okay.
That being said; the internet truly is a dangerous place and I wouldn't allow my child near a drughouse to be able to form her own opinion on drugs, so maybe I should not allow her on the internet in the capacity she wants quite yet and in the process bar or limit the content that encourages to do so.
But on the other other hand, banning something only makes it more attractive.
As you can probably tell I have been debating myself on this for a solid amount of hours by now and I truly do not know how to proceed.
So here I am, wondering how other people/parents view this and how they handle it. I would also like to know if my view on this is truly outdates or if i'm ill informed. What do you guys think?
EDIT; It is important to note that she does not have a phone or tablet of her own and uses mine or an old one without internet access .
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2023.06.03 13:02 xoxoEyyyy 26 [F4A] Art talks

Hi! Looking for someone to talk about art and an accountability buddy. Sharing of works and such.
I have an upcoming convention and I really need more push to work on my merch since it's my first convention. Unexpected spot siya for me. Working on valorant themed merch.
Also, I need help on something that is tattoo related. Pricing wise for a newbie. Would appreciate answers.
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2023.06.03 13:02 btsjiminmemes BPI AIA (UNETHICAL BANCASSURRANCE)

Hi! Does anyone here have an experience with Bancassurance na nag ooffer ng investments?
This happened to me last May 29, 4:30pm, my main plan is to update my contact details dahil nalock yung online account ko (and sa old phone kong sira pa nakaregister yung acct ko)
It was okay at first then the teller transferred me to a bancassurance. Di ko muna to pinansin kasi baka sa kanya pala talaga iuupdate yung cp number.
Turns out na oofferan ako ng insurance... Tumanggi po ako, but he still pushed me to say yes. First, he said, kuha na daw ako at P480 lang ito, well nagulat ako kasi ang mura(sobrang naive ko sorry) tapos pagkakasabi nya ang magiging quarterly payment ko is P2100.
Given na wala akong knowledge dito, sinabe nya yung benefits, di siya fit sa lifestyle ko and i told them na di ako nag eearn pa ng malaki sa company ko, i might consider sa ibang time, kaya lang para akong napowertrip ng teller at ng bancassurance, they said these things: "eh mam ano po yung laman ng account niyo?" I said that pera ko yan sa apat na taon kong pagwowork, taga bulacan ako at nag rerent ako sa manila at nagbabayad ng bills. (I only get 7k a per cut off)
So ayun, wala pang 30-mins mag cclosing na po, nakasign ako(di na pinabasa sakin terms and conditions) sinabe lang kung ano ung ibang benefits noy the full coverage. Nagawan na nila ako ng another savings acct kung san nila iauto debit ung money.
After 3 days nagsend yung policy, P6300 po agad ang na autodebit sa akin. As a 7k earner per cut off. I was shocked.
Ang masaklap pa, yung friend ko na may alam sa insurance, he told me na sobrang laki daw nito at nakita ko na falsified yung documents. Wala akong sinagutan na questionnaire, may checks na siya, lalo na sa part na annual income, chineck nya is 600k-900k.
Sa stress ko, nagpasama ako ng morning last tuesday sa friend ko para maging guide ko sa pagsagot. I even filed a leave para lang mapacancel ko yung acct. Pagkadating namin don and sinabe ko na icacancel ko. He just said " Iprocess ko mamaya" tapos dinismiss na kami.
We thought na mabilis lang to. But turns out wala siyang update, so i texted him for an update pero sabi nya pagusapan daw namin to on friday, for documentation kakausapin daw sya ng HO bat daw ako mag cacancel. I told him na namislead ako sa details and sobrang laki nung ihuhulog ko.
Ito po yung exact reply nya: anong false info po sinabi mo.maam.ikaw paiba iba sabi pumunta kayo sa last time reason yn bakit cancel basta punta sa friday para documents para cancel yn po. i have my bank staff to attest everything maam. FYI maam.
Then ito po yung reply ko: Sir, yung mga following details yung mga nakita kong maling information: - Annual Income - Occupation/Nature ng Business/work po - Also yung risk questionnaires po is hindi nyo po nadiscuss at hindi ko po sinagutan dahil po kayong prinesent.
Sabi nya lang sa ending pumunta na lang ako at magsign ng docs.
Sa dismaya at sama ng loob ko, ayaw ko na magpakita sa kanya. nagdecide ako mag call ng csr and told me na pwede icancel at any branch.
I went to diff branch and nagpatulong to cancel. At first, the girl said: maam kahit itry mo pa icancel di mo na makukuha yung money mo.
I was like: huh? Kakaapply ko lang po nito? Kindly recheck po thank po
Inasikaso naman po nya ako, kaya lang habang nagsasagot ako ng details sa kanyang ipad. Nakita ko na nagmessage sa kanya yung bancassurance na nagoffer ng insurance and di ko okay yung sinabi nya about sa akin. Kaya lang di ko na ito pinaalam sa nag assist sakin baka mapurnada pa yung cancellation ko.
Di ko na po nilaglag sa nag assist sakin yung ginawa ng bancassurance sa pagfalsify ng documents ng policy ko. ( i know sa iba ang duwag ko or stupid, pero di ko po kaya talaga huhu)
After that, i made sure to get the reference number and told me na after 24 hrs. Makakareceive ako ng text message or email. But she told me na ang processing ay aabutin ng 7-10 days.
After 24 hrs, may narereceive parin akong text messages like this: Hi Your Benefit Claim Enrollment - Direct Deposit request for policy# xxxxxxunder ref. no.***** is now complete. If this includes crediting of proceeds, You'll receive an SMS confirmation when payment has been made. Need help? Call us at (02) 8528-5501 or Toll Free 1-800-188-89100.
Bakit walang message kahit sa cancellation ? Sobrang nakakafrustrate na po talaga. Sobrang haba at baka di niyo na maintindihan yung post po :( iniisip ko kung cover parin ng grace-period yung process.
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