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2023.04.01 21:20 knwnasrob First handgun! Seemed like a solid choice!

First handgun! Seemed like a solid choice!
After using my dads Cheetah 84 FS for years I figured it was finally time to get my own.
After handling some handguns, the Glock 19.3 (California) felt really good in my hands (I’m 5’5, small hands) and all I ever hear about Glocks are they have stellar reliability. I’ll admit, the CZ P01 was a close competitor but I figured I can pick that one up later as I feel the Glock is a solid starting point. Might do the CZ for CCW.
Don’t want to mess with the internals, so just change out the sights eventually and add an HL1 light. I already have them in my Amazon wishlist, but I want to give my bank account some time to breath!
Now to just go shooting and get good at it. I expect the 9mm to kick a bit more than the .380) and see about going for a CCW (it’s a tedious process in California).
Running CCI blazer for range and Sig V Crown for self defense right now. Also bought an extra magazine, I figure I should have two mags loaded with the Sig ammo for home use and just have the extra magazine for the range (I got good at using the speed loader Glock provides).
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2023.04.01 21:19 Historical-Lemon2168 An extremely rare specimen. You guys are welcome!

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2023.04.01 21:19 LincHamilton The Banano daily jungle discussion

Monkeys assemble for this jungle gathering where we discuss anything ranging from Banano to bananas.
This daily post is meant to encourage questions that may arise, discussion of any sort and bad jokes. If you got something on your mind this is the place to be. Feel free to drop by our Discord where monkeys chat non-stop all year around. Please read our rules and report posts or comments that you see fit.
Now, what is this wonderful place you may ask. Banano is an instant, fee-less and eco-friendly cryptocurrency meant to disrupt the meme economy by being the most friendly and wholesome place in all of crypto. Drop the official Banano website or Banano wiki to learn more about us.
A major and essential part of the Banano culture is helping fight various diseases through the use of Folding at Home. You can join the team here at Banano miner and earn Banano whilst contributing to science. For almost two years Banano has been the top contributor other than the default team. For more information on this check out Folding at Home statistics.
Instant and fee-less transactions would not be as awesome as it is without the official Banano wallet Kalium. We have also developed the Banano tip bot which let you tip users here on reddit.
There are several exchanges where you can get a hold of Banano. In addition to this, Banano is wrapped on several different chains as BSC, Polygon, Fantom, Ethereum and Arbitrum. Head to in order to both wrap and unwrap your bananos as this wonderful monkey walks you through in this YouTube video. Last, but not least we have our own series with NFTs called cryptomonKeys and I highly recommend a venture into this YouTube channel to learn more.
For any price discussion please head over to BananoTrade and remember 1 ban = 1 ban! Enjoy your stay here, monkeys of the jungle!
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2023.04.01 21:18 Tiramimoo My Husband (33M) and I (32F) are incompatible regarding cleanliness.

For the most part, our relationship is normal and happy. But when it comes to cleaning, we are slightly incompatible.
I hate messy rooms, but he doesn't mind it at all. He doesn't even see the mess that I see. I would need to ask him or point things out for him to clean up, and I know that I'm sometimes nagging him to do it, and I hate it, but I can't always be the one cleaning up after him.
We have a "division" of chores on our fridge. I mostly do the indoor cleaning - the floors, countertops, and bathrooms, and he does primarily outdoor stuff (shoveling snow, garbage, laundry, and our cats' litter boxes). But he doesn't do small things like cleaning up cups on the table or putting his plates in the sink after he eats. He also never puts dishes away or throws things in the garbage. It's these small things that slowly add up and become irritating.
Do you have any advice on how to work on this?
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2023.04.01 21:18 No_Ad_8005 Pre-internet, my dad tried to buy 36 disposable cameras for a wedding…

He mailed ordered for them or something. Those cameras where you just dropped off the whole thing and picked up the pictures.
Thing is, instead of 36 Kodak disposable cameras, they sent 36 CASES of some knockoff (all Chinese writing) called a Kodiak. It was yellow and resembled the Kodaks and worked just like them. The pictures turned out fine. Since they worked, they used them for my stepsister’s wedding but there were over a hundred of them in my basement for years.
My mom was a big picture-taker, but she had some fancy camera with all kinds of lenses, whatever. My dad never used them and me and my buddies probably used a dozen in 3 years.
So that’s pointless enough, but the cameras become important later.
When I was about 16 (30 years ago!) I had a girlfriend named Karen (not her real name, but fitting enough) Karen wasn’t it, but she had a friend in her group named Amy that I really got along with well. Amy and I were like two peas in a pod. It wasn’t romantic - Amy was cute, definitely, but it was more like being with your best friend. We just clicked. Looking back, the situation wasn’t fair to Karen. But whatever, she was a hot chick, she got over it. She started dating a Senior with a brand new Iroc Z Camaro and there were no hard feelings.
Just before we broke up, I got a Camaro too - a 1980 in decent shape. It wasn’t THAT old at the time, remember. So a bunch of us were hanging out in my driveway after I got it and my buddy says, “grab a Kodiak and document this moment before you crash it.”
I thought it was a good call so I grabbed a few and brought them out. Amy was particularly interested and thought it was amazing I had “2400 pictures just waiting to be taken” sitting in my basement.
I’ll fast forward a little here, but Amy was a “come with” person. She rarely had anything going on herself, but she was always home and always game for whatever anyone else wanted to do. Drive two states over to pick up an engine my cousin had? Amy’s down. Trip to the beach with the crew? Count Amy in. Grocery shopping because my stepmom thinks I need to learn basic skills? Just go pick her up. Train trip across the country with 86 dollars? Just let her pack a bag.
We hung out a LOT over about 4 years. Sometimes alone, sometimes with the group. My parents gave her free reign to use the cameras, and she did. She documented everything. Eventually all of my friends were also Amy’s friends and she hung out with others without me, but generally speaking I was the connection and I was usually there.
She never really spoke of it, but it eventually dawned on me that the reason Amy was always available was because she hated staying at home. Her mom was a really sweet woman, but she had addiction and substance abuse issues. She also had some boyfriend that Amy didn’t like. Her home life sort of messed up her views of friendship and I guess life in general, but she was ok. She wasn’t what I would call weird or anything, just quiet.
Fast forward a few more years and I’m living with a few buddies in a house we were renting. Amy’s mom’s boyfriend finally got a job after 4 years but it was in a city a few hours away. I tried to get her to move in with us - the roomies were cool with her and I told her she could have the bed, I’d figure something out. She kind of seemed like she wanted to, but she she said she couldn’t leave her mom. I understood and didn’t push.
I maybe should have pushed more, but who could know?
We stayed in touch, of course, but we only saw each other a few times a year after that. She seemed happy enough. Eventually she got a boyfriend and had a baby. Strange thing is that nobody actually met the boyfriend. Not me, not her mom, nobody as far as I know. They broke up a few months before she delivered the baby and that was it. She never spoke about it and when I pressed she said, “he’s nobody. I’m not hiding anything purposely. It’s just over and I don’t want to talk about it.” I remember the exact words and how she said them.
As you may have guessed, this is the part where Amy dies. They said she walked into traffic without looking. I don’t think she did it on purpose but the guy that hit her said she was looking at him. I guess it doesn’t matter.
Fast forward again and about 3 weeks ago someone rings my doorbell. I opened the door and my heart stopped. The young woman standing there looked just like Amy. The young Amy I knew. It wasn’t a ghost, of course. It’s her daughter. I knew it before she even said anything. Before I saw the photo album. Amy’s photo album.
Amy’s mom raised her, and after Amy’s death she overcame her issues and also ditched the deadbeat boyfriend. The daughter was too young to remember Amy at all, but there were plenty of pictures.
I was the subject of more of them than Amy, but there were a lot of them of her too. The daughter knew my name from her grandmother and tracked me down because she wanted to know more about Amy.
Nothing amazing or life altering happened, but it was nice to meet her after all these years and I think she enjoyed hearing how great her mom was. Because of those cameras. Those dumb Kodiak cameras. And my dads penchant for sketchy mail order companies I guess
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2023.04.01 21:18 Emergency_Sky551 Sadistic Beauty REWRITE/REVENGE PT 17

Haesol: Now can we watch the video already.
Minho: Alright let's play it.
Minho plays the sparring video
Manuel: Alright only 4 rounds let's do this.
Minho: You're on and I'm not putting on headgear
Manuel: You sure you don't want head gear man?
Minho: I'll be fine.
Minho: Just don't go easy on me.
Manuel:Alright here we go.
The bell rings and Minho and Manuel take there fighting stance
Minho: Maybe I should've put on the headgear
Manuel: C'mon let's fight
Minho: Alright here I go..
Minho throws a few jabs to Manuel but he parries them
Minho: I'm not finished yet!
Minho throws a few haymakers but Manuel dodges
Minho: WHAT
Manuel: Guess it's time
Manuel throws a few jabs and a straight but Minho dodges
Minho: This guy might hit hard!
Minho moves around Manuel and finds an opening
Minho:GOT IT!
Minho throws a perfect straight to Manuel's face causing his nose to bleed
Manuel: Urgh
Round 1 ends and Minho and Manuel go to their neutral corners
Manuel: Towel please.
Alexis: Here you go.
Alexis gives the towel to Manuel and he blows his nose on it
Minho: Is this guy the Latin Assassin for real?
Round 2 starts and Minho and Manuel leave their corners
Minho: HERE I GO!
Minho throws a few haymakers but Manuel dodges and throws a counter heavy jab
Minho: OOF this guy is strong
Manuel: Guess it's time to give him the real challenge
Manuel throws a 1-2 combo and a body blow to Minho
Minho: Ack!!!
Minho throws a few body blows to Manuel
Manuel: Guess I'll have to give it to him
Manuel throws. 1-2 hook and uppercut combo on Minho giving him a cut near his eye
Minho: URGH!
Minho throws a few haymakers to Manuel and it hits
Manuel: Huh this kid is pretty good!
Minho throws a straight but gets countered with a right cross from Manuel knocking him down
Minho: UGH!
Alexis comes to the ring and counts Minho but he gets up in 7
Minho: Ack...
Minho: RAHHH!
Manuel dodges Minho's hooks and hits him with a 1-2 combo along with a few jabs
Minho: Ack!!
Manuel throws a few uppercuts but Minho dodges and hits him with a body blow
Manuel: Urgh!!
Minho: This is it!! HAA!!!!
The round and ends and Minho fails to throw a straight to Manuel
Minho: panting
Manuel: You're pretty good kid!
Round 3 starts and Minho throws a 1 2 combo to Manuel hitting him
Manuel: Guess I'll gotta give it my all now
Manuel throws looping punches to Minho and throws a hard body blow to Minho's stomach
Minho: Gasps
Minho: GRRR!!
Minho returns with another body blow to Manuel
Manuel: Heh..
Manuel throws a jab,hook and uppercut to Minho but he blocks the uppercut
Minho: Grr!!
Minho throws two hooks and and a few body blows to Manuel
Manuel: Give it your all kid!!
Minho throws a barrage of jabs and straights to Manuel's face
But Manuel counters with hooks and uppercuts to Minho's face worsening his cut
Manuel and Minho go back and forth for a while till round 3 ends
Manuel:spits blood
Minho: Gosh he really is the Latin Assassin!
Round 4 starts and Minho throws hooks at Manuel but they miss
Manuel: Cmon!!
Minho throws a body blow combination to Manuel stunning him
Manuel: OOF!
Minho: HAAA!!!
Minho throws a right straight to Manuel hitting and pushing him to the ring corner
*Minho keeps on throwing combos till Manuel blocks them and moves out of the way.
Manuel: That's enough for today!
Manuel grabs Minho and throws a few body shots and the final round ends
Minho: Panting
Manuel: Sorry man you're one tough kid.. let's just go to the lockeroom and I'll give you something to patch up.
Minho: Thanks..
Manuel: You won your gym membership congrats!
Minho: Thank you sir..
The video ends and Minho closes the video
Minho: Shit this cut hurts!!!
Haesol: Atleast you weren't knocked Mr Minho..
Minho: Yeah... Thank you for that.
Haesol: You wanna train with me sir?
Minho: No I'm sorry but I don't think the coach would let me train with this cut.
Haesol: It's ok I'm gonna go after I'm finished my training visit here.
Minho: Alright see you later Haesol..
Haesol: Good bye Mr Minho see you when you're better!
Haesol leaves and goes back to his friend and gym partners
Darren: You done bro?
Haesol: Yeah Minho had a bad cut so I don't think I can train with him.
Conrad: Darn it but I'm happy you got a new gymmate Manuel.
Manuel: That's okay but for now let's train for today.
Haesol: Ok let's do this!
Darren: RIGHT!
Alexis: Alright let's do this!
Haesol and Darren train at the new gym till night comes
Haesol: Whew! That was tiring.
Darren: Yeah coughing
Conrad: Alright you guys did good but for now it's time to go back home.
Darren: Yeah see you guys later.
Haesol's phone rings and he picks it up
Haesol: Hello who is it?
Elizabeth: My Good Boy.. Haesol... are you there??
Haesol: Miss Elizabeth!!! Yeah I'm in the Rome gym around the city!!
Elizabeth: I'm gonna go there see you soon Haesol...
Haesol: Bye!!
Haesol hangs up his phone
Darren: Who's that bro?
Haesol: Someone that I love...
Darren: Ohh... Someone's got game..
Haesol: No I don't Blushes and pouts
Darren: Anyway see you around bro!
Haesol: You too Darren thank you and bye bye!
Haesol and his friends leave the gym until someone menacing arrives
Doona: Giggles That good boy is around that gym..
Wookyung: So this is the guy you've been eyeing... He's gotta be cute..
Doona and Wookyung saw Haesol in gym attire after they became stalkers to find him
Doona: Let's sneak up on him.
Wookyung: Right... He's kinda hot tho.
Doona and Wookyung sneak up to the gym and go near Haesol
Doona: Hey there pretty boy...
Haesol: Huh??
Doona: Do you remember me??
Haesol: You're.... You're that woman who interrupted Miss Elizabeth's call.
Doona: You and Elizabeth you both look like an adorable couple.
Haesol: Scared
Wookyung: Aww is the boy scared?? Well Cmon let the boy speak..
Haesol: Who are you sir??
Wookyung: Just a colleague of Byun Minho..
Haesol: Is this Minho's friend.... no it can't be!
Haesol: He feels evil..
Doona: I'm surprised to say... You and Elizabeth are getting close to each other.
Haesol: Um yes miss..
Doona: I must say... Want me to take something from you?
Haesol: No miss I have to go.. Miss Elizabeth is waiting for me..
Haesol tries to run away but Doona grabs him and seductively holds him close to herself
Doona: Why don't we talk about what I'm taking somewhere else dear..
Haesol: Wait Miss Doona I have to go to Miss Elizabeth she's waiting for me..
Wookyung: Don't be afraid she will treat you nicely..
A few meters away
Elizabeth: Now where can that angel be?
Elizabeth finds the gym and sees Haesol getting harassed by Doona and Wookyung
Elizabeth: My adorable boy!
Elizabeth: I wont let that Jezebel bitch take him away from me!!
Elizabeth jogs to Haesol and grabs him along with shoving Doona out of the way
Doona: Oh did the Queen return in order to save his Prince Charming?
Elizabeth: Of course I'm saving him from a wretched Jezebel like you.
Elizabeth: It's pointless to fight Doona but for now I'll let you live for another day.
Haesol: Miss Eliza..
Elizabeth: Quiet dear and come with me.
Elizabeth: I've got my eye on both of you.
Elizabeth turns around and shows small red pupil lasers coming out of her eyes while walking away with her
Doona: Well that was over..
Wookyung: Hey I have a better idea how about I hire some goons to beat up Minho and kidnap the guy as revenge to the teacher.
Doona: Huh that's a great idea I'm in..
Meanwhile Haesol and Elizabeth are riding in a Nissan R32 with Black Rims
Haesol: Who was that Miss Elizabeth?
Elizabeth: Just an annoying friend of mine don't worry I won't let her hurt you.
Haesol: Really? Thank you for saving me from her I appreciate it.
Elizabeth: No Problem.. Say wanna come to my place tonight?
Haesol: Sure! let's go I'm excited to see what's inside!
Elizabeth: Heh you're gonna love it!
Too be continued
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2023.04.01 21:17 Lightbulbmechanic Compatible Replacement for Thermostat

I just rented a condo and I wanted to replace the thermostat with a smart one that connects to HomeKit, but the Ecobee one I purchased apparently is not compatible, which I found out after I’d attached 5 of the wires and screwed it into the wall :( .
When using the Honeywell site thermostat chooser, it also says my home is not compatible with a Honeywell thermostat, despite the one on the wall being a Honeywell. Hoping to order one from Amazon Canada, budget is 250CAD and under.
Please help, thank you in advance!
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2023.04.01 21:17 beauty_of_rainstorms Hermione Time Travel Fanfic

So I'm trying to find this story I had read and it's driving me mad. Hermione is found in the marauders era in diagonal alley after being attacked. She's brought to the Black family or found by them, can't remember which. The Delacours agreed for her to pretend to be their family and the Black's decide she would be the perfect wife for Sirius. He finds out who she is as she's been using glamour charms and meets James and Remus. She helps the order find the horcruxes. At one point after trying to get a horcrux, Hermione is injured and she's brought to the table of the Potters house where Lilly meets her and helps heal her. At some point Hermione is living with Sirius in his apartment when his family drops by. At another point she drops by to see the boys trying to train the new Auror recruits and takes them all on. That's mainly what I remember.
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2023.04.01 21:17 AustinMitrione Evil Dead 1981 Appreciation

The movie used to terrify me as a child. The unsettling haunting score that sounds animals crying in the distant woods. The low-budget/quality, grainy cinematography gives it a snuff film-realistic-you’re not supposed to see this feel, like a creep VHS you’d find somewhere with events no one has seen before but actually happened. The lack of lighting in the woods makes it feels so dark, void, and like it goes on forever. The reveal of possessed Cheryl after reading the cards, the eyes, the voice, the makeup although clearly fake it comes off so gross at the same time. And just the overall hopeless feeling the movie has once things kick into high gear. It’s a cheaply made film but that truly adds to the scare quality. Much like the original TCM. I hope I’ve been able to sum everything up I think makes the original so scary haha
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2023.04.01 21:16 Old-Total2491 Need help!

Need help!
Want to know what the safest way to pay is if I can’t use card or PayPal as it won’t let me because of copyright problems any help would be appreciated 🙏 Also what postage would be best for UK and how am I declaring per KG I’ve seen it around but have forgotten Thanks in advance all!!
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2023.04.01 21:16 Aggravating-Ad-4486 [wts] 2 ml decants starting at $1 Sarah baker, Armani prive, le labo, mfk, aerin, and others (decant)

Hello I’ve sold here before more than 10 times Photos Shipping is $3 and is free after $30 orders (meaning I’ll cover it for you) Freebies of your choice (aka Gifts with purchase) will be included I ship the next day PayPal goods and services (you are protected) Offers welcomed Swaps welcomed but currently only interested in kilian and some rare Diptyque and Tom Ford, as well as maybe byredo and Sarah Baker
Middle price decants 1) Jo Malone Myrrh Tonka 5 ml left in bottle, $13 2) Sarah baker Jungle Jezebel 5 ml decant, $17 3) Jo Malone Wood Sage Mini 10 ml, 90% full, $12
Cheaper decants and samples
1) aerin sample rose 1 ml , $3 2) mfk sample a la rose edp 2 ml, $3 3) le labo sample rose , 1 ml, $3 4) creed sample floralie, 2 ml, $3 5) Shanghai tang lily, 9 ml, $3 6) Sarah baker Loudo 2 ml, $3 7) Sarah baker gold spot 2 ml, $3 8) Sarah baker jungle 2 ml, $3 9) Sarah baker leopard, 2 ml, $3 10) eldo exit king 2 ml, $2 11) bond no 9, Chinatown 1 ml, $2 13) goldfield banks white sandalwood (from discovery kit), 2 ml $3 14) Armani bleu turquoise 2 ml, $3 15) Armani bleu turquoise sample from Armani store 1 ml, $2 16) pin rose samples from a kit : wild child, garden, merry maker all at 3 ml, $3 each
Ultra cheap $1 samples (or pick 4 for $3)
1) jm orange blossom 2 ml $1 2) Kai perfume, dabber 1 ml $1 3) Robert piguet fracas 0.5 ml $1 4) Robert piguet bandit 1 ml $1 5) robert piguet Douglas 0.3 ml $1 6) lang Anvers 2 2 ml , $1 7) penhaligon amarinthe 0.7 ml $1 8) penhaligon no 9 men 0.7 ml, $1 9) montale amber musk 2 ml , $1
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2023.04.01 21:16 Redferleg Plutus Card - $10 FREE IN PLU For New Sign Up + monthly on lots of perks (like Netflix, Disney+, Lidl)

The Plutus Card is very similar to other cards like the one from They offer a debit card that gives you cash back in PLU tokens with each spend.
Perks include up to back for subscriptions such as Netflix/Apple/Disney Plus, and spends at places like Sainsburys Aldi, Lidl Tesco. There are 20 to choose from. You get access to several perks which offer you £10 in cashback for subscriptions as Netlix, Disney+, Amazon Prime. Apple perk even pays out more than £10. also you get £10 in cashback from stores like Tesco and Sainsburys. Check out their 20 perks here.
Their standard plan is free of charge and offers you 1 perk a month and 3% cashback. By subscribing to their paid plans or staking PLU, you can get more rewards and cashback.
Follow these steps to start receiving cashback and 10$ in PLU tokens.
  1. Sign up through my referral link. Non ref link
  2. Complete their KYC procedure, by verifying your ID.
  3. Order their free VISA card and top up your account. It used to take a while to receive the card but Plutus seems to have shortened their backlog.
  4. Activate their card and make a payment. After that you will start earning cashback and receive $10 worth of PLU for free.

Info on refer a friend bonus.
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2023.04.01 21:16 Bonecrusher_52 So satisfying

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2023.04.01 21:15 ApolloApproaches Simplii Financial Referral $50 Bonus

\*For Canadian residents only, sadly excluding residents of Quebec***
Simplii Financial is a subsidiary of CIBC. Access your money from any CIBC ATM in Canada without a fee. You can also withdraw money from any non-CIBC ATM displaying the Interac® or PLUS* signs (fees may apply at these machines).
To be eligible for the $50 bonus offer you must click through my referral - - and follow these instructions once you have set up your new Simplii account:
  1. If you open a No Fee Chequing Account or High Interest Savings Account, you must make a deposit of at least $100 within 6 months after account opening, and maintain a minimum balance of $100 for at least 30 days.
  2. If you open a Personal Line of Credit, you must use or spend a minimum of $100 from the account within 6 months of opening the account.
  3. If you open a Simplii mortgage, you must fund your mortgage within 120 days (see below for my mortgage referral code).
Mortgage Referral Code: 0009361587
*As an added bonus, if you open a No Fee Chequing Account by June 30, 2023 and add an eligible direct deposit of at least $100 a month for 3 straight months, you'll earn an additional $400!
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2023.04.01 21:14 feedmeifangry am I doing something wrong?

I've [24F] been through talking stages, half of them were started by me (using bumble), or by them on Instagram.
In the first 2 days, they'll text first and even text in seconds after I reply, but after a while, they just take hours (or days) to get back to me.
I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, I'm not intrusive and try not to double text, and I make an effort to keep the conversation going, but every guy keeps doing the same, so the fault has to be mine.
What should I be doing? I focus a lot on the other person because I want them to feel appreciated and supported, and that I'm actually paying attention to them, or if they ask questions, I'll answer (not too short but not too long), and reciprocate the question or even add another one. I don't double text because I like giving them the time to reply without being clingy or needy, but it does make me feel sad and uninteresting.
Guys usually say I'm quite interesting and that they enjoy hanging out with me, so I'm really confused.
Sorry for grammar, English is not my first language and also I'm using phone.
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2023.04.01 21:14 Cutecutter1 To Patients, Herpes Can Be Devastating. To Many Doctors, It’s Not a Priority.

Thought this group would find this article from the NYT interesting. Here's a link to the article but I c/p it below.

To Patients, Herpes Can Be Devastating. To Many Doctors, It’s Not a Priority.

📷By Dani Blum
Feb. 18, 2023
Leer en español
Billions of people live with the infection, but there has been scant progress for treatments and tests.
When Lauren went to her doctors with stinging clusters of sores on her genitals, she assumed the pain was from a urinary tract infection. But at the OB-GYN, her doctor swabbed the bumps and told her that the rash was herpes. “No,” she remembered responding. “It’s not.
At the time, Lauren, who asked that her last name be withheld in order to talk about personal health issues, was a 19-year-old college student. She was in a two-year monogamous relationship with her second-ever sexual partner — a guy who occasionally dealt with an errant blister on his lip.
They hadn’t known that oral herpes could induce cold sores, and that HSV-1, the virus that causes oral herpes, could be transferred to the genitals. Lauren’s boyfriend was convinced that she had cheated on him, and he broke up with her, she said
Lauren became withdrawn and almost failed out of college. “You think, Why does anything even matter anymore?” she said. “I’m never going to date. I’m never going to have a boyfriend.”
That was in 2013. Over the last decade, Lauren has had only a few additional outbreaks, none as painful as her first. The mental strain — the depression she fell into after the diagnosis, the fear that future partners wouldn’t accept her — has been, by far, the hardest part of managing the disease. “It attacks your self-worth,” she said.
Herpes is extremely common: The World Health Organization estimates that 3.7 billion people live with HSV-1, some oral and some genital. And cases like Lauren’s, where HSV-1 spreads to the genitals during oral sex, have sharply increased over the past two decades, said Dr. Jonathan Zenilman, a professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine who specializes in sexually transmitted infections.
But herpes isn’t a top priority for researchers, said Dr. Larry Corey, a professor and virologist at Fred Hutch Cancer Center in Seattle who has studied the virus. It isn’t even the top priority among those who study sexually transmitted infections, he added. “The disease has been sort of ignored by both the pharmaceutical industry as well as the medical research establishment,” he said.
There are several potential reasons for this, experts theorize, including the relatively mild physical symptoms for most patients, clinicians’ reluctance to discuss sexual health and how hard it is to develop a vaccine for herpes.
“The fact that a lot of the toll is psychological makes physicians not that interested in it,” said Dr. Anna Wald, a clinical virologist and a professor of medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine.
There has been little progress on more accurate tests, vaccines or additional treatments over the last few decades, Dr. Wald said. Part of the challenge is that the herpes virus can hide inside neurons that are shielded from the immune system, making the body’s immune response insufficient at eradicating the virus, she said — that’s why herpes remains in a person’s body for life. Vaccine attempts, so far, have not stimulated an immune response that can control the virus or prevent infection, she said.
If a patient does not have symptoms, doctors typically diagnose herpes with an antibody test that is frequently inaccurate. Up to half of positive commercial test results could be false, according to past research. There is another antibody test, called the herpes Western blot, that scientists consider the gold standard in diagnosing herpes — but the test is only available through the University of Washington, which can be cumbersome and expensive for patients to obtain. Testing is typically reliable when a patient has symptoms; doctors can swab a lesion and run a highly sensitive molecular test.
The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force doesn’t recommend routine genital herpes screenings for people without symptoms, in part because false positive rates are so high. On Tuesday, the task force reaffirmed its recommendation. In a related paper, a group of doctors wrote that the recommendation was, in part, based on “psychosocial harms” associated with false positives on herpes tests.
And so the virus continues to spread essentially unchecked — exacerbated by just how ineffective the most widely available tests for herpes are, said Terri Warren, a nurse practitioner who has researched herpes.
As cases circulate, patients are left grappling with a diagnosis that can be psychologically devastating, Dr. Zenilman said.
“You can control the symptoms,” he added. “But lots of people feel stigmatized, dirty.”

How herpes got sidelined

Herpes can be severe in certain cases: Babies can contract neonatal herpes from their mothers, putting them at risk for severe complications and even death. For people who are immunocompromised, outbreaks can be more prolonged and painful. In the vast majority of cases, though, people will have very mild symptoms, and many will have none. That’s part of the reason the infection is so pervasive: People pass it onto partners without knowing they have herpes.
Those who contract HSV-1 may develop blisters on or around their mouths or, in some cases, on their genitals. HSV-2, the other predominant strain, is usually characterized by one or more lesions around the genitals or the rectum. In the United States, around one in six people between the ages of 14 and 49 has genital herpes, and over half of adults have oral herpes.
Antiviral medications help reduce the amount of the virus a person sheds, lowering the chance that someone with herpes will pass it on to a sexual partner. Some patients take antivirals daily; others only take medication when they have an outbreak. But the risk of spreading herpes is never zero. The disease lingers in the body, putting the onus on patients to disclose their diagnosis to anyone with whom they have intimate contact.
When Lauren started dating after her diagnosis, she found herself staying in relationships for longer than she might otherwise, scared nobody else would want to be with her. “I thought I was going to die alone,” she said.
Brittany, 29, who asked that her last name be withheld in order to discuss her personal health, only thinks about her HSV-2 when she scrolls through a dating app. In the two years since she was diagnosed, she’s only had one outbreak. Still, when she looks at each profile, she wonders how the man would respond to learning about her diagnosis. “I just worry so much that people are going to judge me,” she said. “That no matter how I present it to them, I’ll still face rejection. That weighs heavily on me.”
Some men have told her, flat-out, that they would never date someone with herpes, but what bothers her, too, are the ones who say, “I’m so sorry this happened to you.”
“I don’t want people to feel sorry for me,” she said. “I wake up every day and I’m fine.”
Scientists have worked on herpes vaccines in fits and starts since the 1970s, said Dr. Harvey Friedman, a professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine who has studied the disease for over 40 years. But past attempts have failed, for reasons researchers are still trying to uncover.
Because herpes has been around for so long, the viruses have evolved alongside us, making them more difficult to eradicate, said Christine Johnston, an associate professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine who has studied herpes.
There are new vaccines under development. Dr. Friedman is working with BioNTech on an HSV-2 vaccine candidate that was given to the first human subject in December. But none are in late-stage clinical trials, said Dr. Ina Park, a professor of family and community medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, and author of “Strange Bedfellows: Adventures in the Science, History, and Surprising Secrets of S.T.D.s.” “There’s nothing anywhere close to prime time,” she said.

‘One of the biggest secret societies’

When Ella Dawson, 30, contracted genital HSV-1 in college, she started to post openly about her diagnosis on social media. To her surprise, people came out of the woodwork to share their stories — friends, relatives, even a cashier who worked at the grocery store on campus. Many told her that they had never disclosed their diagnosis to anyone other than a sexual partner.
“It’s one of the biggest secret societies in the world,” said Ms. Dawson, a novelist and writer who often speaks publicly about her experience with herpes.
Courtney Brame, 34, started the herpes education advocacy organization and podcast Something Positive for Positive People after his own HSV-2 diagnosis. He’s seen how the disease “completely shatters a person’s identity,” he said, partly because of how central sexuality can be to someone’s self-worth. “They don’t feel like they have anything to contribute to a relationship now, just because they have herpes,” he said. “It’s like, ‘Who’s going to want me now that I have this?’”
Mr. Brame has seen this in his own life. He was once messaging a woman on Tinder who brought up her struggle with chronic asthma; when he disclosed his own chronic condition, she stopped responding. But more often than facing rejection, when he shares his diagnosis, he said, he gets a different response: Women share that they, too, have herpes.
Herpes stigma stems in part from the idea that people with the infection have done something “wrong,” Dr. Park said. But you can exercise every precaution and still get it, she added — condoms do not entirely prevent transmission, and you don’t even need to have penetrative sex to contract the virus.
Though condoms can reduce the risk of transmission, not everyone with herpes will use a barrier method in long-term, monogamous relationships. In 2021, Something Positive for Positive People conducted a survey of over 1,000 people diagnosed with herpes; around 66 percent said a partner had consented to sex without a condom or other barrier method. And there is little research on how the virus spreads between women who have sex with women, Dr. Park said.
Medical providers, in general, often don’t receive extensive education on talking to patients about sexual health, Dr. Johnston said. When it comes to herpes in particular, “health care providers can be really insensitive about it and minimize it,” she said. “This is thought of more as a nuisance than a serious infection.”
“Clinicians don’t want to deal with this,” Ms. Warren said. “It involves people talking about sex. They’re crying, they’re going to have to talk about various specifics like is oral sex OK, is anal sex OK — I don’t think they want to go there,” she said.
Without support from doctors, or medical innovations to cure the infection, people with herpes are left “dealing with two viruses at the same time,” as Ms. Dawson put it. “You’re dealing with the physical symptoms of the virus,” she said, “and you’re dealing with the mental strain.”
Dani Blum is a reporter for Well.
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2023.04.01 21:14 endxfmarch Using some weird techniques in a new song and looking for advice

TLDR: Looking for ideas to add anxiety, tension, discomfort, and other emotions into the big finale for my punk album, but still want the song to be coherent and enjoyable, and I'm new to serious music theory. So I'm a self taught guitar, piano, and bass player, and I've been learning a lot lately in music theory and want to apply a few techniques to a new song I'm working on. I play in a hardcore punk/ emo style band, and I've been doing a lot of the writing. I'm by no means a professional and haven't used very many complex ideas in my music, usually just starting with a riff and writing from there. In my song I want to write, the idea is an overall feel of starting sad and disjointed, slowly falls apart into a really eerie vocal only chorus. From there it will build into a major key as the subject of the song gets up from rock bottom and starts doing better. It'll peak at the chorus now in the relative major, where it starts to build in energy and chaos, and eventually falls back apart ending in a final chorus and outro where there's a lot of stops that are followed by a little bit of order, then back to chaos. The idea is for the outro section to feel like it's slamming the breaks, resuming, but failing to keep order. At the end it all falls apart. One of the motifs I want to use is the heart beat rythm. I want to use the heartbeat rythm in different instruments throughout the song, and I want to increase the heart rate without increasing the tempo. My thoughts were possibly subdiving in odd ways to throw the feel of balance a bit, but I'm not sure what to do here. I want to avoid making it too complicated and while I want to add tension and discomfort and anxiety, I want it to be coherent and still a good song overall. It's ambitious for me, and will take a very long time, but does anyone have any ideas or directions to point me in that may give me some good ideas to consider? I want this to be the end of my bands first album, a song about finding peace, and forgetting to take measures against your own mental illness, and letting it slowly take back over, and spiral again. It's something I dealt with recently and I want to really capture the feelings associated with it without just explaining them in the lyrics.
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2023.04.01 21:13 Turbulent-Plane-1607 What happened?!

I have a best friend. She’s beautiful. She has long brown hair and light green eyes. I’m nothing, and neither was she. No one payed attention to us but we didn’t care about popularity. At least I didn’t…
One day, I noticed she was acting different. “Are you okay?” I asked. “Man i don’t know,” Said No one ever pays attention to us and I mean, look at you, it’s probably because I’m with you all the time.” After she said that, I was heart broken. How is it my fault. Even though I just laughed it off, I started feeling insecure but I just decided to stay a bit distant from her so she can get what she wants..
A week later
“Have you seen __?” I asked “Oh her? Ugh I don’t even want to know.” My classmate said. “She’s so self centered now that she’s popular.” What happened? Oh. Well it was spring break last week. I didn’t talk to my best friend for that whole week! I was pissed at her because she decided to hang out with her new friends the whole time.
“Hey.” My classmate said. “I have an idea and I know it will sound crazy but maybe it will satisfy you.” I was confused and a bit scared but I told her to tell me the plan. She got close to my ear and whispered the plan. My eyes widened. I sighed and then. I agreed.
“Are you sure about this?” I asked. “Yes trust me I’ve have handled fake friends like this before, I’m like a pro at it. Now, press that call button and tell her to come over.” I called my “best friend” and asked her to come over so we can talk. “Good job now that’s the EASY part. Are you ready?” My classmate said. “I guess..” She headed upstairs and waited.
Ding Dong. Crap she’s here. I’m not really prepared. It’s fine, I’ll just try my best. I opened the door. What the hell is she wearing. A small blue crop top with small black shorts and a grey sweater. She usually wears like sweats and a T-shirt. She also had a whole face of makeup on and I could barley recognize her. “Hey.” I said. “Hi.” She said. It felt like a long awkward second. “Come inside.” I said. She walked in a sat down in the living room. I sat with her. “So I know we have been distant lately and everything because you know, you became popular and sorta left me.” I said. “Yeah yeah um can I use your bathroom?” She said. “Yeah of course but your gonna need to use the one upstairs in my room because the one down here is out of order.” I said. She got up and went upstairs. Shoot here it goes…
“AHHH!!!!” Oh my god. I went upstairs and saw my “best friend” on the floor bl33d!ng uncontrollably from her stomach. I looked up at my classmate with a shocked face. “What happened?!!!” I asked. My classmate laughed. I laughed with her. “Good job. Everything went according to plan.” She said. “Yeah but um we never planned where we are going to drop the body” I said. “$h!t..” she said. “Think of something quick!”
The end. :)
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2023.04.01 21:13 CanadianBakin89 Mega List of Reasons for Kaspa's Growth - For Newcomers

Mega List of Reasons for Kaspa's Growth - For Newcomers
Hello, I recently responded to a question asking why Kaspa is so great. I've ended up writing out these massive replies across various parts of the internet to people wanting to understand why Kaspa is good, and growing so fast. I want to just post this here, so I can just reference this thread the next time I am asked. This, in my opinion, is a good list of reasons why Kaspa is so incredible, and why it is seeing such incredible price action in the last 8ish months or so. I also tried to make the information somewhat accessible to those who aren't super knowledgeable about crypto.
It's hard to go over Kaspa because there are a million things to say about it. But, I will go ahead and do my best to point out all the amazingly impressive aspects of Kaspa, in no particular order:

  • It's confirmation times are virtually instant. A rare feature for PoW. This is crucial for payment coins IMO, as you can't wait around for a payment to go through when trying to pay for something.

  • It was fair launched, another rare trait for any coin. You need to have superb tech to be able to launch without VC backing, or ICO funding. Kaspa successfully fair launched because the tech sells itself. Also, there is no VC/ICO sell pressure, which is why, in part, I believe the price action has been so strong, and organic. Also this makes Kaspa immune to SEC security regulation, even more so , or at least, AS immune as Bitcoin is.

  • It is actually decentralized. Not just a decentralized network. Many coins claim decentralization, but only aspects of their project is decentralized. Almost all do actually. Kaspa has no team, it's just a network that exists and people are free to do what they want with it. So it's literally ran and its future is decided upon by the community which anyone can join. Decisions are voted upon.

  • Top tier developers. The community devs, all of them, are coding/cryptographer aces. And when I say top tier, I mean the cream of the crop. Truly would not trade them out for anyone, they are arguably the best in the industry, guided by Yonatan... Who is an absolutely brilliant, and humble man. A crypto OG who wrote many highly cited and referenced papers on crypto over many years. A crypto genius.

  • Speed. This is a big one. Kaspa is not only the fasted PoW it is far away the fasted and VERY soon it will increase its blockrate massively, and throughput as well. This is hard for PoW to achieve, and crucial for scalability. Projects mislead investors by claiming high TPS, because on paper, that sounds like it directly relates to overall speed. But tps is mostly irrelevant in relation to blocktimes. Blocks per second, BPS, is what bottlenecks speed ultimately. Kaspa doesn't need to hide this, because its BPS of one second is phenomenal. For a PoW its unheard of. This translates to overall much high throughput than projects that claim 50,000 TPS, but don't mention their blocktimes and confirmation times might take 2 or 3 minutes if they're lucky. So Kaspa can literally create 100-200 blocks in the time many projects take to create one. It's speed is impressive for any project, but, for PoW, again... This is a major breakthrough.

  • Kaspa is super efficient and uses far less power than BTC or other PoW projects.

  • The combination of the speed and decentralization make it scalable. It also has security because it uses BTC's consensus mechanism. Scalability is the big question mark in the crypto industry. Can projects scale? Turns out, yes they can, Kaspa is able to support a ton of throughput while being decentralized. Lots of projects claim they are scalable, but there's always a caveat. Kaspa has no caveats. It does what it says it does, it is open source, and its up and running and usable so anyone can test the claims themselves.

  • Mining. Kaspa is the most profitable GPU mining coin. Honestly it would still be a great project if this weren't the case. To also be the #1 ranked coin on WhatToMine is going to be great for Kaspa's exposure and adoption. It's tokenomics surely have a hand in this. The emission schedule is designed to take 36 years, which is relatively quick. Its done like this so that by the time ASICs proliferate, the good majority of Kaspa will already be mined and held by GPU miners, everyday people, instead of massive corporate ASIC farms. This is a good incentive for miners.

  • It's the only coin that currently, IMO, is a viable choice to literally be used as a currency in the real world. It's everything Bitcoin would have hoped to be. And it can do this without relying on something like Lightning which hasn't lived up to expectations, at least not yet.

  • Kaspa is a blockDAG which I like to to think of as blockchain's successor. Other projects have tried implementing DAGs, but none have a ledger that used DAG principles, at least not as a decentralized PoW coin. Some use DAGs in their consensus mechanisms, but AFAIK none actually order blocks in parallel while being able to retain security. This is surely in part due to the fact Kaspa has been in development for nearly 10 years. It was only ready to be released recently. So it has a massive head start on blockDAG technology, which is easy to see comparing it to other implementations of DAGs. Kaspa is light years ahead of a new crypto sector that many believe will revolutionize the industry. Its almost like being first to market, if you consider blockDAGs a secondary market. So if competition wants to compete its going to be a while before real competitors show up, at which point Kaspa could possibly have a firm lead in market cap. Again, we have Yonatan and the community devs which together certainly understand blockDAG better than anyone on the planet.

  • All these things are great, but Kaspa's value increases exponentially when you combine them together. A lot of Kaspa's functions and features and aspects compliment each other. Lots of projects can do maybe one, or two of these aspects, but none can do them all. And a few of them Kaspa is the clear leader at.

  • And while Kaspa has many pros... Arguably the biggest thing going for it, in my opinion, is how few cons it has. It is the only project I have researched, among thousands, that has zero red flags, obvious potential obstacles, or trade-offs/caveats to achieve what it does. Ever try research a coin and notice its really hard to find the answer to certain questions, like "what is its blockrate?" "what is the total transaction time?" "how is the supply distributed?" These are easy questions to answer, yet some projects purposely don't answer them or skirt the question, because they are hiding their weaknesses. Kaspa you will notice, is very easy to research. All its metrics and stats are very transparent and easy to find, because Kaspa has nothing to hide.

  • This is an incidental fact, not directly caused by the tech, but Kaspa's price performance dominated anything in the top 500, probably even top 1000 since it's launch on exchanges last may. It's done something like 20,000% in a bear market. When I read up on it, I instantly knew this was a long term hold, and has the best potential of any project. I suspect many others have had that overwhelming feeling when they first heard about Kaspa.

  • Huge improvements in the pipeline. Rust rewrite is very close. And DAGknight is gonna take a little while, but will be a huge improvement to our already preeminent network. Pushing out tech lead even further. This is also great for price action, people will buy in anticipation of these events, and hold because they don't want to miss the gains that will likely accompany them.

  • With all of Kaspa's success so far, its still pretty small at half a billion market cap, and has plenty of room to run. Tons of room if you believe it can get into the hundreds of billions in market cap... Which I personally do believe. And I'm no moonboy, I'm very critical of projects that have rises based on hype and price action alone, and don't have utility or anything unique to add to the industry.

  • Also we achieved all of this without listing yet on Binance, Kucoin, or Coinbase. Those are also future price action boosters, and reasons to not sell. And we did all this in a bear market.

  • Wallet distribution is very nicely spread among the top 1000 wallets. This is something many projects won't even show you. The biggest piece in this pie chart I am pretty certain is MEXC, and the large portion represents their liquidity pool. This chart is absolutely beautiful compared to any projects I have seen. This can be found on, among other metrics and information.
top 100 wallets supply distribution. Largest slice is MEXC liquidity pool.

Some criticize it for not having smart contracts. But Kaspa was designed to be a layer 1 payment coin, a currency, not a d'app platform. That said, the devs designed Kaspa with future smart contract implementation in mind, and that is in the plans, I believe sometime after DagKnight. This, IMO, isn't necessary for Kaspa's success, but the fact we are going to go for it, will make Kaspa just insanely valuable. It would be like the Swiss Army knife of crypto projects.
You can check out Kaspa's blockdag in action with a live graphical representation of the ledger any time at: - it's a beautiful thing to watch.
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2023.04.01 21:13 plc_is_confusing Sensor question

Today I was wiring up some muting sensors and realized I needed opposite polarity, an NPN. I need +24 volts on the contact when nothing is present in front of the sensor.
In the past I’ve always simply swapped the black and white wires and this fixed the issue. I attached the sensor I switched to. The one that wouldn’t work is the opposite, PNP.
Anyways, after wiring this new sensor up I couldn’t get +24 on either wire. Just for the heck of it, I measured between black/white and +24 and there I had my feedback. I have been doing this awhile now and have never used a sensor that sends back the negative. Did I learn something new today ? If this is how these Work, I will indeed have to use a relay on every process these sensors are used on in order to get my desired feedback. I understand the concept of NPN and PNP. But like I said, I’ve always been able to work around that easily just by swapping black and white.
Thoughts ?
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2023.04.01 21:13 KodaLG Italy Itinerary Schedule (Look Over)

So I'm going to Italy for about two weeks in May. I'm building up my itinerary using so I have things to do while I'm there.
I'm going to Rome, Florence, and Milan. I want to know your thoughts on everything I have booked or maybe let me know if you think I overbooked or if there are things I'm missing that I should check out while I'm in these places.
Rome -
Day 1 that I land: Chill and site see on my own.
Day 2: Vatican: Museums & Sistine Chapel.
Day 3: Day Trip from Rome to Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius.
Day 4: Guided Tour of St. Peter's Basilica with Dome Climb in the morning, and then Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill in the evening.
Florence -
Day 1 from Rome to Florence: Chill and site see on my own.
Day 2: Day Trip to Pisa, Siena & San Gimignano
Day 3: Accademia Gallery (I feel like I can be doing something a little more this day. I think this might be a slow day after I come from here. After I leave that place, it's like "Okay, now what?")
Day 4: Chianti Wineries Tour (Wine Tasting, because I want to feel bougie haha)
Milan -
(Oh geez, things are getting tricky here. I need more things to do in Milan it looks like. I should have gone to Venice but the low canals this year made me not want to go. I already booked my AirBNBs and my plane leaves in Milan. So I guess it might be too late to switch things up.)
Day 1 from Florence to Milan: Chill and site see on my own.
Day 2: (Will be a Sunday) Going to Cathedral (Looking for more to do.)
Day 3: (HELP! Trying to find something to do.)
Day 4: (HELP! Trying to find something to do.)
Day 5: Fly out of Milan.
So please tell me what you think of my itinerary and let me know if I missed anything or should add anything. I definitely need help with my time in Milan. Please help me not waste my last few days in Italy. Every time I travel the last few days are always dog shit and I feel like this post is a great way to avoid repeating the past. No one wants to end their trip with bad vibes. Thanks in advance for your recommendations and help.
P.S. I wasn't sure if I should make this a separate post or not but if you could recommend any travel backpacks, that'll be appreciated. I always travel with my clothes and iPad in a regular school backpack and it ends up getting bulky. Looking for something more suitable for traveling outside the country for two weeks.
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2023.04.01 21:12 ZellFk First Time Infinite [CL 1762]

I know talking about this is kinda beating a dead horse by now but I wanted to post here since it was a crazy uphilll battle, playing a Sera Control deck and I also saw a pattern, after rank 96 I started seeing a lot of bots and mirror matchups (very few Shuri and Thanos), if you guys have a way to destroy or change the hot location of today it's an easy climb against the bots (they always avoid Bar with no Name like the plague)
Another thing infinite players coming here saying they're donating cubes is pretty much a myth, I matched quite a few infinite players on the upper 90's and not a single one cared and proceeded to play the sweatiest decks (like Shuri and Thanos), so play to your best and forget the card backs.
About my deck I would say that the hardest matchup are mirror, discard decks and movement decks (incredibly enough), Carnage is a good subtitute for Killmonger for Nova proc on T6 when you wanna Valkyrie a lane (Valk forcing you to play at best another 2 drops), the biggest hurdle of this deck is drawing too porly early (turns 3 and 4 are very important to get some decent location presence before the Sera on 5) and doubling locations (like Sinister London) are pretty bad since this deck needs location space on T6 but not unwinnable.
Decklist below:

(1) Nova

(2) Carnage

(2) Zabu

(2) Scarlet Witch

(2) Sentinel

(2) Mysterio

(3) Bishop

(3) Killmonger

(4) Shang-Chi

(4) Enchantress

(5) Valkyrie

(5) Sera


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and paste it from the deck editing menu in Snap.

If you guys want any tips on how to drive the deck or changes on cards you don't have I'll stay on for a while to answer everything I can.
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