Mess around and find out meme

Fuck around and Find out.

2020.02.10 04:33 mhyquel Fuck around and Find out.

Tracking all the DNC Fuckery leading up to the 2020 presidential candidate selection.

2020.04.05 13:07 wotsit_sandwich crappyanimalcrossing

Welcome to the Animal Crossing Sub for the rest of us. A place to show off your own crappy islands and rooms, and enjoy those of others. You are welcome to post, ..crappy half dead gardens. ..houses with one bed and a mat. ..elevated areas that you are still somehow unable to get to. ...strange interactions with villagers. ...and all those things that just didn't quite work out how you expected. If you are new, welcome, please check the rules, and enjoy your time here.

2016.12.28 21:11 Zetice wholesomebpt


2023.06.07 15:13 Crazy_Nebula2415 Instagram reels coulor?

Instagram reels coulor?
Ive jumped on Instagram to find out I can't see them as it looks like they have a filter on them I can see my feed and ads fine but if I look at the reels tab it looks like this
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2023.06.07 15:13 Traditional_Box_577 Going in blind

Going into diablo 4 without any tips or tricks is actually pretty amazing. Gives me breathe of the wild vibes mixed with old school gaming nostalgia for discovery and finding cool new things. Playing out the storyline fully and taking my time. Would recommend.
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2023.06.07 15:13 DuneYerAulWan I was down in the District Court for a day and here's what went on

I was up in the local District Court on a minor matter there last week (first time in my 30+ years I've ever set foot inside a court building) and had to sit through a load of cases. I thought people on here would find it interesting. Despite some of the nonsense that goes on with Judges like Nolan and Dempsey I thought the Judge here was quite fair.
Now, apparently the day I was down is the day of the week when there's nobody even from the DPP there, it's just the Gardaí prosecuting so it's quite informal and nothing too serious up. Nobody on the day I was there, of the approx 80 cases I witnessed was sent to jail. It was mainly fines and community service orders. There was also a few cases thrown out for either no witnesses or no gardaí showing up. The people who were down in the cells and had been in custody from the night previous were simply being released on bail so we didn't get much info on what happened with them.
So here's a summary :
1 – A 20 year old guy was up for breach of Covid guidelines from 2 years ago. He pled guilty and explained that he had just started college and was working in a bar. Both were closed and so he was just sitting at home in his parents house bored. He went out in his car to purchase a Playstation 5 that was advertised on DoneDeal. Gardaí pulled him over, took his name etc.. and he was summoned to court. Judge was less than impressed that her time was being wasted on this. She crticised Gardaí for not just issuing a fine. As he had pled guilty she let him off with a €100 charity donation and the probabtion action.
2 – A middle-aged guy who worked in a factory. He was charged with criminal damage. Circumstances weren't really clear but sounded like a broken window or something during a row. Guy had no legal representation and told judge “I just want to plead guilty, I can't afford a solicitor”. The Judge explained he could get free legal aid but he said he was working and didn't think he was entitled to that. Judge asked him if what he worked at and he said in a factory. “Do you own the factory?” she asked and he said “no, so then she explained to him that he was entitled to legal aid and told him she wouldn't accept a guilty plea to charges from someone who had no legal representation. She asked the Gardaí to tell her was he “at risk” (I assume that meant of a prison sentence) and the Garda said not in his view. Anyway she told him she'd adjourn it to another day and he was to come back and deal with it.
3 – A woman in her 30s was up for walking out of a grocery shop with a trolley full of stuff without paying. She pled guilty. Turned out at the time she had left her husband and was in sheltered domestic violence accommodation with her daughter. As she had no job at the time she had no money to purchase groceries. Probabtion report was furnished pointing out she was now in employment and had an apartment for herself and her kid. Judge convicted her and gave her a small fine.
4 – Two young lads in tracksuits were up on drugs possession charges and dangerous driving. Garda didn't show up. Judge asked for an explanation and Gardaí told her that the prosecuting Garda had moved to Cyprus for a year. Judge seemed annoyed and was asking when the Garda found out he was moving to Cyrpus and the Garda Prosecutor said only recently. She seemed exasperated and told them “it's your lucky day lads” and struck case out.
5 – A guy was up for for driving without insurance. He was already banned from driving and had 6 previous convictions, 3 of which were suspended prison sentences for motoring offences. He pled guilty and got a €400 fine and community service.
5 – A guy who had been convicted and banned from driving for dangerous driving was up for sentencing. Judge had viewed probation report. His lawyer made him stand up and pointed out that he had set up his own car valeting service “look you can see he has his logo on his workwear and everything, no obviously they have to bring the cars to him”. Judge accepted he had done well and fined him.
6 – Homeless woman was up for fraud. She had been going into the bank and taking out large withdrawals from her mother's account. Think it was €8000 in total. Turned out on the third attempt a bank teller who knew her mother twigged what was going on and called Gardaí. Her mother had asked Gardaí not to charge her daughter.Judge ordered a probation report be prepared before sentencing.
7 – Next up was a young guy in for sentencing for dangerous driving and driving without insurance. He had been ordered on a previous occasion to attend and complete a driver training course before sentencing. Turns out he didn't show up to it. He claimed his bus didn't show up and second time he had no explanation. Judge asked him was he working and he said he wasn't. Judge said if he wasn't working and had no education classes to attend then he had no excuse and convicted him and banend from driving for 2 years along with €450 fine.
8 – Another guy up on dangerous driving along with cannabis possession. Think he had caused an minor accident. Pled guilty and judge fined him €400 and ordered him to complete a driver awareness course.
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2023.06.07 15:13 IvanTheBlyatman The worst symptom I have ever had.

Did you guys ever have the dreaded "Help I'm about to pass out?" IBS type symptom? It usually happens to me while running, my stomach gets super bloated and I need to belch like a mothertrucker, but for a few seconds I get this weird feeling of nerve pain through my body, everything gets warm, my arms get heavy, my legs start not functioning properly, I get a burning sensation in my chest and throat, I feel like passing out and it makes me panic BAD. IBS also triggers palpitations in me (because of course it does) and yesterday I had to go to the ER because I had 5 of these weird attacks in a row (including one on the loo), shortness of breath, nerves burning and of course I start panicking. I went to the ER, my pulse was 125bpm, I barely could find my breathing. Have you ever had this happen because of IBS?
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2023.06.07 15:12 Necessary_Ship_3202 Master Doge is the next GEM, over $1M Raised! [KYC & AUDIT]

Attention, blockchain buffs!

The sovereign of meme tokens, Master Doge $MASTERDOGE, is galloping through its presale with immense momentum! We've already seized over $1M of our target, and we've got our eyes firmly set on the finish line!

Master Doge is not just another member of the litter. It's a breed apart. Equipped with robust tokenomics, a strategy that rewards holders with every transaction, and a mission to conquer the meme coin landscape, we're ready to lead the race!

But that's not all! We're laying the groundwork to make our mark on CoinMarketCap, Twitter, and Dextools. Plus, we're all set to debut on one of the top 5 global crypto exchanges. The chatter around $MASTERDOGE is deafening, and the hype is building!

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Strap in, hold on, and join us in chasing unprecedented returns! 🐾🚀💪

Visit our website: to learn more
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2023.06.07 15:12 Joey3Golf Axial Shift OTF - Wharncliffe Magnacut Blade

Axial Shift OTF - Wharncliffe Magnacut Blade
I actually got this one a while back, but realized I had not posted it. Honestly, I put it back in the box and kind of forgot about it until I was putting my collectible knives from Blade Show in a safe place.🥴 OD Green Cerakote aluminum handle. Current stiffness of actuation is not quite as stiff as a new Microtech, but not as easy as a heretic…yet. I’ll have to break it in and see how it feels then and report back.
I had been looking at these for a while now, but they were always sold out of the wharncliffe blade. I stumbled upon the Axial knives again, and Axial’s website actually had this in stock. It was received with a very sharp edge. The pocket clip works fine for me, but I think a hard use person may not find it adequate. Would be interested to hear comments from any hard users of this knife. I really like the stonewash finish of the magnacut blade. The slight contour and size of the handle fits my hand comfortably. I’m going to carry this one for a while since I’ve neglected it.
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2023.06.07 15:12 Life_By_Design66 Holistic Therapy Near Me

Holistic Therapy Near Me

Life by Design Therapy
Have you ever gone to therapy and left feeling like there was a piece of your needs that were not met?
It’s probably because you were only finding healing for the mind. You are made up of SO MUCH MORE! At Life By Design Therapy we offer Holistic Therapy approaches to support healing the WHOLE person. Our modalities look at mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Holistic therapy acknowledges that each part of our existence plays a vital role in our overall well-being and aims to restore balance within ourselves and the world around us.
If you are interested in getting started, and you live in California, head to the link in our bio to schedule your free phone consultation. We offer in-person, online, weekend, and sessions in Spanish!
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2023.06.07 15:12 infernoicebox Rumor has it supervisor is building a case against me

Alt account here. I'm extreamly anxious. One of my supervisors does not like me, everyone sees it. They refuse to train me, and only talk to me when I have to fix an issue on my end. It creates immense anxiety and makes me unable to do my job as they claim my coworkers also have issue with me. (We are all in the same area the entire time) I can go more into detail on my supervisor later if you'd like.
To the main point, I heard from a friend who heard from their friend who heard from someone in my department that my supervisor wants to fire me and is building a case against me. Hearing something like this is making me prepare for the worse case scenario. The issue is they are claiming me and another coworker are sexually involved which compromises the company. I'm not sure how far legally this supervisor can make this claim go. If they claim that I distributed confidential information, can that have legal effect? I have hugged and been seen with this coworker 1 on 1 on camera, I'm not sure if that is enough for them to fire me or claim anything legal against me. Also I'm just dreading the personal effects this will have on me. The moment they ask me to sit down and start talking about this I don't know how to act, I dread going through this discussion if or when it happens. Not knowing when or what day they will finally pull me aside. I LIKE MY JOB. Just the people make it very hard to work. I have to keep this job or find a better one because this is the best I have been paid thus far and I'm moving soon,, which was planned months ago. Also I'm stubborn and prideful and don't want my supervisor to win by "driving me out"
How can I prepare for this or stop it from happening? Can other coworkers become witnesses on both sides? Can they fire me even if nothing is proven, just to be on their safe side? How far can they investigate this, can they search phones? Can I counter by saying I think it's personal from their end?
Please help I'm scared.
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2023.06.07 15:11 cj__________ Server enforced default traits?

Doing a hardcore server for my pals where it's a whole 10YL vibe, virtually no loot and no respawn but a ton of mods that make everything craftable through one method or another with the right skills, I want to enforce 'Underweight' by default for all players and ideally give a random assortment of starting stats as their char is supposed to have survived for a decade already... Couldn't find an option anywhere to set default traits for new charactersm but I did at least figure out how to add an on-theme starting kit.
One of my mods 'Susceptible' has an option to enable it for all players by default so it's definitely possible at least.
Anyone know of anything like this? I don't fancy adding 'underweight' in admin mode to all new joiners manually and it feels a bit cheap if they don't get to spend their trait points.
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2023.06.07 15:11 HealthySane1 Experienced opinions please🙏🏻

I have been confirmed cured by my derma (twice) and allergist (twice) since completing intensive treatment end of Jan. Have had eczema flares since and “post scabies” nodules on top thighs since mid Feb. Both drs say it’s “scar tissue” or the result of having had scabies and both have doubted I even had scabies. Both say I will have to live with the nodules. Had skin biopsy and scrapings end Jan and results were “eczema” (skin only taken from hand and wrist … infestation was worst on chest and thighs)
Have since done allergy testing. End of May I did intense yardwork, crawling around in weeds and pollens which I know I’m allergic to and have had full body rashes and flares that wake me in the night. Saw my allergist three days ago and he looked me over and was annoyed w me, telling me he’s absolutely sure it’s not scabies. He advised talking to a therapist and also that maybe more scrapings would ease my mind.
At the end of the visit, he noticed two scratch marks above my knees and asked “how long have you had those for?” I said I get those sometimes and they go away on their own. He responded that that would mean it’s not scabies.
Last night I woke up extremely itchy and inflamed on those scratches. My whole body was also very itchy. I showered with sulfur soap and put tea tree all over my body and woke up with everything much calmer. Pic 1 is right after shower w tea tree. Pic 2 is this morning.
I have a call in to derma who is booked up for weeks. Will look for another one today but I’m so upset. I feel like I might never have been cured and those post nodules were active. Im amazed at how little these specialists seem to know or care.
Are scabies burrows ever this long or straight? Please post opinions, but no fear mongering I beg you. I am freaked out and exhausted from this ordeal. Thank you so very much.
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2023.06.07 15:11 cloudshine01 Oracle Cloud ERP: Benefits, Challenges and best practices in Implementation - CloudShine

Want to know what the benefits of using Oracle Cloud for Business are and how an Oracle Fusion ERP implementation can be challenging? Read on to find out.
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2023.06.07 15:11 Mammoth_Access_5306 So I finally was able to lucid dream

So I was in a dream where I was in my childhood house with my ex-wife and illegitimate son (whom I haven't seen in years after the divorce). At one point I realized I was dreaming and said "oh I can do this then" and started flying. I went to fly out the door free as a bird and could go high as I wanted. But I miss him so much and had to go back for him. After I took him flying with me I couldn't go as high anymore. I took him around the neighborhood and held him so close. Somehow we ended up at a rave and as I was showing them my ID he ran off into the crowd. I raced into the crowd to look for him but I had lost my ability to fly when I lost him. I don't do crowds and as I frantically searched for him I woke up. Insight?
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2023.06.07 15:10 daisyrk Demand Letter to Previous Owner’s of House

My partner and I recently bought our first house, and when we went to turn the AC on when we were moving in, it didn’t work. We went to try the heat, and same thing. We had someone to come out to look at it and the repairs are costly. With the age of both units (around 15 years old), we’re better off just replacing them, which i assume would be around $10-15K. If the heat were working, there is a crack in the bottom of the furnace that would essentially leak deadly amounts of carbon monoxide throughout the whole house.
In my opinion, there’s no way they didn’t know about these issues, even though on the condition report they said there was no known issues with the heating and cooling systems. I’m the most upset about the carbon monoxide leak, since that is a huge health and safety hazard. Also, we’re in Wisconsin and so you wouldn’t be able to survive the winter without heat.
I think what happened is the previous owners went to turn on their heat last wintespring, and it wasn’t working. Then they brought someone out who recommended replacement of both units, so they decided to sell without disclosing the issue.
We omitted the inspection from our offer, which is probably why they accepted it so fast, however the repair person said they don’t think these issues would have been caught in the inspection since they usually just check the thermostat to confirm that Heat and Cooling shows that it’s turned on.
I want to get an attorney to write a demand letter for the cost of all or a portion of the replacement cost. The seller is a teacher and their partner recently graduated a PhD program, so I can’t imagine they are swimming in money (except they probably gained about $75K from the sale of the house). Is it worthwhile to send them a demand letter, with the threat of legal action?
I know that it’s so hard to prove that the seller didn’t know about specific issues, but I am pretty upset about this. Is this worth pursuing? Or do we just need to let go and swallow the costs?
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2023.06.07 15:10 2namrepus Advice on dealing with cheating manager?

Not sure if this is the right sub to ask…but let’s get into it. My manager is currently sleeping with another manager. Normally I’d say this is none of my business but, one of them is married and their child works for the restaurant. Everyone knows they have been sneaking around for a while now. Multiple people have caught them in some “compromising” positions. They have fought in the middle of the kitchen, they are constantly touching and feeling on each other, and they’ve been slacking on their jobs because they need to constantly be around each other (one is BoH one is FoH). This whole situation has made me and many other coworkers uncomfortable. I do not support this relationship (having your child be around your affair really doesn’t sit right with me🤷‍♀️) and have distanced myself from both of them (before I would make conversation and we were on generally good terms) and since doing so my work life has suffered big time (one of these mangers makes our schedule). I used to have great shifts, I’d work multiple positions and got a decent amount of hours. That’s all gone. I’m lucky to get 3 shifts a week now and I’ve been dropped down to strictly serving. This manger also schedules the kid the best shifts (nothing against the kid they are awesome and I’m sorry they are apart of this mess) and screws over other people in their position by doing so. I’m not sure how to proceed. The owner of my restaurant knows about them and just turns a blind eye. It’s effecting my livelihood and just makes for an incredibly uncomfortable shift every time I work with them. Is there anything I can do in this situation? Should I report them to HR? Is there anything HR can even do? Should I try contacting my bosses boss? I have to remain anonymous because this manager will make my life hell if they found out I reported them. Any advice would be so appreciated!
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2023.06.07 15:10 AutoModerator Here's Where To Watch Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse Online For Free Streaming On REDDiT

36 sec ago - Still Now Here Option’s to Downloading or watching SPIDER-MAN ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE streaming the full movie online for free. Do you like movies? If so, then you’ll love New Romance Movie: #SpiderManAcrosstheSpiderVerse This movie is one of the best in its genre. Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse will be available to watch online on Netflix's very soon!
Watch Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse Online For Free
Watch Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse Online For Free
Now Is Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse available to stream? Is watching SPIDER-MAN ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix, or Amazon Prime? Yes, we have found an authentic streaming option/service. A 1950s housewife living with her husband in a utopian experimental community begins to worry that his glamorous company could be hiding disturbing secrets. Showcase Cinema Warwick you'll want to make sure you're one of the first people to see it! So mark your calendars and get ready for a Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse movie experience like never before. of our other Marvel movies available to watch online. We're sure you'll find something to your liking. Thanks for reading, and we'll see you soon! Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse is available on our website for free streaming. Details on how you can watch Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse for free throughout the year are described If you're a fan of the comics, you won't want to miss this one! 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2023.06.07 15:10 D1dntR3adIt Feautre rrequest.

This is a great game, I dno't know why it got so much hate. But it does suffer from the same problems COH2 had. It's to micro-manage-ey.
Is it posible to get or turn on some features to make the game's micromanaging less pedantic/more natural?
This game at the moment seems to put too much weight on trying to find each unit on the battlefield and press the right buttona t the right time instead of actual gameplay or strategy.
It would be great when your units spot an enemy or there's 'contact' to be able to jump to the place where it happeneed and have some sort of marker. Eg. you're playing in a different area of the map, a unit yells 'contact' or 'grenade' and there should be some button that pops up to jump to it and some sort of marker. I'm getting very sick of having to press space every few seconds so I can scroll around the map and waste time looking for where the fucking enemy is or which of the 5 riflemen units (which all looks the same BTW) is being attacked. It just takes too long and takes away from the gameplay.
It would also be good to have some actual group controls: 1. Soldiers to move behind the cover of a tank, or for one unit to escort another. (riflemen moving behind scouts, engineers behind tanks etc. 2. Group formations (vehicles in front etc.) 3. A flank or encircle button for group movement. (If Total Annihilation could do it, so can COH) 4. An auto-retreat function when health gets low, or an option to run to nearest medics. 5. A button to retreat out of enemy range or to stop when an enemy is spotted.
Now that I've written it out, it seems that it comes down to me loving this game but being sick of spending half my time playing pressing the spacebaar to issue commands and rearrange units WHEN THERE SHOULD BE A BUTON TO DO THE THING. What's next? Do I need to tell the soldiers when to piss? DO I need to press a button for the vehicles to put go into 1st gear, 2nd gear, etc?
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2023.06.07 15:10 Tree_of_Life_DJ PostGrad Acceptances??

I know most acceptances and rejections come out around May so I'm curious to know where people are heading. Also it would be interesting to learn how many of your applications led to this point
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2023.06.07 15:10 BadgerlordTasso QoL Changes I would love to see

Before I say anything, I'm very very much enjoying the game, and I'm sure folks have probably already brought these up a dozen... or hundred times, I'm not sure. But There are just some QoL changes for the game that I think could make this the best version of itself, and they could possibly add these in patches or expansions. To be clear, I'm not saying these are easy to add, just things I hope they look into someday! Some of these are more complicated than others!
  1. A way to save builds, including the Paragon boards that go with it. I'm not even deep into the Paragon system yet (Only have 1 Additional Board so far) but I can already see that it would be a PITA to undo it all every time I wanted to change my build completely. I would love to be able to save a layout, and just pay the total cost to swap it at the press of a button, however I would say it should be limited to in town only (Maybe at the Wardrobe like D3), and using it would close your town portal so you can't swap out quickly just for a boss fight or something.
  2. The inability to mark items as Junk while I'm in my stash is frustrating! I keep trying to but end up evading instead. I would very much like to do that as that's where I'm organizing my items
  3. A loot filter would be nice. I like Last Epoch's version where I can change the color of the test of loot when it drops based on conditional statements so if I'm looking for items for a different build I can know at a quick glance if that item will fit a build I'm going for.
  4. This is a weirder one... I want to disable the mini-map. It's personal, but I don't like Mini-maps in games, I find myself looking only at it and not the game itself and it's frustrating.
  5. More mounts that aren't horses. Horses are boring to me. We could get some Wolves or bears or something. Heck I'm a druid, let me run around as a Werebear (would act the same as a mount for this purpose).
  6. Let me choose which town I want to set as my "home" so I port to that instead of the closest one when I hit T. I only say this cause The layout of some towns are far better than others for shopping and services. And one of them, is atrocious!
  7. Gems take up WAY too much space, to the point where I don't even like picking them up. Either shrink them down (same with rings and amulets) or have a gem bag, or something. Also, when going to my stash, let me auto stack all similar items like Gems with a button.
May seem like a lot, but they are just some ideas I had. Would just make things feel more fluid, I think. What are some QoL Changes you would want from Diablo 4?
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2023.06.07 15:10 Inevitable_Heart_781 Sadira Andersen, Daughter of Morpheus

Name: Sadira Andersen
Age: 13 years old
Birthday: 30/05/2025
Gender: Cisgender (She/Her)
Voice Claim: Riley Andersen-Inside Out
Sexuality: Bisexual (She’s not 100% sure about it yet)
Languages: English, French, Spanish
Demigod Conundrums: ADHD
Hometown: Buffalo, State of New York
Arielle Hart née Andersen (Mother)- Sadira shares a close and loving bond with her mother. Throughout the early years of Sadira's life, Arielle raised her single-handedly while juggling her responsibilities as a professor in Sociology. Sadira admires her mother's determination and strength in balancing work and raising her. Arielle's commitment to providing for their family, even during challenging times, has left a lasting impression on her. She deeply respects her mother and cherishes the sacrifices she made to ensure her well-being and happiness.
Morpheus (Father)- For Sadira, her father is a figure shrouded in mystery. She has never met him, and her knowledge about him is limited to what her mother and Greek mythology have revealed. Although she feels a sense of abandonment, Sadira acknowledges that she cannot possibly understand the responsibilities of a god. While his absence has left an emotional void, Sadira has learned to navigate life without his presence and focuses on the relationships she has in her immediate family.
Liam Hart (Stepfather)- Sadira's relationship with her stepfather has evolved into one of love and acceptance. Initially resistant to his presence, Sadira gradually opened up to Liam as they spent more time together. She appreciates Liam's genuine care and investment in her well-being. Over time, Sadira came to see him as a father, appreciating his support and guidance. The bond they share is built on trust and mutual respect, and Sadira feels grateful to have Liam as a significant presence in her life.
Oliver Hart (Stepbrother)- Sadira's relationship with her stepbrother has developed into a deep and affectionate sibling bond. Although there was skepticism during their initial meeting, their connection grew stronger as they spent more time together. Despite occasional disagreements, Sadira and Oliver have become close companions, supporting each other through life's ups and downs. Sadira values Oliver's presence as someone who understands her on a deeper level, making their relationship feel akin to that of biological siblings. They share a strong sense of camaraderie, and Sadira cherishes the moments they spend together.
Sadira Andersen stands at a petite height, around 5 feet tall, with a slender build that allows her to move with grace and agility. Her short wavy brown hair frames her face, with strands falling in gentle waves around her forehead and ears. She often styles her hair in a messy bun, secured with a few colorful hairpins or a soft headband. Sadira's hair has a natural shine to it, and she takes pride in keeping it well-maintained, despite its short length.
Her light green droopy eyes are a unique feature that captivate those who meet her. They hold a certain depth and reflect her thoughtful and introspective nature. When she's lost in her thoughts or daydreaming, her eyes seem to shimmer with a touch of enchantment. Sadira's tan skin suggests that she spends time outdoors, soaking up the sunlight during her stargazing sessions.
In terms of clothing style, Sadira prioritizes comfort above all else. She prefers loose-fitting shirts and sweaters made of soft, breathable fabrics. She often chooses earthy tones like muted greens, blues, and browns, although she occasionally adds a pop of color to her outfits with accessories or vibrant patterns. Her wardrobe consists of cozy cardigans, comfortable jeans or leggings, and a collection of well-worn sneakers and boots that have accompanied her on many adventures.
While she may not be the most talkative person in a group, she possesses a remarkable ability to listen attentively when someone shares their thoughts or concerns. Sadira's empathetic nature allows her to understand and connect with others on a deep emotional level, offering comfort and support when needed. Despite her introversion, Sadira does enjoy engaging in conversations that revolve around her interests. When the topic turns to music, literature, or any subject close to her heart, she becomes animated and expressive. Her passion shines through as she shares her thoughts and insights, often surprising others with her depth of knowledge and understanding. Sadira's daydreaming tendencies are both a blessing and a challenge. While her vivid imagination fuels her creativity and helps her explore alternative realities, it can also make her prone to distraction. She often finds herself lost in the realms of her mind, with her head in the clouds for more extended periods than she intends. As a result, she occasionally struggles with focusing on tasks that require her undivided attention. Kindness and compassion are integral parts of Sadira's character. She goes out of her way to help others and is quick to offer support or lend a helping hand. Her natural inclination to nurture and care for those around her has earned her a reputation for being a reliable and trusted friend. However, Sadira's low self-esteem often undermines her confidence. She struggles with feelings of inadequacy and frequently doubts her abilities. Despite her internal battles, she maintains an outwardly calm and composed demeanor, concealing her insecurities behind a gentle smile.
Good Traits
Bad Traits
Because Sadira has only just discovered her heritage, she’s not aware of most of her powers yet. The ones she’s aware of are marked with [A] (Aware) and the ones she’s not with [NA] (Not Aware)
Domain Powers
Godrent Minor Powers
Godrent Major Power

Sadira was born to Arielle Hart née Andersen and Morpheus, God of Dreams, in Buffalo, New York. Her mother, Arielle Hart née Andersen, was a professor of Sociology at a local university. Despite her demanding career, Arielle always made time for her daughter, instilling in Sadira a love for learning and an appreciation for the world around her. Their small apartment became a sanctuary of warmth and love amidst the challenges they faced.
The first dramatic change in Sadira’s life happened when she was six. One day, her mother came home with a man, who she introduced as her new boyfriend, Liam Hart, and his nine year old son, Oliver Hart. At first, Sadira was hostile towards this new man and child– why did they have to come along and take Arielle’s attention away from her? But she quickly warmed up on Liam (she was completely sold after the first time he made pancakes for her) and Oliver. And when Arielle and Liam got married a few years later, and moved Sadira was happy to have a father and an older brother, and they got really close as time went by.
Sadira had a pretty calm and normal childhood. It may have been because of Liam, who was protecting her behind the scenes, it may have been for other reasons, she had never had any monster attacks while growing up. And so, she was completely unaware of the world she belonged in.
But that came to an end a month after her 13th birthday, when strange things started to happen. It started with subtle signs, peculiar incidents that Sadira couldn't quite explain. Her friends began to experience unexplained drowsiness whenever she spoke to them, as if her presence invoked a profound sense of sleepiness. Later, she began having feeling of being constantly watched. The sensation followed her wherever she went, causing her to become increasingly paranoid. And , more recently, the world around her seemed to shift, and she caught glimpses of creatures straight out of mythology that shouldn't exist in the mortal realm. These encounters were unsettling for Sadira, to the point where she began genuinely questioning her own sanity, and decided to tell her family about it.
It was when she was on her way home from school that Sadira was suddenly attacked by a hellhound, an experience that could very well have been her last if it weren’t for the interference of Liam. As soon as Sadira was safe and sound, Arielle and Liam decided to tell her all of the truth about herself, and in a way, about Liam too. They revealed that everything she had read about Greek Mythology was real, that she was the child of a god , and that Liam himself was also a demigod, son of Apollo, which was the reason he could heal her so quickly. In less than an hour, Sadira found out what she was, who her father was, who her stepfather was, and, on top of all of that, she received the news that she would have to leave her home to go to Camp Half-Blood, a place where she could be safe from monsters and learn to defend herself before against them, and Liam would be the one to take her there. It was overwhelming for her, and she was scared and confused about everything. However, even if that was the case, had to admit to herself that she was somewhat excited. Yes, she knows that her life would be harder and almost constantly in danger, but for daydreamer and fantasy nerd like Sadira, it seemed like she had become the protagonist of her own fantasy novel. How could she not be even a little bit excited about that?
Now The journey to Camp Half-Blood was anything but peaceful. Monsters relentlessly pursued them, launching relentless attacks on the road. Sadira's heart raced as she fought for her survival alongside stepfather. Through a combination of sheer luck and Liam’s resourcefulness, they managed to fend off the monsters and continue their perilous journey.
When they finally arrived at Camp Half-Blood, with some minor injuries but nothing to worry about thanks to Liam, Sadira could finally take in the view of the place she would have to call home for a while. It was bigger and livelier than she expected, but she wasn’t really complaining. While Liam presented her to the Camp Directors, an image of what looked like sand started glowing above her head, which revealed her as a child of Morpheus, god of dreams. After that whole debacle and Liam unfortunately having to leave, Sadira was now wandering around the camp, a bag with some of her belongings on her shoulder, and absolutely clueless about where she was going. She was looking for the cabin she was going to stay in, but how was she supposed to find it if she didn’t even know where to look for it.
“This place is so much bigger from up close…”she sighed to herself “I’m starting to regret not having asked for a map or a guide…”
(OOC: Hello everyone! Sorry if the formatting on the post looks weird, I’m not very good at it. But anyways, I hope you have fun meeting Sadira! Have a nice day!)
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2023.06.07 15:10 whitedogseek Best way to cover old doorway

I closed off an old exterior door we didn’t use and where we are building a walk-in pantry on the inside. Trying to figure out the best siding to cover the doorway. The siding around it is old hardboard siding. Eventually, the house will be completely resided, so I just need a short term solution to cover the sheathing. Seems like a waste to buy a whole square of vinyl siding for a small area. Also considering James Hardie board which I can buy in smaller quantities or PVC trim panel. Seams are now all zip taped, FYI. Thanks all!
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2023.06.07 15:10 mtzdotcom Stop before it’s too late (PLEASE READ)

All my life I was straight, i had not one single attraction to men, always woman, wanted to get married, have kids, etc.
When I was 10 i started masturbating but at 13 i started watching porn (lesbian porn)
At age 15 i stumbled across gay porn. i watched it but didn’t see men attractive.
I also had HOCD for that but it went away
After that i started watching porn and all kinds of porn, but i still was attracted to woman in real life and nothing else.
Now 2022 came and i was ADDICTED to porn, i would watch it at work, in my college parking lot, and where ever and on March 26, i decided to watch gay porn, when I watched it It felt good and i got a erection from it, i felt like i became Gay, my HOCD began and i started feeling depressed because i started finding men attractive in real life. Now a year later I still suffer with this and I’m trying to get off porn, the best I did was 90 days but i relapsed, now i feel like i like men and my attraction to woman is almost gone. I’m 22 and i never thought this would happen to me, what happened to my dreams of loving a woman and having a family that i truley want? Now I’m depressed because of this
Moral of the story, porn messes up your mind to places you never thought would happen.
Porn is toxic and should be banned and illegal
Thanks for reading and pray for me
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2023.06.07 15:10 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (Here)

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