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What if Light existed in Attack On Titan

2023.05.13 14:45 Sir_Toaster_9330 What if Light existed in Attack On Titan

I love comparing Death Note to AOT due to the similarities they both have, they both have tragic anti-villains and unique world-building and they tackle the concept of the human condition.
This makes me wonder what would happen if Light Yagami (the villain protagonist) existed in Attack On Titan and met Eren Yeager.
I thought of a small storyline where Light assists the group mainly cause he finds them useful to him. I was thinking about either writing him as an Eldian or Marleyan, but I decided to put him as a Japanese immigrant studying in Marley.
I've been having Chat-GPT make this storyline for me cause it's mostly for fun, not to actually publish or anything. I'll post some bits of the story here:

Part 1:
Eren, Mikasa, and Armin walk down the bustling street, wide-eyed and amazed at the sights and sounds around them. They pass by cars, street vendors, and people enjoying ice cream.
EREN: (excitedly) This is amazing! I can't believe there's so much here!
MIKASA: (smiling) It's like a whole new world.
ARMIN: (in awe) I can't believe we're actually seeing this with our own eyes.
As they continue to explore, they spot a young man in the distance with a peculiar notebook, muttering to himself.
EREN: (curiously) Who's that?
MIKASA: (cautionary) Be careful, Eren.
ARMIN: (skeptical) That's a strange notebook he's holding.
As they approach the young man, they overhear him speaking about justice and punishment.
LIGHT: (muttering) Kira... I am justice. I am the god of the new world.
RYUK: (whispering to Light) Those people are following us. What should we do?
LIGHT: (calmly) Don't worry, Ryuk. I'll handle it.
Eren notices something interesting about the young man and decides to follow him.
EREN: (to Mikasa and Armin) Let's follow him. I want to know more.
They trail behind him, keeping a safe distance. As Light leads them into an alleyway, he turns around, demanding to know why they are following him.
LIGHT: (demanding) Who are you? Why are you following me?
EREN: (honestly) My name is Eren, and these are my friends Mikasa and Armin. We're from Paradis.
Light's eyes widen at the mention of Paradis.
LIGHT: (shocked) What are Subjects of Ymir doing outside of your walls? They'll kill you if they find out!
EREN: (confused) What do you mean?
LIGHT: (urgently) Come with me. I'll explain everything.
Light leads them to his dorm room, where Ryuk continues to express his suspicions.
RYUK: (whispering to Light) There's something different about them. They seem... out of place.
Light, however, is fascinated by their presence.
LIGHT: (intrigued) They may be just what I need to finally rid the world of evil.
As Eren and his friends settle into Light's room, they are unaware of the danger they have just walked into.
Part 2:
As they sit in Light's dorm, Light explains the story of the Eldian Empire and the power of the titans to the group. He then goes on to explain how Eldians or Subjects of Ymir are disliked by most of the world and branded as "Devils."
Armin asks, "But why? Why do they hate us so much?"
Light takes a deep breath. "It's a complicated history," he begins, "but the short answer is racism. They see us as different, as less than human. It's not right, and I strongly oppose it. But that's just the way the world works."
Eren speaks up. "So what's your plan, Light? How are you going to fix it?"
Light smiles. "I have a plan, Eren. A plan that involves using the power of this notebook," he holds up the Death Note, "to create a new world. A world where people like us are not discriminated against. A world where justice prevails."
Mikasa narrows her eyes. "What kind of justice?"
"True justice," Light replies, his eyes gleaming. "A world where criminals are punished swiftly and without mercy. A world where people are held accountable for their actions. A world where there is no racism, no discrimination, no inequality."
The group exchanges uneasy glances, unsure if they can trust Light and his plan. But there is something about him, charisma and confidence that is hard to ignore.
Meanwhile, Ryuk watches from the sidelines, amused by the interaction between Light and the Paradis group. "These humans are interesting," he mutters to himself. "I wonder what kind of chaos they will bring to this world."
Part 3:
Light notices Armin's hand shaking as he reaches for a book on the shelf, and before he can warn him, Armin's fingers touch the spine of the Death Note. Light's eyes widen as he sees Armin's reaction to Ryuk's sudden appearance, and he quickly tries to calm the situation.
"Armin, it's okay," Light says, standing up and moving towards him. "That's just Ryuk, my...pet. He won't hurt you."
Armin's eyes remain fixed on Ryuk, who has a bemused expression on his face. "He's a shinigami," Armin whispers, his voice trembling. "I read about them in the books my grandfather left me. They're...they're death gods."
Light nods. "Yes, that's right. But don't worry, he's not here to harm anyone. He's just a curious creature."
Ryuk lets out a chuckle. "You have quite an interesting group of friends, Light. I didn't expect to find Eldians wandering around with you."
Light glares at Ryuk. "Don't be rude, Ryuk. They're my guests."
Armin slowly backs away from the Death Note, his hands shaking. "I'm sorry," he stammers. "I didn't mean to...I didn't know..."
"It's okay, Armin," Eren says, placing a reassuring hand on his friend's shoulder. "Let's just...let's just focus on what Light was saying."
Light nods, grateful for Eren's intervention. "Yes, let's. As I was saying, I have a plan to change the world. And I believe that you, Eren, and your friends could be instrumental in helping me achieve it."
Part 4:
Light stood up from the couch and stretched his arms. "I'm going out to the market to get some groceries," he said, turning to face the group. "But I need you guys to stay here for a bit longer. It's not safe for Eldians to be walking around without armbands. They'll know who you are as soon as they see you."
Eren scowled at the reminder of their predicament. "It's not fair. We didn't choose to be Eldians."
"I know," Light said, sympathy in his voice. "But that's just how it is in this world. We have to work with what we've got."
Mikasa nodded, her face set in determination. "We understand, Light. We'll stay here."
"Good." Light grabbed his coat and headed towards the door. "Oh, and Armin?" he added, turning back to the group. "Ryuk likes apples. There are some in the fridge if you want to give him one."
Armin nodded nervously. He had been trying his best to avoid Ryuk since he first laid eyes on him, but the Shinigami's presence was hard to ignore. "O-okay," he stammered.
As Light walked out the door, the group settled back onto the couches, passing the time with small talk. Armin found himself lost in thought, wondering what Light's plan was and if they could trust him. Ryuk's sudden appearance had only made things more complicated, and Armin was starting to feel overwhelmed.
Suddenly, Mikasa stood up, a determined look on her face. "I'm going to check on Eren's wounds," she declared. "He's been getting restless."
"I'll come with you," Jean said, standing up as well. "I need to stretch my legs."
As the two left the room, Armin was left alone with Ryuk. He stared at the wall where Ryuk was perched, wondering what the Shinigami was thinking.
"You don't have to be scared of me, you know," Ryuk said suddenly, breaking the silence.
Armin jumped at the sound of his voice. "W-what?" he stuttered.
"I said, you don't have to be scared of me," Ryuk repeated, his eyes gleaming in the dim light. "I'm just here to watch. I don't have any interest in hurting you."
Armin nodded, still wary of the strange creature. "O-okay. Thanks for letting me know."
The room fell into an awkward silence, and Armin found himself fidgeting with his hands. He couldn't shake the feeling that they were all in grave danger, and the thought of being caught and punished for being Eldians made his stomach churn.
Part 5:
Armin throws the apple at Ryuk, who catches it effortlessly with his long fingers. The group watches in amazement as the apple disappears, seemingly into thin air.
Mikasa, with a look of bewilderment on her face, tentatively reaches out her hand to where the apple had vanished. She feels nothing but air and quickly retracts her hand with a small gasp.
"What the hell?" Jean exclaims, staring at the spot where the apple had vanished. "Did you guys see that?"
"Yeah," Connie nods, his eyes wide. "What the hell is going on?"
Armin, who is still able to see Ryuk, grins and throws another apple. This time, he throws it with a bit more force, and Ryuk catches it with a loud crunch. The group jumps as the sound echoes through the room.
"He's really eating them," Armin says, looking at the others with a mix of excitement and fear.
"What else can he do?" Sasha asks, leaning forward to get a better look.
"I don't know," Armin says with a shrug. "I guess we'll find out."
The group spends the next few minutes watching in awe as Armin throws apple after apple at Ryuk, who catches them with ease and devours them noisily. The sound of Ryuk's chewing echoes through the room, and it's clear that the group is both fascinated and disturbed by what they're witnessing.
Finally, Armin runs out of apples and Ryuk lets out a loud belch. "Thanks for the snack, kid," he says, licking his lips. "That hit the spot."
The group stares at the spot where Ryuk had been, still unable to comprehend what they had just witnessed. Meanwhile, Armin stands there with a huge grin on his face, feeling like he's just had the greatest experience of his life.
As Armin and Ryuk chat, Eren and the others watch in amazement as they see Armin talking to thin air. After a while, Eren gets impatient and approaches Armin.
Eren: "Hey Armin, what are you doing? Who are you talking to?"
Armin: "I'm talking to Ryuk, he's a Shinigami. He's here with Light."
Eren: "A what? A Shinigami? What's that?"
Armin: "It's a god of death. They come from another realm and they can see humans' lifespans. Ryuk is Light's companion."
Mikasa: "So he's invisible to us?"
Armin: "Yes, only Light and I can see him. But you can still ask questions, I can pass them on to Ryuk."
Jean: "Why are you talking to him anyways? What's the point?"
Armin: "I'm just curious, I want to know more about him and his life in the Shinigami realm."
Connie: "What's with him and apples though? Why does he like them so much?"
Armin asks Ryuk, who responds with a chuckle.
Armin: "He says it's just a habit he picked up. Apparently, they don't have apples in the Shinigami realm, so he likes trying new things when he's here."
Sasha: "Can he eat other stuff too? Like potatoes?"
Armin asks Ryuk, who shakes his head.
Armin: "No, he says apples are the only thing he likes to eat here."
Eren: "So, Ryuk, do you know anything about Titans?"
Armin relays the question to Ryuk, who looks intrigued.
Ryuk: "Let's see, about 2,000 years ago, there was a young girl named Ymir. She lived in a nice happy village until a tribe of Eldians attacked and enslaved her people. She escaped but fell into a tree and interacted with the Source of All Living Matter. Or at least that's what some people say, no one knows what that thing is, not even we Shinigami know. All we know is that that thing has been around since before life crawled onto land. Anyway, when Ymir interacted with the creature she became the first Founding Titan, and for some reason she went back to the Eldian Chief and married him creating the Eldian Empire that Light told you about. Then she was assassinated, Fritz made his daughters eat her corpse to obtain the powers of Titan shifting and since then every 13 years a titan shifter must be consumed in order for its power to transfer. In addition, only Eldians can turn into Titans cause of Ymir's powers, which is why you are also called Subjects of Ymir"
Part 6:
As Light walked through the market, he tried to blend in with the crowd and not draw any attention to himself. However, he couldn't help but feel a sense of unease as he passed by the Warrior units, who were engaged in a lively conversation.
Reiner noticed him first. "Hey, isn't that Light Yagami?" he said, nudging Porco and Pieck. The others turned to look at Light, who had now stopped in his tracks.
"Light Yagami?" Pieck repeated, raising an eyebrow. "As in, the Kira case Light Yagami?"
Light cursed himself for not being more careful. He had hoped that his presence in Marley would go unnoticed, but it seemed that he had underestimated the Warriors' intelligence gathering.
"Yes, that's me," Light admitted, trying to play it cool. "But that case is over now. I'm just here attending college."
Reiner walked over to him, a friendly smile on his face. "I'm surprised to see you here," he said. "What brings you to Marley?"
Light hesitated for a moment before replying. "I wanted to experience a different culture," he said. "Japan can be a bit stifling sometimes."
Reiner nodded. "I know what you mean. We may come from different worlds, but we can all appreciate the need for a change of scenery every now and then."
Light relaxed a little at Reiner's words. Perhaps these Warriors weren't so bad after all.
"So, what do you think of Marley so far?" Porco asked, joining the conversation.
"It's certainly different from Japan," Light replied. "But I'm enjoying the experience."
Pieck smirked. "Don't get too comfortable, though," she warned. "Marley has a way of getting under your skin."
Light chuckled nervously. He knew that he couldn't afford to let his guard down around these people.
As the conversation continued, Light tried to steer it away from himself and towards the Warriors. He asked them about their experiences as Eldian soldiers, their families, and their hopes for the future.
In turn, the Warriors were curious about Japan and Light's life there. They asked him about Japanese culture, food, and entertainment, and Light was happy to oblige.
As they parted ways, Light felt a strange sense of camaraderie with these Warriors. They may have been on opposite sides of a conflict, but they were all just people trying to make their way in the world.
But as Light made his way back to the apartment, he couldn't help but wonder how long this fragile peace would last.
As they walked to a private spot, Reiner began to explain his time on Paradis to Light.
"So, what was it like being on Paradis?" Light asked, trying to sound casual.
"It was terrible," Reiner replied with a shake of his head. "The Eldians there are all devils, just waiting to attack us. We had to be on guard every second."
"I see," Light said, nodding along. "And what about your interactions with them?"
"It was difficult," Reiner said, his voice heavy. "We tried to blend in, to not draw attention to ourselves, but it was always a risk. We couldn't trust anyone, not even the Eldians who claimed to be on our side."
"I can only imagine," Light said sympathetically, trying to keep his true feelings hidden. "What was the worst thing you witnessed?"
Reiner took a deep breath. "There was an incident at the entrance ceremony. One of the Eldians, a girl named Sasha, stole a potato and ate it in front of everyone. It was a clear sign of defiance, a message that they weren't going to be controlled by us. We had to make it seem like a deliberate act of aggression to justify our actions."
Light's eyes widened in shock. "That's horrible. I can't believe they would do something like that."
"Exactly," Reiner said, nodding in agreement. "They're all monsters, waiting for their chance to strike. It's our duty to protect the world from them."
When Reiner mentioned the incident with Sasha eating a potato during the entrance ceremony, Light couldn't help but let out a small chuckle.
Reiner looked at him curiously. "What's so funny?"
"Oh, nothing," Light said quickly, trying to compose himself. "It's just... I can't imagine something so harmless causing so much trouble."
Reiner nodded, a hint of a smile appearing on his face. "Yeah, it seems silly now. But back then, we were all so convinced that the Eldians were evil, that anything they did had to be malicious."
Light felt a twinge of guilt. He had come to Marley with the intention of blending in and gathering information about the Eldians, but he was starting to realize that they weren't so different from himself. He had enjoyed his time in Paradis, even though it was supposed to be his enemy's territory.
As the conversation continued, Light found himself becoming more and more comfortable around Reiner and the others. He even found himself laughing at their jokes and making small talk about everyday life.
As Reiner gets ready to leave, Light quickly asks him, "Hey, do you know any good vegetable shops around here? I've been looking for some good potatoes."
Reiner seems a bit taken aback by the sudden change in topic, but he quickly recovers and offers, "Yeah, actually there's a great one just a few streets down. Here, let me show you."
Light follows Reiner down a few streets and to a small shop with a sign reading "Fresh Produce" hanging above it. Reiner introduces Light to the shopkeeper, who is more than happy to show him around and help him pick out some of the freshest potatoes they have in stock.
As they browse the shop, Light can't help but feel a sense of excitement and curiosity about this new world he's found himself in. He thinks back to his conversation with Ryuk earlier and wonders just how much more he has to learn about this place and the people who inhabit it. But for now, he's content to focus on finding the best potatoes he can, and maybe even cooking up a tasty meal with them later.
As Light was walking to his dorm, he was stopped by a couple of Marleyan soldiers who looked at him with disdain. One of them sneered, "What are you doing here, Jap? You're not welcome in Marley."
Light remained calm and composed, replying, "I'm just here to attend college like any other student."
The other soldier chimed in, "We've had sightings of Eldians without their armbands. Have you seen anything suspicious?"
Light raised an eyebrow and replied, "No, I haven't. But I'll keep an eye out for any suspicious activity."
The first soldier then asked, "What do you think of Kira? Since you're Japanese, you must have an opinion."
Light's eyes glinted with interest as he replied, "Kira is an interesting case. He's managed to elude the authorities for a long time, and it's clear that he has a strong sense of justice."
The second soldier snorted, "Justice? He's just a mass murderer!"
Light remained calm and continued, "That may be true, but he's also been eliminating criminals who have escaped punishment through the legal system. I believe that Kira is sending a message to the world that no one is above the law."
The soldiers exchanged a look, unsure of what to make of Light's response. The first soldier then said, "Well, don't get any funny ideas. We'll be watching you, Jap."
Light nodded politely and continued on his way, but inwardly he was seething with anger. He couldn't believe how ignorant and prejudiced some people could be.
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2023.04.24 12:59 DonaldoTrumpez Potential leaked list of what we could see at Funkoween next month

Potential leaked list of what we could see at Funkoween next month submitted by DonaldoTrumpez to funkopop [link] [comments]

2023.04.07 03:45 TimeMelodic8513 Threads where The rumbling is stopped VS A Rumbling where the Colossals are replaced with Colossal upscaled Titan shifters of all other types. And they retain the Colossal's steam and transformation explosions should they ever reform their Titans. Which threads still beat the rumbling?

The Founding Titan of Erin still provides telepathic co-ordination but if/when the Erin-Founder centipede goes down the masses of Army of shifters simply lose their telepathic commands and will continue trying their best at fulfilling the mission of completing an extermination of the world on their own initiative. The 10s of millions of Wall Titans are divided evenly between the eight Titan Shifters who are not the Founding Titan.
The Attackloosals are all Erin Yeager during the War for Paradis arc meaning he's also able to use equally upsized Warhammer powers and is own power of having futuresight. His human form has the ODM gear and swords as well.
The Jawlossals will be divided between three copies of the 4 shifters who have had the Jaw titan over the series splitting them evenly into quarters of Porco, Ymir, Marcel, and Falco who is immediately aware of his ability to fly.
The Cartlossals are all 50/50 split between the machine gun nest and anti-titan gun loadouts alongside complimentary crews of upsized Marleyan soldiers to man them.
The Armourlossals are all Reiner.
The Femalossals are all Annie.
The Warlossals are all Lara Tybur.
The Beastlossals are all Zeke.
The Colossal titans are not a part of this new and improved Rumbling since the whole point is that they're being replaced.
How many jaegars are needed to stop the Rumbling
The goal is to see how many jaegars would be required to stop the Rumbling from making landfall and defeat the founding titan. (If my AOT knowledge is wrong, please correct me)
Can Thor (God of War) Stop the Rumbling (Attack On Titan) before it wipes out all life on Earth
Round 1: Thor is not serious and is taking his time to enjoy the fight.
Round 2: Thor is pissed and bloodlusted.
Round 3: He can only use his bare fist and bloodlusted.
Barring nuclear weapons, would modern humanity be able to defeat Eren Yeager and stop the Rumbling?
Say the Rumbling has started in the middle east, would we be able to stop it?
How many Titans (WH40K) would it take to absolutely destroy the Rumbling (AOT)
R1: Both sides are placed 20km apart on an endless stretch of land that just goes on into eternity with no end, both looking to kill the other.
R2: Both sides are placed 20km apart across a large mountain range that goes on into eternity yada yada yada you get the deal
How many at at walkers would it take to beat the rumbling?
R1:the have zero knowledge of the rumbling or titan weaknesses. R2:they know the rumbling is coming but don’t know titan weaknesses. R3:they have 30 minutes of prep time and have full knowledge of titan weaknesses and anatomy.
Weakest Kaiju/Mecha that can put a stop to the Rumbling (Attack on Titan)?
A question that has been around my mind for a while. We know OP Kaiju like Godzilla, Ghidorah, Giant heroes like Ultraman or Mechas like Mechagodzilla can singlehandly stop Eren's Runbling. So now i am asking the opposite: what is the WEAKEST Kaiju/Mecha you think can pull it off?
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2023.03.24 20:51 kristamy [F4A, playing F or M] AOT RP

Hello, I'm looking for one or two new roleplay partners. I'm looking for a long term story-based literate roleplay partner. For a little context, I'm from EU, 23yo, write in literate/advanced literate style, so I wish to write with someone close to my age and style (I don't look for anyone who can only pull off one liner - I love paragraphs of description). I have years of experience roleplaying in AOT fandom.
Main muses I want to choose from ( you choose what you want me to pick. I'm fine with many ships) :
Might try:
Quick info about me:
Those are not the only AUs I can do - feel free to suggest me more.
What I expect from you:
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2023.03.24 19:15 kuhaku1510 AOT Fan Ending

My AoT Fan Ending

Keep in mind this ending uses a massive Deus Ex Machina and introduces a new character to the story or rather a old forgotten one : The 1st King Fritz. I just want a kinda happy ending

First off everything happens the same except change some text from 139 cause Eren killing his mom and his mental breakdown over Mikasa is dumb.

So it begins - Mikasa is about to cut off Erens head but before the blade reaches Eren, he enters paths
Its here where King Fritz makes his unexpected return, he reveals that everything that has been done has been due to his own involvement and that he is the mastermind to everything. Its then revealed that Fritz in addition to his 3 daughters, had also eaten Ymir allowing for him to have the power of the titans as well hence why he is in Paths.

He starts explaining that he saw this future many years ago through his own usage of the attack titans powers and that everything he has done has all been for the sake of Eldia ruling over the world. It is his revenge against the world as well as his desire to leave the ultimate legacy. He has been hiding in paths all this time waiting for the right moment to take control. He also reveals that he was the one that controlled Dina to kill Carla, essentially being the real starter of the story. He manipulated Eren so that Eren could fulfil his goal of world domination.

The Attack Titan only has the power to send its inheritors memories back and not actually see the future so how does he have memories of Eren?, naturally its because of Ymir (while watching from Paths) sending Eren's memories back to past Fritz unbeknownst to Eren. Hence why he knew this would happen.

He beckons Ymir to his side and reveals that Ymir has always been a slave, even now and then laughs at the amount of carnage and destruction that Eren has unknowing caused for his sake.

Eren stays quiet for a majority of Karl's monologuing until he lets out a faint laugh.

"Fritz, do you realize what you have just done?".
"The Attack Titan works by sending bits and pieces of its inheritors memories back to the past"
"Which means Ymir is only able to transfer to you current memories that she herself is seeing" (Implies she cannot see the future)
"There is one more scenery that neither you nor Ymir have seen, a gift from the future me.
"You thought you could hide your actions by hiding them from Ymirs memories but you were unable to account for my future self"
"As expected of history's most foolish king"

"Do you realize now Fritz?, by revealing yourself you have lost"
"The future me has already forseen your actions!".

With all the power in his voice, Eren screams.

(Play *Call Your Name* LOL)

Chains appear around Fritz as he looks at Eren in horror.

Ymir starts sprinting towards Eren and Eren runs towards Ymir.
"STOP YMIR, YOU ARE MINE!" Yells King Fritz

Eren hugs Ymir and Fritz fades away from existence.


After hugging Eren says

"Come, let us take it all back".

Cuts back to Mikasa about to cutting Eren's neck but before she does, Eren opens his eyes.
Mikasa hesitates and stops just shy of cutting Eren's neck off.
"Lets talk, Mikasa"
Eren cancels his Titan form and walks towards Mikasa. (His titan is still very very very slowing disappearing but because it is so big its gonna take awhile to dissolve".

Meanwhile the crew who were fighting the titans find that all the titans have now stopped and some of the titans like Connie and Jean return to human.

Eren stands ontop of his titan form's head with Mikasa and Armin notices.

"Is that...Eren!?"

Eren could say everything he wants to say using paths but he wants to do this in person.
Everyone climbs to Eren's location and Eren puts both his hands up signaling his surrender.

Armin ask "Eren why?" and Mikasa says "Eren, did you come back to us?".
"Yeah.....I am back".
"But I need one more favour"

Eren explains everything that happened, how all his actions, even the rumbling have all been an attempt to fool King Fritz
"So to deceive your enemy, you must first deceive you friends, is that it Eren?" Armin says.
Everyone now understands why Eren did what he did, he had to pretend to follow in order to lure King Fritz out,

"So fucking what?"
"80 percent of the world is still gone!"
"You killed the mastermind and now what?"
"Nothing has changed Eren!"
Jean retaliates.

"Yeah, Sasha's still dead"
"All this sacrifice just to kill some old bastard?"
"What was even the point"
Connie mumbles.

Everyone looks at Eren and Eren closes his eyes

"There still a way to fix this".
"If....if you all entrust me with the rest of your lives and let me eat the remaining titan powers"
"I can combine the power of the founding titan and amplify the power of the attack titan with the remaining titans, I can send one more thing back to the past"
"This time it won't be a memory, it'll be the removal of a concept"
"I will...remove the concept of titans".

Everyone looks are Eren in shock

"You fucking bastard, even after all this you still want to sacrifice even more!?". Jean yells.

Levi pitches in, "Eren, how are you even sure this will work".
"Ymir and the future me told me"

Everyone stays quiet at how ridiculous the solution is. Annie, Falco, Pieck and Reiner look conflicted.

Until Armin speaks up.

"Thank you Eren....for finally opening up to us".
"We couldn't understand you so we tried to stop you"
"We took your actions at face value while ignoring our past with you and gave up on trying to understand the context"
"You wanted to say something didn't you? but you couldn't because of Fritz".
"You fought a battle all alone with no one by your side"
Armin gives the biggest smile and
"Eren, look at the ocean again for me after I am gone"

Jean and Connie gasp at Armin's willingness to follow Eren's plan.

"Eren, if it weren't for you, I would have died long ago"
"You saved me back in our first battle and even during the battle against Bertolt"
"Its time I gave you something back"

Eren hangs his head down with tears in his eyes

"Thank you, my closest friend".

Seeing Armin's firm resolution, all the other titan shifters slowly agree.

"Eren, the pain I feel these day is too much, if I can die for the sake of a greater cause then that is more then enough"
Reiner says
"A world where my dad and I can be happy, promise me you will make it happen Eren"
Annie says
"What a weird turn of events but it isn't like I got anything else to fight for, I am fine with dying"
Pieck says

Lastly Falco opens his mouth
Gabi tells Falco to stop but he continues

"My current life is nothing but a borrowed one"
"I would have died if not for Reiner and my brother died when I became a titan."
"I ate Porco and killed another just so I could survive"
"I've had enough, it hurts".
"Please, if my life can give hope, then I'll gladly give it up".

With that everyone resolves themselves.
Eren gives his final thanks
And then begins his final task.


The remaining non titan shifters look at Eren as he looks towards the sky.
"Come everyone, its time we see Historia and finish this story"
"One last time, you'll all protect me just like the old days"

In order to use the power of the attack titan, Eren must come into contact with a member of the royal blood. Now that Zeke is dead he is unable to fufill that role but Eren does have the power of the Beast titan now. That means one last thing, turn Historia into a titan and use her to activate the attack titans ability then turn her back using Ymir's power.

Eren and crew make it to the farm.
Eren is about to say thank you but Jean and Connie stop him

"Just go you bastard, finish off what you started"
"This better work Eren or I haunt you for the rest of your life"

"Mhm, yea"

Levi watches and just silently mumbles

Eren takes Mikasa's hand and walks with her towards Historia's hut.

(What happens here I leave to your imagination, what they do and what they talk about isn't relevant honestly so just imagine more character building for Mikasa and Historia.)

Thus everything is complete, Historia turns into a titan through Eren's spinal fluid and Eren uses her to activate his ability sending to the past, the removal of the concept of "titans".

With Eren's final words he says
"To you, another time from now"
"I give you"

Cut back to Eren waking up from his nap as a kid with tears in his eyes.
"You were sleeping that soundly?"

"No, it just feels like I was having a really long dream"

Everything plays out same as the first episode but then Eren looks towards the wall where the colossal titan would have been.
But there's nothing

No wall, no titans, no survey corps.

Paradis is just another Island within the worlds many continents, countries and islands.

Its just full of humans like any other.
Everyone in the world

Is now

Truly Free


So what happens?

Firstly with the removal of the concept of titans given to child Eren, a new timeline is created for child Eren, one where the world is normal and very similar to our own. Everyone is alive, everyone is fine and everyone is normal.

Secondly using the attack titans power doesn't suddenly just end the world. Current Eren will still have to live with the fact he has killed 80 percent of the world and eaten his friends but he'll live on with Mikasa, Historia (after turning her back to human from titan), Jean, Levi and Connie

Thirdly, at any time he can view from paths how the new timeline is going and he can allow any Eldian to enter paths and see the timeline as well.

Essentially he becomes a pseudo god.

The current Eren will live on past his 13 years and will likely die of old age.
Everyone else will be able to feel hopeful when viewing the new timeline Eren created within paths and he'll show it to all Eldians in order to inspire hope and demonstrates ways to improve the world they are currently living in as they now have a blueprint on what to do with the timeline.

There are alot of other plotholes but I can't be bothered. This is just my retcon cause I wanted a happy ending. All the other issues can be dealt with never.
Also credit to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8P6nk5Sy-2o&t=5s
Alot of the twist and turns were inspired by this video.

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2023.03.07 22:35 kristamy [F4A, playing F or M] AOT rp

[F4A, playing F or M] AOT rp
Hello, I'm looking for one or two new roleplay partners. I'm looking for a long term story-based literate roleplay partner. For a little context, I'm from EU, 23yo, write in literate/advanced literate style, so I wish to write with someone close to my age and style (I don't look for anyome who can only pull off one liner - I love paragraphs of description). I'm also in the fandom since 2015.
Main muses I want to choose from ( you choose what you want me to pick. I'm fine with many ships) :
Might try:
Quick info about me:
What I expect from you:
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2023.03.03 20:20 kristamy [F4A] AOT RP

Hey, I'm looking for someone who would maybe want to write Annie x Mikasa, Annie x Reiner, Porco x Pieck, Armin x Annie with me. I can roleplay as either Mikasa, Porco, Pieck or Annie (I have more experience with Annie's role).
Quick info about me:
What I expect from you:
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2023.02.27 23:36 King_Tobias_I Pieck's Onlyfans

Warning: Some really degenerate content incoming
Pieck Finger, one of the Annie's closest friends, is one of the most degenerate individual in this AU. She has had a weird secret. Her secret is Onlyfans. It started when Annie was tasked with asking Pieck whether she wanted pizza or not, when she discovered Pieck filming herself on her phone. Annie, shocked, demanded her to explain what she was doing, and Pieck said that she was doing it for her Onlyfans. Annie, disgusted, responded with 'You f***ing what?!" The conversation went on for quite some time, before Annie called quits and left Pieck on her own.
What does Pieck even do on her OF? Well, she does the same thing that many other girls do on it. She has posted hundreds of videos on there, and she mostly posts softcore adult content. Annie is often repulsed by Pieck's behaviour, viewing her as an addict. In fact, Pieck's prior lewd behaviour is eventually what made Annie replace her with Sasha as the care taker of Falco and Gabi, in my main AU.
Pieck in my main AU also has an OF, but it has been toned down a bit, just like many other things from this AU. In fact, lately, many aspects of this AU have seeped into my main AU, to the point of the two essentially becoming one super AU, now.
Pieck isn't the only AOT character to have an OF in my AoT15ai AU. Two others have the site two, Porco Galliard, Pieck's apparent special someone, and Hitch Dreyse, another of Annie's closest friends. Hitch and Pieck are often friendly rivals when it comes to this, always seeking to one up each other. One time, they were even doing a naked twerking competition, when Annie came in and started yelling at them for it. Pieck tries to defend herself by invoking the 'Sabi saga', but Annie tells her to "Shut It!"
After that incident, it seems to have been getting worse. This OF debacle even got her, Porco and Hitch an intervention to snap her out of it. Annie has yelled at Pieck for her OF before, amd has yelled at her since, so that intervention clearly did nothing. It even resulted in Annie trying to give Pieck a reality check, multiple times, and those efforts clearly seem to be working. In fact, Annie plans to set up another intervention for Pieck.
Pieck's OF has also impacted her views on the 'Sabi saga'. Initially, Pieck was a bit jealous that she was replaced, even going as far as to challenge Sasha to a love-fight, which fortunately never came. In my Main AU, Pieck didn't do that, but instead offered to help Annie by filing a restraining order for Sasha against Gabi, but failing. But then, in Both AUs, over the course of a few months, Pieck's opinion on 'Sabi' began to change, and soon enough, she began to ship the two, after notice Gabi's behaviour to Sasha. She often teases Gabi about her attraction to Sasha, saying how she's going to bring the two together. One time, when Annie talks to her again, Pieck slips up by admitting to this level of degeneracy. Annie, horrified, began berating her for it, trying to give her yet another reality check. It even got to the point where Sasha herself expressed concerns for Pieck's behavior, telling her that she doesn't want Gabi to be in a romantic relationship with her, and that she only sees her as her sister.
Recently, however, Pieck started going after Sasha again, noticing how pretty she was. Pieck and Hitch would go on and have a race to get Sasha befor the other does. This fiasco was long. Gabi joined into the craziness to help rescue Sasha, and Annie would arrive later to break it all up. After gathering the four girls into a stable area, Annie furiously scolds Pieck and Hitch for their poor behaviour, telling them to apologise to Sasha. Pieck and Hitch would be locked up in a basement cell for a few weeks afterwards.
My Main AU's Pieck would probably be very concerned about the nonsense that the AoT15ai Pieck has pulled. But she has done some of the things that I outlined, albeit to a subtler degree. And she, along with maybe Hitch, would never stoop so low so as to essential harass Sasha by chasing her around in a forest.
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2023.02.20 22:37 kristamy [F4A, playing F or M] AOT rp

Hello, I'm looking for one or two new roleplay partners. I'm looking for a long term story-based literate roleplay partner. For a little context, I'm from EU, 23yo, write in literate/advanced literate style, so I wish to write with someone close to my age and style (I don't look for anyome who can only pull off one liner - I pove paragraphs of description).
Main muses I want to choose from ( you choose what you want me to pick. I'm fine with many ships) :
Might try:
Quick info about me:
What I expect from you:
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2023.01.23 21:15 SiBea13 Prediction: How Mikasa's choice and subsequent death causes the Berserk Titan to come out and destroy the alliance

Here's the TLDR of the previous theories that are important for this post. For the sake of brevity, I will assume you know of them and just try my best to respond to any questions about them in the comments.
  1. Mikasa will die in AOE. Her choice is what defines the timeline as depicted in 138 and either she must be killed to bring about the anime timeline or she must make a different decision. She is represented by a butterfly which is dead in the Rumbling opening.
  2. Eren's anime-original fiery blue-eyed form (known as the Beserk Titan) fighting Annie in the s1 finale is relevant to AOE. While in that form he states that he'll destroy the world and that titan form is present in the Key Visual Poster for s4p3.
  3. Falco is important to AOE. His anime-original scene in s4p1 where he receives memories that aren't his are the biggest addition to the show since the Berserk Titan came about.
  4. Eren is using the Warhammer Titan to remain on Paradis during The Battle of Heaven and Earth while his Founding Titan achieves freedom in the Rumbling.
  5. Eren can control birds. We know this from the (in)famous scarf scene with Mikasa in 139, and Eren seeing Falco from the sky during the manga paths scene. Birds represent freedom in AOT and the presence of them in key scenes (cabin timeline, Mikasa's memories, Annie-Armin boat conversation), could symbolise Eren using them to send memories back and forth to himself.
  6. Ymir will be reincarnated as the child of Eren and Historia.
These are all things that you've probably seen many times on this sub. The problem is that we don't know exactly how these things play together. We think Mikasa dies but we don't know how. We think Falco is important but we don't know how. We know the Berserk Titan comes out eventually but we don't know how. Presumably all of these things are connected to each other but we don't know how.
This is how I think they all come together.
First off, like the post I linked says, Mikasa's choice is the most crucial part of AOT's timelines. Here's the choice she makes in in the manga:
She is on top of Falco with Levi. She has a vision of the cabin timeline where Eren tells her to move on after he's dead. She refuses and puts on her scarf. Levi blows the teeth off Eren's colossal titan and she decapitates him, taking his head home and never letting him go. This is a relatively strange decision as PK2141 points out here in this pinned post from yesterday. You'd think that by killing him she would let him go. But she does the opposite. I wondered why and then I watched/read this scene from the Female Titan arc, where she tells Eren that she doesn't have a choice but to fight, commenting that the world is a cruel place. This philosophy that underpins the series is what I think is behind the contradiction that PK2141 noted: Mikasa makes the choice to kill Eren but can't let go of him. That is the cruelty of the world. No matter whether or not she thinks she has a choice, no matter whatever choice she tries to make, she can never get everything that she wants.
This is the exact problem that Eren faces: he wants to save his friends but he also wants to save Paradis, be free, and end the titans. In the manga, he saves his friends and fails in every other aspect. Eren tells us that he didn't have a choice in 139, that he couldn't change the future. AOE rests upon Eren defying this, similarly to Mikasa attempting to make a different decision in the anime.
So if in the anime she is in the same position and maybe she sees the manga timeline instead of the cabin and makes the opposite choice. That would mean the opposite happens. She lets go of the scarf, doesn't try to kill Eren... and then dies. Like I said, either way she would never get what she wants because the world is that cruel. So how will she die?
Well, now I want to talk about my favourite theory here which I haven't seen a lot of people bring up, most likely because it's very short but I think it deserves more praise. OmegaMD posted this a few months back. Read this (it'll take literally one minute) and return here. I do want to make a slight change to it which I will bring up later but I wanna talk about why I love this theory first:
It vastly improves the Mikasa/Ymir dynamic from the manga. Isayama frequently uses callbacks to other events during a character's death scene (Bertholdt/Carla, Porco/Marcel, KrugeGrisha, Zeke/Eren, Freckles/Eren) in order to draw a comparison between them. In order to further explain that dynamic with Ymir and Mikasa, here's the key points of Ymir's death and relationship with Karl Fritz according to the manga.
  1. Ymir loved Karl Fritz.
  2. In her final moments after she sacrificed herself for him.
  3. Ymir chose to die once she saw Fritz didn't love her.
  4. Ymir then creates paths to continue to serve him.
Mikasa in the manga loves Eren and still kills him, having seen the cabin timeline. She doesn't want her final conversation with Eren to be one where he says he hates her. So that's why she saves him and dies in the anime.
So in AOE, should everything (or most things) up until 138 get adapted, Falco would be flying towards Eren, Levi blows his front two teeth off, and Mikasa refuses to jump into his mouth and kill him. Maybe like OmegaMD says, Reiner notices an opening from on the ground and tries to spear Eren who he assumes is in the mouth. Mikasa sees this, jumps in front of the spear and is impaled. She dies. If she ends up falling into his mouth then she would see Eren was safe. If she doesn't then she would die thinking she saved him. Either way, she could then die in peace.
This is where she is the opposite from Ymir. Ymir died hoping she would receive affection and created a whole dimension in order to try and achieve that. Mikasa has been creating timelines for all her life and now brings them all to a close having achieved what she wanted. She is the foil to Ymir, not the parallel. In the manga, she achieved what Ymir never could, managing to keep a hold of her love while still having the strength to kill him. So in the anime, Ymir isn't looking to be freed by Mikasa. She would be freed by who we always assumed was her parallel previously, Historia, being reincarnated as her child.
So, that's the end to Mikasa's story. Here's where the Berserk Titan comes in.
First off, I believe that while Eren must be responsible for the death of the alliance, he really doesn't want to kill them. He has stated over and over that he wants them to live long lives. Presumably the reasoning from 133 still applies or at least it did up until this scene. For that reason their deaths must be either accidental, indirectly caused by Eren, or purposefully caused by him when he wasn't thinking clearly. Maybe he was so angry at Mikasa's death that he went crazy and killed the alliance in a frenzy... almost Berserk you might say.
Here's the sequence of events during Eren's fight with Annie in Stohess District in the anime
  1. An injured Eren says "I clung to my companions and my ties to them and failed."
  2. He then remembers his mother and swears to kill all his enemies.
  3. He transforms, fights Annie, and loses.
  4. He swears to kill the titans in a trance, becomes fiery and blue-eyed and beats Annie with the help of Mikasa.
  5. He says "I'll destroy everything in the world" and tears the Female Titan apart.
  6. He comes out of the trance when he sees Annie crying.
  7. Annie turns into a crystal and Levi saves Eren.
Much of that can be applied to AOE.
I believe that seeing Mikasa dying will bring out the Berserk Titan, prompting Eren to destroy the remnants of the Alliance in the same trance-like state he was in then. I even think Isayama has given us a clue to this irl. Yams said that Eren sees Mikasa as more of a motherly figure than a romantic one. As I said in point 2, The last thing that Eren remembers before transforming into Berserk in season 1 is his mother. If Eren views both of them the same way and the Berserk is brought about by his mother's death then Mikasa's death could bring about the same reaction.
Other than that, Eren's quote in point 1 could just as easily apply to the ending of the manga. He chose his friends over his goals and lost. If the Anime takes place in a timeline after the manga then the exact same sentence would apply here.
Edit: I want to stress that Mikasa's death would make Eren angry for the obvious reasons but also due to the fact that she chose to be free and had that freedom ripped away from her without her choice. Eren told her that he hated those who weren't free and she's died without him ever acknowledging it.
That's the main part of this theory over so thanks for reading it! I've got a couple of extra bits I wanna mention though.
You might be wondering about a couple of other things. First off, what about the Warhammer theory?
Eren shouldn't be inside the titan at this point in time, according to the Warhammer theory. This isn't just some hypothetical either - out of all the theories here, the Warhammer is the one that has the most backing. You can see the lightning in the floor, the eye zoom, hear the audio cue, the bones forming from bottom to top, the lack of Eren inside the skull of the titan - there's a lot to say that Eren isn't there.
So if this theory does happen, Mikasa would be sacrificing herself in vain. Eren wouldn't be in danger from the spear that Reiner throws. Whether or not it's been revealed at this point is up for debate but regardless I think that still works as a dramatic moment. When the berserk titan comes out in season 1, Eren isn't actually in direct danger. Annie has decided to leave him and try to escape at this point but Eren tracks her down for revenge. The same thing would happen here.
Edit: Desconocidom has suggested in the comments that while Eren's head might still be in the Colossal Attack Titan, his body may still be at home on Paradis. I like this addition as it explains Eren healing his neck in the Rumbling OP. Of course if that is true he would still be in danger but then AOE could also incorporate the "transferring consciousness" thing that Reiner did in Shigansina that hasn't come back in the series yet. It allows Eren to be in both places at the same time and therefore doesn't make us choose between two good options.
Also a new Isayama drawing apparently shows Eren with his eyes open in 131. This is good news because while he's still in the head of the titan, the hopium is that he'll actually see Mikasa's death.
I imagine that Eren would blame the Warriors (specifically Reiner) for her death and, bonus, Annie would recognise that they're in deep shit seeing as she remembers this form of Eren. That would be a cool moment. If this did happen then it would allow Armin to survive pretty easily seeing as Eren would be beating him at this point in the fight and leave him to deal with the others. I'm not too sure what would happen to Levi. Maybe he would be incinerated at this point. The rest of the alliance and their families are currently trying to eat the warriors so it's likely that they're dead. Falco would still be flying.
Edit: Lastly, there has been a new promotional image of the regular Attack Titan. Not the doomsday form, not the Colossal form, the regular attack Titan form that we last saw fighting Reiner and Porco in Shigansina. xTheAttackTitanx has suggested that this can be tied to the OP My War where we see it fused with a bunch of other titans at the end of the video and also the fact that Eren was fusing with Annie in his berserk form at the end of s1. Perhaps the 15m Berserk Attack Titan will come out of the 60m Attack Titan upon Mikasa's death to attack the Warriors?
it's been theorised that the Berserk Titan is receiving Eren's memories from the future hence the destroying the world thing. But Eren also instinctively tried to eat Annie. Eren doesn't know shit about inheriting titans at this point. So perhaps he's seen a vision of the future in his Berserk form where he's eating Annie and the rest of the warriors?
So how does Falco work into this? He's important for AOE right? So remember how Eren uses birds to see people at various times? Falco's Jaw Titan includes bird-like characteristics due to the spinal fluid he got from the Beast Titan. It could be that Eren is viewing the whole thing through Falco's eyes. That image of Fort Salta in the Paths was him viewing the whole battle through Falco and it is through Falco that he watches Mikasa die, because Eren is safe on Paradis because of the Warhammer Titan.
I don't know if I've managed to explain myself very well because this post is very messy and I certainly hope that I've accurately represented the theories that I've cited. So please let me know your thoughts! And thank you to everyone who's come up with these wonderful theories I've leaped on. I'm so excited for the next episodes.
All edits were made on Saturday, the 28th of January
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2023.01.03 22:24 False_Forever2005 CMV: Porco Galliard was included in the story of AOT for the sole purpose of comedic relief.

I say this because Galliard gets beat up in every fight without fail, even when him and his Titan teammates outnumber Eren and Armin. For example, when Eren invaded Marley, it was Eren by himself versus Galliard, Reiner, Pieck, and the War Hammer titan for the vast majority of the fight. Eren first picks off Reiner with his titan transformation and renders him unconscious, then proceeds to fight the Warhammer titan until Galliard comes in. Galliard and the war hammer proceeds to get beat up by Eren, then Eren uses Galliards jaw to crack open the war hammer cocoon and eat the war hammer titan. At this point, the cart titan shows up and Eren is still beating up Galliard and almost eats him until Reiner wakes up and runs into Eren. Even though Marley titans outnumber Eren 4 to 1, Galliard still proceeds to get absolutely destroyed and humiliated and almost died to Eren. This happens virtually every fight that Galliard is involved in, where he pesters Eren and the rest of the island people, and then he gets swatted like a mosquito. Yet despite all this, before Galliard dies, he yells at Reiner and talks about how he was always better than Reiner. I don't believe anyone has the capacity to be this lacking of self awareness. I'm convinced that Galliard was just put into the story as a source of comedic relief and nothing more.
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2022.12.31 06:33 Wolfsocean What is yall's Favorite Episode of S4 so far?

Hello Fellow Titanfolkers I just listening to the Sound Track and was wondering what yalls favorite episode is... Despite AOT ending there are still some good moments for me and One of them is "The War Hammer Titan" episode where FINALLY You see Marley get fucked for once. After seeing how awful Marley Military is to all eldians and how inhumane they treat them as they use their Children for war. Just everything about this country needed a big slap to the face lol! But....
Seeing Mikasa pop out and shoot the war hammer titan with Thunder Spears and then seeing the scouts pop up right behind Magath and fucks up those cannos, while fireing at Marley's Military. Was one of the few moments where I finally felt Justice was finally servied and it was one of those rare moments that got me to jump out at my seat and cheer for Paradise. The Music was also on point. Even when Porco was trying to run I just kept thinking about the Quote from Vegeta from Dragon ball Z when he is killing Android 19 "You're the one who started this game and now you don't want to play anymore?!" Soo goood!
Also If we don't end up getting an AOE I eagerly await to see both the Sub and Dub version of "No I don't want that!!"
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2022.12.17 16:19 manafiend220 First ever deck

First ever deck
Hi all, I picked up 2 boxes of AoT final season and I've been playing around with a blue military deck (and will build a corps deck layer on). Obviously I'm working fir a very limited pool, but I have a lot of the commons as 3-4 copies, and I'd love to see your thoughts on my very new build. Any cards I should be running more or less of? Any thoughts on where to take it next?
My main debate I'm having with myself is how many Lara, Willy and Porco Growing Unease I should be running.
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2022.12.06 02:24 Robo_3 Doom Slayer (Doom Eternal) VS Marleyan Warrior Unit (Attack on Titan)

The Doom Slayer is somehow transported to the world of AOT in the main city of Marley. His challenge is to survive/kill the entire Warrior Unit at full strength; so Zeke, Reiner, Bertolt, Porco, Pieck, and Annie. The Warrior Unit will know of his presence first when he enters their world and will be assigned to eliminate him, but they have no information on him or his powers.
Doom Slayer has his full arsenal and abilities from Doom Eternal, and is able to regain health/armor by damaging or killing the Titan Users, will he be victorious?
R1: He starts off with full ammo/energy on every weapon (including Crucible Blade) in his arsenal. When he runs out, he can only use melee attacks and abilities.
R2 (Default for R3 and R4): Doom Slayer can scavenge extra ammo/energy for his weapons which will randomly appear around the city.
R3: Titan Users like Zeke and Pieck will have access to their special tactics. Ex. Zeke will have to option to deploy Titans out of an airship with his scream, and Pieck will have her Armored saddle with the four manned machine guns active.
R4: The entire Marleyan military force is now present in the battle. This includes Lara Tybur using the Warhammer Titan.
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2022.10.29 19:16 kristamy [F4A, playing F or M] AOT roleplay

Hello, I took some sort of a break so I'm looking for one or two new roleplay partners. I'm looking for a long term story-based literate roleplay partner. For a little context, I'm from EU, almost 23yo, write in literate/advanced literate style, so I wish to write with someone close to my age and style.
Main muses I want to choose from ( you choose what you want me to pick. I'm fine with many ships) :
Might try:
Quick info about me:
What I expect from you:
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2022.10.29 11:44 Trowaway4da8 Theory: Oda is tired of One Piece just like Isayama was tired of Attack on Titan. Heavy spoilers for Attack on Titan btw.

SPOILERS FROM AOT you have been warned
I don't mean he doesn't like it or that he's rushing the story but just like Isayama the man is just tired of writing One Piece casue he's been doing that for 2 decades, he wants to move on but the world he created is too big that the end is still years from now.
I don't have the source sadly but I do remember seeing in titanfolk I think that Isayama said he had the most fun in a long while when writing the Marley arc which not only doubles the cast of characters but also adds a whole new location and it shifts a lot of the focus to Reiner and new characters like Gabi, Falco, Porco and Pieck. Isayama had been writing Attack on Titan for about 8 years when the Marley arc came out. We spend plenty of time with the new characters, flashbacks, backstories and Reiner before we saw Eren and the main characters again and it seems like Yams was having more fun in this new setting than with the original cast of characters from Paradis island.
The same thing has been happening with Oda since Dressrosa probably. We had Rebecca, king Riku, the small people, Viola, the coliseum fighters, Doffy, Law, Bellamy, Corazon's flashback and Kryros. Then we had the straw hats who got separated thus the side characters got a whole lot of screen time and development. Hell, Bartolomeo and Sai got more development in this arc than Ussop post timeskip. The straw hats besides Luffy were the side characters in this arc.
Now with Wano is basically the same thing but Oda balanced the screentime of the side characters and the straw hats a little better to not make the straw hat look like the side characters that much, however, the focus on Oden, the scabbards, Otama, Kid, Law, Momo, Kanjuro, Orochi, Yasue, Drake,etc, is still significantly higher than the focus on the Straw hats besides Luffy. The only reason it seems more balanced it's because of Wano's length, giving the impression that Oda is just tired of this characters/manga/story and he wants to move on to something new already.
Although Dressrosa managed the screentime of the straw hats worse than Wano, it gave room for all the characters in this arc to do something and shine, the coliseum fighters fighting the donquixote family, the small people trying to find the princess, Leo rescuing her, Kyros vs diamante, Riku trying to get the people on his side, Robin protecting rebecca, Ussop vs sugar, Zoro vs picca, Franky vs Senor Pink and of course Senor Pink's backstory.
Wano is basically Oda just forgetting about One Piece for a while and writing a new manga with the straw hats coming from the multiverse as cameos to then take over in the end completely and overshadow the new characters anyway
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2022.10.14 03:41 apersonwhoeatscheese That one character you really like despite them being short-lived and not that important to the grand scheme of things

I'm talking about characters that don't get much screentime (normally bc they are killed off before the climax or finale), only have a minor impact to the overall overarching story, and aren't popular within the majority of the fandom, so you just enjoy the character on your own since it's hard to find other fans who like your character too. Yet you love them anyway because they have one or a few specific qualities that make them likeable, be it their character design, abilities, or their relationship with one of the major characters. Does anyone else like this kind of character?
Basically they are unpopular, yet you personally found them likeable and interesting even if most people thought they were unmemorable or unlikeable. My personal examples for characters like these are Jet from ATLA, Freckled Ymir from AOT, and Lamplighter and Kenji Miyashiro from The Boys.

I'll start with Jet from ATLA first. Jet only showed up for 5 episodes total, but I thought he was a pretty interesting character, since he was a militant non-bender who fought with badass hook-swords and initially had a black and white view of the war (due to some Fire Nation warriors burning his village and murdering his parents), a little like Zuko but if he was in the Earth Kingdom's side. But after his encounter with the Gaang and his unfortunate experience in Ba Sing Se, he starts to abandon the dark path he took and actually fight for the side of good, ultimately leading to his tragic but honorable demise at the hands of that asshole Long Feng, Ba Sing Se's default leader. I really feel like he had potential to impact the overall story more, since he wasn't a one-note character, had a flawed but understandable motivation, and added to the worldbuilding of the show. I even found him more interesting and entertaining than Yue, Mai and Ty Lee combined. Mai and Ty Lee are cool too but personally, I felt that they sometimes just functioned as Azula's sidekicks and nothing more. As for Yue, she just seemed to exist to add to Sokka's character development. She isn't like Suki who lead a sickass all-female warrior group and added background to a previous Avatar. Another reason why I really like Jet is because he reminds me so much of Mugen from Samurai Champloo, mostly because of the way he looks and acts. They're both young swordsmen who rock spiky messy hair and grew up in harsh conditions at a young age. I heard Jet was more based on Spike from Cowboy Bepop, but I see more of Mugen in him than Spike lol.

Anyway, I think I'm done rambling abt Jet, I will now talk abt freckled Ymir next. She was such a total girlboss. When she was first introduced along with the other cadet members, I didn't think too much of her since she was sort of just there. That is, until the end of the Female Titan arc. But afterwards, oh boy, she and Historia were killing it. What I really liked abt Ymir besides her sarcasm and badassery was her compelling arc abt being selfless despite the fact that she always wanted to live for herself and not for others. She was chosen to be raised by a cult which turned on her despite the fact that she stood up for them when the Marleyan police discovered them. So after suffering for decades being a mindless titan, she vowed to live for herself instead of others to protect herself. Yet in the end, she choose to give up her life to save Reiner and Bertholdt from the consequences of their failed mission. I also loved her relationship with Historia. I swear, she and Historia were made for each other, I enjoyed every scene of them together. They are probably one of the best LGBT anime/manga couples ever. They had great chemistry, showed genuine love and support to each other, and weren't fetishized or oversexualized. They just felt so real, that's why the final scene were Ymir apologizes and says goodbye to Historia at the end of s2 hit hard as fuck. When I learned Ymir got eaten by Porco after I caught up to the manga, I was devastated and in denial. My mom felt pretty bad abt it too cuz we watch AOT together and Ymir was also one of her favorite characters. Rip Ymir, you were and always will be a real one...

My last two examples are both from The Boys, specifically season 2. I will talk abt Lamplighter first. He was a former member of The Seven who somehow got demoted into being a warden for Vought's unethical adult Supe experiments. He eventually reunites with The Boys, who have a bad history with him, considering how he accidentally burned Grace Mallory's grandchildren to death. They still ally with him anyway, which leads him to having said some of the most hilarious lines to Hughie. At some point, he kept watching Supe porn when he was waiting with Hughie for the rest of The Boys. As they were watching, he talks abt how much of a fuck-up he was to the point he described himself as a cuck to Hughie. When Hughie tries comforting him by telling him he also feels like a cuck, Lamplighter responds: "Actually, you're worse. You're the cuck fluffer.". Idk abt you guys, but I found that burn just as hilarious as when Queen Maeve called Hughie a twink when yelling at Starlight and when Soldier Boy asked "Where's the cum guzzler?" to Butcher. I also found Lamplighter interesting bc when it was revealed he didnt mean to kill Mallory's grandkids and that he just wanted to please his father, I felt kinda bad for him. Of course, he doesnt have an excuse for what he has done, but his turmoil is a symptom of a bigger issue, which is Vought. He is one of the many examples that show how Vought really couldn't give two shits about actually saving people, and that being a Supe isn't a fun ride since it comes with unrealistic expectations and emotional pain when not being able to meet said expectations. Just like irl celebrities who face a lot of pressure from their line of work.

Now I'm gonna get to Kenji Miyashiro, Kimiko's brother. I found him interesting due to his connection with his sister, since it showed Kimiko's softer human side, and I'm a sucker for more Kimiko content since she's my 2nd favorite character (Soldier Boy being number one and Black Noir being my 3rd). He was injected with Compound V against his will just like Kimiko, and this really added to their dynamic since they both realized they suffered the same pain after being reunited. I also liked him bc I thought his overall dynamic with Kimiko was really sweet, so when I watched him get brutally killed by Stormfront, I felt really bad for him and Kimiko, and that was also the moment I started to really hate Stormfront. They seemed really close to each other and Kenji trusted Kimiko despite not trusting the rest of The Boys. Also, despite the fact that he only showed up for 4 episodes, he seemed to be a potentially useful ally of The Boys. He has Eleven's powers but only the telekinesis which is buffed. Too bad the Nazi Bitch had to end him. But it was fun while it lasted, same with Lamplighter.

These are the best examples I can think of, and this seems to be more common in TV shows than in Movies, but I'm sure there are some people here who can think of examples from movies
TLDR: Sometimes, there are those unpopular and short-lived characters that you really like because of certain specific qualities, and for me, Jet from ATLA, freckled Ymir from AOT and Lamplighter and Kenji Miyashiro from The Boys are some of them.
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2022.10.02 15:06 Prismquill Which characters should have their OVAs?

Armin and Bertholdt. These two had a side plot going on, and are foils of each other. What was their relationship like in the early days? It would impact how hard that negotiation felt to the audience, if done well.

Reiner, Bertholdt, Ymir, and Zeke during the events of Uprising. Must've been an entertaining boat ride.

Lara Tybur. There's not much we know about her, but she was pretty cool in the fight against Eren, so it'd be interesting to change that.

Niccolo and Sasha. We need more Sasha, and the scenes with Niccolo and Children of the Forest would impact us more.

It's already in the series a lot, but given the lack of downtime in AOT, we should've had more interactions with Reiner, showing the big brother effect he had on everyone, especially Eren.

Eren Kruger. My guy appeared in two episodes and changed the entire genre of Attack on Titan.

Pieck, Zeke, and Porco. While the Operation on Paradis, what were these three doing?

Yelena, Onyankopon, and Zeke. Damn Zeke is appearing in a lot of these. He's a very flexible character. How did they meet?
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2022.09.25 19:04 noshabahaider OPINION

so we caan all agree that aot has god tier animation whether its Wit or MAPPA like forget the CGI so also the charaters are attractive and hot so here are my five most hottest and attractive attack on titan characters would like to know yours too so here we began
1:Eren Yeager from season 4 like my man got ripped and hot and that man bun is cherry on top I SIMP
2:Levi Ackerman like he is brilliantly wriiten character also he is a 10000000000000 out of 10
3;Porco Galliard my man got less time but he was got the hottest exit
4:Hange Zoe boy or a girl Hange sure had me simpin throughout and laughing
5:Pieck Finger sure her titan was ugly but she is the polar opposite
so it just for fun and jokes feel free to share ur hottest characters
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2022.09.07 03:58 RKODDP AOT Full Back Tattoo Season Six: ADD Zeke and Porco----Last season: Founder Ymir and Mikasa

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2022.09.07 03:50 RKODDP AOT Full Back Tattoo Season Six: ADD Zeke and Porco----Last season: Founder Ymir and Mikasa

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2022.09.07 03:45 RKODDP AOT Full Back Tattoo Season Six: ADD Zeke and Porco----Last season: Founder Ymir and Mikasa

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