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Eastern Orthodox Churches in Amerca

2014.10.13 05:37 Eastern Orthodox Churches in Amerca

A place for sharing and discussions centering on all things Eastern Orthodox. Topics such as the particulars of the Divine Liturgy, Links to different OCA articles, videos, prayers, etc are welcome!

2010.02.19 14:34 friardon A Community of Christians Embracing Reformed Theology

Reformed exists to be a place where reformed believers, in a broader understanding of the term, can come together, unified by a clear Gospel witness, to exhort one another, spur one another on intellectually in reformed theology, and discuss doctrine.

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Welcome to the subreddit for Teenagers that are Catholic\Christians to talk about faith and teen related stuff.

2023.05.28 14:17 mimi897 Is this adult life forever?

I'm 33. I never knew what to do with myself, never had a passion for something and I ended up in a field that I don't love but sometimes I enjoy. Money was ok.
8 months ago, I had a work accident, the company did support me only after I got a lawyer and only with the surgery cost - but it was all super expensive because I had to do it in a different country.
I spent months at home, alone, going out only for PT. I started work after 2 months super freaked out that I will get fired, my creativity was down and I couldn't work properly. PT got increasingly more challenging and I am tired all the time but I need to do it.
My dog got sick and it cost all my savings to save him.
My bf works 24/7 because he has a low paying job and his father has cancer and all money goes on his treatment. He doesn't take care of himself as in wears dirty clothes, doesn't take a shower etc, so we had 0 sex. When I did want to try again, I realised my endometriosis is back and I might need another surgery.
Also my mom's health is not good but she kinda hid it (now I feel bad for saving the dog) and she is exhausted from caring for my grandma (her mother in law) and father - who is super old fashioned and lazy. He does no chores and makes money only for house bills. My mom does all the heavy lifting.
I am so behind at work, so tired all the time probably because of the mental load, I go to therapy but I feel everything keeps getting worse. The work accident, then endometriosis and no sex cuz it hurts too bad, then the dog illness plus now I take care of it, my mom is not well and my dad is a lazy asshole, that I am also worried about because his health is shit. He is having a gold bladder removal tomorrow and I wouldn't be surprised if something this simple causes complications for him.
I used to have a mediocre life and go on a vacation a year, worry about easy stuff. Now I am in debt, with probably one more year of PT ahead for my knee and, everyone around me is sick too, even the dog.
I feel like there is no light in sight. I feel like crying when friends share photos from their vacations and walks on our group Whatsapp group.
What helped you go through difficult times in life? How did you keep your hope alive and had motivation to oush through?
No one is coming. There is no prince charming who will fall in love with me and get me out of this shithole. No rich connected friend who can offer me a better job. No miracle course that can get me a higher earning job in 6 months. I just need to stay focused and take it one at a time. But it's so damn hard. I don't know how to do it. I feel so alone and miserable and I want a good life for myself.
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2023.05.28 14:16 ThatHouseCDN780 Overcoming Addictions and Mental Stress (Ted Lasso)

Since October 2022, I have been addicted to chewing weed gummies and smoking marijuana Daily to get by. Watching Ted Lasso, I was able to get out of this addiction. I slowly, with positivity. The TV show showcases daily.
Around the season's midpoint, I no longer needed to be high daily to get by. Because of this, I've been able to retake control of my life, do things and not worry about having a good time all the time.
I credit Ted Lasso for saving me and putting me in a good spirit. I have had horrible relationships with both my parents, and the show can give me the mental health confidence to overcome this.
I am taking care of myself, which I have not been doing. It'll be sad when the show ends this coming week. Still, I do hope that there's a spin-off or another show that can capture the imagination of the show that has given me.
I love football, I love Lasso, and I love all of you; thank you, Ted, for helping me on my journey and pushing me forward in a very positive direction. He was correct when it's not about winning or losing. It's about making the best version of yourself.
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2023.05.28 14:15 Time-is-too-short 35[M4R] Canada/anywhere- Looking to make a connection/friends

Hey fellow potential future friends.
It has been a while since i have done this, but i am looking to make new friends, Male or Female, doesnt matter. would prefer long term friends, dont need to write back all the time, but looking for consistency.
A bit about me and my hobbies
-Love to read: mostly fantasy and sci-fi but am part of a book club so i read all sort of things
-Gamer: not video games, but tabletop games (D&D)
-Musician: Im a guitarist
-Travel: (i mean who doenst love to travel)
-Food lover: also love to cook (again probably a common thing here)
more for what i am looking for
-Long term chat: i am looking for a friend, not just a casual 1 day conversation
-Be open: lets talk, share secrets, talk about all the things that we would write in a personal journal
-Lets help eachother: everyone is going through something, let's support each other
-Age: im good with any age, please be above 18 though
-Gender: I dont care, everyone is welcome
-Location: Also doesnt matter
-Interests: would love someone with some of the same interests as me, so we have common ground, but also someone who likes different things, so we can learn from eachother.
If any of that interests you then send me a DM! I hope to hear from you
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2023.05.28 14:13 Then_Effort_4806 2023 has not been kind to me and I'm really struggling

In the span of 5 months I've (mostly in order of least to most recent) - caught gastro, a cold and then covid - had my joint issues flare up with no hope of solving or finding the issue since I can't afford it - had my cat lose his eye - lost my grandma - might be losing her dog soon who I love a lot - started a job where I cant help but think everyone there doesn't like me
I'm aware these issues don't seem like a lot but I have no sense of support around me right now. I've had worse years but I've never felt this lost. I turned 18 this year but finished school last year, so I don't have the resources and support my friends had in their transition to adulthood.
My Grandma's death is still very recent and has been messing with me a lot, but this is all weighing on me right now. I just had friends cancel plans and I'm about to lose my mind over the smallest things. I just want someone to let me know it'll be okay.
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2023.05.28 14:13 Which_Ad5076 35 [M4F] tampa guy looking for a woman that has started lactating

Hi all and happy memorial day. I'm looking for a female that is lactating and producing milk that wants to be suckled and more. I love giving oral and I love the taste of a woman's breast milk and pussy juices. Looking for soon and hope to enjoy so much of you.
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2023.05.28 14:13 AnyChipmunk Just need to vent about a cancelled induction (41+3)

Where I live, an induction is strongly recommended after 10 days past the estimated due date. I had originally hoped for a natural labor, but I prefer a happy healthy family over everything else. And if the doctors think it's best to induce, we always were going to go with that. The past week or so I feel like I have a bag of bones in there and the discomfort I'm feeling has made an induction something I am even more open to. So when I reached +10 days, I fully agreed to the induction.
This morning was the planned start of the induction. We get through the CTG and we were told that there were private recovery rooms available (not a given where I live). So we thought all was going to plan. But when we met with the doctor they said a large number of women came in the night before and there wasn't any room. I completely understand the situation. And of course my scheduled procedure should wait to keep everyone safe. But it was not easy to walk away. Seeing a lovely new family being wheeled into recovery from the delivery section felt particularly difficult.
We will try again tomorrow. I am currently trying to shake the feelings of jealousy and negativity. It isn't directed at anyone, only the situation. I feel tired, so uncomfortable, a bit abandoned. Each additional 24 hours feels like a mountain to get over. Fingers crossed I can be admitted tomorrow.
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2023.05.28 14:13 ThatHouseCDN780 Overcoming Addictions and Mental Stress

Since October 2022, I have been addicted to chewing weed gummies and smoking marijuana Daily to get by. Watching Ted Lasso, I was able to get out of this addiction. I slowly, with positivity. The TV show showcases daily.
Around the season's midpoint, I no longer needed to be high daily to get by. Because of this, I've been able to retake control of my life, do things and not worry about having a good time all the time.
I credit Ted Lasso for saving me and putting me in a good spirit. I have had horrible relationships with both my parents, and the show can give me the mental health confidence to overcome this.
I am taking care of myself, which I have not been doing. It'll be sad when the show ends this coming week. Still, I do hope that there's a spin-off or another show that can capture the imagination of the show that has given me.
I love football, I love Lasso, and I love all of you; thank you, Ted, for helping me on my journey and pushing me forward in a very positive direction. He was correct when it's not about winning or losing. It's about making the best version of yourself.
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2023.05.28 14:13 Johannes_Katze Drove my friends GT3 and it made me appreciate my mx5 even more

Drove my friends GT3 and it made me appreciate my mx5 even more
I was at a trackday with some of my friends and when it came to driving back (bit over an hour drive) my friend with a beautiful 911 991.2 GT3 Manual (a manual gt3 is my absolute dream car) stopped and was like "I want to drive your mx5, you take my car" of course that is not something you have to tell a car person twice.
So I got in and the first bit of the drive were straight 2 lane per side roads with a 90khp speed limit. Which in the mx5 is not too bad, as you can just cruise with the top down and still feel like you are going at least not super slow with the car moving around over the straight, but not flat road. The gt3 however is not happy with going 100kph. It does that in second gear (at 6,5k rpm, but I mean it revs to 9k). And every single one of its 500 hp desperately wants to go forward. So as a person that values his licence you sit at 100-110 in 4th gear and whenever a truck comes up you press the loud pedal slightly and it just pulls and pulls and when you look back on your speedo you are going 160+ after what feels like one second, without even using full throttle. And that sound, incredible. But does it feel fast? Still not really. So you slow down again and hope for the next car you can overtake, so you at least have a reason to go a bit faster. It's also even more uncomfortable and harder that the MX-5. These are first world problems, that we as slow MX-5 drivers simply do not know.
Then my friend overtook me and led me into some very nice roads, just wider than the Porsche (Which is probably double as wide as the MX-5) with a roller coaster feel that would put the WRC finland to shame (but with very good asphalt instead of gravel). My friend (who is a waaay better and faster driver than me) really hussled the MX-5 around these roads, so I could really drive the GT3 as fast as I would have done without someone leading me. And did I have incredible fun? Yes, 100%. But did the car make me feel like a driving god, like the MX-5 does so easily? No, because you would need to possess the skills of Water Röhrl to drive the GT3 to its limits on roads like this safely. So I was driving at maybe 50-60% of what the car can do and it was letting me know that. Because the Porsche 911 is a mix of normal car and spaceship, it is perfectly drivable on normal road speeds, without feeling too crazy. Exext that sound, it is truly amazing, at any speed. But it is also not as engaging at these slow speeds, if you want to feel the limits of the car you are going 3x the speed limit, regardless of what that speed limit is. But what is missing is the responsiveness and movement of the MX-5. How it turns instantly when you turn the steering wheel even for a centimeter, how it gets light over bumps, how it moves around in a corner, how the rear gets light when breaking into a corner, ... And I am sure you can experience that in the GT3 as well, but as a mere mortal? On roads like these I would crash before even reaching the limit.
So I have probably talked too much, but what do I want to even say with this? We NA drivers should really appreciate how analog and fun these cars are, and how good they make you feel as a driver. I wish I could drive these roads in some other 90s sports cars, to see how they feel. I had a little drive in a 993 porsche 4s with a GT3 engine, and that was probably the single greatest car I ever drove.
I would love to hear if you have similar experiences? What about even older cars then the mx5, do they feel even more fun to drive, or are the tires and suspension maybe not as nice as in a more modern car?
Also I don't want to throw any shade at the 911 GT3. It is probably the single greatest track car if you drive from and to the track, that has ever been built. Also I will really miss the automatic throttle blip rematching in a manual, it makes shifting so much smoother, when you don't what to revmatch yourself. And sure it's fun, but on a 2h drive in traffic, I get tired of it.
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2023.05.28 14:12 Amemeda cover up/re-work advice?

cover up/re-work advice?
I got this pretty fine line tattoo just under my collar bone just over a year ago and I love it but it fades so fast. this is a pic of it touched up by an apprentice I love working with. before they touched it up it was like half faded.
I love how delicate it looks but I don't really want to keep it as is if I'm going to have to touch it up every few months. This touch up was in March and it is already a tad bit faded :(
What kind of designs would work to cover or rework this? I wouldn't mind a bigger collar bone tattoo... I am fine with something a little bolder - just not sure what to get that will work!
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2023.05.28 14:12 Wolven91 Human made ai are well known for their "uniqueness". Which tends to leave many aliens deeply uncomfortable.

Human made ai are well known for their
"I... didn't think human AIs were a 'thing'?" Said Doctor Marscell.
The fik adjusted her glasses along the bridge of her nose as she walked with the senior technician towards the human ship. The spoke whilst moving, they encountered no one on their way to the secure hanger.
"Well according to official records there's not. So you're aware Doctor, the ship we're about to board does not exist. When you decouple, you are 'missing' from the station and when you return, the official records and cameras will have you stood merely observing the 'empty' hanger bay until you leave the hanger bay along this corridor."
"I see, and if anything goes wrong?" She asked looking at the taurian male who paused at the closed door and bowed his head respectfully at her. She was his senior and considered a critical part of the research station command staff, everyone showed her difference, but the risks she was undertaking was of special note.
"They've already grown a flash clone of you to leave and be found. Records will state heart attack."
"Very well. What do we know of it?" She asked, pressing her palm against the reader whilst glancing up at the security bar that would be recording her. The door opened silently and the apur stepped through.
"Human design and make, but not made for humans."
"How so?"
"It's too big for them."
"From the top, why is this considered human AI then? Why have I been requested?" She asked as they descended a lift to the access level. The hanger was mostly devoid of life. Robotics maneuvered and busied themselves, refueling, painting and repairing the vessel.
"Pilot knew where to find us, gave all up to date clearance codes, then, once it had docked, we were alerted that the pilot had simply broke straight through our defences and stolen the security codes."
"I bet that was a tense moment."
"Mm, what was interesting was that the owner of the ship had been the one to inform command. By accessing their personal computer and creating a 'pop-up'. She was most perturbed."
Doctor Marscell laughed at the image.
"Well that sounds very human to say the least." The fik agreed thinking back to her friend and former lover. She still missed her dearly.
"Well it's the only reason it wasn't immediately destroyed." The taurian gestured to the powered down cannons that sat attached to the ceiling. "Or so we thought. The message also have a few demands, ones we weren't about to agree to."
"But?" She asked as they approached a door that would grant them access to the ship.
"But we don't currently have control of the hanger bay."
"The AI on board this ship has complete control of this hanger bay and connected systems. The station AI hasn't been destroyed, but essentially, and I'm quoting this ship now; 'temporarily labotomised'."
The two entities stopped at the doorway and watched each other.
"So why me then?"
"It asked for you and you alone to come pilot it. I'm just here to escourt you as it allowed one to accompany you."
The doctor turned to the ship, which had silently opened its access door without prompting. It was clean and modern inside.
"What's the SOP?"
"There is no SOP. All I know, is you are to go to the bridge, quote 'climb into the command bath' and pilot thr ship. That was the grand total of its demands. Afterwards we'd like you to come back so we can inspect it."
The fik took a deep breath, and stepped into thr uninhabited craft. The taurian didn't enter and watched her as she glanced at a map printed onto the wall. Several coloured lines on the floor diverged and disappeared down different hallways. The map indicated the bridge was at the end of the yellow line.
It took the fik ten minutes to make her way to the bridge, no once encountering any sign of life bar herself. She hummed a tune to herself, she never felt unsafe, she trusted humanity. But it did feel lonely.
The bridge was the first major oddity that she encountered, besides the ghost ship.
A bridge is the nerve centre of a craft. Consoles, screens, read outs and a big chair were constant across all designs.
But when Doctor Marscell entered, she found an empty room with the exception of a glass sphere. There was a platform and stairs that led to the top of the sphere where an opening hatch was found.
"Climb in..." She didn't like it. Glancing around herself, she saw the same security stripe running along the wall, illuminating the room while monitoring it.
"If you kill me, I'm going to be very annoyed."
Nothing changed, no one responded, but the doctor wasn't one to be afraid of the new. She derobed and climbed the stairs. She opened the hatch, sat on the edge and swung her legs round, dangling them into the sphere.
"Here goes."
When she landed into the orb, nothing happened at first. Then the hatch closed.
Gel began to pour into the orb, filling it rapidly. Now she began to panic and attempted to open the hatch once more, only to find it securely locked.
"Oh you suck!" Was the only thing she could say before the orb filled entirely with the viscous gel. It made it hard for her to move and thrash, she clawed at the edges of the opening before her screaming lungs demanded she breathe in.
When she gasped and the clear gel entered her lungs, she expected to cough, splutter or feel like she was drowning. Instead, she merely coughed and breathed in again. She breathed out and breathed in. It was harder to do, but her body pulled oxygen from the strange goo.
She relaxed and opened her eyes. It didn't sting. 'Huh'. She thought.
'Hello again.'
Doctor Marscell flinched at the voice. She recognised it immediately.
'June?' Her human partner?!
'Hey baby, did you miss me?'
'What.. where are you?'
'All around, I got into a bit of trouble and one thing led to another. I live on, but in a different form to what you know.'
'You disappeared... I didn't know what happened to you?'
'I'm sorry baby... I didn't mean to... but I came back as soon as I could.'
The gel around the fik moved and undulated around her. Changing her focus from the conversation to sensations, the fik realised she could sense the ship. She had engines at her command, at a whim she could ignite them and begin flying. Which was when she felt June within her too. Two minds as one.
June was the ship, the doctor was merely sharing the mental space with instant and perfect understanding of one another. Thoughts, concepts and discussions were had instantiously.
Including the backlog of memories from.bith about each other. The love, care, the loss of missing one another and of course the last of two years apart. Neither had taken another lover in that time, hoping for the return of the other.
Within the sphere, the fik's body twitched and reacted to the bombardment of emotions and pleasurable feedback of her lover occupying her mind and drowning her in her love.
Outside, in a distant monitoring station, roughly half an hour after Doctor Marscell had entered the ship, it came to life.
Without approval, the station opened up the hanger doors and defences stood down as the craft masterfully turned and began to leave.
"Now what?"
"Not a clue, we had no defence against the foreign system. First point of order, we need a way to disable it should we encounter it again. Imagine if it wasn't here for just one researcher..."
Tip Jar
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2023.05.28 14:11 swardfin Rap Radio

Recently, I launched a new radio show called StayTuned Fm, that plays music and mixes in personal experiences (specifically around the topic of mental health).
As I’m from the uk and love grime I play a fair bit of it/rap music also.
I’m basically trying to create a new way for blokes, or geezas to open up about this shit what they are going through. Male suicide rate is shocking, and we need to do something about it.
The chat focuses on experience and not medical labels also.
If you want to listen to the show, here is the link and I truly hope it offers relatable experience of eases feelings.
I would love and appreciate any comments and feedback, or if you have suggestions.
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2023.05.28 14:08 swardfin Rap Radio

Recently, I launched a new radio show called StayTuned Fm, that plays music and mixes in personal experiences (specifically around the topic of mental health).
As I’m from the uk and love grime I play a fair bit of it/rap music also.
I’m basically trying to create a new way for blokes, or geezas to open up about this shit what they are going through. Male suicide rate is shocking, and we need to do something about it.
The chat focuses on experience and not medical labels also.
If you want to listen to the show, here is the link and I truly hope it offers relatable experience of eases feelings.
I would love and appreciate any comments and feedback, or if you have suggestions.
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2023.05.28 14:08 Original-Respond-892 Shrekism

Religion Name: Shrekism
Overview: Shrekism is a monotheistic religion that centers around the worship of Shrek, a beloved character from the animated movie franchise. Followers of Shrekism believe that Shrek is a divine being who created the world and all living things, and that he is the one true god.
Thou shalt love and respect Shrek above all else. Thou shalt treat others with kindness and compassion, just as Shrek does. Thou shalt strive to live a simple and humble life, free from greed and materialism. Thou shalt honor thy parents and family, for they are a gift from Shrek. Thou shalt not kill or harm any living creature, for all life is sacred to Shrek. Thou shalt not steal or covet that which belongs to others. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor or spread rumors and lies. Thou shalt keep the Sabbath day holy, and spend time in reflection and prayer. Thou shalt not engage in any form of sexual immorality or adultery. Thou shalt not worship any other gods or idols, for Shrek is the one true god.
Deadly Sins:
Pride: Believing oneself to be superior to others or placing oneself above Shrek. Greed: Excessive desire for wealth or material possessions. Envy: Jealousy of others' successes or possessions. Wrath: Uncontrolled anger or aggression towards others. Sloth: Laziness and apathy towards one's duties and responsibilities. Gluttony: Overindulgence in food or drink. Lust: Excessive or inappropriate sexual desire.
Worship: Shrekists gather in their temples and offer prayers and offerings to Shrek. Pilgrimage: Shrekists may go on pilgrimage to the "Swamp of Serenity," where they believe Shrek first appeared to humanity. Fasting: Shrekists may fast on certain days to show their devotion and discipline. Charity: Shrekists are encouraged to be charitable and help those in need. Meditation: Shrekists may meditate on the teachings of Shrek and seek to deepen their understanding of his message. Communal Meals: Shrekists may share meals together as a symbol of unity and community.
The Green Flag: A green flag bearing the image of Shrek. The Onion: The onion is a symbol of humility and simplicity, which are important virtues in Shrekism. The Donkey: Donkey, Shrek's loyal companion, is seen as a symbol of friendship and loyalty in the Shrekist faith.
Holy Places:
The Swamp: In the Shrek bibles, Shrek's swamp is his sacred home and a symbol of his identity. A temple or shrine could be built in honor of the swamp, where followers could come to meditate and reflect.
The Castle: The castle where Princess Fiona lived in the first Shrek bible could be considered a holy place. Followers could come to pay their respects to the princess and learn more about her story.
The Windmill: The windmill where Shrek and Fiona first fell in love could also be considered a sacred site. Shrekists could come to pay their respects to the couple and learn more about the power of love.
The Swamp of Eternity: In this paradise, followers of shrekism could spend eternity living in their own version of Shrek's swamp. They would be surrounded by their loved ones, onions, donkeys, and the beauty of nature, and they could live in peace and happiness for all eternity.
The Pit of Isolation: This inferno would be a place where followers of the Shrek-based religion could be sent if they were deemed to have betrayed the values of the religion. In this pit, they would be cut off from all human interaction and forced to live in isolation for eternity, just like Fiona(the spouse of our holy diety) was.
Fiona, Shrek's wife and co-leader of the movement, who embodies the ideals of strength, courage, and compassion.
Donkey, Shrek's faithful and humorous companion, who represents the importance of loyalty and friendship.
Puss in Boots, a skilled and cunning warrior who symbolizes the virtues of agility and strategic thinking.
Dragon, a fierce and powerful ally who embodies the values of protection and loyalty.
Gingy, a tenacious and resilient gingerbread man who represents the importance of perseverance and determination.
Artie, a young and inexperienced prince who undergoes a transformation and represents the potential for growth and change.
Merlin, a wise and mystical advisor who provides guidance and spiritual insight.
Captain Hook, a former villain who has reformed and now serves as an example of redemption and forgiveness.
Doris, a former antagonist who has also reformed and represents the power of second chances.
Mama Bear, one of the Three Bears who represents the importance of family and community.
Thelonious, a henchman of Lord Farquaad who redeems himself and becomes a member of Shrek's inner circle, symbolizing the possibility of redemption and transformation for all.
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2023.05.28 14:04 Formal-Bar-5132 I can’t remember book title!

When I was around 13 I think I read a book from the library and i fell in love with it but i can’t remember the title or find it online anywhere!
My memory of it isn’t very good as it was so long ago now, but on the cover there was a girl walking down a pier (or maybe a bridge?) and the whole cover had dark colours with a blue colour scheme and a rainy vibe and I think you could see waves crash against the pier, one of the words on the cover was fall or fell.
About the story I don’t remember much other than I’m pretty sure there was a teenage girl and a murder (for some reason I remember suicide but I’m not sure) and she tried to solve it, i remember that her town was on the coast by the sea as it was described a lot in the book.
I remember years ago searching it after I read it to see if there was a second part and there was a second book. When I first typed it into Google it showed me “before I fall” by Lauren Oliver so I know the titles are similar but even when I change the words around I still can’t find it.
I know I didn’t give a lot of details however I’m hoping maybe someone read it in the past or knows how to find books better and could share the title with me?
Thank you!
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2023.05.28 14:04 Madd_Pickler995 In Australia and unsure about Medical Malpractice under the Freedom of Information Act

My brother (24M) has had an extensive surgical history mostly because of naturally occurring illness or injury and medical negligence. This is a long one but all relevant.
What I mean is, at 17 he had testicular torsion. His doctor opted to perform surgery to put an "anchor" stitch inside to prevent that from happening again. No issues here.
About 1 year later, at 18 he had abdo pain unlike anything he had experienced before. His boss sent him to the hospital and it was deduced that his appendix was inflamed and needed to go.
During his surgery, his surgeon allowed training general surgery students to perform the removal of his appendix. The student cut my brothers large intestine accidentally, but the instructing surgeon decided it wasn't enough to matter and closed my brother up. He was sent home to recover.
3 days later, he was so unwell and in such agony that he was rushed back to the hospital. After some testing, it was determined that he was suffering septicaemia and they rushed him back to surgery.
The surgeon who performed the appendectomy stated "oh yes, I saw that the large bowel had been knicked but thought he'd be okay." He was just hours away from death. Over a foot of his large intestine had to be resected due to tissue death and infection.
He had been lucky to survive.
Just 6 weeks later, he returned to work, his life definitely different now. If he had the urge to use the bathroom, there was no holding on a second. He had to go then and there.
As he got back into his work, he experienced ongoing pain. Then he found the lump. A hernia. On the surgery site.
Another urgent surgery to repair the hernia.
Ever since the three surgeries, he has had ongoing chronic and persistent pain in his abdomen. It never subsides. Nothing soothes it.
And then there are the flare ups. We get a call one day that he has been rushed to hospital in excruciating abdominal pain. He's in such pain that he has broken not one but two hospital beds just gripping on for any hope of reprieve. There are inflammation markers in his bloods. Due to his history with abdominal surgery, they opt to do an exploratory laparoscopy.
They find minimal free fluid, but sample it, the release some very small scar tissue adhesions, but its otherwise unremarkable. A few days on antibiotics and painkillers such as ketamine, buscopan and nerve blockers and he is released as the inflammation goes down and his pain subsides.
He goes on with just the base level pain that he always carries since the appendectomy saga.
A year later, the same hospitalisation due to pain, inflammation and soaring temperatures. Another exploratory laparoscopy. Again, unremarkable.
This follows the same pattern. Inflammation goes down, pain reduces, he goes home.
Mind you, he has all this time out of work. Home loan to pay, kids to feed, wife to support. All of this seems to have started since the appendectomy from hell.
Question is, I have been helping him look into getting all of his records and getting legal advice, but under the Freedom of Information Act, you can get your records but all doctors names are redacted for Privacy purposes. How in the heck are you supposed to know who operated on you if you want to pursue legal action?
If you've stuck it out this far, I appreciate any and all advice!
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2023.05.28 14:04 Far-Elephant-2612 This is Manchester painting by Paul Halmshaw including Oasis related stuff

This is Manchester painting by Paul Halmshaw including Oasis related stuff submitted by Far-Elephant-2612 to oasis [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 14:01 Ravens-And-Crows I’m really confused

So I only discovered the concept of being otherkin a few months ago and I’ll admit I feel a little weird being on here so this is a throwaway account. I really hope that doesn’t seem like it is an insult to the community, I just really wanted advice and a chance to understand if otherkin would explain my personal experience.
Anyway, I will note that I have been diagnosed with both ADHD and ASD. So perhaps that has a connection this. I never brought up the topic during my diagnosis though. Basically I was in a period where some of these symptoms didn’t show up as much. But also I was just embarrassed about it, most of these things I’ve never really told anyone else about. I’m also gender-fluid and a sapphic oriented aroace which probably doesn’t relate to this but I just want to add as much detail as possible.
Phantom limbs: Because this is the main thing that led me to this community I’ll mention them first. I often feel like I have wings, kind of like a heavy weight on my upper back (near the shoulders but not quite). They’re more obvious when I’m nervous or sometimes when I’m upset. But can also just be there at a good time, I’d almost say they’re comforting which is a unique case compared to some of the other related things. They kind of react sometimes and I feel like they move, but I really don’t want it go to far into elaborating on that. Sometimes very briefly I will get the feeling of claws, though those aren’t very common.
I don’t even know how to describe this: So this kind of relates to the wing thing, but I keep them separate because they’re very different feels. The wings are comforting and this just causes me to panic. But sometimes I feel like my appearance has changed, I know that logically it hasn’t but for a long time whenever it happened I would have to look in a mirror to make sure that nothing had actually happened. My discomfort with it was mostly because I was worried others would “see” it. I know they can’t and when it shows up I can make that argument, but I still kind of feel it sometimes. This started towards the end of middle school but has now continued into college. I briefly thought it was some sign of schizophrenia developing, but was relieved to learn that this was not the reason and that the concern in that area was unwarranted but I still don’t understand it.
Energy thing: So this I think might be partially related to my ADHD, but when I have extreme energy spikes related to it, I often get the feeling that I should be able to release it. That it should effect the world around me especially plants. I have felt this way since I was really little and even remember getting confused that it wouldn’t happen. Even now as an adult I still feel like something should be happening that isn’t so instead I tend to just get stuck with that energy (which I don’t know maybe that’s just ADHD and I’m handling things weirdly). I will admit I’ve also just always been incredibly aware of my energy but that’s probably not related.
Connection to Fantasy (and actually animals for that matter) or just obsession with it: I don’t know how to put this in any other way but I’ve always just loved fantasy, I’ve wanted so badly to be in a fantastical world. I don’t know it might just be a result of my autism not letting me fit in with others and just escapism, I wasn’t really close to anyone when I was little. But I just don’t know.
I know there are other things relating to this, and I’ll admit I’m forgetting to list them but I’m kind of going through this in a middle of the night confusion and… yeah.
I just want to know if anyone relates this to otherkin. And also if anyone does think that is the case, could you maybe explain what kin that might be? If this is anything else I need to mention that might help you know for certain I would be glad to provide them.
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2023.05.28 13:58 temptationaus UFC Fight Night: Kara-France vs Albazi (Provide Picks Full Card Breakdown) [+92 Units in 18 months]

2023 Results (So Far): +18.78 Units
2022 Results: +73.185 Units
All Time: +92 Units
Full transparency, I run a MMA betting service called Provide Picks. We have been operating for roughly a year and a half completely tracked and verifiable with a return of over 96 units in that short time. You can find our full tracking sheet history here and you can also see a bunch of customer testimonials and betting slips throughout that time here.
Me myself, I have watched MMA religiously for more than 10 years and trained for over 4.5 years, I love this sport so I figured why not help bring some insight and analysis to others! Now this isn’t a sales pitch, I know how Reddit works and I really enjoy the opinions shared on this sub-reddit so I genuinely want to help contribute and if you enjoy the output, please feel free to join the team! We are proven to be profitable long-term so if you have some spare change to invest at any level, you love the sport and are interested in improving your knowledge - come over and check us out at As we have a fair base of paying members, it wouldn’t be fair to them to share every single one of our bets however I want to provide as much value for this betting community as people, hopefully to help you guys see a different angle in terms of MMA betting and long-term profitability and more importantly - sending these bookies broke.
Anyways enough waffle - let’s get into this week’s shenanigans. This is a surprisingly fun fight night card, I love these events that are lower on name value but just full of decent talent and exciting matchups. This is definitely one of them and generally when you have slightly lesser talent stacked fight nights, you have a night full of violence and finishes - let’s see if that continues in this one. Onto the breakdowns!
Maxim Grishin (32-9-2) vs. Philipe Lins (16-5):
Grishin is a tall, orthodox fighter who is just a real good mixed martial artist. He is a big frame for the LHW division, is strong and still has fairly slow, plodding style of movement and footwork. Is good in the clinch, very good at holding position by winning underhooks and using his big head to frame against the neck of his opponent and keep them in position for taxing knees to the body and just wearing on them with his big frame. I like his ability to keep the fight in his range, using slight forward pressure and a decent feint game to his advantage. Can be a little heavy set on the lead leg so should look out for the speedy outside leg kick of Lins in this one - Grishin is also pretty handy at catching the body kick and punishing. Personally, never been massively high on Lins in his career, admittedly he has looked better since dropping to his proper weight class post juice cycle but it is against weak competition. He is OK everywhere but not great anywhere, I do like his hand-speed with his boxing combos especially when pressuring forward. I think he mixes in takedowns well in his game at times but he can also be held against the cage. I probably slightly edge Lins in terms of cardio but I also do think this is a massive watch the scales fight due to Grishin’s size and propensity for bad weight cuts. This is a tough fight to call given both guys are fairly unimpressive. I favour the speed of Lins with the hand-speed and kicks definitely but he doesn’t set them up intelligently. I think Grishin can hold Lins against the cage, wear on him with his size and win minutes. I capped this fight 50/50 and I think we see a close fight, will take Maxim Grishin by UD but with very low confidence.
BET: No bet.
Luan Lacerda (12-2) vs. Da'Mon Blackshear (12-5-1):
I like what I saw on debut from Lacerda - he has a very Muay Thai style of fighting, very flat-footed with a high guard, move forward pressuring with the lead leg ready to pop up and check kicks quickly. He has sharp, fast hands and particularly his hooks to the body are very technically sound. Against Stamann he was able to mix some grappling in when it suited but it is clear he is more of an Aldo style fighter that prefers to stuff takedowns and keep it on the feet. Coming up against Blackshear here who I have been very impressed with even though he is off 2 losses. Da’mon is a super well rounded guy, I like his creative offence on the feet and I also like his offensive grappling ability on the ground too. Defensively, he leave a little more to be desired and can be a little comfortable with fighting off his back which I don’t particularly like. We haven’t seen too much grappling from Lacerda so will be interested to see how he fares in this one but I think the technicality of Lacerda on the feet, the ability to mix his targets to the head, body and legs and just land the more damaging strikes will edge him this one. Taking Luan Lacerda by UD.
BET: No bet.
Jinh Yu Frey (11-8) vs. Elise Reed (6-3):
I would be doing a disservice to everyone who reads this if I honestly told you with any level of confidence that you should put your hard earned money anywhere near this fight. Don’t, simple as that.
Daniel Santos (10-2) vs. Johnny Munoz Jr. (12-2):
This is a super fun matchup between two very efficient grapplers which should make for a exciting scrap here. Let’s start with Daniel Santos, if you knew nothing of this guy and watched him fight and had half a clue on MMA, you would know immediately that he is a Chute Boxe fighter. He has relentless forward pressure, irresponsible boxing defence and is a very kill or be killed style fighter. I like his stalking style, but he has little head movement besides the pull counter really, likes to pressure you until that back foot is up against the cage and then explode in with spinning attacks or elbows from weird angles. He keeps his hands high but then head on centre line and thus far has shown some crazy durability but this can only get you so far. Looks to have solid grappling, not accepting bottom position and constantly looking to invert and throw up submissions. Against Arce he looked good however Arce was able to be elusive with his footwork, stick and move and use angles well to counter in and out of range. I think against anyone who can effectively stay on the outside and use smart, straight shots effectively, he will struggle. I just don’t think that guy is Munoz JR on the feet - he is clunky, doesn’t throw in combinations and looks to parry alot of shots defensively which I really don’t like against a guy who throws wild, unorthodox strikes in Santos. He is a solid wrestler with some good offensive TD numbers but he has to be careful not to shoot unintelligently and throw himself into a submission which will make him hesitant and have to strike. I think Munoz’s wins have been against low level guys who aren’t in the promotion anymore and I think this is a bad stylistic fight for him. I think Santos will land the more damaging shots and I fancy he gets him out of here in under 2 rounds. Taking Daniel Santos via TKO RD 1.
BET: Like the look of the Santos moneyline, fancy Santos Inside the Distance too but will wait to see what price this opens at. If we get anything in the realm of +125 to -120, I would look at a 1.5 unit play. Under 2.5 rounds is an option also depending on price, I think it will probably be around the -200 to -250 play so anything south of that will be a play too.
Andrei Arlovski (34-21) vs. Don'Tale Mayes (9-5):
Huge experience edge to the old-dawg here in Arlovski. Mayes has been everything but impressive thus far in his UFC career and I don’t know how you could be intrigued to play either side in this one. Mayes can hit hard and is reasonably athletic for the HW division but skill for skill outside the boxing, he doesn’t offer a lot. I couldn’t be confident on ever betting him to be quite honest. You know what you’re going to get with Arlovski and that is volume, if his chin can handle what is coming back at him. He is a special for split decisions so if you’re a degen and want action, look to that but for me, no interest here. Will take the side of Andrei Arlovksi via UD using his volume and experience but you couldn’t be more lower confidence.
John Castañeda (19-6) vs. Muin Gafurov (18-4) :
Gafurov taking this on short-notice with Castaneda set to take on Mendonca before that was cancelled and replaced with possibly the furthest opposite style of fighter. The Gafurov gameplan is simple, contest on the feet, use blitz attacks such as looping overhands when moving forward followed by a double leg against the cage and rely on his Sambo capabilities to hold top position and out-work his opponent. Castañeda is a guy that doesnt get a huge amount of spotlight but I like his game alot. He has nice footwork, good striking out of southpaw and orthodox, has good wrestling entries and is able to grapple competitively, just a solid all around mixed martial artist. In this one, I really favour the movement and footwork of Castañeda and I think the speed is going to give Gafurov issues. Castañeda is sitting at a 60% TD Defence rate which is concerning against a guy who will consistently shoot like Gafurov, but I think Castañeda will be hard to find, using the angles in and out of the pocket and throwing quick shots up the middle to dissuade and make Gafurov think. I like John Sexi Mexi Castañeda to win this one by UD.
BET: No lines opened yet but have capped Castañeda as a 60% winning chance.
Elizeu Zaleski (23-7) vs. Abubakar Nurmagomedov (17-3-1):
Zaleski is an interesting fighter to me. Good sprawl, solid TD Def against the cage, good balance and strength to win underhooks. Quite a flat-footed striker, not a massive amount of footwork but I like his rear leg power kick, he hits the body well and switches levels nicely. Relatively low volume and works single shots mainly without a massive amount of feinting. The frequency that he fights worries me but it has been the story of his career. Abubakr is the typical Dagestani fighter, limited stand up basically a quick overhand right and other single shots, tied in with a grinding, gruelling wrestling pace. He seems on the lower end of the Nurmagomedov scale in terms of skill, often leaving himself open to submission when in top control whether it’s knee-bars or even the common triangle. He is able to hold a good pace over 15 mins which is good given how top heavy and smothering he can be at times. He fights out of both stances, looks more comfortable out of OD but if he fights SP, I think he will lose this fight. Zaleski is too sharp on the feet especially with the body kicks and straight shots which will only be accentuated in the opposite stances. I also think the knees for Zaleski are going to be huge here, he throws them with bad intentions in the centre and against the cage which tied in with his teeps and front kicks are a dangerous sight for Abubakr. Abubakr is a good chance at smothering the fire power of Zaleski and just wearing on him but I think he is dangerous enough off his back to survive and challenge at times and I expect the damage will start to add up on the Zaleski side and I think we see a finish. Taking Elizeu Zaleski via TKO RD 2.
BET: Zaleksi ITD will be a play if over +200. Moneyline odds are probably bang on.
Guram Kutateladze (12-3) vs. Jamie Mullarkey (16-5):
Guram has a K1 kickboxing background and it shows, very high level on the feet with good head movement and sharp, unpredictable strikes set up with a smart feint game. He has really good distance management, uses great fundamentals and is super quick with his hand-speed and he finishes combos with kicks which I love, its that kickboxing mentality. He fights out of All Stars which shows in his TD Defence especially against the fence, he is clearly strong but has very good wrestling and counter wrestling technique. He has had a super high level of competition and performed very well in wins and losses, we just don’t see him active enough due to injuries and bad luck. Mullarkey is an absolute junkyard dog, pushing the pace and moving forward with intense pressure making you fight every second of that 15 minutes. He like to engage in the pocket, for better or worse, and in recent times we have seen his wrestling really shine through some of these tough scraps. He has a nice jab which I expect to be pumping prior to every combo and entry for Mullarkey. I just think at this point in his career this is quite a tough fight for Mullarkey. Guram is a super high-level striker with a good base for stuffing takedowns and keeping the fight in kickboxing range. I expect Mullarkey to want to close distance and engage, I just don’t think defensively he is strong enough to absorb and adapt to the speed and combinations of Guram and I think we see that chin tested for Mullarkey. I think this is a bit of a step down in competition for Guram although if Mullarkey can get some early takedowns it will be interesting to see the gastank of Guram tested. The activity is always a question mark but at this point I think Guram should win this handily, will be taking Guram Kutateladze via TKO RD 2.
BET: Wouldn’t touch Guram at -350 but he should win.
Karine Silva (15-4) vs. Ketlen Souza (13-3):
Silva should win here but at that price, even blind Freddie could see that this is a pass on the moneylines. Silva actually has a high finishing ability in terms of WMMA, so if we can get a good price on a fight doesnt go the distance line, that could be an option here.
BET: Wait for round lines to drop.
Tim Elliott (18-12-1) vs. Victor Altamirano (12-2):
Altamirano is a SP fighter, fairly unusual style of striking with sort of a Tony Ferguson style mixed in with some well timed takedown attempts. He has very little power in his strikes but OK volume. Defensively, he leaves a lot to be desired with a modified sort of philly shell style where his lead hand is low and near the hip, he does get hit and often but he has shown very good durability. His takedowns worry me at times because he is very content to dip his head to an advancing opponent and run a double or single leg, he is very open to knees and front kicks up the middle. Tim Elliott lives up to his nickname of “Awkward” extremely well. He has bizarre head movement, footwork and feints that all tie in to his sort of herky jerky style of fighting. He is able to tie his wrestling game in very well, I’d say technically he is far more technically sound than Victor. He does put himself into submission opportunities with some of his entries but im not too worried about that in this fight. This has the potential to be one of the worst fights we have seen TBH and only because of how weird and unorthodox these guys are, the awkwardness really has the potential to make this fight a strange one. I am pretty confident that Tim has the grappling/wrestling edge and also the more diverse and comfortable striker, the recent occurrence with Tim and Gina Mazany in the media does give me pause that he might be coming into this too emotional but I think it may fire him up to really perform. I think Tim is under his value here and can win in a multitude of ways, going to take Tim Elliott via UD.
BET: Tim Elliott Moneyline -175 (2 Units to win 1.14 Units)
Jim Miller (35-17) vs. Jared Gordon (19-6):
I will keep this one short and simple, Gordon is a really bad stylistic matchup for Miller and would win probably 7/10 times currently BUT he is returning way too soon after getting KO’d by that headbutt from Bobby Green. Gordon has good wrestling and generally good durability with a knack for pushing these grinding paces and outworking and outlasting his opponent. Pair that up with good submission defence and thats a horror fight for A10 Miller. But you can never count Jim out, he hits hard for a vet, he is unorthodox and he has the potential to catch you. For me, Gordon should roll here but I love to play Jim Miller round one given that is his money round - have cashed plenty on this through his career! Short breakdown and not a thorough one, I think Jared Gordon should win this fight but I think it is too soon. I will take Jared Gordon via UD**,** but take it with a pinch of salt.
BET: Jim Miller wins round 1 (price not available yet, .75 units)
Alex Caceres (20-13) vs. Daniel Pineda (28-14):
Haven’t had time to break this one down yet but will update if any bets come off it!
Kai Kara-France (24-10) vs. Amir Albazi (16-1):
KKF is a kickboxing fighter who we have seen develop nicely through his career in the UFC. He has worked tirelessly on his takedown defence and it shows in his huge improvement in ability to not only stuff shots but his ability to use the cage and his excellent balance to keep his feet underneath him. I think KKF’s hands are still fairly rudimentary and not necessarily in a bad way, he uses the jab decently well and relies on the 1,2 sometimes too much. For his weight, he has good power and one area I really like are his leg kicks, he has solid rear leg power kicks that he lands very efficiently off the back of his straight shots. Albazi is more of a grappler in nature with a majority of his victories by submission but I have liked what I have seen from him on the feet also. He has a sharp, snappy jab which he works off the back of and allows to dictate the fight. He has a pretty limited kicking game and in terms of kick defence, I expect KKF to really try and exploit the lack of checking and the heavy set stature of Albazi. In the grappling realm, I don’t think it’s close. Albazi has some elite scrambles on the mat and if you’re content to sit in his guard, he has some really damaging ground and pound in which he will equally target your head and body and punish you and wear on you. Albazi is far superior in terms of grappling but the question is will he be able to get it down to the mat? I think his timing going under the big right hand will be an option and I think he will be able to use his strength advantage when in close to muscle certain movements. This is a big step up in competition and his first venture into main event rounds which is a worry. This is going to be a fun fight and I am really looking forward to it but I think as long as everything looks good after weigh-ins, I will be on the Albazi side. He is improving with every fight and I think we see him get this fight to the ground and wear on KKF, eventually finding a submission, probably a RNC. Taking Amir Albazi via SUB RD 3.
BET: Will wait to see what round lines are set at. Will be looking at the Albazi Inside the Distance line also.
And that wraps up the breakdowns for this week! We send our followers the full betting cards on Saturday morning here in Australia, post weigh-ins. Nothing worse than betting on a fighter pre weigh-in, just to see him look like complete shit on the scales. We will post some of our betting card here incase anyone is interested!
Good luck, always gamble responsibly and remember to hang around long-term because there will be ups and downs but trust the process and we will build some bankroll. Would love to know if you agree or disagree anywhere and let us know who you are riding with below. Enjoy the fights! - Dylan.
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2023.05.28 13:58 Barbara_Tuinboom Survey :)

Hi, my name is Barbara and I am very interested in your beliefs in the Tartarian empire theory! I would love to know why you believe (or do not believe) in this theory and your thought processes behind it. I made a survey (which should only take around 5 min) with some tasks and dilemmas to hopefully understand your beliefs better and I would absolutely love for you to fill it out 😊. Thank you so much!
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2023.05.28 13:57 mleigh_615 Alternatives to Philiamina

In general, I really don’t like feminine names derived from masculine ones. However, I LOVE the name Philiamina. I’m hoping some of y’all might have an alternative that’s a little more modern while still keeping it’s original essence.
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2023.05.28 13:57 swardfin Hit no1 on grime playlists

Recently, I launched a new radio show called StayTuned Fm, that plays music and mixes in personal experiences (specifically around the topic of mental health).
As I’m from the uk and love grime I play a fair bit of it/rap music also.
I’m basically trying to create a new way for blokes, or geezas to open up about this shit what they are going through. Male suicide rate is shocking, and we need to do something about it.
The chat focuses on experience and not medical labels also.
If you want to listen to the show, here is the link and I truly hope it offers relatable experience of eases feelings.
I would love and appreciate any comments and feedback, or if you have suggestions.
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2023.05.28 13:55 aleonzzz Cover of Meeting the Master

Hey all, I have recently fallen in love with GVF. I particularly love their last single Meeting the Master. I feel it really answers the critics who complain that Josh only has one setting. It alsodiversifies and has flavours of Yes, Deep Purple and some similarity to Belfast Child by Simple Minds
I love it so much, I thought I would see if I could mimic Josh's head voice . Here is my attempt at a cover. Hope you like.
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