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Official Subreddit for remembering the Youtuber Technoblade and anarchist propaganda. Discord:

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The unofficial subreddit for the YouTuber and Twitch streamer Ranboo! Rest in peace, Technoblade. We'll all miss you.

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Everything about Wilbur soot, Tommyinnit, Technoblade, and Philza Minecraft

2023.05.30 17:44 TechnoneverDIEEES Blood for the blood god!🩸

If I had a time machine, I'd go back to 2020 or 2019 and tell Technoblade he has cancer. Do y'all agree?
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2023.05.30 14:08 FrontpageWatch2020 [#272+108259] Saw this image on twitter and it's absolutely hilarious!! [r/Technoblade]

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2023.05.30 04:27 IdiotSandwich12345 My gf made this and i immediately thought of technoblade

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2023.05.30 00:59 childbeater112 blitz by technoblade and i really wanna stay at your home are the only songs imma cry to every time

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2023.05.29 20:51 DowntownTooth3404 a video of floof and technoblade’s ripped up wooden desk cause why not

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2023.05.29 20:48 Pikachuslayer9 I beated technoblade's challange

Hello, almost a year ago when technoblade was still alive and well i got inspired by his TNT challange (Minecraft but TNT drops on you every 10 seconds). At that time i was still a beginner streamer and wanted some challange so i decided to beat technoblade in his own challange. I was ready to beat it faster, on hardcore on harder version and instead of TNT dropping every 10 seconds, it's was every 8. Now, as you probably guessed when i was doing the challange technoblade died, however that gave me no reason to stop and i continued until i finally did it! It is funny that i started it when he was still alive and ended it when was alredy at grave. I started the challange with an intention of techno seeing this and trying to beat me in even harder conditions. However, that cannot be done anymore. Of course it would be amazing if the big dad would see this but i just wanted somebody to see this even if it's some random techno fan. have a good day.
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2023.05.29 19:42 SpringsterR-317 Confession

I'll be honest, I didn't actually know Technoblade until his death.
I only heard of him in like, November 2022 or something, and I thought "Oh, poor guy. Rest in peace".
The guilt hit me in March/April 2023. I did play Minecraft a lot, but I didn't know there was a king in the community.
So I want to help in anyway I can.
I even sent a request to join the new One of Us Global Foundation.
Alex may be gone, but Technoblade never dies.
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2023.05.29 08:50 JediBoJediPrime29 How can I make portals go to certain places

The title is weird but basically, in the old Dream SMP videos and Technoblade VODS I saw that Techno and others were able to travel their world using Nether Portals. I tried doing this in my Bedrock Xbox world but instead of dropping me off on the X axis of 500 I'm at 4000. Does anyone know if they used a mod or is this a bedrock issue?
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2023.05.29 08:07 BliceKomrad We had to make a math poster at school and I just had to reference technoblade mentioning the pythagorean theorem and the hypotenuse in his analysis of his 1v1 with dream

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2023.05.29 07:30 miniminer1999 Meet the technoblade - One screenshot from each segment of my upcoming animation

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2023.05.29 04:09 pdxic “i’m married to his brother”

“i’m married to his brother”
let me just break this one down for y’all 1) technoblade 2) alter siblings 3) “system” dating where “some alters” date each other and others are. related??? what 4) “i’m married to his brother”
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2023.05.29 00:33 HeyThereImB Cancer Update/ Finding the Good in Today Pt 7

If you don’t know me, Hey there I’m B and I have terminal sarcoma.
In December of last year u/mrtechnodad gave me the challenge of finding one good thing in every day, no matter how small.
Since then I’ve been sharing a list of some of the good things that happened in the last month.
Here are some good things that happened in May: - I started a clinical trial (so far so good)
Whether this is the first time you’ve read one of my posts or you’ve kept up with every single one, I want to thank you. Y’all have been amazing. Truly and wonderfully, amazing.
To everyone who’s reached out to me here, or on Discord, thank-you too. Having your support has made this journey so much easier.
If you had told me in December of last year that I’d have the support of hundreds of people, including the dad of my hero, I wouldn’t have believed you. This has been absolutely incredible.
Thank-you, all of you. I love you all.
Until next time!
Edit: Wonky list
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2023.05.28 23:47 EnvironmentalText341 My art progress through Technoblade!

My art progress through Technoblade!
hi guy! Today I wanted to draw something but I didnt know what, but then i saw technodad'S new video, so i tought, technoblade! And I wanted to see my progression, because i've tried drawing him before but there was always something off about it. But I did this today and i was proud! I've always loved drawing but i was never the best, and drawing people! A disater, but then i learned about digital art, and for christmas 2021 i got a drawing tablet!
And I loved it, i got slowly and slowly better ( I hope). But I also wanted to draw more freely (by moving my tablet around and stuff, my 1st tablet didnt allow that). And so for the last christmas I got a ipad! And i was abled to try more technic move around, contort and get more comfortable! Both of the drawings are made on Ipad, around 3 month appart. My grief about techno has been a roller coster, but thats another story, but I juste relax when i draw him.
So yeah! Have an amazing day! Love y'all! <3
(sorry for my bad grammar, english isnt my first language! I get confused bewteen thought, tought etc..😭😭 )
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2023.05.28 22:54 milder_manners Mr. Beast Video w/ Techno, Wilbur, Dream, & George

Hello! I don't know if this is presumptuous of me to ask, but I was wondering what happened to Techno's recording of Mr. Beast's "100 YouTuber Minecraft Battle Royale!" video? It was one of the last videos with Technoblade in it.
I was wondering if Techno's pov of the video could be released, because Mr. Beast's video was only 16 min long, and switched between multiple povs so we didn't get to see much of Techno himself. Though I understand that this is poor timing because of the upcoming event, I was just hoping that it might be possible in the future.
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2023.05.28 07:48 MCfan364 My first meme

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2023.05.28 07:48 MCfan364 My first meme

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2023.05.28 06:24 Radiant-Emergency745 Hello There (this is kinda sad sorry)

So- hello MrTechnodad (if you see this) and others!!
I don't really use Reddit but I thought I'd share with the One Of Us project launching I thought id share my story and experience as a Techno blade veiwer incase it helps someone else!
I found technoblade roughly 7 years ago, maybe longer, as I'm nearly 21 now. I struggled horribly with Anxiety and my mental health, my father wasnt around and my mother was struggling to make ends meet, but my love for various YouTubers helped me connect with a community that to this day I continue to interact with and find support in.
I struggled back then and even now with my own health and my mother struggles horribly now with her own issues that she's had for years, issues that are unfortunately starting seem similar in nature to mine.
My grandfather, who also had various helth issues, in my last year of highschool got sick after having survived cancer twice and died to it on December 6th 2021 in our basement the only place he wanted to be. His brother dying only a few days after, also of cancer, I crashed a burned pretty hard... and the community despite everything helped me through it.
I remember watching Techno in every video I could find, if it was DSMP, through Tommy, Wilbur or Phil i was there watching all of them, but i felt a familiarity with Techno that left me rewatching years old videos over and over again as they brought me comfort.
I was a mess and wasn't yet recovered from losing the only man I considered as my father figure, and my uncle who I loved and missed dearly when roughly 6 months later June came around and on the 30th 'goodbye nerds' was released.
I was inconsolable.
I sobbed for hours and called everyone I had befriended through the comunity.
One of my friends happened to be streaming at the time and you can see the moment I tell her the news...
We found comfort and strength in eachother and helped eachother mourn. It was a devastating day but regardless the community found strength in eachother and to this day, roughly ten months later, we're still singing his praises and continuing on his legacy the best way we can.
I'll admit in these ten months I was unwell mentally. I lost alot within a short period of time and Techno passing felt like the last straw in it all. All the recovery I'd gone through after my family members was null and void as my depression worsened and my anxiety relapsed worse then ever before.
I at the time felt like I was over reacting, I didn't know Techno personally and felt I didn't have the right to mourn him as much as i did. But he was my childhood, he was a large part of my life even if he didn't know it. And he ment alot to me, i know now it was ok to mourn him. I know now i was sad and that it was okay.
I was out of work for months because nothing felt right anymore.
But I'm here still, I'm nearly 21 and still making friends in the community and I'm planning to apply for colleges, and I at 16 NEVER thought I would have made it to 18 let alone 21.
For once in my life I'm proud of myself.
I'm gonna keep moving to make the world the best one I can even if it isn't much.
I'm happy Techno was a part of my life even if he had no idea how much he changed it for the better.
Anyway, sorry if this seemed kind of Venty, but I hope my story will reach someone who needs it.
You may not be okay right now but despite everything you will be.
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2023.05.28 02:01 K15L3R Thank you

In just a month and a few days, it would have been a year since Technoblade left us. A year. The reality of that is hard to grasp because for me, it feels like it's been so much shorter.
I still watch the content and love him as much as a viewer can, a boundary that is set higher everyday. I never imagined that I would cry over a YouTube video or feel such things for someone I've never even met I especially thought I'd never cry about it. Yet since the first of July 2022, I've proven myself wrong more times than I can count. Technoblade touched my heart in a way that I never thought was possible, and for that, I am eternally grateful.
This journey of grief and love has been a strange one. It's not something I knew how to navigate, but seeing the community express themselves, sharing in this collective mourning, love and appreciation has been incredibly powerful. There's something very special about the way we've come together, united in our love for Technoblade.
On a more personal note, I'd like to thank Technodad. For your posts, your heartfelt words. You truly were a warm light during this somber time. Your shared sentiments were very comforting, and you have truly made a difference in our communal grieving for Technoblade.
So here's to Technoblade - an incredible content creator, a beacon of joy and inspiration. Your legacy lives on in the millions of hearts you've touched. Thank you, Technoblade. Thank you, technoblade. And a special thank you to u/MrTechnodad. We may have lost someone dear, but he continues to live within our hearts and his forever loved videos.
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2023.05.27 21:12 LmanbergO7 Technoblade

So I mean I've never had the chance to talk about Techno, but now with the One Of Us project, Techno reaching 16 million subscribers, and then the 1 year anniversary of so long nerds coming up, it's the perfect time to talk about it.
So a couple years ago I found Techno, throught the DSMP. I'm not going to lie and say I was the biggest Technoblade fan ever, and I watched every single one of his videos. But I've spent hours and hours watching some of his content.
Everyone once in a while I find myself bawling my eyes out, it's not like I had ever communicated with Techno. But just like right now I put on my So Long Nerds hoodie, and I listen to Enterlude/Extitude. I wish there was more I could do, like donate a large amount of money to the Sarcoma foundation, but I just can't.
That's all from me! Thank you Technoblade! My name is Berg, and I am one of us.
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2023.05.26 10:39 OldEmployment3534 A story about Technoblade, Philza, Tommy, and Wilbur

Once upon a time, in the land of Minecraft, there were four great Minecrafters named Technoblade, Philza, Tommyinnit, and Wilbur Soot. They were all well-known in the Minecraft community for their skills and entertaining streams.
One day, they all decided to come together and form a team to take on the Ender Dragon. They each brought their unique strengths to the team. Technoblade was a fierce warrior, Philza was a wise elder, Tommyinnit was a mischievous trickster, and Wilbur Soot was a skilled diplomat.
Together, they set out on their mission, facing challenges such as mobs, traps, and puzzles. They worked together seamlessly, each one relying on the others' strengths to overcome obstacles.
As they battled the Ender Dragon, they faced their toughest challenge yet. The dragon was incredibly powerful and seemed almost invincible. Nevertheless, the four Minecrafters remained determined and focused. They drew upon all of their skills and worked together like a well-oiled machine.
Finally, with one final blow, the Ender Dragon fell, defeated. The team cheered and celebrated their victory, but they knew that their journey was not over. There were still more challenges to face and more adventures to go on, but they were ready for whatever came their way.
And so, the four great Minecrafters went on to continue their adventures, facing new challenges and obstacles together, always working as a team. They became known as the most powerful and skilled Minecrafters in the land, and their legend lived on for years to come.
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2023.05.26 04:44 YaHoomanFlame Technoblade Cosplay

Technoblade Cosplay
This is my first post on this sub so, hi there.
I had heard about Technoblade a few times before he passed. I saw his stuff come across my recommendation tab and I knew of his cancer battle from watching the videos. After his passing, I wanted to know more about him, and I started watching his videos and stream archives. I became such a huge fan, and I was devastated that I didn’t get into his stuff until it was too late.
I haven’t cosplayed in a long time, but I wanted to do a Technoblade cosplay. I just got the wig done so I wanted to share it
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2023.05.26 04:14 BeyondAutomatic4059 That's it. I'm building a hospital.

Okay hear me out. I'm going to give my exam next year which gets me into med school. I'm gonna top the country, go to like the best med school ever, then spend the next years studying the hell out and become a neurosurgeon(highest paying type).
Then I'm gonna work my ass off for the next 10-15 years doing atleast 2 operations/surgeries per day which earns me and average of 5-10k usd per day. Doing that for another 15 years may give me enough money to open my own hospital(a normal one). That's where it really starts.
The hospital will easily double/triple my income. With that I can easily reach 2nd hospital in half the time. The second hospital, unlike the first one will be completely free, like not completely completely bit like an amusement park, entry fee is fixed but you can ride whatever you want. The hospital will exclusively have testing machines, because I found out that about 30 to 60 percent of the total cost of an operation, depending on its scale, is just the sheer amount of tests they perform. So how about we just make them free.
The loss incurred by hospital 2 will be compensated by profit from h1 so we can just break even. It doesn't sound too economically sound yet but I can assure you it works. Also did I mention the second hospital will have FREE CHEMO? Yeah.
So anyways if anyone feels like adding something here or just leaving their mark here go ahead feel free to do so. I got this idea because I saw like techno having cancer and just wanted to do something about it.
Edit1- Wow this blew up, So any doubts about me not doing this or if this is a scam I can assure you its not. It has been a dream of mine since a my best friend passed away from cancer. Technoblade has made my resolve even stronger. From my own reply to u/Senpaija -"Not a scam artist I'm not asking for any money man, and I fr don't care about internet points. I just want my dreams to come true and like, this community is a big inspiration for me. Everything techno has done for me I feel like this is the best way to pay them back. I, BeyondAutomatic4059, have a dream."
I never intent to profit from this, Sure being mad rich is fun(I will be, but with other methods). I just wanna help, yeah I know sounds unbelievable like Imagine helping people without expecting anything like what a nerd, L, cancelled(lmao).
Anyways if you guys really want to award this, please don't. Donate to some charity, help a beggar,but don't waste it on internet points.
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