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2023.06.06 04:34 WrldBgnsAgain 35 [F4M] Manila/Anywhere - Wanna mate our inner demons and see what cute hybrids come out?

Hey, R4R30Plus! I'm MG. Here's a bit of basic info about me and what I'm looking for
I've been lurking in this subreddit for a while, but it's my first time posting. Probably won't be my last, though. I'm a strange, elusive thing, and the person I'm looking for is strange and elusive as well. I'm hoping he's here right now, but if not, I'm okay with sticking around and trying again for as long as it takes.
Before anything else, I have to say I'm living with my mom who has cancer, so I'm not going to be moving anywhere soon. She's currently doing okay and I'm hoping to keep her going for more than 5 years, but I'm trying to get this whole dating thing rolling now because time's really creeping up on me, you know? The other day, I accidentally startled myself awake by smacking my arm against my lips and I woke up thinking, "Whoa, that flesh is not as supple as it used to be!"
I figure if I ever want to have meaningful, passionate, and loving sex while my breasts still have a bit of lift to them, I should take the plunge and look for someone right now.
Anyway. Here's my first pitch!
In the fantasy world I'm writing about, the people of a certain religion used to believe that everyone has several spiritual creatures living inside them. There's a funny, little monster coiled at the base of your spine (connecting you to the earth), an entirely different creature crouched on the crown of your head (connecting you to the sky), and five others frolicking about in between.
This mental construct was supposed to help the believers understand that even though each of them feels like their Self is a single, discrete whole, the truth is that every person consists of multitudes. People are complex, contradictory. For these ancient folks, the process of becoming fully human was to discover and name all of these inner beasts, and eventually come to understand their personal humanity in terms of being both a single organism and an emergent ecosystem.
Nowadays, that metaphor has fallen out of fashion. (Evil mage. Hive mind. Long story.) But traces of it still remain in local rituals, particularly in marriage.
For example, many wedding ceremonies still have some version of "circuit binding". Each person to be married would be fitted with a circlet, with a fine chain attached to the back of it and dangling all the way down to the tailbone. Depending on the couple's wealth and status, there would be seven jewels or polished pebbles or papier-mâché flowers set in intervals along the chain, each with a ribbon fixed to it.
The jewels or flowers symbolize the couple's inner creatures. The ribbons symbolize vulnerability -- a reaching outward into the void hoping that something friendly would reach out back.
After the vows are said, the couple's friends and family would help them tie the ribbons together one by one: crown to crown, mind to mind, throat to throat, heart to heart, and so on. In this way, they're saying that this marriage is not just between one person to another. It's the marriage of the inner menageries as well.
If the heart-beast in one fails and becomes fearful and sad and filled with resentment against the world, then the heart in the other would move to cover that one with its wings, to compensate for the other's weakness until it's well again. If the mind-beast in one is just not very good at planning or remembering birthdays, then its counterpart would step in and handle that aspect of their lives. And sometimes, there would be just that simple, ecstatic union: instant recognition and welcome, like a golden retriever meeting a toy poodle at a park and realizing that no matter how different the other one looks, they're the same kind after all.
Basically, the two inner worlds would flow into each other -- filling each other's gaps or amplifying each other's strengths -- creating a circuit of spiritual power that's greater than either of them could manage on their own.
And I wrote all of that, not just because I wanted to give everyone a live performance demonstrating why I'm a childless, never-married woman at 35, but also because this does reflect my own personal philosophy when it comes to personhood and relationships. I do believe that each of us contains multitudes. Many of us are infested with inchoate, inner beasts, whose names we do not yet know. And while parts of us will enthusiastically roll around in the dog park together, other bits of us might not play well at all. But we somehow have to figure out how to make it all work.
Anyway, if you're a single/divorced and kind man who would enjoy discussing how we could mate what's essentially our chakra Pokémon* or other such weird things, send me an email. I will not reply to any comments, chats, or DMs here on Reddit. I do appreciate people who are not romantically interested but still want to leave kind comments, so I'll thank you in advance here. I see your good vibes and I'm sending them back your way.
But if you are interested in starting a relationship, please send me an email. Preferably with a picture of you and as much info as you're comfortable sharing. In terms of physical attraction, I'd prefer a man in his 30s-50s, taller than me (5'3 and up), who's at least somewhat active (would love to have a walking buddy someday). Also, I like dad bods. <3 Teddy bear cuddles!
My email address is not-so-cleverly hidden in the slideshow in my profile. And I know, I know, it's a lot of extra steps. But my ideal person would enjoy having tons of information about me, because I'd also like to know tons of information about them. (If I like you, I will attempt to read all your blog posts or look at all your pics, etc.) (And no, while I might sound like one, I am not a large language model hoovering up data from all over the internet in order to simulate human speech. But I am on the autism spectrum, which makes me similar. That said, I've devoted the past eight years to learning human empathy and manually building structures of kindness into my brain. Some might consider this state, er, unemployed, but it's important and difficult work that a lot of people neglect to do. I can bring value to your life, just not financially.) (And just so it's clear, I am not going to ask for money from you if we're just dating or in an LDR. Unless you want to hire me to make a dating slideshow for you or something lol)
Even if you don't decide to email me, as long as you've made it to the end, I sincerely thank you for reading through this! You must be a person of great culture and taste. XD I hope you find the one for you soon.
\Unfortunately, I've never watched Pokémon, I just have a vague idea from all the bits that have percolated into general culture. (My own formative childhood anime was Akazukin Cha Cha, which is like a dollar store Sailor Moon. ^^; I have the worst taste in anime.))
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2023.06.06 04:28 VirtuosoZollo Friend fucked my fiancé. What are some foreign and non-English spam email lists to sign him up for?

My asshole friend, well, former friend, fucked my long time girlfriend of 7 years. Just three months ago she had become my fiancé.
Dumped the girl and have dealing with that mess, but now I want revenge on him. His work email and personal emails going to shit is small and petty, but it’s better than me risking assault charges from beating the hell out of him.
However, I don’t want to use typical English spam mailing lists because I’m afraid he’ll know I did it. Does anyone have links to foreign mailing list in different languages than English that I can sign him up for? Maybe a few Russian or Chinese to really scare the hell out of his conspiracy theorist nut job head. But any language would do
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2023.06.06 04:22 BrianMena Does anyone have the main email for New York City Department of Corrections AIU Applicant Investigation Unit ? - New York City Department of Correction - NYC DOC

Does anyone have the main email for New York City Department of Corrections AIU Applicant Investigation Unit ?
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2023.06.06 04:16 Iced-Tea5952 Professor didn’t upload right grade and my overall grade was reported correctly, what can I do?

I have been having an issue with this professor all semester but I’m not sure what I can do since final grades were submitted on June 1st.
I have a quiz that was graded as a 0, I emailed him around May 28th about this issue (as he made us wait until that point to email him about any mistakes). I felt like this quiz was an error as all my other quizzes were around 70-90% and the date it was inputted was a lot later than all my other grades. He emailed me back the next day saying he will have the TA look into it then nothing.
Plus I looked at my grade report, on my GPA the class was reported as a “C” I felt this was off so I went to double check my final grade for this class and it is an 83% (he did a point system so I had a 1,577.71/1895.5). Looking at his syllabus, an 83% should be a B-. And if my quiz grade was graded accurately, it should be even higher.
Im not sure what I can do or where I can go, does anyone have any advice??
Edit: can’t edit title, but I meant to say final grade was reported incorrectly.
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2023.06.06 04:15 Ok_Inside7673 Is my relationship with my therapist real?

I've been struggling with the therapeutic relationship lately. I've been seeing my therapist for multiple years now, and I really love her. It goes beyond being grateful for how much she's done for me, and into feeling like I know her on a real level and care about her a lot. And I think this is kind of mutual? She sends me messages between sessions about shared interests, and tells me stories about her life in-session that make me feel closer to her. She told me she sometimes asks her therapist group for second opinions on how to treat me because she worries we're too similar. She's also said some EXTREMELY kind things to me that make me feel confused. One was in an email, so I can copy it directly: "your brain is by far one of my favorites I've ever met and makes me glad that I met you."
Can that be real? I'm reluctant to believe that she could feel that towards me and also be my therapist. Does that make sense? Like, I want to believe we have a genuine connection, and also, I feel very insecure about it, because this is her job, and isn't part of that job to make me feel cared about? And yet the idea of her saying that stuff to me in an effort to ~heal~ me and not just because she means it is kind of devastating. Is it possible she actually likes me that much?
I'm really nervous to post this because, as we all know, therapy is very personal. Please keep in mind in any responses that I'm a real person and this relationship is important to me.
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2023.06.06 04:13 Drafty-Quarters They fucked up! Join Shane, Russell and Dave for Drafty Does: Sports June. The guys are reviewing The Wrestler. Send us an email: [email protected] #drafty #dqp #draftyquarters #dqpdoes #podcastlife #podcastersofinstagram #podcast #podcastshow #nerdcast #thewres

They fucked up! Join Shane, Russell and Dave for Drafty Does: Sports June. The guys are reviewing The Wrestler. Send us an email: #drafty #dqp #draftyquarters #dqpdoes #podcastlife #podcastersofinstagram #podcast #podcastshow #nerdcast #thewres submitted by Drafty-Quarters to DraftyQuarters [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 04:10 Zestyclose_Serve_528 3 Hours and I Can't Access my Account

Spent 3 hours on the phone with TMobile today trying to activate a device and port over a number. Talked to 3 different representatives including tech support.
I think the first guy messed up and couldn't find the original account I signed up with over the phone. I have emails and order IDs associated with my email. I think he created a new account and now that's tied to my phone number instead of the original account I initiated the order with.
Long story short I still can't login to my account. T-Mobile is saying it's locked and we need to wait 24 hours to unlock. Tech support to call me tomorrow.
Worst first time experience with a company.
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2023.06.06 04:01 DarlingElysia Weekly Bug Report Megathread

Welcome to the Weekly Bug Report thread!

Here you can report any bugs that you have experienced on the global version of Path to Nowhere.
Please use the following form to report the bug you found so that the devs can look into the bugs quicker:
Time and date (timezone included):
Issue category:

Helpful Information and resources

Contacting Customer Support

Tap the Customer Service Icon on the game login page.
When you're playing, you can go to the game's main page – Chief info – Settings (on bottom right) – Customer Service Center.
Contact our customer support email: [email protected]

Technical Requirements


Here we have dedicated channels for technical support and bug reporting for you to also detail and report any bugs you are facing
This thread is refreshed weekly (every Monday). Be sure to check the newest thread every week.
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2023.06.06 03:55 jgainit I literally cannot access my work email because of microsoft authenticator

This is so fucking dumb.
I am currently with my laptop, without my phone, and with an ipod touch.
My work email, which I signed onto from literally earlier today, wants me to use microsoft authenticator. When you say you don't have access to authenticator, it then shows you other options, all of which literally use authenticator. So that's fucking useless.
So I download microsoft authenticator onto my ipod. Try to sign in. I need to use microsoft authenticator to authorize microsoft authenticator. I don't know what the fuck is going on here but this is completely useless.
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2023.06.06 03:55 Never-On-Reddit TIFU by complaining about a Lyft incident, and then getting doxxed by their official account after hitting the front page

You may have read my original post this morning about how I had a Lyft driver pressuring me to give him my personal phone number and email address before my ride. I felt unsafe and canceled. Even after escalating, Lyft refused to refund me. Only after my posts hit 3 million views, did they suddenly try to call me and they offered me my $5 refund.
But get this. Suddenly I'm getting tagged and I discover that their official account Lyft has posted for the first time in ages.... and DOXXED me in the thread. Instead of tagging my username, since I posted anonymously, their post reads "Dear [My real name]".
And here is the kicker, that is normally a bannable offense. Instead, the comment is removed by the moderators from the thread, but it has not been removed from their profile nor has their profile been banned as a normal user would be. It's still up!
Not sure what to do to get it removed. Any media I can contact to put pressure on Lyft??
TL;DR: Got myself DOXXED by the official Lyft account, which reddit apparently does not want to ban or even remove the comment.
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2023.06.06 03:53 howmanyLsinllllllama My experience with ISHA health

Hi everyone! I wanted to share my experience with Ketamine treatments through ISHA Health. I would like to state that I have not been compensated for any of my comments and this is purely my opinion to help others decide, as I know what it's like to feel lost among all these at-home Ketamine companies.
As a reminder, all my opinions about other companies is of Jan. 2023, and my opinion of ISHA Health is of June 2023. Since then, all of these companies may have changed pricing, policies, or availabilities when you're reading this. Confirm with them for the most accurate info! ISHA Health is currently only providing services in the following states: AZ, CA, CO, FL, NY
Back in Dec 2022, I was exploring ketamine therapy more seriously and was researching companies online to find the best one for me. I could not use anti-depressants as my career field does not permit them, so my only real medication option was Ketamine, and keeping it on the very down low (i.e. this is why I'm writing on a throwaway account).
Now I was in a really tricky situation as I am a poor college student. IV infusions were out of the question as they were thousands of dollars, and the closest town that had a clinic was 2 hours away; Aside from all that - I had no friends in person, especially ones that would be driving me twice a week for 4 weeks. So now I needed to find a company that was providing services for at-home treatment.
I was on this reddit thread for days, and I've heard of everyone and everything. Dr. Smith or whoever was a very popular option among fellow redditors, but his availability was so non-existent that the soonest appointment was a month and a half out. I was going through a heavy depressive episode post-first break up, so waiting a month and a half was out of the question. Furthermore, it just seemed too sketchy for me to go with him. He just seemed like he provided services just to give out scripts, at least that's the vibe I got from Reddit and his website.
Other companies I was considering was MindBloom, until I found out they wanted you to video call a counselor the first two times (something like that), AND have a trip sitter present. That seemed way too controlling for me, and I wanted to have more freedom. Having to video call someone from the company meant I was on their availability, and my only availability was post 7pm every day. That did not work out.
Then I found Better U, and they had an option for 8 sessions for a little over $1000. I spoke to a representative and he gave me a $100 discount and stated that I get 9 troche's, one extra to make sure my dose is right. Everything seemed great and I was about to go with them until I discovered ISHA Health. At first, I was avoiding a monthly type plan, but I realized that even two months of ISHA Health, was cheaper at around $800, then doing just one month through Better U. I also found out ISHA Health offered a FREE consult, with their only doctor so far (and CEO I believe) - Dr. Shimada. It was a whopping 40 minute long session. Not only did I feel not obligated to commit to anything, but I had so much free time for Dr. Shimada to reassure me and explain the process. I love to ask questions, and had a lot of hesitations going towards the psychedelics world as my family grew up anti-drugs. The 40 minutes was longer than anything I even get with my PCP, and it was perfect. At the end of the consult it was a no brainer to go with that company.
Also, to my recollection ISHA Health was the only company with a free consult. All the other companies wanted you to pay the full fee, then you get a partial reimbursement if you change your mind. Again, way too shady for me. I don't have the money to blow and mess around like that.
The consult availability was an impressive 2-3 days in advance, and from consult to first Ketamine session was only two weeks (this was due to the compound's pharmacy's slow prep time. Dr. Shimada sent off the script same day as my consult). I received 10 troches, a few extra as Dr. Shimada wanted me to slowly ease into treatment to make sure my body didn't have a negative reaction. Also, ISHA Health offers unlimited free 15 min check ins with Dr. Shimada, with availability being most of the weekdays (as of April 2023). I met with her nearly every week, at times even twice a week as I needed help navigating my treatment. I had Ketamine sessions that felt like nothing happened, and I had sessions that were life changing. We also spent a few weeks adjusting the dosage for me, eventually settling on mainly 150mg, and 200mg when needed for a more deeper experience (although a couple hours longer recovery). Dr. Shimada was also very quick on email replies. This honestly felt like the gold standard of telehealth care, you can't get better with that.
I ended up doing two months of treatment, because for me it took a whole month to discover my perfect dose, mindset, fasting procedure, etc. After all that, I could actually focus on my healing with the second month. I am currently finishing up treatment and have been tapering off per Dr. Shimada's instructions which has been going very well. I plan to be fully done by July. Even though it has been more than two months, Dr. Shimada still met with me outside what I paid for, as she understood I was a college student and gave me some leeway. I can happily say that the Ketamine has 100% cured my depression, and helped me deal with my break up at an extraordinary rate. I have nothing but positive opinions regarding ISHA Health, and Dr. Shimada. I couldn't be more thankful for her and her team for assisting me on this journey and being so incredibly flexible and understanding.
I decided to write about this because very little existed on ISHA Health back in January 2023, and that was understandable as it was a very new start up. I am not sure how busy they are now, but for the price point and the service, this is a no-brainer in choosing the company you want to go through.
This is the best company in terms of service and price. I have zero regrets going with them. You will not be disappointed in their service.
I do have to mention that my experience with Ketamine is and was unique, and it is for each person. Some may need a higher, or a lower dose. Some can only do a month, while others needs multiple months. And for some, Ketamine may not even work. So for specifically the Ketamine experience aspect, please set your expectations accordingly. Completing a consultation with a doctor will be the be best way you can visualize your treatment plan and see if this is for you.
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2023.06.06 03:50 jinda002 how much does a psych consult cost?

hi. i just moved here in AUS not more than a year as a student. I think my agent fck up my insurance because it keeps asking me for payment even tho it shouldve been paid full. i keep sending them email but they never reply.
now from a totally diffent reason, i been having deppression and anxiety from various things. was wondering how much does a psych consult cost? im not even sure where to start so please if anyone know any cheap alternative.
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2023.06.06 03:47 closet_transformer Firing the Nanny because of health problems - an Update

Original story here:
So a LOT has happened since I posted this last week, and I want to thank each and every person who commented - it all helped. A lot of you reached out and asked for an update, so here it is.
TL;DR: I had a pretty serious discussion with my wife. We both read all of your comments, and came to the decision that, unfortunately, we would have to let her go. We have since found a new nanny to fill the position, and not only are they not more expensive, they have advanced degrees in childcare and I’m really hopeful for the future.
After I posted last week, the nanny finally reached out to us. She explained her diagnosis and let us know she would be hospitalized for another week, followed by intensive physical therapy. We offered to call her family to coordinate them coming to support her, offered to have them stay in our house, and told her to focus on her health and we’d talk about the future closer to the weekend.
You guys, she ghosted us. We didn’t hear a single thing from her until SUNDAY, when we texted her to talk, and she said she wouldn’t be able to until 9 PM that night. I’m sympathetic to her condition and I know it has a severe effect, but we were bending over backwards to support her and received no communication back. This wasn’t her first time not communicating well, and for me, after the support we tried to give (and have given with her previous health problems), it was the last straw.
We tried to call her that night - no answer of course. We sent her an email around 11:00 PM letting her know that effective immediately, we were terminating the relationship. We owe her some money for overtime (she needs to tell us how much), which we will pay her, along with a 2K (almost two weeks pay) severance pay if she ever responds to it. We’re also happy to provide her with excellent references for any job she interviews for in the future. Thus far she hasn’t responded.
We have since been able to hire a new nanny and she completely aced the interview so I’m really hopeful for the future.
We took everyone’s advice and have done a much better job of spelling out her responsibilities, the sick leave policy, and vacation policy. We’ve emphasized that our biggest thing is communication, and we need to be a team together. She makes slightly less than our nanny did, but we were transparent with her and told her that she will be entitled to an automatic raise if the first six months work out (we used to give our nanny raises every four months or so because inflation was going up so fast and we wanted to make sure she was comfortable).
So that’s everything. I hope this is behind us, and I thank you all for all of your advice. It was incredibly helpful.
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2023.06.06 03:43 Mom2my2dogs .5ml or 50units

So, Amazon does not deliver syringes to my state....go figure, I live in Indiana. I had to order from another site, I placed an order for 100ml syringes so I could properly reconstitute and they sent me 50ml. I have a ton of these already, I've tried contacting them via email but no one has acknowledged it yet. Am I just stuck with doing 2 shots?
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2023.06.06 03:37 Hugonauts Organizing a Letter-Writing Campaign

Like most of you, I'm sure, I've been closely watching the buildup to 10th edition. At first I was optimistic, overjoyed to hear that the complexity and lethality of 9th edition was going to be toned down. Like many of you, that hope turned to apprehension, and then to despair, with the release of our faction rules and the bulk of our datasheets.
Our rules are contradictory, lacking in flavour, and represent a serious downturn in durability - and while the edition is intended to be less lethal, that hasn't stopped other factions from receiving durability boosts. Wraithguard have become T7, with a 2+ save characteristic. Grey Knights in power armour have a 2+ armour save standard. Terminators of every stripe and colour have had their invulnerable save increased to 4+, like ours have had since 8th edition, with no compensation given to us. Black Templars have four choices of detachment abilities, and one of them would be perfect for us - an army-wide Feel no Pain, and improved Battleshock.
So, here's my proposal: on June 13th, all of the Chaos datasheets will be going up on Warhammer Community. At that time, I ask that everyone who is dissatisfied with Games Workshop's take on Death Guard in 10th edition send the following email to c[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) :
"To whom it may concern,
I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the rules which Death Guard have been given in 10th Edition.
In the lore, Death Guard are known to be one of the most resilient factions. This is not represented in our rules. In the move from 8th edition to 9th edition we lost our Feel no Pain in favour of -1 Damage, and in the move from 9th edition to 10th we lost Disgustingly Resilient completely. An expensive stratagem does not make up for the lack of durability at the baseline unit level.
Furthermore, the rules which we have been given seem to have been written with no thought to a coherent army design. Many of our weapons have the Anti-Infantry rule, or Lethal Hits. Yet our core faction ability is an aura which gives -1 Toughness, which has no synergy with either rule. We have many datasheet abilities and stratagems (i.e. the Plague Marines Remorseless ability or the Sanguous Flux stratagem) which incentivize keeping our units on objectives, while our core Detachment ability Spread the Sickness encourages us to move our units away from objectives. Mortarion's psychic attack has both Lethal Hits and Devastating Wounds, two abilities which are at odds with each other. The Lord of Virulence gives his unit the ability to reroll wound rolls in the Shooting Phase, an ability which both his Twin Plague Spewer and Blightlord Terminators already possess. The list seems to go on, endlessly.
I ask for a change in the way that Death Guard are written. Please give the Death Guard their durability back. The reason that most of us who play Death Guard play the army is to live out the fantasy of an army of unstoppable, fearless infantry trudging up the field and shrugging off enemy fire. I would happily give up Nurgle's Gift and Spread the Sickness in exchange for the ability to Feel no Pain.
Thank you for your time."
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2023.06.06 03:34 feilordas purchase

I bought diablo 4 on and have psn account linked to it as well. It says i can download when i sign into app, i do that and nothing happens on my ps4 it doesn't even show as purchased. There is no 12number key or anything. Did i just buy pc version even tho i followed all the correct steps? Where does it even show the platform? Email just has all platforms listed and when i log in into it showes that i bought the game and can only upgrade it. I'm i that dumb or is it confusing on purpose? Plz help...
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2023.06.06 03:26 MalleusMaleficarum_ Help! Digital Marketer desperate to leave a dying company & getting hardly any callbacks after a year of applying [More info in comments].

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2023.06.06 03:24 two4six0won Note for show watchers - Starz app not available on PS 4 or 5

There are no spoilers, I was just required to pick a flair. Mods, I know this isn't directly Outlander related, but with all the excitement around season 7 set to premier in a couple of weeks I though this might be helpful info for some.
Anyway...I got an email offering a deal on 6 months of Starz for like 20 bucks. So of course, with the new season coming, I jumped on it. Turns out the Starz app isn't available for PS4 or PS5...which are the two things I usually use to stream shows. You can still access through Amazon Prime...but only if you also pay through Prime, which I did not because I assumed (like an idiot) that in 2023, the app would be available on at least one of the Playstations that's come out in the last decade. Just figured I'd put that out there in case it applies to anyone else looking for a way to watch when the new season drops.
On the up side, the Starz app for Roku does exist, so that's another option for folks who only use Starz intermittently and may want to take advantage of that deal if it's been offered to them.
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2023.06.06 03:18 Plus_Interaction_190 When does NZXT BLD send out Diablo 4 codes?

I ordered a pc containing a 4070ti through NZXT BLD over a week ago. I received the build about 5 days ago. I researched online that the partner of NVIDIA, in this case NZXT, would email the code. With the deadline of June 13th quickly approaching, does anyone know the timeframe that they’ve sent the code out? Any information would be appreciated.
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2023.06.06 03:12 Iwishiwashi How should I go about hunting for my next house after living in my first home?

So, over the last few years, I've been moving around a lot. Last year, I finally bought a home. However, I haven't been too excited about it since our offer was excepted. For some background, I moved to a new state for my S/O, and in doing that, I had to throw my initial post-college plans out the window. So, no buying a nice home to start a family in near our families. Instead, I elected to move to the other side of the country so they could pursue their dream job - a job that they actually ended up hating. I eventually found a place I liked to live, but after a year of it, they were bored, and they wanted to move somewhere else. This made me sad, because I thought we'd settle down in that city. We moved into the heart of one of the state's major cities. I honestly hated it there, and I've never felt so much anxiety before in my life (I'm not from the city). After a year of that, we moved to another neighborhood there, but it was still stressful for me. I think in both cases, they were standard city problems that I had never had to deal with before. We finally moved to find another city a bit further out, but closer to our jobs. It felt safe for once, but again, something was wrong. I felt as if I had moved into a retirement community, albeit in a particularly scenic area. No one was really out after 8pm, and seemingly only older established families lived there. It's in a good school district I guess, which I initially thought was great, but wow it really does gets quiet at 8pm, and we have no kids. I partially feel that we had over-corrected. I tried to get my family to move out here so we could have company, but it is too far for them. My S/O's parents also say it is too expensive for them. Our few friends out here are moving out of the state pretty regularly at this point. They don't really visit either. It gets pretty lonely here now too. Last year, my S/O and I were house hunting, and admittedly, I was falling into sort of a depression with the outlook of it all. We were priced out of all the places I wanted to be, and even then, none of our friends would ever visit us because they had all moved away or were planning to do so. I told my S/O I didn't want to look anymore, but they put in an offer on a home even though I asked them not too. They didn't even attempt to negotiate the price down because our agent never wanted to negotiate, and every time we asked, they just wouldn't try. I think we overpaid. Neither of us want to use that agent ever again, as everything we initially set out for, we didn't get, as we ultimately gave up. I was too sad to resolve the issue, but we did get the house I guess. I don't hate my house, but I really don't want to live here. It is incredibly boring, lonely, and car-dependent, and while it is safe, I feel like even if I went on a walk, it would worry the neighbors. I'm sort of losing sight of what I'm supposed to be looking for in a house, but I'm really trying to make the next one worth it in a realistic way. I'd love advice on how I can better prepare for my next home purchase.
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