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2018.05.02 03:28 tlf9888 Tales from passengers

Was your flight horrible? We’re you sat next to someone who was painfully unaware of their surroundings? Next to a misbehaving child? Did the fight attendant spill your drink? Tell us your tales!

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2023.06.06 22:24 ajc3691 777-200 Configuration

Hey everyone flying on a 777-200 soon and can’t seem to find the particular configuration on seatguru or any of those types of websites. Right now I’m in the back right where it is 2 seats but, has anyone sat back there that has advice if it’s near bathroom or uncomfortable? Thanks!
The premium plus upgrade is $140 for a 4 hour flight which I thought sounded like a bit high.
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2023.06.06 14:54 GetGatGit Plane condition of CLT-MUC AA716

Thinking about AA716 from CLT to MUC. According to seatguru it is a newer 777-200 with 10 rows of 4 across lay flat seats for business class.
We usually avoid AA tin on international flights due to older planes.
If you’ve done this flt, how was the plane quality?
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2023.06.05 01:53 aquarisIut Boeing 787-9 Seat in front of Lavatory - Recline?

Flying a 12h from SFO-SIN on the Boeing 787-9 (789) Layout 2. SeatGuru has 35A (my current assignment) as a poor option due to limited recline. Does anyone have experience on if this seat is significantly worse/more cramped due to limited recline?
I'm aware the noise/lavatory will be an irritant but specifically wondering about limited recline.
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2023.05.24 16:59 siav8 Is this worth the upgrade to C+?

Is this worth the upgrade to C+?
Is it worth it to upgrade to Comfort+ for $20 on a 3 hour flight? I have the exit row seats selected already (Green in seatguru maps).
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2023.05.20 03:48 ninjacupcake123400 First time flying AA looking for advice

New to this so take it easy on me. I just wanna make sure I know as much as I can and can get the best experience. Flying cross country on the Airbus A321 Transcon (layout 3 on seatguru), flying MCE, any tips on what the best seat is? I originally wanted 11A seeing that it’s a window seat and is exit aisle but seatguru says it has no window, no floor storage, reduced seat width. I would choose 11C but it basically has the same issues? I prefer a window seat to lean up against the side to sleep so I was considering 12A but idk if that’s a dumb choice and I should choose something in the 11 row since it’s available.
Should I check a bag or just bring a carry on? I see a lot of posts about upgrades but i’m assuming i’m not eligible since i’m not a member or anything. Please give any AA specific tips for boarding baggage checkin etc!
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2023.05.17 00:58 mhuntoon dl176 question

I'll be flying on Delta 176 to Dublin in a few days and wanted to see if I would have a power outlet at my seat. The seating chart shows I do, but I was told by Delta chat agent that I won't. Also, when I try something like seatguru, the seating configuration is different from what I used to choose my seat on the Delta website, so I can't even find reviews in which someone might be able to tell me where the outlet would be, if there is one. Not a huge issue, but it determines if I carry something on or just leave it in my checked bag.
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2023.05.12 21:23 ravenscanada First NFL Game!

I'm considering taking my son to our first NFL game. Living where I do it's an expensive process to go to a game (I'll spend about 1,500 US on flights for the two of us before hotel and tickets).
I'm hoping for some advice from the flock...
  1. Where would you sit? SeatGuru says 100s in rows 14-18, but something is making me think that the first or second row of the 100s if you're not right behind the bench would be awesome.
  2. Are there any ways to get a premium experience? If I'm already 4 grand into this between tickets, flights, and hotel then spending a little more to get to meet players or tour the building is totally worth it.
  3. What time should we show up for a 1 o'clock game? Is it worth going early and watching warmups? Does seat selection play into this?
Thanks for any help!
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2023.05.10 21:14 drmrguy517 Help me make sense of the AF A359 seating chart

Not sure if this is the right sub for this, so apologies if not. I just made an award booking on AF for my and my fiancée's honeymoon next year (DTW->CDG->FCO) in J and I'm trying to ensure we get the "honeymoon seats" on AF's 359. All the sources I find online (including a visual examination of the seat map on seatguru) say to pick the even-numbered rows to ensure getting middle seats which are closer to each other. However, the seating chart on AF's website is confusing because it shows the first row with 4 seats, whereas it appears that row 1 really only has 2 outside seats and the inner seats start in row 2. I've also noticed though that the seatguru map only has 9 rows with 34 seats whereas the AF site shows 12 rows with a galley between rows 8 and 9. Does anyone have experience booking J on the 359 and have advice on exactly which seats to pick (or even an explanation of the discrepancy)? Thanks!

EDIT: Thanks to helpful commenters, I realized the plane I am on appears to have AF's new Safran Versa J seats. I also learned about aerolopa and i'm never using seatguru again. Thanks all!
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2023.05.10 02:05 2sdude Seatguru vs. Delta app (Airbus a350, to AMS)

I currently selected row 36 (exit). I am eyeing row 23 (first main cabin row after comfort+). Seatguru disagrees with the delta app, seat layout-wise. My son is 6.6 so Ieg space is key (I am only 6.4). Is row 23 a bulkhead?
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2023.05.03 04:41 wifeof_nobreaks11 Seat selection - economy

Seat selection - economy
(Reposted) Hey! I have an upcoming trip and was wondering. If I buy a window seat for myself and my husband waits until we check in to have his seat selected, is there a chance he will be able to sit next to me? Possibly by telling the agents? Forgive my ignorance, this is my first international flight and was curious. I really want a window seat and hubby prefers aisle anyway. But if we both do need to buy our seats to guarantee sitting next to eachother, which ones do you think are best? SeatGuru doesn't really say much about this either. Pretty much all the window seats are taken already in the front of the airplane, so these are the next best options
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2023.04.24 05:11 hockeygary Air France Premium Economy

Flying on a Boeing 777-300 with Air France from CDG to JFK in Premium Economy. Does anyone know if the last row (row 26) has limited recline?
It's this layout
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2023.04.22 00:01 Unlucky-Constant-736 Need help with a seat

So I’m going to be flying on an American E170 in a few months and seatguru doesn’t even have the E170 listed and I’m trying to figure out if seat 18A has a window (I know that the A means that it’s against the wall of the plane and that it has a window but I’ve been on flights where I sat at a seat that didn’t have a window).
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2023.04.21 06:35 emoney2012 Confused about PE for E+ on 777 to Hawaii next week..

So I booked 2 E+ seats on a 777-300ER from SFO to HNL. From what i see on United and SeatGuru - 20-22 on the 777 should be PE but they aren't showing up as paid upgrades and the hover over (not pictured) showed Economy Plus but then said "Extra width and legroom" as opposed to the other E+ seats that just say "Extra Legroom" ? I did get added to a PP upgrade by a friend that hasn't cleared (and only saw upgrades to Polaris) but am I mistaken or did I somehow win?
I guess the question are there these planes that don't have PE flying around that haven't been updated or are just... all E+? The 2-4-2 config seems odd with the 3-4-3 for the rest of E+ right for the rest of the plane.
Edited for clarity.
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2023.04.20 20:55 Deep_Application2592 Best first seat on E175?

Flying with spouse on this configuration:
SeatGuru Seat Map United
Short flight but cabin is currently empty, currently in 4C and 4D. Do these recline fully?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.04.13 22:18 Nateee2021 I choose to sit on 8A on a 737. I checked on seat guru to see if there are any restrictions. What is an entertainment equipment box?

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2023.04.10 03:01 Ducci17 787-10 Dreamliner (would row 30 be the best option for economy plus?)

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2023.04.07 19:00 BmoreBlueJay What does it mean if these seats aren’t showing in the seat map, and should I take the seats next to the empty spots?

Hi All! Im traveling with P2 and I’m curious if we should take 21 B and C because the seat in 21A is blocked off. Does this mean crew is sitting there, seat is out of order, or something else? It appears from SeatGuru that those empty spots contain seats. For reference, this is a United 757-200 cross country but domestic U.S. Thanks!
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2023.04.06 21:42 lookwhosbackin2020 Middle C+ or Main Exit Aisle? 321neo

Middle C+ or Main Exit Aisle? 321neo
5 1/2 hour flight, got the bump to C+, but a middle seat. Was originally in a main cabin exit room aisle seat. 321neo..
Which one actually has better leg room? Aerolopa doesn't indicate and I don't trust seatguru.
I don't care about the free drinks, but the overhead bin access is a plus.
Thanks delta for any and all advice!
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2023.04.04 13:44 ForeverSteel1020 JAL award booked through Cathay Pacific seat question

This is a non-issue, but it's the type of nuance that this Sub is known to resolve/inform/comment.
Currently have JAL F and JAL J booked on the same flight with P2, booked with Cathay Pacific miles.
This is the seat map.
Currently have 2K (F seat) and 8K (J seat) selected.
If and how can I get 8K switched to 5K, so we will be in close proximity? I assume row 5 for J is reserved for award bookings with status, but at any point can I switch seats? Anyone done this in the past?
The Cathay Pacific Lady at the time of the booking cannot reserve 5k. I think I will call JAL and report back unless someone knows this is not possible for now.
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2023.04.03 05:36 Muffinman187 Just got upgraded to polaris and was wondering what window seat to choose.

Hi Everyone, Just curious given the selections for seats if 11L (my current seat) is better than say 6A? I saw 7 doesnt have a window according to seatguru and odd numbered seats are suppsed to be better and more private? Given this is near front of wing is this still a good view? There are no window seats in front of 6 available. So excited to go polaris to Japan on Tuesday! Thank You!
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2023.04.03 05:01 yonghokim Why do Eva 77W Seats 8DG seem to be in low demand?

I wanted to get Singapore Airlines LA-NRT on business saver in March 2024, but I read reviews about how relatively small footrests can be a bit uncomfortable, and I'm really having trouble finding bulkhead seats in Singapore Air flights. So I'm aiming for Eva Air LA-TPE instead (ultimately transfering to ICN/PUS). Booking with Aeroplan points.
On flight after flight for Eva business availability I see seats 1ADGK and 8AK taken (777-300ER), without exception, down to 360 day releases. however, 8DG are always open, without exception. I sometimes see other random seats, like 2A, taken, but that's it.
I'm booking two seats. I'd like to book either 1DG or 8DG. I understand there is a slight preference among people for 1DG because of the smaller cabin. But is 8DG bad? Why is no one else booking them? 8DG is better over alternatives like 2DG, 9DG etc because it's still a bulkhead row, right? Is there a reason people seem to avoid 8DG?
Here's one theory I have: I think maybe Eva releases only 8 seats to partner airlines. Since competition is steep, 1ADGK and 8AK are immediately booked. That leaves 2 remaining seats. Solo flyers don't want middle seats. Sometimes 2P flyers book the 8DG, and that means all partner seats are booked, so that flight no longer appears on my search results. That's why I don't see flights where 8DG open (since by then the remainig seats is 0), and I am only shown flights with 2 remaining flights, and 8DG being open.
Does this make sense? Just want to make sure that I'm not making a mistake by booking 8DG seats.
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2023.03.29 16:48 sushigrooves Booking Economy but allowing me to select what appears to be a Premium Economy seat

Booking Economy but allowing me to select what appears to be a Premium Economy seat
Booked a flight from BWI - LAX with a stopover in DFW for May travel. Booked it as Economy class (no premium economy class shown). The DFW-LAX leg is on. 787-800 (flight 779). When selecting seats they allowed me to pick 9A and showed it as Economy, but the configuration and SeatGuru appears to be a Premium Economy layout. I'm curious if anyone has flown this route and if they are, in fact, a premium economy layout/seat.
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